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  • File : 1275261693.jpg-(58 KB, 444x599, Bayushi_Tangen[1].jpg)
    58 KB Bayushi Koganaga 05/30/10(Sun)19:21 No.10164825  
    And now, to combat Summer's heat and the incursions of the shadowlands...a L5R thread, and a challenge. Show me your haiku skills!

    Gentle waving grass
    The sun burns round and crimson
    Sake gleaming bright
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:23 No.10164854
    Spider sits alone
    Nobody loves him because
    He's a tainted freak.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:25 No.10164898
    Funyun bag empty
    Self-loathing and Hot Pockets
    Thank God for 4chan
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:25 No.10164901
    Million blades of grass
    Crushed beneath hooves, homeward bound
    Is a light left on?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:26 No.10164909

    Rokugan has no hot pockets.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:26 No.10164916
         File1275262009.jpg-(60 KB, 600x850, 1273367058297.jpg)
    60 KB
    >> Isawa Nuwa 05/30/10(Sun)19:27 No.10164918
    Look out the window
    Brilliant colors, pretty sounds
    What a lovely lie
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:27 No.10164923
         File1275262053.jpg-(127 KB, 600x480, japs.jpg)
    127 KB
    L5R sucks ass,
    Only weeaboos play it.
    What the fuck, you guys.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:28 No.10164935
    Flow My Tears
    The Policeman Said
    Phillip K. Dick
    >> SHOUTING MATSU 05/30/10(Sun)19:29 No.10164946

    >> Wingbat 05/30/10(Sun)19:29 No.10164961
    bridge over river
    in the middle of city
    has the best sunset.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:29 No.10164962
    War without reason
    Only leads to pain and death
    What fool would want that?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:30 No.10164971

    Is it weeaboo?
    Don't see any spiky hair
    Or moeblobs uguu~
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:30 No.10164973
    what relation does this have to the post you linked?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:31 No.10164982
         File1275262263.jpg-(385 KB, 794x1275, do-androids-dream-of-electric-(...).jpg)
    385 KB
    Do Androids
    Dream Of Electric
    Sleep? - Phil Dick
    >> Matsu Benjiro 05/30/10(Sun)19:31 No.10164989

    You're going outside
    If I have to carry you
    So help me, I will
    >> SHOUTING MATSU 05/30/10(Sun)19:32 No.10165006

    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:32 No.10165008
         File1275262365.jpg-(13 KB, 305x475, Hmv_en.jpg)
    13 KB
    His Master's
    Voice - Stanislaus Lem
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:33 No.10165022

    That was 3/5/3 and you got the book name wrong. Double fail.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:34 No.10165034
    Masturbating fast
    Semen explodes on my face
    Atomic anger
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:34 No.10165037
         File1275262484.jpg-(20 KB, 338x568, Contact_Sagan.jpg)
    20 KB
    Contact - By
    Carl Sagan - Filmed By
    >> Wingbat 05/30/10(Sun)19:35 No.10165042

    weaboo does not
    equate everything Japan
    just the white obsessed.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:35 No.10165052
         File1275262550.jpg-(94 KB, 500x375, 1275026866028.jpg)
    94 KB
    Hardcore Haiku artists go 3-5-3
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:35 No.10165053
    five seven five scheme.
    will not be properly brief
    for haiku, faggots.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:36 No.10165057
    Roll the dice so well
    Natural twenty and crit
    DM starts crying
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:36 No.10165061

    Five, seven, five see?
    Your syllable count was off
    but it is okay
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:36 No.10165068
    taking massive dump
    Abhorrent pain in my gut
    See blood in my stool
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:36 No.10165073
    Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's:
    Card games on motorcycles,
    Ample summary.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:37 No.10165076

    Don't they just include a seasonal reference and a random-ass Japanese syllable?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:37 No.10165088
    Saturn spins with me
    I lack rings, he gives me some
    The cosmic hoola hoops
    >> Isawa Nuwa 05/30/10(Sun)19:37 No.10165091
    I'm too busy, though!
    There's too many scrolls to read.
    Must learn EVERYTHING.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:38 No.10165095
    Back to L5R
    Do Ashigaru make up
    Most Great Clan armies?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:40 No.10165116
    Only English here
    Does not a haiku make, you queer
    Wrong language faggot

    So, we need to turn this thread into a sonnet thread!
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:40 No.10165119
    Please keep on topic
    This is an L5R thread
    Not just for haiku
    >> Isawa Nuwa 05/30/10(Sun)19:40 No.10165122
    Fill in the name field
    With an L5R-type name
    Voila, on topic
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:40 No.10165128
    >Does not a haiku make, you queer

    8 syllables, YOU ARE DISHONORED.
    >> Matsu Benjiro 05/30/10(Sun)19:41 No.10165142

    Get out of your nest
    Of paper and of parchment
    The sun misses you!
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:42 No.10165147
    Look at that Phoenix
    Reading another Black Scroll
    There goes the Empire
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:42 No.10165150
    I'd prefere the shadowlands to your Paneki.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/30/10(Sun)19:43 No.10165167

    Doesn't have to be all haiku.


    I do not think so
    The rank of Gunso tells me
    Bushi form the ranks

    So, I am REASONABLY certain that the rank-and-file are samurai, just low-level ones.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:43 No.10165169
    >Gentle waving grass
    >The sun burns round and crimson
    >Sake gleaming bright

    Is the Sake crimson?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:44 No.10165184

    Not cool, dude, Paneki is a bro.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:44 No.10165192
         File1275263080.png-(42 KB, 996x633, Samurai_Kirby_vs_Meta_Knight_b(...).png)
    42 KB
    Amaterasu sets
    I am hungry for cake
    Strike like wind

    Am I doing it right?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:45 No.10165205
    Stop this now.
    Haiku doesn't work in English you fools.
    Language barriers.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/30/10(Sun)19:45 No.10165206

    It's supposed to be suggestive of the enjoyment found in sitting out with sake on a summer evening, watching the fields, but this is precisely why I'm not a Courtier, no talent at all for poetry.
    >> Isawa Nuwa 05/30/10(Sun)19:45 No.10165212
    I would never, though
    Well, okay, maybe sometimes.
    Never cast them, though!

    The sun can go hang!
    Sunburn and bug bites are both
    Not worth the outdoors.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:46 No.10165217

    Argh! The first two lines were completely off!
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:47 No.10165232
    Stop this now! Haiku
    Doesn't work in english, fools
    Language barriers
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:48 No.10165250

    Arrogance casts shade
    Across the brightest of minds
    And repaints them black
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:48 No.10165252
         File1275263305.jpg-(201 KB, 900x648, L5R_Spider_Clan_Paragon_by_Sil(...).jpg)
    201 KB
    Spider Clan here
    Glory to the Ninth Kami
    I troll you all
    >> Wingbat 05/30/10(Sun)19:49 No.10165270

    Haters are gonna
    hate. Screw your shit sir, we are
    having fun. Problem?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:49 No.10165274
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:49 No.10165278

    Haikus can work fine
    In English or Japanese
    This thread gives us proof
    >> Matsu Benjiro 05/30/10(Sun)19:50 No.10165288

    You need exercise
    I might just bring an army
    If it gets you out.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:50 No.10165296
    Haters gonna hate
    Screw your shit, we're having fun.
    Problem, failurefag?
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/30/10(Sun)19:51 No.10165303

    First and third lines are missing a syllable.
    >> Isawa Nuwa 05/30/10(Sun)19:51 No.10165314
    Armies are too loud
    And they can't enter my room:
    Elemental wards.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:52 No.10165330
         File1275263547.jpg-(140 KB, 1024x768, L5R_Crane_Samurai_by_GENZOMAN.jpg)
    140 KB
    Showing off my tits
    Who is androgynous now?
    Not the fucking Crane.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:53 No.10165352
    Haiku's are fun.
    But sometimes they don't make sense.
    >> Matsu Benjiro 05/30/10(Sun)19:53 No.10165359

    I will launch a siege
    And cut off your supply lines
    You'll have to come out!
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:54 No.10165384
    So, what's your favorite Clan, and why?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:54 No.10165394
         File1275263699.png-(167 KB, 300x300, Meta_Samurai_by__ivynajs.png)
    167 KB
    Did I do it right at >>10165192?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:55 No.10165400

    It's one of the better Haiku I've read here. It's at least trying and actually using seasonal metaphor...but an additional part of the technical aspects of a haiku is the use of hinge-words that connect the second and the third stanza.
    Basically the last word in the second stanza should be the first one in third but both sentences are still supposed to remain meaningful without it. Reading that last word into the last stanza just sligthly modifies the meaning if you read through it into the third stanza.

    Think of it as a door between two rooms - it belongs to both and to neither and the house is unusable without it.
    >> Isawa Nuwa 05/30/10(Sun)19:56 No.10165414
    Family and friends -
    Well okay family - would
    Look poorly on that!
    >> Urist 05/30/10(Sun)19:56 No.10165418
    You beat me to it.
    I was going to say that.
    But you were faster.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/30/10(Sun)19:56 No.10165419

    Sadly, no.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/30/10(Sun)19:58 No.10165443

    Ah, so it makes it "crimson sake", instead of just sake? My apologies if I'm getting it wrong, do you have a few examples?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)19:59 No.10165463
    What the fuck is this
    Qin is way cooler than
    Five Rings and shit
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)20:00 No.10165499
    The beautiful Crane
    The Bushi and Courtiers
    All have breasts, some dongs.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/30/10(Sun)20:02 No.10165525
         File1275264126.jpg-(59 KB, 500x717, Samurai-Monkey--34784[1].jpg)
    59 KB
    This is Saru-kun
    He is my small yojimbo
    With his little spear

    He does not ride dogs
    But he wears little outfits
    And a tiny mask
    >> Isawa Hiroshi 05/30/10(Sun)20:02 No.10165526
    Trees of beauty nude
    When the cherry blossoms fall
    All is vanity
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)20:02 No.10165542
         File1275264166.jpg-(38 KB, 522x480, pb.0226.jpg)
    38 KB
    Syntactic Structures
    Foremost Text On Linguistics
    By Noam Chomsky
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)20:06 No.10165609
    Say, Matsu is listed as both a male and female name in the book, and it's also a family name. Could I play as an androgynous samurai named Matsu Matsu?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)20:06 No.10165624
         File1275264398.jpg-(7 KB, 226x166, 1271711174281.jpg)
    7 KB
    Floating asteroid...
    Got to buy some school supplies...
    You're soaking in it.
    >> Old Scorpion 05/30/10(Sun)20:07 No.10165645

    Beauty fades with age
    But even the oldest trees
    Drop a thousand seeds
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)20:08 No.10165673
    I have never played Legend of Five Rings
    Though I hear tales of great honour and fun
    Samurai, Ronin, and warrior things
    To fight, to run, to die, to live to run
    The Crane, I hear, is all about the art
    The Crab is rough so it can guard the wall
    The Lion is with bravery at heart
    The Scorpion traps make many men fall
    The Mantis, I think make a good pirate
    The Dragon, aloof, far and secluded
    The Unicorn customs make many irate
    The Phoenix magic is not deluded
    I know this is not your proper haiku
    But I draw from Europe you weeaboo
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)20:09 No.10165682
    Lovely flower's bud
    Covered in dew, reflecting
    the brilliant sun's light.

    Flashing sword cuts foe
    blood spurting, falling upon
    beautiful flowers.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)20:09 No.10165687
    You could. Nothing says you should, but you could.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)20:09 No.10165699
    >The Phoenix magic is not deluded
    >not deluded

    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)20:10 No.10165709
    does anyone have that picture of the guy clapping? The one in black and white, where the guy has the stern look on his face? Because I can't find it, and this dude deserves it.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)20:10 No.10165711
    How to tell Matsu:
    all are huge, muscular, but
    Women ride on top
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)20:10 No.10165720

    "crimson sake" could be some reference to, say, the fact that the Scorpion Clan is built on spilling blood?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)20:11 No.10165738

    No. Matsu women are very obviously women, Matsu men are very obviously men.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)20:11 No.10165742
    Heh, like I at least implied, I know nothing of L5R, that's just from wikipedia
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)20:13 No.10165773

    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)20:14 No.10165794
    That's /tg/-canon more than L5R-canon.
    >> Matsu Benjiro 05/30/10(Sun)20:14 No.10165801

    But I am allowed
    Benefits of betrothal
    So get out of there!
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)20:15 No.10165818

    It's pretty clearly L5R canon too. I mean, look up most NPCs with a Chuda in their name, you'll find they're almost all ex-Isawa.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)20:16 No.10165832
         File1275264990.jpg-(10 KB, 308x308, moltar-reading.jpg)
    10 KB
    Smell the burning flesh
    taste the tangy sulfur air
    Volcano season
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)20:18 No.10165870
    Close. The Phoenix exterminated the Snake Clan, which were the Chuda family. The few survivors infiltrated the Asako. This is canon in the RPG and CCG (many Asako shugenja also have the Bloodspeaker trait.)
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)20:18 No.10165874
    The only times I played (Time of the Void and end of Diamond Edition) this was true...the last stronghold I played was City of Blood...and phoenix...

    Isawa himself used a non-tainted form of blood magic, so it makes sense.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)20:19 No.10165895

    Not really, it's a detail that's usually completely lost in translation and I think my interpretation's not really an acceptable one either.

    You might want to just look up the article on Kireji and come up with your own as there really is no direct equivalent in either our language, our writing system or in the way we use and enjoy poetry.
    >> Tsuruchi Aoi 05/30/10(Sun)20:29 No.10166051
    There he stood alone
    A single arrow prepared
    He was a true Wasp
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)20:31 No.10166083
    >non-Tainted Maho

    How is this possible?
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/30/10(Sun)20:32 No.10166101

    I imagine there is a powerful legend buried in your simple haiku, Aoi-san, would you care to share with us?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)20:41 No.10166244
         File1275266502.jpg-(72 KB, 450x317, bayushi%20nomen%20exp.jpg)
    72 KB
    An unflinching eye
    Surveys in perfect stillness
    The dark skies below

    A ship in emerald
    Fallen from the sky too soon
    Slowly floats away

    Across calm waters
    Rests two faces of a stone
    The night has emptied

    Every joy unfurled
    The boisterous dragon turns
    Not knowing the way

    The swaggering ox
    Bravely fends off advances
    From flittering dames

    The swaying willow
    Dances for the gathered crowd
    While she is alone

    Flickering lanterns
    Mark a road for the lady
    To the rooster's praise

    Tempered by the day
    Faces in an amber field
    Turn towards the north

    The lonely mountain
    Mourns for his brothe's passing
    Down in the village

    Banished by the dawn
    A shadow's tender caress
    The sweet dream recedes

    Tears of yestereve
    Hoarded in the weaver's home
    Dry beneath the lines

    Perched in white blossoms
    As the eager flock takes flight
    One remains behind

    Standing on one leg
    A reed cannot be broken
    The sage says to the stone

    Petal in the wind
    Slips between my outstretched hand
    Like all the others

    A final poem
    I will plagiarize no more
    After this last one

    Playing an arrogant poet who liked to drop his work into conversations all the time doesn't mean I can spontaneously compose them like my character, so I cheated and wrote a bunch before sessions. I used that last one on the list as my death poem. It was a giant fuck you to the Scopion who got our party into so much trouble that seppuku was the only way I could save the rest of them. Junshin patron of poets my ass.

    Cherish the blossom
    For the coiled heart fears itself
    And what it must do

    I arranged that last one to be sent to her Crane husband. Goddamn Scorpion tart. Goddamn sneaky GM.
    >> Isawa Hiroshi 05/30/10(Sun)20:44 No.10166283
    Fields of flora bloom
    Rising sun illuminates
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/30/10(Sun)20:45 No.10166304

    Those are brilliant. Which Clan were you?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)20:47 No.10166329
    Mantis. Cheating, lying, gambling, two faced Mantis. I was out two faced.
    >> Tsuruchi Aoi 05/30/10(Sun)20:52 No.10166406
    Why not, Bayushi-san? For though the tale is brief, the values shown within hold great reward. A Tsuruchi, whose name is lost to the ravages of time, was chosen by his clan to hunt down a coward, one who had abandoned his duty to his clan and fled the field of battle. After hunting the man to a valley within the very edge of Crab lands, he discovered that the wretch had given into the taint and was preparing to tell all that he knew regarding his former clan to an Oni. The Tsuruchi knew that he was no match for the Oni, and despaired that he had failed his clan. It was then, however, that he spotted a disturbed pebble resting overhead. The Tsuruchi drew back a single arrow, and released it. In doing so, he caused an avalanche that buried not only the traitor and the Oni, but himself. A Crab patrol investigated the avalanche, and returned his body to our home after he had told them of the abomination with his last breath. Such is the way of the Wasp.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/30/10(Sun)21:03 No.10166604
    The first minstrel's notes
    As the summer's night blossoms
    come from cricket's song
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/30/10(Sun)21:04 No.10166620

    A moving story, Aoi-san, will you take sake with us, and tell us how you came to these lands?
    >> scaredofshadows !wf5JJ352J. 05/30/10(Sun)21:06 No.10166652
    The gods are pissed off
    Humanity said "Up yours"
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)21:07 No.10166672
    I need Three
    Words, than I need Five
    Then Three more.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)21:09 No.10166703
    Vu is a poet
    How else would impertinence
    Find way to your lips?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)21:12 No.10166750

    5/7/5 not 3/5/3
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)21:14 No.10166782
    Four Seasons, four loves
    Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall
    Only I remain
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)21:15 No.10166793
    An ancient pond.
    A frog jumps in.
    The splash of water.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)21:15 No.10166796
         File1275268513.jpg-(452 KB, 603x715, hulkhaiku.jpg)
    452 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)21:23 No.10166955

    Watch the Hulk haiku
    See kids counting their fingers
    Laughter without end
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)21:29 No.10167058
    The Mini Marvels Planet Hulk/World War Hulk parody was so great.

    You can find it here if you want to read the full thing. I think there are more haikus.

    Spoilers for Planet Hulk and World War Hulk, read those first if you're interested.
    >> Tsuruchi Aoi 05/30/10(Sun)21:44 No.10167320

    I am grateful for the invitation, and shall gladly join you Bayushi-san. I came by these lands in the pursuit of improving my own skills; in my most recent hunt, my bow was nearly broken due to my dismissal of a ronin as a possible threat that later turned on me. I decided that I needed to improve my skills, if I was so foolish as to let myself nearly fall into ruin due to overconfidence. As I wandered, I heard the callings of Haiku, and so am I here now.
    >> Tsuruchi Aoi 05/30/10(Sun)21:48 No.10167401

    Ah! Forgive my rudeness; a gift for my host.

    Masks falling, drifting.
    an orchestra of brilliance
    once unrecognized
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)22:13 No.10167905
    Reading this thread made me nostalgic about our group's old L5R games. I'm going to indulge in a bit of storytelling. Here's the tale behind those last three poems for anyone who cares.

    We were on a sensitive mission to track down an imperial legion that appeared to have gone rogue on the empire's northern frontier. We found the legion and confirmed that its general and many others had done some extremely dishonorable things, colluding with the Yobanjin and researching ways to redirect the taint from maho to name a few, but had done so to prepare the empire for a massive Yobanjin invasion backed by the dark oracle of fire. (Strangely enough AEG would pretty much use this same plot years after we did this campaign).

    We journeyed back to the capital to make our report, but we had been gone for years and most of the court didn't want anything to do with us. Our patron the previous emerald champion was dead, and we made very little headway in finding allies. We finally lucked out when I had a chance encounter in the gardens with a charming Scorpion lady. That itself should have been a giant red flag since you never "luck into" anything when it comes to the Scorpion, but I was the one who approached her so I fell for it anyway. Blah blah I too know the burden of an undeserved reputation in a place where appearance is everything, blah blah since I married my NOT SCORPION husband I've come to appreciate the art of poetry myself. Okay, you're hot and not wearing a mask, so I totally believe you! Besides, despite her clan's reputation as sneaky bastards we though they tended to do what was necessary when serious threats really endangered the empire, so when she started tirelessly defending us in public we were glad for the help.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)22:14 No.10167941
    We managed to divide the court. Most of them thought we had gone native and wanted to boot us off to somewhere far away again, although a few gave signs they might be willing to look into our report if we could convince a few others that it wasn't just based on the deluded ramblings of a power hungry warlord. Only until right before the emperor himself was about to hear our petition did we find out that many of the nasty rumours against us persisted so strongly because of our Scorpion friend. Because she had been so damn vocal in defending us in public, other courtiers thought I had corrupted her much vaunted virtue and was blackmailing her into helping us. And I didn't even get to actually seduce her. I guess I should give credit where credit is due, since the GM never once made her roll seduction, but goddamn she was twisted and my GM is twisted for thinking her up.

    By the end we could think of no other way to get ourselves heard unless I took all the blame upon myself and very sincerely and painfully apologize for tainting the honest work of my colleagues and friends through association. It's only awesome to be able to substitute high poetry rolls for sincerity or seduction until that reputation comes back to bite you in the ass.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/30/10(Sun)22:17 No.10168019

    Ah, what a splendid tale, and an equally splendid poem to match. I myself am recently returned from a trip to Crane lands. Although as a swordsman, such things are not my forte, I have been temporarily given responsibility over certain villages on my family's lands.

    A humming whisper
    Feathers blossoming in throats
    Unseen, stinging death.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)22:23 No.10168124
    so sell me on L5R again /tg/, long ago i played a game and liked the system, but hated the annoying players and railroading GM, with 4e coming i've tried to follow it again. What shenanigans should i expect?
    >> Tsuruchi Aoi 05/30/10(Sun)22:27 No.10168208

    You honor not only me, but my entire family Bayushi-san.

    The burden of duty is heavy, but I have no doubt of your skill. I only regret that you were forced to deal with Crane hospitality; though I have little issue with them, it always feels as though I've tracked mud in no matter where I go.

    Feathers glowing white,
    hiding an iron shadow
    words like steel are harsh
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)22:35 No.10168375
    Annoying players and railroading GMs aren't a symptom of the setting. It might be a little more conductive to those behaviours for asshole players who already treat RPGs like scripted high theater, but the game works well enough to avoid feeling repetitive and consistently be a lot of fun with a good group.

    I've always liked the fact L5R could cater to both hack and slash and more roleplaying heavy styles as long as everyone at the table knew what they were getting into. It also rewards players for plot progression more than winning battles alone, and doesn't need massive amounts of loot for high level play, although you could still do that if you felt like it.

    tl;dr interesting setting, system works for more than one play style.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)22:39 No.10168463
    ah, i thought so, i think my problem was i played a bushi in a primarily courtier based game, how well do the three archetypes blend together in different situations? i know some bushi like the Kakita and Bayushi do reasonable in court is there any variation to the other two?
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/30/10(Sun)22:40 No.10168487

    Well, there was a bit of that sense, but as a member of the Scorpion I am used to it.

    Still...their own competitiveness helps. My Clan has a reputation for courtliness, and so the Crane seemed to want to impress. I was well-fed, well-received, and the people they had watching me were more-or-less subtle.

    Sweet, ripe pink peaches
    Wrapped in blue and white silk bows
    Assuage many ills.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/30/10(Sun)22:40 No.10168506

    Incidentally, we are most honored to have a member of the Tsuruchi family here. I, personally, have great respect for the Mantis and their component families.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)22:44 No.10168582
    Has anyone ever had any luck with a tainted character mine die quickly ?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)22:48 No.10168697

    That WAS being lucky.
    >> Tsuruchi Aoi 05/30/10(Sun)22:49 No.10168715

    I am proud to represent both Wasp and Mantis. I am glad that you were treated well, Bayushi-san. My own treatment was likely due to the nature of my business in Crane lands.

    When Crane discourse fails,
    a deterrent is sent for
    nothing stops a Wasp.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)22:51 No.10168757
    from what i can tell having taint is akin to immediate BADEND
    >> Tsuruchi Aoi 05/30/10(Sun)22:51 No.10168762

    Indeed, far worse could happen once the taint is present.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)22:53 No.10168831
    Shugenja, especially at higher levels, tend to have enough spells to pull all kinds of crazy shenanigans dice related or otherwise in any situation. Some bushi can do reasonably well in combat, and some courtiers can muddle their way through a fight. I found having the right skills often counts as much as the right techniques.

    If you're in a court heavy game, it pays to invest in social skills. You might not be able to win a lot of debates against dedicated courtiers, but that's what friends are for. As long as you're not so incompitent as to be forced into gutting yourself at the slightest provication, the game can work just fine. The reverse also holds. If you're tough enough to not be dropped to down on the first hit all the time, your fellow army scouts will be really thankful you're around for those rare occasions when life or death hinges on bluffing your way past an enemy patrol or getting the right intel from the locals.

    In our group everybody tended to take at least a few ranks in defense, etiquette, and above all investigation regardless of their specialization just because of how useful those skills tend to be. It also never hurts to ask the GM on what kind of game they intend to run so you're not totally blindsided when the dice start rolling. Having run a few games myself I've found a lot also depends on the GM being willing to come up with the right kinds of plots as to include everyone and give them situations when they can all contribute.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)22:55 No.10168865
    At best: you continue to serve the Empire as a member of the Damned.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)22:56 No.10168874
    Million Oni skulls
    How many will I crush today?
    The life of a Crab.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)22:57 No.10168906
    I always just played as a Void Shugenja and got into some really nasty shenanigans that way. Void is USELESS in combat, but hilarious for every other purpose.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)23:00 No.10168975
    Some bushi can do reasonably well in court, I mean. For laughs I've played bushi couldn't go three rounds of combat without a catastrophic mishap, but that's not how they usually work.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/30/10(Sun)23:04 No.10169047

    I see. So, the sort of negotiations that require a swift arrow and a steely mind? I would be most fascinated to hear the details.

    A song of arrows
    Silences another song
    And red flowers bloom?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)23:05 No.10169073
    Void is useless in combat? Extra dice is never useless, anywhere. I also can't count the number of times subtracting 10 wounds from a hit has saved my bacon. In fact I've played in a race against time style campaign where for much of it abusing the stealth and meditation rules between fights and shunting void between players during them were pretty much the only thing that kept us going.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)23:06 No.10169087

    What about playing a BATTLE SHUGENJA? I want to play a Kitsu spellslinger, but Water really isn't conducive to hurling around hurt-spells. Does Water just suck?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)23:08 No.10169122
    I think my problem was that i had i different idea of what the game was supposed to be than the GM, so i ended up with an Akodo in a group of scorpions.

    Also i like nearly all the bushi/scout schools, but like very few of the courtier/shugenja ones. could i get an example of play how some of the various ones would play?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)23:11 No.10169178
    Water is actually the best element for Shugenja. It's got a bit of everything.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)23:20 No.10169330

    What does it have for damage?
    >> Shiba Asanuma 05/30/10(Sun)23:25 No.10169409
         File1275276315.jpg-(173 KB, 275x174, StandasOne.jpg)
    173 KB
    It would seem as if
    My charge has blown up a town
    Dammit, Isawa
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)23:30 No.10169508

    I haven't played for some time and don't have the books with me, so unfortunately I can't give a lot of specific advice. Strength is an underpowered stat in 3e, doubly so for most shugenja, and water isn't exactly blast heavy. However if combat is a semi-regular occurence in your games your group will simply love you for the healing. Being able to heal all wounds with a single spell (regrow the wound), recharge your expended spells (rejuvenating vapors), share self targetting only spells (sympathetic energies I think), trigger spells at a moment's notice (silent waters?) and letting the group avoid fatigue for days on end (I forget what this one's is called) are all very useful abilities. I also remember water having some very powerful damage reduction spells that made my GM cringe. Reflective pool often isn't as useful as Whispers of Pan Ku out of combat but you'd be surprised how often the GM never planned for the party to not find out about something you can spot with that spell. Depending on how rules heavy your GM runs combat abusing fleet with high water and movement spells can also be a barrel of laughs.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)23:30 No.10169510
    Most of it seems to be subjective, like making a water bo staff or battlefield control like walls of water or sheets of ice. However an intelligent player can use this to their advantage. a 500 pound block of ice will kill you as much as a sword will.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)23:34 No.10169591
    poor shiba, that's i keep my handy forbidden scroll on a stick.
    >> Isawa Cathak 05/30/10(Sun)23:37 No.10169631
    I did not mean to!
    There was a dragon in town.
    He amplified it.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/30/10(Sun)23:38 No.10169658

    Another oni
    Rampaging across the land
    Isawa AGAIN!?
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/30/10(Sun)23:39 No.10169670

    A...dragon, you say? I find that highly unusual, along with your name.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/10(Sun)23:47 No.10169788
    The loss of a friend
    Flickering flames before me
    Gentle warmth comforts
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)00:04 No.10170051
    >Strength underpowered

    So, being a Matsu in the Matsu Bushi school is a waste twice over, huh? Since their trait bonuses are both +Strength
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)00:16 No.10170243

    Again I don't have the rulebooks with me so here's just what I remember.

    As a Bayushi courtier, if you're any good you'll know more than enough of people's wants, fears, and dirty secrets to be able to take advantage of even a fraction of them. Plenty of people will also just assume you can dig up dirt on them or manufacture it, if you haven't done so already, so gaining a position of strength with vague implied threats is easy. Rumours are your best friend. The Scorpion courtier school is also effective as much due to their frightening reputation as to their techniques, and because of their reputation Scorpion tend to stick togehter, so even if you screw up occasioually you can usually count on your fellow Scorpion to engineer your minor fumbles into what appear to be vicious strategems of sublime genius.

    The Asako courtier as an insight engine is so mechanically broken it's not even funny. But even if you're not going to be an annoying twink about it, having both the reputation and the ability to be able to pull some obscure but relevant fact for any situation is still very useful. "I'm sure Ikoma san is acting with the most honorable of intentions, but have you considered that by reassigning the borders here you would be forcing your own peasants to draw water for their fields from three spings river, redirecting the waters south and throwing the elemental harmony of this entire area out of balance? My Isawa brethren have conferred with the water kami and they are most concerned."

    Ikoma courtier/Kitsu shugenja can wield the authority of history and tradition like a katana. The word of spirits might not be admissable as testimony, but no other clan can claim as much authority when speaking on behalf of the honored dead as you. Omoidasu are also the only ones who can get away with showing emotion at court, which can be very hard to react well against for a GM even if the NPCs being portrayed have the game stats to do so.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)00:17 No.10170257
    Kitsu courtiers notice everything. I think their rank 3 technique is an automatic "you can't lie to me" ability that works against anything but the most dedicated liar. Even if not outright lied to, you're also hard to confuse or mislead, which a standard tactic of all courtier schools, even the honorable ones.

    The favor tables of the Doji courtiers is not an excuse to deck out your fellow players in the swankiest gear, but it is an excuse to collect favors like the a Bayushi collects secrets. Your clan's network of influence is also so wide that you can often arrange to call in favors set up by a different courtier when the situation calls for it. Having the right connections means always getting the needed travelling papers, the right gift, or the convenience to see who you need to see when you need to. Breezing through social obstacles that calls for arm twisting with any other clan is nothing to sneeze at.

    The Yoritomo and Yasuki courtier schools are both favorites of mine. Mechanically they're not the greatest, but lore wise their already shady reputations lets you get away with more on that special rustic charm than your more cultured courtiers. Playing as a smarmy car salesman or mafioso can make for a nice change of pace from any other courtier school.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)00:22 No.10170337
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)00:23 No.10170372

    5-7-5-7-7, BEGIN.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)00:25 No.10170407
    thanks man, i too like the yoritomo and yasuki schools for their merchantman habits. What about the Kuni witch hunters? they seem cool.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)00:25 No.10170409
    Little known fact about Haiku is that the 5-7-5 structure is not actually a hard and fast rule. Many of the most famous haiku in Japan don't follow the 5-7-5 structure.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)00:31 No.10170526
    Point for point strength is underpowered compared the agility, since the former gives you +1k0 for damage but the latter gives you +1k1 to hit and a raise for damage only requires +5 TN.

    The key to victory in combat not only requires you to do more damage, but to do it first while being able to take and/or avoid the damage in return. The Matsu school is all about the damage, which can translate to getting hurt a lot yourself. You're not super tough (crab), super fast (scorpion/crane), very accurate (crane/akodo), hard to hit (scorpion/crab), decked out with bonuses left, right and centre (dragon/phoenix), or specialized in some fight ending way few others can handle (tsuruchi/shiba in super sayan void mode). That doesn't mean you can't kick ass as a Matsu. The right advantages, kata, and gear can compensate for your shortfalls. It just means playing an effective Matsu is more of a challenge. No matter how many ranks of earth they have, getting hit for 100 wounds still really hurts. It's pulling that off that's the hard part.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)00:39 No.10170673
    Steadfast, loyal youth
    His fool lord's honor preserved
    Bright promise now ash
    Blood a priceless coin ill spent
    Only the shades halt my wrath
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)00:44 No.10170786
    So where do the Mantis fit in, combat-wise?
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)00:47 No.10170844
    Fuck you story-team
    If the Mantis get no love
    We will just take it
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)00:49 No.10170879
         File1275281379.jpg-(149 KB, 621x850, dragon clan girl2.jpg)
    149 KB
    It's cool, at least you haven't been sitting on a mountain doing nothing for years...
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)00:51 No.10170900

    Witchhunters hunt witches and other tainted things. They're really good at what they do, and lore wise creepy facepaint covered blood magic experts are fun antiheros to play. They can come in handy in games that are not immediately obvious as taint and maho related, which is how most such games start off. Having to touch dead flesh all the time as an occupational hazard is also convenient when it comes to investigating dead bodies. You'll still get dinged honor, but if you're willing to live with it (as a witchhunter must), then it's just one more tool to get the plot moving.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)00:55 No.10170993
    So we'll get you down
    As long as you will help us
    Barbecue Phoenix
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)00:56 No.10171005
         File1275281763.jpg-(342 KB, 600x764, suki rush.jpg)
    342 KB
    would the crab hands and bishamon's blessing be good to get as advantages? also what would be good skills to take?
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)00:59 No.10171071
    Fuck haiku, tanka (5-7-5-7-7) are where it's at:

    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)00:59 No.10171078
         File1275281988.jpg-(4 KB, 130x104, images.jpg)
    4 KB
    Yoritomo bushi are good at hitting the crap out of things with their school weapons. Pared kama hurt as much as a naginata and many other peasant weapons have bonuses unique to themselves. The Yoritomo are pretty much the only great clan samurai who can get away with using them. I seem to recall they were like a mix between the raw damage of the Matsu school and the bonus filled slice and dice Mirumoto. They can also do a lot of damage throwing things, which is a nice bit of utility in combat compared to those who focus on either melee or ranged attacks. Did you see the trailer for Machete? My friend played a Yoritomo decked out with parangu like that.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:01 No.10171098
    Why am I looking forward to that movie so much?
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:05 No.10171173
    And what does this mean once you translate the moonrunes?
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:06 No.10171185
    L5R quest is on over in >>10170158, come join if you want.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:09 No.10171233

    Seriously? Aren't the only Peasant Weapons some kind of climbing rake, the awesome Kama, and the shitty Parangu?

    Also, how good is the actual Yoritomo Bushi school?
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:10 No.10171248
    So, I hear 4th is gonna have "Stances", will those be like Full Attack and Full Defense in 3rd?
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:11 No.10171280
    it certainly isn't bad, it's a power school though so it has trouble with some of the fast schools.
    >> Shinsei's Smile !JQq0cR/.GM 05/31/10(Mon)01:14 No.10171315
    It is in the Power leg of the L5R 3E's Defense > Speed > Power > Defense triangle. The big thing is surviving long enough to land the killer blow. Speed Schools like Kakita and Bayushi will either kill you outright or put you into severe wound penalties negating your effectiveness. A Yoritomo Bushi can trash a defensive type pretty well, but has a bit of trouble hitting the real defense masters like Hida or Mirumoto, but if he hits the target will likely be dead.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:15 No.10171342
    i think so but more applicable, a matsu on full-offense is likely going to get a huge bonus, as is a hida on defense
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:18 No.10171398

    Tea Ceremony. Trust me. Also, Defense, War Fans, whatever you use as a primary weapon if it's a one-handed weapon like a katana.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:19 No.10171417
    Crab hands is kind of overpriced for the bonus it grants. I think there are certain builds than can take advantage of Bishamon's blessing like the Matsu, but I don't remember it as a stellar advantage in play. You're usually better off going for Strength of the Earth, Luck, Great Destiny, Quick, and if your GM hasn't homebrewed it to the Mantis Isles and back, Combat Reflexes.

    Good standby skills that never hurt to have are Investigation, Defense, Etiquette (think of it as defense for social situations), and Lore: Shadowlands. I find some skills like Athletics, Lore: History, Horsemanship and Battle also tend to crop up more often for players regardless of specialization as compared to other skills. Personally I like to round out my character with some esoteric artisan or lore skill for fun. While I was GM a player took Lore: tropical fish, and it became a running joke to see how many times I could work that into games.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:21 No.10171452

    Don't Matsu suck for it, or do FREE Raises still count for Bishamon's Blessing?
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:22 No.10171464
    I heard Matsu are flat-out terrible, but also that they're god-tier, which is true?
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:23 No.10171471
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:23 No.10171474
    Speaking of Tea Ceremony. Add that and Meditation to the super useful list. Tea Ceremony may be less practical for a campaign mostly spent on the road, but for court games it's awesome. Herbalism is also a good skill to have if your party is short on healing magic.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:24 No.10171492
         File1275283474.jpg-(27 KB, 299x432, Cuchulainn.jpg)
    27 KB
    Oh hi there just letting you know how much more awesome Europe is than this Japanese shit.
    >> Shinsei's Smile !JQq0cR/.GM 05/31/10(Mon)01:27 No.10171543
    Core alone they are not so hot. But with the Dojo from Emerald Empire and one of the Kata they can go on full attack with NO penalties, which makes them pretty damn good.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:29 No.10171573
    I think it's been hit with an errata or clarification saying no.

    Matsu are situationally god tier, but outerwise somewhere between doesn't smell right and really crap. This is true for many classes but especially so for the Matsu.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:32 No.10171608
    Space ships and plasma swords are cooler than bare chested hairy men with spears. But if you're having more fun with bare chested hairy men and their spears, who are we to judge?
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:35 No.10171671
    >Investigation, Defense, Etiquette, Athletics, Tea Ceremony,
    ok cool, how potentially devastating would it be if i took the Brash disadvantage. Or the six point point version of the cast-out flaw, i see some holy man vs. witch hunter fights ahead.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:37 No.10171709
    >the Dojo from Emerald Empire and one of the Kata they can go on full attack with NO penalties,

    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:37 No.10171714
    >Space ships and plasma swords
    >L5R thread

    Are we reading the same thread?
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:38 No.10171729
    Brash is nice because it means your personally doesn't change as much after you become a horribly tainted monster. Cast Out is basically free points if your GM doesn't normally try to take advantage of that sort of thing, and a colossal pain in the ass if they do.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:40 No.10171769

    I suppose Bayushi Bushi are in a similar boat, correct?

    Fortunately, 4th is doing some serious rebalancing, I heard.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:40 No.10171771
    Anyone have a list of which advantages to totally avoid, or aren't nearly worth their price, and which disadvantages are essentially free points?
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:43 No.10171833
         File1275284604.jpg-(47 KB, 475x680, Hokuto_big.jpg)
    47 KB
    fascination and driven seem almost like benefits and does some of the random rolls of bad luck. A duelist with fascination (swordplay) is going to actually benefit, and a character with fascination (Koi Carp) likely isn't going to have much trouble either.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:44 No.10171854

    You are now imagining a daring MIDNIGHT ROBBERY to steal koi carp from some Crane's garden pool.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:45 No.10171875
    Shit, i don't care what my character was doing previously, or even what game i was in, that sounds like an awesome side arc.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:47 No.10171890
         File1275284833.gif-(148 KB, 704x480, zhao[1].gif)
    148 KB
    >a character with fascination (Koi Carp) likely isn't going to have much trouble either.

    Really? That's good news for me.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:48 No.10171912
    Cast Out, like Lechery or Dependant, is one of those disadvantages that can either hound you to no end or barely come up at all during game. One GM might forget about it as soon as the game starts, while another could take it up as a personal mission to make you work for every character point you gain, which itself could be a good thing if you want the challenge. Brash is an easy disadvantage to work into a character concept. As to how dangerous it is, a lot of things can get you killed or do worse in game. Brash is one of the relatively less likely ones to do so very often.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:48 No.10171916
         File1275284936.jpg-(46 KB, 380x506, world-record-koi[1].jpg)
    46 KB

    Look at this fucking Koi. This is worth stealing and adding to your collection.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:52 No.10171967
    >Koi Carp

    That's as retarded as saying "ATM Machine."
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:52 No.10171976
         File1275285163.png-(220 KB, 791x480, MH nodachi.png)
    220 KB
    Awww Yeah, I would totally risk ritual-suicide and clan dishonor for a fish that majestic.
    i want this man making all of my foreign affairs

    and for some reason, i have all these Yasuki's showing up at my house.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:53 No.10171988
         File1275285235.jpg-(74 KB, 634x600, ChineseNewYear_koi[1].jpg)
    74 KB
    The noble koi fish
    Embodying poetry
    With every movement
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:54 No.10171999
    What about Fascination (Gaijin Culture)? How taboo would it be for a non-unicorn/mantis to be interested in the outside world?
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:54 No.10172000

    For someone who was beaten in the first few episodes by a teenage boy, Zhao was shockingly awesome. Especially his facial hair.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:56 No.10172019
    Hey man, i've seen far more ridiculous things like Kimonos (terrible with the spoiled disadvantage, we had a crane stealing and scamming to get as many as she could) and Hot springs to which we never saw one in our campaign.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)01:57 No.10172032
    What? You never played Rokugan 3000? Tell me you've heard of Togashi, the living wave motion cannon.

    Bayushi are really fast and usually hard to hit. It's generally much harder to make a Bayushi not nearly as fast than it is to make a Matsu not deal nearly as much damage.
    >> Shinsei's Smile !JQq0cR/.GM 05/31/10(Mon)01:59 No.10172061
    Bishamon Seido is the Dojo and Tsuko's Storm (with two Void is the kata). You also have to be a rank 3 Matsu Bushi to qualify for the kata.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:00 No.10172080
    I mean linguistically. You're essentially just saying "Carp carp." Like "ATM Machine" is saying "Automatic Teller Machine Machine."

    Being obsessed with Kimono isn't that bad at all, I think its perfectly reasonable and logical disadvantage to take, especially for a Crane.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:00 No.10172084

    you are now contemplating introducing a breeding population of colorful koi into the nearest lake
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:01 No.10172107
         File1275285673.jpg-(15 KB, 346x282, 1273641976312.jpg)
    15 KB
    Weeaboos in here
    Doth protest far too much, yes?
    It's just a word, folks
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:01 No.10172108
    >Kimonos (terrible with the spoiled disadvantage, we had a crane stealing and scamming to get as many as she could)

    She sounds absolutely awesome. Why is it always Courtiers who have interesting social disadvantages, though? I want to see a prettygirl Kakita who flounces and "HMPH!"'s and steals kimonos and duels.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:01 No.10172120

    One that remains inaccurate.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:02 No.10172135
    oh i meant to differentiate between Koi, the colorful subspecies, and the common carp, which are brown.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:03 No.10172159
         File1275285827.jpg-(69 KB, 406x500, koi6[1].jpg)
    69 KB

    Indeed I am.

    Incidentally...look into its eyes. You are already fascinated.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:04 No.10172162
         File1275285848.jpg-(53 KB, 325x210, 118.jpg)
    53 KB
    Guaranteed replies
    When you say that word in here
    Trolls are fed quickly
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:04 No.10172167
    I once made a Crane duelist NPC who was obsessed with blood splatter. As in the patterns blood makes when it hits shit.

    He thought it was the ultimate artform, as it would literally require the sacrifice of life in order to create beauty instead of just figuratively.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:05 No.10172191
    Met her at the bar
    Then we went home and had sex
    My ass is bleeding
    >> Shinsei's Smile !JQq0cR/.GM 05/31/10(Mon)02:05 No.10172196
    Bayushi Bushi are firmly in the Speed leg with a decent side of Defense. My last Bayushi Bushi had a TNtbH comparable to our group's Mirumoto and punished the hell out anyone that dared attack him and miss. He hit like a 12 year old Crane girl when compared to the mean machine that was the Matsu, there was one time the Matsu broke 75 damage in a single hit, she was hardcore.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:06 No.10172202
    ooboobooboo boob
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:07 No.10172220

    So smooth and aesthetically pleasing, you just want to fill up a whole pool with them, and feed their adorable, piggy faces.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:08 No.10172244
         File1275286124.jpg-(49 KB, 307x425, mugen 2.jpg)
    49 KB

    This may have been a mistake, at least i didn't choose my other option, Fascination (Bug Fighting) and a gambling compulsion.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:09 No.10172259
         File1275286166.jpg-(160 KB, 1500x1094, Koi_Fingerlings[1].jpg)
    160 KB
    Behold the gentle swirl of color. You cannot resist. This is beauty in its most natural, living form. This is art. This...is koi.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:09 No.10172265
    Meaningless, the word

    that causes so much anger

    e-bushido, harmed
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:11 No.10172283
    Inside the clan the Dragon and to some degree the Phoenix and Scorpion wouldn't care a great deal. The Crane and Lion frown on that kind of thing. But even as a Unicorn or Mantis flaunting your Gaijin obsession in public is still bad form.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:11 No.10172292
         File1275286300.jpg-(321 KB, 864x594, !!!!!!!.jpg)
    321 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:13 No.10172320
         File1275286381.jpg-(22 KB, 432x325, barnard_koi_40[1].jpg)
    22 KB

    It's too late. You are already fascinated.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:16 No.10172376
    If we're using video games as a comparison, between casual gamers, hard core gamers, and sock poopers, Fascination: Vidya would be at the sock pooping level. My players know that disadvantage is not an excuse for free character points just because they pick an obscure topic they think will never come up.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:16 No.10172381
         File1275286585.jpg-(42 KB, 667x445, p007_0_00_1[1].jpg)
    42 KB
    Behold, the true face of aesthetic perfection, bred by generations upon generations of artists from across several Clans.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:17 No.10172391
    It depends very, very, very much on just which aspects they're fascinated with, which batch of gaijin they came from, why they care about it, and whether or not they think that anything gaijin produce is superior to its Rokugani equivalent.

    Crane, Phoenix and Dragon are probably the best-placed; Crane because they do the merchant stuff that the Mantis don't, Phoenix because they're always looking for new ways for their shugenja to horribly kill people when they snap and go crazy, and Dragon because nobody knows what they do anyway.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:17 No.10172397

    It's a one-point disadvantage, I'm fairly sure that's more at the "annoying nerd" level.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:17 No.10172406
    I'm not really saying it's something that would never come up, i just don't think it's something that is necessarily a disadvantage, it's more like a character quirk than flaw.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:17 No.10172407
    In my long-running L5R game 5 years ago, the group had to go to court.

    The ronin and the terminally shy mirumoto duelist started writing each other haiku back and forth because their characters were excluded and their players were bored. They produced about fifty of them. I still use them as bookmarks. (Hi Zach! Hi Carrie!)
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:19 No.10172450

    Mantis deal with Ivory Kingdoms too. Anyway times have changed. The Empire has embassies in Ivory Kingdoms and Medinaat-al-Salaam iirc.

    Also what would the legality be if the Samurai took Musha Shugyo and travelled outside Rokugan? Would he be killed if he came back? I think one of the Unicorn characters have done it.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:20 No.10172457
         File1275286806.jpg-(151 KB, 800x800, _Avatar__Suki_by_imDRUNKonTEA.jpg)
    151 KB
    fuck it, if i ever find a group to get back into L5R, expect to hear tales of the Koi-napping Kuni
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:21 No.10172481
         File1275286868.jpg-(268 KB, 1600x1200, Japanese%20Koi%20from%20Nagata(...).jpg)
    268 KB
    Witness the patterns.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:21 No.10172490
    OH KOI
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:22 No.10172518
    I absolutely love Suki, and love this idea.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/31/10(Mon)02:23 No.10172531

    You beat me to it.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:24 No.10172539
    Koi are pretty and all but they are basically carp and carp are destructive bottom feeders that threaten more nobler fish.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:25 No.10172570
    Sometimes I wonder
    So many beautiful Crane
    But where are the men?
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:25 No.10172577
         File1275287155.jpg-(272 KB, 900x1111, Samurai_Jack_by_andrahilde.jpg)
    272 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:27 No.10172607
    drinking my morning coffee
    outside, a warm shining sun
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:27 No.10172620
    A lot of disadvantages like driven and even dark fate aren't necessarily hindering the character all the time, just like some advantages don't tend to do a hell of a lot (I'm looking at you, Great Potential). They still round out a character concept just the same. I think that's often more useful when roleplaying than any strictly mechanical application they might entail.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:29 No.10172645
    Shawn Carman is such a faggot and he can't write.

    4th Edition is going to suck as badly as 2nd and 3rd edition.

    Also, I laughed my head off when they released as "revised edition" to fix errors that should have been fixed in the 2nd printing of 3E. My money and L5R will never meet again.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:29 No.10172653
    If your idea of noble fish are what get threatened by bottom feeders, then you have no sense of honor to begin with.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:30 No.10172678

    Bring back Ree Soesbee
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:32 No.10172720
    L5R totally sucks, except for the people who thinks it doesn't.

    Opinions are like assholes. Shawn Carmen has been inside all of them. Even yours.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:38 No.10172840
    Is that sarcasm?

    I hope to god that's sarcasm.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:39 No.10172845
         File1275287953.jpg-(19 KB, 200x226, books_bio_soesbeeree_lgpic.jpg)
    19 KB

    Fuck yeah, Ree. I should detest her for having an in-game Mary Sue... but I love her stories. So whimiscal and romantic.

    Heard she's bisexual, too. :3
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:40 No.10172867
    >>10172518 here, meant to link to >>10172457
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:40 No.10172876

    Which stories? Also, she has a Mary Sue? Details, man!
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:40 No.10172877

    LOL Doji Shizue. Wtf happened to the Lion Ninja (another mary sue) she had a romance with?
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:41 No.10172882
    Which is the disadvantage that fucks you forever by preventing you from ever using Void?
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:41 No.10172896
    In the L5R timeline, Clan War and everything that happened before it is god tier. Four Winds was so-so, and Khan's Defiance had potential but got fucked up by shitty writing. Everything else is shit.

    Especially this new bullshit with the fire people invasion and yet another zombie war.

    I want another Clan War to happen. I get its supposed to be a fantasy game but it seems as if the clans never actually fight EACH OTHER anymore.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:42 No.10172899

    Doji Shizue. She can't find a husband because she has clubfoot even though her brother is lord of the Crane clan. ;_;

    And she's soooo pretty and talented at singing and storytelling.
    >> Panache 05/31/10(Mon)02:43 No.10172917

    Matsu Hiroru. He committed sepukku around the same time as Toturi I.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:43 No.10172918

    There is still hope Toturi will wake up and realise everything was a bad dream.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:43 No.10172932

    The thing is that they're so afraid to offend the clan fanboys that they have to keep relying on external enemies and even when the clans do fight the wars always come to draws.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:43 No.10172934

    Was that before or after Shizue was killed by the shadow?
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:44 No.10172937
    She also hid inside a cabinet during the Scorpion Clan Coup and nearly starved to death because she didn't come out for weeks and no one knew she was in there.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:44 No.10172939
    And then Daigotsu will wake up and wonder why he was dreaming of Toturi I.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:44 No.10172948

    Only just got into L5R, what the fuck are you on about?
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:45 No.10172969
    momuku, or however you spell that.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:46 No.10172978
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:46 No.10172989

    The old fogeys are reminiscing about the old days. Go read about your Spider clan and army of burning people attacking Rokugan, skippy.
    >> Panache 05/31/10(Mon)02:46 No.10172991
    This guy has it right. Ree was okay-ish, but after the second Day of Thunder, the only stuff that could be called good came from when Rich Wulf headed the story team.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:46 No.10172997
    >Only just got into L5R

    Well the onus is on you to look it up then.
    >> Panache 05/31/10(Mon)02:48 No.10173014

    I think Shizue made it to Oblivion's Gate, so that would be before, around the weirdness that was Morikage castle.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:48 No.10173015

    Thought so. IIRC, that disadvantage is one that you only take if you want to piss off that Admiral from the Burning Sands. You know, Akbar.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:48 No.10173022
    The writers need to man up and tell the fanboys to suck it up because it makes the story more interesting and not completely shit.

    Its not like I'm asking for a clan to get wiped out completely, I just want to see wars like in the historical lore.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:50 No.10173058
    >In addition to her literary work, Ree designs and develops online games, reads Ayn Rand as well as Anne McCaffrey, and travels.

    Seeing as she reads Ayn Rand, which is all five of the top five things I hate the most, I think my initial skepcitism is well founded.
    >> Panache 05/31/10(Mon)02:50 No.10173061

    Also, 4E can't be as bad as 2E, for the same reasons that 3E wasn't. Did you even read the second edition? Everything roll Skill k Trait, and if you didn't have the skill, you just ate shit.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:51 No.10173079
    K let me get this straight, Shizue gets kidnapped by Kage and imprisoned and raeped by his Kolat buddies (maybe). Shizue later dies saving Kage from Shadows minions. Kage repents and uses secret channels available to him to give the Kolats supply of Crystal weaponry to the armies headed to Volturnum? Doesn't Hiroru get her body and go through the portal? Aargh info on Shadow War is so vague, I don't even know if Doji Kuwanan died or not.
    >> Panache 05/31/10(Mon)02:52 No.10173085

    Eh. Lion and Unicorn can't seem to stop fighting for more than 5 seconds.

    I'm not sure what's wrong with the writing, but I think it might just be that the writers don't have a specific story to tell.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:52 No.10173090

    Since its inception, /tg/ has mostly existed for the benefit of people too stupid to use google or read the game books and want rules and fluff spoonfed to them.


    I call it Dragonlance syndrome. Don't have a huge timejump or write about something besides war or delve into an alternate timeline: just pull a new villain out of your ass and write another story about saving the world.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)02:55 No.10173148

    Yeah, I gave my players a second set of XP every adventure that could only be used on skills. In hindsight I should have just used 1E's skill system.

    Erm, so skill system aside it was basically 1E with much better art, an amazingly helpful GM's guide, and more coherant introductory fluff. I've got some fond memories of 2E.
    >> Panache 05/31/10(Mon)03:02 No.10173284

    Shit, thought I posted a response to this. I can't remember this stuff very well, it's been a long time, and all of the information was muddled then. You'd have to hit the Miya Archives for real answers.

    Doji Kuwanan wasn't reprinted after Soul of the Empire.

    I think Matsu Hiroru was on the other side of Oblivion's Gate at the battle, and I think it was Ginawa that pulled Toturi through.

    Shizue survived the battle, I think, but that was Ree's last hurrah, so no more is heard of her after that.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:03 No.10173299
    Regardless if you love or hate 3e, Emerald Empire was an amazing book.
    >> Panache 05/31/10(Mon)03:03 No.10173303

    Yeah. I bought and utilized the books, I just mostly continued on with 1st Edition's system.
    >> Panache 05/31/10(Mon)03:03 No.10173312

    I would like to get my hands on that, but can't seem to find it locally.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:05 No.10173351

    What she didn't even allow her character to be killed off? Sheesh.

    Kuwanan is another thing. He supposedly got tainted so he stays in Volturnum to guard it. Yet in the Hidden Emperor book it says he died. *shrug*

    So did Hiroru make it out as a spirit then? Can't be since he's not mentioned again.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:05 No.10173361
    They've done everything you said. War against the shadow? Seriously, what the fuck happened? Nobody even knows and suddenly it's years later and Iuchiban's back. KYD? Admittedly that was an awesome idea but way underdeveloped. And the villain ass pulling method certainly isn't doing any favours for the plot. I was trying to update a new player to some semblance of recent plot but gave up when I started sounding like "and then the dragon ate him, and then the other dragon ate that dragon, and then a tiger killed them with blood magic" and just went with a homebrew campaign that assumed no plot knowledge.

    Honestly I think the plot might be weighed down by so much plot it would be impossible to make a fresh start for the new edition without a hard reset. There's plenty of chances to screw that up too, but I can't see them salvaging what's going on right now.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:06 No.10173378
    >Shizue was not a great beauty, but a lovely girl with bright grey eyes and long white hair. She was quick to smile and laugh, and her voice could convey a tremendous depth of emotion. Due to the crippled foot her steps are slow, but rhythmic, and thanks to some of the dancing she was taught by Teinko she moved quite gracefully.

    Newfag here, I raged, thank Hida the metaplot is being divorced from mechanics.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:09 No.10173427
    >weighed down by so much plot

    I meant plot weighed down by so much crap. Although right now it's often hard to tell between the two.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:09 No.10173434

    Mark my words, once AEG runs out of 'local' plot ideas, they will do the Yodatai invasion plot thats been hinted at for over a decade.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:11 No.10173464
    Rokugan should have a Meiji restoration type event.

    It'd probably end up going steampunk after that.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:11 No.10173478
    Actually, no. This is an absolutely terrible idea.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:11 No.10173485
    Here, a way to explain how Spider Clan can even function despite being Tainted as fuck: the members they actually use as anything other than point-and-release weapons are Tainted in useful fashion. The mutations are on the inside, the batshit crazy is in ways they can be trained to hide to some degree, and overall they're the sort of thing you'd expect the Shadowlands to produce when it wants actual agents of corruption it can seed within the enemy.

    The big thing that has to be ensured is that nobody who makes it past the outer layer of expendable idiots in the clan hierarchy has any illusions about what the Spider wants: Taint and death for all of reality, starting with Rokugan. Any who find this out and disagree either die immediately or are turned into mindless Tainted shock troops for later use.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:14 No.10173553
    Another way to think of it is that for every active Spider Clan member that you see, there's at least nine or ten corpses of potential Spider Clan members whose Taint manifested in an undesirable (read: too crazy/mutated to be an infiltrator) fashion.
    >> Panache 05/31/10(Mon)03:15 No.10173570
    I think Hiroru chose to stay on the other side of the gate. Oh! I think he went to Gaki-do, so was a gross bug thing.

    KYD wasn't a storyline, it was a boutique set, like Heroes of Rokugan, Dawn of the Empire or the current one, Death at Koten. So it wasn't messed up by tournament results or being dragged on after it was finished.

    KYD was fucking awesome. I still have my set.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:15 No.10173575
    Aren't they currently having the Ivory Kingdoms invade, more-or-less?
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:16 No.10173592
    I'm actually kind of looking forward to that. The empire hasn't been hit with a credible threat for a long time. Hopefully the writers will be smart enough to man up and write out some permanent changes to the Empire. If the dark lord of the shadowlands can sack the imperial capital yet leave no permanent impact aside from an occasional reference to a city's name change, then the story team obviously isn't doing their job.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/31/10(Mon)03:16 No.10173599
    I think the problem with the metaplot is as follows.

    The book tells you that you are one of many, many, many, many, many Clan samurai. You are a tiny cog in a vast machine, almost Dark Heresy style. You are an important tiny cog, a member of the samurai caste, but still a tiny insignificant little cog. You start with almost nothing, and there is a good chance you'll die very quickly. Your best bet is to either retire somewhat-wealthy and have lots of kids, or to die spectacularly.

    Then the big metaplot NPCs show up, claim to be characters similar to yours...only they aren't. They always succeed, are always in the spotlight, and unlike you they aren't expendable. They can be related to Clan Daimyos, they can succeed at everything, and they aren't little cogs...they're big, big, big cogs from the getgo.

    Am I making sense?
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/31/10(Mon)03:17 No.10173619

    Er, whoops, NPCs there should be "PCs", or "DMPCs" in hindsight.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/31/10(Mon)03:19 No.10173656
    Plot-wise, all I want is an era of peace. Shadowlands being a constant threat, wars breaking out between the clans every so often, something sandboxy. More Forgotten Realms than Krynn (Forgotten Realms if someone took a pollax to the back of Elminster's head, at least)
    >> Panache 05/31/10(Mon)03:23 No.10173721

    Yes, you're making sense, but you're hammering your thumb, not hitting the nail.

    The problems with the metaplot are chiefly the Dragonlance syndrome mentioned above, a little bit of one-upsmanship, a little bit of WTF tournament results and a general lack of writer discipline.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/31/10(Mon)03:26 No.10173775

    Dragonlance is a good comparison. The setting would be much improved if the plot would just take a breather for a while. Give players a chance to explore and do things. The urge to have more and more stuff happening chokes me a little.
    >> Panache 05/31/10(Mon)03:26 No.10173781

    One of the great successes of the Clan War/Scorpion Clan Coup era was that the story was straightforward, yet vague. It was easy to tell the main events, explain what was going on and what not, but the details on almost everything were very sketchy.

    Ree tried to replicate that (I think) and failed by being too wishy-washy and vague. Writing about reality wiping enemies didn't help, either.

    More recent L5R hasn't bothered to leave the same sorts of gaps and missing details that are so nice for a person to be able to fill in for themselves. There aren't as many creative spaces lying around.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:26 No.10173792
    Thread archived, but discussion is still going on, is there a way to "update" the archived thread or will it do that on its own?
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:27 No.10173806
    Moon over the stars
    A flash of steel, gust of wind
    Cherry blossoms fall

    ..or something.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:28 No.10173823
    >Shizue was not only taught to be an artisan, but when she was old enough Satsume ordered Kakita Yoshi to train her as a spy. She would incorporate hidden messages in her stories to convey information to Yoshi, Satsume or Hoturi, and her access to the Imperial Court gave her a lot of critical information. She had a great capacity for memorizing manuscripts at a glance and deciphering hidden codes in writing as well as speeches. Yoshi himself spoke highly of her, and would frequently say she would make a fine addition to the Crane Ambassadors to the Imperial Court when she was older. To the other clans however she remained only a goodwill ambassador. Her sunny disposition could make any courtroom cheerful, and she would frequently travel to the Lion, Scorpion, Phoenix or Dragon lands.(Crane p. 84)

    My rage is a flame that will burn the Crane.
    >> Panache 05/31/10(Mon)03:30 No.10173869
    I agree pretty strongly with you here--that's what I mean by one upsmanship. It's a common mistake in fantasy and science fiction writing that investment and scale are one in the same--that to tell an epic story, you need an epic scale. If the writing and story are engaging enough, we will follow. We don't need to be saving the whole entire Empire from hordes even bigger and more terrifying than the previous horde, which was bigger and more terrifying...

    I think that trying to be bigger than the Day of Thunder was a mistake. I think the writers should look at that as near the top of the scale, and tell stories that are not less compelling, but perhaps less grand.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:34 No.10173940
    Hell, at this point a return to peace would itself provide possibilities for epic stories. After all, Rokugan hasn't known an extended period of peace for an entire lifetime now. I wonder how the present Clans and their nobility would react to a world where they have the time to focus on something other than immediate survival?
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/31/10(Mon)03:35 No.10173974

    I'd like to hear about some average samurai. Not Shizue-style pinnacles of virtue and perfection who are omnicompetent and paragons of bushido. Let's hear about some Mantis pirates, who never involve themselves in anything metaplot-related, just run blockades and have an awesome time enraging the Phoenix and Crane. Or grimdark war stories about a Crab grunt on the Wall.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:35 No.10173977
    True story. The night of falling stars was voluntary Crane social outing organized in response to their mutual disgust for Shizue's Mary Sueness.
    >> Panache 05/31/10(Mon)03:37 No.10174014
    I think aberrant tournament results are usually handled pretty well, but there are always a few weird ones--the loss of Otosan-Uchi springs to mind.

    And as for writer discipline, I guess what I mean is a willingness to bull through ideas that are unpopular or that bother one clan or the other in order to make sure your story gets told, and told well. I understand that cooperative storytelling is a really tricky business, but I feel like the story team has been focusing a lot more on the cooperative for a few years. Instead of having a really strong/compelling story to tell, it's more like they've just been trying to compile tournament results (along with the new tradition of stories about an adventuring party).
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:38 No.10174043
    This. Oh god this. Tales about individual heroes saving what in the grand scheme of things would be nothing but a piddly little town from bandits can be a far more epic tale than a Empire-wide war against demigods.

    Just look at how fucking epic Seven Samurai is. The events of the whole movie wouldn't even be remembered in history if they actually happened, but make for an EPIC tale.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/31/10(Mon)03:39 No.10174062

    What happened with that, again? I didn't really keep up.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:41 No.10174094
    Let's hear about the only Phoenix shugenja NOT to use maho, or two Agasha sub-families competing to see who can make the most spectacular fireworks, or a Lion who treats love as a battlefield.

    For that matter, let's hear about what little Utaku girls wish for on their birthdays, since they know they'll be getting a pony eventually.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:42 No.10174106
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/31/10(Mon)03:43 No.10174126
    Or, heck, some intrigue. Some stories about a minor Scorpion official cheerfully backstabbing, framing, and bribing his way towards what he hopes to be a comfortable retirement...

    ...actually, I'm picturing him almost like a Courtier version of Ciaphas Cain. Really, all he wants to do is settle down with a pretty wife and run a silkworm farm, but his Daimyo keeps sending him into tense and hostile negotiations.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:44 No.10174139
    >For that matter, let's hear about what little Utaku girls wish for on their birthdays, since they know they'll be getting a pony eventually.

    I lol'd. I admit it. I lol'd heartily.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:45 No.10174164
    I presume that the Jurgen-equivalent would be from that one Scorpion family that's cursed to destroy whatever they love?
    >> Panache 05/31/10(Mon)03:46 No.10174171
    I dunno though. As much as I would love to see one of their "this is our adventuring party, here they go doing stuff" stories become the main storyline, I don't know if that would sustain the CCG player base. Which is basically what keeps L6R going.

    Anyway, I'm hitting the hay. I'll post more if you're still here tomorrow, thread.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:52 No.10174255

    "A boyfriend, so those Matsu cunts will stop calling me a horsedyke"
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:53 No.10174271
    Wasn't there a 6 part story with a newbie party investigating murders of returned spirits alongside Rezan? I though that was awesome.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:55 No.10174302
    >> Shinsei's Smile !JQq0cR/.GM 05/31/10(Mon)03:57 No.10174338
    Archive it again.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)03:58 No.10174352
         File1275292705.jpg-(98 KB, 655x482, 8294_catfight02___Steve_Argyle(...).jpg)
    98 KB
    I believe this is what the Matsu call foreplay.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:02 No.10174412

    Getting a boyfriend?
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:04 No.10174450
    I think she's fighting a Crane, so it's really a 50/50 shot.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:06 No.10174490
    Pulling the hair of Utaku girls.
    >> Shinsei's Smile !JQq0cR/.GM 05/31/10(Mon)04:07 No.10174507
         File1275293279.jpg-(135 KB, 308x431, utaku kohana 1.jpg)
    135 KB
    Purple tells me that the Matsu is fighting a Unicorn. Specifically it is Utaku Kohana.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:09 No.10174528

    ...No, I've lived through Matsu foreplay. Do you want to really know what it's like?

    It was an hour or so before dawn, one cool, misty morning on a little port you've probably never heard of. My crew and I were unloading our vessel and hauling barrels of fine sake and other more...well...exotic goods, if you take my meaning. Everyone was a little nervous, but who isn't on one of these runs? Still, we were in harbor, hadn't seen hide nor hair of a customs official...when suddenly, I hear this scream of pure, pants-dripping terror.

    I see this shape loom out of the blackness, and for a moment there I knew how it felt to be a Crab. She looked like she was eight feet tall, and her eyes seemed to glow beneath her helmet, her huge chest rising and falling as she breathed like a bellows, steam pouring from her mouth and nostrils like some Kami-cursed monster in the cool air. She had my first mate by the throat, and though he was the biggest man in the whole crew she was lifting him in one hand like a little girl lifts a doll. She saw me, and she LEERED. It was the most terrifying thing I've ever seen, the intensity of it was like taking a tetsubo to the chest.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:11 No.10174565
    I like where this is going. Somebody's gonna get a hurt real bad.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:15 No.10174620
    Why is it when I read this I'm picturing in my head an Elcor saying "Delighted: Human, a pleasure to meet you!"
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:15 No.10174629
    The joke at my table was always because Matsu bitches are raised to be tough and strong and to never show weakness, then they inevitably become submissive sex kittens in bed. Like its a fetish for them to act that way.

    Plus, its SO TSUNDERE.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:16 No.10174631

    I'm stumbling back, and my hands are going to my kamas, but something in the pit of my stomach is telling me I'm going to lose. It's the same way that a faun, no matter how it rears up and kicks at a tiger, is going to be casually disemboweled and eaten, that same damned feeling.

    With one casual motion, she just hurls this big man she's lifting by the neck into the harbor, and, I swear, she just BOUNDS towards me like some kind of monster, all armor and maned helmet, bristling with six different weapons, and just slaps the kamas out of my hands. So, with Yoritomo's name on my lips...I run. Sometimes, I still hear her raucous laughter, like an actual physical pressure against me. She caught my foot and I swear, it was like being stuck in a riptide. You can move and kick and swim all you want, but it inexorably pulls you out to sea and devours you. She threw me over her shoulder and stomped off, trampling over my few surviving crewmates.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:24 No.10174767
    You ever copped a feel of some silk-robed beauty? I'm guessing most of you roughnecks have, but I'm equally sure you've never been the silky one being handled. She just...touched me, and grinned, and laughed, petting me like I wasn't even struggling. I don't remember much after that. I remember a warehouse, and a pile of straw, and this giant, sweat-slicked muscular body looming over me by the light of a cheap candle...I remember that it hurt, that I was bruised before she even started peeling the armor off me like a tangerine (and it was hours before she felt she needed to remove more than some specific bits, I'm saying I was bruised just from being groped by her). It was the most painful, agonizing, aching thing I've ever been through...but it was somehow also the best thing I've ever felt. Some of my men found me a week or so later, tied to a stake near that pile of straw with my hips fractured. They said most of the crew had survived, but everyone was injured...I spent some extra coin, and a Shugenja healed us all up, but there are some things you just can't heal away with magic. Sometimes, I still wake up with my heart pounding, thinking I heard something. I know she'll come for me again someday, she told me so herself, and when she does...I don't think any amount of Mantis guards can stop her.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:25 No.10174789
    >Only two years after her gempukku Shizue was asked to be present in the Emperors court. Her gift for storytelling was unmatched, and many thought she was the reborn spirit of Kakita's sister Kakita Kiyamori. She was skilled in other things such as song and calligraphy, and even Satsume could sometimes be heard to mumble faint praises about the girl. (Crane p. 84)

    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:33 No.10174906

    So, yeah, that's what it's like. What scares me the most is the thought that that week might just have been some extended courtship or foreplay of its own, and when she comes to get me again, it's gonna be for the main event. If that happens...I'm pretty sure I won't be coming home again, all I can ask is that the Kami give me strength and stamina.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:35 No.10174929
         File1275294909.jpg-(100 KB, 800x532, koi1[1].jpg)
    100 KB
    We are still here.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:36 No.10174952
    Tough bitch on the outside, but a mewling sex kitten under that armor?

    ... fuck yeah.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:37 No.10174967
         File1275295053.jpg-(70 KB, 900x675, Koi-PondTypes1[1].jpg)
    70 KB
    Aren't they fascinating? There are many kinds of Koi. Big, noticeable fish that weave color through a decorative pond. So friendly, too.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:38 No.10174979

    In my group, our gigantic Hida Bushi is precisely that way.

    ...it's absolutely awesome.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:38 No.10174982
    Matsu get drunk too. It was just your bad luck to have caught the eye of the idiot sister.

    Naizen-sama thinks it would be good for diplomacy, however. So, um, my condolences.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:40 No.10175013
         File1275295254.jpg-(74 KB, 500x369, Doji_Shizue_2[1].jpg)
    74 KB
    Doji Shizue confirmed for cat lady. Look at them, I bet she has six or seven of them, each with names.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:42 No.10175029

    ...Idiot sister? Hell, I want one of those giant Matsu girls too. Lucky Mantis bastard.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:43 No.10175050
    It's always the ones who look like the sex kittens on the outside you have to watch out for.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:44 No.10175073
    No doubt in my mind that Scorpion and Crane bitches are total dominatrixes.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:45 No.10175079
    Actually, "Doji Shizue" is the name given to her by humans who don't realize that she's actually just a highly-advanced puppet controlled from inside by more cats.

    She keeps cats around at all times so that there are always fresh cats to take over when the ones inside her need a rest.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:46 No.10175088
    Or just those types of manipulative cunts who lead you on forever making you think you might get some someday, but will never give it up.

    You know what I'm talking about.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:46 No.10175095

    Nah. Scorpion women just want someone to be sweet to. If they ever find out you're willing to cuddle, or like them for their mind, suddenly they turn into a complete...what do you call it, again? Yamato nadeshiko? Only your enemies keep mysteriously ending up dead, and so do any girls you talk to.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:47 No.10175101
    If this were true it would make the character infinitely more interesting.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:47 No.10175105

    Are the cats the ones making her into a huge Mary Sue?
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:50 No.10175160
    I change my mind, this sounds way more like what a Scorpion chick would be like.

    What about Crane chicks?

    This thread is now about what clan chicks are REALLY like in bed/relationships, not just their stereotypes.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:51 No.10175163
         File1275295860.jpg-(68 KB, 402x465, Doji_Shizue[1].jpg)
    68 KB


    Her stats are shockingly unimpressive. Also note that here she is, again, snuggling a cat. Isn't excessive pet-having a sign of Mary Sue?
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:52 No.10175183
    Seeing as this is how squirrels puppet the Lady of Pain, I'd say yes.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:52 No.10175188
    I imagine Crane to be a lot like most every Asian girl I've ever dated. Prim and proper on the outside, but as soon as you're alone they become kinky sex fiends who just want to be tied up and play-raped.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/31/10(Mon)04:52 No.10175190

    I hope not. /tg/ seemed to like my idea of being a Scorpion Bushi who had trained a little monkey to drink tea, play a biwa, wear ashigaru armor with a tiny spear, and ride around on his shoulder being a little yojimbo. Is that Mary Sue?
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:53 No.10175198

    ...That's your experience too? Holy fuck, it actually kinda creeped me out when I found out.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:53 No.10175205
    No, that's just awesome and you should feel awesome for making it up.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:54 No.10175221
    Yes, but only because they want to make sure that they run the show on this side of the Wall.

    They've been running Daigotsu for ages.

    I mean, Shadowlands this, Fu Leng that, but the cats aren't willing to accept any circumstances that might permanently impair their favorite slave race.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:54 No.10175226
    >Storytelling 5
    >good enough for the Emperor

    Cranes, I am disappoint.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:55 No.10175239
    Little known (disturbing) fact about Japan:
    All that crazy rape hentai/porn out there, that may or may not involve tentacles?

    Market statistics show its not JUST for guys.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)04:56 No.10175254
    >Crane women

    Well, for starters, half of them are actually men. They're kind of like inverse dorfs that way.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/31/10(Mon)04:58 No.10175275

    Thanks. Originally, I was doing it to troll the Crane, but then I realized that a Scorpion has better things to do than troll, some Crane are genuinely pretty cool, and that having a pet monkey that could do those things was just awesome on its own.

    ...do you think I should buy Servant to represent my monkey-yojimbo and just assign his skill points where appropriate? Most likely they'd just be in Biwa-playing and Tea Ceremony. In combat, I just use him as fluff for some of the disarming, distracting, and entangling techniques I hear Scorpion are getting in 4th.

    ...also, yes, he does have a tiny mask.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)05:01 No.10175316
    What is it with L5R and pet monkies? This has come up more than once in my game. I've seen a Crab once use his fellow PC's pet monkey as an imrovised weapon in a sake house, a scary Yogo who used her pet monkey, wearing a tiny kimono and mimicking her every move, as a ploy to annoy bureaucrats she didn't like, and a Mantis who tried to convince everyone he met that his pet monkey was a spirit animal. Turned out his first mate was a spirit monkey in disguise whose personal hobby was talking the captain's pet into doing outrageous things in front of important people. Finding that out was damn funny.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/31/10(Mon)05:04 No.10175352

    Because monkeys are awesome and an instant classic.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)05:05 No.10175374
    Combined with the fact they're one of the choices for your free generic starting belongings package.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)05:07 No.10175397
    lol I forgot about the free starter picks. I had a player who once loaded his character up with crickets and tried to use them as barter items with Nezumi.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)05:09 No.10175413
    In 1E unless you were Togashi or Kisada 5 was as high as any skill went.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/31/10(Mon)05:10 No.10175418

    I know that's where I got the idea for mine. "Oh hey, what's this sidebar? Huh, stuff in my traveling pack? Oh, cool, pets? WAIT, I CAN HAVE A MONKEY?!"

    Good times.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/31/10(Mon)05:12 No.10175446

    So all of those skills, including Manipulation and Investigation, at 4 and 5 are simply more evidence of her Sue-ness?
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)05:13 No.10175453
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)05:14 No.10175459
    Goddamnit yes. Even more so than the 26 levels she has in cat lady.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/31/10(Mon)05:23 No.10175535

    What makes me want to visit Crane lands and 'accidentally' trip her onto her own wakizashi isn't primarily that, it's this.

    >Shizue was not a great beauty, but a lovely girl with bright grey eyes and long white hair. She was quick to smile and laugh, and her voice could convey a tremendous depth of emotion. Due to the crippled foot her steps are slow, but rhythmic, and thanks to some of the dancing she was taught by Teinko she moved quite gracefully. (Crane p. 84)

    Not a great beauty, but described as lovely, wat? However, the absolute rage-inducing part is that, despite her grossly crippled leg, which is never ever shown or hinted at being any sort of problem besides "oh woe! I've fallen, help me samurai-san~" and an excuse for why she's a sad, sad snowflake with no husband...she's described as graceful and rhythmic, and is apparently an accomplished dancer. Essentially, she has utterly invalidated most of the disadvantages of being a cripple. She doesn't even need to use a cane to get around.

    >Her difficulties only made her stronger, and if anyone followed the ideals of the Kakita Artisans the most it could arguably be Shizue. "Life is an art; do one thing well and you will do everything well." She would spend a lot of her time in the gardens of the Crane Clan telling stories and helping the Crane remember their history. She lead a peaceful life, and bore no remorse for the death of her parents. (Crane pp. 84-85)

    Parents died tragically, but she isn't at all bothered by it? I'm noticing a distinct trend of all her "flaws" being excuses for drama, and never causing any actual downside to her. She also has Soft-Hearted and Small, but apparently suffers no disadvantage from THEM, either, despite Soft-Hearted being the social equivalent of a kick-me sign.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)05:23 No.10175539
    One of my players had a trained monkey who would do anything to please its master. This was up to and including stealing a pair of sacred jade daggers from a statue of Daidoji Uji in the middle of the party's negotiations with the Emerald Champion after the player saw them and offhandedly commented how wonderful it would be if she could get her hands something like them for herself one day. I loved the shenanigans creating potential of that little beast to bits.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)05:26 No.10175575
    Next session: breaking into the Emerald Champion's estate to secretly return his stuff.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/31/10(Mon)05:27 No.10175578

    As for the cat-lady bit. Well...it strikes me as more self-insert than anything else, but it's also "Oh I'm this delicate crippled peaceful woman who lives alone with her cats, OH HELLO EMPEROR, AND MY BROTHER THE CRANE DAIMYO, BOTH OF WHOM I TELL STORIES TO REGULARLY, YOU'RE HERE TO ESCORT ME TO COURT WHERE I WILL BE FETED AND SMOTHERED IN PRAISE AND ATTENTION?"

    I confess, my friends, I raged most heartily. If my mother could see me, she would strike me the way Shinsei struck Bayushi...but in the face of this, there can be no emotion, perceived or real, except rage.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)05:28 No.10175592

    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)05:33 No.10175645

    She even dies saving a legendary Kolat master who has been the sensei of dozens of famous heroes. Oh, and her death teaches him that honor has value, and it softens his heart.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)05:34 No.10175659
    I bet Shizue fucked like a tiger, too.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)05:37 No.10175684

    Of course, no way she would be allowed to ever be terrible at anything.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)05:39 No.10175711
    To be honest I'm actually totally shocked she isn't also an accomplished swordswoman who studied at the kenshinzen academy, so never needed a second for any challenge.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)05:41 No.10175738
    Even better, during the negotiations they kept butting heads with one of the champion's underlings. After they broke into the estate they thought they could frame her by planting the daggers in her room. Pretty stupid in retrospect, but my group was known for doing stupid things. I was setting her up as a cliffside battle in a thunderstorm type end game BBEG, but I thought the whole thing so hilarious I let them get a jump on the plot and while looking for a convenient hiding spot for the daggers, find her secret maho scrolls way before they suspected anything dire.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/31/10(Mon)05:42 No.10175747

    Me too, or I was at first. She only has 2 in Knives. Then I realized it's so she can be adorably helpless and cling to some big, strong men who are all also legendary heroes of Rokugan and master duelists that slay all of her foes for her. And she probably has a few Kenshinzen among her immediate family.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)05:48 No.10175815
    Yeah, this makes sense. The head sensei of the Kenshinzen academy is probably her close uncle or some shit.

    Someone check Way of the Crane, he's probably in there, and it probably says so somewhere.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/31/10(Mon)05:52 No.10175842

    I don't have Way of the Crane, and I'm depressingly sure you're right.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)05:55 No.10175873
    Wow, and here I thought Doji Jorihime, the perfect, impeccable, unassailable genius queen of the first Winter Court PbP game was a giant Mary Sue.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/31/10(Mon)05:58 No.10175897
    Well, on the subject of warrior men in her life, her adopted brother was good enough to be Crane Thunder, her other adopted brother was a hardass who trained with the Akodo. Her BOYFRIEND was little brother of the Matsu Daimyo, and a super-strong swordsman at both Iaijutsu and kenjutsu.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)06:00 No.10175919
    Well, there you have it.

    I vote we start calling her Doji Marizue
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/31/10(Mon)06:01 No.10175927

    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)06:06 No.10175984

    See for yourself. Count how many times her name comes up, it seems almost like not a goddamn thing happened during the entire game that wasn't revolved around her or resolved by her.

    She even got to appear in the splat book Masters of the Court, where she is played up even more.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/31/10(Mon)06:10 No.10176024
    >shugenja-ko and Courtier

    Stopped right there. You know, every time I meet a nice Crane in one of these threads, like that Daidoji girl who wanted relationship advice, or Amiki, or Reiji, it seems like it's immediately followed by someone like this. I'm very upset.

    Also, the "major focus of romantic efforts" bit left a bad taste in my mouth.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)06:11 No.10176037
    Yeah, and when they say "several other court attendees" they mean every goddamn character there except one or two.
    >> Bayushi Koganaga 05/31/10(Mon)06:12 No.10176048

    ...Right. I think I will sleep soon, it's been a pleasant evening of poetry and discussion, and I'd rather be annoyed at this woman when I'm more awake. Good night, everyone.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/10(Mon)06:23 No.10176150
    Farewell, Bayushi with the Awesome Monkey.

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