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  • File : 1276668147.jpg-(76 KB, 720x1123, 1273040826249.jpg)
    76 KB Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)02:02 No.10526077  
    Continued from:
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:03 No.10526090
    Is it still MAN QUEST?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:03 No.10526092
    "I want to protect you."
    >> Alpharius 06/16/10(Wed)02:03 No.10526094
    Man, a hat-trick.
    You've got some stamina Goshujin-Sama
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:03 No.10526095
    No, go away.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:03 No.10526097
    Fuck off with your spam.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:03 No.10526098
    Blue option.

    Not sure which one that is, but the blue one. You know, the one that's in the upper left as I hit X a lot to skip the dialogue.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:04 No.10526107
    Bring up the XP table so we can spend all our XP on Will, Skill, and Cunning.
    People wasted it TWICE during that squid fight on moves we could've easily tanked. :[
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:04 No.10526113
    Renegade choice.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:04 No.10526115
    If only x didn't also trigger dialogue options before they showed up.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:04 No.10526121
    Did this guy just tell himself to fuck off and sage himself?
    ... wat
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:04 No.10526124

    When ISN'T it? Every time you think Maid Quest is, well, Maid Quest, SUDDENLY, GIANT SQUID ATTACKS.

    I have literally lost count of how often that shit happens.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:04 No.10526125
    Weren't we thinking of saving our XP so we could ace our fight with Reginald?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:05 No.10526131
    "I want to protect you."
    Seriously, Alicia isn't the fan of our trolling, Asmoday is. And right now, I hate that bitch.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:05 No.10526133
    "I want to protect you.... But I also need to tease you!"

    Then proceed to tickle her!
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:05 No.10526134
    skill boosts are far more effective as they act as a multiplier on rolls
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:06 No.10526144
    Protect her. Need to reinforce her feelings for us after that squid debacle.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:06 No.10526152
    Tease her.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:06 No.10526158
    Tease her.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:06 No.10526160
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:07 No.10526168
    You will take 7 damage. You have 20hp. Prevent damage?
    God damn it.

    And yes, skill bonuses add multipliers and are good.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:07 No.10526170
    Tease, though is she looks annoyed switch to serious/corny mode.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:07 No.10526171
    this is also acceptable
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)02:07 No.10526176
    You'll have a chance to spend XP soon. :P

    > Overwhelming vote for Blue

    "Well," you say to her. "At the risk of sounding cheesy. . . I want to protect you. You're important to me." You reach out and put your hand over hers. "And so I'll do whatever it takes to protect you from danger. Whatever it takes."

    Alicia looks up into your eyes. "That was incredibly cheesy and really lame," she says, raising an eyebrow. "How the hell do you say that without laughing?"
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:08 No.10526183
         File1276668483.jpg-(24 KB, 167x167, 1267049581092.jpg)
    24 KB

    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:08 No.10526187
    "By meaning every word of it."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:08 No.10526192
    "This is probably going to sound cheesy too, but when you mean it, you don't find it funny."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:08 No.10526193
    because i mean it

    also was last thread archived?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:08 No.10526194
         File1276668535.jpg-(10 KB, 200x291, 1252972119754.jpg)
    10 KB

    "I remember the consequences of my last failure, and suddenly it isn't very fucking funny anymore."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:09 No.10526197
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:09 No.10526200
    I mean, that squid dealt a 7 damage attack (we burnt XP) and a 12 damage attack (we burnt XP) to us, that would've left us standing on 1hp.
    Plus, Donald threw a group heal for 5hp in there.
    All that burnt XP was completely and utterly fucking wasted and that makes me angry. >:[
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:10 No.10526208
    "Usually it takes a lot of practice, but this time I actually mean it."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:10 No.10526212
    "By meaning it. Also by saving the silliness for THIS-"

    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:10 No.10526218

    But we beat the squid! Besides, we've got plenty of XP coming from trolls anyhow.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:10 No.10526222
    inb4 Nabokov
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:10 No.10526226
    oo second for the lulz
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:10 No.10526227
    Either of these.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:11 No.10526231

    Seconding this. The rest of you are so corny... my god it's like I'm being chased through a cornfield by a guy dual-wielding hams
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:11 No.10526241
    this is much more appropriate
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:12 No.10526243
    My votes with this guy.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:12 No.10526251
    This, because life is a movie.
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)02:12 No.10526254
    > Look, I hate to be an asshole, but. . . if you're arguing how to minmax over a 4chan /tg/ fetish quest. . .


    "I say it by meaning it," you say. "From the bottom of my heart."

    Alicia gulps, and her eyes get a bit misty. "Really?" she says, choking up a bit.

    "Yup. . . also," you say, leaning in close. . . "by teasing the HELL OUT OF YOU."


    > You: 4
    > Alicia: 2

    Alicia lets out a shriek and then curls up in a ball as you start to tickle her! She drops the iced lemonade onto the sand, but doesn't seem to care as she giggles uncontrollably, batting your hands away! Of course, you being like, twice her size, you have no problem pushing through and tickling her ribs and side mercilessly!
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:12 No.10526255
    To give you an idea on why burning XP on a roll like that is stupid:
    Raising a stat will cost ... what, 30xp? 40xp? currently.
    That's effectively a bonus of 3.5 to every single roll using it.
    As long as there are at least 12 rolls left in the quest using that stat (and for skill and cunning, there will be), it's better to spend XP raising the stat than passing the rolls.
    I agree it's good to spend XP to pass a vital roll. But none of those squid hits were vital. It doesn't matter how much HP you have as long as you have more than 1. :)
    Willpower also adds HP, and we could use some more HP so people don't panic and start spending XP to sump attacks.
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)02:13 No.10526266
    > by the way, the old thread still needs archiving.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:14 No.10526271
         File1276668841.jpg-(151 KB, 800x552, nixon_hellyeah2.jpg)
    151 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:14 No.10526272
    cool spam - i mean quest thread
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:14 No.10526274
    >I'll do it if anybody has a clue what fucking number it is.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:14 No.10526276
    > Fetish quest
    Well, at least one of you admits this is porn.
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)02:14 No.10526277
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:15 No.10526280
    After tickling, pull her into a hug and kiss her on the forehead, cuddle for a while.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:15 No.10526283
    >if you're arguing how to minmax over a 4chan /tg/ fetish quest. . .
    Yes, I am arguing how to best spend XP in a setting that involves the spending of XP.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:15 No.10526284
    XLIII i think?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:15 No.10526285
    No, I mean like, Maid Quest number.
    We're on thirty-what?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:15 No.10526290
    Make a couple sneak attacks behind the knees!
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)02:16 No.10526296
    Honey, I've been referring to this as badly written fapfiction since the very first troll this quest got called it that many months ago. :)

    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:16 No.10526298
    44, 43?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:16 No.10526299
    since when has anyone denied the fetish quest bit?

    it's just enjoyable
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:16 No.10526305

    >behind the knees

    Best place to tickle ever, you merciless bastard.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:16 No.10526306
    > Honey
    I didn't know we had that kind of relationship, doll.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:16 No.10526307
    no, it's XLV there was a misnumbering in there
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)02:17 No.10526320
    You give her a few more tickles and a few behind the knees, then you curl up with her and kiss her on the forehead, before cuddling on the lawn chair. . .

    You hear a throat clear behind you. It's one of the CODE NABOKOV guys. "Ummm. . . look," he says, a bit nervously. "We all got a briefing saying that you're cool and all, but. . . could you, like. . . maybe NOT cuddle like that in public? Just so we don't become the subject of some investigative report, like the Catholic Church?"
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:18 No.10526327
    Archived under XLIV.

    Not sure if that's right, but that's what Goshujin-Sama said.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:19 No.10526337
    also, i posted the first thread for archiving, and if i try to post it again it says it's already there

    but i can't find it anywhere in the archives.

    anybody seeing maid quest XLIV in there?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:19 No.10526339

    "Of course, I wouldn't want any trouble".

    Use magic to cloak ourselves in an illusion that we're just there sunbaking, and cuddle uninterrupted.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:19 No.10526340
    "Oh, yea."
    (Or just say we're an Italian family, shit like that is normal).
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:20 No.10526352
    "You got a problem with my little sister?"
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)02:20 No.10526353
    it's named "avatarfaggotry."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:20 No.10526354
    What time of day is it? Like, mid-afternoon?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:20 No.10526356

    down for streaming probably
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:20 No.10526364
    "Tickling is perfectly innocent, my good man! But I think we're done for now anyways. Now shoo."

    And if he gives you any more hassle, tickle HIM.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:20 No.10526370
    What do they even Stream?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:21 No.10526373

    I like that idea :D
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)02:21 No.10526375
    It's about 3 or 4pm, I figure, after the epic battle with the squid.

    It's getting a bit towards the afternoon, yeah. Stay in the park, or find somewhere else to go?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:21 No.10526383
    I second this!
    Now where's that spend XP chart...
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:21 No.10526384
    Can I make a vote towards something really simple and corny, like sitting under a tree holding hands?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:21 No.10526385
         File1276669311.png-(11 KB, 400x400, chen.png)
    11 KB
    Goshujin-Shama's here, yay!

    Have we moved on past the mean kid and gotten back to the cute kitty yet?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:22 No.10526388
    Maid Quest Holy Fuck What Number Is This
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:22 No.10526392
    how the fuck did that happen?

    someone may need to talk to a suptg mod (i can't due to irc issues)
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)02:22 No.10526393
    > "Tickling is perfectly innocent, my good man! But I think we're done for now anyways. Now shoo."

    The CODE guy nods and sighs, then walks off to go and stand in the corner with an earpiece on.

    Alicia curls up in your arms and rests her head on your shoulder as she watches the people play in the wave pool. "You know," she says, "this really does remind me of going to Coney Island, back when I was alive. A different time."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:22 No.10526395
         File1276669355.jpg-(43 KB, 500x442, soon.jpg)
    43 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:22 No.10526398
    10524445 is archived.
    10522934 still isn't.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:22 No.10526401
    Let's visit Epcot.
    Might as well hit up Epcot before ending Disneyland, then fly back home and spend XP before anyone wastes it again
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:23 No.10526407
    Leave the park, go to EPCOT, go watch Cruisin' and all the little-kid shit (Honey I Shrunk the Audience should be interesting), have dinner in Morocco.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:23 No.10526408
    Let's go do other stuff. Probably want Alicia to change first though
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:23 No.10526417
    a troll archive 10522934 as avatarfaggotry
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:23 No.10526419
    "Waterslides and giant squids? I think maybe I should avoid Coney Island"
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:23 No.10526423
    >Honey I Shrunk the Audience should be interesting
    Goshujin will no doubt make this incredibly awesome somehow.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:25 No.10526443

    Haha, this.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:25 No.10526448
    Chen what are you doing
    Get off of /tg/ you are a touhou
    You don't even have the internet.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:25 No.10526449
    this is true, this guy i used to know would kiss his dad all the time. shit was creepy
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:25 No.10526453
    Or hand wave the rest of the day so we can GET ON WITH IT. Not that I'm not having fun but I think we've played up everything we can here.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:26 No.10526463
    Eh, it's nonsexual. I can dig it.
    Anyway. EPCOT now!
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:27 No.10526478
    rolled 3, 4 = 7

    Well something interesting has to happen at Epcot.
    Random event using Cyberpunk setting?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:28 No.10526493
    We have the potential for awesome and you roll Deliverymen.
    ... Get the fuck out.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:28 No.10526494
         File1276669692.jpg-(42 KB, 300x521, Warhammer_Harlequin.jpg)
    42 KB
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)02:28 No.10526495
    > Okay, if I get one more complaint about XP, I'm taking it all away from you fuckers. :P

    "Okay," Alicia laughs. "Maybe not JUST like Coney Island. . . but kinda. Laying on the beach, watching people play in the water, hearing the sounds of carousels and such. . ."

    Her voice fades away, and she falls silent for a moment, and the two of you just watch the people play in the waves for a bit.

    "Think we're done here?" you ask.

    "Yeah," Alicia says. "I think so."

    You head back to your hotel rooms to take a quick shower and change before heading out to EPCOT, the final park you'll be going to before heading home.

    The lines at the front aren't so bad in the early afternoon, and the park itself, although full of people, isn't nearly as crowded as some others. Seems a lot of tourists went home early to avoid traffic.

    As you walk through the park, hand in hand, you see a lonely form rolling between some park benches, picking up trash with a mechanical arm and dropping it into its waste bin.

    "I didn't know there was a PUSH here," Alicia says.

    "I didn't either. I don't think there's supposed to be one," you say.

    The PUSH turns and sees the two of you, then rolls up, respectfully. "Hello there," it says, in a lilting, contralto tone. "You must be the young couple my cousins told me about."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:29 No.10526511
    Tell your Magic Kingdom cousin that the key he gave us was awesome.
    Also, have a hat.
    *Give PUSH a hat*
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:29 No.10526513
    > PUSH at Epcot
    Alright, now this is getting creepy.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:29 No.10526521
    Is Alicia wearing a hat? If so, just take it off her head and put it on PUSH.

    Ask him, "What's our prize?"
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:29 No.10526522
    aw Jesus Christ how many of you bastards are there?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:30 No.10526533
    "PUSH, are you stalking us?"
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:30 No.10526535
    > Him
    > Contralto
    Yeah, no.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:30 No.10526536
    I'd think so ues... but I'd rather not guess at what was said about us.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:30 No.10526537
    seriously how many pushes are there?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:31 No.10526541
    We should take a sample of Push and give it to the reticulan combat android.
    Just to troll the android when it forms into a trash can.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:31 No.10526543

    He's a damn flip-top bin. The SHAME of the PUSH family.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:31 No.10526544
    Cousins? You guys actually reproduce?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:31 No.10526549

    Contralto was a male voice.

    .... Either pre-pubescent, or snippy snippy'ed.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:32 No.10526554
         File1276669930.jpg-(16 KB, 400x400, 1276107995062.jpg)
    16 KB
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)02:32 No.10526555

    ". . . how many of you are there?" you ask.

    "We are everywhere. Watching. Waiting. Sometimes we are silent," the PUSH says. "Sometimes. . . like now. . . we reveal ourselves."

    "What do you want? A hat?" you ask.

    "A hat. . . would be nice. I, however, am not here to ask for any gifts. I am simply here to give a warning: Cherish the moments you have," the PUSH says. "Too often, they are gone too soon, and then all you have left are memories."

    And with those enigmatic words, it turns and leaves.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:32 No.10526564
    Contralto is the deepest female classical singing voice,[1] with the lowest tessitura,[2] falling between tenor and mezzo-soprano. It typically ranges between the F below middle C (F3 in scientific pitch notation) to the second G above middle C (G5), although at the extremes some voices can reach the E below middle C (E3) or the second B♭ above middle C (B♭5).[1]
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:32 No.10526566
    "Your mother was a trash can. This is sparta!"
    *kicks Android down the stairs*
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:32 No.10526571
    run that fucker down and demand he tell you more! or be dismantled for being a witch
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:34 No.10526586
    That was... poignant. If slightly depressing.

    Good advice I guess. Common let's go do some cherishin'
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:34 No.10526593
    Turn to Alicia: "Let's get back to cherishing the moments we have."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:34 No.10526595
         File1276670086.jpg-(114 KB, 500x640, 1260735937855.jpg)
    114 KB

    It WAS a male voice as well, but that was back in the days when castrating a young boy to make him an awesome singer was "in".

    Italians, man. Don't fuck with Italians.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:34 No.10526597
    Am I the only person worried this will turn into Alicia being our main woman?
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)02:34 No.10526598
    "HEY! HEY!" you shout. "WAIT! You can't just come here and say something like that and walk away! HEY! COME BACK HERE! I'm talking to you!"

    The PUSH ignores you. Instead, it makes its way through a pair of double doors, which close behind it.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:35 No.10526604
    Turn to Alicia. "Funny how everyone keeps telling us to enjoy the moments we have. It's like they expect us to die or something."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:35 No.10526613
    roar furiously at the doors
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:35 No.10526614
    use your key on the doors, if you just run through nothing will be there
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:35 No.10526617
    "It's like they don't realize that such things are trivial to us by now."
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)02:36 No.10526621
    > Turn to Alicia. "Funny how everyone keeps telling us to enjoy the moments we have. It's like they expect us to die or something."

    Alicia doesn't reply. She simply takes your hand in hers and squeezes it tightly, looking down at the ground.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:36 No.10526633

    "Just a heads-up, if you die and go to hell again, look for my coming in the north on the third day.

    It'll take at least 48 hours to steal an M-60."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:36 No.10526634

    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:36 No.10526635
    Well, fuck it.
    Let's wait for Goshujin to do something awesome with "Honey I shrunk the audience", then get back to the mansion and spend XP.

    Plot points to follow:
    #1: Sex Felicia to stop her reputation from dropping
    #2: Stop Felicia from eating Remy
    #3: Give Kat his love and a girl body
    #4: Bind, destroy, or charm Asmoday somehow.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:37 No.10526649
    "What? Oh, come on. How many times do we have to play jesus before people get it, anyway?"

    A beat.

    "...or are you not telling me something I should know?"

    > Cunning check
    >> Abaddon 06/16/10(Wed)02:38 No.10526655

    Oh god what aren't you telling me about us that we should know in case of random threat thrown at us
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:38 No.10526656
    It's not like we haven't died before. Hell is still licking its wounds from the ass we kicked.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:38 No.10526657
    #5.cum into the intake of the alien sphere
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:38 No.10526659
    Anon, I couldn't agree with you more.

    I'd... I'd be okay with this. But I have no preference either way, really.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:39 No.10526674
    time to roll a cunning check gauise
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:39 No.10526678
    I, for one, would really rather not wind up with the small child.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:39 No.10526680

    I say we just pick up a ball of yarn before we head home and play with the poor catgirl. Not all attention has to be sex, yanno.
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)02:39 No.10526684
         File1276670391.jpg-(62 KB, 537x362, epcot1.jpg)
    62 KB
    You spend the rest of your day at EPCOT, enjoying your time there, both at Honey I Shrunk The Audience, and the big geodesic testicle and such. After the adventures in the other parks, you're on edge, tense, expecting explosions and madness.

    None of it happens. It's just a nice day at EPCOT.

    Alicia, however, is a bit quiet throughout the whole trip. You can tell that she's enjoying it, but something is also bothering her, something she's not talking about.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:40 No.10526689
    She knows something.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:40 No.10526690
    gotta go with this
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:40 No.10526691
    Fuck charming and binding Asmoday. She crossed a line. Death is too good, but the best we can do.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:40 No.10526694
    Huh, well that's not good.
    Smile and squeeze her hand back.
    "You know I'm going to do anything to protect all of my girls. You can rely on that much."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:40 No.10526695
    get her some catnip
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)02:40 No.10526698
    roll 1d6 x 4
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:40 No.10526703
    "Alicia, your story arc has almost ended, and there's at least one more flag I haven't tripped. What's up?"
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:40 No.10526707
    rolled 5 = 5

    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:40 No.10526712
    Blame retards a few threads back deciding we should spend 3 god damn days in an amusement park.

    In fact, let me take this minute to thank our GM for making what should've been an incredibly boring side-quest pretty interesting. And especially for Lich-Disney.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:41 No.10526720
    rolled 5, 3, 5, 4 = 17

    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:41 No.10526721
    rolled 3 = 3

    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:41 No.10526723
    We can actually get away with this, I just realized.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:41 No.10526729
    Hug her.

    Do not let her go no matter what.

    "Alicia, tell me what's wrong, if you tell me I can work to fix it, if you don't I'm not letting go."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:41 No.10526733
    re-suggesting this >>10526694
    "A bit late to keep things to yourself now. Tell me what's up, and we'll deal with it together."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:42 No.10526738
    I hate you so much.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:42 No.10526739
    rolled 4, 5, 4, 2 = 15

    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:42 No.10526748
    Nice roll, anon.
    I think the only thing we have left to do is deal with Asmoday, right?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:42 No.10526755
         File1276670562.jpg-(3 KB, 126x114, 1265832562931.jpg)
    3 KB

    "Yanno kid, I can read you like a goddamn book. Spill."
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)02:42 No.10526758
    Something occurs to you as you're walking out of the park, on the way back to your hotel rooms, at the end of the day. . .

    Alicia claims that the locket contains a spell that will change Katherine.

    That locket used to contain her and Maximilian's souls.

    The kind of spell she's talking about requires an insane amount of magical energy to cast.

    A chill passes over you. It's not entirely due to the sun setting over the hills.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:43 No.10526763
    binding Asmoday helplessly with Alicia in control of her power and body would probably be a fate worse than death of the demon.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:43 No.10526766
    And the Reg, but that will be mostly dealt with in his side-quest.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:43 No.10526770
    "So, you expect to die when i give the locket to katherine?"
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:44 No.10526774
    You bastard. He's going to make us choose one over the other guys.

    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:44 No.10526782
    Well, that's noble of her. Wait until you get back to the room, tell her you know, explain how much this means to you, be ready for crying.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:44 No.10526785
    seconding this.
    I -think- all we have left to do with Alicia is deal with her evil side somehow. Felicia just needs to be sexed repeatedly. Kat's almost done and just needs to be given his love back (and a shiny new vagina). Sam's done, except for Reginald. Jehanne's done.
    Koyomi might need a bit more work. Don't know how to do this.
    Carmine apparently has a boon waiting. I know not what it is.
    But whatever these are, we'd better plow through them quickly!
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:44 No.10526792
    now we need simply contain lady asmod-howeverthefuckyouspellit into some type of magical focus so the locket doesn't rip out Alica's soul or some shit. To Walt!
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:44 No.10526793
         File1276670685.png-(142 KB, 682x387, 1266745181687.png)
    142 KB

    So, we need souls, do we? The best place to go for souls, is Hell.

    And what do we have a book full of, back at the Mansion?

    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:44 No.10526797
    You can't do this Goshujin-Sama, there's supposed to be a harem ending!

    Also, I'll gladly leave Kat for Alicia, otherwise these three days will have been wasted, and 10% is a lot to waste.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:45 No.10526801
    Even better, he's making us choose one over the other after letting us have three full days entirely spent on one.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:45 No.10526804
    Well, ask her about this. We'll find a way around it.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:45 No.10526813
    We are NOT just going to use the locket when we get back. We will convene a meeting with everyone, except Alicia perhaps, look at those notes, analyze our magical items, and explore the mansions catacombs. No one will be sacrificed for anyone else.
    >> Goddamn Sandwitches 06/16/10(Wed)02:45 No.10526816
    Well SHIT...

    Looks like we aren't giving Kat that locket... We need to figure out something else...
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:45 No.10526817
    or we could just find another method
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:45 No.10526818
    *sigh* We're going to have to go back into Hell to get Alicia, aren't we?
    Well saddle up. At least we can bring the (former?) trap with us.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:46 No.10526822
    Wait wait. I'm pretty sure Alicia got her soul back when she got the locket. I think what she's sad about is having to use Max's for the spell. After all, despite his betrayal, she did love the guy enough to give up her virginity in a time when that still meant something.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:46 No.10526829
    oh shit this man has an idea!
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:46 No.10526830
    Do this, wait for her to get going, then spring the alternate energy source on her.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:46 No.10526831
    Time to turn a lust demon into a battery so we can have the trap and the lolidaemonhost
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:46 No.10526832
    Fuck that! There's always a way to get a perfect score, and we're gonna do it!
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:47 No.10526842
    But that's insane!
    How did Alicia manage to get Kat's love in the first place?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:47 No.10526850
    we've got an almost fully formed female body sitting at home, and a cute scientist that likes us

    we may still have a way
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)02:47 No.10526853
    ". . . you're expecting to die when the locket gets returned, aren't you?" you say to Alicia, on the tram ride back to the hotel.

    Alicia curls up on her seat and hugs her knees to her chest, looking miserable. "It. . . it seemed like a good idea at the time," she says, slowly. "After all that happened to me. . . the idea of finally dying and being at rest, and being able to undo the mistake I'd made. . . it seemed like a good price to pay. But now I'm not so sure any more." She laughs, bitterly. "I was hoping you wouldn't find out. I was hoping the first thing you knew about this was when, after you and Katherine have your time together, you find my letter, the one I left on my nightstand for you back at the mansion, explaining all this."

    She leans back and stares up at the ceiling. "You keep turning me around and screwing up my plans. I hate you so much," she whispers.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:48 No.10526868
    kat was suicidal, alicia had to take it according to her contract with us to prevent kat from hurting herself
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:48 No.10526872

    cool story bro
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:49 No.10526881
    "Well then, stop planning ways to die and start planning ways to make everyone happy, including yourself."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:49 No.10526884
    well the only question is how do we fix it alica. there is a way, and we will find it.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:49 No.10526890

    "Have you ever thought that, for once, you don't have to be in control anymore? You can rely on somebody else?"
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:50 No.10526893
    NOW is the time for the hug, faggots.

    We'll find a way around it, I guess we can hold off on Kat's transformation for now, we have a few weeks left.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:50 No.10526899
    even if it means using the silver key?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:50 No.10526902
    The idea here is a good one.
    Wording it like that is just retarded, though.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:50 No.10526903
    All right, Fuck that, Plan C.
    Asmoday's getting her soul sucked out along with Kat's love. We're going to burn every single part of Asmoday that isn't Kat's love to the fucking ground, and shove that love right back in Kat's brand new pussy for her to keep with her.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:51 No.10526914

    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:51 No.10526915
    This leaves Alicia in Alicia's body, Kat with Kat's love, and Asmoday dead.
    Now. Are there any objections?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:51 No.10526917
    Hah, seconding this, but add:
    "I will suffer for all of you, I'm like pervert Jesus."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:51 No.10526921
    "I thought I made it clear when we went to get the locket that I won't stand for suicidal plans."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:51 No.10526922
    and then alicia dies because the demon part that's allowing her to live is no longer there?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:51 No.10526923
    Tell her we have many resources at our disposal, the mansion, the notes, the card, the alien sphere and who knows what else. We will find a way to save her and Kat.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:51 No.10526928
    i lol'd
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:51 No.10526930
    Not if we can pull it off.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:51 No.10526932
    I say we go with it. There are some times when you have to accept that sacrifice is not only an effective option, but the best, dramatically if not numerically.
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)02:52 No.10526933
    "Well then, stop planning ways to die and start planning ways to make everyone happy, including yourself." You put an arm around her and hug her tightly. "You keep putting everything on yourself, but you're not alone any more. You've got friends, now. People who care for you. People who love you, even. Why don't you rely on us more? If you can't stand alone, find someone to carry you."

    Alicia pauses, lost in thought. "You stole that from Firefly," she says at last, accusingly.

    "It's still a good line," you insist.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:52 No.10526941

    lol'ed hard
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:52 No.10526943
    None at all.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:53 No.10526950
    yes, alicia is fuckold

    too old for her to be alive normally, the reason she's alive is because she's a demon host, if she isn't one then she may die

    i'm not completely against the plan, but significant reseasrch on the subject is needed before even starting work on it
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:53 No.10526951
    if will probably kill Alicia as well. she is over a hundred years old and immortal only because of Asmoday
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:53 No.10526954
    Yeah, this might be a good time to try the key
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:53 No.10526957
    Gorramnit, when'd she get a chance to see Firefly, anyway?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:53 No.10526959

    >You stole that from firefly

    This is why I read Maid Quest.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:53 No.10526963
    >You stole that from Firefly
    I love Alicia more and more.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:53 No.10526965
    God damn it.
    Okay, how do we keep Alicia alive, stop Asmoday from fucking with her, and power Kat's love transfer spell without killing Alicia?
    Alicia -> Android, Asmoday -> Get bound -> Battery -> Fuel transfer spell?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:54 No.10526972
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:54 No.10526973

    nah, she got a new body after coming back from Hell.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:54 No.10526976
    Maid quest: Thousand year old lolis catching Firefly references and penile comparisons with a rat.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:54 No.10526978
    I don't understand the concerns with Alicia's age. Isn't she in a body that's less than month old? Why should it whither away?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:54 No.10526990
    bind asmodey in alicia

    transfer kat to android

    seems simplest
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)02:54 No.10526992
    "Besides," you say, "If anyone should be suffering, it's me. I will suffer for all of you, I'm like pervert Jesus."

    Alicia laughs at that, then she smirks at you and rests her head on your shoulder. "Jesus hung out with whores, you know," she says. "So, what does that make me, Mary Magdalene?"

    "As long as it's not like that shitty Dan Brown novel," you quip.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:55 No.10527000
    actually i think the line was... "If you cant run anymore, crawl, and if you can't crawl, find someone who will carry you...."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:55 No.10527002
    2 -> WILL
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)02:55 No.10527007
    > You know, you're not around her 24/7. And you did introduce her to video games and such.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:55 No.10527011
    why wouldn't it wither away?

    there's a hell of a lot of risk for remarkably little gain

    do the research before anything
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:56 No.10527018
    We may need to get information about magic from someone who isn't interested in making a mess out of things for us.
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)02:56 No.10527023
    > Patience, grasshopper. you'll get a chance to do this before the end of the night.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:57 No.10527035
    i think thats code for goshujin just got a crit on his own cunning check...
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:57 No.10527037
    accelerated growth is bad for bodies
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:57 No.10527041
    That's why we'll conjure up our bastard of a great grandfathers soul as soon as we're back at the mansion and get some fucking answers about Alicias condition.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:57 No.10527042
         File1276671447.png-(273 KB, 484x624, hug.png)
    273 KB
    108XP now yes?
    Will -> 3 30xp
    Will -> 4 40xp
    Skill -> 4 40xp

    +2 XP for cuteness image. :P
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:58 No.10527054
    Actually isn't skill already at 4?
    It is, isn't it.
    Cunning's at 4, too.
    Fuck, what do we do with the extra 38xp?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:58 No.10527055
    stop that
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:58 No.10527062
         File1276671526.jpg-(139 KB, 555x453, 1268683816733.jpg)
    139 KB
    > +2 XP for cuteness image
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:59 No.10527072
    Disney doesn't want LUST, and frankly, NOBODY wants a sealed Archdemon and possible Original Sin in a bottle.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:59 No.10527074
         File1276671558.jpg-(44 KB, 297x400, hug 2a.jpg)
    44 KB
    Cuteness shall not be stopped. Have more maid pictures!
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)02:59 No.10527079
    Anyway, it's a quiet walk up to your hotel room. You open the door and head inside.

    Remy the Rat has apparently already gone to bed, but he's left a simple meal of pork chops and mashed potatoes on the dining room table. A quick zap in the kitchenette microwave should do the trick.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:59 No.10527081
    Spare for emergencies.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:59 No.10527085
    Oh, yeah, Goshujin. Is she currently LUST when powered up, or is she Asmoday?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)02:59 No.10527090
    Better to have more high stats than multiple average ones.

    How about:
    Skill -> 4 40xp
    Skill -> 5 50xp
    for 90 pts?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:01 No.10527103
    we need make sure to brofist remy whenever we see him.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:01 No.10527111
    Let's have a nice meal and then shower, maybe together.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:01 No.10527113
    this, only attempt to max out cunning too

    Its what gives us our edge
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:01 No.10527116
    asmoday is LUST
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)03:02 No.10527119
    Okay, fuck it, if you guys are going to keep whining blah blah blah over XP. . .

    Athletics: 4 -> 5 50 XP
    Affection: 2 -> 3 30 XP
    Skill: 4 -> 5 50 XP
    Cunning: 3 -> 4 40 XP
    Luck: 2 -> 3 30 XP
    Will: 2 -> 3 30 XP

    You have 120 XP to spend.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:02 No.10527120
    Thank you, you've made getting up early absolutely worth it.
    Fuck yeah, a maid quest thread I can still participate in.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:02 No.10527122
    gotta go with this
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:02 No.10527123

    Stop pushing the man, he said we'd get to it :P
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:02 No.10527136
    Jesus christ I thought I had more SFW stuff than that.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:03 No.10527145
    Skill, cunning, will.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:03 No.10527148
    Asmoday is LUST with a name on. In a prior thread, he said that we destroyed her name.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:03 No.10527152
    can we go cunning +2 will +1?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:03 No.10527157
    Cunning, Will, Will.
    Do it naow.
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)03:03 No.10527159
    Getting Will up to 4 leaves you with 50 to spend.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:03 No.10527161
    What does affection do?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:04 No.10527166
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:04 No.10527167
    Will, Luck, Affection, Cunning
    >> Harmless 06/16/10(Wed)03:04 No.10527168
    will 3 and 4 + Athletics 5?
    We need to get ready for out big fight...
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:04 No.10527170
    Or cunning cunning will is good too. We sure use cunning a lot.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:04 No.10527173
    will makes our magic less likely to kill us
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:04 No.10527179
    then skill

    it's our best stat, and therefore the one we'll use most in situations where stats are needed
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)03:04 No.10527181
    Cunning is now at 4.

    You have 10 XP remaining

    Now can we get the fuck back to the quest?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:05 No.10527185

    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:05 No.10527187
    Affection Luck and Will to 3, that leaves us 30 points towards stuff later
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:05 No.10527188
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:05 No.10527199
    We don't actually roll luck at all in this quest, it seems.
    Will 4 gives the protagonist 40hp instead of 20hp. It also raises his willpower (d'uh) so let's go with that.

    What to spend the 50xp on?
    Cunning's good, I think. Leaves us 10xp left over in case we fuck up a vital roll in the next few threads or so
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:06 No.10527200
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:06 No.10527204
    Hey, statsfags. We have a quest going on here.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:06 No.10527209
    Oh thank fucking christ, I was worried for a second that all the Numbers would be lost in this ... this ... 'role'play.

    Athletics: 4
    Affection: 2
    Skill: 4
    Cunning: 4
    Luck: 2
    Will: 4

    10xp left over.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:07 No.10527212

    Why did cunningf 3->4 cost us 110 xp?
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)03:07 No.10527216
    All right, now that that's over with. . .

    You're in the hotel room now, and you've just finished having dinner with Alicia. WHAT DO?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:07 No.10527217

    Eat dinner with Alicia, before getting ready for bed tonight.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:07 No.10527221

    >Will 4

    >Athletics 4

    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:07 No.10527224
    Cunning 4 and Will 4 cost 100xp.
    And hey, don't dis the Statsfags. :P
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:07 No.10527227
    it didn't will 2 - 4 + cunning 3 - 4 cost us 110 xp
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)03:08 No.10527237
    > I should have run a statless quest. :P
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:08 No.10527239
    shower with her
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:08 No.10527240
    I see. Thank you.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:08 No.10527243
    Lay down on a bed with her and cuddle.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:08 No.10527245

    Lock door, brace shut with chair, lock window, pour salt along the windowsill and threshold of the door.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:09 No.10527255
    Seconding meal and shared shower.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:09 No.10527258

    But without stats, you couldn't let the dice troll us!

    Nothing trolls like the dice.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:09 No.10527263
    You REALLY don't want to be navakov'd again do you?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:10 No.10527269
    So Alicia thinks she'll die when we give the locket to Kat... but Alicia also thinks she's still holding onto Kat's love which we know isn't right.

    Ask Alicia if people can experience emotions without a soul.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:11 No.10527285
    *shrug* Stats and dice give you some objective way of deciding when things should go right and when things should go wrong. I like that.

    Anyway, if alicia has even the SLIGHTEST chance of dying, we'd better have sex with her now!
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:11 No.10527286
    Hold her.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:11 No.10527289

    The spell in the locket will draw from her, herself, and she barely has enough magic to keep the whole daemonhost/daemon thing going.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:11 No.10527291
    Not a bad ideda. I find Zeonquest to be very enjoyable.

    Although that does have a lot of mobile suit and weapon load out combos, so it balances out.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:11 No.10527293
    So I guess we'll have do go to hell again to get her soul back?
    Have they installed the revolving doors for us yet?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:12 No.10527305
    She has her soul.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:12 No.10527309
    >You're in the hotel room now, and you've just finished having dinner with Alicia. WHAT DO?

    Engage in mutually consensual intercourse with her in the missionary position, of course!
    Get that delicious XP for first time tapping.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:12 No.10527311
    Ask her how exactly her connection to Asmoday works. She keeps going "I am the demon of lust this" or "I am a demon that" and obviously knows how to use magical powers and stuff. What the fuck, seriously? Does she share conciousness with the demon part? Is she the human part? Are the parts forever merged? What is going on here?

    Also, any way to repower her and retain her current "I'm not a complete fucking bitch" personality? If we can get her repowered then it doesn't matter how much energy the spell eats.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:12 No.10527313
    In this case there would be no getting the sould back, it'd be "used up" as it were.
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)03:12 No.10527317
    banking these responses.

    "So," you ask Alicia, after dinner is over. "You. . . how do you feel?"

    "Tired," Alicia says. "It's been a long three days. And my feet kinda hurt." She looks out the window. "And I'm. . . well, I'm not looking forward to not having Kat's love in me any more. If this were really me feeling this. . . I think I'd be very happy right now."

    "Alicia," you say, finally, "Can people without souls have feelings?"

    "No. . . they shouldn't. Emotion is both a chemical and spiritual component. Why do you ask?"
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:13 No.10527326
    Oh, also, it will stop the loli haters and I always preferred a curvy woman anyway.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:13 No.10527337
         File1276672420.jpg-(133 KB, 900x900, 100521alice.jpg)
    133 KB
    Gentlemen, let's get back to the story.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:13 No.10527338
    Put on our troll face.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:14 No.10527346
         File1276672490.gif-(1.5 MB, 357x217, Revolving_door_accident.gif)
    1.5 MB
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:14 No.10527350
    "Then why are you claiming to have kats love?

    Either you have a soul, in which case any feelings you have are your own, or you do not, in which case you wouldn't be having any feelings at all for me."
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)03:15 No.10527358
    You grin at her, a huge, wicked, trollface grin.

    Alicia raises an eyebrow. "Stop that," she snaps. "That means you're thinking, and I don't like that, because your ideas usually end up humiliating me."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:15 No.10527366
    I'm just not sure we're understanding this correctly. Or at least I'm not. Shouldn't both souls have been used up when she put the spell in the locket?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:16 No.10527376
    We've been over this though. She is currently borrowing a soul, right? Which is why Kristopher is an emotionless automaton at present.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:16 No.10527383

    Trollface is required.
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)03:16 No.10527385
    "I got you," you say.

    "What the hell are you talking about?"

    "You're claiming to have Kat's love. But, either you have a soul, in which case any feelings you have are your own, or you do not, in which case you wouldn't be having any feelings at all for me. I got you."

    Alicia is silent for a moment. . .

    > roll 1d6 for Affection.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:17 No.10527399

    "You keep on putting yourself in such great setups, though..."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:17 No.10527400
    Whoever rolls, be ready to hit the delete button.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:17 No.10527401
    no, she isn't

    the only souls she has in her control are her own and maximillians

    kristopher is somewhat robot like because he just got an emotional lobotomy
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:17 No.10527402
    Brace for tears guys.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:17 No.10527404
    I'm just thinking of ... alternative ... ways to power the locket.
    Alicia - when we get to the mansion, could you possibly let Asmoday have a bit of a 'talk' to Reginald, Jehanne, Carmine, and myself? We might need to 'borrow' her for a bit to fuel the locket.
    >> Dice+1d6 Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:17 No.10527405
    lets go!
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:17 No.10527408
    She has been trained well.
    We're like Zhuge Liang, the mere suspicion that we're up to something will be enough to put fear in all who would oppose us!
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:17 No.10527410
    rolled 5 = 5

    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:17 No.10527412
    Kat's *love* is what she stole, and that's currently in the locket back at the mansion.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:18 No.10527416

    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:18 No.10527417
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:18 No.10527426
    oh wow....
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:18 No.10527429
    Fuck yeah! This isn't tau quest all over again. :D
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:18 No.10527431
    Well, how about if it's not my idea alone, and we, and everyone back at the mansion figure this out together? Well, besides Kat and Felicia I guess.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:19 No.10527432
    well that was embarrassing
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:19 No.10527442
    It'll take SOUL POWER! to put that love back.
    'course, there's more than one source of SOUL POWER! out there.
    I feel good...
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:19 No.10527448
    You must now leave the village in shame.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:20 No.10527454
    Wait a second. If Kat's love was in her then Asmoday would have felt it too. Right?
    >> Newfags can't dice Newfags can't dice 06/16/10(Wed)03:20 No.10527456
    rolled 2, 1, 3 = 6

    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)03:21 No.10527468
    . . . then she stands up and walks over to the other side of the table. She takes your hand and leads you into the master bedroom of the suite.

    She sits down on the edge of the bed and stares at you for a long, long time. "Okay," she sighs. "I'm about to ask you a question, and I want you to be honest. Very honest, okay?"

    "What's the question."

    "I'm not nearly as young as I look. You know that. But it's gotta be bugging you. So. If you could pick an age for me to appear as. . . what would you want? Anything from two to two hundred. . . but if you pick either of those two, you're a fucking freak, okay?"
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:21 No.10527470
    When sharing a shower with lolimaid, be sure to apply large amounts of GENTLE, and I emphasise, GENTLE sexings.
    Again: GENTLE.
    With GENTLENESS. Like that of a GENTLEMAN.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:21 No.10527471
         File1276672883.jpg-(17 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)
    17 KB
    With the stone of shame around his neck.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:21 No.10527480
    rolled 32 + 2 = 34

    See dice.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:22 No.10527488

    well, I've been around a lot of young women lately, what about something more mature like...25?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:22 No.10527491
    17-23 range I would say

    Any more specific is up to her.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:22 No.10527492
    "Whatever age you feel most comfortable as. As I've said before I like you for what's up here" poke her in the forehead "and not for your appearance."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:22 No.10527493

    Delicious christmas cake~
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:22 No.10527494
    whatever form you love, is a form i'll love (figuratively and literally)
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:22 No.10527498
    The dice gods smile upon us today.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:22 No.10527499
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:23 No.10527504

    I kid, whatever you want is best
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:23 No.10527506
    Just fine the way you're now.
    (Come on, you guy get your trap faggotry with Kat, so I want my pseudo-paedophilia.)
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:23 No.10527507
    Do a trollface and pause for effect.

    But say:
    "You know I'm a freak already, and I'll accept you no matter what form you take, so choose what you're most comfortable in."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:23 No.10527511
    "Wherever you think yourself most beautiful."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:23 No.10527513
    trolled 1, 3, 3 = 7

    Mmm.. 17ish? I mean as long as it's an option, looking a little jailbait isn't too bad
    >> 14 14 06/16/10(Wed)03:23 No.10527514
         File1276673023.png-(14 KB, 600x600, 14.png)
    14 KB
    I dunno, 21 maybe?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:23 No.10527518

    Seconding these.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:23 No.10527519
    12-15 range
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:23 No.10527520
    We'll treat her like a lady. By which I mean filling her up with semen of course.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:23 No.10527522
    barely legal.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:24 No.10527526
         File1276673046.gif-(44 KB, 300x321, 1267723034840.gif)
    44 KB

    "Twenty-two. I'd want to see the young woman who never was... the life that was ended by my ancestors horrid greed... so that every day I would be reminded of the debt I owe, until it is repaid."

    I feel SO sorry for this girl. That question sounds like she wants to know what would gratify the main character, whereas I can only think of the young woman she never got to be. Ugh.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:24 No.10527532
    What are you talking about? Kat is about to become permanantly untrapped. That argument doesn't fly.

    Early 20s.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:24 No.10527533
    14, because hebephilia.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:24 No.10527539
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:24 No.10527542
    Where is your pedo /tg/?

    I am disappoint.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:25 No.10527551
    >because hebephilia.
    Fuck you, ephebephilia is about a million times better.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:25 No.10527559
    She said she went to Conney Island while she was alive. I remember her saying she was really fucking old too. Dammit. No time to check the archives.

    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:25 No.10527561
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:25 No.10527563
    Haha. This.
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)03:25 No.10527566
    Okay, let's narrow this down to three ranges.

    1. "Definitely 18+, officer."
    2. Early 20s
    3. Late 20s to early 30s.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:26 No.10527573
    I banish you to the dark abyss of tvtropes!
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:26 No.10527574
    3 please
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:26 No.10527577
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:26 No.10527581
    Number 1
    Not because we're pedos (we all are), but because she's adorable like that.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:26 No.10527582
         File1276673185.jpg-(83 KB, 750x600, jb.jpg)
    83 KB
    You have to ask?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:26 No.10527584
    Japanese "18"
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:26 No.10527585
    So I take it we can't tell her that it's up to her, and we'll love her no matter the form she's in?

    If that's the case, 1 or 2. But seriously, it should be up to her.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:26 No.10527586
    >> Harmless 06/16/10(Wed)03:26 No.10527587
    I vote the, "What ever you find to be the most comfortable."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:26 No.10527588
    Early twenties, let's do this!
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:26 No.10527590

    I'll go with option 3
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:26 No.10527592
    2. Early 20s
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:26 No.10527593
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:27 No.10527598

    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:27 No.10527599
    "I think you're just fine as you are, but why do you ask? I thought you'd newer wish to experience my "inexpert fumbling between the sheets"."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:27 No.10527600

    [X]1. "Definitely 18+, officer."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:27 No.10527601
    Dear god, 1.
    1 to the maximum.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:27 No.10527603
    Or ask her, yea.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:27 No.10527604
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:27 No.10527605

    20s to 30s for the win!
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:27 No.10527606
    Gotta go with the jailbait.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:27 No.10527607

    we have maids in 2 and 3
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:27 No.10527609
    That's kind of self-indulgent though, in a different way. That can be our underlying reason, of course, but there's no denying that she'd probably be at her hottest around that age.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:27 No.10527610
    3, on the clear understanding that we're choosing because she doesn't care, and if she has a preference she should use it.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:27 No.10527613
    She never got to go through all her teens, lets give her that
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:27 No.10527616
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:27 No.10527617
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:28 No.10527621

    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:28 No.10527623
         File1276673289.jpg-(23 KB, 400x320, jb2.jpg)
    23 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:28 No.10527624
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:28 No.10527626
    This is really a choice she should get to make.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:28 No.10527627

    less pedo dick hanging out guys

    3 please
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:28 No.10527628
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:28 No.10527630
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)03:28 No.10527638
    voting ends. tallying now
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:29 No.10527642
    I sense the samefaggotry is strong with this vote.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:29 No.10527644
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:29 No.10527654

    you cruel bastard

    you fucking cruel bastard
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:29 No.10527656
         File1276673389.jpg-(465 KB, 1024x768, jb3.jpg)
    465 KB
    Maximum jailbait
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:30 No.10527660
    Ugh, all this build up to loli pr0n, and now nothing?

    You fucking suck /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:30 No.10527667
    Seems like three people want 1, two want option 3, and one deranged individual prefers 2.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:30 No.10527668
    of course it was, it's a huge step in determining how the relationship with alicia continues
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:30 No.10527673
         File1276673449.jpg-(32 KB, 360x507, trolled softly.jpg)
    32 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:31 No.10527676
    Seriously, let her decide.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:31 No.10527680
    Has to be at least two people for 2, because I am one of them.

    Still, lot of samefagging going on there.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:32 No.10527702
    >prefering 20+ to delicious flat chest

    Leave now and never come back!
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:33 No.10527705
         File1276673581.png-(378 KB, 381x485, rage.png)
    378 KB
    So wait.
    No lolimaid?
    ... All I have to say is that I am mildly disappointed, and am slightly upset by this turn of events.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:33 No.10527708
    i counted 4 for 1 based on the style of votingvand the timeing, but i may have been wrong
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:33 No.10527712
    wot you say?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:33 No.10527714
    GB2/jp/ faggot, we like healthy women here.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:33 No.10527717

    some girls have a flat chest after 20, too. mmmmm, flat.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:33 No.10527719
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:33 No.10527731
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:34 No.10527732
    Come on, you know everybody really wanted a toddler maid. 3 was the age to vote for.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:34 No.10527733
    we also like dfc here

    in fact the only place with stranger likes that /tg/ is /d/ and that's only sometimes
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:34 No.10527735
    see >>10527638
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:34 No.10527737

    gracious reply 3
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:34 No.10527741
         File1276673673.jpg-(29 KB, 338x295, Gollum.jpg)
    29 KB
    got your pic for you :D
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:34 No.10527748
    Well, we don't have another lolimaid, do we?
    Better go with loli.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:35 No.10527752
    That was me... I'm not sure what I did, trollwise. I think might be doing it subconsciously now. :Vc
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:35 No.10527754

    Most kind of you, dear anon. Thank you very much.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:35 No.10527758
    Heh. We're 3 miles down in Autosage territory and the posts are STILL coming in at a rate of over 9000 per second.

    1, by the way.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:35 No.10527759

    so now we... AUTOTROLL
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:36 No.10527762
    Sam, Koyomi and Felicia have loli appearances, but they are in bodies that are well within legal limits age-wise.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:36 No.10527765
    I would say like five for 1, three or four voting 2, and maybe two guys spamming the votes for 3.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:36 No.10527770
         File1276673774.jpg-(228 KB, 636x900, TLFcover.jpg)
    228 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:37 No.10527781
    rolled 3 = 3

    Well whatever. I was promised loli and I shall have loli.

    Not voting 'cause I've already voted.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:37 No.10527785

    Alicia is the only 1
    we have 4 maids that are 2
    and 2 that are 3
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:37 No.10527787
    I think it's just me, I get people cursing my name within minutes of meeting me
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:37 No.10527793
    Too old, they probably even have to shave :(
    (Especially Felicia)
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:38 No.10527795

    What an awesome talent. I want to introduce you to my Senator.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:38 No.10527797
    I don't think you know what loli means.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:38 No.10527798
         File1276673905.jpg-(9 KB, 251x189, loli.jpg)
    9 KB
    Here, have a classic image.
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)03:38 No.10527804
    > "Whatever you want" was winning, but I needed to figure out what Alicia wanted, so. . .

    "Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable," you say to her.

    Alicia nods. "Close your eyes, then," she says to you.

    You close your eyes, and you feel her kiss you, very gently, on the lips. She tastes of lemons and ice, from the lemonade she was drinking with her dinner, and her lips are trembling with nervousness as they brush against yours.

    "All right," Alicia whispers. "Now open them."

    You do.

    She's chosen an age that appears. . . well, young, but not quite as young as when she was posing as your little sister at Disney World. She is still small, and her body is still flat-chested, but she is slightly taller than before, and her features have matured just the slightest bit. She is a girl on the cusp of womanhood, a bud ready to bloom.

    "What age did you choose?" you ask her.

    "What's the age of consent?" she asks back.

    You tell her. "Then," she smiles. "That's what I am. Or, if you like. . . a bit younger, if that excites you."

    "But. . ."

    "Look," she says, very seriously. "I was old enough to remember when the Ferris Wheel was a big new thing, and I spent decades in Hell as a demon queen of lust. I seriously doubt that statutory rape and informed consent is going to be an issue here, so if that's bugging you, get over it, buster. Or I'll decide not to ask you to wash my back in the shower after all."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:39 No.10527807
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:39 No.10527814
    i don't think you know how appearances work in maid quest

    "loli" is part of their stat background, and is independant of their age

    makes people see them as younger than they actually are if i recall my maid book correctly
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:39 No.10527819
         File1276673989.jpg-(34 KB, 600x480, pedobear..jpg)
    34 KB
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)03:39 No.10527820
    Someone archive this one, I'll start one last new thread.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:40 No.10527826
    We can't continue here, this is autosage country.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:40 No.10527827
    thats no problem ill help :D
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:40 No.10527828
    I love you Goshujin-Sama, you have satisfied me immensely.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:41 No.10527837
         File1276674064.gif-(10 KB, 572x423, it_works.gif)
    10 KB

    ... I'm good with that.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:41 No.10527838
    I archived the last one, somebody else will have to step up.
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/16/10(Wed)03:41 No.10527842
    New thread.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:41 No.10527845
    "Right, I'll be shutting up now, lead me and I shall follow."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:41 No.10527849

    Not, on to being soft and gentle and kissy and all that. Got to give her at least one pleasant deflowering.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:41 No.10527854
    Naw, it'll get saged to shit.
    Just finish up the fapping on the autosage.
    I'll get the archive up if it hasn't been done already.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:41 No.10527855
    >She is a girl on the cusp of womanhood, a bud ready to bloom.

    So you mean to say that she's... moe?

    "Sure, I'll wash your back, you wash my front."
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:42 No.10527867
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)03:42 No.10527876
         File1276674173.jpg-(170 KB, 666x499, 1272596324345.jpg)
    170 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)04:23 No.10528556
         File1276676593.png-(25 KB, 100x192, 100px-Hanson_exploitable_fixed(...).png)
    25 KB

    where are you OP D:
    >> Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)04:27 No.10528609
         File1276676830.jpg-(299 KB, 1861x1208, maidquest.jpg)
    299 KB

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