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  • File : 1254695662.jpg-(177 KB, 717x1044, orktimusprime.jpg)
    177 KB Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)18:34 No.6132940  
    Will Rogue Trader allow me to play a gigantic Ork ship's doctor/therapist and grow larger from holding weekly crew constructive criticism and positive reinforcement meetings, along with reading self-help books?
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)18:35 No.6132962
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)18:36 No.6132971
    >>Will Rogue Trader allow me to play a gigantic Ork ship's doctor/therapist and grow larger from holding weekly crew constructive criticism and positive reinforcement meetings, along with reading self-help books?

    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)18:38 No.6132990
    >>gigantic Ork ship's doctor/therapist
    >>holding weekly crew constructive criticism and positive reinforcement meetings
    >>along with reading self-help books?


    I can only imagine how kind and caring he'd be. Like Dr. Phil. Only with gigantic teeth and muscles and squig-flavored lolipops.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)18:40 No.6133007
    I want to see a ork mad-dok read aloud 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to a full ship crew.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)18:41 No.6133015
    >>grow larger from...reading self-help books?

    Does that even work?
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)18:41 No.6133016
    "So doc Zogmund Freudz, wut you iz saying iz dat my urge ta beat Old Gutzak here over da 'ead wiff my choppa iz really a deep rooted urge ta find my muvva?"

    "Quite my dear chap, quite. You see Warboss Blackfang, your need to controle and destroy is caused by your troubled upbringing. You never had the time to play or explore. This is not something you can help, but some more sessions and a proper WAAAGH!!! will help you come to peace with your inner problems."

    "Iz just like sum time fur meself right now..." *sobsob*
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)18:43 No.6133031
    >>"So doc Zogmund Freudz, wut you iz saying iz dat my urge ta beat Old Gutzak here over da 'ead wiff my choppa iz really a deep rooted urge ta find my muvva?"

    ...Dis ork aint gonna be too happy when 'e learnz boyz com' from spores.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)18:44 No.6133044
    Should be Zagmund, which is about Quick-mind in Ork. We want something for the last name, too.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)18:45 No.6133052
    "Please refrain from telling the Warboss that, he's very vulnerable right now. Perhaps in the next session and some more medication will prepare him for such truths. But now we all need to show our support and give him the certainty that his friends and Nobs are there for him. Let's all give him a hearty WAAAAGH!!!"
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)18:45 No.6133053
    But the ORK is supposed to be the therapist.

    When you talk to him, after a session, he'll give that crewmember a great big bearhug and make them repeat that "ev'ryt'tingz gonna be okay from nowz on", and if they're still alive, paint the patient's chest over their heart red "so'z that the healin'z go fasta".
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)18:46 No.6133069
    Zagmund Hipporatork Smartboy the ⑨th.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)18:48 No.6133084
    In the grimdarkness of the 41st millenium, a single hug and reassuring word heals a thousand bolter wounds and corruption points.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)18:48 No.6133099
    small typo

    Zagmund Hippocratork Smartboy the ⑨th.

    His middle name is for Hippocrates.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)18:50 No.6133120
         File1254696640.jpg-(55 KB, 197x197, rxnmanlytears.jpg)
    55 KB
    >>he'll give that crewmember a great big bearhug
    >>repeat that "ev'ryt'tingz gonna be okay from nowz on"
    >>paint the patient's chest over their heart red "so'z that the healin'z go fasta".


    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)18:52 No.6133146
    So...if the Eldar decided to stop having sex for a couple minutes and have a platonic group hug, Slaaneesh would have never awakened?

    And if Horus had been given lots of hugs and reassurances that the Emprah loved him, and big games of catch and rough-housing football with the other Primarchs, the Great Heresy would have never occured?
    >> Zagmund Hippocratork Smartboy the ⑨th 10/04/09(Sun)18:53 No.6133150
    Thank you my dear man, spelling my name has always been a bit troublesome. My vocabulary and grammar have improved since I started reading philosophy and psychological course books we found on that extra ordinary black vessel with all those poor humans so finely attuned to the Empyrean, but my name has been a bit of a weak spot.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)18:54 No.6133165
    The more you say, the more sarcastic it becomes, and somehow all the more ironically truthful.

    Everybody knows Horus wouldn't have rebelled if he had gotten a heartfelt hug instead of the title of Warmaster.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)18:56 No.6133196
    >>Ship Enginseer #312: When's the next positive reinforcement meeting Dok Smartboy?

    >>I'm so excited that we're holding a talent show like you said we would. I never would have discovered I had a talent outside of managing the great god-machine spirtis of the ship without you. I CAN JUGGLE!
    >> Zagmund Hippocratork Smartboy the ⑨th 10/04/09(Sun)18:57 No.6133208
    But let us continue with the case of gunnery officer and Flash Git, Deff 'no ears' Hardwallop. I feel his obsession with very loud and very impressive weaponry, his selection of Snazz Guns and Kustom Shoota's is well know I believe, stems from a rather obvious problem.
    He justs wants to be heared and noticed. If we could all just consult his opinion in certain matters and listen to his comments, I feel his urge to fire obscene amounts of ammunition in the bridge would soon diminish.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)18:58 No.6133220
    I have an odd image of a gigantic, green, muscled, ork version of the Star Trek voyager Doctor.

    He likes opera and Tau enka and sings it all the time in the ship sick bay..
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)18:58 No.6133235
    >>paint the patient's chest over their heart red "so'z that the healin'z go fasta".

    >> Zagmund Hippocratork Smartboy the ⑨th 10/04/09(Sun)18:59 No.6133241
    I'm so very proud of you Enginseer, we all look forward to your preformance. Perhaps you could make it a team act with Farseer Eldrads card game?
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:00 No.6133261
    >>along with reading self-help books?

    do self-help books even exist in 40k? aside from books about massive self-flaggelation and endless reinforcement about how someone is easily/justly expendable for the will of the emperor?
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:02 No.6133282
    Wait, wait. It's better to have the "Hippocratork" be "Hipporkrates".

    It rolls off the tongue easier.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:03 No.6133299
    He wears a big white unstained lab coat all the time, and and a red fez. The fez makes his mind think fasta for the good-health of the patient.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:04 No.6133317
    >>do self-help books even exist in 40k? aside from books about massive self-flaggelation and endless reinforcement about how someone is easily/justly expendable for the will of the emperor?

    Lots. They say that your self-sacrifice DOES something. Not a lot about NOT self-sacrificing though.

    That's heretical, you see.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:05 No.6133328
    Wait I got it. He has a crudely-fashioned pipe made out of an old shoota and choppa, and it blows bubbles.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:06 No.6133341
    >>a red fez
    I ain't having no turban-terrorist Ork on my ship, no sir.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:07 No.6133356
    >>He has a crudely-fashioned pipe made out of an old shoota and choppa
    >>it blows bubbles
    That's just SILLY. ...IT BLOWS A GEYSER OF FLAME instead.

    And the residual fumes smell like calming lilac and lavender.
    >> GTVA Colossus !moot/UIi/o 10/04/09(Sun)19:09 No.6133378
         File1254697746.jpg-(10 KB, 300x290, Tommy_Cooper.jpg)
    10 KB
    So this but green, with tusks and a labcoat?
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:09 No.6133382
    I want to see a shy, just-come-out-of-their-shell enginseer girl juggle servo-skulls.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:10 No.6133395
    with >>6133356
    and a scene of >>6133053

    I demand drawfaggotry.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:12 No.6133412
    >>just-come-out-of-their-shell enginseer
    Oh no you le didnt. We're not making yet ANOTHER grimdark-girl-tan.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:14 No.6133429
    Silly Anonymous. Servo-skulls juggle THEMSELVES.

    Though I suppose it would take some skill to control them through techno-pathy to do so in a circle from a Mechanicus Adept.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:14 No.6133436
    Add rotundness, and nice shined leather shoes and a great big smile that says he's here to listen to you and/or eat you and your children.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:16 No.6133450
    His toughest cases ALWAYS are miraculously solved. Why?

    Because he BELIEVES that everybody's got a little something that makes them unique and special. That's what makes him such a great Doktor.

    He loves what he does.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:18 No.6133458
         File1254698285.jpg-(134 KB, 375x500, waterglassmusic.jpg)
    134 KB
    Maybe she could make them sing in pitches, like the people who play water glass music
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:19 No.6133479
    >>Horus...big games of catch and rough-housing football with the other Primarchs

    ...That football game would consume an entire segmentum and millions of billions of lives would be lost in the collateral damage.

    The Emperor would shrug it off and say, "THAT'S MY BOYS!" and look proud.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:21 No.6133496
    How does this Dok take new patients? Do I have to be recommended? Does he take HMOs?
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:22 No.6133504
    I am copypasting everything in this thread to take for later and play in a Rogue Trader game once it comes out.

    fuck grimdark

    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:24 No.6133522
    Why isn't Rogue Trader out yet?

    I want to stat Dok Zagmund Hippocratork Smartboy the ⑨th, PsyD, esquire.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:27 No.6133558
    You say that now, but he krumps you for not making some sort of progress after each session.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:30 No.6133597
    Does he hang his licenses/certificates/degrees in his office? And are they all crudely-handwritten and printed on grot and squig leather?
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:32 No.6133616
    Yes, but they're all bounded by well-handcrafted and modest wooden frames that menace with spikes of squigleather. AND THERE ARE HOLO-PICTS OF HIM AND SMILING PATIENTS ALL OVER.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:33 No.6133627
    You guys are making less and ork but a green Ogryn with a psychology doctorate.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:35 No.6133652
    >>grot and squig leather


    His degrees are printed with corpse-starch paper.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:36 No.6133670
    >>well-handcrafted and modest wooden frames that menace with spikes of squigleather

    ...Is there a squat craftsman aboard this rogue trader's sh
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:37 No.6133682

    Yes there is, and him and Dok Smartboy iz drinking buddies.

    Dok taught him that all creatures, xenos or not, deserve the be judged by their personal moral character and not by their bodies.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:38 No.6133700
    > Old. I already read this on the far superior http://www.anertalk.com/ (aner = anon) last night.
    Anyone got any better links?
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:39 No.6133709
    It's sort of hard to rebel against your father and brothers when you love them, you know, LIKE FAMILY.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:42 No.6133740
    Is there a motivator for this?
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:45 No.6133776
    >>Dok Zagmund Hippocratork Smartboy the ⑨th, PsyD, esquire

    Is that improper use of "esquire"? I know you can't use "Dr./Mr./Ms./Mrs." with it, but can you use a degree abbreviation with it?
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:46 No.6133798
    >>Will Rogue Trader allow me to play a gigantic Ork ship's doctor/therapist and grow larger from holding weekly crew constructive criticism and positive reinforcement meetings, along with reading self-help books?
    As GM I will only allow you to do this if you can make your rp heart-warming and hilarious each session. Or so help me I'm grimdark-railroad-death-ing him.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:47 No.6133804
    He's an ork. I don't think he cares about proper use of peerage.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:49 No.6133839
    He didn't go through all those [days] of "psykology skool" to not be able to use his hard-won titles of accomplishment.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:51 No.6133853
    OP HERE.

    I love you /tg/. I have a lot of character idiosyncracies now, but he needs a backstory before I get brave enough to bring this to my GM.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:52 No.6133870
    So will they play roles to help the warboss overcome his problems? Like a Grot or Squig with makeup on and a boa?
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:54 No.6133889
    Long as that grot agrees to keep "patient-doctor-confidentiality-or-yous-get-krumped-dead", yes. Role-playing is an accepted part of psychotherapy, I believe.

    It also provides the challenge of role-playing role-playing.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)19:56 No.6133921

    Or Chink. Chink is always good.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:01 No.6133983
    Is it tiem for powerhugz nowz?
    >> Stranger 10/04/09(Sun)20:08 No.6134053
    Ork Therapist and Horus needing a hug..... I love you /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:09 No.6134068
    We always knew Horus needed a goddamn hug.

    But an Ork therapist is gold.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:10 No.6134088
    There needs to be a mehreen Dreadnaught who wanders around onboard. And he's Dok Smartboy's secretary.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:12 No.6134109
    >>mehreen Dreadnaught...secretary
    >>Ork ship therapist
    >>mysterious dwarf-like abhuman drinking buddy

    What the cunt sort of Rogue Trader is sailing this ship and how much heresy do we not already know about?
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:14 No.6134124
    this thread is made of Win I must convert this character NOW!!!
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:14 No.6134131
    ...The most interesting Rogue Trader in the segmentum. He drinks Tres Iquis squat-beer.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:15 No.6134147
    The wandering grots around onboard love him. He gives them rides on top of his boxy body.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:16 No.6134154
    Are you Scripty?
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:16 No.6134157
    Can we archive this thread /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:18 No.6134174
    Bear in mind /tg/'s previous choices for a Rogue Trader crew included an Eldar Astropath, Kroot cook, Tau weapons specialist, Ork mekboy, and a Necron science officer.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:19 No.6134195
    Fuck that Ork mekboy. There's only room for one dapper ork on this ship, and it's gonna be Dok Zagmund Hipporkrates Smartboy the ⑨th.
    >> plaguemarine !1nhvsU2lj6 10/04/09(Sun)20:20 No.6134203
    They also have a Khorne Berzerker Gunnery Sergeant for weapons.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:20 No.6134204
    This smells like a big barrel of HIGH ADVENTURE in GRIMDARK ISLAND.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:21 No.6134211
    Does he talk like R. Lee Ermey?
    >> plaguemarine !1nhvsU2lj6 10/04/09(Sun)20:21 No.6134217
    Why the fuck wouldn't he?
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:22 No.6134222
    ...Rogue Trader's going to be AWESOME.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:23 No.6134232
    vote it in at the 4chan archive.

    4chanarchive.com where every day is repost day.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:23 No.6134238
    "And THAT'S how you use a chainsword, you babies! And that's all we have for today's show, so semper f--BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!"
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:24 No.6134249
    ...This advice makes me sad and facepalm. Why can't we put it up on suptg?
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:25 No.6134268
    On my ship, tyranid rippers will run around like adorable, man-eating tribbles.
    >> plaguemarine !1nhvsU2lj6 10/04/09(Sun)20:27 No.6134282
    God damnit /tg, if I download/buy the new Rogue Trader ship I'm going to flood the board with hentai and hot cosplay.

    Caldor's rule
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:27 No.6134288
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:27 No.6134289
    I'm supposed to be running a RT campaign the second my copy arrives.

    I am now modifying the whole campaign to include a therapist system, and Dok Zogmund, a kroot chef and a squat for kicks.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:28 No.6134299
    Can you run it on irc? I want to play Dok Smarboy.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:29 No.6134316
    GUISE, I think he still neds a backstory. How the cunt did an Ork get on board, how the hell did he decide to be a therapist, and who the hell felt heretical/brave/stupid enough to go divulge their emotions and fears with him?
    >> plaguemarine !1nhvsU2lj6 10/04/09(Sun)20:30 No.6134329
    >Rogue Trader rules

    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:30 No.6134330
    I have no idea what you're going on about.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:31 No.6134340
    I'll be running in in RL with my regular group, I'm afraid.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:31 No.6134342
    Why do you say 'cunt' instead of 'fuck'?
    >> Iron Handed 10/04/09(Sun)20:32 No.6134360
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:33 No.6134369
    What are you, some sort of misogynist?
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:34 No.6134386
    >>Zagmund Hippocratork Smartboy the ⑨th

    ...yeah... This didn't work out so well.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:35 No.6134394
    Eh, I was just curious. I have these hideous pictures in my head of the kind of guy that would adopt that mannerism for real and I can't get rid of them.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:36 No.6134404
    Surely 'fuck' is gender neutral?
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:36 No.6134409
         File1254702995.jpg-(64 KB, 514x514, rxn3.jpg)
    64 KB
    >>Zagmund Hippocratork Smartboy the ⑨th

    so close, yet so far
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:38 No.6134433
    I suppose, but I don't imagine a hypothetical woman [spoiler](read: CUMDUMPSTER)[/spoiler] using "fuck" instead of "hell".

    "Fuck" seems more like a male asshole epithet.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:39 No.6134442
    I assume you have met basically zero women then. I think every girl I know has said 'what the fuck' or 'fuck' at least once, except the two that never swear.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:40 No.6134454
    Spoiler tags don't work in /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:40 No.6134462

    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:42 No.6134483
    He has a rivalry with an Ork Wyrdboy known only as 'Yoof', who was kicked out of his tribe after he claimed Mork and Gork were just pieces of the 'kollektiv unconziouz'.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:42 No.6134488
    Visible on my end. It's a (9) symbol. Not the one who made that post by the way.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:46 No.6134525
    >>after he claimed Mork and Gork were just pieces of the 'kollektiv unconziouz'.
    Oh dear God Emperor on Terra. The Orks are developing psycological theory.

    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:47 No.6134542
    Both of them attended the infamous 'Ork Skool of Sykology' created by Mad Dok Kwak who was eventually killed by a mob of squigs he was attempting to transplant successfully into the brain of the resident warlord. Zagmund and Yoof swore to carry on their master's teachings together - but both of them chose opposite parts of the teachings.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:48 No.6134567
    I can just see a mob of Orks around that guy. He finishes putting up the sign saying 'Sykology'

    "Wot's dat den?"
    "Itz wotz in yer 'ead, innit?"
    "Lookz kinda like thik snot ta me. Wotz the use in dat?"
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:50 No.6134593

    Like Orks would develop anything as pansy-like as the French.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:52 No.6134619
    Exaktly! We've got Exiztentylism, none of dat humie crap!
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:52 No.6134622
    This sounds a lot like if Plato and Aristotle were not teacher and pupil, but both students under Socrates.

    Also, what stupid warboss allows a mad-dok to do surgery on him willingly? Involving squigs?
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:53 No.6134641
    Mad Dok Kwak had already done a lot of 'analysis' on this guy.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:53 No.6134645


    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:54 No.6134657
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:54 No.6134664
         File1254704099.png-(15 KB, 290x290, rxngoon.png)
    15 KB
    ...I like where this is going, and I find it intriguing. Continue.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:57 No.6134681
    It'z dis idea dat bein' a boy is meanin'less and dat it'z up to each and ev'ry boy to find his own meanin' in is Orkiness. Oi think.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:58 No.6134701
         File1254704301.jpg-(162 KB, 535x437, heresey.jpg)
    162 KB

    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:58 No.6134706
    Dat's not Orky! You needz a bootin!
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:59 No.6134711
    ITT a lovable new Ork Dok is born, and Orks discover the science of psychology and the art of philosophy

    I'm so proud, /tg.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)20:59 No.6134714
    My point here is that existentialism is already engrained in the Ork mindset. Their highest activities are the most 'Orky' and their lowest are 'Unorky'. What they find meaning in, they do by default.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:00 No.6134734
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:01 No.6134742
    I...I wrote that post. Are you me?
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:02 No.6134757
    Hahaha. What? I just wanted to demonstrate that by example. The great thing is it's not even racial - it applies racially, but the specifics are individual. That's why we get aberrants like Zagmund.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:04 No.6134775
    And thus it was WAAAAAUGH OV DA HUMIE SNATCHAS! all over again.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:06 No.6134803
    Wait until they get to their Ork Kultur Renaissance.

    Then we'll have a well-dressed Ork in black tights holding a face-eata squig and askin it, "TO KRUMP OR NOT TO KRUMP, DAT'Z NEVA DA QUESTION".
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:07 No.6134809
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:08 No.6134814
    A boy has a small water-living mammal that tells him what to do?
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:09 No.6134826
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:09 No.6134831
    Oi loik wher dis iz goin
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:10 No.6134837
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:11 No.6134842
    'Amlet. Morkbeth. Orkello. King Feer. 'Enry Strait-linez.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:12 No.6134861
    I have this demented urge to run Shakespeare through the Ork Translator and post it on /tg/, but I'm too lazy.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:12 No.6134864
    Joolios Siezer. Famous Ork wot did grab humies rite 'ard and krush 'em. Refused ta bekom a Warboss, woz killed by 'iz top Nobs.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:15 No.6134874
    I did this once before, actually. Can't remember which passage, I think it was, "But Brutus is an honourable Ork". It relies on virtues Orks don't really have though.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:16 No.6134886
    CINNA the traitorous Nob

    Run 'ence, proclaim, WAAAUGH it about da streetz!
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:18 No.6134900
    I would cry neckbearded tears if /tg/ could post an entire Ork transcribed version of Julius Caesar.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:20 No.6134915
    >>But Brutzog is a ded killy Ork
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:22 No.6134937
    What happens when they get to their 60's feminist movement?
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:23 No.6134948
    That is exactly what I translated that to. It's the whole, "He seems good but he's actually a shit" that doesn't work so well. It's quite sarcastic.

    Orks in dresses. Warboss forbids dresses. Angry orks in drag, thousands of them.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:24 No.6134963
    Boyz demand da right to be pretty from DA BOSS keepin' 'em down and not lettin 'em wear long, pretty hairsquigs and dresses.

    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:25 No.6134978
    Is this a GURLZmind?
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:26 No.6134982
    >>this thread
    >>especially the latest, latter part about Orkspeare

    I love you so much I could cry /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:28 No.6134995
    "Da painboss iz gonna be 'earin' 'bout dis."

    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:28 No.6135007
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:30 No.6135013
    I can only imagine what the Orkish Sexual Revolution would be like.

    Or is that Asexual?
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:31 No.6135023
    Urgh, why /tg/? Leave your fetish fuel at the door, please - or make another thread.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:31 No.6135028
    Nigh every single post in this thread I have saved and will use to play Orks in Rogue Trader.

    This is going to be awesome.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:32 No.6135039
    It's not bad at all. It's just Orks demanding the right to be considered "pretty" and not be boyz, but gurlz if dey wanna be.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:36 No.6135076
    not like it matters, beyond their tiny silly minds they've all always been asexual.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:37 No.6135085
    yea, everything was good up until the freaks started in with the 'hurrr durrr orks in dresses and having sex'

    Like with most things on here, its good up until the fags that belong on /d/ post.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:50 No.6135211

    You cannot seriously tell me that an Ork in a dress would not be grade A hilarity.
    >> David D. Anderson 10/04/09(Sun)21:59 No.6135286
    I've actrully thought about making an army of "female" Orks before.
    Fluff would be something like, 0.00001% of Orks, for some reason or another, grow to think of them selves as female. They would were dress paint their lips red and stuff their "bra's" with things such as rocks or human heads.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)21:59 No.6135287
    Was there perverted and bad pornfaggotry about orks riding rainbowsquigs into each other's gubbinz?

    I don't think so.

    You're thinking WAY too into this. Orkz wantin' to be pretty is funny.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)22:00 No.6135297
    >>They would were dress paint their lips red and stuff their "bra's" with things such as rocks or human heads.
    >>stuff "bra's" with...human heads

    Now that's grimdark. AND HILARIOUS.
    >> Dok Therapist Vekter !OIqMj3oAUI 10/04/09(Sun)22:06 No.6135349
    This thread is amazing.

    New name in honor of this awesome shit.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)22:08 No.6135369
    After reading a bit of this, I went back and looked at some Shakespeare.

    "Once more into the breech..." might actually be the best thing ever fucking written. Manly tears for the standard bearer.
    >> Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)22:19 No.6135461
    We still must brain storm on a Saint's Row based Ork game. With lots of looten and shooten and Wagggggghhhs! as the climax of every chapter.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/09(Mon)00:21 No.6137014
    There's kind of a reason he's one of the greatest authors of all time....
    >> Anonymous 10/05/09(Mon)00:47 No.6137409
    "cry 'avok, an' let slip da squigs of WAAAGH!!"
    >> Anonymous 10/05/09(Mon)01:10 No.6137707

    Saint's Row is ALREADY an ork game. Just change the humies green, and bingo-bongo. Ork game.

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