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    4 KB Storytime: Time Travel Campagin Session 2 Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)20:30 No.6390184  
    Welcome back to the second part of my time travel campagin.

    Last week ended with our party Slaying Dracula and Hellsing, and then getting the fuck out of The Victorian Age, only to return to their own with a slew of questions.

    Archive of the last thread can be found here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/6259635/

    A quick recap, on characters:

    AJ, a strong, loud, wirey readhead. He stole the Big Bad's Sword ( Hellsing's sword) as well as receiving an alchemical focus of the triangle pendant, giving him the power of fire. When we last saw him, he was dressed as a butler, and he was a showstopper last session.

    Amber is a strong, adventurous blonde. She was courted by Hellsing, and was nearly killed by him, after disgusing herself as a noblewoman. She found the Heart Pendant, an alchemic focus giving her power over plants.

    Sean the wise, who spent most of last session getting stabbed, maimed, or hiding. He was another butler, and found a heavy opal pendant that granted him control over water. He ended up getting his revenge on the big bad though by blowing up his house.

    Larenzo, the tolken blackman of the group. Last sessions highlights include beating a racist in the face with a peice of cobble, and then getting turned into a werewolf by him later. He also has the Crystal Claw, a alchemical focus giving him power over ice. He was disguised as a butler.

    Alexia, the quiet, odd one. She ended up with an engraved choker, giving her holy powers ( which she despises.) She last disgused herself as a maid.

    Finally, the last three players formed a subgroup within our party, calling themselves the Illuminatis and deciding they would make the decisions for the group. They all dressed up as gentleman, and carry ornamental Savage Council daggers.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)20:31 No.6390190
    what the fuck is this shit
    >> Prelude and Background. Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)20:32 No.6390199
    Casey, a tall, thin, intelligent, antisocial diabetic megalomaniac. He found a linked ring, giving him control over lightning, as well as a pistol.

    Ziggy ( Or Morgan) is chaotic, stocky, intelligent and brash. He found a twisted bracelet, giving him power over lightning. He is pretty much a chaos dwarf. He picked up a scimitar, as well.

    Justin. The detective with a star of david. He ended up with a heavy belt buckle, giving him control over earth, as well as robbing Dracula of a Latticework Pendant, giving him control over metal. He also picked up a pistol and a pair of iron gauntlets.

    Some other stuff that you should know: the roleplaying system we used was a heavily modified mutants and masterminds ( The party has dubbed it: The only sucessful MnM campagin in the history of ever.)

    Also, AJ couldn't join us for the second session. Sean and Amber were supposed to come late ( and save the day!) but ended up ditching. Fffff. Anyway, so we begin!
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)20:32 No.6390208
         File1256257973.jpg-(55 KB, 504x180, Hub2007.jpg)
    55 KB
    When the group pops out of the victorian age in their new garb, back in the Sunnyvale campus, four days have passed in their time. They make their way back to the lab, and yell at Dr Kerplunk. As they blather about lawsuits, missed class, and being labrats, Kerplunk giggles maniacly and asks them to recount events. He ponders this, and tells them that he has a few theories, and wants their clothing, alchemic focuses, daggers, and anything else they picked up for study. Larenzo hands over the bloody piece of cobble he used to club the racist, which disguists most of the group. Kerplunk asks them to come back in a week.

    A week later, they are all expected to carpool over to the UC Sunnyvale. They argue for a few minutes over weather Ziggy or Justin should drive, until I tell them that its fucking irrelevant, and to move on. Justin ends up Driving his tiny 99 Chevy Tracker, with ALexia taking Shotgun. Casey sits behind the Driverside, and Morgan sits behind passanger side, his head out the window, hair flapping behind him, just like a dog. When they pile inside, they discuss whats going on today. They were told that they're getting their Alchemic Focuses back today, and they all seem quite excited. Lorenzo mentions he has something to show them, and when he is about to reveal his werewolf secret, Casey immediately replies that Larenzo is going to get stabbed if he removes any clothing. Larenzo simply stops, not denying Casey's accusations, and has a breif mental image of him wolfing out in that crowded car. He tells the group he will show them later.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)20:33 No.6390218
    But Helsing was an old man whose only contact with a weapon was right at the end of the book, when he briefly used a winchester. Since when did he have a sword? :v
    Also, what the fuck. Captain Planet?
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)20:33 No.6390220
         File1256258030.jpg-(108 KB, 550x413, pizza_ua[1].jpg)
    108 KB
    The party enters the lab, passing by the server bays again, with Anne guiding them. Billy is sitting at his desk, with a large pepperoni Pizza, only a slice missing, at his reach. Casey makes the comment of, " Thanks for getting us stuck in time, Asshole." Billy frowns and mentions apathetically that all he ever did was turn the servers on.

    Kerplunk rushes out, white labcoat and purple tophat, and behind him is a thin indian man with round glasses, whom Kerplunk introduces as the historian Dr Ghandi. Ziggy asks why they should listen to a damn word that either of them say, and Kerplunk replies that they can have Billy's Pizza, which everyone except Casey ( Not Hungry) and Justin ( Not Kosher) partake of. Billy frowns at this, and Anne comforts him.

    Kerplunk and Dr Ghandi converse with the group, and try to explain what happened, the excitement in their hearts activating the rubilite that powered the time machine, and transported back in time. When the group asks why things that weren't known to exist, like Werewolves and Dracula were there, the humble indian professor explains that the legends they were biased on may have been distorted from fact. When Ziggy asks why he should be considered an authority on this, he replies with, " Beacuse I have a PhD".
    >> Yes, Kerplunk is Willy Wonka Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)20:34 No.6390228
         File1256258076.jpg-(24 KB, 311x311, willy-wonka-wilder.jpg)
    24 KB
    They confirm that the Alchemic Stones and Rubilite are made of the same substance, and that they need to send them further back in time, to gain more of the material so they can experiment with it. Our party moans at this, stating that they don't want to go back in time. ( All of them except for Lorenzo, who claims that he wants to become more powerful. Casey remains silent.) Dr Kerplunk spins his tophat in distress, and Dr Ghandi calmly states that the contracts they signed for the origional video game testing has them obligated to both secrcy and repeat sessions. The party moans again, much louder.

    Dr Ghandi holds the contracts up, while Kerplunk passes out the different alchemical focuses to their owners. Morgan immediately trys to throw a blade of wind through the contracts, but Dr Ghandi snaps the folder closed to protect them. He replies, in his thick indian accent, " I do not think you wish to do that, Mr Ziggy." and he explains that they have received funding from the Goverment Office of Unnatrual Technology, and when the project is complete they can pay every participating member $10,000, with more being awarded depending on research results. The group quickly warms up to the idea of time travel, except for Ziggy, who asks why Ghandi should be placed in charge of the operation. He replies with his PhD once again, and Ziggy decides to flick him off and throw the white, virtual boy like time machine on. The server bay surges, and a flash of lightning from deep inside it shows that Hellsing's blade is at the heart of the time machine now, infusing it with its power.
    >> Could not tell you why I chose Ghandi Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)20:35 No.6390236
         File1256258129.jpg-(36 KB, 294x343, ghandi9.jpg)
    36 KB
    Dr Ghandi sighs, with the rest of the group staring in shock, Alexia almost offended. And he explains that if they do not leave in unison theres potential for them to end up in different parts of the world, due to the rotation of the earth compared to the minor seconds of when they leave. He also explains that they have provided them with disguises for the age they are headed to.

    Justin disguises himself as a soothsayer. Long hood over his detective fedora, and he wears his contacts. Alexia dresses herself up as a Nun. Casey dresses up as a witch hunter, long brown coat and wide brimmed hat. Larenzo dresses up as a squire, and he brings the chainmail and tabard, as well as Ziggy's other gear, in a heavy backpack.

    The group tries to turn their time machines on in unison, and one by one flash away in bursts of red light. Kerplunk spins his hat again, Dr Ghandi rubs his chin, while Anne fiddles with her glasses and billy wipes his pizza grease on his shorts.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)20:41 No.6390291
         File1256258483.jpg-(60 KB, 550x412, the-great-river-is-spectacular.jpg)
    60 KB
    Casey materializes in a dense forest. He quickly looks around for danger, then moves to a tree, which he climbs up. He surveys the area, and sees a river to the east. It flows south and bends to the west, and divides a small town. South of him now, the dense forest clears up, and grows sparser. There is a small church in the forest, to the south east of him. To the south of the town is a number of farms, all of which are irrigated. Casey hops down, missing his climb check and landing on his ass, and then heads west, to a sandy beach at the river.

    Alexia finds herself in sparse forest, and on a dirt road. She sees that it bends to the west, and also flows south. She also spots wolf foot prints that seem to comes from the north. She sees the markings of cart and foot travel between the west and the south, but ends up heading south.

    Ziggy ends up far to the north of the group, and rushes down the river for awhile. He uses a wind slash to knock a tree down, and he floats on the log until he washes up on a sandy beach. He sits up, and shakes his head of excess water, then looks around, spotting sparse foresting and also a note in a bottle. He uncorks the ornate bottle and pulls out a peice of milky white paper, scraweled with a faintly glowing silver ink. The note explains that a young girl named Cassandra Clemmens is trapped, and has been for ten years, but she does not think she will be safe much longer. She begs for help, and hopes that someone can find any family she might have. Ziggy slips the note back in the bottle.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)20:42 No.6390299
         File1256258528.jpg-(47 KB, 500x500, 61721f.jpg)
    47 KB
    Justin lands on a bridge in town, and immediately, two children with fishing rods turn to face Justin, staring in awe as he Materializing in a flash of red Lightning. Justin tells them to hush, but they immeditately ask if he is a witch. Justin says he is a traveller, and something far greater, and then gives them both a shiny silver coin for their scilence.

    Soon after, a Gaurd comes to confront him, and tells him that he is not allowed to wear his hood up in the walls of the town, citing that many strange happeneings have been occuring lately. Great Wolves attacking the city, kidnappings, and mischeif. Justin oblidges and explains he is a traveller that was dropped off up stream on a mapping expidition, and he is seperated from four friends. He asks if anyone has been seen, to which the gaurd replies " No" and then he asks for directions to the local Inn, which he heads to, after he thanks the gaurd.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)20:43 No.6390305
         File1256258580.jpg-(65 KB, 520x354, Typical_Medieval_Farm_House.jpg)
    65 KB
    Larenzo fades in inside the loft of a barn. He peeks out, then climbs down, after spotting a tall man and a teenager in a cow pasture. He circles around their house then approachs them from the road, one arm on his massive pack, waving to them with a cheery, " Hail!"

    The man intoduces himself as a farmer named Dave Clemmens, and introduces his son as Abraham. Dave is a tall, lanky man with sideburns and a neckbeard, a small smile, curly hair and glasses. He wears a white cotton shirt and overalls. His son hasn't fully grown yet, but has the same curly hair, but it is blonde. Abraham asks Lorenzo why he is so dark, and he explains that he spent a long time working in the feilds.( This was a quick OOC cover up at the suggestion of Alexia, who didn't understand why everyone immeditately started laughing at her racist remark.) Dave asks why he is travelling, and he says he is a Squire, and has been seperated from his Knight. He opens up his pack and shows the chainmail and tabard inside, gaining their trust.
    >> /tg/ can't spoiler images, sorry! Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)20:43 No.6390312
         File1256258620.jpg-(169 KB, 500x375, dead+cow.jpg)
    169 KB
    They step aside and reveal the mauled carcas of a cow, and explain that they think a wolf attacked it, but they shouldn't be able to pass through the city and get to the farms. Lorenzo asks where the town is, and they explain that Middleshire is. He thanks them and heads off on his way, but Dave stops him and tells him that his wife is going to give birth soon, and that they'll be taking a cart into town. He offers Larenzo a ride, which the eager young squire gladly accepts.

    Casey ends up at the same Sandy Beach that Ziggy landed at and checks to see if he is okay. Ziggy asks who has his stuff, and Casey explains that Larenzo does. Casey gives Ziggy his witchunter coat and hat. Ziggy then explains the note in the bottle, and Casey thinks it over slowly. At this point, I dock Casey for being out of character, having not called Ziggy an Idiot yet. Casey goes, " Oh yeah. Ziggy, your an idiot." And the table had a laugh. Ziggy explains " I don't like that fucker telling me what to do. Ooooh, Look at my Fancy PHD. Hes not the one who has traveled through time before! And, I could have a fucking PHD too, if I didn't have to do this shit!" Casey remains stern while the rest of the table laughs, and comes back with, " Yeah, but your actions interrupted my next move of using my Electricy to short circut the time machines!" Ziggy scowls, and they silently enter town.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)20:46 No.6390348
    Goddamn this stupid shit is making my head heart. Did you learn everything you know from movies?
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)20:49 No.6390379
    You didn't sage hard enough. Also, not historically accurate ( Trademark.)
    >> Note: Only on the google to nuns look like this Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)20:53 No.6390425
         File1256259232.jpg-(77 KB, 400x408, nun.jpg)
    77 KB
    Alexia comes down from the woods and is immeditaely confronted by a gaurd, who spots her nun outfit, and asks why a sister is traveling on foot. Alexia says that she was seperated from her party, and needs to get back together. The gaurd comments that its strange that they haven't met before, as the Religious Folk often come through on sundays to hold mass in the town's Inn. She smiles and explains that she normally tends the grounds while they do this, and today is a special occasion for her. Just then, something catches her eye.

    Alexia spots Justin, just as the soothsayer is being called over by a stranger. The stranger is a portly man in merchant's clothing, with one hand holding his massive gut and the other waving him. The portly man introduces himself as "Mr Bagels" and he says that he knows everyone in town. He owns the local Inn, the Dancing Mermaid, and hasn't seen travelers in weeks. Justin catch's Alexia's eye, and they try to recap each other on the wearabouts of others while Mr Bagels contiually tries to invite himself into their conversation. Bagels, with a rub of his tummy, asks the travelling Soothsayer why he knows one of their sisters. Justin tells Bagels that they went on a religious expidition some time ago, which Mr Bagels raises an eyebrow at, and causes Alexia to give her signature toothy nervous smile. Justin then explains that they need to meet up with the rest of their group, and if they see any others.
    >> #Bule Bule 10/22/09(Thu)20:54 No.6390426
    Casey runs up to Ziggy. "Hey man, wait up! Aren't you forgetting something?" Ziggy shutters. The last time Casey said that...

    Almost instantly, Casey had begun unbuttoning Ziggy's pants and kissing his stomach...
    >> Theres alot of lost dialogue between the maid and Alexia. Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)20:54 No.6390435
    Bagels turns to Alexia and tells her, " You know, sister, there is a childbirthing today at the Wise Old Maid's house. I'm sure they would love to have a holywoman such as yourself attend." Alexia smiles and says that she would gladly go, and then Bagels calls a gaurd over to escort her there. Justin heads to the Inn, and sits down at the pub. He pulls out a pocket full of pennies from our time, and then transmutes the gold that came with their uniforms so that the pennies are coated in it. He smiles, and plays with his other presidigitation abilities.

    When Alexia gets to the Old Maid's house, she finds May Clemmens and the Wise Old Maid already in the process. Dave, Abraham and Larenzo are running back and forth between the river and the house, in the northwest of town, fetching water to keep May cool, to keep her clean and sanitary, and to keep them out of the way. The Maid takes a look at Alexia and then tells her to take over, which she does.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)20:56 No.6390454
         File1256259396.jpg-(49 KB, 504x328, 504_cord.jpg)
    49 KB
    Casey and Ziggy enter the town and are directed by a gaurd to the Inn, though the gaurd gives Ziggy the stink eye for claiming he is a knight while being wet and in jester's clothes ( He was wearing a black button up shirt with a flame print on it.) They meet up with Justin in the Inn, and Ziggy immediately asks who has his stuff. Justin says Larenzo does, and when they ask Bagels, who is inside, about Larenzo, he claims that he saw him assisting the childbirth. They head over there, and are immediately assaulted by the Old Maid, yelling for them to " GO FETCH WATER!"

    They rush back and forth, the old maid squabbaling at them, complaining about Alexia all the while, saying back in her day nuns did it better. Finally, as the baby begins to poke out, The old Maid shouts for Alexia to help assist the birth! She grabs the baby, ( Ziggy adding, Make sure to squish it's head!) and pulls it free. Someone needs to cut the umbilical cord, and the group squabbles over what to do. Ziggy asks if he gets to eat the baby if he does it. Justin offers to circumcise it. ( Alexia shouts: Its a girl!). Larenzo jokes, ooc, if he could wolf out and slash the cord. ( We all groan.) And then Casey pulls out the Ornamental Dagger from the Savage Council and slashs it. ( he says the he hopes the baby won't become a dracula, and the group all shudders.) He then spins the dagger around and holsters it. The wise old maid spits and calls him a show off.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)20:57 No.6390465
    Bule goes in every field.
    >> The last pic, of an umbilical cord, is likely more applicable here. Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)21:05 No.6390547
    While most of the group turns to the new born baby girl, which is named Emily. The Wise Old maid cries out, as May clutches her stomache. As everyone turns to look at her, they see her bleeding from her mouth, and her eyes growing dim. She calls out, " Dave?" They all panic, and realize shes dying, but alexia calmly activates the power of her engraved, the writing on it glowing as her hands glow white, infusing may with light. The Wise Old Woman stares at this, eyes bugging out, and she cries, " WITCH!" And leaves the area. Dave thanks Alexia and takes Emily close to May, with Abrham at their side. The family hugs as our party congradulates themsleves, Casey keeping the umbilical cord as a trophey. Ziggy has a breif moment with Dave, showing him the letter, which he gathers, his face turning stoic, as he calls for his family to head back home. The party return back to the Inn, to plan.

    At the inn, our party heads upstairs. Mr Bagels has provided a room for the men, seeing as they are all traveling together. Alexia is not invited upstairs with them, as she is posing a lady. Seeing as night was begining to fall, Bagels offers her a seperate room, for her to stay the night. She gladly accepts.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)21:09 No.6390587

    Stop being a faggot.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)21:14 No.6390648
         File1256260451.jpg-(87 KB, 700x541, american-werewolf-in-london-li(...).jpg)
    87 KB
    Inside the room, the party gathers together to share information with each other. Justin mentions the dog attacks, and Larenzo says he saw a cow that looked like it met one. Larenzo takes head of the conversation and decides to speak up. " I have something I need to show you all." Casey chimes in with, " I'm going to shock you if you remove any clothing." and Larenzo does anyway, saying, " Wait, this is important." The first thing they see, Once Larenzo strips down to his boxers, is the bite mark on his shoulder. The second thing they see is him fucking turn into a werewolf.

    He gets huge, brown furred, hunch backed, and stays bipedial. More John Talbane than the wolfman. The group all stands back, and he looks them over and goes, " What do you all think?" "Borring." " Not suprised." " Just dont fucking eat us." Larenzo replies with. " Don't worry. I have total control." He tries to exit wolf form and fails his willsave, attack everyone in the room. The group all dodge his claw frenzy, and Ziggy gusts him against a wall, pinning him there until he can change back. Larenzo laughs nervously. " Sometimes the wolf freaks out when I attack, or when I try to put him away." Justin and Casey roll their eyes. Ziggy drags Lorenzo across the floor, then tosses him into the air.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)21:16 No.6390664
    The group continues the power down in their room, calling a maid for meals. Ziggy yells, " Squire! Come remove my armor!" and Larenzo holds up his hand in a wolf claw fashion, which makes Ziggy go, " Nevermind, you have a disability! I can do it myself!" The group hears a knock on the door, and when Justin answers, Mr Bagels is there, slapping his belly. He asks, "I know you all are enjoying your room, but I do need you to pay before the night is over." Justin nods, " Certinally!" He says, and he turns to his pocket, pulling out the requires two gold peices. He holds his hand around them, and fires up his presidigitation, transmuting them to bear a symbol of a foriegn nation. One of the coins is transmuted to have an image of Justin on it, with a hand up to his ear. A Listening Coin, which Justin can use to hear what is going on.
    The group continues to bicker over bunking, all undressing for the night. Justin uses this oppertunity to test out his fun new presidigitation. He holds a second coin up to his ear, and hears through the first enchanted coin. He hears Mr Bagels, The Old Maid, and a town Gaurd talking. They are calmly discussing the party upstairs. They mention the conflicting backstories, and the supposed witchcraft Alexia preformed on the dying May Clemmens.

    (( Taking a small break, would love some feedback.))
    >> Asmodeus 10/22/09(Thu)21:16 No.6390670

    Ignore them. Continue.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)21:17 No.6390680
         File1256260653.jpg-(39 KB, 390x262, 1239716608992.jpg)
    39 KB
    Lets feed obvious trolls. You have the maturity level of a trade chat mouthbreather, and you should go back there.
    >> Asmodeus 10/22/09(Thu)21:44 No.6390949
         File1256262251.jpg-(55 KB, 460x549, asmodeus1.jpg)
    55 KB

    An interesting story so far. Your group seems to be the right balance of clever and random to make things both humorous and challenging.

    I demand you continue, human.
    >> NO ONE EXPECTS... Gaston? Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)21:46 No.6390985
         File1256262376.jpg-(89 KB, 600x429, gaston.jpg)
    89 KB
    Justin alerts Ziggy, Larenzo and Casey to this, and says that one of them should stay with Alexia to gaurd her. Casey mentions that her being a nun, it would be very bad for any of them to be caught in her room. Larenzo says he could pretend hes a eunich. They all laugh and continue arguing, when Justin shows them the Listening Coin he can create. He forms another pair in his pocket, breaking the enchantment on the first one, and steps outside, slipping it into the crack on alexia's door, on his way to get stew for the group. They hear a distant howl at this point.

    Half an hour later, with the group still eating, they hear the noise of bootsteps enter from the hall. Alexia hears a pounding on her door, and a large, broadshoulders gaurd with a feather on his hat thrusts a written declaration at her. " My name is Gaston, Captian of the Gaurd, and you are to be detained, under order of the mayor, until confirmation from the church on your sisterhood can be received, on suspicions of witchcraft!"
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)21:48 No.6391010
    Gaurds rush into Alexia's room, who presses her hands together and begins to pray to herself, going with them willingly. Justin moves to the door of the room, and intercepts Gaston, interrogating him. He asks under who's order she was taken away, and he states the Mayor. He asks if Gaston already expects she is a witch, and he says he is unsure, but doubts it. ( Justin passes a sense motive check which confirms this.) He asks who the Mayor is, and Gaston informs him that Mr Bagels is infact the mayor. Justin scowls and asks if they can accompany her, to keep her safe, and Gaston declines, then states he must continue with his caravan and she should be safe until morning, only to be questioned, as long as she is truely a member of the church.

    Justin rushes back into the room, knocking over a Larenzo who is listening over his shoulder. He quickly explains everything to the group, who suit back up. Casey and Justin both check their pistols, Ziggy stretches out his Kitty-Themed Tabard, and Kitty emblem on his Scimitar, and Larenzo counts his arrows.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)21:49 No.6391024
    They split up, Ziggy and Justin deciding to play the social game, seeing if they can figure out whats going on, or meet the Church to try and convince them otherwise. They head downstairs to interrogate a barmaid, working for a missing Mayor Bagels, while Casey and Larenzo rush out the door and track the group.

    Larenzo and Casey dart outside and rush into a massive mist that has formed over the small town. Moments later, from inside the mist a massive, black wolf, hunched back with glowing red eyes and wicked white fangs, forms. It growls at them, baring its fangs, and moves closer to Casey, ready to strike, before it suddenly Howls, and turns to face Larenzo. The howl overcomes them with Psychic turmoil, causing casey to be paralized in fear, and causing Larenzo to involuntarily wolf out.
    >> Bhargest baised on legends, not on the DnD monster. Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)22:02 No.6391217
    The black wolf pads close to Larenzo, who heaves up and down, panting now. He feels a pressence in the back of his mind, the massive beast speaking to him on some dream like level. The beast speaks not with words, but with flashes of images that rush through Larenzo's mind. Larenzo sees the wolf. He projects an Image of Larenzo, and then an image of the man turning to a wolf, questioning. Larenzo tilts his head, and then nods. The wolf flashes an image of a newborn pup. He flashes an image of the pup's first kill. Larenzo remains confused. He flashes an image of himself, and then an image of the whispering noise the wind makes when rushing over dead leaves. His name, Whisperwind. He looks to Larenzo. He looks to casey, and he flashes an image of a werewolf feasting on a human being. Larenzo shakes his head. The wolf moves in, ready to feed on the paralyized Casey, who manages to whisper, 'asshole' but Larenzo moves between them. He manages to show the other wolf an image of the pack. The Wolf scowls. He flashes an image of a chain on a dog's neck, and then an image of a slender, long haired man, silloueted against a winter moon. ( Casey quivers OOC. THE SLENDER MAN?) The images flash back and forth. The image of the pack on the hunt, showing Larenzo two other wolves, which he realizes he can faintly feel. Larenzo reflects his own image of a hunt. He shows Alexia, and the bars of a prison. He shows his bite clasping over a man with a crown. He howls. He senses what the other beast is, the Bharghest. And they run together, to hunt.

    Ziggy and Justin exit the inside of the inn, having found the location of prison, to the southwest at the bend in the river. They rush along the main path, and notice that many homes and shops were empty, and people were all crowding around in that general direction.
    >> Hunter S Thompson appears in many of my campagins. He didnt get his chance to do much in this one Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)22:03 No.6391223
    Alexia is taken to a home sized, single cell prison, where she is kept behind Iron bars, with a tiny barred window letting moonlight spill into the room. Inside the room, Mayor bagels is looking over notes for other witchcraft related incidents in their town. Two gaurds gaurd Alexia's cell. One is named Hunter, a gaunt young man in a fisherman's cap, chewing on a cigarette, with a pair of handaxes and a flask at his side. The other is a crotchety older man, with the standard issue spear and sheild, named Mongoose. They dice together in a corner, near a side door. The front of the station is surrounded by a mob of village people, crying out for violence and vengance against the witch. Most of the town gaurd is keeping them away from Gaston, who tries to keep the peace. Amidst all this, Alexia stays on her knees and prays to herself.

    Larenzo and Whisperwind race along the river, Larenzo's bipedial form jumping over crates and carts with ease, with Whisperwind splitting into a mist to rush along the side of the river. They arrive at the prison first, coming to the back corner. Whisperwind, still made of mist, rushes around the corner, spotting Mongoose and Hunter. He projects the image of two gaurds to Larenzo, and then swirls back and materailzes near them. Larenzo projects back an image of fear as opposed to killing, unsure of his companion and weather or not the Bhargest will strike to kill. Larenzo races around the corner, and leaps into the air, grabbing Mongoose's head with a open claw and slamming it against the floor. He then turns to face Hunter and growls out, in his batman voice, " RUN!" Hunter prompty jumps into the river. Larenzo ducks inside and slams a the door closed, unwolfing in the process.
    >> Illumantis: They will bluffomacy out of anything. Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)22:04 No.6391232
    Casey, Morgan and Justin had made their way to the angry mob, forming infront of Gaston. They try to push their way through, though the crowd mostly deflects them off, with cries of, " I want a good seat!" and " Mob in the back with the rest of em." They huddle together, and come up with a plan. Casey fires his pistol into the river behind them, a gunshot followed by Justin's cry of SCILENCE!

    Justin explains that the group had lied to them before, but time was running short now and they were there to help them. They are part of the Ordos Templars Illuminatis, and are sent with the authority of God to hunt for supernatrual abominations. Gaston growls, and acknowledges this fact, but he states that whatever organization they are in, they have no authority here. Justin replies with: "Authority... AUTHORITY!? WE represent the highest chapter of religious church of the Ordos Templaris Illuminatis, and your ignorance of authority impedes a missions of great severity for not only our sakes, but your very lives! Your mortal ideas of authority have no sway over us! We do NOT answer to you, but the one true power above, in his holyness alone do we answer! You hold one of our inquisitors captive when their expertise may be what we need to save the coming darkness from the coming onslaught of night! IF what I speak is false, then may the holy one blessed be god strike me down, but if my spoken rhetoric be true, then let god speak for me! God... has... SPOKEN!! STAND ASIDE!" All the while during this speach, Justin causes the earth to rumble, and Casey and Morgan hold hands to summon a massive thunderstorm in the distance.
    >> Combat number two sidestepped! Mah PCs hate their cool powers. Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)22:09 No.6391308
    All the peasents flee in awe, and Gaston, and the other gaurds drop on their knees. The illuminatis call for them to rise, and step inside, Just as Lorenzo enters through the side door. Mayor Bagels stands in the corner, away from the group, playing with his stomache nervously. Alexia's face lights up at her Salvation, and Larenzo, waving to the group, sends a mental note to Whisperwind that his hunt is complete. He howls and races off in the distance, to the south of town, knocking over a fresh-from-the-river Hunter.

    Ziggy barks at the Mayor that he needs to send out gaurds in specific control patterns, and Bagels replies with giving Ziggy full military command. Ziggy calls over Gaston, who kneels to him now, and explains that they need to evacuate the countryside, and get everyone within the city walls, then set up patrols on the north and south boarders.
    >> DAVE CLEMMENS Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)22:16 No.6391391
    The groups relocates to the Dancing Mermaid, and begins passing back and forth information now. Larenzo explains the bhargest, how they spoke, and how they were headed to the farmlands. Alexia mentiones the tracks to the north. Ziggy brings up the note. The mayor's ears perk at this, and the mayor divulges what he knows. Dave Clemmens' last baby girl had disappeared from his home the night after her birth. He had been out, chopping wood, while his wife was cooking a meal, their baby girl sleeping in the next room over. Their was a crash as they heard a window being opened, and both of them rushed inside, only to find a porcelin doll in her place. The mayor said that Dave took the doll to the Church in the northen woods to have it exercised, consecrated, and then destroyed it with his axe. The group all groans, and Larenzo mentions how the Bhargests were headed to the south. They put two and two together and realize that the Clemmens Family is in danger. Casey calls himself an idiot for letting them leave the city.

    As the party suits up and readys a cart to head to the farmlands, Dave pulls up, tears of rage filling his eyes. In the back of his cart is May's corpse, destroyed by wolves. The group realizes with horror that their oppertunity for saving may has already passed. Dave sobs, " I tried to find my axe, near the church, but it is already gone. I'm powerless to stop them, please help me. I want my family back."
    >> Never piss off a fae Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)22:31 No.6391596
    Justin and Casey stop Clemmens and take him aside, and ask him if there is anything else he can tell them. They want to know why he was targeted. He frowns, and recites a tale.

    12 years ago, when Dave made his pilgramage here, he stood on the town bridge and threw his lucky golden coin into the clear depths below, wishing for a happy family with many children. It was later that day that he met May, as they both chased fireflys to a clearing in the forest and met as the two fireflys became won. Dave fell in love with her in an instant and she did the same. They knew they would be together. The next day, Dave jumped into the river and found his lucky coin, the same jagged C carved into the side, but it was no longer golden. It was replaced with Iron instead.

    Dave always knew something was off about that, he never understood the events. But it made sense to him. He knows that Fey hate Cold Iron, and the coin he found was just that. It tied in perfectly to the events of the night. The group all scowls, and they set about their journey.
    >> I think I have issues, remembering as many racist jokes as non racist ones Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)22:38 No.6391704
    Just outside of town, Larenzo wolfs out. ( He can use Survival to track in this form. At this point there was an OOC comment made about how he hated having brown fur, and then everyone stared at him, what with being brown IRL) They find a fresh set of footprints, heading north. Alexia deduces that there being only one set, perhaps it was carrying something. Baby Emily Clemmens. The group picks up their pace, until they come to the bend in the road where Alexia landed. Larenzo perks up, finding another set of footprints. They come from the south, following the same path as the Bhargest, though they bend west to the church. They make a quick decision to investigate the church, thinking that if the holy grounds helped Dave before, they could find something of use there now.
    >> The TSA 10/22/09(Thu)22:39 No.6391713
         File1256265583.gif-(9 KB, 366x345, Tsalogo.gif)
    9 KB
    You are being watched, /tg/... Stop fucking with time, and we will stop crippling your dog.
    >> Fuck with times? These bitches get to craft gods. Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)22:53 No.6391922
    The group barges into the evacuated church, Larenzo heading upstairs to check the belltower, which looks out over to the roof of the chapel, as well as the forest. Ziggy and Casey check the main chamber, and they notice the Altar's Holy simple is a twisting road with a rising sun behind it, seven beams of light coming off the sun. Alexia and Justin head into the basement, and find something intresting. They find a chamber, whos door is sealed with a holy tape. The two of them ponder over the inscription. They call for help, and Larenzo hops down. He shows them his Rosetta Stone Earrings, which he had found in Dracula's Mansion's Attic, and he looks the inscription over, mumbling something about " Travellers..." Alexia opens her hand, and Larenzo hands the earrings over, and using her superior knowledge: Language, she translates to them. Justin throws in his theology knowledge, which alexia aids on, and they decipher the tape. " Come ye, great heros, for the quest in which you partake will offer the greatest of rewards."

    Casey and Morgan make their way downstairs, with the whole group discussing weather they should open the door or not. Ziggy finally gets fed up and kicks it open. Dust billows out of the room, but from inside they find something awe inspiring.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)23:01 No.6392065
    A massive statue of a wandering goddess,twisted walking cane in hand, ten feet tall, with a huge base showing the rising sun behind her, and the grassy hills, complete with twisting road, she wanders. The entire likeness is carved in Rubilte. At her feet, is a crimson pillow, tinged in gold, with a thin silver circlet resting on it. One Orange gem is crowned in the middle, with three clear ones placed on it's either side. Another inscription, easily translated by Rosseta Nun Alexia explains the artifact they have just found. " A gift from the Goddess of Travel and Horizins, Fharla. The Circlet of the Panethon can invite other gods into the cosmology of Fharla's kin. It was used for all the great gods before her, can can instill the first breath of magic into beleivers of that god, and install their power into the bearer." Alexia explains this to the group, with a hushed voice, and they discuss what to do. Alexia states that it was meant for great wanderers, and that they are the perfect definition of that. Finally the group decides that it should go to her. She gives her trademark toothy nervous grin and slips it on, momentarily removing her nun hood. It glows softly, and she instantly feels infused with Fharla's power.

    She gains two abilities. The Neverending Road, which lets her grant those who travel with her the ability to walk or run without fire. The second ability is called The Journey Home, and can enchant a doorway to take a group to the first person to enter's home.
    >> What the shit is the TSA anyway? Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)23:02 No.6392071
    The group congradulates themsleves on accomplishing their mission. They found a way home and a massive rubilite statue. They knew that they were not yet done in this time though. They had a baby to retreive, and perhaps another clemmens girl to find.

    The next thing they retreived though was a barrage of arrows. The moment Alexia had stepped out of the building, she immediately takes two arrows to the chest, then suffers another two barrages of arrows, all launching from the forest to the west. Jumping down from behind them are two more assalints. Hooded figures with cloth masks covering their noses and the bottom halves of their face. Whisps of silver hair poke out past their glowing, slanted eyes. Their cloaks shimmer in the night sky, and seem to blend into to whatever is behind them. Two two from the roof draw Rapiers, and they strike together, Alexia quickly dodging one blow, but the other striking her through the stomache. She collapses, dying.
    >> Combat Three: Thank god for backup healers. Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)23:11 No.6392208
    The group retributes though. Casey launhes a chain lightning, one of the assailnts dodging and the other having his skin burned. Ziggy slams his Scimitar into one of the assasins, a blast of wind behind his blade knocking him away from the wounded alexia, though not damaging him. Larenzo moves to the woods, and trys to search out the archers there, his own bow knocked with an arrow made of alchemical ice, which he fires into a rustling bush, hitting nothing. Justin channels the nuture of earth into Alexia, activating his back up heal on her, and she heals herself, panting. Rapier blades fly, one striking casey, and the other deflecting off of Ziggy's sheild. Casey launches a chain lightning at the pair again, one of them frying to death and the other stunned. Ziggy impales him on his blade, and then moves closer to the woods. When the Archers fire again, both on Larenzo, he is wounded twice, but he spots one of them and fires his Ice arrow, which the man dodges using his enchanted cloak. Justin moves in and fires a pair of Iron Bullets, both missing. Casey moves up, throwing a lightning bolt and Missing, and Morgan moves into melee range with one of the archers from before.

    Alexia tosses a holy fire, which slams into a tree. They fire their shots again, and try to escape melee range. Larenzo pegs one of the archers this time, pinning him to a tree with a iceicle, and Justin finishes him off with a pair of Iron Bullet hitting his less mobile form. Ziggy destroys the other one with a massive Wind slash. The group loots them, finding two of the cloaks undamaged enough to keep for themselves, Casey and Larenzo both taking them. ( These cloaks grant +10 to stealth when standing still, and hide in plain sight.)
    >> Accross the Otherside. Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)23:12 No.6392222
    They head back to the path that the fey soilders followed, and continue following the bhargest footprints. Larenzo leads the way, taking his wolf form again. His fey cloak flickers in the wind. They make their way into the denese foresting, and Larenzo's wolven claws, along with Ziggy's Scimitar cut a path for them. Eventually, Larenzo's wolven claw seems to catch some sort of mystical barrier, as though his wolven shape and the fey cloak allowed him to pass into a realm beyond. He sunders open a small hole in the forest before them, and accross it is another world.
    >> Cool wolf speak copyright Wheel of Time Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)23:13 No.6392239
         File1256267617.jpg-(26 KB, 511x600, ____Black_Wolf_____by_XxJared_(...).jpg)
    26 KB
    Droplets of snow flush foreward, and light pours through, into the forest at midnight. The group passes in, one by one, and they find themselves on a paved trail. The trees here were thinner, grey barked and with crystal leaves. A fullmoon is held high in the sky, but offers the place a thin, morning light. Easy snow seems to always fall, as though this world was stuck in winter. Larenzo instantly hears a howl, and he feels the pressence of three wolves. He knows the pressence of Whisperwind. He is greeted with the pressence of another, the image of the fresh falling snow on the ground. Fallensnow. The third is older, meaner. The image of a jaw clamping down for a kill, and the freshblood it tastes. Sunkenfang. Whisperwind calls out to him. The image of a pup, and then the tilted head of confusion, followed by the long run accross many lands. Larenzo flashes back with the image of a newborn human, and then the silloetted shadow being torn in two by a werewolf's claw. Whisperwind shows the image of the the broken chain, and then the shadowy horizon. He then, after scilence, and with reluctance, shows the image of a domesticated dog sitting by the fire, at the foot of an owner. Larenzo hears a chours of three howls, and he howls back. The last image he sees is that of one pack stepping aside to allow another to travel through their territory.
    >> NH4NO3 !/cH3no201Q 10/22/09(Thu)23:18 No.6392307
    Oh Jesus Fuck. The Journeyman Project.
    >> Like the sword in the stone, but less impressive and less good. Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)23:33 No.6392565
         File1256268832.jpg-(13 KB, 257x504, DoubleEdgedBattleAxe.jpg)
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    While Larenzo was speaking with the Bhargests in the distance, the group had continued along the path. In the distance is a massive palace, four spires surrounding a central dome, each with bridges connecting them to the center. It hung suspended in the sky, over a massive black pit, and fresh fallen snow pours down the outer edges of the pit, like a crystal waterfall. A bridge connects the suspended castle to the path that they follow, and it leads to an open gate. Justin notices something off to the side though, an Axe burried into a stump, the only imperfect tree in this area.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)23:44 No.6392723
    The group approaches the doubled bladed axe. Brozne blade with Iron edges, and a massive wodden handle. They inspect it , dusting snow off of it, and they see the word 'Clemmens' inscriped in the side. Larenzo, Casey and Justin all try to unearth it from the stump, being unable to, but with Ziggy approachs, he sheaths his scimitar and, with summoning a gust of wind to blow hismelf backwards, he rips it from the stump. It gleams in his hand, and he feels the pain, the sorrow, the rage that Dave felt at loosing his first daughter, and it fills him with Strength! ( Plus four to strength!) This axe had become enchanted to bestow Might!

    Our party is ready now. Ziggy in his plate armor, his Kitty Tabard matching the insigina on his buckler, and the Mighty Battleaxe of Clemmens in his hand, his twisted braclet still on his Axe wrist. Justin clenchs his latticework metal pendant in one hand, and wears an Iron gauntlet on the other. His earthen belt buckle holds together his soothsayer's robes, and his detective fedora and glasses are on his head. Alexia wears both the Circlet of the Pantheon and her Engraved Choker, visible under her nun garb, and her whip at her side. Casey tips his wide brimmed hat and adjusts his heavy leather witchunter coat, and channels electricity from his linked ring in one hand, while twirling the dagger of the savage council in the other, while his fae cloak flaps in the wind. Larenzo's brown fur and muzzle fade away, as he pulls his fae cloak around him to keep away the cold, notching an ice arrow from his crystal claw in his bow.
    >> Into the Fae Dungeons Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/22/09(Thu)23:57 No.6392935
    They step into the entrance and see three paths, one taking them directly foreward to the main chamber, one taking them up the spiraling tower above them, and one leading below. Justin and Ziggy decide to investigate uptop, with Casey, Larenzo and Alexia heading below. The inside of the palace is warded from the cold, but is still chilly by many standards, and the silvery walls are all engraved in fantastic patterns, but seem mostly untouched.

    The path below is frightening, with only thin slits in the walls allowing the dim outdoor light inside. Alexia holds her hand up, and grants the area light. She is both enchanted by the castle, and fearful of what lies ahead. they come to a twisting passage, that follows the rounded wall of the castle, and come accross a cage, twisting, vinelike bars moving diagonally , covering a cell shrouded by shadders. Whipsers of pain come from the back corner, while two massive silver eyes can be seen in the darkness.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/23/09(Fri)00:03 No.6393023
    Larenzo tries calling out, and Alexia tries to translate. All they hear is, " Kill me... Kill me." Casey asks Alexia to illuminate the Cell, and she forms a ball of light and throws it inside. It flashes and explodes, illuminating the Cell. They see a huge, mutated goblin, it's skin turned silver grey and its eyes slanted and feylike. Its head is as big as a beach ball, covered in glowing blue runes, and it seems barely able to support the weight. It dashes twards them snarling when exposed to light, and it reachs out for Alexia, who manages to ( Reflex Check!) get out of the way just in time. She sreechs, and reachs for her whip, but Casey notes they should move on.

    They continue down this path, finding a second cell, which they illuminate again. Inside they find a pearsin cat with dragonfly wings and insectoid eyes. It buzzes over to the wall and attempts to aim a pointed claw at them, but catches its arm in the diagonal cell bars. The group all slam their backs against the wall, and decide to leave the rest of the cells alone.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/23/09(Fri)00:11 No.6393133
    They continue down this path, finding a second cell, which they illuminate again. Inside they find a pearsin cat with dragonfly wings and insectoid eyes. It buzzes over to the wall and attempts to aim a pointed claw at them, but catches its arm in the diagonal cell bars. The group all slam their backs against the wall, and decide to leave the rest of the cells alone.

    They finally come to the end of the path, which spirals inward, to the center of the main chamber. A paved rim encircles a cross hatched set of vinelike bars, with a round cage holding a massive beast in the floor. They hear its snoring slumber, and look to one another. Alexia drops a ball of light inside the cage and illumainates a flat nosed dragon, huge butterfly wings curled up over a sword like tail. It's arms are unnatrually thin and small, and its snow-white scales are all covered in glowing blue runes.
    >> " Here is the perfect plan to tame the dragon." " Here is the perfect plan: Leave it alone." Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/23/09(Fri)00:12 No.6393147
    Alexia goes, " Wow... gorgeous," before backing away from the pit. They discuss the beast. " Is that a fucking Dragon?" Casey asks. " Larenzo notes, " You know, using my DnD knowledge, dragons are supposed to be intelligent. I bet if we can free this thing, it'll thank us and help us fight it's master. Casey replies with, " That sounds great. Lets leave it alone." and they all look at each other and nod, crossing the room and finding a spiral stairwell to the west.

    Justin and Ziggy head upstairs, and cross a bridge, snowy winds rushing along them, from the south tower to the center of the palace. The inside of the center of the palace is covered with rich tapastrys and thick rugs, lit by candles and decorated with statues and pottery. The room is built around a circular passage inside, with a window that peers down to the chamber below. Walking along the halls were spectral servants, ghostly fey women with slanted eyes and pointed ears, snow white hair. They would look at Ziggy and Justin with their sad eyes, mouth unspoken words to them, then continue their work of pushing trollys, dusting, or adjusting the paintings. The pair of illuminatis quickly decide not to peer through the window, but instead move to the west bridge, to explore.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/23/09(Fri)00:21 No.6393280
    Climax in just a moment. Does anyone have any commentary? There were more voices in the first thread.
    >> Random Trencher !!q+ShDYc7xr5 10/23/09(Fri)00:43 No.6393558
    Get on with it!
    >> Anonymous 10/23/09(Fri)00:44 No.6393574
    >> Fae King, Of Seelie and Unseelie Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/23/09(Fri)00:56 No.6393713
    The throne rests atop two layered platforms, which waterfalled snow along it's steps, and sitting upon it is a thin, slender man ( Casey OOC: NOT THE SLENDER MAN!), with long silver hair, blue and golden robes, and thin, spindly fingers. His eyes glowed like silver slits, light pouring out from a split mask. One half showed a cheerful face, in white, and the other showed a violent face, fanged grin, in black. The semicopoeral servents hold up the child, and the Fairy King lifts it up, calling out, the cry of a hundred voices " Let the show begin!"

    Across the hall, to the west, two goblins, white skin and runes on their forehead, gaurd a girl in an elegant ballroom gown. Eleven years old, with brown hair turned dark black from lack of sun. Her sad eyes were human, but her irses glowed with the fey silver. She had an unearthly beauty, never touched by sun, but her mouth was sitched closed. She points to the party, and the Goblins pull her back. The Fey King steps down from his throne, and speaks, the white half of his mask pushing away the black, his face turning cheerful. He laughs, with a thousand gleeful, mischevious voices all at once.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/23/09(Fri)00:56 No.6393719
    " I see you have come, you gypsies. I see one of you bears that wretched axe. You have come for my daughters then? To end my lineage?" Ziggy replies with, " We have come to aveange the Clemmens family." The sad, distortred girl faces them and tilts their head quizicly. He takes another step foreward, his face splitting back to the black and white, his chour of voices now a mixture of cheer and wonder, and vicious suscipicion. " But I have done nothing to harm you. If you interrupt the ritual-" The mask goes all black now. " She must drink her sisters blood. She must be the only link!" The mask splits again. " You will end our linagie." The mask turns white. " She must remain imortal." And then it shifts black. " And she is ours anyway."

    Justin steps forth. " How did Dave Clemmens harm you?"

    The Fey King laughs again, mask split. It turns white, " He broke our vow." With a split mask he adds, " He took back our gift."

    Justin replies with, " But how could he know that he was making a bond?"

    The King replies, mask white, " Who makes a wish that does not want it to come true?"

    Alexia, not thinking, asks him, " Are you Seelie or Unseelie?" and he just tilts his head at her, mask splitting. He waves his hand, picking up the baby. " Enough questions! If you are here to stop me than fight, if not, you may leave."
    >> BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/23/09(Fri)00:58 No.6393732
    The group charges, Casey throwing a bolt of lightning, Justin firing a pair of iron bullets, channeling the lattice work pendant's energy through his Iron Gauntlet. Ziggy slams his axe foreward, throwing a ranged Wind Slash. Larenzo fires an Arrow of Ice, and Alexia throws a blast of Holy Fire. As their attacks launch foreward though, the Fey King splits into a hundred tiny sprites. The blasts are deflected as the sprites swarm around the sleeping baby. The spectral servants rise, and pull the baby behind the throne, and the sprites reform into the King, who stands ontop of his throne. " Arise, my servant! Defend your kingdom and your liniage!"
    >> Obvious answer is my players aren't responsible enough for C4 Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/23/09(Fri)00:59 No.6393739
    With a massive roar, the plant life that made up the floor of the center of the room splits apart and the sleeping dragon bursts into the room, stardust errupting from it's wings. The Fey King immdiately holds his hand up, and the scales on the dragon's back glow with a raindbow of colors. Alexia shouts, " The Dragon from before!" And Ziggy replies with, " WHY DIDN'T YOU PUT C4 ON THAT THING?" The Dragon launches a massive energy breath, a huge focused cannon surrounded by beamspam shrapnel across to the west side of the chamber. Casey is injuried, and Larenzo is stunned, Alexia passes her reflex save, and avoids the damage all together.
    >> In hindsight, the dragon's accuracy was too low. Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/23/09(Fri)01:00 No.6393750
    Ziggy and Justin rush foreward, Ziggy taking his first turn to activate his new power and infuse himself with supernatrual strength. Justin fortifys himself, using his latticework pendant to create a skin of armor around himself, and launches a bullet at the Fey King, who's hand splits into a dozen sprites, reforms with a raplier, and then slices the bullet away. Casey attempts to move south, twards Justin, and then throws a lightning bolt at the Fey King, who splits into a swarm of sprites and buzzes to the north of the room. The dragon swoops up and uses its mighty wings to blow massive gusts at the party, knocking them back to their starting positions, huge gusts of wind rending their flesh.
    >> Toughness of twenty! Fuck yeah! Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/23/09(Fri)01:02 No.6393778
    The Fey King waves his hand At Larenzo, who falls asleep, and for three rounds the party goes back and forth. Dodging Dragon Claws, firing blasts ineffective against the beast's hide, until Ziggy scores a massive Crit with his Windslash in melee range, using his brutal crit property to further increase his damage. He leaves a huge knick in the dragons hide. Casey takes a few claws to the face, and he and Justin line up together to do a dual attack. Both of their hands, as well as the target of Justin's fortify ( Justin himself in this case) Infuse themselves with massive Chainlightning form together into one giant bolt that launches through the dragon, sizzling his flesh, and into the fairy king, who splits into a swarm of sprites, buzzes into casey and throws his blade at him.
    >> Fucking thing had like 18 injuries before it died. Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/23/09(Fri)01:03 No.6393794
    Larenzo finally wakes up and Wolfs out. He snarls and dashes twards the Dragon, rolling for his number of attacks ( getting his max, four.) and he runs up the side of the dragon, digging his claws into his hide, spinning around midair and cutting his kneck, slamming into his nose with a claw, backflipping up and then dragging one down his front again. The beast roars, taking multiple injurys. Ziggy digs into its flesh again, and Alexia spends a turn igniting it with Holy Fire, injuring it twice. Casey moves into melee, and whips out his Dagger, infusing it with lightning and he digs the blade into the dragon's wing, critting and tearing a huge chunk out of it. The Dragon roars in pain, and then sends its blade like tail at Casey, who gets stunned. The Fey King is busy throwing raipier attacks at Ziggy, who dodges with his sheild, or ignores them due to his chainmail. Alexia tries to strike him with her whip, but he deflects both attacks.
    >> Real combat, aww yeah! Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/23/09(Fri)01:07 No.6393840
    Justin spends his Hero Point ( which he received for doing great last session, along with AJ. Amber recived one to encourage her to interact more.) to activate a limit break.

    Justin's lattice work pendant explodes with a blue glow, that surges into his metal glove. It warps and distorts itself, and turns itself into a chain gun barrel. He points his hand at the massive dragon and fires round after round into the beast ( 8 attacks! Injured with four.) Leaving massive impacts into its hide, the cold iron searing away the fey flesh.

    The Fey King Snarls, and teleports from the melee in the northwest corner, to the back of his massive Dragon. He points his blade to the roof, and the Dragon forms it's beam weapon there, firing at the curve of the wall and causing it to rain down on all below. All but Ziggy and Larenzo are stunned by this, With Alexia and Casey dying. with Larenzo taking an injury and Ziggy being the only one to pass his reflex save, and then pass his toughness roll. Larenzo rushes foreward and tries to wolf combo on the Dragon again, but fails his will check and ends up freaking out, instead slamming three attacks into Ziggy and knocking him into staggered and disabled.
    >> BEHEAD EVERYTHING! Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/23/09(Fri)01:08 No.6393846
         File1256274497.jpg-(13 KB, 222x206, shieldRoman2568p54ecopy.jpg)
    13 KB
    The fey king uses this oppertunity to try and slay Larenzo, who takes additional injures, and then dodges a dragon bite. Justin wakes up first, and heals the Dying Alexia, Alexia heals of her disable. Justin fires bullets at the dragon, leaving impact at the weary, heavy injured beast, and Larenzo dewolfs, ( Barely passing his wolf save, which is harder for each wolf attack he makes, and for each injury he sustains.) and then readys an attack to team up with Alexia. ( At my suggestion.) Alexia activates next, and teams up with Lorenzo for their dual attack.

    Larenzo, humanoid now, forms a crystal of ice, and Alexia projects her healing light into it. The crystal prisims it around the room, throwing a heal on everyone. Ziggy leaves his dying state, casey leaves his as well ( Though he still has like, an incredible six injuries.) As though their renewing hope effected their dice rolls, Ziggy rolls a second crit with a wind slash, and the Dragon botches his toughness roll. Ziggy slams the Axe of Clemmens, with a cry of, " FOR DAVE!" into his the Dragon's Neck, slicing the beast's head clean off.
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/23/09(Fri)01:11 No.6393887
         File1256274692.jpg-(163 KB, 800x600, 295110506_8gap9-L.jpg)
    163 KB
    The party instantly turns on the Fairy King, who's mask turns pure black now, and his eyes narrow with rage. He moves quicker, throwing three raiper attacks at Casey ( Who eats it and passes his toughness) and two at Ziggy, who deflects both with his sheild. He then splits into sprites and swoops accross the gap. Alexia gets ready to attack him with Holy Fire, when ziggy calls out for heals, wanting to be able to move and attack during one action. She heals him, and he throws a missing wind slash at the king. Casey throws a lightning bolt, which singes him, but does not kill. Larenzo, a Ice arrow, which misses, and then Justin, rolling 17+ on two attack rolls, pounds him with twin Iron Bullets, the Iron blasting through his chest, then splitting his mask into halves, which flies off his face as he slumps to the ground. The fae king cackles, with his last breath, splits into a dozen sprites, and then fades away.
    >> Anonymous 10/23/09(Fri)01:46 No.6394280
    Fey King... reminds me of... David Bowie...
    Good Stuff
    >> Epilogue. Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/23/09(Fri)01:46 No.6394282
    The princess hiding in the corner presses a hand to her mouth, as the stiches form into a sprite and dart away. She reveals herself as Cassandra, and takes her baby sister from Casey, who had picked it up.

    Meeting up in the town, Dave reunites with his daughters, and he profusely thanks the group. He tells Ziggy to keep his axe. They head back to their farm, and the Mayor Bagels, his mother, (the Wise (Crotchety) Old Maid), and Gaston meet them there. They will reward the party with whatever they wish, and they ask for the ingredients for the Journey Home spell, and the Statue in the basement of the church.

    The kids from the bridge slip a gift to Justin, apologizing for calling him a witch.

    Loot is divvy'd up next post.
    >> Loot and preveiw Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/23/09(Fri)02:00 No.6394402
         File1256277607.jpg-(16 KB, 300x390, m-night-shyamalan.jpg)
    16 KB
    Casey and Lorenzo keep their Fae Cloaks.

    Ziggy keeps his the Mighty Axe of Clemmens.

    Alexia keeps the Circlet of the Pantheon, as well as taking the gift Justin got, a red rubilite shard, which she infuses into her black choker, upgrading it to a level two focus. ( Awarded to her for better heals.)

    The halves of the fae king mask are divvi'd up as well.

    The white half is the summoner's essence, and goes to Casey.

    The black half is the formless half, and goes to Ziggy.

    Hero point goes to Larenzo, beacuse he turned the Bhargest from a combat into something cooler. Secondary hero point goes to Alexia, to get her more into the game.

    Next week is cavemen. With a Twist.
    >> Anonymous 10/23/09(Fri)02:32 No.6394791
    Looking foreward to the next session. Anyone planning on archiving this?
    >> Anonymous 10/23/09(Fri)03:23 No.6395353
    cool story bro
    >> Anonymous 10/23/09(Fri)03:42 No.6395531
    So is one of your players going to be able to summon that big dragon now?
    >> Bule !!9eche/j7mWr 10/23/09(Fri)04:01 No.6395755
    If they're good.

    This session barely got any attention. Next session should be better, more like the first. See you all in three weeks.
    >> Anonymous 10/23/09(Fri)04:30 No.6396085
         File1256286630.png-(6 KB, 368x264, 1241558697919.png)
    6 KB
    Once again, I enjoyed reading this. Thanks, bro.
    >> Pipboy !!s4aNsOVuwew 10/23/09(Fri)05:07 No.6396387
         File1256288861.png-(7 KB, 191x234, 4chan - Glee!.png)
    7 KB
    I eagerly await your next post. But FFS, spellcheck.
    >> Anonymous 10/23/09(Fri)11:37 No.6399071
    Real question is, how long until one of your PCs gets killed off?
    >> sage 10/23/09(Fri)15:05 No.6401203
    this is shit
    >> Anonymous 10/23/09(Fri)18:11 No.6403410

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