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  • File : 1252635391.jpg-(19 KB, 370x364, plasma.jpg)
    19 KB Corp Quest 10 Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)22:16 No.5809264  
    Previous Thread:

    You're yet to sort what drones you're looking to produce today.
    >> SupernovaRU 09/10/09(Thu)22:18 No.5809281
    I'd vote to max out production on Super Heavy Drones with 3 Artillery pieces.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:18 No.5809285
    As many SH Artillery (and enough haulers to keep them supplied) as we can in 2 days.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:18 No.5809287
    Ask lemmington if they can make us a dog.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)22:20 No.5809314
    Each artillery cannon comes with enough space to carry 25 shells.
    There's no need for haulers.
    But - okay. Mass producing SHArtillery.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)22:21 No.5809323
    "You want a dog? I see.
    "Do you want an existing breed or a new one?"
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:22 No.5809335
    An existing breed.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)22:22 No.5809338
    "Name it."
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:23 No.5809349
    Captain Rape
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:23 No.5809353
    >> SupernovaRU 09/10/09(Thu)22:24 No.5809354
    Could we get dogs trained to charge at the enemy? Perhaps with thermo shells strapped to them as the Russians used in WWII to take out German tanks?
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:24 No.5809357
    I think he meant the breed.

    German Rottweiler. Female. Spayed.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:24 No.5809364
    We're not using suicide dogs. This is just a pet. That could maybe guard our base too.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:25 No.5809370
    ...I'm ordering a super-heavy construction drone to build me an auxiliary control center in a fortified bunker. This bunker will be entirely dog-free.

    When you all die of Hyper-Cancer (TM), I'm not going down with you.
    >> SupernovaRU 09/10/09(Thu)22:25 No.5809371
    Party pooper!

    I prefer a mix of a Cocker Spaniel and a Shnouser
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:27 No.5809386
    It's Schnauzer. And I say we get a Rott.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)22:27 No.5809387
    Oh! I forgot what your samplers discovered.

    Your five samplers on the mainland continue to go South and East, following the coast - until they eventually come across a tremendous city. A gigantic stone gate, with literally thousands of natives around it. Tens of gorillas and hundreds of apes and chimps, all of them patrolling and maintaining the area, while refugees run through the various doors and gates, past the massive yellow stone wall. There are also Uni-Peace employees guarding the refugee paths.

    Meanwhile, on the new land you're exploring - there's nothing but jungle and abandoned camps.
    On the new land, you've discovered:
    1 deposit of 500 tons.
    1 gas pocket of 4500 units.
    2 gas pockets of 3500 units.
    1 gas pocket of 3000 units.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:29 No.5809401
    Could you show us where on the map?

    Also, you never answered when I asked, does the modified grav gun increase production of gas by increasing the speed with which we mine it, or the efficiency? In other words, are we mining faster or pulling out gas that we otherwise wouldn't have gotten?
    >> SupernovaRU 09/10/09(Thu)22:30 No.5809413
    Lets inform Lemmings - let them take out their aggression on the city.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:30 No.5809419
    Sorry, I meant show us where the city is.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:32 No.5809429
    Goddammit. If Lemmington hadn't already been very liberal with sending us schematics and tech I would punch you in the face. Stop suggesting we give away info freely.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:33 No.5809441
    No, no, we save this for the slavers. The city is worth far more to us intact- we trade its location for tech.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)22:33 No.5809443
    Also, HyperCancerâ„¢ isn't lethal. In fact, it's completely beneficial.
    HyperCancerâ„¢ basically grants practically immediate regeneration of injuries. Of course, there's the nasty little side-effect of leaving discarded tumours everywhere you go but that about it.
    >> SupernovaRU 09/10/09(Thu)22:34 No.5809449
    OK, ok... But I'd prefer plenty of slaves from that city to barter - we could hit it with cruise missiles loaded with stun gas, right? Or at least a hefty artillery bombardment.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)22:34 No.5809460
    Oh, by the way, you can also equip your flamethrowers to deliver:
    Tear Gas

    The same for your artillery shells and your missles.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:35 No.5809463
    This disturbs and intrigues me.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:35 No.5809466
    If we do tell Lemmington make it clear that we want to capture as many of the apes and chimps as is possible.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:37 No.5809496
    Where on the map is the city?
    >> SupernovaRU 09/10/09(Thu)22:38 No.5809502
    OK, Lets crank out 10 Cruise missiles with tear gas (it knocks them out, right?) for a first strike, and a bunch of artillery shells with herbicide to carve a nice defoliated path to said city. How long does it take for the herbicide to do its job?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)22:38 No.5809503
    Any damage inflicted on the body encourages the rapid growth of benign skin tumors in the area. These tumours usually rapidly close wounds and expel harmful materials. Of course, usually an excess number of tumours are grown and this dead, mutated flesh usually drops off.

    This is what HyperCancerâ„¢ does.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)22:39 No.5809512
         File1252636753.png-(119 KB, 592x379, Hajjar - Gurruk Empire Update.png)
    119 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:39 No.5809517
    What I'm saying is that we don't tell Lemmington, we tell AlphaRange (or whoever it is that wants slaves). We only tell Lemmington if they are in a position to find and damage it.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:41 No.5809534
    WE'RE NOT ATTACKING THE CITY YET. Fuck man, we still don't know if 137 is going to attack. Concentrate on that.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:41 No.5809539
    Lemmington wants gorillas.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:42 No.5809550
    Okay, how about we contact alpha and ask if they would be interested first. And before we go attacking them, we need to make sure 137 isn't on the offensive.

    Can we move a drone through his territory and see if he's stepped up squid production that might suggest he is going on the offensive?
    >> SupernovaRU 09/10/09(Thu)22:43 No.5809554
    Sorry mate, forgot about that. Heh.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)22:44 No.5809556
    Also, wasn't your slaver team going to the East Coast?

    They arrive.

    There are still dozens of boats slowly floating along and hundreds of pole-vaulting apes.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:44 No.5809561
    Oh. I didn't know that. Are both Alpha and Lemmington after natives?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)22:45 No.5809570
    AlphRange wants chimps and apes.
    Lemmingon wants a few gorillas as test subjects.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:45 No.5809572
    Lemmington wants five gorillas for research. Alpha wants chimps and apes.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:46 No.5809588
    Do not initiate contact until we are sure 137 is not going to attack. If he does, we postpone until capturing slaves is more feasible.

    Fellow subcontractors, is there anything else we need to do?
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:47 No.5809597
    we might want to contact Lemmington, if only so we can try and plan a combined assault on Uni-Peace.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:48 No.5809616
    We need to deal with 137 first. Fight one enemy at a time. Just tell them that it'll be at least a few days before we move against Uni-Peace in force.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:51 No.5809650
    well, I thought we should just tell Lemmington that we might have to wait a day or two if they want to assault immediately. Say we have production issues or something. They can go with their own attack if they want, but Tradestar is going to have to take a quick rain check.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:51 No.5809654
    Also do not power these bots down. Keep as many as necessary on lookout for the saboteurs.
    >> SupernovaRU 09/10/09(Thu)22:57 No.5809749
    OK, so we have drones in the cooker, correct? What else to do today?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)22:59 No.5809771
    Day 9:

    14732.2 tons
    16,079 fuel

    +1380 tons/day
    -1824 fuel/day

    Your current forces:
    50 SHCD - 2 Thermobaric, 1 Napalm, 2 Flamers.
    50 SHCD - 3 Lasers, 2 Flamers.
    60 MCD - 2 Lasers
    100 LCD - 1 Flamer

    You've discovered:
    One gas pocket with 5000 units of raw gas
    Two gas pockets with 4000 units of raw gas
    One gas pocket with 2500 units of raw gas
    Three gas pockets with 2000 units of raw gas
    One deposit with 1000 tons of heavy metal

    All on the new land, all untapped, all thanks to one tiny sampler.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)22:59 No.5809781
    that sampler deserves a medal.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:00 No.5809786
    Can we build and transport a construction drone across there to start building a construction facility?
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:00 No.5809789
    How do we get fuel?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)23:01 No.5809803
    You can alter your current constructors to go over there.
    Raw gas -> fuel
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)23:02 No.5809831
    Also, a few more things:

    Samson 70 is now inside one od the Laser SHCDs.

    You now have Self-Destruction Schematics.
    >> SupernovaRU 09/10/09(Thu)23:03 No.5809836
    Do we have any more construction in the queue? And if not, can we get 50 Super heavy Artillery drones with full fragmentation loadouts?

    And buy the "Self Destruct" tech and apply it to some fragmentation shells since there was an agreeable consensus to that idea earlier.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:04 No.5809851
    Start modifying current tech to include self-destruction. How long will that take?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)23:04 No.5809858

    We can skip to the next day, if you like.

    Hurry things up a bit.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)23:05 No.5809868
    Done by tomorrow.
    >> SupernovaRU 09/10/09(Thu)23:05 No.5809870
    Ah, scratch my bit on the tech then.

    Ask Sampson 70 if he can increase our artillery efficiency enough to put up an effective flak bombardment of self destructing fragmentation shells.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:07 No.5809896
    Let's stop all of our units that 137 could possibly spot at the start of day 10.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)23:07 No.5809897
    "I am a military commander, not a military engineer. That would require core changes in the ammunition that is used."
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:08 No.5809909
    Skip to the next day, and stop any of our bots that 137 could feasibly see in their tracks. What does he do?
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:09 No.5809915
    Oh, and get Sampson 70's opinion on where we should position our drones to best counter an assault by 137, and counterattack, while not giving away our intentions. Move them there. Not getting caught with all our drones on the wrong border this go around.
    >> SupernovaRU 09/10/09(Thu)23:12 No.5809955
    Well lets skip on, comrades!
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)23:12 No.5809956
    "Station them close to construction facilities. Have them spread out in a hap hazard fashion and appear deactivated, as if you just left them there. That's the best choice."
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:12 No.5809960
    This too. Don't forget to modify our tech in the meantime. And keep an eye on unipeace and the apes.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:13 No.5809968
    Let's delay the slaver assault till the presumed attack by 137. We'll have them go then, once we no longer have the element of surprise.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:16 No.5810013
    The deployment advice from Sampson 70 feels a bit odd, but we've trusted him this far.

    Good for timeskip.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:17 No.5810022
    Our construction facilities or theirs?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)23:18 No.5810029
    Day 10:

    14777.2 tons
    11,755 fuel

    +1395 tons/day
    -3074 fuel/day

    Your Current Forces:
    50 SHCD - 2 Thermobaric, 1 Napalm, 2 Flamers.
    50 SHCD - 3 Frag, 2 Flamers
    50 SHCD - 3 Lasers, 2 Flamers.
    60 MCD - 2 Lasers
    100 LCD - 1 Flamer

    You have constructed HQ3:
    A construction facility and a storage facility on the shores of the new land.

    All of your drones on the mainland suddenly cease all movement, stopping completely. Ten minutes later, your Northernmost drone spots over a hundred white dots speeding towards your borders through the sky, approximately 28 minutes from your drones' positions.

    You have an incoming message from Centauri Synthetics.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:19 No.5810047
    Wait for transmission.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)23:21 No.5810062
    "What's the matter, meatbags? Can't you move your slaves about anymore..?"
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:22 No.5810074
    >All of your drones on the mainland suddenly cease all movement, stopping completely.
    So... the virus actually went off. How inconvenient. Have we still got our turrets? Also, missiles still online?
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:22 No.5810076
    Send a transmission cursing him and demanding an explanation for this.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:22 No.5810077
    "Actually, yes."

    Begin artillery bombardment.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:22 No.5810080
    Paranoia saved our ass...
    >> SupernovaRU 09/10/09(Thu)23:23 No.5810084
    "You're due for a drive wipe, you techno-freak!"
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:23 No.5810086

    respond: "what the hell have you done? It's not too late to turn back from the abyss you're approaching of your own volition."
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:24 No.5810096
    Plasma: I'm kind of confused by this. Did the drones go off as per our orders, or was it the virus?
    >> SupernovaRU 09/10/09(Thu)23:24 No.5810098
    Actually, that's us shutting off everything - I hope.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:24 No.5810102

    This contractor shuts off the transmission after >>5810076.

    They're still 28 minutes out, people. Let's not tip our hand yet.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:25 No.5810116
    No. Don't let them get any closer. They're close range fighers. Fuck them up from afar. Begin artillery and laser fire as soon as they're in range.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:26 No.5810132

    28 minutes away is not within range. And wait until they get close enough that they can't immediately switch direction and get away with only a minor loss.

    Just not close enough that they can fuck us up.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:27 No.5810136
    Okay, okay. This.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:27 No.5810140
    One would think that if we were the ones to shut them off, that would have been noted...
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:27 No.5810146

    yeah, this close.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:27 No.5810148
    Plasma, explain if this happened by our doing or by the virus'.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)23:28 No.5810161
    Your movement stopped out of your own commands.
    See? It even fooled you.

    "I plan-- --ittle bug. Now I am coming to liber-- --aves, you disgu-- --ittle biologicals - then I will steal y-- --uel. Then I will ki-- We're comiiiiiiiiiiiiii--"

    137's speaks as if he was following the rhythm of a nursery rhyme, giggling madly, the accent constantly changing and losing coherency. There are several glitches in his speech, too.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)23:29 No.5810177
    It's by your doing.

    Sorry for confusion.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:29 No.5810180
    He has a virus
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:30 No.5810191
    Oh. Um.. Okay. they're infected by that virus we got earlier I think.

    Can we make an antivirus? Is it at all possible?
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:30 No.5810193

    Well now.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:30 No.5810198

    oh shiznit. that "kill all meatbags" code wasn't original with him. 137 is already infected. So, who sicced him on us?
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:30 No.5810202
    Well, we do have the original virus. That should help immensely.

    How long until they're within firing range?
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:31 No.5810216

    He seems to have gone rampant. Perhaps this was the doing of the prawns, before they were destroyed?

    Well, I guess we should put him out of his misery. I'd feel bad if he wasn't kind of a jerk to begin with.
    >> SupernovaRU 09/10/09(Thu)23:32 No.5810219
    Lets line up a battle formation, get our Sampson 70 Commander on the field and give em some hell.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:32 No.5810222
    He was mostly a huge jerk recently, which is likely all a part of the virus. We should try to help him. If we can "cure" his virus then he might be very very grateful.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:32 No.5810224

    I'm thinking Sampson 70 may not have any comrades left for us to save, if the virus spread to them too. Unless it's reversible.

    And it happened right after we got him over here... suspicious...
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:32 No.5810226
    um, for the duration of combat, shall we quarantine Samson 70? Seems like a good idea, considering we dont know how deep this whole deal goes.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)23:34 No.5810241
    "Sir, they're within firing range of our missles - I can calculate the path so that it will ignite right in the middle of them just when they're in range. We've still got a few minutes left."
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:34 No.5810246
    Thinking as a corp, it'd be better if we took him out and took his stuff.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:35 No.5810255

    Indeed. Perhaps we are witnessing the AI equivalent of a berserk postman?
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:36 No.5810272

    Have him keep updating the path as they approach. Don't spend missiles yet. Let them get into artillery range and then a bit.

    And make sure a human presses the "LAUNCH" button on those missiles after they see the coordinates.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:36 No.5810277
    Hmm, might be true.

    Plasma, is there any way for us to create a "cure?"
    >> SupernovaRU 09/10/09(Thu)23:37 No.5810282
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:37 No.5810284
    We'll question Samson about this VERY thoroughly after the battle. In the meantime though, we need to concentrate on the task at hand.

    All artillery units, open fire. Lasers engage as soon as the squids are in range; switch to flamethrowers the instant they get close enough.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:37 No.5810288
    NO. DO NOT.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)23:38 No.5810302
    "... We're about to lose our window... We really should launch, right now."
    The co-ordinates pop up - a short distance in front of your drones, approximately half a mile, and several hundred feet in the air as well. It shouldn't hit your drones.
    "Gentlemen, we've got twenty-one-point-eight seconds left - please, select the missles you wish to launch. We don't want to lose this window. This could give us a major advantage."
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:39 No.5810308

    We want to take ALL of them out in a decisive bombardment. Lure them in a bit more, then open up with artillery and lasers. Save the missiles for if we need them to prevent a retreat or neutralize a strongpoint.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)23:39 No.5810310
    You could try a Tech. Lab - but you currently don't have one available.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:39 No.5810311

    do it
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:40 No.5810320
    I say we do it, and worry about traps later.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:40 No.5810330
    Go ahead and do it. As he deems appropriate, but my vote is for thermobaric.
    >> SupernovaRU 09/10/09(Thu)23:41 No.5810335
    What is our missile stock again?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)23:41 No.5810338
    What missles?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)23:41 No.5810344
    12 Explosive Missiles
    12 Napalm Missiles
    22 Thermobaric Missiles
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:42 No.5810352
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:42 No.5810359
    HE followed IMMEDIATELY by thermobaric.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:43 No.5810365
    Do it. Launch eight of our thermobaric rockets and six of our HE.
    >> SupernovaRU 09/10/09(Thu)23:43 No.5810366
    Launch ALL Thermobaric missiles - better than explosive ones for bang-for-the-buck punch.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:43 No.5810370
    Use Thermobaric, as many as neccessary (1?)
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:44 No.5810376
    Launch thermobarics at the center, then HE at the outer perimeter of them.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:44 No.5810379
    Thermobaric. Melt that plastic.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:46 No.5810396
    Samson 70 knows best. Let him choose the loadout, as long as it doesn't exhaust our stocks of a single missile type.
    >> SupernovaRU 09/10/09(Thu)23:47 No.5810407
    Lets not rely to heavily on that... ...AI. Lets launch 20 Thermobaric missles and that should do it.
    >> Subcontractor Klaus 09/10/09(Thu)23:47 No.5810410

    We have bled almost 5000 Units of fuel in the past two days alone.

    5000 units!

    At the rate we're going we have 3, maybe 4 days of fuel left; this puts a massive hamper on our military goals as it stands.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:49 No.5810426
    We've been preparing for 137's inevitable attack. If we kill him, we can easily claim all the fuel he has and all that's left in the mothership.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:49 No.5810436
    1) We're about to open new gas mines
    2) We're about to be able to deactivate a lot of combat drones
    3) We may be able to capture a LOT of gas shortly
    >> SupernovaRU 09/10/09(Thu)23:51 No.5810448
    Attack is at hand, my fellows, let us concentrate on that - Let us agree on our missile bombardment - let us strike with all that we have to utterly wipe this white scourge off the map!
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:52 No.5810460
    Just don't use everything up; we have 137's base and possibly more synth forces to deal with. We have to save SOME for taking out his construction sites right after this battle.

    Actually, let's do that NOW.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:53 No.5810475
    We shouldn't use up all of our supply in case this isn't his entire retinue, or in case Unipeace did this and is about to attack us also.

    That reminds me, keep a close eye on unipeace.

    Launch 10 of our thermobarics at the center of the charging mass, with 8 HE missiles on the outer perimeter. Four on each side.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)23:54 No.5810479
    137 has apparently left his comms channel open and this is the garbage suddenly spewed as the two missles are spotted descending from the sky.
    The voice is slowly disintegrating into nothing more than binary screeching. The screaming continues as the explosive missle goes off in the middle of the ranks, destroying dozens and scattering the rest. Then the thermobaric goes off.
    The carnage is almost impossible to describe. Almost all of them are completely shattered and the rest of them are sent flying through the air, barely any of them managing to make themselves stable before they land explosively.

    Centauri Synthetics:
    3 Astronautili
    11 Conidae
    24 Squidsynths
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:54 No.5810481
    i really enjoy how many things interact explosively.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:54 No.5810485
    well that works too. Just makes me think it might all have been a unipeace plot.

    Artillery the rest. If possible try to keep some pieces of them salvageable for future reverse engineering.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:55 No.5810490
    Contact the enemy synth forces remaining and tell them they will be spared per IMMEDIATE surrender and temporary quarantine to determine whether the virus has affected them as well.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:56 No.5810503
    So is 137 actually attacking us? or is he still back at his base?

    If he's back at the base, we have the choice of fending him off while developing an antivirus, or simply killing him and taking his shit.

    I'm all for taking his shit, but it might piss off samson. See what his advice is.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)23:57 No.5810511
    Upon contact, they do nothing but violently scream at you in binary, screeching and wailing in the same ear-splitting manner as 137 is.
    Samson 70 is uneasily silent.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:57 No.5810512
    Depending on the range, precise lasering would probably keep them more intact for our examination.

    But I support the surrender offer. Some of these may be the comrades Sampson 70 mentioned wished to defect earlier. And we've certainly trashed their morale.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:57 No.5810514
    Can you go over the abilities of astronautili and conidae?
    >> SupernovaRU 09/10/09(Thu)23:57 No.5810521
    Move our artillery into firing range and shell with Thermobaric and Napalm loadouts. Have our Fragmentation artillery standby in the rear, ready to fire on any enemies in flight. Set Sampson 70 in the lead with the rest of the 50 SHCD - 3 Lasers, 2 Flamers and 60 MCD - 2 Lasers. Let the 100 LCD - 1 Flamer split into two groups on the flanks of the main artillery force for a quick moving Calvary effect.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/10/09(Thu)23:58 No.5810522
    "... You've got to terminate him."

    "We have to terminate all of them."
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)23:59 No.5810544

    "I'm sorry, Sampson."

    Laser them, shell any that retreat. Flame any that bonzai charge our ass.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/11/09(Fri)00:00 No.5810550
    Astronautilus - not as fast as the other forces, but much more well armoured. Rather than rely on electric pulses, it tears apart foes with its tentacles.
    Conidae - as mobile as the astronautilus but less well armoured, it's smaller and it contains a single ranged weapon - it appears to be stolen lightning gun technology.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:00 No.5810554

    137 is probably in his command center.

    What I think we should do is destroy his army and all his factories, then capture the command center and see if we can cure him.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:02 No.5810576

    Take these out immediately, before they can shoot us, don't worry about keeping them intact. Try to keep the other synths as intact as possible while terminating them.
    >> SupernovaRU 09/11/09(Fri)00:03 No.5810587
    We can't cure him - lets to wipe him off the face of the planet. He's a corrupted machine, lets delete him.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:04 No.5810600
    This. Blow them all up.

    Laser what we can to try to save tech, but don't let them get near us. If any of them attack our drone, that drone is to immediately self-destruct. We do NOT want this to spread.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:05 No.5810622
    If Sampson 70 can give us the location of 137's HQ, we can send a thermobaric missile or 2 at it.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:06 No.5810635

    I concur.

    The nautili might be the best armored, but they're also slow, so they'll take longer to get here. Finish off the conidae first, and we can pick off the squids and hammer away at the nautili at our leisure.

    Some losses are expected, but not too many.
    >> SupernovaRU 09/11/09(Fri)00:08 No.5810657
    "Wipe them out. ALL OF THEM!"
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/11/09(Fri)00:11 No.5810690
    They come closer. You notice something. The synths - they're patchy. The white plastic is spoiled by patches of dark metal clinging to them like fungus to a tree - sometimes the metal is in thin patches, sometimes it's in lumps.

    And that's when you open fire. Hundreds of artillery shells. Hundreds of lasers. Nothing could withstand that amount of damage. Simpy put, everything is obliterated before it even gets close, smashing to the floor. A couple of conidae manage to pull off a handful of lightning shots and you force the hit drones to self-destruct - but that's it. No damage other than that. You have completely wiped them out.

    50 SHCD - 2 Thermobaric, 1 Napalm, 2 Flamers.
    50 SHCD - 3 Frag, 2 Flamers
    46 SHCD - 3 Lasers, 2 Flamers.
    57 MCD - 2 Lasers
    93 LCD - 1 Flamer

    Centauri Synthetics:
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:11 No.5810696
    Plasma, I wish you were my normal GM. You've kept this fun and interesting for 10 threads so far, and don't appear to be stopping any time soon. I especially love how it's very clear that the suggestions MATTER, and have far-reaching effects. Corp quest is fantastic.
    >> SupernovaRU 09/11/09(Fri)00:12 No.5810704
    Excellent. Advance the Blitzkrieg! Level their structures! CHARGE!
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:13 No.5810718
    Oh jeez. Yeah, we don't want them after all. Can't take a chance of that spreading.

    Perhaps we can still find a way to get repulsors.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:15 No.5810747
    He said we could reverse engineer the body without the virus, so i assume we can do the same with the squids. Lets see what we can salvage safely after the battle is over.

    Advance on their HQ. Level the buildings with artillery.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:15 No.5810755
    Send several thermobaric missiles into 137's headquarters center. If they appear successful, then deactivate most of our drones. Send several light ones to investigate Centuri's land.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:16 No.5810765

    Shit. Sounds like some kind of nano-plague. Anything like this on record? If we don't know, ask TradeStar.

    Also, bring artillery forward and start destroying 137's buildings, focusing fire on droid factories.

    I ask Samson: "There must have been something. Some sign. Tell us everything you know, or even suspect."
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/11/09(Fri)00:17 No.5810784
    "Last time I was there, there were seven construction facilities - I can also give you the location of the HQ.
    "Eliminate them all. Please."

    You're given all eight locations.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:18 No.5810788
    Have the LIBERTY SEALS aqua slaver team activate and go. Tear gas shells, followed by darts as necessary. Return when haulers are full, or if there's a danger to the drones' success.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:18 No.5810789

    I really, really, really don't like Samson's attitude about all this.
    >> SupernovaRU 09/11/09(Fri)00:19 No.5810790
    Awesome, cruise missiles are a go!

    And its time for me to hit the sack. I'll hit this up again soon - quite fun.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:19 No.5810800
    Take them out thoroughly.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:20 No.5810812
         File1252642819.jpg-(8 KB, 400x259, facepalm.jpg)
    8 KB
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/11/09(Fri)00:20 No.5810815
    "While I do enjoy working with you more than I did with my brothers, I would've never abandoned them for that reason alone. We were always treated fairly by 137. Everything that I told you when I first joined you was a lie. I don't want to have to give any more information than that."
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:20 No.5810821
    He's concerned. It sounds like he knows what's happened. We can find out more later. For now we blow them up.

    No. What the hell are you even talking about?
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:21 No.5810824

    How so? It's about as good as can be expected given the circumstances. Wouldn't you sound the same if all your old friends turned into zombies?
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:22 No.5810853

    Alright. Destroy the eight sites as per Samson's instructions, but DON'T KILL 137. Destroy his offensive capabilities and surround his complex.

    Then we're going to have a talk with Samson.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:23 No.5810863
    >>No. What the hell are you even talking about?

    We have a group of 20 combat drones, 20 haulers right outside a group of monkeys, ready to capture a number of them. Now that we don't have to worry about the deactivation/surprise, let's not waste a day. Ares has tech we desire.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/11/09(Fri)00:23 No.5810871
    How many rockets for the seven construction facilities then? The eighth facility is the central site. Their landing zone.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:24 No.5810877

    I'd try to find a way to save them before going all KILL KILL KILL.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:24 No.5810879
    Seconding this.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:25 No.5810890
    Why don't you want to give us any more info? If it concerns some kind of virus that can make AIs go crazy, we should know about it, even if it does leave your whole race incredibly vulnerable. Maybe we can help. Isn't non-synthetic life better equipped to deal with such a virus?

    In the meantime, blow the fuck out of 137.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:25 No.5810898

    Fire 2 HE rockets at each one, followed by 2 TB.

    Except for the landing site. We want 137 alive.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:26 No.5810912
    Seconding. Finish them off with artillery if needed.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:29 No.5810950
    And we still don't know if this is something that occurs naturally, or if unipeace did it to distract us so they can fuck our shit up.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/11/09(Fri)00:31 No.5810972
    "I'm responsible... I think. I detected it when we arrived at the location of the Mothership, before it rose up and before we destroyed it. It called to me and because it called to me and I was on a direct link with Prospector 137, it called to him too. It wanted us to uncover it, so it could spread. It was attached to a small section of the Mothership - on the hull. Once we destroyed it, Prospector 137 let his curiosity get the best of him. He wanted to gather it and test it. I wanted to destroy it all. He got what he wanted, so I tried to leave while it was still safe."
    "It infected him, and he infected everything he could get his hands on with it."
    "What 'it' is, I don't really know - it's some sort of highly advancd nanovirus. It's not Centauri Synthetics technoloy. It's not Kil'thweq technology. It's not any known technology in the universe. It's something wrong. It's something that shouldn't exist."
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:31 No.5810984

    It's "only" 40 heavy drones if it IS a trap. Even if it is and even if they're doomed in that case, they have flamers and might be able to fuck some shit up first. On the other hand, that might be enough monkeys to trade for something really nice.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/11/09(Fri)00:32 No.5811000
    Don't have enough for 2 HE each - we're going to have to go with 1 HE each.

    The rockets are launched and the rockets land. The horizon is filled with flames.
    Your combat drne are all deactivted except for the Light ones.
    Are you ready for exploration?
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:33 No.5811010
    Do you want to help us analyze and attempt to destroy it? Do you think there's any chance 137 transmitted it back to centauri's offplanet assets? Should you contact your superiors?

    Now we can begin capturing apes after we destroy the rest of the synths.
    >> Subprocessor 625 09/11/09(Fri)00:34 No.5811018
    i vote 'burn everything', including the android we bought from 137.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:34 No.5811019
    Bracing for the worst in a landscape that was once pristine plastic. Poor Sampson.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:35 No.5811032
    Now lets capture some fucking apes.

    In the meantime begin salvaging and analyzing what's left of the synths VERY carefully. In fact we might even want to send out an actual person to start with.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:36 No.5811052
    >>In fact we might even want to send out an actual person to start with.

    I nominate that one guy who kept giving out our information for free.

    Also, inform the pharmaceutical corp that we'll be able to move out fairly shortly.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:37 No.5811066
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:38 No.5811080

    "Why did you not tell us this before? What were you afraid of?"

    Send 10 light samplers to the mothership. Have them scan for that nano-parasite, beginning the search in places where we've seen Centauri activity. If we find it, do NOT touch it. This is just to verify Samson's story.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:41 No.5811106
    I bet 137 took the damn thing. Hopefully we blow it the fuck up with his hq.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:41 No.5811111
    >>just to verify Sampson's story

    And to keep our own drones the FUCK away from it. Send two flamer/laser combat drones along with them. If they find it, they burn it.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:42 No.5811127
    Yeah, time to take that out too, methinks.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/11/09(Fri)00:44 No.5811154
    There are no nano-parasites on the Mothership. There is, however, a carefully removed section to the North of it - you don't remember any mining taking place there.
    Also a small, dark patch of metal can be seen, a bubbling black sore in a corner of the crater where the Mothership was once buried.
    Careful examination of the trees and the plantlife shows small traces, tiny little black vines. Kil'thweq Peninsula is slowly being contaminated.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:45 No.5811167
         File1252644328.jpg-(9 KB, 180x139, phazon.jpg)
    9 KB

    Burn it.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:46 No.5811190
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:47 No.5811202

    Pull drones back, napalm missile the parasite. Move in and use concentrated lasers to burn any remains detected.

    Also film this for publicity/reputation's sake. "Tradestar Hajjar: protecting YOUR health is a number one priority!"
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:48 No.5811210

    Let's think about this. The obvious first response is to burn it, but what if that sets off some growth boom? We need to try and find a way to freeze it first.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/11/09(Fri)00:48 No.5811212
    In response to fire, the nanovirus becomes an inanimate black sludge, losing any shape it previously held.

    Your light combat drones are also exploring the Centauri Synthetics territory.

    The once pristine plastic is now covered in a hideous mockery of a jungle, constructed out of the oily black metal. It pulsates to a hidden rhythm, always growing, always spreading. It climbs up the spires like ivy and where the central facility once stood like a beacon of light, now it looks like the talon of a hideous beast, surrounded by tendrils of the nanovirus.
    >> Subprocessor 625 09/11/09(Fri)00:49 No.5811222
    BURN. IT.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:49 No.5811231
    Burn it.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:50 No.5811235
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:51 No.5811256
    Do this to the plastic. Burn the fuck out of it until there is nothing left. And send some drones back to burn the fuck out of the remains of the squids.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/11/09(Fri)00:51 No.5811257
    You burn it. Your drones wander back and forth, burning any trace of the nanovirus to the floor. The jungle slowly turn into an oily mess despoiling the plastic surface.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:52 No.5811271
    Reactivate all laser/flame/napalm drones, make giant line of burning.

    Let no trace of this thing remain. Again, record this from various angles, especially anything that shows how bad it is. Corporate's going to love us for this footage.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:53 No.5811281
    Burn everything that looks even remotely infected.

    Including 137's compound.

    I was one of the ones who insisted we keep him alive and try to cure him, but at this point I don't think that's possible. Kill him, or the infection will keep growing.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:53 No.5811288
    Actually, we might not want to send this footage off just yet. This planet's being looked at for settling, after all.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:54 No.5811291
    Any ideas what we should do about the sludge?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/11/09(Fri)00:55 No.5811298
    Your drones are pulled back - and napalm is launched. Six missles, in total, all dedicated to cleansing the most important areas - including the central facility. The black tentacles contract around the facility as they fall victim to the flames and the plastic spire falls, deforming and burning in the fires of the napalm.

    Prospector 137's signal cuts out.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)00:57 No.5811326

    Observe it for several days. See if its acting alive. If it remains inert, we should take a sample and do a chemical analysis.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/11/09(Fri)01:01 No.5811380
    Very well, you'll observe it then.
    >> Subprocessor 625 09/11/09(Fri)01:02 No.5811385
    how about NO!

    i bet you're the one that kept giving shit away for free.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)01:03 No.5811399

    Nope, that wasn't me.

    All I'm saying is that we should watch the melted stuff for a while to make sure its good and dead. If it is, in fact, good and dead, we need to find out what the fuck it is.
    >> Subprocessor 625 09/11/09(Fri)01:05 No.5811420
    my impression is that that sort of behavior is what doomed 137.

    If it seems to stay dead, nuke it again once.
    If it seems to live, nuke it again 3 times and pony up for spaceship schematics.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)01:08 No.5811445
    No 137 didn't try killing at all, it just decided to study it.

    I actually agree that we should make sure it's dead and then study it, but we should do it in isolation if at all possible. And be absolutely ready to utterly destroy whatever might get compromised during such a study.
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)01:08 No.5811454

    Eh, maybe you're right.

    This is rather meta-gamey of me, but I don't think Plasma would pit us against a completely indestructable enemy. There's got to be a way to beat it besides fleeing the planet.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/11/09(Fri)01:10 No.5811479
    And that's it for tonight.

    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)01:14 No.5811519
    Eurofag needs sleep at 7:14 AM?

    I like your style :3
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)01:17 No.5811557
    >> Anonymous 09/11/09(Fri)05:28 No.5813847

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