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  • File : 1275801897.png-(221 KB, 1000x672, robots.png)
    221 KB Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)01:24 No.10306964  
    We played our first session of an Engine Heart game yesterday. The party is:

    A weak-willed Size-5 mobile convenience store named Hal (although OOC we all call him Lunchbox),

    A human-sized libraroid with a fancy display screen on his chest,

    A size-3 repairbot with two drones; one meek and one a bit abrasive,

    and a Size-1 domineering, dominating tentacle sphere with the ability to drain another robot's battery.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)01:38 No.10307213
    I only contributed a small bit to the making of the game but it still feels good, man.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)01:38 No.10307226
         File1275802725.png-(132 KB, 774x800, golem.png)
    132 KB
    We also found a big lifting bot in decent shape in the scrapyard we all reactivated in. The repairbot was able to charge its battery, and the tentacle controller gave it enough of an OS to follow simple commands.

    It's not an NPC... it's more of a golem.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)01:44 No.10307346
    I'm rather intrigued. Carry on.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)01:49 No.10307437
         File1275803397.png-(80 KB, 247x316, Krusk--Elvis.png)
    80 KB
    Why is Krusk Elvis?
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)01:54 No.10307513
    I would be very sad to see this thread 404, Tell me about engine heart, is there any material for it?
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)01:55 No.10307553
    Seems pretty cool OP, continue
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)01:59 No.10307614
    Well... here are the character sheets:

    Unit Name: MediaGuide
    Original Purpose: An friendly and interactive librarian that doubles as a library!

    RealityCom 4
    HumanCom 4
    DigiCon 3
    MechaniCon 2
    Dexterity 2
    Mobility 4
    Perception 4 (3)
    Reflexes 2
    Strength 3
    Durability 3
    Buffer 2
    Size 4
    Power 2

    Initiative: 1d10+2
    Speed: 6
    Physical Interaction Pool: 4d10
    Damage from Strike: 1
    TN to be Struck: 6
    OS Threshold Max: 5
    Damage Threshold Max: 4

    Manipulative Limb x2
    Wireless Transceiver
    Video Display Screen 5
    Biofrequency Scanner 5
    Flexible Body

    Plastic Casing x2
    Overriding Directive
    Buggy Cameras
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)01:59 No.10307625
    I will KRUSK until you give me MOAR!
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)02:00 No.10307637
    >Tell me about engine heart, is there any material for it?


    The link to the rulebook is on the wiki page.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)02:01 No.10307655
    UNIT NAME:H4L'5 Lunchbox
    ORIGINAL PURPOSE:Food and Beverage delivery unit
    3______ REALITYCOM 3______ DEXTERITY 3______ DURABILITY
    3______ HUMANCOM 3______ MOBILITY 3______ BUFFER
    3______ DIGICON 3______ PERCEPTION 5 15 pts SIZE
    2______ MECHANICON 3______ REFLEXES 3______ POWER
    3(4)___ STRENGTH
    Point cost on atts (1/1 2/3 3/6 4/10 5/15) (110/111
    DAMAGE FROM STRIKE 2______ TN TO BE STRUCK 6______ Damage Threshold 8______ 8______
    OS Threshold 6______ 6______

    35 cm Internal Food Container 3 pts
    Vacuum Nozzle(for refilling soda tank) 5 pts
    8 Litre liquid storage 3 pts
    Prehensile Limb 5 pts
    Solar Power 10 pts

    Compliant 7 pts
    Slow Charger 2 ranks 4 pts
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)02:02 No.10307667
         File1275804133.png-(242 KB, 640x480, AkuOhMyGod.png)
    242 KB

    >Tentacle sphere
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)02:03 No.10307681
    Control Tentacle Epsilon, aka Teppy

    Intelligence (23)
    RealCom 3 (6)
    HumaCom 1 (1)
    DigiCon 4 (10)
    MechCon 3 (6)
    Chassis (36)
    Dex 4 (10)
    Mobility 2 (3)
    Perception 3 (6)
    Reflexes 3 (6)
    Strength 2 (3)
    Durability 2 (3)
    Buffer 1 (1)
    Size 1 (1)
    Power 2 (3)

    Features (41)
    Flexible Body (6)
    Interface Prong 2 (20)
    Power Leech (10)
    Prehensile Limb (5)
    Telescoping Reach Rank 2 (10)
    Environmentally Attuned (Indoors) (-6)
    Lightweight (-4)
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)02:05 No.10307726
         File1275804328.jpg-(82 KB, 509x661, Repairz-All.jpg)
    82 KB
    I actually used the character sheet for my bots~
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)02:08 No.10307765
         File1275804491.jpg-(74 KB, 509x661, welder drone.jpg)
    74 KB
    Here's the abrasive welder drone. It's basically a flat wedge with an arc welder for an arm (it's the little grey wedge on the bottom-right in the OP)
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)02:14 No.10307873
         File1275804858.jpg-(50 KB, 440x334, wall-e.jpg)
    50 KB
    stat me
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)02:15 No.10307879
         File1275804903.jpg-(73 KB, 509x661, oil drone.jpg)
    73 KB
    And here's the meek oil-can. It has no arms; just a sphere with a retractable nozzle for dispensing oil.

    I don't know what MG's Overriding Directive is about, but my repairbot is compelled to repair broken robots, even if they've been deactivated for a long time. Since he only has DigiCon 1, he has to roll 8+ on a single d10 every time he encounters a robot that might be salvageable.

    Hal's Compliant defect means he's a pushover, and Teppy's just a bossy asshole. Sometimes he's all right.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)02:23 No.10308054
    Alright, let's see... we should probably do features and defects first, then see how many points we have to work with for stats.

    Common Model (8 points)
    Cutting Laser (15 points)
    (Does he have an internal compartment? I forget)
    Manipulative Limb, Standard (5 points)
    Solar Powered (10 points)
    Vice Grip (8 points/rating)

    We could give him the minor Overriding Directive (+2 points) since he has so many hobbies.
    Maybe also Slow Charger (+2 points/rating) since it seemed like it might have taken him two hours to charge up in the morning.

    So that's 42 points spent on features and defects, leaving 58 points to spend on his attributes.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)02:33 No.10308245
         File1275805981.jpg-(78 KB, 509x661, wall-e.jpg)
    78 KB

    And there you go, Wall-E built with the standard 100 points.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)02:34 No.10308277
    It's a trash compactor, he usually just uses it as a box though
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)02:36 No.10308314
    by so easily completeing my challenge, you have convinced me to play this game. This thread should now be about character inspirations
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)02:42 No.10308453
    Yeah, I knew about the trash compacter (that's the Vice Grip feature).

    After I posted that, I remembered that he carried an actual lunchbox with him to keep the stuff he found throughout his day. I wouldn't count that as an external compartment feature because it's not really a part of him / permanently affixed to him.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)02:44 No.10308494
    Whoops, there's a typo. His Power rating should only be 1.

    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)02:52 No.10308635
         File1275807131.jpg-(59 KB, 586x400, tokyo-fire-department-robot.jpg)
    59 KB
    Japanese corpse collecting robot.

    If humanity died from a plague, these units could be plentiful, possibly with a built in crematorium. would probably disturb those units with olfactory sensors
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)02:57 No.10308742

    Biofrequency Scanner, a variation of the Vice Grip (or possibly a Cutting Laser that's focused inward), a large internal compartment and a Specialty Chassis (burning stuff inside of it) make this a pretty cheap robot, features-wise.

    You could throw a lot of points into its attributes and hulk it out, or give it a kindly plague doctor disposition...
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)02:58 No.10308761

    if everyone died wouldn't they run out of fuel in a couple of months?
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)03:02 No.10308810
         File1275807725.jpg-(40 KB, 450x440, medical-robot.jpg)
    40 KB
    it's basically a specialized garbage bot. it's not like it's steam powered using the corpses as fuel or anything. that would be grimdark certainly, but not feasible
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)03:04 No.10308865
    an antagonist version might go amok killing things in order to have a chance to fulfill its function.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)03:14 No.10309024
         File1275808459.jpg-(81 KB, 509x661, corpsebot.jpg)
    81 KB
    Corpsebot is slow as hell.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)03:15 No.10309048
    >Japanese corpse collecting robot.

    Unit R35T trundled down the broken street, its thick treads helping to further crack and rend the decaying asphalt. Many charging cycles had passed since it was able to fulfill its primary purpose. There were simply no targets left. R35T and its brethren were nothing if not efficient, and even the tremendous workload of those first few months of the plague dwindled to little, then nothing.

    The thoroughfare was silent save for R35T's own functions. Optical sensors scanned for biological remains. Some units had taken to scooping up birds or rats or the occasional bloated feline corpse, flyblown in the sun and processing them in their furnaces. But R35T never lowered itself to such things. Though it had no vocabulary for the concept, it found the greasy soot left from the animals distasteful, nothing like the pure ash it was meant to create from its primary purpose.

    The programmings its creators had blessed it with could not quite grasp other sensations either. Had it the words, R35T might talk of creeping desperation. Despair. Once it crossed paths with a malfunctioning unit, tipped onto its side, tracks spinning in useless frustration. The malfunctioning unit's engine screamed in protest but R35T left it there. It would shut down completely, one day. Never again to do its duty.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)03:17 No.10309091

    >Unit R35T

    I see what you did there. And I like it.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)03:17 No.10309095
    fucking Wall-e 2
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)03:18 No.10309112
    Also, that story is awesome.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)03:18 No.10309119
    During another cycle, R35T saw two units scrambling to collect and process the same piece of biological matter. A single broken femur, tooth-marked and nearly dried to dust in the sun, had been unearthed by one of the mover-units. And the two collectors each tried to do their duty, neither wanting or able to back down. RE5T had to shut off its auditory circuits to silence the noise of metal thundering against metal, until one of the two units was silenced forever.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)03:19 No.10309128
         File1275808770.jpg-(16 KB, 370x400, bear head robot2 riba_2.jpg)
    16 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)03:20 No.10309148
    Thank you. Spur of the moment writefaggotry. I started to continue here


    but I realized I'm too sleepy from work to do the concept justice. I imagined it leading up to R35T happening upon a rogue unit that was creating animal corpses to process.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)03:21 No.10309157
    I like it, I like it a lot
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)03:21 No.10309167
    I thought it was gonna dismantle and burn that broken-down unit...
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)03:23 No.10309192
    Come to think of it, the Specialty Chassis is pretty useless there, which frees up 10 points for something else. Floodlights and a little something for attributes, maybe.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)03:33 No.10309363
         File1275809589.jpg-(81 KB, 509x661, corpsebot.jpg)
    81 KB
    Better version of R35T, with floodlights and slightly better Mobility. Also a bigger battery.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)03:33 No.10309369
         File1275809621.jpg-(17 KB, 350x320, typing-robot-thumb.jpg)
    17 KB
    I need to find a group to play this game
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)03:35 No.10309401

    Got a title for this little piece? I'd like to put it on the wiki.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)03:44 No.10309556
         File1275810273.jpg-(67 KB, 580x591, robot_receptionist.jpg)
    67 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)03:45 No.10309573
    since the author doesn't seem to be around, would "ashes to ashes" be too cheesy?
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)03:47 No.10309608

    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)03:51 No.10309677
    that's much better
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)04:04 No.10309865
    This game sounds neat.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)04:08 No.10309945
    I've just downloaded the pdf, it's a very straightforward ruleset. Cheers /tg/ another good 'un.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)04:12 No.10309994
    Viral makes good games.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)04:46 No.10310559
         File1275813996.jpg-(141 KB, 1024x768, 1246431897928.jpg)
    141 KB
    If this thread is still around in the morning, I'll stat some more robot concepts.

    Although waking up to a thread full of pre-made robots would be pretty sweet...
    >> Anonymous 06/06/10(Sun)04:48 No.10310587
         File1275814111.jpg-(97 KB, 1164x941, engine heart boxes.jpg)
    97 KB
    Here are two possible combinations for a Size-4 robot, for examples. The right one is about the same height as a small adult human, with a little bit of wiggle room (the extra two cubes' worth of volume).

    Goodnight, /tg/!

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