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  • File : 1286393526.png-(94 KB, 254x320, protoman_blog.png)
    94 KB The Protomarines Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)15:32 No.12350934  
    The Protomarines were a fleet-based chapter specialising the destruction of Xenos automatons, such as the Eldar's Wraithbone abominations or the Tau's filthy Drones.

    Their original home planet was destroyed when the Necrons awoke, and they were forced to call down an Exterminatus. This cost them their sole recruiting ground, as well as their

    But their trials were nowhere near their end - the techpriests commanding the Cyberneticus Maniples the Protomarines relied on to augment their lacking numbers had been corrupted by the Necron presence and forbidden research. Under the command of renegade Magos W1-Le3, the Protomarines found themselves reduced to a single company who managed to escape. This betrayal by their most trusted comrades embittered them, and they turned Renegade, no longer trusting in anyone outside the Chapter.
    These survivors follow the last Command of their Chapter Master, Thomas Light, who is believed dead in traitor Mechanicus' assult. To this day, they continue to purge the machine, destroying any Servitor or Construct -loyal or traitor they found. Hunted by the Mechanicus, they are rumored to have turned to the Ruinous Powers for aid in their crusade.

    Now, they drop into battle wielding their signature storm shields and plasma guns under a tattered banner, and their warcry is one of despair.

    "There are no heroes left in man."
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)15:32 No.12350942
    Makin' this happen.
    >> Protomarine !!c+Fli8F1QMd 10/06/10(Wed)15:40 No.12351008
         File1286394013.gif-(35 KB, 309x330, MegaManX.gif)
    35 KB
    But, unknown to the Protomarines, Chapter Master Light yet lived, along with a few members of the Chapter Apothecarium who were able to escape the attention of the foul traitor-machines.

    Believing his men, to whom he felt as a father, were all dead, Light turned to despair. Vowing to avenge them, he decided that to fight the Machines he must join them. Subjecting himself to sever augmentation, and with the aid of the surviving apothecaries, he has pressed the limits of even a Marine's strength. In an ancient suit of Terminator armor capable of integrating dozens of weapons systems. He seeks vengeance for the Protomarines, against even his own better judgment, and has vowed to end W1-Le3 even if it costs him his life.

    He is a Man of Rock, and he will have vengeance.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)15:42 No.12351026
    This is awesome and you should feel awesome
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)15:43 No.12351033

    this shit bomb OP, plz tell me you have an actual army with this theme :D?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)15:44 No.12351050
    If he doesn't, i will soon.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)15:45 No.12351063
         File1286394336.jpg-(539 KB, 2550x3300, 1285904260494.jpg)
    539 KB
    pic related
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)15:47 No.12351085
    great thing about SM 5th edition is the customization of armies through heroes.

    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)15:48 No.12351089
         File1286394490.jpg-(268 KB, 1088x1519, 1285502645384.jpg)
    268 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)15:49 No.12351106
         File1286394569.jpg-(249 KB, 500x700, 1284350946583.jpg)
    249 KB
    Also related
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)15:49 No.12351108
    are you fucking kidding me

    kill yourself
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)15:53 No.12351148
    where the shit did you find these pics? were these done on the flY?
    >> Mentor-fag 10/06/10(Wed)15:54 No.12351151
    This is better than any of the shit that's been put out in the last two editions.

    Godspeed man.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)15:54 No.12351155
    are you fucking kidding me

    kill yourself
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)15:56 No.12351168
    holdout summerfag are we?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)15:58 No.12351185
    No fun allowed.
    >> Protomarine !!c+Fli8F1QMd 10/06/10(Wed)16:02 No.12351223
    But Arch-Heretek W1-Le3 has not been idle all these years. Unaware of the survival of the Protomarines or the Rock-Man, he has taken over a system of Forge Worlds, using his innovations in efficient (and coincidentally, deadly) Servitors to gain power. His high status serving to shield him from Inquisitorial Scrutiny, he has begun work on six masterpieces, meant to be the pinnacle of Heretekal technology.

    The first is a massive brute capable of tearing down cities with its brutal strength, known as the Guts-man.

    The second, an experiment in weaponised Stasis Fields is capable of "freezing" any who would appose him.

    The third is covered in powerblades, hurling the crackling "cutters" to cruelly dismember any opposition.

    Fourth is a being of living lightning, an extension of the luminem powers seen in the electro-priests of the Mechanicus.

    The fifth of these "Master Constructs" is an unprecedented advancement of Melta and Flamer Technology. Under his burning gaze, cities can be razed and tanks reduced to slag.

    The final is of a simple designation: Ordinatus Minorus, and is believed to incorporate Atomic technology.
    >> Protomarine !!c+Fli8F1QMd 10/06/10(Wed)16:03 No.12351235
         File1286395385.jpg-(8 KB, 166x303, wiley..jpg)
    8 KB
    Pic related
    >> Protomarine !!c+Fli8F1QMd 10/06/10(Wed)16:05 No.12351253
    thank you, anon.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)16:07 No.12351277
    excellent OC is excellent, but quick clarification, chapter master light is now the rockman right?
    >> Protomarine !!c+Fli8F1QMd 10/06/10(Wed)16:08 No.12351284
    Yes and no, mentally.

    You could say that there is... unrest in the House of Light.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)16:09 No.12351291

    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)16:10 No.12351308

    Make a 1500 pt list following this theme.
    >> Protomarine !!c+Fli8F1QMd 10/06/10(Wed)16:11 No.12351312
    >> Protomarine !!c+Fli8F1QMd 10/06/10(Wed)16:12 No.12351327
    Alright. Give me a few minutes.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)16:13 No.12351329
    These Robot Masters needs 40K statblocks, stat.

    Also the second set, because everyone remember MM2 better.
    >> choclit puddins crackrock suprise !!17naEIGWZ/q 10/06/10(Wed)16:16 No.12351370
    just when i was ready to give up all hope in the internet, OP appears, and he delivers AWESOME.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)16:18 No.12351382
    forget statblocks, you could totally make a legal list thats viable for sm.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)16:19 No.12351389
    Inb4 Vindicare Joseph

    Captcha: "captain's trowskar"

    No Captcha, now is not the time to examine the Captain's pants.
    >> Protomarine !!c+Fli8F1QMd 10/06/10(Wed)16:19 No.12351390
    But that would be advancing the plot!

    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)16:20 No.12351394
    No it totally wouldn't.

    Protoman fought the first lot of Robomasters, MegaMan fought the second.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)16:24 No.12351423

    Callidus Josephine. Because of the knife, mate. A phase knife...
    >> Ekoi !PpcsYfrVrw 10/06/10(Wed)16:24 No.12351425
    I approve of this thread!

    Keep at it, OP!

    >Wile extent

    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)16:29 No.12351469
         File1286396943.png-(372 KB, 638x734, 1285707285220.png)
    372 KB
    Posting in a CLIMB. CLIMB TO THE TOP OF THE WORLD thread
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)16:30 No.12351487
    >> Protomarine !!c+Fli8F1QMd 10/06/10(Wed)16:31 No.12351492

    >He took a post with a trollface.jpg in it seriously!~

    Also, making a Shield-centric list is hard, since half the goddamn storm shield options require thunderhammers too.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)16:33 No.12351518
    Make some weapon replacements for Thunder Hammers? Or special rule shenanigans?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)16:42 No.12351611

    Where does "Emily" come into play?
    >> Protomarine !!c+Fli8F1QMd 10/06/10(Wed)16:42 No.12351622
    Hell, normal Marines with those old Combat Shields are whatever would work fine.

    Dark Angels Vets?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)16:43 No.12351630
    Yes, you like a rock band, we get it.
    >> Protomarine !!c+Fli8F1QMd 10/06/10(Wed)16:44 No.12351640
         File1286397854.jpg-(125 KB, 370x489, 1279152866678.jpg)
    125 KB
    >he thinks sage does something!
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)16:44 No.12351641
    They should definitely be Terminators, or similar Special Characters. They are Robot Masters after all.

    Bonus points if you can engineer them to each have weaknesses to each others' weapons.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)16:45 No.12351649
    I'm tempted to stat these out in Dark Heresy. Any Ascension campaign I was going to run was just going to turn into Megaman eventually anyway.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)16:47 No.12351663
    It expresses polite displeasure.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)16:49 No.12351691
         File1286398153.jpg-(59 KB, 815x622, megamanderp.jpg)
    59 KB
    >implying that /tg/ adding stuff it likes into 40k is in any way unusual and to be frowned upon

    You're new here, aren't you?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)16:49 No.12351696
    Why are you posting? If you don't like it, skip over it.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)16:52 No.12351737

    My Sister is basicly a female megaman by this point. Meltagun inbuilt into her cybernetic arms, subdermal plating, the works.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)16:55 No.12351762
    Sister Roll?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)16:56 No.12351771
    Alright then OP, I'm going to stat the robot masters out for Ascension, but it'll have to be tomorrow because I have to go pick someone up now (and its 10pm where I am)
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)16:58 No.12351794
    Sister Roll confirmed for winsauce.

    Now we just need RUSH JET
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)16:59 No.12351816

    A cyber massif?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)17:08 No.12351896
    This is beautiful.
    >> Protomarine !!c+Fli8F1QMd 10/06/10(Wed)17:40 No.12352204
    thanks. Working on ironing a few things out - this was just a rough draft I did in class.

    I should have an updated version of all of this tomorrow. I'll post it if this thread is still alive, I suppose.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)17:46 No.12352260
    was listening to duane and brando's megaman remix when i came upon this thread
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)18:07 No.12352460
    What about those who have become the followers of the Arch-heretic Magos W1-Le3? Those who when people draw near to them chant in the monotone voice of their eternal despair "We Are the Dead."

    Would they just be traitor guard?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)20:15 No.12353856

    Mind-wiped skitarii. Or traitor guard.
    >> Protomarine !!c+Fli8F1QMd 10/07/10(Thu)01:14 No.12357358
    Just got told this was Archived.

    Glad /tg/ thought it was worth saving, I guess.

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