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  • File : 1257149864.jpg-(607 KB, 800x1040, 1246108450067.jpg)
    607 KB The Mansion - Another Fine Mess Gemini 11/02/09(Mon)03:17 No.6532058  
    I have another evening, so I'm continuing the game started last night.

    The three threads of yesterday have been archived, however I will post the blueprints of the mansion in this thread for ease of reference.


    When we left off after drinking with Violet and hearing her lovely singing voice, we had ordered her to request a butler and additional maid from her Academy in Marseilles, before retiring for the evening.


    The night passes uneventfully. You don't stir, and there is no need to bother Violet for any reason. The house seems... a little different, although you aren't sure if it is yet a good or bad kind of different.

    Your deep sleep is disturbed by bright sunlight and the sound of drawn curtains. Groaning, you open your eyes to find Violet standing next the side of your bed, her uniform fresh. Glancing at the clock next the bed, you realise that it is a few hours earlier than the time you asked to be woken.
    "Good morning, master." Violet says, bowing, before she tells you her reasons for this interruption. "I apologise for waking you, however it seems that the Academy did not waste any time dispatching the butler you requested. He will be here in two hours, and I thought you would like to greet him personally."

    She pauses as if awaiting rebuke before continuing. "I have drawn a bath for you, and will make breakfast as specified yesterday. Please, enjoy your bath and meet me in the breakfast dome."

    [ ] Bath
    [ ] Dismiss and return to sleep
    [ ] Talk to Violet for a moment (specify topic)
    >> Anonymous 11/02/09(Mon)03:20 No.6532081
    Thank her and [X] Bath
    >> Gemini 11/02/09(Mon)03:29 No.6532164
         File1257150595.gif-(80 KB, 620x605, First Floor.gif)
    80 KB

    (attached, First Floor Blueprint)

    Thanking Violet, you shake the sleep out of your head and sit up before letting her leave to commence breakfast. The bath awaits.

    After acclimatising yourself to the almost scalding water, you bathe and dry yourself before entering the walk-in closet and dressing yourself in clothing much like yesterday. You are still new at this, you don't really know how the head of an estate is supposed to dress, so for now you'll just wear what you're used to.

    Following the hallway through the kitchen, you arrive in the breakfast dome to find Violet placing plates of toast, eggs and bacon (both the soft and crispy varieties). Sitting, the maid offers you tea, coffee or fresh juice before taking her usual place behind you.

    "Would you like anything, master? The newspaper, or the portfolio of the root beer factory? Perhaps a cigar?"
    She doesn't sound sure about the last of the offers, but it's there now.

    [ ] Newspaper/Portfolio
    [ ] Talk to Violet about the Academy's rapid response
    [ ] Ask how Violet's night was
    >> Gemini 11/02/09(Mon)03:36 No.6532219
         File1257151004.gif-(49 KB, 620x432, Basement.gif)
    49 KB
    (attached, Basement Blueprint. If anyone needs an explanation of any of the rooms, I am happy to repost the description of the room. Note that the stairwell next the pantry is locked, and it is unknown what it contains, as it is not on either blueprint)
    >> Anonymous 11/02/09(Mon)03:39 No.6532240
    Wasn't it only last night that we ordered her? I don't know where the mansion is, but to travel from Marseilles to wherever we are in one night is fast. Perhaps a little too fast...

    [x] Talk to Violet about the Academy's rapid response
    >> Anonymous 11/02/09(Mon)03:40 No.6532248
    Man, we've got fucking elephant dollars, huh?

    >> Anonymous 11/02/09(Mon)03:40 No.6532253
    I would prefer
    [X] Asking how Violet's night was
    and after that
    [X] Talk to Violet about the Academy's rapid response.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/09(Mon)03:45 No.6532280

    (Alright, but so you know it's an old guy and not a girl).

    [x] Ask how Violet's night was

    She smiles gently to your question as she pours you a Russian Caravan tea.
    "My night was quite acceptable, master. It is actually quite warm in the room below yours, which was a pleasant surprise. Thank you for asking me. I hope your own night was also restful."

    You nod, happy with the light atmosphere between you this morning.

    [x] Talk to Violet about the Academy's rapid response

    Violet doesn't seem quite as awed as you yourself.
    "Someone so prestegious doesn't expect to be at the Academy long, I guess. He probably never fully unpacked. As for the flight..." she ponders this for a moment. "...perhaps he was just lucky to catch a near immediate departure?"
    >> Anonymous 11/02/09(Mon)03:54 No.6532325
    "Oh." Violet says as if remembering something vitally important, "While I was unpacking last night I found this in the wallsafe of my room. There was nothing else within. Rest assured, I did not read any of it."

    Walking to the kitchen area, she returns with a leatherbound book with a ribbon tying it closed on the cover. Branded upon the cover is your grandfather's name, identifying the book as his journal.

    "I am unsure why it was kept in the servant quarters, but I am returning it to you now as it is yours."

    Quickly flipping the book open, you see that it is filled with exploits from the 1980s onwards, the final chapters concerning his hobbies and concerns during his final years.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/09(Mon)03:56 No.6532340
    (since no options have been give)

    [X] Ask Violet if she still wishes to move to another room.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/09(Mon)03:59 No.6532358

    "er- well, I will have to move to the far room in the basement. The room I am in will have to be vacated for the butler, as the guest room near your bedroom on this floor is taken as your art studio."

    She once again refers to the room you have your Warhammer desk in.

    "Do not worry, I will move in between my duties and have already packed."
    >> Anonymous 11/02/09(Mon)04:04 No.6532391

    [X] Move your "art studio" to the unused walk-in closet. Offer Violet to live in the guest room on the first floor.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/09(Mon)04:08 No.6532414

    Violet is shocked and surprised at the suggestion. The superior room is meant to be the domain of the butler, but it is your preogative as master of the house to wish it otherwise.

    "Oh, erm... are you sure? I will if you wish it so, but..."
    She trails off, unsure of whether to just accept the better room or defer to the butler as her training dictates. She looks to you for a final verdict, now you understand the situation.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/09(Mon)04:15 No.6532455
    Breakfast draws to a close. As Violet starts to clean up, the intercom sounds, the light for the front gate module winking to life.

    "Good morning all. My name is Mister Goddard, and I am here as requested, to discuss my employ with this household. I shall hold in my taxi for the gate to be opened."
    >> Anonymous 11/02/09(Mon)04:26 No.6532511
    Tell her you didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable and that she is of course correct that making an old and esteemed butler stay in the basement would be rather impolite.( But try to look a little bit disappointed.)

    Open gate; welcome butler.
    >> Gemini 11/02/09(Mon)04:29 No.6532533
         File1257154186.jpg-(15 KB, 550x315, Front Rendering.jpg)
    15 KB
    (Gah, lost my namefag status. Stupid religion thread. Fixed.)


    (Front Rendering of house attached)

    Breakfast already complete, Violet hurries off to the front door ahead of you to welcome the taxi to your estate. Knowing you are still a little unsure about such situations, she bids you follow and tells you to stand outside the doorway and descend as he approaches. You nod, and she toggles the gate switch before opening the door and descending to stans on the left of the stairs at attention.

    The taxi stops, allowing a distinguished gent to disembark. He is wearing a black travelling coat over what you presume to be a black butler suit, and he straightens an olive scarf as he stands to his full height. His hair is parted, and he sports a dignified moustache across his top lip, which droops tastefully around the sides.

    As Violet told you would happen, he walks past her with a polite greeting. You descend to stand before him, and the newcomer takes of a glove before shaking your hand.

    "A pleasure to meet you, Sir. My name is Nigel Goddard, and as I understand it I am to be your butler."

    His handshake is firm and dry.

    As introductions are completed, he leaves the taxi driver to unload the luggage by himself.
    "Let us segue to business." he says, his eyes turning steely. "I do not require to be shown around the mansion, as I familiarised myself with the layout on my flight from Marseilles. What I do not already know, I will divine from Miss Violet. All that remains is for you to confirm my contract, and I will begin my work. There is much to do."

    [ ] Yes, to business.
    [ ] Yes, to business. (ask Violet's impressions)
    >> Anonymous 11/02/09(Mon)04:38 No.6532590

    [X] Smoke cigars and swap manly stories
    >> ProperGentleman !6sY1jEOU.k 11/02/09(Mon)04:38 No.6532593
         File1257154729.jpg-(8 KB, 300x249, Top-Hat.jpg)
    8 KB
    Onward with the adventure!

    [x] Yes, to business. (ask Violet's impressions)

    His confidence impresses us. What does Violet think? Perhaps we are relying on her too much, but we're new at this. We seek her opinion, though we have her escort Nigel to a sitting room while we speak to her out of hearing range. Then we have her serve drinks, perhaps a brandy. It is early, but we wish to be hospitable and he must be tired and in need of bracing after his trip.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/09(Mon)04:51 No.6532668

    Waiting for Violet to take his coat, you take him to the Hearth Room before offering refreshments. Nigel allows himself to be persuaded with a small brandy before the talks begin, and you excuse yourself a moment to follow Violet as she hastily organises a plate of cheese and water crackers in the nearby kitchen.

    You ask her what she thinks, the maid deftly cutting a wheel of Jarlsberg.
    "He is very polite, and his manners are to a flaw. While you would expect that with any butler you take on, his responses and actions are very sharp, which would be on account of his many years of experience." She finished the platter and looks to you.
    "That's not all. He familiarised himself with the mansion before arrival, to save time and effort for both of us. He obviously expects there to be no question about being hired, but this is a very professional touch."

    She shrugs, knowing that these are things you may not notice above the cut of average. "Just a whole lot of little things. You'd need to be a maid or butler for a while to notice, but I think that being a butler is a true part of him. Sorry if that sounds strange..."

    Returning with the cheese platter, Violet politely offers the snack to the new guest, who just as politely refuses before Violet places the platter on the table between you both and pours the brandy at the bottle cabinet to the side of the room.

    "I trust you are well, Sir." Nigel says with a smile as he takes a cracker from the plate now that it is set down. You return the pleasantry before the butler pulls a folder from his jacket and places it in your reach.

    "My previous employers, Sir."
    >> ProperGentleman !6sY1jEOU.k 11/02/09(Mon)04:58 No.6532715
         File1257155883.jpg-(59 KB, 450x376, Top-Hat.jpg)
    59 KB
    We'll take the folder and go through it, carefully but not lingering too long. We'll memorize a few of the numbers at random so we can call and check on his credentials on our own. Well ask him about his experiences with these past employees, get a feel on how close he was and personable to them. While we are in need of a Butler, we seem to have a thing for being friends with our staff as well. We'll ask him about his specific areas of expertise as well as his abilities when it comes to running the household.
    Most importantly though, we need to be assured of his discretion and his ability to keep secrets.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/09(Mon)05:01 No.6532739

    You take the folder and scan through the list. Since his employment he has served four families. Some of these he waited upon by himself, and in others he was charged to look after other employees, including maids and servants. The names sound very upper class indeed, and each of the references is glowing.

    You return the folder with a nod, Nigel leaving it on the table and templing his fingers. As he does, you feel Violet take her usual place behind you, the brandy set in front of you in delicate crystal glasses.
    "I am already familiar with this mansion, your employer portfolio and that of Miss Violet here, as well as that of the maid who accompanied me on the journey here. I am pleased with this situation, and will serve you until my contract is terminated. All that remains for you to do is to sign my contract, if you are satisfied with my qualifications, and I may commence working straight away."

    You pull your pen and sign the contract, Violet and Nigel witnessing the signature and co-signing. With a satisfied nod, he leaves the document with you.

    "Now, shall we move along onto the duties you will wish for me to perform?"

    [ ] Discuss duties
    [ ] Get to know Nigel (specify questions)
    [ ] Wait, if you travelled with the other maid why isn't she here?
    >> Anonymous 11/02/09(Mon)05:07 No.6532762
    Just a bit of advice. Quests are best done spread over a period of time. Putting a blanket of threads over /tg/ day after day after day does nothing but irritate it.

    So far, this is two days in a row. Don't push it further.
    >> ProperGentleman !6sY1jEOU.k 11/02/09(Mon)05:08 No.6532774
    [x] Wait, if you traveled with the other maid why isn't she here?
    [x] Discuss duties
    [x] Get to know Nigel (specify questions)

    In that order.
    Getting to know Nigel, he seems to be very business-like and may be uncomfortable answering personnel questions so soon after meeting us. We'll keep it very basic for now. We ask about his own experiences, his time at training and his own personnel life, what his interests beyond Butlerly (awesome word) happen to be. Hobbies? Family?

    We also inform him, as part of his duties, we may be relying on him for matters of etiquette and propriety. Our expertise in these areas is rough at best and we'll need him to be at our side in order to guide us in proper courses of action and step in with some advice if we commit some unknown egregious act.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/09(Mon)05:09 No.6532785
    >> Anonymous 11/02/09(Mon)05:11 No.6532802
    Or, just a little bit of advice from one of the many, many people in the world who knows how easy it is to piss off Anonymous, even in or especially in /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 11/02/09(Mon)05:12 No.6532811

    I agree on that course of conduct.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 11/02/09(Mon)05:15 No.6532821

    It's also fucking hard work, especially if your on UK time. After three days of ZEONQUEST and not getting to bad until 2 or even 3 in the morning, I've now got a full week of work to deal with.

    My own fault admittedly, maybe next time start sunday's thread midday?
    >> Gemini 11/02/09(Mon)05:16 No.6532824

    (I'll take that as a vote to discuss duties)

    "As butler, I will do my utmost to run your household's affairs. I will direct the staff in their daily activities, monitor comings and goings, and as I understand that you are unaccustomed to high etiquette, I can act as a guide in such matters should you reqest my assistance. I am also more than qualified to handle your household's financial affairs in your stead, if you so wish. Apart from these duties, I will assist in maintaining the estate and co-ordinating with Miss Violet, whom I understand will be your head maid."

    You express your need for a discreet butler who can keep quiet about certain events. Nigel nods and closes his eyes as he sips his brandy. "Fear not, Sir. I understand the need for secrecy in certain matters, and what comes to pass during my employment will not be uttered again in this world. You have my word on this as a gentleman, and my word is my bond."

    (you must choose if he will run finances for the household, as well as if he will run finances for the root beer factory. If not, they will be your responsibility unless delegated elsewhere).

    The subject adjourned, you lean back in your chair.

    [ ] Ask Nigel a personal question (specify)
    [ ] Why isn't the maid here?
    [ ] Thank you, Violet will show you to your room.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/09(Mon)05:19 No.6532843

    [X] Thank you, Violet will show you to your room.
    [X] Why isn't the maid here?

    (In that order. And on that note, which maid did we pick?)
    >> Gemini 11/02/09(Mon)05:20 No.6532854

    Hey, I have time so I'll run it. The fact of the matter is that my schedule is very feast or famine with spare time. I won't have time tomorrow so I'll run it tonight. I appreciate the concern, but don't concern yourself too much. This isn't normal for me or anything, just found myself with time.

    Anyway, on with the story!
    >> Gemini 11/02/09(Mon)05:32 No.6532929

    "Ah, Miss Carmel. We travelled together on the flight, but she informed me that she had an errand to run on the way here, and that she would arrive late this afternoon. She asks that you excuse her lateness."

    Afterwards, you ask about Nigel himself. Finishing his brandy, he sets the small crystal glass down.
    "There is rather little to know, in all honesty. I have been a butler for most of my life. I have served under people with families, and I have served wanderers. I have seen the world, beheld wonders in distant lands and returned to serve once more. My hobbies are many and varied, as I like to dabble in most things, but I enjoy reading and discussing foreign cultures and politics. As for family, I have a sister Mabel who currently lives in Zurich."

    After hearing him out, you thank him for his time and dismiss him, Violet quietly leading him to the front porch to collect his luggage. You still have to clean out the bedroom of your Warhammer, but that aside you now have time on your hands. Your choices are many, and you should consult the blueprints and room descriptions, but a number of possible ideas are:

    [ ] Assist Nigel in moving in
    [ ] Hang out with Violet as she works
    [ ] Read your Grandfather's journal
    [ ] Play Galaga/watch TMNT/Paint Warhammer
    >> Gemini 11/02/09(Mon)05:34 No.6532947

    (also, we picked the first of the pair, Carmel. She was the one who majored in cooking, cleaning and athletics)
    >> Anonymous 11/02/09(Mon)05:36 No.6532958
    I think it's important now to take some "Me Time". These aren't regular employees, they're classically trained servants. They're The Help. I imagine our excess familiarity is disturbing them a little. Let them settle into the routines they've been training to fill for a while before we get back to interrogating them.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/09(Mon)05:41 No.6533003

    I agree and because we are rich the only thing we have to do is to increase our wealth.
    Presently, we can only afford three maids and a butler. I bet all the members at the gentlemen's club laugh behind our back.

    So we need to increase our fortune. Any ideas?
    >> Anonymous 11/02/09(Mon)05:43 No.6533018
    That depends. What are the strengths of our root beer compared to our competitors? It might be time to update the business with a new product line if we can find a hook.
    >> Gemini 11/02/09(Mon)05:48 No.6533046

    Looking at self-improvement this way, there are a few options.

    [ ] Focus on acquisition of wealth (Root Beer)
    [ ] Focus on acquisition of wealth (other sources)
    [ ] Get a new hobby (collect cars, weapons, etc.)
    [ ] Increase defenses (add security, train staff, etc.)
    [ ] Research enemies

    *There may be others, post if you have an alternate idea, as always.*
    >> Gemini 11/02/09(Mon)06:00 No.6533124
    Good news, everyone. I've been called away to the real world, and won't be able to continue today. Not sure when the next session will be, but be on the lookout in a few days. Cheers for playing, you've all been awesome.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/09(Mon)06:02 No.6533133


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