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  • File : 1255477194.jpg-(815 KB, 3000x1157, chrono_trigger_logo_jpg_jpgcopy.jpg)
    815 KB Storytime: Time Travel Campagin Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/13/09(Tue)19:39 No.6259635  
    So I ran a fairly successful time travel campaign last saturday, and I wrote down a log of most of the events in it, so I thought I would share some of it with /tg/. There were eight player characters, and the system was a modified version of Mutants and Masterminds.

    I was inspired to run this campagin after playing Chrono Trigger, and it is themed after it in a way. That way being easy jumps into the timeline, and adventuring around within different periods, rather than worrying about 'the butterfly effect' and such.

    I'm going to start by describing the eight player characters.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/09(Tue)19:42 No.6259682
    >Chrono Trigger
    God dammit. I just nostalgiaed in my pants.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/09(Tue)19:49 No.6259780
    Do go on...
    >> Anonymous 10/13/09(Tue)19:50 No.6259796
    i recently finished a play through of Chrono Trigger. Even saved Chrono and everything. Was so much win
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/13/09(Tue)19:54 No.6259839
    Sean: Sean is a doughy neckstubbled pharmacy clerk, an avid world of warcraft player, and one of our primary healers. He is trustworthy and always wants to cause trouble ( Another one of our campagins, he had a villian who lived on the Moon, and one of that villian's rules was " Everytime I come to earth, something has to get nuked") but ultimately he squashes his trouble causing urges for the good of the group. He is dating Amber, and is good friends with Justin, whom he dosen't know very well, but by coincidence they went to the same elementry school and share the same middle and last name. Sean's highest ability scores are Wisdom and Con, and has knowledge of life sciences, knowledge of history, Computers and Survival

    AJ: AJ is loud. AJ is a wirey, strong ginger. He is a firefighter reserve. AJ is a weeaboo. He has a collection of fake samurai swords. He is either very funny or very annoying ( and was having a good night.) AJ is also loud. AJ's highest ability scores are strength and dex. His skills are Drive and Intimidate.

    Casey: Casey is a skinny, tall, pale young man, who projects his voice through a tiny mouth. Casey is diabetic, and a bit of a shut in. He also fancies himself a megalomaniac. He would love nothing more than to sell his soul to the devil to get dominion over humanity. Hes majoring in politics. In a group, he tends to try to do whatever needs to be done, filling in whatever role is slacking. His highest scores are Intelligence and Charisma. His skills are Knowledge: Civics, Buisness and Current Events. He also has Stealth, Bluff and Diplomacy.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/13/09(Tue)19:54 No.6259850
    Justin: Justin is one of the most conservative and religious members of the group, an Avid Jew. He is muscular and tall, also sort of hunched. He is an avid roleplayer and quick to make good decisions, but hates going against the grain of the group. Hes also the kind to hold grudges against others, but is very level headed and reliable most of the time, and also very cautious in new situations. His highest ability scores are Wisdom and Charisma ( I think he should have chosen intelligence) and his Skills are Investigate, Knowledge: Theology, Diplomacy and Bluff

    Ziggy: Ziggy is a hairy, stout, eccentric man. Fond of the color orange and trench coats, and often found chewing on whatever plastic he can find. He uses very structured, simple confusion to cause chaos and advance the goals of a party, and often his strange suggestions, or foreward actions, are accepted by the group, as a sort of psuedo leader. He is double majoring in physics and mathmatics and wants to be a Professer.
    His best ability scores are Intelligence and Strength. He has knowledge of Computers, Notice, Theivery, and Knowledge of Physcical Science, Psychology and Tactics.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/13/09(Tue)20:02 No.6259946
    Lorenzo: The Token black man, and the most social of the group. Everyone loves this comic book artist, and off record, he may have been a male prostitute at one point in his life. Though well dressed and intelligent, he is also absent minded, and is often late or forgetful of what is going on. For whatever reason, he fears the dark, and yet another odd factor, is he enjoys healing. His best ability scores are Dexterity and Charisma, and his skills are Gather Information, Knowledge: Psychology, and Notice.

    Amber: Amber is a young blonde woman, with thick rimmed glasses. She almost always dresses in a skirt and stockings, and she spends much of her unemployed time injesting massive amounts of pop culture ( Example: She watches every film reveiwed by nostalgia critic). For this campagin, she decided to give herself a fake job of being a " Karate Instructer/Rennisance Faire Worker." lol. She slips between being very loud and very quiet ( and is still a little unused to roleplaying.) Her best ability scores are Strength and Constitution.

    Alexia: Alexia is that anti social nerdy girl in all of your classes who is afraid to talk to anyone. She spends most of her college life playing Warcraft and watching anime. She loves to play her viola, and to draw ( though she wont show you her drawings.) Shes soft spoken, but loves evil megalomanics and pretty boys and villians of all sorts. She likes to play damage dealing casters, and loooooves to roleplay, though she seems almost afraid to participate. Her best ability scores are Charisma and Intelligence, and her skills are Bluff, and Knowledge: of Theology, Art and Language.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/13/09(Tue)20:05 No.6259986
         File1255478741.jpg-(89 KB, 400x300, ox2.jpg)
    89 KB
    Sorry for the long character introduction. Get ready for Session 1: Victorian Age!
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/13/09(Tue)20:13 No.6260075
    So, these characters are all basicly self inserts of their players ( as there are eight of them so I wanted to play character interaction simple and the campagin itself the focus) and they're all built in mutants and masterminds. I did character generation for everyone beacuse last time we attempted to run MnM our group handed me characters such as " The Guy who makes his mouth as big as a tank and can eat and digest anything. A human kirby." ( Fuck you Ziggy) or " The Guy who teleports your limbs off. No attack role needed, and no save allowed." ( Fuck you Justin) or " Freezes everything in a city for 100 years." ( Fuck you Lorenzo) or " I can travel through space at light speed and use gravity to throw people out of the atmopshere but I cannot breath in space." ( Fuck you casey.)

    Welcome to Sunnyvale, USA! This suburban paradise is a thinly veiled Orange Country, California, in a thinly veiled United States of America, but not the same exact places because this is an adventure, not history homework!

    Our group of players, all good friends and acquaintances, have been selected by the U.C. Sunnyvale Research Team and Storm Games ( Thinly Veiled Blizzard) to try out brand new Virtual Reality technology.

    They carpool their way over to the campus and mob into the server room, rows and rows servers housing the research data, and game data, for Storm's Popular MMO, World of Stormcraft. Here they are shown in by one of the research assistant's, Miss Anne, who guides them through the maze of servers in the refrigerated room, past all the empty pizza boxes and the portly balding server maintenance guy's ( Billy) desk, to the inner sanctum.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/13/09(Tue)20:25 No.6260246
    Anne walks them into the testing room, a sterile, pristine white room, the kind with a one way mirror for observation.A single edgeless desk in the middle, with eight stools infront of it, and eight virtual boy style headsets set out. A tall, frazzled, Gene Wilder- Channeling Willy Wonka type fellow is mublmbling to himself, pulling screws and plastic paneling out of his labcoat, and putting the finishing touches on a few of the head sets. His name is Dr Kerplunk, which makes all eight players groan. Between the Fat Attendant, the Warcraft refrences and someone named Dr Kerplunk they know they are set up for failure.

    Alexia mentions being frightened. Ziggy and Casey both mention not wanting to have anything to do with Storm Games. Justin says he will sue if anything goes wrong with the technology ( Dr Kerplunk reminds him that he signed a release form.) and Sean, backed up by Lorenzo, inform everyone that Storm Games would never be willing to test a subpar product and they should all be tottaly safe.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/13/09(Tue)20:35 No.6260393
    The party comes to standing in a dark ally. The night sky is thick with black smoke and grey clouds, which part only to reveal a wicked full moon in the night time sky. Lorenzo and Sean both begin to look around. They note that the sides of the building are all layered brick. They notice that the floor is not paved or asphalt, but granite. The group begins to discuss among themselves. They all still think they are in an MMO. They wonder where their abilities are, where their starting equipment is, and such. They rally out of the allyway, at Lorenzo's direction.

    They pour onto a thin street, and look around. Many two and three storie buildings, shops with residents living above them. Gas lamps light the street. Few people move around, many industrial workers in their tattered, patched clothing. Everyone with heads pointed to the ground. Horse drawn carriages clacking past quickly. Casey comments that they seem to have taken a art direction from the Fable sequal. Alexia mentions it looking similar to a new expansion. Lorenzo ignores them and moves foreward, intercepting the first worker he sees.

    " Excuse me, can you tell us where we are?" to which he replies, " Stay away from me you filithy Negro!"
    >> Anonymous 10/13/09(Tue)20:51 No.6260593
    Why did you stop?
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/13/09(Tue)20:54 No.6260620
    They encounter a dock worker on his way home, and try the same thing. He asks if their gypsies, to which they shake their heads, confused. They ask about the last guys racist remark and he simply informs him that the vast majority of negros are still slaves. They assure him Lorenzo is a free man, and they tell him that they aren't from around here. He says they should get inside as soon as they can.

    The group discusses that for whatever sick reason, the 'storm devlopers' have decided to impliment racism in the game. Lorenzo mentions that, " When I get to the max level, I'm going to come back and beat the crap out of everyone in this town." while Sean and Alexia convince the rest of the group to start seraching for starting quests. They walk down the street and find one of the only open buildings, a middle class pub. They head to the bar, only a handfull of patrons, most sitting alone, and a game of dice going on in the corner. Everyone with heads pointed looking into their drinks and speaking only in whispers.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/13/09(Tue)20:54 No.6260624
    They head to the portly older woman working the bar, who pulls them up close. She introduces herself as Ms Muffit. She asks about their clothing and Ziggy tells her that they are a troupe of Actors. Casey asks the name of the city. She tells them that they are in Rain City. Lorenzo asks why its best to stay off the streets, and she explains how all the goverment officals and land owners in the city belong to a fraternity called The Savage Council. They run the city with a fair, but firm hand during most of the month, but on the nights before, of, and after the full moon, they let the city become completely lawless, carnal and violent, and on the eve of the fullmoon the entire city decsends into chaos while they throw a grand ball at an estate about thirty miles north of the city.

    Ms Muffit asks if they are looking for a room, and asks how much they are willing to spend. Justin mentions that they don't have any money. Morgan and some of the others on the right side of the table ( Casey, Justin, Lorenzo) begin to formulate a way to beg for a room, when Sean jumps in and says, " We work for the Savage Council!" This was a terrible idea and gets them kicked out in all of thirty seconds.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/13/09(Tue)20:55 No.6260642
    I usually end up typing up more than the word limit for a box.

    By the way I would love some more feedback. I know theres at least two of you reading this.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/09(Tue)21:01 No.6260737
    So far this is a really good idea and you seem to be handling it well. Your players are also pretty good at roleplaying if they make offhand comments about things.

    Were they aware that this is a time-traveling campaign?

    Are they physically there or just in the game?
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/13/09(Tue)21:03 No.6260766
    They are physically there, and they are aware this is a time travel campaign.

    Stay tuned for their first combat.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/09(Tue)21:06 No.6260809
    Do go on, this is quite interesting.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/13/09(Tue)21:09 No.6260855
    So with many boos and hisses from Justin, Casey and Ziggy ( I should note that Ziggy is also called Morgan sometimes, for claification. I will try to refer to him as one name but I keep slipping up) they sit down Sean and explain that they shouldn't draw too much attention to themselves until they have some equipment and know whats going on. The group is still under the impression that this is all just a game. Justin heads back inside and talks to Ms Muffit, and explains to her that they don't want to burden her, but they do want to stay safe. She apologizes, but remains firm in her decision and sends them directions to the next Inn. They walk, huddled toether now. AJ and Justin take point. Ziggy and Casey take rear. They have Amber, Alexia and Lorenzo travel in the middle of the group so the women and black man don't draw any unwanted attention. Sean is in the center of the group as well, while Amber beats him up up both verbally and physcially for getting them kicked out of the last Inn.

    The directions given to them led them closer to the coast, and into a seedier part of town. More pedestrians are walking the streets now, but they all seem to move quicker, in a hurry to get out of this area. They notice more than one whore house, many with girls hanging in the doorway or out windows, calling out at passerbyers. AJ, Lorenzo and Casey all high-five each other at the thought of 'digital prostitutes.' Sean, with his Knowledge of History mentions that in Victorian times the female to male ratio was higher than normal, and many of the unmarried women became prostitutes. Alexia hurries them along. They know that five blocks from here, the Inn is on the corner. They hit block three when they notice people coming from the oppisite way as them turn back the way they came, and they hear laughter and shouting behind them.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/13/09(Tue)21:09 No.6260862
    One of the working girls, isolated and standing in a doorway, is being harassed by three large gentlemen, each one in suits. One of them with a Monocle, one with a Bowler and one with a Top hat. Each one wears a red armband, with a symbol they can't yet decipher on it. The group groans, and with a little hint, I point out that these are the only people who haven't been facing the floor. They figure out that they are goons working for the Savage Council. Lorenzo and AJ both ask if theres anything nearby that can be used as a weapon, and Justin points out that they are likely too low level. Sean mentions that attacking them could cause all the town gaurds to come flood in on them, and they don't know what the death penality is. Casey tries to check them for weapons for a distance, and sees that at least one has a long dagger held in his belt.

    The group decides to continue on their path to the next Inn, when they hear a scream. They all turn to look and they see Bowler Hat backhand the prostitute and throw her over his shoulder. Monocole then points to our party and shouts, " Look! A Nigger and some Queers!".

    Roll initiative, baby.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/09(Tue)21:18 No.6260974
         File1255483095.jpg-(114 KB, 735x577, 1255208318905.jpg)
    114 KB

    I'm liking what I'm reading thus far.
    Please continue.
    >> Combat Number One: Gangsters in the Street. Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/13/09(Tue)21:20 No.6261013
    The group is pretty torn on this. They have the option of moving closer to them, fleeing to the inn, or ducking in an allyway. Sean and Alexia both duck into alleyways, along with Casey. Lorenzo does this as well. Alexia and Sean simply cower, where as Casey and Lorenzo begin to look for weapons. Lorenzo acts first and finds a loose peice of cobble which he can throw, and he pegs Monocle in the head, leaving a big scar. Their three assailents move closer, dropping the hooker to the floor, who wakes up and flees soon after, and each one of them drawing long knives. Each dagger is engraved with the same symbol on their arm bands, which is a full moon with a drop of blood emblazoned on it. Amber leads the charge into melee, followed by Morgan, and AJ, who throw punches when they can, and take various cuts from a knife. Sean finds another peice of cobble quickly, and when Amber karate kicks Monocle, knocking him out, he moves in to try and bash him in the skull with the Stone. He drops his gaurd to do so, and Tophat takes an attack of oppertunity on him, stabbing him in the gut with his dagger and leaving him bleeding and unconcious. Alexia continues searching for a weapon to give to someone else. Casey moves in and takes the dagger off of unconcious Monocle's body. Our party continues mobbing up, the dagger being passed to AJ, and Alexia tossing a brick for Amber to swing around. Finally, as the two remaining combatents pick up numerous injuries and pass out just as many, they both turn for their fallen comerade, pick him up, and flee.
    >> " Of course the healer is the first to die" Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/13/09(Tue)21:23 No.6261044
    The group begins to congradulate themselves for winning their first combat, while an Out of Character Sean tries to point out to them that someone should attend to his bleeding and dying body. He has to mention this a number of times before anyone hears him or pays attention to him, with Amber going, " Fine Sean, Stop bitching. I rip off part of my shirt and tie it around his gut." I tell her to make a wisdom check and she fails, only bringing sean closer to death. The rest of the group perks up at this. Morgan asks who has Medical knowledge, and I reply that Sean is the only one with the Knowledge: Life Science that acts as medicinal skill. Everyone groans. Of course the healer was the only one to get a major injury and hes dying now at that. The rest of the group gets together, and decide to have AJ and Justin work together, with AJ's paramedic training from his Fireman work, and Justin's higher wisdom. They succeed on their checks to patch him up, and temporarily stabilize him. Amber and AJ carry him, as the group makes their way to the Dancing Mermaid, the Inn Ms Muffit told them about.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/09(Tue)21:23 No.6261048
    thumbs up so far
    >> Anonymous 10/13/09(Tue)21:28 No.6261106
    This is good and you should feel good.
    >> "We are not Gypsies" Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/13/09(Tue)21:34 No.6261158
    So the group barges their way into the Inn only to be stopped by the bouncer, an Eight Foot tall negro wearing white overalls, with the word "Turtle" tatooed on his forehead. The Innkeeper, a greasy, middle aged man, hunched over on a cane, makes his way over to them. He introduces himself as Mr Toadsworth. They exchange a back and forth, begging for a place to stay. He refuses, saying he heard the conflict in the street and dosent want to bring the Council's retribution on his Inn for a bunch of Gypsies. All the patrons are staring at them at this point. Justin and Casey take over the talking. ( They get a high roll on their diplomacy at this point) Casey asks if he would just let Sean die, and he says that he would rather that not happen, but better him than having the Inn and everyone inside burned down. Justin mentions that they can purchase a room. Toadsworth asks how much coin they have, and he says that they have no Coin but they work as a troupe of Actors. He seems reluctant to this, but he takes them aside, away from the rest of his patrons. People's spirits are low, due to the Savage Council being on prowl during the lunatic moon, and he says that a good preformance could really cheer things up. Casey points out that they can't preform tonight beacuse the building will probobly be searched, so he has Turtle take them all down to the basement of the Inn.
    >> The Dancing Mermaid's Basement Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/13/09(Tue)21:38 No.6261207
    Turtle leads them in one by one, and they lay the still wounded Sean ( who at this point is acting out being unconcious whenever someone tries to interact with him, or looks in his direction)

    At this point, I begin what becomes a stable for the rest of the campagin, where I turn to each individual in the group one by one and ask what they are doing.

    They set up in the basement, using empty potato sacks as beds. Alexia huddles in the corner, Scared. Amber tends to Sean, and Lorenzo goes to interact with Turtle and tries to find more out about The Mermaid, him and Mr Toadsworth. Toadsworth owns turtle, and bought him off of a cruel master. They have more of a relationship of close friendship than of master/slave. Turtle protects Toadsworth, who helps both the Savage Council and the growing resistence against them, as he sees fit. Justin, Casey and Ziggy sort of head off into their own corner, and they make a pretty important decision. The three of them decide that they are the most intelligent and the most likely to survive, and they declare themselves the leaders of the group. They decide to call themselves the illuminatis, and make a pact to aide one another. I decide to take this seriously, and tell those three that whenever the group needs to come to a decision, its up to them to decide, with a 2/3 vote. The party begins to go to sleep for the night when they hear a gunshot.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/09(Tue)21:38 No.6261216
    I salute you for your pop-culture period name choices.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/09(Tue)21:43 No.6261275
    my only criticism is MOAR
    >> The Resistence Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/13/09(Tue)21:47 No.6261325
    The illuminatis quickly put their new power into play. They ask everyone what their stealth ability is, and its decided that Lorenzo and Casey will both head upstairs to investigate what is going on. They head to the doorway and they see the scene that has just unfold. Bowler hat had entered the establishment, and managed to lodge his dagger into Turtle's Arm, when a man appeared in the doorway and unloaded a bullet into the Savage Goon's back. They watch him fire another shot into the back of the man's head, as turtle steps out of the way, then picks up the dead man's body and heads to talk to Mr Toadsworth.

    The man in the doorway removes his coat and places it on the coat rack. He is wearing a tweed vest and matching pants, over a white shirt and a tie. Casey and Lorenzo see that he wears a red armband, just like the goons, and his bears the same symbol, but with a black slashmark through it. The resistence they predicted was staring them in the face.

    Meanwhile, the remaining group below begins to hide. Casey moves to retreat downstairs, and Lorenzo sneaks closer to try and get a listen in on whats going on between Toadsworth and Turtle. Casey aides everyone and helps them hide under numerous wine casks. They also find a stack of crates and a boarded up door, though they choose to leave these alone.

    The unnamed resistence member moves to sit infront of the Innkeeper and his Gaurd. Turtle moves to dump the body behind the pub, and taps Lorenzo on the shoulder on his way there, telling him that he should simply sit at the bar with them. Lorenzo nods and the newcomer looks to Lorenzo and says, " Show me to your friends."
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/13/09(Tue)22:11 No.6261598
    Lorenzo and Turtle lead the newcomer into the basement. Turtle says that he is safe and they can all come out from hiding, which they do. He introduces himself as Edward Thompson ( Note, this is meant to be a play on Thomas Edison, none of my players picked this up) And he explains that he is one of the members of the resistence. He notes that they are obviously not gypsies. He asks if they want revenge on the Savage Council for what they did to Sean, and with some deliberation ( And Lorenzo proclaiming: "Our first quest!") they say yes. He moves to the boarded up door and pulls the boards off one by one, then pushes the door open.

    Inside is a lab, slightly dusty. A few bookcases, two bunk beds, a old chest in the corner, and a large, elaborate chemistry set. He directs the group to lay sean out on the bed. ( At this point Amber used one of my favorite lines from the session. " I used my Knowledge: Pop Culture to remind Sean of a similar incident on Gilligan's Island when the Skipper comforted a injured Gilligan." Sean replied with, " I am unconcious, so I drool.") and Edward heads over to his a beaker on the chemistry set, where he holds his ring. With a flash of red light, the brewing orange liquid turns red, and he picks the now smoking vial up and feeds it to Sean. As he injests the potions his wounds stich up and quickly heal.
    >> Alchemic Focuses Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/13/09(Tue)22:18 No.6261695
    Next he heads to his chest and pulls out a wooden jewlery box from inside. He opens it up and holds it out to Sean ( and then to each person after him, descending by wisdom score.)

    Inside are eight little artifacts. A earth colored, heavy iron belt buckle. A bronze pendant with a massive navy blue opal inside. A golden ring made of many interlocking parts. A black choker engraved with an ancient language. A crytaline claw, that covers one finger. A bronze pin, warm to the touch, shaped like a triangle. A spiraling golden bracelet, and a Ruby pendent shaped like a human heart. There is also a Broken Pocketwatch inside, that looks like it is missing a gem.

    Sean takes the Opal Pendant. Justin takes the Belt Buckle. Lorenzo takes the claw. Morgan takes the Bracelet. Casey takes the Ring. AJ takes the Pin, Amber the Heart Pendant and Alexia the choker.

    Edward explains that each one of these is an Alchemic focus. Twice enchanted rubilite is bound into a form, and binds to a human soul when exposed to combat stress and combat. As the human Anima flares up during these situations, it can feed off that energy, and grow powerful over time, but each focus seals itself to one user until that user dies.

    ( Each player had chosen from a set of folded over and taped up index cards. The description of the item was visible from the outside, and the powers and abilities were on the inside, so each player got their abilitys blindly)
    >> Elemental Affinitys Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/13/09(Tue)22:22 No.6261755
    Sean recevied the power of Water.( Oh boy, a heal!)
    -- Water has Purify, a heal, and Water Gun, which does moderate damage from range, and causes knockback when in melee.

    Justin received the power of Stone. ( Umm... alright. Wait. Stone Bullets? I get to be the Gunslinger!)
    -- Stone has Stone Bullets, which is two medium damage ranged attacks, and Fossilize, which stuns the enemy and increases their toughness.

    Lorenzo received the power of Ice. ( I knew it.)
    -- Ice has Ice Lance, which causes high damage from range, and Ice Cage, which stuns the target and increases their toughness.

    Morgan received the power of Wind. ( That is actually what I wanted.)
    -- Wind has Cyclone, a melee range aoe, and Wind Slash, a moderate damage ranged attack that gets a damage buff and causes knockback when in melee.

    Casey received Lightning ( I hope no one got darkness. I get to be emporerer palpatine!)
    --Lightning has Shocking Grasp, a max damage melee attack, and Chain Lightning, an aoe.

    AJ recieved Fire (Hell yeah!)
    -- Fire has Blazing Fist, a strong attack that causes an extra injury, and Fireball, an AoE

    Alexia received Holy. ( I'm a healer? I'm HOLY? EWWWWWW)
    -- Holy has Light, a heal, and Holy Fire, a weak attack that causes an extra injury.

    Amber received Plant ( Whatever.)
    -- Plant has Vine Whip, which makes two attacks, and a Poison Flower debuff.

    Edward Thompson's ring flashes and he seals everyone to their focuses.
    >> " Your mission is to kill Dracula and Hellsing" Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/13/09(Tue)22:35 No.6261889
    Everyone also has the ability to do cantrip like that they could logicly do with their element. This leads to everyone playing around, making match sized ice structures, causing flashes of light, hovering stones, gusting things over with wind. AJ lights his finger on fire, then with his free hand, asks Casey for the dagger he took off the passed out thug. He presses his finger to the engraving and draws a slash through it, matching the symbol on Thompson's armband. Thompson claps him on the shoulder.

    " Your mission is to kill Dracula and Hellsing, the Leaders of the Savage Council. You will be provided with disguise, money, and train tickets to his estate, where you can enter his mansion under the guise of a party guest, during the Savage Ball, and strike them down."

    He pulls the chest out from the side of the room and reveals nine costumes. Two gentlemen's outfits, two butler outfit's, two dock worker outfits and three maid outfits. Pick order is baised on Charisma. Alexia chooses a maid outfit. Justin and Casey take gentlemen's outfits. Amber takes a Dock worker outfit. Sean and AJ both take butler outfits. Lorenzo takes the second dockworker outfit, leaving Ziggy with a french maid's outfit. At this point he turns to me and says, " Are you serious." and I say, " Yes." Edward Thompson offers Ziggy his coat to wear over it. ( The whole group is laughing at this point, and Lorenzo gives me a dollar.)

    Each member of the group is also given some coinage. 10 gold, 10 silver and 10 copper. Casey inspects what is on the coins. The Silver coin has a picture of rain city. The bronze penny has a picture of Washington, and the Golden coin has a picture of the mayor of the city, Mr Dracula.

    The group knows its target and rests up, ready for the strike on Dracula next evening.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/13/09(Tue)22:36 No.6261897
    I will be taking a short break from posting now. Be back in 20-30. Give me some feedback!
    >> Anonymous 10/13/09(Tue)22:50 No.6262054

    I'm enjoying it.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/09(Tue)23:05 No.6262211
    Cool story bro, looking forward to more.
    >> TEMPORAL DISTORTION RIFT! The TSA 10/13/09(Tue)23:05 No.6262218
         File1255489554.gif-(9 KB, 366x345, Tsalogo.gif)
    9 KB
    This thread has been found to be a source of a temporal distortion rift, and has been reverted to it's original form. The topic is now fluffy bunnies.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/09(Tue)23:09 No.6262252
    Are you back yet? <3
    >> Anonymous 10/13/09(Tue)23:11 No.6262273
    Wow that takes me back. One of the first games I played from a CD.
    >> The TSA 10/13/09(Tue)23:19 No.6262385
         File1255490344.jpg-(318 KB, 500x666, 34y5zr5.jpg)
    318 KB
    eeeevil fluffy bunnies...
    >> Anonymous 10/13/09(Tue)23:47 No.6262725
    So whose everyone fav characters right now?
    >> It is always Midnight in Uptown Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/13/09(Tue)23:57 No.6262845
    So our heroes rest up, eat some stew ( and AJ and Lorenzo use Fire and Ice to play with the tempatures), and sleep in shifts. The next morning Thompson flags them a pair of carriages to taxi them to the train station. They board the rail, and head uptown, a 30 minute rail ride, to Dracula's Manor, just outside of Rain City. When they leave the rail, they note that many of the patrons leaving the train bear the same red armband, or carry daggers. They note that the gentlemen mainly wear the band, not the servants. The group joins up again ( having been split from main quarters and servant's quarters and begins to formulate a plan.)

    They note two enforcers, a thin man who's red band has an embossed droplet of blood, and a larger man who remains silent and stands behind him, who has his moon symbol embossed on his band. The thin man carries a notebook where he logs the names of the guests who plan on attending the ball.

    As the group continues to discuss what they are going to do, and how they are going to kill Dracula, other passangers continue on their way, and eventually the thin man and his enforcer catch sight of the way the servants and their masters are freely conversing and come to inspect.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/09(Wed)00:00 No.6262887
    Someone archive this?
    >> Lazy people vs the Inquisition. Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)00:10 No.6263009
    Though the group notices the approach, they make no move to avoid them. The two men do approach, and they interrogate the group. They ask why they are freely conversing with their servants, and Justin says that they are explaining how they should act in this area and preparing them for tonight. The group is asked why they are travelling with dock workers, and Casey responds by saying that he works on the docks, and acts as a banker for the many shipping organizations. ( Sucessful knowledge: Buisness check saved them here.) He introduces himself as Mr Vincent, and says that his friend Mr Dominic ( Justin) is from out of the area and that this is his first Savage Ball. The inquisitor asks Mr Dominic if he has brought a gift, a sacrifice, for Dracula and the rest of the Council, this evening, and he replies that he has, but he does not wish to reveal it yet. The inquisitor and his bodygaurd then take down their names, and continue moving.

    The group pushes foreward now, not wanting to get caught again, and moves as a pack into the shopfronts near the train station. It is a rather small area, only a few shop fronts. A general store, a clothier, and a butcher's shop. The group converges outside these three stores as they try to discuss what to bring, and how to arm themselves to kill Dracula and Hellsing.
    >> Sean was getting fucked by the dice this night. Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)00:22 No.6263166
    They decide that a bodily sacrifice would be too immoral to do, so, at Ziggy's suggestion, they take some of his blood and put it in a small vial and decide to pass it off as the blood of a french prince.

    They try to figure out a way to arm themselves. They take the pair of engraved daggers they have, one from the fight in the street before, and the other from the man Edward killed, and look them over. They would be perfect parts of a disguise if it were not for line AJ drew through them to be an icon of the resistance.

    Sean tosses AJ a few of his silver coins, and has AJ melt them down, then Sean uses the melted metal, pours it in the cracks, and submerges it in his Alchemicaly summoned water, to fix both dagers. He also silver tips them in the process.

    The water elementalist then heads to the general store, and asks if they have any wooden steaks or anything silver. The shopkeeper gives him the stinkeye and completely ignores him, and Sean realizes he fucked up and gets out of the shop, to rejoin the group.
    >> Look, an NPC who hasn't called them Gypsies yet. Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)00:23 No.6263179
    They head to the clothier's shop and pick up different outfits for the two dockworkers and Morgan. Morgan switches to a Gentleman's outfit, Amber purchases a fine lady's dress, and Lorenzo switches to a butler uniform. They also purchase red bands to wear around their arms, like the other nobles. However, when the group exists the Talior's they notice that the Inquisitors from before are talking to the general shop owner.

    They come out and move to Sean, hoisting him by the arms, " You're coming with us!"

    The thin man bears his fangs, and the enforcer bulks up, hair growing on his hands, and claws forming at his nails. They get ready to torture and kill Sean for attempted assasination, when Justin ( or as hes known to the inquisitor's, Mr Dominic) heads into the allyway. He tries to be diplomatic in getting his 'servant' returned to him, but the fiends will not relent, and it comes to combat.
    >> Combat Number Two: Alleyway Rape, Earth and Sea Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)00:28 No.6263260
    Justin tries to incapatcitate first, throwing fossilizes for the first few rounds. The vampire and werewolf move in, beating on Sean, who keeps healing himself through the damage. The group outside is still arguing over what to do next, and criticizing Sean to notice that Justin has slipped away. ( And they keep failing their notice checks.) Finally after three missed fossilizes, Justin begins to blast away with Stone bullets and Sean opens up a jet stream from his Water Gun, the two knocking the Werewolf out. AJ finally suceeeds on a notice check, and comes in behind the vampire, grabbing him in the back of the head with a Blazing Fist, and melting a hole through his skull. The group picks up these two's knives, light their corpses on fire, and then regroup.

    Healing spells around, and then planning. Sean's knowledge of History tells them that they should plan on being seperated, as homes like the Gothic Mansion looming over them from the allyway tend to have a main entrance and a servant's entrance. Morgan's knowledge of tactics has him plan to be separated and search for more information inside. They rent a carriage and head to the mansion.
    >> Manor Castlevania Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)00:40 No.6263430
         File1255495257.jpg-(539 KB, 1024x768, castlevania1.jpg)
    539 KB
    They carriage clops through the wrought Iron gates, as they see the massive mansion sillouetted against a huge full moon. When they pull up, the servants show them in through the front door, with Mr Vincent ( Casey) and Mr Dominic ( Justin) leading the newly disguised Ziggy and Amber in through the front door. They are greeted by a thin, boney Nosferatu ish vampire with red eyes and very pronounced fangs. He introduces himself as Mr Gaunt, the head servent for this manor. He checks off Mr Vincent and Mr Dominic's names, and asks who their guests are. Ziggy introduces himself as Mr Harrigon, and Amber is introduced as Lady Sasha. He asks for their tribute, and they offer two things, Edward Thompson's coat, which Gaunt Recognizes, and the Nobleman's blood. He smiles, taking both and having a servant lay them out on a table behind them, then he invites them inside.

    Meanwhile, AJ, Alexia, Sean and Lorenzo are accepted into the rear of the building. Each one has their name recorded one by one, and is then given a task.

    Alexia is sent out into the party, serving vials of wine, and then later blood. AJ is sent out serving a tray of meats, steaks, pork, and flesh. Sean is sent to the kitchen to help prepare the meals. When Lorenzo enters the building, the director calmly says, " No, not you." and they drag him away to the dungeon.
    >> Pipboy !!s4aNsOVuwew 10/14/09(Wed)00:42 No.6263450
    Is Sean special needs IRL? lol
    >> Note! Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)00:43 No.6263457
    ( Mm, I should note I just made a minor error. Alexia was serving the food and AJ the drink. This will matter more in a moment.)

    At this point everyone had seperate turns, and each person had time to take a single action before the next stage of the party occured. Justin acted last, but his character searched for information on the events of evening.

    The Reception is the first section. The Ball is the second section. The Feast is the third section, and the Sacrifice is the fourth.
    >> Reception pt 1 Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)00:52 No.6263550
    So, Alexia's turn was spent carring out her servant task, serving cheeses and then a meat platter to the different guests.

    Amber hung away from the crowds, fingering her heart pendant.

    Sean searches the kitchen for wooden spoons or knives, but is directed by the head chef to work on the soups, which he does.

    AJ's turn is next, and he looks around the room. The Reception Hall is a large open area. Portraits and Chandelleers, and two spiral stairwells that lead to a second floor, which leads to an open area of the second floor, that overhangs like a balcony. Think Inglorious Basterds. He sees that on the top of that balcony is a brilliant longsword, polished perfectly, golden hilt, with three massive, faintly glowing gems in the base. He also looks around the room to see what kind of security they have, and there are enforcers of three species places around the room, the Vampires, the Werewolves and the Changlings. He takes his tray of alchoholic beverages over to one of the gaurds, a thick, bald vampire, missing an eye, and offers him a drink. The gaurd laughs, and snatches the drink. He explains that they're usually ignored by the servants, and this is a nice change of pace. He says these nights bore them, and hes seen too many. Theres twelve a year and they get repetitive.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)00:55 No.6263591
    No, he tends to be a fairly intelligent player in most of these games. In a few other sessions ( like some of our 4e ones) he would be the mastermind and the driving force behind the party. This night he just caught the stupid, and was having poor luck on the dice.
    >> Reception pt 2 Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)01:02 No.6263658
    Casey is intriuged by the Changlings, and he uses his turn to chat up other party guests and figure out what they are and how they work. They can take the form of any humanoid creature, and are ageless. You can become a changling by having another changling assume your form, and then tasting their blood. This will make you faceless, and you can then assume any form except your own, and it has a reputation for causing madness.

    Justin, as noted before, researches a program for the list of events.

    Ziggy uses his turn to search the reception hall for the men of the hour. He notices a mass of people moving up the stairwells to the balcony, and he spots Count Dracula among them, recognized from the visage on the coin he carrys. Very bella lugosi-esq. The people who were surrounding him all defered to him, except one other man. That man picked the longsword off the wall and began to fence with it, showing off for the crowd. He was a broad shouldered man, who's victorian suit was bursting at the seams, hair spilling out of his chest and covering his hands, and a thick beard, though trimmed neatly, his hair barely contained in a wild ponytale. With the way he laughed and held himself, he must have been Lord Hellsing. Ziggy made a move to go in their direction, but just as he did, the attention of the room shifted.

    Mr Gaunt was standing infront of the massive, double wide doors that led to the inner sanctum to the castle, and with a supernatrually projected voice, he cleared his throat over all the other guests in the area. He calmly informed everyone that the ball was begining, and that they should file in, in an orderly fashion.
    >> Pipboy !!s4aNsOVuwew 10/14/09(Wed)01:09 No.6263771
    Yeah, we've all been there. I retract my snide comment.
    >> The Ball: Servants Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)01:12 No.6263816
         File1255497149.jpg-(8 KB, 185x303, SimpleBallroom.jpg)
    8 KB
    Gaunt, the vampire host from before, opens the doorway into the Ballroom. A massive ( think warehouse size) ballroom. Checkered floor. Chandileers everywhere. Thick red curtains are pulled open around huge vaulting windows, that show the lunatic moon in the sky. A grand paino is set up in the south west corner of the room, which Mr Gaunt plays for the crowd once everyone enters. In the south east corner is a refreshment table. The north side of the hall is raised above the dancing area, with two stairwells leading to, on right and left side, dining areas, raised three feet off the floor. In between these two dining areas is another raised platform, stairwells leading up to it, three feet off of the right and left platforms, where the Head Table is set, a long table that seats 12 on either side, and rounds out at the end. At the foot of the stairwells to the right and left raised dining areas are doorways. The West doorway leads both to the dungeon or upstairs to the bedrooms. The East doorway leads to the servant chambers, and the kitchen.

    Alexia is put on drink duty now, bringing blood to and from the refreshment table. She stops to listen to Mr Gaunt play the grand piano, and sighs, very appreciative of it.

    Sean is ready for another plan of action at this point, and he makes another move to go for the knife drawer, but he feels his recently sealed stab wound flare up and decides against it. He does spit in the soup though.

    AJ takes a tray of drinks, Blood lined with alchohol, and brings them to Ol' One Eye, the gaurd from before. He asks him a few questions about the Longsword he noticed before. One Eye mentions that the blade belongs to Hellsing, and its filled with numerous Philosopher Stones, made from the alchemical focuses of those who have tried to kill him before. He also mentions that he enjoys facing down his assassin's personally, and since forging the blade and taking his throne at the side of Dracula, has never been defeated.
    >> The Ball: Dance with Monsters Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)01:16 No.6263869
         File1255497391.png-(29 KB, 172x165, 1253076948058.png)
    29 KB
    Amber is lurking in the side of the dance floor now, trying to avoid contact with anyone. However, she turns pale when the crowd parts and the Massive Gallant, Hellsing himself, comes and asks for her to dance with him. He says that he can smell she is human, and asks why she has come. She says that her love was a Changling, and he was slain by a member of the resistence. Coming here is a tradition for her but she feels isolated without him. Hellsing continues leading her around the dance floor and thanks her for the dance, complimenting her beauty and saying that he will see her again soon before fading away.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/09(Wed)01:17 No.6263880
    :| I'm kind of jealous of your group. Can I come?
    >> Anonymous 10/14/09(Wed)01:21 No.6263934
    Shit. I want to see the end of this but I really need to sleep.
    >> The Ball: Illuminatis Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)01:23 No.6263959
         File1255497820.jpg-(24 KB, 400x300, 3-wallpapers-beauty-beast.jpg)
    24 KB
    Meanwhile, the Illuminatis are doing their thing. Casey's character breaks off from the group and asks for a Changling Bodygaurd to accompany him to the restroom. They call one over, a young albino looking woman with deep red hair, and violet eyes. She smiles, and asks Casey,or Mr Vincent, why he asked specificly for her, while they head to the loo. He says that he prefers one of his own kind. She smiles and he uses the water closet, and when he comes out, she asks him that if he is a changling, why has he chosen that form? Why not choose something beautiful. And he grins ( Make a bluff check. DC 25!) and he asks her what is wrong with his form. He steps back, and he attempts to have her enter the bathroom and try his form out while she is looking in the mirror, but ( Check failed.) She simply shifts to his form, and back, a moment later. She nods and tells him that he indeed has a fine form, and then leaves him to his own accord.

    Justin and Ziggy spend their turns researching Dracula and Hellsing respectively.

    Justin, or Mr Dominic, discovers that Dracula, being the sire of many, has power over many, and he discovers that the way Siring works, a vampires powers are dilluted the further down the line from the father of all they are. Dracula is the strongest vampire on the continent.

    Ziggy finds out that unlike vampires, Werewolves are a binary condition. You are, or you are not. Hellsing got to be who he is today by being more powerful, intelligent and wicked than all his brothers, and they bow to him now, as if he was their father.
    >> The Ball/ The Feast: Whatever happened to... Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)01:30 No.6264055
    Mr Gaunt leaves the grand piano now, and he approaches the listening maid, and ask if she knows how to play Music. He explains he needs to finish the preperations for dinner, and that she can take over ( with the Violin he gives her) For him for the rest of the party. She shakes in her heels, but agrees, and plays.

    Meanwhile, Lorenzo has been seperated from the group. He is taken into the dungeon, and his torturer appears, Monocle, from before. " Well well well, if I don't meet the uppity little nigger again. And you have a claw now, do you? Would you like me to show you a real claw?" Lorenzo is tortured by Monocle for quite some time, and monocle reveals that he is a Lunar memeber of the Savage Council, a Werewolf. He throws his jacket off and bulks up, pulling out his blade to carve lines into Lorenzo's chest. Lorenzo focuses though, and he uses his ice powers to freeze his chains and break out. They have a conflict, Lorenzo tossing ice lances, and the man attacking with the Dagger. Lorenzo Freezes him in place, disarming him, but Monocle breaks free and lashes out at him , biting at his shoulder, and clawing his arm. Lorenzo finally crits on an ice lance and impales him, then sneaks out of the dungeon. He finds a dumwaiter and ends up in the attic for the rest of the session ( His player had to leave.)
    >> Anonymous 10/14/09(Wed)01:32 No.6264080
    Why name the werewolf king Hellsing?

    Cause... you know, van Helsing was one of the heroes of Dracula.
    >> The Feast: Head Table Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)01:39 No.6264160
    Mr Gaunt opens dinner by lightning candles on the railways of all of the raised platforms, with the final lit candles being the chandelier above the head table. Gas lamps are placed over table cloths on each table. Guests were sent to the reception area, before their parties were pulled out to be sat in threes at the different smaller tables, with some being pulled to the head table. The rounded end of the head table had Dracula and Hellsing sitting as equals, facing all the others.

    Alexia is sent to play music at the lead table. She Circles the area, avoiding the head of the table for as long as she can, but eventually she ends up near hellsing and dracula. She plays a funeral song, which catche's Dracula's ear. He smiles and ask if she fears him, when she nods he tells her that her song is very beautiful and she should stay close to him and continue playing. This both frightens and arouses her.

    Amber, who was meeting with the Illuminatis in the reception hall, is pulled aside by Mr Gaunt and told that she has been invited to sit with Hellsing at the head table. She catches eyes with Alexia more than once, as she listens to Hellsing and the other guests, only speaking when spoken to. Hellsing asks of her pendant, and she says that its a gift from her father. She talks about the lonliness of being one of the few humans here. Hellsing asks why shes not eating, and he picks up a human rib, covered in flesh, and offers it to her lips, forcing her to scrape the flesh off with her teeth, drawing laughter from many of the other occupants.

    Sean is acting as a waiter, and he, while delivering courses to different tables, transmits messages between the different parties. At one point he slides a silver dagger, taken from Justin, to Amber, for the seduce and kill tactic, though she refuses. Alexia refuses a similarly places steak. No victories here.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)01:41 No.6264188
    I actually didnt have a name for him when the campagin came up... so I was thinking... Van Hellsing, of the movie, ended with a Werewolf vs Vampire fight scene. Pretty lame, I know, but thats what I ended up going with.

    Much of this campagin was improve. I knew the basic structure, but didnt have any of the mansion content planned. Im particularly proud of coming up with the Hellsing/Amber seduction thing, which is probobly better than whatever I would have planned had I had more time. We were also rushing, most players having two minute turns at this point, as we wanted to finish in an hour ( We spent way too long in the begining, though its a first session, so thats acceptable)
    >> The Feast: When in doubt, set something on fire. Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)01:50 No.6264274
    AJ heads out to smooch with One Eye again, and this time One Eye brings up the girl playing the Viola. Hes rather drunk at this point, and hes noticed that AJ seems to be on speaking terms with her. AJ says that he'll gladly do the gaurd a favor, and get him some of Maid Alexia's blood.

    The Illuminatis took a sort of shared turn. The three of them were seated together, and ate together, while discussing what they could do. Direct combat was immediately ruled out, as their two targets could see them coming, and were surrounded by allies. They also didnt know how powerful they were compared to them, with the alchemic focuses being new to them, and Justin being the only one who had used his. They spend most of their time discussing everything they could do. Justin says they should look to exploit a classic vampire weakness. Direct sunlight seemed to be out of the question, as this area was never sunny, and they had been here since early morning. He says that searching for a coffin could be an option, as destroying it should destroy dracula. The others mention that it would probobly be impossibly well hidden, and its unknown weather that is even on the premise. When their window of oppertunity begins to close, Morgan decidest to act brashly, and with an approving vote from Casey and Justin, uses his wind powers to knock a candle onto a table cloth.

    The tablecloth bursts into flames, and guards immediately swoop down with a blanket to quench the flame. Six guards then escort the illuminatis out of the dining area and to a cell.
    >> The Sacrifice: Offering Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)01:55 No.6264322
    They go in for questioning without any hassal, and are thrown into a cell, though the door is not locked. The gaurds remain to watch them, while the enforcer, Mr gaunt is brought in. He interrogates them, and mentions sensing a faint alchemic pressence, one so weak that its not even worth noticing. He explains very calmly what happens to trouble makers, and then tells them that he has to make preperations for the Sacrifice. He bids them to rejoin in the mingling hall, where all the guests were lead to while the Ballroom is reconfigerd for the sacrifice.

    They are left with three gaurds, which they dispatch quickly between Cyclone, Chain Lightning and Stone Bullets, and head off to explore the castle.

    Everyone is once again sent to mingle in the reception hall, this time while the gifts were being set up. Amber looks for others, and not seeing them she fears the worst.

    Inside the Ballroom and Dining area, furniture is being rearranged. The head table is turned on its side, so all the gifts could properly be on display to be opened. Curtains that were behind the head table are pulled back, to reveal manacles and shackles, and six human sacrifices are brought in, four beautiful females and two proud male warriors, each nude, with black bags over their heads. They are chained to the northen wall

    When the guests file in again, they begin to open their gifts. They find two alchemic focuses, a wooden wand with a green line through it, and a silver latticework pendant. They sample different blood and flesh offerings, they find daggers, gold coins, ancinent tomes, fine china and so much else. Next are the human sacrifices. Dracula drinks from them, as he pleases, and tortures them with a knife, while Hellsing happily dismembers the ones that Dracula has taken his turn with. Alexia passes her fortitude save vs vomitting, and Amber wonders why here friends are not next in line to die.
    >> The Sacrifice: Isolation Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)02:08 No.6264461
    So, Amber and Alexia are both in the audience, seperately. Amber sits and watches, being in the front row.

    Alexia is pulled aside by AJ, who drags her to Ol One Eye, who is gaurding the side entrance to the reception hall. One Eye sniffs her, and tells her she has beautiful smelling blood. AJ convinces a very scared Alexia to cut her hand and pour him some of her blood. Which she does, and feeds to him gladly, before slipping away to somewhere 'less scary.'

    Sean heads to the empty kitchen now, and searches for a dumwaiter to go exploring in the manor, but decides against it. Instead, he heads back to the gas stoves in the kitchen, and turns them on one by one, and blows out the flame for each. He then snaps the knobs off each stove , and seals the windows.

    AJ asks One Eye more questions about the Blade, and even asks if he can see it up close. the Drunken One Eye agrees, and AJ asks if he can touch it. Finally, One Eye says, " Please, I don't care anymore. Just take it. You've been a good friend tonight, and I'm tired of this job. Cause some chaos, have some fun."

    The Illuminatis, meanwhile, search the basements and dungeons of the Castle. They don't find anymore prisoners, though they do find the mostly melted remains of Monocle's completely frozen form. They do find an armory, where Ziggy picks up a Fachalion, and Justin and Casey both pick up pistols. They head up the stairs now, and check some of the first floor hallways.
    >> The Sacrifice: Damesel in Distress and a little bit of Chaos Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)02:13 No.6264524
         File1255500831.jpg-(50 KB, 1024x576, the_wolfman_from_van_helsing1.jpg)
    50 KB
    The ending ceremonys of the Sacrifice are coming into play, with Hellsing and Dracula delivering their closing speech. When they are about to end it though, one of their final lines is, " Of all things, our best gifts today have been the eight arrogant humans who thought they could move among us undetected." And with those lines Hellsing jumps into the crowd and throws Amber over his massive shoulder. He takes her to the manacles, and pulls a dismembered arm from a cuff before binding her there. She screams, and so does Alexia.

    Sean uses this oppertunity to strike a match in the kitchen, and ignite all the built up Gas, causing a huge explosion ( Knocking Lorenzo out of the attic) and starting a massive fire. He runs out of the kitchen into the Ballroom shreiking, " Fire! Fire!" and in this moment AJ leaps off the balcony screaming, " Thats my Que!" ( I made him roll a d20 to see if he was allowed to pun. He passed) and kicks down the door to the ballroom, wielding hellsing's blade, charged up with his alchemical flame power.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/09(Wed)02:20 No.6264606
    ok ok wait I'm Larenzo and this is the way summerized version of this

    where as Casey and Lorenzo begin to look for weapons. Lorenzo acts first and finds a loose peice of cobble which he can throw, and he pegs Monocle in the head, leaving a big scar. Their three assailents move closer, dropping the hooker to the floor, who wakes up and flees soon after, and each one of them drawing long knives.

    I had grabbed the cobble before and hid it behind my back, as I walked twords them I had stated "Oh lordy' lordy' may I never roam without my masta's again" I then reveled my cobble and lobbed it at the racist mother fuckers head in an attempt to kill him
    >> The Sacrifice: Raising the Master's Sword against him Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)02:32 No.6264750
    AJ raises the longsword with both hands and challanges Hellsing, Who vaults down the raised platform to rush at AJ, taking on his wolf form in midair. The beast rushes to maul him ( Hellsing makes 1d20/3 attacks. He rolled a three.) and AJ catches the claw with Hellsing's blade, deflecting the blow.

    In the mean time, Amber rolls 16+4 to break free of her chains, and manages to snap herself off the wall, forming her Vine Whip to attack Dracula, who is advancing twards her now. Sean rushes over to the gift table and dives for the alchemic focuses, planning on using the wand as a steak.

    Alexia backs up AJ, at the far side of the room.

    Casey and Morgan join in as well, hearing the racket and Sean's calls from the stairwell, while Justin continues his search for a weakness he can exploit against Dracula or Hellsing. Our Jewish detective takes a gas lamp from the walls of the hallway and begins checking doors one by one, until he finally comes accross Dracula's bed chambers. A massive canopy bed, a simple bookcake, a wardrove and a writing desk in a windowless room.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/09(Wed)02:32 No.6264757
    leaving Ziggy with a french maid's outfit. At this point he turns to me and says, " Are you serious." and I say, " Yes." Edward Thompson offers Ziggy his coat to wear over it. ( The whole group is laughing at this point, and Lorenzo gives me a dollar.)

    There was a bet where I said i'd give the dm a dollar if he could get ziggy to willingly put on a maids outfit
    >> The Sacrifice: Kill Stealing Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)02:33 No.6264774
         File1255502016.jpg-(25 KB, 500x628, dracula.jpg)
    25 KB
    Down in the ballroom, Attacks run all around. Alexia throws her Holy Fire, AJ upgrades his Blazing Fist attack into Blazing Blade, and starts hammering on Hellsing. Morgan throws a wind slash at Dracula, who tries to dominate Amber, and misses. Casey chain lightnings Hellsing, Stunning him. Hellsing wracks up five injuries and eventually gets stunned and Staggered.

    Dracula lunges at Sean and burys his claw into his chest, pulling his essence out, and throwing sean into hellsing, healing hellsing's wounds, as well as dracula's, and passing them to Sean. Hellsing wakes up and rolls a 20, for his d20/3 number of attacks, and attacks everyone in the room, bounching and vaulting, howling like a wolf. Everyone on the team is stunned or dying at this point, except Ziggy and AJ.

    AJ rushes to hellsing, and lays another massive Blazing Blade onto him, stunning him, and then Ziggy follows up with a melee range Wind Slash, and Crits. They Rip him limb from limb and leave his burning corpse dying.

    Justin, at this point, is in Dracula's Chambers and has used a combination of his Investigate skill and his alchemical power to notice a stone hallway that is behind one of the walls of the room. He takes a torch from the side of the hall and follows it down. Dracula moves close, ready to dominate Ziggy and force him to Cyclone all of his nearly dead teammates, but at the same moment, Justin throws open the coffin door. Dracula looks down, as though he could feel a hand clutching his heart. Justin scowls and throws the torch into the wooden coffin, and Dracula's heart bursts into flames, which spread slowly across his entire body and consume him. His final words were basically, " You children, after all this time? It is you who defeat me?"
    >> Anonymous 10/14/09(Wed)02:43 No.6264856
    >> Epilogue Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)03:00 No.6264976
    The house continues to burn down. Everyone flees the building, with Ziggy finding a window to jump out ( This is a running gag accross mutiple sessions). They take train tickets, which are free of charge at this point, as the area just wants to get rid of them, back to Rain City. They meet up with Edward Thomas, who tells them that they can use one of the two alchemical focuses they got off the gift table, or one of the three gems from the Sword, to reforge and place in the pocket watch. Casey, Justin and Alexia all roll one of the hidden skills, with Casey passing at the highest. He identifies the Wand as being a Venom focus and the Latticework Pendant as having control over Metal. They decide to reforge the Wand and Sean, who found the objects, awards the pendant to Justin, for the Slaying of Dracula. The reforged Philospher's Stone is placed into the Watch, which fires Red Lightning everywhere and transports all of them to the middle of the UC Sunnyvale Campus, dressed still in their Victorian Outfits and very confused.
    >> Side notes Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)03:01 No.6264987
    So, I'd love feedback from everyone.

    MVPs of the Session were AJ and Justin, who both had some really awesome moments. They also both got the most important loot, with the Long Sword and the Latticework Pendant.

    Next session is going to be the dark ages, but with a twist. You will all see, I hope!
    >> Anonymous 10/14/09(Wed)03:06 No.6265046
    So, if the overall theme of the game is going to be time travelling, what is the device that lets them do so? Is it the recently-fixed pocketwatch? Or is it the computers in the Stormcraft beta-testing room?
    >> Anonymous 10/14/09(Wed)03:06 No.6265062
    Are they Archiving this?
    >> Anonymous 10/14/09(Wed)03:08 No.6265074
    Lovely, lovely work. A better time travel game I have never heard tale of.
    >> SECRET CHARACTER!! Anonymous 10/14/09(Wed)03:10 No.6265093
    Erick: Erick says inappropriate things about his friends to random strangers!
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)03:19 No.6265173
    The computers in the UC Sunnyvale are the pimary time machine. The pocket watch is still in the victorian age. The pocket watch can simply take people 'home.' and the mechanics behind the computers in Sunnyvale are going to be explained in the next session.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/09(Wed)03:26 No.6265254
    I dont mean to sound greedy but MOOOOAAARRRRR
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)03:27 No.6265265
    Its over.

    If this gets archived, you guys get the sequeal. Dark Ages and Fae.

    Justin's latticework pendant is giving him metal control. Hes also getting a fedora.

    Amber is picking up a halbred. Alexia is picking up a whip. Casey is getting a Dagger. Morgan and AJ keeping swords. Lorenzo is a werewolf now. Sean is picking up a sheild
    >> Anonymous 10/14/09(Wed)04:17 No.6265656
         File1255508232.png-(6 KB, 368x264, 1241558697919.png)
    6 KB
    I enjoyed reading this. Your group rocks.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)05:21 No.6266113
    They're going to be facing Fae next week.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/09(Wed)05:30 No.6266171
    I enjoyed this immensely.

    Kudos, OP.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/09(Wed)05:31 No.6266177
    Only two archive requests? ffffff
    >> Anonymous 10/14/09(Wed)05:33 No.6266187
         File1255512792.jpg-(42 KB, 500x400, 507394646_87b32501dd.jpg)
    42 KB
    Reading about your group induced me to this.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/09(Wed)09:56 No.6268412
    when are you guys playing again?
    >> Anonymous 10/14/09(Wed)09:59 No.6268441

    is why we use the suptg archives
    >> Anonymous 10/14/09(Wed)11:32 No.6269432
    This was good stuff. Looking forward to next part!
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/14/09(Wed)15:16 No.6271575
    Saturday, though there will be some schedualing issues and it may not happen. AJ is not going to make it due to his attempt at having sex with his ex's girlfriends sister, and Sean and Amber are going to only be there for the second half of the session. If anymore people cancel, or Sean and Amber ditch I'm going to cancel the session

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