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  • File : 1261240358.gif-(17 KB, 383x343, waddle dee.gif)
    17 KB 8-Bit Dystopia Bestiary. Ayaya !jT2u4h//Bs 12/19/09(Sat)11:32 No.7203401  
    Ok guys, i have some ideas for the Dreamland Cultists stats, so i will post them here, along with anything you want to stat, ok? I will use the rules used on http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/7160862/, as it's the best we could came up with.

    Waddle Dee.

    Toughness- 6
    Brawn- 4
    Grace- 3
    Wits- 1
    Chutzpah- 1
    HP- 50
    Jump- 6
    Attack- 2
    Bulk - 4
    Sanity - 5 (Insane)
    Edge- Sustenance. Waddle Dees do not require food, drink and oxygen to survive.
    Edge- Fanatic. Waddle Dees gain a +5 bonus to resist fear when following orders.
    Crutch- Mute. Waddle Dees cannot speak, relying on sign language to communicate.

    The most common type of Dreamland cultists, Waddle Dees are normal humans who went through a deforming ritual while trying to look like their master. They first engorge themselves with food until their bodies became bloated and fat, and then sew their mouths and nostrils shut to prevent denying their master more food. Waddle Dees are completely fanatic and mostly insane, and while they can wield spears and close range weapons, they prefer to smash their enemies with their bare hands.
    >> Ayaya !jT2u4h//Bs 12/19/09(Sat)11:46 No.7203567
         File1261241197.jpg-(22 KB, 361x360, waddle-doo.jpg)
    22 KB
    Waddle Doo.

    Toughness 6
    Brawn 5
    Grace 4
    Wits 4
    Chutzpah 3
    HP 60
    Jump 4
    Attack 4
    Bulk 5
    Sanity 5 (Insane)

    Edge- Big Eye. Waddle Doos have a +5 bonus to vision related skills due to their giant eye.
    Edge- Electrical Shock. Waddle doos can shoot a electrical blast from their one eye. It deals 15 damage on a 60-foot cone, but can only be used once every 10 minutes.
    Edge- Sustenance. Waddle Doos do not require food, drink and oxygen to survive.
    Crutch- Mute. Waddle Doos cannot speak, relying on sign language to communicate.

    Smarter than their subordinates, Waddle Doos are cultist lieutenants, Waddle Dees who went through a underground surgery to replace their eyes with a giant eye, called the Eye of Kracko. Eyes of Kracko are only found on Dreamland laboratories, and the only thing known about them is that they are made from the genes of the first Waddle Doo, Kracko the Insane.
    >> Ayaya !jT2u4h//Bs 12/19/09(Sat)11:58 No.7203723
    Bumping it, if you guys are not interested i will save it for later.
    >> Anonymous 12/19/09(Sat)12:17 No.7203932
    >> Anonymous 12/19/09(Sat)12:20 No.7203974
    More, please. Thanks.
    >> Ayaya !jT2u4h//Bs 12/19/09(Sat)12:34 No.7204119
         File1261244061.jpg-(49 KB, 496x432, creepyscarfy.jpg)
    49 KB

    Toughness 5
    Brawn 6
    Grace 5
    Wits 2
    Chutzpah 1
    HP 50
    Jump 3 (Flying)
    Attack 3
    Bulk 5
    Sanity 3 (Insane and Feral)

    Edge- Terrifying. Non-cultists must pass a Chutzpah test when seeing a Scarfy real form or they lose 1d10 San and run terrified for 2 turns.
    Edge- Berserk. Scarfies gain +2 on attacks when they lose HP and are immune to fear effects.
    Crutch- Explosive Fatigue. Scarfies can only fight for 5 rounds (30 seconds). If they don't kill the prey during this time, they explode on a shower of blood and gore, dealing 2d6 damage to a 30 foot-radius area.

    Scarfies are mutated bioroids created by the Dreamland cult to protect its leaders. The floating sack of meat looks harmless when calm, but a trigger word uttered by it's owner makes the creature enter a berserker rage, biting and gnawing the unlucky victim. Unfortunately, since Dreamland cultists do not have the bioengineering level of the Corporations, Scarfies are short-lived on the battlefield, exploding if they are left too much time fighting.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 12/19/09(Sat)12:37 No.7204167

    Oh god. I fucking remember these, but I have NO idea where from...
    >> Anonymous 12/19/09(Sat)12:37 No.7204168
    Trying to outweigh your usual tripshit spam? You'd need about umpty million win threads for that. Just drop your name and tripcode, they're known to belong to a shitty triptroll.
    >> Ayaya !jT2u4h//Bs 12/19/09(Sat)12:52 No.7204315
         File1261245143.jpg-(99 KB, 720x551, kracko.jpg)
    99 KB

    Toughness 20
    Brawn 15
    Grace 10
    Wits 18
    Chutzpah 8

    HP- 200
    Jump- 12 (Flying)
    Attack- 14
    Bulk- 17
    Sanity- 0 (Completely insane)

    Edge- Big Eye. Kracko have a +10 bonus to vision related skills due to their giant eye.
    Edge- Cloud Body. Kracko can model his own body, except the Eye, to escape grapples and pass through doors. Enemies who attack him on close combat also take 1d6 eletrical damage from contact.
    Crutch- Cloud Body. Kracko cannot wield weapons and tools.

    Thunderbolts- Kracko can shoot up to 4 thunderbolts per turn. The thunderbolts have a 120 feet range and deal 5d6 damage if they hit the target.
    Waddle Doo creation. Kracko can transform each day 1d6 Waddle Dees on Waddle Doos.

    Kracko was one of the first Dreamland Cultists, and the first one to do the process to become a Waddle Doo, but soon he offered himself to the Devourer and had his body twisted into a thundercloud, becoming a demigod and herald to the mighty Kirby. His original name was lost in time, and he is only known now by the sound he makes while shooting thunderbolts through the space, destroying spaceships and preaching the word of the Devourer.
    >> Ayaya !jT2u4h//Bs 12/19/09(Sat)12:53 No.7204322
         File1261245215.jpg-(223 KB, 576x720, butthurt.jpg)
    223 KB

    Hey there sagefag.
    >> Ayaya !jT2u4h//Bs 12/19/09(Sat)13:41 No.7204799
         File1261248082.jpg-(25 KB, 396x375, king dedede.jpg)
    25 KB
    King Dedede

    Toughness- 8
    Brawn- 8
    Grace- 5
    Wits- 6
    Chutzpah- 8
    HP- 100
    Jump- 6
    Attack- 7
    Bulk- 8
    Sanity- 40.

    Edge: Kirby touched. Dedede recieved part of the Devourer's power after it was summoned, but he's not aware of this. Dedede can suck and swallow everything smaller than him on a 30-foot cone. Creatures must make a Bulk roll or else they are sucked in and swallowed by Dedede, disappearing on a void.
    Edge: Bioroid. Raise your starting HP by 20. Ignore any damage of less than 10. You may use Bioroid implant systems, and begin with one.
    Crutch: Bioroid. Reduce your Sanity by 20. You do not heal damage normally, and must be repaired by a back-alley technician.
    Crutch: Amnesia. -2 Wits and most mental skills are lost until Dedede recovers his memories.
    Equipment: Jet Hammer (2d6+Brawn damage).

    Dedede was the former King of Dreamland, a rural Planet on the edge of the Galaxy. While it was a peaceful and plentiful planet, the Corporations started pressuring Dedede to let them start their operations there. Fearing his planet would become a urban hellhole like the other corporation owned ones, Dedede started dabbling on the Occult and asked to the man who would later become Kracko to summon a creature strong enough to protect Dreamland. Unfortunately the summoned creature was Kirby the Devourer, who razed the planet and flied away to devour the universe. Dedede miraculously survived, but was captured by Robotnik corp and transformed on a Bioroid. He now serves as Robotnik Corp. enforcer and no longer shows the nobilty he once had.

    And i'm done for today, /tg/. If you want to post other characters, you are welcome.

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