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  • File : 1260982183.jpg-(139 KB, 600x800, HEATMAN.jpg)
    139 KB 8-Bit Dystopia The Goddamn Duck 12/16/09(Wed)11:49 No.7160862  
    Characters are defined by five basic traits, each one rated from one to ten; each one starts at 1, with a default of 12 points to distribute between them. The human average is about three. They also have several derived traits, Edges, Crutches, and skills.

    TOUGHNESS - Your character's physical endurance.
    BRAWN - How much you can lug around and how hard you hit.
    GRACE - Your speed and agility.
    WITS - Your character's ability to think on his feet. Not equivalent to intellect - that's more a measure of how many ranks you have in your Scholastic skill.
    CHUTZPAH - Charisma and mental endurance.

    In addition, you have several traits derived from these basic traits.

    HP: Toughness times 10. The amount of hits you can take before you crumple.
    JUMP: The average of Brawn and Grace, plus any bonuses from Edges. In 8BD, jumping is an essential skill.
    ATTACK: The average of Grace and Wits. Your skill at hitting something with another thing.
    BULK: The average of Brawn and Toughness. How large your character is. Comes in handy when grappling - less handy when you're trying to shimmy through ductwork.
    SANITY: Chutzpah times 5, plus 20. The mental equivalent of HP.
    >> Ayaya !jT2u4h//Bs 12/16/09(Wed)11:57 No.7160922
    Shouldn't we make Sanity a little lower? I think there will be not that much of SAN-damaging encounters, as you mostly fight only one Eldricht Abomination at a time? And magic users, do they use Wits or Chutzpah to magic attacks?
    >> The Goddamn Duck 12/16/09(Wed)11:57 No.7160925
    Edges and Crutches are bonuses and negative traits that your character possesses. Each character starts with one of each - yes, you MUST possess a Crutch. Some Edges have a Crutch built-in.

    Characters begin with 30 skill points. At character creation they may put no more than 6 points in any one skill, and may only have four skills "maxed out".
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)11:58 No.7160934
    Chutzpah is a stupid word.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:00 No.7160950
         File1260982822.jpg-(115 KB, 604x840, 1259167528655.jpg)
    115 KB
    What exactly is chutzpah I've never even heard of it as a word. Also, I think you'll need this.

    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:00 No.7160955
    Most Jew words are.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:01 No.7160957
    Why not just use Wushu?
    >> Ayaya !jT2u4h//Bs 12/16/09(Wed)12:01 No.7160966

    Jew jargon for coolness.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:02 No.7160967
    Don't be ripping yiddish man. Its an old tongue, give it some respect.
    >> The Goddamn Duck 12/16/09(Wed)12:03 No.7160974
    There'll be lots that lowers sanity. Robodyne's bioroids are animated by living brains and nervous tissue torn from captured humans. MetPharm's biological implants are alien parasites cultured for the open market. Drugs are omnipresent. And that's not even touching on the Dream Land cultists.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:03 No.7160976
    Change CHUTZPAH to "COOL"
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:04 No.7160984
    Replace Chutzpah with Moxie.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:04 No.7160986
    Fair points any of those will involve san loss. I wonder if you play as a biodroid character do you take san. Damage from the get-go?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:05 No.7160990
    ITT: Retards, Hebrew is an old language. Sanskrit is an old language. Yiddish is barely 1000 years old.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/09(Wed)12:06 No.7160999

    I agree with this man. It's a nice word, but it's not really something you expect to see as a stat, except in some sort of comedy system.

    A trip to Thesaurus.com has the following alternates:

    arrogance, audacity, backbone*, balls, boldness, brass, gall, nerve, spine

    My personal favourite would be to rename Chutzpah "Audacity" or "Nerve".


    Because we want to do some crunch for a change?


    Sanity is high because of how hard it is to get any back in this setting. Once it's gone (and when it DOES go, it does it in big chunks) it's largely gone.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:07 No.7161004
    Sorry, I'm not versed in the age of languages. Still a fairly well established language though.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:07 No.7161007
    >1000 years isn't a long time.
    >> The Goddamn Duck 12/16/09(Wed)12:09 No.7161020
    Still older than our disgusting pidgin of German, French, and Latin. Besides, if I'm not mistaken, Chutzpah was a trait in the Futurama RPG.

    Moving away from that - I was thinking a d12-based system, rolling under the Trait+Skill+Modifier to succeed, over an opponent's roll if opposed.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:09 No.7161022
    It's yiddish; it means balls. If you've got chutzpah, you've got balls. You're bold, you've got will, you've got charisma.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:12 No.7161058
    You don't see many of those. a skill plus trait plus mod would be a pretty simple thing to do with that as well.

    I was thinking of doing this up with D20 modern after some modification actually. Mostly, fluffing stuff up and giving some power ups as needed .
    >> Ayaya !jT2u4h//Bs 12/16/09(Wed)12:12 No.7161060

    Audacity is a good choice. Most characters with high stats on this might be Kamina-style bros. And KoL (A comedy browser RPG) actually use this as a stat. (The stat is actually Moxie, as >>7160984 said, but when you gain points it's called Chutzpah, Sarcasm or Cheek).


    Ohhh, i see. I just thought the +20 was really exagerrating. What would be the effects of low Sanity? CoC or Eternal Darkness style?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:13 No.7161066
    Agreed, replace chutzpah with BALLS
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:13 No.7161067
    Edge: Bioroid. Raise your starting HP by 20. Ignore any damage of less than 10. You may use Bioroid implant systems, and begin with one.
    Crutch: Bioroid. Reduce your Sanity by 20. You do not heal damage normally, and must be repaired by the Corp that owns you, or by a back-alley technician.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/09(Wed)12:15 No.7161080

    I think you'll find a FAIR bit of Anglo-Saxon in it too...

    I was going to ask about the dice system though.
    Really? D12? Well, I'm all for supporting underused dice and all, but wouldnt 2D6 or D10 be better?
    >> Ayaya !jT2u4h//Bs 12/16/09(Wed)12:15 No.7161084

    >Back-Alley technician.

    This will only end hilariously.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:16 No.7161090
    Sounds fair at least for a basic biodroid. Might we be able to modify if based on the type as well?
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/09(Wed)12:17 No.7161107

    Are Bioroid androids or mutant animals? I can never remember properly...
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:18 No.7161117
    More akin to heavily modded out cyborgs. Robotniks are actually people turned machine men while wily seems to grow his parts and integrate them into his machines as needed.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:19 No.7161122
    They're an affliction. Engineered hemorrhoid virus. Keep your vaccine up to date.
    >> Ayaya !jT2u4h//Bs 12/16/09(Wed)12:20 No.7161132

    Robotnik actually uses human beings? That's brutal. And what about Sonic? I once wrote about him and his friends being failed experiments on biogenetics and the reason Robotnik mostly works on robotics.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:21 No.7161134
    How are you working in the magic my good duck? It seems like it will cost something be it sanity or moxy.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:22 No.7161146
         File1260984159.jpg-(47 KB, 600x613, Spec_Ops_troop_by_Marrilliams.jpg)
    47 KB
    Edge: Trim. Your actual size is smaller than your Bulk would indicate. Whenever it would be advantageous, you may treat your Bulk as 2 points lower than it is.

    Edge: Corp Owned. You are owned, wholly and completely, by a corporation. You have a nice apartment, a steady supply of food, and a decent corporate sidearm. You must take the Cruch: Corp Owned.

    Crutch: Corp Owned. You are monitored by your corp constantly. Privacy is an illusion. You are expected to perform duties for your Corp at the drop of a hat. Even talking to a member of another Corp is treated with suspicion, unless it's in a professional, sanctioned context.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:22 No.7161152
    Someone posted him being an engineered life form created by robotnik that happily proceeded to tear apart everyone in the room....I think that's the accepted version. As for it being brutal really, that's the tip of the ice berg. This world would make most people just flat out kill themselves if they lived in it.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/09(Wed)12:24 No.7161176
         File1260984296.jpg-(130 KB, 557x425, 1199020829068.jpg)
    130 KB

    I was under the impression we had a proper name for anthro animals in this setting, given how heavily they feature in videogames.
    >> The Goddamn Duck 12/16/09(Wed)12:25 No.7161187
    I was thinking of a Magic (specialty goes here) skill, with SAN damage for a failed roll - and SAN damage for increasing your Magic skill.

    Androids - think Mega Man.

    d10 is a little too slim, and 2d6... eh. It's been done too much. I just wanted to tool around with a die that everyone's got, but no one uses.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/09(Wed)12:26 No.7161191

    I also had an unvoiced concept that sonic couldn't actually ever STOP moving faster than the eye can see. He on the other hand is capable of picking up snippets of conversation and everything else going on around him.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:27 No.7161203
    We don't oddly. I almost want to say they are all caused by either metpharm, Robonik or the foot trying to build new bio-weapons and not being able to get the system down pat.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/09(Wed)12:31 No.7161249

    I'd be tempted to go: Mutants, but that implies that they were accidents and not deliberate experiments into biogenetic engineering (like Donkey Kong and Earthworm Jim.)

    This is why I thought Bioroid was our term for them: a non human but sentient animal creature.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:34 No.7161281
    It's fallen to a catch all really. I guess we need to give a defined what is and what is not now.

    For example;

    Mechanoid- These are purely machine constructs. They have no living parts integrated into their systems and are usually very basic in behavior. Examples; Metools.
    >> Ayaya !jT2u4h//Bs 12/16/09(Wed)12:36 No.7161309

    Use Mechaniloid. It's the term Megaman Zero uses for mindless robots. (The sentient ones are Reploids)
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:37 No.7161317
    alright I forgot the exact term. And it gives us a clear defining line for at least one segment of the enormous variety of machines running around.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:39 No.7161344
         File1260985182.jpg-(170 KB, 600x800, 1260201457308.jpg)
    170 KB
    here's some Cutsman I figure we need at least one of the original masters up here.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:42 No.7161369
    OP of the original thread here. Really didn't expect this thread to be the first to greet me on the front page.

    I love you guys.
    >> LawfulNice !tGTXNZuKLM 12/16/09(Wed)12:42 No.7161372
    >here's some Cutsman
    >Picture of Metal Man
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:43 No.7161381
         File1260985410.jpg-(185 KB, 600x800, 1260201618476.jpg)
    185 KB
    And we do to Op. Also, I suggest seeing the three other threads you helped to spawn. The writefags love this world.
    >> Player 1 12/16/09(Wed)12:43 No.7161382
    I've archived a list of all the stories people wrote and the most influential comments. I'll try and update the wiki article into something nice over the next few holidays.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:43 No.7161383
    well there are all kinds of mind fucking shit running around. this isnt CoC where you might meet a dimensional shambler if youre really really unlucky. wou will meet teh monsters. and alot if you go under ground or away from the (heavily) patrolled zones.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/09(Wed)12:44 No.7161387


    No back to game mechanics. So I'd roll a D12, looking to get under a certain number.
    So if I wanted to say: Climb a wall that would be a Grace + Jump, then modifiers.
    Let's say I have Grace 5 and Jump 4. I'd need to roll under 9 straight. But the Wall is sheer (-2) and it's Raining (-2) So it's actually a 5 or less roll.

    Is this right so far?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:44 No.7161392
    thanks man for the help. i started the wiki entry, but have been really busy with work.
    >> grimdark Writefag 12/16/09(Wed)12:46 No.7161409
    I've some blurbs nothing major though mostly because I've been waiting to see what becomes established fluff.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:51 No.7161454
    thats my problem too. just trying to sort what people want as the established canon for the setting
    >> grimdark Writefag 12/16/09(Wed)12:53 No.7161474
    I think its safe to assume that Wily and Robotnik are running mega corps along with Metpharm and the Foot as a close second pair.
    I might do entries on them as I work out how they work.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:55 No.7161504
    I kind of also wanted to add in the movie solarbabies into the mix, where the zone they are is devoid of water and you bust your ass just to get a drink of water. also soylent green.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:58 No.7161528
    This is cool; but if I may interrupt, I've been working on a small career and background system similar to Dark Heresy / Rogue Trader [one of my regular players really likes the system, and is pestering me to adopt it for this game]. So, I'm going to put up my notes on the subject so far.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/09(Wed)12:58 No.7161530

    >I kind of also wanted to add in the movie solarbabies into the mix

    The who?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:58 No.7161535
    Street Battler - Unarmed techniques, toughness, weak ninjitsu. [Streets of Rage / Street Fighter]
    Shinobi - speed, stealth, swords, strong ninjtsu. [Dragon Ninja / Last Ninja / Goeman / Shinobi]
    Engineer - intelligence, technology, academic knowledge. Building [Wily/Robotnik] / some brawling buyable [Zen: Streets of Rage 3].
    Commando - Guns, strength, more guns; mowing down waves of enemies or sneaking/platforming around. [CONTRA / Bionic Commando]
    Handyman - Street knowledge, investigation, toughness, unarmed attacks; jack-of-all trades, high utility, tough as nails. [Mario]
    Dream Touched - Dream Land / Fantasy Zone / Chaos / Giygas / Other Realm magic. High chance of exploding or going insane. [Earthbound?]

    Player owned Dream touched artefacts? (eg; God Hand, Vampire Killer)
    Anti-Dream 'alien' artefacts? (Vampire Killer? Depending on origin story.)
    Alien relics - Zora, Hylia, Chozo, mythrid of shooter enemy races.

    Buyable cybernetics, buyable bioaugs. Possibility of playing as a bioroid (eg; like Sparkster / Sonic)?
    >> grimdark Writefag 12/16/09(Wed)12:59 No.7161537
    Personally I think we should keep with what we have. With all the fluff floating around we are going to have a lot going on as it is.

    Also I get the feeling that the world we are on is a very far future Hyrule.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)12:59 No.7161542
    Zone Type:
    Sprawl - High density urban.
    Harsh - Desert / Ice / Jungle.
    Outback - You grew up in the sticks.
    Pipe Dweller - You grew up in the Pipes.
    Factory - You grew up in a major industrial area.

    Street Runner - You were raised on the City streets.
    Abandoned - an orphan, raised in a Corp orphanarium.
    City Worker - raised into the hard life of a worker.
    Management - grew up in the towers of a Corp.

    Events #1:
    Artefact Site - you took part in excavations on pre-human sites of interest.
    Mentor - you recieved training from a special mentor.
    Ganger - you joined a street gang.
    Intern - you were lucky enough to recieve a Corp internship.
    Drudgery - you toiled in one of the many Corp factories.

    Events #2:
    Takeover - you were caught up in one of the endless turf wars.
    Disaster - a disaster ruined your zone.
    Disappearance - your family/friends were carried off in a purge.
    Dark Influence - you stumbled onto a dark influence in the City.
    Ruined - you were responsible, directly or indirectly, for a terrible mistake and were zeroed.

    Freedom - you refuse to be told what to do by anyone.
    Preservation - you're just busy trying to stay alive.
    Riches - you just want to get rich.
    Vengeance - you seek vengeance against a particular enemy.
    Knowledge - you want to know the secrets of the City.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)13:01 No.7161556
    Invulnerable, Quickness, Fire Pillars, Obliteration of Self

    Psionics: Alpha/Beta/Omega
    Thunder, Flash, Fire, Heal, Purify, Confusion, Sleep, Shield, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Dominate

    That's all so far.

    I'm really in love with the idea of statting Robot Masters in Dark Heresy, but these notes could work with any homebrew in the making.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)13:02 No.7161571
    At the moment, Hyrule is sort of an extinct civilisation; its described in alien terms in almost all fluff. What really happened to it is a mystery, but it seems that almost all the people in the City are not close descendants of the Hylians. The City has been described as being built out of off-planet mining colonies.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)13:03 No.7161576
    its a old movie from the 80`s
    >> grimdark Writefag 12/16/09(Wed)13:03 No.7161577
    I like what you have anon I have a hard copy of Rogue trader and was thinking of taking bits form it and DH to make this setting its a lot of work but I think it could be done.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)13:05 No.7161590
    So are we just ignoring the character stats that we thought up in the first thread?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)13:06 No.7161601
    Of course, the good thing about running into a Lovecraftian horror in this setting is that you are probably packing a plasma blaster or a multi-fire machine gun.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)13:07 No.7161615
    Do you want me to post them again?

    On this subject, I should repeat to everyone that the reason why I abandoned that idea was because of people pointing out that the setting idea and the emulation of 8-bit mechanics might contrast poorly. Of course, you'll need to have some in, that will make it awesome, so the ratio of realism vs 8-bit emulation will be a point of some concern.
    >> grimdark Writefag 12/16/09(Wed)13:08 No.7161621
    I know that much I helped with most of the fluff. I meant that the world itself was Hyrule given the ruins but the people living there are descended from humans from the former mining colony.

    No ones brought them up really but I guess sadly yes.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)13:10 No.7161642
    Thank you! I was really trying to come up with bonuses and penalties based on those background choices; I wrote a few out, but I couldn't decide on what was suitable, what would be balanced, and what would be appropriately cool.
    >> Reposted from the first thread Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)13:13 No.7161671
    Obvious statistics for an 8 bit hero would have to be: Jumping, Move Speed, Hit Points, Flinching. Some heroes might be able to fight close-up, but most will probably not. For those who can, unarmed Power (Close), Attack Rate (Close) and close combat Techniques will be invaluable. Close combat besides regular melee, in fact most close combat, will probably involve jumping on people's heads.

    Ranged attacks will have Accuracy (2, 4, or 8 directional aiming; the more directions you can aim in the more accurate you can be), Rate of Fire (how many shots can appear 'on screen') and Power (pistol = weak, megabuster = medium, rocket gun = strong)

    Possible ideas for purchasable techniques:
    Charge-up Shot [elect not to fire any shots after the first shot, then spend a turn or two increasing the power of your next shot]
    - Power Slide [damage enemies with your slide]
    Jump Attack [squash people]
    - Ground Pound
    Grapple [able to automatically grab and hold appropriate enemies for a short amount of time]
    - Grapple Attack [smack enemies about whilst they're grabbed]
    - Grapple Throw [throw and damage the enemy]
    Bombs [drop time bombs, possibly to destroy obstacles]
    Shield [chance that attacks hitting your front will be blocked]
    >> Repo Man !!saGXYh8Wl/E 12/16/09(Wed)13:13 No.7161672
         File1260987193.jpg-(58 KB, 540x392, repo-b.jpg)
    58 KB

    Sounds like my kind of party...
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/09(Wed)13:17 No.7161707
    >Also I get the feeling that the world we are on is a very far future Hyrule.

    At this point it's pretty much the only planet it COULD be.

    The invaders have destroyed earth, the Lylat system is being consumed by Sinistar's Minions, and there's no floating island or little moon for it to be Mobius.

    The question remains however, just where IS Mobius? Does Robotnik have a secret path back to the planet via the Special Zones ala Sonic the Comic?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)13:19 No.7161734
    Let's break this down. What we NEED from a homebrew:

    - Sanity system
    - Combat drugs and addiction
    - Cybernetics / Bioaugs
    - Stats for 'keeping your wits about you' and living in the City (ie, being streetwise). A separation of mental attributes perhaps?
    - System with a lot of flavour (dark cyberpunky and classic vidya) (Rogue Trader-style chargen?)
    - Good system for Jumping checks
    - Ability to emulate any classic gaming character given a suitably grimdark reimagining. From Street Fighter and Streets of Rage, Mario, Legend of Zelda, Contra and Castlevania.
    - Robot Masters, Dracula, and Kyr'be will fuck your shit up. (p'yo)
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)13:20 No.7161749
    Mobius doesn't HAVE to be integral to the setting. Whilst it is a classic part of the old Sonic games, it was always more present in the many Sonic spin-offs.

    At best, I would say make it the name of Robotnik's headquarter zone.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/09(Wed)13:21 No.7161761

    It's something to put on the To Do list for a later date I think, no need to do anything right now.
    >> grimdark Writefag 12/16/09(Wed)13:23 No.7161784
    It could be a code word just as easily for his personal labs as well. A place thats whispered with a fearful tone even by his most trusted staff.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)13:27 No.7161828
    I like it, suitably grimdark. Matches Sonic's origin story too; 'from Mobius'.

    I also propose that the Little Planet is a Lovecraftian dimension bleeding into realspace. The Little Planet, after all, is a place where time has no meaning and strange UFOs are known to frequent bizarre empty landscapes.
    >> grimdark Writefag 12/16/09(Wed)13:28 No.7161845
    I keep thinking Dark Heresy or at least for fluidness d20.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)13:50 No.7162037
    "sounds - possibly musical - heard in the night from other worlds or realms of being."

    The Little Planet; that's what they call it. Down in the outback is a place known for strange lights. Dark secrets. Music drifting on the midnight breeze. They say time has no meaning there, but I don't know anyone who's been there, or even seen the Little Planet. Men say a lot of foolish things, especially now, when the whole damn race is scared shitless knowing that there's monsters out there even worse than themselves. Brother, that takes some doing.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)13:54 No.7162070
    Wouldn't say d20 is quite right.

    Dark Heresy or any Cyberpunk system would work great though.
    >> grimdark Writefag 12/16/09(Wed)13:55 No.7162075
    true I was saying D20 due to versatility more than anything.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)14:01 No.7162113
    so i ask again, have you consolidated the info on this, or are you just going to say "sift through suptg's amount of cocksucking" if I want to know more
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)14:01 No.7162117
    To an extent OP, cool and wits cross over.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)14:02 No.7162132
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)14:03 No.7162143
    Oh god, this is the worst of the worst.

    Seriously guys this is fanboy wankery, nothing more. You know those sonicchu and that one shitty comic with pokemon with laser vision fighting the commando that is just horrible? This is that kind of shit.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)14:06 No.7162170
    I'd laugh my ass off if I ever saw "Chutzpah" as a stat on a character sheet.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)14:06 No.7162173
    I've got a document on my HD which has all of the stories people have written saved, plus one or two comments that people made on which direction they want the setting to go. I guess I owe it to /tg/ to upload it.

    Stand by, I'm going to dump
    >> grimdark Writefag 12/16/09(Wed)14:09 No.7162192

    Sir. Please leave the thread. You are adverse to the intellectual stimulation that is occurring here.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/09(Wed)14:10 No.7162206

    Hey Stewart. Nice to see you up and about. Haven't seen you in a while, finals?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)14:12 No.7162223
    Done, but so far it's just been dumped raw. I suppose this won't be that much help for someone who's only just found this project, as I didn't save the summaries. Hang on:
    >> grimdark Writefag 12/16/09(Wed)14:14 No.7162241
    I suggest breaking them into new pages based on content. I'll try to help where I can as well given I had my hand in more than a small amount of the writing up there.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)14:15 No.7162243
    Not trying to validate the sagefag/troll or anything, but I did sneakily insert a Sonichu reference into one of my submissions.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)14:15 No.7162251
    Sounds like a good idea.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/09(Wed)14:19 No.7162288
         File1260991195.jpg-(28 KB, 300x393, galaxy_force_uk_box_art_large.jpg)
    28 KB

    It was missed. So I don't think it counts.

    I'm apparently the only person who remembers Galaxy Force.
    >> grimdark Writefag 12/16/09(Wed)14:21 No.7162310
    I think it was mentioned in a rounbd about way
    >> From previous threads: Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)14:21 No.7162312
    >The Chozo are lovecraftian bird men from Zebes. Samus's suit is going to fuck her up
    >Slick from River City Ransom is dead.
    >Janken the Great from Alex Kidd in Miracle World is dead, Alex Kidd is currently one of the Princes of Aries.
    >Nobody has ever seen Sonic the Hedgehog, nevertheless, rumours of 'big blue' persist.
    >Cut Man has just been destroyed, most probably by Megaman, possibly by Sonic (unlikely)
    >The cast of Streets of Rage 3 are in jail.
    >Joe Musashi has teamed up with the Syndicate from SoR to take down Neo Zeed.
    >Ryu Hayabusa is in the house, both Wily and Robotnik have one of 'the statues'. Expect dismemberment to commence shortly.
    >Captain Commando is dead.
    >Blaster Master is an unwitting pawn of Dracula.
    >Shredder is running the assassination contest from No More Heroes, intent unknown.
    >the Lemmings - out of control L-Class construction biodroids hellbent on performing the last task assigned to them. The builder ones are the reason the city is so sprawling.
    >Vectorman is an OCD robot trying to sterilise the planet of life.
    >Wily is possibly not as evil as in other incarnations; Robotnik probably is.
    >suggestion that Mother Brain ISN'T actually a huge brain in a jar.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/09(Wed)14:21 No.7162315


    By me.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)14:22 No.7162319
    I know your submissions, but hell if I know the game.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)14:27 No.7162367
    >Bombman and the White Bomberman had a fight
    >Dr. Tongue from Zombies Ate My Neighbours unleashed a bioweapon, nobody has seen him since.
    >Galaxy Force patrols the space above the City, self-funded, effective it's own micronation.
    >various alien fleets may or may not be incoming.
    >the Star Fox system is nearby, and has been dismantled to build Sinistar.
    >the Tanks from Space Invaders lie in lost warehouses, somewhere.
    >a shadowy resistance movement controlled by the remnants of XCOM operates within the City
    >there is some doubt as to whether any of the rumoured rebels are real or products of Robotnik's mindpol
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/09(Wed)14:27 No.7162368

    > Worms are remote control combat mutants designed for warfare - water is there one weakness
    > Space Invaders destroyed Earth
    > The Planet is protected by a space faring defence force called Galaxy Force
    > Galaxy Force have salvaged the Great Fox in Meteo
    > Falco and one other have survived
    > Corneria has been destroyed by the Sinistar's robots
    > Sinistar is 'nearly complete'
    > Katina was turned into a Gradius style war-planet, it has been destroyed by the Galaxy Force
    > Galaxy Force command thinks that their R-Types will be able to take on the Sinistar
    > They can't
    > Mario is plumber with a grudge against Robotnik and badly addicted to Toadstool, a psychotropic drug.
    > Kirby is an elder god
    > So is the Wind Fish
    > As is Gigyas
    > We are all highly worried by the amount of Lovecraftian monsters created by Nintendo.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/09(Wed)14:32 No.7162418

    How about now?

    Anyway. That pretty much covers it.

    Oh, and Dr Light just faked his own death to start up the resistance, Megaman is now online. X may possibly be in a tube somewhere, and Protoman has been put into Zero's body.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)14:34 No.7162445
    Locations in a nutshell:

    The City : the massive planet-wide city that humanity has made its home. Ruled by totalitarian megacorps controlled by the characters of classic vidya. Main players are Wily Corp, RoboDyne, and MetPharm.

    Dream Land / Fantasy Zone / Dark World / Giygas etc... : all different names for the same place; an incomprehensible alien dimension home to bizarre otherworldly monsters. The Dream Lands constantly seek to enter the world, but Kyr'be the Gatekeeper is always on hand to devour unwitting monsters and cultists.

    Galaxy Force HQ.

    Zebes: The secret hidden homeworld of the Chozo, a planet within the system, but deliberately hidden. It is the true birthplace of the Mother Brain, and the Chozo. No mention of the Metroids proper, or their homeworld SRX-388.

    Lylat System: Largely destroyed by the Sinistar's robot followers 20 years ago. Corneria and Katina are confirmed destroyed, the fate of other locations and planets remains a mystery.

    The Pipes. The underworld of the city, full of mutants, gangers, and bioroids.

    The wastes: King DD resides here, along with Donkey Kong and the Kongs. No mention of Kremlins.

    Mentions of Ninja Gaiden imply that the Demon World still exists, but no actual mention has occurred.

    Earth: Abandoned when overrun by the Invaders.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)14:36 No.7162461
    Don't forget that Jet Set Willy is still up in orbit over the City, never letting down his guard in case the Invaders ever return. Also, the Corps are rumoured to have alien tech and surviving space tech (Samus' ship has been referenced, and likely Wily has one.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)14:40 No.7162496
    There has also been Marx writefaggotry, with the big clocklike star from Kirby Superstar as a kind of anti-Sinistar. Nobody really knows what the Sinistar is or where it came from, at least nobody has referenced it yet.

    The aliens are delightfully mystery - the Chozo resemble the fungi from yugoth more than anything else, and little is known about them. Even the Lylat system is an unknown - it was destroyed about 10,000 years ago when construction on Sinistar began, making the Lylats almost older than human civilisation! Galaxy Force has been described as human, and likely only operates around the City and close systems.

    There's lots to cover in this area - but also a lot that should remain delightfully mysterious.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)14:46 No.7162565
    So about the crunch then. I propose we use the posted career / background choices posted by 7161542. I think a system like Shadowrun/Dark Heresy/CoC is what we need.

    100% videogame rules are nice, but might not be what we're going for. I think it would be better to go for a solid system similar to DH/CoC/SR, with little quirks wherever possible (ie, instead of an action point / fate point system, have a "Lives" stat that the player can burn to not die)
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)14:51 No.7162594
    In the City, you need to be tough, you need to have your wits about you, you need to be smart, and you need to be fast. You should also be able to get along with people, and be able to rough people up where necessary.

    Thus, the attributes we should have are:
    Strength, Toughness, Agility, Wits, Smart and Cool (charisma). If necessary, we can split agility into different stats for hand-eye coordination, reflexes, speed etc... however unless it proves unbalanced we can probably leave it.

    Unlike Shadowrun, which is dice pool based, why not a DH or Basic System inspired variant? D100; stats go from 5 to 20 for a normal human with 10 being the average. For checks you can roll statx5 and see if you get under it.

    What you say /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)14:54 No.7162637

    I'd support CoC/BRP if only because I support it for pretty much anything.

    I'd take a leaf out of Trail of Cthulhu's book though, and replace sanity with Stability and Sanity.

    Stability is short-term, easy to lose from pretty much anything and fairly easy to recover. Sanity is long-term, only affected by major shocks and almost impossible to recover.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)14:56 No.7162657
         File1260993405.jpg-(29 KB, 457x426, kirby.jpg)
    29 KB
    He hungers.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)14:58 No.7162672
    Statement : How detailed you go with the sanity system depends on how much pressure you want the Lovecraftian influences to exert.

    But I do like the idea, and after all we do have the Dreamlands, Kyr'be, the Invaders, Chozo, and Sinistar to attack the sanity of players.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)15:11 No.7162811
    I think wits crosses with cool slightly, but I really like the idea of using a Cool stat to represent fellowship and calmness.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)15:17 No.7162877
    Strength, Toughness, Agility, Wits, Smart and Cool

    From these we get H2H damage (str), encumbrance (str), hit points (tgh), speed (str+agl/2), initiative (agl), and sanity (coolx5). Am I missing anything?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)15:18 No.7162888
    There's no luck stat, everyone is talking about CoC and Sanity but nobody is mentioning luck? I really liked the luck rolls you could make in CoC.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)15:21 No.7162916
    That seems to be the core of it.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)15:23 No.7162936
    Forgot Perception, which is equal to Witsx5 in most cases (on harder occaisons it'll be Witsx4 or x3).

    Skills are the standard affair of the sort you'd find in a roleplay. Crack open D&D, Dark Heresy or GURPS. Skills should be similar to those presented in Cyberpunk roleplays but since this is an 80s / early 90s themed setting there should be no wireless internet and only basic bulletin boards (no Shadowrun 4.0 style wireless augmented reality).

    Most skills will use Smart, but some will use Cool or Strength. Ranged combat will almost exclusively rely on Agility based checks.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/09(Wed)15:25 No.7162959

    >The aliens are delightfully mystery - the Chozo resemble the fungi from yugoth more than anything else, and little is known about them. Even the Lylat system is an unknown - it was destroyed about 10,000 years ago when construction on Sinistar began, making the Lylats almost older than human civilisation! Galaxy Force has been described as human, and likely only operates around the City and close systems.

    Uh, Corneria hasn't been destroyed QUITE that long ago. About 20 years total in fact.
    The Sinistar Robots have been breaking down planets to make the Sinistar for about that long however.

    Also, could we reference Starfox being one of the first 3d games by claiming it to have been more technologically advanced?

    As for how the Sinistar Droids beat them, my idea was that the Lylat navies rely on small highly advanced forces penetrating defence lines of enemy small fry and directly attacking the "Boss".
    Which to be fair is a strategy that would work on just about any alien SHMUP baddy apart from the Invaders and these Sinistar Bots.

    This is why the Galaxy Force is waiting for them to finish the Sinistar, because when it does, they can defeat the whole armada 'simply' by taking out the Sinistar.

    Again, they have vastly underestimated what the Sinistar is capable of.

    As for Lylat itself, I can only assume that it was some kind of experiment with genetically modified animals as interstellar explorers that went either horribly wrong or horribly right depending on your point of view.

    Basically, Earth launches a load of super intelligent animals into space to test out a new hyperdrive, never hear from some of them again... up until a good 3 to 4 hundred years later, where they've managed to colonize the Lylat system.

    Sort of like the Tim Burtons version of Planet of the Apes, only without the suck.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/09(Wed)15:26 No.7162972

    Add a Luck mechanic that operates similar to DH's Fate Points. That should do it.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)15:26 No.7162982
    Here's where we have to make a choice - we can either use a CoC skillpoint system where Smart and Wits determine how much points you can allocate, or we can go for a 'defaulting' system where attributes determine the starting level of skills and nothing more.

    Then choice of career can influence skills. In the first system a character may start with Smarts x15 skill points to allocate purely to career skills and Wits x5 to allocate anywhere.

    In the second system, well I suppose we could do the same. Since the City is a place of self-learning and street smart individuals, I suggest we also give players the option of choosing whether to use Smarts or Wits to get their skill totals from.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)15:28 No.7162988
    In which case, a Luck/Lives stat which always starts at 3 (it's always three lives). You may expend these temporarily to reroll, to gain a 'second wind' and recover d4 hit points, or affect a strange coincidence. You may also permanently burn them in order to not die.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)15:32 No.7163029
    Weapons do variable amounts of damage: d4, d6, d10, d12, d20, with bonuses and 2dx.

    A handgun does d8, a rifle d10, a megablaster d12. This is enough to kill most humans (HP10) in a couple of shots, and bear in mind that most weapons have autofire (the megablaster can support three beams on the screen at once!). There should also be an armour system, with weapons have different amounts of penetration. DR is quite important, as it is used for robots and unearthly beings.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/09(Wed)15:34 No.7163045


    This is basically what my Dark Heresy group use their Fate points as anyway.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)15:51 No.7163207
    >> grimdark Writefag 12/16/09(Wed)16:14 No.7163461
         File1260998084.jpg-(231 KB, 700x800, 1260201507937.jpg)
    231 KB
    I would not say three to four hundred years maybe half that at most
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/09(Wed)16:17 No.7163478

    >I would not say three to four hundred years maybe half that at most

    What exactly are you referring to? The time spent building the Sinistar or how long it took for the Lylat system to be colonised?
    >> grimdark Writefag 12/16/09(Wed)16:20 No.7163510
    colonizing Lylat system I would figure maybe one hundred years from the year the invaders attacked.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/09(Wed)16:23 No.7163542

    Actually the animals got sent out pre-invaders. By how much would be up for discussion.

    We've got to give them time to turn Corneria into what we see in Starfox. Which was fully colonised with large cities. Though admittedly not huge.

    Hmm, maybe 200 years? I could see that...
    >> grimdark Writefag 12/16/09(Wed)16:27 No.7163565
    That could work. FIgure given the fact that there is a continent sized City built in a former mining outpost they probably have rapid building technology down pat as well.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/09(Wed)16:30 No.7163588

    Also, there's a fair amount of time between the loss of Earth and the present day. It was what? 10, 20 years too?
    >> grimdark Writefag 12/16/09(Wed)16:40 No.7163665
    I was thinking almost a hundred by now. that or possibly fifty or so.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/09(Wed)16:59 No.7163873

    I wasn't sure, I don't remember the times and dates that were stated off the top of my head.
    I know they lampshaded when Space Invaders came out and the Great Videogames crash.
    >> grimdark Writefag 12/16/09(Wed)17:13 No.7164068
    True...I guess that will be one of those finer details to settle on for later discussions.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)17:35 No.7164375
    It could be even shorter, given the rapid building the setting has already, and the fact that the animaks were designed to be colonists.

    Plus outside the city Corneria didn't look very developed either. Maybe it was another City in progress.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/09(Wed)17:38 No.7164410

    >It could be even shorter, given the rapid building the setting has already, and the fact that the animaks were designed to be colonists.

    I had them penned as explorers, like Laika or various monkey's used by NASA.

    But to be honest, I find myself liking the idea of earth sending a load of specialised colonising animals out to colonise their planets for them and then move in when they're ready.

    Something then has to go wrong though and the builders end up becoming the tenents.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)17:43 No.7164492
    It was stated in writefaggotry that the Invaders came out and Earth held for five years before it fell. The same story also said that only ten years had passed, but suggested that the nucleus of the City was already formed. Feel free to play with those dates mind.

    But the date should of course be 200X.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)17:44 No.7164525
    Perhaps they were testing a new faster-than-light Star Drive just before the invaders hit. So then after the Crash earth can't send any more ships out, and the animals effectively become isolated and self-governing.

    I really like the idea of the Cornerians coming from Earth. If they were aliens it would take away some of the mystery that the actual alien races have.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/09(Wed)17:53 No.7164652

    Exactly. At the moment 90% of the alien races are lovecraftian things ala the Migo (with the Chozo most directly referencing them.)
    Having a system of essentially humanoid animals in there would be out of place.

    Should we archive this thread?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)18:15 No.7164957
    I would say yes just because we have some actual progress in here.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)18:26 No.7165120
    I say yes. There's been some real progress and I'm about to post some more crunch.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/09(Wed)18:26 No.7165130
    >> Stop me if this is too much like the Basic RP System Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)18:27 No.7165134
    Strength: 4d6, discard lowest
    Toughness: 4d6, discard lowest
    Agility: 4d6, discard lowest
    Wits: 4d6, discard lowest
    Smarts: 4d6, discard lowest
    Cool: 4d6, discard lowest

    1 - tiny (small bird) : .5x hp : -20 to hit :
    2 - small (small child, animal) : .75x hp : -10 to hit
    3 - normal (human) - x1 hp
    4 - large (robot master) - 1.25x hp : +10 to hit
    5 - giant (bossmecha) - 1.5x hp : +20 to hit
    6 - behemoth (Egg Tyrant) - 2x hp : +30 to hit

    Hit Points = Toughness. When you are down to your last two hit points you fall unconscious, when you hit 0 you die.
    Magic Points = Cool

    H2H Bonus (Strength):
    1-4 : -1d6
    5-8 : -1d4
    9-12 : none
    13-16 : +1d4
    17-21 : +1d6
    22-25 : +2d6
    26-30 : +3d6
    31-36 : +4d6
    36-40 : +5d6
    41-45 : +6d6
    46-50 : +7d6

    Initiative (Agility + Wits / 2):
    1-3 : -3
    4-6 : -2
    7-9 : -1
    10-12 : 0
    13-15 : +1
    16-18 : +2
    19-21 : +3
    21-23 : +4
    23-25 : +5
    26-30 : +6
    31-35 : +7
    36-40 : +8
    41-45 : +9
    46-50 : +10

    Sanity = Cool x 5, Sanity works just like Call of Cthulthu.

    Perception: Wits x5
    Knowledge : Smarts x5

    Capacity: You as much capacity slots as you have strength. Provided you have space, you may carry items equal to your capacity (most items take up one capacity; some items have negliable load).

    Extra Life Power: 3 (Players may spend their extra life power to reroll dice, and can permentaly burn points in order to save themselves from death)
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)18:34 No.7165242

    Skills are classified as Hard, Average, and Easy. Easy skills start at attribute x3, Average skills at attribute x2, and Hard skills at attribute x1. Most skills use Smarts, but others may use Agility (Dodge, Guns), Wits (Search), Cool (Public Speaking), or Toughness (Swimming).

    Player characters begin play with skill points equal to Smarts or Wits x15 which they must distribute along their archetype/career (eg; Street Battler, Ninja, Commando, Engineer) and then with Smarts or Wits x5, which they can distribute anywhere and which must come from the attribute they didn't pick for the first skill point bonus.

    - - - - -

    I'm still trying to work out how to model Ninjutsu. At the moment I see it as something distinct from Dreamlands magic (which can easily be modelled along CoC lines).
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)18:41 No.7165357
    Ninjutsu works similiar to CoC magic, but is less Sanity draining and has other drawbacks.

    Ninjutsu must be taught to one by a mentor or some other entity. How the first human learnt it is up for investigation. Each week of practice the trainee gets allows him to attempt to roll his Smarts or less on a d100; once he succeeds he masters the ninjutsu. Alternatively, an entity can telepathically implant the ninjutsu into the trainees mind, in which case the trainee need only pass a Smarts x5 roll after a few minutes of convulsing.

    There is the distinct possibility that ninjutsu is gifted by Dreamland entities, in which case ninja techniques are simply 'safe' applications of dreamland magic. This makes them functionally no different from psychic powers, except perhaps that they can be learnt and that they don't normally cause Sanity damage.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)18:45 No.7165411
    Dream Touched
    Each character has a Psionics skill equal to Smarts x 2. Every ten points in psionics entitles the psionist to an ability or an increase in the strength of one psy-technique. The first ability must always be telekinesis.

    Like all skills, successful use of psionics in a session will allow the player to roll for improvement afterwards (just like in CoC).
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)18:52 No.7165506

    Cybernetics can be used to enhance player characters at a cost to their Sanity. The exact nature of cybernetics, and their crunch, will probably have to be discussed.

    However, to begin with it seems appropriate to try the following:

    All cybernetics give attribute changes to a certain stat. The exact affects depend on quality.

    Poor : No change in stats.
    Average : +1 to Stat
    Good : +2 to Stat

    Best quality usually have other bonuses, like gadgets, reduced maintenance or especially fine ornamentation. Gaining cybernetics will require a Sanity check - if failed, the player loses an amount of Sanity determined by the nature of the cybernetic:

    Slight (new fingers) : -1d4
    Limb (artificial arm) : -1d6
    Vital Area (synthetic heart) : -1d8
    Vital and Visible (armoured chest) : -1d10
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)18:52 No.7165516
    Rolling 96-100 on Psionics will, of course, cause horrible shit to happen.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)18:56 No.7165573
    And that, I think, is all I've got for now. Of course, I could have a go statting out guns and writing down every possible skill I suppose.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)19:02 No.7165645
         File1261008123.jpg-(127 KB, 512x512, 1260754242481.jpg)
    127 KB
    Cool its the first real crunch that we've had. I'm good at the fluff really.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)19:02 No.7165651
    Bump for now, I'll contribute when I get back from dinner.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)19:04 No.7165686
         File1261008284.jpg-(9 KB, 251x205, AYE!!.jpg)
    9 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)19:11 No.7165781
    *Apologies for interupting the rules creation but I just thought this up.*
    Speed. Speed was all that It had.

    It felt hatred, a cold fury that bubbled below the surface as It watched them down below, the slow pointless things.

    It hated Its ‘father’, It hated this world of steel and electricity, and It hated the soulless machines.

    It hated, and It laughed; at the slow things, too scared to move as fast as him, It laughed at the memory of Its ‘fathers’ face as It mocked him into the chase, and It laughed at the name the slow things had given It.

    “The Blue Blur” a myth, a legend, a cruel joke.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)19:13 No.7165814
    No problem I was thinking of re-writing something I did last night involving the Marino bros.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)19:15 No.7165860

    The city below It pulsed with life, while It remained unseen, and It remained quiet.

    But It had been everywhere, and It knew much.
    It knew of the three kings of the city, Its ‘father’ and his enemies. Soulless monster makers each of them.
    It knew of the man of light and his burgeoning army and their objective.
    It knew of a wandering warrior, clad in green.
    It even knew of the kingdom below the pipes, but It did not want to go there.

    It knew much.

    And It knew that Its time was nigh.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)19:19 No.7165904

    But another blue one had turned up, it had struck against the enemy of his ‘father’, created by the enemy of the enemy of his ‘father’. Another of the kings of the city.

    It wouldn’t have cared less, this other blues ones agenda differed to Its own and this others enemy was not his.

    But, this others enemy, the enemy of Its ‘father’, was building something, something to fight the other blue one. Something as fast as It was.

    It would not allow this, It could not allow this.

    The speed belonged to It, It was the speed.
    The speed was, Him.

    And It would not allow a soulless machine to have Its speed.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)19:20 No.7165918
    Thank you! I should probably go to bed, but if the thread is here tomorrow I'll add some more then.

    Fuck yes Sonic has arrived.

    Making the rules has been interesting. For one thing, is ninjutsu as practised by the ninja clans actually Dream Land in origin only made safe through ritual bindings and meditation (much like how Rogue Trader astropaths can use fettered powers to eliminate the danger of their abilities)? I suppose it makes little difference to the fluff, but I might head in that direction in the crunch.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)19:49 No.7166286

    Here's what I spent the last few hours on:

    >> stripedog !99w4lZplhU 12/16/09(Wed)19:56 No.7166373
    Huh, it's suprising to see a lack of The Guardian Legend/Guardic. There is so much inherent grimdark in that game, lovecraftian beasties, and 8 bit awesome it's unbelievable.

    Plus there is a freakin flying cycloptic ab-ramen-ation. I think it all takes place on a Space Hulk headed for earth on a collision course. Uh also every message you get is from the previous hero.... who failed.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)19:57 No.7166388
         File1261011458.jpg-(151 KB, 409x700, 1258738728921.jpg)
    151 KB
    Anon I give you this.
    >> stripedog !99w4lZplhU 12/16/09(Wed)20:04 No.7166457
    I seriously wish I had kept my lil comic I had gotten when Sonic had a launch tour. They had a pretty story for Robotnik. Basically that he had been a good man and a scientist who sought to benefit everyone.

    -however- he'd discovered the chaos rings, and later a quick talking (brown) hedgehog, who, upon giving chaos energy laced sneakers created a chaos blast turning the creature blue, and reversing the Doc's mental alignment.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)20:05 No.7166465
    It's no fun if it starts out grimdark.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)20:07 No.7166486
    Nah we just have a brighter past that went to hell here and wily isn't so grim....sorta....
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)20:08 No.7166490
    Don't worry, plenty of us have heard of the Fleetway / European continuity. I had several of the annuals and I used to collect Sonic the Comic UK, which used the original Kintobor plot for Sonic in the West.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)20:09 No.7166499
    THANK YOU. A carefully edited compendium of writefaggotry is just what we needed.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)20:15 No.7166552

    I seem to recall that the original experiment was designed to seal away all the evil in the universe, using a combination of the chaos emeralds and the rings to accomplish it. Sonic stumbled across Kintobor's lab, and the 2 of them help each other: Kintobor trained Sonic to help boost his speed (and Sonic breaking the speed of sound caused his quills to fuse together and turn him blue) and Sonic used his speed to seek out the chaos emeralds. The tvs were used to survey the residents to help seek out leads on chaos emeralds. Of course, the accident occured when they were one emerald short: Kintobor accidentally activated the machine whilst holding a rotten egg, the machine overloaded and blew up, and all the previously sealed evil flowed into Kintobor, making him the evil opposite he is today.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)20:27 No.7166665
    (from something I've been toying with)

    Luigi Marino sat upon the battered stool that sat behind the battered counter of their battered home. His elbow on the table propping up a drowsy face as he tried to work through the latest figures none of which were wholly interesting or looking all that good...the stub of a pencil made a little clicking sound when it touched the table as he tapped it in boredom. He had hoped that perhaps Mario had somehow garnered enough money to fix the sign but....

    "Another year it seems..." He mumbled as he shut the dusty book only to hear the clatter of a bell near the door.

    Heavy boot steps filled his ears as Mario Marino stomped past his brother making his way into the back of their home. His face set so that it was unreadable beyond the look of utter frustration that filled his eyes.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)20:27 No.7166673
    Well, that's just stupid. I'm glad we're not using it.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)20:31 No.7166722
    I've also updated the main wiki


    If people were inclined to fill it out, I'd be much obliged.
    >> stripedog !99w4lZplhU 12/16/09(Wed)20:34 No.7166760
    sadly, that's all in that lil comic.....

    Had I known that I would have actually grown to like the game series, (fuck that jump, jump, jump, move control scheme).
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)20:37 No.7166797

    >too much like the BRP system
    >implying that that's bad
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)20:37 No.7166803
    It was the first time Luigi had so much as heard Mario let alone seen him since Peach had vanished. Anytime they would normally have been face to face Mario was gone. Out looking for his princess instead helping his brother as he tried to save a dying business.

    Luigi could only stand and watch though. It was the way it was. His family, proud proud people that dated back to the very roots of Earth itself had always held certain things to a strict code. House Marino was nearly gone now. Left only to himself and Mario who was more interested in trying to save a ghost. And as the younger brother he could say nothing against this. It was the highest code that he had to follow. Never interfere with the favored sons business....even if it means losing your home.

    So, Luigi sat upon his battered stool and listened to the sound of his brother stomping through their home. It paused briefly in what had to be the kitchen. Luigi braced for the first wave as he heard a long drawn out howl echo through the house. A cry of frustration and rage that was shortly followed by the crashing of table ware against the wall.

    Luigi had long ago hidden away the fine china. the first time Mario had done this it had resulted in the loss of an old earth coffee mug...And now as he had for three months he began making a tally of what most likely was destroyed.

    one plate....CRASH....two plates....
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)21:04 No.7167068

    You may have missed a few. Isn't there supposed to be one for Lemmings?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)21:07 No.7167106
    yeah there is I think it was the second thread...
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)21:09 No.7167136
    Was there actual narrative writefaggotry on them? There was certainly stuff about them, but I didn't see any writefaggotry.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)21:14 No.7167187
    I think it was a recount talking about how they got out of hand and now wander the city uncontrolled it was right along with the Worms entry.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)21:48 No.7167568

    Three days passed in the Marino Household with relative calm. Luigi had managed to patch together what dinner ware he had found and more than once had found an empty canister of E-tank of the remains of One up near his brother. The implications were displeasing of course but, once more he was honor bound and forced to deal with this issue by silence. So he drowned himself in the deepest thing he could find.

    Tabloids. He scoured them looking for hints of the warrior in blue, the madman with the mask and secretly when Mario was nowhere to be found. The signs of his brothers handiwork. The tabloids he collected were out of Robodyne and of course exploited ever inch they could against Wily Corp. This included highlighting the death of a robot master, The bombings all over Wily Towers and even the subversion of Thomas Light to the resistance groups.

    It was little surprise when he saw his brothers description in it.It was telling how a vigilante was running around attacking biodroids at seeming random. taking down entire factories with his bare hands and stolen weaponry...

    Luigi Sighed as he set the paper down and walked into the back of the house. Slumped in a chair was Mario. He was holding a small data drive that blinked slowly with a pale green light.

    Luigi swore as he snatched it out of his sleeping brothers hand as quickly as he could. Holding it to the light he could not help but to bristle. It was a data drive true, whoever Mario had gotten it from had been honest about that. What they had not mentioned was the transmitter....
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)22:13 No.7167870
    Was Mother Brain's origin actually fleshed out or is it still rumors and ideas?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)22:17 No.7167922
    Still heresay I think I might do a samus mindrape to actually start giving it an origin though
    >> Thatassholewritefag !!bTfelQViuUO 12/16/09(Wed)22:20 No.7167954
    Christ almighty please tell me someone is organizing this stuff into something a bit more manageable.

    Sorry I just don't have the time to sift through 500 some odd posts to give any real hand in this.
    >> grimdark Writefag 12/16/09(Wed)22:22 No.7167989
    yeah it actually now comes with a wiki! Along with a total of all the writefaggotry that has been put out thus far.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)22:37 No.7168183
    See now, I was thinking of something along these lines.

    "Mother Brain is some sort of organic computer. Everyone in this room knows that. Some sort of melding of machine and bio-matter. Well what you DIDN'T know is that there are two Mother Brains. Two in one. Back when this was a mining world all the terraforming was handled by a artificial intelligence called... wait for it... Mother Brain. We're not sure what happened, but she went crazy after one of the mining shafts breached one of the first Hylian ruin sites. Killed half the miners in the colony before a small group of people led by a government agent named Rolf managed to stop her. Well that was ages ago. Ever wonder what happened to her central AI core? It took some digging, but we managed to unearth some really old records from Urouboros Medical, one of the companies that formed MetPharm. Apparently they paid a pretty penny to salvage the AI core to form the base for a new cybernetic intelligence using vat-grown brain tissue."
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)22:38 No.7168200

    "You mean..."

    "Yes. But that's not all. It's ALIEN brain tissue they used."

    "A cybernetic alien overbrain. This is the First War all over again... Wait... Was the alien tissue they used..."

    "We don't know that, but it's possible they used some of it. Genemixes and all."

    "Still not done, because here's the cherry on top. We don't know what they did to the AI core, but when they integrated it into the new Mother Brain, it turned out the old Mother Brain wasn't quite dead yet. Some of her programming survived... Gentlemen. Imagine, if you will, a super intelligent AI with the power of a megacorporation at its disposal... that also has split personality disorder?"

    "You must be joking."

    "Oh no. They share the same body, but one Mother Brain is an insane computer that wants to kill us all, the other is an alien brain that... well, we don't know WHAT it wants. Two Mother Brains in one, commander. Two Mother Brains in one."

    -Closed doors X-COM NOVA command council briefing.
    >> Thatassholewritefag !!bTfelQViuUO 12/16/09(Wed)22:44 No.7168269
    Ah, found it. Let's see what we can do here.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)22:47 No.7168310
    Well thats just plain scary.
    >> Thatassholewritefag !!bTfelQViuUO 12/16/09(Wed)22:53 No.7168384
    The wiki has none of the Legend of Zelda stuff. At least not the Hylian Legend and the ruins of Hyrule.

    Was working toward the lines of a funny little magical force forcing the Hylian legend to repeat itself over and over and over again.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)22:56 No.7168434
    I remember that much. I don't think it was ever opposed most likely the one anon that compiled all this missed that section. I'd say go ahead and add it. We can take it out should there ever be an issue
    >> Thatassholewritefag !!bTfelQViuUO 12/16/09(Wed)22:59 No.7168468
    Found all the prose about it and others though. I'll see ot it later im being summoned to bed.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:02 No.7168514
    Actually, since Nintendo has been talking about revising their constant Link-becomes-the-Hero-of-Whatever-and-defeats-Ganon formula, that'd be a neat way to end that thing canonically...

    Link, in the midst of trying to defeat Ganon, finds out that this thing has been setting everybody up for all of Hylian history...he sets out to simultaneously defeat Ganon and this mysterious force that has blighted his land since time immemorial.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:05 No.7168547
    Lucky you good sir. I'll probably start fleshing out the stuff I've done myself.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:34 No.7168817
    I didn't miss it, I just didn't do anything with it because I don't really know how to phrase it in a way that works in a wiki. It's all hearsay.

    Also, I'm the guy who generally does the majority of wiki stuff for /tg/ projects, but I won't do much with this after today, (Going to be staying with my parents for the holidays) so somebody else needs to take up the mantle.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:37 No.7168857
    Noted I'll do what I can though My time is not all that long usually.
    >> Poke'-War Veteran 12/16/09(Wed)23:44 No.7168953
         File1261025059.jpg-(58 KB, 300x292, journey-to-silius-sista-bossen.jpg)
    58 KB
    Anyone remember this?
    Journey to Silius.
    Maybe a division of Metpharm uses these as cheap, low-mainenence soldiers and guards (when they break down, they're gone).
    Takes only a few bullets to get rid of them.
    If there is no need for them, disregard this post.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:45 No.7168968
    >Silly us
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:46 No.7168981
    So is this MB idea approved? Thumbs up? Down?

    Also, should this thread be archived along with the others for reference?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:49 No.7169028
    already is archived anon,
    >> Poke'-War Veteran 12/16/09(Wed)23:58 No.7169130
    I had the exact same thought when I got this game (I think I was... 10?)
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:07 No.7169216
    I give it three thumbs up.

    The third one isn't really a thumb.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)01:11 No.7169868
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)03:01 No.7170864
    bump, need aquaman and woodman!
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)05:17 No.7171926
    Wait, what?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)05:30 No.7172047
    Eh, I don't know. Somebody made the great point in an earlier thread that the Metroid games were more like Samus' hallucinations (no humans visible, geiger-esque horrors everywhere) and that Mother Brain didn't really look like that at all.

    I must admit though that the similarity between Mother Brain and the Cydonian master mind is.... intriguing.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)11:12 No.7174545
    Well there's nothing to stop the two from being compatible, just change the appearance of the "real" MB to something more sciencey. Like a sterile opaque biobrain core cylinder attached to a technological mainframe or something. Something nonthreatening... that way Samus' hallucinations also act as a way of revealing Brain's true nature.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)11:46 No.7174838
    What about the original Master of Orion?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)12:48 No.7175420
         File1261072090.jpg-(119 KB, 472x600, 1258695446478.jpg)
    119 KB
    I never played it anyone got access to them I heard they were excellent.
    Where is that from?
    I was thinking of tossing the two concepts together. Where Samus is seeing things but it might not be all that far from the truth as we think.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)13:17 No.7175715
    What do you mean "where is that from?"

    I was suggesting a way to make the 2 concepts work in unison.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)13:19 No.7175736

    Nature abhors "heroes". To claim that you are anything other than flesh and ash is anathema to what sentient beings should be. To become a "hero" is to become a madman!


    Two "heroes" rose before.


    They both betrayed those that they swore to protect.


    The screams of the women and children who were slain by the "heroes" - the madmen - the killers!


    The Good Doctor desires only order and obedience. We, his arms and eyes, are extensions of his will, and therefore his desire. Any that resists His orders will be plucked out - there are more than enough healthy arms and eyes to take over for the few weak, sick ones that may grow.




    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)13:21 No.7175754
    sorry got the wrong post. I just finished a test and my face and hands were numb from a nice walk in one digit weather.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)13:23 No.7175767
    All hail Robotnik!

    (though I'm sure you meant it for Wily)
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)14:48 No.7176530
         File1261079285.jpg-(24 KB, 255x255, 1258589833116.jpg)
    24 KB
    updating the wiki lil by lil.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:57 No.7179266
    Excellent work.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)19:39 No.7179853
    d100 rules writer here; I've been studying the Basic Rule System to see how they handle spells and mutation in a balanced manner. I *think* I've got something sorted out. I'll post any changes I make, but it'll probably be a while.

    I think that Psionics can be handled quite well by making each power a skill, and only making some psionics career skills for certain careers (dream touched gets all, shinobi and street battler character careers only get a tiny few). Still not sure how to represent ninja skills in a way different from Dream Touched sorcery (although perhaps that is the point).

    The system will feel like a hybrid of Dark Heresy and the Basic Roleplay System, but should ninjas really have a chance of exploding like dream touched psykers?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)19:41 No.7179877
    Putting in X-Com is pushing it, but I do love how they were written in the original. I advise staying away from anything 1994 and after, especially if it came out on PC. The further away it gets from old school space shooters and teeth grindingly hard platformers the less relevant it becomes.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)20:09 No.7180207
    I think it's too late for that already since I think both Umbrella Corp and Aperture Science have been mentioned in the older threads and No More Heroes is already in and some of the information regarding Megaman and Legend of Zelda and Kirby(Pi'Yo, Pi'Yo) come from later games in their series :p
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)21:52 No.7181227
         File1261104752.jpg-(3 KB, 108x160, th_Bubble_Man_by_Tyrranux.jpg)
    3 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)21:56 No.7181277
    Where was umbrella Corp mentioned or aperture science? I know No more heroes was I even wrote response to it that made some sense in context.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)21:57 No.7181293

    No More Heroes is deliberately retro, so it's fine. Aperture and Umbrella are not, however.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)22:02 No.7181336
    It's mostly references and We upped it to sixteen bit. for the sake of completeness. This includes a portion of the X series if that is what you are talking about.

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