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    145 KB Lictor Quest Part III That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/16/09(Wed)22:54 No.7168406  
    Previous thread:

    Last thread for the night /tg/, I need mah sleeps soon.

    Currently you are in the process of developing a synapse node, egg sacs to produce rippers and spore mines, and bio-plasma. You've burrowed back into the trash around the plant.

    Time until Fleet's arrival: 5.5 days
    Time until Inquisitorial Rendevous: 13 hours
    Time until Bio-plasma/Egg sacs/synapse node mature: 15 minutes/45 minutes/3 hours, 45 minutes.
    Biomass consumed: Enough.
    Energy reserves: More than a week's worth.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)22:56 No.7168433
    Got confused with the new picture.
    I think we should go scout the Power Plant then then plan a course of action
    >> Iron Lung 12/16/09(Wed)22:56 No.7168439
    Time to get back to work. Infiltrate the plant, looking for important people to snatch and implant.
    >> Hive Node 12/16/09(Wed)22:57 No.7168448
    Suggestion: Proceed to lower levels of the cult's compound, try to find out more about daemon summoning, including power of summoning, and date of summoning.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)22:57 No.7168450
    I believe we also wanted to make sure this Daemon ritual does not come to pass because it would attract the wrong sort of attention. Based on the cultists we've nommed, when is the real deal supposed to happen?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)22:58 No.7168453
    I think we should get into the plant, and cause tensions to break.

    I suggest that we either telekinese or spray slaught at the guards, killing some workers. Workers get pissed off, and they have at it. Maybe eat a couple workers to see who the gangleaders are, and give them a small amount of slaught to increase their aggression.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)22:58 No.7168455
    Move deeper into the cult's headquarters, we need more information on this daemon summoning
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)22:58 No.7168456
    We need to figure out if/when this cult is going to summon a daemon. If they are soon, we need to shut them down to avoid Inquisitors or Space Marines showing up.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)22:58 No.7168457
    Did we ever grab any cultist stuff to plant if the need arose?
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/16/09(Wed)22:59 No.7168469

    Rising from the refuse around the plant, you emerge near a pipe, and scale it, entering the plant proper.

    Below you, the plant's workers toil away, feeding garbage into the furnace. You are able to spot some foremen here and there, but more importantly there are nests of vermin up here in the upper levels.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)22:59 No.7168471

    I don't see why not, you never know when it could come in handy.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:00 No.7168487

    Ear vermin for info
    >> Veteran Sergeant Zeph !7d0rZrDTyk 12/16/09(Wed)23:00 No.7168493
    Nodes, we have plenty of time to take down the power gen. What we don't have is when and where the Daemon summoning will go down. I say we should proceed based on intel nommed to try and foil the damn summoning, then black out the hive in prep for the Great Devourer.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:01 No.7168494
    Nests of vermin? More like nests of rippers. Implant them.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:01 No.7168499
    try startling the vermin to create a distraction, then sabotage the furnace somehow?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:01 No.7168504
    Agreed. Stop the daemon ritual first THEN deal with the plant proper. Investigate the cultist trash compound more.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:02 No.7168509
    Can we try to implant the daemon instead?

    I would think that Mother Hive would LOVE to have some solid genetic material to work with on the "Immaterium" front.
    >> Hive Node 12/16/09(Wed)23:02 No.7168510
    Agreed, requesting override of previous command: return to cultists and gain intel on daemon summoning before proceeding.
    >> Iron Lung 12/16/09(Wed)23:03 No.7168515
    Erf. Problem is, we're poorly equipped for that kind of information gathering.
    Hive: based on observation of drugs and ritual implements can we hazard a rough guess?

    Opinion: let it happen. The acolytes and planetary forces will probably miss the summoning if it happens tonight, and that'll make the actual Fleet's attack more effective by weakening them.
    If they do interrupt the ritual the survivors will easier prey, and if they succeed they'll drop their vigilance in relief.
    With 5.5 days left, the odds of any kind of external intervention are very low as long as no greater threat is perceived. Remember, the Governer of this world will be blamed for the presence of the cult; the more he can do to keep it's existence secret the better he'll look.
    Prey upon human frailties.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:03 No.7168517
    Go through the cult. Keep devouring until you're out of cultists. THEN slaught/frenzon the place.
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/16/09(Wed)23:04 No.7168526

    Confirmed: Returning to trash heap to inspect summoning ritual.

    As you dive back down into the garbage, you quickly feel your way down near the lower levels, the chambers getting progressively larger as there is less and less activity.
    >> Iron Lung 12/16/09(Wed)23:04 No.7168528
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:04 No.7168531

    Though Tyranid on Daemonette Ovaposition sounds like excellent fetish fuel, we do NOT want to daemon to be summon, it would attract too much attention.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:05 No.7168545
    Its too risky. We already know the Inquisition has its eye on this place. If a daemon is summonded and the astropaths get a message out before the Shadow in the Warp arrives then we could be seeing Spess Mahreens, or Guard already moving on their way.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:05 No.7168550
    If we slaughter a bunch of cultists and then the Inquisition shows up to find them all dead, what will the acolytes think? I'm not really sure.

    But I doubt they'll call in massive backup, which is more than I can say for if a serious demon summoning is successful. So we might as well go nom on some psykers. Cultists. Yeah.

    Delicious warp powers, here we come.
    >> Iron Lung 12/16/09(Wed)23:06 No.7168552
    Concession: the hive mind has spoken, we will bend our efforts to eradicating the cult.

    Priority: locate and isolate cult heads. Then eat them.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:06 No.7168554

    This, but if we encounter anything demonic, hide and/or run from it.
    >> Hive Node 12/16/09(Wed)23:06 No.7168555
    Error: there are already inquisitorial forces present, they may alert the Inquisition resulting in Grey Knight forces arriving to combat a slaaneshi demon. Agent must aquire information as to whether or not the summoning will take place before the coming shadow.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:08 No.7168570
    (We are the most Heroic Lictor ever shat out of a Norn Queens egg sac)
    >> Iron Lung 12/16/09(Wed)23:08 No.7168579
    (If we survive, perhaps we will become a named character!)
    >> Hive Node 12/16/09(Wed)23:09 No.7168581
    Agreed, I don't normally take part in quest threads, but this is pretty fucking epic.
    >> Veteran Sergeant Zeph !7d0rZrDTyk 12/16/09(Wed)23:10 No.7168587
    Request name: Druglictorthroap.

    Also, any nearby psychic presence?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:10 No.7168592

    We must also consider our attack's effects on the timetable. We may have sped up their summoning into an actual danger when they may not have been planning to have it for months.
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/16/09(Wed)23:10 No.7168598

    If only the sessions I DM IRL were this good.

    Awaiting a consensus on next move.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:11 No.7168610

    No, no, no. DOOMLICTOR.
    >> Iron Lung 12/16/09(Wed)23:12 No.7168613
    Sounds like we've got some headz to om nom nom.
    Also, as I anticipate the drugs being only semi-useful...
    Hello, Inferno Pistol!
    >> Hive Node 12/16/09(Wed)23:12 No.7168619
    Inspiration: Wait until Synapse is completed and use power of the Hive Mind to drive cultists insane. If other forces are alerted then they will think that the cultists performed a ritual that went badly wrong.
    >> Veteran Sergeant Zeph !7d0rZrDTyk 12/16/09(Wed)23:12 No.7168620
    Request DOOMLICTOR to continue sneaking. Actively search for any Psyker presence nearby.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:13 No.7168623
    We can sense psyker minds yes? If we take them out then the ritual cant be performed.

    This hive thinks we should isolate a psyker and pump them full of knock out drugs...AND THEN NOM THEIR BRAIN!
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:13 No.7168627
    Find an isolated, non-psyker individual who seems to have their own living quarters, they're likely higher ranking and thus may have more information on the summoning
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:13 No.7168631

    Eat cultist heads and lay eggs in their remains when possible. Sounds good to me.
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/16/09(Wed)23:13 No.7168632

    Inferno pistol ready. Do you wish to enter into one of the large chambers, or the passages between them?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:13 No.7168633
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:14 No.7168644
    Are the implanted humans back at the bar usable yet? perhaps we could use them to create a diversion somehow...dress them up in slanneshi robes and stage a riot? It might draw cultist/inquisitor attention away from our actual target (the plant)
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:14 No.7168646
    This hive is going to hibernate. I wish my synapses the best of luck and hope to see more Lictor Quest tomorrow night.
    >> Iron Lung 12/16/09(Wed)23:15 No.7168648
    Smaller passages. And ready to silence any encountered.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:15 No.7168649
    Locate someone isolated in the lower area and omnomnom them. Repeat until out of isolated people, then start using gas attacks and hitting small groups.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:16 No.7168660
    infiltrate cult, stealth, eat heads to find more on cult and summoning, impede summoning
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:16 No.7168663

    Confirmed, don't want to take on the big groups of possibly drug-resistant and armed humans yet.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:18 No.7168677

    This. So very much this.
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/16/09(Wed)23:18 No.7168680

    Confirmed: Enter through passages, hunt individuals, gain information.

    You poke your head out through the wall of one of the tunnels. A quick look around verifies that no one is nearby. The passageway leads down, towards the large chamber where the summoning is supposed to take place. Chances are high that individuals of interest are nearby.
    >> Veteran Sergeant Zeph !7d0rZrDTyk 12/16/09(Wed)23:19 No.7168688
    Request acquisition of a large cardboard box and bandana while we're sneaky sneaky.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:19 No.7168690
    Well, adopt a stealthy movement pattern, start leaking stun gas, and go hunting.
    >> Veteran Sergeant Zeph !7d0rZrDTyk 12/16/09(Wed)23:20 No.7168697

    We don't have stun gas. We DO have copious amounts of Obscura, though.
    >> Iron Lung 12/16/09(Wed)23:21 No.7168705
    sniff sniff.
    sniff sniff.
    Proceed inward, concealed in cardboard box (lol).

    How's the growth of our new weapons coming?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:21 No.7168711
    ...didn't that render people unconscious earlier? Why is the reference invalid?
    >> Iron Lung 12/16/09(Wed)23:22 No.7168717
    Well, Stunn gas is something specifically different. We can just up the Obscura's potency to a similar level of effectiveness.
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/16/09(Wed)23:23 No.7168720

    Bio-plasma is ready, egg sacs will be ready in a matter of minutes. Synapse node is roughly three hours away from completion.

    Obscura, while an effective sedative in the past, may be less effective against drug-using cultists.
    >> Veteran Sergeant Zeph !7d0rZrDTyk 12/16/09(Wed)23:23 No.7168721

    I'm being a technical asshole, my apologizes. In amounts we can pump in it can be a sort of sleep gas, but normally no, it's not a stun gas.

    Anywho, what do we spot, oh great mindhive.
    >> Veteran Sergeant Zeph !7d0rZrDTyk 12/16/09(Wed)23:25 No.7168727

    Good thing we have the plasma and the inferno pistol. Proceed sneaking into the larger rooms.
    >> Iron Lung 12/16/09(Wed)23:25 No.7168728
    So it's a good thing we're bristling with incendiary death. >=]
    We're a Lictor with a Ballistic Skill, take THAT GW!

    Oh, if not already -camo up. Almost time to rock this joint.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:25 No.7168729

    One request for at least one clean decapitation, given how humanoid biomass can remain conscious for several seconds after such an incident, so the last thing the target sees is what killed it.

    This is purely to try and inspire a "Thinker Lictor" picture from a drawfag.
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/16/09(Wed)23:25 No.7168733

    As you descend, you can detect the presence of fear - not fear of you, however.

    Fear of one of the cult's leaders.

    She is angry. And her followers know it.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:25 No.7168737
    Just because it's less effective is no reason not to use it. It's not as though we're going to run out when we're getting more biomass all the time.

    Let's nom these guys.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:26 No.7168738
    Look for sleeping humans, no need to get overconfident and ignore easy kills.
    >> Iron Lung 12/16/09(Wed)23:26 No.7168745
    Listen in. Did they find the rosette?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:27 No.7168750

    Analyzing the nom'd cultists' memories, do we know what she's angry about?
    >> Hive Node 12/16/09(Wed)23:27 No.7168751
    Suggestion: All attacks on cultists must be isolated, and performed in a clean manner. Humanoids are particularly weak at the neck, Doomlictor should snap it to prevent blood spill, and biomass should be consumed to leave no trace of evidence. It would also mean that as few cultists as possible will be killed at this stage, we may need them as a distraction as later.

    Seconding this Node's query.
    >> Veteran Sergeant Zeph !7d0rZrDTyk 12/16/09(Wed)23:28 No.7168755

    Approx distance of the presence of the fear and which cardinal direction in relation of us.

    Camo up.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:28 No.7168758
    Listen in, if they blame the inquisitors, we might not need to fight them right away. Perhaps our two biggest problems will cancel each other out.
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/16/09(Wed)23:29 No.7168765

    You take to the ceiling, following the scent. It leads you to a smaller chamber, from which emanate the sounds of a woman yelling. You are able to discern the words "Inquisition", "blown", "schedule", and "consequences".
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:30 No.7168771
    Could we get a Status Check kind of thing on how we're doing with objectives, Biomorphs and eggs and shit?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:30 No.7168772
    Lets start pumping out all out drugs at once and start using the powers of the warp to whisper telepathically to everyone that getting drugs now would be a good idea.

    Also: DOOMLICTOR is a fucking drugaddled solid-snake.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:30 No.7168773

    Addition: Cling to ceiling or upper half of a wall, if possible. Humanoids don't look upward as often as they should, which will make the camo that much more effective.
    >> Veteran Sergeant Zeph !7d0rZrDTyk 12/16/09(Wed)23:31 No.7168782

    Schedule is key words. Again, how far are we from, (im assuming close) to the presence of the fear. Can we also detect any other lifeforms, an approx number would be good. Specifically any presence of a Psyker.
    >> Hive Node 12/16/09(Wed)23:31 No.7168789
    Query to other Nodes, this could mean that the summoning will take quite a while longer, possibly even planned for after the fleet is on top of the planet, reccomended course of action?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:32 No.7168792
    You made me look around nervously in almost total darkness, asshole.
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/16/09(Wed)23:32 No.7168793

    Time until Fleet's arrival: 5.5 days
    Time until Inquisitorial Rendevous: 12 hours
    Time until Bio-plasma/Egg sacs/synapse node mature: Done/Done/3 hours.
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/16/09(Wed)23:33 No.7168805

    The lifeforms are in the room just around the corner - there appear to be at least four lesser cult members accompanying the woman yelling.
    >> Iron Lung 12/16/09(Wed)23:34 No.7168810
    A) We could 'Slaught her and her cultists, then move in and clean up.
    B) We could disengage, and leave them their schemes.
    C) We could harass them psychically before striking.
    D) other?
    Combat appraisal: minimal threat. We are leaping, tearing, blasting death. They are 3 pts each and likely have neither heavy weapons nor backup assets.

    I favor B) as it serves our longer term goals.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:34 No.7168811

    Mission accomplished. This is why I have blind-spot mirrors on either corner of my monitor.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:34 No.7168819
    Let's hold back and wait outside, cloaked and on the ceiling, for now. Eventually some of them will likely leave.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:35 No.7168834
    Their leaders are distracted, now would be an ideal time to spread more chaos.....perhaps ill some more cultists in some secluded spot and scratch the emblem we found on the piece of jewelry on the wall? Anything we can do to keep them worried is good.
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/16/09(Wed)23:35 No.7168835
    you are paranoid...but wise
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:35 No.7168841

    While emitting clouds of drugs?
    >> Veteran Sergeant Zeph !7d0rZrDTyk 12/16/09(Wed)23:36 No.7168845

    I'm in favor of camo sneak up the ceiling and get a closer peak. Pick out the greater threats the nom away if deemed a 'sure thing'.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:37 No.7168858
    Eh. I'm torn between getting some use out of our warp brain to fuck with these organics, or just saying 'fuckit' and eating 'em all.

    Maybe just battering that woman around for genestealer impregnating...
    >> Iron Lung 12/16/09(Wed)23:37 No.7168863
    We should avoid getting bogged down; Goblin is on the clock so to speak.
    >> Hive Node 12/16/09(Wed)23:38 No.7168865
    This Node agrees.
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/16/09(Wed)23:38 No.7168881

    As you wait, you can hear the woman speaking to the others.

    "Find them. Kill them. The ritual must begin tonight, if we are to be successful. And if that damn Inquisitor and her other acolytes manage to find out what's going on here, Perkins..." The woman goes silent, presumably making some sort of motion.

    "I want my warren clean. Now go prepare for the rendevous Perkins, on the off chance that they've already left."

    Three of the figures file out of the room - One of them dressed in the robes of the Inquisition.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:39 No.7168888

    Agreed with an addendum: Scratch the Inquisition symbol into some of the doors we pass.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:39 No.7168895
    I say we keep listening in, we need to know if the summoning will interfere with the Hive Mind's goals or if it will draw unwanted attention to the planet.
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/16/09(Wed)23:40 No.7168902

    Eh, I'm committed until we hit autosage, and I get a link to the archived thread for tomorrow's continuation.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:40 No.7168906
    Wait until this angry leader is alone and harness it for biomass. Not only might it weave something valuable, but it will throw the cultist into a panic.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:40 No.7168909

    This is the most appropriate course of action. We have time. Time we can use to sit back for a bit, wait for our mutations to take hold, and watch what our actions have wrought unfold. No sense being hasty at this moment.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:40 No.7168911
    So... only two people left in the room? The time to strike approaches! Give the others some time to leave, and then move in to OMNOMNOM.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:41 No.7168912

    Do we know which group is the leader's? We should grab them and get noming
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:41 No.7168916

    It will draw unwanted attention.

    Proposal: Follow the one in the robes?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:41 No.7168924

    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:41 No.7168926
    Keep listening. There were four and her.
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/16/09(Wed)23:42 No.7168932

    All of the figures to exit were male. The female is still inside - in fact, both people inside are female.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:42 No.7168939

    The cult leader is probably more important at this point, we already know where to find "Perkins" if we need him for something
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:43 No.7168941

    Viable host senses... tingling!
    >> Veteran Sergeant Zeph !7d0rZrDTyk 12/16/09(Wed)23:43 No.7168947

    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:44 No.7168951

    Wait until there are no humans within earshot, pop in and test out our bio-plasma.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:44 No.7168955
    Well, are they continuing to talk about anything interesting, or what?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:44 No.7168958
    Knockout and impregnate femles.
    >> Iron Lung 12/16/09(Wed)23:45 No.7168963
    Take them! the time to FEED is upon us!
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/16/09(Wed)23:46 No.7168973

    Require confirmation.


    No talking seems to be taking place - whatever's going on, it doesn't seem to involve words.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:46 No.7168982
    Then screw it, let's move in and OMNOMNOM them both.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:46 No.7168984
    It's been an hour since we've nom'd something, time to get chomping!
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:46 No.7168986

    Very much this. Two perfectly viable hosts, all alone in a room with nobody else.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:49 No.7169022
    Seconding knocking out and impregnating the two female cultists.
    Geeze, we're moving from doom lictor to rape lictor.
    >> Iron Lung 12/16/09(Wed)23:49 No.7169023
    Pounce, aiming to consume the psyker and disable the other.
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/16/09(Wed)23:49 No.7169033

    As you crawl across the ceiling into the chamber, you see two figures, one clad in elegant, scarlet robes with golden embroidery, the other wearing a simple, ragged black robe, poorly stitched together. From behind, she appears to be wearing a blindfold. She abruptly turns towards you, and points directly at you, despite being blindfolded.

    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:50 No.7169039

    Nobody said we couldn't gas them at the same time.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:50 No.7169043
    That one! We must devour her! OMNOMNOM!
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:51 No.7169053

    Pretend to put on a Commissar cap and use the inferno pistol on the psyker, then RIP AND TEAR.
    >> Iron Lung 12/16/09(Wed)23:52 No.7169056
    Inferno Pistol the one in the elaborate robes, and attack!
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:52 No.7169059
    We must not use our bio-plasma or inferno pistol here unless we have no other choice. If we can't eat them, we can't gain their powers.
    >> Hive Node 12/16/09(Wed)23:53 No.7169063
    Inferno Pistol to the kneecaps, then consume biomatter and analyse data from their logic centres.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:53 No.7169065
    >> Veteran Sergeant Zeph !7d0rZrDTyk 12/16/09(Wed)23:53 No.7169067
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:54 No.7169078

    Aw shit. Ok, I think we should hit the psyker with both the bio-plasma and inferno pistol. It'd be nice to be able to eat her, but at this point we can't afford to go easy on her.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:55 No.7169084
    Plasma shot and inferno pistol. Aim for the gut/chest, largest targets. AFTERWARDS, DEVOUR BRAINS.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:55 No.7169088

    Yes, try to keep the psyker's head intact.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:55 No.7169094
    Confirmed. We are discovered. Priority is to end this quickly.
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/16/09(Wed)23:55 No.7169096

    As you blow out the Psyker's kneecaps with the inferno pistol, the leader turns around, cursing, and draws a strange, fleshy whip, that seems to pulsate a myriad of colors. In her other hand, she pulls out a hellpistol, taking aim at you.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:56 No.7169099
    Shoot one with plasma one with meltapistolthing
    kill them and eat them
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:57 No.7169112

    Start pumping out Obscura like it's going out of style, and stay away from the psychedelic lashwhip-looking thing.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:57 No.7169114

    Aw, shit. Slaught yourself, simultaneously hit her mind with a mind-shattering command of "NO", and rely on your fuckmassive initiative value to get to her and gut her. Swim in her entrails!
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:57 No.7169120
    Dodge to the side while continuing our dash forward to devour. If she needed the psyker to tell her where we were, then she might not be able to track us that well.

    But closing to melee and snacking on them both is essential.
    >> Iron Lung 12/16/09(Wed)23:58 No.7169126
    Time to nom some edz!
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:58 No.7169129
    Bio-plasma to the leader's chest, pump all the adrenaline we can to heighten reflexes
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:58 No.7169131
    Use TELEKINESIS to SHAKE the BRAINMEATS of the leader.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:59 No.7169139
    Can we use it to EXTRACT BRAINMEATS instead?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/09(Wed)23:59 No.7169143
    I completely forgot that we have telekinesis. We can just rip off her arms!
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:00 No.7169149

    This seems like it may work.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:01 No.7169156
    Use telekinesis to turn on her pistol's safety, pounce on her in the instant she's distracted by her gun's malfunction.
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/17/09(Thu)00:01 No.7169157

    You race towards her, emanating as much obscura as you can while simultaneously pumping yourself full of as many drugs as possible. Your telepathic order seems to affect her momentarily, as she drops the pistol, but retains her grip on the whip. Your shot of bio-plasma seems to be dead on, but somehow she moves out of the way in the nick of time, causing it to scorch the side of her robes as she cracks the whip, a grin forming on her face.
    >> Iron Lung 12/17/09(Thu)00:01 No.7169158
    We're not particularly skilled at Psyker combat, so I don't think this'll work.
    We are, however, several tons of the meanest solo predator to ever exist and are loaded with weapons and biomass.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:02 No.7169162
    use TELEKINESIS to FONDLE leader's CHESTSACKS and GROIN areas.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:02 No.7169163
    True enough. Rip and tear it is.
    >> Hive Node 12/17/09(Thu)00:03 No.7169173
    This node agrees with these suggestions.
    >> Veteran Sergeant Zeph !7d0rZrDTyk 12/17/09(Thu)00:03 No.7169174

    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:03 No.7169178

    I don't like that grin, is our obscura miasma impeding vision, or is it a clear gas?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:04 No.7169183
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:04 No.7169184

    >> Hive Node 12/17/09(Thu)00:05 No.7169190
    The Psyker is still active, and won't stay shocked for long. Snap her neck.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:06 No.7169198

    Better yet, shoot her in the chest with our pistol, no need to get near a damaged psyker
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:06 No.7169206
    If everything starts going horribly wrong here, we can grab the psyker and run. Odds are the cult leader won't be able to catch up with us, and we'll still get a warp-capable snack.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:07 No.7169210
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:07 No.7169213
    7169157>> SHIT. She dodged.... our adrenaline drugs are not powerful enough to compete with slanneshi drugs....will have to correct this problem later. I the meantime, avoid the whip, we know not what it can do. Try to assault her psychically in mind and body. She shouldn't be able to dodge that.
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/17/09(Thu)00:07 No.7169218

    An intelligent note, but a bit too late.

    As you draw closer towards the woman, a blast of raw warp-energy knocks you across the room and into the wall. The woman in the elegant robes cackles happily, as she slowly advances, whip at the ready.

    "I think I know what this is. A lictor, all the way down here? Never thought I'd get to see one up close... Or get to kill one with my own hands." She raises the whip, which starts to flicker even more frantically.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:08 No.7169225

    Telekinetically grab her dropped pistol and shoot her with it
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:09 No.7169231
    Flourish your large OVIPOSITOR and gesture towards the leader's GROIN
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/17/09(Thu)00:09 No.7169232
    Bite-off whip wielding hand, implant seed in bleeding to death slanneshi cultist, if she is super slaneeshi-cultist she may just want to fuck a xeno
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:09 No.7169238
    Hit her brainmeats with Telekinesis again, shout "NO" into her mind
    Pump out more Obscura to opiate her ass up
    Pump into ourselves some 'slaught and Frenzon
    Bioplasma and Hellgun her
    When we've wounded her, eat her brain
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:10 No.7169240
    She wants our head. She isn't watching our pistol.
    >> Veteran Sergeant Zeph !7d0rZrDTyk 12/17/09(Thu)00:10 No.7169243

    Shoot off Bio-plasma at her torso while prepping Spores and/or rippers (depending on consensus).

    Secrete obscura swiftly.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:10 No.7169247
    The psyker is actually capable of doing things after taking that much damage? Clearly, these chunks of biomass are more resilient than I gave them credit for.

    Ah, well. We're fine; use our ability to move along the ceiling to go after the psyker in melee. Just blast the leader with our ranged weapons while we dodge around her.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:10 No.7169252

    Run. Run like a hormagaunt jacked up on crystal meth.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:11 No.7169258
    At times like this I wish we could talk so we could give a witty retort. oh well.
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/17/09(Thu)00:11 No.7169259
    Awaiting a consensus; Shoot leader, kill psyker, or flee?
    >> Iron Lung 12/17/09(Thu)00:11 No.7169260
    Telekinetic slap the whip from the woman's hand!
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:11 No.7169261
    Eat the psyker's brain now.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:11 No.7169262

    Gotta go the action movie route.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:12 No.7169272

    Flee, the psyker is crippled and likely can't follow us, and if we die our primary mission is failed
    >> Veteran Sergeant Zeph !7d0rZrDTyk 12/17/09(Thu)00:12 No.7169274

    Eat psyker. Distract with melta pistol.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:13 No.7169282
    Eat psyker. We must be able to salvage this.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:13 No.7169283

    This. We bit off more than we could chew at the moment.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:13 No.7169286
    Eat psyker brain
    Pump out rippers that crawl up the leader woman's vagina and eat her from the inside out
    While she's distracted by how good that feels (!) eat her brain.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:13 No.7169287
    I second this.
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/17/09(Thu)00:13 No.7169289
    Kill the psyker, leader can't track us, psyker can follow our signature, then retreat
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:13 No.7169292
    We cannot run, or all our planning will have been for naught, we must fight. I suggest waiting till she is closer, then dump our excess biomass into adrenaline and unload with everything we have.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:14 No.7169300
    use the ripper to distract cult leader and
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/17/09(Thu)00:14 No.7169301
    well, spit it out and bite some more, these cultists don't have our permission to summon a demon with the fleet on the way.
    >> Iron Lung 12/17/09(Thu)00:14 No.7169302
    Kill the Psyker then!
    >> Commissar Carnifex 12/17/09(Thu)00:15 No.7169306

    Failing that, rip off the Psyker's head. Also, shit Rippers by the dozen!
    >> Iron Lung 12/17/09(Thu)00:15 No.7169310
    Good point.
    Could we discharge rippers to tie up the leader?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:15 No.7169311
    We just got the ability to spawn ripper eggs. I don't know that we actually have any gestated yet.

    But if we do, sure, get a few out here.
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/17/09(Thu)00:16 No.7169323
    Consensus reached: Kill psyker first.

    You scurry up the wall, as the woman lashes the whip at where you just were, tearing a hole in the wall. The psyker is pointing at you, seemingly trying to channel another warp attack, but before she has a chance, her head is cleaved from her body. The leader turns towards the psyker's headless body, her smile now absent, replaced by grim determination.
    >> Veteran Sergeant Zeph !7d0rZrDTyk 12/17/09(Thu)00:16 No.7169328
    Consensus: Kill Psyker, spawn rippers if possible. Distract with Inferno Pistol.
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/17/09(Thu)00:17 No.7169332
    While attacking psyker, crap out a dozen rippers, have deviously bite out revealing portions of the leader's costume while simultaneously distracting her.
    >> Iron Lung 12/17/09(Thu)00:17 No.7169337
    How about a Bioplasma Bubblebath, BITCH!?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:17 No.7169339

    Begin mutation: maniacal laughter.
    >> Veteran Sergeant Zeph !7d0rZrDTyk 12/17/09(Thu)00:17 No.7169342

    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:18 No.7169345
    Attempt to send images of human genitals using telepathy.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:18 No.7169348

    Shit out rippers as a distraction while unloading every form of ranged attack at our disposal.
    >> Commissar Carnifex 12/17/09(Thu)00:18 No.7169349
         File1261027106.jpg-(57 KB, 527x681, Itsfuckingon.jpg)
    57 KB

    A slightly fitting picture, no?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:18 No.7169350

    That whip is unpleasant, and her reflexes are obviously far better than we thought, let's not get close while we can avoid it. Let's recharge the bio-plasma, telekinteically grab her fallen pistol, and hose her down with all three of our ranged weapons at once.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:19 No.7169358
    Get on her before she brings that whip back up.
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/17/09(Thu)00:19 No.7169364
    4 ranged weapons, projectile ovipositing
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:19 No.7169365

    This just before we kill the leader. Also the rippers may not be a bad idea.
    >> Commissar Carnifex 12/17/09(Thu)00:20 No.7169376
    Also have them form up so its like a cone with the Hellpistol bolts on either side and the Melta in the middle with the point behind her so it becomes harder to dodge.
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/17/09(Thu)00:21 No.7169377
    Confirmed: Ripper spam.

    As she draws closer, mumbling something under her breath, you proceed to unleash your ovipositors, spewing a swarm of rippers at her. She shrieks in dismay, lashing at them with her whip, slicing the majority in two. However, one makes it past her onslaught, landing on her face and knocking her down as it begins to dine on her sweet facemeats. She drops the whip to the floor, its colors swiftly vanishing.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:21 No.7169387
    Try to kill her without leaving to much lictor matter around, we are still trying to frame the inquisition, remember? Kill her, but use the human weapons if at all possible.
    >> Commissar Carnifex 12/17/09(Thu)00:21 No.7169388

    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:22 No.7169391
    Zap the whip with our bioplasma and Inferno Pistol.

    Then chase down the defenseless cult leader and implant her with our spawn.
    >> Veteran Sergeant Zeph !7d0rZrDTyk 12/17/09(Thu)00:22 No.7169393

    Pounce and consume the harlot cultist!
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:22 No.7169396
    Quick before she dies, mimic laughing noise.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:22 No.7169398

    Finish her off at range, she surprised us twice, no telling what nasty tricks she has left.
    >> Iron Lung 12/17/09(Thu)00:22 No.7169406
    This calls for a horrible death:
    Step forward onto her chest and let our weight settle slowly crushing her.
    Then, as the blood fills her mouth we delicately lean in and in one bite tear off her face and nom that ripper.
    THEN we start eating.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:23 No.7169412
    Devour any scraps of biomass in the room. Then find some way to use human weapons to make the room explode after we leave.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:23 No.7169415
    Extract her brain and then blow up what's left with human weaponry (repeat for psycher) to make it look like the inquisition did it. Then scratch the symbol onto the floor.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:23 No.7169418
    Harvest her any everything else in the room. Don't forget the rippers, we don't want anyone to know what exactly killed these cultist.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:24 No.7169425
    Just get their brains. We've made alot of noise here and they already suspected our presence.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:24 No.7169429

    This. Eat everything, including the surviving rippers, and make it look like the Inquisition did it.
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/17/09(Thu)00:26 No.7169441


    As you walk over to her, gurgling horribly as the ripper munches on her facial extremities, you set a hoof on her chest. The crack of her ribs is audible.

    You slowly lower your face towards hers, and your eyes meet - she watches helplessly as your tendrils lovingly caress her head, and hooking onto her flesh, wait one moment to allow her to contemplate this before you rip her face off, the ripper hopping aside just in time as you begin to devour her head.
    >> Hive Node 12/17/09(Thu)00:26 No.7169445
    Consume Rippers too.

    Suggestion: Leave Melta weapon behind, it will frame the humanoids of the =I=

    Command: After carrying out other protocols, leave. Be unnoticed and examine all new data gained from the cult leader and the psyker.

    Query: new biomorphs?
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/17/09(Thu)00:26 No.7169453
    eat the rippers, dead and alive, scatter human biomass that isn't consumed all across the room, if anything slow down investigation, we just have to buy time
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:27 No.7169457

    Well, I came. Anyone else?
    >> Veteran Sergeant Zeph !7d0rZrDTyk 12/17/09(Thu)00:27 No.7169459

    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:27 No.7169461

    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:29 No.7169473
    burrow from main ritual chambers ceiling to the plant, we need a back up plan for if they proceed with the summoning somehow and being able to vent molten waste from the plant into their mists seems like a good time.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:29 No.7169474
    Scorch the bodies with the melta gun to hide signs that they were fed on, then eat the rippers and hightail it out of there.
    >> Iron Lung 12/17/09(Thu)00:29 No.7169478
    Heh heh heh.
    Thanks, Goblin!
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:29 No.7169482
    Eat Psyker head
    Telekinetically hold her in place
    Telekinetically fire dropped pistol
    Fire Infernopistol
    Fire Bioplasma

    Eat what's left
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:29 No.7169483


    Also, eat Psyker remains.
    >> Commissar Carnifex 12/17/09(Thu)00:30 No.7169484

    Doubly confirmed.
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/17/09(Thu)00:31 No.7169494

    After devouring the pair's brains, and reabsorbing all errant tyranid biomass (Query: retain lone successful ripper, or reabsorb?), you take her hellpistol, placing it next to her corpse. At the exit, you turn, and fire at it with your inferno pistol before jumping out of the blast radius.
    >> Hive Node 12/17/09(Thu)00:31 No.7169495

    Also, status report.

    (goblin this is a great quest thread, epic win is yours. Any idea when you'll be continuing the quest? Also, coffee time!)
    >> Iron Lung 12/17/09(Thu)00:31 No.7169499
    I like this. We can use the bioplasma to blast open the things likely to try and obstruct us.

    And having instigated a face-consumption, another synapse disengages for repair and downtime.
    Been a blast all, thanks again Goblin.
    >> Veteran Sergeant Zeph !7d0rZrDTyk 12/17/09(Thu)00:32 No.7169508

    Retain lone ripper. Sitrep on biomorphs and ETA on fleet.

    Query: Both Psyker and Leader's minds regarding the ritual.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:32 No.7169509

    Retain in hibernation, if possible, for future use.
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/17/09(Thu)00:33 No.7169519

    Glad /tg/ is enjoying it. Best guess is that there'll be a continuation tomorrow afternoon (Mountain Time). I get home around noon, and have other things to work on, so it rather depends.
    >> Iron Lung 12/17/09(Thu)00:33 No.7169521
    Let's keep...uh..."Chewy"!
    Yeah, Chewy rocks. Maybe he'll gain some levels. =D
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:33 No.7169522

    Keep lone successful Ripper, hurl up Biomass like a bird and feed it, attempt to improve on the little Ripper's. Bioform.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:34 No.7169527
    Reabsorb lone successful ripper, use its template and memories in future rippers.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:34 No.7169529
    Retain successful ripper. Assign it command of swarms released in future.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:35 No.7169535
    use nod to teach chewy to use inferno pistol also we need a drawfag here
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/17/09(Thu)00:35 No.7169540

    Synapse node is roughly 2.5 hours away from completion; Potential new warp abilities will be unveiled in tomorrow's thread.

    Hive fleet ETA: 5.25 days.

    Can I get an archival link?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:35 No.7169542

    Confirming these. When we link up with the rest of the Tyranid elements in the city, Chewy shall become our right, er, claw ripper.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:35 No.7169547
    I think I like this more than keeping the ripper around, actually. What greater achievement could any ripper hope for?
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/17/09(Thu)00:36 No.7169553
    hmmm, yes retain one, name it Snarky, make it our tyranidservant.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:37 No.7169559

    This seems better than just retaining a ripper, actually. Instead of puking out the same one over and over, just run off copies of it. Successful designs get perpetuated, failures do not.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:38 No.7169562

    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:38 No.7169564

    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/17/09(Thu)00:38 No.7169566
    we can use our little ripper buddy to scout out the tiniest spaces, even with our camo we can still be detected, Snarky can run in there scout, eat a rat or 2 and come back.
    >> Veteran Sergeant Zeph !7d0rZrDTyk 12/17/09(Thu)00:38 No.7169567

    Tomorrow will unveil that information on the ritual that the leader and psyker had I assume. Need this info before heading to Primary Objective.
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/17/09(Thu)00:38 No.7169568
    Consensus: Chewy inserted into a storage pouch for potential later reabsorbation and/or promotion.

    You quickly burrow upwards through the garbage, back towards the plant.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:39 No.7169574
    Personally I say we keep the ripper, he's done good.

    It can be our pet/sidekick/emergency food!
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:39 No.7169575

    ETA on acolyte meeting. Scan cult leader/cult psyker mind for what they know/whether the demon summoning is screwed. HEAD TO THE ACOLYTE MEETING.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:41 No.7169585
    Oh god this, his name can be Chompy McBitey the Third.
    >> Hive Node 12/17/09(Thu)00:41 No.7169591
    You know, 'nids are my second least favourite army (after 'crons) but this lictor is pretty awesome. All the rpers being different aspects of the hive mind is pretty cool too, that's how the hive mind should be.

    I'm a GMTer so I'll be on tomorrow night to do some more questan, for now I'm off to find my fortunes elsewhere.
    >> That Motherfucking Goblin !XGZ8nDwSYI 12/17/09(Thu)00:41 No.7169593
    Well /tg/, I'm off.

    New biomorphs/mutations, the info gleaned from the two cult leaders, and the future of the summoning shall all be unveiled tomorrow.

    It's been a blast, I shall see you fine gents on the morrow.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:43 No.7169604
    I can't think of a better way to have spent my day off, thanks to you, OP.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)00:47 No.7169643
    Weren't we, you know, gonna infest the whore warehouse we found? And, damn it, don't these daemon worshiping shits have any drugs we can use?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)01:09 No.7169850
    Cheers for our Norn Queen. I mean, TMG.

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