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  • File : 1252050001.jpg-(40 KB, 400x333, HolyTerra.jpg)
    40 KB FLGS advertisements and signage Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)03:40 No.5718433  
    Hello, as many of you may know I am going to be opening a Favorite Local Game Store in my area. When? I don't know! But it's looking like the ball is rolling faster than I had anticipated. Anyway, I'm here doing more research!

    Today's questions are about store imagery and advertisements. Now from what I've seen of previous visits to FLGS's around the place we have two main schools of thought. Cheesy and Uncaring. There was one FLGS I went to that had a wicked sick mural all across their storefront, it was mostly comic stuff. Another had paintings on the inside of their store on the walls.

    The rest of the stores I went to were mostly run down on the inside. No new paint, old wooden fixtures and shelving.

    I WANT to put together a more classy looking store. I would love to stick with a color theme, and at least make things look nice for customers. But I'm not certain about going down the cheesy cartoonish murals path. Thoughts? What do you want to see out of your FLGS?

    (More to come)
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)03:43 No.5718460
    do some kind of cool viral campaign, though not as your only means of marketing, but to hook in the people who "get it"
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)03:46 No.5718486
    whats the FLGS situation in the city your setting up in? how many stores, where in relation to your place?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)03:46 No.5718487
    put up imperial guard propoganda, the "local recruitment office" is your address
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)03:46 No.5718488

    Do women posing in costume or with figures make you want to go to a store more? I've had my sister and cousin, both good lookin' ladies, offer to do some modeling for future adverts. Or do you prefer simple straight-to-business ads?

    And where should I be putting these ads to reach out to the "basement dwelling" type? Obviously I've got the local colleges covered.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)03:47 No.5718491
    rolled 23 = 23

    >Favorite Local Game Store

    Friendly Local Game Store.
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)03:49 No.5718504
    Well, there's a Games Workshop about 30 miles away. There's another "FLGS" that's actually a shithole that is a long way away from its former glory. Again, about 20 miles away. Other than that there are no locations that have available playspace in almost the entirety of my county.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)03:49 No.5718510
    rolled 6, 4 = 10

    I have errie feeling your talking about the Game FLGS near me *cough* war house * cough*
    I would love for a place to be organized, clean and well lit. Also AC is needed.
    As for color scheme I would love something like nice wood and plaster feel like a old tavern.
    did I mention Organized, Clean and well lit?

    As far as signage I would suggest something sweet and simple.
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)03:51 No.5718522
    No, the place I'm talking about is called Comic Quest in Orange County, California.

    Organized, clean, and well lit. On the list, certainly.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)03:51 No.5718523

    Women are just going to scare or enrage people, skip them unless they're fictional.
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)03:52 No.5718529
    They will be assisting me in running the store on an irregular basis.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)03:52 No.5718530
    red light districts, near schools (try to make the adverts so they dont catch on with kids), cheap liquor stores
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)03:53 No.5718541
    rolled 3, 1 = 4

    Odd the Warhouse is in Log Beach California
    Check it out
    its a fun place but a little dirty disorganized and need better lighting
    Go there Learn what not to do
    Google it go there like I said
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)03:58 No.5718576
    Their website isn't loading. Can't imagine why. I'm doing a run around to a bunch of different stores tomorrow. Going to try and get some pictures and discuss with my compatriots what they are doing and how to improve upon it.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:00 No.5718594
    Go with the sign in your pic, OP. Theme everything else similarly. It'll be awesome.
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)04:01 No.5718601
    Actually I'm already published for my Doing Business As under "Fortress Games". Got the website for it too.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:01 No.5718603
    rolled 7, 9 = 16

    630 W Willow St.
    Long Beach, CA 90806
    (562) 424-3180

    The power of Google compels you
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:02 No.5718610
    Wow... that's the store I used to go to all the time, before I moved to Davis. Yeah, it's kind of run down, and the employees are in the back playing WOW all the time. >.> Fortunately, there's a Battle Bunker in Westminster now, only a bus ride away.

    And it's Long Beach, not Log Beach.
    ....do I know you?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:03 No.5718618
    Keep you websites events list up to date, none of this events of 2006 crap
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)04:04 No.5718623
    Site's not up yet. I just recently secured the domain.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:05 No.5718635
    I was just giving you a stern warning
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:07 No.5718651
    holy fuck, wasn't it just two weeks ago that you were brainstorming to do this? how did you move so quick?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:07 No.5718652
    rolled 6, 8 = 14

    you do perhaps you don't I don't work there and I only went there for Dark Heresy and WH40K bullshit
    I don't go there much since the original owner ( Happy or whatever his name was) Died its gone even more to hell is what the word is on the street.
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)04:08 No.5718659
    Duly noted. I am going to make certain that my website is a thriving part of my business. Complete with online ordering, shipping, and in-store pickup.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:10 No.5718674
    Keeping a place clean, organized, and professional looking is going to go a long way in making the place accessible to parents. Personally, I've seen a lot of stores that were total dives but still charming.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:10 No.5718677
    Isn't The Bunker down in Long Beach?
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)04:11 No.5718692
    You know what really did it for me? My family approved. I presented them with the general outline of my business idea and they all leapt on board. It was... downright inconceivable. I never thought they'd be interested at all, and would blow it off as one of my random crazy ideas.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:13 No.5718707
    rolled 9, 10 = 19

    The Bunk is in a strip mall in
    Ita alright place
    I guess
    Nice place shitty people is what i am really saying
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:14 No.5718712
    Ok... In my town there are 2 comic shops. One Has big Murals of comic characters on the sides of the building facing the streets.
    The other is a small building with just a sign in front. It took me over a months just to FIND the place once I heard it opened.
    Guess which one gets more business? (as a side note, in both locations the owners live in the buildings themselves. the same goes for the nearest gaming store about an hour away)

    Take out an add int he local paper, put up posters and flyers around town (especially on the campus)find out if there are any interested organizations (like clubs and stuff)in the area and make sure they know.
    Also, a bulletin board is always a plus. Good place to advertise for gaming groups and such.
    AND SELL REFRESHMENTS. You wouldn't BELIEVE the money the coke machine at the good comic shop gets.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:14 No.5718713
    Not since I lived there....

    Yeah, I only went there for 40K stuff.
    Hmm. Are you Bill or Keegan, by any chance?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:14 No.5718718
    rolled 8, 3 = 11

    The Bunker*
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:15 No.5718726
    i know that the GW store in Glendale is shutting down in October and they have plans to open up 4 more stores in the LA area, so be prepared early next year, cause they'll be popping up around then
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:16 No.5718734
    Yeah, the Bunker used to have a cool group of people running it, but they all left when the manager started a new store elsewhere, and the new crew is a bunch of assholes. Still better than the War House, though.
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)04:16 No.5718738
    Which one gets your business? It's not readily apparent. I'm guessing the tiny, out of the way one.

    I've got most of that covered. I actually contacted the UCI RPG club and the leader expressed a desire for a mainly D&D place with private rooms. Describing it as a "huge draw".
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:16 No.5718741
    well it is westminister after all
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:17 No.5718752
    No it's defintly down in West Minster. I don't think there's a GW in Long Beach.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:17 No.5718754
    rolled 4, 7 = 11

    No and No

    I am James thats all I am going to say
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:19 No.5718761
    op whereabouts are you setting up shop? only games workshop in oc to my knowledge is in orange
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:19 No.5718767
    This, the guys who work at the Glendale Galleria GW are closin up shop early October and 4 more stores are going up in LA at some point. but they havnt said where they are
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:19 No.5718770
    Never mind, then.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:20 No.5718773
    The one with the Murals gets the majority of my business. The Small one has a smaller selection and is just so far out of the way that its just easier to go to the other one.
    The bigger one USED to sell paintball stuff, but the owner made enough money on comics that he stopped earlier this year.
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)04:21 No.5718775
    Indeed. It's at the Block in Orange.

    I am looking at setting up in Costa Mesa. Rent should be cheap enough to manage a store there.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:21 No.5718782
    I am also James! There can be only one, so obviously we must fight. I will arrive at your new store with a claymore and a horned helmet. Be prepared.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:23 No.5718795
    judging by the discussion in this thread OP has already created a small amount of viral advertising
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)04:25 No.5718807
    Actually I didn't expect anyone in my area to pop into the thread, but yes. Viral marketing is happening here. Whether it was intended or not... well it's too late now.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:26 No.5718814
    very nice, I'll keep an eye out for your FLGS next time I'm back in town. discounts if I mention this thread :3 ?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:27 No.5718820
    rolled 8, 6 = 14

    What the fuck highlander?
    All bring my steam powered Gun


    ITT: Why so many fa/tg/uys live in southern Californian?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:28 No.5718827
    Time of day, it's early morning on the east coast
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:29 No.5718832
    Is this happening in SoCal? Oh fuck SoCal directly. Fucking Koreans EVERYWHERE.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:30 No.5718836
    1:30AM is more like... Late nighttime.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:30 No.5718839
    10% discount for all fa/tg/uys! Bring your /tg/-membership card!
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:30 No.5718840
    Same, OP.
    > Save the English language on the Internet: www.аnоnтаㄥк.com/ICARE
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:31 No.5718847
    i posted >>5718795

    OP use viral advertising cause #1 its free #2 its the best way to reach neckbeards and new people alike #3 its free

    if theres a local university nearby post fliers over the thousands of fliers telling people about some artfags' band playing at a bar. also twitter, facebook and other networks to spread the word.

    also for your store, half the year i live in Eugene Oregon and theres basically 1 FLGS with tables. they have a nice big window front with fliers all over it and the inside is pretty lounge like. definitely have some tables so people can paint/build and have at least a good mural inside.
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)04:36 No.5718882
    Currently the plan is Wargaming tables in the back of the building, in a little patio area (if I have a back space, the building I am looking at does). A couple private rooms if I can swing it for D&D etc. And a lounge by the front of the business for Cardgamaen/lounging.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:37 No.5718892
    if this works out, publish a how-to guide or something. It's been my dream to open my own FLGS.
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)04:41 No.5718921
    My issue currently is that I have no history with business. I've got a lot of help though. My mother's friend who is a freelance financial advisor is helping me with a POS (Point of Sale) system, I'm going to purchase an ecommerce cart for my website, and I'm looking at some classes. I'm patient though, no sense in not taking my time. With luck the economy will begin to see an upswing by the time my store begins to take real shape.

    I'm learning a lot. I hope to start up a blog. If I do, I'll post it so you can read and keep up with my adventures.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:46 No.5718952
    why not a mural, with cutebold impersonating various characters ?
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)04:48 No.5718962
    I think if I were going to do murals, it'd be on the walls of the private rooms, on the inside where passing customers can't see them.
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)04:57 No.5719013
    Right. Thanks for the info everyone. I'm going to bed. I'll keep in mind what you've all told me so far, and use it when we come to that stage!
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)04:57 No.5719014
    rolled 6, 1 = 7

    Hey question This Privet rooms sound like awesome on a stick but what do you do when they start braking your shit when your not around?

    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)04:59 No.5719023
    Cameras. They sell 4 cameras for like 400 bucks at Costco. While they are private rooms, I have to protect my investment. Anyone caught damaging store property without reimbursing me will be suspended until further notice.

    Okay. Now I'm REALLY going to bed.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)05:00 No.5719026
    What are these private rooms going to have that they can break anyhow? Tables?
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)05:03 No.5719039
    Tables, nice chairs and donated equipment. Maybe someone snags some merchandise in a box off the shelf, takes into one of the rooms, and unboxes it while I'm not looking. Speaking hypothetically of course.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)05:05 No.5719044
    Never seen an idiot fuck up drywall with a chair or thrown object?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)05:09 No.5719057
    rolled 2, 9 = 11

    shit sounds awesome you have worked out well.
    I would gladly go to your store
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)05:09 No.5719058
    rolled 1 = 1

    Um, before you go to bed, could you leave some internet thing so we can follow your progress with the store?

    While I live in Hollywood, I'm pretty sure I'll be forced to go through Orange County at least once before the year ends.
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)05:11 No.5719064
    Thanks. I really appreciate that. Hopefully I can get a loan and a storefront that doesn't suck.

    Hopefully I don't go bankrupt. Hopefully rocks don't fall, and everybody doesn't die.
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)05:11 No.5719067

    There's nothing there now, but keep an eye out.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)05:12 No.5719068
    if you incorporate right can't you protect your personal assets?
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)05:13 No.5719078
    I don't know! What is that? Can you elaborate further?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)05:14 No.5719083
    Wait you are going to be setting up IN comic quest? Or near it? Holy shit either way good luck man.
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)05:15 No.5719089
    No. I'm opening a new storefront.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)05:16 No.5719092
    I don't really know any thing
    >> 40kun 09/04/09(Fri)05:17 No.5719096
    I have once made the logo and mascott design for a game shop in France : http://www.lataniere.fr/

    I'd be glad to give you a hand on this one
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)05:18 No.5719097

    Like a LLC?


    certainly helps as opposed to being a sole proprietor.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)05:19 No.5719102
    Okay, in Costa Mesa right? Also, you can count on me to be a customer! Been fucking waiting for a FLGS near me.
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)05:25 No.5719128
    Thank you, I appreciate the offer but I have many ideas of my own I wish to pursue. I would feel strange if I didn't have a solid hand on the image of my business. Especially so far as the logo is concerned.

    Yessir. I'll be happy to have you in my store. And your money in my pocket.

    All of this is actually a ruse. I'm going to stand inside a random closed down business, invite Anonymous in, and then rob him blind... ...kidding!

    Very confusing. I'm saving that link for now though. Hmm.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)05:26 No.5719131
    How do you figure that stuff out? are there lawyers or advisers to explain that shit
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)05:28 No.5719145
    I think it has more to do with insurance, than it does bankruptcy situations.
    >> 40kun 09/04/09(Fri)05:30 No.5719151
    You'd have a solid hand on it, don't worry. I didn't say I would do all the work, I would have just developed your own ideas.

    I just proposed it because I've done it in the past, and I may not be a "pro" in communication and marketing, but I know my way through computer graphics.
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)05:36 No.5719185
         File1252056969.png-(5 KB, 368x323, Fortresslogo01.png)
    5 KB
    Here's a quick example of the logo I've been thinking about. 5 seconds in Paint.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)05:36 No.5719187

    Straight to business ads, or ones that play on some humerous aspect of one of the systems you stock/support.

    Nothing annoys me more than adverts, which have nothing to do with attractive females, shoving one in your face in the hope that some spotty kid with an enraged libido will by the product...

    I'm looking at you fucking Snrogtees.com sitting at the top of my SFW board...

    So unless they would just be posing as a customer playing a boardgame (across from a more normal customer archetype) then I'd say avoid. I know if I saw those adverts with women (who obviously do not play the systems) posing I'd avoid it out of principle.
    >> fellow hobby shop owner 09/04/09(Fri)05:43 No.5719217
         File1252057426.jpg-(229 KB, 1000x947, 1251951537446.jpg)
    229 KB
    alright well heres my opinion. my place was pretty bland when i first opened up yea i had a separate game room that could hold 16 players at any given time and i always make sure i have just about everything in stock. but the place was well depressing. after a few month i was losing the place already not enough people were coming to my place on a regular basis. So i start holding tournaments and what not and it helps a little but even the people that discover my store and lived in the area weren't willing to come on a regular basis.One day i asked a couple of the gamers why dont you come here and play even if your not gonna by anything it could really help me out because the more people that are in here the better the place will look to people interested in starting to play a table top. and all of them had about the same answer. it doesn't feel like a second home. well what do you mean? there reply was a hobby shop should just scream awesome from wall to wall posters promotional trinkets paintings its gotta be able to make me willing to leave the table i have sitting at home in my room. so i tried it and the difference was noticeable almost immediately.Ive had my shop 6 years now and i live in the apartment above and i couldn't be happier. so seriously just make sure that your store will immediately be engraved into their memory.

    p.s. i also have a life size blood angel out front

    p.p.s another thing one person said why they didnt come more often was the one on the otherside of town was right next to a taco bell.... but i dont think theres much you can do about that
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)05:46 No.5719233
    So true. When you said "Feels like home" what did you do to make it feel like that?

    Damn you people and tricking me into staying up.
    >> fellow hobby shop owner 09/04/09(Fri)05:50 No.5719252
         File1252057858.jpg-(572 KB, 800x800, 1251962964087.jpg)
    572 KB
    well i have a soda machine and with any purchase of 25$ or more you get a cup with unlimited refils for the day. comfy seats. have a couple of recliners in the back for the people who just come to watch and such. i have a table specifically for painting and one for modeling with a "community" bits box ill tell you how that works if you really want to know. i mean just think about everything you have at home that makes gaming more enjoyable then at a hobby shop and do it times 10. also durring tournaments snacks are provided:)

    pic related cause no matter how many times people see this on my wall they still laugh
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)05:51 No.5719257
    Whatever you do, see to it that you also sell soft drinks.
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)05:55 No.5719286
    I'd love to see some of Jo's artwork up as posters on my future store wall. Interesting points. I wasn't planning on selling soda out of a dispenser, they open topped cups spill too often. Bottles for sale should work better.

    >i mean just think about everything you have at home that makes gaming more enjoyable then at a hobby shop and do it times 10.

    I actually don't have that much Warhammer stuff at home. Just books. I'm an avid reading fanatic, though. Piles of books everywhere. I think I understand what you're saying though. People want comfort and accessibility.
    >> 40kun 09/04/09(Fri)05:56 No.5719288
         File1252058171.png-(109 KB, 2000x2000, Fortress.png)
    109 KB
    Vector thrust ! :D

    More reasearch Y/N ?
    >> 40kun 09/04/09(Fri)05:57 No.5719293
    my game seller friends stocked dry noodles for his own lunch. When customers saw it, they wanted to buy some.
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)05:57 No.5719295
    Oh hell, you were right. I've loving those ones down at the bottom. I wonder if they'd print well. Have any additional thoughts on themes for my merchandise room/signage/iconography for ads?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)05:57 No.5719297
    >well i have a soda machine and with any purchase of 25$ or more you get a cup with unlimited refils for the day. comfy seats.
    Holy fucking hell batman. This sounds awesome.

    I wish my lgs would have that
    >> fellow hobby shop owner 09/04/09(Fri)05:58 No.5719304
         File1252058334.jpg-(445 KB, 1000x666, 1251865307549.jpg)
    445 KB
    yea theres a way around that i have a table for food and the food doesnt leave that table...except for me :D. and if your not planning on selling warhammer books as in novels have a place with store owned copy's of stuff like kill team and death world for people to come and read while they hang out or just a place to get away from everything else where they feel safe
    >> 40kun 09/04/09(Fri)06:08 No.5719335
         File1252058929.png-(119 KB, 2000x2000, Fortress2.png)
    119 KB
    have a refill
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)06:08 No.5719337
    A decent sized section for literature is on the list. I read a lot. A LOT, so I know what's good.

    Okay, thanks for the help /tg/ but I REALLY. REALLY need to go to bed now. 40kun, I'll be contacting you later. Expect an email from a mysterious stranger.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)06:09 No.5719338
    - The "F" in fortress is separated too far from the rest of the word.
    - The tower takes too much of the logo if you intend on it being text focused
    - The lines above and left of the words don't fit, and are too sharp
    - The fonts are bad, the bottom most doesn't fit with the structured feel of a fortress, and will appear fuzzy in print (and cheesy on any large format)

    Either make the tower part the FOCUS with the text being additional, or the text the focus. Not both.
    >> Tech Priest Naile 09/04/09(Fri)06:14 No.5719372
    I'm loving third down right side. The block lettering looks way more appropriate. Okay sleep.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)06:33 No.5719491
    if your still here, this is sounding great. i teach as a means of getting enough money one day to open up a FALGS (Fucking Awesome Local Gaming Store), and as my wife has also always wanted to open a Nerd Shop, looks like thats the plan.

    some advise i have heard:
    1- don't make money straight away, invest the money from the shop back into the shop. dont skim money from the buisness, make sure you have another form of income for the first year or so of business. this is not because you anre going to go bankrupt, but because it builds up your assets.

    2- Make everyone feel special. "hey, whats that? you are in a collage RPG club? show me your card and i'll give you X% of something!" shit like that.

    3- know the games you stock. all of them. if you dont know the game, open one up as a store copy and play the damn thing so when i come into your shop and have an interesting story about my tier 5 unicorn telepath you can say, "wow, thats a cool character. he doesn't afraid of anything."

    4- ITS NOT A FRIENDS CLUB. all of my LGS's (note i didn't say friendly) owners treat the store like a private club house, to the exlusion of their customers. i no longer go there.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/09(Fri)07:48 No.5719887
    bumps for op

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