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    224 KB CoC 10/16/10(Sat)01:22 No.12459883  
    I know /tg/ loves stories, and maybe some remember me from two weeks ago when I regaled you with a Call of Cthulhu game scenario I had run.

    The last time ended abruptly due to total party death in what was in a matter of about 3 in game minutes and the party began killing itself in a massive bout of insanity and magic induced hysteria.

    This time half the party died horribly, but the others, one taken in by police and the other rendered near dead would be out of action while in the epilogue the antagonist would complete his ritual to take place the next day thus transforming himself by merging with a horrible creature not of this world, nor even this galaxy.

    It all started in New Orleans on the eve of hurricane...
    >> CoC 10/16/10(Sat)01:31 No.12459953
    It was June at the start of the hurricane season and since mid February there had been a cult that was being pushed hard in the area and then suddenly went quiet. It wasn't a massive society shaking even, but it was still peculiar, about 20 people had been converted into its fold. The people joining it had started by telling their coworkers, friends and family about how great it was and what they were going to learn, but by late March went completely silent and locked themselves up in their house outside in the country of Louisiana, they didn't let visitors inside, they never let the family of the visitors meet them at the door, and they only seldom left for provisions. Gruesome murders had sprung up here and there though, but with no evidence the police could not muster a search warrant for the house despite their suspicions.

    Of the four investigators one was a priest at a local catholic church, some of his own members having left the church so suddenly to peruse this new interest. Their families came to him worried so he decided to get to the bottom of it. The other was an old British antiquarian who had an interest in the occult, so when he heard about a cult doing odd things he became interested quickly. Third was a doctor who had worked on some of the bodies that had been murdered, they were unnatural, they were not like any murder she had seen, but the bodies seemed like an amateur had dissected them and was getting better over time if the bodies were all from the same perpetrator. The forth was the housewife of one of men who joined the cult and she had not seen him since, she and her family were very concerned, and running into each other they decided to get to the bottom of things while the police were paralysed.
    >> CoC 10/16/10(Sat)01:37 No.12460016
    They searched through the libraries and interviewed families involved and discovered that over 60 years ago in 1857 there was a similar cult that had shown up for a short time before a run in with police saw its thirty members dead or found dead upon police entry. They were now very concerned.

    The priest and the antiquarian decided to go to the house alone, perhaps they could disguise themselves as interested in joining the cult that consisted of entirely men and all of middle age or close to. The two alone drove their car to the residence, an old lighthouse. It had long been abandoned when the actual lighthouse part of the house had been torn down decades ago and for decades more until recently the house annex stood by the sea in disrepair.

    It was nearing dusk and the windows were boarded and the doors barred and locked. Looking inside they saw sign of recent use, empty tins of non perishable foodstuffs, but no movement inside, no sound inside. Except for the rain and wind pelting them while standing outside the house looked recently abandoned, but if they had, no one had taken anything with them or cleaned up.

    So they took a crowbar and broke open a door and went inside.
    >> CoC 10/16/10(Sat)01:42 No.12460056
    The sound of ink and rotting food hit them instantly, they searched the first floor and found besides the kitchen/rubbish pile that there were two rooms used for libraries. On the floor there were countless sheets of paper with the same symbols written in different penmanship over and over and over again. The old man decided to take one of the books that people had seen these people reading but aggressively never let anyone else see and tried to figure it out. Meanwhile the priest went upstairs following a lingering scent of rotten food.

    On the second floor the smell was strong, and opening a door saw six bodies lying dead on their beds. No violent sign of death, just passed away in their sleep. Not checking to see HOW they died he fled downstairs and told the old man there were dead bodies and they needed to get the hell out.

    That's when looking out the window the old man spotted car headlights outside while another car pulled up outside the house, the sound of a door slamming hard and a figure approaching the house fast.
    >> CoC 10/16/10(Sat)01:51 No.12460126
    No time to hide, the two boarded the front entrance the best they could and then ran for the back entrance. While trying to unlock the back door they could hear the front door banging until they heard it splinter and break and foot steps striding through the house toward them. Finally unlocking the door the priest turns and uses the crowbar to hold the door shut. Immediately the door started banging and splintering. They ran around the side of the house fumbling with the keys to the car and trying to take off. While doing so they could hear over the rain and wind the door break and smash open. Around the side of the house a man in ordinary clothes was running after them.

    Slamming on the gas they take off, but the man gets into his own car and spins it around to give chase. The priest who was using base skill for driving could not pull away while this man kept getting closer. The old man turns around and fires off shots at the car, but the other man does not even blink, he just speeds up faster and faster.

    The old man forgoing the pistol takes some cloth and relying on a little chance. He throws a large blanket out and by sheer luck (seriously a 10% chance I gave him) it lands right on the other windshield blinding the other driver. Then taking the next hard curve the other car misjudges and goes off roading down a slope. Taking the full turn they realize they have cut in front of the slope and the car is still coming through and it fish tails them spinning them around on the road. Meanwhile the other case stops as it crashes into a guardrail. The old man decides to take another shot, but the bullet doesn't hit anything, the man is gone, not in the driver's seat. They freak out and turn their car around and take off at full speed in the wind and rain.
    >> CoC 10/16/10(Sat)01:59 No.12460214
    Meeting back at the widowed farmer wife's plantation they tell the story of what happened. The priest alerts the police as they calm down after some man coming at them with the intent to kill in his eyes and then vanishing somehow.

    The priest the next day checks in with the police, who say that they got an anonymous tip about the bodies in the house and confirmed it, but with the storm they would have a hard time wrapping up an investigation. Since many of those found dead the priest was familiar with he was asked, having worked with the police before, to identify the bodies. While there he this time managed to search the house some more with police protection and found a journal of a man detailing what had been occurring there. They were students of a man they called the master who promised immortality, knowledge and power beyond mortals. He talked about a mirror, a Henry Wilfred (the one who had given them he mission on the previous session) and talking about a Mr. Molyneux. Apparently the man knew about the mirror Wilfred was obsessed with having given it originally to his grandfather's own experiments into the occult.

    Then it dawns on them that the handwriting of the journal belonged to the widow's husband and a portrait in the house looked exactly like the man who had chased them before.

    The occult knowledgeable old man had heard about Mr. Molyneux, and old ball who you try to find, but ultimately he would find you if he wanted to talk to you. Then there was a knock on the front door.
    >> CoC 10/16/10(Sat)02:09 No.12460331
    A tall and well dressed black man bowed and tipped his hat to the widow and said that he had come to meet them.

    They were very creeped out, but the man who said he was an assistant to Mr. Molyneux and would arrange a meeting with him since he was interested in meeting with them. Still freaked out they agreed since they wanted information. Sitting down in a chair and rolling his eyes back into his head his voice suddenly changed to a think Jamaican accent and he addressed them introducing himself as Mr. Molyneux. He asked what their concerns and their questions. All he wanted in return was his mirror back. He had leant it out with his old goals in mind, but something went wrong with the grandfather and the grandson was up to no good with it. They agreed for knowledge about where Wilfred would conduct a ritual they read about where Wilfred would transcend human limits and become a greater being and bestow blessings on his followers. All they needed to do was stop every channellers in this ritual and it would fall apart, possibly killing Wilfred or catching him half way through the transformation and still manageable and killable by them alone.

    Instead of waiting for the night when it was said that the stars and planets would be right they went the day before for a preemptive strike on the abandoned harbour warehouse the remaining five cultists and Wilfred whose bodies were not at the house would be using.
    >> CoC 10/16/10(Sat)02:16 No.12460425
    By now the hurricane was nearly in full swing, it was raining hard, windy as hell and there were holes in the roof of the warehouse so it was soaked inside. They sneaked inside and lit lanterns as it was still very dark inside with non functional lighting and a raging storm outside covering everything in dark grey despite being the afternoon.

    The warehouse had many tarp covered crates and boxes, but after navigating the labyrinth of boxes they found alone in an odd clearing one rectangular object standing tall person hight in the centre of the clearing. The priest approached it and lifted the black shawl to reveal a mirror. The rest of the party who had played in the last session then freaked out and said to cover it back up and to get the fuck out. Then the priest saw blood run down the mirror, "how odd" he said, and the others still freaking out argued over if they should run or quickly take the mirror with them and get out. Then there was a loud bang as I slammed my knee into the bottom of the table taking everyone off guard around the table. The mirror gave off a loud bang. Then elsewhere in the warehouse glass shattered and foot steps in water echoed in the entire warehouse.
    >> CoC 10/16/10(Sat)02:23 No.12460506
    They all stood still in a circle and hoped to get a shot first at whatever was getting closer. The only person who had actually seen the thing last time was not present this time, so they didn't know metagame what this thing was, but they knew for certain it could kill them all in an instant if it got the jump on them.

    Two of the investigators, the old man and the doctor spotted ripples in the water like foot steps coming toward the group. The doctor shaking pulled her pistol out and aimed, the old man reached behind them to the crates they had backed up against and was going to throw the tarp that way and maybe give them a chance to run.

    Underneath the tarp were mirrors, nothing but large mirrors of many different shapes.

    Now this creature was a little odd. It could use mirrors it had prepared or infected with its magic to use as gates from place to place. It was also from what they could tell invisible, bu it was not quite so. It didn't really exist in our world, it could only see our world when that world is reflected in a mirror, and it can only be seen as a reflection in the mirror. And the old man having uncovered a dozen mirrors was looking right at it walking toward them, and it saw him alone.
    >> CoC 10/16/10(Sat)02:33 No.12460614
    He failed his sanity roll, and took huge sanity damage, 8 of it. Then he suffered from extreme phobia rooting him to the spot. I asked the others to leave the room while I explained what he saw. It was a creature eight feet tall, but hunched over so only a little taller then most men. It was black, made of obsidian, had long arms ending in hideous talons, carapace like scaled obsidian skin and a face that was flat like a motorcycle helmet's visor with two red lights behind it like candles shining through a stain glass window. It walked closer and closer and then a toothy black maw opened on the face sounding like glass being torn apart.

    The old man simply laughed manically while it dug its claws into his back and with an upward raise of its claw tore the upper half of his body from the diaphragm up and throwing the body rag doll behind it.

    But he wasn't dead, this thing brought people back to life as reflections, hollow beings made of glass, they were stronger, tougher with tough glass like skin as armor, they woe up not remembing how they died a moment later somewhere else, but with a phyic compulsion from the creature. "Protect my mirror, kill anything that wishes harm upon it." While still sane the player can resist and subvert the order, but eventually coming to terms that they died and they look how they died as a reflection in any mirror will quickly drive them insane.

    To the others when they come back in and sit down notice first the old man is gone, and what sounds like meat being town apart echoes in the warehouse and splash of blood covering all the mirrors behind them.

    It was time to take that mirror and get the fuck out.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/10(Sat)02:40 No.12460674
    so...? It was getting interesting, dude
    >> CoC 10/16/10(Sat)02:44 No.12460714
    The three of them hoisted the mirror and ran out to the car, where the old man stepped out of the back seat of the car and told them to load the mirror in the trunk while he got into the driver's seat to pop open the trunk.

    The investigators were stupefied, they all manged to pass the sanity check for a sudden disappearance of their comrade and the blood splatter and hideous ripping sound, but this defied all reason but again managed to all take minimum sanity damage.

    The plan of the old man was for them to load the mirror into the trunk and take off, but he was too slow and they all piled in, so he took off anyways. Still steering he told them he understood it all, and that the mirror was going to make them all immortal and take them beyond their mortal limits. The old man was crazier then usual they could plainly see. They told him to shut up and just drive them to the plantation so they could hand the mirror over and be done with things. But the old man said they would take it to his own store and hide it there for safety, they could not trust Mr. Molyneux. When the priest disagreed he pulled out his pistol and shot the priest.
    >> CoC 10/16/10(Sat)02:45 No.12460725
    The priest recoiled in intense pain, but the bullet hit for little damage somehow. In response while the old man readied another shot the priest attacked the steering wheel and sent the car into a street lamp. I called on the old man to roll luck, he failed, and he wasn't wearing his seatbelt. He was thrown from the car through the windshield and skidding down the street a fair distance like a rag doll. While the rest of the investigators shrugged off being stunned, they watched in horror as the old man simply got up taking only 3 damage down the street his gun still clutched in his hand. Half of his face had caved in and broken as it had shattered like glass, he was hollow underneath. This time the widow lost it and went into a screaming fit.

    The old man started walking back toward the car like the Terminator taking shots at those stuck in the mangled wreckage of the car.
    >> CoC 10/16/10(Sat)02:51 No.12460785
    Due to the lack of light the old man cannot connect a shot, but those in the car are not doing any better. The priest pulled out a shotgun and fired a round and missed, the old man got closer and jumped up on top of the hood of the car and started firing point blank inside. The priest somehow manged to make a dodge roll, and using his turn kicked open the side door and rolled out. The old man jumped from the car hood on top of the priest and grappled him to the floor. The priest tried to fight back but the old man had changed, and his strength was monstrous now, 18 to the priests 10. The doctor was trying to calm down the widow, but seeing the doctor in trouble she pulled out her pistol and shot, the bullet glanced off his skin causing no damage, only a little mark like a rock chip in glass. The priest desperately got one last chance to fire a shot from the other barrel, but missed. then with his monstrous strength the old man focused on breaking the priests neck. Then he stood up and looked at the doctor who had just shot him.
    >> CoC 10/16/10(Sat)03:00 No.12460885
    She kicked the hysterical woman out of the other side of the car and took aim, and missed. The old man crawled over the roof of the car while taking shots at the doctor, but they wouldn't connect, finally he ran out of bullets and threw his gun away, swinging with his fists. One punch, two punch the doctor went down unconscious. Now the widow had gained her senses long enough to see the doctor get her lights punched out, so she pulled out her shotgun and fired, a direct hit and huge damage even with the glass skin. The pellets left holes straight though the old man and rattled at his feet while he walked toward her.

    She fired again but the old dodged again (in character creation he put huge personal interest points in dodge). And so he swung, but the widow dodged. He tried to get a hold on her and strangle her to death, but he couldn't get a hold on her. Expending all her shells she loads only one more and fires, and misses. The old man lands a punch, it doesn't hit for much, but it hurts. Out of ammo the widow starts beating on the old man with butt of her shotgun. Surprisingly she had a STR of 17 and a good damage bonus of 1d4. She kept dodging and parrying and widlling down the old man in what was the most ridiculous fight I had seen, a widowed housewife of a farmer and an old man turned hollowed glass monster. Finally with one good hit the widow scored max damage and caved in the rest of the old man's head. He stood unsteady for a second then fell backward and shattered into a hundred pieces under his clothes.

    Then the sound of sirens, the police came, took the housewife into custody, the doctor in the care of the medics, and the priest put into a body bag.

    At the very last moment of the session the housewife looked over to the trunk of the car that had opened in the crash, and the mirror was gone.

    >> CoC 10/16/10(Sat)03:08 No.12460967
    So this is the second time they have failed to stop this monster, and the second time they all killed themselves fighting it too.

    So now the next session I either have to just take a break and go on a different story arc or they will be dealing with a man/monster hybrid doing fucked up things in the Louisiana area possibly growing to threaten the very existence of humanity in the southern US and eventually beyond.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/10(Sat)03:19 No.12461076
    This may sound cheesy, but how about the next group to tackle mirror monster is made up of college students?
    Whoever is using that mirror is plumbing the archives for documents. Somehow a game of Bloody Mary ropes the PCs in.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/10(Sat)03:30 No.12461179
         File1287214233.jpg-(7 KB, 460x276, peter-molyneux.jpg)
    7 KB
    Pretty awesome story bro. It can often be a challenge to avoid metagaming when you're up against the same thing twice in a row with different characters, but it sounds like your group avoided it admirably. I reckon I would go on to do something else now, at least for a while. Give them a break, in character and out, from mirror monsters and come back to it later. Was that just one session?

    Molyneux as an avatar of Nyarlathotep is certainly not something I'd considered, but it makes sense, what with the "YOU CAN DO EVERYTHING" and all.

    If you're looking for more inspiration for the Mythos, check out Targets of Opportunity. The DeMonte ghoul clan are a pretty interesting bunch of characters. In fact, I thought this story was going to be about them, since Delta Green used the chaos following Hurricane Katrina to send in kill-teams to try and wipe them out.

    >> Anonymous 10/16/10(Sat)03:31 No.12461191
    The problem is now that no one is using that mirror. Wilfred with no one to stop him (the investigators this time around) would successfully complete the ritual to undergo metamorphosis turning into something combining the creature and itself. So now it has a real body in our world, with its inhuman powers intact, but with a human like mind from what Wilfred can still muster together. So it's an eldritch horror with base human desires and emotions.

    The mirror might be a phylactery now, but its free to tear people apart even when not near a mirror.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/10(Sat)03:33 No.12461201
    And they have to use their Personas to defeat not only it, but also their insecurities and their fears.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/10(Sat)03:33 No.12461205
    If you were the mirror guy, can you repost the old one too?
    >> Anonymous 10/16/10(Sat)03:44 No.12461304
    [spoiler]Molyneux, was actually talking a lot of the time about the spirit realm and the land of the dead. He was the physical body, an avatar, by which Baron Samedi acts in our world.[/spoiler]

    However another man, [spoiler]Mr. Walter Clement whose named appeared in the first session as the man who gave Henry's grandfather a mythos tome that fuelled his experiments is Nyarlathotep. Samedi had his own outcome planned but Nyarlathotep fucked around with it as too good an opportunity to ruin this man, and it did. The grandson could speak with the monster though, and so Nyarlathotep returned as Clement before the session's time frame in mid may to give the grandson instructions on becoming the creature and becoming incredibly powerful. That's saying a lot when he is already a sorcerer and the party never even got to fighting him[/spoiler].

    If anything he might intervene and help the investigators from the distance to stop Wilfred before he goes to far because that would ruin his own fun if Wilfred went too far.

    (Fuck you spoiler tags if you don't work this time then if one of my players sees this thread then fuck em)
    >> Anonymous 10/16/10(Sat)03:45 No.12461310
    Sadly no, I didn't save the text.
    >> Anonymous 10/16/10(Sat)03:48 No.12461336
    [[spoiler: 4chan doesn't have functioning spoiler tags]]
    >> Anonymous 10/16/10(Sat)03:58 No.12461424
    [spoiler]/v/ does[/spoiler]
    >> Anonymous 10/16/10(Sat)04:02 No.12461466
    <spoiler:Fucking per/v/erts!/spoiler>

    >especially finkest
    Never met the man.

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