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  • File : 1265014389.jpg-(4 KB, 220x165, blackadd2.jpg)
    4 KB Lord Quest XIII - The New Begining. Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)03:53 No.7868812  
    Ok, /tg/, it's Lord Questan' time.

    Prior threads:


    Starting the new month to kick things off. Roll for additional events, training, alchemy, etc. Someone will know the drill.

    And sorry it's been so long, Hopefully I'll be getting back to 1-2 times a week on this soon.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)03:54 No.7868827

    Last month's gold 22.147
    Gold Incoming 2.321
    Gold Outgoing 5.85
    Gold Profits -3.529
    Total Gold 18.618
    Debt 0
    To brother 0
    One Time Costs 0
    Urist PROFIT
    Mage Weapons
    Other III 0
    Last months lumber 24.8
    Lumber Cut 60
    Lumber Used 47.2
    Lumber Created 12.8
    Lumber Stockpile 37.6
    Max Stockpile 200
    Stockpile Spare 162.4

    Last months food 40
    Food Grown 30
    Food Hunted 20.8
    Food Eaten 27.2
    Food Brewed 3
    Excess Food 20.6
    Excess Stored 0
    Excess Wasted 20.6
    Food Stockpile 40
    Max Food 200
    Stockpile Spare 160

    Last month's skins 0.8
    Skins Gathered 20.8
    Skins Used 20
    Skins Created 0.8
    Skins Stockpile 1.6
    Max Skin Stockpile 300
    Stockpile Spare 298.4

    Last month's Leather 20
    Leather Created 20
    Leather Used 0
    New Leather 20
    Leather Stockpile 40
    Max Leather Stock 200
    Stockpile Spare 160

    Last month 3
    Ale Brewed 3
    Ale Drunk 0
    Ale Created 3
    Ale Stockpile 6
    Max Stockpile 200
    Stockpile Spare 194
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)03:55 No.7868837
    rolled 16 = 16

    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)03:55 No.7868840
    Last Month's peat 0
    Peat incoming 16.9
    Peat used 0
    Fraction stored 0
    Peat Stored 0
    Peat Stockpile 0
    Max Stockpile 0
    Sold (%) 100
    Peat sold 16.9
    Peat Price (gold) 0.09
    Profit made 1.521

    Last Month 20
    Bog Iron incoming 13
    Bog Iron used 0
    Fraction stored 0
    Amount Stored 13
    Stockpile 20
    Max Stockpile 20
    Sold (%) 0
    Sold 0
    Price (gold) 0.1
    Profit made 0

    Last month 55.7
    Stone Quarried 3
    Stone Used 0
    Stone Gained 3
    Stone Stockpile 58.7
    Max Stone 1000
    Stockpile Spare 941.3

    Last month 0
    Silver panned 8
    Silver used
    Silver gained 0
    Silver stockpike 0
    Max Silver stockpile 5000
    Stockpile Spare 5000
    Sold (%) 100
    Sold (amount) 8
    Silver Price 0.1
    Profit made 0.8
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)03:57 No.7868860
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)03:57 No.7868868
    Oh thank god it is Lord Quest!
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)03:58 No.7868871
    rolled 4 = 4

    Rolling for the random event, using the ring too. Are we still rolling for alchemy? I know our training is done but did we destroy our alchemy set or something?
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)03:58 No.7868874

    Sorry, let me know what you're rolling for in the post, and let me know if you're using any optional modifiers (your ring of +1 luck at everything for example).

    d5 for extra event, d18 for training under Leold in tactics, and alchemy rules will be resposted in the next post.
    >> Alchemy Rules Repost Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)04:00 No.7868896

    These will take a week (-1 from your roll for the month, can stack) or a month for a slow test (+5 on the alchemy roll).

    You can experiment to increase your skill the hard way, or can do any alchemists tasks you learn. At the moment you know experimentation, and ash to lye. However you can't make commercial amounts of lye solo, and don't have the stuff to do it largescale.

    All of these are a roll to get under your alchemy skill (5) with the worst result always failing, until you're skill is double the skill needed.

    Simple expeirment (d8) (+.1 for pass)
    Hard Experiment (d12) (+.2 for pass)
    Ash to Lye (d6)
    You can do a dangerous experiment which will give a -1 (good) modifier to any passes, but a +1 (bad) modifier to fails. A result of max (nat x where x is the dice you're rolling on with -1 mod) will result an a serious faliure, and will likely HURT (d10+3 on crit fail table)
    Any critical faliures otherwise will roll a d5 on the alchemy critical fail chart, wanting low.

    Crit fail table
    1: Surprise result: The kit’s fucked, but you’ve got a result that’s unusually good, and have found something you’d never find out normally. +1 alchemy skill.
    2: Kit’s Fucked
    3-4: Kit’s fucked, and you take minor burns, take an extra week off.
    5: Kits fucked, you take serious acid burns, a month of dedicated healing from the healer, he’ll neglect the peasants in this time.
    6-8: The kit explodes, burning you as above, but also creates a small fire,
    12: Kits fucked, and you’re unable to do serious activity for a year
    13: Kit explodes, you die. Shit guys.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:02 No.7868926
         File1265014976.jpg-(60 KB, 500x625, 6a00d8341c932c53ef00e54f5fe6fb(...).jpg)
    60 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:02 No.7868927
    Awesome, I thought this disappeared between the cracks. Good to see you back Quest Lord.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:03 No.7868935
    rolled 12 = 12

    I was under the impression that our training with Leold is basically over and the only way we're going to improve now is through application. Rolling in case I'm mistaken.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:05 No.7868955
    Well done, anon. Well done.
    >> Alchemy Rules Repost Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)04:05 No.7868963
    You got a new one, even better. Gives a +/-1 modifier (whichever is good) to any alchemy rolls made using it.

    A good extra event. :) Roll another d5 to see how good.

    Cattle 10 Cows 6 Bulls 2 Calves 2 Age(months) 10
    Birthed 0 Draught 4 Feed Grow at 24
    Goats 4 Nannies 2 Billies 1 Kids 1 Age(months) 3
    Birthed 0 Feed Grow at 6
    Horses 3 Grow at ?
    Riding 3 Mares 0 Stallions 0 Foals 0 Age(months) n/a
    Birthed 0 In use/Away 3 Feed Geldings 3
    Carts 5 Unused 2
    Quarry 0 Peat 3 Digging Mine 0 Bog Ore 0
    Ropes 5 Used 3 Spare 2
    Small Ropes (1d5) 5 Used 3 Spare 2
    Medium Ropes (1d15) 0 Used 0 Spare 0
    Fuses 3
    Magic Scroll 1 Months to tranlation 0
    Hunting Scroll 1 Taught 1 Untaught 0
    Spearheads (steel) 25 Used 12 Unused 13
    Crude bows 3
    Crude knives 11
    Carrot Seeds 0 Months until wasted -
    Potato Seeds 0 Months until wasting starts -
    Lyre 1

    >Erik has finished translating the scroll. He says it's an ancient piece of writing containing the location of a nearby ancient shrine to the wild gods. It seems to be located in the swamp off a distance. It also details the locations of other shrines, which are further away.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:10 No.7868996
    How far into the swamps exactly? In deep enough to attract the trolls or in an abandoned area?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:10 No.7868999
         File1265015453.gif-(27 KB, 120x89, 1264839073843.gif)
    27 KB

    I've been getting my RULAN-BUILDAN fix with Frost Giant Quest, but now it is time for THE LONG AWAITED change in scenery.

    Pic related, can barely contain myself.
    >> dice+1d5 Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:11 No.7869003
    We have a new person to train us now. I forget his name off the top of my head.

    Anyways, second roll for random event.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:12 No.7869011
    rolled 3 = 3

    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:12 No.7869018
    rolled 1 = 1

    Alright, here we go.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)04:13 No.7869027
    Nah, I got busy. Been playing 4th ed. with the /v/irgins on BroGall some, working on my other projects and things, and actually going outside. . . :o

    Whoops. Checking my tables, yeah. He's taught you all he knows. You can spend your learning time under anyone else to pick up some other skills though. Let me know who and what, and I'll give you the roll.

    Turnip Patches 30 Units Turnips 15
    Rice Plots 10 Units Rice 0 Months to harvest 1
    Potato Plots 5 Units Potato 10
    Carrot Plots 5 Units Carrot 5

    POPULACE 136
    Workers 101: Peasants 83 Hunters 8 Peat Gatherers 10 Builders 54
    Soldiers 14: Men at Arms 5 Yeomen 7
    Milita on duty 2: Peasant Milita 0 Manhunters 2
    Craftsmen 7: Carpenter 3 Miners 4
    Advisors 11

    Growth 6
    3 new young locals, 3 new immigrants.
    Deaths 2
    One old age, and one mildpox on an elderly man. Mildpox is a contagious disease, but is rather mild as its name suggests, and only is fatal for the very young or very old. Most peasants can shake it off after a day or two of rashes, tiredness and nausea.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:14 No.7869035
    Let's ask some of the old-timers from the previous lord's days. Since he hunted those swamp trolls, I'm assuming some of them know their way around the swamp. Do they have any idea where the shrine is?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:14 No.7869037
    Right, we need to send a memo to Urist about buying a couple stallions so we can breed our own horses. Get our own cavalry going.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:15 No.7869041
    It's been so long ;__;

    Did we ever hold our tourney? Are we anywhere near ready/
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:17 No.7869062
    As for our training, how about we have Cohen teach us a little about combat?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:18 No.7869068
    I'm torn between learning the lute with the bard or getting some lessons in sneaking and lying from 'Arry.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:18 No.7869069
    Wow, double spam bot!

    The thread is now blessed.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:19 No.7869082
    Praise be to Byron for this blessing.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)04:19 No.7869085
    You may encounter some trolls in the swamps, it's far enough in that it's a definite risk. What else you might find is unknown, the swamps aren't well mapped at all beyond their borders.

    3 got in first, so the omens are mildly good. You see a field mouse escape a cat in the village, and generally just feel good about the month to come.

    Leold and Peter are the only ones who've been into the swamp before, on troll hunts. They haven't been as deep as the shrine is, but that's because they never had much reason to go deeper into the swamp.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)04:21 No.7869104
    Goat Herding 2 Goats Tended 4 Goats Escape 0
    Cattle Heading 1 Cattle Tended 10 Cattle Escape 0
    FARMING 50
    Turnip Farming 30
    Rice Farming 20
    Potato Farming 5
    Carrot Farming 5
    Gathering Wood 6
    Quarrying Stone 15 Work Done 3 Ropes 0 Rope Bonus 0
    Criminal Bonus 0
    Brewing 3
    Basic Peasant Militia 0
    OTHER 2
    Renovating Town 2 Carpenters bonus 0 Renovations total 2

    Turnip Cellar 54 Rate 2.2 Draught 4 Carts 0 Ropes 3
    Total Done Last month 304.6 Progress/Month 141.6 Total Done 446.2 Total Remaining DONE! Rope Bonus 14
    Total 300 Lumber Used 47.2 Stone Used 0

    Unassigned Hunters 0
    Hunting 8
    Searching Forest 0
    Manhunters 2

    Unassigned Carpenters 0
    Decent Furniture 0
    Helping Build 0
    Renovating Village 0
    Renovating Keep 3 Rooms/month 2

    MINERS 4
    Unassigned Miners 0
    Panning River (Silver) 4 Silver Panned 8

    Digging Mine 0 Rate 5 Draught 0 Carts 0 Ropes 0
    Total 100 Progress/Month 0 Total Done Total Remaining 100 Rope Bonus 0
    Lumber Used 0 Stone Used

    Gathering Peat 10 Peat Gathered 16.9
    Carts 3
    Gathering Bog Iron 10 Bog Iron Gathered 13 Peat Price (gold) 0.1 Profit made 1.3
    Carts 0

    Tanning for storage 4 Skins tanned 20

    >Smyatt's Report: The turnip cellar is done, what should the builders start on this month?
    >Also, 4 new peasants to assign.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:22 No.7869111
    So are we feeling reckless enough to send out a brave fellowship of companions to track the shrines down?

    Or should we build up our army a bit more?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:24 No.7869128
    Start on a Mill or well.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)04:25 No.7869140
    LODGINGS 207 Total Spare Room 37 Homeless 0
    VILLAGE 120 Huts (5) 24 Share Houses (10) 0
    Some Room Lodgers 100 Room Spare 20
    THOM'S MERCY 60 Huts (5) 0 Share Houses (10) 6
    Some Room Lodgers 50 Room Spare 10
    KEEP 27 Rooms Upgraded 2
    KEEP ROOMS 13 Poor Rooms (1) 0 Decent Rooms (1) 0 Good Rooms 13 Very Good Rooms 0
    Poor Rooms Spare 0 Decent Rooms Spare 0 Good Rooms Spare 1 Very Good Spare 0
    Some Room Lodgers 12 Rooms Spare 1
    BARRACKS 14 Size 20 Soldiers 14
    Some Room Spare Room 6

    >The carpenters have finished upgrading all the intact rooms to good quality, they're now going to up them to very good quality.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:25 No.7869144
    Well there's a first time for everything. Let's get a group together to check out that shrine. How about Leold, Doobs, Cohen, Clint and Aegon? The first four to keep our neck safe and the bard in case he's inspired to write something.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:26 No.7869156
    The map in the last thread (I think it was the last one, anyway) had the River Tam. I think we get a name-finding bonus or whatever now, yes?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:27 No.7869172
    Obviously, River Tam from Firefly.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:29 No.7869185
    Set the new villagers to building, we can never have enough builders.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:30 No.7869202
    I'm fine with doing this. As they say, no guts no glory.

    As to what to build, how about a watch tower outside the town a ways. We know we have some strong enemies, and we've already been hit by bandits. It'd be nice to have something to keep look out for us.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:32 No.7869226
    And from the same map, the bridge is named after the three goats. Tricapra = three goats
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:35 No.7869260
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)04:40 No.7869314
    Leold advises you bring some of the soldiers. Your Manhunters would be handy to have around, and some extra men-at-arms would also be good. They might not be experienced at troll hunting, but they've proved their mettle in combat before, and extra soldiers are always helpful, particularly when you don't know what you're facing.

    The keep has a small barracks they've been living in, it still has some room. It doesn't have an archery range or training grounds though.

    Indeed, I was waiting for someone to figure that one out.

    +1 bonus with demi-deity: St. Tam. A young girl that floated down the river in a basket of reeds who was adopted by a priest of Artagus. Since civilisation at the time was far away, he took her wiht him, and raised her in the ways of Artagus.

    Later in life they returned to civilisation, and Tam entred the great hunt - a legendary hunting competition held by the king. The winner would become the king's personal hunting assistant, and the young prince's trainer. She was refused entry as a woman, so entered as a man, won the prize and also won the heart of a nobleman. Although refusing to marry him, she bore him a son before disappearing. Some months later the earl also disappeared, leaving the Westerlands to his brother. History does't record more then this, but many a priest of Artagus has claimed noble heritage from St. Tam and Lord Derrick.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)04:44 No.7869349

    Local lore bonus: +2.
    The bridge is named after a local tale involving a small troll and three large goats. Every young person in the village knows the tale of the three gruff goats, and now you do too.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:46 No.7869368
    Alright, it seems reasonable to take a few more men with us. First consult with Leold and Peter. Ask them how troll hunting has gone in the past. How many trolls usually seen, what tactics they've used, as well as any problems they have encountered in the past.

    And I still say we build a watch tower. My only other thought at the moment would to build the Manor House we were considering many months ago.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:49 No.7869394
    I second both parts of this. I say the party should be Leold, Doobs, Shorty, Cohen, Clint, Aegon, the Manhunters and a couple of the Men-at-Arms and yeomen.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)04:53 No.7869435
    Leold tells you that they aren't tactical fighters, anything more then an ambush is usually beyond their capabilities. That said, they're deadly fighters, and they sneak around in the swamp with an ability that belies their size. The smaller ones are masters of ambush, you won't see them until they're on you, and the larger ones can sneak in close enough to bullrush you or throw a boulder at you. If you let the big ones surprise you, then you're in between a rock and a hard place.

    Peter says much the same things, but notes that fighting them in hand to hand is a matter of decapitating them or majorly incapacitating them, as they'll often fight on with only one arm, or with half their face full of crosbow bolts.

    The good news is that they only travel in groups of three to eight usually, occasionally as many as 12 are seen though. The bad news is, that in engagements this size, tactics are less of an issue, and there is few enough trolls that they can sneak up on you quite easily.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:56 No.7869454
    fuck yeah!

    lord quest!
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:56 No.7869461
    The fellowship arms and assembles.

    The search begins.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)04:56 No.7869469
    How many menatarms/yeomen?
    You have 5 men at arms, all who have fought with trolls at least once in raids previously, and 7 yeomen, with some basic troll-fighting drills but no practical experiance.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:56 No.7869470
    Right, manhunters and men-at-arms should be taken. Five of each is my suggestion, which would be all our men-at-arms and our two active manhunters plus three hunters.

    Also, for future reference, what are our men-at-arms and yeomen armed with?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)04:59 No.7869503
    ewwww. That's as about as bad as it could be.

    I agree with >>7869394 . Leold, Doobs, Shorty, Cohen, Clint, Aegon, are the bulk of the force. Take ALL the Manhunters, 3 Men-at-Arms, and 4 Yeomen. I'd like to be as big as possible when going in to the swamp.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:00 No.7869515
    Spears, I believe.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:02 No.7869531
    >>7869503 here.
    Actually, how effective are arrows at taking down trolls? Rereading what you wrote makes them seem not very... If that's the case, go with >>7869470 numbers. Still use 4 Yeomen.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:03 No.7869543
    I can see manhunters being useful at taking down the smaller ones but I still recommend the bulk of our forces being men-at-arms and yeomen.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)05:03 No.7869551
    Men at arms have: Short-Swords, Crude Chainmail and Spears (steel heads). The spears are generally used in troll fighting, the short swords are a later resort.

    Yeomen have Spears (steel heads), and Leather scrap armour .
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)05:05 No.7869573
    Trolls need to be killed or crippled to make them stop fighting, but arrows will still slow them down. And the manhunters are also decent trackers and scouts as well, which you *will* need.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:06 No.7869581
    I see, what about our advisers and our humble self?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:08 No.7869606
    I'm seconding this number.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:09 No.7869618
    Do we know anything about these wild gods of this temple we're going to look for?
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)05:11 No.7869629
    Leold Hunting Lance, Shortsword, Fine leather armour
    Doobs Bastard sword, chain mail, dwarfsteel dagger
    Smyatt Accounting Books, Pen
    Aegon Nordic Lute, Icesteel Longsword
    Erik Scrolls (many)
    Zeek Preistly robes, Basic savles (3)
    Baldric Rags, Half a turnip
    Marcus Chefs kit, Spices (5)
    Shorty Old short sword, average quality short sword, buckler, studder armour
    Dan Ganob Mason's Tools
    Harry Hidden knives, more hidden knives, MORE HIDDEN KNIVES
    Wrigley Spectre Horti-scrolls, seeds, tools
    Cohen Mikenzy The Bane (Ogre War-sword), Clawed Gauntlets
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:11 No.7869634
    Needs more knives.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:12 No.7869636
    Haha. This is a good point. Do we know what we will find? Gallivanting off to some temple is good and all, but if it's just going to be some run down abandoned building with nothing there, then what is the point?

    Can our advisers give us ANY possible benefits to seeking these temples out?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:12 No.7869642
    5 men-at-arms, 5 yeomen, 10 manhunters, the mentioned advisers and ourself. Seems like this shouldn't be too bad of an outing.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:13 No.7869650
    Half a turnip? We shall remedy this injustice at once, someone fetch Baldric a whole turnip.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)05:14 No.7869651
    He has them too.

    Brb, getting some noms for dinner. Talk over the new month's building thing, and and other details for the expedition you can think of. Supplies to bring, etc. that sort of thing.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:15 No.7869667
    I march off to battle without delay!
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:16 No.7869670
    So Leold, Doobs, Shorty, Cohen and Aegon are coming along. If Clint isn't hunting, we should convince him to come along too. Would bring Zeek for healing be a good idea or is the group getting too large as it is?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:19 No.7869698
    New month's building project: One or more watchtowers towards the outskirts of our lands.

    Supplies: rope, and lots of it, any kind of anti-biotics that our Exidaid priest has, food and clean(ish) water, etc...
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:20 No.7869711
    Just pointin aout that
    roll = 4+1

    came before the
    roll = 3
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:20 No.7869714
    I forget all the intricate plans we had for construction last thread. I remember some plans for a port and trading vessel and someone else recommended barricades.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:22 No.7869730
    Random events only happen on a 1 or 5. If we roll a 1 or 5 (which we did), we roll another die to see how awesome/bad it is. It looks like this event just gave us a little more luck this month, which means it's a perfect time to go venturing into the swamp.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:24 No.7869749
    rolled 6 = 6

    hard experiment
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:26 No.7869766
    This is a good start. But what do we do about sleeping equipment? Or can we just take a bunch of skins with us and make makeshift beds?

    Here's my suggested compromise for the soldiers we take with us: 8 Manhunters. 4 Men-At-Arms. 5 Yeomen. (Plus the leaders we agreed upon).
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:28 No.7869775
    Oh, don't forget to take the 'not-acid pouches' with us.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:31 No.7869804
    Oh, the ones that QL apparently forgot we could make?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:33 No.7869830
    Weren't we going to construct a smithy for forging or something?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:33 No.7869831
    Barricades aren't a bad idea. But do we have anyone who would have any idea about how to go about building a dock? I also remember some talk about building a school and a fountain. A school would actually be pretty sweet, but at the moment I'm still stuck on the watch tower idea.

    What I REALLY want is an architect so we can improve the keep already.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:34 No.7869838
    As far as watch towers go, we have the option of upgrading the granary into one, but it would take a few months to do it and we are looking to repairing the keep soon, so that would cut into our workforce for it. We still have the wells to dig for our villages or the pier for the river trade (since we need the money desperately).
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:34 No.7869842
    I think we said not at this moment because we don't, you know, have a smith that can actually use it yet.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:34 No.7869850
    I keep saying we should send out Urist to go out and find one while he goes out trading but it's never been accepted as an action.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:38 No.7869883
    It was number 1 on his list when he went people searching before. He didn't find one- but we got a herbalist, carpenter, and someone else I forgot.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:40 No.7869912
    I'd say build a wharf and small storehouse by the river to make trading easier. Shouldn't take too long, I'd think.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)05:44 No.7869942
         File1265021068.jpg-(84 KB, 963x759, Teajy Map.jpg)
    84 KB
    Sucess - just. However just enough is still enough. +.2 to alchemy score.

    but cheers anyways.

    anyone to second this? Where do you want them?

    We'll do tower at a time, so you can have one up and functional ASAP.

    Wooden Watchtower
    300 work units, can house 10 soldiers. Gives good line of sight around, and is barricaded against attack. Can be upgraded with leather skins to resist attacks with flaming weapons.
    Gotta add them to the alchemy rules thing. Cheers for picking that up.

    He's been looking, he just hasn't found one yet. They're rather in demand, and most of them have jobs at their own smithies.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:45 No.7869956
    Main problem about river trade is that we don't know much about it and we need to finf some one who does.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:47 No.7869967

    I'll second >>7869698

    How about one of them at the entrance to the wood?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:48 No.7869972
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:49 No.7869980
    Dude, we could knock out a watchtower really quickly, I say definitely do it.

    I say place it just east of Thom's Mercy. Positioned so that it can see east of the forest, but at the same time be able to signal back to the keep.
    >> Dogstar !!MgA31eRve7T 02/01/10(Mon)05:49 No.7869985
    Um. Looking at that map, Quest Lord, and as an outside voice, I just wanted to ask, how far does the swamp advance/recede during a year's time? It looks like it's about to consume the territories if it were to get a good running start.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:52 No.7870002
    Alright I can dig some watchtowers. Let's have them reinforced with the leather and built with the option to upgrade to stone in the future.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)05:53 No.7870014
    Zeek has a number of salves made with alcohol and herbs for various wounds. He advises you not to drink them, as they are poisonous to ingest. The smallest bottle is a purple one, he advises you use this only on cuts which are very infected. It kills the infected flesh, and nearby flesh, effectively halting infection for a short time while help can be found. It's highly toxic, and the bottle, if ingested, could kill an ox. He also has a jar of maggots he has gathered that eat dead/diseased flesh, but leave living/healthy flesh alone. They are kept alive in a gell substance, and he tells you that once removed form the gel they will get to work. If left in the gel, they will survive for about a week.

    Watchtower seems to be the consensus, anywhere oyu want one in particular?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:54 No.7870018
    Which reminds me, at some time when the other projects are completed we must look into a land reclaiming project to dry out part of it for future expansion of our settlements.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:56 No.7870035
    If we amass sufficient military might we could just drive the trolls out of the swamp and grow in that direction.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:56 No.7870040
    I want the watch tower here: >>7869980
    Because at the moment, we have a HUGE blind side to east of the forest, and it's already been exploited once by a group of bandits sneaking into our territory. A tower up there should remedy the situation somewhat.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)05:57 No.7870060

    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)05:58 No.7870061
    It's mostly stable as is, as far as anyone can tell anyway. In a wet year it might get noticeably closer, but it'll die back in a drier year.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)06:01 No.7870082
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)06:01 No.7870083
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)06:02 No.7870093
         File1265022175.jpg-(85 KB, 963x759, Teajy Map II.jpg)
    85 KB
    Oops, forgot the pic.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)06:02 No.7870094
    If it can get a clear view of anything coming into or out of the forest then there is fine.
    >> Depakote pils clellelve 02/01/10(Mon)06:04 No.7870105
    <a href=http://depakote-pils.gghh.info><b>Depakote</b></a>

    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)06:07 No.7870136
         File1265022472.jpg-(149 KB, 963x759, quest_lord.jpg)
    149 KB
    This was more of my thought. I was looking for lots of line of sight on the other side of the forest.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)06:12 No.7870180
    I'm preferring this version.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)06:13 No.7870190

    Gets my vote. Better line of sight. Bit further from the forest.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)06:13 No.7870191
         File1265022807.jpg-(84 KB, 963x759, Teajy Map II.jpg)
    84 KB

    Anything else you guys want to get organised before the expedition heads off?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)06:16 No.7870228
    Last minute check on what's currently planned for the expedition?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)06:16 No.7870229
    Nothing from me. I'm ready for some adventur'n.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)06:18 No.7870244
    Let's get expeditionizing!
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)06:23 No.7870290
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)06:26 No.7870305

    Leold, Doobs, Shorty, Cohen, Clint, Aegon, are the bulk of the force. Take ALL the Manhunters, 3 Men-at-Arms, and 4 Yeomen.

    Taking Zeek's anti-biotics, etc.

    Clint has been contacted, and has decided to come along.

    Erik has drawn a rough map of where you need to go, but it's based on old instuctions, and thusly might take a bit of finding.

    Anything I missed?

    The Wild gods are older gods, your family pays them more attention then most. They're in general a quiet bunch of gods, haven't done much in the last loong while. Used to be the major gods of Erodia. Were briefly declared illegal, when an old Erondian king tried to convert the whole country to the new god, this was repealed long ago after many of the old families rose against it.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)06:26 No.7870307

    Let's do this!
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)06:29 No.7870325
    Sounds good. Let's get going.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)06:33 No.7870346
         File1265023998.png-(55 KB, 500x500, 1264052804521.png)
    55 KB
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)06:35 No.7870370
    Time to get this little shindig on the road.

    You and your party expedition into the swamps, progressing slowly with the manhunters scouting out ahead of you. The early morning mists are still low to the ground, and going is slow as you watch your step.

    Roll d10 for random encounter.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)06:37 No.7870385
    rolled 4 = 4

    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)06:37 No.7870388
    rolled 1 = 1

    This will be a resounding success.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)06:46 No.7870475
    One of your manhunter scouts returns with the lie of the land. In your path there is a swamprat den, going around it will add d10 hours to the expedition, going through might prove dangerous.

    Swamprats are large vermin, roughly the size of a medium sized dog. Not good eating at all, but edible. They have a bite known for being quick to infect.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)06:48 No.7870489
    rolled 4 = 4


    Rolling for additional time
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)06:49 No.7870507
    I say go around. Our mission isn't to purge the swam this time around, it's to find the temple. I'd prefer to go out of our way looking for trouble. Have the manhunters remember this location for possible later use, however.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)06:49 No.7870508
    rolled 5 = 5

    I'd rather go around the rats, seems like we'd run a pointless risk by going through them. We have time enough, we should just go around.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)06:52 No.7870534
    Indeed, we should go around. Let's remind Aegon to skim over this part of the trip.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)06:54 No.7870552
    I doubt he'd want to write about killing swamp rats anyway.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)06:55 No.7870560
    Avoid it is. 4 hours added. D20 hours progress, then roll another d10 for encounter.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)06:55 No.7870566
    rolled 5 = 5

    progress roll
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)06:56 No.7870572
    rolled 8 = 8

    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)07:04 No.7870652
    You find a path, the reminants of some old road. +5 sizes to the next progress roll (so instead of a d20, its a d25).

    Roll your d twenty(five) for progress.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)07:05 No.7870667
    rolled 8 = 8

    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)07:06 No.7870677
    Slow going but at least it's quiet. Almost too quiet.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)07:08 No.7870698
    Another d10 for encounter.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)07:09 No.7870706
    rolled 9 = 9

    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)07:13 No.7870745
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)07:15 No.7870765
    Your scout finds a small makeshift camp populated with outlaw humans, virmen (rat-man type things, think similar to skaven) and trolls. The trolls seem to be bartering with the camp, which has swamprats chained around the perimeter a la gaurd dogs.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)07:17 No.7870778

    Okay, let's remain discrete and listen in on the conversation, assuming we can understand. Have the manhunters set up so we let off a volley if it comes to that.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)07:17 No.7870782
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)07:18 No.7870790
    This means we have outlaws living in the swamp, more importantly the swamp next to our land.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)07:20 No.7870807
    Huh, maybe we should've brought Harry along.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)07:21 No.7870810
    In any case, we should wait for the trolls to leave.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)07:27 No.7870847
    Half a dozen virmen, and a dozen men are in sight, the tents and shacks could hide another dozen people. There are four trolls in the trading party.

    The talk is in western, the trolls are attempting to buy baskets and pots of beer, in return for food and what appear to be small ivory tusks of some kind.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)07:30 No.7870863
    The trolls don't seem to be in any rush, and they have a rough leather tarp set up, where they're keeping their goods.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)07:31 No.7870871
    Damn. Okay, let's consult our advisers for advise.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)07:34 No.7870893
    While the presence of outlaws close to our holdings is worrisome, picking a fight with them is likely to be very dangerous - we might have the drop on them, but they outnumber us and have trolls with them.

    If the site looks like it's a temporary measure (just a meeting-place, rather than an established encampment) then avoid and move on. Just a trading meetup, not a direct threat to our holdings at this point.

    Something to tell Harry about when we get back, though.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)07:35 No.7870894
    There doesn''t seem to be any reason to do anything about this at the moment. Have the scouts mark it on the map, and well come back later and root the outlaws out. Continue towards the temple.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)07:36 No.7870905
    The best thing to do would be to spark a conflict between the trolls and bandits, so we can just cleanup afterwards.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)07:38 No.7870920
    Leold wants to double back, and take the long way around. It'll add a long way to the trip, but will be safest.

    Doobs wants to try skirting the camp, staying far enough away that the swamprats don't smell, but close enough that it'll take half the time that Leold's plan will.

    Cohen thinks that you might be able to talk to them, and barter a way through. He bought food from outlaws on his way here, although some did try to rob him of his monies.

    Clint is with Leold. Shorty is with Doobs and Aegon's with Cohen, an even split. Who do you listen to?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)07:42 No.7870955

    Our manhunters are wilderness-ninjas, but our men-at-arms and other companions are not so sneaky, so we should either make absolutely sure we're not noticed, or try a parley, setting up covering fire in case talks go sour.

    The complicating factor is the trolls.

    What's the general character of outlaws - bandits and robbers, or just people who live out of sight to avoid entanglements with the authorities? Given that we're the local lord of the land, that might predispose them to hostility.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)07:43 No.7870958
    rolled 5 = 5

    Go with Doobs.

    Rolling for the inevitable roll.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)07:45 No.7870980
    Who said bandits. Outlaws are just people who have abandoned the holdings and make their own living, hand to mouth. Young runaway couples, hunters, malcontents and occasionally bandits.

    It's not a crime as such, but they don't have any rights as such either. They're outside of the law, entirely, although if htey bother a local lord, the lord will just have them killed off, and no-one will bat an eye.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)07:48 No.7871000

    Huh. Might be worth talking, then, and seeing if they're willing to strike a deal. Our reputation as a benevolent lord is pretty well-established now, and dealing with us is likely to be a lot safer than dealing with trolls.

    If they know their way around the swamps, that could be even more useful.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)07:49 No.7871004
    Aegon points out that you hardly look like a lord, after half a day tramping though a swamp, you look like a mercenary captain, the kind which come through here frequently. "And we *points around* are your mercenary band."
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)07:52 No.7871019
    Hmmm, I vote to attempt a parley but first, we have to be certain we know what we want. No point walking in there and just start improvising. How do we introduce ourselves? What do we want out of these people and not-people?

    Regardless, only our advisers should step forward with us. Keep the manhunters and infantry back to rush in in case a fight breaks out.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)07:52 No.7871021

    That also works, and could diminish the risks of a hostile encounter. Talk, see what they know, bid them good day and move on.

    The presence of Virmen is interesting - do they usually keep to themselves and avoid conflict, or could they be a threat to our holdings?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)07:55 No.7871040
    rolled 7 = 7

    True. I say got with talking to them, but leave most of the men outside of the camp, and arrange a signal for if it goes to shit.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)07:55 No.7871041

    Virmen generally keep to themselves. They have a reputation for being theives and sneaks, but stay away from human society at large. They can be found in the wilderness, sometimes in large groups, sometimes alone, or in pairs. They tend to trade with the fringes of society. That's about all you know.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)08:01 No.7871088
    So we have a consensus? Check out the camp, walk in and talk nicely?

    Any goals in particular for this? What's your cover story? Mercenaries heading west?

    Aegon sugest the signal be him singing "Dance with Morr's Reapers" an old song about war popular with mercenaries. He can sing loudly, so that's not an issue.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:01 No.7871090
    OK then. Parley, with manhunters covering and the men-at-arms ready to run in if things go badly. We'll take in Aegon, Leold, Clint and Cohen. The rest hang back with the fighters. Talk to them, trade news and maybe a few supplies if we have any to spare, and take it from there.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:03 No.7871108
    Yeah, we're mercenaries just heading through who spotted the camp and decided to check it out. We don't want any trouble, and are happy to move on and leave them be once we're done talking.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:05 No.7871124
    Yes, I say go forward with this. Our goal is to get information first and foremost. Our cover is that of a mercenary band, seeking employment.
    >> Independent Wp Themes WP Themes 02/01/10(Mon)08:06 No.7871138
    Amiable dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you seeking your information.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)08:06 No.7871139

    You walk on in, hands raised. Calling out "Hello the camp." loudly, you approach the camp. The Swamprats tied to their posts start hissing and snaping, and one gives out a high pitched yelp.

    Quickly the Virmen and a few of the men rush on over, and negotiations stall as the camp watches your approach. "Permission to enter the camp?" you ask.

    Roll a d10 for the hiding troops, and a d9 for your bluff check/negotiations.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:09 No.7871157
    rolled 2 = 2

    Come on Lady Luck, don't let us get killed. Rolling for troop camouflage.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:10 No.7871164
    rolled 5 = 5

    I really hope low is good in this case. Rolling for bluff.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)08:10 No.7871169
    Ok, and now roll for yourselves?

    Don't freak out yet, this is the important roll.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)08:17 No.7871214
    You introduce yourself as Ray Doobs, a mercenary captain moving west to look for work. As you start to talk, one of the men holds a knife out at you, and says "And you thought you'd just kill us all off on your way out? I can see your troops back there in the forest."

    Aegon quickly takes centre stage, piping up "Well, we would hardly bring them all in here. You'd hardly be happy with that." He talks the knife down from your throat and continues "We were just wanting a quick path westwards, and maybe some food for the men. No booze for the troops, although if you have anything worth having, us officers here might want some."
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)08:22 No.7871245
    Still distrustful, the self apointed leader tells you all to move around, and be on your way. Whats more, the whole camp is now ready for a fight, with women and virmen comming out of the tents, crude bows at the ready. The trolls have stood up and glare at you menicingly, huge wepaons at the ready. With a crowsbow that no man could draw, strung with wire, the trolls leader points at you and says "Move on, sma'man. Fight wars far way. West. Go'grub."
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:23 No.7871252

    We should probably get moving, then.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:24 No.7871258
         File1265030698.png-(396 KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-2010-01-31-01h05m34s16(...).png)
    396 KB
    awesome i'm actually around for lordquest.
    Troll hunting yet?
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)08:24 No.7871259
    How do you react? Do you go along with it, or should Aegon start singing. This decision gets made quickly, first idea seconded gets it.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:25 No.7871260
    Well this is irritating. Especially if we need to pass through here on our way back.

    QL, what ever happened to that ring of Lordliness that guy made for us? Would it be useful here to try and sway their minds?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:28 No.7871287
    Try to convince them of our none threatening intentions!

    "If we had intents to come and kill you, take your goods and carry on, would we have bothered to make our presence known? Yes, we are keeping the majority of our men back, so we wouldn't seem nearly as hostile. It's been a long road, and our food stocks are getting far too low. Even us officers have been reduced to eating boiled turnips for the last fortnight."
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)08:28 No.7871290
    You have that ring on, right next to your other one. It's good for inspiring people, not so much for convincing them. Boosting courage and valour, those type of things.

    Avoiding a fight with a camp of Virmen, outlaws and trolls atm, though stay tuned.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:28 No.7871292
         File1265030905.png-(382 KB, 800x336, vlcsnap-2010-01-26-12h58m49s17(...).png)
    382 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:29 No.7871306
    Goddamnit. The practical man would move on quickly but the proud man would want to kill every one of these trespassers and festoon the ramparts with their shattered bodies.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:30 No.7871313
    Now that they're all out of their tents, can we get a more specific headcount and armament description?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:31 No.7871331

    Seconded. We know where they are, so we can come back later and deal with them if we see fit. They aren't relevant to or current goal.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:32 No.7871340
    To add to this, I think we could take them, although we'd need to know more about their numbers and disposition. A bunch of swamp dwelling lowlifes against actual soldiers? The trolls would be the main problem.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:32 No.7871343
    I say just pass on through, and take the long way round on the way back.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:32 No.7871348
    The problem is the camp is temporary. If we move on we may never have them all be concentrated in one spot again.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)08:34 No.7871368
    16 men, 3 women. The women all have bows, the men have a mixture of knives, bows, farming implements, spears and swords likely stolen from passer bys.

    12 Virmen, and about as many swamprats. The virmen have knives and slings.

    The trolls are a motly crew, but are all on the larger side of trolldom. The largest is carrying a broken wagon as a weapon.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:34 No.7871370
    rolled 1 = 1

    Thirded. The last thing we need now is getting everyone killed. We're outnumbered, and don't particularly want to fight.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:37 No.7871402

    We're at a massive tactical disadvantage, as we're split up and they're now ready for a fight. If it was just the dudes, or just the trolls, I'd be all for it, but combined is too much. We may win, but at too high a cost. I say move on through.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:37 No.7871403
    AGH, this is so frustrating. I can't argue against everyone for being reasonable and cautious but I feel like we're passing up a golden opportunity here. I guess it's decided either way, just a little disappointed there won't a glorious scrap today.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:38 No.7871407

    So, in short, we are horrifically outnmbered. Yeah, we don't want to touch this with a 10ft pole as we are now.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:38 No.7871411
    Shrug, apologise for interrupting and move on. No sense starting a fight, and we've lost the element of surprise now.

    They weren't making trouble, so we've no real quarrel with them.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:38 No.7871413
    God damn it, Quest Lord.

    I need to go sleep now. I have to go to the beach in the morning.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)08:38 No.7871416
    Done. You move on, with your manhunters forming a rear guard. Roll a d20 for progress.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:39 No.7871434
    rolled 13 = 13

    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:40 No.7871438
    rolled 2 = 2


    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:41 No.7871443
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)08:41 No.7871453
    Beach is good, have a good one. I'm going to be heading off once we get to the shrine, so you won't miss too much.

    Finally, some real progress. d10 for random encounter.

    A pattern emerges. . .
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:42 No.7871461
    rolled 2 = 2


    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:43 No.7871469
    Tell me more about this pattern. Is it something our dog would like to hunt?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:43 No.7871473
    rolled 9 = 9

    This stings a bit. One day, we'll deal with these squatters.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)08:45 No.7871493
    You find a lone troll scout, >>7871258 is very related picwise.

    He's a large brute, dragging a dead snake that's about 10m long and as round as you, down the path, with little thought for quietness or subtlety. Do you wait for him to pass, go around, or attack him? He is heading across your path and so won't get in your way.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)08:47 No.7871516
    I was just noting that you should all be able to see how this encounter thing works by now. Prgress - event - prgress - event.

    And on Stark, I forgot to ask if you brought him along?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:47 No.7871518

    Hm. Perhaps we could jump him? It could help fill out "Scare the trolls into leaving us the fuck alone" quota, and give some experience to the Yeomen.

    Ask advisors for opinions on this plan.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:50 No.7871539

    Follow him. See if he's heading towards the shrine.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:50 No.7871549
    I say attack!
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)08:52 No.7871558
    Leold, Cohen and Peter Doobs (and thus shorty) want to jump him. Aegon wants to let him pass, and Clint wants to go around. You have numbers, and likely oculd jump him. Cohen has experience fighting big beasties like this and moves as if to lead the assault, glancing over his shoulder for your nod.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:53 No.7871565
    Make it so.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:53 No.7871570
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)08:57 No.7871600
    Roll a d3 for the ambush, and then a d10 for the combat.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:57 No.7871604
    We've got some steam to let off, I say let's do it.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)08:59 No.7871626
    rolled 3 = 3

    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)09:00 No.7871636
    rolled 8 = 8

    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)09:00 No.7871639
    Nice :)

    And now the combat? Hope it goes as well.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)09:07 No.7871699
         File1265033258.jpg-(14 KB, 130x165, whoa.jpg)
    14 KB
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)09:08 No.7871710
    Nicely done.

    The ambush goes flawlessly, your manhunters opening fire from the trees opposite you, and as the troll drops the snake and looks out thatway you charge, Cohen taking the lead. He draws his sword and you realise just how huge it is as he swings it and it cuts deep into the trolls shoulder. Letting it go rather then try and draw the unweildy weapon, he grabs the troll by the face as it turs around, his clawed gauntlets drawing bubbling dark green troll blood from the wound. The trolls good arm grabs him and throws him aside, but Leold feints then dives at the brutes feet hamstringing and tripping the giant brute onto the ground. Doobs circles beside it and makes a neat cut in the side of the trolls flank as it falls, and then when the troll is on the floor, Leold quickly regains his feet and darts in with a coup de grace, beheading the troll where it stood. The whole thing was over in moments.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)09:10 No.7871728

    "Yeomen? take notes. *That* is how it's done."
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)09:12 No.7871750

    Applaud Cohen.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)09:12 No.7871752
    rolled 8 = 8


    Sweeeeet. Brofists all round. Does the troll have anything worth taking aside from the giant snake?
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)09:14 No.7871774
    Cohen gets up, grinning. "That went better then I might have hoped, last time I fought a troll that large I broke 3 ribs and couldn't walk for a month. Normally it's done with spears and such, but I couldn't resist a wee throwdown with such a big brute. Leold, Help me get a nice big tooth, you can keep the scalp if you like. "
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)09:20 No.7871822
    A poutch with some large ivory tusks Cohen identifies as troll teeth, a dead rabbit and a shiny but worthless river stone.

    Leold and Cohen are already working on the head, after finishing the crude decapitation more thoroughly (some ligaments and bone was still holding it on, even if all the important parts were disconnected). Cutting out the teeth with a short knife Cohen picks the largest one and pockets it, splitting the remainder with Doobs and Leold. Then they get to work on the skull.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)09:21 No.7871831
    Might as well have the scalp, yup. We didn't play a huge part in the fight so the glory really belongs to Cohen, Leold and Doobs.

    Onward, to the shrine!
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)09:21 No.7871835
    Let's get into the PC mindset and loot everything. Except the dead rabbit.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)09:23 No.7871852
    Riverstone too? And what about the pouch itself?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)09:25 No.7871866

    Dump the rabbit, no idea how fresh it is. If the pouch and stone aren't too cumbersome then bring 'em along, sure.

    Make sure the headhunters get some troll teeth for their part in the ambush. Credit where it's due, and all.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)09:26 No.7871877
    After splitting the loot fairly, you get back to the trip. D20 for progress.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)09:27 No.7871883
    rolled 15 = 15

    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)09:27 No.7871888
    rolled 9 = 9

    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)09:28 No.7871895

    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)09:30 No.7871908
    And now - surprise: d10 for random encounter. Almost there.

    Also, it's starting to get dark. What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)09:31 No.7871912
    rolled 3 = 3



    Make camp before night sets in, nothing more annoying than trying to set up a campsite in the dark.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)09:32 No.7871916
    rolled 7 = 7


    Well, depending on the encounter, we should make camp, set a /strong/ watch and settle in for the night.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)09:33 No.7871924
    Agreed, given the earlier encounter at the camp, it's not out of the question to be vigilant. Manhunter patrols in rotating shifts in a dry, defensible position.

    Man, this shrine better be worth it.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)09:36 No.7871933
    Ok, night comes, and in the dead of night, you are attacked. Roll a d10 for detecting their stealth, and a d20 for the fight. The first one if done poorly will add negative modifiers to the fight roll.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)09:37 No.7871939
    rolled 6 = 6


    Rollan for detection
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)09:38 No.7871945
    rolled 19 = 19


    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)09:39 No.7871952
    holy shit!
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)09:42 No.7871963
         File1265035340.png-(355 KB, 548x371, brill.png)
    355 KB

    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)09:42 No.7871965
    You keep those magic fingers at the ready from now on.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)09:44 No.7871977
         File1265035443.jpg-(174 KB, 576x711, 1252040266427.jpg)
    174 KB
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)09:50 No.7872025
    They move close but before they can get amongst the camp, one of the men on watch raise the alarm, and it's battle stations. You quickly get to your feet, grab Wyvernsting and get into the fray. Stark is by your side, and you pick out the leader of the gang. It appears you've been attacked by Virmen, and the leader, an ugly bastard with a dozen swamprats on leashes sees you advancing towards him and lets his rats go. Stark leaps forwards biting the fastest ones head clean off. You nick the second with your sword, opening a messy cut down the creatures flank. The creature screams as you place a booted foot on its head and bash another leaping at you back with your shield. Stark rips into the exposed underbelly of one that you've knocked on it's back as you lunge forwards, your blade sliding deep into the leader with a gritty tearing noise, and then you pull back to relveal a massive, bloody wound. As the leader tries to put its organs back in, it passes out from blood loss. As this has happend the rest of your companions has fought their way and surrounded the remaining virmen, who have thrown their weapons down.

    At this stage it looks like you have no casualties, although one of your yeomen is bleeding heavily form his arm, and one of the men at arms has a gruesome scar down his cheek.

    What do oyu do now?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)09:52 No.7872041
    Question the surrendered vermen, keeping them at sword/spearpoint.

    Have someone tend to the injured soliders. Do the wounds look liable to be infected?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)09:53 No.7872046
    Any way to tell if these were the buggers from that camp earlier? Because if they were, we may want to head back there ourselves.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)09:57 No.7872077
    You don't recognise them, and there's too many dead virmen to be all from that camp. What's more, these swamprats look larger and nastier then the ones there.

    They were just attacking you for your food they claim. The brood was starving, and had to be fed. But there's pleanty of food now, see? They'll leave you alone if you let them go. Or do whatever you like, you can keep the slaughtermeat if you like. There's less mouths to feed now anyhows.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)09:58 No.7872085

    Get those wounds cleaned as best we're able - if we've got brandy or suchlike then use that to wash them out.

    Demand that the survivors explain themselves, and give you a reason why you shouldn't slay them where they stand.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)09:59 No.7872089
    They don't look to be infected yet, although the arm might be at risk, being a bite from a swamp rat.

    The face is at risk too, a swamp being a swamp, and open wounds being what they are. Lucky you brought some bandages and stuff from Zeek.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:00 No.7872093
    Forced labour. To the mines with them
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:00 No.7872095

    Eh. Let them go for now. Without their weapons. If they aren't a threat to us, then we shouldn't be too cruel or whatever.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:01 No.7872099
    Question them about the denizens of this swamp, who aside from trolls live here and how many. Then, politely but very, very clearly tell them to get off our land, otherwise the next time we'll not be as understanding.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)10:01 No.7872101
    You use the alchohol-herb wound clenser Zeek gave you, and bind both cuts closed with the bandages once you've cleaned them the best you can. It's all you can do for now, a second look in the morning before you march and then jsut keep an eye on them.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:02 No.7872109

    We don't have mines. And escorting them back would put us off our trip to the shrine significantly. We Just don't have the manpower to split, either.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)10:04 No.7872120

    We have a few different opinions here? What do you chose?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:05 No.7872130
    I feel that these two options are rather compatible.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:05 No.7872132

    Question, then let them go. Easiest option.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:07 No.7872150

    Ask them about any buildings they know of in the swamp - ruins or whatever.

    Then take their weapons and tell them to fuck off. If we catch scent of them or their kin again we'll hunt them down and put the whole brood to the sword. Understood?
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)10:11 No.7872178
    Looks like we have consensus.

    Well, there is the us, all the broods. And then there is the outcast broods of tallmen, who hide and trade with us, and sometimes join our broods. And of course, the trolls, but you know about them. Thems all the peopletypes in this part of the lands. There is manyheaps goblins waaay off west, but that's longfar aways. And no ogres this far southup, no.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)10:14 No.7872205
    Buildings? There is ruins, northwestwards of here, not far at all. And there is the old goblintown northdown from here. But that's all deserted now, and both are all huanted by old feys. Hunters and danger is in the ruins.

    And kill all brood, keeekeekee. That be longhard workfight for even stronggood workfighters like you. Big slaughtermeat, but bigger workfight.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:14 No.7872210
    Eh, instead of just letting them go, we should offer to let them join our village. The food will be easier to come by, so long as they work hard for it. This will increase our work force, and I am sure the virmen would not have a problem eating the refuse our villagers would cast aside. Plus, they seem capable as a fighting force. The less humans who have to die, the better!
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)10:16 No.7872223
    Any seconds on putting this idea to the virmen?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:19 No.7872242
         File1265037589.png-(5 KB, 400x392, waat.png)
    5 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:19 No.7872243

    I dislike this idea. The peasants wouldn't like it, our advisors probably wouldn't like it, and it would give a bad impression to the other lords. I vote against.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:20 No.7872251
    Don't like the idea. Doubt the villagers would approve.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)10:22 No.7872264
    Not so popular then.

    So take their weapons and let them go?
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 02/01/10(Mon)10:22 No.7872265
    Ask your populace first.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:22 No.7872270
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:25 No.7872287

    3'rd. Seem interesting enough
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)10:25 No.7872292
    Hmm this might be an idea. Put the idea of ratmen villagers aside for now, and see what your villagers think of the idea before acting further?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:26 No.7872296

    Indeed. Disarm them and boot them, before we come up with anymore crackpot ideas.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:28 No.7872310
    No, fuck that. We're not letting a gaggle of swampdwelling ratmen into our village. Strongly against this idea.
    >> Minifig 02/01/10(Mon)10:29 No.7872323
    Look, let's maintain a cordial...ish atmosphere, but don't invite them to crash at ours.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:31 No.7872334
    No way we let them into our village. What would the villagers, advisors and other lords think?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:31 No.7872339

    It'd fit our fairly liberal MO, that's for sure. Sounds like a decent idea.

    Although this
    Also seems like a sensible idea.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)10:32 No.7872347
    5 against, 3 for. You think about the idea, and resolve ot ponder it more deeply later, but now is not the time. You take their weapons, tell them to leave. They ask if they can take the slaughtermeat "since you tallmen don't like slaughtermeat mostly, pickywierd.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:36 No.7872376

    They can have it. We have no use for it.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:36 No.7872383
    I can't believe some of you actually considered this. I can only hope it's one or two people samefagging a terrible, terrible idea. We're unique, not insane.

    Let's move on.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:39 No.7872404

    They could be of use for keeping an eye on the movements of trolls and outlaws in the swamps. It might be worth reaching an arrangement whereby they keeps us informed of swamp affairs, and we provide them with an allowance of food or suchlike.

    I don't think they'd really integrate with our villagers, but having them as allies/minions might be OK.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)10:41 No.7872417
    "Muchthanks tallman. We go nomfeast now. Hope your workfight is manygood." With this they depart, carrying back the bodies of their wounded and dying comrades back to whence they came.

    The rest of the night is uneventful. The next morning you rise, and chekc the wounds of the soldiers under what daylight you can get in this swamp. The man-at-arm's face seems to be clean, but you add more woundcleanser to be sure. The arm bite however is getting interesting, it's all pussy and the nearby skin is a purple colour. You add a done of woundcleanser and move on.

    Roll for progress.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:42 No.7872433

    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:43 No.7872440
    rolled 9 = 9


    Or, rather, properly this time. >.>
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:45 No.7872454
    We should consider using that super-strong fleshkiller/maggot combo on that, if it looks like it's going to get worse.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)10:47 No.7872475
    Ok, d10 for encounter. Hopefully the last one.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:47 No.7872480
    rolled 5 = 5

    Let's do it.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)10:51 No.7872525
    Quicksand. One of your yeomen manages to find a patch by falling straight into it. Are you getting him out, or move on and around without him?

    And when you move on with(/out?) him, will you go around (+d5 hours) or cut through - won't lose time if you're lucky, if you're unlucky you'll have more of this.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:55 No.7872547
    No-one gets left behind
    >> Minifig 02/01/10(Mon)10:56 No.7872573
    Of course we're getting him out. What a question...
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:56 No.7872575
    Man it's a fucking house of horrors here. Of course we're not going to leave a man behind. Let's move around the patch of quicksand after we get him out.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)10:56 No.7872576
    Haul him out and go the long way round. We're not abandoning any of our men.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)10:57 No.7872590
    I figured as much. So after you save your stary yeoman, will you try and find a path though the quicksand area, or go around the longer but safer route?
    >> Dorn 02/01/10(Mon)10:59 No.7872604
    Leaving a man now wouldn't just be ill-befitting a lord, it would be ill-befitting US. I think it's pretty firmly established that we look after our own - throw him a line and haul him out.

    After that, I'm for going around. It's a bit longer, but we don't want our haste to make things worse.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)11:00 No.7872615

    ok. Roll a d5 for hours added by going around. Then a d20 for progress.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)11:01 No.7872626
    rolled 4 = 4

    Rolling for the detour.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)11:02 No.7872639
    rolled 13 = 13

    for progress
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 02/01/10(Mon)11:08 No.7872684
    Ok, we're there. Now it's 2am, I gotta crash. So We'll continue from here next time. I'll try for tomorrow evening, to make up for the long gap, but no promises.

    Good work guys, when writing up the swamp I fully expected you guys to lose at least a few yeomen, and maybe an advisor if things went bad. But you've done ok. You gotta get back out though. . . but first we'll deal with the shrine. Nigh/t g/uys.

    As usual, can someone archive this one for me? Cheers.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)11:09 No.7872694
    Good show QL. These are always a blast.
    >> Dorn 02/01/10(Mon)11:11 No.7872705
    Already in the archives, so we should be good. G'night, Quest Lord!
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)11:11 No.7872709
    So we've had the lightning sand and the RoUS's, now all that remains to be wary of are the flame spurts.

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