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  • File : 1288285286.jpg-(146 KB, 800x629, F-4_Phantom_II_Gun_Pods_Tarmac.jpg)
    146 KB Planes & Mercs thread? Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)13:01 No.12600373  
    So, any news from OP_again lately?
    I've been away for awhile

    Other than that, time to share your campaign stories and (house)rules, fellow planefags
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)13:03 No.12600398
         File1288285419.jpg-(123 KB, 1024x768, anti-air-craft-rocket-launcher(...).jpg)
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    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)13:16 No.12600530
         File1288286202.jpg-(28 KB, 764x502, F-4_Wild_Weasel.jpg)
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    Oh hai
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)13:27 No.12600599
    other than the mission brief we got about a week ago, there's been nothing. The forum is pretty quiet too.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)13:31 No.12600632
         File1288287113.jpg-(83 KB, 1961x1308, A-10_F-4_F-15E.jpg)
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    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)13:46 No.12600742
    though, for stories, I have one that makes me laugh.

    I GMed a short campaign for a group of friends- something like 4-5 missions. We had five players- a F-111, A pair of phantoms, and a pair of Kfirs. One of the Kfir pilots had outright stated that he intended to do most, if not all, of the early air-to-air combat, which went over ok, since the F-111 pilot had decided that "Bombs, Bombs everywhere" was an acceptable plan. well, bombs and rockets, but that's neither here nor there for the purposes of the story.

    So I write up a mission brief- short version, the PCs were tasked with bombing an airfield in Somalia to shit before it could be used by rebel forces to bring in their own merc force. threat assessment listed NO aircraft, and limited groundsites.

    their load was almost entirely AtA, with the F-111 taking the most of the bombs- One of the Kfirs took a pair of napalm canisters and one of the phantoms took a few bombs- not many, but some.

    they were completely winchester by the end of it- except of the air to air ordinance. when I asked why they'd picked that loadout, given the mission brief, they basically said "lol, didn't read it"

    it was a sadface moment then, kind of funny now.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)13:55 No.12600809
    What system did you guys use? Regular AirWarC21?
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)14:03 No.12600855

    with a lot of homebrew rules tacked on, yeah. Airwar is basically just the combat mechanics- and even then, there's been quite a few changes.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)14:12 No.12600909
         File1288289525.jpg-(209 KB, 876x740, F-94_rockets.jpg)
    209 KB
    Care to elaborate on/post those homerules?

    I'm always interested in stuff for my own future game :)
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)14:28 No.12601061
         File1288290497.jpg-(64 KB, 600x451, Dassault_Rafale_ALCM_Banking.jpg)
    64 KB
    Seconding request for more homebrew
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)14:31 No.12601097

    there's an older version, well, parts of an older version, up over on the forums. Basically, character creation is butt simple- pilots have no stats, only abilities that work kinda like feats from D&D or something to that effect. it's on an EXP buy system, mostly cos I've always liked those better. The starting money bit has changed significantly since the last time the group played- since the PC squadron can now buy support elements of their own, I kind of re-did how money is handled. the older versions assign a flat budget of... 10$ mil? per player, I think. might have been 15, not sure. Weapons rules were unchanged from airwar (that's changed now, with the addition of the weapons special rules section- homebrew) and altitude rules were cooked up- I tried to keep them simple, though both 'new' altitude bands were pretty lengthy in the rules section.

    Anyway, yeah. there's some of the older rules up on the forum, but because I'm lazy and kinda dumb when it comes to uploading files, they're all seperate .wps documents, not a single zip or pdf. yet. the newer version I'll upload as a pdf, when it's done.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)14:56 No.12601375
    Looking forward to the PDF, be sure to post on the forum once it's up :)
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)17:36 No.12602926

    I've actually been talking with one of my players- she works at a printing company (a local one, by her school) and can cut me a deal on a dead-tree format book when I get it to her. She's also doing the PDF- with pictures and shit, so I'm told- but that's probably not going to be done till about the beginning of the year.

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