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  • File : 1259815936.png-(272 KB, 500x500, BF1.png)
    272 KB ?! Anonymous 12/02/09(Wed)23:52 No.6977334  
    "I've been on this insufferable plane so long I'm starting to go stir crazy."
    >> Anonymous 12/02/09(Wed)23:52 No.6977343
    in b4 smoke monster
    >> Anonymous 12/02/09(Wed)23:52 No.6977344
    ...You're in for a long night bro.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/09(Wed)23:54 No.6977358
    writing in the and is not the best way to keep memos.
    how symbolic~
    >> Ted-MAN 12/02/09(Wed)23:55 No.6977379
    Liches are bad. Evil.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/09(Wed)23:56 No.6977392
    Forgotten Realms continues to baffle me...
    I keep reading things about how Cyric kicked everyones ass and killed Gods and etc.
    How is this possible? He was mortal, why are the gods so weak?
    I also read that I think it was Helm or Torm was killed by a demonic invasion on Celestia? What the fuck, how does that happen?
    >> Blackfist 12/02/09(Wed)23:57 No.6977404
         File1259816259.png-(289 KB, 500x500, BF2.png)
    289 KB
    "I really wish I'd taken some levels in wizard like my father..I'm not sure how to blackguard my way outta this one, damnit."

    Last we left Kiara Blackfist, a certain insufferable obnoxious Lich had banished her to a neutral plane of tropical islands. So Smar/tg/uys, lets help our girl have an epiphany on how to get off this plane.
    >> Ted-MAN 12/02/09(Wed)23:58 No.6977408
    >> Anonymous 12/02/09(Wed)23:58 No.6977413
    Get a full sleep.
    Check spells.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/09(Wed)23:58 No.6977415
    Helm had better not be fucking dead.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/09(Wed)23:59 No.6977422

    How does a god die? Simple: Asmodeus is hardcore like that.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/09(Wed)23:59 No.6977426
    am i, missing something here?
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:00 No.6977427
    This is interesting.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:00 No.6977432
    >So Smar/tg/uys, lets help our girl have an epiphany on how to get off this plane.

    Nonstop violent masturbation.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:00 No.6977434
    >how does that happen?
    it's called, "huuur im so clevah i shit gods in mah history! duuur"

    or something like that
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:01 No.6977436
    Cyric had a fuckpowerful sword that was actually the god Mask, I think.
    >> Ted-MAN 12/03/09(Thu)00:01 No.6977438
    Must Drew really die? I mean, throwing you to starve to death in a neutral plane seems evil.
    >> Firstquest 12/03/09(Thu)00:01 No.6977446
    I don't think the Lich would banish any hot ladies to a realm of bikini weather, without having a way to check in on them and spy all creepy undead pervert like.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:01 No.6977448
    OMG Is Drew back!?
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:01 No.6977453
    break a branch from a palm tree.
    sharpen into a shiv.
    sharpen some more.
    swing it so hard, it cuts a hole in the dimension.
    enter. see what happens.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:03 No.6977468
    Find a metallic cube that unfolds into a modron, then extend the left wing, extend the right wind, rotate the right arm.

    Trust me, this always works.
    >> Researcher Sam 12/03/09(Thu)00:04 No.6977469
    This night just took a turn for the awesome.
    >> Ted-MAN 12/03/09(Thu)00:04 No.6977476
    Then get back in your police call box, and let your dismembered hand steer?
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:06 No.6977487
         File1259816763.png-(13 KB, 500x500, 500x500, Drew51.png)
    13 KB
    You level a sword at the undisputed ruler of the world... and dont expect something BAD to happen?
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:06 No.6977488
    What powers does she have at her disposal?
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:06 No.6977495
         File1259816817.png-(24 KB, 500x500, I'm... alive where am I.png)
    24 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:09 No.6977528
    oh, shit. is this thread going where I think it's going?
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:09 No.6977529
    Time of Troubles. For a few weeks all of the gods became mortal and everyone's shit got fucked up because Ao threw a hissyfit over something or another. It was decently logical that some of the gods died given the circumstances.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:11 No.6977565
    ok fa/tg/uys let's put our heads together. Kira is a Blackguard of Bane right? And Drew killed him, so who would Bane's Blackguards follow and draw power from now?
    >> Captain Failmore Derpfully Derping 12/03/09(Thu)00:12 No.6977577

    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:13 No.6977579
    All the gods got kicked down to mortal status during the Time of Troubles. When a few of them died, a few mortals were able to up themselves to god status. Mystra and Cyric quickly rose to very very powerful status, mostly because they took the portfolios of really used gods (magic, for instance). I believe he also took the domain of Deceit. In the end it's huge Mary Suedom, but explained partially with the concept that, as a mortal he brought some freshness to the pantheon, so he had a lot of ambition and new ideas that the old gods, set in their ways, did not and weren't as able to prepare against. Plus when he -was- a god, Bane, Bhaal and Myrkul were all dead, allowing him to reign around near unopposed as head of evil gods.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:14 No.6977586
    Ironically, it's likely Drew.
    >> No Man 12/03/09(Thu)00:15 No.6977594

    Elemental LE? Devils? Hextor The Pimp God?
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:15 No.6977597
    niggas dont know bout my DREW
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:15 No.6977599
         File1259817347.png-(16 KB, 500x500, 1243826900461.png)
    16 KB
    Yeah, I dont think that's going to be an acceptable answer.
    Any similar gods a Blackguard could convert to rather rapidly?
    >> Researcher Sam 12/03/09(Thu)00:16 No.6977606
    Well, who is there to draw power from? I like the idea of her getting it from Drew.
    >> Blackfist 12/03/09(Thu)00:17 No.6977611
         File1259817442.png-(149 KB, 500x500, bf3.png)
    149 KB

    Kiara's spells, along with one very sharp palm frond.
    >> Ted-MAN 12/03/09(Thu)00:18 No.6977627
    Not to you know, intrude or anything, but did you cut yourself when you were making that frond?
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:18 No.6977631
    don't you tease me! don't you fucking tease me!
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:19 No.6977635
    i only came to /tg/ as ruby quest was ending. i remember the first "amazing thread" i witnessed was "uzgob rokkit ranger".
    im afraid this was probably before i came.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:20 No.6977648
    Wait, is Asmodeus an option for power here?

    And what the fuck is a "Drew" anyway?
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:20 No.6977655
    To be fair, Cyric gets cut down to size very, very quickly. But it was definitely Mary Sue-ish to begin with, having read the relevant novels. The ease with which Cyric just kind of yoinks three gods' shit was fucking stupid even when I read it in early highschool.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:21 No.6977659
    Any chance of summoning monster and then hitching a ride on it's way back to wherever?
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:21 No.6977662
    I can only imagine the depths of Kira's RAAAAAGGGGEEEE.

    Which God would find that "RIPNTEAR" not only acceptable in a follower, but attractive?
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:22 No.6977674
    Summon monster.

    Fuck monster.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:23 No.6977678
    evil [CHARNAME] after ascending to the throne of Bhaal?
    >> Researcher Sam 12/03/09(Thu)00:24 No.6977685
    Summon Monster 4? Hell yes! That let's her summon 1d3 Dretchs, which can each attempt to summon a greater demon with a 35% chance of success each. It might take a few tries, but once you've got the ear of a being with enough power to get you can bargain with it.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:24 No.6977687

    summoning does not work that way
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:25 No.6977692
    This sounds like a good idea.
    >> Ted-MAN 12/03/09(Thu)00:25 No.6977693
    This guy's on to something.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:25 No.6977697
         File1259817919.jpg-(148 KB, 500x1000, DREW UP IN THIS MOTHERFUCKER.jpg)
    148 KB
    >And what the fuck is a "Drew" anyway?
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:26 No.6977713
    GO FOR IT.
    >> Researcher Sam 12/03/09(Thu)00:26 No.6977714
    Gah, just read it again, they can only summon other dretchs. Crap.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:27 No.6977724
    Shenanigans with Summon Monster IV are likely the way to go. Either some screwy way to banish ourselves, ride the summon spell elsewhere, or go back with the summon when it leaves. Somehow. Not like we don't have time and motivation to try try again.
    Or maybe summon something that we can bargain with so that it might help us return, if only by informing any allies we might have. we're LE, right? Might be some form of structure back home to help out.
    >> Aku 12/03/09(Thu)00:28 No.6977735

    Summon Dretchs.

    Have the Dretchs summon more dretchs.

    Summon SO MANY DRETCHS that the very fabric of the reality she's in begins to warp and tear.


    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:28 No.6977742
    Or just make a boat out of them.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:28 No.6977747
         File1259818127.gif-(54 KB, 700x875, party time.gif)
    54 KB
    Drew's back!?

    Well, Kiara, but close enough.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:29 No.6977751
    This has officially made my night.

    I love you.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:29 No.6977753
    Maybe they can do some ritual with more than 1 dretch to get a more powerful demon? Not in the rules, but if OP is willing to stretch it a bit...
    >> Aku 12/03/09(Thu)00:30 No.6977766
         File1259818224.jpg-(19 KB, 300x349, AkuPonder.jpg)
    19 KB

    Well, that would work, I suppose...but Drew transported her to an entirely different plane of existence. For all we know, that island is the only bit of land in the entire dimension. It wouldn't really help much.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:30 No.6977772
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:32 No.6977793
    These thread titles are in no way official, just a handy way of reminding myself which is which.

    The Original Drew the Lich

    Drew Reloaded

    Drew: and the Abandoned Keep

    The Continuing adventures!

    Drew and the Merchant Rescue or: These are not the Bards we're looking for

    Plots of the Lich: World Domination Tour Part 1

    Plots of the Lich: World Domination Tour Part 2
    >> Blackfist 12/03/09(Thu)00:35 No.6977813
         File1259818508.png-(250 KB, 500x500, BF4.png)
    250 KB
    Of course not!

    "Hmm, this might be worth a shot, I've got nothing better to do."
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:35 No.6977817
    summon enough Dretches to create a singularity and hope it tosses you out onto the material plane?
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:35 No.6977821
    You guys do know that those summoning abilities they have don't work when they themselves are the summoned ones, right? On at least most of them, at least.
    If you gated them in somehow, but eh.

    Also, I guess we could try to get that free wish for knowing who Pazuzu is. A blackguard has knowledge religion, or probably does.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:37 No.6977830
    I don't know how to get off the Plane of Beautiful Tropical Islands, but like my momma always told me: "Nothing helps you think like having hot, wild, lesbian sex with a bunch of drop-dead gorgeous native island girls."

    SO... you know. Maybe better get crackin' on that if you ever wanna escape.
    >> Aku 12/03/09(Thu)00:37 No.6977834
         File1259818675.jpg-(23 KB, 640x480, AkuCloseGrin.jpg)
    23 KB
    Well, she could always try worshipping me. I'm a master of time, after all, I don't see why I couldn't break into some measly little pocket dimension.
    >> Ted-MAN 12/03/09(Thu)00:38 No.6977841
    Just checkin' Makin' sure a strong woman such as yourself didn't do anything to hurt yourself in such a precarious position.

    Now, when you summon these Dretches, and they start summoning. Hide the food, the clothes, and always carry your sword and armor with you. Who knows what will show up, and if anything, you might just get a party boat of dreches.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:38 No.6977843
    wait, isnt this drews friend? the girl? ive only just read the first thread. why does she want him dead?
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:38 No.6977846
         File1259818727.gif-(2.48 MB, 400x226, 1237663373754.gif)
    2.48 MB
    >this thread

    >> Researcher Sam 12/03/09(Thu)00:40 No.6977872
    Shit, you're right. Well, we can still get 1d3 dretchs from SM 4.

    Also, the dead bodies go away once the spell duration is over. No boat.
    >> Aku 12/03/09(Thu)00:40 No.6977874
         File1259818824.jpg-(20 KB, 640x480, AkuExplain.jpg)
    20 KB

    Well, explaining the story here would be a disservice to Drew.

    This guy posted a link to all of the threads. You might want to take a look at them.
    >> Blackfist 12/03/09(Thu)00:40 No.6977876
    OP here, elaborate on this.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:41 No.6977889
    Things ... didn't work out.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:43 No.6977911
    Pazuzu is the king of Demons in babylonian mythology. I guess you get a free wish if you know him or something. Like Rumpelstiltskin but possibly less evil.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:43 No.6977912
    >> Ted-MAN, Merc for Hire 12/03/09(Thu)00:43 No.6977915
    To put a plug in the loophole of infinite summons, Summons cannot summon more summons. Only Monsters with the spell like ability can do that, and their summons still cannot spam summons.
    >> Tech Priest Naile 12/03/09(Thu)00:48 No.6977979
    I, Tech Priest Naile, do hereby approve of this thread. Please, continue.
    >> Ted-MAN, Merc for Hire 12/03/09(Thu)00:50 No.6977997
    The second part of this statement, is irrelevant, due to redundancy. Just take the first part and roll.
    >> Researcher Sam 12/03/09(Thu)00:55 No.6978064
    Well, if no one else has any suggestion, let's try for some dretchs and see if they can get some sort of demon ritual going. If she can make contact with a more powerful entity, then she can strike a deal with it, not need to actually bring the being to her for the negotiations.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:56 No.6978081
    So, summon something that we can try to bargain with so that it will do a favor for us once it returns to its home plane, or shenanigans with the summoning spell itself.
    Or off the wall things with knowledge checks (Pazuzu, transportation keys, etc).
    Also, safe to assume that by now we've throroughly explored the area? What's around us?
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)00:57 No.6978086
    >> Tiktok 12/03/09(Thu)00:58 No.6978098
    Hmmm... quite a predicament. Last time I was stuck on this plane I chilled for a week before using my dimensional anchor.... check if the hole it left is still there maybe?
    >> Weeaboo, the modern day nerd Samurai !!9E7LWaRQ9Wc 12/03/09(Thu)01:00 No.6978121
    rolled 3 = 3

    kill monsters on this island until you level up enough to learn Plane Shift?
    >> Blackfist 12/03/09(Thu)01:02 No.6978153
         File1259820176.png-(250 KB, 500x500, BF5.png)
    250 KB
    "Yeah okay so this wasn't my brightest moment. But whatever, back to the drawing board."

    "Maybe I could try..asking him."
    Also, for whats around us, Aku is right. Its pretty much this.
    Just an island with coconut trees, emerald seas and no real life beyond that.
    >> Researcher Sam 12/03/09(Thu)01:05 No.6978185
    Well the thing about dretchs is... They communicate with telepathy. And you need to be able to speak Abyssal for it to work. But I'm sure a Blackguard of her power would know at least a few words in the demonic tongue.

    So sure, ask if it knows anyone who would be willing to talk and make a deal.
    >> Ted-DORF, Fat Merc for Hire 12/03/09(Thu)01:05 No.6978187
    rolled 1 = 1

    ...Maybe. Just maybe, you can be so evil. So vile, that the plane of neutrality would simply object you being there, and eject you itself?
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)01:07 No.6978212
    Why do these threads always happen on nights when I have to get up early the next morning?
    >> Devilist 12/03/09(Thu)01:09 No.6978229
    Night time /tg/.
    Also thanks for the 'quest' so far OP, the color images are a real treat for the eyes
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)01:09 No.6978230
    Start sleep depriving yourself and try to reach a state of extreme hallucination.
    Convince yourself you were a cleric of Bane instead of a paladin.
    Hope the laws of the universe send you cleric spells because you gain your power from belief.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)01:11 No.6978244
    Asking who?
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)01:11 No.6978251
    Secretly pine for Drew and hope he takes you back.

    You know, while nobody is looking.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)01:14 No.6978279
         File1259820844.png-(13 KB, 500x500, I thought this was suitable.png)
    13 KB
    Oh shit, what happened to your father? Did he get left behind?
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)01:14 No.6978282
    cant we just make a raft out of wood? there are plenty of trees guys.
    stock up on coconut, unless these monsters we are summoning are.... remotely edible? they dont look it....
    either way, take the raft and strike out. there must be a portal/gate or something somewhere.
    we need to make up with drew.
    >> Tiktok 12/03/09(Thu)01:15 No.6978296
         File1259820955.jpg-(297 KB, 566x1233, gronk.jpg)
    297 KB
    ... What kind of adventurer are you! Where be your magical fix all items? Howsabout you start chopping down trees? Build a raft? Try and make it proofed for dimension hopping.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)01:15 No.6978297
    There is nothing on the plane of existence but this one island and the ocean.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)01:25 No.6978408
    Kill yourself. When your tainted spirit reaches its destination topple the master of that dark place. From your black throne, lash together a machine of blood and bone, and fueled by your hated for Drew use that Fear Engine to bore a hole between that plane and the prime material.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)01:26 No.6978418
    Isn't that the plot to Oblivion?
    >> Drew 12/03/09(Thu)01:27 No.6978428
         File1259821645.png-(23 KB, 600x600, drew surfing.png)
    23 KB
    Sweet deal, I get to read a Drew thread without drawing it.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)01:28 No.6978443
         File1259821698.jpg-(117 KB, 750x390, pa_world of warhammer-online-c(...).jpg)
    117 KB
    pic related
    >> Ted-DORF, Fat Merc for Hire 12/03/09(Thu)01:29 No.6978458
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)01:29 No.6978464
    Holy shit

    I thought you drew all this...
    >> Researcher Sam 12/03/09(Thu)01:31 No.6978490
    Soooooooooo... any plans to help her out? Or rehabilitate her?
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 12/03/09(Thu)01:31 No.6978499
         File1259821910.jpg-(24 KB, 357x314, wooo.jpg)
    24 KB
    >Drew and Blackfist
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)01:31 No.6978502
    Hey broski, how's it hanging?
    >> Blackfist 12/03/09(Thu)01:35 No.6978560
         File1259822121.png-(307 KB, 500x500, BF6.png)
    307 KB
    <abyssal> "I will be frank whelp, I want to talk to someone with power. Now."

    == die before talk to big demons! Die first! Kill grok, kill him, no talk to demons! == </abyssal>

    Lore check success: Dretches’ fear of their greater kin is stronger then even their fear of death.

    "Well fuck."
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)01:37 No.6978591
    So kill it.
    >> Ted-DORF, Fat Merc for Hire 12/03/09(Thu)01:37 No.6978604
    Well. Go on and go through with your word. Fear of greater demons is one thing, but they aren't here, and you are. Gotta make 'em learn somehow.

    Once your done, it's time to make shelter, crack a few coconuts open, and plan on new things.
    >> Researcher Sam 12/03/09(Thu)01:38 No.6978606
    >"Well fuck."

    My thoughts exactly. Shit, it's not like you're sending them to fight, just communicate. Oh well, maybe if you keep summoning and killing them after telling them your demands, the word will get around that there is a powerful Blackguard looking to talk to a demon with some influence/power.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)01:38 No.6978615
    Maybe we should rely on religious conviction and just pray or something and commune with a deity who may be sympathetic or could benefit from someone trying to kill Drew?
    >> Tiktok 12/03/09(Thu)01:38 No.6978619
    Kick it in the gonads. Or promise sexual favors in return for him helping. (Thank god summons don't last long.)
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)01:39 No.6978633
    technically, you can't kill summoned beings. they are returned to their home plane when they reach 0 hp.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)01:40 No.6978654
    Cast Cause Fear so that it's more afraid of you than the big demons?
    >> Aku 12/03/09(Thu)01:41 No.6978664
         File1259822491.jpg-(20 KB, 640x480, AkuGrinConversation.jpg)
    20 KB

    Wha-ha-hat is this? I get to participate in a thread of Drew? What luck!
    >> Ted-DORF, Fat Merc for Hire 12/03/09(Thu)01:52 No.6978794
    Actually, it's Kiara's thread. She's one fine lady.
    >> Aku 12/03/09(Thu)01:54 No.6978810
         File1259823244.jpg-(21 KB, 512x384, AkuAngryFlop.jpg)
    21 KB

    Well, yes, I suppose you are right. Kiara is a fine subject for a thread.
    >> No Man 12/03/09(Thu)01:54 No.6978823
         File1259823281.jpg-(24 KB, 351x191, afronotice.jpg)
    24 KB



    >> Ted-DORF, Fat Merc for Hire 12/03/09(Thu)01:55 No.6978827
    rolled 1 = 1

    So...How's the kid?
    >> Blackfist 12/03/09(Thu)02:01 No.6978898
         File1259823713.png-(234 KB, 500x500, BF7.png)
    234 KB
    (went with these)
    "So theres gotta be atleast one fucker out there that wants Drew dead...Hey deities! How about a sign? Something? One very effective blackguard for hire, all it requires is a onetime fee of revenge!


    >> Ted-DORF, Fat Merc for Hire 12/03/09(Thu)02:02 No.6978908
    rolled 4 = 4

    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)02:03 No.6978918
    Goddamnit, not even Gruumsh. Man.
    >> Researcher Sam 12/03/09(Thu)02:06 No.6978945
    Didn't Drew send you here to reflect on yourself? Maybe if you pretend to have changed, he'll pull you out. And then you can kill him. Or heck, even actually be sincere and change for the better.
    >> sagehoge !!mp3WVEd4fDm 12/03/09(Thu)02:07 No.6978959

    1. kill yourself
    2. got to what ever dark horrible place you're going to go
    3. conquer it
    4. gain immense power
    5. fuck up drew's shit

    why wait for the middle man? Ask a GOD for help? Take what you want! Drew did it and you're way tougher than Drew. Or are you?

    You probably aren't. In fact forget I said anything. Just stay on your island forever. Its safe since Drew can't get to you. I'm mean you are afraid of him right?
    >> Drew 12/03/09(Thu)02:12 No.6979009
         File1259824330.png-(19 KB, 600x600, drew autograph.png)
    19 KB
    Oh snap!

    Anyhow, I should probably clarify. The original Drew thread had me drawing for Drew and Kiara for the character Kiara. Later, it was a one-man show. When we namefag (we do a lotta anonymous drawfagging on the side), I always namefag as Drew and her as Kiara/Blackfist, the characters we're known for. We are actually two different individuals.

    Or are we?

    Nah, just messin'. We are.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)02:16 No.6979044
    Hes a Lich, maybe you should appeal to the Raven queen. End his unnatural life.
    Bonus points for being on a neutral plane of existence and trying to commune with a neutral diety.
    >> Blackfist 12/03/09(Thu)02:17 No.6979065
         File1259824653.png-(265 KB, 500x500, BF8.png)
    265 KB
    "Kiara, my gods do you know how fucking huge this island is? I've been searrrching forrr you forrr months! RRRegardless! I've got an escape plan!"

    "Dad--? Wha? Fuck GET OFF!"

    "I can't kill you if I'm not clawing you dear."
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)02:19 No.6979081

    wait. DREW?
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)02:19 No.6979092
    Hey, what about Kord?
    Isn't he, you know, a god of war or something?
    >> Ted-DORF, Fat Merc for Hire 12/03/09(Thu)02:22 No.6979121
    rolled 5 = 5

    Oh dues Ex. How could I forget about you! (No offense Kiara or Kiara's father.)
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)02:23 No.6979129
    Last time I saw Drew, he was still trying to WIN BACK Kiara.
    Where can I go to catch up?
    >> Researcher Sam 12/03/09(Thu)02:23 No.6979134
    ... what the fuck? So we're going with "Kill our-self in the hopes that our spirit can take over the realm of a god"?

    I mean, Drew won vs Bane because he brought other gods and powerful creatures that wanted Bane done with, he didn't do it on his own.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)02:25 No.6979158
    goddamnit read the thread.

    you were beat by:
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)02:31 No.6979213
    The Chronicles of Drew the Lich really aught to be written with related pics, somewhere, at this point. Eights threads of epic win is cumbersome to read.
    >> No Man 12/03/09(Thu)02:41 No.6979336
    Somebody archive this, it's almost midnight here.
    >> Blackfist 12/03/09(Thu)02:41 No.6979339
         File1259826099.png-(199 KB, 500x500, BF9.png)
    199 KB
    "Are you..sure this is going to work dad? Because I mean this isn't really.. I mean suicide is kinda.."

    "Well in theory, it shou--"

    "Excuse me, but this seemed like awful waste of excellent talent."
    >> Blackfist 12/03/09(Thu)02:45 No.6979388
         File1259826349.png-(187 KB, 500x500, BF10.png)
    187 KB
    "Now miss, put that sword down. Lords know, Nerull won't even give your sob story the time of day, but me. Well. You and me, we go back, don't we Kiara? I heard your plea."

    THUS CONCLUDES PART ONE OF THIS because fuck I'm tired. continued tomorrow or friday depending on my time schedule.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)02:46 No.6979393
    Why do I get such a bad feeling about this.
    This could either go so right or so horribly wrong.
    >> Foul Mouthed Bunny 12/03/09(Thu)02:48 No.6979422
         File1259826482.jpg-(55 KB, 400x380, bunny.jpg)
    55 KB


    >> Researcher Sam 12/03/09(Thu)02:50 No.6979457
    Oh god, who is it? YOU HAD BETTER BE BACK DAMN IT!
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)02:53 No.6979494
    Could it be that guy who blackmailed her into being his maid waaaaaaaay back when?
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)02:59 No.6979574
    Why it's award-winning character actor Michael Douglas!

    Wait, not it's not.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)03:33 No.6979949
    No, because Drew glues VaunBraum's head on upside down.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/09(Thu)03:43 No.6980072
    You know... if you stop and think about it...
    Drew has done everything Kiara told him to.
    She said that being evil is all about doing things for yourself and not caring about others. Though his methods may have seemed otherwise, everything Drew did was to gain power for himself.
    Drew is now in a position of Ultimate selfish power. Kiara should be getting wet for him, not wanting to kill him.

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