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    File : 1262185469.jpg-(263 KB, 900x600, Protoman_by_TheBlueMoo.jpg)
    263 KB BRPS/Dark Heresy Hybrid Rules Player One 12/30/09(Wed)10:04 No.7346420  
    Hey there /tg/, remember the classic gaming cyberpunk dystopia we fluffed out a couple of weeks ago?

    We had two system ideas for it; one fa/tg/uy was working on a d12 system, and I've been working on a d100 Basic Roleplay hybrid ruleset. So, I figured I should post up what I've got, and I've got quite a lot.

    With /tg/'s expert advice, hopefully we can iron out any bugs, artefacts, discrepancies, and just plain bad rules. It's still not entirely finished - the rules need to be rewritten so they're a little clearer, I may not have items balanced yet, and the stats are most definitely a work in progress - but I think it's at a point where I can present it for judgement.

    Previous threads [but you don't have to have read them]:

    And all of that is summed up on the 1d4chan wiki page, which also has all the fluff archived:
    >> Player One 12/30/09(Wed)10:09 No.7346459
    Basic Characteristics
    Strength: 4d6, discard lowest
    Toughness: 4d6, discard lowest
    Agility: 4d6, discard lowest
    Wits: 4d6, discard lowest [perception]
    Smarts: 4d6, discard lowest [intelligence]
    Cool: 4d6, discard lowest [charisma / will / 'soul power' / actual coolness]

    1 - tiny (insects) : .5x hp : -20 to hit
    2 - small (small animal, EDDIE unit) : .75x hp : -10 to hit
    3 - normal (human, JOE unit) - x1 hp
    4 - large (car, Gutsman) - 1.25x hp : +10 to hit
    5 - giant (giant, boss mecha) - 1.5x hp : +20 to hit
    6 - behemoth (Egg Tyrant) - 2x hp : +30 to hit
    [note, may have to adjust HP modifiers]

    Hit Points = Toughness. After passing 0hp you begin to take critical damage like Dark Heresy.
    Magic Points = Cool.
    Fatigue Points = Strength + Toughness.
    >> Player One 12/30/09(Wed)10:13 No.7346498

    H2H Bonus (Strength):
    2-3: -4
    4-5: -3
    6-7 : -2
    8-9 : -1
    10-11 : 0
    12-13 : +1
    14-15 : +2
    16-17 : +3
    18-19 : +4
    20-21 : +5

    Initiative (Agility + Wits / 2):
    2-3: -4
    4-5: -3
    6-7 : -2
    8-9 : -1
    10-11 : 0
    12-13 : +1
    14-15 : +2
    16-17 : +3
    18-19 : +4
    20-21 : +5

    Sanity = Cool x 5, Sanity works just like Call of Cthulthu. A variant two-value Sanity system has been suggested. This would represent long-term and short-term sanity/insanity.

    Secondary Stats:
    Just like in Call of Cthulhu and other Basic System games, you make checks based on your attributes x 5 (sometimes x3 or x4 depending on how difficult they are). Because players will often have to refer to these multiplied values, the x5 is usually written out as a secondary attribute.

    Muscle = Strength x5 [break down doors, lift heavy objects, etc...]
    Fortitude = Toughness x5 [roll to recover from stun, resist poison, etc...]
    Dexterity = Agility x5 [recovering from falls, dodge falling rocks]
    Willpower = Cool x5 [resisting psychic powers]
    Perception = Wits x5
    Idea = Smarts x5 [GM can use this to give hints, players can use it to settle disputes on whether their characters idea is or isn't OOC, works quite well in investigative games]
    >> Player One 12/30/09(Wed)10:16 No.7346539

    Capacity: You as much capacity slots as you have strength plus size. Provided you have space, you may carry items equal to your capacity (most items take up one capacity; some items have
    negligible load).

    Extra Life : 3 (Players may spend their extra lives to reroll dice, and can permanently burn points in order to save themselves from death)

    Move Speed = Toughness + Agility / 4 (round up). The movement speed of your character.

    That's it for characteristics / attributes. The capacity system was done using slots because that felt more like old vidya. When the item system is more fleshed out, this might turn out to be quite cool (It'll probably be handy to keep some gaming flavour in the rules) or it might have to be scrapped if it gets in the way.

    Next up, the (still incomplete) career and background section. This will be used for character generation and will work a lot like in Rogue Trader.
    >> Character Backgrounds Player One 12/30/09(Wed)10:21 No.7346593
         File1262186509.jpg-(173 KB, 900x900, The_Good_Doctor_by_Steve8238.jpg)
    173 KB
    15x class stat in skill points to distribute among class skills.
    5x Wits or Smarts to distribute anywhere.

    Street Battler - Unarmed techniques, toughness, weak ninjitsu. [Class attribute: Wits]
    Skills : Brawl, Martial Arts, Melee Weapon (any), Climb, Listen, Jump, Ride, Spot, Stealth, Swim, Throw, Track, Dodge, Grapple, Command.

    Shinobi - speed, stealth, swords, strong ninjtsu. [Class attribute : Cool]
    Skills : Dodge, Hide, Listen, Spot, Stealth, Brawl, Disguise, Grapple, Fine Manipulation, Melee Weapon (any), Missile Weapon (any), Ride, Throw, Track. May select four ninjutsu as class skills.

    Scientist - intelligence, technology, academic knowledge. [Class attribute : Smarts]
    Skills : Craft (any), Repair (any), Spot, Heavy Machinery (any), Knowledge (any), Pilot (any), Science (any), Technical (any), Research, Persuade.

    Soldier - Guns, strength, more guns; mowing down waves of enemies or sneaking/platforming around. [Class attribute : Wits]
    Skills: Brawl, Climb, Dodge, First Aid, Artillery, Command, Drive, Firearm (any), Energy Weapon (any), Grapple, Heavy Weapon (any), Hide, Listen, Jump, Medicine, Melee Weapon (any), Missile Weapon (any), Navigate, Ride, Spot, Stealth, Throw.

    Handyman - Street knowledge, investigation, toughness, unarmed attacks; jack-of-all trades, high utility, tough as nails. [Class attribute : Wits, Smarts or Cool]
    Skills: Knowledge (any), Listen, Persuade, Spot, Research, Brawl, Disguise, Dodge, Drive, Fast Talk, Grapple, Hide, Insight, Medicine, Ride, Stealth, Track, Jump.

    Dream Touched - Dream Land / Fantasy Zone / Chaos / Giygas / Other Realm magic. High chance of exploding or going insane. [Class attribute : Smarts]
    Skills: Craft (any), Insight, Knowledge (History / Occult), Listen, Perform (Rituals), Persuade, Research, Hide, Fast Talk.. May also select five Dream Sorcery powers as class skills.
    >> Character Gen Choices Player One 12/30/09(Wed)10:23 No.7346623
         File1262186634.jpg-(328 KB, 900x1090, We_Will_Build_Heroes_by_Steve8(...).jpg)
    328 KB
    Zone Type:
    Sprawl - High density urban.
    Harsh - Desert / Ice / Jungle.
    Outback - You grew up in the sticks.
    Pipe Dweller - You grew up in the Pipes.
    Factory - You grew up in a major industrial area.

    Street Runner - You were raised on the City streets.
    Abandoned - an orphan, raised in a Corp orphanarium.
    City Worker - raised into the hard life of a worker.
    Management - grew up in the towers of a Corp.

    Events #1:
    Artefact Site - you took part in excavations on pre-human sites of interest.
    Mentor - you received training from a special mentor.
    Ganger - you joined a street gang.
    Intern - you were lucky enough to receive a Corp internship.
    Drudgery - you toiled in one of the many Corp factories.

    Events #2:
    Takeover - you were caught up in one of the endless turf wars.
    Disaster - a disaster ruined your zone.
    Disappearance - your family/friends were carried off in a purge.
    Dark Influence - you stumbled onto a dark influence in the City.
    Ruined - you were responsible, directly or indirectly, for a terrible mistake and were zeroed.

    Freedom - you refuse to be told what to do by anyone.
    Preservation - you're just busy trying to stay alive.
    Riches - you just want to get rich.
    Vengeance - you seek vengeance against a particular enemy.
    Knowledge - you want to know the secrets of the City.

    Still not sure what sort of effects picking these backgrounds should have.
    >> Skills Player One 12/30/09(Wed)10:25 No.7346645
    Artillery (Cannon, Launcher, Mounted Gun, Missile, Turret)
    Appraise / 15%
    Bargain / 05%
    Brawl / 25%
    Command / 05%
    Climb / 40%
    Craft (Metallurgy, others) / 05%
    Demolition / 01%
    Disguise / 01%
    Dodge / Agility x 2 %
    Drive (various) / 20% or 01%
    Energy Weapon (Pistol, Rifle)
    Etiquette (various) / 05%
    Fast Talk / 05%
    Fine Manipulation / 05%
    Firearm (Machine Gun, Pistol, Revolver, Rifle, Shotgun, Submachine Gun)
    First Aid / 30%
    Gaming / Wits + Cool
    Grapple / 25%
    Heavy Machine (Armoured Vehicle, Boilers, Bulldozers, Cranes, Engines, Turbines) / 01%
    Heavy Weapon (various)
    Hide / 10%
    Insight / 05%
    Jump / 25%
    Knowledge (various; Archaeology, Art, Business, Dark Lore, Espionage, Group, Streetwise) / 05%
    Language (specific) / First Smarts or Wits x5, others 00%
    Martial Arts / 01%
    Medicine / 05%
    Melee Weapon (various)
    Missile Weapon (various)
    Navigate / 10%
    Ninjutsu (various) / 00%
    Parry / per weapon speciality
    Perform / 05%
    Persuade / 05%
    Pilot (various) / 01%
    Psychology / 01% or 00%
    Repair (Electrical, Electronic, Hydraulic, Mechanical, Plumbing, Structural, Quantum) / 15%
    Research / 25%
    Ride (various) / 05%
    Science (Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Mathematics) / 01%
    Search / 10%
    Sleight of Hand / 05%
    Shield / per shield
    Sorcery (various) / 00% ; always fumbles on 96-100.
    Stealth / 10%
    Strategy / 01%
    Swim / 25%
    Teach / 10%
    Technical Skill (Programming, Computer Use, Cybernetics, Electronics, Security Systems, Robotics) / 05%
    Throw / 25%
    Track / 10%
    Traps / 5%
    >> Skill Checks Player One 12/30/09(Wed)10:26 No.7346651
         File1262186786.jpg-(37 KB, 500x446, darklink.jpg)
    37 KB
    Fumbles: Highest 1/20th of skill (100 - skill% / 20 aka 96-100 at lower levels, 100 at the highest level). Critical failure.
    Failure: Any roll over the tested skill or characteristic that is not a fumble..
    Success: Any roll under the tested skill or characteristic that is not also a special or critical success.
    Special Success: Roll under 1/5th of skill. Typically completes an action quicker / inflict special damage (bleeding, entangling, etc).
    Critical Success: Roll under 1/20th of skill. Complete an action quicker and with additional effects, or deal critical damage.
    >> Cyberware and Bioaugs Player One 12/30/09(Wed)10:27 No.7346661
         File1262186849.jpg-(139 KB, 600x597, MARIO084.jpg)
    139 KB
    Cybernetics can be used to enhance player characters at a cost to their Sanity. All cybernetics give attribute changes to a certain stat. The exact affects depend on quality.

    Poor : No change in stats.
    Average : +2 to Stat
    Good : +4 to Stat

    Best quality usually have other bonuses, like gadgets, reduced maintenance or especially fine ornamentation. Gaining cybernetics will require a Sanity check - if failed, the player
    loses an amount of Sanity determined by the nature of the cybernetic.

    Slight (new fingers) : -1
    Limb (artificial arm) : -1d4
    Vital Area (synthetic heart, eyes) : -1d6
    Major Visible Change (armoured chest) : -1d8
    Brain Modification : -d12

    Cyberware is technological, bioware is biological. Cyberware extra gadgets can include grappling hooks and radios, while bioware gadgets may mutate into new shapes or spit acid. Since it is easier to disguise, bioware is more commonly used for covert action.
    >> Psychic Mishaps Player One 12/30/09(Wed)10:29 No.7346675
         File1262186963.png-(10 KB, 320x200, Kirby 02.png)
    10 KB
    I'll skip the list of Cyberware and the psychic power section that follows, they are quite long lists. Maybe after I've put the rest of the rules up. Here's the psychic mishap table. Unlike other skills a roll of 96-100 is always a critical failure no matter what.
    >> Player One 12/30/09(Wed)10:30 No.7346682
    Dream Phenomena. Roll 1d100 and consult the following table:

    1-4 - Sorcery Seal - The spell fails, and the caster cannot use any other psychic powers for 24 hours.
    5-8 - Spring Breeze - A cool breeze flutters past the caster, reminding everyone present of the romantic spring air of strange green lands.
    8-12 - Cosmic Knowledge - A feeling of absolute despair grips the caster.
    13-16 - Whispering Woods - The air is filled with quiet alien whispers.
    17-20 - Paint Roller - A dark oily ink weeps out of cracks, crevices and from places just out of view.
    21-24 - Dark Laughter - A hideous echoing laugh fills the area.
    25-28 - Milky Way Wishes - tiny ethereal stars fly out from the caster, shooting off in all directions and finally exploding in a harmless but disturbing cascade of alien light.
    29-32 - Aargh! - The caster is dramatically thrown to the ground, and must spend his next turn getting ready.
    33-36 - Lalilulelo - For 2d10 minutes the caster hears all names as gibberish.
    37-40 - Dyna Blade - A large shadow passes over the caster though no creature can be seen.
    41-44 - Elder Gourmet - All food within 1d100m disappears with a disgusting sucking sound.
    45-48 - A Fortress of Numbers - For 1d6 minutes, the world appears to be built from nothing but numbers and letters - preventing the caster from identifying people beyond vague
    >> Player One 12/30/09(Wed)10:30 No.7346686
         File1262187049.jpg-(71 KB, 500x558, kirbythulhu.jpg)
    71 KB
    49-52 - Megaton Punch - The earth shakes and cracks as a fracture in the Dream Land echoes in the real world.
    53-56 - Run, Coward! - The power of a dark entity fills the caster; for the next minute anyone gazing at the caster must make a Willpower roll or be driven back in fear. The caster must
    also make a Willpower roll or take 1 point of Sanity loss.
    57-60 - Evil Faces - The local vegetation twists into strange shapes with malevolent leering faces.
    61-64 - Bloody Tears - Statues and paintings begin to weep blood.
    65-68 - Hey! - A hyperactive Dream being comes into life beside the caster drawing attention to anything shiny and interesting for 1d4 minutes before flying off.
    69-72 - Curse of Malroth - Around the caster, the landscape falls to ruin. Windows crack, wood splinters, stone chips away, doors break from rusted hinges.
    73-76 - Zark Strikes Again - The world within 30m of the caster is plunged into monochrome for ten minutes.
    77-80 - Sprite Flicker – For a few seconds everything around the caster appears to flicker in and out of existence, and time appears to become jerky and unresponsive. The caster goes last next combat
    round and must also make a San check or lose 1d4 San.
    80+ - Manifestation
    >> Manifestations (aka Perils of the Warp) Player One 12/30/09(Wed)10:32 No.7346690
         File1262187137.png-(340 KB, 704x528, 1260168032067.png)
    340 KB
    Roll 1d100 and consult the following table:

    1-8 - Glimpse of the Dark World - The caster gains an insight into the Other Realm, and loses 1 San.
    9-14 - Mr Shine and Bright - Two large spectral lights appear and dance around the caster. They will continue to haunt the area for 1d10 minutes.
    15-20 - Dancing Shapes - Dancing neon shapes appear randomly around the caster. They don't do anything but dance but as they do they twist with non-euclidean geometric patterns.
    Anyone seeing a dancing shape must take a Sanity check or lose 1 San. The shapes disappear after 1d4 minutes.
    26-32 - Babality - Caster is turned into a baby for 2d6 minutes.
    33-36 - Screen Roll - The world lurches and an impenetrable darkness seems to chase after the caster. The caster begins to run and cannot stop until the effect wears off after one
    36-42 - Final Destination - All items and weapons carried by the caster break.
    43-48 - Medusa Heads - A school of flying severed heads swarm out from the casters hands, flying through walls and out into space. Anyone touching a head will become encased in stone and must make a Strength x 2 roll to become free.
    49-54 – The Fuzz – a glowing cone-like monster appears in front of the caster, wailing the crimes of every living thing. Anyone able to see and hear the Fuzz must make a sanity check or lose 1d8 san.
    55-60 - Minus World - the caster and everyone within 1d10m disappears into a psychedelic twilight realm of nightmarish hallucination and must make a Sanity check or lose 2d4 San.
    >> Player One 12/30/09(Wed)10:33 No.7346697
         File1262187203.jpg-(203 KB, 700x825, Kirbyohgodno.jpg)
    203 KB
    61-66 - Boo - A ghost appears 10m away from the caster. As long as the caster is looking at the ghost, it will be still. Whenever the caster turns away, the ghost will advance quickly
    towards the caster. The ghost cannot be harmed in any way, and will cause d12 damage if it touches the caster. It will only disappear if the caster moves 50m away from the ghost or
    the ghost successfully touches the caster. Armour offers no protection from the Boo.
    67-72 - Dark Matter - A horrible black entity pops into existence in front of the caster, weeping blood from it's single large eye.
    73-78 - Fury of Estark - The great demon Estark claims a portion of the caster's soul. The caster loses one Extra Life - or dies outright if he or she has no lives remaining.
    79-84 - I Feel... Good - You cannot comprehend the nature of this attack. The caster takes 1d8 HP damage and an equal amount of San damage as the powers of the Dream fill his
    84-90 - Shadow Copy - An evil shadow clone with abilities and equipment equal to the caster.
    91-99 - The Hungry God - The caster must make a Willpower roll or be devoured by the guardian of the Dream.
    100 - You Are The Demons - And then, the caster was a zombie.
    >> Combat and other special rules Player One 12/30/09(Wed)10:37 No.7346735
         File1262187437.jpg-(80 KB, 900x456, The_Protomen__Concept1_by_AR_X(...).jpg)
    80 KB
    Initiative: participants roll 1d10 and add their Initiative Bonus to the result. Highest result goes first.

    Hit Locations : Reverse the result of the 1d100 weapon skill roll in order to determine location on the following chart.

    01-10 Head ; 11-20 Right Arm; 21-30 Left Arm; 31-70 Body; 71-85 Right Leg; 86-00 Left Leg.

    Some weapons may be fired bursts of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 20. Attacker gains +5% to hit for every shot fired at the same target. Roll an appropriate dice to see how many of the fired shots hit.

    In the interests of keeping things short, I won't include the lists of special success damage and critical fail effects. Critical fail you can guess - gun jams / overheats; special success works exactly like the Basic System with crushing, cutting, impaling, entangling, and knockback qualities.
    >> Fatal / Critical Damage Player One 12/30/09(Wed)10:38 No.7346750
         File1262187536.jpg-(588 KB, 800x1000, BOWSER__KING_OF_THE_KOOPAS_by_(...).jpg)
    588 KB
    Fatal Damage : If a character takes damage that brings their health below 0 they begin to suffer fatal damage. The type of fatal damage suffered depends largely on type of weapon being used. Cutting weapons and direct hits from explosive weapons treat all damage results as +1.

    1 – Fortitude test or lose 1d4 fatigue points.
    2 – Lose 1d4 fatigue and take -10% to all tests for one round.
    3 – Fortitude or be knocked down; lose 1d6 fatigue even if successful.
    4 – Stunned for 1d4 rounds and lose 1d6 fatigue points.
    5 – Limb is crippled for 1d4 hours (limb), stunned for one round and lose 1d8 fatigue points (body), or knocked down and stunned for 1d4 rounds (head).
    6 – Limb is broken (limbs), or lose 1d10 fatigue points (body and head). Additional; if attacked in the head, roll toughness or permanently lose sight in one eye, if successful then lose sight for 1d4 rounds.
    7 – Limb is torn off or permanently crippled (limbs); 1d6 ribs are broken (body), lose an eye and suffer bleeding (head) as noted below. Moving with broken ribs has a 10% chance of instantly killing a character.
    8 – Character is now suffering bleeding and must receive a first aid within two rounds. Bleeding does not cause critical damage. Must receive surgery within two hours or the subject will begin bleeding again.
    9 – Instant death. Explosive deaths will also detonate any ammunition carried by the character.
    10 – Gory death. Anyone within 2m will be hit by gore and must make a Dexterity check to avoid being splashed (-10% on checks next turn). Explosive rounds will also cause 1 point of damage through bone fragments and the like, as well as detonating any explosives carried by the character.

    I tried to consolidate Dark Heresy's critical damage onto only one chart. The results may perhaps be mixed.
    >> Items : Armour Player One 12/30/09(Wed)10:42 No.7346776
         File1262187721.jpg-(116 KB, 500x782, therewillbebrawl_small.jpg)
    116 KB
    Apologies for the item lists looking squished together. They were the only thing I forgot to make upload friendly. Also apologies for how long this is, I'd not noticed how big this was getting. Fortunately this is almost it.

    Armour :
    Name DR Location Special
    Leather Jacket 1 Body Discreet
    Light Protective Vest 2 Body Discreet
    Flak Cloak 2 Body, Legs, Arms
    Adaptive Mesh 3 Body Discreet
    Assault Vest 3 Body
    Light Assault Jacket 4 Body Available for arms and legs
    Heavy Assault Suit 5 Body, Legs, Arms
    Powered Armour (Light) 7 All +4 Strength, 12 hour battery
    Powered Armour (Heavy) 8 All +6 Strength, 12 hour battery
    Light Helmet 2 Head
    Heavy Helmet 4 Head

    Special sets of heavy power armour are also capable of flight or advanced underwater manoeuvres.

    Discreet armour is concealable enough to not cause offence in public settings.

    Quality : Poor armour is is ill-fitting and uncomfortable, increasing Agility penalties. Good quality armour has +1 DR vs the first attack of each round. Best quality armour has +1 DR against all attacks.
    >> Player One 12/30/09(Wed)10:43 No.7346786
         File1262187811.jpg-(186 KB, 1065x1130, The_Sons_of_Fate___Colored_by_(...).jpg)
    186 KB
    Weapons :
    Name: Damage Pen Range RoF Mag. Base % Slots Cost
    Light Pistol 1d6 0 20m 3 18 1
    Med. Pistol 1d8 0 30m 2 9 1
    Revolver 1d10 0 30m 1 8 1
    Hand Cannon 1d12 1 35m 1 6 1
    Gyroc Pistol 2d6 0 30m 3 8 1
    Laser Pistol 1d8 2 30m 3 30 1
    Plasma Pistol 1d12 0 20m 3 26 1
    Blaster Pistol 1d8+2 3 25m 2 26 1
    Mod Pistol [*] 1d6 1 40m 4 20 1 or 2

    Auto Rifle 2d6+2 0 90m 10 30 4
    Hunting Rifle 2d6+4 0 150m 1 5 4
    Sniper Rifle 2d10+4 0 250m 1 10 6
    Gyroc Rifle 3d6+2 0 90m 3 24 4
    Laser Rifle 2d8 3 100m 3 50 3
    Heavy Laser 2d8+4 4 120m 1 30 5
    Super Laser 2d6 6 90m 2 20 5
    Assault Plasma Rifle 2d10 1 80m 8 25 4
    Plasma Rifle 2d12 1 80m 3 28 4
    Heavy Plasma 3d12 2 90m 3 35 6
    Blaster Rifle 2d8+3 4 90m 3 28 4
    Proto Buster 3d6+2 4 75m 1 120 3
    Plasma Buster 3d6+2 4 75m 3 200 3

    Shotgun 4d6/2d6/1d6 0 ** 1 2 3
    Pump-Action 4d6/2d6/1d6 0 ** 1 8 4
    Auto Shotgun 4d6/2d6/1d6 0 ** 3 16 4

    Grenade Launcher - - 1 6 5
    Rocket Launcher - - 1 1 6

    Portable LMG 2d8+2 1 12 200 5
    Heavy MG 2d10+4 2 20 200 6
    Heavy Cannon 2d10 2 2 6 6
    Autocannon 2d12+4 4 8 200 6
    Laser Cannon 3d12+4 5 300m 1 5 6
    BFG9000 7d6 2 1 4 7

    Flame-Thrower 2d6 + fire*** - 5
    >> Notes and other item ideas Player One 12/30/09(Wed)10:44 No.7346797
         File1262187892.jpg-(808 KB, 1000x1281, 1261027893594.jpg)
    808 KB
    [* - A mod pistol may be loaded with two mod cartridges that change the nature of the weapon. These cartridges are: Auto, Laser, Homing, and Flame. One auto cartridge is the default load out, two Auto cartridges increase damage by +1d6 and RoF by +2. Laser cartridges double penetration; Pen 4 at max, although two laser cartridges will halve RoF. Homing increases the base to-hit chance of the weapon by 10% for each cartridge. Flame increases damage to 2d6, adds the fire rule, and halves the range and magazine size of the weapon. A second flame cartridge will increase range back to standard.]

    [** - Shotguns damage drop in range increments. At less than 10m they do the first noted damage, at 10-29m they do the second noted damage, and at 30-50m they do the third noted damage.]

    [*** - Whilst on fire target takes an additional 1d6+2 points of damage each round (armour only protects once up to its maximum – once its DR has been used to defend from the fire, it cannot defend from the fire again). A successful Dexterity roll will put out the fire.]


    Halo Device
    A mysterious portable energy generator recovered during the Crash. Halo devices are near-unique pieces of legendary equipment. Anyone with a halo device equipped (1 slot) is protected from twenty points of damage. Every time the halo device blocks a point of damage, its maximum damage reduction is reduced by the amount of damage it blocked. Lost damage reduction is recovered at a rate of 1 per combat round. All halo device damage reduction is calculated before armour penetration and other sources of damage reduction. Because of the strange alien technology, anyone using a halo device can only see the colour brown.
    >> Stats [work-in-progress] Player One 12/30/09(Wed)10:47 No.7346831
         File1262188072.jpg-(62 KB, 450x402, 1261096259287.jpg)
    62 KB
    Stats [work in progress]

    Strength: 15
    Toughness: 15
    Agility: 11
    Wits: 10
    Smarts: 6
    Cool: 10

    HP: 15
    DR: 6

    Firearms / Energy Weapons (Any one) : 60
    Shield: 50
    Knowledge (Corporate) : 70

    Carrying : Machine gun, automatic rifle or blaster rifle; suppression shield.

    Strength: 16
    Toughness: 16
    Agility: 9
    Wits: 10
    Smarts: 8
    Cool: 10

    HP: 16
    DR: 6 (body), 5 (arms, legs, head)

    Firearms / Energy Weapons (Any one) : 50
    Knowledge (Corporate) : 75

    Doctor Wily's fake Protoman, an upgraded JOE unit wearing a Protoman uniform.

    Strength: 15
    Toughness: 16
    Agility: 12
    Wits: 11
    Smarts: 8
    Cool: 10

    HP: 16
    DR: 7

    Carrying: Blaster rifle, suppression shield.

    Dodge 40
    Energy Weapon (Blasters) : 65
    Jump 40
    Shield: 55
    Knowledge (Corporate) : 75
    >> Other Stats Player One 12/30/09(Wed)10:49 No.7346840
         File1262188142.jpg-(31 KB, 300x413, Bomberman_by_Gaston25.jpg)
    31 KB
    Laser Squad / X COMMANDO
    Remnants of old world military from before the crash, the “x-commandos” consider the difference between alien and robotic domination 'purely academic'. The actual name of the group is unknown; official corporate documents refer to the rebels as 'x-commandos', while the people whisper in hushed voices of a small but elite 'Laser Squad' working for the freedom of mankind.

    Strength: 14
    Toughness: 17
    Agility: 12
    Wits: 15
    Smarts: 11
    Cool: 16

    HP : 17
    DR : 8 (all)

    Skills: ????

    Carrying : Heavy plasma rifle or rocket launcher with remote guidance fusion missiles, plasma grenades.
    Wearing : Battle worn heavy power armour capable of anti-gravity movement.

    It is likely that Laser Squad has fallen on hard times, with absolutely no funding nations left and no obvious manufacturing. Commandos are likely to be forced into using sub-par equipment.

    Capable of punching out zombies in a couple of hits, the berserker packing man and a half himself. Almost certainly a cyborg, or possibly a bioroid. It is highly advised that Doomguy does not appear in any campaign, for the exact same reason why carnifexs are not used in Dark Heresy.
    Rip and tear!

    Strength : 29
    Toughness : 25
    Agility : 20
    Wits : 14
    Smarts : 10
    Cool : 19

    HP: 25
    DR: 3 (body), 2 (legs, arms, head)

    Firearms (All) : 80
    Energy Weapons (All) : 80
    Melee : 98
    Dodge : 66
    First Aid : 50
    Search : 70
    Track : 45
    Navigate : 60

    Carrying : Knuckle duster, chainsaw, medium pistol, pump action shotgun, heavy machine gun, rocket launcher, assault plasma, BFG9000, coloured cards.
    Wearing : Assault jacket (DR3 body), Light assault suit and helmet (DR 2 head, legs, arms)
    >> Psychic Powers : Ninjutsu / Sorcery Player One 12/30/09(Wed)10:51 No.7346871
         File1262188308.png-(219 KB, 525x400, GUTSMAN_by_kille6.png)
    219 KB
    Using psionics requires the expenditure of magic points. Some abilities are available at different levels; for each level the magic point cost must be paid for again.

    Ritually bound uses of the Dream to enhance ones prowess. Less powerful than other techniques, but also completely safe.

    Blast (2) : Throws out a damaging bolt of energy, target takes 1d4 per attack level. May be dodged, and does not ignore armour. Ignores Protection and Resistance ninjutsu. 50m.

    Fire (2) : Ranged, deal 1d4 points of fire damage from 1m wide columns. Additional levels conjure more columns. Range: 50m.

    Frost (2) : Ranged, deal 1d4 points of ice damage from 1m wide columns. Additional levels conjure more columns. Range: 50m.

    Protection (1) : Adds 1 point of armour value per level against physical attacks. Duration: 15min.

    Resistance (1) : Adds 1 point of armour value per level against enviromental (hot / cold) effects and special attacks. Duration : 15min.

    Teleport (2) : Teleport self to anywhere within 200m. Critical Failure means a brief journey into the Dream Lands and a loss of d12 Sanity. Range may be increased on a 100m / 1mp

    Increase Ability (1) : Increase Strength, Toughness or Agility by 1 per level. 15min.

    Dark Fog (1) : Fill an area with a haunted fog that obscures all normal vision. Range: 50m, Duration: 15min. Radius: 3m, each level adds another 3m to the radius.

    Illusion (1) : Each level allows the shinobi to create one size point of an objects appearance. The illusion is totally visual. Range: 15m, Duration : 15min.
    >> Player One 12/30/09(Wed)10:52 No.7346879
    Lightning (2) : Deals 1d4 damage to the closest target; in a tie, hits the target with the most metal. Dodging whilst wearing metal armour is hard, and electronic items may be short-
    circuited (roll Fortitude). Also has a chance equal to Cool to 'jump' to other objects if it hits something metal. Range: 30m.

    Heal (2) : Each level of this spell heals 1d4 of damage. It has no effect on poison, disease or radiation. Only usable on self.

    Invisibility (3) : Renders the Shinobi invisible. Users may only walk or speak, and must concentrate at maintaining the ninjutsu at all times. Duration : 15mins

    Dragon Fighting (1) : The shinobi's melee weapon or unarmed attacks receive +5% to hit and +1 damage per level. Duration : 15 mins.

    Levitation (2) : Allows the caster to levitate upwards, to a limit of 25m above solid ground. May also be used to slow a fall from any height. Duration : 15min

    Cleanse (2) : Allows the caster to cleanse his or her body of ailments. Level 1 for common ailments (poison, disease, etc), Level 2 for uncommon ailments (deadly poisons, paralysis,
    etc,), and Level 3 for rare ailments (diamondisation).

    Obliteration of Self (-) : Sacrifice an Extra Life; deal 3d6 damage to everyone within 25m and recover all health and magic points.
    >> Dream Sorcery Player One 12/30/09(Wed)10:54 No.7346902
         File1262188461.jpg-(6 KB, 215x164, ZeldaCDI.jpg)
    6 KB
    Dream Sorcery : A more dangerous but more powerful use of psionic effects. When using Dream Sorcery, any roll of 96-100 causes Dream phenomena.

    Blast (3) : Throws out a damaging bolt of energy, target takes 1d6 per attack level. May be dodged, and does not ignore armour. Ignores Protection and Resistance.100m.

    Fire (3) : Ranged, deal 1d6 points of fire damage from 1m wide columns. Additional levels conjure more columns. Range: 100m.

    Frost (3) : Ranged, deal 1d6 points of ice damage from 1m wide columns. Additional levels conjure more columns. Range: 100m.

    Protection (1) : Adds 1 point of armour value per level against physical attacks. Duration: 15min.

    Resistance (1) : Adds 1 point of armour value per level against enviromental (hot / cold) effects and special attacks. Duration : 15min.

    Teleport (3) : Teleport to anywhere within 1000m. Additional levels allow others to be brought along. Critical Failure means a loss of 2d10 Sanity.

    Darkness (1) : Fill an area with a darkness that obscures all normal vision. Range: 100m, Duration: 15min. Radius: 3m, each level adds another 3m to the radius.

    Illusion (1) : Each level allows the caster to create one size point of an objects appearance. The illusion is totally visual. Range: 30m, Duration : 15min.

    Lightning (3) : Deals 1d6 damage to the closest target; in a tie, hits the target with the most metal. Dodging whilst wearing metal armour is hard, and electronic items may be short-
    circuited (roll Fortitude). Also has a chance equal to Cool to 'jump' to other objects if it hits something metal. Range: 60m.

    Heal (3) : Each level of this spell heals 1d6hp of damage. It has no effect on poison, disease or radiation. Range : Touch

    Control (3) : Caster and target both roll Cool x 5 ; if the caster wins they he gains control of the user for one minute. Range : 100m
    >> Player One 12/30/09(Wed)10:55 No.7346910
         File1262188522.jpg-(526 KB, 1000x1382, 1261777719676.jpg)
    526 KB
    Countermagic (1) : Createst an anti-psychic shield around the target. Other casters must succeed in an opposed d6 + spell level roll against the caster to use psionics on the target.
    Range : 100m

    Diminish (1) : Target and caster both roll Cool x 5 ; if the caster wins, the target suffers a loss to Strength, Toughness or Agility for each level of the spell used. Range : 100m

    Dispel (1) : Eliminates spells in target area if a successful opposed d6 + spell level roll is made. Range : 100m

    Dull (1) : Target weapon or weapons suffer -5% hit and -1 damage while in range and for the duration of the spell. Range : 100m ; Duration 15min

    Enhance (1) : Increase Strength, Toughness or Agility by one per level. Range : Touch ; Duration : 15min

    Light (1) : Illuminates a 3m radius in an eerie, unearthly light. Cancels out Darkness spells on a level-for-level basis. Range : 100m. Extra levels add another 3m to radius.

    Perception (1) : Allows the caster to sense one specified class of item or thing within range. Range : 60m

    Sharpen (1) : Target weapon or weapons receive +5 to hit and +1 damage while in range and for the duration of the spell. Range : 100m ; Duration 15min.

    Telepathy (1) : Each level of this spell allows your character to speak to another mind, intelligent or not. Only surface conversation or feelings are transmitted. Beings not traditionally
    intelligent or clearly inhuman require an Idea roll to understand. The target cannot speak back, but the caster may use two Telepathy castings to link two people together. Range :
    100m, Duration : 1min.

    Levitation (2) : Allows the caster to levitate upwards, with no height restriction. Duration : 15min

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