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  • File : 1279245589.jpg-(35 KB, 650x450, 1279000154983.jpg)
    35 KB The Adventures of Suicide Man! Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)21:59 No.11158582  
    Sup Elegan/tg/entlemen.

    Well, as the title suggests, this is the continuation of the thread


    I was asked by a few people to chime back in ince I had another session. So, at the risk of looking like an attention whore, here it is.

    Incase you're too lazy to read the previous thread and weren't here before, little background

    Modern Day setting, Major Metropolitan city, the Group and several antagonists are the only ones in the world with slightly paranormal powers.

    What's my power? Body Jumping.
    How do I use it? 1 jump a turn and normal action, or 2 jumps a turn and a move for each.
    How do I hurt others? Mother-Fucking suicide.

    I have no body of my own, only use others. My favorite being an insane, alcoholic, bearded hobo I nicknamed Cunt-zooka. Really, he's like my own little 5'10 dorf, can't even think to put himself out when he's on fire without me, so he doesn't wander far when I'm away.

    So, with that out of the way, STORY TIME!
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:00 No.11158595
    Any how, after the last game that culminated in a skyscrapper gunfight (And 12 men suspisciously jumping to their deaths..) it seems the antagonist has revealed himself, and hes snatching people from the prisons, streets, mental institutions, etc.

    As far as the group goes though, we're banding together out of a need for survival as he also wants us. In general no one has much trust for eachother, so when the GM announced that we would have some times to ourselves, we all wen't our seperate ways.

    Well, as suggested, I had a small things to do list, first off, money.

    You'd be surprised how much money you can make pan handling when you jump between bodies and force them to give you a 20 at a time.

    Because seriously, who the hell is going to try to steal their money back from a bum? (And if he does, I'll make him jump into traffic)

    Do this about once a minute for about an hour, come out with around $1200. Not bad for now, still considering a career in snuff films.

    Second, go to pawn shop and pick up an old ghetto blaster (You know the kind) and a copy of "Addicted to love" (See, I listen to you /tg/)

    Next, as Alpharius suggested, balance out my dickery by working behind the scenes to improve the world.
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:00 No.11158596
    Make something new.
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:01 No.11158609
    So I start small, the local Governor is a big champion for "gun rights" (By that, I mean no waiting periods, no background checks, and his policies have been linked to several school shootings) and all around a corrupt dick. Beyond this, we found intel in the sky scraper last session that he may have turned a blind eye to Hobos being nabbed off the street by our antagonist (And given my affection for my hobo-mount, I figure it's best to start here). So I decide I'm going to do the right thing...kind of...

    I watch the home for a few days, jumping between his neighborhood security guards and what not, figure out he and his family's schedule, and arrange to put my plan for action.

    So this is how it plays out.
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:02 No.11158635
    Simple Tuesday evening, 10 at night, mother is out and 5 year old daughter is in bed. Our dear Governor is sitting in his favorite leather chair, browsing the kind of porn you get 10 years jail, 5 years probation for, when his little sweetheart starts bounding downstairs, teddy-bear in hand.

    "Daddy?" She says, yawning a bit as he closed his laptop and turns.

    "Yes Princess?" He smiles in a way only a blue balled government official can.

    In her sweetest voice, she slowly, softly sings.

    "Your lights are on, but you're not home
    Your will is not your own
    You're heart sweats and teeth grind
    Another kiss and you'll be mine"

    She suddenly drops the big, purple, smiling bear. From behind she pulls the sawed off shotgun "Daddy dearest" keeps in the master bedroom for "self defense". Quick squeeze of the trigger for both barrels and the Governor is no more.

    The gun kicks and knocks out a few of my teeth, but it's alright, it will just confirm the police's suspiscion that it was all an accident. I calmly drop the weapon, stumble through what remains of the governors head on the floor, and pick up the phone. In my best sob I explain what happened as a distraught and confused 5 year old would, then leave her body.

    She'll have a few problems in life, but I figure it will be balanced out by a best selling book she'll no doubt write later in life. I've taken out a corrupt polititian, and the event is so traumatic that even the staunchest supporters of gun rights begin to press for tighter controls.

    Wife probably won't give a shit, they were cheating on eachother so what the hell ever
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:03 No.11158661
    Things go on as normal. Cunt-Zooka eventually buys an apartment but I keep his crazy man beard because why the fuck not. If I need a little action I just jump into a married neighbors body and have some fun with the wife and jump back. Still his wang so no one is cheating.

    Eventually, our "leader" (Probably because he took cyclops power, only from his hands, "Punches for the punch dimension" and all) ends up gathering us together as he gets some info regaurding a lab used by the BBEG.

    We all gather together and hit the road, cunt-zooka with ghetto blaster in tow.

    We find a towering office building with additional blocks attatched via sky walks and head towards the gate. I pull a few body jumps with security to get us in, and investigating a few red herrings we manage to slip 7 floors down into the earth where the supposed lab is.

    Anyhow, they ended up figuring out we were in the building and set up a few ambushes (Later we found out that they supposedly had several incomplete files on us, and could detect the usage of certain powers). We manage to get through with a couple highlights, including me severing a mans body in the elevator, and later shooting a fire-extinguisher as I pressed my head against it. Best at this point was probably a situation where I took a tazer and fired it into myself, the resulting shock prevented me from removing my finger from the trigger so I just left the guy twitching on the ground (RIDE THE LIGHTNING!). Anyhow, we eventually find the scientists all huddled inside of a quarantine lab to prevent us from getting to them before a Private Military Contract group (Mercs) run by the BBEG arrives in 10 minutes.
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:03 No.11158685
    No way in, so the group give me the go ahead and cunt-zooka casually places the ghetto blaster speakers against the glass, hits play, ande I jump into the single, armed security guard inside.

    I tell you what, it's very satisfying being alone in a room full of unarmed scientists as you sing "Addicted to love", hunting them down as you dance to the music.

    Eventually a party member (Girl who can trick shot with any gun) starts banging on the window, pointing to her watch. So I hurry it up, kill em all, grab everything that looked like it had any memory (Hard drives, usb, etc), throw them in a duffle bag, hand it the leader and blow my brains out. Cunt-zooka has been busy licking what he hopes is jelly off the back of the boom box.

    Time to cheese it!
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:04 No.11158698
    The next few minutes play out like Terminator 2. As soon as we get to the surface and back to the rented SUV we've been using, 2 armored pickup trucks fully loaded with men in head to toe armor and tac gear tear ass into the lot and we take off.

    We start heading onto the highway and they follow. The men in the back start standing and taking pot shots at us with m4's as our leader tries to drive.

    Our gun-girl is pegging them as best she can but it's taking forever and they've already blown out one of our tires, so I decide to get creative.

    Picking one of the trucks I lock eyes on the driver and jump.

    It's amazing how fast you can make mercenaries do a double take when you start singing

    "Just the good ol' boys
    Never meanin' no harm.
    Beats all you never saw
    Been in trouble with the law
    Since the day they was born"
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:05 No.11158711
    I swerve towards the median doing 90 mph, and slam the wheel back towards the edge of the highway overpass (Not before opening the door and flinging myself out into oncoming traffic though. My gm is really good at describing what happens to a human body hitting a vehicle at a combined speed of 150 mph)

    Their vehicle goes swerving off the highway overpass though and is never to be seen again (I like to think there was an explosion involved or 2). After a bit of finagling I manage my way back to cunt-zooka to reasses the situation, but it's too late to do any more good as the other truck slams into us and rams both vehicles down an onramp and crashing into a steel mill loading dock.

    We tip and roll, they go soaring over us, and everyone is fucked up bad (Sadly the ghetto-blaster did not survive).

    Slowly we gradually come out of our collective stupors (I was conscious but no other body was capable of movement) and start dragging ourselves away from the wreckage blocking the entrance and moving deeper into the mill. We notice though that as the PMC truck is burning their radio is squacking for a status update.

    Well, the 4 of us keep moving, noticing the steel mill is still active with slag moving about and machines still going about their automated business.

    It's almost enough for us not to hear the tires squeel outside.
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:06 No.11158723
    The leader who has all the tactical skills (And punch beams) starts directing us towards where our power will be of the best use (And generally telling me to do what the fuck ever). We wait in ambush as 20 fully loaded our mercs slowly slip in keeping in a tigh formations, moving from cover to cover. I get a jump on things and hop into the rear guards body and move along with them, keeping up the act as I check out any combat skills the asshole has.

    Finally, while my Hobo wonders aimlessly through the deadly refinery, our leader give the shout to signal us, and I start opening fire, as does every one else.

    I cripple 2 before being taken down myself. A couple hops more and I'm starting to realize that with as bad a shape as the rest of the group is, we are fucked. These guys are good, armed for bear, and pissed (Seriously, one decided not to even shoot me, instead stabbed me in the goddamn neck). There are 13 left and 1 that I inhabit, so I fall back a bit and start asking the GM "Where is all the slag heading to?"

    I make the necessary rollse to understand the movement process and suddenly recognize the large couldron holding several tons of liquid steel.
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:07 No.11158734
    Someone needs to make this into a Saints Row 2 style sandbox game...
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:07 No.11158739

    Well, I start doing my rapid jumps (2 jumps, 1 move for each) and start playing the mercs like fucking chess (Their tactical skills are enough for me to properly coral them, put them in a bad situation where after I leave, they only have 1 place to go for cover)

    Eventually all but 1 of them is gathered into this 20ft by 20ft clear point upon the ground, firing defensively.

    And finally the net fucking closes.

    I take a jump over a railing just above them to the couldron they're infront of, and grab hold of the locked emergency pour hatch at the bottom, place a grenade and jump off.


    The hatch lock blows away, and molten steal streams out over top of me and the other mercs.


    As we all begin to have our skin and meat sluff off the bones, I summon enough will for one final sentence.

    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:08 No.11158757
    Hop back into my pet hobo, find the rest of my group, and stagger out of the mill. Steal the merc truck and start to read over any information we can get out of the usb drives on the merc laptop.

    Session ends there.
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:10 No.11158800

    People requested it, I delivered, and I didn't draw it out to be an attention whore.

    If everyones opinions are like his
    I'll go ahead and stop, if not, the sessions are Tuesday and Thursday and I'll come back with stories.

    There you go /tg/, unlike the fag last night I have my story for you ready to go
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:11 No.11158820
    I lol'd. Bravo OP, very nice.
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:14 No.11158884
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:16 No.11158912
    This is the greatest power ever. I used to think Light manipulation was pretty ballin', but this takes the FUCKING CAAAKKKKEEE.
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:19 No.11158955
    Awesome power idea, very temped to steal it now. Keep the stories coming.
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:19 No.11158958
    That's more like terminator salvation, however this does not stop the fucking lols
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:20 No.11158974
         File1279246836.jpg-(25 KB, 500x396, Elmo.jpg)
    25 KB
    Fuxking YAAAAAAAAY
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:21 No.11158993
    Make little girl kill her dad

    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:25 No.11159043

    You bathed them in metal...

    Are you the good guys?
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:27 No.11159074
    From the description of the antagonist, it sounds like it's closer to "lesser evil guys."
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:28 No.11159098
    Op here.

    Well, relatively yes. They certainly weren't the good guys, though I don't know about the scientists.

    None the less, fuck it, I evened things out with a good murder
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:30 No.11159115
    You should of said, "OH MAN, I LOVE METALLICA!"
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:30 No.11159126
         File1279247452.gif-(531 KB, 300x169, 1279161012142.gif)
    531 KB
    Bullshit, lol

    Though bonus for the Dukes of hazard reference
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:32 No.11159156
         File1279247563.jpg-(3 KB, 102x126, 1279163791351.jpg)
    3 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:36 No.11159198
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:36 No.11159205
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:37 No.11159212
    So, the governor was a bad guy because there were no waiting periods?
    The fuck?
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:39 No.11159247
    And no background checks. Which means that guns for repeat felons.

    Actually, scratch that. STFU. Don't derail thread with controversial politics.
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:40 No.11159263
    I just realized, one of my characters in an upcoming campaign has this power.
    Fantasy and only for a few seconds, however the ideas are the same.
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:40 No.11159265
    Yeah, go to that /new/sfaggot board for that shit.
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:44 No.11159330
    And it was linked to school shootings how?
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:44 No.11159334

    Read the fucking archive if you weren't here Tuesday.

    It's basically Azazel from fallen without touching.

    God I fucking hate summer fags.
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:44 No.11159338
    ... Best power ever. Also, you're seemingly invincible. The only way you can die is if there is no body to inhabit in the area.
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:45 No.11159361
    As stated previously, shut the fuck up. No one cares about politics on /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:46 No.11159369
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:46 No.11159382
    OP here

    GM said that gun sellers were able to sell to minors because there was no actual oversights, 2 of which where the same guns used in a school shooting.

    Really, I didn't give a fuck either way, not a moral fag, I knew he was letting the BBEG snatch people from the streets and it would be fun way to kill the free time segment

    Regardless what side your on, it's a pen and paper game, not real life, who gives a fuck
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:48 No.11159414
    Fair enough. Unscrupulous gun sellers, though.
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:48 No.11159431
    I read the original thread, I'm not a summerfag, and I don't see how me saying that I'm copying the idea insinuates that I am either.
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:50 No.11159469
    OP here

    Anyone wants to take it, go ahead, already have someone using him as a dark heresy villain.
    Yeah, you are right, but I figure that this would be cooler than going after random gun sellers.

    I mean, how often do you get to play a 5 year old girl with a sawed off?
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:54 No.11159535
    op here, one more time because I forgot to say, as for immortality, the idea is that I have a move of 25 yards or so a round when jumping, and the number of rounds I can take to find a new body are something I can gradually build up (So far only 2)

    If I get stuck with no body after 2 rounds, well, the gm won't tell me but I think I kind of die
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)22:54 No.11159545
    I put all my levels in Blast. That's 150 levels.
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)23:06 No.11159751
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)23:07 No.11159767
    so was op hidden fun stuff?
    >> Anonymous 07/15/10(Thu)23:18 No.11159948
    Oh fuck yes I'm glad I came to /tg/ tonight

    Honestly didn't think the original thread would continue. None the less, fuckyear at taser man
    >> Anonymous 07/16/10(Fri)00:36 No.11161192
         File1279254971.jpg-(68 KB, 500x500, 840983823.jpg)
    68 KB
    keep it up brah
    and fuck this guy
    >> Anonymous 07/16/10(Fri)01:37 No.11162193
    Honestly if people give a shit to read the stories I'll probably be here again tuesday at 10pm eastern coast time, figure I can have my evening game and time to type it up then
    >> Anonymous 07/16/10(Fri)01:39 No.11162208
    Honestly though, a lot of credit has to go to our GM, motherfucker only says not to stupid shit and is good at rolling with the punches.

    Cheers to you dave
    >> Anonymous 07/16/10(Fri)01:54 No.11162502
    I will admit Op, I approve. This is exceedingly devious and I lol'd heartily.
    >> Anonymous 07/16/10(Fri)02:01 No.11162617
    Thank you kindly good anon, though I have to admit, I'm not sure if the "lolliquidmetal" topped the sky scraper trick from the last thread, glad I archived it though

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