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  • File : 1259136086.jpg-(288 KB, 1024x768, Pokeballs_yet_more_models_by_BionicleGah(...).jpg)
    288 KB Pokemon: Tabletop Adventures Dr. Mr. Stark 11/25/09(Wed)03:01 No.6858482  
    Hey /tg/, long time no update.
    So, the following Classes and their Advanced Classes are complete.
    Ace Trainer, Breeder, Coordinator and Psychic.
    I'm working on Researcher right now. Martial Artist, Ranger and Capture Specialist will be done soon afterwards.

    If you'd like to know more about any particular Class, ask away. I'll be posting the list of classes in a sec.

    Curious about any moves? Curious about any abilities? Ask away.

    Curious as to what the hell I'm talking about? Ask away.

    I'll be posting the older topics in a sec for those interested.

    Tell me about anything you'd like to see in the game.

    tl;dr Pokemon PnP topic
    >> Captain Bullshit Returns 11/25/09(Wed)03:02 No.6858504
         File1259136173.jpg-(9 KB, 97x105, Lucky surprise.jpg)
    9 KB
    Aw, FUCK YEAH!

    Myself and others have been awaiting your return. When do you estimate you will have the project finished?
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)03:07 No.6858553
         File1259136456.jpg-(232 KB, 607x825, 1330392.jpg)
    232 KB
    Ace Trainer:
    Type Ace, Stat Ace, Enduring Soul, Chaser, Gym Battler, Frontier Battler, Tag Battler

    Capture Specialist:
    Maniac, Collector, Poke Ball Designer, Engineer, Apricorn Smith, Artificer

    Professor, Cryptozoologist, Scientist, Watcher, Photographer, Petrologist

    Toughness Contester, Coolness Portrayer, Cute Idol, Beauty Modeler, Smartness Teacher, Investor, Fashion Designer

    Hatcher, Chef, Groomer, Trader, Evolver, Medic, Pusher

    Empath, Fire Breather, Air Adept, Water Pusher, Earth Mover, Influential, Clairsentient, Hex Maniac

    Martial Artist:
    Ninja, Black Belt, Message Therapist, Weapons Master, Aura User, Juggler

    Navigator, Rider, Detective, Coach *new*, Special Operations Member, Captain
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)03:14 No.6858604
    End of next summer most likely. As of tomorrow, I'll have been working on this for a year.

    Here's the older topics:

    Awaiting my return? Wat?
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)03:23 No.6858688
    Awesome. I can't wait to be finished with this.

    A couple of questions.

    1. Are those abilities simply options that a class may have, or does a class get ALL of those abilities? And if so, do they come in varying levels or degrees?

    2. Are the listed abilities limited to each class? I mean, is it possible for say a Psychic to get Type Ace? If so, how would one go about doing this. If not, why not?
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)03:27 No.6858728
         File1259137671.jpg-(194 KB, 1000x1000, 1257624531299.jpg)
    194 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)03:28 No.6858735
    Shit man, you've made a ton of advanced classes.

    I hate to ask, but how balanced is all this?
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)03:36 No.6858814
         File1259138178.jpg-(278 KB, 1052x769, 1252025307948.jpg)
    278 KB
    1 - Abilities are options. They have prerequisites, but other then those prerequisites, you may get them in any order when you (trainer) level up.

    2 - Multi-classing is easy. Each player gets to 'buy' (through Feats) up to 3 "Special" Features. Special Features are Class Features and Advanced Features. I'll post examples in a bit.

    What this means is a player can have 3 Classes, 2 Classes and 1 Advanced Class, or 1 Class and 2 Advanced Classes.

    Basically, you 'unlock' access to better feats through taking the Class/Advanced Features. And those Class/Advanced Features aren't bad either.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)03:37 No.6858830
         File1259138270.jpg-(62 KB, 600x439, 1250021598531.jpg)
    62 KB
    Fairly. No joke. Each class has something other classes can not do, and each exclusive trick is either really fun, really useful or both.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)03:43 No.6858883
         File1259138590.jpg-(55 KB, 652x678, 1249687409002.jpg)
    55 KB
    The reason why I made so many is to make sure each base is covered and so it's easy for others to make up their own class that'll fit into one of the 8 major archetypes.
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)03:45 No.6858915
    I still so excited about this. Honestly, I never thought that this would go anywhere. But over the months (now year), you've shown your dedication, and I can't wait until I have a chance to try this out.

    But Stark, care to share any more ability examples? You know, things that may give us a taste of some of things we will be able to do in the game?
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)03:48 No.6858943
         File1259138899.jpg-(59 KB, 700x319, team rocket chat.jpg)
    59 KB
    The emphasis on Trainer customization is what I'm going for in this game, since it's absent from every other pokemon medium.
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)03:48 No.6858949
    Can you give us the stats/abilities of the Stat Ace?
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)03:49 No.6858958
         File1259138992.png-(14 KB, 600x400, champions profile.png)
    14 KB
    Abilities from pokemon or features for trainers?
    If pokemon: request some.
    If Trainers: request a class I've said I've completed.

    I don't want to post something no one is interested in.
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)03:49 No.6858959
    I love you.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)03:54 No.6858998
         File1259139272.jpg-(526 KB, 785x1300, 1255158431296.jpg)
    526 KB

    This is the Stat Ace Feature:

    >Stat Ace – Pick 1 Stat other than HP Advanced Feature
    Prerequisites: Ace Trainer, 3 pokemon with the chosen stat of 30 or more
    Ability Bonus: Strength Bonuses: +1 STR
    Class Features: Specialist Training, Stat Subversion
    Special: You may take Stat Ace twice. If done, you must choose different Stats.

    Specialist Training: Stat Ace Feature
    Target: The stat of choice for any of your pokemon.
    Effect: You may add half of your STR modifier to the Base stat chosen for Stat Ace to your pokemon. If this changes which of the pokemon’s base stats are the highest, treat the altered base stats appropriately.

    Stat Subversion: Stat Ace Feature
    Target: Enemy pokemon’s stat you chose Stat Ace for.
    Effect: X is your STR modifier halved. Your foe’s stat chosen for Stat Ace is lowered X.

    I'll post a few of their cooler features next.


    Um... thank you?
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)03:54 No.6859003
    Holy shit, you're keeping at it after this long? Kudos, man.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)03:57 No.6859031
         File1259139445.jpg-(418 KB, 464x800, pokemon lucas toxicroak.jpg)
    418 KB
    Here's some Features for the Stat Ace

    Positive Press: Stat Ace Feature
    Prerequisites: Stat Ace, Press, 15 STR
    Daily – Every 10 levels gained, you may perform this Feature another time per day.
    Target: Your pokemon.
    Effect: Deal your own pokemon 10 damage, which cannot be prevented, with your weapon. Raise your chosen stats’ Combat Stage 2 levels. This Feature replaces Press.

    Stat Overflow: Stat Ace Feature
    Prerequisites: Stat Ace, Press + or Positive Press
    Target: A pokemon.
    Effect: Your pokemon loses half of its full HP. The pokemon’s Stat, chosen for Stat Ace, is set to +6 Combat Stages. Your pokemon cannot use a Move during this round of encounter but may still shift.

    Talent Scout: Stat Ace Feature
    Prerequisites: Stat Ace, 2 pokemon with Natures that add to chosen Stat
    Daily – Every 10 levels gained, you may perform this Feature another time per day.
    Target: A wild pokemon.
    Effect: Roll 1d20 and add your STR modifier. If the total exceeds 20, that pokemon has a Nature that adds to your chosen Stat.
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)03:58 No.6859038
    So the Stat Ace can both increase you pokemon's stat (All pokemon, or just one, or one at a time?), and decrease your enemies as well? Sounds useful.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)04:01 No.6859068
         File1259139707.jpg-(35 KB, 349x557, cool trainer.jpg)
    35 KB
    All of their own pokemon. The best part about them is that they can ignore "Spacing" which determines which of your pokemon's stats must remain the highest.
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)04:04 No.6859090
    Do you have any of the Researcher classes done? If so, could you share one?
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)04:05 No.6859098
    What the fuck, I can't see the image capture device reflected in any of those balls. Were the reflections edited on?

    Also, OP, this thing is sounding more awesome than it has any right to. Rock on, eagerly awaiting moar.
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)04:06 No.6859107
    Wait. They ignore spacing? Completely?

    That is amazingly useful! Not only does it meant that they can raise their chosen stat, but they use it as an opportunity to instead equalized their other stats! Imagine a Nidoking with not only high attack and HP, but decent Defense and Sp. Defense as well!
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)04:07 No.6859124
    Herpa derp, looking closer at the ground I realise it's CG. Sage for non contribution.
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)04:08 No.6859131
    Uh, that's because it's a digital image. It's probably made with 3D Studio Max or Maya.

    Though what is that floating yellow thing reflected on the GS ball?
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)04:12 No.6859156
         File1259140320.png-(15 KB, 400x400, gary prof oak.png)
    15 KB
    I have the Class Features done. I do not have any of the extra Features done. I'll post a few of the Advanced Class Features... now.

    >Scientist – Advanced Feature
    Prerequisites: Researcher, 21 INT
    Ability Bonus: Intelligence Bonuses: +1 INT
    Class Features: Potions Mastery, Repels Mastery

    Potions Mastery: Scientist Feature
    Target: Items.
    Effect: Create either a Potion (150), a Super potion (400), a Hyper Potion (750) or a Max Potion (1250). Name the concoction whatever you’d like out of whatever ingredients you’d like.

    Repels Mastery: Scientist Feature
    Target: Items.
    Effect: Create a Repel (200), a Super Repel (300) or a Max Repel (500). Name the concoction whatever you’d like out of whatever ingredients you’d like.

    >Photographer – Advanced Feature
    Prerequisites: Researcher, 21 WIS, Camera (4500)
    Ability Bonus: Wisdom Bonuses: +1 WIS
    Class Features: Wild Photo, Battle Photo

    Wild Photo: Photographer Feature
    Daily – Every 10 levels gained, you may perform this Feature another time per day.
    Target: Wild Pokemon.
    Effect: Roll 1d20 and add your WIS modifier. Multiply the total by 20. This is your value of the photo. You can try to sell these photographs anywhere.

    Battle Photo: Photographer Feature
    Daily – Every 10 levels gained, you may perform this Feature another time per day.
    Target: A Battling Pokemon.
    Effect: Roll 1d20 and add your INT modifier. Multiply the total by 20. This is your value of the photo. You can try to sell these photographs anywhere.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)04:14 No.6859172
         File1259140450.jpg-(127 KB, 510x1019, 4962289.jpg)
    127 KB
    They ignoring spacing when looking at the stat chosen for Stat Ace. Sorry, not as broken as you thought : (

    Those are the stylized letters G and S.
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)04:17 No.6859197
    i just heard of this the first time, will this be an online game?
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)04:18 No.6859210
    Oh well. You could still go for Attack and Defense (taking Stat Ace twice) and use that on Special based pokemon. Or the other way around. I mean, no matter what, you still have the same stats total, it's just the distribution that changes, right?
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)04:20 No.6859228
         File1259140808.jpg-(234 KB, 620x710, 1249705462159.jpg)
    234 KB
    This will be released as 4 PDFs, indexed of course, for free. It's a Tabletop Game, so everyone can bring their laptops to the table to RP (useful since the character sheets that come with it will be given with those pdfs) or if they care to, they can print it all out and throw it all in a hole punched binder.

    Which reminds me. I still need covers and borders for the pages.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)04:22 No.6859249
         File1259140955.jpg-(142 KB, 1140x842, 1230627499276.jpg)
    142 KB
    That is correct, although, you might be more interested in the Enduring Soul since they can add to Def, Sp. Def and HP while ignoring Spacing. Their whole trick is to never go down.
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)04:24 No.6859269
    >Their whole trick is to never go down.

    Can you elaborate?
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)04:27 No.6859291
         File1259141222.png-(1.01 MB, 1000x500, 1249699745791.png)
    1.01 MB
    Enduring Soul:
    Sometimes, in the heat of battle, an Ace Trainer may be knocked unconscious, leaving their allies unprotected and their pokemon unguided. The Enduring Soul learns from their failure and vows to be there to protect their allies and never go down again. They will always have their friends’ backs and always be there to guide their loyal pokemon. The pokemon owned by an Enduring Soul feel strength from their resolve too and can focus on empowering their defenses to make sure that if an ally is going down, it’s not them.

    >Enduring Soul – Advanced Feature
    Prerequisites: Ace Trainer, Trainer knocked unconscious by a foe at least once
    Ability Bonus: Constitution Bonuses: +1 CON
    Class Features: Boundless Endurance, Press On!

    Boundless Endurance: Enduring Soul Feature
    Target: Your pokemon’s Defense, Special Defense and HP stats.
    Effect: You may add to your pokemon’s Defense, Special Defense or HP stats when they level up, ignoring Spacing.

    Press On!: Enduring Soul Feature
    Trigger: One of your pokemon are lowered to 0 HP or less.
    Effect: A pokemon at or below 0 HP may act as if they had 1 HP left. For each turn a pokemon who is at or below 0 HP act during their turn, they must make a death saving throw. If they are lowered past -100% HP, they are killed and you may not make a death saving throw.
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)04:27 No.6859293
    oh i see, i'll keep looking after it, you seem to put a lot effort in it.
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)04:28 No.6859308

    I wish those were real. I would buy them.
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)04:30 No.6859320
    Just want you to know that you're awesome, OP. Keep it up!
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)04:31 No.6859326
         File1259141475.jpg-(76 KB, 980x700, 1250849866110.jpg)
    76 KB

    Thank you.
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)04:31 No.6859334
    Ah, now that sounds like a good way to give a Primeape a decent Sp. Defense!

    One question I've had since I read through the archived threads: how exactly does spacing work? I know that all stats must be lower than the highest, barring trainer Features, but am still unsure of how it all works.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)04:43 No.6859441
         File1259142229.jpg-(226 KB, 800x450, damion road.jpg)
    226 KB
    Well after such a great deal of playtesting, and players becoming frustrated at some of it. It was simplified.

    Now, Spacing is this:
    Highest stats must always be highest, 2nd highest always must be second highest, 3rd highest must always be... you get the point.

    Do I need to explain it further?
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)04:48 No.6859479
    This isn't the perfect solution, but I believe it's the best one.

    This limitation is annoying, but I see the necessity of it. I have complete faith, however, that you will be giving us plenty of opportunities to mess with status quo via trainer abilities.
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)04:48 No.6859484
    Ah, much better. What happens if two stats are tied?
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)04:52 No.6859517
    Either stat can be higher or lower than the other by any amount at any given time.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)04:53 No.6859529
         File1259142820.png-(91 KB, 600x400, travel hoenn.png)
    91 KB
    There are many ways to mess with them. Natures are the main one, and there are several ways to manipulate those.
    You may also use vitamins to alter Base Stats up to 5 times.

    As long as the tied stats are both between the next highest stat and the next lowest stat, they don't have to be worried about.
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)04:54 No.6859534
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)05:01 No.6859596
         File1259143292.jpg-(124 KB, 500x600, 1249706397533.jpg)
    124 KB
    I hate bots.
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)05:01 No.6859604
    So aside from finishing up these class, what's left to be done Stark?
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)05:02 No.6859611
         File1259143362.jpg-(253 KB, 1440x1237, 1250814902604.jpg)
    253 KB

    archived for future reference.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)05:08 No.6859650
         File1259143735.jpg-(44 KB, 776x464, 1257700974229.jpg)
    44 KB

    Here is where I update when I feel like it. It lists everything I still need to do with my team which are:

    Player's Handbook -
    Rules are drafted and being re-written so it's easier to understand.
    The Trainer Class options, Advanced Class options and basic Trainer Feats are complete. The Class Feats and Advanced Feats are currently being worked on. Class Features completed. Advanced Features completed. Arms Features completed. All Ace Trainer Features have been completed. All Breeder Features have been completed. All Coordinator Features have been completed. All Psychic Features have been completed. Capture Specialist, Martial Artist, Ranger and Researcher Features are being worked on.
    Player's Bestiary -
    The bestiary is near completion. Biology is being worked on. Abilities/Capabilities are being worked on. After the above is completed, the Bestiary book will be complete. Currently, the entire Move List is complete. The Contest Move List is complete. The Ability List has been completed.
    Game Master's Rules and World Guide -
    The rules, while play-tested and functioning, have not been really typed out and are in rough draft. The GM book is also in rough draft.
    Game Master's Bestiary -
    This is basically the Player's Bestiary with things the player isn't allowed to know such as Capture Rates, Locations, etc. So once the Player's Bestiary is complete, this will be as well.
    We can say right now, we are more than halfway done.
    >> Note Taking DM 11/25/09(Wed)05:13 No.6859686
    Fodder standing at the ready, anything you might need help with right now D.M.Stark?
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)05:21 No.6859740
         File1259144503.png-(13 KB, 332x443, 1254471614896.png)
    13 KB
    Yes. It's a REALLY pissy job though.

    I already talked to the staff at bulbapedia, and they are letting me plagiarize their Biology entries as long as I credit it to them. I need each pokemon's Biology entry copy/paste'd into a word doc, so i can copy paste it into the bestiary, since it'd be faster for my team then loading each page and doing so.

    I understand if you wouldn't want to do it. I don't want to do it. That's why it's taking so long.

    If you do end up doing it, post a link to it on my Steam. I will credit anyone who undertakes this incredibly irritating task.
    >> Note Taking DM 11/25/09(Wed)05:24 No.6859754
    For all of them... damn... ok post your steam info and I'll get at it
    >> Note Taking DM 11/25/09(Wed)05:27 No.6859774
    Oh right something I forgot to add... having been a huge pokefan and only just establishing a collection on my platinum version that I can be proud of... kind of went off topic, but some of the pokemon don't have entries in certain fields in the biology, do you want me to omit those or leave them blank?
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)05:27 No.6859778
         File1259144851.png-(6 KB, 300x300, gold.png)
    6 KB
    I'd like to admit that again... One of the reasons this game is taking so long is that there are parts of this that are very unappealing to make well.

    I was stuck for the past two weeks on Coordinator. Something none of you will probably play.

    Although, one of my playtesters is enjoying Coordinator now, it was not easy to make while making it appealing.

    But, the remaining classes will be fun to make. In fact, I suspect the remaining classes will all be done by the end of the year.
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)05:32 No.6859810
    will some of the trainers be limited in what pokemon they are allowed? If not i would like the idea of certain pokemon getting certain bonuses or penalties based on what kind of trainer they have. Sorry if this idea has been posted, i haven't bee n in these threads before.
    >> Note Taking DM 11/25/09(Wed)05:34 No.6859822
    Just finished Charizard... 2600 words and 7 pages on Word. God damn this is going to suck, I am thinking of doing it in incriments of about 25 if that is ok with you
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)05:34 No.6859826
         File1259145299.jpg-(78 KB, 1024x600, hikari windworks.jpg)
    78 KB
    You may add them yourself (note if you do so I can put you in the Writer's section of the credits) or leave them blank.

    Also, I can't believe you'd actually want to do such an irritating task. I sincerely thank you. Seriously, though it would only make the game come out a few days earlier, and if you at any point decide it's too irritating please post a link to whatever you have of it on my steam.

    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)05:36 No.6859837
    Woah. Wait. Stop there. I think you're getting more then what I need.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)05:37 No.6859845
    I just need Physiology and Diet. We did the rest already. Thank you.
    >> Note Taking DM 11/25/09(Wed)05:39 No.6859856
    oh thank lord, i was scared there for a second. Ok, doing that now, also be sure to post that info otherwise I won't know how to contact you
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)05:40 No.6859864
         File1259145635.jpg-(82 KB, 800x600, stephen mono.jpg)
    82 KB
    You are never limited as to what you can own, but owning certain pokemon for certain classes it easily more useful.
    For example, a Ditto is staple for a Breeder. A Psychic type is useful for the Psychic Trainer.
    >> Note Taking DM 11/25/09(Wed)05:45 No.6859894
    Alright will do
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)05:45 No.6859896
         File1259145939.jpg-(129 KB, 616x900, 1705853129.jpg)
    129 KB
    Again, my steam ID is http://steamcommunity.com/id/DrMrStark

    You may post there without signing up... I think.
    If you give the link, I can get the goods and I'd be set to integrate it into the files I already have for pokedex.

    Thank you again.
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)05:48 No.6859912
         File1259146081.jpg-(50 KB, 450x415, 1257015538046.jpg)
    50 KB

    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)05:48 No.6859914
         File1259146116.gif-(19 KB, 275x300, caterpie.gif)
    19 KB
    thanks, have a caterpie
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)05:49 No.6859921
         File1259146189.png-(47 KB, 1231x393, 1250138433507.png)
    47 KB
    I just hope I'm not making a mistake by giving /tg/ a way to contact me.
    >> Note Taking DM 11/25/09(Wed)05:52 No.6859932
    We are a good bunch for the most part. I sent you a friend invite to my steam in case you need to contact me for whatever reason (Teh Ownerer), outside of this do you need any thing else in terms of help?
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)05:56 No.6859959
         File1259146568.jpg-(61 KB, 1680x1050, 1256849791293.jpg)
    61 KB
    I think the rest is just shit I personally need to get done. I'm slower on progress during college, but I got a shit ton done during the summer (everything except the features).

    During winter break I'll surely get a lot done. It's just that with finals coming up it's hard to make time to work on PKMN:TTA.
    >> Note Taking DM 11/25/09(Wed)05:59 No.6859976
    Its all good, its since I am not going to be starting college until January I have a lot of free time on my hands, so don't be afraid to dump shit on me
    >> Note Taking DM 11/25/09(Wed)06:01 No.6859997
    That... sounded perverse
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)06:04 No.6860022
         File1259147043.jpg-(76 KB, 985x769, 1257700123920.jpg)
    76 KB
    Well I thank you, because after I get those physiology and diet entries, the bestiary will be done. Entirely. A whole 4th of the project would technically be ready for viewing. After a few more DM pokedex entries, 2 of the 4 books would be done.

    I am seriously close to getting this out to everyone, but it took a year to get here.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)06:10 No.6860076
         File1259147457.jpg-(494 KB, 1200x845, hikari kills dialga.jpg)
    494 KB
    So. While archiving this thread I came across this...

    This was less then a week ago. Sorry guys.
    I'll try to come back to this thread tomorrow and answer all the questions that were asked.
    Hopefully it won't die.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 11/25/09(Wed)06:16 No.6860128
         File1259147818.jpg-(298 KB, 1000x800, 1249685140746.jpg)
    298 KB
    Until next time /tg/...
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)06:17 No.6860133
    Man, this all sounds so awesome. Sadly, I seem to be the only pokemon fan AND RP interested guy around. No one I know that likes pokemon is interested in TTRPGs, and no one I know that likes TTRPGs is very interested in pokemon.

    I'm sad.
    >> Note Taking DM 11/25/09(Wed)06:19 No.6860154
    I don't envy ya bro. I have a friend who is just as excited about this as I am, but best of luck in the field soldier.
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)06:21 No.6860174
    I figure I have two options: Find someone to play it with when it's done, by Dr. Mr. Starks estimate I have over half a year to do so, or if I don't find anyone living around here, look online.
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)07:14 No.6860518
         File1259151288.jpg-(7 KB, 251x251, pokelol05.jpg)
    7 KB
    I was just talking about this shit to a friend of mine yesterday! i have three people interested in playing it!
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)07:28 No.6860584
         File1259152104.jpg-(44 KB, 500x583, bravo clap clap.jpg)
    44 KB
    Stark, you're awsome.

    Keep up the great work!

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