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  • File : 1286085861.jpg-(78 KB, 505x800, EphraelStern.jpg)
    78 KB Sororitas Quest II His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)02:04 No.12307838  

    She slowly looked at you. "The implant was starting to fail... I..." She closed her mouth.

    "I am not fit to judge you sister, marred by chaos as I am. If the touch of the Witchkin is what the emperor has provided for us, then we shall trust his judgement. We will purge this chaos."

    She began cleaning her bolter, once again mumbling the litany of purity to herself.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:06 No.12307862
    I'm going to bed for 4 hours, Anon. Don't let this thread die while I'm out.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)02:07 No.12307873
    This quest still has some ways to go
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:07 No.12307881

    AAIGHT , lets settle down for a quick rest until the headache goes away , then we're off
    also , take this time to examine our psykana knife
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:09 No.12307898
    Can we name your bolter?

    I suggest Wellingtonworth
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:09 No.12307902
    Fuck this bullshit quest thread bullshit fuck it.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:10 No.12307919
    Tessa- I don't know what will happen from this point forward. But I know one thing- we cannot fail. Whatever happens to us, whatever we have to endure: well, if it is done in His name, then I must accept this sin to prevent future evil.
    Tessa- I may not be around much longer....
    Even if we both manage to survive- well, you know what the official stance is for sisters touched by the warp.
    I just wanted to say, I love you Tessa. I always have, and I always will- no matter what may happen to us.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:10 No.12307920
    seconding this sentiment.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:11 No.12307930
    8 am here, I guess it's time to call it a night. Don't get us or Tessa killed. Good luck.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:13 No.12307952
    I second the notion for Esme to rest her head on Tessas shoulders
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:14 No.12307963
    NO i dont know of the stance the sororitas has on same sex couples , but we need to realize , regardless, she was raped by slaaneshi cultists

    anything even remotely related to sex or love will set off a flashback of her getting filled in orifices you dont wanna get filled , and this in turn will turn her into useless dead wieght mindlessly mumbling the litany of purity
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:16 No.12307987

    What about Kensington? Can we name it Kensington?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:16 No.12307988
    Sorotias is okay with same sex couples
    Just as long as you're thinking about the Emprah while you're doing it, it's alllright
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:20 No.12308031
    We should make a mental note to get a mammogram done after this quest

    Just in case we've contracted chaos breast cancer and we get a BAD END epilogue
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)02:23 No.12308066
         File1286086981.jpg-(255 KB, 1821x1821, Athame Ornate 2 Tone.jpg)
    255 KB
    >let's rest our head on her shoulder.
    You rest for a bit longer, your head slumping down onto Tessa's shoulder. She doesn't seem to mind... or is just ignoring you. Either way, the cool ceramite and flexsteel of her power armor feels good on your aching head.

    After several minutes you grudgingly pick your head back up, taking the knife off your belt. You turn the ornate weapon over in your hands. The hilt and guard is plated in gold and shaped like a fleur de lys... which is odd... Why would a force weapon...

    You shake your head. Its not what your looking for right now. You examine the blade itself, other than its force properties there really isn't anything significant about it.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:24 No.12308078

    and if you recall she was missing her EYES... because of SLAANESHI CULTISTS...

    >.> am i the only one who sees the HORROR in this?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:25 No.12308087
    Wait wait wait- go back
    Why would the weapon have the symbol of the Sisters of Battle on it?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:27 No.12308109

    It's a daemon weapon in disguise! Destroy it!
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)02:28 No.12308136

    I think Tzeentch had this all planned out. Either the sorcerer is toying with us or he be trollin teh sistahood and teh KAYOSS invasion.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:30 No.12308153
    no! its a gift from the emperor!
    attach it to the end of our bolter and then git a move on
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)02:31 No.12308158
    hey! stop using my name!
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:31 No.12308167

    Wait wait.. what if we name our bolter 'Spleensplitter' ?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:31 No.12308168
    Well, whatever, even if it is a deamon weapon we can still use it to serve the good of the imperium.
    But the second we don't need it anymore, we are going to have it checked and, if it doesn't smell right, destroyed
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:32 No.12308175
    Inspect TESSA
    what are her skills?
    what weapons did she favor during training?
    How is she feeling now?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:33 No.12308180
    ohfien your no fun OP
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:33 No.12308184
    Hug Tom, er.. I mean Tessa
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:36 No.12308210

    Tessa seems fine other than the fact she only has one eye and several scrapes and bruises.

    You remember her favoring heavy weapons in training and she was especially fond of the evicerator. Physically she was very strong and could swing it with deadly accuracy.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:38 No.12308233
    I'd say tripfagging as a quest op is one of the few legitimate uses of the trip system.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)02:40 No.12308252

    actually that wasn't me tripfagging but i'll keep that in mind for the future.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:43 No.12308277
    Was this you too?
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)02:44 No.12308289

    Yeah had to reset google chrome because it was being a bitch. forgot to type the name back in :/
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:46 No.12308312
    So where were we? I forget...

    I wish we could get a Salamander teammate
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:48 No.12308328
    Right, check with Tessa, see if she's ready to move, then make with haste to the comm center.
    Try to remain stealthy
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)02:53 No.12308397
    Tessa stands slowly, drawing her evicerator. she smiles, running one hand over the monstrous chainsword before moving quietly out the door.

    You fallow her just as silently, weapons at the ready. You encounter few guards on your way, the first two you manage to avoid. The last one you manage to kill before he sounds an alarm.

    You make it to the control room. It almost seems too easy.

    The radio is fitted into a console. All there is is adjust it to frequency 96.4, a universal channel, and tell the canoness your findings.

    This will prompt an attack, however, seeing as everyone will hear it. Best prepare yourself before then.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:56 No.12308427
    Are there any exits or entrances?
    Can we block some off, rig them a couple of grenades to act as trip traps?
    Also, check to make sure that there isn't anything wrong with the equipment.
    (damnit, why couldn't our cannoness choose a channel not open to the public)
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:56 No.12308434
    Is there a way to set up a recording that'll give us a minute or two to get to safety before it is broadcast?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:57 No.12308438

    okay this is obviously a trap , so get ready for psychic battle with the sorcerer and tell tessa to keep any traitor gaurd or cultists off of us
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)02:59 No.12308463
    Let's call 140.15.

    I saw it on the back of a disc case, it must be legit.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)03:00 No.12308475
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)03:07 No.12308565

    There is only one entrance to the room. Its meant to be secure in case of a siege. The room was also located on the top floor of the structure, meaning that a hole in the roof might make an air rescue possible.

    You begin preparing a barricade for the metal door, giving a silent prayer of thanks to the emperor for the terrible armor penetration of lasguns.

    Unfortunately you don't have any recording equipment with you, but you'll have to make due with a trap. You use your hair to make a thread, wedging the grenades into vents outside the door and tying your hair to the pin and stretching it across the hall. You *hope* this will work... You've never tried it before.

    Quickly you make your way back inside and barricade the door. Tessa stands at attention nearby, muttering blessings over her evicerator.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)03:11 No.12308610
    Our power amour really doesn't have any kind of removeable recording equipment? If we survive we should requisition one.
    Okay, after we've sent off the message, which should include our request for airborne extraction, we should:
    A. Keep Tessa alive.
    B. Survive.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)03:12 No.12308618
    Can we make it out onto the roof?
    How about we pile some stuff up, check it out and see if we can make an escape route from there.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)03:16 No.12308673
    Look around you, can you construct some sort of rudimentary lathe?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)03:24 No.12308749

    How does one escape from the roof?
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)03:26 No.12308764

    once your done barracading the door, there really isn't anything left to build a tower to freedom with.

    You take a deep breath and approach the radio, picking up the mic with trembling hands.

    "Canoness Galatea. This is Sister Esme. Request immediate evac from the fortress at..." You glance at the map next to you, reading off your coordinates.

    The Canoness's voice comes back over the radio. "Dammit Esme! What are you doing broadcasting from an unsecured radio? What is the situ-"

    You cut her off. "Everyone is tainted! Everyone! The others are all dead! Only Sister Tessa and I made it!"

    The canoness was silent for a moment. "We are coming to get you, and we will drop exterminatus when your clear. Where should we pick you up?"

    "We're on the top floor. We'll blow a hole in the roof once we hear your engines...." And after a moment. "There is a small group of people who were untouched by the chaos. I'll point you to them when we are in the air.Hurry Canoness. Ave Imperator!"

    "Ave Imperator Esme..." And the line went dead.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)03:27 No.12308772
    We might also want to save some weak explosives, or pray that our plasma pistol will be strong enough, to break through the floor and allow us to drop down a floor if we can't be extracted fast enough before being overrun.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)03:28 No.12308784
    Are the remaining loyalist Guardsmen tainted as well? I'd hate to have them killed if they might be saved for their service to the emperor.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)03:28 No.12308789

    you still have an inferno pistol
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)03:29 No.12308795

    Get into a better position to fire on anyone coming through the door and tell Tessa to GET READY!

    Also pray to the Emperor
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)03:30 No.12308800
    I always forget, is an inferno pistal a flamer or a melta?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)03:32 No.12308823
    Melta. A flame pistol is a Hand Flamer.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)03:33 No.12308829
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)03:33 No.12308834
    Check your knife, what's it doing?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)03:33 No.12308836
    "You ready for this Tessa?"
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)03:33 No.12308838

    Thank you, both of you.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)03:40 No.12308886

    Tessa slides into a fighting stance, revving her chainsword to life. None too soon as an explosion rocks the tiny room, smoke rising from the bottom of the door accompanied by the anguished cries of dying men. The first grenade was a succe-

    A second explosion rocked the room, accompanied by more cursing. The heavy footfalls had stopped now, the idiot guard moving slowly now, checking for more traps.

    Finding none they reach the door a metalic droning sound and the smell of burning metal fill the room as they begin using a welding tool or something similar to cut through the door's hinges. It was slow going though.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)03:43 No.12308903

    grenade in the face!!!
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)03:43 No.12308905
    Was the old thread archived?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)03:45 No.12308918
    Try to disrupt the welding activities.
    How do we do that?
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)03:45 No.12308919

    link to archive in the first post of this thread

    (also vote up plz :P)
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)03:45 No.12308921

    Wait until they're just about to break through the door and then release the wrath of your inferno pistol at it, melting the bastards

    For the Emperor!
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)03:46 No.12308932

    And while we wait quickly check on your knife... is it glowing? Is the sorceror nearby?

    Oh and what is Tessa doing?
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)03:52 No.12308960

    You reach down and check the knife, it glows as soon as your hand wraps around the hilt, your newfound witch-sight expanding your senses.

    You sense rather than see Tessa draw her plasma pistol in her free hand and aim it at the door. You do the same with your inferno pistol, sheathing the knife and holding the bolter in the other hand. You were close enough that accuracy was not going to be an issue.

    Less than a minute later, the door gave partway, bending inward enough to let one or two guardsmen get in at once.

    The gap slowly widened as the pressure from their bodies bent and moved the door further.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)03:54 No.12308983


    See how they like having their flesh seared and fused into the door

    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)03:55 No.12308988
    It's inferno time!
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)03:58 No.12309011

    inb4 'Augh MAH SPLEEN!'
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)03:59 No.12309014

    You both open fire at the door, the guardsmen's bodies quickly piling up, forcing them to clear the corpses before pressing on. Eventually they got smart and began pressing the door harder, getting more guard in there.

    You are almost out of inferno pistol ammo. You still have plenty of bolter.

    Tessa drops her plasma pistol as it gets hot, immediately resuming fire with her bolter.

    You don't know how long you fought before the whine of a spaceship
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)04:02 No.12309034
    Well, shit, get your ass in gear-
    cover Tessa to make her escape and then pop a grenade (or anything that will explode, really) through the doorway before we leave for good measure
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)04:02 No.12309037

    Backjog to the roof, dont stop firing on them

    Also call for Tessa to follow
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)04:09 No.12309086

    You were about to give an order to Tessa when she charged forward with her massive sword. "You take care of the roof! Emperor protect me!"

    She screamed a battle cry cleaving three guardsmen in half with one swing. You aim your inferno pistol up, blasting a huge hole in the roof, revealing a hovering dropship.

    Dropping the spent weapon you draw your powersword, fighting off the advancing guard that managed to get by Tessa.

    The dropship extends a chain ladder through the hole.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)04:11 No.12309112

    Activate your rosarius, run down, grab Tessa by the damn Collar if you have to, grab onto that ladder, and GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE

    We wont leave her behind!
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)04:11 No.12309113
    Emperor damnit, we're both going to go for a "I'm impure, I must sacrifice myself for my beloved," schtick, aren't we?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)04:18 No.12309170
    Where she went she didn't need eyes to see.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)04:19 No.12309181

    You rush in and drag Tessa, still wildly swinging, to the ladder by the neck of her power armor, forcing her to grab the chain. The ship lifts you both away quickly, several lasgun shots glancing harmlessly off your powerarmor.

    You chance one last look down and see a battle sister standing on the roof. Her armor is deep red, her sash black with gold trim. Its impossible to discern her features from such a distance, but her hair is black and thick.

    The battle sisters on the ship reel you up. The Canoness herself is there and seems rather surprised at your condition!

    Well. At Tessa's condition anyway.

    A hospitaller was there in an instant, removing the soaked bandages and treating the empty socket.

    The Canoness walks up to you. "You mentioned others..."
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)04:20 No.12309191
    We must save Tessa so there can be hot Soritorias lesbo loving later

    And if she turns out to be some tentacled daemon.. well... even better
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)04:21 No.12309196
    "Those other then Tessa are either dead or lost- I'm afraid I had to administer the Emperors Mercy on sister Tarvil"
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)04:21 No.12309207
    Did anyone else notice the sister standing on the rooftop?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)04:22 No.12309211

    Grab the Canoness and fire her at the heretics!

    All is possible by the Emperor's will!
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)04:23 No.12309223
    "Aye- surviving loyalists are hiding outside the city. I can't give you the exact coordinates, but I can lead you there."
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)04:23 No.12309229
    Inform the Canoness about the sister standing on the rooftop in need of aid before we leave completely.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)04:24 No.12309233

    Quickly ask about the sister on the roof

    If the canoness dodges the question we'll know to suspect her........ of SOMETHING!
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)04:25 No.12309249
    Ask about the roof sister

    Give directions to the survivors

    Tell the Canoness that one of the survivors is a Psyker, and therefore suspicious (dont mention our own psyker abilities yet)
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)04:25 No.12309250

    Miriael Sabathiel. May the Emperor have mercy on us all. She's a fomer Sister and a Chaos Lord.

    If it's who I think it is.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)04:25 No.12309251

    Tessa shrugged off the hospitaller. "No she means the guardsmen."

    Tessa ran to the cockpit, pointing down at the ground, the ship lisping heavily as it moved in near the cave.

    The canoness looks at you. "Can you go in and get them Esme? They trust you. I'll cover your back." The canoness drew an elegant power mace and bolt pistol.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)04:27 No.12309273
    Guys should we confess our being a psyker bitch?

    I dont think we should... this is a SURVIVAL quest after all
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)04:29 No.12309289
    Not yet.
    Be on guard for treachery.
    From either our cannoness or the loyalist forces, I can't tell for certain yet.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)04:36 No.12309343

    You and the canoness drop down and rush into the cave. Argan and Boris rush to meet you.

    "Emperor be praised! You're alive!"

    Galatea stepped forward, speaking firmly. "Get everyone together. We have a dropship. We are going to exterminatus this planet.

    Both men turned pale and rushed off motioning for you to follow.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)04:37 No.12309360

    Wait who's posting?

    I am confused

    And what happened to asking about the sister?
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)04:39 No.12309367

    I reset google again. Sorry guys its 1:30 AM so if i screw up a little its just because my brain is partially shut down. No biggie.

    And you didn't ask because the planet is about to explode and there are lives to save.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)04:42 No.12309387

    No way, that Sister is important

    Grab that Canoness and scream 'Did you see her?'

    From her reaction we can gauge whether she's trustworthy
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)04:42 No.12309388
    (discreetly inquire if Inquisitor friendly to psykers has any job openings)
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)04:54 No.12309499

    You make a mental note to ask abut the inquisitor and the sister when your out of immediate danger.

    You easily manage to gether everyone together, one of them had even taken the fleur de lys with their name on it from all the fallen sisters and presented them to the Canoness.

    You enter the final room and find the psyker in the green cloak on the floor, foaming at the mouth. His eyes have rolled back into his head, babbling madly about Chaos.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)04:57 No.12309513
    Oh god he's gone all frothy; wait and see if he reacts toward anyone in particular.
    If not, knock him out- he should be fine once we get off this goddamn rock
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)05:01 No.12309547

    You attempt to approach him slowly but he rolls over, lashing out at your mind with his. You instinctively throw up a mental shield, the combination of witchkin abilities and your sororitas training deflecting his mental attack like a pellet gun off of power armor.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)05:03 No.12309565
    We're not going to have reveal our new found mental abilities are we?
    Honestly- keep him busy long enough to knock him on the back of the heavy with something blunt and heavy
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)05:05 No.12309578

    Cast Jaws of the World Wolf!
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)05:06 No.12309583

    Kick him in the balls with your powered armoured foot
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)05:06 No.12309588

    *The head
    So, yeah, keep combating him with our Sisterhood training and newfound skills (why aren't we affected by all this shit,anyways?)
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)05:12 No.12309629
    The knife! Stab him with the knife!
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)05:12 No.12309631
    (it will become clear in time little sororitas :P)

    You pick up a rock and approach slowly, raising it to strike him on the head when a gunshot rings out through the mine, the psyker's head exploding.

    You turn to see your Canoness there, bolt pistol in hand. "Suffer not the witch to live! Chaos was taking him. You should have shot him, but we will discuss this later."

    She turned and walked away quickly, the Cloak of Saint Aspira fluttering behind her. "Hurry up Esme! We don't have time to waste!"
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)05:15 No.12309646

    Grab onto the hem of her cloak and skip behind her like a flower girl singing praises to the Emperor!

    Do it!
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)05:15 No.12309652
    Oh goddamit- of course our chapter canonnes is a rightous, the god emperor will know his own, type.
    Stare at the body for a few seconds, and then follow her, with a "Yes, mistress."
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)05:19 No.12309679

    Apologise to the Cannoness for your moment of weakness

    We dont want her suspicious of us

    Give some lame excuse like 'I thought that if he'd fought the taint off before he could still be saved now'
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)05:22 No.12309707
    The canoness boards the ship, standing just inside the doorway until you follow. She its a button hard, the hatch closing with a hiss.

    She looked around and sighed, finding a large crate to sink down onto. "This is a disaster..." She gently massaged her temples, before reaching down and turning off the incense burner she kept around her waist.

    She looked up at you. "Do you have any idea what happened?"

    The dropship moved up, breaking through the atmosphere just as the first of the cyclonic torpedos were fired down at the planet.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)05:25 No.12309734
    "I would think the General would have more information then I- from what I learned apparently there was a minor warpstorm some time prior to our arrival, that led to extremely bizarre behavior but little actual daemonic phaenomena.
    I don't know how the chaos worshipers were able to take out so many of our sisters so quickly, however."
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)05:26 No.12309738

    Tell her about the ambush and how you were rescued... but leave out the bit about psyker powers for the moment

    Ask about the roof bitch

    Give her Tessa's story

    And, again, ask for her forgiveness for earlier
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)05:34 No.12309821
    Argh. I had to tend a social compromise for 6 hours and this shit advanced so much. It's not fair. Please, tell me it's archieved and that it's still going on.

    Reading everything I missed. Please, tell me this has been archieved and it's still going on.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)05:36 No.12309837
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)05:45 No.12309918
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)07:51 No.12310824

    where the hell is OP?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)10:22 No.12311650
    OP has seriously got to post with a trip in future threads. That and say when he's leaving.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)12:42 No.12312673
    bump de bump
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)14:32 No.12313722
    holy shit guys i'm sorry i was awake for a reeeealy long time and conked out. i cant believe this hasn't 404d

    i love you all with a fiery passion! now LETS CONTINUE (if there is still anyone else here...)
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)14:35 No.12313751
    its been archived and still going on.

    This is gonna be pretty big you'll catch it again
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)14:43 No.12313823

    "I'd have to speculate, Esme, that it was just the sheer number that overwhelmed our sisters..." She turned to you and claped you on the shoulder. "I'm glad though we didn't lose them all. And yes, I will talk to the general."

    She seemed about to walk off, hesitating for a moment. "Do you know what happened to Sister Tessa? We are sending you both to medbay when we dock. We can treat her faster if we know what troubles her."
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)14:43 No.12313827

    Waiting for your next update.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)14:49 No.12313876
    updated >.>
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)14:55 No.12313917
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)14:56 No.12313925
    "I don't know what happened for sure, but I think it's obvious that cultists tortured her- badly. She lost an eye and has been scarred by their actions."
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)15:02 No.12313996
    "she was kind of shaken up by the incident, but her faith remains pure,"
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)15:05 No.12314035
    The canoness nodded, looking toward the door as the ship docked. The hull shuddered a bit as the planet below them finally gave out.

    "It is not her faith that worries me. If her body has been tainted then we can't do much more than give her the emperor's peace... and i've seen enough dead sisters..."

    She stood and walked to the door. "Report to medbay as soon as you can." and walked out of the room, leaving you alone.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)15:06 No.12314041
    Best answer we can give, I think.

    >coneheads chaotic
    Indeed captcha.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)15:07 No.12314054
    Could we use our warp-sight to check her for any corruption?
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)15:09 No.12314076

    i'm not answering any more psykic power questions. you have to just try and find out what you do.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)15:16 No.12314151

    go try it. unless you want to go do something first.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)15:20 No.12314195

    Head to medbay, praying silently for our soul.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)15:24 No.12314236

    You walk slowly. Along the way the other sisters you encounter watch you out of the corner of their eye. You can hear their thoughts faintly, no where nearly as clear as the soldiers were.

    Some thought you may be the next saint. Some thought you were a heretic. How could a mere novice come out of such an ordeal unscathed?
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)15:26 No.12314251

    (posted too soon)

    You arrive at medbay quickly. The hospitaller had just removed Tessa's armor, staring, eyes huge, at the mark of slaanesh carved into her torso, unsure of what to do.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)15:46 No.12314403
    It's the 41st millennium, don't tell me they can't replace that skin.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)15:51 No.12314454

    thats not what she's gasping about. its more the fact that a sister of battle has a mark of chaos carved into her >.>
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)15:52 No.12314462

    (wat do?)

    She ran to the com on the wall, calling for Galatea. In moments, the Canoness was there, accompanied by two Celestians wearing helmets.

    The Canoness slowly approached Tessa, her hand straying instinctively to the bolt pistol on her waist. She watched the younger sister for a long moment, her eyes narrowing.

    Tessa just sat there, her head hung, unspeaking, her lips drawn in a hard line.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)15:53 No.12314474
    Then we should remind her to thank the emperor for allowing her to tend for her sisters instead of being sent on the recon mission. Also, let's assure her that Tessa has proven her dedication to the throne beyond all doubt.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)15:57 No.12314514
    "Cannoness, there surely is a way to check if she has been tainted by the ruinous powers beyond their foul mark? She has served his will exemplary during my time of need on the planet."
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)16:09 No.12314650

    The Canoness pursed her lips, glancing sidelong at you. "You knew she was marked, didn't you? She shouldn't have set foot on this ship before she was tested for corruption... It is a disease, Esme. It spreads like tainted fire through the hearts of weak men, women, and children. I want medbay locked down. I will see to her myself."

    She ushered you and the hospitaller out of medbay. "Verity! Examine Esme while I take care of this."

    She closed the door, hiding her and her celestians from view.

    The hospitaller, still shaken, took you by the arm, leading you into another room in the medical wing.
    >> Laurentius 10/03/10(Sun)16:12 No.12314692
    they probably can replace the skin but it's usually not a good thing when someone is marked with the symbol of one of the dark gods. Of course neither is getting skull-fucked by the followers of said dark gods
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)16:13 No.12314696
    Follow Hospitaller nurse Verity (That check-up is going to be horrible). Pray to the Emperor for Tessa, there's nothing else we can do right now.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)16:18 No.12314750

    (what makes you say that? :P)

    Verity checks you for any signs of chaos and treats the bruises and scrapes you do have. She hooks you up to several monitors, frowning at the results.

    "Your mental stress levels are extremely elevated. Would you like a sedative to calm down?"
    >> Laurentius 10/03/10(Sun)16:24 No.12314826
    "no thank you" now off to find our waifu!
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)16:25 No.12314845
    "At the moment, I want to keep my head clear,"
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)16:28 No.12314871

    "There is only the Emperor, and he shall grant me reprieve when he sees it fit. "
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)16:29 No.12314886
    "I think I'll need to endure, for the emperors sake, at least until the debriefing is over."
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)16:34 No.12314939

    She nods slowly, looking in the general direction of Tessa. "I understand... I'm sorry about Sister Tessa. It's probably best if you prepare for the worst, though I doubt the canoness will be done with her for a while. She'll surely call you in if she is to be executed. It may be best to find something to occupy yourself with until then."

    She gently leads you out of the room and gives you a gentle nudge in the direction of... well the rest of the ship. You wander around for a short time before a chill runs down your spine, your extra senses setting off little alarms in your head.

    You are out of melta ammo and you left your bolter somewhere else. You have a powersword.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)16:37 No.12314966
    Is armory nearby? If so head to it, resupply.
    If not- head towards where we sense the disturbance.
    If we can't sense where the distrubance is coming from, head to tessa
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)16:39 No.12314982
    >your extra senses setting off little alarms in your head.
    Could you be more specific?

    Anyway, we should probably make haste to the next armoury to resupply. And take a medkit this time.
    Afterwards try to pinpoint whatever set off our alarms.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)16:40 No.12314992
    >>12314982 here.

    >>12314966, please stop reading my thoughts.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)16:42 No.12315005

    You sense the disturbance coming from the corridor to the right. This path leads to the engine room and several maintenance areas. It's an ambush waiting to happen.

    The walls are lined with a slight bit of rust and the distant clank of engineers working echos down the corridor. The engineers and mechanicus shouldn't be a problem for you. Many had never even seen the sisters of battle who ride the ship they keep in repair and as a result, the sisters cause them much fear.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)16:43 No.12315017
    I go look for and armory, inquiring (if I see anyone) Where the nearest would be. Also, do I still have the knife? If so, I subtly draw that and hide it against my forearm
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)16:43 No.12315018

    you are NOWHERE near the armory.

    Oh, and you have your knife.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)16:45 No.12315032
    Right, I draw the powersword, but keep it off, and hide the knife behind my forearm. Then i slowly advance into the Engine room, checking left and right.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)16:46 No.12315035
    Alright, cautiously approach the source of disturbance- use psykic powers to detect if anyone is sneaking up on us or lieing in wait for an ambush
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)16:47 No.12315053
    Wouldn't it be rather hard to explain why we've slaughtered a bunch of crew members just after returning from a chaos infested world, probably suspected of bearing the taint of the ruinous powers inside us?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)16:50 No.12315072
    Are there any other sisters nearby?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)16:53 No.12315097
    Eh... we are, in principle, not going to kill any other crewmembers, are we? Just check out the disturbance, and if we are attacked... well... Fighting retreat I guess, then report. If we are attacked by crewmembers... hm... Videologs?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)16:56 No.12315121
    Or we might simply incapacitate them. We're a Sister of Battle, they're probably some crew hands looking to rob a few of their own. We should be able to handle the fight if it comes to one.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)16:59 No.12315144
    *making chart of what could happen so it ends up being more fun in the end. almost done. just another minute*
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)16:59 No.12315147
    Strip naked and stick the powersword handle up our ass.
    Then walk through the engine room door.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)17:01 No.12315161
    Oh gods, this should be good
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)17:01 No.12315168
    Did we roll for anal depth & circumfence?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)17:03 No.12315183
         File1286139791.png-(27 KB, 500x500, 1268104292111.png)
    27 KB
    1-10 Lesbian liberation front attack!
    11-20 Brief crossover with Tau Quest.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)17:04 No.12315188
    >Tau Quest
    Oh gods, I wish
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)17:06 No.12315219
    roll for anal circumference
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)17:10 No.12315254
    in b4 black hole generator
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)17:12 No.12315263
    draaawwwinnngg maaaaapppp noooowwww....
    >> Laurentius 10/03/10(Sun)17:12 No.12315267
    rolled 19 = 19

    here you go
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)17:15 No.12315295
    It better be purdy!
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)17:17 No.12315318
    Can we get a rear-access hatch install to our power armour? We'll never have to worry about a backpack again.
    >> Laurentius 10/03/10(Sun)17:21 No.12315345
    rolled 14 = 14

    draw faster damn you!!
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)17:27 No.12315403
         File1286141255.jpg-(111 KB, 1000x700, rm 1.jpg)
    111 KB

    You cautiously approach the door, clutching your powersword tightly. You open it, the door groaning loudly on its hinges from neglect to a huge room. Several dim lights barely illuminate faint shadows. Two power storage units dominate the room, towering over you so high you can't see their top. Between them is a dimly glowing console. There are boxes stacked to either side of the power units. To your right, several seem to have been smashed. You can barely see a hole in your floor to the left, sparks jumping out of it every so often. the far left wall has a pair of double doors. The far right wall has two doors. The floor is made of a metal grating that creaks when you walk on it.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)17:29 No.12315421

    don't forget to examine shit
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)17:30 No.12315431
    Does our power armour have night vision, or at least some kind of flash light (non-weaponrised variety)?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)17:30 No.12315439
    I check the hole. Try prsages with my psychic powers. All the while, pray to the Emperor, pray to the Emperor.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)17:32 No.12315458
    We're sisters. We're lucky to have a helmet, which I think we don't so, yeah... no. And Auspexes are not built in into sister armor.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)17:32 No.12315462
    Examine the smashed boxes. Let's try to find out what was in them.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)17:33 No.12315471
    Call for backup. Fuck that shit.
    Will help us get on the good side of the Canonness as well.

    >scuffling flofned
    Plus, if captcha is right, there is NO FUCKING WAY we should go up against a flofned alone...
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)17:34 No.12315488
    Based on what? "Hey guys, there seems to be some damage to the ship, can I get a squad of troops here?" I think we'll be berrated for wasting resources.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)17:37 No.12315531
    Fool! SoBs eat Flofneds for breakfast, and that's just to work up an appetite!
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)17:39 No.12315542
    It's a fucking flofned man, I'm sure of it!
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)17:40 No.12315550

    You first check the hole. It leads down further than you can see. The wires looked chewed through and were sparking dangerously.

    The boxes contain various types of equipment and replacement parts for the machinery. You find a flashlight, three extra batteries, and an engineer's walkie talkie.

    You use a battery in the walkie talkie to get it working and turn the volume on low. You mostly get static but disturbing sounds play on several frequencies.

    Your mental abilities are setting off more alarms in your brain, sharpening your senses and keeping you alert. They cannot pinpoint the source of your fear though.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)17:42 No.12315569
    Oh shit nids
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)17:42 No.12315575
    Turn on the flashlight and shine it into the hole. Switch on comms "Cannones, it appears some... creature has damaged a section of the ship. A whole has beenm torn between decks. I'm in the Engine rooms. I will proceed to investigate. Request back up."
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)17:43 No.12315584
    How big is this hole in the floor?
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)17:45 No.12315607

    the floor panels are approximately 3ft by 3ft and there are a section of 4 missing. The floor panels look as if they had been removed, not torn out.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)17:47 No.12315622
    I toss one of the boxes into the hole, the heaviest, then follow it's descent with the torchlight.
    Also >>12315575
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)17:54 No.12315691

    Engineer walkie talkie. It only connects to other engineer walkie talkies.

    Your flashlight cant quite reach the bottom, but you see something glinting back up at you from the dark. It vanishes after a moment.

    You drop a box. It falls much further than where the glint was before landing with an echoing thud.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)17:57 No.12315727
    I still contact the cannones, then double back to try and find a staircase or elevator down. I'm not jumping. Also, keep looking out for an armory and tell any Navy provosts or sisters to come with me, giving them a resumed detailing of my finds.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)17:58 No.12315739
    Notify whoever is responsible in such situations. Volunteer to investigate (Maybe this will be a bit less combat heavy than our last mission? A bit of detective work amongst the crew perhaps?)
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)17:59 No.12315755
    I mean, through my suits's comms. I should be in range for that now, shouldn't I? If not, I do the same, except without contacting the cannones.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)17:59 No.12315758
    Or report to someone at the very least that we think we saw something unnatural in the enginering spaces.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)18:07 No.12315832

    You speak into the com and get only static for a minute before a fuzzy voice replies. "Esme? Where are you? Can you repeat that?" It was sister Verity.

    You do so. Several minutes later she and a helmeted sister with a bolter are standing in the doorway. Verety looks like she had ran the whole way, though the other sister seems unaffected. "Esme! What are you doing here? Leave the Engine to the Engineers. If something had gotten in it would have been radioed to the engine's control room and then reported from there..." She glanced back over her shoulder. "The canoness will probably be done soon." She took a few steps forward, the other sister following. "We should..."

    The door slammed behind her.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)18:09 No.12315851
    Oh God
    "Be wary sister- I suspect that things are not right here,"
    Ask the helmted sister her name
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)18:10 No.12315863
    Activate power sword. Circle the hole in the floor. Kick the remaining boxes into it. "It's a trap sister. Let's make a defensive formation. You and me will watch the whole, sister, you watch the door and any other points of entry"

    Do I have any grenades?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)18:10 No.12315865
    Give Verity the best "This hasn't just happened" look we can muster.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)18:15 No.12315922

    Verity's horrified look mirrors your own. You swallow hard, trying to regain your composure and ask the helmeted sister her name.

    "Anna..." She replies, her voice crackling a little over the mic and speaker built into her helmet.

    You begin barking orders and you fall into a defensive formation, verity protected between you. She doesn't have any weapons on her, but she does have a surgical wrist mount with several knives and drug concoctions in it as well as a belt full of extra medicine and medical supplies.

    You begin kicking boxes into the hole. It doesn't seem to do anything.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)18:16 No.12315932
    "Oh God Emperor, I hope I didnt just lead us all into a trap."
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)18:17 No.12315950
    Okay, NOW we try to contact the canoness for sure.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)18:18 No.12315957
    Let's try to open any doors on this floor before thinking about descending.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)18:19 No.12315968
    I stop kicking in boxes, saving a few just in case. "Let's make a defensive formation near the door. Verity, try to wrench it open." I try the Engineers comm Ïf anyone can receive me, thi is sister Anna, I am trapped with two of my sisters in the engineering bay. Inform superiors or send a recovery team. Send them armed. Something is off around here..."

    I take a few steps back towards the door "Anyone have a flashlight?"
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)18:22 No.12315994

    The com on your suit is blocked by the thick, radiation-proof walls of the engine. Anyone somewhat nearby might hear your distress signal, but verity had been looking for you. Sisters very rarely wander these corridors.

    The two doors on the right are unlocked but the doors on the left are shut tight. "This is the engineering control room." Verity's voice trailed off. "I... Wanted to be a Dialgous before I became a Hospitaller." She explained.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)18:25 No.12316029
    "which way is most likely to allow us to get away from this floor?" I throw all the remaining boxes into the pit, hoping it'll seal it off. "I saw something down there earlier... let's get out of here quick. I wonder where the team using this gear has gone..."

    I head in front, the armed sister behind me, Verity in the back.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)18:25 No.12316035
    "Good- can you recognize anything here?
    Maybe something will prove useful. "
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)18:25 No.12316040
    Can she do anything with the console in this room?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)18:27 No.12316054
    Okay okay ... NOW we strip naked and stick the powersword handle up our ass.
    Then jump down the hole. Ass first.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)18:30 No.12316081

    Sister Anna faltered, looking form side to side. "Thats... a good point... Where have the engineers gone? There were hundreds of them. There had to be to keep a ship of this size in a state of repair..."

    You all shudder. Your Witchkin powers flare up momentarily, pulsing in your temples. You have to get out...

    Verity shakes her head. "I don't know the blueprints of this ship in particular. The Engineer control room is just usually located near the entrance to the engine rooms."

    She took a deep breath to calm herself. "I don't see anything particularly useful here. A welding torch and a mask could help us bypass some obstacles though. Maybe a toolbox with some basic tools..."
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)18:30 No.12316083
         File1286145015.jpg-(51 KB, 600x600, 1238961812048.jpg)
    51 KB
    We must first best the Dark Eldar princess in combat, so that she might teach us the secret of the recto-blade, before we can do that.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)18:32 No.12316111
    "Grab what you can... and er... what I haven't thrown down the hole. You can use the welding torch as a weapon. Come, follow me. You sister, get behind me. I deal with close combat, you deal suppresive fire, but save your ammo... and ofcourse, I doubt there be any combat... but we best be prepaired" I aproach the door to the engine rooms.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)18:33 No.12316112

    that is amazing... that is amazing and win... win win win...
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)18:33 No.12316119
    Good, take those- now, which way is the closest way to GET THE FUCK OUT
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)18:33 No.12316123

    Check your knife

    What's it doing?

    Also dont go down the hole it's probably that blasted mirror again

    Does anybody have a flare or something?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)18:34 No.12316126
    >Danger, Will Robinson!

    Ok, time to get moving. I'd say we take our luck with the doors.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)18:34 No.12316129
    A fair point: I shall stop these unnecessary suggestions until we have done so.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)18:37 No.12316159
    only check our knife if it actually reacts to things
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)18:39 No.12316181

    You check the blade while Anna and Verity scavenge for the items. It glows softly, pulsing with the fluctuations of your mind like always. Nothing really seems to have changed, though you do feel a little more attuned to it now that you've carried it around for awhile.

    You put it away as they come back with the items. "Alright. We're ready when you are."

    Which door do you pick? The left door or the right door? (assuming your facing the right wall)
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)18:40 No.12316185
    There'd better be Dark Eldar down that hole OP.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)18:41 No.12316194

    Left is surely the right course
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)18:41 No.12316198
    The left door, into the engine room. Or actualy.., let's try that torch on the doors that closed behind us. Did any of the sisters have Krak or melta?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)18:42 No.12316211

    It's probably that mysterious sister from earlier who will SURPRISE US because, no matter what, OP refuses to let Esme ask the Canonness about her
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)18:44 No.12316232

    That's a good idea open up an escape route if we can

    Then we can get more sisters to help us investigate
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)18:46 No.12316243
    Or, you know, ammo and guns.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)18:54 No.12316304
         File1286146441.jpg-(193 KB, 1000x700, rm 2.jpg)
    193 KB

    None of you have grenades. All doors are several inches thick to prevent radiation leakage. There is no way you can weld through it.

    You peek through the left door into another room. In front of you is a huge turbine with a furnace attached to the side. It is where garbage that could not be salvaged or recycled was burned for extra power. To your right is another stack of crates, these metal. There is a maintenance hatch to your left leading down into the darkness. There is a large pool of a dark liquid in front of you. There are footprints leading off into a dark corner of the room. Just beyond the dark corner you see an inactive conveyer belt and beyond that scrap. straight ahead, through the machinery connecting the turbine and the furnace you see a door.

    You have the chills.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)18:56 No.12316324

    *His Divine Will

    fucking google chrome
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)19:00 No.12316365

    Clearly Google Chrome is the name of the Daemon King we will eventually vanquish/become
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)19:00 No.12316368
    Use flashligh on darkness.
    Inspect boxes.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)19:02 No.12316392

    If anything springs out ROSARIUS

    Look around, is there anything we can use to illuminate some of this darkness?

    Also investigate the dark liquid
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)19:03 No.12316402

    Are the 'footprints' human looking?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)19:04 No.12316412
    Drink imaginary tea to regain morale!
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)19:05 No.12316429

    you shine your flashlight about, powersword at the ready, and crouch near the dark liquid. It seems to be oil but it gives off a rotting, putrid scent that differed greatly from oil.

    You shine your light at the darkness. There is an engineer standing there, resting his head against the wall, mumbling to himself. You can't see his face.

    In his hand he loosely clutches a metal hammer.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)19:07 No.12316443

    Throw something at the Engineer to catch his attention and see if he responds

    if he does anything odd, (odder) shoot him immediately
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)19:12 No.12316479
    Try to get him to calm down.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)19:16 No.12316514
         File1286147774.jpg-(37 KB, 250x314, 1277809286584.jpg)
    37 KB
    >Throw something at the Engineer

    yes... i'm sure that wont piss him off AT ALL!
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)19:16 No.12316516
    "Sir- please, you are unwell. Please, come and tell us what has happened?"
    Gesture the helmeted sister to take the guy out if he charges.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)19:20 No.12316555

    He doesn't react, merely continuing to gibber to the air. He raises his voice several times. You don't recognize the language he's speaking. The words make both Verity and Anna shiver and the back of your neck prickle.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)19:21 No.12316565

    Google Chrome WHAT THE FUCK?

    i'm putting a sticky note on my screen to remind me to type it in. srry guys.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)19:25 No.12316605
    Try to get him to snap out of. If he does not, he's so weak minded that he has fallen to the predations of chaos. In that case we should deliver the Emperor's mercy and speak a prayer for his soul before continuing.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)19:26 No.12316625
    Giving him the Emperors mercy may result in drawing undo attention on ourselves.
    Instead, why don't we just see if we can incapacitate him and then move on?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)19:27 No.12316634
    "Sisters, have you ever seen something like this?"
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)19:27 No.12316635

    Yeah do that... at a safe distance (oh and is there anything else in the darkness? PLease dont pull a 'you shine the torch around but when you come back the Engineer is gone' on us or I'll hate you so much OP
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)19:36 No.12316723

    Anna shakes her head when you ask her but Verity seems tense. "Once before when fighting against psykers. A local psyker was brought to me, his mind lost in the warp, but this man isn't a psyker. Psykers are never part of the crew of a sororitas ship. What abomination could have dragged a normal human's mind down..."

    You shine your flashlight around once more, you see nothing. When you shine the flashlight back to the Engineer, he's still there, but he's silent now. His head is turned slightly and he appears to be looking at you, a gas mask covering his entire face.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)19:38 No.12316745
    We could always try to fix whatever's wrong with him... with our hands. But incapacitating him is fine too.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)19:39 No.12316767

    Fuck what do we do now?
    Can we ask him to take off the gas mask?

    What if there's something noxious in the air?

    But that'd mean we have to call him towards us

    Fuck fuck what do we do? Strip away our boob-plate and flash him to see if he has any humanity left?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)19:40 No.12316771
    I know I'm going to regret this, but let's take off the mask. Prepare the others for potential san loss beforehand.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)19:42 No.12316793

    Ask him first to remove his mask... or at least try calling out to him again now that he's realized we're here

    Maybe he's a survivor... sole survivor (though I doubt it... tremendously)
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)19:44 No.12316812
    I dunno why but I'm lovin reading this thread while playing the Normandy music from ME1

    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)19:45 No.12316823

    You cautiously approach him, Verity and Anna close behind. He doesn't move as you get closer, the green lenses of the mask reflecting softly in the light of your flashlight.

    You reach him with no trouble and attempt to remove his mask and find that it wont come off. He lets out an angry groaning sound as you pull, his shoulders tensing a bit, turning more toward you.
    >> Laurentius 10/03/10(Sun)19:47 No.12316844
    it won't come off huh? that seems odd, pull harder
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)19:48 No.12316847

    Everyone quickly get back and, I dunno, watch him or something

    Tell Anna to ready her bolter
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)19:49 No.12316857

    FFS, stop pulling. This reads like a textbook nurgle case.
    If possible, burn him but do not rupture his body at all cost.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)19:51 No.12316867

    i've got to brb but yes this is a good music choice.

    However, so is this http://www.endlessyoutube.com/watch?v=1wli58yAY1o

    I gotta brb for a sec ok guys? heh... in the mean time try to figure out whats going on.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)19:54 No.12316884
    Alright, leave him alone
    He's not doing anything right now
    Just, get on our way.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)19:54 No.12316897

    >silent hill music

    Well fuck that..., stand back, wait for him to start twitching and shuddering grotesquely, THEN shoot him

    Is our radio emitting static?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)19:56 No.12316912

    No way, I dont want him prowling away if we dont know what's going on

    How about we wait for him to FULLY turn around so we can see the inevitable twitching mass of warp touched flesh attached to his body?
    >> Seymourbutts 10/03/10(Sun)20:10 No.12317017

    Because there seems to be no consensus how about a compromise?

    You tell Anna and Verity to stand back and prepare themselves. Cautiously, you tug harder at his mask over the incessant groaning of the Engineer

    As it begins to come loose between your fingers he turns to face you fully, his other arm visible now, its features are indiscernable, his entire left arm is a bleeding red mess

    The mask comes free
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)20:11 No.12317024

    He turns around fully, watching you through the mask. He holds still for what feels like hours before his entire body spasms and he falls to his knees, screaming

    Almost immediately he jerks up, looking around franticly. "Darel? Darel where the hell are..." He seemed to notice you. "B-Battle sisters?"
    >> Seymourbutts 10/03/10(Sun)20:12 No.12317036

    aha, nevermind then
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)20:16 No.12317071

    Calmly tell him that yes, the sisters are here

    Then ask him to remove his gas mask, and if he wont, ask him why not

    Then ask about Darel
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)20:18 No.12317093
    Smile at him and ask what has happened. Try to use our warp-sight on him to see if he's tainted. If not, have Verity attend his wounds.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)20:21 No.12317125
    Forgot to add that he has to remove his mask first.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)20:25 No.12317175

    You hold up a hand to keep Verity and Anna back, asking him to remove his mask focusing your witch sight.

    Immedeately images of the warp dance around your vision. It is as if he had been wrapped in light, your sight gazing straight into his soul. At the core of his being a dark mass pulsed, its tendrils rapidly expanding and moving through his body.

    He reaches up to remove his mask, hesitating for a moment before trying. "I... I cannot Sister... I... I do not under..."

    He spasms again, screeching in fury and charging at you with the hammer.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)20:26 No.12317185
    shoot him so much
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)20:27 No.12317201

    Power sword parry his hammer and kick him to the ground... then disembowel him... in the balls

    Save our ammo
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)20:27 No.12317202
    "May the Emperor have mercy on your soul."
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)20:30 No.12317237
    Knock him out and try to banish the warp's influence from him while chanting: The Power of the holy Godemperor of Mankind compels you!
    Or simply kill him if we don't want to open that can of worms.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)20:32 No.12317257
    This but with powersword. No need to waste ammo on an untrained civvy.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)20:36 No.12317306
    We should also avoid contact with his tainted essence and keep him as far away from Verity and Anna as possible.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)20:37 No.12317317

    You step back, parying his strike and knocking him off balance. Your sword is through his chest before he can recover.

    He looks down at the blade in his chest and then back up at you, taking another step forward. The blade pierces out his back as he advances, sliding up the blade.

    Anna whispers a prayer, unloading several bolter shells into his head, blowing a good chunk of skull off. You can see that the mask is now a part of his face.

    He somehow continues to advance. several black squirming tendrils extending out of the hole in his head.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)20:39 No.12317353

    Avoid getting too close, but do not show fear. Ask the name and purpose of the foul warpspawn.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)20:39 No.12317355

    Boot him off your sword and run back to the oil puddle

    Lure him there and then have Anna fire on it, cleansing this warpspawn in purifying flame

    Emperor protect us
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)20:41 No.12317379
         File1286152868.jpg-(13 KB, 300x169, doctor-who-series-1-2005-2.jpg)
    13 KB

    >the gas mask is a part of his face


    Are you my mummy?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)20:42 No.12317390
    Let's remember our German ancestors and throw him into the furnace, if it's still on.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)20:43 No.12317399

    You kick him off your sword and make a tactical retreat, your companions following suit. You and Anna both ready your weapons as he approaches.

    He stumbles a bit, black fluid gushing out of him in a torrent. He slows down, falling. He continues trying to crawl after you, his body slowly healing itself but it was too late. The warp spawn's tentacles spasmed, starting to shrivel and wilt. a few moments later he lay on the ground, dead.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)20:44 No.12317407
    ...Well, it IS a ship full of strong woman figures...
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)20:45 No.12317413

    Talk to Anna and Verity, make sure they're ok
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)20:47 No.12317438
         File1286153235.gif-(2.02 MB, 312x176, Angel.gif)
    2.02 MB

    Well at least its not... OHSHI-
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)20:47 No.12317445
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)20:49 No.12317465

    Check the area he was in for anything interesting, any loot/clues

    avoid the body while doing so (can we burn it in any way?)

    And I presume that black stuff wasnt oil but that... things... ichor

    Avoid that too
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)20:51 No.12317486
         File1286153461.jpg-(65 KB, 800x600, the_beast.jpg)
    65 KB

    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)20:53 No.12317526
    I was actually thinking that too. I just happened to see a rerun of that not long ago and I almost never watch that show.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)20:54 No.12317528

    You confirm that your sisters are both alright before hesitantly dragging the body to the conveyer belt. You lug it onto the moving platform, watching it as it disappears into the roaring heat of the furnace, making damn well sure it burned.

    You check the room for anything else useful. All you turn up is the hammer that the chaos spawn had been using before and a large metal wrench.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)20:55 No.12317538
    Pocket the wrench, we might be able to use it later. Then, I guess, search through the METAL BAWKSES.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)20:55 No.12317539
    Let's take the wrench. I'm sure we'll be able to throw it in somebody's plans.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)20:56 No.12317555

    No I actually used them in the last Quest I ran >.>

    and yes this was the obligitory Dr. Who reference. :3
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)20:59 No.12317591

    Check the hammer to see if it's tainted

    It it isnt tainted and Anna or Verity is lacking a CCW, give it to them
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)21:00 No.12317602

    You put the wrench in Verity's toolbox. Its too big to fit in your side pouch.

    You go to the metal crates and cautiously open one, slamming it closed an instant later, your face pale as a ghost.

    The box was full of black slithering worms.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:00 No.12317610

    Go and check the maintenence hatch... shining your flashlight inside
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:03 No.12317638

    Ask Verity if she knows anything about the worms (being a medical professional)

    Maybe they're leeches used for bloodletting?

    If not, and if you can carry the boxes, upend the boxes into the furnace

    Burn it, burn it all
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:03 No.12317641
    Throw all the boxes into the furnace.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:04 No.12317652
    Dear god emperor, how would someone go about putting the entire ship on alert? because I think we're deffinitely at that point.

    Wait. The incenerator is it working? If it is we can burn all of it.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:07 No.12317681
         File1286154450.jpg-(19 KB, 670x394, Flame thrower 1245195695589.jpg)
    19 KB
    >incineration mind
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:08 No.12317707
    There are very few problems in 40k that can't be solved by flamethrower.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)21:09 No.12317708

    You turn to Verity to ask her about the worms. She isn't there. You panic, looking around before you spot her vomiting in the corner, a look of terror on her face. Sisters Hospitaller were only meant for the field of battle when they were trained for that role...

    There is no way you could ever carry one of the boxes without some form of lift. You could barely wrap your arms halfway around it, much less carry it.

    You make your way over to the maintenance tunnel, opening it and shining your flashlight down into it. It looks clear but you can hear a pulsing beat coming from the inside of the tunnel and an odd hissing sound.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:10 No.12317718

    What kind of 'pulse' is it?

    Does it sound mechanical or organic?

    If the latter.. run run RRUNNN!

    to that doorway between the furnace and turbine!
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:12 No.12317742
    >Pulsing hissing

    I really hope that's the Gellar Field generator we're hearing.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:13 No.12317755
    Did we ever stop using our psyker vision? If not we should look into what is making that sound. It sounds like there is some sort of infestation going on here...
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:14 No.12317765
         File1286154862.jpg-(10 KB, 300x200, Mechanicles.jpg)
    10 KB

    OP, if we encounter a surviving techpriest.. can you make him this guy?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:20 No.12317828
    Fuck this shit we need to find a plasma cutter
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:22 No.12317849

    This is not Dead Space/Space Station 13

    We just need FAITH IN THE EMPRAH!!!

    ... and a lot of luck...
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:25 No.12317904
    "Stand fast sister Verity," Comfort her if need be "We'll root out the source of this corruption yet,"
    Replace lid to box o' san loss.
    Move foreward.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)21:26 No.12317908

    You focus your Witchsight harder. The floor under you appears to vanish and the network of tunnels becomes visible. It goes for a way undisturbed before the tunnels just vanish in a mass of writhing, slowly advancing black.

    (Unrelated: My verification says "Aquila" in it)
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:28 No.12317932
    Ok, we need to find a way to vent the lower decks. Fast. Use our warp-o-vision to find the nearest uncorrupted techpriest.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:28 No.12317936

    Looks like we were right, jumping downt hat hole would have been a Baaaaad idea

    Ok guys let's make a mental note not to go down... ever

    Head for the door
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:32 No.12317986

    Steady on warp o vision guys... there's chaos about

    We dont want to end up on any rails above any fans now do we?
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)21:32 No.12317995

    You look to the door, focusing your witch sight. Your head is starting to hurt now but you see several life forms milling about. Your sight is not yet refined enough to see if they are corrupted or not.

    You look to Anna and verity and motion for them to follow. They are staring at you and obey after a moment's hesitation. Verity wiping the mouth with the back of her wrist. "Emperor save us all..." She whimpers to the darkness.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:36 No.12318041
    Okay, let's switch off our 3d heresy view and be vigilant as we move down the corridors. We should also comfort Verity and squeeze her hand reassuringly while telling her that if the Emperor wills it we are going to survive.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:36 No.12318046

    Stop using warp sight, they're catching on

    When you get to the door say something like 'I hear something' so they dont know you've already looked beyond

    Then carefully open the door while Verity readies her weapon, ready to cover you
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:37 No.12318063

    This, how about all three of view huddle together and mumble a short, group chant to the emperor (keep it quiet)

    We must keep our spirits raised
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:39 No.12318084
    "Stand fast Verity, we will root out the source of this corruption yet. Remember- as long as we have faith, nothing can stand before us."
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:41 No.12318109

    It's Anna I'm worried about... she's the one with the gun (isnt she?)
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:44 No.12318150
    >When you get to the door say something like 'I hear something' so they dont know you've already looked beyond

    Good idea.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)21:46 No.12318178

    Anna has the gun. Verity is unarmed save for some medical instruments that could be used as weapons.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:49 No.12318230
    Check that Ana is okay too
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:53 No.12318292
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)21:57 No.12318344
         File1286157444.jpg-(136 KB, 1000x700, rm 3.jpg)
    136 KB

    You switch your witch sight off with slight difficulty, but your headache immediately starts to improve. Your companions are still staring at you.

    You gather them both together and lead them in a word of quiet prayer, the action calming them both and raising their morale.

    You make your way over to the door, pressing your ear against it. You mouth "I hear something" to the other two, Anna reading her bolter behind you.

    You slam the door open, several engineers, jumping back in surprise. One was wearing a hardhat, another a welding mask. The one with the hardhat points a nail gun at you, his hands trembling.

    "GET AWAY! OH EMPRAH! GET AWAY!!!" He was a rather poor shot and the nails that did hit you bounced harmlessly off your armor.

    There were two other Engineers in the room who had frozen mid task when you entered. One had overalls on. The other was carrying a toolbox.

    The room itself was what appeared to be some sort of rest or break room. They seemed to be in the process of barricading the door just right of where you were standing by welding and bolting plate steel over it..
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:58 No.12318367

    Tell them 'the sisters are here'

    Then see if Verity needs to get to work on any of them
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)21:58 No.12318369
    "Get a hold of yourself man! *SLAP*"
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)22:01 No.12318406
    Can't see it from your drawing, any other doors in that room except the one we just came from?
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)22:02 No.12318425

    the barricaded one directly to your right. its not labeled.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)22:03 No.12318434

    Ask if they have any wounded, and see if they can update you on the situation

    I assume the metal plates are sealing a floor hatch. If so let's leave them there
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)22:04 No.12318452
    Ok, thanks. Ask them if they had luck using the console in that room in addition to what the other anons proposed to do.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)22:05 No.12318465

    Tell them about the gas mask dude, they've probably been trying to hide from him

    Comfort them by telling them we killed him and burnt his taint ridden corpse

    On that note, ask if there is a Darel among them. That's what that guy was screaming out wasnt it?
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)22:14 No.12318562

    When they finally process who you are. the man with the nail gun goes chalk white. "S-sisters! Dear sweet emprah! Forgive me! I thought you were... There is an engineer, Darel, running around in a fire mask. We trapped him in the bathroom but..."

    He trailed off. The man in the overalls and the man with the tool box picked up one of the metal sheets off the ground. carrying it to the door. The man with the welding torch began securing it in place.

    "Excuse me..." The man with the nail gun made his way over to them, firing nails all along the plate's edges.

    Verity glances around, stepping forward. "Does the console work?" The man with the Nail Gun nodded. "Its for monitering the integrity of different parts of the engine. We have sensors and cameras all over the lower levels.

    You bring up the man in the gas mask.

    The nailgun man is silent for a good moment. "Carson too?" He shook his head. "I don't understand what's going on here sisters..." He sounded on the edge of hysteria. "Everyone just went mad! no rhyme or reason!"
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)22:16 No.12318602

    Ask about Carson and Darel. What were they doing before they went nuts

    Were they reading anyting from that bookcase? Maybe somebody slipped some Chaos reading material in there

    Search the bookcase. If nothing else maybe you can find a prayer book to recite

    Lead everyone in prayer
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)22:18 No.12318621
    "Calm yourself, technician, it is level heads and the emperor's grace that will see us through this."

    Ask if they have any way to communicate with the bridge, if not, ask where they were when this clusterfuck started, and if they have any idea what started it.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)22:18 No.12318622
         File1286158737.jpg-(8 KB, 231x225, 1285926480702.jpg)
    8 KB

    >sensors and cameras all over the lower levels

    Dare we look?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)22:19 No.12318631
    Ask them for a way to either contact the other decks or get to safety. A map of the area would be really nice as well.
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)22:25 No.12318726
    The man with the welding mask looks up at you as he finishes his work. He lifts the mask to reveal a badly scarred face as if some wild beast had torn half of it off in his youth.

    "'Vell sistahs.. I'v ad zis thot foh sum tiem..." The man in the overalls cut him off. "Don't trouble them with your absurd theories!"

    Verity pipes in. "Anything you can tell us would be helpful.

    The man in overalls huffs, backing off, Welding Mask continuing. "Eets ze radios. Everyvun vith a radio vent mad all at vonce..."

    The toolbox man piped in. "But that doesn't explain why The heads went mad. They don't carry Engineering radios."

    "Maybee zeet eez all radios. Not just ze vuns vee carry around."
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)22:31 No.12318804
    Stephen King's "Cell"... in Space?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)22:32 No.12318810
         File1286159528.jpg-(25 KB, 273x320, 1225422214140.jpg)
    25 KB

    >their accents

    Oh god they're all cultists aren't they?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)22:33 No.12318827

    Destroy our radio, with extreme prejudice
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)22:34 No.12318837

    *the the welding mask guy was born on Krieg cough cough*
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)22:35 No.12318859

    Use the monitor, see if you can see any of that 'advancing black' in the lower decks
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)22:35 No.12318861

    You immediately take the engineering radio out from Verity's toolbox and drop it to the ground, crushing it under your power armored boot.

    The man in the overalls laughs nervously. "b-better safe than sorry..."
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)22:39 No.12318909
    Yes check the monitors. Warn the others that you're doing so and not to look.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)22:41 No.12318949

    No dont warn them

    We dont want to give off any hints that we already know what's going on

    Otherwise you can expect Anna to suddenly start acting like a follower in Fallout 1 &2 when equipped with an automatic weapon
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)22:43 No.12318982

    You use the monitor, Verity going to examine the men for injuries.

    3/4 of the cameras displayed either darkness or static, but you found one finally that displayed something odd. Drifting slowly down the hall was a long ribbon like thing... almost like a glowing translucent streamer. There were hundreds of them shifting through colors in a dazzling pryzm. They seemed gaseous in nature, seeping into every little crack in the walls and floor they encountered.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)22:46 No.12319014
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)22:47 No.12319037
    Anyone more familiar with DH know what this is?
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)22:47 No.12319039

    he has a german accent

    also, OP is hungry. OP will eat dinner now.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)22:49 No.12319066
         File1286160571.png-(63 KB, 237x217, 11112112134435465566.png)
    63 KB
    >mfw all of this is happening because we brought Tessa on board with her chaos mark
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)22:53 No.12319125
    So what do you guys think? Should we try to neutralise 'Darel', who's locked in the bathroom, right now? Or wait until we have backup/better weaponry and hope that the welded door holds?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)22:54 No.12319143
    Wouldn't the tain spread from her location in that case?
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)22:57 No.12319180
    No that wouldn't make any sense- she's marked with slaanesh.
    This sounds like either slaugth, nurgal, or those gaseous thingies that mind control people.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)23:02 No.12319247
    >or those gaseous thingies that mind control people

    Yes those, what are those things? I've seen them mentioned on /tg/ at other times before.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)23:03 No.12319258
         File1286161394.jpg-(101 KB, 1024x768, dr_strangelove_1ed07.jpg)
    101 KB
    >slaugth, nurgal, or those gaseous thingies that mind control people(rape gasses).

    And all of them want to steal our precious bodily fluids!
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)23:04 No.12319275


    Warp entities from the old fluff (back before loldaemons)

    punch it into lexicanum to learn more
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)23:07 No.12319325
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)23:07 No.12319328
    >has just eaten delicious pork chops cooked in onion and spices, rice, and peppered corn on the cob and now sits with some ice cream.

    >is in a really REALLY good mood

    Tip: A ginormous hint that will change the entire outcome of this scene was given a ways back (but not before you entered the engine room) and none of you have pointed it out.

    also: bacon was in my verification
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)23:10 No.12319359

    >has never seen these until just now

    Thanks Anon!

    also: My verification is Genocide issued... wat...
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)23:11 No.12319371
    I think we need a new thread, this one is auto-saging
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)23:14 No.12319418

    in a moment im still looking at my plans and enjoying ice cream.

    also, go figure out my hint to you. its pivitol
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)23:17 No.12319441
    Where does the conveyor belt leading to the furnace come from? Could it be a way out (Is that the hint?)
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)23:17 No.12319453
         File1286162277.jpg-(76 KB, 592x674, You are all going to die2.jpg)
    76 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)23:19 No.12319476
    Did we check out that console between the two power units in the other room?
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)23:20 No.12319491

    you're cold anon... so cold...
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)23:24 No.12319531
    Ok you've asked for this. I'm gonna do what I always do when I'm stuck in an adventure.
    Various conoles
    Metal plates
    No sanity draining boxes

    Combine everything with everything.

    See if all dialogue trees are exhausted.

    Pray we're not in a Sierra adventure.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)23:25 No.12319555
    Something to do with 'em sparking cables?
    >> His Divine Will 10/03/10(Sun)23:28 No.12319602

    Pt 3 is up. go now.
    >> Anonymous 10/03/10(Sun)23:36 No.12319706
    Ask the crew in the room with us to draw out a map of the surrounding sections in the ship. We need to find a way out of here to the forward sections or up to the bridge, there have go to be secondary access ways.

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