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  • File : 1264376162.jpg-(88 KB, 598x1054, 1264357482590.jpg)
    88 KB Mage of Time I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/24/10(Sun)18:36 No.7759660  
    So I'm making a Mage chronicle where you are the Hero of Time.

    Your adventures were make-believe until you realized it was all horribly real. That abandoned playground in the woods is really the only safe place in a world of monsters, malicious spirits, and carnivorous inanimate objects. You were scared and afraid; you had only your formless guardian spirit for help.

    But then you met Her.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/24/10(Sun)18:45 No.7759795
         File1264376758.jpg-(851 KB, 1200x877, Zelda___Link_reborn_by_KaijuSa(...).jpg)
    851 KB
    She was beautiful, graceful, perfect and kind. Others looked away from her because of the wheelchair, because of the way her eyes stared without seeing. But she does see--she sees the world the way you see it, a terrible but wonderful place, and she was your only solace, your only friend in all the strangeness.

    But then he took Her away.

    He said it was for her own good, that his facility would provide for her every need. But in his Facility she would be locked away, kept from the green forests you knew she needed to see to survive. You don't care about therapy or antidepressants or five-star accommodations. You want her where she belongs--at your side.

    So you set out into the world with your guardian spirit and your meager spells. But you will need more than a slingshot and a bag full of tricks to break into the Facility. You will need the courage, the wisdom and the strength of a thousand heroes. You will need the aid of the powerful underground Gorons and the changeling Zoras. You will need power the likes of which you have never known.

    You are Link, the Hero of Time, and you will not let your Princess wither and die.

    Current items for consideration:

    The Sword of Truth - the mighty blade of the ancients; it appears as a battered aluminum baseball bat

    The Windcatcher - a boomerang that to most looks like a cheap plastic toy, but can summon the winds from their sleep and sweep your enemies away in a gale.

    The Steelrider - a rotating disk that can carry you up walls and through twisting tunnels. Appears as a large metal trash can lid.

    (Any suggestions for the Shield of Heroes? Hero's Bow? I need assistance!)
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/24/10(Sun)18:50 No.7759878
    (Don't know why I bothered to air my ideas tonight, there are too many goddamn threads already.)

    Guardian Spirit - a fairy entity that is bonded into an MP3 player that you found on the side of the road. The player does not actually work, but your Spirit speaks to you through the headphones, giving you suggestions in the form of songs.

    The Shield of Heroes - I'm considering a laptop, skateboard, or large cardboard chunk. What does /tg/ think?
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/24/10(Sun)18:52 No.7759905
         File1264377146.png-(152 KB, 320x320, Link_B_FINAL.png)
    152 KB
    Yeah, this was a bad idea. Bumping until I run out of Link pictures.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)18:53 No.7759924
    I like the skateboard idea. Maybe instead a garbage can lid?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)18:54 No.7759948
         File1264377291.jpg-(103 KB, 640x575, 1263437585303.jpg)
    103 KB
    Alright, that aside, it looks pretty cool. I wish I could comment more constructively, but I have no experience with Mage, so I figure I might as well bump it for someone else who does.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/24/10(Sun)18:56 No.7759974

    I want to use a garbage can lid for that big spinny thing you ride in Twilight Princess. Although a skateboard doesn't make much sense as a sheild, I suppose. Unless it's got a strap on the bottom. I think I'll leave it up to the player.

    Also: what Path should Link be? I know he needs Time, Space and Matter at least.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)19:02 No.7760066
    Why not just give him a steel shield and say he made it in shop class or something?

    Also a skateboard can be a decent shield although an oddly shaped one if you grab the front trucks and hold it lengthwise down your arm, just need a strap or something in the middle that you can tie around your arm. Or when wanting to just ride it normally you can tie it around the board.

    Those ideas may be ass, I haven't slept for 2 days.
    >> G. D. !!Y8HG2fUusNY 01/24/10(Sun)19:03 No.7760084
    This "Shield of Heroes" definitely needs to be something like a garbage can lid.

    You can maybe emulate the "Pegasus Boots" (if you plan to use it) with the skateboard, being able to move quickly in straight lines. You could maybe emulate the "Hero's Bow" with a cheap dollar-store slingshot that can be drawn farther than an inexpensive mess of plastic and elastic should stretch, adding power to your shots. Your "Lantern" is just a flashlight that you need to find batteries for and/or a book of matches.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/24/10(Sun)19:06 No.7760142
         File1264377982.png-(361 KB, 720x480, 054.png)
    361 KB

    The whole idea for this Link is that he's kind of a do-it-yourself kind of kid. And he probably doesn't go to school, what with having no parents. >_>

    Any suggestions on other implements I could integrate into the game, from Wind Waker, Twilight Princess or elsewhere?

    I'm thinking Midna could be Link's changeling accomplice at some point. Zelda might be a Gnosis 7 mage with control of Prime and Mind. She's also a paraplegic ;_;
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)19:06 No.7760145
    Just seems more intuitive that the kid can get by carrying around a skateboard, instead of a freaking garbage can lid. It isn't as much of a defensive tool, but rethemeing it to protect in less obvious ways fits well with what you're doing. Even simply being hard to hit when riding it can work.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)19:09 No.7760176
    The shield can also be just a simple leather glove, that can project a large protective shield when needed.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)19:09 No.7760186
    Why is Zelda a Paraplegic?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)19:14 No.7760249
    I'd have to say Obrimos, possibly Acanthus.

    Obrimos 'cause, he's, you know, the chosen one, full of determination, divine power, all that jazz.

    Acanthus 'cause he's the "Hero of Time," it actually has one of the arcana you mentioned as primary, and he can be a bit of a ditz ("What, save the world? NO! I will look make money by cutting grass until I can afford a bigger sack of money.")
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/24/10(Sun)19:15 No.7760260
         File1264378504.jpg-(42 KB, 300x369, link_vs_ganon_finished_by_left(...).jpg)
    42 KB

    I'm cool with it. A baseball bat is one thing, especially in a tough neighborhood, but when you're carrying a baseball bat and a garbage can lid like you're a fucking pawn shop knight or something would probably blow your cover as a secret adventurer.


    This is all well and good. But what I'm really struggling with is the Hook Shot. The fuck do I do with that?

    Also, in case you hadn't guessed, Ganon is a Mage who wants to steal Zelda's Mana for himself. He's masquerading as a mental hospital doctor (or he might be Zelda's adoptive father.)

    He's also Gnosis 6.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/24/10(Sun)19:19 No.7760319

    Because it's fucking sad. That's why.

    Actually, I am considering giving her a mental disorder or something. She's a being of infinite wisdom, kindness and love who needs to be pushed around in a wheelchair.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)19:19 No.7760322
    >Hook Shot. The fuck do I do with that?

    Off the top of my head? Enchanted jumprope, maybe. Or a belt. Extends real far and attaches to crap. Might make the player actually throw it, to prevent abuse, or go the original route (It can only stick to materials X, Y and Z).
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)19:21 No.7760362
    nice idea. I want to write a little grimdark urban Link fantasy where Link *awakes* during a museum tour and sees the Triforce.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)19:25 No.7760404
    she could start of as autistic and only available to converse in dreams.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/24/10(Sun)19:26 No.7760413
         File1264379185.jpg-(33 KB, 300x408, Tetra_by_GENZOMAN.jpg)
    33 KB

    Ooooh, I like that!

    So epic.

    What does /tg/ think of supporting characters? Should I throw in references to other games? I'm thinking of making Tetra a convenience store clerk from whom Link buys the marbles to fuel his slingshot.

    But what about other crap, like Link turning into a wolf? I haven't even played Twilight Princess. Someone help me out.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/24/10(Sun)19:36 No.7760554
    Also, should the Ocarina be an Ocarina? And should Link wear green?

    Should I have money pop out of the grass when you cut it?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)19:38 No.7760594
    I say don't push it. If you try to shove everything in there, it'll be less "Cool" and more "You're trying to hard," especially if you're trying to put in things from games you haven't played, thereby having no idea what they're all about.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/24/10(Sun)19:40 No.7760613
         File1264380009.jpg-(359 KB, 1024x768, 1263330722599.jpg)
    359 KB

    I'm afraid I'm just not boss enough to DM-roleplay an autistic little girl. Sorry.

    Also, I haven't read The Curious Case of the Dog in the Night-Time.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)19:44 No.7760658
    This. Keep it simple and follow the theme, and maybe throw in other elements as you go if you can wing it.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/24/10(Sun)19:49 No.7760735
         File1264380589.jpg-(13 KB, 320x207, Yeerk1.4.jpg)
    13 KB

    Oh, I don't plan to have him start everything. The items are neat gimmicks the player can get as he passes through the half-real world of Rule Heights.

    The idea is for him to make the story--the tools and whatnot are only in there as wacky homages to the games. It won't be cut-and-dry Legend of Zelda; the "dungeons" will be basements, sewers, abandoned apartment complexes and of course the Facility itself. Which is Ganon's castle.

    The whole theme is that everything has two sides--what normal people see, and what Link sees. I'm not sure how well I can portray that, but I'm going to give it a try.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)19:55 No.7760810
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/24/10(Sun)20:02 No.7760903
         File1264381337.jpg-(8 KB, 100x100, bb.jpg)
    8 KB

    Yeah, well, I ran out of LoZ pictures. -_-

    Well, what does /tg/ suggest besides what I've done? Any enemies I should include, clever adaptations of the usual story I could use?

    I think I'll make Gorons appear to be large boulders, which have to be woken up somehow.
    >> G. D. !!Y8HG2fUusNY 01/24/10(Sun)20:16 No.7761160
    Malon should work in the local supermarket, taking her position in the Dairy section. She can help Link get discounts on Lon Lon brand milk because her father Talon works as founder of the Lon Lon Dairy Processing Plant outside town.

    You remember the witch that makes you the potions in LttP? She can hang out in an alley on the bad side of town selling you her special brand of "sports drinks" in Fruit Punch (red), Lime-on Fusion (green), and Electric Razz-berry (blue)... the first two, you can get cheap, but the blue one is discontinued and very hard to come by so the price is jacked way up... I wonder why...?

    The Postman that runs around town everyday around noon can drop off hints to help you out. He usually gets off-duty an hour after that and hangs around downtown... but, man, is he fast. People say it's because "he used to run from the 5-0 all the time as a punk kid". I wonder what you could get if you challenged him - or better yet, beat him in a race?
    I was thinking some rugged black leather gloves could be the equivalent of the "Golden" Gauntlets from OoT or the Titan Mitts from LttP... but then I remembered the Power Bracelets from Wind Waker and Link's Awakening. The bracelets could take the form of those rubber bracelets that fundraisers use to garner support from people.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)20:22 No.7761260
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)20:25 No.7761315
    The Hookshot could be a yo-yo
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)20:26 No.7761343
    tHE pLAYground is a demesne. I'd suggest making it a big one, with soulstones from every single path - consider supernal anchoring. I'd suggest mostly artifacts from the Mysterium and the Adamantine Arrow.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)20:28 No.7761371
    I think the Skateboard should be a sub in for the horse if anything. I have no idea what to do for the shield.

    Yo-yo seems to be the best option for the hookshot, with the limit being that instead of being jammed into soft walls, it instead has to wrap around bars.

    I don't play much Zelda, so i can't help too much.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/24/10(Sun)21:20 No.7762238
         File1264386056.jpg-(11 KB, 100x100, 098_thumb.jpg)
    11 KB

    Haha, that's awesome, Malon would have to give it to him. But maybe the skateboard belongs to her older brother, and he demands some sort of task in exchange for the board of awesomeness--perhaps a race!

    Yo-yo is also more manly than a jump-rope.


    Shit, I haven't even read about demesnes yet, I'll get right on that. But while we're at it--should there even be an Adamantine Arrow or Silver Ladder order in this world? Are they really needed?

    I might just consider them to not be very important. I'm not sure.

    Anyway, the Forsaken will be Wolfos. Fuck yeah werewolf guardians. I might put one at the entrance to every mana-gathering location, or the dungeons or something.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/24/10(Sun)21:29 No.7762376
         File1264386589.jpg-(48 KB, 450x565, link dog 2.jpg)
    48 KB
    What does /tg/ think of Navi as an MP3 player?

    I didn't want to make her an actual fairy who constantly buzzes around Link's head. Instead she buzzes in his ear. With delicious music.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)21:39 No.7762508
    This is a cool idea and you should feel cool.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)21:41 No.7762549
    I think it's a cool idea . . . and not just the mp3 player, but the entire story.

    Navi works well, especially if you hold to her only providing advice through different, random songs. She could be like a busted ipod shuffle, and hitting the buttons only seems to produce static until, in certain circumstances, a song will pop through that, if you think about it right, provides clues for victory.

    I think, to portray everything right, you need to leave enough room for the player to be guessing as to whether or not this is real . . . or if his character is just as messed up as everyone sees him as.

    That aside, I'm not sure that this wouldn't work better in changeling . . .
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/24/10(Sun)21:49 No.7762658
         File1264387753.jpg-(29 KB, 400x400, link_awesome_smiley_tshirt-p23(...).jpg)
    29 KB

    But if Link were a changeling, where would he come from? Ganondorf could've captured and tortured him, I guess, but other than that, I dunno. I support the idea of Zelda being a changeling, because she's going to be weird, pretty and traumatized. Zoras might be changelings too, forced to gather food for Jabu-Jabu before escaping. But Link...I dunno, man. The angle is not supposed to be angst, but childish naivete and delusion.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)21:52 No.7762697

    What about if Link were an ensorcelled mortal?
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/24/10(Sun)21:55 No.7762750

    What, like, ensorcelled by a Mage? What do you mean?


    Should've saved the awesome face.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)21:56 No.7762758
    Well, actually, I meant changeling fit better because of the "dual world" aspect that you seemed to be going for . . . and I think Ganondorf works as either a true fae or a really warped changeling.

    Changeling, though it lends itself well to angst, can have other tones. There's quite a bit of room for characters who, after spending a short time in faerie, return to find a more interesting and magical world. The power of glamour lets them see and enjoy all the wonderful things in this world . . . until something darker begins creeping in, poisoning things. Then, in order to fight back against the corruption, Link must travel to different locations around the city, entering and navigating the hedge there until he can confront another one of the gigantic hobgoblins that guards Ganon's hollow castle.

    Anyway, that's the way I'd play it . . .

    Also, the way you were describing all of Link's tools sounded so much like tokens that it hurt a bit.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)21:58 No.7762790

    I mean, it would make sense for having all of his nifty trinkets be tokens where changelings/ensorcelled see them for what they really are, but regular mortals just see an mp3 player or skateboard. Plus, if he isn't a super in and of himself, he can't automatically regain mana/health, he needs to get someone to put glamour in his magic bag or give him a potion of health. Also, you could just as well say that Zelda is a changeling (who ensorcelled him probably?) and Ganondorf is basically any sort of changeling antagonist (privateer, loyalist, Faerie, crazy dude, etc).
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)21:58 No.7762798
    I think he means ensorcelled by a pledge to a changeling. Perhaps he was ensorcellment is part of his pledge with "Zelda," which, in addition to granting him some skills to help him protect her, charges him with her protection.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)21:59 No.7762813

    Ensorcellment is something that changelings an I think Faerie can do to mortals. They weave glamour into you so you can see through the mask.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)22:16 No.7763026
         File1264389385.jpg-(20 KB, 620x285, 1992 - TLoZ - A Link to the Pa(...).jpg)
    20 KB
    Fuck TP, Link is a bunny
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)22:22 No.7763107
    Not sure if anyone's said it yet, but the Pegasus Boots could be a pair of Heelys
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)22:24 No.7763132
    Good god . . . you've turned one of the things I hate most into a great idea.

    I'm not sure whether to be angry or impressed . . .
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)22:27 No.7763184
         File1264390064.jpg-(62 KB, 415x749, majora_skullkid.jpg)
    62 KB
    Have him fight skull kid as a mini boss
    also skull kid is a fetch
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)22:34 No.7763285
    yo-yos are archaic weapons of Chinese death
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)23:00 No.7763664
    Remember to include lots of allusions to the various figures that exist throughout the Zelda franchise.

    The largest tree in the park, said to be hundreds of years old, stands next to a daycare center and playground.

    The old, dried up fountain has a carving of a great fairy pouring out a jar, but no water runs through it anymore.

    There's a nasty kid down the block with a Skullz headband, some say he's looking for a lost item.

    At the top of the apartment complex, there are a pair of nasty old ladies, twins, who heckle people from the balcony.

    If you're looking to get into shape, the local D.I.N hosts exercise classes and weight training. The Nayru help line offers 24/7 guidance counselor service for those in need of advice. Farore Transit Stations are located across the city, whisking you from place to place as if on the wind.

    And sometimes, when he least expects it, Link catches sight of something strange in the glass. His reflection doesn't always mirror his every motion, sometimes it seems to have a will of its own, and a dark glimmer in its eyes...
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)23:14 No.7763878
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)23:17 No.7763936
         File1264393061.png-(20 KB, 150x150, I SEEEE.png)
    20 KB
    >And sometimes, when he least expects it, Link catches sight of something strange in the glass. His reflection doesn't always mirror his every motion, sometimes it seems to have a will of its own, and a dark glimmer in its eyes...
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)23:19 No.7763949
    Yeah, I know, heavy handed, but it's better than Link Has A Fraternal Twin Who's Black.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 01/24/10(Sun)23:20 No.7763976

    I find this far more hilarious, however.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/24/10(Sun)23:40 No.7764299
         File1264394427.jpg-(15 KB, 313x178, 16484.jpg)
    15 KB


    Words cannot express my thanks enough.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)23:47 No.7764410
         File1264394851.jpg-(66 KB, 600x476, 1264205247171.jpg)
    66 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)23:50 No.7764445
         File1264395030.jpg-(43 KB, 480x330, gohma.jpg)
    43 KB
    How's Gohma fit into all this?
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/24/10(Sun)23:53 No.7764475
         File1264395198.jpg-(259 KB, 800x1067, baltar.jpg)
    259 KB
    Okay. Maybe I was looking for a way to integrate Mage into the Zelda game because it's the newest book I bought. I do that.

    But I have a massive hard-on for Changeling as well and have since I bought it. I was actually coming up short in Mage trying to find a way to say "everything looks like something but is actually something else." After the Awakening, honestly, that really doesn't happen.

    But that's a Changeling's life. That's their schtick. Glamour hides everything. And in my perusal of the book I completely forgot that you don't have to be tortured for years before you escape Faerie--the world is arbitrary, alternatively kind and cruel. It's just as likely that Link stumbled into a bad area of the woods and spent a few hours wandering around, encountering eerie statues and glimpsing golden spiders scuttling through the trees.

    Once he comes out, everything is different. He's changed, but not painfully. The pain will come later, when his only friend is taken away from him.

    This also lets me fuck around with all manner of weird and creepy effects (let's face it, Mage is a head trip while Changeling simply tries to scare the shit out of you.) The dogs who scrounge in the gutter aren't dogs at all, but massive, half-hairless hound-beasts with dripping fangs and yellow, cancerous eyes.

    And Ganondorf can easily take Glamour from Zelda's suffering. Which explains his reason for stealing her away. Do Changelings get more Glamour from the emotions of other Changelings? Can they even do that?

    Also, Changeling bargains make an excellent imperative to complete a "quest." Fail or back out, and it's bans and censures for you!




    Would Shadow Link be a Fey then? Or simply a psychological mindfuck?
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/24/10(Sun)23:57 No.7764514

    Might be a boss in Arcadia, tasked with guarding a sacred fruit needed to keep Zelda alive. Might be a form of Hedge-thing that Link has to defeat to escape back into the real world in his first journey into Arcadia. Maybe it webs over the "openings" between the worlds, like a blood clot sealing a wound.

    Could be anything.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)23:57 No.7764515
    Just a thought.

    The shield could be a piece of scrap metal about x2 the thickness of his arm, strapped to his forearm.

    The fire wand from Links awakening could look like a roman candle firework.

    An aging, gigantic, fat man could run a local hang out called The Wind Fish. He gives advice to people each day depending on what dreams he had last night.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)00:01 No.7764572
    sorry I meant x2 the whith of his arm.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)00:01 No.7764578

    I...don't understand the reference.

    But please, do go on.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)00:03 No.7764599
    Make Dark Link a manifestation of accepting mundane existence. Part of childhood is thinking the world is magical, special, and wondrous, but as we grow older, the burdens of life begin to weigh us down, and we give up childish dreams and idle fancies.

    Turn Dark Link into the fae version of Paradox for mages; he's the lingering doubt that none of this is real, that Link isn't really special, that this is a fool's errand, not a quest. He's the whisper in the back of your head that Zelda is just a girl, that Link's tools are just a bunch of trash and rubbish, that it is all pretend. It's time to give up wandering around, there are real world things to do, work and obligations and responsibilities to take care of. Come on, time to let go of these fanciful whimsies. Time to grow up.

    The sword, the hookshot, the boomerang, none of these work against Dark Link, they turn into trinkets when they touch him. The only way to defeat him is to find something so special, so amazing that it dispels all doubt, restoring faith in the Quest.
    >> monotreeme 01/25/10(Mon)00:03 No.7764601
         File1264395799.jpg-(95 KB, 410x600, 1260154153306.jpg)
    95 KB

    just so you know, I'm stealing this premise and running it in a modded game of D&D...
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)00:10 No.7764703
         File1264396214.jpg-(10 KB, 100x100, bs.jpg)
    10 KB

    I'll consider it a compliment, then?


    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)00:10 No.7764705
    Ah... well it was a game boy version. Legend Of Zelda: Links Awakening. Hmmm...

    Me-bey the Big Dodongo could be a huge sewer gator stalking the steam tunnels near the uptown subway station?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)00:12 No.7764735
    Gorons could be subway bums curled up in the cornners...
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)00:14 No.7764760
    ...and by killing dark link, he can become Chris-Chan once-and-for-all.
    >> monotreeme 01/25/10(Mon)00:15 No.7764768
    it was meant as one.

    I'd run it in changeling but I don't know how it works and neither do the people I game with.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)00:16 No.7764787
    So guys, I have a question. What would the Triforce be?
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)00:19 No.7764816
         File1264396778.jpg-(47 KB, 400x300, zelda2.jpg)
    47 KB

    Took the words right out of my mouth. If I were still doing Mage (I might integrate the two--I think Ganon should be a Mage) then the Triforce would be some kind of super-artifact chock-full of ancient, powerful Mana.

    But the pieces are cleverly hidden away in pocket dimensions, and only love can bring them forth. Or something. The idea would be that Link's growing affection for Zelda would actually aid Ganon's plan, materializing the Triforce pieces in the material universe.
    >> Iron Lung 01/25/10(Mon)00:20 No.7764831
    Damn good question.
    Any actual set of three identical things or three things with symbolic value?
    IE: Time: a pair of wedding rings belonging to Link's parents. Power: a sheriff's silver star. Wisdom: a battered old book of philosophy.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)00:23 No.7764865

    A small golden triforce-shaped earring that Zelda loved to wear. While in the nursing home, Ganon has taken it under the pretense of putting some of her personal posessions in storage for her.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)00:23 No.7764873
    Perhaps Dark link is a "fetch" . . . but a little bit different.

    Link was lost in the woods. He took the wrong road home one night and, for hours, felt like he was lost in another world, but the woods were more than just alive with all manner of nocturnal creatures. Their blood was the rancorous sap that flowed through the trees, and the air that blew through the trees carried with it the distant smell of decay. Though these woods took from the world, they gave in equal measure. When Link lost his way, the trees snagged his shadow, and with it, crafted a replacement for the world at large, so they wouldn't be bereft of the child.

    To normal eyes, the fetch is exactly as Link, but to eyes awakened to glamour, his nature as Link's shadow is almost too obvious.

    Anyway, heavy handed description aside, perhaps the woods that link gets lost in are the manifestation of a true fae (they don't always have to take the shape of people), and dark link is the fetch the woods made to replace him . . . a literal manifestation of his shadow that follows him at times and invades his dreams at others.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)00:24 No.7764884
    That is a true object...
    Perhaps its a large pendent with 3 perfect
    tri-angels of pristine gold showing not a bit of tarnish or smudge of oil. It radiates a strange feeling, and anyone who sees it feels their hands start to itch. "If only I could have that pendent..." they think,
    "All of my dreams could come true, all my wishes be granted."
    I'm terrible at stuff like this.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)00:24 No.7764886
         File1264397081.jpg-(108 KB, 798x600, space-fantasy-art.jpg)
    108 KB

    Huh. I guess that works too. Of course there'd need to be riddles leading to them and whatnot, and they'd be utterly undetectable by magic due to being hidden by the creators of the universe.

    I don't know how my particular player would handle any kind of "temples" though. Any protips for making dungeons more purposeful and memorable while still maintaining that sneaky connection to the Zelda mythos?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)00:24 No.7764887
    Despite Link being the hero of time, isn't his triforce element courage?
    >> Iron Lung 01/25/10(Mon)00:29 No.7764940
    Much as it's an awful cliche', warehouses are a good place to start. I've worked in some pretty fucking grimy ones with levels sealed off due to asbestos, rotted supports, chemical leaks and the like. Ditto sewers: overused in fantasy, but even modern ones have pretty big access points and are considerably fucking awful.
    One could be a museum's flip side, same with an expansive Zoo -in my hometown there's a gigantic Rose Garden that's probably perfect for various little fey things right next to the Zoo.

    And the asylum Zelda's held in is just begging to be the Hellish Otherworld Final Dungeon.
    >> Iron Lung 01/25/10(Mon)00:31 No.7764965
    Err, whoops. You're right.
    Maybe the antique badge works better for that then.
    Make Power an original 1911 A1 Colt .45.
    There's an old saying, "God made Man, Samuel Colt made man Equal."
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)00:31 No.7764970

    Yes. Ganon got the Triforce of power all on his ownsome, and Zelda has Wisdom.
    >> monotreeme 01/25/10(Mon)00:33 No.7764999
    rolled 37 = 37

    thats john browning made the 1911

    go with a peacemaker instead.
    that shits REAL classy
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)00:34 No.7765014
    That incarnation was. Link's a different person in each game, probably with a different personality.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)00:36 No.7765030
         File1264397768.png-(544 KB, 848x352, 1264305827382.png)
    544 KB

    His name is Samuel Colt though. Samuel fucking COLT.

    That is a badass name and I don't even know why.

    But I digress. How should I deal with the Twilight world and use of the Ocarina? I was going to have Link play songs as a Mage. But I'm not sure now.
    >> Iron Lung 01/25/10(Mon)00:36 No.7765034
    Goddamnit. I knew that, really.
    I was thinking of the Colt Single Army.

    Either way, the Triforce of Power: a handgun that's from the original production run of a type that's killed many, many people and animals.
    >> Iron Lung 01/25/10(Mon)00:38 No.7765060
    Single Action Army.
    Ok, that does it. I'm a heretic.
    >> monotreeme 01/25/10(Mon)00:43 No.7765129
         File1264398220.png-(296 KB, 1123x386, 1257728630168.png)
    296 KB
    rolled 37 = 37

    sorry to bust your bubble dude, but the dearly departed S. Colt died long before the year 1911 when Jonathon Moses Browning invented the gun listed here.>>7764965

    colt designed the pictured weapon though.
    >> monotreeme 01/25/10(Mon)00:45 No.7765155

    why not have it run as

    Colt Single Army
    Serial Number 1
    >> Poke'War Veteran 01/25/10(Mon)00:46 No.7765162
    This is too easy.
    Forest Temple: Abandoned apartment complex, overgrown with ivy and infested with vermin.
    Fire Temple: Old power station, maybe one part is slick with oil from a tanker crash that happened recently. Some furnaces are still burning.
    Water Temple: Water treatment plant.
    Shadow Temple: Sewers, leads to a death cult's abandoned lair.
    Spirit Temple: Construction site, building was never finished due to a sinkhole leading to a cave with strange markings. Connects to the basement of the museum.
    >> monotreeme 01/25/10(Mon)00:47 No.7765184
    wasn't there another one?
    >> Iron Lung 01/25/10(Mon)00:49 No.7765206
    Hell yes.
    And as actual, lethal weapon it's symbolic power is vast. Dr. Gannon can kill with it just by pointing and pulling the trigger; it doesn't even need to be loaded any more.
    >> Poke'War Veteran 01/25/10(Mon)00:52 No.7765232
    Nah. You got the Light Medallion for free.
    >> Iron Lung 01/25/10(Mon)00:53 No.7765254
    Shadow Temple. A former crack house closed down by the police. Rotting and replete with suffering and misery it's basement leads was excavated into smuggler's tunnels which take advantage of what's normally walled off subway tunnels.
    Down in the water-stain depths, down where only a few stupidly brave maintenance workers go, down where the rats rule.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)00:55 No.7765272
         File1264398914.jpg-(51 KB, 556x544, image-macro.jpg)
    51 KB

    >Dr. Gannon

    >Gannon as a sinister psychiatrist trying to "help" Zelda by slowly draining her of her life and happiness

    >Ganon in a black tailored suit
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)00:56 No.7765299

    >How should I deal with the Twilight world

    Twilight could be an encroachment on the "other side" that Link sees. Maybe it was what was there before, and then the fae moved in and "purified" it. As Gannon gets stronger by feeding on Zelda's Glamour (or whatever) the bonds that kept is pristine begin to weaken; the normally beautiful and fantastical hidden world becomes darker and more corrupt as the Twilight begins to eat away at it.

    Midna herself could be a young girl about Link's age -they've seen each other around, but never really interacted. As Link was touched by the purity of the place, Midna was instead touched by the Twilight. Everyone sees her as just a pale little girl; normal, if not somewhat creepy and aloof. Link, however, sees her as the corruption has made her: a sharp-toothed little imp.

    She professes to want to guide him, to help him... but are her intentions pure? Or does she mean to betray him to the Twilight?

    Also, she gives him a hair-handjob.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)00:58 No.7765313
    >antique badge
    >colt army

    .... LoZ: The Spaghetti Western?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:00 No.7765327
    For the love of god archive this shit.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)01:00 No.7765340
         File1264399256.jpg-(23 KB, 300x206, 1264002525873.jpg)
    23 KB

    I am now imagining a motley consisting of Link, Midna, and the Skullkid.

    My brain is exploding with dark-matter joy.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:01 No.7765357

    >You are a schizophrenic child. Go kidnap a blind cripple from a hospital!
    awesome. Also, what about little fears as a system? It's the same feel, I think; child PCs, players not knowing whether the events are real or illusion.
    >> Iron Lung 01/25/10(Mon)01:03 No.7765376
    And here I was going to suggest the Power Gloves be an old, comfortably worn pair of old fashioned cow leather work gloves.
    Though sweat stained and kinda smelly these gloves give anyone a feeling of determination and focus; that their grip's sure, that the load's liftable, and that they'll see their work done.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:03 No.7765380
    Oh god, yes!
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:04 No.7765395

    I am now considering buying Changeling and asking my friends to play this. Awesome.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)01:05 No.7765411
         File1264399558.jpg-(13 KB, 272x348, ww55004.jpg)
    13 KB

    Waaaay ahead of you, pal.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:06 No.7765414
    "the local lord looks like Alistair"
    -it's like he's not even trying
    >> monotreeme 01/25/10(Mon)01:06 No.7765416
         File1264399594.jpg-(103 KB, 1697x657, 1246840884850.jpg)
    103 KB
    for so many are the lives taken by this tool of destruction that is has taken an aura, such that all who wield it gain powers untold.
    beneath the glamor, it remains a pistol, but while it seems as just a worn weapon above, beneath shines black a thing of beauty.
    It is the embodiment of weapon.
    it is the pattern and the piece.
    made by a man, and of a man for the destruction of men.
    it shines with the evil of those who gain by it.
    it glows with the good of those who have sacrificed themselves for others with it.
    it is both badly worn and beautiful, showing both care and neglect.
    it is not evil nor is it good, all it is, is eager.
    it jumps and weaves for a chance to play
    it it turns and seeks for a chance to speak

    and it is being pointed at you by the source of your emotional pain.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:07 No.7765430

    Ah. Gotcha. Well, seeing as how I already uploaded it:

    Maybe it'll give you some ideas, I dunno.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:07 No.7765434
    Bombs= Fire Crackers
    Boomerang= Frisbee
    Mirror Shield= Hand Mirror
    Megaton Hammer= Shovel
    Bow= Nerf Gun
    Arrows= Different Color Nerf Darts
    Compass= Old Pocket Watch
    Jars= Soda Cans
    Grabbing Hook= Laundry rope
    Iron Boots= A pair of old heavy army boots.
    Len's of truth= Monocle or Magnify glass
    >> monotreeme 01/25/10(Mon)01:09 No.7765457
    >Jars= Soda Cans
    perhaps glass coke bottles would work better since their harder to come by.
    >> Iron Lung 01/25/10(Mon)01:09 No.7765461
    How about Gannon appears to be a slightly paunchy man in glasses who likes khakis and loafers? He wears polo shirts and vests, though he'll wear white scrubs when visiting his patients formally.
    People who see him find him amicable and insightful, if occasionally a little sarcastic. Much time in his presence leads to a kind of discomfort; like he can see into your head. More naturally belligerant people get this feeling quicker, but the police tend to treat him well for his skill as a predictor of criminal behavior.
    >> Iron Lung 01/25/10(Mon)01:15 No.7765527
    In the storage room of a glittering, clean 7-11 there's an old vending machine. It's got a goofy looking eastern dragon on it, and while the original logo's been worn away the phrase "Delights For The Young Heroic!" is legible above the dispensing slots.
    It has the old dozen slots and pinball style plungers mechanisms, and when you feed it quarters and shove it roughly enough it spits out things. Like really old, stale Bazooka bubblegum sticks (chew for speed increase!), bags of jacks (no safety tips, ouch) and various ancient M-80's (long fuses).
    The clerk will give access to it for a fiver; he tends to think Link's in there shooting drugs and he doesn't care.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:21 No.7765595
    For some letter-known items, how about:

    The Whirlwind, from Spirit Tracks - kinda overlaps with the boomerang you've already mentioned.

    The Cane of Byrna (LttP, I think)/ Sand Rod (Also Spirit Tracks) - Cane of Byrna created a block in front of you when you used it, and the Sand Rod raised a solid patch of sand out of sandy ground. Magic Armor - a cheap breastplate of plastic, like you'd find at the Dollar Store; still, it makes you feel safer...

    What about... masks? When you wear the Bunny Hood, you swear you can run faster than the wind. The Bremen Mask seems to get the attention of all the dogs and cats. The Hawkeye (from TP) increases your visual acuity... that is, it's a pair of binoculars.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)01:25 No.7765603
    Character Bios, tentative:

    You know that there are others like you. Others who have been touched by the deep shadows in the woods. You came out looking like the sun's rejected bastard child. Others were not so lucky.

    The Skull Kid: A boisterous and cruel child, this bully has always hated other children. They would never play with him because of his beaky nose and wide, bright eyes. So one day he dug a trap on the playground, a hole that he was certain would ensnare one of his tormentors for his amusement. But he slipped, and fell...and fell, until he came into a world outside time and light. He found his only friends there, twin spirits who guided him and loved him as a brother. But his greed was too great to allow him to remain pure for long, and he stole something from a fey, a trinket that became something terrible.

    Midna: A spoiled brat by any accounts, Maddy Twill ruled her family's mansion like a princess. Her parents bent to her every whim and she had everything she could ever want--except a friend. But one day a man came promising to change all that, if only Maddy would get him the combination to the safe in her parents' room. And when Maddy did, the man smiled down at her and made her a friend of teacups and shadow-stuff, a smiling man of porcelain who lived in the cracks in the walls. But the tall man came for the contents of the safe one night, and Midna's daddy tried to stop him. But the man would have none of that. After twisting her parents out of the world, the Tall Man left, taking Maddy's playmate with him. He laughed as Maddy shrank into a deformed demon, saying it was the price for giving up her own people for teatime. Midna remained in that house, for a very long time.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:26 No.7765628
    Instead of nerf gun, how about one of those bows that shoots sticky arrows, that are supposed to stick to your sisters forehead but never do?

    Or, you could forgo the bow and just have a slingshot. This could be used to combine with bombs (a la bomb arrows) by just shooting firecrackers from the slingshot. Also, instead of Ocarina, ipod/mp3 player, with you downloading new songs as you go along.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:27 No.7765633
    Make the Triforce change shape based on the bearer.

    For Ganon, Power is the Colt, with the ability to kill. If he steals Wisdom, it will take the form of a copy of The Prince.

    Zelda holds Wisdom in the form of a memento of the past. If Link hands her Courage, she gains crutches to let her walk.

    For Link, go all out, pull a Touching Moment. Wisdom is a book, unwritten. Power is ink, all the blood and sweat and tears it took to get this far. Courage is a golden feather, with which the imagination can fly. Together, they allow the bearer to write his own destiny, inscribing a wish into the tome to change the story of his own life.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)01:27 No.7765634
         File1264400845.jpg-(45 KB, 590x435, twi.jpg)
    45 KB

    Fucking thing wouldn't take my image.

    God, I gotta play this game.
    >> monotreeme 01/25/10(Mon)01:28 No.7765652
    or the life of another perhaps?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:29 No.7765655
    Aye, after all, all lives are intertwined, etc.
    >> monotreeme 01/25/10(Mon)01:30 No.7765666
         File1264401050.png-(288 KB, 400x400, 1253763833094.png)
    288 KB
    indeed, indeed.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)01:30 No.7765670

    Oooh. This is a good idea. Cements the notion that the Triforce are not big gold chunks but rather ideas.

    Also, I'm not sure where to locate Link's adventure. Any brick suburb is good, but I might need a reference point if the player asks.
    >> Iron Lung 01/25/10(Mon)01:33 No.7765695
    I like the rust belt.
    Detroit, where rust and bloom walk side by side.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)01:34 No.7765717
         File1264401264.jpg-(10 KB, 300x269, moon.jpg)
    10 KB
    I wonder how much I should integrate game plots?

    Like, would the Spirit Tracks feature? The idea of the city's subway system being a giant demon cage is very awesome. Also, subway fights and scrounging cash for a ride on the train would be fun.

    And then of course there's this fucking thing. Jesus Christ.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:34 No.7765724
    Awesomeness. If only the real games had the balls to pull this.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:36 No.7765736
    You have to work this in at some part. It's horrible and I need all people to suffer it.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)01:36 No.7765742

    Kids don't do metaphors well. Especially videogaming kids.
    >> Iron Lung 01/25/10(Mon)01:37 No.7765752
    To be fair the hardcore fans would shit bricks of rage and madness.
    I'd hope for a cross-platform reimagining myself. Or a slightly "off brand" homage/ripoff.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)01:37 No.7765758
         File1264401446.jpg-(19 KB, 457x343, moon_display.jpg)
    19 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:39 No.7765781
         File1264401541.jpg-(146 KB, 800x401, e7.jpg)
    146 KB
    Off brand, you say?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:40 No.7765809
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:41 No.7765812
    I know they wouldn't like it, that is my favorite part. The thought of just how many battles would rage in /v/ and across the webernet and to what degree is almost pleasurable.
    >> Iron Lung 01/25/10(Mon)01:41 No.7765820
    Mm, doesn't bother me none.
    Quality > Original.
    Or in this thread's case, both!
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:43 No.7765843

    I don't think the thread is "original" because references are awesome.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:43 No.7765846

    A dark, wretched thing that hangs in the night sky -distorted, at first, as if viewing it through a pane of glass smeared with grease. But it becomes clearer the closer you stand to a place tainted by the Twilight's foul touch, that Cheshire grin becoming bright and sharp.

    As the Twilight swallows the world bit by bit, that wretched grinning face grows nearer and nearer, looming over everything and instilling a sense of dispair and urgency.

    Link's shadow knows it's purpose, and he's not shy about revealing such secrets. When the Twilight finally swallows everything up, it will come down and crush the dream forever. It does so that hope and innocence might never again take root; it is the Sword of Damascus, hanging over Link's head ready to drop and impale him.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)01:44 No.7765866
         File1264401879.jpg-(73 KB, 596x351, zelda_wind_waker_link_waves_go(...).jpg)
    73 KB

    Er...so...what does /tg/ think of my redesigns? Such as they are. These characters are by nature mutable--I hope to make them PCs, but I doubt I can find even two extra people to play this game.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:45 No.7765873
         File1264401910.jpg-(56 KB, 435x644, twilight-movie-poster.jpg)
    56 KB
    Twilight, you say?

    Read that post again, but instead of the symbolic shadowy twilight, think of this everytime you read the effects of what is happening with the twilight. The horror is even greater, I'd say.
    >> Iron Lung 01/25/10(Mon)01:46 No.7765882
    Seem find to me, but I'm badly out of date on the series.

    Eh, whatever.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:47 No.7765900
    If you're doing this online, I would play this in a second. If IRL, I shall steal your plans and try to get a group together myself.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:48 No.7765913
    You could always make subplots based on the games.

    The New Moon Diner has an enormous billboard, complete with grinning moon, hanging overhead. Link sees the sign glaring downward, straining at its steel girders, trying to slam down on the pedestrians below. He has three days to engineer a plot to get four men from Giant Jobs construction company to notice that the sign needs immediate repair.

    Likewise, copy the Ages plotlines. Link overhears the conversation of one woman who goes to the local D.I.N. about a bunch of thugs that have been harassing her neighborhood. In order to save the woman and drive them off, he has to rally the powers of nature, various strays and feral creatures that will attack the gang.

    Later, when investigating an abandoned building, Link finds a musician's diary and an answering machine which records conversations with Nayru's Helpline. The woman ended up suffering from a Fugue, a sort of amnesia where you wander off and don't remember who you were. By piecing together her past, Link can find the woman, help her regain her identity and reunite with her family.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:49 No.7765935
         File1264402169.jpg-(40 KB, 438x360, ness_yoyo.jpg)
    40 KB
    You know what this reminds me off, oddly enough. I don't know if it just comes from a Kid fighting things the adults can't see with mundane items or what.

    "While traveling along his quest to rescue Zelda, Link often meets a boy. While he's sure the child can see like he can, they disagree on a number of basic fundamentals. Still though, as two children on a quest, they feel a kindred calling, and when needed the pair attempt to help each other."

    I have no idea how his PK Powers would work, but damn if this Link needs to team up with this world's version of Ness.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)01:50 No.7765956
         File1264402249.jpg-(52 KB, 380x433, zelda_windwaker37pe_38952.jpg)
    52 KB
    So...should the "twilight" that is spreading be directly correlated to Zelda's fading spirit? I doubt she is so powerful as to pin the world in place. But since I don't even know what she is yet, it's perfectly plausible.

    This means I get to play with twilight beasts! YAY!

    Also, I think I'm going to have Doctor Ganon talk to Link directly about his "quest."

    "You seem to care for her quite a lot. You know, I would not be averse to returning her to her loving family...providing that you recover a few things for me first."

    So what's the quest hook, /tg/? What does Ganon want to unlock the pieces of the Triforce from their hidden places inside the hearts of the two children?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:53 No.7765987
    thread needs to be archived
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:54 No.7766000
    Really? I mean, it's good, but I don't know if it's archive worthy good. Too much shit seems to get archieved these days. Ah well, go for it. It does have some interesting ideas.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:54 No.7766003
    Good Stuff OP.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)01:54 No.7766011

    Ah. Ness is definitely a Mage. He probably got his power through a sudden, intuitive mathematical understanding of the universe--what makes chemicals combust when they're exposed to certain thought patterns, etcetera.

    God, that would be a great little team-up. Too bad everyone has to roll Innocent attribute stats for this chronicle. But I doubt many people would mind, if they were willing.


    I'd be glad to test-run this world online with anyone who was willing. I've never done a full campaign over the Interwebs before, but I wouldn't mind. It would certainly save me a lot of breath, and give me actual room to fiddle with the mechanics behind an effective screen of anonymity.
    >> Iron Lung 01/25/10(Mon)01:57 No.7766038
    Mm, good question.
    Well, touching on OWoD Zelda could be The Last Child of Eve -if you've ever read the Book of Nod.
    That makes her a being of immense symbolic power. And Dr. Gannon's the supernartural nut who's found her first.

    I'm not sure to be honest. Maybe the Dr. was infected by a touch of the fey realm of Hyrule, and has become obsessed with exploiting it. Maybe they're the three fated ones who who're in touch with reality's mirror.
    Maybe this is one story of a thousand like kinds that constantly re-weave the tapestry of all reality.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:57 No.7766045
    The issue is we already know about what you're going for. Thus, we are biased in some way or another.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:58 No.7766065

    You're welcome.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)01:59 No.7766077
    Fuck you
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:00 No.7766093
    WHY?!?!? You make me cry because you'd be willing to let me play Ness but I can't play in your game! Sadfuckingface!
    >> Iron Lung 01/25/10(Mon)02:00 No.7766102
    I gotta speak up for this: I like it. It keeps the scale manageable and the plots grounded in what I think's a key element: the real world. That Link's not entirely sure if this is all in his head is a key trope. Consequently teen Link, his rescue of poor strange crippled Zelda, and the strange Dr. Gannon makes for an urban fairytale that doesn't involve the fate of the world
    Hm. Maybe I'm doing a poor job of making my case. Something about that though is really appealing.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:02 No.7766131
    What about Gorons, and Zoras? Would there be anything to act in stead of those? Especially the Gorons, they are awesome.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)02:03 No.7766151
         File1264403028.jpg-(93 KB, 683x305, zant-centre-piece-banner.jpg)
    93 KB

    Shit. Didn't think of that. Well, I'd be glad to know my idea sparked some interest, and possibly a game elsewhere.


    My original inspiration for this was that Link is the hero of -time-. That means that he can appear at any point in a timeline, when he is needed the most.

    In this case, when one mad mage intends to suck the life out of a world of childish imagination, leaving a hole between the universes that all SORTS of denizens of the World of Darkness would LOVE to exploit.

    God, everything's so doomed, I love it.


    You guys be the judges of that, I'm just trying to remember all this stuff so I can use it in the game.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:03 No.7766152
    Hmm.....Doctor Ganon's motives?

    Do you want malevolent, sinister, tragic?

    Sheer malevolence? He is trying to further a new field of study, a way of rearing children that is authoritative, harsh, and rigidly principled. He seeks a way to enforce absolute rationality and brutal honesty in teaching, and discarding all foolishness and folly that accompany unnecessary distractions.

    Sinister? He seeks understanding of the world to further his own ends. He experiments on his subjects to learn how to treat diseases, not for the cure, but as methods of climbing the academic ladder, of gaining prestige as a research authority.

    Tragic? He wants to make things right, one last time. After so many failures, he wants at least one action of his own to make the world better before he goes, to atone for his sins. So many times, he has put the Colt to his head, but he never has the courage to pull the trigger. Now he has a chance, and if his plan succeeds, maybe he can find peace.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:06 No.7766182
         File1264403161.png-(1.79 MB, 1620x1224, Shadow_Beast_Bongo_Bongo_by_li(...).png)
    1.79 MB
    We didn't know much about Bongo, except that he was sick and efficient. He came from third-world African shithole. I always figured that he was a child soldier, personally. He had that sort of gaze, like he'd had a staring contest with the sun and won. Every time I looked at him, I was reminded of my father after he got barely got back from the war. But reliable sources tell me that he used to be a kind of witch doctor from some sacred and dying native tribe, and they were the reason he'd run out of his homeland. I didn't care back then, all I wanted was enough money to keep me in good drugs and loose women. And Bongo got the money, even if he wasn't pretty about it. He used to run this goddamn town. Until the day we found him dead under the water tank.

    He had a little hideout that he'd made there. Nobody liked the place. It had the stink of death and pain all around it, and for good reason. When Bongo wanted to make an "example" of someone, he brought 'em here and made us watch, to show what happened to people who crossed him. I still have fucking nightmares about it. We were talking on the way about which poor fucker it was this time, but when we got there, the entrance was busted wide open. So we all pull our guns and go down the ladder to the hideaway below. And we see Bongo, hands cut off and resting on his lap, head completely missing. The whole place is sticky with blood and weird carvings. And Bongo's human-hide bongo is sitting in front of him, stained with red handprints.

    All of us tore the fuck right out of there, and we've been having nothing but bad luck since. Eyes tore his eyes out. Handy hung himself. The whole Poe family started murdering each other. And now it's just me.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:06 No.7766189

    >So...should the "twilight" that is spreading be directly correlated to Zelda's fading spirit?

    I would say... more closely related to Link's advancing dispair. Every moment Ganon has Zelda is a moment she's closer to death, and no matter how optimistic Link is he knows that. The Twilight is this nearly dead presence suppressed by whatever it is that birthed the beautiful world, but it's feeding on Link's hopelessness and pain and growing stronger.

    If Link fails and Zelda dies, the moon comes crashing down and destroys all the light and hope and innocence left -not only in Link, but in the beautiful world, too.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:06 No.7766192
    Looking at the sinister part, I think this wiki article might be related.

    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:07 No.7766200
         File1264403235.png-(249 KB, 500x500, LoZ__OoT_Bongo_Bongo_by_sinkat(...).png)
    249 KB
    When I'm asleep at night, I can still see him. But not like I ever saw him before. He stares out at me from his neckstump, like an angry red flower blooming in Hell. I can smell the water tank, like the inside of a slaughterhouse left to rot for five months.

    And I can hear that steady tattoo, like a second heartbeat. The sound of drums.

    I don't know how much longer I can take this. I've told you everything you know, you fucking pigs, now let me in! I don't want him to get me! Don't leave me alone, you sons of bitches! Oh god. Oh god, I can hear him now.

    Oh god.
    >> Iron Lung 01/25/10(Mon)02:07 No.7766202
    Slick. =D
    I like Malevolence quite a bit; the rest are good, too.

    Ok, I get it...more, anyway. Yeah, this is a cool idea.

    And yes, after a week of traps and hate, this is a masterful thing to see archived.
    There is creation here, that's plenty of /tg/ at it's best.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)02:09 No.7766229
         File1264403355.jpg-(20 KB, 500x361, loz_zant_01.jpg)
    20 KB

    Thank you!




    I didn't figure he was actually a doctor, just a Mage masquerading as one. Although the idea of Ganon in a white lab coat is unequivocally awesome.

    Those are some great motivations. Throughout the games I've seen Ganon's motivations evolve--he's gone from mindless conquering force to harsh, vengeful villain to deluded man of power. These motives serve well from any angle. Now I just have to decide...
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:11 No.7766257
    If bongo bongo needs to be in it, you could have him be someone without hands. An amputee or something. And representing his hands from the game would be his right and left hand men. They need to be contended with before you can focus on the main bongo.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:13 No.7766273
    Amazing work.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:15 No.7766301
    Or no arms at all, and perhaps only one eye. His own mutilated state is what gives him such an interest in the macabre.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:16 No.7766308
    Well, if you can't decide, use them all.

    Remember, the Three from the series always appear together. Ganon, Link, and Zelda are all bound in a reincarnating cycle, constantly returning to being.

    So perhaps Ganon is seeking power over his own destiny. In part, this would allow him to accomplish anything, to take over the world if he can unlock those two mysteries that lie within the children. In part, this would allow him to take over the world, to manipulate the fabric of reality. In part, this would allow him to unmake himself, to be free of the endless cycle of defeat, of shame, of being foiled at every turn.

    Ganon has always been the Destroyer. Whether he wants to destroy the world, destroy his nemesis, or destroy himself, that is something only time will tell.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:22 No.7766375
    I always got the feeling that while Zelda and Link are just reincarnations, Ganon is the same guy in all appearances.
    >> Iron Lung 01/25/10(Mon)02:22 No.7766378
    Heh, I like the homeless guys as Gorons.

    Zoras are the flocks of female temps you see standing at bus stops. Or they work in grocery stores. Or they make cold-calls from call centers. They're a weird combination of loquacious and mercurial.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)02:26 No.7766431
         File1264404383.jpg-(122 KB, 592x470, 434blue2.jpg)
    122 KB

    Fucking epic. Capital World of Darkness material.

    Someone tell me: if a thread is archived, does it just have the posts up to the moment of its archiving, or is it followed until it hits the 404?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:27 No.7766441
    Well, Gorons are the Zeldaverses dorfs, and Zoras are more elfish, so I suppose just think of those kinds and it shouldn't be too hard to build characters. Although the idea of Gorons being friendly homeless people who will eat anything and live in a big hobocamp strangely appealing.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)02:28 No.7766458

    I have the Gorons down as old boulders, all resting in a meadow in the woods outside the city. The boulders (sleeping Gorons) will all be crushed up and removed to build condos unless Link can wake them up and get them out of there in time.

    The Zoras I was going to have as actual Changelings or maybe a sub-race of human cleverly disguised. Fish-people, yes, but you wouldn't think it to look at them...until you see them underwater.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:29 No.7766468

    until it 404's
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)02:31 No.7766492

    Ah. I could do that with the Gorons after they leave the meadow. I was planning on having them leave never to return, but the world isn't as awesome without giant rock dudes who eat granite.


    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:32 No.7766501
    That is somehow heartwarming, to think of them as just large rocks, beautiful in their own natural way, sort of like the my sanctuary's from Earthbound.

    That said, I really like the Gorons and feel a tad shafted about them being made into nonliving rocks.
    >> Iron Lung 01/25/10(Mon)02:33 No.7766521
    It makes them the sort of people a brave child isn't afraid of, and puts them sort of weirdly closer to the truth of things.
    It also makes them kind of helpless in the greater scheme of things. Individually strong, but as a whole group subjected to the whims of bureaucracies and those trying to "help" them.
    Could be a number have been picked up for "diagnosis and rehabilitation" by Dr. Gannon as well.

    Not sure about the aquatic bit, but Zoras as Elfish works well with the populations of street kids around my city. They tend to be bold and sort of charming, but it's tempered by them being beggars, thieves, and fundamentally unpredictable from drug use.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)02:35 No.7766535
         File1264404913.jpg-(47 KB, 425x553, zeldajimi_cs_0206.jpg)
    47 KB

    Oh, they're very alive, just very sleepy. They've been sleeping for hundreds of years, waking up now and then to disperse, munch on rocks, and then come back to go to sleep.

    Some might be very hungry when they wake up, though...and some might develop a hankering for brick.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:38 No.7766571

    I like the thought of Bongo Bongo as this, and as a sort of boogeyman. The sort of guy some parents say "Behave, or Bongo Bongo will come out and put you in his drum and you'll never come back". The water tanks becomes the sort of place children dare each other to go into, and eventually they settle for touching the door and running back like scalded cats to prove their bravery.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:38 No.7766573
    Aww... you've some how made Gorons even more adorable.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:39 No.7766594
    And volvaga eating them could be represented by the building company and a bulldoser or something like that?
    >> Kit 01/25/10(Mon)02:42 No.7766624
    It burns us!
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:43 No.7766644
         File1264405389.jpg-(173 KB, 423x600, link.jpg)
    173 KB
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)02:43 No.7766654
         File1264405428.jpg-(176 KB, 450x680, Spirit_Tracks_by_Iridestris.jpg)
    176 KB

    So this is all going to take place in one city, I'm assuming. What with the entrenched mythology. I've already settling on called it Rule Heights. Any alternate names?

    The city will be a run-down remnant of its former self--perhaps it was a manufacturing center than went out of business, perhaps a tourist hub that lost its big influx. In any case, there is an abandoned subway system below the town, and experimental venture by a very strange mayor who claimed "chaos can only be held down by connection." If Link doesn't help the "Bring Back the Subway" group earn money for their cause, a fucking demon will escape and start eating the city from the inside out.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:45 No.7766670
         File1264405512.jpg-(308 KB, 608x770, Dead_Hand_by_theblackdrac.jpg)
    308 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:45 No.7766674
    Make sure to have them appear to be really obvious about their eatery of things once they wake up, only have no one else seem to actually notice apart from our heros. When other people look, they aren't there, or have fallen back asleep or they just don't see them. This is pushing it a little far, but I find it hilarious to imagine one goron just slowly munching on a building, with the people inside not noticing or paying it any mind. Perhaps this could even be used to open up new areas? Their own actions make new openings and options in the world.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)02:48 No.7766719
         File1264405720.jpg-(11 KB, 301x400, horrified.jpg)
    11 KB



    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:53 No.7766779
         File1264406008.jpg-(127 KB, 1238x909, deadhand.jpg)
    127 KB

    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:54 No.7766790
    I like this idea. It is always nice to see your work actually have an effect on the world around you. "Not just a check on the list, go on to the next dungeon." Like if you help whoever represents the Zoras, they go about their own business, and you can see the effect on the town lake. You look out over the lake and you see a whale breaching itself-leaping out of the water, with fishes that have a human-like being around them swimming around in the water. Perhaps the lake "refills" past it's normal borders, and floods a section of the town. What you do is real and highly visable, although the cause may not be visable to the average person. Perhaps the flood lets you reach places you couldn't before, or shorts out some electricity in some areas. Things like that, I think.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:55 No.7766805
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:56 No.7766822
    You could also use the same principle on the Zora. Make river full of fish that runs through the area, yet Link can see them as actual people. The river is scheduled to be the site of the Barinade Hydroelectric Plant to generate power to generate revenue, a process which will kill all the creatures currently living there. But if Link can sneak into the plant through the belly of the sewer system, then he can sabotage the process long enough for the fish to escape. Once freed, the Zora take refuge in a sparkling pond across town.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:56 No.7766824
         File1264406211.png-(774 KB, 1098x791, deadhand3.png)
    774 KB
    Goddamn undead child molestors!
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)02:57 No.7766829
         File1264406249.png-(437 KB, 576x576, deadhand3.png)
    437 KB
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)02:58 No.7766840
         File1264406289.jpg-(53 KB, 367x538, PhantomBlot.jpg)
    53 KB


    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)03:02 No.7766888
    You help the tree "area" and trees and plants begin to grow around the town, large trees, with branches and trunks giving access to new areas, and vines that can be climbed. And not just in little spaces of green along roads, in the middle of roads and such, with no one noticing and just driving around without thinking about it. Even in buildings, with the floor being replaces with grass and such in some buildings.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)03:02 No.7766890
    The undead need a place in this. The graveyard is too cliche.

    Use the morgue.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)03:03 No.7766897
    So, my roommate and his brother have been working on a Legend of Zelda homebrew RPG for a long time, and all of their friends (myself included) think it sounds like the most retarded idea ever.

    Now I hear about what would make for an awesome WoD story, but I can't run it without them being whiny bitches about it. Fuck you /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)03:03 No.7766898
    Combine them! Yesss!
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)03:03 No.7766906

    Might be a bit too environmentalist. I already have one civilization about to be steamrolled, I don't want to get all Avatar on this shit unless I absolutely have to.

    I'd much rather have the Zoras needing to be saved from themselves. As Changelings they might be addicted to Glamour, or even a mundane drug like cocaine. Or perhaps there's some form of marvelous narcotic in the Feywild that they simply must have, and they take turns diving in a secret pool to recover it. But their old master, a giant fish fey incarnation, is not pleased by their thieving ways, and freezes them all in ice. Or something.


    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)03:04 No.7766915
    Oooh, Morgue, I am ashamed to say I had never thought of that. To others, the corpses appear to just be corpses, to you though...
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)03:05 No.7766922
         File1264406707.png-(109 KB, 350x268, toiletstranger.png)
    109 KB
    I cannot even imagine what this dude's deal is in the games.
    >> Iron Lung 01/25/10(Mon)03:05 No.7766928
    A Slaughterhouse at the edge of town. Instead of incinerating the bones of the animals they were just dumped in a series of long, wide trenches.
    After the mob moved in, they started adding bodies.
    After the police drove the mob out, the slaughterhouse was sealed and abandoned.
    Teenagers broke it open as a place to fuck and smoke up.
    Beneath the garbage is where the gutters still run...
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)03:05 No.7766930

    Actually, the well near the graveyard in Kakariko village was considerably fucking disturbing to me when I first played OoT. Maybe take place in the well?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)03:07 No.7766959
    You know, you can have your druggie changlings and the fish people that flood sections of the town. These don't need to be mutually exclusive.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)03:07 No.7766963
    Silly. Who says that when they get to the pond, they are out of trouble?

    Morpha hasn't hit the stage yet.

    A sickness, illusive, invisible, takes hold of the Zora. The entire pond seems drained, its previously sparkling waters faded and dull, the plants dying slowly around it. Nothing had changed, except the addition of the Zora....it was like they brought something with them, , something twisted, something sinister....
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)03:10 No.7766990
         File1264407001.jpg-(107 KB, 440x1200, Smoke_by_aricacritter.jpg)
    107 KB

    This is good. I can imagine Link longing to show Zelda the fruits of his work. But she's in the Institution. Poor Zelda.


    Get some new players?



    Oh SHIT.

    A child's nightmares come true. Re-deads crawling out of body bags and hauling themselves across the floor towards you. Severed hands twitching on the dissection table, then flipping off to land wetly on the floor, swelling and swelling and swelling until they're the size of large dogs and reek of preservative fluids.

    Shit, man. This could be good.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)03:12 No.7767016
    If the forest area leads to trees growing, the water one flooding the town, the Goron one having them munch on the town... What does the Undead section bring?
    >> Iron Lung 01/25/10(Mon)03:13 No.7767021

    >>7766888 also gives Climatic Finish to Link's triumph with the floods swamps and the earth consumes the asylum as the Doctor is defeated.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)03:15 No.7767045
         File1264407313.jpg-(5 KB, 129x150, DEAAAAD_HAND.jpg)
    5 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)03:15 No.7767052
    A sect of stealthy warriors who have been devoted to wiping out the undead loyal to your cause? I dunno. I feel like the sheikah need a nod in this at least.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)03:16 No.7767058
         File1264407385.jpg-(86 KB, 754x333, 1263569810242.jpg)
    86 KB

    I'm game.

    So how does it all tie together? Are all the evils that threaten the childhood dreams of Link caused by the same person (Ganon) or by Ganon and Link's own self-doubt? Also, if Link is a Changeling, how does he regain Glamour? We don't want him hanging around high schools waiting for teenagers to break up, or sitting under roller coasters to pick up the second-hand rush.

    I think that I'll set it so Link keeps coming back to Zelda in the first place because her happiness keeps him going. Her joy at seeing the small bird toy he's whittled or the lilting song he clumsily plays on his recorder fuels him, fills him with a strength and a thrill he never knew he could have.

    And now that she's gone, that energy is slowly draining away. To nothing.

    I wonder what his Seeming is?

    Pic related, I'm going to put some horrible bizarre shit in this game. Players better brace for what-the-fuck.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)03:17 No.7767073

    The sheik are probably a neighborhood gang of skater grrls. No boys allowed!
    >> Kemosabe 01/25/10(Mon)03:19 No.7767085
    Can't believe no-one said it yet.

    Link THINKS that getting the three will give him one wish, A LA >>7765633

    He intends to do this to fix Zelda's fucked up legs and brain.

    The good Doctor is the one who gave him this Idea, that he can make Zelda all better and fix her.

    He also tells Link that he knows the monsters are real and that he thinks that only a really brave person can help her.

    Ganon knows Zelda has Wisdom, as she is very empathetic and caring, and he already has power, earned by besting the last man to weild it.

    You have to EARN the powers to weild them, that's why Link has to go on a guest for the MacGuffin, and why Ganon's plan won't work. His greed keeps him from being wise, and his making a child do it shows his cowardace.

    Then Link gets the wish, only one.

    Does he use it to help Zelda, the poor girl who deserves so much more than what she has?

    Does he use it to help Ganon, the doctor who wanted to save the world and got lost in the moral gray? Link knows that he if he helped him, Ganon could help many more.

    Or does he try to fix the imperfect world, using the sort of honest intuition that only a child really has.

    The choice determines the sequel.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)03:19 No.7767089
         File1264407549.jpg-(561 KB, 1004x929, _Watch_your_back__edited_by_Ya(...).jpg)
    561 KB
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)03:20 No.7767104
         File1264407617.jpg-(33 KB, 300x807, LOZ_OC_Race_Meme___Gerudo_by_P(...).jpg)
    33 KB

    Whoops nevermind, that's these chicks.

    Sheik would be more like...watchful guardians. Maybe a form of neighborhood watch devoted to stopping crime?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)03:20 No.7767112
    Gerudo are the all girl thieves. Sheikah were a dying clan of ninja mystics that worked for the royal family
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)03:22 No.7767140
    I like the idea of Ganon being the mastermind behind the whole thing. Having it be his idea that leads you to go on your quest, like in OoT is delicious, although would have to be handled with care, so as to not tip off the players that Ganon had any hand in this plan at all.
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)03:22 No.7767142
         File1264407759.jpg-(29 KB, 397x459, gannylol.jpg)
    29 KB





    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)03:22 No.7767144
    Nonono, that's the Grrl-udo, masters of female martial artz, with a z. Bunch of punk roxxors who live in an abandoned buildings, an artist's alley that was done in adobe style. They are very close to the old museum, which, by the by, is not the nicest place at night...

    The Sheik are the neighborhood watch group, who used to do a decent job cleaning up the town. But in these days, with so few of them left and most given up or moved away as they saw the town going to pieces, there isn't much they can do. But perhaps there's a matronly woman who secretly carries the touch of the fae herself, and watches the pursuits of a certain boy with interest. Bonus points? Make her a nurse working secretly at the clinic.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)03:23 No.7767154
         File1264407789.png-(125 KB, 255x543, impa.png)
    125 KB
    There's not a lot of Sheikah around, though. The only one implicitly seen, if I recall, is Impa (and Sheik if you count her, but since that's really Zelda).
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)03:23 No.7767155
    God damned dead hand! I'm already up way late reading this thread, and now I won't be able to get even the four hours of sleep before class I had resigned myself too. Fuck. And I kind of need to be awake in the afternoon too.
    >> Cr9 !PLAN9M8Wsc 01/25/10(Mon)03:25 No.7767183
    This is one of those rare threads that becomes everything good.
    >> Kemosabe 01/25/10(Mon)03:27 No.7767194


    I also writefag occasionally, though I'm not very good.

    I also play a lot of Zelda, that helps.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)03:27 No.7767199
         File1264408065.jpg-(20 KB, 300x168, DeadHand-GBR2.jpg)
    20 KB
    Don't worry about falling asleep during the afternoon...
    >> I Am My Own Dungeon Master 01/25/10(Mon)03:30 No.7767233
         File1264408257.jpg-(337 KB, 1920x1200, Legend_of_Zelda__Desktop_by_Ph(...).jpg)
    337 KB
    Shit. I have to go to bed, and we haven't even covered the Deku, most of the masks and the possibility of including Link's wolf form. Fuck.

    But this much is more than I ever expected to get. Thank all of you, and I will be back in a couple of days with more ideas if you're interested in listening.

    And thank you


    for archiving this, I could never remember all this shit on my own. >_<

    Goodbye, everyone and thank you!
    >> Anonymous 01/25/10(Mon)03:33 No.7767260
    Damn, I'm almost never on /tg/, so I won't be here for the follow up. Ah well, It will probably be archieved, and I'll just read it later.

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