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  • File : 1285029544.jpg-(240 KB, 692x805, 01 - Super Tuesday.jpg)
    240 KB SEGATA SABURO 09/20/10(Mon)20:39 No.12161023  
    Alright, it’s Storytiem. No, not him, but he’s a player.
    And this time, it’s Shadowrun time. Anyone remember the introductory adventure from Super Tuesday? The one where you’ve got the canister of poisonous goo, a dead (or near dead) friend, and a toxic shaman? Yeah, that one. I ran that one for our group. Some years back, we had tried Shadowrun once. After much drinking and character creation, we started with this scenario. They found the canister of goo, and the mage (Mr. Storytiem) drank it. He instantly died. We all lost it – we were hysterical for a good 5 minutes. We never touched Shadowrun again.
    Until now. And this is our story. A new timeline, new characters, plenty of awesome, and nobody drinks the goo.
    >> SEGATA SABURO 09/20/10(Mon)20:40 No.12161036
         File1285029639.jpg-(80 KB, 459x685, 02 - Street Samurai.jpg)
    80 KB
    First up, PARTY CALL!
    DM – You know him as Segata Saburo. Yours truly. ‘Nuff said.
    Horatio Forgeheart – played by our beloved STORYTIEM aka Sword ‘n’ Board (no Shadowrun rap, so don’t get your hopes up). A dorf with enough cyberware to barely be considered “dorf” anymore. Pic related, but a couple heads shorter. He’s a tiny terminator, basically.
    Wreckum Grimguts – played by Al’sham Wyles. An orc private investigator. This man has street smarts, and he gets the job done. If he can’t find it or find out how to do it, it don’t exist or can’t be done. Likes smoking a pipe and throwing grenades, preferably at the same time.
    Handsome Nick – played by a guy named Nick we all know. He’s the Tech Wiz – a guy who can fix anything. He runs his own repair shop just for the stuff he breaks himself while tinkering. He’s also an accomplished hacker, and posts his conspiracy theories on /x/ and /b/.
    Biskie Wemmer – a member of Lone Star, a giant troll who can throw fireballs. An experienced combat mage, his mind packs more of a punch than your average sammy’s guns. He gets involved because of magical threats the runners are facing.
    Horatio and Wreckum are old buds, on the premise of “Brains and Brawn”. Or maybe “okay cop and worse cop.” Horatio is actually smarter and better educated, but Wreckum knows his ways around Seattle better than anyone else. They’re hanging around at Horatio’s flat (a nice condo), when the phone rings. It’s an old friend, shadowrunning partner, and ex of Wreckum, Silver. With an unusually raspy and weak tone of voice, and in an unusually weak manner, she begs them to come to her apartment because she’s gotten in to some trouble and needs somebody to drive her to the hospital. With no time to waste, they hop into Wreckum’s Ford Americar (basically a Taurus) and blast their way over. Her current apartment is in a pretty shitty part of the neighborhood, in the Barrens.  
    >> SEGATA SABURO 09/20/10(Mon)20:42 No.12161049
         File1285029731.jpg-(102 KB, 462x687, 03 - Weapons Specialist.jpg)
    102 KB
    What they find is a nasty sight. Silver is lying on the couch, passed out, and has recently vomited. Wreckum springs into action, and whips out a medkit from under his gigantic trench coat. He gets a quick blood sample, and asks the computer what’s wrong. It reads out that she’s been badly poisoned by an unknown agent, and immediate medical assistance is required. They waste no time getting it – Horatio grabs her, throws her over her shoulder, and they run back to the car. Wreckum starts it up and slams on the accelerator – they’re running against time here.

    Sliding into a parking space at the closest hospital, they rush Silver in to the ER. She’s still unconscious, and her breathing is very shallow. Nurses carry her onto a bed and into a room, with the runners left outside. Wreckum leaves his comm code, and tells them to call if anything happens.
    On the way back to Silver’s apartment, they get a phone call. Silver died in the ER from an unknown poison. They get told the standard rap from the doctor, but these runners have more important things on their minds – find out how and why their friend died, and what they can do about it. 
    >> SEGATA SABURO 09/20/10(Mon)20:43 No.12161064
         File1285029823.jpg-(82 KB, 427x659, 04 - Adept.jpg)
    82 KB
    They head back to Silver’s apartment and start looking for clues. Wreckum starts plunking away at silver’s (rather outdated) computer, while Horatio searches the place itself. He finds, on the kitchen counter, a big burlap sack. Inside is a giant metal cylinder with biohazard warning stickers all over it and a nozzle on top that is slowly leaking green goo. Before he can turn around and say “I don’t think we should drink this”, *crash*, in through the window fly two motherfuckers who don’t look like they’re here for tea. One is a half-asian chromed-out razorgirl in red leather, holding an SMG, and the other is a buff Brazilian guy.

    Now, Horatio is about as twitchy as they come. He’s so unsurprised by all of this that he just whips around, pulls out a pistol, and lands one clean between the Brazilian’s eyes. He’s dead before he’s even all the way through the window. Ms. Chrome responds in kind, and puts 6 bullets in Wreckum’s chest. Two people down, and it’s barely been a full second.

    The shootout continues, between the Gillette and Horatio – tables knocked over, people diving behind doorways, bullets flying everywhere. Horatio gets lucky and pulls off that signature “headshot”, and the girl’s dead. In through the window flies an orc woman, who upon seeing her teammates’ dead bodies, tries diplomacy: “I’ll tell you everything you need to know, let’s just talk.” Horatio is not in the mood. “No.” Before he can add her brains to the room’s décor, she casts a quick spell, and turns into a raven! Horatio shoots at her as she’s flying off, hitting her in the wing, but not enough to down her.
    >> SEGATA SABURO 09/20/10(Mon)20:45 No.12161079
         File1285029924.jpg-(85 KB, 461x660, 05 - Covert Ops Specialist.jpg)
    85 KB
    The smoke clears – two dead bodies, a nearly-dead partner, and lots of bullet holes and casings. Horatio knows it’s time to get out of Dodge. Grabs Wreckum in one arm, grabs the sack with the canister in the other, and books it out of the building. He throws them both in the back seat of Wreckum’s car, slams the door shut, and gets in the front. He’s off to the hospital in no time. He drops off Wreckum and heads home. Wreckum’s gonna be out of commission for a good week, so he uses this time to make a little money. He sneaks back in to Silver’s apartment before the cops show up (they take their time when responding to calls in the Barrens), steals the dead body of the girl, and takes her to a chop shop. All her cyberware’s intact, and it’s really nice stuff – he’s offered a cool 100,000¥ for it. That’s Nuyen, for those of you unfamiliar with Shadowrun. Ask your parents about how they all thought Japan was going to rule the world in the 80’s. Now imagine if that actually happened, but the Native Americans got their magic back, too. Anyways.
    >> SEGATA SABURO 09/20/10(Mon)20:46 No.12161089
         File1285029976.jpg-(101 KB, 459x686, 06 - The Tech Wiz.jpg)
    101 KB
    After Wreckum gets out of the hospital, they go over what they’ve found. They’ve got a canister of highly toxic goo, a couple datachips with info on Hawkshorne chemical, two addresses, and a time. They figure (correctly) that Silver was sent on a run to steal this stuff from Hawkshorne, but the canister got damaged during her escape. She stumbled back to her apartment, and passed out from exposure to the stuff. As such, she won’t be making the meet. They start formulating a plan – a dummy drop of the canister, for one. A good buddy of theirs drops by – Handsome Nick. He’s a computer expert (at fixing them, at least), and does a few matrix searches to see what he can find. He pulls up some interesting info on Hawkshorne – they’ve apparently been hit with a few big lawsuits in the past few years over their products, and this very canister might be one of them. The story goes that a lot of people got poisoned from this stuff, and Hawkshorne settled out of court for a huge sum of money – and that all of the chemical would be destroyed. Apparently they didn’t comply.

    In the middle of some planning, the door to Horatio’s condo busts open. A group of 5 crazy motherfuckers waltz in with guns held high. They’re yelling about finding something. They’re all wearing nasty, ragged clothing (some leather), and every single one of them is scarred or deformed. Well, let me tell you one thing – our guys are NOT keen on their house getting robbed, and have no intention of cooperating, especially not with scum gangers. Everyone ducks behind the couch, and Wreckum throws a grenade.

    Mind you, this is Horatio’s house. And there’s now a grenade, ready to destroy it. Sure, it’s a rental, and he could just get a new Fake ID and place, but he likes this one.
    >> SEGATA SABURO 09/20/10(Mon)20:47 No.12161110
         File1285030065.jpg-(135 KB, 456x684, 07 - Sprawl Ganger.jpg)
    135 KB
    The grenade goes off, blowing a nice hole in the front of the house, and in the bodies of a couple of the gangers. These experienced badasses are no match for this ragtag group of gangers, and quickly overwhelm them, despite the numbers.

    But then something flickers into view, and they know they’re in trouble. A giant clod of earth, taller than a human, with arms and legs, is standing in the middle of the apartment. Worse yet, it’s seeping acid all over its… self. The gangers mostly taken care of, fire changes to the spirit. Bullets do mostly nothing, so Wreckum tries another grenade. It only stuns the thing. It runs straight for the canister, rolling over the table and chairs in its way and melting the door’s hinges right off. It grabs the canister and flies off.
    The dust settles, and Horatio is livid. He turns to Wreckum and starts yelling. “YOU BLEW UP MY HOUSE!”
    “Yes, but we killed the gangers.”
    “I don’t care, you BLEW UP my HOUSE. Now, you’re gonna have to FIX IT.”
    Their bickering continues, until Nick points out a ganger is still alive, coughing up blood. They stop long enough to see if they can’t get any info out of him. Wreckum starts the interrogation.
    “Who do you work for?”
    “Hah, like I’m telling you.”
    Horatio puts a bullet in the floor next to the thug’s face.
    “One more time, who sent you?”
    “How about you kiss my fucking ass.”
    Horatio unleashes his cyberarm spurs (zealot-blade style, not wolverine), and put it right next to the thug’s throat.
    “Last time, asshole. Who wants that canister?”
    “Your mother’s easy.”
    Horatio has no patience for this. He takes the thug’s head clean off. He and Wreckum continue their argument about who should pay for house repairs (and getting the blood out of the carpet; expensive stuff). Nick looks for ways to get Horatio’s aging computer to run faster.
    >> SEGATA SABURO 09/20/10(Mon)20:50 No.12161131
         File1285030200.jpg-(128 KB, 457x688, 08 - Combat Mage.jpg)
    128 KB
    After a couple minutes, the cops show up, having heard shots fired and a couple of grenades going off. There’s only one patrol car in it right now – a lone star bunch, with two regular looking orcs and one big fucking troll. Enter Biskie Wimmer.

    Horatio and Wreckum act cool around the cops. Nick keeps working on the computer. This isn’t their first run-in with the law. The calmly explain what happened, to a reasonable degree of accuracy (“Well, we were just sitting here, and thugs busted in the room! We killed them, and then you showed up.”) Then Biskie notices the door to the closet lying on the ground. And how its hinges have been melted off. And how the wood is scored. He quick assenses astrally, and is a bit shocked – that was a toxic earth spirit. “Alright guys, time to tell me the whole story. What the hell did a toxic spirit and some gangers want with your apartment?”

    The problem is, they don’t know, and they’re itching to find out. They let slip that they’re doing a dummy drop with the canister later that evening, and Biskie chuckles. “Well, funny that, I’m off duty in 30 minutes. I’ll meet you back here then. This sounds like it could be interesting.” Biskie leaves, drops off his other two cop buddies, and comes back in street clothes.

    Wreckum has a penchant for plastic explosives. So, he gets himself a canister that looks reasonably like the one that was stolen from them. He packs it full of the plastique he had on him (quite a bit). He and Handsome Nick work together to rig up a reasonably powerful remote detonator, and the GM rolls in secret to see how much damage this thing is going to do. (Spoiler: I rolled REALLY WELL). Horatio will be the one to do the exchange; Nick and Wreckum will sit back and assist as needed; Biskie’s gonna throw magic around, like he does best. 
    >> Anonymous 09/20/10(Mon)20:50 No.12161135

    Bump for storytiem related goodness
    >> SEGATA SABURO 09/20/10(Mon)20:52 No.12161146
         File1285030329.jpg-(127 KB, 457x680, 09 - The Mercenary.jpg)
    127 KB
    They drive out to where Silver was going to make the drop – a nasty alleyway next to a drainage ditch in the middle of the barrens. They’re early, so they do a quick drive around the block, and make sure nobody’s coming. Horatio and Biskie hop out of the car. Horatio heads over to the middle of the alleyway itself, while Biskie cuts off in another direction to hop up on the roof of a building. Nick and Wreckum sit in the car off a ways, with Wreckum’s microphone trained on Horatio (one earbud each).

    Waiting, nothing. After a good 20 minutes, some gangers with the same style and tattoos as the ones that busted into Horatio’s house come around a corner, laughing at each other. Horatio stands up, looking as tough as a cybered up dwarf can (which, honestly, is “pretty fucking”). The head ganger says cockily, “Did ya bring it?” Straight to business. Horatio replies, “Of course I did. Let’s do this easy, exchange at the same time.” The thugs chuckle at that. “Yeah, sure sure.” The leader chucks a credstick on the ground, and tells Horatio to roll the canister over. He does, and it looks like the meet is over. Except, the gangers start to follow Horatio instead of going back the way they came.

    Wreckum spots this. He has the detonator in his hands. *click; BOOOOOOM*. The plastique-filled canister explodes. Horatio manages to duck behind a dumpster, but the few front gangers (especially the one holding it) aren’t so lucky. In fact, the one holding it is now a puddle on the ground, and the three right behind him are in bad shape. The other three are pissed and ready to rumble.
    Now, Wreckum and Nick had a microphone trained on this area. They didn’t put it down before the explosives went off. They both are out for the moment from a splitting headache and temporary hearing loss.
    >> SEGATA SABURO 09/20/10(Mon)20:54 No.12161161
         File1285030445.jpg-(85 KB, 454x660, 10 - The Investigator.jpg)
    85 KB
    And now it’s time for Biskie. He’s got a massive powerball coming up the hell right now (not the lottery, magic explosives). Air rushes out and in from the huge low-pressure zone created from two massive explosions in the same area. The remaining thugs aren’t feeling so well (most are quite dead, in fact). He pegs Horatio with it too, not really checking his targets that well. Horatio, despite the new burns on this body, pops back out from the dumpster and pops a few bullets into the only thug left standing.

    Biskie climbs down from the roof and does some quick magical healing on Horatio, feeling slightly bad that he got him with the powerball. It doesn’t do a whole lot (cyberware keeps healing magic from working well). They then start looking through the bodies. Once again, their work is sloppy – one of the thugs is spitting up blood, not quite dead. Together, the terminator-dorf and the troll with flame hands roll a MASSIVE intimidate and the thug spills everything he knows, just for the chance that they’ll take him to the hospital. Turns out, they work for a guy who calls himself “Riv”. Riv absolutely hates this guy named Vogel – Arthur Vogel, they wager, the presidential candidate. Guy who’s been riding the pro-environment anti-corporate ticket as far as he can. The thug rambles for a while about how Riv’s a crazy powerful shaman, how he’s gonna kill them all when he catches them, and how Vogel is “the poisoner of the Great Earth Mother.” When asked about the canister, the thug exclaims that he “don’t know nothin’”, but that “Riv’s gonna get Vogel real soon.” And then Biskie remembers – Vogel is making a speech at the Superdome. Day after tomorrow. The thug spits out an address, saying that’s where Riv hangs out. 
    >> SEGATA SABURO 09/20/10(Mon)20:57 No.12161193
         File1285030642.jpg-(90 KB, 453x657, 11 - The Face.jpg)
    90 KB
    Horatio doubletaps any thug still breathing (including the one spilling the beans), and they get the hell out. Biskie thanks them for the good time, and heads home. After a good night’s sleep, the next step in our group’s plan – gear up. Wreckum makes a few phone calls and calls in a few favors. They’ve got way better guns, more ammo, and Wreckum’s got more plastique (real high quality stuff, too). Wreckum puts out feelers on Hawkshorne, Vogel, and “Riv”, but doesn’t really come up with anything worthwhile.

    The Vogel rally at the Superdome is in 16 hours. So, what do they do? Wait until nightfall and head over to the Superdome. Security is lax, consisting of a bunch of rent-a-cops near each entrance. Nick correctly deduces that if they set off any alarms, backup will probably consist of Secret Service Agents, so they had best tread lightly.
    They forego the front entrance, instead walking straight up to guards at a rear cargo entrance. The guards, bored, are glad to see somebody to mess with. “Who the hell are you guys?” Wreckum steps up to bat. “We’re the specialist team sent here to check out security for the Vogel rally tomorrow. If you don’t mind, please step aside.” They look like they actually COULD be a group like that – Wreckum looks like he could be an engineering manager, Horatio is practically made of metal (and for all the guards know, could be a master security rigger), and Nick absolutely looks the part of a technician (because he is one). The guards are a little taken aback, and one responds “Well, we didn’t hear about anything like that. You got credentials on you?” Horatio has this one – he puts his hand to his ear, puts a concerned look on his face, and says “Gentlemen, there is a situation at the front gate. We need to secure the building immediately.” He rolls fast-talking, and succeeds. The guards nod and run off to the other side of the dome, giving them plenty of time to get the door open.
    >> lishend !sT5vg6bops 09/20/10(Mon)20:58 No.12161207
    Long live Petrio.
    >> Anonymous 09/20/10(Mon)21:00 No.12161219
    Does anyone have Darkest Hour or the two newest NY missions to share yet?
    >> SEGATA SABURO 09/20/10(Mon)21:01 No.12161221
         File1285030865.jpg-(111 KB, 455x679, 12 - Drone Rigger.jpg)
    111 KB
    Now inside the Superdome, they think of what to do. It’s exactly what you’d expect – a giant football stadium with a stage, lights, and cameras set up in preparation for the speech tomorrow. The plan moves immediately to the plastic explosives. Horatio wants to set them up under the stage, so that they can kill Vogel in the middle of his speech tomorrow. This plan seems acceptable at first, and they start scoping out the stage in preparation.

    Then it hits them. They’re standing in the middle of a barely-lit football field, holding top-quality plastic explosives. They’re about to attempt to murder a pro-environment presidential candidate, because a brain-damaged, high gang member who works for an insane toxic shaman told them Vogel is the “poisoner of the great earth mother.” They realize that there’s something wrong.

    Wreckum pauses, and goes, “I think we missed something.”

    (Mind you, I as a DM did not tip them off to this. I was going to let them do this, and see where it took them).

    They decide to NOT murder Vogel, as that would be a stupid and counterproductive idea. 
    >> SEGATA SABURO 09/20/10(Mon)21:04 No.12161246
         File1285031067.jpg-(124 KB, 460x688, 13 - Vehicle Rigger.jpg)
    124 KB
    So, what do they do instead? Well, they’re already in the Superdome, and they have a lot of plastique. They decide that they need to stop the rally to keep Riv from doing whatever it is he wants to do to Vogel. So, they decide to bring the roof down. They head up a maintenance stairwell to the rafters up above. They place plastique (they had a LOT) in various points around the support beams on the roof. Wreckum and Nick rig up a much fancier remote detonation system and set it up. I roll to see how well they did. Once again, I roll VERY VERY WELL.

    Explosives planted (terrorists win), they head out another loading bay door. Nick fiddles with the lock in order to break the mechanism on purpose. As the metal door slides and jerks up and down, they roll under it and out. The two (different) guards are somewhat surprised to see them. Nick quickly informs them that they’re technicians sent to check security before the rally, and that they need to go get replacement parts for this obviously faulty door. The guards are confused, but don’t care that much – the game’s on, and they’re listening over their radios. The party hops in the Americar and drive off. 
    >> SEGATA SABURO 09/20/10(Mon)21:07 No.12161267
         File1285031221.jpg-(113 KB, 460x658, 14 - Combat Decker.jpg)
    113 KB
    As they’re driving back, Nick pops a satellite transceiver on the roof of the car, and hops on the matrix. He heads over to Shadowland (imagine if 4chan, somethingawful, and wikileaks became one fuckpile of a website) and makes a new posting as himself. He’s a well-respected member, after all. He informs everyone that the superdome has been destroyed by a fanatical toxic shaman who calls himself Riv, in an effort to set back the political career of Arthur Vogel. He then hacks into their system and makes it appear as if his account had been compromised – no password, last IPs from random numbers around the world, changed picture, etc. He’s set up an incredible ruse - the internet is amazed to see this information, and then…

    Horatio punches the button. *BOOOOOM*. The roof of the superdome crashes in on itself. Sirens are heard, as fire and police are summoned to the scene. High-fives are shared all around.

    And the post on Shadowland goes NUTS. This information was posted before the event happened, before it hit other news sites, so it must have been somebody on the inside. Who is Riv? Why does he hate Vogel? Why go after the Superdome now? Questions abound. Almost nobody suspects Handsome Nick himself, due to his account being obviously compromised.
    Wreckum does a similar spin, calling up his contacts and acting concerned about the situation, asking what they think about the Shadowland posting and the news reports. Nobody is certain, and nobody suspects the runners. Perfect. 
    >> SEGATA SABURO 09/20/10(Mon)21:09 No.12161283
         File1285031375.jpg-(171 KB, 462x685, 15 - Street Shaman.jpg)
    171 KB
    They have one thing left to do – take out Riv himself. They head to the address the ganger spit out (back after the dummy drop of the canister) to check it out themselves.

    The three pile into Wreckum’s Americar, and head on over. The address is out in the barrens, at a condemned chemical production facility. They do a quick loop around the building, scouting for places to enter. The front entrance is barred, but several broken windows show signs of recent use. Doing some quick thinking, Nick jacks in and pulls up a map of the city, and finds there’s a part of the sewer system that runs right underneath and into this building. They think for a moment… and realize that this is, sadly, the better choice. They walk around until they find a manhole, pop it open, and hop on in.

    It smells real bad down here.

    They get to an old maintenance entrance, and climb up the ladder and into the building. The place is barely lit from half-broken lights, there’s dirt everywhere, and it’s hard to get anywhere because of pipes sticking out of the walls. Down the hallway, they hear growling and snarling. They get some cover behind some pipes.

    From around the corner, they see three dogs. Dogs with glowing, red eyes. Horatio goes OH SHIT and points his SMG at one. Two bursts, and it’s dropped. Wreckum, however, is a little shaken up, and doesn’t dive behind cover in time. The other two dogs open their mouths, and breathe FIRE. He gets burned pretty awfully, right after he remembers that hell hounds have glowing eyes. He runs a little back and tries the stop-drop-and-roll.

    Nick and Horatio are having none of that, and fill the dogs with lead. They fall, wimpering on the ground. They’ve got their burned friend to deal with. They quickly drag him back outside, past the sewers, and out into the open. Horatio pulls out a Medkit, asks the computer on it what to do, and does exactly what it says.
    >> SEGATA SABURO 09/20/10(Mon)21:13 No.12161317
         File1285031627.jpg-(101 KB, 459x678, 16 - Tribal Shaman.jpg)
    101 KB
    Wreckum, feeling a bit better, realizes they can’t do this alone. He calls up Biskie, and tells him that they’ve found Riv, and to send in the big guns. He says they’ll be there in a couple minutes with two vans filled with SWAT members (3 cybered-up gunmen, one mage per van). He’ll be showing up too, to watch the battle.

    And they do arrive, two whole vans and Biskie’s squad car. Biskie and the men all file out, and take the doorway. They bust it open, and rush in. The party, never ones to be left out, follow close behind. The first couple of halways are dead silent… and then they see something.

    Out of the walls come two Toxic spirits – an Earth, and a Water. Now, a Toxic spirit is a powerful force of (corrupted) nature, but when they’re on a Toxic Domain, they get even more powerful. As such, these things are massive, and start batting around the SWAT members. The three mages get to work trying to banish them. And on the ceiling comes crawling an elf. Yes, crawling. He screams “I’LL KILL YOU ALL!” and waves a hand around. The canister flies from behind him into the Water spirit and explodes. The already toxic spirit is now filled with immensely poisonous goo. It takes this opportunity to engulf a SWAT gun-guy. He dies immediately.

    The party is shocked. Horatio wastes no time (as usual) and starts taking pot-shots at the elf on the ceiling, who happens to be Riv. He’s got some kind of magical armor, so it’s not doing much, but is stunning him slightly. Wreckum joins in – this has to end here. Nick is scared out of his mind, and sneaks off somewhere.
    >> Anonymous 09/20/10(Mon)21:13 No.12161319
         File1285031630.jpg-(32 KB, 851x479, what the fuck.jpg)
    32 KB
    Why would a mage blast his own teammates?
    >> SEGATA SABURO 09/20/10(Mon)21:16 No.12161343
         File1285031800.jpg-(125 KB, 452x685, 17 - Street Mage.jpg)
    125 KB
    The battle continues. What men can stand are firing bullets at anything they can see down the hallway, while the mages are locked in astral combat with the spirits. They push and are pushed back – every time a spirit wins the battle of consciousness, it reduces the life force of the mage a tiny bit. The good side of this is that it’s keeping the spirits from attacking the gun guys, who can focus on Riv.

    Riv is having none of it. He, while muttering to himself in what barely sounds like language, points his hand down the hallway and sprays acid. A couple of gun guys and a mage get sprayed a little, as does Horatio – except he’s pro at dodging and micros his marines right out of the way of that lurker. Biskie takes a whole faceload, and stumbles back. The other mage passes out.

    With that, the Water spirit is free, and engulfs another SWAT member. He tries to scream, but all that comes out is blood.

    The battle keeps going, and it looks like they might have to retreat, when just then…
    >> SEGATA SABURO 09/20/10(Mon)21:17 No.12161346
    "Bad aim", if you know what I mean, chummer.
    >> SEGATA SABURO 09/20/10(Mon)21:20 No.12161364
         File1285032005.jpg-(222 KB, 767x796, 18 - War Wpig.jpg)
    222 KB
    BOOOOOOOM! In through the side of the building comes A SWAT VAN. It blasts through the water spirit and tags Riv, knocking him off the ceiling. Horatio pops him in the head as he’s falling. As soon as its master died, the Earth spirit dissipates. Out of the van hops Nick, with the biggest, stupidest grin on his face. He saved the day, by driving a van through the walls of an old, abandoned building, into a firefight. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief, and the SWAT members left conscious start patching up their friends and dragging them out to get treatment. Nick gives up the van quickly. Biskie gets rushed to the hospital for acid burns. Luckily, he’s a troll – he can’t get much uglier.

    While the cops are distracted, the party does a quick look around the facility (before the roof caves in on them). They find Riv’s shamanic lodge. In it, there are scattered papers and filth everywhere. They find several posters of Vogel with strange drawings on them, seemingly done in blood. They also find a map of the Superdome. To complete their ruse, Wreckum whips out a pen and etches X’s on the map of where they put the plastic explosives. They grab anything that looks remotely magical, and get the hell out of there.

    Which brings us to the end of our tale. Our guys went from concerned friends to terrorists to heroes. They’ve saved the day – kinda. This is not the end of their story, but it is the end of this one. Thanks for reading!
    >> STORYTIEM 09/20/10(Mon)21:22 No.12161382
         File1285032175.jpg-(44 KB, 688x658, Shepard.jpg)
    44 KB
    I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite thread on the front page.
    >> Anonymous 09/20/10(Mon)21:28 No.12161443
         File1285032513.jpg-(20 KB, 249x304, nice.jpg)
    20 KB
    Good thread, OP.

    Anybody else got any good Shadowrun stories? I don't play unfortunately.
    >> SEGATA SABURO 09/20/10(Mon)21:34 No.12161490
    Indeed; if there are any players out there, I'll pass the baton to them, so this thread can become Shadowrun Storytime General.

    >woeling GENTLEMEN
    >> Anonymous 09/20/10(Mon)21:36 No.12161516
         File1285032978.png-(437 KB, 1000x830, swordvan.png)
    437 KB
    >BOOOOOOOM! In through the side of the building comes A SWAT VAN. It blasts through the water spirit and tags Riv, knocking him off the ceiling.

    pic related
    >> Anonymous 09/20/10(Mon)21:37 No.12161530
         File1285033068.png-(43 KB, 475x368, bear_dumptruck.png)
    43 KB
    bet it felt more like this
    >> STORYTIEM 09/20/10(Mon)21:42 No.12161577


    But I was foolish to doubt the loyalty of Nick. He just wanted to save the day in the most awesome way possible.
    >> Anonymous 09/20/10(Mon)21:58 No.12161748
    Is there any shadowrun writefaggotry out there? The archives came up with some storytime (such as this), but I'm looking for real WRITEFAGGOTRY. Also, nice job OP.
    >> Anonymous 09/20/10(Mon)21:58 No.12161749
    Back to front page!
    >> Anonymous 09/20/10(Mon)22:42 No.12162191
         File1285036950.jpg-(45 KB, 500x720, 1250801834011.jpg)
    45 KB
    I think this further cements your group as the best in roleplaying. Period.
    >> Anonymous 09/20/10(Mon)22:57 No.12162348
         File1285037831.jpg-(18 KB, 544x400, 1284602009059.jpg)
    18 KB
    .....the fuck?
    >> Anonymous 09/20/10(Mon)23:05 No.12162442
    That's what penny arcade would look like if he had hair and was not so pig-like in appearance.
    >> Anonymous 09/20/10(Mon)23:10 No.12162491
    I know. My reaction is unchanged.
    >> STORYTIEM 09/20/10(Mon)23:19 No.12162599
         File1285039191.jpg-(60 KB, 350x263, 1284593204961.jpg)
    60 KB
    I'd also like to mention that this was Handsome Nick's first time roleplaying. Ever.

    I think he did a smashing job considering everything was brand new to him.
    >> Anonymous 09/20/10(Mon)23:22 No.12162632
    >> Anonymous 09/20/10(Mon)23:53 No.12162973
    >> SEGATA SABURO 09/21/10(Tue)00:01 No.12163067
    No, but here's a copy of the writeup itself.
    Don't hit it too hard, eh?

    Captcha: 中國歴代 curgain. Sure thing.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/10(Tue)00:13 No.12163205
         File1285042439.jpg-(621 KB, 2400x1650, 1265411069150.jpg)
    621 KB
    Good Job, OP , awesome story.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/10(Tue)00:48 No.12163584
    it's archived yo
    >> SEGATA SABURO 09/21/10(Tue)02:44 No.12165044
    Good deal.
    >> SEGATA SABURO 09/21/10(Tue)06:10 No.12167052
    This campaign also inspired me to do a bit of character optimization. The goo itself, in the canister, has a damage code of 8D. That's power 8 (target number for your dice), deadly damage.

    So, make a Troll, and max out Body. Take the two "resistance to poisons/toxins" edges, and take the two "exceptional body" edges. Then, make him a Physical Adept, slap on 6 levels of Body Control, and maybe some Blood Filter cyberware to round it out.

    The end result is a guy rolling 20-something dice against TN 2 (2 or higher on a d6 is a success, at least 2 must be successes to live; 8 is no damage), and has over a 99.99% chance of surviving.

    Give him Killing Hands or something else to make him an actual playable character.
    >> STORYTIEM 09/21/10(Tue)11:39 No.12168726
    I kind of wanted to bring the campaign full circle and drink the goo with a character that could handle it...

    But then again it might have been better to actually finish the campaign in its entirety. Should we revisit, fuck yes I'm drinking goo.

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