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    97 KB Duskwood Hearts VII Joseph Evens 10/10/10(Sun)21:02 No.12400927  
    (Let me start by saying sorry I am late. Combination TvTropes and SCP-Foundation makes time fly)

    Automatic gunfire and screaming freed me from a horrible fate. Whoever catches the bouquet is supposed to marry the best man and I was in a room surrounded by toothless hicks. Rip was there too.

    To say I was celebrating is a lie, people were in trouble and as I exited with Creed=9 in hand I saw what the commotion was about. Cultist, the ones we’ve been hunting, they were attacking this town too. Much like last town they were using man catchers and bolas, a grave mistake now that they were facing armed opponents. Still, they would soon show that there are things far more dangerous than gunfire at their disposal.
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/10/10(Sun)21:06 No.12400964

    >Were this not my own wedding, I'd have been grateful for the diversion of battle.

    >Joy and fellowship are far from my greatest talents.

    >However, I was still quite furious at the interruption.
    >> Joseph Evens 10/10/10(Sun)21:13 No.12401047
    Rip started for a truck parked in an ally across the way. I couldn’t tell you why she headed for it with such determination, but I could tell you she continued to be amazingly slow. Lupus set forth to take cover in front of a building across the street, his speed was amazing in comparison to Rip’s. While my allies moved I put on my gas mask; knowing last time they used stink bombs. A keepsake from one of the many riots I was deployed to suppress, it would end up being an unnecessary precaution.

    Behind the building Lupus took shelter behind I could see one of the heretics. I had no time to aim but did the best I could to squeeze off a round and it flew true, striking the man in the face. Cú slid his mask down, one again signaling him entering a battle trance.
    >> Sgt. Varn 10/10/10(Sun)21:15 No.12401078
    Oh how I wish I could be apart of your game. I feel like my sarcastic, chain-smoking, goggle wearing, maybe slightly psychotic, pyromaniac guardsman would fit right in. Besides, everything is better with fire!

    I only hope that I'll be able to stick around long enough to read this as you type and provide feedback. I have very much enjoyed all of the archived threads.
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/10/10(Sun)21:16 No.12401093

    >I was beginning to worry there would be no singing on my wedding day.

    >I was rewarded with song at last, and with a dance, no less.
    >> Joseph Evens 10/10/10(Sun)21:28 No.12401230
    More cultists came into view, all of them armed with man catchers or bolas, and all of them focused on taking us for some dark purpose. We made sure they wouldn’t have their way with this town.

    One ran passed the one I wounded, and rip made short work of him with her combat shotgun. However down the street two were charging me, and I am not one for a physical fight. My concerns were put to rest as Lupus sprung forth from his position. They hadn’t seen him and he made one pay for it. With one swoop he sliced one clean in half vertically and paved the streets with gore. I took aim and fired at the target I had injured just before and fired another round through his bicep, removing his ability to manipulate the man catcher he wielded. Cú charged behind me, cutting off the man who was charging towards me and removed his legs. A good portion of the street was filled with blood and both he and Lupus wore it proudly.

    Bolas flung from down the road, both heading for lupus. With speed he leapt over the first and though the second connected it only wrapped harmlessly around his left leg. More cultist appeared in the alley Rip was heading towards and one managed to get his man catcher around her shotgun. She maneuvered it in a way that ensured she wasn’t disarmed but she was very unprepared for melee combat.

    >Be right back, I need to walk the dog
    >> Joseph Evens 10/10/10(Sun)21:31 No.12401267
    Thanks man, and yes. I think he would fit in well.

    Hell for any /tg/ goer If you're in the tri-state area near SCCC feel free to sit in. I think our party is a bit full but there is alot of talk of a RT or DW game (Hell, i've made 3 space marines and a void master already)
    >> Anonymous 10/10/10(Sun)21:32 No.12401275
    fuck. yes. been waiting for this for a while
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/10/10(Sun)21:37 No.12401336

    >I wish I could say with truth that I cut down the one wrestling with the girl in her defense.

    >I wish I could say it wasn't bloodlust.

    >I wish I could say the precision with which I struck was for fear of hurting her.

    >I wish I could say it was not simply my burning, animal mind seeking the simplest, most direct route into my prey's flesh.

    >But I can't.
    >> Centurion 10/10/10(Sun)21:52 No.12401495
    Dammit, I just watched Iron Man 2 and read that in Tony Stark's voice.
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/10/10(Sun)21:58 No.12401546


    Although Cú's voice is more like the low, cautionary growl of a massive dog provoked. Like think of John Coffee from The Green Mile, but without the southern black man inflection and in a lower, calmer monotone.
    >> Joseph Evens 10/10/10(Sun)22:01 No.12401581
    Never the less, Rip grappled with the man before she could be ensnared. Lupus charged down the road, toward the docs and where we suspected the cultist originated from. Rifle fire could be heard there in bursts and full auto. Perhaps the civilians were slowing the advance or maybe the cultist were cutting people down. We didn’t know.

    I paved the way for Lupus, firing a full auto burst into the one cultist that stood in his way, and making a far more direct path for air to reach his lungs. The man doped dead and Cú stumbled in the sea of organs and blood he and Lupus created. More men came from the alley and tossed bolas at me. I side stepped one only for another to wrap around my shoulders and pin my arms down. Lupus too was besieged by bolas once again from a side ally, but all of them when wide or were evaded.
    >> Joseph Evens 10/10/10(Sun)22:09 No.12401672
    >voice deeper than Michael Clarke Duncan

    I paved the way for Lupus, firing a full auto burst into the one cultist that stood in his way, and making a far more direct path for air to reach his lungs. The man doped dead and Cú stumbled in the sea of organs and blood he and Lupus created. More men came from the alley and tossed bolas at me. I side stepped one only for another to wrap around my shoulders and pin my arms down. Lupus too was besieged by bolas once again from a side ally, but all of them when wide or were evaded.

    Rip injured the man she was grappling with and I quickly wormed my way out of the ensnarement. Cú recovered and charged the man who was tied up with Rip, ending the fight by clipping him with his massive sword. I use the term clipping lightly as a deep gash released a torrent of blood on Rip and gave Cú yet another coat of gore. His guardsmen armor quickly taking a deep shade of crimson. The man collapsed from the sudden blood loss and quickly faded. Bolas were tossed at the two, one wraped around Cú’s sword and the other missed rip. I saw an injured man flee from Lupus, apparently not corrupted enough to sacrifice his life.
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/10/10(Sun)22:11 No.12401692

    >As I slid in the mire of carrion, my hammering heart grinned a little at the humorous thought of wallowing in it like a beast.

    >I had a feeling this was going to be an enjoyable night.
    >> Joseph Evens 10/10/10(Sun)22:29 No.12401894
    Rip was now in the perfect range to put her shotgun to use and ended the nearest cultist’s live by removing his face. I looked to where Lupus was but couldn’t see him, he must have charged into the alley where the bolas came from. Turning back I sent a storm of rounds at the remaining two who were both knocked down from the blows, one didn’t survive. It was then that I felt the tremors.

    I turned only to see the far building explode before my eyes. The blast wasn’t caused by explosives or weakening of the structure, it was caused by pure force. A massive beast was charging me, easily taller than most buildings here and its eyes were fixed on me. A carnosaur! The building was now little more than rubble and it didn’t even slow the beast, and I was the next and only thing in its path.
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/10/10(Sun)22:36 No.12401988

    >The beautiful thing about Her song is that, the larger, the stronger, the more indestructable or untouchable or perfect and unmarred a thing is...

    >The greater the pleasure in breaking it.

    >To break it, twist it, snap it, rip it, shatter it, tear it apart, crush it to pieces, scatter it's flesh and blood until the whole thing has vanished...

    >Then revel in the afterglow.

    >That thing was big, and it was sublimely powerful.
    >> OP's GM 10/10/10(Sun)22:38 No.12402013

    Its more like a cross between a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Crocodile. Still pretty big.

    You guys will see soon that I probably got something wrong with the rules for large monsters :P

    On a side note, as a GM it feels really, really fucking good that my players liked the campaign enough that they started doing this.
    >> Joseph Evens 10/10/10(Sun)22:47 No.12402115
    I heard another burst from a rifle in the distance and the beast suddenly stopped. Dazed, confused, it looked like a lost puppy who was larger than most buildings and very very hungry. The beast looked down at its feet to the endless gore created by Cú and Lupus. My life was saved, but why?

    It didn’t matter, this beast couldn’t be allowed to roam this city and I informed everyone over the micro bead. “That thing isn’t leaving this place alive!” Rip finished off the man I knocked down and ran for the vehicle I heard screams from the alley as Lupus when to work. I switched guns, the small bullets of the Creed would do nothing even en mass but the large Tranter shells might. I’m not sure where Cú was, but it seems he exited the trance as I could now hear him breathing into the micro bead.

    The beast fell, and I was as confused as it was. It stood and started its feast again as I saw Cú run behind it and into the building. He was coated in gore, even more then he was previously and more importantly he moved with a purpose. Lupus stood at the corner of the building and lifted the Cameleoline cloak over his head. With that he vanished.
    >> Anonymous 10/10/10(Sun)22:49 No.12402129
    I know it's rude to interrupt, but frack
    >> Joseph Evens 10/10/10(Sun)22:53 No.12402180
    Nah it's cool man. I don't see it as interruption and I totaly encourage you all to go "THATS AWESOME" or what-have-you when ever you feel like it.
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/10/10(Sun)22:58 No.12402238

    >There was but a single way in which to deal with this beast without raking the buildings surrounding with wild, panicked gunfire. It had to be immobilized.

    >As I entered the Inn, I found Katherine shocked by my appearance. It would seem she had never seen the dew of battle's dawn before. I'd not the time for explanations, demanding her and the other villagers find somewhere the beast cannot reach, I took to the stairs, and found the second floor window, my entrance to the stage...
    >> Joseph Evens 10/10/10(Sun)23:15 No.12402408
    Rip was at the truck and she told me to stay there. I did, I really didn’t have much else to do and to assault it solo would be my end. I just looked at the beast, it was massive and it kept…falling. Why was it doing that?

    Lupus asked me what he should do and I told him to just stay hidden, I wanted Rip to ram the thing with the truck before we poured on all we had. Not the best plan but it was the best of the bad plans, and we had little to work with. Rip pulled up to me and told me to get into the bead of the truck. I did, and we drove past the beast. She quickly did a hair pin turn I didn’t expect and I was flung from the back and near where I last saw Lupus. I wasn’t injured and as I stood back up heard Cú over the micro bead “Joseph. When I am fallen, my blade and my mask belong to the Macc Bais of Dusk.”

    That didn’t sound good.

    I looked up to see him standing on top of the building next to the beast. His sword was sheathed, and he backed up.

    No, he couldn’t be serious.
    He was.

    He leaped from the building and landed on the creature as it stood up from another mysterious fall. The impact was fierce and Cú had a hold on the creature’s neck. The best fell again right after. Cú's blow was fierce but this seemed unrelated somehow. Rip drove past and fired a blast from her meat hammer that blew a hole in the monster. The haze that was lupus moved in front of me and a gash appeared in one of the creature’s legs. I aimed and fired, the large Tranter shell puncturing the creatures flesh. Cú constricted his grasp when out of nowhere a burst of rounds drilled into the beast from somewhere. They punched right through and the creature fell, dead.
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/10/10(Sun)23:20 No.12402456

    >I can still feel the rigid cartilage of the beast's windpipe crumple and fold as my arm wrapped tightly 'round its throat, the thing's muscles straining against strangulation, displaced by the force of my hold.

    >It feels wonderful.
    >> Joseph Evens 10/10/10(Sun)23:34 No.12402584
    Cú relished the triumph and commented about cooking and eating the beast. He also seemed to eye it up for trophies but reality quickly caught up to him. The town was a mess, and even though we trumped the assault many civilians laid bound, injured, or dead in the streets.

    Cú and Lupus were the strongest of us, and when about clearing rubble, saving quite a few villagers’ lives. I began to untie the town’s inhabitants from the man catchers and bolas that entrapped them. There were signs of panic and many dead cultists. Several didn’t have noses but I wondered what caused their demise and what scarred these heretics. Rip assisted me and when on to treat injured townspeople. There was something wrong here though.

    Many of the villagers I saved were traumatized, rambling about a horrible monster that was different for each person asked. Some said it was the warp itself walking in human form, some said it was a large female sexual organ horribly mutated and moving on its own, others still mentioned something unnervingly specific and tied to a trauma of their past. What was this thing, and where did all the assault rifle shells come from? Was what killed the carnosaur the monster described by these people and why would it help us?

    I was getting uneasy when Lupus saw something none of us could.
    >> OP's GM 10/10/10(Sun)23:42 No.12402650
    Dont mind me, just Contributing something, might contribute more in another thread...

    For the Attention of Inquisitor Saul [Records Expunged]

    Inquisitorial Dossier
    Subject: Josheph Evans
    Sex: Male
    Age: 30 (Not adjusted for Warp Travel)
    Family: Deceased

    Career: Arbitrator
    Cross Ref: Schola Progenium Facility O-CA-IIIVX, Case File [Calyx Pattern Killings].

    Subject is currently under surveillance by Ordos personnel due to his involvement in the CPK investigation.

    Cursory Background check reveals that Schola Believes his parents killed by rebels, deeper probes suggest parental involvement with Mechanicus project on Leyhed 10. Details not readily available, will conduct deeper probes.

    Schola Progenium Reports show average marks in all regards, average but lucky shot. Instructor's note somewhat lax attitude to strictness of regulation and well developed sense of justice.
    [Files Attached]

    Stationed on Vaxanide after Schola Education. Arbites Records show multiple minor infractions concerning protocol. Frequent Riot suppression duty requested and rarely turned down. Case files consist mostly of routine investigations of Adepta murders, smuggler activity, and local narco gang persecution.
    [Files Attached]

    Interrogator Bellarosa: This man is obviously a skilled low level Investigator, whether he can handle Inquisitorial work only time will tell. Disregard for the finer points of protocol limits career advancement in Arbites, not an issue with us. Unhealthy Levels of Compassion noted in case files should fade with service. Suggest snatching this one up before The Tyrantine Cabal or a kill team gets to him first.
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/10/10(Sun)23:42 No.12402654

    >I quickly fell out of the trance, but was sure to make a show of courage and triumph, as the situation had grown dire and the people needed to get moving. A few buildings had collapsed and there were undoubtedly people trapped within. A sad, foul occasion this wedding had become...
    >> Anonymous 10/10/10(Sun)23:50 No.12402738
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/10/10(Sun)23:53 No.12402772

    >> Joseph Evens 10/10/10(Sun)23:53 No.12402773
    To be honest, I couldn’t even see Lupus with his cloak still active, but he was certain he saw someone hiding in plain sight as he was. I spoke to the air
    “Hello? If someone is there we’re on the same side.”
    The air answered me back
    “Cultists are escaping; we must not let one of them live.”

    It was strange, I swore I heard this voice in my own head.
    “Who are you?”
    “The anointed angel of death”
    it was then a woman appeared out of thin air in front of me. She held a Armageddon assault rifle but looked strange. She was tall, and her orange hair flowed even in the still air. Her skin had a blue tint to it and I simply did not know if she was real. I remembered the note of another acolyte of Saul’s joining us, and I had to ask.
    “I am Joseph Evens, do you work for Saul too?”
    She nodded “Yes”
    Her voice was so cold, it was what I imagined a servitor would sound like if it talked.
    “Well, thank you for the assistance-“
    “We must not delay any longer, cultists are fleeing, and they must be destroyed.”

    I am beginning to suspect that I am the only sane man.
    >> Joseph Evens 10/11/10(Mon)00:17 No.12403042
    “They were scattered when they saw death, they fled into the wilderness, but they cannot escape, they must not escape death. We should go now and destroy them to end their heresy.”
    She had a very one tract mind, and I saw how efficient she was with that rifle. Still, there was a better way.
    “No, several of these cultists are still alive here. I’ll interrogate them. If they can lead us to the source of this heresy we can cut the head off this snake, and maybe even free some civilians. It would be far more effective then stumbling in the woods.” I looked back at the giant lizard. “That is if they even make it out”

    She seemed pleased by this and insisted she accompany me. I dragged one of them into an abandoned shed and she stood by me.

    I woke him and began to drill him. These men were tough to crack, but in the first hour I learned some horrific truths.
    The cultist were already in the towns, they simply waited for the assault to begin and would join their fanatical brothers in capturing and killing all they could. Those who did well were rewarded by having their noses removed and sealed. By losing their sense of smell they could commune with the Strank beasts.

    The…..angel of death, grew impatient and I had to plea with her to get more time and uncover more. She agreed and as I began to ask again she added something.
    “Don’t turn around.”
    >> Joseph Evens 10/11/10(Mon)00:27 No.12403143
    I almost did to simply ask what she could mean by that, but I saw the look on the cultist’s face. It told me all I needed to know. He instantly became ghost white and twitched in his chair, pissing himself at the same time.

    I broke into a cold sweat. I didn’t see anything, there was no shadow cast besides the one she always had but I could hear it in my head. It was the sound my world made as it burned, faint, distant but true as I could remember it. This was only what I heard and whatever sorcery she was performing wasn’t even directed at me.

    He became so easy to talk to, a fact that chilled me more.

    This was all the first colonist, they were all first colonist. The raids occurred every full moon to honor the first family. I asked him about the first family and he simply said the key was on the boats. His mind was quickly slipping. I stood and blocked his view from the woman behind me. He seemed relieved, and I put my Tranter to his head.
    “Do you repent?”
    “Then suffer the fate of all heretics.”
    I squeezed the trigger and he was no more. The screams of my past died with him

    “Most excellent Arbities. We shal head to the boats at once”
    >> Joseph Evens 10/11/10(Mon)00:45 No.12403270
    It had been two hours, it was the dead of night, and I head things I thought would only haunt me in my dreams. “No.”

    She showed no signs of being upset, but I knew she was.
    “I will not suffer these heretics to live any longer.”
    “It’s late, we do not know if they’ll return. Right now these people need us, and we need rest.”
    “We cannot stay to defend them.”
    “We won’t”
    I took out my vox and called the PDF. After a quick brief they dispatched troops.
    “They will be here by morning, that’s when we’ll go”
    She accepted this answer, though she was fine with spending countless nights killing, but her body was not. She needed the rest as much as we did, and I soon collapsed into sleep.

    I awoke next morning to the sound of ships. I readied quickly and headed outside. Jorgumnd, he was the one locking down this town as well.

    The psyker followed me closely. It seems she picked me as being the leader and so made her opinions known to what seemed like only me.
    Lupus…when he heard her talk he just started laughing. He seems to find endless joy in the insane, and stood to the other side of her, if only to laugh more.
    Cú cleaned himself up sometime during the night and seemed concerned about his new wife.
    Rip was distant, her cheery mood was gone, and I did not know why.
    Conrad seemed fine with everything, I hadn’t seen him during the entire fight, but he didn’t “activate” and start to capture civilians. Maybe he wasn’t one after all, but I still did not trust him all that much.
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/11/10(Mon)00:53 No.12403358

    >I had seen Rip running about in a panic as we attempted to rescue the villagers trapped in the collapsed buildings.

    >She had tended to the wounds of many, but it was a pace she could not sustain, and the frustration and sadness showed on the poor girl's face.

    >She couldn't save everyone.

    >She was young and I don't believe she had ever held a dying man as he bled out in her arms before. Bless her, she was a long way from being accustomed to it...
    >> Joseph Evens 10/11/10(Mon)01:06 No.12403473
    I told Jorgumnd everything I knew, but he just seemed surprised we were still alive. He took the information to heart and put heavy watch on the rivers and dispatched men into the woods around the town. Many more stood guard throughout the streets.

    We looked over the boats and I discovered a map, not unlike the one of the rivers we had. On it was a X marking something.

    After a quick comparison we marked this X on our own map and decided our next move. The town was locked down unfortunately, and after talking with Jorgumnd he agreed to let us take one of the cultist ships. Cú continued to show concern over his new wife and his white hair was worn in a long braid now for some reason.

    The angel of death quickly grew impatient saying things like “He’s gone native” and “We should leave him” I wouldn’t be surprised if she contemplated about killing her. I had to think fast to keep her from lashing out and Cú in higher spirits.
    “Jorgumnd…want me to owe you another favor?”
    Cú’s wife was soon on a ship with guard and heading for the port city we arrived in.

    They both seemed pleased, Lupus more than anyone else thanks to the psyker’s voice, and we climbed aboard the ship.

    It was a tight squeeze for all of us so I decided to go into one of the wooden slave cages. It was unlocked and unbarred but for some reason everyone found this “strange”
    Lupus even called me “Weird” while practicing with his chainsword nearby. He seemed to have finally mastered it. I asked him what he did last night and he calmly replied “Watching the cultist’s bodies burn”.

    This man called me weird.
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/11/10(Mon)01:13 No.12403534

    >I don't understand why. I hate fire. But it is a noble force as well... I had prayed for the lost during the night. Some of them were, in some way, my new family, and it was only right.

    >I think Lupus just liked to watch them burn...
    >> Joseph Evens 10/11/10(Mon)01:17 No.12403568
    Cú talked to Rip about something, and she cheered up immensely. I was happy, hopefully now I wouldn’t be the only one she bothered and more importantly our team was bonding.

    The angel of death however…she stood on the highest point, in a zen like pose with her eyes rolled in the back of her head. I don’t know what she was doing but she would comment with her cold voice about creatures around us.

    I knew little about psykers, but this seemed extreme. Still, her strangeness seemed to put Lupus in hysterics.

    I was literally sitting in a cage surrounded by the quirkiest and maddest people I’ve ever known, but the madness worked together. Cú’s dark maturity was a counter to Rips cheerful naiveté. The angel was mad but serious while the easy going Lupus found great humor in her madness.

    My level head allowed them to interact with the normal world. We simply worked together.

    At this time we drifted into a bog of some kind. Right where the X marked and the angel shouted a warning. Stank beast were, everywhere.
    We stumbled right into the cultists’ heart.
    >to be continued
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/11/10(Mon)01:28 No.12403649

    >I had grown exceedingly wary of the beasts in the area, and would not be caught unprepared in the event of being attacked on the boat.

    >I found a length of mooring chain and used this to bind Hardfang to my hand.

    >As I completed this preparatory measure, I noticed the girl's startling silence. I expected coldness and steel hearts from warriors, never children.

    >"Are you alright?"

    She looked at me, her eyes empty. "...I couldn't save them all."

    >I made sure to hide my normal, comfortable severity with a slight, reassuring smile. "You never can, but you can always try. And you tried hard. I saw."

    She sighed, not entirely convinced. "Yeah..."

    >Leaning a bit nearer, I told her, "Listen, though some of those people may have died, many more had their lives saved by your care... You did good."

    >She was silent at that, but I saw her mood soften a bit. I was glad. We need morale.

    >And children deserve to be happy.
    >> NEXT TIME ON DUSKWOOD HEARTS Joseph Evens 10/11/10(Mon)01:39 No.12403757
    Out of the fire and into, another fire
    Strank beast rock the boat.
    Our psyker blows people away from trees
    Lupus finaly gets to use his chainsword and he uses it really, really well.
    Cú fights the way he usualy does and...

    Someone may or may not die (Our DM wouldn't say)

    All this an more next week on Duskwood hearts!
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/11/10(Mon)01:42 No.12403787
    >Cú fights the way he usualy does...

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    So, /tg/, comments fromt he peanut gallery?
    >> Joseph Evens 10/11/10(Mon)02:00 No.12403982
    also, because I forgot to put it at the start, you can find the other Duskwood Heart chapters here:

    Enjoy, I'm going to bed. Cu will probably be around longer

    night everyone
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/11/10(Mon)02:04 No.12404023

    I, in fact, will be here for a bit longer.

    So, questions?
    Ideas for ways Cú could have better implemented Operation: Steve Irwin???
    >> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)02:07 No.12404046
    I enjoyed it
    But it 's two am
    All I can say is, you're an okay mutated bloodthirsty maniac who worships the ruinous powers in my book
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/11/10(Mon)02:09 No.12404064


    Choke-slammin' Gator-sauruses and consoling shaken, depressed teen Techpriestesses.

    It's what Cú does.
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/11/10(Mon)02:10 No.12404079
         File1286777448.jpg-(495 KB, 1622x3026, CuBW_CropLarge.jpg)
    495 KB
    Thread is archived:

    >> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)02:24 No.12404193
    Highly enjoyable..Ive been here every sunday, and ill continue to be. I DM Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader/Deathwatch myself..And I simply wish I had a group as good as you...Im not throwing insults at my players, but this has been epic.
    >> Joseph Evens 10/11/10(Mon)02:25 No.12404206
    That sounds like heresy!

    But seriously though, there's alot of talk of "What if we find out Cu is a semi heretic"

    All i know is if i tried to fight him I'd probably die unless my luck continued to shine. It'd be cool to see Cu and Lupus fight though.

    My money would be on Lupus simply because of numbers. Lupus can attack more in one turn, dodge better. parry better, and frenzy with a giant sword limits your options. Still one lucky hit and Lupus would be done.

    Like I said, it'd be something to watch

    Ok bed for real now
    >> Joseph Evens 10/11/10(Mon)02:27 No.12404226
    Trust me, doing it in character smooths things out.

    I'd say 20% of the time me Lupus and The angel of death are laughing about something dumb and another 20% of the time Cu says something profoundly disturbing that causes us to talk about it for a while.
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/11/10(Mon)02:28 No.12404236

    Hearing that makes me feel awesome.

    And btw, anyone can be a good roleplayer if they put a lot of writing into their character, play to their strengths as a RL individual, (have a character who shares your ideals, etc.) and invest themselves emotionally a little.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)02:32 No.12404263
    HA! Oh god, thats good. No. My players arent anywhere near that level, its sad but true. I have two -very- good roleplayers who get bogged down by the rest. Still, the games arent half-bad when its all over and ive been trying to help them all along. Im hoping after this next Dark Heresy game, things will be alittle smoother.
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/11/10(Mon)02:37 No.12404303

    Not to mention, I have good damage soak, 4 fate points, enough pen to ignore all his armor, and he can't attack multiple times without using all-out attack, which removes his ability to dodge. Plus, 67 base WS in the frenzy, 87 with all-out attack which I'd have to do. not to mention I hit for 2d10+5 and would just spend fate points to re-roll until i got enough damage to one-shot him.


    Oh. Well, as long as they don't ruin the game, they should get into the groove of serious RP soon.
    >> Joseph Evens 10/11/10(Mon)02:40 No.12404328
    I don't think you need that much writing, you only need an Idea.

    Figure out who you want them to be and then make sure you become that. Try to see things from your characters morals and such and think of how they would act

    of course it is very important to stick to that no matter what.

    Sometimes writing alot of background can help you get into your characters head more, but I don't like it. Find what works and stick to it
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/11/10(Mon)02:41 No.12404348

    I thought you were going to bed, you fedora full of sex?
    >> Joseph Evens 10/11/10(Mon)02:44 No.12404365
    Well you have less soak becase his sword also pens away all your armor, and he can do multiple attacks without giving up his dodge. He has 50 WS but 70 Dodge and fate points to re roll that. Hell if he wanted to he could hit you 3 times in one round.

    Really its wounds + big damage vs multiple small + dodge.

    fairly equal
    >> Joseph Evens 10/11/10(Mon)02:44 No.12404374
    You know me, I say I will but then start reading something
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/11/10(Mon)02:47 No.12404403

    He learned swift attack and lightning attack? dayum. I thought he just had furious assault.
    >> Joseph Evens 10/11/10(Mon)02:49 No.12404428
    He has swift and furious. So using both he can hit you 3 times. In a fight with you I think he'd just use swift

    then again he's only 200 exp from tier 5, he gets lightning there as well as step aside (dodge twice a round).
    and he technically out damages you. 1d10 +5 x2 = 2d10+10, that's an extra 5 wounds and he can still dodge.

    So yeah it'd more or less be who fails a dodge roll first
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/11/10(Mon)02:53 No.12404463

    Honestly, at that point, he'd probably win lol.

    Then again, I'm getting furious assault and swift attack next, as well as crushing blow.

    Really, we're almost the same character, but advancing in a different order.
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/11/10(Mon)02:55 No.12404485

    Btw, can't use swift and furious at the same time.
    >> Joseph Evens 10/11/10(Mon)02:56 No.12404494
    Right, it's take hits vs dodgeing hits

    Very interesting to watch. NOW I WILL SLEEP
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/11/10(Mon)02:58 No.12404512

    You lie. You know you're getting drawn back into ghost sex manga.
    >> Joseph Evens 10/11/10(Mon)03:00 No.12404534
    You ambushed me with that
    "Oh it's depressing, but cheery"

    All the sudden ghost sex.

    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/11/10(Mon)03:01 No.12404544

    You lie like a rug.

    You know you want to know what shenanigans occur in their everyday life together as a homeless man and a sexable ghost.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)12:29 No.12407890
    Last second bump for daytime /tg/
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/11/10(Mon)13:33 No.12408368
    Seconded, good sir. This thread must be read.
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/11/10(Mon)14:16 No.12408748
         File1286820987.jpg-(84 KB, 750x750, Uncanny_Valley.jpg)
    84 KB
    Bumpin' it. Gonna keep this beauty up through tonight for anyone who missed it.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)14:17 No.12408761
    it's archived, you don't really have to do that
    >> Cú Airúath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 10/11/10(Mon)14:20 No.12408780

    I know, but i need some vague, feeble rationalization for satisfying my urge to bump this thread.

    Let me have this...

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