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  • File : 1289339093.jpg-(76 KB, 800x600, 3112971_7988_1181199627053-Het_Woud_3[1].jpg)
    76 KB Flora wars Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)16:44 No.12739472  
    I want to make a pine army list. What should I keep in mind?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)16:47 No.12739492
    Depends, are you going to spec' in smaller or larger trees, and are you paying the points for max pinecones?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)16:48 No.12739502
    Stay with the Pacific list. All others are greatly inferior.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)16:50 No.12739519
    Fuck that, my redwood pine list will blow yours out of the wayer
    >> Ekoi !PpcsYfrVrw 11/09/10(Tue)16:53 No.12739535
    Carnivorous plants here, pinecones are such bullshit.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)16:54 No.12739543
    It only works if you're willing to invest in the high moisture fields though, at least for pacific. I'd suggest go for the Jack pine and Scotch pine for cost effective-ness. That or roll Pitch pine for a good southern plantation.

    Also Im rolling a hickory, Oak, black cherry forest army. Any Haters/
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)16:54 No.12739546
    Pine is pretty nice. They have a real small choke-out radius, but the acid damage is nice.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)16:54 No.12739547
    have you looked into firs, they have a lot of better bonuses while keeping the overpowered (albeit variant) cones
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)16:56 No.12739554

    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)16:57 No.12739556
         File1289339831.jpg-(13 KB, 440x387, AngryMaster.jpg)
    13 KB
    Oh please. You redwoodfags and your "I have de oldest and most beYOOteful forest in the America. I win Haha."

    Still dies to Lumberjack.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)16:57 No.12739558
    Carnivorous plants are small time! They have such Bullshit requirements to field! Seriously if you're rolling forbes at least pick a GOOD army like the Ericacea Or the Rosacea so you've got options!
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)16:58 No.12739563
    I tried a Kudze/Creeper force last week. Turn two board coverage. M.F.W.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)16:59 No.12739571
    So guys, time old question:
    Deciduous or Coniferous?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)16:59 No.12739572
    I get a lot of hate for it, But I'm still rather fond of my Willow army. Say what you want for pine and oak, when it comes to Absorbing damage and getting back up to laugh in your face, it's hard to beat the Weeping Willow / Trembling Aspen combo.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:00 No.12739584
    What Ecosystem were you playing? If its deep south that would do it. Ive used Kudzu on a northern type of field and all I get if frost kill. FUCKING SNOW.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:01 No.12739590
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:02 No.12739595
    i demand sauce.
    >> The Gentleman Octopus 11/09/10(Tue)17:03 No.12739597
    I like to field a combination of Canadian Maples, Oaks, and Birch personal.
    But if you're going for a Pine list, try some Spruce.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:03 No.12739598
    /tg/ bro.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:05 No.12739608
    Sugar or Mountain? Personally for my understory I like a healthy hobblebush/Stripe maple with hickory overstory.

    Then again I typically am playing on the East coast ecosystems so its a bit min maxy. Who here uses dogwoods?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:05 No.12739611
    I've been playing softwoods recently, switched over from hards and i got to say i like it a lot more.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:07 No.12739623

    If you are using anything but evergreens in a northern list, you are a fool.
    25% chance of losing your entire list from the get go.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:07 No.12739627

    The soil in my corner of the Midwest is clay-based. Dogwoods don't have a chance. ;_;
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:07 No.12739628
         File1289340469.jpg-(44 KB, 600x480, 1272238193875.jpg)
    44 KB
    depends on what you're looking for. I prefer a high productivty low production style forest. So it takes me awhile to really get rolling but once Im set Im set and not really going anywhere. Lately it seems people are aiming for high standing crop though so they blow their load all at once.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:09 No.12739634
    do a lot of people still use pine beetle support? I know this was a big deal a couple editions ago when pines were even more overpowered, everyone seemed to have them just in case
    >> The Gamemaker 11/09/10(Tue)17:09 No.12739638
    I am going to make this game. Check back in 3-6 months.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:10 No.12739647
    Is it wet-site? if it is use some Gray stem or silky. They grow anywhere.

    Only at the outset them I hammer home by climax stages. The only place they really suck is on the West coast maps cause of the fucking fog and high acidity.

    Also, anyone using Red maple? I use it for damn near every decid army I have. Stuff is cash for a generalist niche.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:11 No.12739654
    Emerald Ash Borers are 'frickin broken. They took out my whole army without taking a single casualty.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:11 No.12739656
    Midwest was here, all others are inferior.

    White Oak/Blue Spruce 4 life.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:13 No.12739671
    Try having a beech army....God I cant even use them now. Same with American chestnut, Ive gotta use the hybrid rules with chinese now!
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:14 No.12739676
         File1289340857.gif-(194 KB, 600x376, autumn_maple_tree-11899.gif)
    194 KB

    Oak is for faggots and minmaxers.

    Real men play Maple.

    >> The Gentleman Octopus 11/09/10(Tue)17:14 No.12739683
    If you're playing with the harsh or extreme weather rules, use various types of palm trees. They ignore rolls against High Winds and are immune to most types of weather.
    Many a time my Oaks have fallen due to the winds alone while my opponents palms just take it and laugh.
    Damn things are fucking busted.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:15 No.12739693
    Eh white oak is small time if you're not using it with other members of the sub-family. Get some chestnut oak in there man! Hybrids ramp production up and increase disease resistance!
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:19 No.12739716
    did you have Climate rules in play? By the sound of it you were going against a tropics army with a temperate straight up without things like greenhouses and the like. That was half your problem right there. Also what oaks are you using? they have 2 for weather resistance in cold climates!
    >> The Gentleman Octopus 11/09/10(Tue)17:21 No.12739734
    >12739676 Good Sir, I shall have to ask you to step outside!
    Oak may seem min/max but they soak up so much damage and if you outfit them with 'Host of Squirrels" you're laughing. It's expensive, but worth every point.

    although you're totally correct on the Maples. Maples 4 LIFE!
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:21 No.12739736
    Until you have your first cold front. I play on the Ozark field a lot, and there is always at least one good snow-in. Pine/Oak is the way to go.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:23 No.12739752
    squirrels are for seeding and spread effects man. they increase the range you can grow your army by double last I checked. Also anyone figured out how to get around the low-high Acorn production? Its killing my army
    >> The Gentleman Octopus 11/09/10(Tue)17:24 No.12739761
    >12739716 It was just a 'for fun' game over at the local store, but man did my shit get raped.

    It was defiantly in his favor, especially when we rolled for weather and its a fucking tornado.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:26 No.12739777
         File1289341592.jpg-(87 KB, 469x428, trollface[1].jpg)
    87 KB
    Run mahogany.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:28 No.12739786
    Why run tropical? Its such a fucking hard to find format anymore. Ever since the cut out a lot of the south american types its been pretty much dead.
    >> The Gentleman Octopus 11/09/10(Tue)17:29 No.12739794
    >12739752 I
    try having the oaks more out in the open. makes them a bit of a target but they soak up more sunlight and that increases the rate of acorn production.
    try a Ancient Oak for a HQ choice, you get an early boost to seeding and cheaper critters.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:31 No.12739816
    why not run an old growth army then? Its expensive as hell and you take a few penalties like disease chances but the volume of seed they chuck out is impressive and the pure stock trait is something no one bats an eyelash at when you do a harvest weather its seed or lumber.
    >> The Gentleman Octopus 11/09/10(Tue)17:32 No.12739819
    I notice everyone seems to be running an almost exclusively North American units.
    has anyone tried using Amazon Rain forest? African Jungle? I hear good things about some of the East Asia units.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:33 No.12739826

    Fuck that noise. Those things take a few hundred years to reach reasonable acorn production levels. This is why the Orchard army list is the only one worth using. Yearly full harvest? Fucking broken.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:33 No.12739831

    Bamboo looks good on paper, but it just doesn't hold up on the table.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:36 No.12739845
    it gos back to the standing crop rule. Depends on the win condition. I typically run biodiversity formats so, I mix my armies a lot and try to avoid having high production without having high productivity.

    Also its because Im a forestry-fag on the east coast. I know what works in the end for my region.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:36 No.12739850

    Unless you roll the Typhoon event, then you're golden. I've seen an entire Oak army get uprooted by one Typhoon. Bamboo just swayed right through it.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:37 No.12739859
    Don't know about you guys but I'm still taking a mahogany in lower points games. The downsides arn't as bad if you keep your numbers low with some big oaks or something.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:38 No.12739870
    Has anyone ever tried the experimental Aussie rules?

    THAT's a hardcore playstyle.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:39 No.12739882
    Rain forests are far too specialized. If you're not playing in a region with a huge moisture level, you will get your shit stomped.
    >> The Gentleman Octopus 11/09/10(Tue)17:40 No.12739884
    Run a monoculture? Are you insane? You get an infestation or disease and its all over, you got nothing to bounce back with.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:41 No.12739890
    Are you fucking crazy? Australian flora is EASY MODE. Your trees can kill things that just brush by them!
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:41 No.12739891
    Alright......I have no fucking clue what any of you are saying. I leave /tg/ for a while and this happens? Somebody pick me up to speed.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:41 No.12739898

    Why would I want to? The maximum army point's under that ruleset is so low I only control one or two trees. I might as well play Branches and Birches.
    >> The Gentleman Octopus 11/09/10(Tue)17:45 No.12739924
    It's a niche list I'll give you that, but point for point, Mangrove is one of the best units there is.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:48 No.12739958
    >> The Gentleman Octopus 11/09/10(Tue)17:49 No.12739968
    I'm dead serious.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:50 No.12739979
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:53 No.12739995
    Really, army lists tend to vary depending on how many points your opponent sinks into terrain changing cards.

    And yeah, fuck monoculture. Flora Wars always has been good at punishing min-maxing by letting your opponent rape you with climate changes or soil alteration and/or shit like Strip Forestry.

    There is nothing like seeing your opponent faceroll you because he spent a few points on shit tier stuff like bamboo that grows fast/low-point but then he proceeds to Strip the highest value unit on the board. Twice. Thank fucking god you have to play lower-value effects that equal Strip Forestry's cost to use it each time, but he still managed to obliterate my entire starting area's worth of old growth and cover most of his half of the board.

    People like that are why I play with Controlled Burn. Don't want to play with any big trees that can tolerate small amounts of fire? Enjoy the scorched earth, fuckers. Game ended before he could regrow everything from roots and I still had enough board hexes with bigger stuff on it to reseed and win. Works on kuzdu too.

    Fire and frost. Keep em around, that's what they're there for and why they're cheap, even if they slow you down or damage you they outright kill other lists.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:55 No.12740017

    Fuck your weeaboo bambo shit... no one plays orient maps. Worthless expansion module to get the asian crowd in... optimized crap to guarantee western loss...

    Me, I run a Cactus army... can't kill this shit.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:57 No.12740031
    did anyone invest into a joshua tree for their desert army? Ive heard that fucker pretty much doubles your yield in certain formats for being Old Old growth.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:57 No.12740035
    Has anyone ever made a successful phytoplankton list? Or is algae just too strong a competitor?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:58 No.12740040
    That fucking list is the devil itself. It's like the devs hadn't even read the rules when they wrote that.
    >> The Gentleman Octopus 11/09/10(Tue)17:58 No.12740046
    > 12739995
    you know, with that in mind OP might be on to something. Pine and Evergreen have immunity to cold weather effects, so just field a variety of coniferous and start throwing down stuff like Early Frost, snowfall, and even Blizzard if you got points for it.
    That would dominate in any Northern Climate
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:59 No.12740047
    >implying anyone actually plays Marine
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)17:59 No.12740052
    Any year now it'll catch on big. Just you see.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:00 No.12740057

    Mangrove's great for toxicity- I mean, fuck. If you can ramp salinity up enough, all that's left IS the mangroves. But you generally have to reform most of the board to give yourself enough space, and they grow SOOOO slow.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:01 No.12740064
    Unless, you know, you're in any tropical or temperate zone anywhere. Have you SEEN the penalties for using Cacti in Europe? Think about about using them in the rainforest, It's a total slaughter from get go.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:01 No.12740068
    heavy snowfall is another good control card to lay down fucks over most decids thanks to the branching habit. But, personally I like using acid soil on mono-culture pine players they think Im helping them till I simply drop something like a fungus on their heads and wipe em out. OR the previously mentioned controlled burn.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:02 No.12740082
    This thread makes me smile. :)
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:02 No.12740083
         File1289343768.jpg-(149 KB, 640x480, mesquite.jpg)
    149 KB
    'Ere we go, boyz! WAAAAAGH!!!
    >> The Gentleman Octopus 11/09/10(Tue)18:05 No.12740103
    > 12740068
    goddamn fungus. Also weevils. does anyone have a good way to deal with them?
    I'm doing a themed list on Northern Ontario and i'v been having a real problem countering this.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:07 No.12740116
    Spruce rust is hilarious to troll with.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:07 No.12740118
    I like running sequoias as my anchor units. Big, tough as hell, and literally fireproof. I can stack wildfire cards and laugh as my opponent gets burned off the table. Plus, if you've got the points to give them the Protected Species rule, they are essentially unkillable.
    >> The Gentleman Octopus 11/09/10(Tue)18:08 No.12740121
    >12740083 scrub brush and dry climate

    Ima play this here Brush-fire. You mad (trollface.jpg)?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:09 No.12740134
    That's nothing. Dutch elm disease and chestnut blight pretty much made Eastern US forest decks unplayable for years.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:09 No.12740139

    stop typing out quote-links manually. you're doing it wrong.

    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:10 No.12740147
    Not at all, considering all my units have Up From the Ashes upgrades, and you're set to get wiped out by your own blaze.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:11 No.12740154
    Not really. Kill off all other vegetation along with us, and we regrow much faster. We'll actually come out ahead of the game.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:11 No.12740159

    Kuzdu isn't too bad. Two ways you deal with it, same as you do with any rapid growth/low yield deck.

    Soil changes don't bother them much, which is why a pine list can't depend on acidity changes to give them the upper hand, and it's parasitic so it likes to share your trees.

    It's fire resistant but not immune- so you can reduce a kuzdu stack to it's root value (1) if you catch it early with fire effects. Cold on the other hand fucks it up royally. Terrain effects that elevate the map (and hence make it colder) will slow or literally freeze it out before it bothers your pines much. THIS DOES NOT WORK WELL ON BAMBOO LISTS, they're Tolerant of just about anything but cold climates so far over on the climate line that you'd have to start with a cold map to begin with and hope the bamboo user doesn't do much to stop you.

    On the other hand, you can grow in much worse soil conditions, bamboo eats up resources like mad, and it burns just fine. Bonus: Some stuff on the pine list gets early growth bonuses if the seeded hex is burnt first. Use it.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:12 No.12740165
    Orchid decks are tons of fun. Come for the Beauty bonus, stay because your opponent gets stuck with their upkeep!
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:12 No.12740166
    Try seeing the decline in person! That being said. Hybrid rules really helped at least make Chestnut a viable tree to use again, Also with that you can use old Elm as well, its a funny quirk and wont o much production wise BUT, gives you an elm which increases wildlife by a ton.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:13 No.12740175
         File1289344391.png-(8 KB, 493x402, 1282787176264.png)
    8 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:13 No.12740178
    >> The Gentleman Octopus 11/09/10(Tue)18:13 No.12740179
    from what I've seen American Mid-West doesn't have much to choose from, especially in terms of any of the larger flora. I understand if it's a theme army but why limit yourself?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:15 No.12740198
    >implying Beauty actually does anything
    Seriously, it's like 2 measly points in the endgame.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:16 No.12740209
    Mass resource consumption. Mesquite will drop the water levels in any area it's planted, allowing us to expand into formerly aquatic areas.

    From there, harvesting clams for pearls will let us perform enough mass ritual spells to wipe the floor with you fuckers. We're thinking end-game, broseph, but enjoy your early-game dickwaving contest.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:17 No.12740211
    Dont forget things like Jack pine are fire resistance, theres also a few types of pine that actually need a Burn card to germinate! Of course, Im a northern style player and have been incorporating some stuff like Kousa dogwood for the fruit bonuses.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:18 No.12740228
         File1289344735.jpg-(108 KB, 646x1305, WHAT IS THIS.jpg)
    108 KB
    Janitor or not, never change, /tg/.

    Never change.

    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:19 No.12740230
         File1289344745.jpg-(82 KB, 420x336, cherry-blossom-trees1.jpg)
    82 KB
    Western shit, cherry blossom is best
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:19 No.12740233

    That's what I was talking about earlier. Fire is a pine deck's friend in a lot of ways- bigger ones can tolerate the damage, and you can mix in fire-germinator ones to get the edge on overgrowing hexes after you torch half the map.
    >> absurd !!0swx5mltBxM 11/09/10(Tue)18:20 No.12740242
    I've been running a variant cactus list. Spec'd Agave.
    Everyone thinks they can lock it down, but by the time it buds in late game there's nothing you can do.
    Also, grows damn near anywhere and gets a bonus on water retention. Very tough.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:20 No.12740244
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:23 No.12740262
    BAHAHAHAAHA Black cherry is so much better! Also, for hardwoods, Fire cherry is a great tree, lay em down pregame and wait till you the player gets cocky. Fire control them and BAM new trees under your command next turn.
    >> The Gentleman Octopus 11/09/10(Tue)18:24 No.12740268
    hummm....coniferous list with loads of frost and fire support? This has possibility.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:24 No.12740273
    Agave's pretty awesome.

    I prefer my yucca/sage/joshtree combo set, myself.
    >> absurd !!0swx5mltBxM 11/09/10(Tue)18:24 No.12740275
    Plus! Agave has great resist against any grazers your opponents throw down. Not as good as straight cactus of course, but almost nothing is. Fair trade off for for massive tuber swarm.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:26 No.12740288
    What do you guys think of the Mineral Wars booster that's coming out?
    I think it might be cool for playing between friends but it will never catch on like Flora wars has. We won't see it in tournaments any time soon no matter how much they hype it up.
    >> absurd !!0swx5mltBxM 11/09/10(Tue)18:26 No.12740292
    I've seen people lose hard to grazers with sage. Main reason I don't run it anymore, every fucking asshole at my FLGS thinks grazers are the end-all-be-all insta-win. I mainly picked up a cactus list to shut them the fuck up every once and a while.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:27 No.12740296

    Yeah, pine is about board control. That's why it generally doesn't have super high stats anywhere, and it's old-growth stuff generally doesn't give you much except a lot of damage tolerance. You don't generally grow fast without special conditions, don't gain much for optimal climate, but you don't lose much for not having it either. Greenhouse list, you aren't.

    You basically fuck up the board and paper-cut (excuse the pun) your opponent up.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:27 No.12740298
    I know a guy on the dev team, says the game takes fucking forever to play.

    Makes 40k look like a quick game in comparison.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:27 No.12740299
         File1289345252.jpg-(49 KB, 400x399, prickly-pear-cactus-1[1].jpg)
    49 KB
    Prickly pear was here. Just busy being more manly than any other build.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:29 No.12740312
    The sage is a distraction, the joshtrees are the killer. Tactics, do you speak it?
    >> absurd !!0swx5mltBxM 11/09/10(Tue)18:29 No.12740318
    I'm way more excited about the Fungus Among-us expansion. I understand it includes fungus for EVERY list. I just hope the devs don't fuck it up and overpower wood fungus. I have a feeling they will though.
    And I just know mono-fungus lists will be viable, even though they totally shouldn't be.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:29 No.12740319
    actually thats only if youre running natural setting rules. Plantation and harvest managment will Ramp the growth rate up for some plants, like the white, jack and scotch pine.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:30 No.12740327
    so guys, i've been thinking about switching from 40k to this for a while now.

    What's the cheapest list to run?
    I'm kinda strapped for money
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:30 No.12740329
    Damn straight palms all the way weather is my play thing
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:31 No.12740334
    Look outside and proxy what you see. That's the easiest way to start.
    >> absurd !!0swx5mltBxM 11/09/10(Tue)18:32 No.12740342
    Better change up your list faggot, the devs are nerfing Joshua Trees. Been in the pipeline for a while, hope you didn't buy too many.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:33 No.12740347
    this thread is archive potential.

    Best flora wars discussion since it came out in 07.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:33 No.12740348
         File1289345603.jpg-(68 KB, 387x599, 387px-Joshua_Tree_NP_-_Joshua_(...).jpg)
    68 KB
    >Prickly pear
    >more manly

    Excuse me? It appears you got too much sun, because you're hallucinating.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:33 No.12740356

    Depends on your store... going authentic is a bitch... but if you know some friends at a model store... you can get a good generic coni or deci list for pretty cheep... even the occasional palm if you get lucky.

    If you want some of the more speciality lists... that's all custom orders...
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:34 No.12740358
    "He thinks prickly pears are worth a damn!"
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:35 No.12740365
    so guys, got a story.

    I'm playing this guy, i'm running pines he's running a combilist, he's kicking my ass.

    Then all of a sudden, Fucking volcano.

    All our shit is wiped, but my shit grows back in only a handful of turns and takes almost every hex.
    >> The Gentleman Octopus 11/09/10(Tue)18:36 No.12740370
    I used some branches from local trees as a base for my models.
    saw a guy who used little Bonsai trees once, it was awesome!
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:37 No.12740378

    I always tend to do better with wild vs. cultivated as a list choice. Cultivated tends to reduce your number of growth hexes vs. increasing growth per-hex, and that means fewer targets for an opponent to need to screw with to win.

    It's less offensive than I like. Forest fire em all and let the seedlings sort it out, I say.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:37 No.12740380
         File1289345839.jpg-(154 KB, 432x576, rowan.jpg)
    154 KB
    I play a pure rowan army. I know it's not very good, but I love the extra range to the spread (I have a lot of increased bird-count cards in my deck). I don't really care about winning, it's the modelling and painting part of the hobby I really like. They don't call it the 'delight of the eye' for nothing!
    >> The Gentleman Octopus 11/09/10(Tue)18:38 No.12740393
    >>12740365 Campaign setting?
    >> absurd !!0swx5mltBxM 11/09/10(Tue)18:39 No.12740400
    Not to derail, but has anyone had any luck with moss lists? They seem way underpowered and finesse-y. I don't know anyone who can make a mono-moss or even >%50 moss list work out.
    >> absurd !!0swx5mltBxM 11/09/10(Tue)18:41 No.12740405
    That is the gayest thing I ever heard. You probably get laughed out of tournys.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:43 No.12740427
    He's right, anon. That was pretty damn gay.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:46 No.12740450
    >creeping mold-like plant
    You done goofed, tripfag.
    >> SneakThief !!RzBJ3nkcgJc 11/09/10(Tue)18:46 No.12740452
    Ran moss for a while. You kinda have to tailor it for whatever the meta is at the time, though; a lot of stuff has problems with the varied climates. It's hard as fuck to kill off, though, and you can basically cripple any list you've got a good build against. Don't play it casual, though; your friends will fucking hate you, and eventually start building lists where you just can't win due to structure.

    Strong Sunlight will wreck your shit, so make sure to hold off on your best plants until they've covered part of the board and wasted it on your lesser ones.
    >> absurd !!0swx5mltBxM 11/09/10(Tue)18:49 No.12740480
    Sounds like a pain.
    Probably going to run mostly Stranglers and Ficus once I'm bored of my Agave list. I dig the way Stranglers can hold back and react well to what your opponent does. They're like the judo of this game.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:51 No.12740487

    I used to run a peatmoss list. did absolutely shit all as far as board control is concerned, but I wrecked everyone's shit in the endgame once wetlands and resource-comparison came into play.

    all that coal. bitches just can't step to it.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:51 No.12740490
         File1289346698.jpg-(55 KB, 344x500, 1252193311508.jpg)
    55 KB
    >Drive a hour and a half to get home from class.
    >Smoke up.
    >Sit down... see this thread still going strong.

    Seriously /tg/. I love you.

    >Comptor Shrubby

    Really captcha?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:52 No.12740503
    Threads like this is why /tg/ is the best board.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:53 No.12740508
    Lichens are very situational, but I've trolled the hell out of coniferous Northern sets with them.

    Feels good, man.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:53 No.12740514
         File1289346838.jpg-(18 KB, 346x207, cutter.jpg)
    18 KB
    Fuck you all, i just upgraded my drunken lumberjack to THIS.
    >> absurd !!0swx5mltBxM 11/09/10(Tue)18:54 No.12740516
    Fuck, I never even thought of that.
    >> absurd !!0swx5mltBxM 11/09/10(Tue)18:55 No.12740527
    I'm not interested in even discussing that homebrew fauna shit you fucking cheater. This is FLORA wars.
    You want to play with humans there are tons of other games out there.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:56 No.12740530

    Dude, they're a desert list. They're ALWAYS low Tolerance on anything that isn't heat/aridity related, but metric fucktons of that to make up for it. Old news is old.


    How many points were you playing with, that's epic. I couldn't fit that into anything under 7K points at least. Mt. Saint Helens-style FTW!


    Moss isn't easy to run mono, cause the only way you'll win is literally killing your opponent off and growing on what's left- and you'll kill your moss with it too unless it's REALLY specialist shit, like insects or fungi.

    What it IS good for is "safe" points and it gets better the bigger the unit you start it on. You moss up his old growth and before you know it, they look like someone's Chia Pet barfed on his models. Plus, moss doesn't give a shit about most soil conditions, like lichens (but not fungi, people who don't play fungi ALWAYS mess that shit up). You can always add some high-Tolerance mosses in without a problem, since the extra species cost you nearly nothing to keep in your seeding pool at the start.

    Seed it on your opponent since moss always grows last during placement. If you can't, find the shittiest places like bare rock or the like and drop some there. It's a low-risk, low yield investment of your points. Then just spend growth phases spreading it hex-to-hex if you can, any turn you can spare it. I've won a few close games because my opponent didn't pay attention to all the moss counters I'd ended up with and I won with the piddling ecosystem points I got as a result.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:56 No.12740531
         File1289346981.png-(124 KB, 446x374, RageFace2.png)
    124 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)18:58 No.12740549
         File1289347110.jpg-(148 KB, 800x600, white-birch-trees-381768-sw.jpg)
    148 KB
    Birch man, always birch. Just for the flavor of playing it.
    It's hard to win when you are a wood that loses it's bark constantly.

    However, birch bark can be soaked and turned into a cast for a broken bone.

    Pic related, it's me and my birch.
    >> absurd !!0swx5mltBxM 11/09/10(Tue)18:59 No.12740553
    I always thought the bare-rock growth was a neat trick, but it never seemed to make up for the general weakness of the list. But, shit, if you made it work for you that's awesome.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:00 No.12740569
         File1289347240.png-(171 KB, 400x230, jumanji_plant.png)
    171 KB
    Have anyone tried the horror edition?
    >> An0nymous !O.3C7qsaj. 11/09/10(Tue)19:00 No.12740572
    rolled 37402 = 37402

    Hey guys, I know you have your differences with lists and all, but from a modeling aspect, whats your take on the new Mangrove models their releasing?

    I was tempted to go with their new connifers range, but the price hikes seem a bit iffy for a simple resculpt, and the mangroves seem to do alright for dioramas and the Golden Gardener competitions.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:01 No.12740575
    Oh... are you guys still playing without the "Lumberjack wars", and "Flora 3012" expansions?

    Thats sooooo yesterday.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:02 No.12740589
    Get the fuck out. Flora Classic is the only way to play.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:03 No.12740597
    I run Triffids.

    >> An0nymous !O.3C7qsaj. 11/09/10(Tue)19:03 No.12740602
    rolled 39090 = 39090


    I tried the demo of it at my FLGS, it seemed gimmicky.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:04 No.12740616

    Nah. Peatmoss is one of the few moss lists I'd say works OK by itself, but moss generally works best because it's cheap, grows easily on live or dead enemy units, and can net you some freebie points off dead hexes...plus it generally hurts your opponent more to get rid of it than it does to let the stuff stay there.

    Basically, it's there to let you get something useful in lists that have a few points to spare while seeding, and in moderation they pay for themselves every game.
    >> absurd !!0swx5mltBxM 11/09/10(Tue)19:05 No.12740618
    As I said, and as anyone with taste already knows, putting lumberjacks in the game changes it on a fundamental level. Flora 3012 was a fine update, I think the possibility of a radical climate change in mid-game was really good for shaking up the same old stale single climate lists. You actually have to use STRATEGY, the game doesn't get won just through list building anymore.
    But lumberjacks are bullshit and you know it. Keep the game pure or don't play.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:08 No.12740639
    Archived. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/12739472
    >> absurd !!0swx5mltBxM 11/09/10(Tue)19:08 No.12740645
    I agree. It adds a cool little dimension for when you're playing friendly games, but I don't think it will ever be tourny-legal. There's too much weird shit, including plants that can switch hex after the first growth cycle. I can't even begin to THINK of how that would change the balance of the game.
    Can you imagine what would happen if you could redeploy Sequoias? That would be fucking nuts.
    >> An0nymous !O.3C7qsaj. 11/09/10(Tue)19:09 No.12740647
    rolled 15272 = 15272


    Seriously? Its gamers like you that are ruining this hobby.

    I saw a kid, a little 10 year old run out of my FLGS by some grognards that laughed at his Sequoia/ Park Ranger list.

    Let the hobby grow guys.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:12 No.12740683
    Man, don't disrespect a root strategy. Sequoias always have their place in Flora Wars.
    >> absurd !!0swx5mltBxM 11/09/10(Tue)19:13 No.12740691
         File1289347998.jpg-(22 KB, 310x400, 1-380.jpg)
    22 KB
    Here's your fucking park rangers.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:13 No.12740697
    Yeah, Lumberjacks can be scary and all, but the Protected Species rule pretty much fucks them over. Anyways, I liked lumberjacks better as event cards rather than being their own separate faction. In my opinion, it totally misses the point of the game.
    >> absurd !!0swx5mltBxM 11/09/10(Tue)19:14 No.12740704
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:14 No.12740707
    They're more of a mercenary faction actually...
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:17 No.12740735

    Dude, stop being petrified on this. Classic is fun, but LW and 3012 have some fun stuff too.

    The trick is realizing what you can add to old lists, not just looking at the new options and going FUCK STRIP FORESTRY BROKEN because your opponent whacked an entire grove's worth of your top units in one shot.

    It is very much a "play with this or get fucked by this", but seriously- if it wasn't, petrifags would be stuck playing Black Forest lists and we'd never see the end of it. "Mendel is my spirtual liege", the hell with THAT.

    3012 gives you some awesome climate shifters and the corresponding protection stuff, plus some wild Carnivorous additions. Lumberjack has Strip Forestry, but it also gave us Endangered Species and a shitload of options for cultivation decks, including a lot of the hybrids that kept chesnuts in play and honestly added a lot of variety to most lists in the process.

    I play a wild pine list. Lot of fire and frost control, but I also use LW Protected Species and Endangered Species to help keep my early growth going if I have to torch the board with a bunch of fire or a lot of turns of Deep Frost, since you have to sacrifice so many growth phases to Frost to keep it going and PS/ES hexes get an extra one, or you sacrifice it to halve the effects of damage.

    3012's climate change cards generally aren't too bad, since you each choose an effect to compensate for the extra kick. He goes cold, I go wet to boost frost. He goes hot, I go dry and burninate the place. I can roll with either, but they fuck up climate dependent lists hardcore sometimes and I can feel for people who focus a list too tight.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:18 No.12740741
    Either way, it's about two rival ecosystems competing each other. However, the entire feel of the game just gets robbed when the "LOL I CUT EVERYTHING DOWN" lumberjack fags waltz in. Why the hell would I even bother bringing my old growth list when I'm just going to take them off the table two minutes later when some asshole decides to bring a logging crew?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:19 No.12740748
    A Grafts list beats anything in the Classic edition, and thats fucking boring, a nobrainer list like that is takes all the fun out of the game.

    Add "Bugs on the prowl" atleast, its been FaQ`ed that grafted trees do take double damage.
    >> An0nymous !O.3C7qsaj. 11/09/10(Tue)19:23 No.12740788
         File1289348608.jpg-(38 KB, 450x306, locust.jpg)
    38 KB
    rolled 32468 = 32468

    Hey guys, remember the dev team saying they were planning a new world wide event?

    They just uploaded this picture to the site.

    I think we better brace for a shitstorm...
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:23 No.12740789
    If you know you'll be playing with LW and 3012 there's no reason to NOT field some park rangers unless you're going moss-heavy.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:24 No.12740798
    Holy hell. They might have just shut down Desert decks forever.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:25 No.12740803
         File1289348705.jpg-(48 KB, 600x459, ent.jpg)
    48 KB
    >wake up
    >see this
    >my face
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:26 No.12740813
    Personally I run bayous. If just because the hostile enviroment bonus is so much fun against things like loggers, and the high production rates are also pretty awesome
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:27 No.12740821
    Damn. It's a good thing my Conifers are north enough to stop Locusts in their tracks.

    Finally, it's time to troll those Tropical fucks. Let's see them deal with both Locusts and my Winter Oncoming deck.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:28 No.12740823
    There is trouble in the forest
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:28 No.12740826
    What? You woke up, saw this, and noticed the morning wood?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:28 No.12740833
    I like to play Aspen trees. Seems weak at first, but the bigger it gets, the more powerful it becomes. Also, I just love trolling conifags who like to use cold.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:30 No.12740843

    And speaking of oldschool, Rangers are a DIRT FUCKING CHEAP way to hose someone who plays with too much destruction from the LW list if you go wild. Cultivated is immune to strip forestry, and if you're using species with the managed point add, they can't do shit since everything they trash, you get more points than they do for it.

    A lot of people don't realize that for a bonus, you get that same bonus for anything that the cultivated species is growing on.

    Best trolling ever- guy plays literally a few weeds and was going to clearcut his way to the win.

    I seeded every single unit with Thidiums. Cultivated Thidium species moss. Cultivated adds 25% cost to the unit. Thidium moss costs +1 per unit or hex seeded. +2 points to each unit and MOSS, MOSS EVERYWHERE.

    After he clear-cut the first three hexes and realized I got the same points for him harvesting my "moss growing trees", he fumed.

    Then I fucking grew moss all over his goddamned weeds for good measure. He could kill off everything, but then he got no points for harvesting it- and everything he could harvest? Fuzzy fucking cultivated moss, bitch.

    He ragequit after turn five. SO GOOD.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:31 No.12740856
    Im not that worried, adding some trehuggers for protection will take care of that.
    >> absurd !!0swx5mltBxM 11/09/10(Tue)19:32 No.12740866
    Exactly. And everyone fucking runs them. This was like when the Ogrun Body guard came out in warmachine. Suddenly he was fucking everywhere and it threw game balance all out of whack since casters that were glass cannons suddenly had no weakness.
    Same thing with lumberjacks.
    Before long people will get sick of them and there will be a kind of gentlman's agreement to leave them out of the game.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:35 No.12740890
    Hey, I got nothing against the new rules LW introduced. It's just the lumberjacks themselves I fucking hate.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:38 No.12740904



    Lumberjacks and other harvest-heavy decks have cheap counters. I mean, for fuck's sake.


    (Seriously, look it up. You know all those people that shit on the Asian species expansion lists because they think it's weeaboo? They added the cultivation option to moss species at the same time. Banzai, bonsai!)
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:38 No.12740907
    It's obvious you can't keep up with the competitive metagame, please stop flaunting your ignorance.
    you only need a 1:3 ratio of rangers to completely shut down lumberjacks, and rangers carry lots of hidden benefits.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:41 No.12740929
    Just be sure to remove any cannabis when playing human/flora combo.
    Belive me, it will backfire otherwise
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:41 No.12740935
    >he mad
    >> absurd !!0swx5mltBxM 11/09/10(Tue)19:46 No.12740964
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:46 No.12740966

    Dude, playing weed is hilarious when someone's harvest-heavy.

    Every time they harvest the hex, you roll. On a 6, turn over for them. Feels good, man. It's a little pricy for the effect though.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:47 No.12740974
    Im just saying, if you are playing to win, that would be a good thing to do.
    Its very rare that the triggered effects will work in your favour.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:49 No.12740991

    Relax, Absurd. There's plenty of anti-jack strategy in here that doesn't need a single human model in the lot.

    If you can afford +2 points per unit, you've got coverage. Just don't play one bigger model and cover the rest, though wild decks only get the base cost back at endgame for anything that doesn't get harvested, so you have to make it up growing elsewhere.

    It's why I'm fond of mossy pines.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:51 No.12741011
    Play Australia. Any human's gonna get totally fucked over.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:53 No.12741030
    Blaming the gamecompany for expanding their game are we?
    I bet your friends play first edition with you out of pity.
    >> absurd !!0swx5mltBxM 11/09/10(Tue)19:53 No.12741036
    I'm just saying I shouldn't have to defend against this bullshit in the first place. Shouldn't be in the goddamn game. What's next, giving the lumberjacks boltguns and power armor and then the Flora becomes barely functional terrain!?! FUCK THAT.
    >> Magus O'Grady 11/09/10(Tue)19:54 No.12741041
    Pfft. Oak is shit-tier. Teak main force with two units of blight-fungus mercs and a Kudzu auxilliary unit for heavy firepower. The fungus squads alone can cripple almost anything, and the Kudzu artillery will just rip apart anything left over. The teak is damned near unbreakable. If you're going to play Oak, stick to casual.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)19:56 No.12741071
    Personally, I like mixing in the wildlife expansions. Things like bear, and insects are so useful for reseeding and expanding growth zones, and of course also for good taking out things like lumber jacks, or driving down their points for harvest. Though at the cost of losing some of your points too.
    >> absurd !!0swx5mltBxM 11/09/10(Tue)19:56 No.12741077
    Expanding? EXPANDING?!?!!
    Theres so MUCH they could have done to expand the game. They barely scratched the surface of the rain forest. They haven't touched ANY of south east asia. They have one bamboo list. ONE. Bamboo could be it's own fucking book!
    But NOOOOOOOO. Put humans in the game so people can "relate" to it.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)20:01 No.12741110
    If you don't want to play with the expansions that's OK. Just don't whine when you get demolished in competitive play because you're making sub-standard lists. "waah, waah! Why do I lose when I go full-redwood!!??". fucking casuals....
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)20:02 No.12741118
    Its my opinion that playing "Random Region" is good fun, i once played a game in the Arctic setting, both of us played a variant of "flower power" list, man that game took forever, but was hilarious
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)20:05 No.12741141
    Arctic is hilarious if done right. Lichen wars vs. caribou scourges.
    >> The Gentleman Octopus 11/09/10(Tue)20:05 No.12741145
    >>12741118 flower power

    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)20:07 No.12741157

    Yeah, but you'd best have snacks ready, because your turns take forever and all the growth times are increased ridiculously.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)20:08 No.12741167
    inb4 Warming Globe drops, permanently eliminating your faggy deck.
    >> The Gentleman Octopus 11/09/10(Tue)20:12 No.12741196
    its this kind of shit that is the reason i love /tg/.

    Never change.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)20:13 No.12741201
    Investing in a couple of hemisphere domes from "Flora 3012" should take care of that, but i cant see anyone buing those for such a shitty deck.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)20:20 No.12741265
         File1289352051.jpg-(164 KB, 354x467, pachira.jpg)
    164 KB
    check out my new project/build- these take forever to complete, but I'm totally in it for the long run.
    Here it is in its newb pot.

    I'm also saving up to get one of those glazed terra cotta pots, I know it's sort of overkill at this point to equip such a small starter multi-tree with a pot that is usually made for crazy specialized shit like hanging outdoor plants and whatever but I really want to give this one a head start.

    any tips you guys can share for low broad-foliage multi-trees? Any good fertilizer builds plan/tg/rowers can reccomend?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)20:24 No.12741301
         File1289352294.jpg-(254 KB, 1280x960, KayesBaobab.jpg)
    254 KB
    How has Baobab not been mentioned yet? First, it's got salt tolerance, so it can grow in places where barely anyone else can. Second, they redefine endgame, since they last sooooo much longer after everyone else dies naturally.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)20:25 No.12741307
    That takes some real dedication, my hats off to you sir.
    Much better than those i plastic, and SO much better than all the proxies i see these days.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)20:26 No.12741318
    No one plays Africa. Learn the metagame.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)20:29 No.12741360
    Play grass. Enjoy being god damn impossible to kill.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)20:30 No.12741367
    Baobab sure is good, but thats the only good card in an Africa list.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)20:31 No.12741372
    Enjoy being impossible to score points.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)20:31 No.12741376
    But you are sure to loose in Australia
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)20:36 No.12741409
    Yeah, but Australia is as shitty expansion anyway, so who cares?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)21:05 No.12741714
         File1289354742.jpg-(73 KB, 300x356, treehugger.jpg)
    73 KB
    Did you guys hear the rumor about a "treehugger expansion"? It seems like a too-little-too-late balance out of the lumberjacks. Who knows, maybe they'll just take the humans out in the next edition...I hope so.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)21:08 No.12741744
         File1289354918.jpg-(257 KB, 540x361, socotra_island2[1].jpg)
    257 KB
    the rarest of them all.

    So fucking rare we can't even put it behind cellophane.

    u jealous?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)21:13 No.12741780

    Holy fuck. Where did you even find one of them? They're rare as hell.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)21:15 No.12741796
    Hey guys, me and a couple friends got to test a new expansions that's currently only in development. They're calling it 'Urban Overgrowth' It expands on 3012 to include cities, but without humans. moves the meta story along but the mechanics are still really choppy. Anyway, the really fun part is that you get all sorts fo crazy stuff going on. Me and my friends actually got an abandoned Nuclear Reactor Melting-Down in the middle of our game and all sorts of crazy mutation and decay rules came into play. Shit was pure chaos. No one actually ended up winning.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)21:18 No.12741832
    Hickory, oak, cherry, apple, maple, pecan.

    Smoke you out, bro. And do so deliciously.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)21:24 No.12741894
    How did this turn from what was obviously a miniatures game to a card game
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)21:26 No.12741916
    damn right they are.

    I stood in line for a day and a fucking half to get that tree at BotanyCon this year, one of 10 they had to sell. Didn't regret it for a second.

    shit. I never really pursued settlements :( I think I have like... a hut or two? but unless you build for it it's really hard to integrate them into your deck.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)21:32 No.12741958
         File1289356332.jpg-(67 KB, 480x321, yamaki_pine_and_family[1].jpg)
    67 KB
    Miniatures are more for the harder-core players.

    like this. This fucker... oh my god. Oldest living Bonsai-lineage mini tree in existance. It survived Hiroshima, nobody knows exactly how old it is but it's been in the Yamaki family for like 5 generations as of 2003.

    This man has never been defeated.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)21:32 No.12741963
    >implying it doesn't use both
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)21:32 No.12741964
    I am operating under the assumption that it is both a miniatures game with a deck-building mechanic in the "event draw" phase.

    >uloort gynecology
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)21:36 No.12741993
    Don't worry man, you won't really be able to carry over a lot of your current build into the expansion anyways. I mean basic types carry over, but a lot fo the reason it's taken so long in development is because they've had to come up with new rules for how stuff works. You'll be dealing alot more with erosion rules and stuff like growth limitations. There's also all sorts of crazy new weather patterns that come into play.

    Also, terrain is a lot more detail this time around, you won't be making up as many custom playing fields on your own. Instead you'll be working with more premade stuff.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)21:58 No.12742165

    They're talking about the Floral Wars CCG.

    Not nearly as deep as the minis game, but hey. Someone wanted to cash in on the card game craze, and it is tangela-tally related.


    What, you hate getting seed zerged cause of the reproductive bonuses? Playing a bunch of non-pollinating species in your list? Sucks to be you, man.


    You did NOT dis the Australian flora. If I could afford another decent list to grow here, I'd do the Aussie stuff. It works great with the same stuff you use for a Western America flora list, only it tolerates drying out even better. Acicia? Eucalyptus? The only list that keeps up under drought conditions as well is some of the African shit, and that IS shit tier for a list. Hugely fire-friendly too- between how well it can spread a nasty forest fire into a map-clearing holocaust and the post-fire growth bonuses so much of the flora gets from a good cooking. Plus, you can option a lot of shrubs with the same tolerances for effective shutouts of other species trying to grow in the same hexes as your tree stands. And if you have to deal with high salinity, it's even got grasses for that. Yes, GRASS.

    You can even squeeze in some tree orchids if you budget right. Not that beauty is really worth much for victory points, but it's doable. Alternatively, you can go with those fuckhuge stinging nettles- they're actually the same size as trees there. It IS Australia after all. Nobody wants to try and harvest a tree stand with those things in the hex.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)22:10 No.12742292
    Complete noob here, I look out my window and all I see are Live Oaks. Ugly fuckers; they any good?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)22:10 No.12742293
    I play a eucalypt themed Australian list. It's effective, but really just a one trick pony. The fire bonuses are good, but unless you can reliably throw them out your whole board kills itself off. You can get some nice climate coverage, tropical shit excepted, but it all comes down to the fires. And EVERYONE runs anti-fire stuff, it's just how the game is. You can thrive in the fires, but you NEED the fires.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)22:27 No.12742459
    Anytime I see somebody start to bring out a rainforest list, I just pull a few Duroia hirsuta and the associated lemon ant colonies off my sideboard.

    Half the time they just start packing their shit back up then and there. Devil's gardens, feels good man.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)22:51 No.12742665
    its also partly a boardgame. Pretty much the player has a set of models( the flora) a deck of cards(event cards, weather and the like) and hex pieces that represent land types and forms. These all interact to make the game work. you set up your initial stand of trees(anchor trees) you begin to layout the board against your opponent and draw cards to cause effects and. End of round you seed based on the models out and get to see how far you've spread. over a period of turns you sprout new growth and can get points based on various conditions.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)22:55 No.12742699
    fund it. w
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)23:03 No.12742750
    Live oak is a great tree, use it with other White oaks and you've got a hybrid bonus in most places and also a good solid wetlands tree or even urban tolerant variety.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)23:26 No.12742991
         File1289363180.jpg-(214 KB, 336x500, monkey-wrench-gang.jpg)
    214 KB

    Got into a early draft game. All I have to say is Fuck ya ecoterrorists! You fuckers running heavy lumberjack lists can suck it.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)23:28 No.12743017
    So what tiles are people playing with? Anyone using a good sandy-loam soil type with drainage fields?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)23:31 No.12743038

    Oaks are a solid beginning list. Live Oaks are solid all-arounders, but make sure to have White and Red coverage for when it counts.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)23:31 No.12743041

    Antigo Silt Loam was here. All others are noob-tier.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)23:37 No.12743094
    alluvial silty sands here. You can suck it when we've got Silver maple, Willow and green ashes.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)23:55 No.12743264
    So I ran a green thumb card yesterday.
    Damn it was amazing. Those bonuses to growth and harvest? God-tier.
    Think' of maybe pairing it with Kudzu or another quick growing plant. Maybe that ivy they've got down south.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)23:56 No.12743271

    Kudzu-fags gonna kudz.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)00:00 No.12743311
    Hydroponics all the way, baby. Plus some aeroponics just for flavor.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)00:04 No.12743336

    But that only works if you're playing 3012 like a douche. In Flora Classic that's way too costly to be an effective strategy.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)00:06 No.12743353
    Wet paper... i like to limit my own deck, cause my gaming group is full of noobs... i call them seedlings.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)00:08 No.12743366
    sounds like it, I at least like to use stream tiles and the like to get interesting barriers up. Nothing like a meandering river to make people stop dead in their tracks or keep a fire from reaching you
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)00:12 No.12743407
    Stream tiles good man, but i prefer paved roads instead.
    I love the horror in my oppenents face when i draw tank truck crashing.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)00:15 No.12743423
    You're runnin one of those crazy ecot disaster decks arent you? I hate them when Im in a biodiversity format. SUCH A PAIN IN MY ASS
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)00:25 No.12743504
    Hell yeah, eco disasters all the way, i even put some eco terrorists in the mix.
    I like to play Nuclear plant followed by Volcanic eruption on a continental rift hex.
    If the game lasts long enough, ill start scoring some global pollution points.
    What i really like is the different ways you can win in this game.

    Mostly my games ends in a draws or losses thou. :(
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)00:31 No.12743545
    you're not using recovery tolerant types is most likely the issue. If you've got stuff like old world hardwoods they often run into that. Get forbes, and pines that have a focus on disturbances. This will set you up pretty nicely. Also dont be afraid to pull stuff like grasses in. Though formats can screw that up.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)00:33 No.12743566
    I couple it with a disaster deck. When there's no usable soil left, hydroponics wins by default.

    The hardest part is getting the algae mix just right for my water filtration tanks before I poison the world.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)00:34 No.12743583
    >runs a disaster deck
    >complains about ties
    Connection there?
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)00:35 No.12743593

    If they won't play the 3012, bring the 3012 to them?


    I like it.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)01:39 No.12744276
    To all that say "Ohh the Australia expansion was terrible" I'm about to prove you wrong.

    Run you deck like this:
    Eucalyptus with Ironbark and tall sizes.
    A bunch of hardy shrubs.
    Lightning Strike
    Wind gust

    The beginning phase is played pretty normally, just spread out and use your dry/wet soil Eucalypts and shrubs to rapidly gain map control.
    Then hit YOURSELF with Lightning Strike and/or Arsonist and follow up with Firestorm ASAP.
    Defend a bit and most of your forest should be on fire.
    Then when High Oil Content is about to kick in and blow up your Eucalypts use Wind gust towards your opponent and watch the chunks of burning hard wood fly towards your opponent.
    Oh and don't worry about losing due to the no map control rule, the Fast Germination on the shrubs means that they'll flower right after they get burnt, leaving you with map control and a burning opponent.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)02:17 No.12744578
    Some good points there, a strong build... i only see one weakness.
    If your opponent plays "Koala family", and then "Starving" upon that.
    Good news is that i havent seen anyone actually play with Koala family in their decks, so i guess you will be fine.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)04:28 No.12745464
    Bump.... for peace
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)05:21 No.12745734

    This is a good combination.

    Basically, I wanted to trollface my friends, so I went with basically a turtle list with old growth oaks and a crapload of firestarters, ended up switching into an Australian list.

    Don't forget drip-tips, either. Raid resistance can be a real godsend in tropical biomes.

    More fire is always useful. There's a limit to how much even an oak list can soak. Just keep on throwing it down. Sometimes you need to cut defensive stuff out, but a pure-burn deck can actually work, if you're aggressive enough.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)06:47 No.12746009
    I use a full fruit tree list.
    It fucking owns your oak/maple/cactus/moss/fungus.
    Go home and cry
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)08:12 No.12746415
    its thanks to specialization, Its only good on eucalyptus and eucalyptus only. Theres' no way around that one annoyingly. However, things like Rabbit population cards combo'ed with the starving event and then population boom can wreak equal havoc.

    Also, anyone here use porcupine? I love being able to single out trees getting ready to drop a massive load of seed and just take them out for the game or reduce them to Snags so that I can use them as footholds for new wildlife plays.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)08:22 No.12746463

    Dude, fruit trees might have good endgame points, but they have shit defense totals and rely way too much on season cards. Even the slightest things like Forest Fire or Cold Front are absolutely devastating to Fruit Trees, plus it drops harvest points like a rock.

    If you want a Harvest deck, you should go look up the Book of Berries expansion. Practically everything on the list has quick growth rates.Pineapple is a big exception, but it pretty much has the highest harvest points among every list. Works best with some Hothouse hexes, especially since opponents that run bigger plants can't capitalize on the protection bonuses, and fungi die out in it.

    Only downside is how you have to stack up on harvesters since berries have the shortest harvest duration before harvest points on a unit become useless. Harvesters are easy to buff as long as you got cards like Capitalize or Working Hard! in play though.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)08:26 No.12746489
         File1289395560.jpg-(224 KB, 562x764, 1288628380021.jpg)
    224 KB
    Why the hell isnt this a game? It sounds for something about trees, to be too awesome not to be.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)08:33 No.12746540
    I run an all clonal list, losing trees is but a memory.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)08:37 No.12746561
    Trembling Aspen? Really? Really? I mean at least use old hard woods and their stump sprouts then. OR a willow list.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)08:45 No.12746598
         File1289396707.jpg-(15 KB, 335x411, tengu.jpg)
    15 KB
    >Pick Trees
    >Cause Ice Age
    >Problem, everyone?
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)13:28 No.12748179
    Bumpan for glory

    >Justice Brunflow
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)18:07 No.12750665
         File1289430435.jpg-(93 KB, 700x700, 1260480449974.jpg)
    93 KB
    I leave For EIGHT HOURS and this is still here. FUCK YES I LOVE YOU /TG/!!!
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)19:29 No.12751566
    Follow up the porcupines with termites. Then, if there's any water source in the area, use beavers for the coup de grace. Finish by bringing out whatever marsh plants you like best and then trollfacing.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)19:43 No.12751699
         File1289436180.jpg-(305 KB, 827x1093, Tree-beard.jpg)
    305 KB
    Real men play fantasy flora wars, the "modern' and "scifi" are to cookie cutter and have no real tactics.

    Pic related, its an oak-Ent, he fucks your shit up.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)19:45 No.12751725

    Animal decks are hilarious, but they can't win games on their own. You need something to actually score for you, instead of just taking out all your opponent's stuff.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)19:48 No.12751747
    >flora wars
    >talking about animals
    Fucking faunafags have to shove their faunafaggotry into every goddamn thread, I swear.

    Fuck off.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)19:52 No.12751780
         File1289436729.jpg-(13 KB, 308x450, glowing_mushrooms.jpg)
    13 KB
    You all are still playing flora wars? What are you, 5? Mycol Wars here, being awesome.
    >> absurd !!0swx5mltBxM 11/10/10(Wed)19:53 No.12751796
    This is what I'm saying.

    On a side note, has anyone tried to run a eucalyptus list? I heard someone talking about how they get excellent growth and have decent burn resist. Is this true?
    >> absurd !!0swx5mltBxM 11/10/10(Wed)20:00 No.12751911
    They're like warmahordes. You can totally run them together. A wood fungus list combined with old-growth is pretty solid IMHO.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)20:02 No.12751931
    That's what the marsh plants are for.

    Nothing makes grown men cry like rendering their entire list useless when you change the basic terrain type.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)20:03 No.12751947
    This. Grow in hell plantfags.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)20:42 No.12752375

    And they work well together, too. See >>12750357 , I had some earlier questions about adding some fungus to my pine/moss list.


    Good drought resistance, but gawd help you if one starts burning. They spread fire like a frickin Roman Candle.

    Of course, a lot of Aussie flora loves getting scorched (go fucking figure, in Australia the trees are masochistic and manly) so you can easily work that to your advantage.

    You want to see someone cry, seed a few on the leading edge of your forest, give them a hex or so clear space, and when your opponent starts trying to overgrow towards your stands...set them on fire. When they fail the Tolerance roll (and it will happen), it's like you carpet-bombed the hex, every hex around it, and an extra one or two in whatever the wind direction is. Just make sure whatever side you're growing in from has either a high water table or is outright river/stream/swamp hexes. You don't want to get out of control on your end of the map after all.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)20:45 No.12752409

    Very true. They have a low regular growth rate, but all fire penalties are reversed. You lose a rank on all of your harvests for the next turn, but growth rates are increased by twice the fire level.

    Essentially if you're even a little established, fire'll help you. And of course, it'll screw the other guy over. A nice cleansing wave upon wave of fire is an incredibly nasty tactic, and it works beautifully.

    Oak lists can still soak it up enough to cause problems, and Kuzda can overgrow it, but in those cases board control is the main thing anyway. It's a viable tactic, in any case.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)20:50 No.12752445

    Goddamn Kudzu. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be 3D6, not 5D6- Isn't there an errata out? I mean, given the rate, there could conceivably be *more kudzu than you start off with* in just ten ticks. I believe the Overgrowth meta relies heavily, heavily on it.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)20:53 No.12752479

    Latest I heard was that it was 5D6, but they'd brought back terrain obstruction for growth, so it's not quite as bad. I can see it being an issue in the 4th ed changeover if they don't reedit it, though.

    Kuzda's not that bad if you get it early, though. It doesn't really have any virtues beyond growth, so if you start with say, changed soil, or anything that makes things colder, you can nip that exponential curve in the bud.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)20:58 No.12752530

    Yeah, kuzdu's nasty in temperate to subtropical climate levels. Thankfully it can't tolerate cold for shit- so if you can tolerate frost on the map for a turn or two, you'll clean house.

    Tropical lists generally grow enough fast growth stuff on their trees to leave no room for kuzdu to rush in, and can match up on overgrowth attempts. Luck of the dice basically, they both love the same terrain conditions.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)21:10 No.12752660

    Sorry, just caught this part of the thread. Two days of FW? Wow.

    Acorn cycling is easy once you know how. You just can't mono-species it, mix things up. Seed red oaks first turn (they'll seed high on the end of the third), ground cover second, white oaks third where the ground cover will spread to on turn three. Do take squirrels, and if you like playing with a lot of mixed terrain, jays. They're more random, but the d6 hexes away can mean you have a stand shoot up on turn 6-7 far enough out that your opponent never expects they have to deal with it.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)21:56 No.12753173

    Isn't that a bit fragile though? Lose any one aspect, and the rest of the list isn't enough on it's own. That's the problem with combo lists.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)22:14 No.12753354
    its why you use heavy hitters and generalists in the mix. For example. Locust trees are incredibly good for a midgame switch hitter. Thanks to the urban tolerance trait they have.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:05 No.12754020
    Monoculture lists are an abnormal temperature roll or one bad blight check from disaster. Against any halfway intelligent opponent, you're fucked unless literally every single roll and draw goes your way.

    Stable ecosystems are the way to go. They take more planning, but they're much harder to take down in a single blow.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:03 No.12754674
    which is why even in cultivated formats I always mix things up. Way to easy to get lullled into being complacent and then losing it all thanks to a damn bug card.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:34 No.12755044
    bump for awesome, but i think we are in auto-sage by now.

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