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  • File : 1286890472.jpg-(283 KB, 1600x1078, 0738011.jpg)
    283 KB Planes and Mercs intermission op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 10/12/10(Tue)09:34 No.12418058  
    Hi folks!

    It's been a while, but we've all been busy, I've started University again, and Steve dissapeared off the face of the earth (he warned us he would though, so I don't think he is dead)

    However, I got an email this morning from him, saying that we will be ending our current campaign after a few more missions, and starting a new one. He has asked us about what we'd feel like doing, Vietnam, 1980s, or pre/post WW2. It would be the same style, a mercenary outfit or squadron, flying planes, doing missions others don't want to do.

    Any ideas what I should pick? I'm kind of leaning towards post-ww2 myself.
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)09:37 No.12418071
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)09:37 No.12418074
    I know! I thought op and crew were dead! HALLEFUCKINGLULGEAH!
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)09:39 No.12418080
         File1286890766.jpg-(221 KB, 1024x695, 1159987.jpg)
    221 KB
    The best thread/series on /tg/ has awoken!
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)09:39 No.12418083
    1960s/70s Mercenaries could be good; you'd essentially be doing the same sort of thing but for different people (committing warcrimes for newly independent countries in Africa, flying for the CIA in Cambodia, getting involved with the Israelis, etc).

    Also, it means you could get an English Electric Lightning and that would be awesome.
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)09:41 No.12418094
         File1286890891.jpg-(52 KB, 703x463, 1268342751805.jpg)
    52 KB
    Op, you made a new pilot yet?

    I shed manly tears on news of your death.

    >> sukhoi !KJHro3/ISM 10/12/10(Tue)09:44 No.12418104
         File1286891080.jpg-(381 KB, 1200x812, 1464826.jpg)
    381 KB
    Op, I will admit, that I actually shouted WOOOO! when I saw your thread on the front page! What is up man?
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)09:45 No.12418109
    Planes and Mercs!
    Planes and Mercs!
    Planes and Mercs!
    Planes and Mercs!
    Planes and Mercs!

    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)09:50 No.12418127
         File1286891449.jpg-(287 KB, 1024x671, img_75_10574_6.jpg)
    287 KB
    My vote is for whatever era gets you this pig.
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)09:51 No.12418130
    Well fhtagn me in the r'lyeh, I'd already given up about this. Grand!
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)09:53 No.12418141
    I am fond of pre-WWII.
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)09:56 No.12418158
    1980's or 'nam would propably offer the widest variety of planes - especially those odd and clunky older planes - to use.
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)09:57 No.12418160
    Only one song can properly express my feelings about Planes and Mercs

    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)10:00 No.12418173
    i personally think pre-ww2, or possibly post ww2 could be interesting. Pre just because you won't have very good planes, and will probably have at least one biplane, andpost because there would be a HUGGGEEE amount of scrapped fighters lying around. get a FW-190
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)10:01 No.12418178

    call it 4chans Flying Circus
    >> sukhoi !KJHro3/ISM 10/12/10(Tue)10:01 No.12418180
         File1286892113.jpg-(51 KB, 683x1023, 1268713928582.jpg)
    51 KB
    I clicked on that expecting a shitty song, but damn, I love the choice, it has my vote as the theme song for planes and mercs.
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)10:11 No.12418216
         File1286892671.jpg-(63 KB, 800x632, Lightninglarge.jpg)
    63 KB
    Lightning Bros.
    >> op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 10/12/10(Tue)10:13 No.12418222
    Point Values of Planes
    (Steve said in the note for you guys, that he balanced encounters using these values, but prices were dependant upon what gen the aircraft was, and it's point value, using a multiplier, which is why the Phantom appears higher then the F-18 in this list)
    Boeing F/A-18D: 68
    Mirage F1: 55
    McD Phantom: 72
    McD F-15E: 99
    GD F-111: 93
    F-16C: 62
    Fulcrum: 68
    Su-27: 90
    Su-30: 93

    I hope that helps.
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)10:14 No.12418228
         File1286892891.jpg-(140 KB, 786x600, p61.jpg)
    140 KB


    OP, will you have access to multiple countries planes in these? Because that's harder to swallow in the eras you listed there. If so, definitely go for post-WWII. A time when jets and props still regularly intermixed.
    >> op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 10/12/10(Tue)10:16 No.12418239
    Thanks guys, and Sukhoi, for the welcome!
    >> op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 10/12/10(Tue)10:24 No.12418273
    That was my thought as well, mostly gun fights, and from the description we be picking it up just prior to the Japanese surrender. Wartime stocks would be open to us for the picking, although we probably wouldn't be able to get our hands on the really good stuff, but 109s and Hurricanes, early Spitfires and stuff (I've been doing research)
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)10:30 No.12418288
         File1286893806.jpg-(382 KB, 1125x1125, 1279552199459.jpg)
    382 KB
    I note that the more fragile and single engine planes are rated lower, as they should be.

    It is pretty cool to see the Phantom beating the F-18, it makes sense, it is faster, has a decent radar, and can take a hell of a beating.
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)10:32 No.12418293

    See if yo can get a Hawker Typhoon. It's The A-10 of WW2. (Not counting the Stuka, but... it's a fucking Stuka.)
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)10:35 No.12418301
    I thought the A-10 of the Second World War was the Il-2.
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)10:39 No.12418306
    No, the A-10 of WW2 was this:
    The He177 with a 75mm Tank cannon.
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)10:40 No.12418313
    My vote would go for the Il-2, definitely a star of soviet air support.
    >> The Pole 10/12/10(Tue)11:19 No.12418411
         File1286896793.jpg-(144 KB, 597x401, 1277264898855.jpg)
    144 KB
    I do like Pre-WWII

    Id love to see a pre-WWII version of this pic
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)11:28 No.12418440
         File1286897297.jpg-(42 KB, 764x599, thunderbolt.jpg)
    42 KB

    Gee, I would have though that this would have been the A-10 of WWII.
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)12:19 No.12418680
         File1286900353.jpg-(53 KB, 750x600, caps-lock-3.jpg)
    53 KB


    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)12:45 No.12418857
    Nah, not enough firepower.
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)12:47 No.12418872
         File1286902024.jpg-(24 KB, 400x309, Scheda83.jpg)
    24 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)12:49 No.12418888
    I heard the Germans got butthurt that the British called their Eurofighters Typhoons because of lol exploded Nazi tanks
    >> Alex 10/12/10(Tue)12:50 No.12418899
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)12:52 No.12418911
         File1286902348.jpg-(77 KB, 500x390, war_tubas.jpg)
    77 KB
    >> Skyhawk !s8wM1jRkX6 10/12/10(Tue)13:22 No.12419113
         File1286904137.jpg-(251 KB, 1500x644, 1277884353335.jpg)
    251 KB
    Holy shit...you're back! I'll admit I've been busy and not paying attention lately but seeing a Planes and Mercs thread still makes my crack a smile and waste hours of time F5ing.

    Post WW2 would be interesting in a lot of ways and yet meh in others. You've only got guns...which i don't mind...and your choice is props or about four different jets.

    Korean era is still largely the same but you've got a few more choices in the jets department.

    Vietnam era is, i think, your best option. If gives you the widest selection of aircraft and weapons and allows for many more hot spots around the world.

    Just realized you could fly against the soviets days after the end of WW2 as mercs in an attempt to halt their building the eastern bloc...or at least slow it.

    And I could convince someone to use an A26!
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)13:23 No.12419126
         File1286904226.jpg-(117 KB, 1024x651, gau8ep6[1].jpg)
    117 KB
    Does /tg/ know about the new DCS game?

    >> Skyhawk !s8wM1jRkX6 10/12/10(Tue)13:36 No.12419219
         File1286904996.jpg-(882 KB, 1980x1323, Grumman_F7F-3N_Tigercat.jpg)
    882 KB
    Tigercat or Bearcat ftw...or if you're forced to choose early war aircraft a Hurricane would certainly be a good choice for a merc group. As would a Warhawk. If you can find something with a radial engine you like it'd make for easier maintenance in the field.

    Ok so i'm liking the post war idea more and more.
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)16:30 No.12420708
    Hurricane is shit.
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)19:21 No.12422417
         File1286925676.jpg-(93 KB, 400x225, dlc12_f-15e_pixy_01.jpg)
    93 KB
    Yo buddy. You still alive?
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)20:04 No.12422721
         File1286928257.jpg-(705 KB, 714x1011, 13645104.jpg)
    705 KB
    Planes and Mercs I've been saving this pic just for the thread.
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)20:42 No.12423072
         File1286930544.jpg-(22 KB, 336x337, 1202541402311.jpg)
    22 KB
    So, reading through Mercenary Air Squadron, there's this nagging thought in the back of my head to start a campaign. Its giving me flashbacks of Ace Combat and Area 88, for one thing.

    Any elegan/tg/entlemen up for a late 80s game?
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)20:44 No.12423086

    The Hurricane was a rock-solid gun platform which could take a shocking amount of damage, and was one of the first real fighter-bombers. Hardly shit.
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)22:24 No.12424154
    I am.

    Organize it on the P and M forum
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)22:26 No.12424171
         File1286936768.jpg-(111 KB, 657x797, chagall_violinist2.jpg)
    111 KB
    Link pls?
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)22:27 No.12424186
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)22:28 No.12424200
    >Steve disappeared off the face of the earth (he warned us he would though)
    This is going to do nothing good for the "Steve is secretly a spook" conspiracy theories.

    Anyway, do Vietnam. Still flying jets, but grittier and missiles aren't quite as reliable a kill.
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)22:29 No.12424206
         File1286936955.jpg-(464 KB, 1600x1284, 0747978.jpg)
    464 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)22:32 No.12424233
    We've all agreed Steve is either a spook, an ex-spook, or an ex-spook/civ contractor ie mercenary cutout.
    Or a military intel spook.

    Op, when he comes back, look for new scars, a tan, anything to give a clue as to where he has been. Then check the news and see what unexplained car crashes/aircraft accidents happened to notable figures about two weeks before he returned.
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)22:34 No.12424257

    Or just a well-read nerd, but /tg/ doesn't do realistic.
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)22:35 No.12424273
    That doesn't fit in well enough. A nerd would be looking up facts and figures and ignoring real-world situations and problems. Steve doesn't do that, from what I've seen the guy is an operator.
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)22:45 No.12424386
         File1286937930.jpg-(34 KB, 504x338, vietnamnapalm1966.jpg)
    34 KB
    Vietnam of course. Just think of all the tasty sideplots between missions. And all the movies we can watch while waiting for your reports.

    WW2 aviation has its charme, but overall the technology was much more limiting, and the global situation less polarized. For an air mercenary setting the cold war seems like much more fertile ground.
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)23:13 No.12424711

    >from what I've seen

    You mean from what you've heard, second-hand, from an anonymous guy over the internet.
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)23:24 No.12424852
    The "Baron is a spook" thoery, yes, i've heard of that one as well.
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)23:34 No.12424979
    No, Steve is.
    >> Skyhawk !s8wM1jRkX6 10/12/10(Tue)23:39 No.12425024
         File1286941146.jpg-(120 KB, 1200x652, 1235730043592.jpg)
    120 KB
    I've changed my mind. Pre/Post WW2 would be the most awesome option. Yes you're limited to guns, rockets, and bombs but the 1930s and 40s were volatile times that were ripe for mercs, contain a plethora of awesome aircraft of all sorts, and are just plain awesome all around. Plus you've got some great media to back the era up.

    You've got fantastical stuff like Crimson Skies and Porco Rosso, historical stuff of all sorts from the Spanish Civil War, WW2, and all the little brush fires post war, and all sorts of stuff in between.

    You've got awesome aircraft all around as well. Pre war gives you the I15/16 aircraft(solid little buggers), early BF109s(amazing performance), a host of American biplane fighters(like the Grumman series), and dozens of other options.

    During the war you've got the Hurricane, Wild/Hellcat, various russian aircraft, the Zero or Nate, Brewster Buffalo, Warhawk, and BF109 just to name a few of the solid core aircraft that might find their way into the hands of mercs.

    After the war...well pretty much anything you want. And thats just the fighters. I'd outfit a PBY Catalina much like the BlackCat squadrons of the south pacific for long range night operations for example.

    Just so many options...

    Hell you could probably pick up a French fighter like the ones pictured for pretty cheap post 1940. ^_^
    >> Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)23:54 No.12425164
    I agree that the 30s would make a great setting. But not for the technically perfect air combat Steve is so great at. You can do that there, but the fascination with technical detail seems misplaced. Those were the early days of military flight and everything looks much better in a more romanticizing light.

    Which is why I believe the era would be better suited with a pulp game, or something more heroic than dystopian.

    'Nam on the other hand would be perfect for jet fetishism. And gunship missions. (drooling homer.jpg)
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)00:02 No.12425257
    Maybe early World War II as well. China was known to have actually hired American mercs to fly missions against the Japanese (Flying Tigers, fuck yeah!), and it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility for Great Britain or an Allied government in exile to hire out as well.

    Plus, WWII was the golden age of the old fashioned dogfight. It just HAS to be done.
    >> Skyhawk !s8wM1jRkX6 10/13/10(Wed)00:02 No.12425259
         File1286942557.jpg-(173 KB, 1024x768, Spitfire Mk VB.jpg)
    173 KB

    Yes for the group dynamic OP seems to have an era with a much more varied weapons load would seem to be the better choice since they seem to like picking up everything from unguided rockets to smart or custom munitions.

    When all you've got is a couple of machine guns and a pair of bombs your options are...limited.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)00:09 No.12425333
    Op, what about playing more missions in your current setting, just with new pilots?
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)00:14 No.12425382
         File1286943242.png-(99 KB, 278x242, EvilOwl.png)
    99 KB
    >F-16C rated lower than anything else in the same gen
    >my face when
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)00:33 No.12425541
         File1286944385.jpg-(90 KB, 500x430, coolface_bubbles.jpg)
    90 KB
    Problem, Viper fanboi?
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)00:36 No.12425566
    Pre-WWII. The interwar era has all sorts of crazy shit going on around the world, plus you're in the era where they're trying out all sorts of crazy shit. Think Porco Rosso, except without the unexplained partial transformation into a pig.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)00:49 No.12425680
    Porco Rosso is great. But shooting planes to shreds without killing the pilot? Little kidnapped girls making a day at the beach of their air battle? I can't see Steve making that happen. And the canal run take-off would be fatal for sure.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)00:51 No.12425689
    Post WWII, late 40's/early 50's, around the time of the Berlin Airlift.

    Ex-Allied pilots flying covert missions for western governments in third world hellholes when they need deniability. Help overthrow banana republics. Shoot down foreign dignitaries with communist leanings on flights back from the UN. Fight on the side of Chiang Kai-shek against the reds in china.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)01:04 No.12425822
    I mainly meant the crazy plane designs. Plus the conflict between the "knights of the air" image and the "most combat pilots die quickly and horribly" reality. And the darkness lurking just beneath the glittering exterior of the 1920s.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)01:59 No.12426257
         File1286949578.jpg-(24 KB, 400x267, igla.jpg)
    24 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)02:12 No.12426339

    Interwar would be awesome, Massive fleets with a focus still on battleships. Colonialism is still rampant.

    Tons of different plane designs (some early wwII stuff and some late 20's early 30's designs as well)

    lots of cool stuff.

    The other one i'd say would be korean war era. a mix of wwII and early cold war stuff. first generation helicopters and P-51s and spitfires up against the first new age jetfighters.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)03:43 No.12427048
         File1286955816.jpg-(385 KB, 790x1218, AREA 88 VOL 01 CH 01 COVER cop(...).jpg)
    385 KB
    So this is basically Area 88 the tabletop game?

    Sounds awesome!
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)03:48 No.12427087
    This is way beyond Area 88. Steve, our mysterious GM, appears to have a very good idea of the technical details of modern fighter craft. His missions are eerily realistic and all the shady characters and organizations check out. This is as realistic a simulation as I have ever seen.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)10:29 No.12429205
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)10:49 No.12429288
         File1286981361.jpg-(171 KB, 726x935, ivillage.jpg)
    171 KB
    Bloke from >>12423072 here:

    For new readers,

    As I said, I'd be willing to run a Merc Air Squad game, but with a different tone to the regular Planes and Mercs game. More Hollywood/AC rather than technical realism, focus is on action and telling a continuing story.

    If people are up for it, I'd be glad to start it up within the week.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)10:50 No.12429291
    This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment. It is not available in your country.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)10:53 No.12429313
    Well MAS standalone is kinda lame, more of an economic simulation. And C21 over the net.... I don't see it working well.
    But try the zetaboards forum, if you will find someone it's there.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)10:56 No.12429331
    What's C21?
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)11:00 No.12429354
    Air War C21 is the crunch Steve uses to resolve air combat. It's a tabletop simulation for use with models.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)11:04 No.12429372
         File1286982249.jpg-(22 KB, 370x480, in harms way.jpg)
    22 KB
    Has anyone ever tried out In Harm's Way: Wild Blue. I just discovered it and was wondering what its strengths are.

    (pic is the ww2 version)
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)11:59 No.12429784
    Judas Priest - Hard as Iron
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)12:00 No.12429798
    There is a copy of it floating around the PandM crew, you could try asking them for it.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)12:07 No.12429834
         File1286986054.jpg-(154 KB, 1024x768, 1268715375893.jpg)
    154 KB
    Damn, awesome choice!
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)12:10 No.12429862
         File1286986240.jpg-(60 KB, 670x495, Taiwan-Army-soldiers-demonstra(...).jpg)
    60 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)12:15 No.12429896
    I'd love to do mach 2 over the ocean in that beast!
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)12:16 No.12429902
         File1286986595.jpg-(191 KB, 1200x809, 1738690.jpg)
    191 KB
    Still the hottest thing in the skies.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)12:19 No.12429920
         File1286986771.jpg-(10 KB, 240x235, ROCKITS.jpg)
    10 KB
    Wooshhh, your shiny expensive jet is no more.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)12:27 No.12429984
         File1286987271.jpg-(185 KB, 1024x695, 0739958.jpg)
    185 KB
    Sea Sparrow? Those are a joke. Come back when you have a real threat, and not an anti-cruise missile defence system.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)12:29 No.12429995
         File1286987354.jpg-(146 KB, 1024x587, 0221171.jpg)
    146 KB
    Oh boy, the ground fags are here, claiming they fight the important battles of a war...
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)12:29 No.12430000
         File1286987388.jpg-(73 KB, 887x479, agm88_harm_f16.jpg)
    73 KB
    Much obliged.

    You turned on your tracking radar. My ECM pack was waiting for that to pinpoint you. Your missile is being jammed, but I also dropped some chaff just to be sure. And we've sent a little something your way.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)12:30 No.12430004
         File1286987434.jpg-(259 KB, 1280x866, 1511693.jpg)
    259 KB
    Bye Bye Air Defense!
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)12:31 No.12430009
    Not to mention that most air defense systems will be taken out by hackers, like in Iraq, and Georgia.

    The rest are mopped up by the weasels.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)12:36 No.12430032
         File1286987765.jpg-(252 KB, 800x500, 1268410656774.jpg)
    252 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)12:38 No.12430045
         File1286987888.jpg-(804 KB, 1280x1024, 1269014447536.jpg)
    804 KB
    There's thunder in my veins!
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)12:39 No.12430049
    Maybe it is just me, but I love the Fast Pack versions of those. They look like little rhinos.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)12:40 No.12430058
         File1286988012.jpg-(332 KB, 2100x1500, B-2_FA-18_Formation.jpg)
    332 KB
    Thank you, sir, may I have some more crunch?
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)12:40 No.12430061
         File1286988028.jpg-(230 KB, 1200x900, DSCN0013.jpg)
    230 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)12:42 No.12430072
         File1286988167.jpg-(715 KB, 2312x1535, 1271335581519.jpg)
    715 KB
    Bringing Sexy Back.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)12:46 No.12430100
         File1286988402.jpg-(194 KB, 1136x564, Saab_J29B_1.jpg)
    194 KB
    Hmm... post WWII seems nice, but I got a place special for 50's-70's (ie, vietnam, pretty much), but that has mostly to do with this bastard.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)12:55 No.12430144
         File1286988914.jpg-(2.95 MB, 3000x1602, F-4_Phantom_II_F-22_Raptor.jpg)
    2.95 MB
    Seconding this request, please!
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)12:58 No.12430163
    The barrel or ''Tunnen'' as the swedes called it, my uncles first jet flight was in one of those. Says they handled like a delivery truck.
    >> Fligh/tg/uy !!USvlahNxTB4 10/13/10(Wed)12:59 No.12430171
         File1286989158.jpg-(2.83 MB, 3872x2592, BAE_Lightning_Takeoff.jpg)
    2.83 MB

    By the way OP, have you made a new character yet? Could you talk us through the character creation process?
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)13:11 No.12430243
         File1286989877.jpg-(268 KB, 1024x695, F-4s_Japanese_AF.jpg)
    268 KB
    Oh god yes! Please tell us more
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)13:20 No.12430289

    Has OP left already?
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)13:28 No.12430349
    About a day ago...

    He comes back sometimes.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)13:38 No.12430410
         File1286991480.jpg-(163 KB, 1280x851, F-14_Ready_For_Cat_Launch.jpg)
    163 KB

    Didn't check the date on OP's post, derp
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)13:45 No.12430449
    Hangar Queen, but goddamn she looks good on prom night.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)15:37 No.12431403
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)17:33 No.12432769
    requesting vectors to page 0
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)18:19 No.12433235
    Has anyone heard new development on the guy who said he'd run P&M as a quest since people wanted it?
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)18:51 No.12433510
    see >>12429288
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)19:05 No.12433617
         File1287011138.jpg-(102 KB, 800x520, 1235345340099.jpg)
    102 KB
    Uh, yeah. I've checked C21 out, and it doesn't seem well-suited for forum/online play.

    MAS seems decent enough. Will run a solitaire scenario first to test it out then I'll get back on that campaign...
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)20:41 No.12434452
    Definitely not the way Steve does it. He's got 2 maps, one for clse range, one for BVR. And the equipment he gives to players and bogeys is far more refined than what MAS or C21 offer.
    >> Anonymous 10/13/10(Wed)22:57 No.12435903
         File1287025040.jpg-(2.27 MB, 2560x1920, IAILavi001.jpg)
    2.27 MB
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)00:37 No.12437017
    >Planes and Mercs

    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)02:00 No.12437761
         File1287036054.jpg-(12 KB, 340x255, Celestial_Eagle_Cockpit.jpg)
    12 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)02:16 No.12437916
         File1287036967.gif-(77 KB, 504x403, growler-aircraft.gif)
    77 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)03:04 No.12438405
         File1287039899.jpg-(277 KB, 768x558, Su-35-1-Cockpit-1S.jpg)
    277 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)07:09 No.12439816
         File1287054578.jpg-(406 KB, 1280x1656, planesnMercs copy.jpg)
    406 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)08:23 No.12440082
         File1287059027.jpg-(34 KB, 620x373, do335_v3.jpg)
    34 KB
    op, fly one of these, trollface the prop competition.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)08:48 No.12440176
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)09:19 No.12440288
    The plane that could never land?
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)09:22 No.12440294
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)10:36 No.12440728
         File1287067015.jpg-(205 KB, 1600x1200, crimson_skies_high_road_to_rev(...).jpg)
    205 KB

    DO IT
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)11:08 No.12440954
    OP, I love flying (getting a pilots license after college). Do you know any good pilot/air plane themed role playing game--a like minded Choose your own adventure type book is also desired--?
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)11:22 No.12441029




    Anyone going to answer me?
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)11:26 No.12441063

    you realize this opens the door to stuff like Tales of the Gold Monkey or in the animated world Tailspin or Porco Rosso ?
    I love that shit
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)12:19 No.12441434
    Porco Rosso 2 in production.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)12:21 No.12441443

    Evidently not, but thanks for the bumps.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)12:35 No.12441524
    There are few pure air war RPGs, but it fits nicely into things like Savage Worlds, or Spirit of the Century. In Harm's Way has historic and current air war modules.

    There's simulations like Mercenary Air Squad, Air War, and Crimson Skies which ambitious GMs use to combine with character rules in homebrews. Each have different strengths and combining systems is a permanent balancing act.

    There are no ready to buy books.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)13:05 No.12441724
         File1287075944.jpg-(97 KB, 773x515, m24-068.jpg)
    97 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)13:09 No.12441757
    >Lesbo Jet Fighters
    >An Aircraft Girl RPG

    This needs a cover so that I can troll these threads by posting it, just typing the name doesn't have nearly the same impact.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)13:42 No.12441997
    Wild Blue is an RPG which combines air action with ground action.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)14:14 No.12442192
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)14:17 No.12442216
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)14:20 No.12442235
         File1287080454.jpg-(43 KB, 640x480, datassscan.jpg)
    43 KB
    Is dat sum delicious Rawk ass?
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)14:25 No.12442267
         File1287080711.jpg-(782 KB, 2400x1800, vocaloid broken aircraft.jpg)
    782 KB
    How many airplane based PnP/RPGs are out there? And can I get a link to them? I'd like to run an Ace Combat based game one day.

    Also, on a /v/ note, what is your opinion on HAWX 2? I'd like to get it for PC to try and mod it.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)14:30 No.12442306
    Sadly, reporting that would be kind of a waste of time, it is a worksafe image, and the post is relevant to the thread...
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)14:33 No.12442328
         File1287081207.jpg-(89 KB, 1024x768, Sukhoi_Su-27_3.jpg)
    89 KB
    Here's some real pornography
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)14:33 No.12442329
    Yes, it's so horrible that you have to witness an ass.

    Even though you live with yourself every day...

    OP, go with the Korean War period. Dog-fighting jets, no missiles.
    >> Our porn stars have ailerons Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)14:36 No.12442346
         File1287081370.jpg-(24 KB, 240x180, a.jpg)
    24 KB
    OMFG, look, there's newbies in our thread.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)14:36 No.12442347
         File1287081389.jpg-(619 KB, 1200x812, 1254701.jpg)
    619 KB

    I love the Scandinavian sluts!
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)15:22 No.12442688

    Also, bump
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)15:38 No.12442844
         File1287085095.jpg-(945 KB, 2000x3008, 1283908942965.jpg)
    945 KB
    So, given the opportunity to fly a jet fighter, or to fly this, which would you choose?
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)15:39 No.12442863
    Forgot to add, I'd take a jet fighter.

    Also, that isn't porn, right? I mean, she's clothed, it's equivalent to a chainmail bikini. And she doesn't have wings or a bitchin thrust to weight ratio.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)15:40 No.12442874
         File1287085223.jpg-(824 KB, 1280x1024, Ace Combat lineup.jpg)
    824 KB
    Depends. Which jet fighter is it?

    Any asshole who tells you they wouldn't take flying lessons in one of these lovely ladies over hiring a prostitute is a lying bastard.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)15:40 No.12442878
    Jet, duh.
    Women are a dime a dozen.
    Flying a jet is a one time chance.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)15:40 No.12442879
    Plane. Hands down.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)15:41 No.12442893
         File1287085287.jpg-(158 KB, 576x432, Dive_into_the_Sky_4.jpg)
    158 KB
    Here. You're welcome.
    >> Guardsman Terry 10/14/10(Thu)15:42 No.12442904
    Oh fuckm that second one from the left...
    I'll just stay a virgin for a little while longer.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)15:45 No.12442933
         File1287085503.jpg-(158 KB, 1024x695, 1650422.jpg)
    158 KB
    Jet Fighter. Every time.

    There are like 20 million women who I would love to have sex with.

    There are less than 40 SU-33 Flankers.

    Pic kind of related
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)15:45 No.12442944
         File1287085554.jpg-(21 KB, 500x468, X-02 wyvern 26582.jpg)
    21 KB
    The XR-45 Caliburn. Ah yes. A most excellent choice, really.

    I'll still take the Wyvern any day, myself.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)15:48 No.12442972
    There are precisely two Su-37 Terminators in the entire world. And there will never be more.

    I'd count the lone Berkut prototype, but it's barely airworthy due to MATERIALS FAILURE
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)15:50 No.12442996
         File1287085845.jpg-(42 KB, 225x305, mobile_suit_gundam_0083_stardu(...).jpg)
    42 KB
    >>12442972There are precisely two Su-37 Terminators in the entire world. And there will never be more.

    That means they are incredibly powerful
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)15:53 No.12443017
         File1287085981.jpg-(196 KB, 824x1136, 525887 - F-15 Larry_Foulke Sol(...).jpg)
    196 KB
    Yo, Buddies, still alive?
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)15:53 No.12443021

    Lay of Inverse Ninja Power?
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)15:53 No.12443023
    what is this I don't even
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)15:54 No.12443027

    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)15:54 No.12443029
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)15:55 No.12443047

    stupid sexy pixy
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)15:56 No.12443058
         File1287086172.png-(1.01 MB, 1280x800, yo buddy.png)
    1.01 MB
    Conservation of Ninjitsu, silly.

    Yo, buddy. Still alive?
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)15:57 No.12443072
    Did OP ever post the rules for Planes and Mercs?
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)16:00 No.12443099
    There are no rules. Steve just makes it up. He's that good.

    For splatbooks he uses Jane's Defence yearbooks.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)16:34 No.12443469
    Yes, they've been posted several times...
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)17:11 No.12443814
    You must mean Air War C21.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)18:43 No.12444656
         File1287096184.jpg-(951 KB, 1280x1024, ace0wallpaper12l.jpg)
    951 KB

    There is only one rule in Planes and Mercs...

    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)19:47 No.12445290
    Character creation pretty pleeeeease.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)19:54 No.12445355

    If you get shot down, crash somewhere I can't see.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/10(Thu)23:21 No.12447710
         File1287112861.jpg-(39 KB, 600x394, nam prop strike.jpg)
    39 KB
    I know /tg/ loves some pulp. You guys are just a thread away from Propellerpunk, I can smell it. But hold your horsepowers and think about this for a second. This is Steve. He is the GameMaster of the military industrial complex.
    And Baron in an F-4 is badass. In a triplane it's plagiarism.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)01:44 No.12449169
    This is Maverick requesting a flyby...
    >> planefag 10/15/10(Fri)01:52 No.12449227

    OP, my friend, may I suggest a pre-WWII campaign in Manchuria, being paid by the Chinese to fight the Japanese? Gloster Gladiators up in that bitch.
    >> planefag 10/15/10(Fri)01:54 No.12449235
         File1287122066.jpg-(47 KB, 780x540, gladiator3.jpg)
    47 KB

    Forgot my picture, hurrdurr.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)01:59 No.12449282
         File1287122347.jpg-(59 KB, 800x533, excuse me wtf shark.jpg)
    59 KB

    >Porco Rosso
    >twin-engined seaplanes dogfighting
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)04:55 No.12450915
         File1287132950.jpg-(127 KB, 800x531, Tom_Cruise_Maverick_Thumbs_Up.jpg)
    127 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)05:15 No.12451075
         File1287134148.jpg-(87 KB, 726x780, PZ-1_Phantasm.jpg)
    87 KB
    So I just found out there's an rulesset called AirWar 1918

    Anyone have a free download link/willing to upload their copy/pull a Sukhoi and buy it to then upload it for fa/tg/uys that don't have a creditcard?
    I'm interested in converting it to WW2 era/add a crapton of planes if it's as nice and simple as AirWar C21
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)05:21 No.12451113
         File1287134481.jpg-(250 KB, 1024x673, Piper_Bazookas.jpg)
    250 KB
    *a rulesset, derp
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)05:29 No.12451165
         File1287134944.jpg-(32 KB, 633x475, Do_Want_Cat_Couch.jpg)
    32 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)05:45 No.12451260
    Piper + Bazookas = wat
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)06:07 No.12451394
         File1287137232.jpg-(37 KB, 450x338, Brilliant!.jpg)
    37 KB
    pic related
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)06:15 No.12451426
    Did you know that the US Air Force gives members of intel flights in its jet fighters? You don't have to be a pilot, or an officer, or even reenlist. There's also incentive flights for being awesome at your job or in the community.

    Gonna go up in a Viper soon and I'm not sure how the rest of life is going to compare afterward.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)06:27 No.12451469
    Lucky bastard
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)06:34 No.12451508
    Don't I know it. This is like my childhood dreams--hell, my adult dreams too, since I never lost them--coming true better than I ever hoped.

    Best part? If things keep going at the current rate they are it's likely that get more than one flight before my enlistment's up.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)07:23 No.12451754
         File1287141787.png-(17 KB, 381x400, At_First_But_Then_All_My_Hate.png)
    17 KB
    All of my hate...
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)07:30 No.12451782
    Hey, join the Air Force and it could just as easily be you. If I'd known sooner in life that joining the Air Force would land me in a Falcon without ever going to pilot school I'd have signed the day I graduated high school. It's not all cake and unicorns but I love the work, have the best coworkers of any job in my entire life, and have gotten to go all over the states and non-shithole overseas spots. And I'm just a 4-year.

    Or you could become an army warrant officer and fly the whirling blades of death, with all of the perks of officerhood and none of the shitty paperwork/admin duties. Warrant officers LOVE their jobs.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)07:39 No.12451815
         File1287142743.jpg-(12 KB, 441x146, il2drawing.jpg)
    12 KB
    "It was crude, in the same sense that a sledgehammer is crude.
    It had no adornments and was dedicated to its function without regard to aesthetics."
    - Greg Goebel, Aviation enthusiast and writer
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)07:42 No.12451831
         File1287142936.jpg-(21 KB, 350x375, stalin.jpg)
    21 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)07:43 No.12451838
    Not an option unfortunately, I'd never pass physical or mental
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)07:45 No.12451850
    by mental I meant psych evaluation, obviously (derp)
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)07:48 No.12451868
    You can work out and lie, can you not?
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)07:53 No.12451883
    Or work out and get stable.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)07:59 No.12451904
         File1287143944.jpg-(78 KB, 604x453, Awesome_T-Rex_F-14.jpg)
    78 KB
    If you guys can find me a cure for clinical depression and injury-induced osteo-arthritis of the finger joints I'm all ears ;)
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)08:06 No.12451941
    But..but prop driven aircraft in a COIN roll are bestest..

    Skyraider and Bronco <3
    >> Fligh/tg/uy !!USvlahNxTB4 10/15/10(Fri)08:12 No.12451962
         File1287144746.jpg-(271 KB, 1800x1179, Piper_PA-48_Enforcer.jpg)
    271 KB
    Enforcer related
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)08:21 No.12451995
         File1287145283.jpg-(264 KB, 1200x960, f-16_1.jpg)
    264 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)08:27 No.12452016
    Did you break or fracture your fingers?

    I won't ask why- I fractured my ankle last year and was told "you can expect arthritis in that joint in the next ten years" in the same tone as "you can expect a tax rebate". Shit fucking sucks, knowing that before I'm 40 I'll be lame. I feel your pain anonbro.

    >prootcau hospital
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)08:36 No.12452064
    Never actually broke 'em, but I've been close a couple of times. One time to many, you get a slight misalignment of the joint and the cartilage starts to wear...

    Shit sux

    Here's hoping cartilage regeneration hurries the fuck up...
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)08:57 No.12452163
         File1287147440.jpg-(242 KB, 1025x695, 0903171.jpg)
    242 KB
    Six to midnight.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)09:01 No.12452176
    Has anyone got the mission reports? I keep being told by my roomate that they are awesome, but he never saved them.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)09:06 No.12452194
    archives, motherfucker.
    Do you speak it?
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)09:06 No.12452200
         File1287148016.jpg-(282 KB, 1100x810, 1164987.jpg)
    282 KB
    Still my favourite mission.

    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)09:16 No.12452238
    Re-reading it now, I had forgotten about the Bofors.
    >> Fligh/tg/uy !!USvlahNxTB4 10/15/10(Fri)09:25 No.12452284
         File1287149156.jpg-(792 KB, 3000x1993, CH-53_Formation.jpg)
    792 KB
    Oh god yes, that was glorious
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)10:01 No.12452431
         File1287151269.jpg-(70 KB, 680x731, F-19-refueling.jpg)
    70 KB
    Wow, still alive?
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)10:03 No.12452442

    Of course it is. Our faith is eternal, unto autosage.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)10:05 No.12452453
    Go to 1d4chan (it's a wiki). Type in "planes" in the search bar. It'll come up, with most of the MISREPs stored there (that said, I hate the format and much prefer reading them archived. Archive link is on that page too).
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)10:09 No.12452481
    The Forum has them all as well, but the style of post on /tg/ makes for more entertaining reading.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)10:14 No.12452510
         File1287152083.jpg-(40 KB, 510x314, Lockheed_L-133.7.jpg)
    40 KB
    Especially with the reactions from anons posting between OP_again's posts
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)10:19 No.12452537
         File1287152355.jpg-(101 KB, 795x500, F-22.jpg)
    101 KB
    am i the only person who finds F22s incredibly sexy?
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)10:20 No.12452543

    Nah man, it is a sexy plane.

    Bit expensive, though.
    >> op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 10/15/10(Fri)10:20 No.12452546
    So, character creation rules, more plane stats, anything else you guys want me to get? Steve told us to expect an email today, so with luck we'll have our new mission today. Kind of psyched about it, since we haven't played in so long.

    I'm thinking I am going to make an Air to Mud specialized pilot this time around. (I love the jargon I've picked up from you and playing this game!)
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)10:21 No.12452552
    One of the planes and mercs leader only gets wet for the Flanker and its many sisters.

    But I like the Raptor
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)10:24 No.12452564
    The helo mission was great, but for sheer balls to the wall craziness, any of the missions with the French Foreign Legion take the cake.

    I love those crazy french bastards, we always end up with sheer awesome win. (The Mogadishu Port mission in particular)
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)10:24 No.12452565
    If possible, getting the subset rules he uses would make it SO much easier for me to GM a game.
    -Air to ground bombing
    Also, besides more plane stats, getting more munitions stats (missiles, etc) would be all kinds of boss.

    Looking forward to new missions!
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)10:24 No.12452567
         File1287152697.jpg-(79 KB, 1024x545, Gripen_NG_Strike_Configuration.jpg)
    79 KB
    Lo and behold, He returns!

    As much of Steve's additional rules as possible, please (did he ever get around to typing everything up instead of just going with a notepad like you mentioned?)
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)10:26 No.12452576
         File1287152802.jpg-(265 KB, 1280x960, 1586955.jpg)
    265 KB
    Is that the mission where they loaded up a Cub with Semtex and then crashed/flew it into the objective, wiping it out along with most of a city block?

    Because yeah, that was fucking awesome.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)10:29 No.12452593
         File1287152994.png-(152 KB, 434x321, 1276227822700.png)
    152 KB
    >plane full of Semtex

    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)10:32 No.12452607
         File1287153172.jpg-(89 KB, 800x525, FFL.jpg)
    89 KB
    That's the FFL for you
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)10:38 No.12452636
    The first time we heard they'd be working with the French, we all laughed.

    And then the FFL bombed a hospital because some insurgents/militia were hiding in it. Then they cluster bombed a village. And then they straffed a refugee convoy, which was interspersed with militia.

    Everyone who has read the PandM threads knows, when the FFL shows up, shit goes boom and warcrimes abound.
    >> op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 10/15/10(Fri)10:48 No.12452686
    I'll try my best.
    I don't know, haven't seem him in a while.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)10:58 No.12452740
    Thanks! Also, you should see if he'll tell you where/why he vanished. You might see an entire thread of /tg/ flipping out.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)11:01 No.12452752

    If he told him he might have to kill op.
    >> op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 10/15/10(Fri)11:06 No.12452793
    We have our suspicions in our group as well. We don't think he's in the Forces though, since he's about late forties at this point? The guy who plays Judge (Biscuit) is older as well, and knew Steve through a game club.

    I don't think any one of us has ever asked Steve what he does in real life, he's a nice guy, but some of the shit he says during a game freaks us out. I can't really put it in words, just sort of the tone he uses at points.

    And yes, I know I am feeding the conspiracy, but is there anything specific you want to know about him?
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)11:08 No.12452806
         File1287155291.jpg-(32 KB, 200x250, noahbennett.jpg)
    32 KB

    does he look like this?
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)11:10 No.12452821
    Huh. Well, that's interesting.

    Okay, how's he built physically? I don't mean identifying features, but is he a wiry guy, slab of muscle, desk jockey?

    Where's his accent from, if any?

    What points does he use this tone?

    Mostly, if you do ask him stuff and he tells you, just remember that we don't need all or even most of the details.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)11:17 No.12452862
    Even if he's not in now, he could have gotten called for on-scene consulting, assuming he was an experienced fellow.
    >> op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 10/15/10(Fri)11:23 No.12452902
    He's in good shape, but not pure muscle. His accent is different, I mean, perfect english, but it sounds 'off' at times, but that might just be me. His tone is mostly used explaining ground stuff, he really hammers in the violence of the ground fighting, adding details I wouldn't think about (like the executions with a gun in the back of the neck). It happens when he talks about death as well, not like a casual reference, but sort of like death happens, if that makes sense? He's not glorifying it either.

    Again, I might just be reading too much into this/ been influenced by you guys. But he knows his stuff.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)11:23 No.12452905
    If you're up against a competent air defense network, it's going to be a loooooooong day. What many people don't get is that air defense is not about shooting down shit and racking up kill numbers, it's about protecting your own ground assets.

    The Iraqis didn't get it. As a result, about 6% of all coalition air missions were SEAD and after less than two weeks, there were no more iraqi SAMs, leaving coalition aircraft to bomb at their leisure.

    The Serbs in 1999 got it. More than 20% of all NATO missions were SEAD, yet serb SAM units were still intact at the end of the air campaign. The SA-6s used by the serbs (60's vintage systems) received the most attention by NATO due to being the most modern missiles the serbs had. NATO SEAD missions expended over 750 anti-radiation missiles and hundreds of other weapons. The serbs lost exactly 3 SA-6 launchers during the entire campaign. Meanwhile, entire strike packages had to break off due to sudden SAM threats, recon planes had to fly non-optimal routes and bombings had to be carried out from sub-optimal altitudes, leading to serbian troops being largely intact by the end of the campaign.

    The Serbs didn't shoot down much, but they did what air defenses are meant to do.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)11:34 No.12452982
         File1287156878.jpg-(75 KB, 621x450, 1285942048844.jpg)
    75 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)11:43 No.12453023

    >If you're up against a competent air defense network, it's going to be a loooooooong day. What many people don't get is that air defense is not about shooting down shit and racking up kill numbers, it's about protecting your own ground assets.

    This. Area air defense is much like a "fleet in being" for the Navy- as long as you have it, it makes the lives of enemy bombers/CAS assets miserable.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)11:43 No.12453025
         File1287157411.jpg-(54 KB, 434x507, this_is_how_i_fucking_walk.jpg)
    54 KB

    No, this is Steve.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)11:49 No.12453049
    I would shit my pants if op came back and was like "Holy Shit! That's Steve with a haircut!"
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)12:05 No.12453122
    You'd only shit you pants if the MiBs are at your door 25 minutes later.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)12:08 No.12453148
    That would be hilarious
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)12:14 No.12453191
    Late '30s has my vote for the new campaign.

    Somebody already mentioned Tales of the Golden Monkey; add in some Black Sheep, and there you go.

    Campaign could be based around an AVG-like group, only less government-created/controlled (perhaps funded by secretive "concerned citizens"?). Start play with Japan already rolling through Manchuria and Germany trolling Chamberlain. Go somewhat AH by having multiple merc groups with varying degrees of government connections and plausible deniability clashing as proxies of the great powers, and then "bring forward" the late-war designs by a few years as a result. Add in a few twists as to the start and conduct of the war, just to keep the players off-balance, and overemphasize the historical importance of small forces of planes.

    Baron's grandfather fighting in the Battle of Britain with SpitIXs and Mustangs against Fw-190s? Ground support over North Africa, up against the dreaded 88s? A secret strike mission to cripple the Yamato at sea? All while flying the best, most exotic planes to even reach the drawing board in the era? Fund it.
    >> op again !XQ6W0CNp/o 10/15/10(Fri)12:22 No.12453245
    Just got my mission brief.

    Umm, it is a bit different then what I was expecting.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)12:27 No.12453269
    I am suprised no one corrected this one yet...

    Not French, dutch Fokker DXXIs, cheap planes though that the dutch sold to anyone that wanted to buy one, Terribly underarmed at the end of the war with 4 .30 cal machineguns.Never the less finnish and dutch pilots pulled some amazing feats with them though,
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)12:32 No.12453303
    Posting in this thread or making a new one?
    Also (obligatory): Steve's rules please?
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)12:33 No.12453308
         File1287160411.jpg-(18 KB, 500x275, Brewster.jpg)
    18 KB
    Then again, Finns practically dropped bomber squadrons by throwing beer bottles at them. Might have something to do with soviet doctrine though.
    >> planefag 10/15/10(Fri)12:34 No.12453312
         File1287160460.jpg-(23 KB, 427x366, 1260585233295.jpg)
    23 KB

    Hit me.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)12:35 No.12453319

    >Also (obligatory): Steve's rules please?

    OP's inability to get them makes me think Steve just adjusts for them in his head; using Janes info books to get the real numbers, then automagically determining relative modifiers for the game.

    Thankfully, that means we can make additional rules for the game without too much trouble.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)12:38 No.12453340
    New thread guys
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)12:42 No.12453365
    Yeah "Send bombers to hostile airspace without any escort"-doctrine but they learned from and then forgot again when the germans invaded, but atleast that time they had the excuse of having almost all fighterbases being wrecked by german first bombing strikes.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)12:45 No.12453378
         File1287161107.jpg-(39 KB, 800x600, 316 Hawker Hurricane XIIa Z514(...).jpg)
    39 KB
    Between the world wars is a great time period for this - there's plenty of conflicts around for you to be involved in and planes are pretty cheap, so a mercenary crew of pilots is entirely reasonable. The technology is also advancing at breakneck pace as countries around the world attempt to modernise their airforces and switch from low speed biplanes to high speed monoplanes. The infrastructure required to look after planes of this era is also much, much less than that needed for the jets post WW2.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)12:54 No.12453440
         File1287161693.jpg-(21 KB, 450x314, bulldog001.jpg)
    21 KB

    mid '30's is a point of significant change, certanly, so very late 20's airframes and the very newest monoplane fighters would make for interesting stuff. particularly withthings like the rise of fascism, spanish civil war, etc
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)13:01 No.12453494
    One thing I've been wondering about since the beginning of P&M and the general tg plane mania was that how widespread 3+-generation jet fighters are, how long their operational distances can be with the proper precautions, and how few nations across the globe actually have a working airspace monitoring and defense system. If stripped Flankers can be bought on the internet, what happened to all those planes that went poof in the Soviet collapse? What about all the SOKO's that disappeared with the Serbs' ambitions? Where did the planes go that the Malaysians lost in their bookkeeping? What about the endless lines of airframes parked in the desert graveyards in the middle of the United States? And most of all, how much can just small handfuls of these planes affect the fate of entire nations in the wrong hands and what keeps that from happening?

    I suppose that's the very core of the campaign, really.

    >patriot aviest
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)13:04 No.12453509
    Haha, oh wow.

    For Whom The Bell Tolls, IN PLAAAAANES.

    "What ho! Ernest Hemingway at six o'clock, captain! And he looks to be flying drunk again!"
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)13:57 No.12453834
         File1287165473.jpg-(65 KB, 800x459, 800px-DH.88_Comet_G-ACSS_Farnb(...).jpg)
    65 KB
    Somebody should have put some guns on this beauty.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)18:01 No.12455813
    >Its been a few days...

    P&M is still strong.

    >Fuck yes.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/10(Fri)19:37 No.12456419
         File1287185869.jpg-(14 KB, 400x285, Vought-V-173-Flying-Pancake-Fr(...).jpg)
    14 KB
    some flapjack up in here

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