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  • File : 1262947787.jpg-(120 KB, 800x1132, Footman.jpg)
    120 KB RADIAN/tg/AY FORMERGUARDWIZARD QUEST PART 4 Kyle the Guardsman !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)05:49 No.7485175  
    Old thread: >>7480046
    You are in your magical basement. Brandon knows where this is, you can bet he'll tell the others. Do not think they are the only guards, they where just the only ones in your barracks. There are other barracks in the city, you know.

    What do you do now?

    Archive links:
    http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/7468480/ (thread 1)
    http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/7470201/ (thread 2)
    http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/7480046/ (thread 3)
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)05:51 No.7485201
    rolled 12 = 12

    Moving time, Try to find a new basement, Rather then carry all of the stuff, Try casting Teleport on it to transport it all at once.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)05:52 No.7485210
    Also, Requesting Inventory.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)05:53 No.7485214
    grab all we can and head to any other basement we know the location of

    and fast
    >> Kyle the Guardsman !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)05:53 No.7485217
    You have an assload of reagents. You can interpret the needed reagents from your notes, but you don't know one reagent from another.

    Also, the teleportation spell includes fire. Lots of fire, from the sound of it. It could be very deadly if done incorrectly.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)05:53 No.7485219
    I suggest we go out on that newly arrived merchant ship and become a pirate. Do we have any spells that can disguise us while we make the way to the docks.

    IIRC we have 87 coins, that's enough to pay a ship captain for a bed on the ship and for no one to disturb you while you study magic.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)05:55 No.7485237

    We could also work our passage somewhere, and perhaps aid the captain if bad things assault the ship.
    Also... MMMM SAILORS.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)05:55 No.7485241
    I kind of like this idea

    but some magically aligned order has plans with this town

    this idea still has potential though
    >> Kyle the Guardsman !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)05:56 No.7485243
    MAGIC WOODEN WAND (named Kyle's Wood)
    MAGIC IVORY WAND (named Cockblower)
    87 COINS
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)05:56 No.7485247
    Ok, Leave the Regents, get most other stuff, Get to the port, Find a Ship, Preferably to another Continent, Then get the hell out of Dodge.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)05:57 No.7485259
    didn't we grab a sword from that gang's place as well?

    or did we forget to do that?
    >> Kyle the Guardsman !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)05:57 No.7485260
    forgot these:
    >> Kyle the Guardsman !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)05:58 No.7485267
    Yeah, you left it behind when you brought the reagents.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)05:58 No.7485270
    leave reagents?

    but how will we become deathwizard incarnate without them?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)05:59 No.7485273

    We *take* the reagents onto the ship.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:00 No.7485284
    True, if things go really down the shithole we can always steal someone's skiff or something.

    I think we should try to get to the bottom of the mage's guild or whatever is operating in the city and depose the corrupt ruler of the city.
    >> Kyle the Guardsman !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)06:01 No.7485297
    So what are we doing?
    You can manage to move all your possessions (including reagents) in three trips.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:01 No.7485302

    The thing is, Our time is pretty limited, and we will probably NOT get all the stuff on board, Better leave most and not let the guard onto what we are doing or giving them a chance to find us, After all how will we become th greatest mage if we are imprisioned in a Temple or worse, DEAD.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)06:02 No.7485307
    three trips?


    can't we find a bigger sack to keep them all in?

    take off our chainmail and use that as a sack?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:03 No.7485314

    We move to a completely unknown basement.
    Take a rest. Next day we find a ship to sail out on.

    Maybe even a PIRATE ship.
    >> Kyle the Guardsman !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)06:03 No.7485319
    Uh, no on the chainmail. You can take it off so your more comfortable though, I suppose.

    These are pretty big sacks. Heavy too. You have like, 8 sacks of reagents. So, three sacks on the first and second trips, two and your other possessions on the third.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:05 No.7485332
    Are we even a guard anymore? Do we need all our armour and crap? Just dress in the clothes, ditch the spear, keep the club. Mages don't wear armour for a reason.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)06:05 No.7485333
    fine, I leave the least valuable/useful/useful looking reagents and head for a ship

    or at least another basement
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:05 No.7485334
    And we can always come back later to solve this when it has calmed down, Right now our options are limited and the entire guard hates us, If we get caught we are fucked... and not in the good way.

    I say we escape and learn some magic in some place where it isn´t illegal(Bound to be someplace, After all how why else would that dude in topic 1 announce that he was a Mage so proudly, And he was pretty obviously from another country.), Then come back when we can deal with the guard easily.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:05 No.7485339
    Ditch the armour! I forgot to say that.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:06 No.7485348
    Another basement for now.

    It will be hard enough to book passage on a ship-- we should go once everything is secure to find a captain.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)06:07 No.7485355
    one post off, buddy

    any way we can quickly disguise ourselves to make the trips less conspicuous?
    >> Kyle the Guardsman !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)06:08 No.7485367
    In the Eastern part of the continent, magic is technically illegal since it became part of the Kingdom, but it's still pretty widely practiced. The King thinks as long as the Mage's Cabals are kept in check, and that magic doesn't spread to the more prosperous Western part of the Kingdom, that he can tolerate it. After all, trying to stomp out every mage would be hard.

    So are you heading for a ship? What are you bringing?
    Even without your armor, your red guard's shirt still identifies you as a 'guard'.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:09 No.7485373

    And we find another shirt. Somewhere.
    >> Kyle the Guardsman !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)06:10 No.7485376
    What are you bringing?
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)06:11 No.7485384
    let's disguise ourselves in whatever way we can, throw some rags on us or something and head to a basement we know brandon and dan and any other guard would never look for us in

    ditch the armor and spear and grab as much stuff as we can for the first trip
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:12 No.7485394
    Wait, We are wearing a RED SHIRT?

    No wonder things went to shit, Off with it, Walk barechested, Try looking for a not red shirt.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)06:12 No.7485395
    translation book, notes, club, the wands and rod, reagents

    gaudy jewelry can stay
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:12 No.7485399

    The most valuable looking reagents, and our other possessions.
    Also, we hide the other reagents somewhere in the basement until we come back for them.

    Is it possible to cast illusion on the door to hide it... or blockade the door and blast a hole somewhere else as an exit?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:13 No.7485406
    We aren't "Kyle the Guardsman" anymore I guess.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:14 No.7485407
    This. Make sure we have all the magical items with us, and a sack or two of the most valuable reagents.
    The other reagents can wait.
    >> Kyle the Guardsman !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)06:14 No.7485411
    You cannot find anything to wear, so you just take off your shirt. Without the armor and weapons, you manage to barely carry four bags. You find another basement and deposit your goods. You find a tailor and buy a typical black, unassuming shirt, along with simple tan linen pants. Changing quickly, you get the rest of your possessions and take them to your new basement. Your tired, hungry, and it is getting dark, but everything has been moved to the new basement.
    You have 40 coins left.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)06:14 No.7485412
    but we were Kyle the Great from the very beginning

    Greatness sometimes requires making... difficult decisions

    ...and rape
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:15 No.7485418

    Resting time in the new basement.
    Next morning we go out disguised to find a ship, illusion magic at the ready.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)06:16 No.7485425
    Good point. Name changed accordingly.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:16 No.7485427

    Blockade the basement door while we rest, too.
    Just in case.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)06:16 No.7485432
    let's grab some food somewhere we know guards don't hang out

    surely we know enough of them to know where they are least likely to be
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)06:20 No.7485458
    You know some pretty rough docks bars that you like. The ale tastes like piss, and some of the guys know you (as somewhat of a bro, a 'cool guard'). You could head there, but Dan usually hangs out with you there. He could possibly look there for you. Possibly.

    Otherwise, you could buy food from a store.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:21 No.7485467

    Food from a store sounds good.
    We could also steal it.
    Stealing sounds fun.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)06:21 No.7485470
    let's just go grab food from a random stall

    doesn't have to be anything great, just enough to let us get to bed without an empty belly

    nobody likes going to bed on an empty belly
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)06:22 No.7485476
    let's not press our luck

    besides, we're a rapist, not some kind of CRIMINAL SCUM
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)06:22 No.7485477
    Buying or stealing?
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)06:23 No.7485482

    let's not risk having to blow too many cocks off
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:23 No.7485483
    Buy the food.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)06:25 No.7485508
    You go searching around the city. You finally find a stand with a girl selling meatcakes. You buy two and eat them on your way back to the basement. You barricade the door after you're back in, and fall asleep on a hard pallet.

    You wake up early the next morning. It is roughly 5:30. You feel refreshed. Now what?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:27 No.7485514

    Find a pirate ship.
    Book passage for work.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)06:28 No.7485523
    You're pretty sure pirates don't have big banners on the side of their ships saying PIRATES HERE: NOW HIRING. You don't know which ship would contain pirates, if any. You never had to deal with ships before, there's a closer barracks that deal solely with them.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)06:29 No.7485527

    try to get a bed on one of the ships, it doesn't matter which one or where they're going

    maybe try to offer us up as a worker

    use our guard senses to try to find a seedy "private merchant" ship, perhaps?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:31 No.7485555
    Find a ship, Get the hell out of time.

    No need to check if they a re pirate ships or not, With our luck we are bound to accidentelly get onto one anyway.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)06:33 No.7485575
    Some more information on the world: There is only one other continent, and it is pretty much like North America when it was first discovered...only make the indians more savage. Their are a few, small colonies, and very little trade with the natives.

    However, ships do go to other parts of the super-continent that the Kingdom is on. Booking a ship for the East would be your best bet, if you want to join a Magic Cabal. Going to the south, where it's mostly farmland would be a good place to lie low. Or you could be a pirate. Or...anything...
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:34 No.7485590

    A pirate with a base in the East may be fun.
    A mage-pirate with a sea-bound magic cabal.
    We can dress like an Exalted character all day.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)06:36 No.7485600
    I second this

    find a seedy-looking vessel heading east

    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:36 No.7485606
    This. Use our guard senses to find a ship bound for the east. Maybe a smuggler.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:39 No.7485636

    Go to new America, They are bound to be a bit more open about Magic there, And we might get some exotic spells if we trade with the Natives there, Said exotic spells can then be used to establish a Mage nation on said continent..
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)06:42 No.7485662
    You head out to the docks. There are quite a few ships on the harbor. After asking the dockmaster, he points you to some ships heading towards the east. You find the worst looking one, come aboard and ask to speak to the captain. "You not need speak with Captin, Westerner." says a fat, dark-skinned man. "You leave rite now."
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:43 No.7485674
         File1262950984.jpg-(61 KB, 960x857, Seduce.jpg)
    61 KB
    rolled 1 = 1


    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:44 No.7485684
    rolled 9 = 9


    Ask him where ship goes, Tell him we are a Merchant with Spices, Who need passage, Say that we have combat exprience while flexing muscles.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)06:44 No.7485686
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:45 No.7485695
         File1262951102.jpg-(16 KB, 598x348, SIGH.jpg)
    16 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:45 No.7485702
    Fuck, chances are he will punch us out for this, And then the gurads will arrive to check out the comotion... In othe words... RUN AWAY!
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)06:46 No.7485709

    there will be time to seduce sailors later
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:47 No.7485716
    while making a Gaston face. Then start singing the Gaston song.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:49 No.7485726

    He doesn't speak our language very well!
    He will completely miss the innuendo!
    Then we go with the 9 roll.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)06:49 No.7485729
    You hit on him, not very subtly. "I wood rater fuck a pig than you, Westerner."
    You leave. The man doesn't try to stop you.

    To another ship?
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)06:49 No.7485741
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:50 No.7485746

    To another ship.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:50 No.7485747
    rolled 17 = 17


    We go back and suggest that we have combat experience, and are a Wizard.
    If he doesn't believe us, we cast ERECTION.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:51 No.7485759
    To another ship and do what >>7485747 said.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)06:51 No.7485761
    You go to the next shitty looking Eastbound ship. This time, a Westerner greets you. "Welcome! Do you need something?" You tell him you want passage, and are willing to pay. "Well...unless you're willing to work, I'm not letting you on. This isn't a luxury liner, you know..." He tells you the ship deals in the spice trade.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:52 No.7485764
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:53 No.7485774

    Say that we were expecting to have to work, Shake hands on it.


    About halfway through the first topic.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)06:53 No.7485776
    when we first declared ourselves KYLE THE GREAT

    also, we fondled an unconscious wizard's balls

    that's how it all started
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:55 No.7485795
         File1262951706.jpg-(53 KB, 1212x799, Erection.jpg)
    53 KB
    rolled 6 = 6


    While thinking of ramming the penis into that charming Eastern man's ear.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)06:55 No.7485796
    "The ship will be leaving in four days. If you want to bring any possessions aboard, it will be twenty-five coins."
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:56 No.7485808

    Tell him you will pay him 10 now, and 15 once the ship takes sail.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)06:57 No.7485814
    rolled 19, 10 = 29

    "Twenty-five? We're not exactly out of shape, and our services will definitely cover more than that. How's 5 sound?"

    Second roll for seduce
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)06:57 No.7485818
    He agrees. You pay him and shake on it.

    You have four days to kill before the ship leaves. If you hang around the ship, expect to be put to work.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)06:58 No.7485822
    rolled 1 = 1


    I... sigh.
    No homosexual enough, I suppose.

    Rolling to use our seductive ways to lower the price.
    Swaying hips, accentuating curvature of balls.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)06:59 No.7485826
    Oh fine, I won't pass it up.

    You haggle him down to five. As for the seduction, the man grins. "Come see me once we've set sail...then we'll 'talk'...." He grins. You grin. And you get an erection. Feels good man.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)06:59 No.7485832
    rolled 14, 12 = 26


    so that doesn't count, then?

    let's go gather our stuff, then and get secured in the ship as quickly as possible
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:00 No.7485840
         File1262952027.jpg-(27 KB, 736x797, Happy.jpg)
    27 KB
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)07:00 No.7485843
    feels GREAT, man

    NOW we go secure our belongings
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)07:02 No.7485854
    yeah, leave the seducing to the professionals, mr. crazy voice who's been following us
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:03 No.7485862
    General ideas/theories about what we currently know about setting/Political.

    King is likely a mage, Yet magic is illegal, Why?

    Obviously king is afraid of somone is going to become more powerfull then him, Hence our long time goal is pretty clear, Atleast to me, become more powerful then him, Replace/Ursurp the the king. Oh, And fuck Mike too.

    The new continent is pretty big Unknown, Seeing how there are natives there there are bound to be magicians, Chances are that the king will start acting against those magicians pretty soon, Most likely to keep them under controll like he did against the Easteners. If this happens i think that the easteners themselves will probably revolt gainst the kingdom, after all, They seem to be very mishappy with westeners in general.

    Just some food for thought.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:04 No.7485868
         File1262952248.jpg-(55 KB, 736x797, Knew.jpg)
    55 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:05 No.7485879
         File1262952334.gif-(1.17 MB, 260x146, ohno.gif)
    1.17 MB
    >this thread
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)07:05 No.7485882
    but we're not a revolutionary leader! we're Kyle the Great! Kyle the rapist of all who stand before him! His penis is Wrath, and Wrath it doth shoot onto the faces of his slain foes!

    That being said, we should totally still try to fuck Mike
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:09 No.7485903

    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)07:09 No.7485909
    You suspect all of this, yet harbor no proof to any of them. The natives of the second continent are not human. You don't know what they are, but supposedly they are VERY good at combat. And they are strong.

    You begin to return to your apartment. However, you recognize two men walking through the docks district: Roger and Brandon. Brandon is wearing the gleaming plate armor of the former captain (who never wore it himself, since he sat at a desk all day) as well as a short-sword in place of a club. Two other guards you don't recognize trail behind them.

    They have not spotted you, but you are close enough to be recognized if they DO spot you.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:09 No.7485910

    Never said we were, Just pointing out that the East Continent is probably pretty opressed from the vibes im getting, And as for ursurping the king, Well, It will let us rape everyone we want. and he seems to be the source of our problems, Whith that pesky NO MAGIC law.

    Also, Kyle, What is the Kingdom,Eastern Continent and New Continent called?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:11 No.7485929

    That armor is probably anti-magic armor. *sigh*
    Can we find a mask to wear. We need a mask.
    Or at least a bandage to go on the face.

    Our apartment was clearly watched, too-- why would we go there?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:11 No.7485930
    rolled 19 = 19


    Turn invisible, Run into a alley and hide in barrel or something, then wait until nightfall.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:11 No.7485931
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)07:12 No.7485940

    Well rolled, anon
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)07:13 No.7485948
    except hide until you know they're gone

    we don't want to be late for our boat trip and we NEED our reagents and books
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)07:14 No.7485958
    There are only two continents. The new unexplored one, and the current one. There is an eastern part of this continent, recently subjected to the rule of the Kingdom.
    The Kingdom is named after the King, who himself 'loses' his name when he becomes King, henceafter known only afterwards as "The King". The current Kingdom is the Nitrear Kingdom, meaning the King's former name was Nitrear.

    The Eastern part of the continent is called "Sha'azar", or "The East". It is primarily grassland (think African grasslands) with a(n) Arabian/Indian/Japanese mixed culture. The West is just called 'The West'. It's old name is known only by scholars. The current continent is called Dalindir, and the new continent is called Udaj, named for the first explorer to reach it.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:17 No.7485981
    Kinda like some countries have dynasties?

    Seems kinda neat.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)07:18 No.7485988
    Turning around and hiding your rod while it charges, you turn invisible and run down an alley. You stay to the shadows and drop your spell, watching the patrol. No one is speaking. they walk past the alley without noticing you. You watch as they walk into a bar you used to frequent.

    What do you do?
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)07:19 No.7485993
    Thanks, I totally pulled that out of my ass. I like it though, maybe I'll flesh it out into a campaign setting in my free time.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)07:19 No.7485994
    now invisibility/hide in barrel until coast is clear

    THEN gather our belongings and get onto the ship

    if shit gets too dangerous we'll just blow 'em up

    and not just their cocks this time
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:19 No.7485997

    They are probably spreading the word around about you, Better get our stuff ASAP, Our movement will be pretty limited soon.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)07:20 No.7486006
    this times a lot
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)07:21 No.7486013
    You break your cover and dash across the street, into another alley. You turn around, and sure enough, the patrol is walking out. You find your way to the exit of the Docks district through the alleys, and then get to your apartment.

    What do you do?
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)07:23 No.7486032
    By the way, the Rod takes about 10 seconds to charge.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:23 No.7486033

    Under cover of darkness, we deploy our goods to the ship.

    Btw, what is the range of our explosion spell-- can we create a diversion by blasting something across town?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:24 No.7486035
    rolled 5 = 5


    Get stuff to the ship, Try doing it discretly, Infact, Cast Invisible on the bag with the stuff in it.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)07:24 No.7486040
    is this a typical patrol? by experience do we know where they're going?

    gather what we can, we made it in 2 trips when we were hungry and fatigued, let's try to make it to the ship in one trip now
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)07:25 No.7486051
    It is fairly close range. The rod amplifies the power of the spell, but not its range.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)07:27 No.7486069
    You gather up your stuff. You simply cannot take all of it in one trip, unless your willing to leave two bags of reagents behind. All your other possessions, save your spear and armor will come with you.

    This is not a regular patrol, unless they got a request to go into the bar. Patrols never go into buildings unless they need to.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:29 No.7486078

    Leave the regeants, Better safe then sorry.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:29 No.7486085

    Leave two of the least valuable reagents behind.

    Can we extend the illusion around ourselves and anything we are carrying?
    We would only need to do so in order to vanish around a corner.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:30 No.7486090
    We can come back for them! We have 3-4 days now, anyway.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)07:31 No.7486103
    I don't know

    the reagents seem pretty vital

    can't we leave behind some of the jewelry to lighten the load?

    there is a giant ring and necklace in there

    let's dump the totally unnecessary stuff and take all the reagents we can
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)07:32 No.7486111
    You aren't sure how long you could sustain the spell. Also, you'd need a way to wave the rod. Also, the reagents are mixed up - you aren't sure which bags are valuable and which aren't
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)07:32 No.7486116
    That stuff doesn't take up much space. It is the reagents which are hard to carry.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)07:32 No.7486117
    oh wait, you're right

    I forgot we had 4 DAYS and not 4 HOURS

    okay then, if we're in our apartment then let's just barricade the doors and study some magic
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:32 No.7486119

    we have more then one day, we can come back for them then. Right now it is pretty risky.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:35 No.7486148
    Let´s see, the guard know where we live so the longer we stay here the higher risk we are at., I say just leave 2 bags of regeants and dash to the ship.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)07:36 No.7486155
    let's rest and study until nightfall or until we deem it safe enough to secure everything onto the ship

    barricade ourselves in until then
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)07:36 No.7486163
    brandon may know of our OTHER basement, but he doesn't know about THIS one
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)07:37 No.7486168
    You make it to the ship. The captain sees you. You explain to him that your bags are not to be searched. He nods.

    It is 5 o'clock. What now?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:37 No.7486170

    One wonders if they'll think to check outbound ships for us...

    Perhaps one night we should blast the testicles off some gate guard-- make it look like we left via the gate.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:39 No.7486188

    Let's keep the bag of our magical items (the tome, knife, amulet, etc.) with us at all times.
    Then go back for the other reagents.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:40 No.7486199
    Practice telekinesis in you room then turn in for the night, Today was a pretty harsh day after all. and laying low is probably the best bet.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)07:40 No.7486202
    hey man, get it right

    we FEEL testicles
    we EXPLODE cocks

    lay low on the ship for now

    any way we can rest until nightfall?
    do we have enough stuff to practice any other spells?
    maybe telekinesis?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:41 No.7486203
    This. Definitely. We can always get new reagents-- that tome and the notes are invaluable.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)07:41 No.7486209
    You cannot practice spells on the ship - too open. You share a room with the other sailors.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)07:42 No.7486211
    You have two bags of reagents as well as all your other possessions, save your armor and spear
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)07:42 No.7486212
    how many other sailors?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:43 No.7486219

    Well, Atleast we will have fun once we set sail, But for now Sleep for the night then.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)07:45 No.7486243
    You sleep and wake up early again. It is around 6:00 AM.

    What do you do now?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:46 No.7486253

    Go and get the other stuff from the Hideout, Be sneaky about it.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:46 No.7486254

    We could get to bed early...
    Or go back for the other bags of reagents (keeping the tome, etc with us at all times.)
    Or go to blast the cock off a gate guard.

    Are we so tired that our spell-maintaining may suffer?
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)07:46 No.7486255
    rolled 3, 4, 16, 13, 9, 3, 20, 16, 18, 13, 4, 4, 17, 18, 4, 13, 19, 19, 18, 8 = 239




    we'll need friends for the coming adventure
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:47 No.7486260
    We should definitely do the Gate-Guard diversion, but when?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:47 No.7486272

    The day we set sail, Too make them think we havn´t left town yet.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)07:48 No.7486275
    if we DO decide to do that, it should be at night

    maybe tonight?
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)07:49 No.7486285
    Fuck you, that will take too much time. Just fuck you.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:50 No.7486294

    Fuck... us.
    *licks his wet lips*
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)07:50 No.7486295
    awh, fine

    let's go get some food at a stall and spend the rest of the day studying magic, then
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)07:52 No.7486320
    You buy a lot of food. You are down to 20 coins.
    What would you like to practice? Minor telekinesis? Perhaps try to identify some reagents (I don't know how) and cast a bigger spell?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:52 No.7486326

    Awww, i liked that idea, Those 4 days are long time after all.
    And those regeants arn´t going anywhere.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)07:53 No.7486329
    let's go for new spells

    we have days to practice
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:54 No.7486337

    We can identify the reagents from descriptions of them in perhaps... a dictionary of magical reagents. (Lick the Merck Index.)

    For now, we should probably practice telekinesis.
    Anti-magic armor can't prevent rocks from falling on it.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:54 No.7486338
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:54 No.7486342
    Practice Telekinesis, If we can get it down we can carry alot more then we should be able too, Catch arrows midair and grab weapons from afar, Far too handy too ignore just yet.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)07:54 No.7486347
    For the other spells (teleportation, becoming two-dimensional, and the lightning spell) you need reagents. You need to be able to identify reagents. How do you plan on doing this?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:55 No.7486350
    Telekinesis. We can even use it as mage armor if we get good enough.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)07:58 No.7486377
    You start off practicing telekinesis, with the wooden wand. You don't want to risk destroying a house with the rod. Or do you?

    Anyway, this cantrip is more difficult to learn than the other two. Roll a d20 to see if we can learn in.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)07:58 No.7486379
    fuck, the library is probably being watched, too

    fine, we perfect telekinesis, then

    keep practicing until we have it as well mastered as we possibly can, given our time frame
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)07:59 No.7486383
    rolled 1 = 1


    Thinking of Mike's cute anger.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)07:59 No.7486385
    rolled 3 = 3

    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:00 No.7486389
    rolled 17 = 17


    Rolling for blackjack, so I don't cry.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)08:00 No.7486397
    rolled 3 = 3

    E-e-e-erectile dysfunction
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)08:01 No.7486403
    Oh lawdy, /tg/. Kyle is terribad!
    On your first attempt, the spell goes wrong. There is a short, zapping sound. Suddenly, you feel as if electricity is being passed through your body. You feel a spasm, and drop to the ground. You can see your wand is engulfed in purple fire, but does not seem to be burning.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:02 No.7486412
    rolled 10 = 10


    We are a masochist now.
    Slaanesh helps us.
    For the second try!
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)08:02 No.7486413
    rolled 8 = 8

    wait, did we fail so hard that we win?

    try to pick up the wand, does it hurt us? did we make it stronger?

    try casting again!

    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:03 No.7486417
    rolled 2, 19, 12 = 33

    TRY AGAIN (Roll 1)
    AGAIN (Roll 2)
    AND AGAIN. (Roll 3)
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)08:03 No.7486418
    You're still twitching a bit. Do you want to attempt to grab the purple-flaming wand and give it another go?
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)08:03 No.7486425
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:04 No.7486434
    rolled 19 = 19


    I am rolling for Slaanesh's purple flame of joy to guide us to a Telekinetic Victory.

    So yes.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:06 No.7486441

    After this, start worshipping Slaneesh, It´s pretty obvious she is our Guardian Deity after all.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)08:06 No.7486442
    You grab the wand. It feels...weird. You attempt to cast telekinesis again. This time, the wand spews a blast of purple fire, hitting an old bookshelf. The bookshelf simply collapses into dust. The fires leave the wand.

    You try again, and this time successfully manage to move some rubble around before losing the spell. You eat a bit, and try again, again succeeding. You are on your way to mastering Minor Telekinesis!

    Oh, and your still feeling kinda twitchy.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:07 No.7486453

    Do we remember what we did to create the purple flame?
    That could be VERY useful.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:07 No.7486457
    How long did it take, What is the time?

    If there is more time we might as well continue.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)08:08 No.7486462
    let's not bring deities from other realms into this

    we have enough problems on our own


    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)08:08 No.7486464
    I don't know much about Warhammer, let alone Slaanesh. IRC, it's the Chaos god of sexual perversion, drug usage, and anything else that FEELS GOOD MAN, right? That's as far as my knowledge extends.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:09 No.7486471
    rolled 10 = 10


    Sacred number 9, favorite color Purple.
    I will roll a 9.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:10 No.7486476

    Thank you dice. *sigh*
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)08:10 No.7486477
    You're still practicing at it. It is 1 o'clock.
    You aren't completely sure what you did, and even if you are masochistic, the seizure thing was extremely unpleasant and very incapacitating. You are still feeling twitchy, and are beginning to think that this may be a permanent side-effect.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)08:10 No.7486480

    a stick and a hole

    our two favorite things

    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)08:11 No.7486482
    Oh my fucking god I lol'd hard.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:12 No.7486491
    Make note not to try that agai, After all, If Slaneesh wants us, She WILL find us.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:13 No.7486495

    You mean we can vibrate our penis now!
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)08:13 No.7486499
    After a few more hours of practice, you're pretty sure you've gotten this spell down. Do you wish to go back to the ship? Sleep here? Try Telekinesis with the Runed Rod? Break into the library after it closes? Blow up some cocks? Something else?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:15 No.7486516

    No rod inside.
    Perhaps sleep here, barricade the door.
    Next morning we can get the rest of our stuff to the ship, and create a diversion before sailing the next day.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)08:16 No.7486522
    let's try breaking into the library, our telekinesis spell and our new RAPE-FUELED MAGIC may come in handy

    and new spells will mean more power

    I want to get to the point where we can throw people around like those other wizards did to us
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:17 No.7486527

    There's probably nothing much *in* the library.
    Magic is banned-- why would they keep magic books there?
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)08:17 No.7486532
    we'd use it to identify the reagents, just like last time

    once we do that we can use the notes to work on spells
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:18 No.7486533
    I believe we may already be more powerful than him, heh. Bad guard, excellent wizard.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:18 No.7486536
    Last time we got a *translation dictionary*-- it had nothing to do with magic. Just translating the Wizard's notes on magic.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:19 No.7486542
    Since we're evil now, we must plan on kidnapping Dan and convincing him to become our evil queen.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:22 No.7486555

    We're not evil.
    We're a badass.
    >> RottenOne !!WOKzUvPKziI 01/08/10(Fri)08:22 No.7486557
    rolled 11 = 11

    Go into town, find some pretty, newbie guard, rape and kill him. Use his blood to leave a crazy and stalkerish love letter to Dan on the wall.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)08:22 No.7486566
    no, that's what Mike is for

    Dan ratted us out after we had our way with him

    Dan will suffer a long and horrible death

    but didn't we use the library to help us identify reagents as well?

    if not then let's sleep
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)08:22 No.7486569
    The library has a very limited selection of tomes relating to magic. No tomes on how to do it, more like dissertations on magic or explaining how it works, or other things. They require special permission to obtain, normally. They are there for royalty, the Governor and guards to access for help against it. People who check out the books are often watched by the guard, and imprisoned if they seem to be getting in a little over their head. There may very well be something in there for reagents.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:23 No.7486571
    Hooooley shit, y r u so gay /tg/?
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)08:25 No.7486586
    hmm... I kinda like the whole murdering a guard idea


    let's rest until nightfall, and head to the front gate through various back alleyways

    let's remind them who they're messing with
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:25 No.7486587

    Seems to be too dangerous a risk.
    They've likely doubled the guard on magical books knowing a rouge wizard is around.

    Unless-- does the guard know we're a wizard? We haven't exactly shown anything magical to them, aside from the floating bags.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:26 No.7486595
    Making Dan serve his rapist is more fun. Especially if we can succesfully indoctrinate him.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)08:26 No.7486597
    well they know we were the last people to see the late captain alive, and that afterwards we were nowhere to be found and some bags magically floated out of the room
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)08:27 No.7486603
    Not for sure, though Brandon saw you carrying reagents to your old hideout.
    You rest for a few hours, then leave. You make your way to the main gate.

    As usual, there are two guards on foot, though there are definitely more in the guard towers. There's a young, cute looking boy, and an older (though not 'old') guy with sideburns. You have both wands and your rod, and your club.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:29 No.7486612

    Can we use the telekinetic rod to knock one tower into the other?

    Also-- range on the ERECTION spell? Can we explode their cocks from stealth?
    >> RottenOne !!WOKzUvPKziI 01/08/10(Fri)08:30 No.7486616
    rolled 13, 4 = 17

    Use illusion to lure the boy away from his partner.

    Rape him and kill him, carve a love letter to Dan on the body. Make it sound as crazy and stalkerish as possible.

    First roll for the illusion, second for overpowering the boy in a fight.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)08:31 No.7486622
    Range is about 10 feet. If you stay to the shadows and make a successful stealth check, you might be able to do it from stealth. Both guards have torches, it is night time (around 10 o'clock).
    Even with the enhanced powers from the rod, there is no way you could use your cantrips to knock a tower over, unless you want to get close to it and blast a bunch of holes in it with Enhanced Minor Explosion.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:32 No.7486627

    Overpowered by a child?

    Let's try to convince him on raping US

    >> RottenOne !!WOKzUvPKziI 01/08/10(Fri)08:33 No.7486634
    rolled 6 = 6

    FUCK. All right, rolling for subduing him with telekinesis.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:33 No.7486636

    Cocks, sorry for the typo
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)08:33 No.7486641
    rolled 10 = 10

    grab a nearby rock and invisible it with our illusion powers

    throw it ahead of them, when one of them goes to investigate, we strike with our cock exploding power
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:33 No.7486642

    We may begin to HATE you to death, you know.
    It seeps through the screen.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)08:34 No.7486648
    You successfully cast the illusion with the help of the rod. You look like a beautiful blond now, in a sexy dress. You walk right up to the young man and say. "Hey there sexy, why don't you come with me?" The boy turns red and stammers. "I-I'm on d-duty, ma'am..." You grab his cock through his pants and give it a little tug. "Come on, just for a moment..."

    The sideburns guy shouts to his comrade "If you don't fuck her, I will!" he says laughing.

    What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:35 No.7486653
    Perhaps we can use telekinesis to snuff their torches out!
    Then explode their cocks.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)08:36 No.7486656
    drag him back into the alleyway

    the darkest one we can possibly find

    once we have him where nobody can see, gag him and blow his cock off!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:38 No.7486671
    rolled 19 = 19


    Lead him off out of earshot.
    He is obviously inexperienced, and we're GOOD at giving blowjobs.

    We give him one, while he's in the throws of pleasure, we cock explosion him while sitting on his face.
    Smother him to death.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)08:39 No.7486678


    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:39 No.7486681
    Oh YES. Facesitting, and cock explosions. And a 19.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)08:42 No.7486703
    You lead him away into an alley. "Ma'am, I have a girlfriend, plea-" You put your hand over his mouth and go down on him, stealthily drawing the rod. As he comes close to his climax, you begin casting the spell. You back off right as you complete the spell, and the moans of agony suddenly turn to groans of pain.

    You drop the illusion, and the boy looks even more horrified. Then, you see the worst thing you've ever seen. The kid's cock rapidly grows to the size and color of an eggplant. Then it slowly begins to split, before popping like a melon dropped from a tall building. The boy starts screaming, but you sit on his face and smother him with your ass while he bleeds out.

    Roll for save against SAN damage. Watching that cock explode was fucking horrid. I almost feel bad typing that out.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)08:43 No.7486715



    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:43 No.7486717
    rolled 2 = 2


    SAN Damage? Fuck you. We *are* Slaanesh.
    I will roll a 9000.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:45 No.7486726

    This is somewhat true.
    We've already raped and murdered our former friends by skullfucking.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)08:47 No.7486742
    Alright, alright, no SAN damage. You've convinced me.

    But suddenly, you hear the other guard coming down the alley behind you. "Jack?" he calls, "I heard ya screamin'. You alright? Or is that how you sound when you blow your load?" you hear him chuckle. You dash into the back of the alley before the man sees you. His eyes fall upon the corpse of his comrade. "Oh good gods!" he says, retching. "They..this...oh gods!" He turns and runs back, dropping his torch on the ground.

    What do you do?
    >> RottenOne !!WOKzUvPKziI 01/08/10(Fri)08:50 No.7486759
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:50 No.7486761

    I doubt we can blast his cock off.

    Let's leave a stalker message to Dan, then disappear into the night, back to our apartment.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)08:51 No.7486765
    Using the tip of the kid's spear, you take off his clothes and carve a letter to Dan on his chest.

    What do you write?
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)08:52 No.7486774
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)08:52 No.7486778

    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:53 No.7486781

    "Dan, all of this for you. They are just meat to me, you are my heart. I need you. Can't live without you. I can always see you."
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:54 No.7486785
    Sign it as Mike. heh
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)08:54 No.7486786

    let's get them off our trail
    >> RottenOne !!WOKzUvPKziI 01/08/10(Fri)08:54 No.7486796
    "Ooooh Dan, my dear love, i want your body so much. WHY DO YOU REJECT ME? DONT YOU NOTICE MY SUFFERING? ITS ALL YOUR FAULT DAN, BUT I STILL LOVE YOU.
    I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you. I WILL COME BACK TO YOU DAN, AND I WILL LOVE YOU, AND WE WILL BE TOGETHER. I promise it my dear love."

    Something like this. I'm not good at writing insane love letters.
    >> RottenOne !!WOKzUvPKziI 01/08/10(Fri)08:55 No.7486799
    Fuck my idea, use THIS.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:56 No.7486813
    Your version is fine too. Much more insane, at least.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:57 No.7486823
    The other one is much more insane. His is just rather manic.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)08:57 No.7486827
    Combining. You write the crazy letter from >>7486781 and sign it as Mike. Then, you steal off into the night. You get away in the nick of time, as you look back, a group of guards enter the alley.

    You make your way to your apartment and fall asleep.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:58 No.7486830
    I'm pressing F5 BUT IT DOES NOTHING.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)08:59 No.7486841
    I <3 this thread, and you too /tg/!
    You wake up, this time pretty late as you were really tired last night. The time is about 8 o'clock.

    What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)08:59 No.7486842

    Next day is the day the ship sets off? Or is it the day after.
    We should get the rest of our things to the ship under cover of illusion. We should be getting very good at that.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)08:59 No.7486846
    Ship sets sail tommorow.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)09:00 No.7486854
    rolled 19 = 19

    get some grub and practice some more magic

    more telekinesis!

    also, barricade the door if it isn't already

    rolling for delicious telekinesis learnin'
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)09:00 No.7486858
    Eh, should've signed it as Kyle. Dan would've got a heartattack next time he met Kyle the Great.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)09:01 No.7486859

    Time to get the rest of the things to the ship.
    Only two bags of reagents-- do the whole trip under full illusion.
    Tiring, but we should be good enough to do it.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)09:01 No.7486869
    This first, then this:
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)09:06 No.7486899
    You go out into the city, and the first thing that strikes you are the wanted posters. They are all over the place - on every wooden door and fence,

    You go closer. They have crude drawings of Mike, and the same description paragraph, as well as possible motives. Each one if made by a different hand, the whole guard force must have been working on this!
    The list of crimes includes murdering the captain, so their blaming him for it too!

    You are not completely blameless though. Under a list of possible accomplices, you are number one, before most of what you presume is Mike's family.
    >> RottenOne !!WOKzUvPKziI 01/08/10(Fri)09:08 No.7486916
    Murder another young and pretty guard. Use his blood to write "Don't listen to Mike, I am the one who truly loves you Dan, and i will dispose of everything that stands in the way of our love. Take care <3. Kyle".

    Lets give Dan nightmares about insane murderers stalking him.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)09:08 No.7486927
    rolled 7 = 7

    grab some food and then >>7486854 and THEN >>7486859
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)09:09 No.7486932
         File1262959754.jpg-(28 KB, 754x787, Happier.jpg)
    28 KB
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)09:09 No.7486936


    Told you we had no sanity
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)09:09 No.7486937
    After this
    You go to a docks bar, and buy some grub for 5 coins. You now have 15 coins left for the ship. You go home, barricade the door, and pull out your implements.

    Do you want to continue practicing telekinesis with the wand? Or switch to the rod?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)09:09 No.7486938
         File1262959789.jpg-(145 KB, 487x500, 1255285220679.jpg)
    145 KB
    You guys are fucked up.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)09:10 No.7486949
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)09:11 No.7486954

    Perhaps use just our hands-- no rod or wand.
    So we can learn to do it cleverly.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)09:11 No.7486957
    we'll us the rod to try and lift a peebble or something

    something that won't 'cause too much attention when it goes flying around
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)09:11 No.7486962
    Gimme a roll for both of these.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)09:11 No.7486964
    This! We need stealth on a ship filled with sailors.
    >> RottenOne !!WOKzUvPKziI 01/08/10(Fri)09:12 No.7486965
    Wand. It's better if we learn the basic spell really well before trying the MAGICALROIDRAGE version.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)09:12 No.7486974
    From now on, just roll if you're choosing to do something like be stealthy or cast a spell. We'll decide what to do from there. Frees up posts.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)09:13 No.7486977
    rolled 11 = 11


    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)09:14 No.7486987
    rolled 18 = 18

    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)09:14 No.7486993
         File1262960085.jpg-(48 KB, 754x787, This.jpg)
    48 KB
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)09:14 No.7486995
    Not using an implement makes the spell more difficult, though you are not sure why...

    Anyway, you manage to lift a piece of wood with the words "DAN + MIKE + KYLE 4EVER" carved in it a few feet off the ground before losing the spell. You continue working on it. You're still twitching - sometimes you twitch when trying to cast the spell and fuck it all up.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)09:15 No.7487001
    well thanks, mysterious voice

    you sure lend a hand right when we need it ♥
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)09:17 No.7487015
    Your hands begin to physically hurt from keeping them really straight for so long, so you decide to work with the rod. After it charges and fires, the small rock on the ground zooms straight up in the air. You can move it around with ease at extremely high speeds, though maintaining the spell still takes work. You are able to easily control anything, it seems, including large object, like the bags of reagents, the pallet, and the dirty wooden table you scavenged. You cannot target yourself, though.
    >> RottenOne !!WOKzUvPKziI 01/08/10(Fri)09:18 No.7487020
    rolled 5 = 5

    Sit down and meditate. Look if you can overcome the twitching with willpower. Think about Dan dressed in a maid outfit and giving you a blowjob.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)09:18 No.7487027
         File1262960308.jpg-(28 KB, 754x676, Stop.jpg)
    28 KB

    We will turn the Slaanesh Twitching to our advantage.
    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)09:19 No.7487042
    You sit down to meditate, only to fall asleep.

    Starting a new thread, as this one is getting pretty big too. Archiving as well. I will report back when both tasks are completed.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)09:20 No.7487047

    let's keep practicing until nightfall, eating whenever we need to and get our shit on the boat by morning

    then we sleep/flirt with sailors until we set sail!

    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)09:22 No.7487058
    so would we be considered chaotic evil at this point?

    or chaotic neutral?

    maybe chaotic good

    we are a guard, after all
    >> Anonymous 01/08/10(Fri)09:23 No.7487071

    Alignments do not actually exist.
    The closest description is "BADASS."
    Subset: "Rape Incarnate."
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 01/08/10(Fri)09:24 No.7487075
    so... we're pyramid head then?

    >> Kyle the Great !mpaN0d.nxY 01/08/10(Fri)09:25 No.7487094
    NEW THREAD: >>7487084
    ARCHIVE LINK: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/7485175/

    Thanks for all the fun /tg/! On with the quest!

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