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  • File : 1283444557.jpg-(82 KB, 635x762, oblit4.jpg)
    82 KB Obliterator Quest part IV Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)12:22 No.11922862  
    Hi /tg/,

    it's time for another installment of Obliterator Quest.

    After the Siege of Terra the defeated traitor legions fall back from imperial space, heading to the Eye of Terror. Brother Acherus, siege engineer of the Iron Warriors 300th Grand Company, severly injured in the ground assault of the Imperial Palace spends months in cryo-stasis, until his injuries can be attended by the few remaining Apothecaries. Recovered from his wounds he doesn't only have to find his side in the shadow war and powerstruggle among the rival Warsmith, vying for the favour of their superior, but he experiences a wierd form of mutation the Legion Apothecaries never seen before.

    part 1:


    part 3:

    After the deadly conflict in the Lower Decks a terrible hunger haunted you. A hunger for untamed, raw energy. Breaking into the Hellbreaker's Central Generatorum went... well, eventful. After killing a tech-priest, breaking through an armoured bulkhead, and running from the scitarii guards you finally reached a generator chamber. The attempt to feed on a severed powercable of a plasma generator didn't turn out to be the greatest idea, but you tried all the same, knocking yourself unconcious in the process...
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)12:26 No.11922889
    You wake up in the Generatorum, hearing grunts of effort.
    "Hnnngh- Hell, ain't that thing heavy." you hear a voice say. "Why can't they make the servitors move this piece of scrap?"
    "The magos musta got a cog in his head broken" another comments.

    You try to move, but a feeling of heaviness in your limbs prevent you, as you were entombed in a block of rockrete.

    "If you don't keep your voice low you'll get all of us lobotomised, you fethin' idiots!" a third voice says.
    "Why did this bastard even have to come here? Fighting his way through guards, and breaking down blast doors just to fry himself with a power cable..." the first one speaks again.
    "He obviously wanted to kill himself." a fourth voice joins the conversation.
    "Right, but why all the effort. Couldn't he just eject himself through an airlock?"
    "Just shut up already." says a fifth.

    You try to activate the helmet's visual feed, but the machine spirit doesn't respond. You must have fried the armour's systems with that power surge. You feel your chest tighten as you start to run out of air. It would be ironic to die by suffocation, imprisoned in your own suit of armour.
    You turn your attention inside, and feel a seed of something at the core of your being. It feels like a point of light, like that of the image of a distant star, but still bright and hot... like caged lightning, potent enough to turn into a storm.

    <what do you do?>
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)12:34 No.11922951
         File1283445252.jpg-(655 KB, 720x1080, 1273922404333.jpg)
    655 KB
    shameless self dump. waiting for players.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)12:36 No.11922968
    Hello Vost, where you been?
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)12:39 No.11922984
    i'm on... err... holiday. leeching free wifi, and waiting for a local mechanicus adepts to give me a working internet connection again.
    >> NightElf !!Pe8/IxcXVF4 09/02/10(Thu)12:39 No.11922990
    curse loudly to try and get their attention?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)12:40 No.11923001
    Hope that works out for ya.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)12:42 No.11923010
         File1283445720.jpg-(227 KB, 357x504, Istvaanians-IFS.jpg)
    227 KB
    >curse loudly to try and get their attention

    "It's alive!" you hear a tech-guard cry out in alarm, and you land on the floor in a loud bang as they drop you.
    "Kill it!" you hear another one shout, and the buzz of powering up lasguns sounds all around you.
    Well, shit.

    <what now?>
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)12:43 No.11923020
    Call to the Chaos gods for power to break free, to destroy your enemies.
    >> Vaalintine 09/02/10(Thu)12:43 No.11923026
    Observe the nature of this point of light, but do not attempt to interact with it, AT ALL. We don't know what it might be.

    Also, try to signal the people to let you out of this thing.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)12:43 No.11923027
    thanks. gotta call those tossers to move their arses, or they'll never get here.
    >> Vaalintine 09/02/10(Thu)12:46 No.11923049
    Dont do this.

    Try to communicate that you are not a foe, and that they should let you out.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)12:47 No.11923053

    Can we transform a gun? It sounds like we may need it.
    >> NightElf !!Pe8/IxcXVF4 09/02/10(Thu)12:48 No.11923062
    considering we just kicked everyone's asses just to get here and fry ourselves?

    or we could bluff and say that we were trying to kill a demon inside of us
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)12:48 No.11923067
         File1283446115.jpg-(327 KB, 1280x1024, 1240317824429.jpg)
    327 KB

    You pray to the powers of the Warp, and you feel the seed of light swell inside you, growing into an egg, an apple, expanding... You feel the heaviness lift a bit.
    In the meantime you hear metallic fingers fumble with your helmet's locks.

    <what now?>
    >> NightElf !!Pe8/IxcXVF4 09/02/10(Thu)12:49 No.11923074
    pray faster?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)12:51 No.11923092
    I agree with this post.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)12:53 No.11923114
    urge the machine spirit of your armor to wake up
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)12:54 No.11923115
    You concentrate on the feeling. It expands until it fills your whole chest, burning inside like a chained star. The heaviness seeps away from your limbs and you try to move your fingers to test if you're still paralysed or not, and not give away everything. It works.
    You hear a hissing sound, and your helmet is lifted from your head, finally letting you breathe.

    <what do you do?>
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)12:55 No.11923130
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)12:55 No.11923134
    Why, eradicate your enemies of course.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)12:56 No.11923138
    If we're going to pray to the Warp, why not Malal? He doesn't get the appriciation he deserves.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)12:58 No.11923158
    Chaos undivided seems a better option in my humble opinion.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)13:00 No.11923182
    if you see youre about to get shot. act, roll to the side to shield your face. get up kill stuff.

    if the're hesitant...talk maybe
    >> NightElf !!Pe8/IxcXVF4 09/02/10(Thu)13:02 No.11923198
         File1283446923.gif-(68 KB, 253x207, RealisticBackflip.gif)
    68 KB
    backflip while on the ground?
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)13:02 No.11923200

    yeah... no.


    You never heard of him.

    >Why, eradicate your enemies of course.

    You transform your right hand, growing a bolt pistol muzzle from your fist. The scitarii drops your helmet in surprise, too slow to avoid the shot to the chest.
    A burst of bolter rounds tear through his armour and blow through his back in a shower of gore.
    You get up and assess your surrounding.
    Seven heavily modified skitarii troopers stand before you. Under flowing grey robes you see the heavy carapace of the tech-guard, silver skull-masks staring at you. The scitarii aim compact lascarabines at you, holding them in arms encased in silver exo-skeleton.
    They open fire, spraying you with volleys of lasbolts, leaving black scorch marks all over your armour.
    You try hold up an arm in front of your face to protect your head, feeling lasfire burn your palm and forearm.

    <what now?>
    >> NightElf !!Pe8/IxcXVF4 09/02/10(Thu)13:04 No.11923220
    transform that arm into a shield?
    >if possible
    roll and get into cover, chain boltpistol into... something bigger and more scary lookan
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)13:04 No.11923223
    gtfo of there. you've better things to be doing then faffing about with trash. kill a few if they dont stop pursuing
    >> Iron Lung 09/02/10(Thu)13:06 No.11923240
    Generate a Flamer, and roast these impudent bolt-fuckers!
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)13:07 No.11923249
    Grab one and use for cover. With the free hand bring out the bolt pistol and kick some ass.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)13:11 No.11923303
    You try the shield trick, but have no success with it.
    You struggle to come up with something while trying to dodge las shots, and snapping off a few shots you decide to shoulder charge through the guardians.
    A foolish skitarii tries to intercept you with short combat blade, and you slash at him, severing his head, only later realizing your arm has transformed into a chainblade.

    You had a plasmagun and a bolter here. Where have they gone?
    Looking around you see a cross junction, and recognize the generator room you have entered in your previous rampage.

    A volley of lasbolts zip past you from behind and you fire a burst in response, half turning towards your chasers.

    Anger builds up in you, and you feel the sense of power in your body getting hotter and hotter, urging you to unleash it.

    <what now?>
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)13:13 No.11923326
    >> NightElf !!Pe8/IxcXVF4 09/02/10(Thu)13:17 No.11923357
    turn yourself into an assault cannon?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)13:17 No.11923359
         File1283447851.jpg-(7 KB, 183x212, Success.jpg)
    7 KB

    We have plasma?

    USE IT.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)13:17 No.11923360
         File1283447856.jpg-(563 KB, 700x700, 1268162944983.jpg)
    563 KB


    A. make a stand
    B. run!
    >> NightElf !!Pe8/IxcXVF4 09/02/10(Thu)13:22 No.11923399
         File1283448177.png-(421 KB, 688x565, LAZAR.png)
    421 KB
    for sure punch a hole straight through this building
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)13:23 No.11923403
    >use something scary
    >flamer / plasma / assault cannon

    You have successfully mimicked a bolt pistol and a chainsword, but you have yet have success absorbing any other weapon. You had a plasmagun and your bolter with you when entering the Generatorum, but you must have lost it when you zapped yourself.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)13:23 No.11923411
    I request C, the powers of the dark gods are with us. We must not disappoint.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)13:24 No.11923423
    Wait, mimicked? Obliterators just absorb weapons don't they?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)13:27 No.11923445
    try to concentrate that energy into your arm
    then think of plasma bolts, but a really BIG plasma bolt and release ALL YOUR HATE
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)13:29 No.11923463

    I don't think so. Won't go into fluff arguments.
    The Obliterator Virus is a plot device, so that's how I gonna use it in the story.
    Also, a tech-marine have taken your pistol from you after pulling the gun on him in his workshop, but you were able to regrow it.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)13:30 No.11923472
         File1283448632.jpg-(143 KB, 612x457, 1267673569082.jpg)
    143 KB
    what like a meltagun?
    as long as it involves explosions
    im okay with this
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)13:30 No.11923474
    They need to absorb to recreate, that's all. Whatever works for your quest I suppose.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)13:43 No.11923578
    As another burst of lasfire sprays your back you just lose it. You feel as your arms morph, the surface of your armour running like mercury.
    You turn, roaring the battlecry of the Legion, and point your arms towards the pursuers.
    "IRON WITHIN! IRON WITHOUT!" you shout, and muzzleflares banish the shadows from the hallway. You see shell casings ejecting in a spray of copper from the sides of your forearms.
    The scitarii are caught unawares and five of them are cut down in an instant, the remaining two trying to hug cover.
    Footsteps echo from behind you as more tech-guards come to get you. You turn again and see ten scitarii, one of them carry a Phobos pattern boltgun you recognize as your own, and an other have your plasmagun.
    You open fire, filling the corridor with a storm of shells.
    The least lucky of the newcomers are blown away before even having the chance to point their guns at you, but four of them get behind some containers, and return fire. A bolter round flies past you in a trail of smoke, and you see the glow of powering up energy coils of the plasma gun.
    You realize that you stand in the open...

    <what do you do?>
    >> NightElf !!Pe8/IxcXVF4 09/02/10(Thu)13:49 No.11923623
    switch to High Explosive amunition
    cover wont save them now!

    >Captcha: Carnage redoubt34
    right on captcha
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)13:50 No.11923625
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)13:53 No.11923647
    >switch to High Explosive amunition
    that would be nice, wouldn't it? unfortunatelly you haven't come across those yet, but you can try solid core supersonic shells, or stick with the standard issue mass-reactive explosive shells
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)13:55 No.11923659
    dont suppose you can blow a hole in the floor or something
    >> NightElf !!Pe8/IxcXVF4 09/02/10(Thu)13:55 No.11923662
    ooo spraying with solid chunks of metal sound nice~
    those have decent armor piercing I suppose?
    >> Iron Lung 09/02/10(Thu)13:57 No.11923674
    Fucker has our boltgun.
    I think finding cover, prioritizing the ones with the plasma weapons, and shooting back will carry the day.

    OTOH, we still have that grenade..?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)13:58 No.11923682
         File1283450302.png-(107 KB, 318x470, metal-bawkses.png)
    107 KB
    inb4 carron explodes through the wall
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)14:07 No.11923758
    >those have decent armor piercing I suppose?
    >have grenade
    yes. one left.
    >find cover

    You hesitate, and when you'd finally move you see a bright flash from ahead, and a plasmabolt, like a miniature star, flies towards you. You're slow to react and it hits you in the shoulder, passing through the auto-reactive shoulder plate, searing through your flesh and bones, and exiting the other side, continuing its path along the corridor.
    You run for cover, clutching your numbed left arm, smoke rising from the burn wound.
    You concentrate all your anger against the scitarii behind the containers, firing with your right, spraying bolt after bolt on full auto. The bolts punch through cover with ease, rending the plasmagunner and another guardian with a las carabine behind.

    Bolter shots explode near you and you pull your head down. Lasbolts come from behind, and you try position yourself between the plasteel crates and spent powercell containers. You are caught in a crossfire.

    <what now?>
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)14:07 No.11923759
         File1283450851.jpg-(36 KB, 600x462, MOAR DAKKA.jpg)
    36 KB
    >> NightElf !!Pe8/IxcXVF4 09/02/10(Thu)14:09 No.11923772
    hmm whats to our left and right? we could be flanked if we aren't careful, needa do a james bond and dive out of cover sliding along the floor, firing at the same time
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)14:14 No.11923807
    You are halfway in a corridor that would lead to the cross junction. The way you came from leads to the generator chamber of Area A. Two skitarii fires from behind the sides of the doorway. In front of you (towards the junction) there are another two, one using your bolter, trading shots with you from behind the containers.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)14:18 No.11923855
    tactical advance! use a chunk of a container as a shield, can we make our way to where that fucker dropped his plasma gun?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)14:20 No.11923878
    Grenade through the door to get the skitarii.

    We can regenerate our armor, but can we shift it around? If so, double up front armor and get into CQC with the two near the junction. If not, continue firing until they run out of ammo, then CQC.

    They can't make more ammo like we can.

    Why don't the Chaos Legions make huge organic weapons factories by stitching hundreds of infected persons together and tossing in different weapons and ammunition.
    >> Iron Lung 09/02/10(Thu)14:21 No.11923883
    Ok. We're still a Marine, we have our strengths to play from.
    First, suppress the two new flanks. MASSIVE volume of fire for 5 secs, then...
    Frag the ones in cover with our gun. Charge, attempting to maximize the shock of the grenade.
    Splatter them in CC.
    Get our Bolter, get that plasma gun.
    Start planning an egress.
    >> NightElf !!7i4UWs7O3Zy 09/02/10(Thu)14:22 No.11923895
    that'd be a waste of traitor marines
    >> Iron Lung 09/02/10(Thu)14:24 No.11923910
    Also, from what I know of the fluff about them most/all Obliterators are nearly moronic and have terrible mobility.
    They're great at ultra-destruction from a static point, but miserable in terms of tactical flexibility.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)14:28 No.11923938
    Aren't they also utterly retarded?

    As in, even a Slugga Boy can outthink him as a figure of speech?
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)14:28 No.11923940
         File1283452117.jpg-(68 KB, 587x384, Obliterator.jpg)
    68 KB
    You tear off the top of a container, and begin to creep forward.
    Sporadic fire zips past you from behind, a few las shots hitt you, one of them searing through the exposed knee joint of the back of your left leg. You fall on your knee with a grunt of pain.
    You feel the hammerblows of bolter shells impacting against the thick plate you hold before you, and thundering explosions leave a ringing in your ears.

    Holding the plate forward with your weakened left, you fire your right towards the way the wounding shot came from.
    Your shots rend a scitarius in half, and the other is struck in the shoulder, the high calibre solid core shell maiming him, shattering the silvery exo-armour in a shower of sparks. Blood spraying from the stump the guardian falls to the ground, screaming in agony. You let him suffer for a while, turning your attention towards the aggressors at the front.

    They are about ten paces.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)14:30 No.11923957
    >uses first response
    >is often a bad idea
    >like that idiot who wanted us to ask the people we had been killing for help
    >please wait a bit for better ideas
    >because jabbing a live power conduit into ourselves was a really, really bad idea
    >> NightElf !!7i4UWs7O3Zy 09/02/10(Thu)14:33 No.11923982
    slam shield into ground throw the grenade will all your might

    >waits for someone to come up with a better idea
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)14:36 No.11924004
    Are we still hungry?
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)14:36 No.11924010
    you make a point.
    i'll wait a bit longer, but usually people leave when i make them wait.

    also, you have a suggestion?
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)14:39 No.11924031
    >ten paces
    i mean ten paces away...

    >Are we still hungry?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)14:41 No.11924057
    Wait. If we absorb the grenade, will we be able to produce more?

    Be sure not to activate it first. Then give it a go. If not, then throw the nade at the last enemies and hunker behind the plate.
    >> NightElf !!7i4UWs7O3Zy 09/02/10(Thu)14:42 No.11924073
         File1283452950.png-(16 KB, 500x500, 1282575986223.png)
    16 KB
    that make us explode
    but I dont see why not
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)14:44 No.11924089
    Take back our bolter (and possibly the plasgun) and escape.

    That's our sole objective at this point, unless we like slaughtering the engineering crew for fun.

    Kill dude with our bolter.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)14:44 No.11924093
    >took our helmet off
    Are you even TRYING?
    >> Iron Lung 09/02/10(Thu)14:44 No.11924097
    Understood. I try to come up with smart solutions, but I take time.
    Just keep on rollin' Tough Guy, it's good stuff.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)14:46 No.11924117

    Seriously. We're pinned by enemy fire and are hurting too. This is what grenades are for. Use it.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)14:48 No.11924132
    >>take our helmet off
    >are you even TRYING?

    >absorb grenade
    no, unfortunately. but if you find a grenade launcher that might work.
    i know it makes no sense, but oh well... go with guns. you aren't a factory.

    >drop shield
    no, you'd rather keep it.

    >frag them and CQC
    You toss a grenade, and start to push forward, firing without pause to suppress them.
    With a gait you begin to run forward. You see them trying to find cover from the shrapnel, but hear one of them cry out in pain.
    You get to the containers and morph your right into a chainblade.
    As you step among the scattered containers one of the scitarii attempts a sneak attack on you, but fails, and you lop off his sword arm. He falls back, and fires an autopistol at you.
    You raise the makeshift shield just in time to block a faceful, and then crush the tech-guard under your feet.

    One left. Now where is he hiding. He still has your bolter...

    <what now?>
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)14:50 No.11924150
    "That. Is. Mine."

    Rip it out of his hands, give him a half second of implacable stare, and then turn to leave.

    If he even THINKS about going for his gun, he dies. Otherwise, just leave.

    God, we've pissed the Dark Mechanicus off soooo much.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)14:50 No.11924151
    If we can absorb guns, THE ARMOR IS PART OF OUR FUCKING BODY.
    Fuck this quest.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)14:52 No.11924167
    >If we can absorb guns, THE ARMOR IS PART OF OUR FUCKING BODY.

    right. not entirely.
    it's Chaos! i don't have to explain shit.

    >take the gun
    read my post again.
    >> Iron Lung 09/02/10(Thu)14:54 No.11924184
    Keep up the pursuit with an ear cocked for the two other flankers themselves moving in.
    Find him, finish him, take cover, assess situation if we can get a moment of calm.
    Sounds to me like we're a little hurt, at the least.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)14:55 No.11924186
    Insert 'Find.' at the top. Hell, just kill him and head out of engineering. Fuck da Mechanicus!
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)14:55 No.11924193
    Can you suffocate inside your own skin? Can you?
    It's like you think "Obliterator virus" means "lol now you have superpowers and there's no real downside".
    >> NightElf !!7i4UWs7O3Zy 09/02/10(Thu)14:56 No.11924195
    dive into cover quickly use yur enhanced superhearing to locate him, boltgun must make alot of noise right?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)15:01 No.11924234
    I just got the image of an obliterator with night elf ears sticking out of his helmet.

    I'm fairly certain this is heresy so bad even the Chaos Gods don't like it.
    >> NightElf !!7i4UWs7O3Zy 09/02/10(Thu)15:02 No.11924247
         File1283454165.jpg-(45 KB, 454x647, necron face.jpg)
    45 KB
    oh shadap and go away
    >> NightElf !!7i4UWs7O3Zy 09/02/10(Thu)15:03 No.11924254
    oh fuck you I cant unsee
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)15:05 No.11924266
    Does he sparkle in sunlight, too?
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)15:05 No.11924276
    >listen to bolter noise
    there is none

    >lol superpowers no drawback
    (who said that? the guy zapped him with a powercable frying his armour. think of it as a paralysed limb. can you move it? no. it only gets in the way.
    also, you COULD suffocate in your own skin if you had skin over your nostrils and mouth. there. instead, you had plasteel and ceramite inches thick.)

    As you're looking for the last scitarius guardian in the labirinth of scattered containers, you stumble upon your lost plasmagun lying in a puddle of blood next to a torn apart corpse. The last bastard must have escaped to bring reinforcements.

    <what do you do?>
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)15:06 No.11924279
    I just got an image of a very shiny obliderator with nightelf ears
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)15:08 No.11924309
    His armor couldn't be destroyed like that, or he'd die. Your armor IS PART OF YOU when you're an Obliterator. It heals, like flesh. If he could no longer breath, that's like his lungs having stopped working. But no lol he can take off the helmet u guise.
    >> NightElf !!Pe8/IxcXVF4 09/02/10(Thu)15:09 No.11924315
    can we please just... hunt down that fucker and gtfo, preferably before we start mutating into something that will horify the chaos gods themselves....
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)15:10 No.11924322
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)15:10 No.11924324
         File1283454642.gif-(15 KB, 239x242, 1263794858540.gif)
    15 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)15:13 No.11924351
    Maybe, but by this point we are FUSED WITH OUR ARMOR.
    If that, which I told him multiple times in the first fucking thread, makes me a bitch, then good.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)15:14 No.11924357
    do you get the concept of character advancement?
    yeah, i know what an obliterator is, but we're not there yet. there are powers the character develops, and drawbacks will come too as the virus is taking over.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)15:18 No.11924387
    What I described happens BEFORE YOU CAN ABSORB SO MUCH AS A PISTOL.
    Being an Obliterator SUCKS. That's the POINT.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)15:20 No.11924401
    Not only are we A, the first obliterator, as far as we know, (or rather, don't, since nothing like this has ever happened,) but we're only at stage 3.

    Stages. If you come down with cancer, you don't instantly die, man.

    Ear to the deck. Can we hear his footsteps?
    >> Iron Lung 09/02/10(Thu)15:22 No.11924415
    Hey I think at this point
    is starting to troll _himself_.
    how do you score that? Negative points?
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)15:26 No.11924450
    good. i respect your opinion, but there are things i overlooked on purpose.
    gimme a break.

    you hear none.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)15:27 No.11924453
    We're early three/late two. We can absorb a bolt pistol and our chainsword. That's IT. Four is where the shit you're describing occurs.

    Search for the fucker. Climb a crate, for instance.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)15:28 No.11924463
    Stage 3
    The carrier, now becoming more of a victim, finds themselves merging with their weaponry if they hold it for long enough. They also start to generate ammunition for the weapon they are holding, a most disturbing development.

    Stage 4
    The victim is now in the very throes of Obliteratorhood, with their armour no longer being able to be removed and seems to be able to repair itself. They also find their movement to be impaired and their joints rearrange and meld with the metal of their armour and weapons.

    Stage 5
    By now, the victim finds they can absorb small weapons such as knives and pistols and then recreate them at their own will, but only in small numbers at a time. Their sanity is also impaired by now.

    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)15:29 No.11924473
    So we can't absorb any weapons at all?
    That's stage three.
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)15:35 No.11924522
    You look at the plasmagun in the pudle, tempted to pick it up, but as you think about it, it's there like it's been placed there. As you turn around to look for him, you hear a voice coming from behind a stack of containers.
    "Got you." the scitarius says, your bolter in his hands aimed at you. You twist your body to dodge his shot, but that only saves you from a few shots. As he pulls the trigger a hail of bolts explode all around you, several of them hitting you as well. Glancing hits richochet from your right shoulder, your breastplate cracks, chunks of ceramite are blasted off your armour. You cry out in alarm and leap behind another crate, before he gets in a lucky shot.
    You put your back to the wall and place your foot against the container and push. With a creak the container moves, gaining momentum and crushing the guardian between another crate and itself.

    You move the container to see the crushed remains, and pick up the bolter that's now covered in blood.

    Meeting no further resistance, you get to the Generatorum entrance, a shut blastdoor.
    >> NightElf !!Pe8/IxcXVF4 09/02/10(Thu)15:38 No.11924542
    I wonder if we can find a way to halt the virus at a certain stage.... like between 3-4

    make a deal with a dark god perhaps, pay for it in skulls women ect
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)15:38 No.11924543
    Try messing with a console. Open door, or find a service passage we can use to escape.

    You are the only one who cares.
    >> Alpharius 09/02/10(Thu)15:42 No.11924585
         File1283456544.jpg-(63 KB, 600x600, ogodogod.jpg)
    63 KB
    >> NightElf !!Pe8/IxcXVF4 09/02/10(Thu)15:44 No.11924599
    hack console, if possible, if not
    absorb plasmagun and piss plasma on blastdoor
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)15:46 No.11924613
    You try your luck with the console. Reacting to your attempts the display flashes and the following string is written on it:


    The console has a data-spike slot under it's pict display, You look around, remembering the dead priest you hurled in the way of the closing doors. You see his remains on the floor. His right cybernetic hand still has the data spike slid out which he opened the door the way in.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)15:49 No.11924630
    So... you DON'T want to be able to absorb anything?
    >> NightElf !!Pe8/IxcXVF4 09/02/10(Thu)15:50 No.11924643
    >decreased mobility
    not really something im looking forward to :c
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)15:55 No.11924679
    You open the door with the data spike and flee, leaving behind the crimson alarm lights and the sound of klaxons...
    >> Alpharius 09/02/10(Thu)15:56 No.11924680
    chop off his arm and shove it in that dame hole of course
    >> NightElf !!Pe8/IxcXVF4 09/02/10(Thu)15:57 No.11924692
    righto lets get a bike or something that goes fast and burn the hell out of here
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)15:58 No.11924701
         File1283457498.jpg-(48 KB, 845x443, 1281497183680.jpg)
    48 KB

    Brother Conraad inspected the curious weapon. At first glance the bolt pistol seemed no different from any other of its kind from the Legion Manufactorum. Standing at his workbench he connected a mechandrite to the neuro-interface, and a score of machinery powered up around him. A pict screen display lit up to his right, displaying equipment status.
    He held the pistol up with one of his manipulator arms, and a number of scanner arrays turned towards the ojbect, probing it with beams of light, manipulator fields, ultrasonic, and perforim a variety of other scans. They assessed the object's shape, size, weight, tried to identify its material, assembly points, and moving components.
    Brother Conraad watched the pict display in disbelief, as the scan results were listed in a rolling column of text. The scanner's machine spirit returned no matches with any records in the Armoury Data-vault regarding of the weapon's material. All attributes suggested some sort of metallic alloy, similar to plasteel, but its <összetétel> seemed like the cell structure of living tissue, as if the weapon have not been forged, but grown. Also, there were no clearly distinguishable separate components or visible assembly points, looking like it was molded from one piece, the magazine being the part of the pistol, just as much as its barrel.
    He held up the weapon. It felt comfortable in his hand. The machine spirit of his armour connected with that of the pistol, instantly displaying the ammo counter on his visor display.
    "It shouldn't be possible." he muttered to himself. Brother Conraad was no stranger to daemonic weapons, but this exceeded everything he has ever seen.
    He felt a stinging sensation in his palm, and heard a static noise for a second. He shook his head, and turned from his workbench, and walked towards the test firing chamber.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)15:58 No.11924706
    What is our current loadout as far as weapons go? I wonder if we can have multiple lasguns or the like jut out of our arm, and then just BARRAGE FIRE the enemy
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)15:59 No.11924716
    You stalk through the Lower Decks glancing back every now and then, half expecting scitarii troopers charging you from every shadow, but after a while you calm down and realize you're alone in the maze of corridors.
    You look at your hands, noticing the twin gunbarrels proturding from your clenched fists. As you stare at them in disbelief they slowly retract in your gauntlet, that ripples and flows around the muzzles like molten wax, slowly resetting in the gauntel's original form.
    You hear a sound of static and the voice of brother Solonis sounds in your head.
    "Brother Acherus, report."
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)16:00 No.11924719
    Mag-train. How much of our spare time have we used by now anyway? Might be time to contact Solonis again...
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)16:01 No.11924724
    You can mimick a bolt pistol, and a chainblade. You have a combat knife, a bolter, and a plasmagun with you.
    You used your last grenade.
    >> wallamazoo !v8U4tCCfnQ 09/02/10(Thu)16:02 No.11924728
    the decreased mobility is countered by powerful armor, and the ability to deep strike. Not to mention they are relentless, and able to fire any weapon and still charge on the run.
    >> ingorant bob 09/02/10(Thu)16:02 No.11924731
    >search the destroyed bodies of the skitari for anything usefull. (possibly more grenades ?)
    >> NightElf !!Pe8/IxcXVF4 09/02/10(Thu)16:04 No.11924745
    inb4 assault cannon nipples
    >> Vostroyan tough guy !K43kwR4Ygo 09/02/10(Thu)16:08 No.11924769
    (I'll have to go soon, so my last post)

    You report your status to Solonis and hear his voice again.
    "I reported the incident at the Waste Processors to the Warsmith." he says, then after a pause "He'd like to have a word with you. Now."


    Brother Conraad put the pistol back at the workbench, picking up a data slate instead, thumbed the activation rune and the display lit up, and he scrolled through the listed entries, walking towards the Armoury Storage.
    He connected a mechandrite to the terminal in the wall and the doors slided open. As he disconnected he noticed a slight twitch in the manipulator arms of his servo-harness. He heard the scratching sound again. Stopping for a second he looked down at the data-slate again, noticing he held the bolt pistol... He turned back looking in the direction of the workbench where he remembered leaving it, only seeing an inactive data slate there.

    (part 5 coming tomorrow around 18.00 CET)

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