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  • File : 1277693115.png-(235 KB, 1014x512, Dalfulnor.png)
    235 KB COLONIAL QUEST PART VII duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/27/10(Sun)22:45 No.10787284  
    HELLO AGAIN, welcome too colonial quest part 7, the only quest to guaranteed to have at least 2 dozen people to die per episode!

    Previous Episode: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/10745502/

    As you can see ive gotten the world map, and here is the following guide for the nations that you know
    Orange: Kingdom of Verina
    Faded red: Supreme Dorovan Empire
    Royal Blue: La royaume la plus chevaleresque de Eittensmoor
    Red: Kingdom of Bernicia
    Hobgoblin green: Republic of Acra

    In addition, there will be one final change being undertaken in the game: ill be stopping them at the 6 month mark, and every advance will be two weeks instead of a month.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/27/10(Sun)22:46 No.10787319
         File1277693202.png-(331 KB, 1384x1861, character information sheet.png)
    331 KB
    Settlement Name:serenity
    Population:350 men, 346 women, 67 kids (Varinian)
    59 men, 56 women, 14 kids (tiefling)
    Food stuffs: 9 months
    Equipment: 300 muskets
    21 pistols
    5 cannon
    21 polearms
    50 breast plates
    gunpowder for 5,000 shots
    200 swords
    building tools for 30 workers
    105 cows, 13 bulls
    130 sheep
    210 chickens, 50 roosters
    103 pigs
    40 horses
    21 wolves
    31 dogs
    4 hippodiles, adolesent
    3 giraffe, baby

    2 royal stallions
    Baron Kaufmann
    Duke Alexander
    Grand Duchess Vera Feodorovna
    Doctor McKidd
    Captain Petrovski
    Captain Alessandro
    Marie Kaufmann

    skilled settlers
    5 doctor/barbers
    2 animal trainers.
    5 teachers
    79 royal marines
    28 fessian mercs
    69 standing militia
    8 Winged Hussars
    14 hunters
    15 scouts
    69 veteran settlers
    40 woodsman
    265 farmers
    20 Policemen
    30 cloth maidens
    4 architects
    110 sailors
    2 blacksmiths
    5 gunsmiths
    5 bell makers
    50 Ship builders
    128 miners
    20 fishers
    11 brewer
    5 emissaries/diplomats
    4 priest of the holy mother
    4 tanners
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/27/10(Sun)22:48 No.10787359
         File1277693322.png-(13 KB, 258x168, location.png)
    13 KB
    crops:capable of sustaining 1400 settlers for 6 months
    Ale for 600 people if they had 1 flaggon a day

    1 dukes fort
    several houses
    stone walls
    market place
    14 farms
    1 windmill
    woodsman huts
    watch towers
    Medium shipbuilder
    Small Shipbuilder

    Large transport, Eversor

    mining camp (10 marines, 34 miners, 36 orc slaves)

    Fort loki
    (10 Fessians, 30 marines, 4 cannon)

    Goblin settlement "Danara"
    pop: 270 people
    30 standing militia
    75 pigs
    28 cows
    25 horses
    capable of supporting 500 people
    Income of 1 unit of stone per month
    income of 3 unit of lumber per month

    Contained picture is the approximate location of the colony.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/27/10(Sun)22:49 No.10787383
         File1277693381.png-(197 KB, 1175x581, New Riata72.png)
    197 KB
    Last map update.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)22:50 No.10787405
    I'm now filled with a sudden lust for land, seeing how much of it we've yet to conquer and how small our colony is in the scheme of things.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/27/10(Sun)22:54 No.10787475

    It is the goal of the Kingdom to carve out its land, its up to the colony to hold it for the kingdom. Also, you aren't the only Bernician colony in this area, you are just one.
    >> Hats 06/27/10(Sun)22:54 No.10787490

    Turn the hippodile bodies into some awesome armor.
    Expand our fishing industry by building another dock and 2 more small boats.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)22:55 No.10787496
    what's a cloth maiden?
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/27/10(Sun)22:56 No.10787514

    Textile producers.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)22:57 No.10787538
    Did we chase down the remaining hippodiles and kill them/raid their spawning areas?
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/27/10(Sun)23:00 No.10787596

    They retreated back up stream underwater, its unknown where the went. Also, would anybody like the description of listed nations?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)23:00 No.10787601
    Sorry i missed the previous thread, do we own the other settlement on the left side of the river? and what about the one of the right?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)23:02 No.10787644
    yes i would very much
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)23:02 No.10787647
    Yes please.
    >> Hats 06/27/10(Sun)23:03 No.10787676
    We own both of the towns on the left. The left on is Serenity and the right one is Normandy. The town on the far right is owned by the gobbos
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)23:04 No.10787702
    The other two settlements are an iron mining camp and a stone quarry right?
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/27/10(Sun)23:06 No.10787730
         File1277694381.png-(197 KB, 1175x581, New Riata73.png)
    197 KB
    Year 464 of our holy mother, January, week 3

    Our ship builders have labored all month this month to finally build two smaller fishing vessels to increase our income of fish, which the Goblins seem particularly happy over. In addition, 10 new fishers were trained per vessel.

    Our tanners took care of all the dead hippodiles in town, after they were done with the skin just handing the left over meat to the town butchers. It seems the is signifigantly stronger than leather, and while not as strong as a breast plate it makes up for it by being light.

    +20 fishers
    +2 fishing boats

    roll 1d50
    >> Hats 06/27/10(Sun)23:06 No.10787736
    Yeah the one in the middle is a stone mine and the one to the bottom is a iron mine
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/27/10(Sun)23:08 No.10787761
    tieflings are from the Supreme Empire of Dorova, which is basicly a huge empire with little colonial assets, but what assets it does have are strongly guarded.
    Think the Russian empire. Its one of the strongest nations in the entire world, with the largest army but lacks a real navy. Their mainland streches all of Europa and is the largest
    nation on earth, even surpassing the Republic of Acra in size. The tieflings in the Empire are all almost completely devot in the Emperor, who rules over the Empire in spats
    of 130s per emperor, but that does not mean there are a few who are dissent. From the cold artic tundras of the north too the scortching deserts to the south, her geographic
    differences are only surpasses by the differences in people.

    Golbins are from the Most Serene Republic of Acra, a small but rich merchant republic with a fair amount of colonies in the south (which is like asia),
    but not many in the new world (west of europa). Shes a major player over seas and commands powerful navies and has well trained line infantry, but lacks in numbers. The island
    Nations of the Republic and the little mainland Europa assets she holds are usually all in competition with one and other, each being ruled by its own Doge and having autonomy
    from the rest of the Republic in regional matters, which have led to them always being in partial border wars with each other but always staying a step down from full fledged warfare.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)23:09 No.10787778

    Alright cool. We should build a wall around the delta and build the foundation for a fort on one of the islands.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/27/10(Sun)23:09 No.10787794
    The Kingdom of Bernicia can be compared most too the Kingdom of england before her union of scotland. a population of mostly men and halfings who live mostly out in farms, she
    has very few cities, but the cities she does hold are grand. Another major player when it comes to navies, she is said to hold the largest navy in the world, although both Acra and
    Eittensmoor lay claim to that title, but one thing is sure, she has some of the fastest, capable of making a trip that'd take another nations ship 3 months in just 1 and a half. Unlike
    the other kingdoms of Europa, she has both a king and a prime minister, operating as a constitutional monarchy, a failsafe implimented after a king went insane, declared war
    Upon Ettinsmoor and lost a fair amount of territory to her.

    La royaume la plus chevaleresque de Eittensmoor is what one could say 'The most Arrogant Nations in all of Dalfulnor', a title hard to come by with the near by Acrans and Dorovans,
    Eittensmoor is based on 14th century france upgraded with 17th century technology, she has been a historical foe to Bernica, always fighting a war with her every half century or so,
    Hating Bernicians has become almost a national sport. While she has a centrilzed king in power, various lords, dukes, barons and duchess rule the lands of Eittensmoor, leading
    to a Divided country making it hard to mobilze in times of war, but she does not suffer the infighting of Acra. Famous for her Gendarmes, heavy cavalry that has been around for
    over 900 years in one form or another, the modern form almost impervious too firearms at as close as 50m, she focuses on heavily armored infantry and cavalry, perfering coverage
    over mobility. While she has an Elf majority, she also has a minority of trolls in her southern most part of her Europa holdings, which are treated as gypsys.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/27/10(Sun)23:10 No.10787810
    The kingdom of Narina is a combination of the Batavian Republic and any sort of germanic duchy. Its a significant player on the world stage and has
    significant colonial assets in the new world, but lacks holdings in the far south. Her navy and army aren't that large when it comes to other players such as Dorovan, Bernicia and
    Eittensmoor, is much more professional, holding a constant standing army of professional soldiers and sailors whos patriotistism more than makes up for their lack of numbers.
    A mostly temperate nation, she has little forests or hills and usually ices over during the winter months. Although it has a majority of human population, 1/6th of the population is

    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)23:10 No.10787816
    rolled 49 = 49

    I feel lucky today.
    >> Mark Simulacra 06/27/10(Sun)23:11 No.10787839
    Do these three still need a write up or has another writefag taken up in my stead?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)23:12 No.10787845
    Just an idea, its always good having a citadel overlooking the harbour, allows the defenders to see the horizon for miles and defencd the harbour, arguably the most important part of a colonial town.
    >> Hats 06/27/10(Sun)23:12 No.10787847
    We have a small fort on the island on the bottom. We could probably use another one on the very bottom right part of that island(Island Loki is its name I believe)

    Also do we have enough trade goods to send the Eversor back to Europa?
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/27/10(Sun)23:14 No.10787878

    can't say you are...
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)23:15 No.10787906
    Were we aiming high or did I just hit "the goblins attack the colony" on the random event chart?
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/27/10(Sun)23:16 No.10787918

    Ive got a fair amount of nations that need write fagging, so if you pop onto MSN i can talk to you about it.


    simply mark on the map where.

    St.Loki's island, and yes
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)23:16 No.10787924
    were we aiming low*
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/27/10(Sun)23:18 No.10787956

    I can tell you it isnt goblins attack the colony.
    >> Hats 06/27/10(Sun)23:18 No.10787967
    Send the Eversor back to Europa with goods then!

    I think we need to import a spy or two :).

    Lets start perparing to build that fort on the very bottom of Loki Island. Build around the lake to the shore. That way our towns will be safe from any kind of naval attack.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)23:22 No.10788050
    We should build a guardhouse between Serenity and Normany, maybe one near the iron mining outpost too. It would just be a tower with a few muskets and provisions in it, nothing special.
    >> Hats 06/27/10(Sun)23:23 No.10788072
    We have 4 towers along the road between iron camp and serenity.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)23:26 No.10788136
    god damnit im so out of the loop
    >> Hats 06/27/10(Sun)23:29 No.10788189
    Its all good. You got questions and I got answers.. The previous threads

    the 3rd one didn't get archieved.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/27/10(Sun)23:31 No.10788231
         File1277695893.png-(197 KB, 1175x581, New Riata74.png)
    197 KB
    Year 464 of our holy mother, February, week 1

    A small guardpost has been built along the road between normandy and serenity with a garrison of 6 marines, 6 fessians and two police officers to prevent crime on the trade rout, just in time too.

    There has been a signifigant increase of organized crime in Normandy, with our police force alerting the duke with an increase in Banned substance smuggling and a protection racket being set up.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)23:32 No.10788246
    So were we rolling high or low?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)23:33 No.10788275
    What is the banned substance?
    >> Hats 06/27/10(Sun)23:37 No.10788329
    Set up small scout parties along the river and road to see if we can't find the source of the substances. Also use dogs/wolves on any boats that come into port. Sniff the cargo and whatnot.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/27/10(Sun)23:39 No.10788381

    think 'opium'
    >> Hats 06/27/10(Sun)23:45 No.10788490
    Have the architects start drawing up plans for our new fort.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/27/10(Sun)23:48 No.10788553
    Year 464 of our holy mother, February, week 3.

    After increasing the presense of Militia and police in Normandy as well as sniffer dogs, we've been able too decrease the size of organized crime in normandy, but not stop it entirely.

    Our designers have begun to draw plans up for a new fort on St.Loki's isle at the south end.

    Roll 1d50
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)23:49 No.10788576
    rolled 24 = 24

    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)23:54 No.10788675
    How are they getting this opium like drug? Also, build a theater or some form of refined entertainment to balance out the arena in Normandy.
    >> Hats 06/27/10(Sun)23:55 No.10788693
    Second this.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/27/10(Sun)23:56 No.10788716
    Year 464 of our holy mother, March, week 1

    A badly damaged ship limped in from the south today towards Serenity harbor, sinking before she made it to the safety of shallow shores. Search parties were able to recover just 4 sailors, who brough with them terrible news.


    It seems that for the past week, Acra and Varina have been in a constant state of war with each other. Not just the regular border wars that happen occasionally in the colonies, but full fledged warfare.

    In addition to this, our scouts tell us that the troop numbers in the goblin settlement have been significantly Increased and appear more organized, but we are yet to recieve any hostility from them, either because they are waiting to attack or they do not know of war yet, like we did.
    >> Mark Simulacra 06/27/10(Sun)23:57 No.10788739
    Honestly I'm about to head to sleep. Though if schedules align I'll be on tomorrow and more up to getting some good old fashioned writefagging in.
    >> Hats 06/27/10(Sun)23:58 No.10788760
    What our exact military numbers again?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)23:59 No.10788775
    Well fuck, it's only a matter of time before the goblins get word. We need to ready our men and prepare our war ship for battle.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/27/10(Sun)23:59 No.10788792

    79 royal marines
    28 fessian mercs
    69 standing militia
    8 Winged Hussars

    In addition, we have more than enough free settlers to bring 200 more to standing militia status.
    >> Hats 06/28/10(Mon)00:01 No.10788824
    Bring up the 200 militia and begin drilling them.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/10(Mon)00:04 No.10788878
    What were the goblins last known numbers?
    >> Dogstar !!MgA31eRve7T 06/28/10(Mon)00:04 No.10788888
    That's gonna cut into everything else. Can we do that without cutting into our food supply?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/10(Mon)00:05 No.10788912
    What is Captain Alessandro stance on this war?
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/28/10(Mon)00:05 No.10788921
    Year 464 of our holy mother, march, week 3.

    With the news that war was upon us with the bastards of Acra, 200 New militiamen were raised and armed with musket and sword. Although not the best troops and awfully green, it is just in time as our scouts have informed us that the Acrans have begun to fire back at them, although we are yet to loose one yet. Total Acran troop numbers is estimated at around 450-500
    >> Hats 06/28/10(Mon)00:06 No.10788931
    They are free settlers as in they don't have a job right now.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/28/10(Mon)00:07 No.10788968

    After the duke met with captain Alessandro, he seemed to be talking faster than usual and seemed more annoyed in his tone. Your translator informs you that Captain Alessandro is 'Displeased that the Republic would go to war with such a puny nation and it is not befitting of them'. After you asked what his stance on it was, again, he informed you that you paid him for 3 years service, you'll be getting three years service.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/10(Mon)00:09 No.10789004
    Ok. Have him take the 2 frigates and go do some pirating on our enemies!
    >> Hats 06/28/10(Mon)00:12 No.10789098
    Send emissaries to both the orcs and the Bernicia colony. Ask if they are willing to give us aid and that we will pay in gold. We still got 2 gold left.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/10(Mon)00:14 No.10789141
    If they won't give us aid, then ask them if we can purchase cannons from them.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/28/10(Mon)00:18 No.10789229
    Year 464 of our holy mother, march, week 3

    Captain Alessandro has set out with his two frigates to help with the war effort, to raid the Acran trade fleets and supply lines, and promises to return in a month, and if he's gone any long its because he has met trouble.

    3 days after our frigates left, the goblins made their attack, launching a full scale assault across the river Normandy with over 300 marines and 50 dragoons. The few marine and militia units we had guarding the river abbdaoned their posts immediately and fell back into Normandy with the rest of the towns defenders..

    Normandy Current Garrison
    Marie Kaufmann
    20 marines
    50 Militia
    25 horses

    Normandy siege force
    250 marines
    20 dragoons
    6 cannon

    The cannons are having a hard time trying to punch through our walls, with the defenders simply repairing what damage is done during the day at night, but slowly this is compromising the strength of the walls.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/10(Mon)00:21 No.10789288
    Those sons of bitches. How many wolves do we have in Normandy? Who is stationed at the arena? Can we draft the fighters there into the war effort, possibly acquiring more hero units?
    >> Hats 06/28/10(Mon)00:21 No.10789303
    Lets start a series of quick raids on their camp at night from serenity. Focus more on destroying supplies of the siege force than on killing them.

    Any word from our emissaries?
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/28/10(Mon)00:27 No.10789447
    ill be gone for 20 minutes, keep planning
    >> Hats 06/28/10(Mon)00:31 No.10789516
    Dangerous but we are desperate. I wonder if we can use our hippodiles....
    >> Anonymous 06/28/10(Mon)00:31 No.10789518
    Well if we want to destroy there supplies we can just send out men to burn their crops down again and try and set fire to the town itself. They only have wooden fortifications, it wouldn't be that hard to burn them out.
    >> Hats 06/28/10(Mon)00:33 No.10789556
    Probably won't work twice they only sent half there force to attack us too :(.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/10(Mon)00:37 No.10789641
    We should have kept a frigate, eight cannons would have helped us immensely. How about we try and get some boiling oil pots going in preparation for any breaches in the wall? Have arches prepare to take potshots and any of the siege force they can as well.
    >> Hats 06/28/10(Mon)00:38 No.10789661
    Two lighting raids.. one on their town and one on their camp.. burn the food. Only problem becomes then that they will attack us immediately to get at our food supplies.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/28/10(Mon)00:43 No.10789791
    Year 464 of our holy mother, april, week 1

    The war continues on as the Acran siege force remains around serenity. The internal garrison has built slit trenches to hide in during bombardments, effectively preventing any casulties during bombardment, but are forced out of them whenever a skirmish force tries to move further into the outer buildings to lay down fire to suppress and repel them, but it seems that they are just probing our defenses at the moment.

    The main defense force of serenity is training up for the eventual battles ahead. Several raiding parties have been sent out in small, 10-15 man groups to hit the Acran supply lines, resulting in zero-few casulties on our side, but after we tried to hit their crops, we lost an entire raiding force.

    Our emissaries have been sent to the Bernicians and should be returning in two weeks.

    -14 militia
    -4 marines
    -3 hunters
    -2 scouts
    >> Hats 06/28/10(Mon)00:45 No.10789841
    The are laying siege to both towns?
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/28/10(Mon)00:48 No.10789895

    To do such would be a tactical blunder, they are only besieging Normandy, at which point they'll most likely hit serenity if they take normandy.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/10(Mon)00:52 No.10789987
    How quickly can we send a runner to Serenity to reinforce Normandy?
    >> Hats 06/28/10(Mon)00:53 No.10790015
    Well nothing much we can do at the moment. Lets just hope against hope that our forces in Normandy hold.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/28/10(Mon)00:54 No.10790027

    Normandy is already besieged, so you cant send reinforcements directly into it. You could probably sneak a runner or two in every month, though.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/10(Mon)00:59 No.10790144
    Alright let's send out a runner and organize an attack to be held that will push out the invaders. We'll schedule it once the frigates return.
    >> Hats 06/28/10(Mon)01:04 No.10790242
    Second this. But we need more cannons somehow....
    >> Dogstar !!MgA31eRve7T 06/28/10(Mon)01:06 No.10790272
    Maybe just fit bombs in catapults or something less technological?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/10(Mon)01:12 No.10790351

    Light up some barrels of gunpowder and fling it across the walls maybe?
    >> Dogstar !!MgA31eRve7T 06/28/10(Mon)01:14 No.10790373
    If it gets desperate we'll fling anything solid, sharp, explosive, and flammable over the walls at them. But that's a possibility. For now it's probably just best to stick with actual weapons.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/28/10(Mon)01:16 No.10790388
    Year 464 of the holy mother, April week 3.

    A few days before last, before Alesandro returned with his frigates, the final assault on normandy commenced. Targeting the weak spots of the walls, the cannons opened fire for 7 hours straight, with a few marines inside the outer town firing on any attempt to suppress them. On the 7th hour, the walls came crashing down.

    Marie rushed to the breach in the walls with the few town defenders, getting them into the trenches to protect them from any fire, as she bravely stood in clear site, her armor thick enough to deflect a round at this range, marching infront of the trenches passing encouragements to her men. When the Acran charge finally game, over 200 men charge at once for the breach, with 20 dragoons. The trench line of militia and marines was enough to stop the charge, but what now resulted was a drawn out fire fight between the Acrans and Verinians. Despite the superior position, the massive firepower and accuracy of the Goblin troops began to wreck havoc on the Verinian lines. Even as the battle continued too march up the lines, making sure her men didn't retreat out of fear of what she'd do to her, until the worse happened.

    Eittensmoor armor is valued for being thick and well crafted enough to prevent musket shots at certain ranges, but as the battle went on the goblin troops slowly got closer and closer, and eventually a round smashed her helmet and she fell limp to the ground. Two men rushed out of the trench and pulled her back in, discovering she had simply been knocked out, but without their leader too cause fear in their own troops, the remaining defenders surrendered quickly.

    -Marie Kaufmann (Captured)
    -11 marines
    -9 marines (captured)
    -26 militia
    -14 militia (captured)

    In addition, our emissaries to the Bernicians have returned, telling us the Bernicians refuse to get involved with this war.
    >> Hats 06/28/10(Mon)01:16 No.10790397
    Plus we don't want to degrade ourselves into savages
    >> Anonymous 06/28/10(Mon)01:17 No.10790413

    stOP_DdOSInG_WwW.anOXNtxALk.sE_RemoVE_all x_IN_tHAT UrL
    vo s t lphcvv treljzo ev xfja
    >> Hats 06/28/10(Mon)01:20 No.10790436
    Was Captain Alessandro able to do anything? Any loot?

    For now lets take 6 cannons off one of the frigates so we can use it with our ground troops. Lets march to Normandy with our army and break this siege. If we can break the siege we can set up lines on the river and that will make it almost impossible for them to cross.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/10(Mon)01:20 No.10790439

    sTOp DdoSing_wwW.anOXntxALK.Se REmove aLL x_in_THAt URl
    nfs hmproccasaxa pxeli e ixhq zqkcwoak
    >> Hats 06/28/10(Mon)01:24 No.10790479

    The majority of our force can move by land but have a small detachment lead by Captain Petrovski board the armed frigate so we can land troops behind the enemy lines. The frigate can also bombard the enemy position from the sea. Our Calvary can flank from the top along the tree line.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/28/10(Mon)01:25 No.10790494

    I'm sorry, but i thought it was implied. Normandy was taken by the assault force.
    >> Hats 06/28/10(Mon)01:25 No.10790505
    Ah ok then nevermind
    >> Anonymous 06/28/10(Mon)01:31 No.10790609
    Well this is pretty bad. I'm at a loss as to what to do from here really.
    >> Hats 06/28/10(Mon)01:31 No.10790614

    Still take the cannons off one frigate and position them along the walls of serenity. Do we have any idea where Marie has been taken?
    >> Hats 06/28/10(Mon)01:32 No.10790626
    Also abandon the stone mine and set traps about it. The people that were working in the mine are now drafted into the militia.
    >> Zack 06/28/10(Mon)01:33 No.10790637
    This will be another Colonial quest for me to miss. Gotta get up early tomorrow. >_<
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/28/10(Mon)01:35 No.10790665

    Our scouts have been able to tell us that most of the POWs are being held in Normandy, although the only knowlage of any half elfs in the area seems to be in the original encampment..
    >> Hats 06/28/10(Mon)01:37 No.10790690

    Small boat, at night lands behind enemy lines squad a our best men lead by Captain Petrovski. Assault the camp to try to save Marie and take the enemy general/force leader.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/10(Mon)01:37 No.10790694
    Alright load up the cannons from one frigate into Serenity and get ready to siege Normandy from both land and sea.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/28/10(Mon)01:51 No.10790944
    Year 464 of the holy mother, may, week 1

    Baron kaufmann lead a force of 55 royal marines, 28 fessian mercs on horse back and 215 standing militia. Out of the serenity today along with 8 cannon from one of our frigates and headed off too siege normandy once more.

    Meanwhile, captain Petrovski and the 8 Winged hussars traveled to the Goblin Camp in civilian clothing on one of our fishing vessels with a mission of their own.

    The goblin commander moved 90% of his forced to meet the Varinian Siege force to try and bring his overwhelming numbers and firepower to defeat the Varinian force, but like in the 2nd battle for normandy,Kaufmann ordered his men to dig in to prevent the goblin firepower advantage from being used to its full potential. Over the next 6 hours, both forces would fire musket and cannon at each other, trying to utterly destroy the other one.

    Meanwhile, the small tiefling squad had made its way into the Goblin encampment under the guise of being Dorovan fisherman. Making his way too the HQ, Captain Petrovski had 4 men stand guard while he and the other 4 stormed into it, pistols and swords drawn and began to battle with the small garrison as well as chief staff.

    The third battle of normandy was becoming a bloody affair, with the goblins having superior numbers, but the Varinians a grand total of 16 cannons firing on them. Slowly but surely, the Goblin force began too make a tactical retreat, first to normandy, but were forced back across the river at the sight of Fessian Cavalry.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/28/10(Mon)01:52 No.10790953
    Captain Petrovski and his highly trained hussars had, effectively, single handedly captured the goblin encampment and freed Marie Kaufmann. The small, 30 strong garrison had either been killed or captured, including the governer.

    When the remains of the Goblin force arrived at the gates to their encampment, they were surprised to discover the severed heads of their countrymen stuck onto the wooden walls to the gate house, and the Tieflings and Marie Kaufmann manning it. Believing the entire camp must have been captured by a numerically larger force, the goblin marines surrendered.

    -67 Militia
    -34 marines
    +140 Goblin POWs.
    +freed prisoners.
    >> Hats 06/28/10(Mon)01:58 No.10791041
    Haha! The day is ours. We need to start setting up positions along the river to prevent the enemy from crossing it again.

    How many men do they have left at their city?
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/28/10(Mon)02:01 No.10791073

    None, petrovski and his small forced captured it.
    >> Hats 06/28/10(Mon)02:02 No.10791086

    So the enemy town is undefended?
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/28/10(Mon)02:02 No.10791097

    No, you CAPTURED it.
    >> Hats 06/28/10(Mon)02:06 No.10791143

    Sweet now we got 3 towns. Stats on our new settlement?
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/28/10(Mon)02:08 No.10791171
    'Lenorba', goblin colony
    pop: 500 settlers
    Capable of supporting 1000 people
    >> Hats 06/28/10(Mon)02:11 No.10791205

    Does it have an wood, stone or resource income?
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/28/10(Mon)02:15 No.10791275

    It seems its purpose was sorely as a military fort, and only had an income of grain to feed the garrison and farmers.
    >> Hats 06/28/10(Mon)02:17 No.10791300
    Well then lets recruit some of its population into the militia to replace our loses from the war so far. We should build a dock there as well.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/28/10(Mon)02:19 No.10791328
    I'm going to call it a day here. The goblin war shall continue tomorrow.

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