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  • File : 1279589428.jpg-(298 KB, 1200x812, 1528909.jpg)
    298 KB Mercenaries and Planes XXXIV op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 07/19/10(Mon)21:30 No.11232741  
    So we got together today and played out the mission. We did some last minute planning, and decided that we'd be better off to concentrate on our specific objective, but that sowing confusion with the bunker strike would be a good idea. We wanted to stay away from the port as much as possible, especially given the unknown nature of the air defense at the garrison. Since we had them on retainer, we had the other Blackflag unit, the Red Griffons, tasked with taking out the ship and providing SEAD defence. They had two A-6 units, and the EA-6B, so we figured it would be a good thing to have them handle part of the mission. Cost a bit, but we just couldn't afford to spread ourselves too thin. Hugs went Air to Air, with some guided air to ground. I was tasked with the bunker, and had two GPS glide bombs, in addition to some anti-air and general purpose bombs. Scotch had his A-4 loaded to the brim with rockets and cluster munitions, and his wingbuddy Judge was rolling off the deck with some small anti-air, but several racks of small fuel air explosives. We'd rendezvous with the strike force and ensure the airspace was sanitized as they moved on the Prince's location. We departed, linking up with Copernicus that was in the area near the coast.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)21:31 No.11232760
    YAAAAAAY! I request those pilot perks be listed this time, OP.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)21:43 No.11232947
    OK, I have no idea what you're talking about above, but you've peaked my interest. What's this game you're talking about?
    >> Skyhawk !c6DO1M4BMw 07/19/10(Mon)21:57 No.11233149
    Sweet! Another thread already! God i'm gonna be so spoiled if you keep this up.
    >> Skyhawk !c6DO1M4BMw 07/19/10(Mon)22:00 No.11233183
         File1279591220.jpg-(359 KB, 1200x758, 1012964.jpg)
    359 KB
    And a big ol FUCK YEAH for Scotch and his new Scooter.
    >> op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 07/19/10(Mon)22:01 No.11233189
    The Griffons were already on target, and had begun an attack run on the enemy ship. They came in low over the city, rushing across the port, towards the enemy ship. At the same time, we overtook the french Frelon and Dauphins as we headed in towards the Capital. I followed the main group, hoping to profit from maximum confusion to make my strike unmolested. The Griffons for their part broke out over the harbour and released their primary mission payload, sending four mk46 Torpedoes at the enemy boat. They then rolled out as the guns began firing on them, jinking to try to minimize locks. No radar was up though, so we felt pretty good about the mission so far. I began picking up speed, and rolled onto the proper target line, and pulled up, setting up the mission plan bomb run. Hugs broke from the helicopter area and also climbed, setting up an air watch, as Judge and Scotch circled lower, ready to roll in if required. I hit the right point, and pickled the big air to ground munitions, and turned away in a descent as they dropped towards the target. It took two turns, but one hit directly on target, and a big 'ring of dust' blasted outward from the bunker area. The other bomb failed and splashed into the river, probably digging down through the muddy riverbed. The helicopters arrived over the area, and landed, as the Commandos raced from them towards the enemy stronghold.
    >> Skyhawk !c6DO1M4BMw 07/19/10(Mon)22:06 No.11233271
    Its a RPG/Miniatures game about a Mercenary Air Squadron. We've had 30+ threads now on this topic.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)22:10 No.11233323
    OP GETS FIRST KILL! And a Mission Objective!

    >> Skyhawk !c6DO1M4BMw 07/19/10(Mon)22:17 No.11233417
    Can't be sure that was a true KO on the bunker though. How big a bomb was it Baron? Granted it probably buried the entrance but it could have survived with only the one hit.
    >> op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 07/19/10(Mon)22:35 No.11233758
    We were in contact with the Commandos as they hit the holding point. They called to tell us that they had found the Prince and our informant, and were encountering mild resistance so far. Copernicus had told us they had detected no air activity and moved in closer to support us, keeping an eye on the airbase in particular. Hugs called out that he could see a small convoy of trucks moving from one of the government buildings, and apparently heading towards the museum, and Scotch rolled in, flying down the street line to get a better view, and saw the trucks begin to scatter onto side streets. He got off a cannon snapshot and ripped one of them to pieces, but the others headed down alleys. I turned to enter that area, while Judge remained higher, and closer to the museum area. Then the port exploded. Well, not the entire port, but the ship in it did, as the torpedoes struck home, silencing its anti-air guns immediately as the Griffons broke its spine. An SA-6 system went active, and several SAMs went into the air, but none towards us. The Griffon team was on the ball though, as a HARM was already on the way down, the A-6 launching it making a beeline towards the site. Our commando team was about a minute away from the Super Frelon in the courtyard, when the first enemy truck appeared back on the main road heading towards the museum.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)22:39 No.11233836
         File1279593568.jpg-(694 KB, 1280x720, swoop.jpg)
    694 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)22:42 No.11233865
    yay! planes and mercs!

    I think I can take a break from trying to find the flyaway cost of the EE lightning to read this.
    >> Skyhawk !c6DO1M4BMw 07/19/10(Mon)22:42 No.11233873
    Nice! First use of torpedoes in this game seems to be a success.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)22:45 No.11233934
         File1279593931.jpg-(1.31 MB, 1606x1094, armedpawnee.jpg)
    1.31 MB
    sorry to be a newfag and not able to stay up to date, but what are Baron, Hugs, and Judge flying?
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)22:46 No.11233957

    Baron's in his 18, Hugs is in a rafale M, Judge is in a Fulcrum (K?)

    and scotch... poor scotch... is in an A4
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)22:47 No.11233967
    That A-4 is fucking toast.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)22:48 No.11233993

    I'm gonna laugh if it survives the longest out of any of his aircraft.
    >> Skyhawk !c6DO1M4BMw 07/19/10(Mon)22:50 No.11234029
    The A4 is a good aircraft. Its simply not as up to date as the others aircraft. It does not deserve to be bad mouthed.
    >> op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 07/19/10(Mon)22:55 No.11234113
    The SAM site went down, and then the Intruder closed it permanently with a series of Iron bombs dropped into the area. I rolled in, performing a quick strafing run on the main road, but missed the truck. However, the truck was forced off the main road again, disappearing into the sidestreet underneath awnings between buildings. Our commando team rushed across the street into the waiting helicopter, which lifted off the ground and began heading South, as the other two formed up on it. Then one of the A-6s took a hit. A streak of smoke raced out from behind a building near the SAM site, nailing the fuselage. They ejected from their plane moments before the flaming wreck smashed into the ground, their remaining armament detonating in a firecracker chain of high explosives. Hugs turned to investigate, and almost immediately spotted a military helicopter emerging from it's hiding spot. However, it looked identical to the two Dauphins we were escorting, except it had missile tubes on its sides, and Hugs held his fire, just in time to see it launch another missile towards our departing helicopters, nailing a Dauphin, blowing it to pieces.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)22:57 No.11234146

    awwww shit, here we go.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)23:01 No.11234214
    Who else flies Dauphins? Or are the French cancelling the contract?
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)23:02 No.11234241
    A shite load of other countries http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurocopter_Dauphin
    >> Skyhawk !c6DO1M4BMw 07/19/10(Mon)23:05 No.11234283
    Crap...hope that wasn't the important chopper.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)23:07 No.11234316
    daaaamn. this still going? been a long time since a saw a thread.

    anyone got a linky to archived previous ones? Last I saw of it was them vs the RAF, which rather ruined it as a bit of a shitty wankfest.

    sounds like its recovered now. maybe.
    >> Skyhawk !c6DO1M4BMw 07/19/10(Mon)23:11 No.11234395


    Its not been updated in a while but theres the wiki
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)23:11 No.11234396
    >RAF, which rather ruined it as a bit of a shitty wankfest.

    Because modern jets vs 60s VTOL with little to no A to A should end up as a British Victory.
    >> op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 07/19/10(Mon)23:12 No.11234411
    Judge executed a break turn to line up with the helicopter, but couldn't get a decent tone, so tried a snapshot with his gun, but missed. Hugs meanwhile, executed a perfect immelman, and didn't miss with his shot, a flurry of shells reaching out to swat the offending helicopter from the sky. However, my RIO spotted another helicopter moving south towards our charge, similar type, staying low. We were out of position, but Scotch was not, pulling his loaded jet around on an intercept line for the next phase. Judge also lined up a pass, just in case Scotch missed. Our helicopters were over a park when several lines of smoke appeared out of a nearby office block, and unlike our previous experiences, these ones arced and curved in towards our helicopters. The remaining A-6 turned in, releasing several Mk500s, nailing the building enough to cause it to collapse in on itself, in a pretty good demonstration of why these guys were air to ground specialists. However, the missiles tracked in and hit both of our helicopters, crippling our Frelon and Dauphin. They both circled back over the park, trailing thick black smoke. The Frelon came down hard, hitting roughly and destroying the landing gear. The Dauphin was not as lucky, slewing sideways as it approached, and hitting hard enough to pitch it into a roll, shearing off it's rotors and catching on fire, hitting several trees and coming to a rest after smashing into a large statue.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)23:14 No.11234443
    Mission Briefs and Debriefs to date:

    Current Mission Brief:
    >> Skyhawk !c6DO1M4BMw 07/19/10(Mon)23:15 No.11234450
         File1279595701.jpg-(105 KB, 750x563, 1264903295557.jpg)
    105 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)23:19 No.11234516
    well said
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)23:20 No.11234526
    Well shit. Its gonna be Black Hawk Down all over again...
    Hope we got a spare chopper to pick up the commandos and the 'package'.

    Also _finally_ caught one of the P&M threads. Always had to read the archives 'cause of the odd timing.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)23:23 No.11234567
    The GR9 is a piece of shit.
    >> op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 07/19/10(Mon)23:41 No.11234851
    I rushed over the area, and we got a call from the ground, the package was still valid, but they were pinned down in the graveyard (turns out not all green spaces in the city are parks) from an adjacent building. Unfortunately, I couldn't do much about it, since I ended up in a hard turn, pushing out flares as a missile roared out of the building towards me. Scotch meanwhile, didn't miss with his shot, sending the enemy helicopter down in flames. The final A-6 tried to get in again but couldn't turn hard enough and extended outbound instead, heading out over the ocean to turn around and get a better line in. At that moment, a powerful radar source blossomed in the city, setting off all of our RWRs. We were trying to narrow down where the source was coming from, but before we could, several massive rocket trails burst out of the city near the waterfront, heading straight upwards on gouts of flame and smoke. One of them turned over quickly, heading out towards the slow A-6, the others continued climbing, arcing over slowly as they quickly headed out to sea. Hugs began looking for enemy ground vehicles, and got a lock, sending out a ATGM before establishing identification. His hit was followed by a massive secondary, a blast wave rippling through the city and over the ocean. But that was a small consolation as the other A-6 took a near miss hit, and radioed us that they were bugging out of the area. Our jamming bird had spotted the enemy radar signature, but had lost it as the transmitter was shut off. They were jamming heavily when their signal cut abruptly.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)23:47 No.11234930
    Well this is just turning into one massive clusterfuck.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)23:48 No.11234950
         File1279597703.jpg-(50 KB, 700x443, f5.jpg)
    50 KB
    looks like your team is on its own again, at least the Griffons got their primary target though, right?
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)23:48 No.11234954
         File1279597712.jpg-(128 KB, 932x517, 1.jpg)
    128 KB
    Well damn, the Liberians are bringing out their A game today. Looks like you guys will need to neutralize the ground AA before another chopper can come in and extract the team. Did someone stock up on a lot of anti-radar missiles?
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)23:48 No.11234958
    Jesus Christ, what the fuck is going on here?
    >> Skyhawk !c6DO1M4BMw 07/19/10(Mon)23:51 No.11235015

    You think?
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)23:52 No.11235030
         File1279597956.jpg-(385 KB, 1200x787, superhornet.jpg)
    385 KB
    I'd say someone is backing/advising the Liberians, but I'm new to P&M so I may be just stating the obvious.

    Also, This op. didn't appear the have the most intel; not bad intel, just not a lot of good either
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)23:55 No.11235075
    Just the quest thread I was waiting for, I'm trying to convert a character from a low fantasy setting (large scale war) to a modern setting such as Mercenaries and Planes. This character was previously a military courier who relayed messages from one prefecture to another via horseback. Now, what would be a good aviation related mission assignment and plane to modernize this character?
    >> Skyhawk !c6DO1M4BMw 07/19/10(Mon)23:58 No.11235113
    Frankly everything a messenger can do a radio or sat link can do faster. A scout or light attack plane operating in the jungles of africa or south america for some third world military or organization would seem the closest match to me.
    >> Alternate OP 07/19/10(Mon)23:58 No.11235119
    The guy in the AWACS, or whoever is providing electronics support. It gives them a bit of personality, like the AWACS pilot from the Ace Combat games.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)23:58 No.11235122
    Not really a one-man job though.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)23:58 No.11235125
         File1279598331.jpg-(110 KB, 1024x576, acecombat6_1a.jpg)
    110 KB
    Actually this is pretty par de course for P&M. From what I've read if it isn't collateral damage, its a clusterfuck.

    Worse is that all the buildings are covering the AA sites.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)23:59 No.11235127
    radio operator?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)00:02 No.11235156
    >>A scout or light attack plane
    This is what I had in mind, a light attack plane possibly of French origin (since I was feeling pretentious and gave the character a French name) but all I can think of is a Rafale.
    >> op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 07/20/10(Tue)00:02 No.11235172
    Judge was on track though, and rolled in to get a clear shot on the building causing the commandos trouble. He put two fuel air munitions through the roof, and the overpressure wave gutted the site, sending debris spiralling into the streets and dropping the roof in a few places. The call didn't take long, as the commando unit said it was on the move, heading west towards the center road. Scotch had looked at his mission map again, and figured he'd deal with a target preemptively, and sent two iron bombs plummeting into the Ministry of Defence building north of our teams position. Then Copernicus called, telling us they were evading, and had inbound missile tracks closing on them. They would no longer be able to provide support for the next few minutes while they dealt with their issue. Then the trucks appeared again, heading down center street. The commandos called, telling us to wait until they were in the middle of the park, then take out the rearmost truck and lead truck, and to be careful since they were close to the action in ambush. We all turned back, and Hugs sent his final ATGM into the rear truck, while I put a salvo of rockets into the first one (I also hit the second one, but that's the problem with unguided rockets). Judge saw a towed AA gun hitched to one of the trucks, but furious small arms ripped between the two ground forces, as the French mounted their ambush on the pinned group. We got a call a moment later saying they were mounting the trucks. The leader of the group called us and told us of their new plan, since helicopter support was going to take more than an hour. Everything was pissing us off now, and we weren't any happier with this shift, since the French were going to make a run for the airport, and attempt to commandeer a transport aircraft of some type. Meanwhile, we would be providing support, SEAD, air cover, and basically protecting the entire convoy.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)00:03 No.11235182
    Mirage 2000, or Mirage F1.

    Reconnaissance is the F1's specialty.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)00:06 No.11235216
    Oh shit, Steve is fighting smart against you guys. He's systematically knocking out your support, changed the mission on you to set you off balance, forcing you towards AirScan, and has some sort of enemy fighters going after your AWACS.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)00:08 No.11235246
    >Scotch preemptively sent two iron bombs plummeting into the Ministry of Defence.

    Oh yeah, this mission is going well. The Liberians are going to be screaming bloody murder at you guys. Provided any of them survive.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)00:09 No.11235251
    Is the Rafale not well suited to those roles? I'm terribly fond of it in a black paint scheme thanks to Ace Combat.
    >> Skyhawk !c6DO1M4BMw 07/20/10(Tue)00:09 No.11235261
    Steve's as savy as they come. They're gonna run out of munitions here soon if they don't conserve or take turns running back out to the carrier to rearm and refuel.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)00:11 No.11235282
         File1279599097.jpg-(19 KB, 278x350, paperwok.jpg)
    19 KB
    It never stops, does it?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)00:11 No.11235285
    Bomb the Airfield OP! PREEMPTIVELY!
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)00:14 No.11235325
         File1279599277.jpg-(29 KB, 250x140, 250px-Death_from_above.jpg)
    29 KB
    Oh, oh, I know this one!
    Call in a C-130 Spectre to cover the convoy.

    All joking aside, I don't know if your planes are made out for escort. I don't think any of them have a good loiter time (man I wish you guys brought an A-10 or equivalent) and munitions is a problem. Those hyper-accurate AA fire isn't gonna help either.
    >> op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 07/20/10(Tue)00:22 No.11235447
    I switched on my radar, no reason to be blind, and everyone knew we were in the area. Scotch turned and headed toward the drifting smoke of the missile launches, with Judge in tow, aiming to deal with the missile system, whatever it was. Hugs formed up with me, as we scouted the initial road toward the airfield. The plan was to break out to the main road, and then just haul as much ass as possible to get their in the least amount of time. We tried to scan the airfield as well, flying close as we turned back to the convoy. We spotted several white helicopters and a white plane on the ground, as well as some camo covered aircraft, definitely fighters of some type. The fighters were moving towards the end of the airstrip, but we didn't engage. Hugs sent out a message on the open frequency telling them we wouldn't engage if they didn't interfere, however we got no response. Meanwhile, the trucks were ploughing through the graveyard, breaking out onto a side street, heading southeast towards UN drive.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)00:24 No.11235469

    Forward Air Controller.
    >> planefag 07/20/10(Tue)00:27 No.11235496
    Huzzah, more Mercs and Planes! I managed to miss the briefing again, dammit.

    Still, you have one consolation- this time, your ground pounders aren't freaking incompetent. Ambushing the convoy and taking their trucks was awesome.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)00:28 No.11235510
    They seem to luck out every time. Did you read the FFL vs Somalia mission? Fucking Antonov bombs into city centres.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)00:28 No.11235513

    >loiter time, CAS

    The A-4 Skyhawk is perfect for that. Skyhawk must be loving this shit.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)00:29 No.11235526

    Shit... should shot up those fighters on general principle. the UN birds would be a no-no, but the fighters could be trouble.....
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)00:29 No.11235529
    >They seem to luck out every time. Did you read the FFL vs Somalia mission? Fucking Antonov bombs into city centres.

    I vaguely recall.... but usually their ground pounders are incompetent as hell. They always need more CAS, more CAS, more CAS just to keep from getting mulched.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)00:31 No.11235555
    Scotch's plane, eh? Looks like he finally picked a winner. Here's hoping the usual doesn't happen though...
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)00:32 No.11235564
    >Hugs began looking for enemy ground vehicles, and got a lock, sending out a ATGM before establishing identification. His hit was followed by a massive secondary, a blast wave rippling through the city and over the ocean

    It sounds like he nailed a medium/high altitude SAM that was hidden well; i.e. it's reloads were stored rather too close to the launcher.

    >> Skyhawk !c6DO1M4BMw 07/20/10(Tue)00:35 No.11235602
    Yes i'm quite enjoying Scotches new ride. And that was a nice play...warning AirScan to steer clear.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)00:35 No.11235612
    Not incompetent, just Ruthless. They called in a strike on a hospital because baddies were in the hospital.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)00:36 No.11235617

    Or a civilian fuel tanker.
    >> op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 07/20/10(Tue)00:38 No.11235657
    Scotch rolled through a barrel roll, getting a good line on a ground target he had spotted, releasing a single cluster bomb in the area, and the massive secondary indicated he had hit something of importance. He checked, and had gotten a glimpse of the target, looked like a truck with four huge tubes on the bed, before being converted to scrap metal. Judge and him reversed course, looking for more of them, as our convoy peeled out onto the main road. I was turning when I spotted an armed convoy racing towards the still smoking bunker on the Island, closer inspection from Judge revealed that it was apparently an army force from the northern garrison heading towards our own convoy. They weren't gaining, but a quick conference made us determine that we definitely needed to deal with it, since if there was any delay on the road to the airstrip our guys would be trapped between forces on two sides. Problem was there was nothing we had that could take out the bridge, and Scotch was busy with Judge, meaning it was up to me to take them out with dumb bombs. However, as I turned, I noted something on the map, and placed my target marker, and pushed the throttles forward to the stops.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)00:45 No.11235746
    I'm guessing its either a conveniently placed fuel tank, some sort of tall structure that could intersect the bridge, or a bus full of nuns and kittens.

    Then again, Steve and the OP always surprise me with their ingenuity. Can't wait to see how it turns out.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)00:45 No.11235765

    My money's on the third.

    and it's a bus made of puppies, with an engine of cute baby rabbits on hamster wheels.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)00:48 No.11235798
    Which will crash into an orphanage. And explode.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)00:48 No.11235802
    Warcrimes, FUCK YEAR!
    >> Skyhawk !c6DO1M4BMw 07/20/10(Tue)00:50 No.11235817

    God you guys are morbid.
    And its obviously a combination nursing home/arsenal conveniently right in that convoys way.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)00:52 No.11235851
    But not before running over a helpless Nana, lying in the street...

    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)00:55 No.11235895

    and crushing her prized fine china tea set!
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)00:58 No.11235931
    And that's terrible.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)00:58 No.11235935
         File1279601916.jpg-(26 KB, 480x360, 1270503364822.jpg)
    26 KB
    >> op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 07/20/10(Tue)01:00 No.11235955
    I dropped, and I didn't really need to aim, since the target was fairly large. The fuel depot was just off to the side of the road, and I raced out over the port, passing over the sinking hulk of the destroyer in the bay, as a massive explosion lit up my rear view mirror. The military convoy took a fairly large hit from the blast, and as I circled back I realized that I hadn't destroyed everything, but they weren't going to be organized and heading anywhere for some time. Meanwhile Judge sent another two small bombs down into the city, hitting what he claimed looked like a radar system being erected. Scotch was circling, when several small hits peppered his aircraft. He jinked, and dropped, not being able to spot the firer. I didn't see it either, and neither did Judge or Hugs. We did get a call from our Etenard tanking squadron, telling us that they had lost contact with Copernicus, and were heading to the AWACS last known position. We told them to proceed with caution, since we didn't know if there was an enemy aircraft out there. Hugs was keeping a close eye on the departing aircraft, but the two F-16s and lone F-15 turned South, heading away from us, and without their radars on. A large C-130 also rumbled off the airstrip, turning away in the same direction the AirScan fighters went.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:02 No.11235998
         File1279602166.jpg-(232 KB, 1600x1200, Ace_Combat_6.jpg)
    232 KB
    > Wha-boom!
    >> Skyhawk !c6DO1M4BMw 07/20/10(Tue)01:04 No.11236018
    Damn i'd forgotten about that pic...and damned if it wasn't fairly close to the truth too.

    A fuel dump...really? Ugh I wonder how many died in that inferno. And its good to see the AirScan units moving out apparently without troubling OPs flight.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:04 No.11236024
    can someone drop the lat/long for this mission?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:05 No.11236036
    if ti's hostile fighters, it ain't liberian- they don't have any. It'd have to be other mercs, though, if you're not getting anything on radar...

    shit. wonder if it's possible the USN or USMC has birds in the area? Doubt they'd attack french assets, but I'm willing to bet mercs are fair game
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:07 No.11236070

    It's Monrovia, which Wiki says is at 6°19′N 10°48′W
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:08 No.11236091
    Patriot Launchers and some EF-18s maybe?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:09 No.11236101
    Holy shit, there's like actually a fuel dump on that road! It's near the bend north of the bridge!
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:10 No.11236111

    Small surprise- Steve apparently prints out google earth images on poster-sized sheets for his guys.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:10 No.11236112
    On a more serious note, losing your main EC and comms support can't be a good thing. Hope its just a hardware malfunction/jamming because having a bogey(s) in the air at this time isn't good especially since you guys are busy babysitting the convoy and can't get into a protracted firefight without leaving it unprotected.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:11 No.11236124
         File1279602682.jpg-(274 KB, 1200x812, 1046323.jpg)
    274 KB
    F-18 kicking ass! Plane doesn't get enough respect.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:11 No.11236133

    possible, maybe with growlers?

    seems like a hell of an op to throw together though, but it's the only thing I can think of, since only stealth or jamming would lead to them not really detecting anything
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:14 No.11236163
         File1279602853.jpg-(86 KB, 800x800, 1271033579938.jpg)
    86 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:16 No.11236188
         File1279602967.jpg-(2.15 MB, 3543x2362, PAKFA-1.jpg)
    2.15 MB
    Out of fucking nowhere PAK-FA's, hundreds of 'em.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:19 No.11236236
    That's a beautiful aircraft in that photo.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:19 No.11236250

    Or some "We-can't-fly-in-rain-dust-or-clouds" F-22s.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:20 No.11236259
    Could also be F-35's if they're USN or USMC.

    Ooh, maybe they're F-35's modified to use a THEL system. I'm not sure Steve is that mean though.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:21 No.11236268
    Which road are the commandos suppose to be taking anyway? Tubman Blvrd. I'm guessing?
    >> planefag 07/20/10(Tue)01:22 No.11236277
         File1279603349.jpg-(158 KB, 640x517, pathetic_attempt.jpg)
    158 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:24 No.11236305

    What? F-22s are shite in any sort of weather. Their paint washes off in rain, and they had electrical shorts all over the place when they stationed the things in Guam during the wet season.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:25 No.11236313

    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:29 No.11236376
    I doubt it's raptors, don't think the USAF has any air assets in that area.

    Ditto F-35s, shit, the carrier and Marine corps models won't be out till what? 2012 at the earliest, assuming they don't run into technical issues and get pushed back?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:30 No.11236387
    I thought this was supposed to be near future, 2015-2020ish.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:31 No.11236402
         File1279603910.jpg-(37 KB, 370x300, he mad.jpg)
    37 KB
    >> op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 07/20/10(Tue)01:32 No.11236408
    The convoy continued rushing towards the airfield, when Hugs and I were both hit from the side by a tracking radar. We both turned north, and immediately pulled four contacts off our scopes. The targets were closing quickly, approaching quite low, but we still got locks, with Hugs sending off two AAMs followed closely by my own two AMRAAMs. Our radar warnings went crazy as the track went to lock guidance, forcing Hugs and I to begin hard turns as we unloaded more countermeasures. My RIO called out that we had a missile inbound, but it roared past us, apparently having lost guidance. Hugs meanwhile evaded successfully, but the missile was still tracking, as it detonated inside a cloud of chaff with a flash. We continued our turns, but our rwrs still screamed at us that we were being locked up, so we both pushed hard, heading south. Our convoy called and told us they were encountering resistance from near the edge of the airfield, and they couldn't advance past it. Scotch abandoned his search and headed towards their position, and the rising smoke from the marked target. I made another hard turn as Hugs did the same, trying to avoid the missiles racing in towards us. I made it through, but Hugs took a hit, suffering critical damage, but not losing any systems, except large chunks of his airframe.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:32 No.11236417

    Don't think so, at least, not that far out, just cos the russians didn't have any PAK FAs or anything, and those are supposed to be introduced around 2013...
    >> Skyhawk !c6DO1M4BMw 07/20/10(Tue)01:34 No.11236447
    What the hell is attacking you NOW Baron?

    I'll take "Tricky AirScan Bastards" for 500 Alex.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:35 No.11236455
    I thought they benched Raptor production indefinitely as it was deemed unnecessary for the current theater of operations and expensive to boot.

    Not that it isn't a beautiful piece of hardware, mind you.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:36 No.11236479
    The original production order of 500+ was cut to about 180 because it was fuckexpensive and had some technical issues.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:36 No.11236481

    Not really. It's common knowledge. I'm just stating facts. Now, if you'd started dissing F-111s... then i'd be mad.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:37 No.11236497

    It made little sense to buy a lot of a plane for which there was no imminent need, before technical issues were worked out.

    The first generation of any new aircraft is always a clusterfuck and a half. See: the F-14.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:37 No.11236498
         File1279604274.jpg-(246 KB, 600x800, refeuling.jpg)
    246 KB
    If Planes and Mercs had a soundtrack:

    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:38 No.11236509
    The Aardvark was a poor fighter/interceptor and was rightfully abandoned in favor of the Tomcat.

    It was a damn fine strike craft though.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:39 No.11236525

    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:39 No.11236526
    Christ, things just can't seem to go well for you guys, huh. I guess Hugs is a mission kill now. Don't want to disintegrate mid-turn like that one unlucky AirScan dude last session.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:41 No.11236545


    ...what? I'm not unreasonable.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:43 No.11236566
    I would squeal like a like girl if OP's squadron picked up an A10 somehow.

    Not particularly suited for the upcoming air-battle, but crazy good on the ground attack and support part.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 07/20/10(Tue)01:45 No.11236592
    Woo, you guys nailed at least two Grumbles.
    And also a note to Hugs: Survive, dammit! Don't follow Biscuit and Sandy across the river!
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:46 No.11236611

    Goddamnit, hugs, get outta there!
    >> op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 07/20/10(Tue)01:47 No.11236620
    Hugs turned towards the airfield, hoping to put down his aircraft, when the enemy aircraft lined, up in his rear sixty, executing a high yoyo to line up and not overshoot (they were closing with a mach advantage) Two more missiles erupted from under the fighters wings, heading towards Hugs. I couldn't help, since I had two forming up on my tail, as I tried to build some airspeed. My rio was shouting that they were fishbeds, smoky engines, and I unloaded, building more speed so I could continue to manoeuvre. As long as I could keep the energy up, I could outfight one of them hopefully. Hugs took another hit, which sheared off most of his tail, reducing his manoeuvre capability to that of a lawn dart, but his plane held together. And then Judge roared in behind, sending two Archers straight up the tailpipe of the MiG, shredding the black painted jet in a blast of dark smoke and flaming debris. Scotch screamed past, a flurry of rockets pounding into the enemy position. He turned, heading back towards the developing air fight, as he waited for the Commandos to report on his strike. Hugs for his part dropped his landing gear and smashed into the airstrip, his plane spewing smoke as he careened down the runway.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:49 No.11236643
    Fucking fishbeds got the jump on you guys?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:49 No.11236646
    Hugs was in a Flanker, right? Or did he take a Flucrum?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:49 No.11236647

    Fuck. PMC mig21s. didn't see that.
    >> Skyhawk !c6DO1M4BMw 07/20/10(Tue)01:49 No.11236654
    >Hugs for his part dropped his landing gear and smashed into the airstrip, his plane spewing smoke as he careened down the runway.

    Ah geeze. That would be the Rafe yes? So much for having it survive through the carrier portions of the game.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:49 No.11236656
    Oh no Hugs!

    You can't go like this! Live dammit! Get out of the flaming wreckage, whip out your pistol, and hole up until the French get to you!
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:50 No.11236657
    Being overspeed when you get crippled is murder in this game (as it should be) you take damage for each speed point over your new max you are travelling. And since your max speed is halved when crippled...
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:51 No.11236676
    Sounds like they stayed low and homed on OPs radar source, then jumped them with some BVR with OP and Hugs out of position. Or forced them out of position. From the sound of it, OP or Hugs got a kill on them, since by my count, there was three in ACM when Judge came in and killed number two.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:54 No.11236703
    I'm not sure the UN relief guys are going to be much of a threat, especially now that the high tech PMC cut and ran.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:54 No.11236705

    That is the theme song.
    Whipcrack, stings the sky
    Don't mess with me I'm danger
    The meanest one alive

    Earthquake, breaks the Richter scale
    The more that you resist
    The more the pain you'll feel

    I'm blazing on to glory
    There's thunder in my veins
    And nothing stands before me
    Forever I'll remain

    Hard as iron
    Sharp as steel
    Stop for no man
    You better beg and yield

    Untouched, cold as ice
    I'll turn your blood to water
    Strangle in my vice

    Shock waves, bones to dust
    You're messin' with a mine field
    so expect the worst

    I'm blazing on to glory
    There's thunder in my veins
    And nothing stands before me
    Forever I'll remain

    Hard as iron
    Sharp as steel
    Stop for no man
    You better beg and kneel

    As I destroy, last thing you'll hear me cry, is victory, is victory

    I'm blazing on to glory
    There's thunder in my veins
    And nothing stands before me
    Forever I'll remain

    Hard as iron
    Sharp as steel
    Stop for no man
    You better beg and kneel
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:55 No.11236740
    Fuck yes, no argument from me here.
    >> planefag 07/20/10(Tue)01:56 No.11236747
         File1279605373.jpg-(31 KB, 400x331, metal pipe.jpg)
    31 KB


    Looks like that's what the Liberians were buying. P model or later if they have BVR and radar.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:56 No.11236752
    C'mon Hugs, pull though. You've survived worse.

    You. Do. NOT. Die. Here.

    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:57 No.11236765
         File1279605440.jpg-(68 KB, 600x800, Mecha_211.jpg)
    68 KB

    Migs everywhere.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:57 No.11236770
    I'm not sure what you're talking about as it is obviously not http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Sam5omG0v0

    Which is the true theme of Planes and Mercs.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)01:58 No.11236787
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:03 No.11236845
    Sorry, the true mercenary song is this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEbE3fGfF-o
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:05 No.11236870
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:06 No.11236884
    If I was a Merc, I'd have nothing but easy listening and jazz tunes.

    I have a stressful fucking job, why the fuck do I need to be GRRRRR BADASS all the fucking time?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:07 No.11236896

    Because you have to commit warcrimes as often as possible?
    >> op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 07/20/10(Tue)02:07 No.11236897
    I executed a barrel roll and turn, which the MiGs couldn't follow, breaking off to pursue Judge who was trying to angle back into a firing arc. I pulled hard, and failed my break turn, losing precious energy, as Judge entered a split s, getting off a blazing close shot, and hitting one of the MiGs, causing it to catch fire as it raced past. The other fired it's cannon at Judge, who took two hits and lost his internal cannon system in the bargain. However, I had completed my turn, and let loose both my sidewinders, which true to my luck, chased after the MiG before detonating in two glorious misses. The French called up saying they were making their way onto the airfield, and Scotch acknowledged before beginning his chase of the MiG in his Skyhawk. I launched a further two sidewinders at the now fleeing MiG, as both Judge and Scotch fired their cannons. One of my sidewinders hit, crippling the aircraft, with Scotch and Judge finishing off the fishbed with cannon shells. There was no chute.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:08 No.11236905

    I'd listen to nothing, but instead, flood the airwaves with J-pop, just to fuck with other pilots. Or Happy/UK hardcore.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:09 No.11236929
    That might be annoying but I think the likes of Anaal Nathrakh would make a far more intimidating theme to force upon the airwaves.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:10 No.11236938
    >There was no chute.

    Why does this seem significant to me?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:10 No.11236947
         File1279606258.jpg-(82 KB, 650x800, Mecha_063.jpg)
    82 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:11 No.11236952
    How is Hugs doing?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:11 No.11236955

    True, but J-pop and whatnot is infinitely more annoying to those who don't like it, and pissed off pilots make mistakes.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:11 No.11236957

    Means they either iced the pilot, or he failed his ejection roll.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:15 No.11236993
         File1279606529.jpg-(243 KB, 821x675, Mecha_291.jpg)
    243 KB
    >blasting J-Pop

    See this in the skies.

    What do?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:16 No.11237010

    No, I meant plot- or consequences-wise.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:17 No.11237017
    vindictive comrades/wingmates/sons avenging fallen fathers?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:17 No.11237019

    If facing Japanese pilots, switch to Dragonforce and Dethklok instead.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:17 No.11237020
    Not a damn thing, she'll kamikaze soon enough and not do any real damage.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:19 No.11237027
    Fire up the the anti-air missile system. This should be funny.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:20 No.11237038
    Good to see the team cleaning house. What's Hugs sit-rep? Did he make it?
    Usually I find myself listening to Ace Combat music while reading these threads.

    Probably over-dramatic and over-heroic at times, but damn:
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:21 No.11237045



    .... nah.
    >> Alpharius 07/20/10(Tue)02:22 No.11237051

    Personally when he brought attention to the lack of shoot it occured to me that AirScan is today very prominent in drone tech, which made me reminisce about Gundam Wing which made me think that they might be fielding Unmanned fighters, so their aces won't be shot down.

    Unlikely but it only occured to me when >>11236938 brought attention to it
    >> op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 07/20/10(Tue)02:22 No.11237052
    The French called us, telling us that they had commandeered a helicopter, and were preparing to depart the airfield. I climbed high with judge, our Radars pounding the air, looking for more targets. Scotch went back over the west edge, continuing his hunt, and daring any anti-air in the area to take a pot-shot at him. The french lifted off, flying out over the water in UN Hind, heading towards the carrier. We turned to follow, when a lone F-16 raced out of a hangar on the airfield, trailing a thick plume of smoke behind it, followed by jeeps. It turned onto a taxiway and began a take off roll, just as our radios crackled, and Hugs moved the F-16 off the runway, telling us that he'd already been shot down once today, and wasn't in the mood for a second time. He told us the aircraft was pretty damaged, and he had warning lights everywhere, but he was heading back to base. We decided to follow him, and headed back to the carrier. The Scotch asked him how he planned to get a US air force plane down on a carrier. We didn't know, but Steve rolled all of our landings, (all of us making it down safely), then had Hugs land the F-16 by crashing it into a net or something. It was that or eject near the carrier and get picked up, and the net was slightly less risky then an ejection.
    >> Lone Wanderer !!JaEmKUSFElo 07/20/10(Tue)02:22 No.11237056
         File1279606976.jpg-(273 KB, 768x839, Ace_Combat_Zero_SQ_Patches.jpg)
    273 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:23 No.11237063
    Or the 33 threads that came before it...
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:24 No.11237069


    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:24 No.11237075
    Hugs you glorious fucking bastard you.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:25 No.11237083
    Hugs is my Hero.

    Get shot down.

    Steal a plane from the enemy, take off in damaged jet, crash into firendly carrier, get out, light a cigar, go have hot victory sex in an Entente Cordiale with some smokin hot female french sailor.
    >> Alpharius 07/20/10(Tue)02:25 No.11237087

    God the AC soundtracks are at least 20% of why I like the games. 5 and zero are my favourites

    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:26 No.11237097
         File1279607189.png-(1.69 MB, 1280x1024, yellowart.png)
    1.69 MB
    as do I, but with all the OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK that tends to happen, I like tracks that are forboding and suspenseful, like mid game boss fights, like vs the Scinfaxi, Yellow Squadron, Stonehenge, and the like
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:26 No.11237103
    Oh, Hugs, you never fail to make me smile. I wonder what's the story is behind this little escapade? And does he get to keep the plane?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:28 No.11237125
    So wait, the crown prince has been rescued, right? So then, what'll this mean for the whole war thing?
    >> Alpharius 07/20/10(Tue)02:28 No.11237126

    Why wouldn't he get to keep it? well besides massive repair costs, its on the carrier, assuming they can launch it they should be able to keep it
    >> Lone Wanderer !!JaEmKUSFElo 07/20/10(Tue)02:28 No.11237127

    Dont forget Megalith you raging homosexual

    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:28 No.11237129

    If I was hugs, I'd donate it to scotch, so he has a modern airframe. I mean, he's ROLLING in cash and has an MKI.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:29 No.11237135
    Hugs stealing an F-16 would be excellent drawfag material.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:29 No.11237141
    They've already had planes of theirs shoved off the edge of a carrier before, for several reasons.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:30 No.11237159

    >steals F-16

    >successful net landing

    HELLS YEAH. If nothing else, he can sell what's left of it to help cover his losses.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:31 No.11237168
    So did the other Black Flag crew get rescued? The A-6 Intruder crew?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:32 No.11237178
    I'm relatively new to the series to be honest, having only played 4 and bought 6, but by God, I've listened to every soundtrack and have not been left wanting.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:33 No.11237180
    Why wouldn't he keep it?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:33 No.11237184
         File1279607623.jpg-(430 KB, 1600x1200, superflanker.jpg)
    430 KB
    HAS AN MKI?!?!? and I thought his Rafale was nice
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:34 No.11237196
    >Where did you get that F-16, Hugs?
    I found it.
    >Where did you find it?
    In a hangar.
    >What hangar?
    At an air strip
    >...What air strip?
    The one next to the hangar where I found the F-16.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:36 No.11237210
    Now that I think about it, how the heck did this happen? I mean, you guys do play in person, right?
    >> op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 07/20/10(Tue)02:36 No.11237215
    After the game, we determined the F-16 could be salvaged, and Hugs was in ok condition. The helicopter landed after we had returned, and the Prince was escorted to the medtechs. We learned that without that bargaining chip, the Liberian government had no strong position anymore, and the war would likely be over within a few days, most likely from a surrender notice pulled. Our informant was entered into debriefing, and told us that he'd had no warning that another group was operating in the area for the government, but that AirScan had formally rescinded their contract, citing unacceptable losses. Scotch actually made good money on the mission, and decided to buy the F-16 off Hugs, which Hugs was fine with. Steve told us that Hugs had found the F-16 in maintenance, AirScan had deemed the airframe unsafe to fly, but he risked it anyway since he was in a tight spot. He figured he'd probably crash into the Atlantic and be picked up by the Hind, but he made it back to the carrier surprisingly. We also found out that the MiGs were J-7s, and the Dauphins were WZ-9s.
    >> planefag 07/20/10(Tue)02:37 No.11237230
         File1279607831.png-(29 KB, 500x500, 1234819499299.png)
    29 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:37 No.11237232

    IIRC Hugs is rolling in dough though. the -16 might be a good 'squadron backup'. or, in other words, another plane for scotch to get shot out from under him
    >> op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 07/20/10(Tue)02:37 No.11237238
    I embellish sometimes to keep you guys interested. We knew what Hugs was going to try since he was sitting at the table when he asked if he could 'appropriate' some equipment on the tarmac.
    >> planefag 07/20/10(Tue)02:38 No.11237251

    in other words, the massive trollfaces were made just before he took off, not after.

    It's still awesome.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:40 No.11237269

    Well, yeah, but, IC, you'd know two things, JACK, and SHIT. I for one appreciate it that you write like its your character telling us this, instead of you, the player.

    Also, I really wish I could find a group like yours, OP. Or yours.
    >> planefag 07/20/10(Tue)02:40 No.11237277
         File1279608039.jpg-(10 KB, 258x258, 1253992047530.jpg)
    10 KB
    >the MiGs were J-7s
    >> Alpharius 07/20/10(Tue)02:41 No.11237288

    I'm still depressed that I couldn't get 6 for my PS3, but I got hours of enjoyment out of 5 and zero. 5 especially I simply enjoy the story, plus I've pulled some pretty rad tricks in the training plane.

    Fly the whole tunnel mission upside down? done it
    On full afterburners in the foxbat? Done it

    Still can't manage to fly through the middle of Solg though
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:41 No.11237292
    So I'd chock this mission up as a 'win' in my book. Excellent show, OP. Send my thanks to Steve and the crazy bastards you run with. Hope to hear more in the future.

    'May the wind be at your back and the skies blue.'
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:43 No.11237314
         File1279608210.jpg-(71 KB, 875x551, z-9-%20attack-helicopter.jpg)
    71 KB
    So the Liberians were buying Chinese goods, interesting
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:44 No.11237334
    Or hiring someone who used Chinese shit... What the fuck were those SAMS though?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:46 No.11237346
         File1279608371.jpg-(52 KB, 956x705, F15SteepTakeoff.jpg)
    52 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:47 No.11237356

    Judging by the range, I'd say S-300 maybe, or a knockoff.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:51 No.11237398
    OP, what model was the F-16? A block-50, or something a bit older?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:52 No.11237403
    Six was worth it in my opinion (got it for as bargain too.) You still do all the crazy shit Ace Combat asks you to do (ie. tunnel flying and playing chicken with superweapons). One thing I like is that they give you a decent starter plane. (an F-15E).

    Right now I'm trying the A-10 only challenge before moving to the F-111 only.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:52 No.11237408

    F-111 represent, brother.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:52 No.11237410
    That would also go along with that truck that I think Scotch blew up that carryed the large pipes and made a really big boom
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:53 No.11237414
    Just wanted to say thanks, OP - P&M is one of my favourite bits of /tg/.

    If you're ever in the UK, I'll buy any or all of you a pint, although be warned that there is a risk that I'll abduct Steve and force him to run games for me and my group...
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:53 No.11237427

    I know, thats why I guessed S-300.

    Unless there's another long-range SAM system with the same general look.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:55 No.11237446
    Sorry, got to be THAT guy. The plane you start off with is an F-16C, not an F-15E. Also, there is no F-111 in the game, you are probably thinking of an F-117, which is in the game
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)02:59 No.11237486
    Ah, you're correct, my mistake. Damn, its 3 in the morn' over here. I'm losing coherency.
    >> op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 07/20/10(Tue)03:01 No.11237510
    Air Kills
    Hugs: 1x J7, 1x WZ-9
    Baron: 1x J7
    Judge: 1x WZ-9, 1x J7 (Shared Kill)
    Scotch: 1 x J7
    Air Incidentals: None
    Ground Kills
    Hugs: HQ-15 Launcher, 1x Truck
    Baron: 1x Hardened Bunker, 7x Trucks
    Judge: Occupied Office Block, HQ-15 Radar
    Scotch: 1x Truck, Occupied Office Block, Liberian Ministry of Defense, HQ-15 Launcher
    Ground Incidentals:
    Hugs: 32 civilians
    Baron: 46 civilians
    Judge: 83 civilians
    Scotch: 53 civilians
    Friendly Air Losses:
    2x A-6
    1x Embraer R-99
    Damage Taken
    Scotch: Minor airframe
    Hugs: Substantial airframe, engines destroyed.
    Baron: Minor
    Judge: Minor, gun system destroyed
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)03:02 No.11237517
         File1279609333.jpg-(441 KB, 1150x779, 1109199.jpg)
    441 KB
    Such a beautiful plane, lost...
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)03:03 No.11237538
    whatever happened to the AWACS? Or did I miss something
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)03:04 No.11237551

    I was right, it WAS an S-300 system!

    Jesus, you're lucky that they waited until you were in the city, that thing is a monster.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)03:04 No.11237552
    > Baron: 46 civilians

    Huh, I'm surprised that fuel dump didn't cause more collateral than it did.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)03:05 No.11237564

    AWACS was downed by the S-300, dude.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)03:07 No.11237578

    substantial airframe and engines - is that on the rafale or the viper? 'cos, if the rafale is recoverable...
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)03:07 No.11237584

    From the UN airfield? In Liberia?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)03:09 No.11237606

    well, yeah. Could be a French thing, since they operate the type.

    "hey, guys, had a rafale suffer a catastrophic inflight emergency while those crazy people were bombing the shit outta the city, we'd like to get our fighter back, kthx"
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)03:12 No.11237641
    You know, I think you could use Hugs as ad material.

    "Hell's Black Aces: So goddamn dedicated to getting home, we'll steal our enemies shit!"
    >> sukhoi !KJHro3/ISM 07/20/10(Tue)03:16 No.11237686
         File1279610168.jpg-(139 KB, 734x450, sunnyliberia.jpg)
    139 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)03:18 No.11237711
    Has this been archived yet?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)03:19 No.11237724
    What the shit, that was fast
    >> sukhoi !KJHro3/ISM 07/20/10(Tue)03:20 No.11237743
    Easy to put together.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)03:22 No.11237766
    >Guy on Fire, Hugs overflying

    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)03:22 No.11237775
    Doing it now.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)03:25 No.11237818
         File1279610722.jpg-(319 KB, 1200x780, 1268961306910.jpg)
    319 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)03:26 No.11237826
    Well I'm slow. Oh well.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)03:27 No.11237839
         File1279610827.jpg-(287 KB, 1280x1143, 1279551029119.jpg)
    287 KB
    Do your part and vote!
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)03:35 No.11237911
    Of course.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)03:36 No.11237917

    I am sadfacing so goddamn hard right now.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)04:03 No.11238211
    >looks up S-300
    >jesus fucking christ those are huge tubes is that all missile in there why is it so fucking huge
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)04:07 No.11238257
    They're designed as a FUCK YOU to any aircraft in a theater, OF COURSE they're fuckhueg.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)04:10 No.11238280
    but these are like.. the size of the shuttles booster rockets.

    and there's 4 of them.

    per truck.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)04:10 No.11238290
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)04:13 No.11238322


    What did you expect? Its in the finest Russian tradition to make telephone poles fly.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)04:37 No.11238605
         File1279615054.jpg-(482 KB, 2250x1500, Rafalelaunch.jpg)
    482 KB
    It's the Russian concept of "why make a short-range SAM when you can make a giant missile that can fly further out than incoming planes can even fucking see and then make a big enough fireball to kill a whole squadron in one hit?"

    Also, here's hoping that Hugs replaces his Rafale with...another Rafale. Damn fine bird.

    And F-15 would be nice, but highly wallet-busting and not much good for carrier work.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)04:43 No.11238688
         File1279615414.jpg-(382 KB, 719x1000, mig-31 moe.jpg)
    382 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)04:46 No.11238737
         File1279615608.jpg-(61 KB, 600x800, 1268638289707.jpg)
    61 KB
    Oh no, it's not THAT time again, is it?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)04:58 No.11238895
    I thought the Russians only used the S-300 to say FUCK YOU to any plane that approaches their HQ or ICBM site. Why the hell is it in Liberia? Maybe someone really wanted the guys dead.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)04:58 No.11238908
         File1279616327.jpg-(95 KB, 544x732, jsf moe.jpg)
    95 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)05:00 No.11238928
    They stole one.

    Wait waht
    huh? I don't get
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)05:02 No.11238964
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)05:06 No.11239008
    The mouth. The FUCKING MOUTH on the 23.

    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)05:07 No.11239022

    It wasn't an ACTUAL S-300 system, it was a Chinese produced version, same family and capabilities, though.
    >> Fligh/tg/uy !!USvlahNxTB4 07/20/10(Tue)05:09 No.11239046
         File1279616958.jpg-(33 KB, 599x346, A-6IntruderCatapultReady.jpg)
    33 KB
    I love you :D
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)05:10 No.11239058
    So the Chinese stole one and gave it to Liberia. Same difference.

    I like how China keeps making "new and advanced" military hardware and it's all just blatant knock-offs of shit other people have.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)05:10 No.11239060
    People need to update their pictures, the fighters name is the lightning, JSF is the project it was built under.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)05:10 No.11239062
         File1279617029.gif-(50 KB, 320x320, 1172662404288.gif)
    50 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)05:11 No.11239079
    Yes, JSF is referring to the project that included the 32 and the 35. Back then they didn't have names. Also note the X-##A designation.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)05:12 No.11239084
         File1279617139.jpg-(839 KB, 1174x830, f-22 moe elf.jpg)
    839 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)05:17 No.11239155

    Actually, China produces the HQ-15 system under license. Why they'd sell a top-tier SAM system to an African shithole is beyond me, but, hey, whatever.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)05:17 No.11239159
         File1279617475.jpg-(18 KB, 429x599, 1268714436807.jpg)
    18 KB
    Who the fuck are those two?

    And why is that flight tower on an elevator thingy?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)05:23 No.11239230
    I'm more concerned about the motherfucking Matilda in the same pic as 35.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)05:26 No.11239254
    Pity the SAM had to be destroyed. I suppose contacting its operators and asking "how much for the SAM?" would be nice.Having a monster at your base is always a plus.
    AK-47 for anything always work in Africa.
    >> Fligh/tg/uy !!USvlahNxTB4 07/20/10(Tue)06:13 No.11239676
         File1279620822.jpg-(103 KB, 800x537, PanaviaTornadoGR4.jpg)
    103 KB
    So, go any more rules you can share with us, OP/Baron? :)
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)06:46 No.11240130
    China sold a good number of their new Type 99 MBT's to some african shithole country not too long ago. They are even worse than the Russians when it comes to what sort of stuff they'll sell.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)06:54 No.11240244

    Or even better, depending on who you are.
    >> Fligh/tg/uy !!USvlahNxTB4 07/20/10(Tue)07:08 No.11240400
    So what model F-16 did Hugs steal?
    >> Da Killboss 07/20/10(Tue)07:29 No.11240598
    op, I gotta be honest- I had a shit day, and seeing this thread just made me go 'meh', as opposed to the usual 'FUCK YEAR WAR CRIMES!' Then I actually started reading...

    +1 internet to you and your gaming buddies for making today awesome.

    Mercs and Planes- curing chronic depression, one war crime and grand theft fighter at a time.

    Also, holy fuck at the S-300. The only other system I know that comes close is the MIM-104 Patriot, which still falls quite short of the Grumble.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)07:29 No.11240599
         File1279625349.jpg-(260 KB, 1800x1166, 1268716807392.jpg)
    260 KB
    Please say Block 60. That would be the best thing ever.

    As long as it's not Ami Futama's unconfuckingtrollable LOOK I CAN FLY SIDEWAYS BUT I CAN'T FLY LEVEL F-16.
    >> Fligh/tg/uy !!USvlahNxTB4 07/20/10(Tue)07:34 No.11240646
         File1279625658.jpg-(41 KB, 640x480, F-16.jpg)
    41 KB
    I'm guessing either A or C, and no higher than block 30/32 at that, but a guy can dream :)
    >> Fligh/tg/uy !!USvlahNxTB4 07/20/10(Tue)07:40 No.11240705
    You too huh?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)07:43 No.11240736
         File1279626189.jpg-(270 KB, 1211x800, 1268715457085.jpg)
    270 KB
    >Copernicus goes off-radio.

    Must be getting back at us for launching a K-100 at their Saab back in Georgia.

    I do hope Coppy got out okay, though. ;_;
    >> Fligh/tg/uy !!USvlahNxTB4 07/20/10(Tue)07:49 No.11240802
    Check the debrief, it got blown out of the sky.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)07:52 No.11240836
         File1279626762.jpg-(1.24 MB, 2592x1944, EMB-145_FAM.jpg)
    1.24 MB
    >1x Embraer R-99

    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)08:22 No.11241157
         File1279628576.jpg-(26 KB, 500x432, HerculesAngelWingsFlaresLineup.jpg)
    26 KB
    bump for awesome
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)08:27 No.11241198
         File1279628836.jpg-(2.06 MB, 3008x1960, 1268714568357.jpg)
    2.06 MB
    Crosswind One, this is Crosswind One, over.

    Thread's dead, boys. RTB
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)08:32 No.11241237
         File1279629137.jpg-(54 KB, 340x290, MAFFS1.jpg)
    54 KB
    That Tomcat really needs a wash.
    >> Fligh/tg/uy !!USvlahNxTB4 07/20/10(Tue)08:40 No.11241301
    Holy shit, it really is pretty damn bad
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)08:50 No.11241391
    How could it even GET that bad? What the heck were they flying through?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)08:59 No.11241474
    Volcanic ash cloud? I doubt it but still...
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)09:03 No.11241513
    Probably not. Volcanic ash is very, very fine glass particles. Enough of it to visibly coat a plane like that would utterly destroy the turbines.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)09:07 No.11241566
    I know, I was joking (yay internet communication)
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)09:09 No.11241586
    What I like the J7s pulled pretty much the textbook MiG tactic from Vietnam War vs the players and it almost worked.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)09:21 No.11241694

    I thought it was one of the Iranian ones, but the tiny US logo on the wing put paid to that.

    Maybe it's just been stationed in Guam forever or something.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)09:25 No.11241731
    Not to mention the cockpit glass would have also be fucked by it and in that picture it is almost christal clear
    >> Fligh/tg/uy !!USvlahNxTB4 07/20/10(Tue)09:35 No.11241850
    Nah, that would have had a desert camo scheme and would probably be carrying one of those 'modified' Hawks :P
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)09:46 No.11241976

    True. I just can't fathom where on earth it'd need to be stationed for it to end up like that.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)09:47 No.11241987

    EXIF data to the rescue.

    # Record Version = 2
    # Caption/Abstract = A US Navy (USN) F-14D ÒTomcatÓ aircraft in-flight over skies of Iraq on a combat sortie in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.
    # Writer/Editor = J. Williams
    # Special Instructions = RELEASED
    # Source = Digital
    # Object Name = 040422-F-7823A-004
    # Date Created = 2004/04/22
    # Country/Primary Location Name = IRAQ (IRQ)
    # Category = N
    # Supplemental Category = UNCLASS
    # Keywords = CAPT KIM LAYNE 379 AEW PA 318-4
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)10:00 No.11242139

    Well, that helps.
    >> Fligh/tg/uy !!USvlahNxTB4 07/20/10(Tue)10:01 No.11242156
         File1279634496.jpg-(210 KB, 1152x876, A-4Skyhawks.jpg)
    210 KB
    Heh, nice trick :)

    Have some Scooters
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)10:02 No.11242175
    Huh. Maybe it was grounded in a sandstorm, and wasn't fully cleaned off afterwards?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)10:06 No.11242211

    Probably. If he'd flown through enough clouds afterwards at high altitude, the moisture may have been enough to turn the sand into a thin sludgey mess.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)10:19 No.11242354
    ITT: Dirty, dirty planes. We love to describe in great detail how these planes got so dirty.
    >> Fligh/tg/uy !!USvlahNxTB4 07/20/10(Tue)10:20 No.11242371
         File1279635640.jpg-(63 KB, 1112x1420, F-15.ASM135A.Launch.jpg)
    63 KB
    It's not as bad (yet) as the time we ascribed female attributes and personalities to planes...
    >> Fligh/tg/uy !!USvlahNxTB4 07/20/10(Tue)10:25 No.11242443

    I really shouldn't be posting while doped up on meds, derp
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)10:25 No.11242446
         File1279635954.png-(420 KB, 600x506, 1269224257914.png)
    420 KB

    Someone post that Flanker porn, stat.
    >> Fligh/tg/uy !!USvlahNxTB4 07/20/10(Tue)10:26 No.11242462
    You mean there's more aside from the one you just posted? o.O
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)10:27 No.11242469
         File1279636038.jpg-(75 KB, 520x640, 1134604842312.jpg)
    75 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)10:29 No.11242490

    I forgot I had it. Then I saw it. And I posted without altering the text.

    I *wish* there was more, though. Someone get japan on it, stat.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)11:18 No.11243122
    Holy shit, where did Liberia get an HQ-15 from? That's even worse than a normal S-300. The S-300 PMU-1 is produced in license by the chinese as the HQ-10. The HQ-15 is an upgrade with ~200 km range instead of 150km.

    Range: 195 km (121mile)
    Max speed: 2,000m/s (4,470 mph)
    Lenght: 7.5 m (25 ft)
    Diameter: 500mm
    Weight: 1,800 kg (3,970 lb)
    Warhead weight: 150 kg (330 lb)

    And that radar array is comparable to the ones used on a fucking AEGIS cruiser.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)11:24 No.11243201
         File1279639485.png-(403 KB, 840x630, 8627278.png)
    403 KB
    Nothing else like it on Pixiv (that I can find, anyway), but I did find this...
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)11:25 No.11243208
    Yeah, I enjoyed that bit as well. Come in with a lot of energy on unsuspecting aircraft.

    If you think the S-300 is bad, check out the S-400. Also, the system requires 5 minutes setup time, and take down time is two minutes, meaning you can shoot and scoot with a SAM system.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)11:25 No.11243210
         File1279639546.jpg-(90 KB, 750x500, 194076.jpg)
    90 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)11:26 No.11243222
         File1279639594.jpg-(91 KB, 635x896, 10978360.jpg)
    91 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)11:27 No.11243233
         File1279639640.jpg-(513 KB, 1200x1200, 9243876.jpg)
    513 KB
    ...and this. So not a total loss.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)11:34 No.11243321
    What are a J-7s capabilities?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)11:44 No.11243459
    Carbon copy of the MiG-21 with an updated radar.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)11:54 No.11243606
         File1279641259.jpg-(88 KB, 850x534, Northrop-F-5G-Tigershark.jpg)
    88 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)12:15 No.11243858
         File1279642558.jpg-(181 KB, 900x1200, draken_mirage_by_Flyboy008.jpg)
    181 KB
    Mercs & Planes theme song, eh?

    Here you go.


    When war crimes are involved, this one's a tried and proven classic.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)12:24 No.11243969
    I had no idea the Schaft version (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWFOBRmC63g) was a cover.
    >> Skyhawk !c6DO1M4BMw 07/20/10(Tue)12:47 No.11244204
    Going to bed just after reading about Hugs hitting the runway and not knowing if he survived and then kept away from the computer till now really is hard on a guy.

    The fact that he stole an F16, instead of hooking up with the French, is pretty damn awesome but almost par for the course with these guys. Oh and its probably an A model...wasn't that what they shot down the other day?
    >> Fligh/tg/uy !!USvlahNxTB4 07/20/10(Tue)14:15 No.11245470
    Yeah, that really was the most awesome thing of the entire mission :)

    And agreed that it's most likely an A-model, although a C would be nice...
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)14:53 No.11246103
    Is this thing autosaging yet? *test*
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)15:02 No.11246264
         File1279652529.jpg-(29 KB, 545x314, su-27 troller.jpg)
    29 KB
    I am frowning very hard at you right now. Are you feeling ashamed yet? You should!

    No kidding! The moment I read about the falcon starting to roll out, my heart sank a little as I thought this was it for the convoy. Then it turns out to be Hugs, and the Liberians are shouting "nigga stole my 15 million dollar state-of-art killing machine"... I don't laugh aloud at internet stuff often, but that had me howling.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)15:02 No.11246265
         File1279652529.jpg-(43 KB, 640x480, F-4MissileFight.jpg)
    43 KB
    Guess not, cool :)
    >> op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 07/20/10(Tue)15:25 No.11246663
    We had good fun with it as well.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)15:25 No.11246668
         File1279653959.jpg-(340 KB, 374x437, 1279066016731.jpg)
    340 KB

    Let's say there's ac razy mass-murdering doctor. The number o fvictims doesn't matter, but it's high. He was working on a cure for lung cancer before being caught; if he's sent to jail he won't be able to complete his work, though less talented doctors will pcik it upa nd take longer to finish it. If oyu let him off completely free (except being watched so he can't kill again), he'll finish his work and save mililons of lives. If you don't, others will finish his work, but slower, and millions of lives will still be saved, but anyone whose lung cancer is too far along will die without his immediate help. You can't let him finish his work and then send him to jail because his lawyer is too clever; it's either free-but-finish-your-job or I-hope-you-enjoy-capital-punishment.

    What do?
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)15:26 No.11246669
         File1279653960.jpg-(708 KB, 616x596, 1271250809055.jpg)
    708 KB
    You may not remember me, but I'm the guy bitching about being stuck wiht Illusion for disguise/escape in MnM while the GM said I should only have one power or array (because Morph is OP even though eh said it was allowed).

    I found out that the character he aws comparing mine to (in terms of 'smooth' vesrus 'rough' constrcution, that was more powerful) was HIS.


    Your special sparkle snowflake having one array tha thas a duration trip effect is going to wipe the floor with my charcater whether she usesa n illusion or not.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)15:26 No.11246684
         File1279654005.jpg-(351 KB, 473x351, 1272981077742.jpg)
    351 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)15:28 No.11246703

    Bullshit virus spam? In MY planes and mercs?

    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)15:37 No.11246837
    Report it as Spam, it will be gone within 30 minutes.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)15:38 No.11246846
    I think one of the missions is missing on the 1d4chan article.
    >> Anonymous 07/20/10(Tue)15:43 No.11246914
    >How could it even GET that bad? What the heck were they flying through?

    Perhaps some sort of DESERT STORM.
    >> Fligh/tg/uy !!USvlahNxTB4 07/20/10(Tue)16:01 No.11247181
    >> Air Action Weekly 07/20/10(Tue)16:22 No.11247455
         File1279657344.jpg-(37 KB, 640x480, snapshot20100717000147.jpg)
    37 KB
    Damn, computer trouble kept me from my computer yesterday. Missed an awesome mission it looks like. Nice back and forth of "Hell yeah!" and "Oh shit!"

    >> Fligh/tg/uy !!USvlahNxTB4 07/20/10(Tue)16:54 No.11247863
    Same here.

    And yeah, the Fishbeds were a very nice touch.
    If I ever get a group going I'll make sure to properly put the fear of the (upgraded/modernized) metal pipe into their hearts
    >> Air Action Weekly 07/20/10(Tue)17:16 No.11248119
         File1279660568.jpg-(63 KB, 640x480, Fishbeds Everywhere.jpg)
    63 KB

    I think a Planes and Mercs: 70s edition would be awesome.

    Start out in things like the Saber, Fresco or Tunnan, who can mount maybe a couple IR seekers if you're lucky... work your way up in a world full of paranoia, proxy wars, and all sorts of fuckery.
    >> sukhoi !KJHro3/ISM 07/20/10(Tue)17:25 No.11248260
    Writing up a rules supplement for you guys at the moment.
    >> Fligh/tg/uy !!USvlahNxTB4 07/20/10(Tue)17:32 No.11248356
         File1279661524.jpg-(249 KB, 1200x812, FlankerClimb.jpg)
    249 KB
    For what exactly?
    Got an ETA?

    I'm getting giddy like a schoolgirl here just from reading that one fucking line...
    >> sukhoi !KJHro3/ISM 07/20/10(Tue)17:37 No.11248452
    Air War C21 RPG Expansion

    Advanced Pilot Rules
    -What is a Pilot
    -Pilot Generation
    -Pilot Attributes

    Advanced Aerial Maneuver Rules
    -Altitude Rules
    -Take Off/Enroute/Landing Rules
    -Aircraft Price and Maintenance System

    -Alternate Timeline
    -Famous Squadrons
    -Famous Pilots
    >> Fligh/tg/uy !!USvlahNxTB4 07/20/10(Tue)17:45 No.11248584
    I'm assuming you'll be posting that on the forum?

    Sounds great, and with the knowledge of planefaggotry you've demonstrated so far I think it'll rock :)
    >> sukhoi !KJHro3/ISM 07/20/10(Tue)17:49 No.11248640
    The Draft will be on the forum in PDF form at some point.
    >> Fligh/tg/uy !!USvlahNxTB4 07/20/10(Tue)17:52 No.11248683
         File1279662723.jpg-(55 KB, 1500x741, FA-18E.FutureConcept.jpg)
    55 KB
    Looking forward to it :)

    Have some future Super Bug concept
    >> Fligh/tg/uy !!USvlahNxTB4 07/20/10(Tue)18:01 No.11248817
    Anywho, I'm turning in for the night, see you around guys

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