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  • File : 1288997545.jpg-(247 KB, 1160x765, faces5.jpg)
    247 KB Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)18:52 No.12692497  
    Would you trust any of these?
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)18:53 No.12692504
    I'd trust 39 SO HARD.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)18:54 No.12692512
    I'd adopt 35.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)18:54 No.12692523
    38 seems trustworthy. And I feel like 36 is crazy as shit but would defend you to the death if you could prove your strength.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)18:54 No.12692526
    40 looks like a Warforged, so all of the bottom row and 35 + 36 of the top row.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)18:54 No.12692530
    36. Lizardmen are nearly always bro-tier.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)18:55 No.12692538
    And by "trust" I mean "thrust".
    >> helpful comrade 11/05/10(Fri)18:56 No.12692545
    Why would I base how I trust someone on how they appear?
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)18:56 No.12692550

    Have fun being a slave to the Fae. Remember to wear your cold iron condom
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)18:57 No.12692558
    37 because she looks profetional
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)18:58 No.12692566
    Look at 39. I don't even care. Besides, Dryads and Nymphs are pretty trustworthy once you get past the whole 'killing beauty' or 'DON'T TOUCH ME TREES' aspect.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)18:58 No.12692570
    i wouldn't trust any of them. But if they didn't try to fight I wouldn't kill them. Except 34. He is too ugly to live
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)18:58 No.12692574

    ... Someone needs to read more German fairy tales.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)18:59 No.12692577
    Nymphs are Scottish?
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)18:59 No.12692583
    No, I don't. I'm talking about the context of RPG rules. You don't get to choose the context in which my comment applies, bro.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:00 No.12692585
    Or more Changeling: the Lost.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:00 No.12692588
    37 looks legit.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:00 No.12692593
    38 and 35 would be trusted.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:00 No.12692594
    33 - COME AT ME BRO
    34 - Run the fuck away. Swallow hot coals, if need be.
    35 - D'aww.
    36 - Lizardmen are always bro-tier.
    38 - Eh. I'd HIRE him.
    40 - He is the hero I deserve.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:00 No.12692595
    Christ, get down off your fucking high horse.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:01 No.12692602
    I would trust number 39 to take GOOD care of my wood if you know what I mean.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:01 No.12692605
    Not a single one of them
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:02 No.12692611

    All we are saying is that there are a lot of different kinds of Fae and that when dealing with them a cold iron condom is the best form of protection
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:02 No.12692622
    I don't follow, actually. Could you explain?
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:03 No.12692638

    I'm confused too
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:04 No.12692644
    35 and 39 don't fit here. I'm suspicious of them, even more so than Count Orcula. 39 in particular has that "come here so I can steal your soul through your penis" look to her. 34 is, well... he has a vagina for a mouth. The only other creatures I know of that have that are either demons or Predators, and running into either one is bad.

    36, being a reptile, can't help his expression. For all I know he's very sad right now and just needs a hug. 37 seems harmless, though. (He might also be a mannequin.)

    (For the record I still like Insect Girl the best. #17 forever.)
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:04 No.12692648
    I think he means that as a creature originating from the forest, it would naturally have a high knowledge of nature, especially relating to the care of wood and wood-made products.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:04 No.12692651

    34. He has a snail mouth. Snails are bro.
    36. Dragons can't lie. It's in the rules.
    38. Look at his widdle faic.
    40. Looks pretty legit.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:05 No.12692652
         File1288998300.jpg-(53 KB, 800x600, youlostme.jpg)
    53 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:06 No.12692657
    Of course. I would hire her as a gardner for my garden. And to choose which trees i can/may take down for christmas and the like. Dat plant empathy man, dat plant empathy.

    Not really, just joking.

    I would make sweet, tender, hot and sweaty love to her. I would also let her wake me up with a blowjob every now and then.

    Would you like me to explain further?
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:06 No.12692660
    makes sense, thanks br/tg/o
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:06 No.12692662
    37- I just got my first helmet
    35- I've got helmet hair
    38- I hope he's not into humans
    39- plants that look like animals are usually a bad thing
    36- Its a dragon get in the cart
    40- Rusted into my armour and cant get it off
    34- With a mouth like that its a scavenger and lkes its food fairly soft.
    33- I'm not letting that thing anywhere near me
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:08 No.12692678
    Enjoy your splinters, dendrophile.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:09 No.12692681
         File1288998542.jpg-(35 KB, 590x347, bawwww.jpg)
    35 KB
    mfw we never got an explanation of the last set of characters(with the doll, the knight, the orb, etc).
    >> $taunche 11/05/10(Fri)19:09 No.12692686
    shockingly, 34 is trustworthy from a glance. 37 is too, though 37 is probably armed.

    33 looks like he's reaching for my juggular. "Maybe another time"

    34 Just looks tired and kinda bored, he's got no real reason to fuck with me.

    35 looks like a furry ditz-to-be and therefore incompetent

    36 honestly looks hungry and I think he could probably digest me. He's eying his dinner with a little bit of a sinister smile.

    37 has a knightly/soldierly appearance and seems serious; probably has no good reason to hide anything and is self-dependent.

    38 is a furry

    39 is a dryad and therefore probably doesn't have her values aligned with a member of a progressive, industrial race.

    40 has spikes on his/its helmet. You don't need spikes on your helmet.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:10 No.12692689
    The orb was above bro-tier. Orb-tier.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:10 No.12692696
    33- definitely a bit monstrous looking. I'd be extremely cautious.
    34- see 33
    35- dawww, probably going to eat my kidney when I'm sleeping or something
    36- Looks awesome, not sure about trustworthiness
    37- Trustworthy looking enough. I'd hit it.
    38- Might be related to dude #3 or something, I'd be a bit wary
    39- Hellooo betty
    40- Cool armor, bro.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:11 No.12692699
    33: Iffy but leaning twords no.
    35: Absolutely not
    36: Yep, you look like you wouldn't tell a lie, cause you'd hit anyone who'd piss you off.
    37: I'm leaning to yes.
    38: Iffy, but yes.
    39: No way in god's green earth would thing this be capable of telling the truth.
    40: Can't see the eyebrows and my insight is shit. I'd have to trust it even if my judgement tells me otherwise.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:11 No.12692701
    >40 has spikes on his/its helmet. You don't need spikes on your helmet.
    Maybe he headbutts evildoers. He looks like a warforged or construct. They don't get to choose how they are built, and they are generally built to look very intimidating.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:11 No.12692703
         File1288998712.jpg-(65 KB, 590x523, bawwwwllglorytotheorb.jpg)
    65 KB
    I want Ribbonfag to tell us who the characters really were, though. Like he did for the first set, and possibly the second.

    Also, the Orb was Hypno tier.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:12 No.12692707
    I have had the luck to meet and befriend a dryad during a patrol in my time in the city guard. There's only splinters when they are angry which usually means rough and angry sex. And they wouldn't want to keep you from finishing her by putting splinters in your big branch if you know what i mean. Arms and legs get some though. Fortunately this angry sex is a rare but pleasant occasion.

    By the way, I harvest her syrup, if you know what i mean. Tastes very good.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:13 No.12692713
    37. The guy/lady seems to be a kind of paladin or knight. these kind of people are trustworthy...well, most of the time
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:14 No.12692720
    You mean awesome lion bro? I get the feeling he would be the retard strength brother of the more considered one here.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:15 No.12692722

    33: Count Orcula would probably be terrible in bed and have a biting fetish. Drool is also off-putting to most girls.


    35: Either a halfling trap (good if you're into that, I'm not) or a child (you sick fuck). No thank you.

    36: If male, hemipenes. Two orifices at once. If female, cloaca. Unsanitary. Oral not recommended for those with weak immune systems and/or stomachs.

    37: Virgin.

    38: Barbed penises hurt. A lot.


    40: Probably into BDSM.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:15 No.12692726
    My thought process was pretty similar. And it's another lion-dude so I wouldn't be surprised.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:16 No.12692727
    No matter how lubed up or inviting she is, you're still sticking your dick into a tree. Even if you don't get splinters, it's going to feel horrible and probably scrape the skin off your cock.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:16 No.12692735
    They might have an awesome mummy-fighting partnership. Like Thundercats. Lion-O aged like 20 years but still had the mind of a child, didn't he? Same deal here.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:17 No.12692742
    There are 40 now? Okay, challenge time: Make eight 5-man-band parties out of all 40. Bonus points if they are thematically similar and look they fit the traditional 5-man-band tropes.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:17 No.12692743
    All of you going on about splinters! Many trees and plants can be soft, even fuzzy and warm. Presuming that she has a vagina, I would gladly place my reproductive organ inside of it.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:19 No.12692756
    She's made of wood, dude.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:20 No.12692759
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:21 No.12692772
    Where are the rest?
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:21 No.12692773
    It's like I'm really playing Fire Emblem!
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:23 No.12692789
         File1288999399.png-(239 KB, 1000x1000, thri-kreen and bard.png)
    239 KB
    Now all you tree-lovers know what it's like to be me. "Does she eat your head afterwards? Do you ever get your tongue caught in her mandibles? Does she like you to spank her with a flyswatter?"

    Bunch of cocksuckers.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:23 No.12692790
    Ribonfag! Have you put that much thought into the Dryad?
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:24 No.12692794
         File1288999444.jpg-(373 KB, 1276x1132, alsma.jpg)
    373 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:24 No.12692796
    On the outside, yes. But on the inside shes as soft as a flower. Its a little different from "normal" women but still awesome. Answer me this: Is your entire body made of skin because your skin is the only thing you see from her body at the moment.

    But hey we have different oppinions thats cool.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:24 No.12692798
    What the fuck are up with these threads all the time?

    What is your ulterior motive OP?
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:24 No.12692800
    I'm actually familiar with people yelling those. Bastards here will complain about anything.

    Wood, chitin, it's all good.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:24 No.12692801
    >fins on helmet


    Besides that, i don't trust people who do not have ORBOs approval.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:25 No.12692805
    I didn't save the big 32-person one that Ribbonfag posted, but maybe somebody else did. Probably archived.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:27 No.12692820
    Actually every part of your body that's exposed is, in fact, covered in skin. The inside of the vagina is still skin.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:28 No.12692825
    Basically, yeah. Everyone here is assuming they would be leader of the adventuring party. Clearly the Orb would be leader, and so would pick the other companions.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:29 No.12692833

    So, the point of these is who you would trust, huh? Who's the MOST trustworthy of all of them?
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:29 No.12692839
    33. Nothing with teeth that large and pointed and is friendly. That thing has teeth that would make a sabertooth jealous.

    34. Weird lamprey-crab mouth. Completely alien and thus impossible to discern the motive of by mere appearances. Best to keep distance just in case.

    35. Little kid. About as trustworthy/dependable as any normal kid, I guess. Probably benign.

    36. Why would I trust something with the head of a dragon-demon? That is grinning at me? Hell no, I'd run away.

    37. Facial expression betrays no hint of hostility. if anything he/she seems bored. Probably trustworthy.

    38. Cats are predators. Bipedal cats with the intelligence of a human? Definitely not trustworthy, might try to eat me. Might even be a raksha.

    39. Talk but don't touch. Or make eye contact.

    40. He won't show his face. For all I know, he might be some kind of hideous undead. People don't hide their faces in conversation unless they have something to hide/are muslim. Not trustworthy until proven otherwise.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:30 No.12692852
    Obsidian Death Orb, hands-down. Uh, you know what I mean.

    (If we don't trust it then it will destroy us.)
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:32 No.12692864
    I don't know, but I would trust the Orb to make that decision.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:32 No.12692866
    Supposedly he's just doing it for fun, but I'd imagine he's analyzing the results and looking for any trends that might show up. Whether he's going for "according to this, /tg/ likes exotic characters," "according to this, /tg/ hates black people," or both, I don't know.

    That, and he probably is having fun drawing all these characters and thinking about who/what they are.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:33 No.12692883
    Orbo is best bo.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:34 No.12692894
    Also, if he is doing this as an experiment, I hope I'm not stepping on any toes by mentioning it.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:34 No.12692897
    Agreed. What motive would a Death Orb have to betray me?
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:34 No.12692905
    Best party of 4 ever :
    ORBO : wizard and god emperor of orbkind
    Count Orkula : tank and master of abnormal neck musculature
    Pissed off Bunny Girl : cleric and generic tsundere
    Chill Turtle Pilot Dude : transportation, skillmonkey, comic relief, weed hookup
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:35 No.12692907
    33: Don't trust the strigoi.
    34: THE HORROR
    35: I like ribbon
    36: I don't like being raped
    37: Yes
    38: Yes
    39: No
    40: Can't tell just from an armour.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:35 No.12692914
    I would trust 27 with my life
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:36 No.12692915
    /r/ing the entire shady fucks series
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:50 No.12693055

    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)19:55 No.12693096
    >Implying I trust any filthy non humans
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)20:03 No.12693186
    >Implying you don't trust Orbo.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)20:05 No.12693200
    What is the shady fuck thing? A porn movie? A porn site? Please explain.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)20:06 No.12693206
    Shady fucks. As in, suspicious characters. "That guy looks like a shady fuck."
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)20:13 No.12693262
    Wait, I saw 1-8 a few days ago... You mean I've missed two whole rounds of this awesomeness? I'm sad.

    This one's a bit more straightforward than the original. I would be foolish to trust anything so alien I can't read its expression, so 33, 34, probably 36, and 40 would be out. Disney makes me want to say 38 is more trustworthy, but that's Disney trying to get me killed and eaten, so nope to that too. 39 looks like a Dryad chick, so I'd be scared I'd accidentally show her I owned a wood product and she'd eviscerate me; I'll pass on that. 35 looks like they could be mischievous, but that could just be them having fun. I won't trust them right off the bat, but I'd allow it to develop pretty quickly. 37 seems the most trustworthy out of these, even if they do look suspiciously like a goddamned elf. They have the military look about them, so even elf soldiers would have discipline and training.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)20:13 No.12693264
    Thank you for this quick and helpful explanation. Good day to you, sir. I am going to continue visiting my dryad ladyfriend. Good times are had by all.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)20:14 No.12693278
    I would trust 40, absolutely. Can't find the right words to describe it, but that type of character (faceless warrior character) tends to be pretty reliable. Might have vulnerabilities to enemy control, but will never betray you of its own will.

    Also, no face on him makes me feel more comfortable, which might have to do something with it.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)20:17 No.12693308
    Are 37 and 40 human? If yes, then I would, if no, then I would kill them without mercy.

    33,34,35,36,38,39 all die, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)20:20 No.12693336
    I'd trust 34 only, but I'm only inclined to trust the ugly.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)20:20 No.12693342
    In absence of any other information:

    33: Big teeth, big jaw muscle attachment points, dressed like some kinda vampire. Do Not Trust

    34: Widely spaced eyes, teeth impractical for tearing off bits of large creatures: Some trust.

    35: Innocent look, (HORNS!) yeah, so what are you going to do to get my soul? Neutral

    36: Draconic + Armor. Neutral.

    37: Knight-ish, gentry, young. Definately buys into the system. Trust.

    38: Druid-vibe. Sad eyes. Trust (unless my local druids have a habit of making wicker men...)

    39: DONOTTRUSTDONOTTRUSTDONOTTRUST, will kill me the second it has the chance.

    40: Halt there criminal scum! Gratuitous spikes on helmet. Why is the face mask down if we're not on a battlefield? Do not trust.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)20:20 No.12693347
         File1289002854.jpg-(23 KB, 362x372, 1238599160032.jpg)
    23 KB
    Well most of the look alri..
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)20:25 No.12693384
    The problem with those types, is that there's likely to be a "true master" out of sight who the warrior serves unerringly. He'll be your most trusted comrade right up until your path diverges from his master's, at which point he will -not- hesitate to kill you should his master will it.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)20:26 No.12693398
    I'd trust 36, possibly 37, and maybe 40.
    35 I'd be very, very wary of.
    39 not at all. Had too many dryads try to kill me for stupid shit.
    I don't know why, but 34 seems like a merchant to me.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)20:26 No.12693399
    Also, what you and your dryad girlfriend do under her tree on warm days.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)20:29 No.12693423
    I do NOT trust #35.

    If you look closely at her portrait, her eyes are misaligned. Her right eye looks like it's trying to get away from her face.

    That's a dead giveaway for a bad shapeshifter or illusion!
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)20:31 No.12693445
    Sometimes. Usually seems to me, though, that when that happens, it's not of his own free will, and you're usually given a way to keep him on your side.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)20:33 No.12693461
         File1289003603.jpg-(27 KB, 455x348, milfeulle_garune_derp.jpg)
    27 KB

    that's just a common ailment among weeaboo shitscribbles
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)20:33 No.12693467
    33. I'd trust him. He's a very snappy dresser and anyone with a mug that ugly and still dresses like that must have a fine personality

    34. He could be either or, from his chained cloak and his heavy build I'd guess he was some sort of leader or merchant, now he could be an honest merchant or the head of a bloodthirsty warband, either is possible. Doesn't like to get his hands dirty.

    35. Something's wrong with this one. Her eyes are too big and too far apart and her nose is too small. Look at those hair horns, could be some kind of cultist.

    36. Appears to be some kind of warrior (because of PAULDROOONS) He looks like the kind of guy who would have you back in a fight, and even if you were the party leader would still want to be treated as an
    equal. May be a mercenary or a regular soldier.

    37. Probably some sort of noble or paladin. If a paladin, then probably newly promoted and if a noble probably incompetant. Would trust their judgement in social situations but not on a battlefield.

    38. wtf r u?

    39. Slut bitch, would stab you in the back for a few gp.

    40. Bro of the year every year. This guy is a hardened fighter through and through and would lay down his life if it meant victory for a great cause. I can imagine his personality clashing somewhat with 33 or 36 if they were in the same group. Has a strong moral code and will stick to it through thick and thin. (uses the spikes on his helmet to headbutt badguys)
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)20:34 No.12693470
    It looks like Cestree, meaning she's a Succubus.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)20:41 No.12693532
    33- Anything snarling at me like that with dull eyes is a no.
    34- Vag-mouth gets an A+ for trying to not look angry, but failing miserably. No.
    35- Probably either a halfling or a child, so either no due to halfling-ness or yes due to childlike naivety :3
    36- Fuck year lizardguy you are the BEST trustee ever.
    37- I'd trust him. Looking straight outwards, probably into someone else's eyes? Totally.
    38- Same thing with 37, except more fur.
    39- I'd trust it, obviously so I can fuck it. Splinters ain't shit.
    40- Unsure; Dem spikes of villainy.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)21:05 No.12693795
    You, sir, have made the right decision regarding splinters. They only appear during angrysex which, depending on your actions, happens either never or as often as you like.

    And those tiny stings don't matter in the heat of the moment. And its just too beautiful to have her slowly take them out and give you sweat, sweat im-sorry-for-doing-that sex. Not the pity-sex or the miserable-sex but the "sexual healing with happy end" kind of sex.

    All of the good stuff in one package. Too bad dryads are very rare and almost completely monogamous once they found a partner.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)21:10 No.12693856
         File1289005803.png-(874 KB, 407x1597, foreveralone.png)
    874 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)21:12 No.12693884

    They are all suspiciously evil, devious or with a stick up the ass
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)21:23 No.12694029
    So she tells you and all the other guys pollinating her.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)21:26 No.12694061
    37, 38 and 40 yes.

    39 is obviously a huldra.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)21:28 No.12694084
    It is likely 39 is soft everywhere it counts!
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)21:33 No.12694131
         File1289007220.png-(303 KB, 905x727, Thri-kreen_knock.png)
    303 KB
    Aren't they all, though?
    >> Evil X >x 11/05/10(Fri)21:34 No.12694144
    I would trust 35 through 39 but try and get some alone time with 39.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)21:39 No.12694182
    >>12693532 here.

    I'd still fuck the tree.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)21:42 No.12694203
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)21:51 No.12694285
    I'd trust 33 and 34 with prisoners to be executed.

    I'd trust 36 and 38 with menial labor.

    I'd trust 39 in the fireplace.

    I'd trust 35 and 37 with my penis.

    Finally I'd actually trust 40.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)22:06 No.12694433
    Bump. You still thurr Ribbonfag?
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)22:18 No.12694591
         File1289009920.jpg-(492 KB, 935x687, rogue.jpg)
    492 KB
    Fighter: 37 or 9 - 37 looks more professional, and might be a girl, but 9 looks like he could handle skirmish combat more effectively.
    Mage: 30 - Orbo is ORB tier, imagine the shit it could throw down.
    Cleric: 5 - Looks like that rare kind of holy person who doesn't have a stick up their arse. 8/10 as well.
    Thief: 27 - Broest thing there, can be trusted not to steal anything of mine. Looks crafty.
    Me - Jack of no trades.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)22:24 No.12694652
         File1289010291.jpg-(23 KB, 703x210, flea-tier.jpg)
    23 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)22:27 No.12694679
    Ya got me.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)22:29 No.12694700
    Is this supposed to be a transformation sequence?
    >> Necrobrotent 11/05/10(Fri)22:30 No.12694713
    I don't see why you're all hating on 33.

    His species eats people, I look delicious.

    I completely and totally trust that his drool is honest.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)22:34 No.12694742
    Not human, not interested.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)22:42 No.12694834
         File1289011374.jpg-(50 KB, 750x1024, stmozgus-1.jpg)
    50 KB
    33. Either he is a poor sod who had the misfortune of being born with extra large tooth and has been left in a vegetitive state or hes coming at me to tear off my neck with one bite.

    34 makes me think of a demon merchant or slavemaster(that chain necklace). Not very trustworthy but I would be okay buying and selling to him as long as theres no strings attached.

    35 In my experience, fluffy-haired kids are okay to talk and feel protective (like a surrogate older brother) around. Its when they grow up that the trust evaporates.

    36 Looks mercenary-ish. If I were to befrend it it seems he would be the easily-pissed-I-will-bro-fight-you-to-calm-you-down type. Wouldnt trust with anything that requires care stealth and caution though.

    37 While he/she does look "serious business"/stoic I get the feeling he is the type to hold everything in and have fits of self-loathing that eventually lead him to betray my party.
    That or he/she has purely ornamental armor, belongs to a bodyguard/servant team that guards an easily-defendable person and has never seen real combat in his life.

    38 Look like the guy just wants to be left alone. Lost in his own musings. Not sure if trust.

    39 Looks mischevious, but otherwise trustworthy. Probably will end up having to do a bothersome favor for her and might be a little selfish but otherwise fair hearted. Might have a darker side though.

    40 Looks mook-ish but battle-hardened. Id certainly trust him to perform a task I pay him to do. Maybe will fully trust him in time if he joins my party.

    Now I have a question for you: Can YOU trust THIS man?
    >> Necrobrotent 11/05/10(Fri)22:47 No.12694881
    I just noticed that we have no warforged ;_;
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)22:50 No.12694907
    40 Could be.

    I always hated warforged. I always thought sentient golems should be fucking rare, if included at all, and every faggot who's seen Full Metal Alchemist wants to be one.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)22:50 No.12694911
    Ultimate party: 7, 20, 31 and 39. Led by 30.
    >> Necrobrotent 11/05/10(Fri)22:51 No.12694925
    They're only fun in eberron setting.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)22:52 No.12694939
    So basically. Guideline to if your party is good or not. Does it contain ORBO? If yes, party is good. If not, party is terrible and you should be ashamed.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)22:55 No.12694969
         File1289012122.jpg-(21 KB, 299x170, GloryToTheOrb.jpg)
    21 KB
    Cropped to emphasize ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNO ORB.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)23:01 No.12695031
    Replace 7 with 10 and we have a deal.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)23:02 No.12695045
    Ew, no way.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)23:04 No.12695061
    Whats the matter son? Cant stand some glasses and plainess on your girl?
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)23:09 No.12695097
    I think we can all agree 5's the best. She's even doing a muted Awesome Face.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)23:09 No.12695099
    Not the dude you quoted, but 10 isn't plain at all. Bigass glasses, choker, deep-cut shirt, hair clips -- as opposed to 7 who's only got the big ears and the masculinity.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)23:11 No.12695113
    Sure, I can agree with that.

    Indeed. But those are just acesories. Take that away and she becomes relatively plain.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)23:13 No.12695128
    Am I the only one who noticed 28 and 35 areprobably related?
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)23:14 No.12695133
    Big Sis and Little Bro. Fucking ad'awwwable.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)23:15 No.12695139
    I'm almost certain that 35 is a succubus, so 28 is probably an incubus.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)01:15 No.12696156
    My party is me and 40, all day err'day.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)01:17 No.12696177
    >Robot Buddy time
    >> Papa !NurglevYtE 11/06/10(Sat)01:19 No.12696198
         File1289020785.jpg-(464 KB, 2320x1647, 32 rollum.jpg)
    464 KB
    Are we getting a set all the way to 100 mr artist?


    I would like to see that roll-thread reach 100. Or at least 80.
    >> Eponymous Rex !!t92QraGPsj+ 11/06/10(Sat)01:30 No.12696330
    10 is still my favourite.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)01:32 No.12696353
    Man, that "HAY GUYS" retard lion gets me every time.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)01:41 No.12696450
    33...too many teeth.
    34 looks like some kind of merchant, so I'd trust him to counter-haggle pretty well.
    35...looks trustworthy, but my inner Admiral Ackbar is throwing a fit here.
    36 is probably a pretty cool guy once you get to know him.
    37, yeah. He looks like he's serious.
    38, sure.
    39 OH DEAR LORD. Never never NEVER trust the fey, no matter how attractive they are. Plus she's a dryad, which means you're going to wind up stuffed into a tree or turned into a tree or Emperor knows what kind of horrible arboreal (horboreal?) fate if she takes an interest in you.
    40, no. He's not willing to show his face.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)01:44 No.12696479
    He's gone bananas!
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)01:44 No.12696487
    32: Whoa, Oogie Boogie had a kid?!
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)04:26 No.12697915
    34: Decadent alien noble
    35: DERP dog girl. Trustworthy, but stupid.
    36: Trustworthy, but only after you get to know him.
    37: Trustworthy, like a good soldier. Probably experienced.
    38: Trustworthy Cat-monk. He'll teach you the way of the jungle.
    39: It's either a Dyrad or one of the Fae, and either way you do not trust her. No way.
    40: Evil knight, kill on sight, make sure that you do it right.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)04:31 No.12697958
    33. My what nice teeth you have there grandma
    34. I get the overwhelming impression that he is going to sell me something.
    35. Cat girl, blowjob edition.
    36. Either a trustworthy mercenary or someone who is going to eat you.
    38. I don't know. Looks like a diplomat or a monk. Not trustworthy.
    39. Ha ha ha golddigger, Definitely not trustworthy.
    40. Can't see their face = no opinion.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)04:39 No.12698005
    38 seems most trustworthy to me. Looks like he'd honor his word.

    But damn, I want #39 so badly... I'd fertilize that plant, if you know what I mean.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)04:41 No.12698020
    we both know you'd just shit it up.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)04:45 No.12698052
         File1289033129.jpg-(120 KB, 640x480, orchid.jpg)
    120 KB
    I found some nudes of number 39...
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)04:50 No.12698079
    33 looks psychotic
    34 looks tortured, but it might be friendly. Still not trusting
    35 looks adorable, but mischievious(Ergo, hyper.) in a way that could get out of hand.
    36 seems like the kind that could betray me.
    37 looks sad. Perhaps they have to do something bad to me. Or they just a bad past. I'm pretty on-the-fence here.
    38 looks honorable & collected. But could be some sort of hunter
    39's smile puts me off. She looks like the kind that would do bad things to me. Or have sex with me.
    40 is in a helmet. Might be honorable & trustworthy. I kinda trust them, but I'd probably trust them more if they had their helmet off.
    >> !clYKH3bpFk 11/06/10(Sat)04:53 No.12698113
    rolled 65 = 65

    33 ★
    34 ★
    35 ★★★★
    36 ★★
    37 ★★★★
    38 ★★★
    39 ★★★★
    40 ★

    Out of 5
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 11/06/10(Sat)04:54 No.12698120
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)04:56 No.12698128
    Dammit /tg/, why is that turning me on so much?

    You bastards.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)04:59 No.12698142
         File1289033964.jpg-(360 KB, 536x800, 1282941595428.jpg)
    360 KB
    It happens.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)05:17 No.12698254
    But he's wearing a sinister, spiky, face-obscuring helmet.

    For fuck's sake, he might as well paint "I'm evil" on his armor.
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 11/06/10(Sat)05:19 No.12698265
    It's just an armor. You can't judge a person from the exterior. Beside I like people that wear full armor.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)05:20 No.12698269
         File1289035206.jpg-(191 KB, 760x596, breastplate.jpg)
    191 KB
    Don't judge man just by his armo(u)r.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)09:57 No.12700082
    28 is a guy, bro. Admittedly, weeaboo shitscribbles make it hard to tell but Ribbonfag usually distinguishes using what chest and shoulder muscles we can see.
    >> brotonnia !!kgt9PWyoNNR 11/06/10(Sat)10:01 No.12700098
         File1289052112.jpg-(24 KB, 302x262, 1275281974775.jpg)
    24 KB
    I trust none of them, and get number 38 high so I can ride him to white castle.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)10:13 No.12700158
         File1289052785.jpg-(596 KB, 2048x1024, screen_41.jpg)
    596 KB
    36, and 40, all the others are bitches and whores
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)10:16 No.12700175
    1, 11, 26, 39
    Best party of druids ever.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)10:17 No.12700177
    Can you stop making these threads, please?
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)10:20 No.12700188
    Not the OP, but why? They're harmless, /tg/-related, and it'll be interesting if he comes back to /tg/ with some data based on trends in /tg/'s choices.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)10:29 No.12700224
    33: nope
    34: very nope
    35: seems harmless, so sure
    36: not immediately, but could be cool later on
    37: hard not to trust someone with the aura of leadership
    38: wary, but sure
    39: sexy is always up to something. always. still causes wood.
    40: see 36
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)12:16 No.12700884
    33 No.
    34 No.
    35 Yes.
    36 Yes.
    37 Yes.
    38 Uh... yes?
    39 I shouldn't but... dryad... yes.
    40 No.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)12:21 No.12700913
    No, all the way around.
    I don't trust anything/anyone that is not known to me personally.

    If by trust, you mean "engage in consensual intercourse with"... yes to all.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)12:26 No.12700938
    So i heard that artist posted some explanations about previous characters. Could anyone post them again or point were i can read them? I wanted to see explanations from the begining of those threads.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)12:28 No.12700955
    33: Undecided, drools but dresses properly. Probably some kind of foreign aristocrat.
    34:Nope. Don't really know why. Maybe because he's fat.
    35:Maybe. Looks like it(he? she?) wouldn't betray my trust intentionally. Just judging by its looks, probably not that smart, so its not something to trust on getting anything important done.
    36: Wears armour, doesn't bare his teeth. Yeah, why not.
    37:Looks reasonable. Yes
    38:Nope. Furries have ruined anything like that for me.
    39:Nope. Read that pollination fapfic/discussion about dryads here on /tg/. Never going to trust a dryad. Ever.
    40:Wears a helmet, as long as this isn't 40k he's reasonable and therefor trustworthy in appearance.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)17:15 No.12703759
    I want to see these too.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)17:18 No.12703784
    None of them. NEVER TRUST ANYONE EVER!
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)18:10 No.12704328
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)19:54 No.12705372
    I'd trust 35 just about as far as I could throw her.

    She called me gay and breathes fire through my shield.

    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)21:11 No.12706251
    Actually, I bet you could throw her pretty far!
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)21:15 No.12706295
    Though if you can't throw a small girl that far, I'd probably join in and call you gay too, sorry.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)21:17 No.12706333
    33 Nope.
    34 Nope.
    35 Nope, looks too nice.
    36 Yes.
    37 Yes.
    38 Yes.
    39 Yes.
    40 Nope.

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