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  • File : 1259013278.jpg-(110 KB, 933x596, rso.jpg)
    110 KB Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)16:54 No.6835885  
    Pictured is Rumbling Spell Orchestra, the TCG for touhou. It's somewhat similar to MtG in how it plays with some notable differences, for the next few hours or so (until I get bored basically) I'll be willing to teach new players the game or have matches against experienced players.

    You can get the translated version here:

    More info on the game can be found here: http://touhou.wikia.com/wiki/RSO

    We'll be playing over hamachi, Network:TGRSO \ Password: TGRSO

    >> I apologized on 4chan 11/23/09(Mon)16:56 No.6835939
         File1259013415.jpg-(161 KB, 312x445, 71130002.jpg)
    161 KB
    Uh, should I take this oppoutunity to talk about Gundam War as well?

    It's essentially a MtG/Battletech CCG hybrid with cards that accurately depict the abilities of what their depicting within their shows.
    >> Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)17:01 No.6836020
         File1259013666.jpg-(162 KB, 1024x739, rso.jpg)
    162 KB
    First, you'll want to make a deck. So, once you've downloaded lackey.exe and opened it up, click on the deck tab at the top of the screen. Make sure to check the "text" box on the left of the screen to see the english text for the cards.

    A legal RSO deck has 40 deck cards and 4 character cards. You can have multiples of the same character in your deck and any combination of characters, i.e. 4 Reimu or 2 Yuyko\2Youmu or 1Sakuya\1Remillia\1Flandre\1Patchouli and so on. For each character card you put in the character pile that character's level goes up by one, so 2 Reimu cards means you have a level 2 Reimu. For the purpose of learning the game, make a deck with 4 of the same character. Don't worry about their stats, we'll get into that later.
    >> Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)17:04 No.6836076
    Gundam War is fun indeed.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 11/23/09(Mon)17:10 No.6836165

    Bump, I kinda want to hear about the rules of this game.
    I vaguely recall reading it prior, but it's been a while.
    >> Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)17:14 No.6836225
         File1259014470.jpg-(151 KB, 1024x741, rso.jpg)
    151 KB
    So with your 4 character cards it should look something like the image here. Make sure character cards go into your character tab.

    Now we need some actual deck cards, with a level 4 character you can take any cards from your own set. Pictured are the cards from Mokou's set, she can use any of these but not cards from another character's set. Cards come in three flavors:

    Spells: A spell is used both for attacking your opponent when in battle and generating SP (this game's "mana") when in reserve. It's a good idea to have at least 20 spell cards, maybe more. They have a blue background.

    Events: One shot interrupt cards that effect play and are then discarded. Some examples of event effects are those that restore health, let you draw more cards to your hand, increase your spell's damage or avoid damage during battle. Among other things. They have a green background.

    Supports: These cards can be equipped to characters, spells and the "scene" (which effects the entire game, including both players). They are similar to events in that they provide bonuses or disadvantages to whoever they're used on, the difference being is that a support stays in effect until it's discarded some how. Supports have a yellow background.

    Don't worry too much about the cards stats right now, you'll pick those up as you play. Just pick your favorite character and build a deck with 4 character cards, about 20 spells and fill the rest in with events and supports.
    >> Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)17:16 No.6836249

    Oh and make sure to name and save your deck, this is important!
    >> Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)17:30 No.6836522
         File1259015449.jpg-(167 KB, 1024x768, rso.jpg)
    167 KB
    Here we have the start of a game. I'm playing a level 4 Marisa, he's playing the sample deck lackey comes with.

    From your characters tab, arrange all four of your character cards as shown in the picture. The character in the position marked by the green X is your leader character, you'll be using her stats and abilities when it comes to playing. So, Marisa has 20 HP and Reimu has 19. We set our HPs (seen on the left) by hand to the relevant number.

    Next we draw our first hand using the macro /draw6 in the chat bar. If you drew no spells on your first hand you can mulligan but that wasn't the case this time so no one had to. Finally we flipped a coin (there's a button for it above the chat) to decide the first turn, I won the call so it's me first.

    >> Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)17:47 No.6836834
         File1259016441.jpg-(166 KB, 1024x768, rso.jpg)
    166 KB

    Each turn is split into 3 phases:

    Replenishing - You gain 1SP on each of your turns during this phase, you gain +1SP on each of your turns for each spell card in reserve during this phase, you draw 1 card phase (except on the very first turn), you play replenishing events during this phase, you apply any special effects during this phase.

    Battle: Ooh boy, battle is complex. I'll give it it's own entry, suffice to say that if you don't have a spell in the battlefield on your turn you can't attack. More on this later.

    Preparation: You can play ONE spell from your hand into reserve, you can play any number of spells from reserve into the battlefield as long as you can pay their SP cost, you can play any number of support cards as long as you can afford their SP cost.

    After three phases, you end the turn.

    So, here's how our first turns went:

    I started, drew no cards for the first turn and gained 1SP. Nothing in my hand to play event wise and no specials to worry about so we passed onto battle, no cards in the battle field so we passed onto preparation. I played Magic Sign - Milky Way into reserve from my hand but couldn't afford the SP cost to send it into battle, next turn that card will give me +1SP so I'll earn 2SP during my next rep phase.

    He did mostly the same as me, he gained SP drew a card (second turn onwards players draw cards) passed on battle and played Bounded Field - Curse of Dreams and Reality to reserve. Only his spell cost a mere 1SP, so he could play it to the battlefield this turn. Next turn he won't gain SP for that spell as it's no longer in reserve but he will be able to attack me.
    >> Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)18:09 No.6837191
    On the wiki they say that you can pick a maximum of 3 copy of the same card (I suppose that doesn't apply to character).
    >> Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)18:42 No.6837623

    Battle: This can be a true cluster fuck but bare with me.

    So, it's your turn and you have a spell in the battlefield. If you want to attack (and you don't have to) you declare it to your opponent, if he wants to make a counterattack with any spells he might have on the battlefield he would declare an intercept. You can only intercept if you're attacked.

    Once an attack is declared you work out the battle. First compare your spell's Hit Value (HV) to your opponent's leader's Evasion Value (EV)
    if your HV is higher than their EV then your spell hits
    if your HV is lower than their EV it misses
    if they are equal your opponent can avoid the attack by paying their leader's Boarder Value (BV) in SP.

    If your spell hits you do your Spell's Attack Value (AV) in damage to your opponent's HP. For an intercept you do all the above again but using your Intercept Value (IV) in place of your AV.

    If you take a hit during battle, even if for 0 damage, you send your spell back to reserve. If you avoid a hit or just aren't intercepted your spell stays in battle.

    You can ONLY battle with ONE spell per turn, that goes for attack and intercept.

    At any point during a battle you can use events or specials to influence the outcome, Reimu can boost her EV with an event for example to evade attacks.

    Finally here's a list of various terms that come into play during battle:

    Protection: Reduces damage you take by (x) where (x) is the number in brackets in the card text

    Penetration: Ignores Protection

    Focused movement: When a spell with focused movement battles against a spell with the Spread type the spell with focused movement gives an Evasion Value bonus to your leader.

    Unfocused movement: When a spell with unfocused movement battles against a spell with the Concentration type the spell with unfocused movement gives an Evasion Value bonus to your leader.

    Guided bullets: Ignores movement types.
    >> Ekoi !PpcsYfrVrw 11/23/09(Mon)18:44 No.6837654
    Do you plan on streaming this?
    >> Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)18:50 No.6837718

    Yes I just realized I forgot about that, you're quite right.

    In your deck you can only have 3 copies of ANY one card. But you can have 4 characters the same if you should so choose.

    Anyway, that is a short introduction to RSO. It's not a complete guide and you'll certainly find there's much more depth and tactics to it depending on which characters and teams you use. I haven't even touched on the card text rules and effects, for example Sakuya can send cards from your opponent's deck to the discard pile everytime she attacks. Each character has their own niche of play, so try a few out to see who you like and get to grips with things.

    However this should be enough to get you started, it really is a great game and what's more it's free. Have fun!
    >> Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)18:51 No.6837727

    Ehh I can't stream, my PC doesn't handle it well because it sucks. I still invite people to come and play an introduction game with me over hamachi on the network in the OP.
    >> Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)18:55 No.6837761
    Crap, forgot something else.

    Winning conditions:

    Your opponent drops to 0 or less HP.

    Your opponent can't draw another card. (0 cards left in deck)

    That's about it.
    >> Ekoi !PpcsYfrVrw 11/23/09(Mon)18:57 No.6837786
    I could join the game and stream for you if you'd like.
    >> Ekoi !PpcsYfrVrw 11/23/09(Mon)18:58 No.6837793
    Hurpderp clicked wrong post.
    >> Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)19:07 No.6837897
    Just to be sure unless a card say so you don't lose unused SP at the end of the turn so if you don't play a spell card on turn 1 you'll have 2SP to spend?
    >> BUTTHURT SAGEFAG 11/23/09(Mon)19:07 No.6837903
    >> Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)19:09 No.6837924

    I'd need someone to play against first, my current opponent will be stopping after this match.
    >> Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)19:12 No.6837966

    That's right. Your SP pool has no limit and there are no penalties for storing SP. So each turn is cumulative.
    >> Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)19:13 No.6837976
    I'd watch the stream if you stream it.
    >> Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)19:18 No.6838032
    How do spellcards work? You play them they come into play in the reserve... then at a point (resplenishment phase?) you can move them to active. After that you can use them and they'll go back to the reserve? I'm pretty sure I don't get that part.
    >> Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)19:20 No.6838053
    You play them into reserve as if you were playing a Land card in MTG. You can then play it's SP Requirement cost and move it onto the battlefield. On the battlefield, it does not generate SP. If you attack with it and are not intercepted, then it stays on the battlefield, if you are intercepted and damaged, then it goes back to reserve.
    >> Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)19:23 No.6838086
    So you don't need to pay them to play them. Damned that make thing easier to manage since yukari only have one 1SP attack.
    >> Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)19:24 No.6838104
    Hry look, a /v/idya gamr.
    >> Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)19:27 No.6838140
    CCGs are /tg/ related fucktard.
    >> Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)19:27 No.6838143

    Not quite. Spells are moved around during the preparation phase.

    So during prep, you can move 1 from your hand to reserve. Then you can move any spells you have in your reserve into the battlefield (boarder of spells in the screenshot) if you pay the SP cost. You can move a card from your hand, to reserve then pay to send it out all in one prep phase should you so wish.

    Prep is your last phase of a turn so once you've gotten your spells out, it's the other players turn.

    When it comes to battle you send a spellcard back to reserve if you were hit during battle. If the other player's attack misses you for whatever reason OR they don't attack you at all, your spell stays in the battlefield.
    >> Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)19:28 No.6838158
    Actually I think you explained it better than me!
    >> Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)19:52 No.6838478
    So no one else wants to play?
    >> Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)19:57 No.6838547

    Looks that way, plus I'm kind of done with RSO for the day. Would anyone be opposed to this thread being archived for future reference?
    >> Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)20:07 No.6838679
    Right this thread looks like it's pretty much over now.

    If you want to know more about RSO or want to find someone to play a game with try checking on IRC at #RSO on rizon.
    >> OP 11/23/09(Mon)20:12 No.6838781

    Thread archived, should save me time next time I need to teach someone the rules. Alright that's me done for tonight, see you around guys.

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