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  • File : 1261080710.jpg-(116 KB, 600x800, Teddy Roosevelt and Gennal.jpg)
    116 KB Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)15:11 No.7176789  
    Alright old chaps! It is time to continue the adventures of Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinaire!

    >Previous Threads:

    To recall:

    Your COMBAT skill is 15
    Your DIPLOMACY skill is 13

    You currently have: Wolfskin jacket, wolfskin breeches, Bone cane/club, 2 weeks of rations, a bag, a bottle of Elvish wine

    You are at your FORTIFIED HILL with your GNOLLS. ALTON and his GOBLINS are living BEHIND the HILL.
    ALTON has agreed to give you control of the GOBLINS if he can take HUMAN SLAVES after the war.
    The ELVES are ALLIED with you.
    The HALFLINGS are NEUTRAL and will sell to BOTH SIDES
    DORFS do not know of us yet.
    >> HILL GIANT QUEST PART 2 Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)15:13 No.7176804
         File1261080787.jpg-(3 KB, 126x126, Roosevelt's Emblem.jpg)
    3 KB
    Forgot to title the post, fuck, oh well

    Last time we left off, we where discussing if you where going to go contact the Dorfs, or if you where gonna train your troops.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)15:17 No.7176835
    Bump. Come on /tg/, this was so much fun yesterday!
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)15:22 No.7176866
    We need a good fort, and gnolls can't build crap. It's time to get in contact with the dwarfs and get some help.
    >> Ayaya !jT2u4h//Bs 12/17/09(Thu)15:24 No.7176890
    Ooooh, there's already drawfagging? Also, can anyone give a short resume of what happened after the siege? I don't have time to read the whole second thread.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)15:32 No.7176972
    Take our bear-druid-elf and contact the Dwarf settlement.
    Ask the Elves to keep an eye on our fort - if that rascal Alton tries anything they're to send a runner to notify us at once.

    Do the Elves and Gnolls get along?
    How much do the Goblins and Alton know about the Elves?
    How goes the setting up of a religious caste hierarchy we started yesterday?
    Have we sent out long-range patrols to look out for the Human army?
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)15:43 No.7177069
    Sorry guys, I'm kinda high and had a munchies attack, but now I'm back.
    We are king of the gnolls, went to visit the elves, no halfling direct support, but they will sell to us. We found the gobbos in the mountains, being led by a cruel giant. We allied with them and brought them back.

    To the dwarves!

    You reach the cave you found yesterday.

    The elves and gnolls do not get a long, but they will tolerate each other for the duration of the war.

    >How much do the Goblins and Alton know about the Elves?
    Alton knows about the elves. The elves do not know about Alton.

    >How goes the setting up of a religious caste hierarchy we started yesterday
    Fine. The tap-dancing is beginning to spread throughout the gnoll ranks as a form of recreation.

    >Have we sent out long-range patrols to look out for the Human army?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)15:44 No.7177073
    Ask if any of the elves know how to speak dwarf. It would be a bad idea to enter their tunnels without being able to communicate with them.

    And speaking of tunnels, we might even be too big to even fit in tunnels made for and by dwarves. How tall are we? Somewhere around five or four meters?
    Considering these two issues, we should consider sending a diplomat down instead.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)15:49 No.7177116
    Do we know where the halflings live, and is it far away? And where's the locations of nearby human towns and cities? If the humans launch an attack, it will probably be from the direction of one their cities, so we should be prepared or be outflanked.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)15:51 No.7177146
    Bump to see if OP is still alive.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)15:53 No.7177175
    Halflings live by a river, south of the forest.
    Humans live on the plains, to the West. You do not know any more about them

    You aren't sure if the Elves can speak Dorf. Adran says their aren't.

    You are 10.5 feet tall
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)15:56 No.7177206
    Hm, that's about 3.5 meters. And we have no way to actually talk to the dwarves. You know, going down there right now suddenly sounds like a really bad idea. I suggest we go visit the halflings. They're merchants, so it's likely that at least one of them can speak dwarf and has their trust. We need an ambassador.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)15:59 No.7177233
    Oh, and at the moment it seems like it's only me and OP posting. We need to get more people here or try again when /tg/ gives a damn.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)16:00 No.7177251
    Roger. You go back to the Hill (I think it needs a name, /tg/, and a drawfag for it) and everything seems fine, except some of the gnolls have taken a liking to Alton. Not many of them, only 10, but they follow him around everywhere and seem to worship him.

    Alton says he has been letting the goblins run around in the gnoll camp in exchange for letting any gnoll that wants to stay in his camp.

    Anything to say to this, /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)16:03 No.7177269
    I'm here too.

    I agree that we should acquire an emissary to the Dwarves. Send an Elf to the Halflings to bring one back.
    We should stay and oversee the training of the army.
    We should also begin scout/patrol details to forewarn us should there be any army movement.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)16:03 No.7177278
    Hm, let's keep an eye on Alton, but I don't think there's much we can do about it right now. How many gnolls are there in the tribe, anyway?
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)16:06 No.7177301
    You send Adran to the elves to tell them to send an emissary for the Halflings to ask for an emissary for the Dwarves. He agrees, and will return when his mission is done. He is much warmer than before and seems to have a genuine respect for you now.

    There are roughly 330 gnolls in your pack. There are over 500 goblins under Alton's command. The two seem to get along, though some gnolls still dislike the small, dopey goblins. The goblins do seem much happier now.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)16:08 No.7177318
    lets call it the capitiol hill
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)16:08 No.7177324
    >I think it needs a name, /tg/

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kettle_Hill Duh
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)16:09 No.7177334
    How do you wish to start training your gnolls?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)16:12 No.7177366
    The quickest way to a minion's heart is through his stomach. Send out some elves to hunt, and organize a feast. Make sure it's clear that we're the one who decided this, and that we're a much better leader than Alton.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)16:15 No.7177398
    The gnolls are still loyal to you, and polite, and love tap-dancing. They just hang around Alton.

    You cant contact the elves now (perhaps they should move closer?), but you send some gnolls out to hunt. There will be a feast!

    Until then, I ask again, how do we begin training our gnolls
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)16:16 No.7177406
    We made one of the gnolls our captain or something, right? Tell him to start training the gnolls in discipline and teamwork, we need our troops to actually follow the orders given to them.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)16:17 No.7177422
    Hm, come to think of it, asking a gnoll to train other gnolls in teamwork would be a terrible plan. Let's just do it ourselves.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)16:18 No.7177430
    Howlard Taft is much bigger than when you left (as he advances in level [his class is Servant of Yeenognhu] he gets bigger, meaner, and smarter, as well as more powerful. He is now level 3). He doens't know much in the way of tactics, but he sets the gnolls out to make weapons for EVERY knoll, if only stone ones.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)16:21 No.7177466
    Organize a good ol' football (soccer to you yanks) match with the goblins and gnolls. Mixed teams, to encourage them to get to know each other better.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)16:22 No.7177481
    Teddy was a yank. We're doing American football

    On second thought, the gnolls will win. The goblins prolly wouldnt be able to learn the rules of either sport. Of course, if you wanna try....
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)16:24 No.7177497
    Which is exactly why we'll have mixed teams. Both gnolls and goblins in each team. Make the goblins runners, they're smaller and nimbler than the gnolls.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)16:26 No.7177515
    I dunno, this would be a lot more fun if it was more people than just me playing.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)16:26 No.7177522
    Oh right, mixed teams. Sure!

    Alton doesn't seem to care. You find the 15 biggest, toughest gnolls and 15 speediest goblins. You start training them for the sport.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)16:26 No.7177525
    >semi-contact sport
    >highly aggressive hyena people
    are you sure about this, my good man?
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)16:27 No.7177527
    Yes it would.

    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)16:28 No.7177541
    No, but I'm all out of ideas and there's nobody else here to suggest anything.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)16:29 No.7177558
    we should organize a more gentlemanly sport... like say, tennis, badminton, golf
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)16:30 No.7177562
    Or maybe just baseball. That way we train their reflexes as well, and there's no physical contact involved.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)16:31 No.7177583
    Bump, come on /tg/, make a decision....
    >> The samefag 12/17/09(Thu)16:32 No.7177596
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)16:35 No.7177636
    any of them is fine by me
    baseball might be good practice, golf is nice for learning basic ballistic skills, tennis is better than badminton though

    just to clarify, do we have control over the gobbos NOW or will Alton relinquish control AFTER the battle with the humans and slaves have been taken?
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)16:36 No.7177650
    Baseball it is. You begin training your two teams. For now they are named team A and B. Would you like to remedy this?

    Adran returns after two days, telling you that emissaries where sent to the halflings, along with some of the wealth you obtained from the human emissaries in the beginning.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)16:37 No.7177656
    Cricket. But a more violent version.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)16:38 No.7177665
    Alton owns them. For the battle, they will listen to you, until then they listen to both of you, but Alton's commands supersede yours.
    >> The samefag 12/17/09(Thu)16:39 No.7177674
    The teams are now called Owlbears and Beemonkeys.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)16:39 No.7177682
    I love you /tg/.
    >> The samefag 12/17/09(Thu)16:43 No.7177728
         File1261086183.jpg-(46 KB, 400x441, d&d beasts monkey bees.jpg)
    46 KB
    Oops, that should be Owlbears and Howler Wasps
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)16:45 No.7177751
    Ok /tg/. How are we training the army? I want to know.

    Gennal, the elf shaman, sends word with Adran to be wary of Alton, as he has been 'seeing omens in the trees'. Adran says not to worry, and that Gennal is always overly-paranoid about these 'omens'.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)16:46 No.7177760
    Animal riding. That way, we'll get cavalry.
    Gnolls will ride horses, goblins will ride dogs. Because golden retriever-riding slavers are as cute as they are are vicious.
    >> The samefag 12/17/09(Thu)16:47 No.7177783
    Honestly, I have no idea how we should train the army and I'm getting tired of making all the decissions, it kinda misses the "collective" in collective games. Sorry OP, but I don't think this is working out tonight.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)16:48 No.7177791
    Horses are native to human lands. No dogs but wolves live around here.

    You ponder, and ask Alton and Adran for help. Adran suggests only mounting the goblins, as the gnolls can run quickly on four legs, and Alton says he knows of goats that live in the mountains.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)16:49 No.7177803
    I understand, but keep an eye on the thread an come back if it picks up. I'm kinda disappointed too...
    >> The samefag 12/17/09(Thu)16:50 No.7177818
    Good idea, but where are we supposed to get steeds? And are mounted soldiers a good idea considering we're expecting a siege?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)16:51 No.7177836
    Wait a minute! What if we mount the goblins... with other goblins! If we find a surgeon, we can stitch two extra legs to the goblins that are being ridden.
    >> The samefag 12/17/09(Thu)16:52 No.7177853
    Mount the goblins on the gnolls! BLASTER MASTER RULES BARTERTOWN!
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)16:52 No.7177854
    You used both of my pictures, AWESOME :3
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)16:57 No.7177913
    Upon suggesting this, Howlard Taft refuses. He says the gnolls will not tolerate the goblins on their backs.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:02 No.7177956
    >> The samefag 12/17/09(Thu)17:02 No.7177959
         File1261087340.jpg-(126 KB, 1162x1134, brilliantplan.jpg)
    126 KB
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)17:02 No.7177965
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:02 No.7177970
    Why don't we put the gnolls in front of a wagon like a chariot? Then the goblins won't, technically, be on their backs. Otherwise, we could always have some goblins on our back. Maybe we should put some kind of howdah on our shoulders?
    >> The samefag 12/17/09(Thu)17:04 No.7177983
    I demand a persuasion roll. This is a brilliant plan, and we should at least get a chance to pull it off.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)17:04 No.7177991
    Howlard Taft again refuses you. "The children of Yeenoghu will not be treated like pack animals" he sneers.
    He has been becoming meaner and more intelligent by the day. You realize that he has been refusing you a lot lately, and is beginning to show a lot of independence...
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:05 No.7178003
    Our army will be based on quickly built haphazard warmachines. Most of them will bee with gnolls pulling them, goblins operatin. Ammo will be goblins too.
    >> The samefag 12/17/09(Thu)17:07 No.7178022
         File1261087631.jpg-(83 KB, 800x533, hill giant.jpg)
    83 KB
    Like this?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:07 No.7178026





    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:08 No.7178041
    No, not like pack animals, but noble steeds. We'll be fighting the 'umies monster on monster style. A head taller than the wretched pink monkeys.
    >> The samefag 12/17/09(Thu)17:12 No.7178076
    But what would Alton think of us using "his" goblins as armour?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:13 No.7178082
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:14 No.7178091
    when faced between a revolt by gnolls, or a revolt by goblins

    go with goblins.

    Alton doesn't care about his goblins, and he's already been promised human slaves. He's clearly a callous ruler who won't care if his underlings are sacrificed for newer, bigger, better underlings.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:15 No.7178102
    goblins are used to being treated like shit. they are a cannon fodder race after all.

    oh, and don't say this to Alton. promise him some good stuff like human slaves to copensate
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)17:17 No.7178113
    Alton laughs heartily at the idea of using goblins for armor. He looks at you and with a friendly sigh says. "You can have control of the goblins, but you make DAMN sure I get my human slaves." Taft is also fine with the idea. Adran doesn't say anything.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:17 No.7178114
    also, segregate the camps and encourage elitism in our gnolls, they are better than goblins and should be treated as such.

    Don't let the goblins get into our shit and muck things up. Tell Alton to keep his goblins in line.

    I was joking about the living goblin armor earlier, but I think the catapults would be a good idea. Also, we should train the goblins as massed archers, and train the gnolls in the use of the pike phalanx since we will probably encounter human cavalry.

    See if Aldran our bear/elf friend can get some elven soldiers to join us in drill instructor type rolls to train our coalition soldiers in their respective duties.

    And, lastly, get some damn patrols out there, we don't want a "suddenly, KNIGHTS EVERYWHERE" scenario.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)17:18 No.7178118
    The gnolls still need to be trained for war. How do you wish to train them?
    >> The samefag 12/17/09(Thu)17:18 No.7178127
    We'll need more goblins. How fast do they breed? Considering their short lifecycles and how many of hem there are, I'd say the multiply like rabbits and grow up fast, so we should have even more materials in a couple of weeks.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:19 No.7178130
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:20 No.7178141
    javelins and shortspears/handaxes
    run fast, hit hard, travel light
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)17:21 No.7178155
    Patrols of gnolls will be sent out. Glad someone remembered that, I was worried ya'll forgot.

    Adran says he will talk to Gennal about moving the elves closer to Kettle Hill. They will take residence at the edge of the forest.

    You begin training your people as such, and separate the two races again. The baseball game is called off. The two races aren't happy about being split up, they where gaining respect in others eyes.

    Baseball and tap-dancing are gradually becoming accepted past-times in both societies.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:21 No.7178169
    Hey, didn't we have some human captives?
    When our elf friends get back, we should interrogate them- find out where they are from, why they are here, why they attacked us, etc.
    >> The samefag 12/17/09(Thu)17:21 No.7178170
    Defensive fighting. Let's give them spears and teach them some restrain somehow.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)17:22 No.7178180
    The goblins are lucky to reach 15 years of age, and reach sexual maturity at age three. They are breeding rapidly. Your gnoll hunters tell you game in the land is becoming scarce.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:22 No.7178185
    allow free time in a combined area? just separated training camps
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:23 No.7178189
    Are we to be a bunch of insects with no compassion for our underlings? Are we to accept that our minions use their fellows (who work just as hard) as property? Nay, I say! Let us ally ourselves with the goblins, for these gnolls are naught but savage beasts, too slothful to do any work of their own and forcing the goblins to do it for them! They are unfit to be your servants! Either the gnolls stop using these goblins as mere property, or by god, they shall pull the goblins' chariots like the beasts they are!
    >> The samefag 12/17/09(Thu)17:25 No.7178205
         File1261088701.jpg-(27 KB, 640x478, keikaku..jpg)
    27 KB
    >The two races aren't happy about being split up, they where gaining respect in others eyes.

    >Baseball and tap-dancing are gradually becoming accepted past-times in both societies.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:26 No.7178218
    gnolls not really suited for this

    i suggest that we continue with the combine and conquer strategy. try to find some middle ground between gnolls being steed and goblins being armor. this will probably call for a diplomacy roll. somebody else roll, my dice are cursed.

    also... choose 30 best tapdancers for an elite tapdancing platoon. teach offensive battle coreogarafies.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:27 No.7178222
    Equal rights for all sentient beings!
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:27 No.7178228
    we should talk to Alton about what he was doing for food up in the mountains

    we can send gnolls to hunt the plains/forests, and goblins to hunt in the mountains.

    train speargnolls and arrowgobbo's
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)17:27 No.7178230
    Uh, the gnolls and the goblins get a long fine. In fact, since the two started mingling and Alton began ceding more and more control to you, the goblins are in much better condition than before.

    Crude baseball games and tap-dancing competition begin immediately begin immediately. The teams organize and run the games/shows themselves. There is few violence. Perhaps these creatures can be civilized.

    Rumors begin circulating that Taft is saying you are an ineffective leader, because you seem to not be able to make up your mind.

    Adran returns. He informs you the elves will be moving to the edge of the forest within a week.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:28 No.7178241
    we should just use them for the roles they fit best in
    gnolls are fast and aggressive but cowardly, so hit and run tactics would suit them well

    what sort of goblins are we dealing with? smart goblins, vicious goblins, weak goblins...
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:28 No.7178243

    good god man, let no one doubt your creative abilities.

    fix'd for ya
    >> The samefag 12/17/09(Thu)17:28 No.7178244
    Hm, we're running out of food and we need a better location to dig in. Either we get some farming and animal breeding going, or we relocate.

    If it comes down to it, we can eat the goblins. But let's keep that as a last resort as long as there are alternatives.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)17:28 No.7178246
    Man I fucked up the language there. Forgive me /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:30 No.7178261
    Do our warriors have knowledge of cold iron? Of cleaving flesh and bone with bronze?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:31 No.7178266
    OP needs to come up with a method of picking posts

    If he waits for us all to agree, this thread will never get anywhere.

    And if that little bitch taft is smack talking us behind our backs, hang him for treason, that treasonous coward.
    public execution to show the gnolls that we aren't afraid of them, that we are the boss, and that insubordination will not be tolerated.
    >> The samefag 12/17/09(Thu)17:31 No.7178271
    >Well, the reason we can't "make up our minds" is that
    you're finally getting some players in here, so it's not really a bad thing.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)17:32 No.7178280
    You begin training the gnolls. The elves will have to teach the goblins, as no one else but gnolls can...and the elves would be better.

    Kettle Hill is very well fortified, so a place to 'dig in', if you mean defensively, is under control. You are running low on food.

    Alton lived on eating the goblins and the occasional goat. The goblins lived (poorly) on scrubs and mushrooms, with the occasional goat. They probably could not have decent warriors at that time, considering the intense malnutrition they where under.
    >> The samefag 12/17/09(Thu)17:32 No.7178282
    Let's eat Taft, it solves the food problem temporarily as well as the risk of mutiny.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:32 No.7178284
    we should keep an eye on Taft, but unless he starts to actively incite revolts we should let him do his thing. Individualism is a good thing in lieutenants after all.

    things are looking rather good at the moment, so I say we go meet the Halflings, we need a translator for meeting with the dwarfs after all
    bring a cadre of goblins and gnolls with commerce for trade, we should give a pleasant first impression
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:35 No.7178306
    cheers, engrish is not my native language. i speak dwarwen
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:35 No.7178313
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:35 No.7178316
    No, gnolls know nothing of law and order- treason comes as naturally to them as a babe suckles it's mother's teat.
    Only by force can we rule, and so by force we will instil the principles of law.
    Challenge Taft to FISTICUFFS!
    >> The samefag 12/17/09(Thu)17:36 No.7178329
    Good idea, the halflings should have food to sell. We need something to pay with, though. Do we have loot left from that human city we razed? The only tradable resource around here seem to be wood, and chopping down the forest would mean pissing off the elves.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)17:36 No.7178332
    Trying to not be a railroading dick. I/we will roll more to decide ideas if it comes down to it, to speed things up.
    The elves have a few iron weapons, but mostly tools. You don't know if they have iron arrowheads.
    The gnolls and goblins have a few scavenged iron or bronze weapons, but most use crude stone/wooden weapons.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:39 No.7178346
    What weapons do the humans use?
    Amdwhat happened to our captives
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:39 No.7178360
    after dealing with Taft by eating him or challenging him, let's go hunt humans for food and slaves. we'll also see how our training is working.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:40 No.7178361
    I'm sure we have hides to sell
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)17:42 No.7178377
    Like a gentleman, you call Taft out on your suspicions. The gnoll responds with curt politeness: "I would never try to usurp you, m'lord. You can trust me."

    Also, the elves arrive at the edge of the forest. You find out they make their arrows out of wood, and then enchant them. They set out to training the gobbo's, albeit reluctantly. The elves and the gnolls keep their distance.

    The halfling diplomat, named Roger, also shows up, riding a pony. The elves have agreed to pay them for his services.

    You have phat lewtz from the human town, and money from the human diplomats you helped the elves kill. You can sell hides, indeed.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:42 No.7178378
    okay, first go trading and then raiding?
    >> The samefag 12/17/09(Thu)17:42 No.7178380
    I say challenge him to fisticuffs, and then "accidentally" kill him. Then we cook him, because we can't let food get to waste.

    Sure, we could show him mercy and thus avoid losing a good soldier, but this quest needs some action.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)17:42 No.7178382
    Humans have iron.

    The gnolls have eaten/sacrificed all of their captives, but the elves still have the human diplomat you captured in the first thread.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:46 No.7178403
    oh, cool. we could tell him he has to buy us good weapons from a human settlement or be sacrificed. he could double cross us though.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:46 No.7178404
    we should send a small group of gnalls to check out what the humans are up to. make sure nothings going on down there.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:47 No.7178417
    (the human captives were all soldiers right?)
    See if we can't get the elves to work their famous charisma on the human diplomat. Know thy enemy.
    Also, the next time we capture enemies, try to impress on the gnollsthat killing/torturing them is a waste of valuable resources.
    >> The samefag 12/17/09(Thu)17:48 No.7178420
    Demonstrate our desire for peace between us and the halflings by offering them a good deal on any food and supplies they're willing to sell us.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)17:48 No.7178425
    You guys want still want to kill him? Don't forget, he is also the high priest of Yeenoghu. He isn't as powerful as Redspot, but he wields considerable social power within the gnoll pack, just from this title.

    If you want to. Do you want to go yourself, or send an embassy?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:49 No.7178428
    aaand about the halfling trader. offer him some tea firs to give good and civilized firs impression. then trade loot and pelts for food and weapons if they have any
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:49 No.7178433
    send a caravan lead by elves with goblin and gnoll representatives (but not enough that they could be seen as a threat) to trade out hides for food, save the loot for now

    Tell Taft to organize scout missions and raid targets of opportunity. That should keep the gnolls somewhat happy

    Appoint a goblin lieutenant and have him organize digging around the knoll looking for tradeable rock/ore
    dig trenches and continue building fortifications

    take Roger to meet the dwarves
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:50 No.7178438
    we are the most civil creature around. go ourselves
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:50 No.7178440
    >> The samefag 12/17/09(Thu)17:51 No.7178446
    I wrote that post before Taft assured us his loyalty, so ignore it.
    I still don't trust him of course, but we can't be angry at a gnoll just because he's CE. He'll probably betray us sooner or later, but we'll take care of that when it happens.
    >> The samefag 12/17/09(Thu)17:53 No.7178461
    How about we give Taft a big, shiny medal or other sign of authority. It will inflate his ego, but should also make him feel a bit more loyal to us. Hopefully.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:54 No.7178465
    Meet with dwarfs: offer aid against carp menace.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)17:55 No.7178476
    You, Roger, Gennal, Adran, Alton (after complaining tea is girly), and Taft enjoy a nice cup of earl gray tea, fresh.
    Roger appraises the hides, says he doesn't deal in the fur trade, but doesn't think they are worth much.
    The gnolls happily take to it raiding. The gobbos begin digging, but they seem a bit disappointed at their larger work-week.

    Should we roll to see if we go to dorfs and send a caravan to the halflings, or if we go to the halflings ourselves (with Adran and anyone else who we want to bring)
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:55 No.7178477
    good idea, but we don't want it too seem as if we're just mindlessly sucking up to him. So we should wait until he's done something worthy of praise

    a reward ceremony after returning from his first raid on human vanguard?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:55 No.7178478
    dude, we're trying to SURVIVE this

    you are making crazy talk
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:57 No.7178496
    aend adran and caravan to the halflings

    send taft to lead scouting/raiding parties

    send gobbos to dig for minerals

    keep training gobbos and gnolls
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:58 No.7178502
    introduce an incentive program, allow the goblins to keep a share of any valuables that they dig up
    >> The samefag 12/17/09(Thu)17:59 No.7178516
    Even better idea. A minion that feels that we are proud of his work is a loyal minion.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:59 No.7178517
    no, they are goblins, fuck them

    they should be thankful they are no longer being eaten and beaten by the other giant.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)17:59 No.7178518
    What would Theodore Roosevelt do?
    I suppose you can role, but I think our diplomatic skills are best suited convincing possibly hostile dorfs.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)18:00 No.7178529
    The caravan sets off. The rest of everything you said is already done.

    The troops are learning, slowly but surely.

    Initial scouts are coming back. The humans have taken notice of our activity. They believe we have captives. They have been sending regular embassies to the dwarves. No sign of an army yet.
    >> The samefag 12/17/09(Thu)18:01 No.7178544
    We should release the captives, after giving them Stockholm Syndrome somehow. Not sure how we do that, though.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:02 No.7178552
    right, so we really need to meet the dwarves before the humans get them as allies

    bring honour guard, 2 of the best fighters from each faction and halfling translator
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:03 No.7178567
    >They have been sending regular embassies to the dwarves

    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:04 No.7178582
    Our gnolls killed the captives. It was rather ungentlemanly, but what can you expect from savages?
    See dorfs.
    >> The samefag 12/17/09(Thu)18:05 No.7178595
    Yes, but the elves still have some live human captives.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)18:06 No.7178609
    Only one captive. He is being treated as a political prisoner. He hasn't given us any information. Gennal doesn't want harm to befall him, but Adran suggests giving him to the gnolls to help loosen his tongue.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:07 No.7178620
    +1 fatguy here. Following thread from last night. Will join in in a bit.
    >> The samefag 12/17/09(Thu)18:09 No.7178647
    Well, looks like we'll be crushed by the human/dwarf allied forces and/or get backstabbed by our own troops. Or just starve to death after a few days of siege, whatever comes first.

    Gotta go, but good luck, guys.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)18:10 No.7178658
    You find your way to the cave you found in yesterday's cave, with a caravan consisting of
    >Gennal, 5 elven archer/rogues, 3 of your best Speargnolls, and 2 Goblin lackeys.
    You have no torches, but Gennal taps his staff on the ground an the end of it glows brightly. The cavern is tall enough for you to stand upright.

    What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:10 No.7178661
    Anton is a dick.
    Obviously this human is important- keep him safe for now.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:12 No.7178674
    I say, you blokes!
    Olli olli oxen free!
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:12 No.7178677
    proceed down mines
    watch for balrogs

    ask gennel if you shall pass
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:13 No.7178700
    We must assure dwarves that we don't wanna rumble with them.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)18:13 No.7178702
    Your voice echos down the cave. No response comes. Remember, you don't even know if there are dwarves in this cave. You just know they are somewhere in the mountains, and this is the biggest cave around.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:14 No.7178713
    if we have alcohol, pour some out.
    Dwarves will appear nearly instantaneously at any scene of alcohol abuse
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)18:16 No.7178734
         File1261091817.jpg-(101 KB, 500x704, Deranged Dorf.jpg)
    101 KB
    You take out a few bottles of fine elven wine. You chuck one down into the cave. The sound of glass shattering rings throughout the cavern. You wait a minute, and throw another. After no response, you ready another, but hear a loud shout.

    You look, and up on an outcrop, you see this.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:17 No.7178735
    Yup, and it will also make us their sworn enemy for ten generations to come. Not the kind of first impression we want to make.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:17 No.7178739
    So it's going to be a game of hide and seek?
    Alright- make as much noise as possible and then sit back and wait.
    The dorfs will come, they can't ignore a potential threat, nut if we act non hostile, their curiosity maybe piqued.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)18:17 No.7178741
    Minus the arrows.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:18 No.7178751
    lets keep going
    check the walls every so often for signs of industry: are the walls rough-hewn, carved, polished, etc?
    Are there foot prints on the floor? Is everything dusty and abandoned?

    basically, if we get deep and it looks like a natural formation and not something that's been carved out, there probably aren't any dwarves.

    In any case, go deeper
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:18 No.7178752
    Okay, we might as well kill ourselves now, it will be a lot less painful and get the same result.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:18 No.7178758
    I say, well met in moonlight and all that.
    Care for a cuppa?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:19 No.7178763
    well, let's introduce ourselves and inform that fine gentleman that we seek a parlay
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:20 No.7178777
    If we're lucky, he'll recognise the elvish wine from the smell and realise that we just wanted to destroy this foul and wimpy mockery of alcohol.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:22 No.7178794
    What ho, good man!
    as you seem to be of the Grumpy variety of dwarf, perhaps you could direct us to one of your more talkative brethren?
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)18:23 No.7178807
    Roger translates your greeting nervously. The dorf shouts back. Roger says that the dorf is the giant hunter Glagol Rumaxe, and has been sent Axebeard Mcboozehammer, King of the Dwarves, to kill you before you threaten dwarven lands. Roger says he claims to have been following you since you came to the mountains with the caravan, and they were warned by the humans that you might come.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:23 No.7178811
    Fuck me, i dont like this at all. Regular contact with humans? Blood on his axe? Raged look in eyes?

    Run the fuck away. Abandon gnolls, return to home hills. With some luck, Alton will be mistaken for Ted and we can escape elsewhere while a shitstorm starts at kettle hill.

    Semi serious suggestion.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:24 No.7178824
    Assure him that we only wish to ensure the dwarves neutrality. If he attacks, we shall defeat him and allow him to leave in a gentlemanly fashion.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:25 No.7178835
    oh... what rotten luck...
    no chance of talking this out over a nice cup of Earl Grey?
    We are very keen on speaking with this king of yours, no harm intended
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:25 No.7178840
    throw rock at dorf and take axe to show strength and battle prowess to other dorfs
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)18:26 No.7178849
    He laughs after hearing Roger's translated sentence, then raises his axe and begins a full charge down from his outcrop. The elves and goblins ready their bows, and the gnolls begin to assemble themselves in front of you. Gennal asks if you want the archers to fire.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:27 No.7178861
    well, that is certainly not the foot we wanted to get off on here

    inform him you have come to parlay with his king, and do not seek voilence. Challenge his honor as a dwarf, and tell him how you removed the filthy goblins from his native mountainhome.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:27 No.7178862
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:27 No.7178868
    Yes fire!

    Also throw a boulder at charging dwarf
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:28 No.7178885


    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:29 No.7178899
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)18:29 No.7178902
    Gennal gives the word, and the five archers let loose a small volley. Some arrows hit him, others rattle off his armor. He doesn't stop.

    He is within 15 feet. Roll an attack for the boulder toss (under a 13 to hit). The gnolls await orders.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:29 No.7178906
    rolled 3, 3, 1 = 7


    No arrows. Call gnolls back. Fight 1 vs 1, trying to subdue (sp?) him rather than kill/injure him.

    Rolling 3d6 if needed.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:31 No.7178926
    rolled 6, 4, 3 = 13


    Rolling for stone throw
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:32 No.7178948
    Seconded: 1 on 1.
    Avoid fataly wounding him.
    If worse comes to worse, give dwarfs Anton's head as show of good faith
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:33 No.7178960
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)18:34 No.7178969
    >Fuck, didn't this happen last time? I'll give you a glancing blow this time.

    The dwarf spins away, avoiding most of the boulder, but it still clips his shoulder, staggering him and causing him to drop his large axe. he grunts.

    I'll use this roll for your initiative. The gnolls step back. You charge Rumaxe. If my roll is higher than yours, you get there before he recovers, otherwise you get there after he retrieves his axe.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:35 No.7178976
    rolled 6, 6, 3 = 15

    GMs word is law, bah. Arrows hit, bolder misses (according to the first roll). Still need gnolls orders.

    Seeing as we've already attacked, order gnolls to fall back and let him focus on us. Gnolls make attacks of opportunity if possible.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:35 No.7178977
    It's probably a bit late to try and duel, if we're already loosing arrows. We could have the gnolls try to flank while we engage in melee; spears are good for that.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)18:35 No.7178978
    rolled 1, 1, 2 = 4

    Forgot my roll. Forgive me, /tg/!
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:36 No.7178986
    Two birds with one stone. I like!
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:36 No.7178990
    Bully! Finally a chance for some sport!
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:36 No.7178993
    GREAT SUCCESS (for us)

    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)18:37 No.7178998
    Who is Anton? Do you mean your younger, bear druid friend named Adran? He is at the halflings. You have the elven elder shaman, pictured in the OP, Gennal, with you.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:38 No.7179009

    pick up his axe and sling it over your shoulder like Paul Bunyan

    Then order your troops to restrain the dorf for information gathering
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:39 No.7179014
    Meant Alton the erstwhile goblin king, sorry.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:39 No.7179019
    definitely go for his axe

    we need an anon to roll to beat the OP's roll
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)18:39 No.7179026
    rolled 4, 3, 3 = 10

    You reach the dorf as he regains his balance - he is still unarmed.
    >I'll use this for an attack roll
    You grab him with both arms, holding his arms to his sides. He spits and curses at you, struggling to break free. He is quite strong and troublesome to hold. Rolling to see if he can break free.
    >> Search for traps 12/17/09(Thu)18:40 No.7179028
    rolled 1, 1, 2 = 4


    Rolling for initiative. Tripfagging now too.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:44 No.7179083
    Well, did we roll good?
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)18:46 No.7179111
    How about this: the gnolls grab his axe, you restrain him with some rope with the assistance of Gennal.

    Roger and Gennal both tell you the axe is magically enchanted, but do not know what the enchantment is. Gennal suggests performing a divination ritual, but it will take time to prepare.

    >LEVEL UP: Choose a following class: Giant Pugilist (to rannk/level 7), Giant Berserker (to rank/level 1), Servant of Yeenoghu (to rank/level 1). Gennal also offers to teach you some druidic magic if you would like, so you may choose a level in Druid (to rank/level 1).
    >> Search for traps !egaLFuQC4o 12/17/09(Thu)18:47 No.7179116
    rolled 3, 3, 2 = 8


    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:47 No.7179123

    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:49 No.7179141
    this, it's served us well
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:49 No.7179142
    We need to get better at throwing stuff, is there any class that helps us with that?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:49 No.7179143
    Druid, Teddy was all kinds of crazy for nature.
    >> Search for traps !egaLFuQC4o 12/17/09(Thu)18:49 No.7179146
    rolled 2, 2, 4 = 8


    I say Servant of Yeenoghu seeing as we're not being very gentlemanly and it turned that weedy gnoll lieutenant into a stronger, intelligent fucker.
    >> Search for traps !egaLFuQC4o 12/17/09(Thu)18:50 No.7179156
    rolled 1, 4, 2 = 7


    Plus better ranking with the Gnolls.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:50 No.7179158
    I'm torn between Pugilist and Druid. When the gnolls turn on us, it might be good to have some druidic skills to fall back on...
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:51 No.7179166
    plus it would help us with loyalty among the gnolls
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:51 No.7179169
    is that why he killed a panda?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:51 No.7179173
    No! That class requires frequent sentient sacrifices, plus abasing ourselves before their bloodthirsty gnoll god. That's just barbaric.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:52 No.7179193
    Hell, we are gentlemen. We have the fine china to prove it.
    Druid is my vote
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:52 No.7179195
    If we get enough levels in Druid, we might get a bear form. Hill Giant + Bear Shape = a bear the size of an elephant. Fuck yeah!
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:55 No.7179229
    >>7179169 For Teddy, killing and flailing somebody was like saying hello.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:55 No.7179232


    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:55 No.7179235
    Teddy also created the worlds first national park and worked to catalogue and persecr new species. Dude was conversationist back when it meant you loved nature, and killed things real good
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)18:56 No.7179247
    Gennal begins instructing you in druidic magic. You can heal minor wounds, meditate for one hour to 'listen to the wind', and once per day you can shape a tree, either into a bigger tree, a smaller tree, or into some other shape, including weapons.

    Gennal says it is possible for you to gain the form of an animal, but what you will become is unknown (you will gain this feature at druid level 3).

    You are still standing outside the cave. It is dark. What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:58 No.7179275
         File1261094297.jpg-(519 KB, 984x699, Beorn.jpg)
    519 KB
    And as a bonus, we'll become even more like Beorn. Who as we all know is the best giant ever.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:58 No.7179281
    Attempt to communicate with the captured dwarf, once again trying to explain that you're really more interested in speaking with their leaders than in launching any sort of invasion. Liken the humans to a plague of lemmings, who had to be driven off lest they consume all that the land in which you lived had to offer.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:59 No.7179293
    Is our dorf still restrained?
    Talk to him.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)18:59 No.7179303
    send out troops to gather needed material for the divination of the giant hunter's axe

    meanwhile, tea by the fireplace
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)19:00 No.7179319
    talk OVER teatime
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)19:01 No.7179327
         File1261094471.jpg-(69 KB, 837x751, beornlol.jpg)
    69 KB
    >> Search for traps !egaLFuQC4o 12/17/09(Thu)19:01 No.7179340
    rolled 6, 6, 5 = 17

    I vote talk with the giant hunter dorf.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)19:01 No.7179345
    The dorf spits and curses at you, calling you a liar. He says you attacked a human settlement viciously, and for no reason, and he can see you ally yourself with monsters. You offer him tea, and he spits it at you, cackling.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)19:02 No.7179352
    we should send patrols to intercept these humans that have been poisoning the mind of the dwarf king with their honeyed lies
    >> Search for traps !egaLFuQC4o 12/17/09(Thu)19:03 No.7179371
    rolled 4, 4, 1 = 9


    Delve deeper into the cavern. Take the dorf with us but kep him tide and gag him. Treat him with as much respect as possible, though.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)19:04 No.7179375
    use our diplomatic endowments to convince this tea-spitting ruffian of the human's guilt, and of our honorable struggle for survival
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)19:05 No.7179404




    just a thought
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)19:06 No.7179420

    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)19:08 No.7179456
    OR killing our own ally like this will convince the dwarf even more that we are a backstabbing brute who can't be trusted?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)19:08 No.7179460
    Bash insolent dorf into jelly, spread jelly on toast, enjoy.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)19:10 No.7179483
    Yes! Deal with these two ungentlemanly scrapers
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)19:12 No.7179511
    This, what do we have to lose anyway?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)19:13 No.7179524
    Continue deeper into caverns, drawing as much attention to yourselves, and dorfy captive, as possible.
    Appear non threatening, but maintain that you are a Giant gentlemanly Theodore Rooselvelt
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)19:13 No.7179530
    or this
    or this?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)19:14 No.7179548

    I'm sure the dwarf king would prefer a gnoll/goblin/elf alliance at the bottom of his mountain all pissed off and looking for blood rather than a gnoll/goblin/elf alliance that is going to keep enemies away from his mountain, and be chums.

    right? Right?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)19:15 No.7179565

    cave delve
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)19:15 No.7179568
    rolled 3 = 3

    We can roll if you guys want.

    I will. 1d30. 1-10 is the first option, 11-20 is the second option, 21-30 is the third option.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)19:16 No.7179584
    Looks like we're talking to Rumaxe, or trying anyways. Give me some 3d6 diplomacy rolls, along with how your gonna go about doing this.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)19:16 No.7179593
    Last one, delve deep
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)19:19 No.7179633
    rolled 2, 3, 4 = 9

    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)19:20 No.7179640

    challenge him to a drinking contest!
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)19:21 No.7179651
    You have no alcohol, other than two bottles of elven wine.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)19:23 No.7179673
    No drinking, then. We may be a monster, but offering a dwarf elvish alcohol is just diabolic.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)19:24 No.7179679
    not nearly enough

    maybe we can use our loot to pay off his contract.
    Take him to the dwarf king and see if this is a possible solution.

    We could also offer some of the loot in exchange for an alliance, as well as offer to guard the bottom of the hill in exchange for his help against the humans
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)19:25 No.7179689
    hm, you are right.

    pushup contest? :3
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)19:29 No.7179741
    I'm seeing even more enthusiasm for delving into the mountain than talking to the dorf. You give him one last chance to talk, and include your bribe. He refuses your bribe, and curses your mother and honor.

    You head into the cavern, Gennal's staff shining bright. The air is cool. As you move deeper, the ceiling begins to come closer to your head.

    You come to a fork. You are almost stooping.
    >Left, right, or back?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)19:29 No.7179742
    I dont like this thread any more :(
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)19:30 No.7179757
    We give him a majestic, manly speech about our struggle against the human oppressors.
    >> Theodore Roosevelt, Hill Giant Extraordinare !!0vz0retDvfb 12/17/09(Thu)19:37 No.7179837
    Alright guys, i think we're all getting bored of this. So I'll archive this and tommorow or something we can try again, and if we still aren't feeling it we'll call if off then.

    Thread archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/7176789/
    >> Anonymous 12/17/09(Thu)20:20 No.7180298
    Ain't dat a bitch - just as I finish reading up and refresh, everyone goes to bed.

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