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    535 KB 100 Gruesome, horrifying, terrible, nightmarish events. Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)16:52 No.11349654  
    I couldn't find the old thread and assume it has 404'd.

    For those of you who participated in it, and for everyone else who wants it - the d100 list of 100 gruesome, horrifying, terrible, nightmarish events is compiled, checked for grammar and mildly revised for syntax.

    It will take awhile to post it manually, but I guess there isn't any other choice.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)16:56 No.11349717
         File1280091360.jpg-(270 KB, 533x799, 121565454633.jpg)
    270 KB
    Here is the original OP post -

    Lying in some filth-caked alcove, hidden in the back of some long-forgotten torture chamber of a long-abandoned dungeon of some sadistic and long-fallen sovereign, lies a spear. A stick, really.
    Simple, wooden, about 4 feet in length and sharpened at both ends.

    A closer look reveals that what appears to be unhusked bark is actual a layer of dried blood.

    I made a cursed spear in one of my games with a major Atrocity Calls to Unlife effect on it.
    Basically, this spear has been used in such vile forms of "interrogation" so viciously and for so long that the smallest act of aggression tears open a hole to the Negative Energy plane and manifests some kind of horrifying event.

    Basically, every time you attack with it, prepare for nightmare mode.

    And I thought /tg/ might enjoy helping me fill out the d100 list of gruesome, horrifying, terrible, nightmarish events.
    They can be anything - From causing the wound to explode with spider horrors to summoning an undead abomination from the corpse, or making the spear speak in the slain's most cherished loved one's voice before they die. Just make it gruesome, horrifying, terrible, or nightmarish.

    Each time they attack, a separate d100 is also rolled. If it lands on 100, some kind of greater being of undeath makes it through the hole and fucks shit up (indiscriminately).

    You can roll for your numbers, but picking them is fine, too.

    And just to be clear, don't post any suggestions, this thread is for posting the finished list.
    ...unless they/re /really/ good.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)17:03 No.11349848
    >hey guys, copy/paste and screenshots are no good!
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)17:05 No.11349891
         File1280091941.jpg-(394 KB, 1200x750, 1242874843691.jpg)
    394 KB
    Starting off with The Stick's physical stats-

    (For 3.5e)

    One handed
    Critical - 4x
    No range increment
    Hardness 10d10
    Priceless (And probably unsellable)
    Damage - [Number of things you kill with it divided by 10]d6. Starts with 1d4.
    Starts at 15 lbs, but once (if) the wielder picks off all the dried blood, it will be regular medium spear weight which is 8lbs.
    Hitpoints equal to the wielder's.

    Am I missing anything?
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)17:06 No.11349899
    I would like to see this as well.
    >> 100 Gruesome, horrifying, terrible, nightmarish events. Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)17:08 No.11349941
    1. Eldritch Tentacles emerge from the wound caused by The Stick and begin to consume the target with the wound acting as a mouth.
    2. The target feels the urge to thrust The Stick all the way through their body if it is not already. If it is, they move the length of rod to attempt to embrace the wielder.
    3. The Stick begins to speak soothing words in the voice of the target's most cherished loved one if the blow is a killing strike. If it is not, it will scream in their voice until the wielder kills them.
    4. Many-legged black spider horrors begin to stream from the wound in massive amounts, covering the target and dwindling them into a small pile of fleshy refuse before scurrying out of sight.
    5. Steam begins to emit from the wound, even if it was just a nick. The wound swells and explodes 1d4 turns later.
    6. A great ticking noise is heard from far off in the distance as if from some giant machine. It never stops.
    7. The wielder's bones turn brittle when they strike with The Stick, and shatter when the blow lands, turning their arms into fleshy bags of bone splinters.
    *8. The setting dissolves into a hellish landscape. Tentacles rise up and grab at angles, walls melt and bubble, faces leer and scream from any surface, blood and pus seep out of cracks - some kind of check occurs to see if this effects the combatants.
    9. After injuring the target with The Stick, the wielder slowly begins to shrivel away while hearing a vile cackling laughter that seems to come from nowhere.
    10. The Stick becomes stuck in the target, but shows no sign of damage to them. In fact, it appears to only to enrage them. An attempt to let go of the spear shows that the wielder's hands are stuck, as if covered in molasses and spider webs.
    >> 100 Gruesome, horrifying, terrible, nightmarish events. Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)17:09 No.11349960
    *11.(Requires good roleplaying.) The wielder remembers the most traumatic event of their life upon striking someone down with the weapon (this effect can only be 'on the waiting list' once, reroll if you get it twice). If their 'most traumatic event' isn't traumatic enough, the device creates one with as much adhesion to reality as possible. The wielder will know it is false, but be unable to resist the misery it inflicts upon them.
    *12. The wielder loses control of their actions, but increases their current combat capabilities by one half. Damage done to the wielder during this time only remains on him if it exceeds this extra +1/2 of their life force. However, they will be compelled to continue attacking every living thing in their sight unless succeeding a Will check.
    *13. (Requires good roleplaying.)The wielder is convinced that they have contracted a horrible disease but in fact have not. They can roll a fictitious fort save and even have them hallucinate the symptoms. It should be a disease with a ticking clock leading to their imagined death. This will cause the player to waste all kinds of remove disease spells or seek immediate help thereby potentially rerouting the current goal of the player and party. The "imaginary disease" effect can be nullified by a weekly will save meeting the DC decided by the DM.
    14. If The Stick is sold, it returns to the wielder and the buyer is informed of your location.
    15. On a hit, The Stick wraps the target in thorny vines. The vines begin to crawl back up the length of the rod, and attempt to strangle the wielder.
    >> 100 Gruesome, horrifying, terrible, nightmarish events. Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)17:09 No.11349976
    16. The Stick produces a gaping wound on a hit. Maggots begin spewing from the wound.
    17. The wielder suffers terrible splinters on every piece of skin touching The Stick.
    18. Upon a successful attack, The Sticks lights the wielder on fire.
    19. The wielder feels everything the target feels, from the moment of impact to their death. Effect persists if the target is not killed.
    20. The target rapidly decomposes over the course of a few seconds, spilling forth a tide of insects along with partially liquefied rotten flesh and bodily fluids.
    21.(Requires good role-playing.) The wielder becomes momentarily aware of all of the lives the spear has taken and the memories of their deaths from the vantages of both the killed and the slayer are imprinted in their heads.
    22. All corpses in the area are raised.
    23. The wielder's shadow detaches itself, becoming a permanent, immortal, vengeful nemesis that only the wielder can see. It is hellbent on causing their former master’s life at all costs. It has the same stats as the wielder and will not rest until the wielder is killed.
    24. The target is ripped apart from within by small vicious beings.
    25. On a failed attack, a rift in reality opens, and some unspeakable tentacle horror, unsatisfied by the lack of bloodshed, reaches out from beyond space and time to pull the intended target through. (Roll to avoid it permanently spilling over into the material world.)
    >> 100 Gruesome, horrifying, terrible, nightmarish events. Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)17:10 No.11349984
    26. The wielder thrusts the spear into the target's vitals, but the moment carries them onto the opposite end of the The Stick. They spend their fleeting moments attempting to grasp for breath as blood fills their lungs. They attempt to expel it by coughing, but to no avail. They feel their brain slowly dying from lack of oxygen. They see the world around them blur as the sanguine liquid spills from the wound in their chest. The Stick feels impossibly heavy and they cannot remove it from themselves. They slowly die a horrible, horrible death. As their eyes close, they open almost instantaneously again to see the immediate effects of the attack. This vision occurs whether the attack was a killing blow or not.
    27. The target begins to melt feet first to the ground. When they try to speak, they find their lips have melted shut. When they blink their eyelids fuse shut. Their hair and teeth begins falling out immediately.
    28. Upon a successful strike, the wielder, target, or ally is struck by a meteor.
    29. The target is transformed into some horrible creature, forever enslaved to the wielder.
    30. Everything within 5 ft becomes animate. Most things crawl, flop and hop away but anything attuned with evil with attempt to attack the wielder.
    >> 100 Gruesome, horrifying, terrible, nightmarish events. Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)17:11 No.11350007
    31. (Requires good roleplaying.) The wielder begins to hallucinate as though having taken a powerful hallucinogen. The effect is permanent.
    32. (Requires good roleplaying.) The wielder/target is transformed into a horrific insectoid creature, with a slavering desire to consume rotten flesh and waste.
    33. The Stick transmutes x by x space of a nearby wall or floor into a Living Wall where x are the attack and damage rolls, respectively.
    34. The Stick casts a permanent magical globe of darkness on the wielder or ally.
    35. An involuntary shadow-jump occurs on the wielder or ally, moving them a number of feet through available shadow equal to their damage roll.
    36. The target is explosively eviscerated, being so completely and violently gibbed as to coat the wielder and the party with gore, and turn whatever space they are in into an abattoir-like hellscape of blood and organs.
    37. The target cries for the next 1d20 hours. In this period of time, they cannot die, but instead immediately lay to the floor and moan and call out in agony until their voice gives out from shrieking, or they remove their own means of speaking in which they remain alive but only roll on the ground in overwhelming grief.
    38. The target's insides burst from the created wound as though under high pressure.
    39. The wielder and target are afflicted with incredible swelling throughout their entire body over the course of 20 seconds. Effect persists until the death of one of the afflicted.
    40. For both the wielder and target: any existing wounds itch with an unquenchable ferocity. A failed Will check causes them to abadon the battle and slowly claw themselves to pieces. The effect is postponed if they do not have wounds, being afflicted as soon as they suffer one.
    >> 100 Gruesome, horrifying, terrible, nightmarish events. Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)17:12 No.11350022
    Goddamn flood detector.

    41. (Requires good roleplaying. Potentially involved.) In the wielder's eyes, the world dissolves into a smoky abyss. They believe they have been transported into a mist-filled alternate dimension for 2d20 hours.
    42. The target's genitals burst forth unending amounts of fire ants.
    43. If The Stick is thrown, it returns to the wielder. Tip first. At high speeds.
    44. The wielder, target, or both believe that they are already dead and fall over. They fall into a catatonic state that is indistinguishable from death and do not rise for twenty minutes. It requires a high will save for any onlookers to believe they didn't die from combat wounds, as well.
    45. The wielder takes on a demonic or monstrous appearance as they continue striking out at foes.
    46. (Requires good roleplaying.) The wielder and target believe that they have switched bodies/appearances - they look the same to everyone else, but each believes they look like the other (say, should they see themselves in a mirror or look down upon themselves).
    47. (Potentially involved.) Either the wielder or the target are turned into a tiny fly, whereupon they find themselves jostled by the air-flow of combat into a spider's web. They are too small to be seen, and die a slow and painful death.
    48.(Involved fate.) The target or wielder is teleported to a non-descript and maze-like dungeon.
    49. Flashes of lightning arc out, striking any unearthed metal within a few metres. This will do moderate damage. If it strikes flesh, a limb sprouts from the afflicted area.
    50. (Involved fate.)The wielder finds themselves in a dark, circular (40 ft. radius) room. A single beam of light illuminates (ONLY) a tiny spot in the center of the room.
    >> 100 Gruesome, horrifying, terrible, nightmarish events. Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)17:12 No.11350040
    Continuation of fate 50 -

    The light enters through a steel lattice-work door in the ceiling 20 ft. above. It is heavily locked, but can be broken free/disabled.
    Upon exiting through this door, the character finds themselves at the bottom of (what appears to be) a 200 ft. pit; the walls of which are lined in innumerable large green stubby-fingered hands.
    If the character attempts to climb the hand-wall, they find that the hands allow and even aid their ascent. The hands even form faces that can somehow speak, offering friendly encouragement.
    No matter how far the climber goes, they don't seem to make any headway; until at the 500 ft. mark ( if they haven't fallen yet), they move out of the range of an illusion and realize that tunnel is seemingly endless.
    At the 505 ft. mark, the hand-faces suddenly start to cackle menacingly and grope/grasp at the climber. The faces offer the character a choice - fall to their deaths or climb onward, all the way being roughly groped and molested by the hands (fingers in mouth, eyes, ass, pussy, grabbing dick, etc) and subjected to the taunting leers and perverted jeers of the hand-faces.
    If they manage to reach 1,000 ft., another illusion fades, revealing that they have reached the tunnels end - a dead-end, this wall also covered in the hands - and that the tunnel is really only about 50 ft. long (the hands creating the illusion that the character was climbing).
    If at any point the character chooses to willingly end their own life, they blink awake in the same place/time they left; with nobody aware they were gone at all.
    If they never choose that, they spend eternity stuck between the choice of a dark, dank room or being continually molested and jeered at by the hands.
    >> 100 Gruesome, horrifying, terrible, nightmarish events. Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)17:13 No.11350048
    51. (Requires good roleplaying.) Open a successful strike, the wielder and target lose the concept of reality and is plunged into a world where he must live through most agonizing and horrific repressed memories and events of the other from birth until the present.
    Horrible lies, molestations, murders, rapes, maybe the deepest darkest nightmare they've ever had. And they can only feel pity for the other as they now realize the events that now brought them to the situation where one is murdering the other.
    And they can feel nothing but pity for one another as the target slips suddenly into a pointless death.
    *52. Both the wielder and the target start to leak blood at a fair rate from fingernails, eyes, nose, nipples, mouth, etc. This effect will continue until either the wielder or the target is killed. The effect is eventually lethal.
    53. (Requires good roleplaying. Involved fate.)The wielder's party is transported to an extradimensional space that contains a massive mist-filled forest inhabited by terrible monsters and gypsies. The party remembers nothing of their former lives, and remember only a false life in the mist-forest. They even look different, often taking on the form of another race/class/etc.
    They gypsies are untrustworthy, prone to stealing from and abandoning people to the forest; the only way of escaping being via death, upon which the individual finds that time moves much more slowly in the extra-dimensional space and that almost no time has passed since their entrance (no matter how long they were in the forest). Attempting to awaken an individual in the 'real world' results in their physical bodies turning into a gibbering mouther of enormous size, while their soul is forever doomed to roam the forest - taking on the persona of a gypsy.
    >> 100 Gruesome, horrifying, terrible, nightmarish events. Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)17:14 No.11350071
    54. (Involved Fate.) The wielder's party is transported to Ravenloft.
    55. The wielder and target switch immediate places at the moment of impact.
    56. On a hit, The Stick produces an echo of deafening proportions.
    57. The wielder's soul swaps places with an ally. Can only use abilities that were concurrent with each individual.
    58. The wielder's soul and everyone's soul around him are all converged into a central body, and all vie for control over the body. The remaining bodies remain catatonic. This effect lasts only for 1d5 turns
    59. The wielder notices no immediate effect, but that night they are unable to sleep. The next night, the same thing. And the next. And the next. And the next.... It doesn't kill them or allow them to become too weak to live their lives, but they are driven mad by their inability to rest.
    60. When the target is killed, they begin to darken. In 1d4 turns, their flesh begins to bubble. In an additional 1d4 turns, they explode in a rain of acid to an area of 1d20 feet. The acid does 10d10 damage.
    61. The target turns inside out through the wound. They are still alive and fully aware, though helpless. The wielder can hear them screaming. They have extremely regeneration and can only be killed by acid or fire.
    62. The target of a strike spontaneously vomits onto the wielder.
    63. The wielder/target is rooted in place. A strength check to negate. Failure: remain rooted. Success: Break both legs and fall prone.
    64. (Requires good roleplaying) The target vanishes completely. The wielder develops a split personality of the target.
    65. Teleports the target 15 feet in a random direction. Intersection with other objects is not a deterrent.
    >> 100 Gruesome, horrifying, terrible, nightmarish events. Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)17:14 No.11350081
    *66. (Involved/Lethal.) The target/The wielder is turned to living stone, and transported instantly into a gathering of the residents of a particularly nasty level of the Abyss or the Far Realm.
    67. The target's skin begins to slough off in bloody chunks. After 1d6 rounds, skin is completely gone. 1d6 rounds later, they bleed to death
    68. The target gains the effects of a Barbarian Rage. They will not attack any other target but the wielder until the rage has ended.
    69. The wielder may not release The Stick. Any successful attempt to disarm causes the target to fall prone.
    70. The wielder suffers the exact same wounds they inflict, but each wound on them instantly festers, pouring puss and blood. A failed Fort check causes maggots to appear as well as other fluids.
    71. The target's wounds bleed blackened blood. If any PC touches this blood while the target is still alive, the blood deals appropriately catastrophic acid damage to everything but The Stick.
    72. If the target hit by the spear belongs to a thinking species, he must pass a difficult Will check or is forced to babble all his most intimate secrets for the next 2d10 combat rounds.
    73. Various kinds of bodily fluids, including blood, stomach acid, spinal fluid and mucus begin to rain down in the area.
    74. (Requires good roleplaying) In the space of a single instant, the character is shown their perfect life: perfect lover, mate, the birth of a child, perhaps two; watching them grow, their first attempts at crawling, words, walking, knowing their perfect love, the desire to protect them against all. Then they are forced to watch the BBEG of their nightmares sweep in and destroy everything right before the character's eyes. If the character survives this ordeal with the item, he gets to carry around the memory of that life, and those lives lost inside him forever, as though it were his reality.
    75. The target's skin peels off, yet they remain alive.
    >> 100 Gruesome, horrifying, terrible, nightmarish events. Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)17:15 No.11350093
    76. 1d3 souls from people or things that have been killed by the spear are released by this attack. If the wielder is doing good, they will help him. If the wielder is doing bad, they will attack him.
    77. The wielder loses control of their body, and someone close to them is teleported to their location; where upon arrival the wielder uncontrollably murders them.
    78. When The Stick strikes the target, a sonic burst occurs at the strike point (low impact), and a sound begins reverberating out from weapon at a very low frequency.
    Over the next 1d3 days, several hundred creatures of hideousappearance make their way to the wielder's location; claiming they wish to serve them, but having little use (while simultaneously consuming immense amounts of food and creating countless repulsive offspring).
    79. The body of one random person in the area suddenly ages dramatically. This will not kill them, but it will make them frail, slow and incredibly brittle.
    80. The wielder, upon killing a foe, finds their throat feeling very dry and scratchy, and has trouble breathing. After a moment or two, huge beetles pour out of the target's mouth and the wielder's throat bleeds lightly.
    >> 100 Gruesome, horrifying, terrible, nightmarish events. Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)17:17 No.11350118
    81. The target, upon being critically hit, has spear penetrate to other side of their body. Their body is then sucked into the spear in a painful whirling of their flesh, like being sucked into a blender with a powerful vacuum under it. The wielder must pass a Fort check or suffer damage as their flesh ruptures and blood is sucked out of their veins.
    82. (Requires good playing): The alignment/personality of the wielder is flipped until this effect occurs again. Neutral characters will go to a (random) extreme, if this occurs.
    83. (Potentially involved.)Upon being struck, the The wielder and target suffer separate, yet intertwined illusions:
    The target loses control of his/her legs, and falls flat on the back. The ground begins to undulate, as though on a waterbed. Slowly, they begin to sink. They can see nothing of the The wielder now, as the ground swallows them up.
    They thrash and resist, but can do nothing. Suddenly, they catch hold of something solid, and pull with all their might, trying desperately to vacate the dark void that the liquefying ground is slowly enveloping them with.
    The wielder sees the target fall, and suddenly start to sink. They swear they see the target's face twist into a nightmarish grin as the ground swallows them up, and starts to go soft, and undulate slightly. The The wielders feet become mired before he knows what happened, and his movement slows to almost nothing as he strains to exit the tar-like substance that is dragging him down. He reaches out, and feels firm ground. He scrabbles for it, but just as it seems he may break free, something grabs him, and pulls. He turns to see a grinning, wicked face in the muddy ground, resembling the target's. It laughs in a cacophony as it tries to drag him down.
    The target hears the laughing at this time as well, though it comes from beneath him.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)17:18 No.11350136
    OP... You're an idiot. A number of these events are situational and can't possible apply to all targets. Most of these assume the target is humanoid in nature.
    >> 100 Gruesome, horrifying, terrible, nightmarish events. Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)17:19 No.11350157
    84. (Potentially involved.)The target or The wielder turns invisible. Permanently. Every 1d4 days, make a will check to see if their alignment randomly changes.
    85.(Lethal.) On a successful hit the The wielder freezes completely and the target as if possessed, calmly walks toward the wielder ignoring all injuries. The spear now between them is then forced against both persons' naval and pressed slowly inward as they both walk forward.
    The stick then transmogrifies into a horrific umbilical cord connecting them complete with eyes, sinew, veins, beating portions of flesh, teeth, and begins growing into something unspeakable using their bodies as sustinance.
    When finally the two bodies are reduced to what are essentially vestigial organs, the beast turns on the rest of the party. Hungry for more.
    86. The wielder's vision is reduced to a stark black and white mode. Only blood shows up as colored in this reduced vision.
    87. The spear continues to scream with the killed's voice for 1d5 hours.
    88. On a hit, the wielder grows an extra arm or leg. This arm or leg is of a horrible beast of the DM's choice.
    89. The wielder or target spontaneously forgets the common language of the world and babbles incoherently when attempting to speak it.
    90. On a hit an ear shattering noise erupts from the spear and anyone within a 10 foot sphere goes deaf and has their eyes rupture open with such force that their eyelids go with it. They can still somehow see through the blank holes in their head.
    >> 100 Gruesome, horrifying, terrible, nightmarish events. Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)17:21 No.11350199

    The fates are of course open to interpretation and adaptation. It's be tough to make 100 gruesome, horrifying, terrible and nightmarish events that were applicable to every situation.

    91. On a hit an ear shattering noise erupts from the spear and anyone within a 10 foot sphere goes deaf and has their eyes rupture open with such force that their eyelids go with it. They can still somehow see through the blank holes in their head.
    92. Touching The Stick with bare skin (whether holding it or being hit by it) causes that area to swell up monstrously, blacken and burst over the course of 10-15 seconds. This releases either a swarm of spiders, beetles, and other small insects, or a foul smelling green and black ichor.
    93. The wielder begins to hear a low buzz of hushed voices constantly whispering from somewhere just beyond their vision.
    94. The wielder cannot tell anyone apart. Every person they see or hear (party or NPC) look and sound the exact same.
    95. (Requires good roleplaying. Involved.)The wielder no longer feels emotion, hunger, thirst, or weariness. They stop aging, and become like a mindless drone. They lose interest in the party's quest, and all the things they used to care about. This could happen instantly or gradually
    >> 100 Gruesome, horrifying, terrible, nightmarish events. Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)17:22 No.11350219
    96. The target automatically explodes in a horrifying mess of organs and blood. Blood splattered will spell out a horrible secret of the wielder's, and will never wash off.
    97. All water within a radius of feet equal to their damage roll freezes. Any ice from before this effect catches on fire.
    98. The target is consumed with an overwhelmingly ravenous hunger, and nothing appeals to them - and nothing sates their hunger - except for their own flesh.
    99. The wielder is plagued by fleeting visions at night, or in the dark, of a woman with long black hair, a very pale face, and distinct blue eyes. The first glimpse of her will be from a far and hard to discern at all. Every consequent vision has her appear closer and closer, to the extreme of eventually looking into her eyes.
    100. (Require good roleplaying.)The weapon claims the souls of all that it kills and, upon doing damage, their voices enter the The wielder's mind and remain there until the character's death. They are not full personalities, merely a single facet of the targets over time. In a pinch, they simply repeat the same thing to him on an increasing frequency.

    And done!

    Now posting the suggestions that didn't make it into the list.
    >> A handful of vaguely frightening events. Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)17:25 No.11350276
    Most of these aren't really worth mentioning as they aren't particularly horrifying but just mundanely dangerous. Or just strangely worded. Or too situational. Whatever was wrong with them - here's the rejects:

    Earthquake, centered on the attackers square for 1d6 rounds.

    In 1d6 rounds, a tornado will roll through the attacker's current square.

    A solar eclipse occurs---it does not end unless this effect is rolled once again.

    A perpetual blizzard follows the attacker for 1 week.

    The target starts to bleed from all openings and dies of blood loss. The blood escapes.

    When this effect is rolled, Anyone who witnessed the spears use are now extremely bitter and angry towards the user, possibly violent.

    When this effect is rolled, the slain opponent slowly dissolves into a black mass, which smells much like tar. It follows the player, leaving a trail of acrid ooze behind.
    >> A handful of vaguely frightening events. Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)17:26 No.11350288
    There are also left ungrammar-checked and revised for syntax.

    The victim immediately dies while their ghost remains. The ghost is completely harmless and cannot affect anything. It has no voice, though it obviously tries to communicate. It goes through bouts of rage and despair. It follows the wielder around until they somehow get rid of it, but it has no affect other than fluff.
    The victim immediately looks like your child and you are compelled to protect it at any cost, going so far as to completely stop attacking it even if it continues to harm you. By GM regulation, the other characters can talk you out o fit.
    Target or wielder's skin begins to crack and peel, revealing open sores. If saving throw fails, affected begins to imagine moth larvae crawling out and hatching and must be restrained to stop from tearing at themselves. If affected has a SECOND cursed item upon fail...this is not a hallucination. Larvae will begin hatching into dust-grey moths which will follow affected around until they die naturally, reminding them again and again of just how they came to be.
    If they aren't killed within XdX days and the affected treated by a cleric, affected may suffer psychotic break and discover an affectionate fetish for the feeling of the moths hatching beneath their skin, attempting to replicate said sensation through narcotics or cursed item abuse.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)17:28 No.11350328
         File1280093338.jpg-(49 KB, 600x899, 1243804926300.jpg)
    49 KB
    And that's all there was to it.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)18:04 No.11350885
    I saved it.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)18:11 No.11350990
    ... saving
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)19:30 No.11352191
         File1280100610.jpg-(32 KB, 410x560, 4074961962_83d756e5e4_o.jpg)
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    OP, I saved this and would like to subscribe to your sanity devouring newsletter.
    >> Harmless 07/25/10(Sun)21:58 No.11354907
    Saved on sup/tg/
    >> Anonymous 07/26/10(Mon)01:01 No.11357023
    The Stick could beat out the Deck of Many Things for most insane gamesmashing artifact ever.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/10(Mon)01:33 No.11357592
    90 and 91 are the same.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/10(Mon)01:49 No.11357947
         File1280123379.jpg-(14 KB, 398x292, 121565524464.jpg)
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    Bumping thread for nightcrawler /tg/ populace.


    Also, shit, you're right.
    What should I replace it with?

    (Have some picture inspiration)
    >> Anonymous 07/26/10(Mon)02:37 No.11358717
         File1280126239.jpg-(104 KB, 500x343, 1218768469693.jpg)
    104 KB
    Starting my D&D game now.

    Will be bumping periodically until mid-morning so everyone who helped create this has a chance to see the finished product.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/10(Mon)04:09 No.11359782
         File1280131791.gif-(720 KB, 448x336, 1257030002907.gif)
    720 KB
    Mid-game bump.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/10(Mon)05:29 No.11360690
         File1280136592.jpg-(228 KB, 552x900, 1253560040589.jpg)
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    Another mid-game bump.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/10(Mon)06:19 No.11361219
    >> Anonymous 07/26/10(Mon)06:24 No.11361266
    Oh thank god. I've been looking for the results all day long.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/10(Mon)06:26 No.11361284
    I didn't see it in there, but one result should be "nothing happens, but the wielder gets an ominous feeling."

    Nothing freaks a PC out more like the punishment they expect to happen but don't see.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/10(Mon)06:39 No.11361398
    Wow you used every one of mine that I posted.

    Im not sure if I should be happy or seek evaluation.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/10(Mon)06:43 No.11361428

    Fate number 90 is changed to that, then.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/10(Mon)06:44 No.11361445
    Oh man, reading through the list again, I'm catching so many grammar mistakes, it's kind of embarrassing.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/10(Mon)08:31 No.11362570
    Fix them and repost.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/10(Mon)08:40 No.11362677

    Re-re-rereading right now.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/10(Mon)08:51 No.11362815
    Just out of curiosity, why would a PC use this item more than once or twice?
    I mean, the results are truly horrible (good job there), but many are crippling/deadly to the wielder. The only benefits I see are that some effects kill the target instantly, and the increasing damage, but even that will likely kill the user before increasing the damage to normal spear levels.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/10(Mon)09:08 No.11362991
         File1280149696.png-(123 KB, 602x355, 1243804606810.png)
    123 KB

    Well, the player doesn't get to see the list.
    The list is written for the DM, who will roll the d100.

    All they know is that they (the player) knows is that they have a spear has an awesome crit that only grows stronger the more they use it.

    The first few times, maybe, the effects will be to their liking, and they'll get psyched about their awesome bolt from a darker Zues, but then out of nowhere- BAM, some hideously unfortunate thing happens.

    The fates also come with tags-
    Lethal - These will kill the player. Roll again if you don't want to kill them.
    Involved - These will break the action of your campaign and put the focus on something else for awhile. Roll again if you'd rather not have that happen.
    Requires good roleplaying - These are purely psychological effects that the player needs to take on. Roll again if the player isn't going react to it anyways.

    There's also the grimdark appeal.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/10(Mon)09:12 No.11363046
    it's a lot like gambling. Some of the effects are instant kills, and that would be really tempting to use it against a powerful foe. Say you're fighting something that's just too hard for you, so you bust out the spear and pray to whatever god you follow for a 1 or 3.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/10(Mon)09:12 No.11363056
    I just can't see any player using it for more than a few rolls once they realize (meta-gaming) that there's a table like that. Maybe if it were more powerful to balance their fear with lust for power, or perhaps in a game that's naturally grittier than D&D.
    Still, I think I'm going to steal the list for an adventure idea, maybe some kind of realm of Chaotic Evil.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/10(Mon)09:17 No.11363117

    Ah, well, I'm going to be reposting it later with better grammar and some revisions.

    Does anyone know a better way to post this list?

    A bulky series of Wall o' Text posts is really unwieldy.

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