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  • File : 1262625105.jpg-(94 KB, 540x720, awesome warlord.jpg)
    94 KB wow /tg/ is all about tits today Enigma !!oOw7JJBF+bg 01/04/10(Mon)12:11 No.7423974  
    So anyways Im going to a tourney for 40k in about a month. And well its 3000 pt and the organizers usually dick out IG with retarded rules. Such as in the last tourney all troop choice weapons got hot and all troops had negative one ballistic skill. Pretty much my army actually walked off the field before they took 6 casualties. Which was in 2 rounds to be precise.

    So my question for you fat guys is this. Since super heavys will be allowed and will take up all 3 of youe heavy support slots should I take a 500pt IG list and a warlord titan to make up for the stores past douche baggery? or should I take a movie marine list and a warlord titan? or should I play fair and skip the titan all together?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:19 No.7424047
    dont be more gay than you already are
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:21 No.7424072
    DO IT. The look on the face of your enemies will be priceless.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:24 No.7424102
    Take Creed and a Titan.

    Then have more fun anyone knows what to do with.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:27 No.7424140
    Warlord, If you are gonna go for the dick move just make it an imperator
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:28 No.7424153
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:29 No.7424161
    What are the stats for a warlord titan?
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)12:29 No.7424169
         File1262626185.jpg-(82 KB, 400x425, 1242225473355.jpg)
    82 KB

    >> COMMISSAR FORON !!y4krTe8P2kd 01/04/10(Mon)12:31 No.7424182
         File1262626305.jpg-(577 KB, 1074x792, Creedspool.jpg)
    577 KB
    >> SMAP 01/04/10(Mon)12:32 No.7424186
    Seconding Creed + Titan. The tourney organizers sound like absolute cocksacks; the only reason to go back should be to show them how retarded their special rules are.

    A Reaver would also be fine, especially paired with a small fleet of Valks/Vendettas to play vanguard for it.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:33 No.7424198
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:35 No.7424221

    Is there a picture of Creed standing on top of a tanking doing that "WRYYYYY!" pose, yelling "CREEEEEEEED!!!"? If not, is there a drawfag willing to draw it?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:37 No.7424240
    Be sure to post results here.
    >> Enigma !!oOw7JJBF+bg 01/04/10(Mon)12:38 No.7424253
    hahahaha, Yea I was thinking creed and a warlord. I figure the question would be directly before I outflanked with it would be what could be so great that you wait this long to put it int he game? ~opponent shits brix~ thats thats athats thats not fair not fair at all im calling my mommmmmmy.

    Also they are, the one who did last tourney plays a burna boy ork army so it was pretty much based around his ability to own everything, this ones being run by a cockbag british dude who uses a 1000 point squad lead by calgar. hes a retard and the biggest douchebag I think I know.

    But anyways yea I think me and about 4 others are goign to build it and take it up along with a list of around either 70 guardsmen for a meat shield or 15 or so grey knights. Im not to sure of which.

    Also a warlord is 2500 points and can put down 10 five inch Strength D blasts per turn
    >> Enigma !!oOw7JJBF+bg 01/04/10(Mon)12:41 No.7424278
    No doubt that I will. Also does anyone have a handy dandy guide to building these things?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:42 No.7424286
    >Strength D

    What does the D stand for? Death? Doom? Or has GW got some new system for weapon strength that says that anything over strength 10 starts going into letters?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:45 No.7424325
    How hard it is to kill a warlord?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:46 No.7424327

    Destroyer. Basically: If it hits, or the template covers it, automatic penetrating hit. I believe there's a bonus to the damage result as well.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:46 No.7424328
    D is for DESTRUCTOR iirc.
    >> Enigma !!oOw7JJBF+bg 01/04/10(Mon)12:46 No.7424333
    It stands for Destroyer. Basically it states that any infantry model under the template without either eternal warrior or an invul save is instantly killed and that any vehicle the template touches is instantly penetrated. And it add +1 to the vehicle damage charts. And it ignores cover, its pretty much GW saying that theres finally a weapon that sandbags or your grandmammys bushes cant stop. I like the concept but its only found on superheavies.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:47 No.7424343
    what kind of retarded store messes with the codex rules like that? I mean, sure, GW isnt very good at balancing, but I somehow doubt they're any better.

    Damnit, that makes me pissed off.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:50 No.7424382

    The easiest way to do it is find a cardstock template, then build it out of sheet styrene (plasticard).
    >> Enigma !!oOw7JJBF+bg 01/04/10(Mon)12:51 No.7424390
         File1262627472.jpg-(85 KB, 587x867, Warlord stats 2.jpg)
    85 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:53 No.7424412
    What's even better is the Vortex Support Missile. 10" plate, whatever it touches is removed from the game, no invul saves, no eternal warrior, just remove it. Super heavies take d3 structure points, gargantuan creatures get d3 wounds. It's pretty sick.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:55 No.7424435

    If I read the rules on >>7424390
    correctly, you could have two of them.....

    Boy oh boy that would be funny.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:59 No.7424491
         File1262627995.jpg-(187 KB, 1074x792, creedpool2.jpg)
    187 KB

    Third. The idea of a Titan popping onto the table out of nowhere should teach them not to fuck with the Guard, once and for all.

    Especially at the start of the game.

    "Hey, where's the rest of your army?"

    *place Titan*

    "Stepping on you, didn't you notice?"

    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:03 No.7424534
    Why do you agree to these rules?
    >> Enigma !!oOw7JJBF+bg 01/04/10(Mon)13:05 No.7424562
         File1262628325.jpg-(125 KB, 601x873, Brother Sergeant Agamorr.jpg)
    125 KB

    yea thats about the size of it hahaha, I was thinking a couple volcano cannons over a vortex missile, since well its one shot and has such a big deadzone on the inside.

    also void shields are fucking sick. stats to come shortly
    >> Iron Handed 01/04/10(Mon)13:05 No.7424566
    place creed on top of the titan as it enters the field.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:07 No.7424589
    How do void shields work?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:10 No.7424628
    OK, I like Creed and all, but I'm a 40K non-player. How, MECHANICALLY, does he "outflank" a Titan onto the field? In other words, what's the rule that Creed has on him that makes him badass?
    >> Iron Handed 01/04/10(Mon)13:10 No.7424630
         File1262628640.gif-(3 KB, 194x159, Troll-Face.gif)
    3 KB

    23" tall...
    >> Enigma !!oOw7JJBF+bg 01/04/10(Mon)13:12 No.7424647
         File1262628744.jpg-(57 KB, 640x480, void shields.jpg)
    57 KB
    basically I drove an hour and 10 minutes there, and I didnt wanna not play, I figured ok well Ill give it a shot. Sadly though I walked out after the second round. Also due to rule faggotry I had to set up my entire army in a corner because i lost the roll for who goes first.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:12 No.7424648
         File1262628762.png-(117 KB, 703x655, CreedvTzeentch.png)
    117 KB

    Tactical Genius: During deployment, choose a single infantry of vehicle unit in your army. That unit has the Scouts special rule for the duration of the battle.
    >> Iron Handed 01/04/10(Mon)13:14 No.7424670
         File1262628872.jpg-(8 KB, 425x90, TacGen.jpg)
    8 KB
    >> Enigma !!oOw7JJBF+bg 01/04/10(Mon)13:15 No.7424682
    Haha, that should get some surprised looks XD. Now does /tg/ think that 2500 points of any army can beat that?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:16 No.7424693
    How many hammerheads you would need?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:16 No.7424695

    Now what are power shields, I'm interested.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:16 No.7424698
    And scouts have some sort of "deploy away from edge, reveal after combat initiates" or some such I assume?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:17 No.7424701

    Since they can only have one Superheavy (rules be fucked) Then no. It has 6 Void Shields, and will roll 9 dice a turn to regenerate them. so 3 will come up every turn, statistically. It should be literally impossible. 3 railguns all hitting and penning will still only be a stalemate.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:18 No.7424711
    they set up after everything is deployed and can set up at least 18" away from an enemy unit as long is it's out of line of sight.
    >> Enigma !!oOw7JJBF+bg 01/04/10(Mon)13:18 No.7424716
         File1262629122.jpg-(54 KB, 640x480, power fields.jpg)
    54 KB
    Oops heres the rules for power fields.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:19 No.7424727

    3 hammerheads couldn't do it.

    3 squads of 3 Broadsides would still fail. Average 7 hits or so, half pen on AV 14. 3.5, just enough to see it's normal shield regen.

    Op you have to do this thing.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:19 No.7424729

    So its basically invulnerability from shooting. Unless you fire a metric fuck ton of it.
    >> Enigma !!oOw7JJBF+bg 01/04/10(Mon)13:20 No.7424735
    Well its a stalemate until I start shooting haha, My biggest fear is lehman russ vanquishers and Valkyrie vendetta gunships. the latter could in theory a very lucky theory at that destroy my titan in 2 phases.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:21 No.7424745
    What about carnifexes swarming it in meele. Void shields wouldn't work
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:21 No.7424748

    It would take 6 hits on AV 12 the first turn, then 3 every turn after that just to stop it from GAINING shields.

    That's it;s passive regen. And remember, it's erasing at least 4 things a turn.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:22 No.7424753
    That's infiltrate

    Scouts can move once before the start of play. So say you set up a squad of sentinels (who come with scout). Before turn 1 you can move forward their move distance (6"), possibly giving you better angles when it's your turn.

    Scouts can be held in reserve to outflank, which is probably what he's going for.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:22 No.7424758
    That's infiltrators, scouts can make a standard movement after all units (including infiltrated units) have been placed before the first turn, so long as they stay 12" away from enemies, but there are no LOS restrictions.
    >> Enigma !!oOw7JJBF+bg 01/04/10(Mon)13:22 No.7424759
    Don't worry I will, I think theres going to be about 3 people with me as i play to take reaction shots as I explain the rules to them. Ill post them all.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:22 No.7424763

    They'd have to run across the field first. This thing outflanks to the opposite side of the board, and it has Range - Can hit you.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:24 No.7424775

    If you get first turn, you basically win.

    Also take an Astropath and a Master of the Fleet for supreme dickery.

    Take like 2 squads of Vets completely bare and just sit while you win with the titan.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:24 No.7424780
    OP should take a lot of cover vehicles and close in stuff, hide behind LOS terrain turn 1, Go to Ground with everything once he starts shooting, wait for the Titan, lol.
    >> Enigma !!oOw7JJBF+bg 01/04/10(Mon)13:24 No.7424781
    very true sir. But they would have to get there first, and strength D will insta kill carnifexs. So it shouldnt be that much of a deal. Im actually looking forward to playing the guy that does that and raping his face off.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:26 No.7424805

    I can just picture that too.

    Creed sir, there are only 25 of us what can we possibly do against that entire horde?

    Wait for it.....

    Wait for it......

    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:28 No.7424819
    What if somebody else fields a titan? Since they regenerate 3 void shields per turn they need more than 3 hits but they only have 4 weapons. Can they kill each other? How does that work?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:29 No.7424832
    OP when you do this, get a picture of the board, and your opponent when you outflank with the titan so you can remember the look on his face when you CREED him
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:30 No.7424846
    Yes please tell us how it ends. A video would be even better ofcourse :3=
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:31 No.7424869
         File1262629919.jpg-(159 KB, 540x720, TACTICAL GENIUS.jpg)
    159 KB
    Deploy like this, OP.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:32 No.7424870
    Creed+ Warlord. Then take a Inquisition lord and spend the rest of your points on orbital lances.
    >> Iron Handed 01/04/10(Mon)13:32 No.7424879
    do yo have a warlord?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:32 No.7424880
    Hang on, do the arm weapons suffer from the 24" minimum range limitation like the 1s on the carapace do?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:32 No.7424886
    Need orbital lances stats.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:33 No.7424890
    How can a titan every be out of sight?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:33 No.7424893
    They don't.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:33 No.7424899

    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:35 No.7424917

    It hides behind a lamp post, Scooby Doo style.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:36 No.7424930
    Lance Strike 70pt Str 10 AP 1 Ordnance Blast

    page 31 in Daemonhunters Codex
    >> Iron Handed 01/04/10(Mon)13:36 No.7424932
    ask them to play night fight rules
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:37 No.7424939
    I have the templates for the warhound titan. No warlord though, sadly.

    I can post them if you want.
    >> Enigma !!oOw7JJBF+bg 01/04/10(Mon)13:38 No.7424956
    I will as soon and I build it, I have a month to finish it and well, Im an enemployed pipefitter. I pretty much have a shit ton of time to do what I want until work starts up again. Meaning I can dickbag some dickbags.

    now the question is should I really Creed him? or just set it up first turn? Also let my opponent go first, just to be fair haha.

    yea they could, a warlord can fire up to 10 of those nasty Strength D weapons. And considering the biggest titan anyone has ever fielded there was a Reaver it should be pretty cake to kill any other titan on the field.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:38 No.7424958
    Also if they use the, its not GW whatever say that you used cardboard from the boxes of GW stuff that you had so it is completely legal.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:39 No.7424970
    I once played a game of Apoc. with nothing but Creed, Warhound titan, Baneblade, and Lance Strikes.

    Mass lulz ensue.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:39 No.7424974

    That comma jumped like 4 words for some reason.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:41 No.7424986
    honestly sense others will be watching and ur gona be going into another match afterwards be nice first round and then save the CREED! for another match
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:42 No.7424999
    Worth mentioning, they're only 0 - 1.

    I'm looking in my DH codex and I'm not seeing anything about Lords removing the limit.

    But hell, screw the rules you've got Creed.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:42 No.7425002
    Titan melee weapon is for titan v titan fun
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:43 No.7425011
    There's no Force Org in Apoc. bro.
    >> Enigma !!oOw7JJBF+bg 01/04/10(Mon)13:44 No.7425021

    yes please!
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:44 No.7425023

    Yeah, but OP mentions the place he is going uses fucked up rules.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:44 No.7425029
    I'd just say "what page is that rule on?" - there is not, and never has been an "only GW official models can be used" rule in any of their products.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:45 No.7425035
    Don't forget an Astropath, in order to make sure your Titan will come early enough.
    >> Enigma !!oOw7JJBF+bg 01/04/10(Mon)13:46 No.7425045
    Actually its not apocalypse at all. the rules state though you can have one super heavy and that itll take up your 3 heavy support choices, other than that its a 3000 point standard game with flyers allowed. The thought had crossed my mind that maybe add the titan to a Guard armoured company list too haha
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:46 No.7425048
    Premature ejaculation?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:55 No.7425149
    Warlord Titan - 2500

    CCS - 335

    Officer of the Fleet
    Master of Ordinance
    - Carapace

    Vet Squad 80
    - 2 Sniper Rifles (for fun)

    Vet Squad 85
    - 3 Sniper Rifles (for fun)
    >> Iron Handed 01/04/10(Mon)13:59 No.7425204

    download that, its got a couple of warhound templates as well as lots of other vehicles.
    >> Enigma !!oOw7JJBF+bg 01/04/10(Mon)14:01 No.7425233
    thanks alot guys! I can even still put a vulture in with twin linked punisher cannons.
    >> Enigma !!oOw7JJBF+bg 01/04/10(Mon)14:04 No.7425264
    oh hey, one other thing, should I worry about nob bikers or anything like that at all?
    >> Iron Handed 01/04/10(Mon)14:05 No.7425275
    im pretty sure the guys you'll be playing with will be using the cheesiest lists possible, its a good thing you went full dorito.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:06 No.7425287
         File1262631995.jpg-(93 KB, 760x986, Warhound page 1.jpg)
    93 KB
    >> Enigma !!oOw7JJBF+bg 01/04/10(Mon)14:07 No.7425302
    go big or go home right?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:07 No.7425307
         File1262632058.jpg-(74 KB, 761x988, Warhound page 2.jpg)
    74 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:08 No.7425318
         File1262632116.jpg-(60 KB, 760x989, Warhound page 3.jpg)
    60 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:09 No.7425327
         File1262632164.jpg-(74 KB, 760x986, Warhound page 4.jpg)
    74 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:10 No.7425338
         File1262632224.jpg-(40 KB, 760x989, Warhound page 5.jpg)
    40 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:11 No.7425354
         File1262632286.jpg-(41 KB, 760x989, Warhound page 6.jpg)
    41 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:12 No.7425361
         File1262632327.jpg-(47 KB, 760x989, Warhound page 7.jpg)
    47 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:13 No.7425371
         File1262632381.jpg-(57 KB, 760x989, Warhound page 8.jpg)
    57 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:13 No.7425377
         File1262632425.jpg-(54 KB, 760x989, Warhound page 9.jpg)
    54 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:14 No.7425385
         File1262632456.jpg-(55 KB, 760x989, Warhound page10.jpg)
    55 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:15 No.7425398
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:15 No.7425402
    Don't worry, pile on destructor pieplates.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:15 No.7425406
         File1262632552.jpg-(73 KB, 760x989, Warhound page11.jpg)
    73 KB

    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:16 No.7425426
         File1262632614.jpg-(23 KB, 400x377, warhound.jpg)
    23 KB
    Picture of complete one.

    Have two more sheets of alternate pieces.

    I have lots of otehr crap I got in a .rar. once, but i dont have the link or hte original .rar anymore.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:17 No.7425436
    you gave stats for the warlord titan. what are the stats for the warhound titan?
    Just so i have stats for the cutout you are posting
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:17 No.7425444
         File1262632679.jpg-(110 KB, 739x912, Revised_3_toe_foot_and_chin.jpg)
    110 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:18 No.7425460
    Don't paperhammer that Warhound. Build it out of sheet styrene.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:19 No.7425466
         File1262632771.jpg-(43 KB, 742x971, Revised_crotch.jpg)
    43 KB

    no fucking idea actually. I just have a bunch of papercraft 40k stuff. I figured it was moderately relevant tot he thread at hand, so i dumped a titan.
    >> Enigma !!oOw7JJBF+bg 01/04/10(Mon)14:23 No.7425498
         File1262632990.jpg-(147 KB, 886x1210, Warhound.jpg)
    147 KB
    Its right here buddy, It kinda doesnt compare to the warlord though.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:26 No.7425543
    not a big fan of the redesigned titans - preferred the curved carapace to the boxy tops. although I didn't like the old warlord titan design either
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:28 No.7425569
    No one asked you faggot
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:29 No.7425571
    I'm starting to suspect that someone might want a copy of Apocalypse here: http://rapidshare.com/files/330339057/Apocalypse.pdf
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:35 No.7425643
    just saying. no need to get all /b/ about it.

    anyway I'm right. new style warhound looks like ass. glad OP is building a warlord, as they were fugly to start with an look better now.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:35 No.7425646
    Any more related stuff you've got? Or a rapidshare would be nice.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:36 No.7425657
    >And it add +1 to the vehicle da mage charts
    This is actualy wrong, they only add +1 to the superheavy damage chart, they have no such bonus vs regular vehicles.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:37 No.7425673
    I still don't understand how you outflank. It's when you come on the opponents table edge right? So if you put a model with scouts in reserve it can come on the opponents table edge?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:37 No.7425685
    >> Crix !!RpOLjtsjwNS 01/04/10(Mon)14:40 No.7425714
    Pretty sure you roll a d6, 1-2 it's left, 3-4, it's right, and 5-6 you can chose
    >> Enigma !!oOw7JJBF+bg 01/04/10(Mon)14:52 No.7425868
         File1262634764.jpg-(59 KB, 640x480, destroyer.jpg)
    59 KB
    Actually its plus one to any vehicle damage chart.
    >> Enigma !!oOw7JJBF+bg 01/04/10(Mon)14:54 No.7425890
    And since smoke launchers just give you a cover save now then theyre pretty useless against this monster too. Thank you 5th edition.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:58 No.7425940
         File1262635084.gif-(47 KB, 1362x2079, droppod1.gif)
    47 KB

    Like i said, i lost the original .rar and the link on /rs/ is dead.

    How about a drop pod?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)14:58 No.7425947
         File1262635126.gif-(52 KB, 1363x2079, droppod2.gif)
    52 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)15:00 No.7425968
         File1262635208.gif-(38 KB, 1362x2079, droppod3.gif)
    38 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)15:01 No.7425984
         File1262635293.gif-(52 KB, 1398x2041, dp1.gif)
    52 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)15:02 No.7425991
         File1262635335.gif-(56 KB, 1398x2041, dp2.gif)
    56 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)15:03 No.7426015
         File1262635428.gif-(42 KB, 1399x2040, dp3.gif)
    42 KB
    >> Iron Handed 01/04/10(Mon)15:11 No.7426112

    search through teh stuff i've uploaded for something called "GW modelling workshop and paper tanks and banners" or something like that, anyway, it contains loads of templates for making these i think its probably the .rar the anon who is posting the templates lost.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)15:16 No.7426162
         File1262636206.jpg-(49 KB, 800x459, 1262400507736.jpg)
    49 KB
    The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind approves of this! Bring death to the dickbags.
    >> Enigma !!oOw7JJBF+bg 01/04/10(Mon)15:21 No.7426225
    I wonder if they would let me bring the /tg/ Angry Marines list too hahaha.
    >> Enigma !!oOw7JJBF+bg 01/04/10(Mon)15:24 No.7426267
    So its settled Im going to start my titan this week. And all post proof of ownage after the fact. Thanks for they help guys!
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)15:29 No.7426316
    They're just different patterns. Everyone picks the boxy ones because its easier to build.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)15:34 No.7426370
         File1262637251.jpg-(496 KB, 1019x610, 1258884655959.jpg)
    496 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)15:34 No.7426379
    Why not field three Warhounds instead of one Warlord?

    Each one is easier to kill, but that's still three separate targets.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)15:38 No.7426409
    Because the Warlord has already shown to be nearly invulnerable (not talking saves)?
    >> Marisa 01/04/10(Mon)15:43 No.7426456
    creed works for one vehicle or troop choice and the tourny allows 0-1 super heavies
    >> Enigma !!oOw7JJBF+bg 01/04/10(Mon)15:56 No.7426589
         File1262638587.jpg-(218 KB, 872x1312, super heavy vehicle types.jpg)
    218 KB
    Did i mention how its close combat attacks work?
    >> Enigma !!oOw7JJBF+bg 01/04/10(Mon)15:58 No.7426613
         File1262638734.jpg-(65 KB, 640x544, walker assault.jpg)
    65 KB
    Did i mention how its close combat attacks work? check out the stomp
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)16:09 No.7426726
    >Such as in the last tourney all troop choice weapons got hot and all troops had negative one ballistic skill.

    Since when is that a good idea for a tourney?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)16:16 No.7426804
    >>7424253 Also they are, the one who did last tourney plays a burna boy ork army so it was pretty much based around his ability to own everything
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)16:19 No.7426834
    OP, you should feel awesome about this.

    When you paint it up, keep a little banner blank, and then add kill markings as the tournament progresses.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)16:29 No.7426950

    do it faggot

    play to win dont play fair

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