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  • File : 1253829683.jpg-(139 KB, 769x1000, Benedicta03.jpg)
    139 KB OH SHIIIIIIIIIIIII- Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:01 No.5993014  
    The preview form Radicals Handbook:

    Just read it.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:05 No.5993054
    I don't get it.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:06 No.5993067
    >> sage 09/24/09(Thu)18:07 No.5993077
    lol Grendal is Dark Heresy character.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:08 No.5993090
    Dark Heresy Canon, not character...
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:14 No.5993132
    Oh, cool, a RH prewi-

    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:21 No.5993187
    I don't believe this.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:23 No.5993195
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:24 No.5993205

    It's right there on their website. Towards the bottom.
    >> Schrödinger's Cat 09/24/09(Thu)18:25 No.5993209
    Good Lord . . .
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:25 No.5993213
         File1253831140.jpg-(36 KB, 464x464, 38879_JigglyFace.jpg)
    36 KB
    >> YES. YES. 09/24/09(Thu)18:27 No.5993224
         File1253831256.png-(176 KB, 441x286, YES.png)
    176 KB

    I remember that some really high-up in the Dark Heresy creation team browsed /tg/ and actually talked to LordLicorice about making an official character generator, but I think I just jizzed myself.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:27 No.5993227
    And people thought gaming companies didn't pay attention to their fanbase. Ha!
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:27 No.5993228
         File1253831269.jpg-(59 KB, 300x360, 1243411823884.jpg)
    59 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:28 No.5993231
    How the fuck did this happen?!

    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:29 No.5993241
    About half of the DH dev-team.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:30 No.5993251

    STILL not believing it.
    Not really.
    Someone in a position of power on that website is trolling.
    If this were April 1st it would be more understandable, but internet pranks have been known to happen all year round.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:30 No.5993255
    it wont open properly for me. i keep getting a bunch of blocks and other gibberish. can some one pleas copypaste it?
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:31 No.5993257
         File1253831466.jpg-(174 KB, 576x711, fuckyeah.jpg)
    174 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:31 No.5993263
    From the Journals of Inquisitor Vownus Kaede, 5.304.722.M41
    I have stumbled upon a remarkable account that describes an individual of great interest. His
    name is Adept Castus Grendel. The reports I have gathered indicate that Adept Grendel is
    in the service of Inquisitor Vogen...a most unimaginative colleague. What grasped my attention is
    that there are several reports from Vogen that describe Adept Grendel’s survival against staggering
    odds. Beginning with some cult activity on Scintilla and ending with an explosive battle on the
    Hive World of Cantus against both daemons and aliens, this Grendel has prevailed where many
    others would not.
    I am no Thorian, but I know that Vogen is a follower of those teachings. Perhaps he is
    grooming this Adept, watching his progress and waiting to see the Emperor’s hand revealed in this
    Adept’s unlikely prowess.
    However, I have discovered that Vogen’s acolyte has drawn attention from other quarters as
    well, including Rykehuss... and my informants tell me that Rykehuss is convinced that the only
    explanation for the Adepts continued survival is that the acolyte is in league with the very forces
    he is sent to confront! Furthermore, he claims the conflicts surrounding this Adept were all
    engineered for the very purpose of deceiving the Inquisition and distracting the Ordos from far more
    important matters. Although this sort of short-sightedness is typical of Rykehuss, in this instance I
    feel some caution is warranted.
    I possess a pict-capture of Adept Grendel, sent to me by one of my agents. In the image,
    Grendel is accompanied by an Adepta Sororitas, but this Battle Sister does not match any
    known profile of the local Convent. This false Sister, then, may be guiding this Adept Grendel...
    or pulling the puppet strings herself. I have dispatched my own Throne Agents to investigate. I
    must know the truth, if only to frustrate the efforts of Rykehuss one last time!
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:32 No.5993268
    Oh gods. What if they use the actual fanart from the Grendel threads? Some of it really was rather well draw, and I could see the OP's pic as a black and white pic-capture from a stealth-skull...
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:34 No.5993278
    Sweet Mother of God!

    This is amazing!
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:34 No.5993282

    Doesn't /tg/ depress them?
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:35 No.5993285

    Ross Watson, senior game editor, has posted on /tg/ before. He said he loves reading our writefaggotry.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:35 No.5993286
    I hope they give credit where credit is due in the book. I don't know, maybe a little blurb way in the back thanking 'anonymous players helping the dev team develop multiple ideas in this book to full fruition.'
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:36 No.5993296

    I'm sure there's gonna be a wink and a nudge somewhere.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:36 No.5993298
    >> Lord Licorice 09/24/09(Thu)18:37 No.5993302
    Ross, you lovable scamp, I loled heartily~

    Grendel thread for anyone looking for a direct link:
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:38 No.5993317
    'Unusual happenings happen every day in the life of an acolyte of the inquistion, but in the Teegee system, one Adept by the name of Grendal has shown astonishingly inhuman levels of luck...'
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:38 No.5993318
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:41 No.5993337

    If they mention anything from the Tiji sector I think /tg/ will jizz itself into a coma.


    Ask LordLicorice about their emails back and forth.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:45 No.5993362
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:46 No.5993365
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:48 No.5993379
    Bravo, /tg/.

    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:48 No.5993380
         File1253832508.jpg-(47 KB, 400x288, 1230494384614.jpg)
    47 KB
    >> Cookie 09/24/09(Thu)18:50 No.5993389
    Glorious. Just fuckin glorious. :D
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:50 No.5993393

    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:51 No.5993396
    >A sufficiently established franchise is indistinguishable from Fan Fic.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:51 No.5993400

    GO /tg/


    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:52 No.5993415
    I believe it is settled.

    Grendel should be the 6M GET.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:53 No.5993420
    Notihng should be 6m GET.

    GETs are boring.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:54 No.5993428
    Not even a warhams fan and I'm impressed.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:54 No.5993432
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:54 No.5993434
    Grendel the Adept is a perfect example of a good thing turning bad. The first instance, sure maybe, everyone gets lucky... Then, it became a vast sprawling story of fanwank as Grendel got Chuck Norrised.

    Now, he shows up in a Dark Heresy book. This is not a good thing. It speaks poorly of the writers.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:54 No.5993437
         File1253832896.png-(325 KB, 444x366, I love this thread.png)
    325 KB
    I... I... fuck yes.

    Fuck yes.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:55 No.5993442
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:55 No.5993447
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:56 No.5993460

    Now we need a www.grendelfacts.com
    >> Salamanders Fanbro !!IkBm+qsTaW7 09/24/09(Thu)18:57 No.5993475
    As a side note, grendel was always bullshit. Just like Sameo's paladin
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:58 No.5993483
    I hope this thread gets archived, to preserve the memory of /tg/ contributing to anything on a larger scale.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)18:59 No.5993487
         File1253833149.jpg-(201 KB, 840x576, LCB_Codex.jpg)
    201 KB
    Next stop: pic related.
    >> fores/tg/oblin 09/24/09(Thu)18:59 No.5993490
         File1253833159.png-(25 KB, 113x81, goblin grin.png)
    25 KB
    Posting in historical thread!
    >> northerhern /k/ommando 09/24/09(Thu)18:59 No.5993491
         File1253833159.jpg-(227 KB, 742x554, cool german.jpg)
    227 KB
    ...mother of god.

    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:00 No.5993499
    so it has bloomed ;_;
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:00 No.5993501
    #1 Grendel was the Grendel mentioned in Beowulf...AND Beewulf.
    #2 Grendel's cum cures cancer. At least, that's what the cancer patients keep trying to tell me.
    #3 Grendel is what the tyranids are fleeing from.
    >> fores/tg/oblin 09/24/09(Thu)19:02 No.5993519
    Grendel was born during an Exterminatus of his home planet. He was the only one to survive.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:03 No.5993526

    The weapon that caused the Exterminatus?

    Grendel's birth.
    >> plaguemarine !1nhvsU2lj6 09/24/09(Thu)19:03 No.5993533
    #4 Grendel is your father
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:04 No.5993538
    Grendel is High Gothic for exterminatus.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:05 No.5993541
    >Chuck Norris jokes with Grendel
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:06 No.5993549
    The reason Grendel used a knife on the daemon was that it is illegal to show his favored weapon in public.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:06 No.5993550

    Exterminatus IS a High Gothic word you idiot.

    And yeah, Chuck Norris jokes? Stop that.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:07 No.5993560
         File1253833627.jpg-(53 KB, 171x297, 1231343864932.jpg)
    53 KB
    Holy SHIT, this is all kinds of awesome!
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:07 No.5993564
    The Emperor is already dead.

    Grendel is the Emperor reborn.
    >> Leman Russ 09/24/09(Thu)19:07 No.5993565
         File1253833648.jpg-(2.62 MB, 3927x3770, 4f184d44ba91c57df08bb12a4bef5a(...).jpg)
    2.62 MB
    This calls for a party:

    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:08 No.5993574
    Go back to bed Russ, you're drunk.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:08 No.5993575

    I know that the Horo body gets awfully enthusiastic during parties, but I'm sure you'd need a few more orifices for ALL of us to fit in at once, Russ.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:08 No.5993576
    Hey Russ, take your shirt off.
    >> Adeptus Mechanic 09/24/09(Thu)19:09 No.5993580
    Lube smoothies are on me today!
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:09 No.5993581
    The only reason Grendel is still an acolyte is that enemies would run if he was inquisitor.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:09 No.5993584
         File1253833774.jpg-(32 KB, 300x241, Prodigal_Sorcerer.jpg)
    32 KB
    Russ is always drunk.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:11 No.5993599
    I lol'd
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:12 No.5993611
    Slaanesh is waiting for Grendel to call back, before Khorne goes to bed, he checks under his skull throne for Grendel, Grendel gave Nurgle a bath, and Grendel outplanned Tzeentch.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:12 No.5993614

    This is like a whole new level of /tg/ getting shit done.
    >> Subcontractor Supernova !FzAyW.Rdbg 09/24/09(Thu)19:12 No.5993615
         File1253833955.jpg-(196 KB, 711x684, ARWG.jpg)
    196 KB
    Is in a thread with toxic levels of win.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:13 No.5993621
    The secret of the Dark Angels is that they once ate Grendel's lunch when it was in the fridge. They've been covering it up ever since.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:13 No.5993624
    So how much exactly does a Sister in power armor weigh?

    Because that is some manly lower back strength he's showing there.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:14 No.5993634
    Ursarkar Creed learned how to infiltrate anything, any time, anywhere, by carefully studying Grendel's movements.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:14 No.5993638
    Holy shit I think I'm gonna buy this
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:15 No.5993643
    People killed by Grendel aren't recorded as murders- they're recorded as suicides.

    Grendel has borrowed a book from the black library for the past ten thousand years. they haven't dared charge him late fees.

    Grendel can inseminate a woman by looking at her hard.
    >> WE 09/24/09(Thu)19:16 No.5993650
         File1253834166.jpg-(351 KB, 912x978, Penal-009.jpg)
    351 KB
    Awesome stuff ITT
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:16 No.5993651
    For fuck's sakes, the whole Chuck Norris thing was an insult.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:18 No.5993669
    Grendel beat the Emperor in an arm wrestling match.

    Grendel is both missing primarchs.

    Grendel's glare counts as a lance battery for damage.
    >> Leman Russ 09/24/09(Thu)19:18 No.5993671
         File1253834298.jpg-(24 KB, 704x400, 1249316113358.jpg)
    24 KB
    Oh you guys...
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:18 No.5993675
    I am pleased at this development.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:19 No.5993680
    >Grendel beat the Emperor in an arm wrestling match.
    Hey, man.
    Humiliating quadriplegics isn't funny.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:20 No.5993685
    Once, Grendel sack tapped Leman Russ. Leman Russ asked him to do it again.

    Orks instinctively recognize Grendel as their boss on sight.

    Grendel spit in the Eye of Terror.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:21 No.5993690


    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:21 No.5993691
    >Grendel Chuck Norris jokes
    >Congratulating /tg/ for something of theirs becoming canon
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:22 No.5993701
    No,you can see his arm laying there in some pictures.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:22 No.5993702
    Khorne sacrifices blood and skulls to Grendel.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:22 No.5993704
         File1253834562.jpg-(19 KB, 306x428, Yo, I'mma let you finish.jpg)
    19 KB
    HEY /tg/!!! I'm really happy for you and Im'ma let you finish but /b/ has the best parties of all time. OF ALL TIME!!!
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:23 No.5993709
    Even if Grendel was made up, it was entertaining and inspiring. Stop being whiny little bitches just because nobody gives a shit about YOUR character.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:23 No.5993710
    Grendel is recognized as a planet by the Administratum, his cheif exports being pain.

    One time, a greater daemon of khorne threatened to eat Grendel. Grendel showed the daemon his knife, and the daemon proceeded to eat itself as that would be a less painful way to die

    Grendel drinks promethium to quell heart burn.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:24 No.5993719

    I can clearly make out Stephen Hawking's arms in most pics of him.

    Doesn't mean I'd laugh if someone were to go up to him and do the "stop hitting yourself" thing.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:25 No.5993727
    It's like the Christmas I never had!
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:26 No.5993732
    Grendel never "gets laid"; rather "laid gets Grendel."

    Grendel once ate three 72 oz steaks in one hour. He spent the first 45 minutes having sex with the waitress.

    There are no disabled people. Only people that have met Grendel.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:26 No.5993734
    I still wonder what happened to Benedicta, (erstwhile?) cultist of Khorne.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:27 No.5993742
         File1253834852.png-(288 KB, 1024x694, 1236902724073.png)
    288 KB
    Freaken awesome /tg
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:28 No.5993746
    She's in Grendel's harem, recuperating after getting Grendeled (Trade Mark Pending).
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:29 No.5993759
    Grendel is Kharn's commissar.

    Grendel outflanked Creed.

    Grendel planned for Eldrad.

    Grendel tapped Macha.

    Grendel's bigger than Ghazkull.

    Grendel is Cultist-chan's object of worship.

    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:30 No.5993765
    Grendeled. I like that. I like that good. It even rhymes with mangled, so it will go well in the epic I am writing about Grendel's life.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:31 No.5993773
         File1253835071.jpg-(30 KB, 396x300, Marshall_H_Applewhite.jpg)
    30 KB
    >Resurgence of Chuck Norris jokes.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:31 No.5993774
    and there is someone behind him..

    it looks like.. marbo?

    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:34 No.5993797
    The Eldar made Slaanesh when they came upon seeing Grendel.

    The tyranids aren't trying to eat the galaxy. They're trying to get Grendel's leftovers.

    Grendel counts as having three close combat weapons with rending on the tabletop.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:35 No.5993800
    Absolutely fantastic.

    Lets try to get DJ Phylactery into the next D&D book. That'd be fantabulous.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:35 No.5993804

    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:36 No.5993810
    lol, op shooped Grendel onto a random page.

    Pretty fuckin' cool, but obviously fake.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:36 No.5993812
    >Lets try to get DJ Phylactery into the next D&D book.
    So... continue making GOOD lich rapping threads and hope for good writefaggots, also hope for a WotC employee with writing assignments to read it?
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:36 No.5993817
    You're a fucking idiot, you know that?
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:37 No.5993820
    That's good..but here is better.
    >> Slants 09/24/09(Thu)19:37 No.5993821
    Well this is awesome

    Grendel requests for this thread! And let me get the other grendel sketches I have.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:37 No.5993823
    If you want a list of Grendel's enemies, just check the extinct species list.

    Grendel has never blinked in his entire life. Never.

    Grendel doesn’t need to swallow when eating food.

    If Superman and The Flash were to race to the edge of space you know who would win? Grendel.
    >> Slants 09/24/09(Thu)19:38 No.5993828
         File1253835501.jpg-(946 KB, 2062x2671, 1241832772562.jpg)
    946 KB
    >> Slants 09/24/09(Thu)19:39 No.5993836
         File1253835558.jpg-(99 KB, 648x1210, Adept-Grendel.jpg)
    99 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:39 No.5993839
         File1253835586.gif-(108 KB, 135x160, milfeulle_dance.gif)
    108 KB
    Posting in a party thread.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:40 No.5993843
    Grendel doesn't worry about changing his clock twice a year for daylight savings time. The sun rises and sets when Grendel tells it to.

    Grendel only masturbates to pictures of Grendel.

    Grendel frequently donates blood to the Red Cross. Just never his own.

    Grendel killed Lucius, permanently. He just thought it was funny.
    >> Dribbles 09/24/09(Thu)19:40 No.5993844
    I heard there was a party in here.

    I brought chips (don't worry, they're still sealed)
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:41 No.5993850
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:42 No.5993862

    Alright you win, chum.

    But never mind that, GRENDEL IS CANON, HIGH FIVES, ALL AROUND!

    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:42 No.5993867
    If Grendel is late, time better slow the fuck down

    Grendel sleeps with a night light. Not because Grendel is afraid of the dark, but the dark is afraid of Grendel.

    Grendel can touch MC Hammer.

    Faptau got arrested for masturbating in public. The same day, Grendel got an award for masturbating in public.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:44 No.5993878
    When Grendel had surgery, the anesthesia was applied to the doctors.

    Grendel once broke the land speed record on a bicycle that was missing its chain and the back tire.

    Grendel once kicked a baby elephant into puberty

    Multiple people have died from Grendel giving them the finger.
    >> Guardsman Narl Haxtes 09/24/09(Thu)19:44 No.5993884
    What's this about a party?
    >> northerhern /k/ommando 09/24/09(Thu)19:45 No.5993886
         File1253835900.jpg-(843 KB, 2351x1719, 1stField Artillery Brigade.jpg)
    843 KB
    >> Dribbles 09/24/09(Thu)19:45 No.5993889
    I think Russ already passed out.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:45 No.5993892
    I just called my friend, and told him about this. He was eating. When he stood up, he knocked over his chair and yelled, "THAT IS FUCKING AWESOME!"
    I could hear the silence of the dining hall after that, through the phone.
    >> Adeptus Mechanic 09/24/09(Thu)19:46 No.5993898
    Some nice young lady claiming to be a Primarch is going to throw a party
    >> Slants 09/24/09(Thu)19:46 No.5993900
         File1253835999.jpg-(130 KB, 602x843, 1249615485567.jpg)
    130 KB
    Also, Benadicta was my inspiration to the Sororitas I always post in draw threads.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:46 No.5993901
         File1253835999.jpg-(25 KB, 478x468, brofist.jpg)
    25 KB
    We all win bro. Grendel is cannon.
    >> Leman Russ 09/24/09(Thu)19:46 No.5993903
         File1253836009.jpg-(123 KB, 700x735, 4c75332b5debb5e01d313703e3658a(...).jpg)
    123 KB

    We're having one
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:47 No.5993914
         File1253836069.jpg-(124 KB, 500x500, 1253470496797.jpg)
    124 KB
    Moar catgirls.
    >> Leman Russ 09/24/09(Thu)19:49 No.5993926
    >> Slants 09/24/09(Thu)19:49 No.5993927
         File1253836196.jpg-(123 KB, 1000x699, drawfaggotry032.jpg)
    123 KB
    Well, I found my shitscribbles, and Beowulf looks like shit.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:50 No.5993932
    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse actually live in Grendel's nutsack.

    Whenever Grendel goes on a ship through the warp, it's always ahead of schedule. The warp knows better than to fuck with Grendel.

    The reason that Malal is gone from Warhammer is because he stepped on Grendel's shoe.

    Grendel didn't like LCB's ending, and rewrote it so that he'd kill LIIVI and fuck Taldeer. It was so good, it ascended off the internet.

    Grendel never rolls less than 4. EVER.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:51 No.5993940
    Grendel gives girls -4 STR.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:53 No.5993962
    If you can see Grendel, he can see you. If you can't see Grendel you may be only seconds away from death.
    >> Slants 09/24/09(Thu)19:55 No.5993976
         File1253836541.jpg-(165 KB, 1000x1119, drawfaggotry033.jpg)
    165 KB
    shitscribbles for the shitscribbles throne!
    >> Dribbles 09/24/09(Thu)19:56 No.5993985
    /spess AIDS
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:58 No.5994000
    Grendel doesn't sleep.

    He waits.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:59 No.5994014
         File1253836747.jpg-(9 KB, 315x355, beer.jpg)
    9 KB

    More like WINscribbles! Besides, anything with Grendel in it couldn't possibly be shit.

    Cheers mate!
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)19:59 No.5994020
    The grass is always greener on the other side, unless Grendel has been there. In that case the grass is most likely soaked in blood and tears.
    >> Dribbles 09/24/09(Thu)19:59 No.5994022
    hopefully that gets rid of that annoyance, somebody pass me a bear.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:01 No.5994039
    Grendel once passed a kidney stone to see what it would be like.

    That kidney stone is what we now call Jupiter.
    >> Slants 09/24/09(Thu)20:02 No.5994044
         File1253836925.jpg-(139 KB, 942x933, promotions19.jpg)
    139 KB
    I dont care how the benadicta story ended, as far as Im concerned she had fun times with the reasonable daemonette.
    >> Leman Russ 09/24/09(Thu)20:02 No.5994050
         File1253836964.jpg-(30 KB, 470x324, grizzly-bear.jpg)
    30 KB
    Here you go.
    >> Slants 09/24/09(Thu)20:02 No.5994051
    I have to leave soon, but I have time for one request, any requests?
    >> Adeptus Mechanic 09/24/09(Thu)20:03 No.5994055
         File1253836988.jpg-(90 KB, 512x512, passbear.jpg)
    90 KB
    Here you go
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:03 No.5994056
         File1253836994.jpg-(726 KB, 1208x1565, radicals-preview-1-web-quality.jpg)
    726 KB
    Aaand reposting the preview pic for archival purposes.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:03 No.5994058
    Grendel tried not to kill someone once.

    The Emperor has for the past 40,000 years been in the Golden Throne because of that.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:04 No.5994074
    There are no different races.

    Just the different colors that Grendel has beaten people.
    >> Shas'Ui Ceiling Tau 09/24/09(Thu)20:04 No.5994077
         File1253837093.gif-(5 KB, 98x123, BeerFall.gif)
    5 KB
    Drinks for all!
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:05 No.5994081
         File1253837121.jpg-(4 KB, 126x126, cake.jpg)
    4 KB
    be proud fellow TG, BE PROUD
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:06 No.5994089

    Also, DH devs? You are amazing, we love you.
    >> Slants 09/24/09(Thu)20:06 No.5994094
         File1253837206.jpg-(107 KB, 1340x900, Grendel_04.jpg)
    107 KB
    moar Grendel
    >> Dribbles 09/24/09(Thu)20:10 No.5994126
    ... okay that was my own fault.

    beer please
    >> Shas'Ui Ceiling Tau 09/24/09(Thu)20:10 No.5994134
         File1253837456.jpg-(4 KB, 98x123, CelingtauBeerToss.jpg)
    4 KB
    Catch, Gue'la!
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:11 No.5994140
    You don't attack Grendel. You're just attacking yourself.
    >> Leman Russ 09/24/09(Thu)20:12 No.5994151
         File1253837564.jpg-(115 KB, 550x800, Leman Russ (25).jpg)
    115 KB
    Here you go, filthy traitorous scum!
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:13 No.5994156
    Grendel's knife is a relic to the Adepta Sororitas. His penis is a ritual cleanser.
    >> Adeptus Mechanic 09/24/09(Thu)20:13 No.5994159
         File1253837590.jpg-(225 KB, 1667x1667, futuremanpartyenough.jpg)
    225 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:14 No.5994166
         File1253837645.jpg-(460 KB, 1000x1312, drawfag Grendel DH Charnel_Dem(...).jpg)
    460 KB
    original Grendel drawfaggotry up in this
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:14 No.5994172
    Mother of GOD! Grendel represented!
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:15 No.5994178
    The Milky Way Galaxy didn't start spinning until Grendel hit it.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:15 No.5994187
    Grendel has an invulnerable save of 1+.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:20 No.5994231
    If Grendel was my dad things would be different around here
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:20 No.5994232
         File1253838024.jpg-(266 KB, 698x1000, Grendel_6.jpg)
    266 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:24 No.5994267
    what is going on
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:25 No.5994281

    /tg/ made a Dark Heresy Adept so awesome that it is now canon.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:26 No.5994290
    Grendel's beaten kharn in close combat so bad, that Grendel had to talk him back into fighting.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:28 No.5994306
         File1253838499.jpg-(89 KB, 640x480, manly tears.jpg)
    89 KB
    Chuck Norris jokes suck. Just enjoy the moment.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:31 No.5994340

    Thread needs to stay alive somehow!

    Not that I'm implying the Saint Inquisitor would need people to keep his thread alive, si-

    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:31 No.5994349
    Grendel got Nurgle to take a bath.
    >> Lady Derp ♥ 09/24/09(Thu)20:33 No.5994372

    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:36 No.5994401
    I thought Grendel was a real character and all the stuff he'd been able to do had been because of ludicrously awesome rolls. That was sort of the point, wasn't it?
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:38 No.5994426
    That was the idea, yes. People started to suspect the whole thing became staged after the first incident or two, but the original confrontation with the charnel daemon was legit.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:38 No.5994430


    >> Slants 09/24/09(Thu)20:39 No.5994445
         File1253839158.jpg-(537 KB, 1967x1967, drawfaggotry034.jpg)
    537 KB
    I hate to leave in the middle of all this, but I want to give this to /tg/ for being awesome.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:41 No.5994468

    Far thee well drawfriend, and- OH HAHAHA, I GET IT NOW



    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:43 No.5994505
    I have a sudden urge to play Dark Heresy now. Anyone know a good place to find an PbP or IRC game of it?
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:49 No.5994580
         File1253839770.jpg-(50 KB, 293x530, 1242045626664.jpg)
    50 KB
    This is what was playing in my head the entire time I was reading this.

    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:51 No.5994611
    Wow.. I had always hoped that this would happen, but I never thought that it would. This is awesome! FUCK YEAH GRENDEL!
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:51 No.5994619
         File1253839901.jpg-(64 KB, 629x325, rorschach.jpg)
    64 KB
    Come on guys, let's get this thread archived so we can always remember this moment.

    What are you waiting for?

    DO IT!
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:52 No.5994634


    You must have the strangest of dreams, by the way.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)20:54 No.5994650
    The only time Grendel ever felt pain was when he broke his foot kicking God's ass.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)21:03 No.5994776
    Archive plz
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)21:19 No.5995015
         File1253841598.png-(5 KB, 178x160, Sweetest Thing Other - SFW Boa(...).png)
    5 KB
    I'm glad to see something so awesome is being immortalized within something else also awesome.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)21:22 No.5995040
    Heh, I like how they also refer to the controversy in Grendel's 'distracting the Inqusition'.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)21:24 No.5995073
    go put it on the fucking wiki
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 09/24/09(Thu)21:51 No.5995434
    The turning of a prett yinteresting and 40K-appropriate character into canon is good.

    The turning of that character into an idiotic morass of inane shit by others is not.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)21:53 No.5995471
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)21:54 No.5995499
         File1253843681.jpg-(383 KB, 1802x1351, horuspreheresy.jpg)
    383 KB
    Horus Lupercal here. I am proud of all of you tangen/tg/enerals.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)23:07 No.5996497
    Living Saint Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Castus Grendel.

    I just read the whole thing. I cried with awesome joy. ;_;
    >> Anonymous 09/24/09(Thu)23:35 No.5996973
    Take that, Black Library forums!

    Seriously, those guys were nazis. Even linking legit /tg/ ideas would piss them off.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/09(Fri)00:41 No.5998095
    Posting in epic thread. Long Live Grendel!
    >> Anonymous 09/25/09(Fri)01:36 No.5998967
    Posting in an epix thread. Holy, shit,Grendel, hoooooooly shit.

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