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  • File : 1283061055.jpg-(82 KB, 635x762, obliterator_quest_part3.jpg)
    82 KB Obliterator Quest part III Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)01:50 No.11865591  
    part 1: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/11810197/
    part 2: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/11855121/

    After the Siege of Terra, Brother Acherus, siege engineer of the Iron Warriors 300th Grand Company, recovered from his injuries, gets involved in the ongoing shadow games fought between rival Warsmiths.
    After the assassination attempt against Lord Skraal, the Warsmiths lieutenant, brother Solonis asks him to aid them in their endevour in unveiling the conspirator, by following the would-be assassin to their meeting place.
    Acherus and his men can see how deep the treachery runs among the Legion's ranks, as brother Kerberos, sorcerer-librarian of Warsmith Solun, orders his men to kill the assassin, instead of paying for his services.
    The attempt to capture the sorcerer goes astray, as bolts start flying, and the sorcerer gets away, summoning a pack of daemons as a parting gift.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)01:54 No.11865634
    (I'll go out for a coffee, so you'll have some time to catch up and post. brb in 20 mins tops)
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)01:56 No.11865664
         File1283061378.jpg-(47 KB, 300x404, 32a183e704bffdd2de0bce2d7ce755(...).jpg)
    47 KB
    (messed up something at the copy-paste, so re-posting now)

    "Let's check the bodies. Maybe some of ours still have some life in them." Solonis says after a while, tossing your scattered plasmagun towards you.

    You catch the gun and nod, then start looking through the corpses. You check Aesir, overturning his still smoking body, in the middle of his chest, there is a blackened hole, as if hit by a lascannon. You undo the helmet lock and take off the snarling headgear. The face of Aesir is set in a terrifying rictus grin, his eyes burned out, steam rising from his mouth. You set down your dead brother on the floor and look around. You see Solonis checking the body of Daren, in the middle of his chest a deep torn wound where a chainsword smashed through his armour.
    Continuing your search you find Loki, his chest burst apart by heavy bolter shells. There is no sign of Furion. The men of Deimos is scattered around the facility. Most of them gunned down, or torn apart by chainsword. You stumble upon the body of brother Deimos, pinned to the wall with a combat blade by the shoulder. His left face is a bloody mess. Seems like he's still clinging to life.

    <what do you do?>
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)01:59 No.11865700
    Spare him, but demand fealty, and loyalty.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)02:21 No.11865938
    he's one of yours, dummy
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)02:36 No.11866095
         File1283063790.jpg-(63 KB, 800x600, 18388267.CCMarines.jpg)
    63 KB
    c'mon /tg/,
    let's get this going.

    shameless bump.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)02:37 No.11866101
    get him down, maybe we can help him
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)02:43 No.11866184
    Try and flank his attackers
    >Those are nice btw
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)02:57 No.11866369

    You help the man down. He's still gripping his chainsword while you prop him up to the wall sitting. Congealed blood covers his face, and you see fragments of ceramite and shards of plasteel embedded in his flesh. You look around and see his ruined helmet, its side blasted to ruin. He must have torn it free after getting shot, to continue the fight. His left eye is gone, and you see the bone showing where his flesh has been torn away by the impact. The wound in his shoulder is deep, but not fatal.
    "He always been a tough bastard." Solonis says. "I remember storming the walls of the Great Fortress, at the Quaris Campaign. He got hit by an energy lance. Shrugged it off, like it was nothing, and charged the emplacement, gunning down the gun crew like a maniac." he tells in a nostalgic tone. "Back in the day everything was easier."
    "He'll live," you say. "but he'll need an apothecary."

    <what do you do?>
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)02:59 No.11866386
    >Try and flank his attackers
    The fight is over. You're searching for survivors. You yet to find any, save Deimos. It was a proper slaughter. Astartes work.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)03:06 No.11866463
    can the posessed marine be seen anywhere?
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)03:09 No.11866491
    You look where he crashed into the wall, after getting hit by the warp-lightning. He's gone, but this is a vast facility, filled with machinery obscuring the view, so he can be near.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)03:19 No.11866598
    Fuck yeah Iron Warriors. it's 8am here in britland and we probably need to catch up on the last two threads, but this looks awesome.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)03:30 No.11866705
         File1283067011.jpg-(25 KB, 604x453, 4740_84054897148_729707148_203(...).jpg)
    25 KB
    (do so. this seems to start off a bit slow today, so you probably won't miss out on much.)


    "Let's take him to the Apothecarion then." Solonis says. He helps you with the body, and you go mostly using mainenance lines to avoid detection. An injured brother marine would certainly draw much attention in the time of "peace". You have to show yourselves eventually though, but luckily only a couple serfs see you.
    You get into the Apothecarion. Brother Eodimos comes to your aid.
    "Help me put him on the gourney." he says, and you lift the body, then he starts stipping Deimos of his armour. "What the warp happened?" he asks, looking at the fresh injuries, and your ruined armours.
    You see brother Castor in the far end of the chamber looking up from one of the injured, and looking in your direction.

    <what do you tell the apothecary?>
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)03:35 No.11866748
    Tell him to fix up my boy up or we'll bust a cap in his ass eat his ass to make more caps to pop more asses
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)03:37 No.11866778
    tell him, that we had a little chatter with a posessed marine
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)03:50 No.11866900
    You tell him that a possessed has lost his head and ran rampant. He listens to your story with obvious concern in his eyes.
    "Never liked those bastards." he says, while you help him with the armour. "You should report the incident at your company command. You caught the possessed, didn't you?"

    <what do you do?>
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)03:58 No.11866969
    Tell the apothecary, that he got away.
    We leave the wounded there, and have a little conversation with Solonis about the next steps.
    We know now who hired the assassin, do we need the sorcerer?
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)04:10 No.11867062

    We really ought to do something to get the loyalty of this apothecary, I forsee many more injuries.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)04:11 No.11867072

    We bullshit him, say that we murdered him.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)04:12 No.11867080

    The possessed, I mean.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)04:15 No.11867110
         File1283069739.jpg-(60 KB, 800x600, 79179_md-Chaos, Iron Warri(...).jpg)
    60 KB
    >Tell the apothecary, that he got away.
    >We leave the wounded there, and have a little conversation with Solonis about the next steps.
    >We know now who hired the assassin, do we need the sorcerer?

    You leave the Apothecarion and get on the mag-train. When there's noone else in the car you discuss the situation.
    "Kicking the door on Kerberos might not be a good idea. We could get into serious trouble for having a quarrel with him." explains Solonis. "It's all politics now. We might be fighting a war with Solun, but we can't do it openly, if we want to avoid the ire of Lord Charon, and the Primarch."
    "So what do we do now?" you ask.
    "I'm going to report to the Warsmith, and see what he wants me to do. You are free to go on your own errands, but try to stay alive. You're in no shape to pick a fight." he says.

    <what do you do?>
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)04:21 No.11867164

    Do we have anywhere we sleep, like a cell or anything? If so, maybe go there and rest?
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)04:22 No.11867175

    Do we have any Allies, anyone we can really trust? Because it seems like we need as many friends as we can get.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)04:24 No.11867193
         File1283070249.jpg-(28 KB, 497x600, Image10.jpg)
    28 KB
    No better chance to wander around.
    A bit about the layout of the ship:

    The ship is divided to four main sections.
    Prow Gunnery Section consists of six Gunnery Decks, all outfitted with macro-cannon batteries, Gunnery Crew Quarters, Ship Armament Manufactorum, Gunnery Storage, and Gunnery Generatorum.
    Access only by gunnery crew, or personel with the highest clearance.

    The Central Section consists of four Launch Bays, Legion and Serf Quarters (including your personal cabin), the Lodge Chamber, Apothecarion, Training Grounds and Arming Chamber, Armoury and Vehicle Hangar/Lifter Bay, Manufactorum, Teleport Chamber, Central Generatorum, Foodstuff Processing Manufactory, and Prisoner Hab.
    Defence Turret Batteries are on the Upper Decks, access only by gunnery crew, or with highest clearance.
    The Lower Decks are mostly Waste Processing Plants.

    The Command Section consists of Command Bridge, Navigator Chamber, Astropathic Choir, Librarium, Lance Batteries and Gunner Crew Quarters, Void Shield Generators, Geller Field Generator.
    Access only by lance battery crew, or personel with the highest clearance.

    The Rear Section consists of Ship Engines, Warp Drive, and Tech-Shrine.
    Access only by Mechanicus personel, or with the highest clearance.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)04:25 No.11867204
    Stop Solonis for just another moment, and ask him, what he knows about your state? (why the scretching in the head, the thing, happening with weapons in your hand ...)
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)04:33 No.11867270

    Perhaps it would be best if we told as few people as possible.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)04:37 No.11867304
    >Do we have anywhere we sleep, like a cell or anything? If so, maybe go there and rest?
    yes. at the Legion Quarters you have your own personal cell.

    Solonis is clearly one of them.
    Probably half of your brothers are dead. You have no idea of the number of combat capable Astartes aboard, but causality estimates were high. It is not a big stretch to say that half of the company didn't make it. That can be said about other companies aboard as well.
    The severly wounded is usually kept in "cold storage" in the Apothecarion's Cryo-stasis Chamber.

    The closest to you were the squad of brother Ezeros', and brother Heracles' squad. You have seen Heracles and his men blasted away at the Siege with your own eyes. You have no idea if brother Ezeros and his squad made it.
    Apart from them, you can possibly count on anyone from your own Grand Company... Possibly.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)04:39 No.11867316
    make a "site seeing tour" on the ship, starting with the Prov Section
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)04:42 No.11867333
    >Stop Solonis for just another moment, and ask him, what he knows about your state? (why the scretching in the head, the thing, happening with weapons in your hand ...)

    >tell as few as possible
    He has already seen you doing it.


    "Whatever is happening to you, brother, I never seen the likes of it before." he answers your questions. "I have seen warp-mutations, but this is somehow different. Not sure who you could turn to with this."

    <what do you do?>
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)04:49 No.11867395
    >make a "site seeing tour" on the ship, starting with the Prov Section

    Yeah, thinking that through, you wouldn't get too far. You are not high enough clearance.
    You can try your luck with service ducts though...
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)04:51 No.11867410
    go to the Central Section and have a rest, you will need the strenght
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)05:04 No.11867475
    >go to the Central Section and have a rest, you will need the strenght

    (You ARE in the Central Section.)

    You get back to your cell.
    You examine your habitat.
    You have a humble excuse of a bed, a weapon rack (now empty), and a small metal chest with a gene-lock. On your bed, a deactivated data-slate, and a leatherbound book. A single glowglobe on the wall gives light.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)05:19 No.11867569
    ask about Ezeros
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)05:20 No.11867576
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)05:21 No.11867584
    open chest
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)05:24 No.11867613
    >open chest

    You take off your glove, and you see that your skin turned extremely pale, and your fingernails have taken a greyish hue.
    You press your thumb against the gene-reader. You expect it to open, but it doesn't.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)05:35 No.11867688
    Inspect the material, is it breakable? When yes, smash it. When no ... well, take it with you.

    Activate the Data Slate and read.

    (Yay ... Part 1 was awesome, didn`t really follow p2 cause rl is a bitch.)
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)05:40 No.11867718
    open chest
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)05:41 No.11867722
    Put the glove back on and try again.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)05:41 No.11867728
    >here, durr, change post before hitting enter

    Look at book
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)05:51 No.11867802
    (If you liked Part I you'd probably like Part II as well, but oh well...)

    The chest was designed to withstand attempts to pry it open. It would take much smashing 'till you broke it.

    >pick up
    It is large enough to kill a serf if you dropped it on one. If you plan to carry it with you it will definitely get in the way. It's not heavy though, you probably not left too many things in it. What is in, you cannot recall. Some memories of yours are still hard to recall from before the injury, but in time it will clear up, surely.

    You can try to pry it open with your combat knife though.

    >activate data slate.
    The display flashes up and a document is shown. You open it and tactical information about the Siege is displayed. Battleplans, orbital picts about planned deployment zones and key strategic points, tactical maps, and so on.
    Thumbing through the briefing about the deployment of siege battery emplacements bring up memories of a raid of White Scars biker squads against your emplacements. You remember brother Ezeros saving your life there, pulling you away from a melta blast.

    You display the armour's chronometer and see that the document is Five months and thirteen days old. Not much use for you now.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)05:55 No.11867832
    >Put the glove back on and try again.
    Though you know the genetic reader will have difficulties sampling your gene-code with your armoured gloves on, you try. No success.

    >look at the book
    The book is Musings of War, it is on philosophy of battle, and the way of the true warrior, written by brother Artemis Wahl of the Emperor's Children, hero of the Aeneis Campaign.

    You open the book randomly and read the following:

    Defeating the Enemy with trickery and misguiding is not a true Warrior make. Besting the Foe in his own field of battle is what makes the us worthy of praise."

    All those fancy thoughts didn't save the man himself, when he was caught by a krak missile, though.

    <what do you do?>
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)05:55 No.11867834
    now this >>11867722
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)05:58 No.11867855
    Reads like Mortarion

    Search the "bed" for hair, if any. Then hold it against the reader.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)06:10 No.11867933
    Can we remember the contents of the box?
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)06:12 No.11867942
         File1283076769.jpg-(563 KB, 700x700, 1268162944983.jpg)
    563 KB
    >Reads like Mortarion
    Who can tell? You never read bad poetry from the Death Guard, but you read more then enough from Fulgrim's Legion.

    >seach bed for hair
    (inb4 lol allmarinesarebald / yourbald)

    You find some hair, and hold it against the reader.
    The chest opens with a hiss, and you look at the contents.
    In there you find a torn, bloody rag, that has some embroilment on it, a silver coin, a shell casing, a broken dagger, a spare bolt pistol magazine, and a frag grenade, a piece of folded paper, a batch of parchments, a pin depicting the thunderbolt insignia of the Emperor's old heraldy, and an Oathpaper in a crystal case from the Hrud Campaign.
    Junk for someone else, tokens of memories for you.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)06:28 No.11868012
    ah yeah... <what do?>
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)06:30 No.11868029
    Have a look through the papers for anything of interest, absorb the bolt magazine, pickup the frag grenade, and then after you have done reading the papers vomit into the chest to depose of the old mementos.

    Then lets go to the warsmith, report our losses and the Intel that we lost our brothers for.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)06:55 No.11868169

    Vomit is a nice touch, acknowledging that the old you is dead
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)06:56 No.11868174
         File1283079392.jpg-(48 KB, 845x443, 1281497183680.jpg)
    48 KB
    >report loses to warsmith
    Solonis is already talking to him.

    >take grenade and magazine
    You put the grenade on your weapon belt, then look at the magazine. You hold up your left and in your hand the boltpistol forms from a wierd substance coming from the joints of your gauntlet. The whole thing look like a dark metallic liquid, but the result is indistinguisable from any other Astartes sidearm.
    It is loaded. First you don't know what to do with the magazine in your right, then you realize you're holdin up an empty hand, the magazine gone.

    >read papers
    You shuffle through the items in the box and pick up the papers. You remember confiscating these from one of the legion serfs. The words "Lectitio Divinitatus" read on the first page, and the rest is filled with religious nonsense about the Emperor being a god.
    You examine the folded piece of paper. You can't recall where it is from. It says "through the bridge of Bifröst, into the Realm of Dreams". It is certainly your handwriting, but you don't remember writing it.
    As you put it all back your hand wanders on the torn rag. It's fabric is rich with enbroilment, though the dried blood obscures some of the details. It is burnt and torn, but you remember it as the flag from an eldar pirate ship the 300th assaulted before the rebellion. You remember tearing away the flag after you fought against a group of crazed female eldar warriors armed like gladiators. When you finally bested all of them you stood over their mutilated corpses, your armour was coated with their blood, your chainsword clogged with gore. Knowing the battle have ended you wiped the blood off your face with the torn flag.

    >vomit into the chest
    You can't just vomit like that. But now you mention it, you feel the hunger again gnawing at your mind again. Your hand starts to shake, and you suddenly feel weak. You have to do something about it.

    <what do you do?>
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)06:59 No.11868191

    Betcher's Gland bro.

    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)07:05 No.11868222
    >Betcher's Gland bro.

    Right. You CAN spit corrosive poison into the chest, but not vomit. You'll have to drool over the contents for a while until it's all gone.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)07:26 No.11868380
    look for something, that looks tasty ...
    what could silence the hunger, you are feeling?
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)07:27 No.11868387
    (You wound me. Deathguard don`t have poets, let alone bad ones. Oh yeah, did the coke enema happen or are you still considering?)

    Take the rag and use it as a accesior.

    Due to our somewhat ragged mind I`d suggest to suck out the glowglobe and anything powered be electricity for energy.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)07:28 No.11868393

    Hello Fantastic Four movie.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)07:32 No.11868418
    Explain further. Never saw it and never will ... I think.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)07:35 No.11868444

    Is there a chaos canteen or anything?
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)07:38 No.11868485

    Some faggot in it stole electricity and got sustenance from it.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)07:40 No.11868506
    >Is there a chaos canteen or anything?
    There is a dining hall nearby.

    >did the coke enema happen or are you still considering?
    haha, no, you were too busy shooting up the badguys and not getting eaten by daemons.

    >Take the rag and use it as a accesior.
    as a what?

    >FF4 movie
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)07:41 No.11868515
    We can still ask for noutricous protein sauce, can`t we?
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)07:44 No.11868535


    Don't worry, it was shit.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)07:45 No.11868543
    You step to the glowglobe and take it off the wall. You feel the hunger inside. You hear the static noise again and its light starts to dim, then suddenly darkness engulfs the room.
    Your helmet switches to night vision.

    That's better, but not enough. Not nearly enough.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)07:48 No.11868562
    Then let`s head to the dining hall. When we don`t last that long enough ... search for some wires. Some big ass wires and bite them like a ferret!
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)07:49 No.11868572

    Head to plasma drives. omnomnom.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)07:57 No.11868613
    You leave your cell and head towards the dining hall. It is strangely empty save for a few serfs staffing it. You go to the counter and look at the food. Synth-protein products and nutrient drinks mostly. You grab a few bottles and food packs and set down on a bench, and start feasting.
    That's not it. It all tastes like ashes in your mouth. You force yourself to swallow the food, and drink off a few bottles, but you just feel the hunger more keenly. You throw your plate away in frustration and storm out of the canteen.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)07:58 No.11868619
    We shall go to the plasma drives and plug us in.
    >> Iron Lung 08/29/10(Sun)08:01 No.11868636
    How about some thought-association testing?
    Think of things: promethium, ammunition, electricity, various metals....does any of it trigger a sympathetic "hunger pang"?
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)08:02 No.11868641
    >big ass wires
    >plasma drives

    The Generatorum. It's on the Lower Decks. That's where the plasma generators providing power for the Central Section are. You take a turbolift and descent to the Lower Decks.
    Soon you arrive at the entrance of the facility. A few armed tech-guard is standing at the gate.

    <what do you do?>
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)08:03 No.11868653
    We allready did electricity. The plasma drives, or big ass cables should serve us well enough ... I hope.
    >> The Littlest Krieger 08/29/10(Sun)08:04 No.11868657
    can we spawn a servo harness or somesuch?
    and how quickly can we absorb weaponry?

    if we can spawn a servo harness, do that, claim to be new techpreist, here to check on the generators.

    otherwise, absorb the power for the lights, absorb weapons of guards, sneak that shit
    >> Iron Lung 08/29/10(Sun)08:04 No.11868658
    They have any Lasweapon clips?
    If so, try assimilating one.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)08:05 No.11868659
    Approach them, tell them you had a power fail in your cell and you want to check up with its power supply.
    >> Doom Rider 08/29/10(Sun)08:07 No.11868670
         File1283083634.jpg-(11 KB, 216x291, Doomrider_Monochrome.jpg)
    11 KB
    >We allready did electricity
    but did you do COCAINE?!!
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)08:10 No.11868694
    >can we spawn a servo harness or somesuch?

    >and how quickly can we absorb weaponry?
    you only had success with your bolt pistol and chainsword yet. it's somehow works subconsciously, can't control yet.

    Choose your action:
    A. disable lights somehow
    B. tell them the power cell failure story
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)08:11 No.11868695
    Like the Slaneeshi Baneblade? Fuck Yeah! Let`s all do COCAINE!

    Now back to topic.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)08:12 No.11868707
    B, we had a fight already and we are hungry.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)08:14 No.11868717
    could we perhaps generate an EM pulse to fuck up the electronics in the room?
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)08:17 No.11868733
    You approach the tech-guard. They seem a bit startled at the sight of an armed Astartes coming at them. You greet them respectfully and explain the thing with your powercell.
    They listen to your story then ask you to wait 'til they notify an adept you can talk with.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)08:20 No.11868751
    Do they go away?
    Yes: Grab any penal, and suck the fuck out off that thing. When the lights go out optionally scream "What the fuck is this?! It`s happening again!"

    No: Start some small talk, try making allies with them so you come around more often. That don`t work, wait.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)08:20 No.11868755
    Do you let them, do you want to intervene?
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)08:22 No.11868771
    >Do they go away?
    no. they gonna vox in.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)08:23 No.11868782
    Uhm ... I think let them go away would serve our plans most.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)08:25 No.11868789
    (Cluster fuck posts, ahhhhhhh!)

    I let them vox.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)08:29 No.11868820
    One of the guards voxes in and after a short while the blastdoor slides open and a tech-adept steps out. Under its scarlet hood eight glowing optic lenses observe you, like that of a great metallic spider. The doors close behind him and he approaches you.
    "What can I do for you, revered one?" he asks in a machine vox
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)08:32 No.11868833
    >machine vox
    machine voice, i mean machine voice

    fuck i need another coffee
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)08:33 No.11868838
    Approach him, tell him you had a power fail in your cell and you want to check up with its power supply, (and get a look around the engines of the ship cause youre interested?)
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)08:56 No.11868970
    >ship engines
    The ship drives are kilometers away from where you are. See >>11867193
    Every ship section has its own Generatorum to power the individual needs. The ship engines use enough energy to leave no output left for anything else.

    >bullshit the adept
    The technocrat listens to your story then says the following.
    "I'm afraid I cannot help you with that, Revered One. Please report the malfunction to your Armoury tech-marine."

    <what do you do?>
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)09:00 No.11868989
    >The technocrat listens to your story then says the following.
    >"I'm afraid I cannot help you with that, Revered One. Please report the malfunction to your Armoury tech-marine."

    i just reread what you wrote
    "power fail in your cell" instead of "faulty power cell"

    Nonetheless, the adept asks you to give him a cell number, and he'll dispatch someone to investigate the problem. The problem is probably your end, he claims.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)09:02 No.11869000
    (I failed harrrd)
    tech marine ... (inside rage)

    "Why can`t you? It`s an issue with the power, how can a tech marine help me?"

    While saying that lean against the a wall (if you can) and try messing with the lights.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)09:05 No.11869021
    I should wait for some minutes before posting ...

    (I give him the number) "Problems at my end? What could that be?"

    >>purchase acirdeco
    what? ads in captcha?
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)09:08 No.11869036

    Yeah, techies are often easy to subverse. Try to non-vocalize emphasize the fact that we are massive compared to them.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)09:09 No.11869045
    non-vocally, I mean

    >Captcha: Schience 104

    Clearly skipped spelling 101 there captcha.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)09:13 No.11869060
    >>purchase acirdeco
    >what? ads in captcha?
    more likely than you think

    The adept sprouts out some dogmatic explanation about machine spirits, and how you probably offended one with neglectful handling of a device. He really gets into it, passionately gesturing with waving mechandrites.
    The ever present static noise in your mind rises in volume and you understand less and less of his worlds. It feels like the hunger is consuming your very soul while you make little progress.

    <what do you do?>
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)09:15 No.11869075
    >of his worlds.
    goddammit. i should proof read what i write sometimes. well, shit
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)09:21 No.11869112
    Holy shit, soul!
    Slide out the chainsword in the left, boltpistol in the right, rip open some fabric and get some cables!
    Only use the bolt pistol when attacked

    >there gregilly
    damn! now it stalks me with the names of my dear ones
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)09:31 No.11869153
    >Slide out the chainsword in the left, boltpistol in the right, rip open some fabric and get some cables!
    >Only use the bolt pistol when attacked

    You lose your head and start transforming in front of the adept and the guards. The tech-priest backs away screaming in panic, and the guards raise their guns and open fire. Lasbolts scorch your armor.
    The static scratch rises to a roar in your ears. You see the adept fumbling with the terminal at the door.

    <what do you do?>
    >> Marauder Månsson !!oiDcukULdOC 08/29/10(Sun)09:34 No.11869169

    Kill the lot, eat their internal power sources.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)09:35 No.11869179
    Move like a behemoth through the lase fire, push the adept to the wall and suck the terminal dry. For cinematic reasons "RRAAAAAGGH" through your vox grill that is cranked up to eleven.
    Oh yeah, servere some legs while moving overly dramatic due to near insanity.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)09:48 No.11869239
    >Move like a behemoth through the lase fire, push the adept to the wall and suck the terminal dry.
    >For cinematic reasons "RRAAAAAGGH" through your vox grill that is cranked up to eleven.
    >Oh yeah, servere some legs while moving overly dramatic due to near insanity.
    (i lol'd, but ok)

    You pounce at the priest, pinning him to the wall with your chainsword-arm, right after the doors start to slide open. Volleys of lasfire wash over your back, but you ignore it and punch an armoured fist through the terminal screen, and start to siphon the power out.
    Red emergency lights flash up and alert klaxons start to sound.
    Suddenly the terminal's energy line is severed, and you rip your hand free, turning towards the guards, forming gun barrels from your fist, blasting them apart in a thunderous salvo.
    The wail of klaxons pull you back to your senses and you see the blast door wings sliding together.

    <what do yo do?>
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)09:55 No.11869262
    Rip them apart with good ol chainsword and storm inside. Or throw a body between the blast doors.


    Get the adept up and running. Pin him on the wall and explain your little ... inconvenience. Make him understand what you are saying. ("Look, I went through a lot of scrapmetal gobshit like you today. If you don`t shut down those damn kalxons and give me electricity I have to use more force. Do you UNDERSTAND?)
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)09:58 No.11869279
    Aand I`m out for today. Looking forward to the next part.

    >and migampke
    Okay ... captcha is alinged with the FBI, CSI, BND, Spesnatz AND google. It knows what I will do next. I will eat a migampke ... sounds like a big ass cake.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)10:02 No.11869302
    >eat a migampke

    >throw the body between the blast doors.
    You throw the corpse of the adept between the closing doors just before they slam shut. The cybernetic body stops them from closing but won't hold for long.

    <what do you do?>
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)10:06 No.11869327

    Assuming we took that grenade, toss it through and storm forward
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)10:16 No.11869391
    You throw in the grenade, then grab the door wings and start pulling forcing them apart. The static noise roars in your mind and you see the armour plates on your arms cracking and bulging, the dark, metallic liquic seeping through the cracks. The doors slowly give way to the monstrous strength and you have enough space to get in. As you slip through it slams shut behind you, and you hear the approach of running guards from ahead.
    The emergency lights bathe everything in a hellish red. You look around, seeing corridors leading to the left and right, and ahead.

    <what do you do?>

    >to beardam
    you heard Capcha
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)10:21 No.11869403
    Are there any signs saying which direction is what?
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)10:22 No.11869412
    They only say stuff like Area A, Area B, and Area C.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)10:23 No.11869416
    Also as an aside, seeing as we're clearly part of a lodge of some kind due to silver coin that everyone seemed to ignore, which one are we a member of? For posterity's sake.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)10:24 No.11869425
    Are guards coming from every direction? Go towards one where there are the fewest footsteps.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)10:36 No.11869500
    >lodge medal we ignored
    Lots of stuff has been ignored so far, but yeah.
    There is only one lodge in the Legion. It's not tied to any chaos god in particular, nor to chaos worship. It's a band of brothers.

    The guards are coming from ahead. Area B.
    Area A is to the right, Area C is to the left.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)10:40 No.11869532
    which way?

    A. to the right
    B. charge them head on
    C. to the left
    D. wait for them
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)10:49 No.11869593
    Go to A. and try to find some cover, hiding if we can in order to split up the guard force once they arrive.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)10:50 No.11869608
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)11:08 No.11869735
    You turn right and start running. There aren't much cover to hide behind though, but you shortly reach a doorway leading to a generator room.
    A metal bridge suspended on thick steel wires hanging from the ceiling leads over rows upon rows of plasma generators. The humm of engines is a soothing balm on your troubled mind.
    Skull drones floating in the air circle you like curious avians. You hear the guards approaching from behind.

    <what do you do?>
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)11:17 No.11869801
    that was me.
    >> Marauder Månsson !!oiDcukULdOC 08/29/10(Sun)11:20 No.11869827

    Tear loose some output cables and sate that hunger once and for all. (Hah, that'd be the day.)

    Keep a gun trained on the door to give the guards a welcoming.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)11:32 No.11869915
    >Tear loose some output cables and sate that hunger once and for all. (Hah, that'd be the day.)
    >Keep a gun trained on the door to give the guards a welcoming.

    You tear off a cable and press the open end against your armour. A surge of power runs through your body, and you feel pain like never before. It washes away the roar of static, washes away the maddening hunger, washes away the last bit of sensation of the world.
    Everything turns white.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)11:35 No.11869943
    Oh lawdeh.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !!1tDIRRlgZfN 08/29/10(Sun)11:39 No.11869972
    well that's it.

    for now. the story is not over, so don't panic.
    i'll be back with Part IV in the near future. stay tuned,
    until next time...

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