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  • File : 1260670902.jpg-(180 KB, 700x960, Wormy009.jpg)
    180 KB Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:21 No.7107438  
    A long time ago, an artist made a strip where the monsters were the heroes, and adventurers were the adversaries. Unfortunately, things got too much for him and he dropped out of everything.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:23 No.7107455
         File1260670983.jpg-(167 KB, 700x920, Wormy010.jpg)
    167 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:23 No.7107461
         File1260671022.jpg-(197 KB, 700x911, Wormy011.jpg)
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    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:24 No.7107468
         File1260671064.jpg-(191 KB, 700x898, Wormy012.jpg)
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    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:25 No.7107486
         File1260671157.jpg-(197 KB, 700x907, Wormy013.jpg)
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    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:26 No.7107487
         File1260671162.jpg-(62 KB, 435x450, girltroll.jpg)
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    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:26 No.7107495
         File1260671198.jpg-(150 KB, 700x915, Wormy014.jpg)
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    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:27 No.7107507
         File1260671268.jpg-(126 KB, 700x908, Wormy015.jpg)
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    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:28 No.7107515
         File1260671331.jpg-(147 KB, 700x927, Wormy016.jpg)
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    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:29 No.7107518
    in before I'm sad

    I'M SAD
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:30 No.7107534

    That's easily the worst name ever.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:30 No.7107537
         File1260671449.jpg-(151 KB, 700x902, Wormy017.jpg)
    151 KB
    He started Wormy in 1978.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:31 No.7107551
    Wormy is something of a cunt.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:32 No.7107554
         File1260671522.jpg-(132 KB, 700x917, Wormy018.jpg)
    132 KB
    David A. Trampier, Tramp for short.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:32 No.7107561
    He's a green dragon. They are typically evil.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:33 No.7107576
         File1260671632.jpg-(157 KB, 700x913, Wormy019_1.jpg)
    157 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:34 No.7107583
         File1260671676.jpg-(150 KB, 700x913, Wormy019_2.jpg)
    150 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:34 No.7107585
    Wormy was an awesome series.
    The guy stopped sending them in and couldn't be found anymore apparently. Think someone came across him and interviewed him years later, was a taxi driver or something like that.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:35 No.7107596
         File1260671751.jpg-(144 KB, 700x910, Wormy020.jpg)
    144 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:37 No.7107609
    Wormy's just a class dragon.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:38 No.7107623
         File1260671885.jpg-(294 KB, 700x916, Wormy029.jpg)
    294 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:38 No.7107624
    Yea. The Something Positive guy made a comment on him that had me look up the wiki entry. Trampier is/was a taxi driver and really doesn't want to be contacted. Guess he just got sick of the deal.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:39 No.7107637
         File1260671976.jpg-(164 KB, 700x895, Wormy030.jpg)
    164 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:40 No.7107652
         File1260672053.jpg-(22 KB, 218x300, PlayersHandbook8Cover.jpg)
    22 KB
    He was a great artist as well.
    Pic related.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:41 No.7107656
         File1260672079.jpg-(172 KB, 700x904, Wormy031.jpg)
    172 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:42 No.7107669
         File1260672152.jpg-(159 KB, 700x906, Wormy032.jpg)
    159 KB
    He could do great line work too.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:43 No.7107677
         File1260672225.jpg-(160 KB, 700x898, Wormy033_1.jpg)
    160 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:44 No.7107688
         File1260672283.jpg-(170 KB, 700x898, Wormy033_2.jpg)
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    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:46 No.7107711
         File1260672401.jpg-(181 KB, 700x898, Wormy034.jpg)
    181 KB
    I liked the Yggdrasil trees and the tree trolls.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:47 No.7107719
    >lodge my falchion in thy right ankle

    What the fuck is this shit.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:48 No.7107728
         File1260672480.jpg-(159 KB, 700x897, Wormy036.jpg)
    159 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:49 No.7107737
         File1260672554.jpg-(162 KB, 700x909, Wormy039.jpg)
    162 KB
    He was Tom Wham's brother-in-law.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:50 No.7107746
    fucking saved.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:50 No.7107756
    I love it how everyone unintentionally speaks about the man as if he's dead. :D
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:51 No.7107759
         File1260672681.jpg-(181 KB, 700x901, Wormy042_1.jpg)
    181 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:53 No.7107783
         File1260672832.jpg-(157 KB, 700x903, Wormy042_2.jpg)
    157 KB
    I don't know who married whom, or if the marriage is still in place. I do know the artist dropped out of life.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:54 No.7107795
    >dropped out of life.
    Actually he dropped out of working for Dragon Magazine and the game industry in general. That's about it.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:56 No.7107807
         File1260672988.jpg-(164 KB, 700x915, Wormy043.jpg)
    164 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:57 No.7107815
         File1260673076.jpg-(208 KB, 700x936, Wormy044_1.jpg)
    208 KB
    He never responded to them or cashed his last check. They assumed he was dead.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:58 No.7107818
    This is fantastic in every possible sense.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)21:59 No.7107825
         File1260673161.jpg-(228 KB, 700x952, Wormy044_2.jpg)
    228 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:00 No.7107830
         File1260673209.jpg-(220 KB, 700x928, Wormy047_1.jpg)
    220 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:01 No.7107840
         File1260673265.jpg-(171 KB, 700x927, Wormy047_2.jpg)
    171 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:01 No.7107849
         File1260673310.jpg-(149 KB, 700x925, Wormy048.jpg)
    149 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:02 No.7107856
         File1260673346.jpg-(168 KB, 700x903, Wormy049.jpg)
    168 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:03 No.7107870
         File1260673430.jpg-(193 KB, 700x915, Wormy050.jpg)
    193 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:04 No.7107880
         File1260673481.jpg-(134 KB, 700x923, Wormy051_1.jpg)
    134 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:05 No.7107888
    referencing hyperborea?
    "We are the wrong hands."

    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:05 No.7107889
         File1260673537.jpg-(138 KB, 700x924, Wormy051_2.jpg)
    138 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:07 No.7107912
    So that's what's behind the fourth wall! Hyperspace!
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:07 No.7107917
         File1260673653.jpg-(212 KB, 700x900, Wormy052.jpg)
    212 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:08 No.7107934
    I think that was where Trampier left things and dropped out of sight.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:09 No.7107946
         File1260673757.jpg-(224 KB, 700x906, Wormy054.jpg)
    224 KB
    And he would go back and fourth between characters as if a strip was another chapter in a novel.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:10 No.7107957
         File1260673810.jpg-(165 KB, 700x910, Wormy055.jpg)
    165 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:10 No.7107958
    So if I'm reading this aright, the basic conceit here is that if the real world was some cosmic homebrew D&D setting, gamers would be the monsters?
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:13 No.7107983
    The basic conceit here is: "It's a comic. Stop overanalyzing it you massive douche."
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:13 No.7107984
         File1260673991.jpg-(174 KB, 700x922, Wormy056_1.jpg)
    174 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:14 No.7107999
         File1260674074.jpg-(190 KB, 700x923, Wormy056_2.jpg)
    190 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:15 No.7108007
         File1260674133.jpg-(182 KB, 700x923, Wormy056_3.jpg)
    182 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:17 No.7108028
         File1260674247.jpg-(319 KB, 1024x768, DAT_Bear.jpg)
    319 KB
    Some ink work he did.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:18 No.7108040
         File1260674315.jpg-(176 KB, 700x908, Wormy057.jpg)
    176 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:19 No.7108053
         File1260674380.jpg-(173 KB, 700x906, Wormy058.jpg)
    173 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:20 No.7108062
         File1260674429.jpg-(205 KB, 700x917, Wormy060.jpg)
    205 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:24 No.7108108
    these are awful. i don't find them funny in the slightest.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:26 No.7108139
         File1260674796.jpg-(294 KB, 700x897, Wormy061_1.jpg)
    294 KB
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/12/09(Sat)22:26 No.7108142
    trolls are black people?
    it seems the world back then has turned upside down, now the brotherhood of trolls are white fat people posting on /tg/
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:27 No.7108151
         File1260674845.jpg-(160 KB, 700x910, Wormy066_2.jpg)
    160 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:28 No.7108165
         File1260674911.jpg-(166 KB, 700x912, Wormy066_3.jpg)
    166 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:29 No.7108175
         File1260674971.jpg-(189 KB, 700x917, Wormy067.jpg)
    189 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:30 No.7108183
         File1260675016.jpg-(188 KB, 700x903, Wormy068.jpg)
    188 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:30 No.7108186
    You're no fun.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:31 No.7108197
    OP: Never ever post these again. Let's forget that we saw this and move on like nothing ever happened.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:32 No.7108202
         File1260675127.jpg-(189 KB, 700x935, Wormy069_1.jpg)
    189 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:32 No.7108204
    Fuck you.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:32 No.7108212
    Man you got to admit they're kind of charming and the art is neat in a way that you don't really see any more.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:32 No.7108216
         File1260675177.jpg-(184 KB, 700x935, Wormy069_2.jpg)
    184 KB
    I'll keep that under advisement.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:33 No.7108226
         File1260675227.jpg-(164 KB, 700x933, Wormy069_3.jpg)
    164 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:34 No.7108234
         File1260675282.jpg-(161 KB, 700x921, Wormy070_1.jpg)
    161 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:35 No.7108240
         File1260675326.jpg-(179 KB, 700x917, Wormy070_2.jpg)
    179 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:37 No.7108263
         File1260675432.jpg-(151 KB, 700x921, Wormy070_3.jpg)
    151 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:38 No.7108275
         File1260675489.jpg-(168 KB, 700x918, Wormy070_4.jpg)
    168 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:39 No.7108289
         File1260675540.jpg-(205 KB, 700x874, Wormy071_1.jpg)
    205 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:39 No.7108296
         File1260675595.jpg-(196 KB, 700x876, Wormy071_2.jpg)
    196 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:40 No.7108299
    Extraplanar Winged Panther is a Mary-Sue
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:40 No.7108302
    To the elemental planes of fire.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:41 No.7108309
         File1260675705.jpg-(185 KB, 700x915, Wormy072_1.jpg)
    185 KB
    The artist probably most identified with Wormy.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:42 No.7108318
         File1260675740.jpg-(164 KB, 700x918, Wormy072_2.jpg)
    164 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:43 No.7108330
         File1260675827.jpg-(190 KB, 700x904, Wormy073.jpg)
    190 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:44 No.7108342
         File1260675872.jpg-(180 KB, 700x902, Wormy074_1.jpg)
    180 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:45 No.7108356
         File1260675935.jpg-(187 KB, 700x901, Wormy074_2.jpg)
    187 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:46 No.7108365
         File1260675988.jpg-(179 KB, 700x899, Wormy074_3.jpg)
    179 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:47 No.7108378
         File1260676038.jpg-(181 KB, 700x898, Wormy074_4.jpg)
    181 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:48 No.7108393
         File1260676093.jpg-(240 KB, 700x876, Wormy075_1.jpg)
    240 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:49 No.7108402
         File1260676146.jpg-(229 KB, 700x888, Wormy075_2.jpg)
    229 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:49 No.7108410
         File1260676194.jpg-(212 KB, 700x878, Wormy075_3.jpg)
    212 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:50 No.7108415
    What is the number of the OotS strip that appeared in the Dragon #359 (The last issue,September 2007)?

    I want to check out the Trampy references.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:50 No.7108418
         File1260676233.jpg-(168 KB, 700x906, Wormy076_1.jpg)
    168 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:52 No.7108432
         File1260676335.jpg-(165 KB, 700x904, Wormy076_2.jpg)
    165 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:53 No.7108446
         File1260676406.jpg-(158 KB, 700x900, Wormy077.jpg)
    158 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:54 No.7108453
         File1260676458.jpg-(230 KB, 700x920, Wormy078.jpg)
    230 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:54 No.7108454
    yeah, it is neat to see the older art, but it's jsut not enjoyable to me because i'm only 19.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:55 No.7108466
         File1260676520.jpg-(177 KB, 700x916, Wormy079_1.jpg)
    177 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:55 No.7108468
    Well whaddaya know. I'm only 19 and from a country where it's a pain in the ass to get gaming magazines.
    I still enjoy this.
    Keep 'em coming OP.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:56 No.7108478
         File1260676581.jpg-(189 KB, 700x916, Wormy079_2.jpg)
    189 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:57 No.7108488
         File1260676652.jpg-(303 KB, 1275x1650, Dragon Magazine 359_108.jpg)
    303 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)22:58 No.7108499
         File1260676721.jpg-(174 KB, 700x901, Wormy080.jpg)
    174 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:00 No.7108522
         File1260676833.jpg-(183 KB, 700x916, Wormy081_1.jpg)
    183 KB
    Fineous Fingers and Knights of the Dinner Table are referenced there as well.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:01 No.7108529
         File1260676882.jpg-(201 KB, 700x917, Wormy081_2.jpg)
    201 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:02 No.7108539
         File1260676940.jpg-(172 KB, 700x930, Wormy082_1.jpg)
    172 KB
    >> hamster boy 12/12/09(Sat)23:02 No.7108540
    This is fantastic. Good time, good times...

    I miss print Dragon...
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:02 No.7108547
    KOTD is easy to find (up to a point) but Finieous Fingers is fucking impossible. You don't happen to have those comics by any chance?
    Or perhaps a zip of Wormy?
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:03 No.7108553
         File1260676993.jpg-(167 KB, 700x929, Wormy082_2.jpg)
    167 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:04 No.7108567
         File1260677060.jpg-(176 KB, 700x916, Wormy083.jpg)
    176 KB
    I'll post what I have another time. I'll run into the image limit on this thread as it is.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:05 No.7108576
    Please be sure to archive it as well.
    I always manage to miss these kind of threads.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:05 No.7108582
         File1260677121.jpg-(182 KB, 700x938, Wormy084_1.jpg)
    182 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:05 No.7108592
    Thanks, buddy!
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:06 No.7108594
         File1260677163.jpg-(168 KB, 700x919, Wormy084_2.jpg)
    168 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:06 No.7108603
         File1260677218.jpg-(163 KB, 700x906, Wormy085.jpg)
    163 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:07 No.7108613
         File1260677269.jpg-(184 KB, 700x918, Wormy086.jpg)
    184 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:08 No.7108619
         File1260677303.jpg-(173 KB, 700x907, Wormy087_1.jpg)
    173 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:08 No.7108623

    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:08 No.7108628
    This is excellent, keep posting OP
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:09 No.7108633
         File1260677375.jpg-(169 KB, 700x907, Wormy087_2.jpg)
    169 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:10 No.7108642
         File1260677439.jpg-(150 KB, 700x918, Wormy088_1.jpg)
    150 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:11 No.7108647
    Man, I love Wormy. I have most of these issues in a box.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:11 No.7108648
         File1260677482.jpg-(170 KB, 700x917, Wormy088_2.jpg)
    170 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:12 No.7108656
         File1260677530.jpg-(170 KB, 700x918, Wormy088_3.jpg)
    170 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:13 No.7108669
         File1260677582.jpg-(163 KB, 700x919, Wormy088_4.jpg)
    163 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:14 No.7108688
         File1260677664.jpg-(194 KB, 700x913, Wormy089_1.jpg)
    194 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:15 No.7108694
         File1260677707.jpg-(188 KB, 700x915, Wormy089_2.jpg)
    188 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:15 No.7108703
         File1260677754.jpg-(185 KB, 700x913, Wormy089_3.jpg)
    185 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:16 No.7108717
         File1260677805.jpg-(245 KB, 700x920, Wormy090_1.jpg)
    245 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:19 No.7108744
         File1260677959.jpg-(254 KB, 700x926, Wormy090_2.jpg)
    254 KB
    OK, uploading now.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:20 No.7108757
         File1260678046.jpg-(247 KB, 700x913, Wormy090_3.jpg)
    247 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:20 No.7108759
    Those trolls are so gay, even if they don't know it.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:22 No.7108776
         File1260678156.jpg-(217 KB, 700x907, Wormy091_1.jpg)
    217 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:23 No.7108798
         File1260678226.jpg-(221 KB, 700x909, Wormy091_2.jpg)
    221 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:25 No.7108817
         File1260678319.jpg-(240 KB, 700x928, Wormy092_1.jpg)
    240 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:26 No.7108830
         File1260678370.jpg-(270 KB, 700x939, Wormy092_2.jpg)
    270 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:26 No.7108831
    Lesson learned: Never swallow a guy with a knife whole.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:27 No.7108840
         File1260678427.jpg-(157 KB, 700x913, Wormy093_1.jpg)
    157 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:28 No.7108858
         File1260678528.jpg-(162 KB, 700x912, Wormy093_2.jpg)
    162 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:30 No.7108872
         File1260678612.jpg-(162 KB, 700x912, Wormy093_3.jpg)
    162 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:30 No.7108878
         File1260678646.jpg-(161 KB, 700x912, Wormy093_4.jpg)
    161 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:31 No.7108891
         File1260678690.jpg-(170 KB, 700x912, Wormy094_1.jpg)
    170 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:32 No.7108902
         File1260678749.jpg-(170 KB, 700x916, Wormy094_2.jpg)
    170 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:33 No.7108922
         File1260678821.jpg-(167 KB, 700x913, Wormy094_3.jpg)
    167 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:34 No.7108932
         File1260678867.jpg-(170 KB, 700x915, Wormy094_4.jpg)
    170 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:35 No.7108943
         File1260678914.jpg-(216 KB, 700x934, Wormy095_1.jpg)
    216 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:36 No.7108953
         File1260678966.jpg-(222 KB, 700x906, Wormy095_2.jpg)
    222 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:36 No.7108956
         File1260679016.jpg-(217 KB, 700x935, Wormy095_3.jpg)
    217 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:38 No.7108974
         File1260679086.jpg-(148 KB, 700x910, Wormy096_1.jpg)
    148 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:39 No.7108985
         File1260679156.jpg-(164 KB, 700x909, Wormy096_2.jpg)
    164 KB
    Toad Town.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:40 No.7109002
    Jesus, this dude actually knows how to make comics.

    How come all D&D inspires these days is the likes of Goblins or Order of the Stick?
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:40 No.7109005
         File1260679252.jpg-(160 KB, 700x912, Wormy096_3.jpg)
    160 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:41 No.7109011
    Do you have all of them OP?
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:41 No.7109012
         File1260679294.jpg-(164 KB, 700x899, Wormy097_1.jpg)
    164 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:44 No.7109037
         File1260679499.jpg-(171 KB, 700x901, Wormy097_2.jpg)
    171 KB
    I think I do now.

    I noticed that a couple were .bmp, and was going to convert them to .jpg, but noticed that one numbered in the middle was missing, so I grabbed the .pdf and took them from that. In posting these, I noticed that I was going to post 61_3 after 60, so I grabbed that .pdf and took the first two from that.

    These are someone else's scans from 2001.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:48 No.7109079
         File1260679725.jpg-(205 KB, 710x934, Wormy098.jpg)
    205 KB
    I notice that the quality is not there, but one can always hope for a collection to be printed at one point.

    When Wizards of the Coast were taking business away from TSR in the form of a collectible card game, TSR decided to put one out too. They pissed off a lot of artists by using old art with no new recompense. Eventually, the art went back to the ownership of the artist, and...

    Well, one can always hope.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:49 No.7109088
         File1260679785.jpg-(212 KB, 676x915, Wormy099_1.jpg)
    212 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:50 No.7109097
         File1260679846.jpg-(202 KB, 684x928, Wormy099_2.jpg)
    202 KB
    He could have put out a comic, or made a graphic novel.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:52 No.7109107
         File1260679931.jpg-(164 KB, 700x904, Wormy100_1.jpg)
    164 KB
    Scripted, drawn, inked, colored.

    How much do you think he got per page back in 1985?
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:52 No.7109118
         File1260679973.jpg-(179 KB, 716x942, Wormy102_2.jpg)
    179 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:55 No.7109160
    Wormy was awesome. There was a compilation released at some point, I think. From what I heard, someone discovered the artist several years down the road living life as a taxi driver. He was no longer an artist at that point, which sucks... : /
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:57 No.7109173
    I see that I am missing another one, so I am grabbing issue 103.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:59 No.7109207
         File1260680346.jpg-(274 KB, 700x916, Wormy103_1.jpg)
    274 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/09(Sat)23:59 No.7109211
    So much that he rather drives a taxi and wants nothing to do with roleplaying game industry anymore.

    ... (._.)
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:00 No.7109214
    zip would be apreciated, 4 chan is runing like shit for me and half the pics wont load :(
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:01 No.7109231
    Driving a taxi is probably more lucrative than any job in the roleplaying industry.
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:02 No.7109242
         File1260680525.jpg-(195 KB, 716x934, Wormy103_2.jpg)
    195 KB
    I could not find one. Point it out to me?
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:03 No.7109258
         File1260680609.jpg-(184 KB, 710x926, Wormy103_3.jpg)
    184 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:05 No.7109287
    I'm uploading a new .rar now.

    And 125 image limit reached.
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:08 No.7109299
    Could you upload to mediafire, I can download accelerate it that way.
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:09 No.7109321
    Trampier himself:

    And he truly doesn't want to be contacted about his past work anymore. Such a shame.
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:13 No.7109368
    Anybody know why he would rather be a taxi driver? Is it the social stigma around the rpg industry?
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:15 No.7109388
    I loved Wormy back in the day. And Trampier is/was a fantastic artist.
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:16 No.7109404

    I think he went through something in his personal life. I doubt it had anything to do with this work in the gaming industry.
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:18 No.7109414
    If it had nothing to do with his work then why quit?
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:18 No.7109423

    As I understand it, he just didn't want that kind of life.
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:19 No.7109437
    From RPG.net

    "I can only wonder what happened to Mr. Trampier that so soured him on the gaming community. Granted, we're a bunch of obnoxious nerds, but the whole thing just seemed so sudden and his refusal to do further RPG work so utter. Weird.

    There was a thread about Trampier a few years ago on Enworld where some TSR people made comments that pointed to DT having a nervous breakdown. Tom Wham was his friend and brother-in-law and he said Trampier just stopped talking to family for a long while as well. I don't think it's so much the gaming community or industry as his wanting to put that entire period of his life forever in the past."
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:20 No.7109445
    Maybe he just didn't want to draw comics about dragons and trolls all his life? Maybe he got sick of the story or ran out of ideas and couldn't think of anything he'd rather draw.

    There doesn't need to be a grand secret conspiracy about some guy drawing comics for Dragon for a while and then stopping.
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:20 No.7109451
    stop spamming ur shitty board on a n o n t a l k . com ok thanks and a hav a good day
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:22 No.7109488
    I think I can understand why now. He was tired of the lonely nights with nothing but his hand. Tired of the despair and the escape from that despair by escaping to an imaginary world. He probably massed a huge debt but was able to ignore it all by escaping to his imaginary world. He probably was shit with women and found that they all hated him with a passion. So ronery ;_;
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:24 No.7109506
    I dunno. Working with sweaty, fat nerds must suck, but working as a cab driver is far worse.

    My money is on a crazy epiphany.
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:28 No.7109576
    Rapidshare link:


    227 images in a 41MB file.
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:29 No.7109585
    Oddly enough, most war/roleplayers i have met are in fact not fat, but incredibly skinny and with longer than average hair.
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:30 No.7109606
    Just a bump while OP is uploading.

    But for some reading material...

    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:30 No.7109615
    stop spamming ur shitty board on a n o n t a l k . com ok thanks and a hav a good day
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:31 No.7109630
    Many thanks!
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:32 No.7109650

    Thanks OP, I loved Wormy back then. But never actually sat down and scanned all of them from my issues of dragon, which woefully would of yielded a much smaller selection of episodes then this.
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:33 No.7109663
    >He probably was shit with women

    Very likely, women appear not to exist in his fantasy world. And in fact the only kind of relationships his creatures seem to have at all are chummy platonic male ones where you drink ale and play games.
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:35 No.7109691

    Thanks Anon!
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:36 No.7109703
    stop spamming ur shitty board on a n o n t a l k . com ok thanks and a hav a good day
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:37 No.7109712
    stop spamming ur shitty board on a n o n t a l k . com ok thanks and a hav a good day
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:38 No.7109722
    stop spamming ur shitty board on a n o n t a l k . com ok thanks and a hav a good day
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:39 No.7109741
    Damn, no women in Toad Town. No tavern wenches in the Yggdrasil trees.
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:41 No.7109774
    It will probably be re-uploaded here, so I may as well do it.

    No benees for Mediafire, huh? 9,000 more points and I get a month's membership in the Rapidfire club.

    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:48 No.7109863
    I fear turning into Trampier when I hit my 30s.

    But I mostly fear becoming this man:
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)00:58 No.7109977
    Thanks bro
    >> Anonymous 12/13/09(Sun)02:29 No.7111310
    At least Trampier kept his fa/tg/uy beard.
    So, grow a beard, then you too can grow old to look like this guy:

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