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  • File : 1265075187.jpg-(30 KB, 400x345, Vampire Bride.jpg)
    30 KB Vampire Bride Quest Undead Monstrosity 02/01/10(Mon)20:46 No.7880320  
    Previous thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/7787876/

    Months ago, you had a man that you loved, a great hero. You lived for the days that he would come home and spend time with you. But you were restless; was always off saving the world and had no time for you.

    You left to try and become worthy of his attention, and went through hell. Turn to a vampire, emotionally and physically abused, your moral scruples were stripped from you one by one until finally you forged yourself into something strong through blood and desperation.

    Earlier tonight, you finally met your lover again. You knew that he couldn't possibly accept you for what you were... a monster. He'd try to kill you. Yet somehow, through some miracle, he didn't. He said that he'd treasure his memories of you forever, and told you to leave before his adventuring party destroyed you.

    His friends, believing him dominated by your mental powers, killed him as they tried to kill you. They plan to resurrect him later, you know, but their deed remains. Still, his only hope of returning to life lies with the servants of the gods that will never smile upon you.

    What will you do now?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)20:48 No.7880334
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)20:48 No.7880338
    Walk under the sun. Let sheryl take over.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)20:48 No.7880343
    Do we have any Raise Undead spells handy?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)20:48 No.7880349
    This. Meet the lover in the afterlife before they rez him.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)20:50 No.7880366
    I just thought we've done enough, but this is right. Best chance we've got now.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)20:51 No.7880377
    We need to check how many servants are still alive.

    Then we need to find the fuckers and kill them.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)20:52 No.7880383


    Assess our damage.
    Can we regrow that limb?
    Can we summon a graft?

    Take inventory of our living servants through their bonds.

    If our wounds are threatening, we will need to proceed to the cave in order to have a healing meal.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)20:52 No.7880386

    inb4 lol you don't go to afterlife you go to hell cause church was rite lol
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)20:52 No.7880389
    All the aboveideas suck and should be ignored.

    Return to home. Hide, mourn and recover.

    Once we are stable, begin summoning some tracking minions. Send them to spy on the adventurers so that we can find our bf again when we are ready.

    Summon our remaining minions and Sheryl back to the house to discuss what happened and what to do now. We should be exceptionally careful to not be discovered.

    Then we work on our greater summoning circle. Once we can bind stronger minions, we can take the fight to the adventurers.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)20:52 No.7880391
    >This. Meet the lover in the afterlife before they rez him.
    Assuming we end up in the same place as him.
    It may not occur that way.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)20:53 No.7880392
    I once heard tales of a goddess who would not condemn our love for him. A secret goddess who believe love should not be stopped by death. Perhaps we should seek out secret religious texts and try and find out if such a goddess truly exists......
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)20:53 No.7880395
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)20:54 No.7880406
    are you nuts just give up now after all we have been through good lord you are a bunch of fags what happened to our rise to power what happened to all our ambitions are they just gone. they are going to raise him and hell they are probably going to be coming after us better to die trying to do something that going out like a bitch fuck.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)20:54 No.7880410
    >What will you do now?

    Write a terrible poem about it
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)20:55 No.7880414

    Damn ninja-samefag again.
    We didn't go through all that to escape just so we could get killed again.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)20:56 No.7880424
    You must be like 12 years old.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)20:56 No.7880425
         File1265075781.jpg-(144 KB, 400x600, 1251501096712.jpg)
    144 KB
    QQ not letting me post gayracula.

    I advocate spying on hero, and then deciding what to do from there.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)20:56 No.7880426
    Indeed, UM, please take all the people saying "run away, don't die" int he last thread as a rebuttal to any out of character "let's go die now" posts.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)20:57 No.7880431
    We have to recover first of all. Go to the cave and drain the prisoner dry, if we still have one. Releasing the other one was a mistake. Told you fools.

    We may have to go back to slashing in the streets. Once we're healed up, rebuild our minion base. Can we get a tally of who's dead UM?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)20:57 No.7880433
    Your samefag detector is broken. >>7880349
    was me, none of the others were.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)20:58 No.7880446
    I say we die. We're responsible for too much pain. We'll only bring more. We killed our love and our servants.
    What plans are we left with now ? Killing the adventurers ? For what purpose ? Fuck it. Let's call it a life before sheryl gets hurt.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 02/01/10(Mon)20:58 No.7880447
    Walk into the sun.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)20:59 No.7880453
    Do we need his body for a res?
    If not:
    Get monies, hire shady human (unturned), get him to go to priest and res boyfriend with monies (he won't outrun a vamp tho so he won't steal the money).

    Kidnap boyfriend, embrace/???/kinky sex.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:00 No.7880456


    They didn't care that we wanted to help kill the Vamp Lord.
    That we wanted to cure our vampirism.
    They just cleave and smite.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:00 No.7880459
    Realize the foolishness of this endeavor, even though he seemed to accept you now the world never will. Return to the darkness, but different this time, be a bit more discerning with targets, become more merciful while still gaining power. We have the rest of our lives to atone for our misdeeds, and even if it is too late, there's no reason being evil automatically means we must seek out the destruction of the innocent, nor does it mean we cannot subvert the schemes of the wicked.
    For now, slink back to the shadows where we belong, though this time using the fae's pacts more efficiently and vow that even if he won't love you, there will come a time where he'll respect you, which really, is what we always wanted.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:00 No.7880460
         File1265076039.jpg-(11 KB, 264x282, 1245168332732[1].jpg)
    11 KB
    If you don't like the way the quest is going, quit.

    I, for one, think UM is doing a wonderful job trying to cater to all of us ungrateful cock-lords.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:00 No.7880461
    amazing this quest will be ruined in the end by a troll samefag, so sad
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:00 No.7880465
    Let the adventurers res him themselves. We can go after them/him later.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:01 No.7880471
    I wish we a had grabebd him and run off. Coulda had hot vampire sex.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:01 No.7880473
    Heading off to bed, but for the sake of all that is unholy, keep this up UM!
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:01 No.7880474
    Dying now is retarded. We know the boyfriend still loves us - we've got to recover, there must be some way to salvage it.

    Also UM is our arm gone forever, or do we even know if we can regenerate that much?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:02 No.7880478

    It is clearly not what the majority has ever willed, what the character wants for herself, or what would be the most interesting story.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:03 No.7880494
    Self-important faggots actually think people can't disagree with them.

    Seriously though, why do some people want to randomly suicide now that we know we have at least a chance?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:04 No.7880504
    Go and see the sun for the last time. SERIOUSLY.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:05 No.7880510

    Definately. We really like you UM, continuing will be fun!
    We understand you don't want to make it a generic "gaining power" fantasy-- that just means we'll need more glorious creativity from everyone to make it a great story.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:05 No.7880511
    Honestly, I'd prefer if he just chose one side and stuck with it instead of trying for everything at once. As the old saying goes, you can't please all of the people all of the time.

    And sometimes when you try to cater to everybody you make no one happy. I was one of the people advocating staying and trying to reason with them, but I'd rather had us run from the beginning than this amalgamation of opinions.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:05 No.7880516
    Seconding healing, drain the woman, try and find the kid. Head back home and rebuild our forces.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:05 No.7880520
    Run, and tell them to look at themselves, for they don't know us, who we are, what we've done and yet they seek our destruction, and what's worse, so much worse, is that they have become so disconnected from the people they claim to defend that death has become little more than a trivial matter for them. They literally just murdered their friend because it would be too much trouble to subdue him. What kind of monsters are they that the life of a rightious man means so little, how is their defiance of the laws of mortality less egregious than mine? If they say that the undead spread suffering, respond that their wealth came from the same.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:06 No.7880523
    We believe people can disagree.
    However, the five "let's go die now!" posts right as the thread came up were clearly trolling.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:07 No.7880534
    Because I'm honestly getting bored of the quest and would like to have a definite ending.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:07 No.7880536
    Please stop constantly spamming and harassing www.anontalk.com. Thank you.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:07 No.7880542
    *nods* There are plenty of good stories left for our girl; from noble's politics to global culture.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:08 No.7880548

    Then make it better with creative suggestions, or don't play.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:08 No.7880550
    Because we're stupid beyond help. Else why would we stay and see if the adventurers are as bad as they look from afar ?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:09 No.7880554
    Find a bear and kill it. Excert our right to bear arms.

    Errh... nah, let's just go back to our mansion. And hide in the cellar. If we are being followed (check with our summons?), hide in the cave instead, and have it sealed off by an earth elemental - if we still have one, that is.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:09 No.7880556
    You're the worst kind of person. The kind of guy who writes *nods*. The kind of emotes rather than write what the fuck they think. God damn you infuriate me.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:09 No.7880558
    UM seems to prefer the boring suggestions.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:09 No.7880559
    Then leave. Nothing is holding you here and dying out in the sun is just stupid after all this.

    We gotta heal ourselves up. Hopefully we can repair our arm.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:10 No.7880567
    Well let's see what creative suggestions people have put forth so far.

    Hmm, kill prisoners, kill people to heal arm, get greater summoning circle and summon shit to kill adventurers, gain powerbase agais...

    It just seems like we're heading towards generic vampire power-mongering quest.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:10 No.7880569
    How many murders for that ? How many more after that ? Let's stop the killings.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:11 No.7880572
    There were posts last thread as well, accusing all the "let's not just run away" people of samefagging.

    If you're getting bored, just stop playing.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:11 No.7880575
    You know, I think we may have all of it wrong.

    Maybe the vampire lord is the good guy. Maybe the so-called 'heroes' are the real villains...
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:11 No.7880579
    Mmmm, I did say what I meant. *smirk* Right after I nodded. You're just an angry little boy.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:12 No.7880587
         File1265076730.jpg-(211 KB, 500x743, iam00434639.jpg)
    211 KB
    I wish some drawfags would put out some stuff for lil vamp. she needs some love. A name would be nice too.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:12 No.7880593
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:12 No.7880597
    Yes, lets.

    Lets become a hero of JUSTICE, saving people from badguys (And maybe draining the badguys blood too...)
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:13 No.7880602

    They were probably the same person who posted the 'let's go die,' heh.
    Though, I'm sure more than one person can share the same idiotic "give up on life" opinion.
    That's why there are suicides.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:13 No.7880610
    Wow, that's fresh news.

    Actually no.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:13 No.7880614
    We've tried that and it doesn't work.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:13 No.7880618
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:14 No.7880627
    Well lets just try harder. We have rage and anger fuelling us now, surely we have stronger willpower!
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:15 No.7880639

    It's possible.
    The religions around here are fairly queer.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:16 No.7880644
    A vampire isn't alive, fucker. Already dead. Can't give up on life.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:16 No.7880646
    Actually, I was for "let's not be an idiot, we run" in the previous thread. Now I'm logically "let's not be an idiot and waste more lives, for our arm or for vengeance, we die".
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:16 No.7880652
    I never thought Cleave and Smite was good, hell, even Paladins know that just because someone is different looking, and even if they are evil, doesn't give you the write to just kill people. And, I reiterate, they killed their friend and traveling companion because to them, life and death has become a manner of money, money they got either from being paid to kill people (even bandits are people) or directly robbing their corpses. They are not nice people, and are only 'good' because some overdeity wills it so.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:16 No.7880653

    bf got pwnt by his own party
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:17 No.7880668
    My read was that the only one we were willing to die for was our boyfriend. We were ready to stick our necks out for him, we wanted to live but accepted the risk that he'd kill us.

    We just watched a band of adventurers cut him down for no good reason as he tried to save our lives. We are angry, we are going to survive and we are going to do things to those fuckers that will make what we did to Adrienne look like a gentle massage.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:18 No.7880677
    And now our BF is going to realize that.

    Gentlemen. I believe we may be one step closer to GOOD END
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:18 No.7880686
    wtf ths isnt pvp area
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:19 No.7880691
    I am ashamed to admit I lol'd at that.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:19 No.7880702
    There is only one thing we can do now.


    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:19 No.7880703

    dude, it's vampire winry. that's what we've been calling er all along.

    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:20 No.7880705
         File1265077200.jpg-(28 KB, 288x432, 72Vamp19.jpg)
    28 KB
    Walk out into the sun already, god damn!
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:20 No.7880716

    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:20 No.7880717
    I believe the fact that hero boyfriend loves a vampire means he won't be able to be res'd. I don't know, it's evil or something.

    Anyway, we have our remaining servants keep us posted on the adventure party's doings. If we wanted to end this in a blaze of glory, we'd go find them and confront them.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:21 No.7880723

    Seconded. And contraty to the "walk into the sun" posts no samefaggotry.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:22 No.7880738
    OP abandoned this shitty quest, lol.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:22 No.7880740
    ...But he's pretty much a shoggoth that is deceptively similar to a vampire... And I don't think we've even -met- the number of people we'd have to consume, souls and all, to attain that much power.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:22 No.7880746

    tell them as much have wind spirits follow them around and constantly whisper it to them. the whole how they just killed their friend because it was easier trying to dispel him.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:22 No.7880747
         File1265077371.png-(35 KB, 500x500, Charson.png)
    35 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:22 No.7880750
    >If we wanted to end this in a blaze of glory, we'd go find them and confront them.
    We don't. We want THEM to end in a blaze of fear and agony. THEY SHALL SUFFER
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:23 No.7880763
    They don't exist, lol. This is all make believe. Your righteous indignation makes no sense. Go get some pussy.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:23 No.7880764

    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:23 No.7880765

    Silly anons, the master IS Alucard.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:24 No.7880781
         File1265077496.jpg-(44 KB, 409x447, 1233956001908.jpg)
    44 KB
    We leave off ready to give our ex-bf a peice of our minds. I miss one thread and we're back to sucking our boyfriend's cock despite him ignoring us in favor of his adventures.

    Great job guys. Great job. Real evolution of character there.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:26 No.7880804
    fuck this shit
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:26 No.7880811
         File1265077589.gif-(715 KB, 275x155, featherbottom.gif)
    715 KB
    >> Undead Monstrosity 02/01/10(Mon)21:26 No.7880817
    >>7880338 >>7880343 >>7880349
    >>7880366 >>7880386 >>7880395
    Nothing sounds so attractive as being together with your lover in the afterlife right now. Surely if you were to stand in the sun, you'd be there with him forever? But you know that's a pipe dream. Based upon everything you know of the afterlife, you are there already- your soul departed when you were turned. Even now, your love is with the you that he knew in the afterlife, and you're left here alone without him. You won't be seeing him again unless he's resurrected while you're still around- even turning him into a vampire would be impossible until after he's raised.

    Seeing the sun still sounds good. What has all this been for? If you continue existing, you'll only inflict more pain and misery. Is your only motivation vengeance?

    >>7880383 >>7880389
    >>7880431 >>7880474
    No, there must be some way to salvage this. He loved you- at least enough to let you live, when any other vampire would have gotten nothing but his blade. You're hurt, but your arm should regrow eventually... with enough blood. The holy water was the same sort of injury, you think. Still... you don't think that you've got the sort of obvious cosmetic injuries as last time. Being a one-armed woman will mark you out, but it's not that bad.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:27 No.7880820
    >despite him ignoring us in favor of his adventures.
    Oh no, that's all changed, hopefully. He just died to save us, you see. I think he's going to have a little change of heart after that fiasco.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:27 No.7880821
         File1265077635.gif-(727 KB, 275x155, mole.gif)
    727 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:27 No.7880825
    Well, he did just die saving us, so that's worth something. At least we can call things off in such a way that even if we can't love each other, we can respect each other, and hopefully not devote our lives to the others destruction.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:27 No.7880831
         File1265077676.gif-(487 KB, 275x155, party.gif)
    487 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:28 No.7880835
    go read your twilight books faggot
    >> Undead Monstrosity 02/01/10(Mon)21:28 No.7880837
    Your servants are much reduced. The assassin imp, mimir, two faelings, and apprentice shade are all that remain. Even the spirits, normally virtually invulnerable, fell easily before that mage's workings.

    You go back to your cave. It's empty. The man you captured and freed must be long gone by now. The woman might still be tied up, but she's back near that town... quite a distance. And you don't know if you have the stomach for murder at the moment.

    You sit in your mansion, with your servants gathered nearby. The mood is very somber; even the mimir seems to have gotten the sense that they should shut up. The assassin imp is the only one not present, as he's tracking the adventurers in the town from far above.

    Half the night is left. You see three options before you.

    First, you can end your miserable unlife, content in the knowledge that you won't be causing more suffering and that your boyfriend did, in the end, still love you.

    Second, you can devote yourself to hunting down and destroying the bastard adventurers who thought that it was right to kill a member of their own party because they couldn't quickly "dispel" his love for you and make him kill the vampire.

    Third, you can do what you wanted to days ago and become a great vampire sorceress. Kill everyone necessary to restore your limbs, forge a greater summoning circle in blood and fire, and let nothing stand in your way.

    What should you do?
    >> littlegirl 02/01/10(Mon)21:28 No.7880838
         File1265077705.jpg-(37 KB, 640x480, goodgirl.jpg)
    37 KB
    You went out to get your BF back, whats the problem? dont like cock?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:28 No.7880842
         File1265077727.gif-(482 KB, 275x155, wheelchair_fall.gif)
    482 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:29 No.7880846
    Walk into the sun.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:29 No.7880850
    I don't know, using our limited control of the elements, we might be able to make a prosthetic, or something neat like a hook or something...
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:29 No.7880855
         File1265077795.gif-(534 KB, 275x155, scotch.gif)
    534 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:30 No.7880863
         File1265077848.gif-(755 KB, 275x155, coffin.gif)
    755 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:30 No.7880864
    Let's combine two and three. They aren't mutually exclusive.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:31 No.7880871
         File1265077886.gif-(485 KB, 275x155, gm_punch.gif)
    485 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:31 No.7880878
    Honestly, the thing about becoming a vastly powerful undead sorceress is we can do whatever the fuck we want pretty much indefinetly.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:31 No.7880882
         File1265077917.gif-(623 KB, 275x155, roboto.gif)
    623 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:32 No.7880888
    I kill myself. There's nothing to salvage, and neither revenge nor power seem attractive when you're not able to make the right decision when that counts... and end up wasting all and everyone.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:32 No.7880889
    we must become stronger
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:32 No.7880892
    And how would that be fun? It wouldn't.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:32 No.7880897
    Can't we wait for them to res him, then steal him back?
    We don't even need to attack, he's probably gonna be pissed off at them and leave the party, whereupon we can meet up (after checking he's not followed.)
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:33 No.7880899
         File1265077985.gif-(556 KB, 275x155, tobias_cat.gif)
    556 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:33 No.7880903
    harder better faster stronger!
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:33 No.7880904
         File1265078018.gif-(324 KB, 240x164, TIL-ad2.gif)
    324 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:33 No.7880909
    First, we need to rebuild our power base.

    Personally, I think we should go with the sorceress route, then later on combine it with the KILL DEM BASTARDS.

    Create a tower full of traps. Lure them there. Teleport out before they reach the top.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:34 No.7880919
         File1265078059.gif-(736 KB, 250x141, TIL-ad3.gif)
    736 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:34 No.7880926
    Like, we can hunt those guys down later, and, if after attaining the power we always wanted, and a healthy dose of revenge against all who have wronged us, does not bring us fulfillment, we can always watch the sunrise like a little bitch (beneath our powerful magical barrier of course)
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:34 No.7880929
    I vote option 2
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:34 No.7880930

    combination of 2 and 3 - acquire power, get revenge
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:35 No.7880933
    Seriously, this quest's reached the end. Our goal was to get our bf's attention. He ended up dying for us.

    Time to die ourselves.

    Walk out and say hello to that glorious blonde bitch.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:35 No.7880937
    Revenge is best served cold.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:35 No.7880940
    First option, walk into sun. Or stake through heart if it's less painful/quicker than the sun.

    And thank you for at least giving my and several other people's opinions on what we should do some credit instead of just ignoring or insulting them as some anons have been doing.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:35 No.7880941

    Knock it off please.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:36 No.7880948
    >He ended up dying for us.
    >"We can rezz him later!"
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:36 No.7880949
         File1265078174.gif-(767 KB, 200x110, TIL-ad.gif)
    767 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:36 No.7880950
    Sorceress! Yay!

    Once that's done we can do whatever we want, including killing that stupid priest and paladin or walking into the sun if we hate ourselves. But as long as we are (un)alive there is stuff we can do to make the world what we consider a better place. Dark, evil, bloody things? Maybe. But end, justify, means, ect.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:37 No.7880959
         File1265078224.gif-(418 KB, 275x155, magic.gif)
    418 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:37 No.7880960
    2... Instruct the Assassin Imp to poison those damn adventurers' drinks the next time they stop at an inn. Something that kills quickly - in an agonizing fashion, if possible.

    Then continue with option number 3.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:37 No.7880965

    Fuck these so-called adventurers! We'll form our OWN band of adventurers! With blackjack! And hookers!
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:37 No.7880966

    1) we're still a woman. still susceptible to grand foolish gestures.
    2) he died for our sins ;_;
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:37 No.7880971
         File1265078259.gif-(1.15 MB, 275x155, family_chicken.gif)
    1.15 MB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:37 No.7880977
    Because they'll always be something to strive against, first the party, then the vampire lord, then if we somehow make it that far, the world itself and the callous gods that govern it. Of course, we'll probably make plenty more enemies along the way, which is even more fun. We don't have to continue it, UM is free to do some sort of epilogue, but really I don't want to die like a little bitch after all we've done.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:38 No.7880989
         File1265078325.gif-(1.09 MB, 275x155, claw_wire.gif)
    1.09 MB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:38 No.7880992
    >We'll form our OWN band of adventurers!
    ...This idea has some merit...
    >> hyperion !!LtgOgT0wJFN 02/01/10(Mon)21:39 No.7880996
    We should forge an unholy reign, a circle of blood and fire. We take over this town, and we hunt down those FUCKING ADVENTURERS. EVERY LAST FUCKING ONE OF THEM. THEN we take a page from the BOOK OF FUCKING LOFWYR and we go after their friends. Their family. But no, we DON'T FUCKING KILL THEM. WE BIND THEIR SPIRITS INTO PHYLACTERIES. THEY SUFFER THERE FOR ETERNITY, BODILESS IN ENCHANTED JARS, WITH NO FUCKING COMPANIONSHIP, ATOP THE HIGHEST FUCKING MOUNTAIN.

    Sound good?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:39 No.7880999
         File1265078368.gif-(1.19 MB, 256x192, 1200525566839.gif)
    1.19 MB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:39 No.7881003
    We have not yet lost. Our BF obviously still cares for us, so why should we just throw our (un)life away?
    We have to get ourselves into shape again, and then we'll have to find a way to get rid (note: not necessarily kill) his groupmates.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:39 No.7881006
    What? You hate card games and prostitution now?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:40 No.7881009
    Option two sounds good, with consideration for what they do once they've raised the boyfriend.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:40 No.7881011
         File1265078410.gif-(1.3 MB, 200x150, 1198740757567.gif)
    1.3 MB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:40 No.7881019
         File1265078446.gif-(1.18 MB, 128x146, 1201129430799.gif)
    1.18 MB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:40 No.7881022

    How the hell is there "nothing to salvage"?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:41 No.7881025
    Let's conclude. 2 and 3 are not appealing. Let's thank our servants and sheryl and be on our way.

    We should just ask if the pact sheryl made will be broken when we die, and if not, order the fae to break it now.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:41 No.7881027
         File1265078485.gif-(378 KB, 820x520, 1200235138538.gif)
    378 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:41 No.7881032
    This shit? This shit right here? This is why I'm pro-killing ourselves. This is exactly what we have been trying to avoid, ie. killing and harming others.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:41 No.7881037
    No, of course not! But we do need to get powerful fast, and you know what they say about adventurers...

    The trouble is forming a reliable team in the first place. Right now there's about two I can immediately think of who might join - our love and that guy we saved.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:41 No.7881039
    Wait until AFTER res'd boyfriend for party killing!
    Resurrections aren't cheap!
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:41 No.7881040
         File1265078518.gif-(431 KB, 160x128, 1201943736987.gif)
    431 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:42 No.7881044
    What worries me is that UM says our soul is in the afterlife with our bf. I did not expect that.

    He might not be so forgiving when they res him, considering that he'll have met with our soul and might consider killing the body the "final rights."

    I vote option 3. We have to become powerful to defend ourselves. It's what we've always done, and it has always helped us.

    Also holy shit the troll is strong with /tg/ today.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:42 No.7881046
         File1265078546.jpg-(20 KB, 640x480, 1251955585289.jpg)
    20 KB

    I would like to base my decision based on how hero boyfriend reacts to his adventure party.

    Otherwise, become sorceress.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:42 No.7881049
         File1265078566.gif-(1.35 MB, 320x180, 1202243697774.gif)
    1.35 MB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:43 No.7881053
    dAMNIT, FORGot to take off my tripcode.

    I spent the entire thing being a moral fag, and it's only gotten us fucked over. Why bother? We can walk into the sunlight after we punish them all. And lett's add the Vampire Lord to that lot. If we have to, it shouldn't be hard to unleash a greater daemon on the earth.

    Actually, do that. Ask the Mimir if we can unleash a world destroying daemon. How we'd do it.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:43 No.7881054

    This does bring up an interesting point.

    BF Gets to the afterlife. Meets up with pre-Vampire Winry-Soul.

    Is he going to go back if they try to raise him? Is he going to make the same mistake in death he did in life and abandon 'us' to go on a quest?

    We should see if our BF is raised. If he is, we stop. We just drink enough to keep ourselves going, and try to make a life for ourselves like Rhiannon had. We know he loved us, even as we are to die for us. We don't want to betray that.

    If he stays dead, 3 then 2. We can wait. Time, time belongs to us. Time's our secret weapon, our final advantage. (Thanks Dan Bern) All of these bastards will one day find themselves staring down a VERY angry VERY powerful vampire sorceress, who has had a long time to brood on tortures to inflict.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:43 No.7881063
         File1265078610.gif-(872 KB, 324x180, 1202371140422.gif)
    872 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:44 No.7881074
         File1265078650.gif-(298 KB, 200x115, 1202371553882.gif)
    298 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:45 No.7881084
         File1265078700.gif-(1.14 MB, 314x170, 1202371644212.gif)
    1.14 MB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:45 No.7881085
    Lets see what our BF is up to, UM. POV swap tiem.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:45 No.7881089
         File1265078721.jpg-(28 KB, 495x465, gayracula.jpg)
    28 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:45 No.7881093
         File1265078732.jpg-(66 KB, 320x525, 1202371968384.jpg)
    66 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:45 No.7881097

    Bullshit. We have already killed dozens of people. Sure, we occasionally tried to restrain ourselves, but it never really worked out.

    I'm against this "BECOME ALL POWERFUL LOL"-shit, but just walking into the sun is the easy way out, something for the weak-minded... And judging from her past actions, our heroine certainly isn't weak-minded.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:46 No.7881103
    ...Fuck that shit, if we go after them we do it how an evil vampire sorceress should, with elegance, grace, and style. The whole point is that despite being evil we show more discretion than they do, that despite their being good, they are cruler than us. Make sure everyone knows they're the type of party to kill people out of convenience, if any innocent people die, it will be because of their callousness and ruthlessness, which we will of course constantly remind them of.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:46 No.7881109
         File1265078799.gif-(528 KB, 213x120, 1202372366439.gif)
    528 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:47 No.7881118
    Apparently we're not strong minded enough to keep ourselves from killing our victims.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:47 No.7881119
         File1265078859.gif-(32 KB, 529x486, 1203294357770.gif)
    32 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:48 No.7881128
    That was then. We were WEAK and DESPERATE. We were alone, uncertain that we were loved.

    This is now.

    We know he still loves us.

    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:48 No.7881131
         File1265078911.gif-(741 KB, 304x224, 1204772544064.gif)
    741 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:48 No.7881133
    We don't need to become all powerful. Just powerful enough that nobody ever dicks us around again.

    That's been what the whole quest was about, our heroine getting fucked over by everyone she meets. She needs to finally get past that and start the real chapter of her life... the one not bound to all those people who just used her then weren't there when she needed it.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:48 No.7881140
    If she isn't weak minded, why did she submit to the adventurers for no good reason ?
    Let's face it, we're a monster, and we won't ever be in control. We should die before people get hurt again.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:49 No.7881144
         File1265078953.gif-(1.04 MB, 320x246, 1204819556548.gif)
    1.04 MB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:49 No.7881147
    Nah, I'd advise against that, a person with as bright a soul as that should not be dragged down with us. There must be others out their who walk the narrow twilit path of evil without losing all standards, those willing to do what they must because they can, no matter what the rest of the world or some arbitrary abstract concept thinks.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:49 No.7881157
    >why did she submit to the adventurers for no good reason
    >"I won't run away anymore"
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:49 No.7881158
         File1265078986.gif-(861 KB, 360x240, 1204821543859.gif)
    861 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:50 No.7881168
         File1265079016.gif-(791 KB, 152x80, 1205022862378.gif)
    791 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:50 No.7881169
    Who says we'd drag them down? Maybe they'll pull us back up?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:50 No.7881170
    We've also been weak and desperate when we were with him.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:50 No.7881175
         File1265079059.gif-(1.48 MB, 322x239, 1205180059700.gif)
    1.48 MB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:51 No.7881178
    Yeah, putting one's neck under the blade is submitting.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:51 No.7881180
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:51 No.7881181
    Yes, and we were so very, very soft then.

    Since then we have walked through the fires of hell and come out the otherside - burned, marred, but ever the stronger.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:51 No.7881188
         File1265079113.gif-(1.6 MB, 160x120, 1206841299771.gif)
    1.6 MB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:52 No.7881204
    You do realize that you sound like you've just finished watching Gurren Lagann, right?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:52 No.7881206
         File1265079170.gif-(494 KB, 320x216, 1211701457264.gif)
    494 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:53 No.7881210
         File1265079204.gif-(129 KB, 256x116, 1211702234786.gif)
    129 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:53 No.7881212
    Confiteor Deo omnipotenti, et tibi pater:
    quia peccavi nimis cogitatione, verbo et opere: mea culpa,
    mea culpa,
    mea maxima culpa.
    >> Unholy Clown Ninja Maid Street Cleaner Anonymous, tl;dr Xom's Champion !!0aKrfPDoCW4 02/01/10(Mon)21:53 No.7881214
         File1265079229.gif-(50 KB, 250x188, Satan.gif)
    50 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:54 No.7881217
         File1265079246.gif-(233 KB, 352x240, 1214558665396.gif)
    233 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:54 No.7881221
    Well this thread has gone to shit.

    Abandoning ship. Try again another day, OP.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:54 No.7881222
    Whatever we do, have Sheryl or one of our servants release that poor girl
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:54 No.7881226
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:55 No.7881236
         File1265079330.jpg-(370 KB, 600x600, Rage-Furby-LOOK-ITS-THIS-THREA(...).jpg)
    370 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:55 No.7881240

    This is part of why I think we need to know if our bf is raised or not before we decide. He proved that he wasn't just going to cleave and smite. For whatever it was worth, he was going to let us go.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:55 No.7881247
         File1265079351.png-(57 KB, 460x500, OhLook.png)
    57 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:56 No.7881250
    Alright, let's finish this 'Are we good or evil' shit, once and for all.
    Summon a cherub, an imp, and a sprite tell it our sorry life story
    Ask them if what they think
    If they say we are evil-well that's to be expecte
    Ask them then if we are redemable
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:56 No.7881255
         File1265079396.jpg-(77 KB, 760x260, Whatthechickadeesaw.jpg)
    77 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:57 No.7881270
         File1265079439.jpg-(363 KB, 700x2166, BloodOfTheLambMotherfucker.jpg)
    363 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:57 No.7881272
    Rather than choosing beings who are predisposed towards good or evil, we should probably look for a neutral intermediary.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:57 No.7881276
         File1265079461.png-(158 KB, 1000x1000, 1250879611689.png)
    158 KB
    Hey Undead Monstrosity,

    I thank you for your effort on making Vampire Bride Quest an enjoyable experience for all of us. I had a lot of fun and hope that you'll be so kind to run some sort of quest on /tg/ at some point in the future.

    If /tg/ doesn't manage to ruin this quest for you today, and if you'll decide to continue, I'll be glad to participate again. If not, I just want to tell you once more that I'm grateful for your time.

    Kind Regards,
    This anon
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:58 No.7881282
         File1265079493.jpg-(162 KB, 400x477, howiecatdel.jpg)
    162 KB
    Howie Catdel thinks this vampire broad should head out into the sun and be done with it.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:59 No.7881299
    Because even if he loves us, the world never would, and as his companions show, they will kill him the second he no longer fits into what they think of as acceptable behaviour. ...I would hope that he would be even more bitter about that than us, but since he's going to the afterlife, he's probably going to meet a deity who will perpetuate this system, saying that his friends were right to kill him, suffer not the undead and all that crap.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)21:59 No.7881303
         File1265079590.jpg-(460 KB, 2362x3150, Stagger Lee.jpg)
    460 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:00 No.7881313
         File1265079621.jpg-(14 KB, 249x303, 0912310230230910832.jpg)
    14 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:01 No.7881320
         File1265079665.gif-(30 KB, 100x100, 000bh6pd.gif)
    30 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:01 No.7881325
    combine options 2 and 3, fuck the emo bitches. Go sorceress then fuck up the adventurers
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:01 No.7881326

    Good and Evil are not absolute.
    Is a Wolf evil because he eats sheep? From the sheeps' point of view, sure. From a Wolf's point of view, no.
    We are no longer human, we are not even among the living. We should stop trying to do be good from a human perspective and instead try to become a "good" vampire - doing what we must to survive, but not spreading suffering wherever we go.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:01 No.7881327
    This is the one trap that many quest runners fall into on /tg/. They believe one or two people spamming the thread speaks for the majority. UM you are smarter than that, ignore all those LOL KILL URSELF posts. You were able to ignore the horrible vampire porn posts and katana imps, thats all these posts are.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:01 No.7881328
         File1265079711.jpg-(210 KB, 500x375, mechadoakes.jpg)
    210 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:02 No.7881336
         File1265079753.png-(338 KB, 575x432, 1254257998897.png)
    338 KB
    Hey UM, once again thanks for being a great GM. I had alot of fun with Vampire Bride Quest every step of the way through, and want you to know I'll be happy with whatever way you decide to end it, if you do.

    If you ever run another quest, I'd be there.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:02 No.7881338
    >Open up /tg/
    >See Vampire Bride, fuck yeah
    >Open up thread
    >Thread is filled with shitty trolls
    ...God fucking damnit /tg/, I thought you were better than this.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:03 No.7881353
         File1265079813.gif-(2 MB, 250x158, Outstanding.gif)
    2 MB
    >this thread
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:03 No.7881356
    Except that is a world where good and evil actually are well defined by being of divine power.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:04 No.7881361
         File1265079845.jpg-(81 KB, 382x348, Raisin.jpg)
    81 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:04 No.7881366
    That's not the problem.

    The problem is they're fucking everywhere. Like an endless swarm of cocks.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:04 No.7881370
         File1265079889.jpg-(44 KB, 480x343, VroomVroom.jpg)
    44 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:05 No.7881379
         File1265079919.gif-(380 KB, 250x147, motorboat.gif)
    380 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:05 No.7881383
    Shitty trolls ruined deathwish quest too. The one thing about UM and this quest that I really liked, that separated it from the rest of the shitty quests, was that he ignored the stupid posts and and took all of the suggestions and framed them from the point of the main character. Hopefully he will continue to do the same even though we are flooded with trolls.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:06 No.7881398
         File1265079997.jpg-(844 KB, 998x545, faceswat.jpg)
    844 KB
    I love quests, but this one is a shit sandwich on shit bread with shit turkey.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:07 No.7881410
         File1265080040.jpg-(18 KB, 319x243, umad.jpg)
    18 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:07 No.7881412
         File1265080043.gif-(120 KB, 650x406, 1253860611672.gif)
    120 KB
    >> Undead Monstrosity 02/01/10(Mon)22:07 No.7881416
    All right, I've got your opinions. We are now in epilogue mode; no more decisions from the players. Thank you all for playing.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:07 No.7881421
    Please stop constantly spamming and harassing www.anontalk.com. Thank you.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:07 No.7881422
         File1265080079.gif-(961 KB, 179x135, 1255153205405.gif)
    961 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:07 No.7881423
    For the last time-Good and evil are not determined by an arbitary system of rule.
    It is determined by an individuals' choices.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:08 No.7881430

    No my friend, I accept that that's just the way you roll.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:08 No.7881432

    Thanks UM. I've really enjoyed this quest thread, and am deeply annoyed by the troll bullshit.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:08 No.7881435
         File1265080127.png-(169 KB, 500x677, 1255488669703.png)
    169 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:09 No.7881444
    I'm saying this once
    Undead Monstrosity-you are a railroading sunovabitch
    But you're also a magnificent bastard.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:09 No.7881450

    Don't finish it here. The thread is full of trolls and faggots. Try again on another day.

    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:10 No.7881452

    This can't be UM.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:10 No.7881453
         File1265080206.gif-(1.04 MB, 300x225, 1219604494507.gif)
    1.04 MB
    Do the Batusi.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:10 No.7881454
    If this board had janitors or mods that weren't fucking shit, maybe we could have more win around here.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:10 No.7881457
    Look assholes. The "kill ourselves" option is a VALID option. We've done things that a simple girl would find incomprehensibly horrifying. We've lost our boyfriend. Whatever power we accumulate, we still cant match our vampire lord and he's just WAITING for us to rebel.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:10 No.7881459
    It was good for the first six episodes.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:11 No.7881463
    Right up until we killed those toddlers.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:11 No.7881464
    What a pity that one of the best quests on /tg/ ended with thread trolling.

    Good job UM, if you ever feel like picking it back up I would like to participate. Though there is only so much you can do with a character nearly forbidden to have interpersonal relationships. Still... I'd read it.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:11 No.7881468
    Go drown in a bucket of dicks.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:11 No.7881474

    1st, we know next to nothing about this world's pantheon.
    2nd, "some magical skyfairy told me I should do it" is NEVER an adequate excuse for anything.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:12 No.7881480
    Thanks UM. I'd personally love to have a roaring undead rampage of revenge and look forward to any other quests you might decide to run.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:13 No.7881490

    We are no longer a "simple girl", we are a vampire, and we have seen and survived things no "simple girl" should have been able to withstand.

    That aside:
    Great job UM, too bad the trolls had to crap all over this quest, i really enjoyed it.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:16 No.7881514
    I kind of liked Gayracula.

    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:16 No.7881517
    We all did, anon, we all did.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:16 No.7881522
         File1265080609.jpg-(166 KB, 405x607, Wildcard.jpg)
    166 KB
    My work here is done.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:17 No.7881526
    > You were able to ignore the horrible vampire porn posts and katana imps, thats all these posts are.

    hey i LIKED the vampire porn, fuckyou nigga
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:17 No.7881531
    gayracula has been our quest mascot, its been in every thread. Wouldn't feel right if it didn't show up.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:18 No.7881539
    Well then, look at the choices we've made and run them against the itinerary of the people that are in charge of the heavens and the earth, the "gods" as they are called, and ask yourself, will the beings that are in control of all existence who's view is ultimately what maters think of us as 'good' or 'evil'.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:18 No.7881540
         File1265080703.jpg-(101 KB, 800x800, 1264356448850.jpg)
    101 KB
    I'm sad we never got to this
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:18 No.7881543
    Burn in hell.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:19 No.7881548
         File1265080742.jpg-(66 KB, 500x400, 14.jpg)
    66 KB
    Sure thing, buddy.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:19 No.7881550
    Slowly restore ourselves, as doing so quickly would just screw us over. Hide and devote our time to finishing the greater circle and obtaining more powerful summons.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:19 No.7881553
    I heard theres some vampire literature that you would enjoy reading, its called Twilight.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:19 No.7881560
    UM said he was ending it regardless. Have fun fagging up the internet.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:19 No.7881566
    I think he meant sexy vampire porn.

    I know I find vamp chicks hot.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:21 No.7881579
         File1265080864.gif-(207 KB, 480x366, haters_gonna_hate.gif)
    207 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:22 No.7881584
    Let me sum up 90% of This Quest
    >Gorb, dis ez turning into one of dose plans were we kill everyone what notices we's killing everyone!
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:22 No.7881585
         File1265080921.jpg-(341 KB, 850x750, 1263719953839.jpg)
    341 KB
    Keep faggin' it up bro.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:22 No.7881588
    Trolls. You're feeding them.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:23 No.7881603
    The only thing that could of made this quest better is if it was written in an orky voice with the main character as an ork.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:23 No.7881607

    Why are you so fixated on gods? If the ruling god of a pantheon demands human sacrifice, does that make killing humans "good"?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:26 No.7881643
    or a Jaeger Monster
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:27 No.7881655
    Oh those crazy Jagers...
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:29 No.7881684

    UM is a cock for announcing it as teh final thread. He should do what the first GM did and SUDDEN GAME OVER

    Once he announced it was the finale, all the trolls got an erection.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:29 No.7881701
    No, it means that you did what the guy who controls whether you go to paradise or super-hell upon death wanted you to. If I was in a world with gods who had proven many times that they were real and made fairly regular appearances to their servants, and who I knew controlled these kinds of things, I would try to keep on their good side.

    inb4 we don't know that the gods here really do keep in touch with their servants; here I am making an educated guess based on what we do know of the setting and other setting that are similar.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:30 No.7881704
    I honestly had no idea it was the last thread. I was just bored.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:30 No.7881705
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:31 No.7881717
    Yeah it was a mistake, but I don't think that makes him a cock. I doubt he could foresee how all the trolls would respond.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:32 No.7881732
    To be honest im surprised that trolls didn't shit in any of the threads earlier. The gayracula poster tried to troll but it became a sort of meme for the quest threads.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:32 No.7881733
    Original lines from Girl Genius
    Someone shortened it into a single reaction pic, but I can't find it
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:33 No.7881748
    The quote was from a webcomic called Girl Genius. It is spoken by one of the creatures from there, all of whom speak with german/russian (always get them mixed up) accents.

    You should read it.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:34 No.7881762
    Anyone have original pic?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:34 No.7881768
    This is the end
    Beautiful friend
    This is the end
    My only friend, the end
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:35 No.7881785
    Of our elaborate plans, the end
    Of everything that stands, the end
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:36 No.7881794
    No safety or surprise, the end
    I'll never look into your eyes...again
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:36 No.7881802
         File1265081816.jpg-(155 KB, 800x600, BufferOverflow.jpg)
    155 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:37 No.7881805
         File1265081848.jpg-(41 KB, 400x454, Tarot53e.jpg)
    41 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:38 No.7881816
         File1265081891.jpg-(373 KB, 700x942, thisishowwedance.jpg)
    373 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:38 No.7881823
         File1265081926.gif-(43 KB, 600x518, robotridinghorses.gif)
    43 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:39 No.7881830
    so anyone want to do Vampire Bride Quest 2
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:39 No.7881831
         File1265081968.gif-(27 KB, 500x397, kingcroconthebus.gif)
    27 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:40 No.7881835
    Not really.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:42 No.7881856

    underneath all our power, all our sorcery, is a scared lonely girl who just wants to have the simple life of a wife and mother. T_T
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:43 No.7881872
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:44 No.7881885
    where's teh ending? new thread?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:50 No.7881971
    >> Undead Monstrosity 02/01/10(Mon)22:51 No.7881994
    Six months later, you stand in the city of your birth. Seen at night through vampire eyes, it's nothing like the place you remember. The shadows beckon like old friends, and the tantalizing sound of heartbeats echoes from within every home. But you're not here for the people.

    Your silent footsteps carry you to the graveyard. Your boyfriend's body had been sent to your family when the resurrection failed; like so many great heroes of the tales, he was an orphan. The priest in his group who tried to resurrect him had never understood why he wouldn't come back, but you knew; he wasn't about to leave the woman he loved again, after what you'd said and done.

    You'd been tempted briefly to do something ostentatious when you found his resting place; a statue or mausoleum, perhaps. But you'd decided in the end that leaving your influence out of it was best. The spirits you'd sent to gather information told you that your family had grieved and gotten over the loss of their daughter, and so you were leaving the past behind as well.
    >> Undead Monstrosity 02/01/10(Mon)22:52 No.7882010
    After one last gesture, anyway. His headstone lies before you, its epitaph something about remembered heroism. With a swift gesture, the stone animates at your command and the words are wiped away, quickly forming into your own message. Forever Beloved. A second twist of your will, and a socket opens on the top of the stone. You reach forward with your good hand and place a small prism into it, then close it around the tiny item again so that it is exposed to the air but not removable. When the sun comes, the music will speak of your affection forever.


    Several hours later, you arrive before a small roadside inn, dim light spilling from its windows. In an eerie echo of the last night your boyfriend had been alive, you're surrounded by your servants, but this time is different- you're more than ready. You're the danger they're wary of, instead of the other way around.

    You gesture, and Sheryl comes up beside you. "Yes, Lady?"

    "Everything is ready?"

    She nods. "Every scrap of food inside was dosed in slow-acting poison; anyone eating there won't be waking up tonight, and we've pulled out everyone else. They're in one of the rooms, asleep."

    "Wonderful." It had taken a long time to track down every last member of your lover's adventuring party. The thief had been first, when her careless movement alone through Itonia's underground left her exposed enough for you to strike. She'd taken a long time to die, all your grief and rage torn from her in the form of screams. The mage was next, weak enough to succumb to a volley of poisoned arrows from a bound pack of hunter sprites and his body stolen away before they could call him back.
    >> Undead Monstrosity 02/01/10(Mon)22:55 No.7882066
    The priest and paladin were more wary after that, gathering other adventurers to them and remaining careful, but you were patient. Careful spying told you what they sought, some sort of evil artifact; judicious use of gold, magic, and your loyal servants had led them on a wild chase away from you and your home. And tonight you'd finish it. "Destroy them."

    Small creatures nodded and moved to encircle the inn, then began to chant. It took mere minutes for the entire structure to become a massive inferno, and as it did the whole thing crashed thirty feet downward into a pit you'd ordered dug.

    You watched until just before dawn, and still it burned. Eventually, you turned to Sheryl with a laugh. "Well, that's done. Let's go."

    She nods with a smile. "I look forward to seeing your plans for Tetriburg, Lady. Are we still planning to raid the great library there?"

    You walk off into the brightening sky, talking of the future. One chapter of your life is over, and the next has begun. It's filled with darkness and blood, yes, but those things are no longer as ominous as they once were. There are also dreams of power and glory, and people you genuinely like who will devote their lives to being with you.

    And that's not really such a bad way to spend eternity.

    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:56 No.7882082
    Now please explain why you chose to make us stay in the last thread.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:57 No.7882087
    That ending is bad.

    "OH, I mourn for my love, and now I go and be evil."
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:57 No.7882093
    we went evil after all :(
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:57 No.7882096
    Thanks a lot for the quest, UM.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:58 No.7882104
    Evil, but not heartless.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:58 No.7882105
    Bastards didn't even spring for a raise. WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:58 No.7882108

    well that's what /tg wanted.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:59 No.7882116
    /tg/ is stupid.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:59 No.7882120
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)22:59 No.7882125
    Thanks again.

    It's the best ending we could have hoped for, really.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:00 No.7882126

    No /tg/, you are the /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:00 No.7882130
         File1265083214.jpg-(14 KB, 400x378, 1255208197747.jpg)
    14 KB
    Hey UM, once again thanks for being a great GM. I had alot of fun with Vampire Bride Quest every step of the way through.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:01 No.7882140
    I guess our soul and his soul are off being happy?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:01 No.7882141

    the raise didn't work. bf is too happy being with our soul from Girlfriend Quest. What we are now is just monster with her face.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:01 No.7882151
    I liked the chime in the tombstone. Very nice touch UM.

    Although I can't help but think that you had intended to do this for longer, given all the loose ends we have. Like our summoning spell and the greater circle blueprints, and the intrigue between Rhiannon and Byron.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:02 No.7882163
    Eh, at least the hardcorefags who wanted us to be evil since the beginning will be happy.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:03 No.7882173
    Thank you UM, wonderful ending. I gotta say, you have done a good job throughout the quest. I hope you would consider doing another quest in the same world that vampire bride quest took place in.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:03 No.7882174
    Perhaps he left it so he could?
    Or perhaps he will set another quest in this world.

    College would appear to be starting around this time, perhaps he lacks time and wishes a season-ending.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:06 No.7882228
         File1265083597.jpg-(114 KB, 600x902, 1248396203820.jpg)
    114 KB
    Damn, I hadn't even thought of a second season.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:08 No.7882249
    I wonder what the vampire lord who turned us thought of all of this. Probably is amused as hell at how this turned out.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:09 No.7882272
    Most likely, considering that's what he made us for in the first place.

    And now he has a summoner to use in his war against the other lords. I'm sure we'll grow even stronger while he makes sure we don't fuck up. Then we can have a pit fiend eat his face.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:10 No.7882276
    The vampire lord was Gayracula, watching all along in every thread.

    The gay sex was a diversion from his true intentions...
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:11 No.7882285
    Quite a satisfying ending if you ask me.

    Thanks for your hard work and devotion these last weeks, UM. It's been a blast.

    You've truly earned yourself some time off before you start the next quest. Well, at least I'm hoping that there will be a next quest...
    >> Undead Monstrosity 02/01/10(Mon)23:14 No.7882317
    Staying until it became untenable initially struck me as the easiest way to integrate the two opposing and seemingly well-supported points of view, until while writing it I realized just how impossible that would be- the decision to stay had to be made from a position which would leave her there until she was actually killed. At that point, I already had part of it written, and I write slowly enough without scrapping whole paragraphs at a time. So I could either knock you out and have your servitors drag you away, which seemed cheap, or I could do something to make you willing to leave. Since I'd already given in to my desire for a decent end by making your boyfriend willing to at least not kill you, making him side with you all the way and then die seemed the most effective fashion to integrate the two opposing calls.

    Basically, I tried to do everything and it didn't turn out as well as I'd have liked. I usually try to draw from as many people as possible when writing up the final action rather than siding entirely with one; this sometimes gives screwy results.

    It is unfortunate that you find the ending unsatisfying.

    >>7882096 >>7882125
    >>7882130 >>7882173
    My pleasure. Thank you for playing.

    >>7882151 >>7882174
    There are a number of loose ends, yes; most of them were initially provided as avenues which you might choose to pursue and to give long-term goals. If I'd run the quest for longer, they might have gone somewhere.

    And I might do a sequel at some point, as I am rather fond of the setting as well. But this one had to end, because I was starting to feel that the mood of the quest was shifting so drastically that I had to bring it resolution. It's always depressing to see something good rot away into something mediocre, and the last time I ran a quest it didn't have an actual ending and instead just stopped abruptly. Actual endings are nice.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:14 No.7882325

    we're more useful than andy ever was. now that we're officially evil, i look forward to fighting his wars.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:17 No.7882358
    Don't worry guys! There's still the Alternate Universe Quest where we're still in the castle ! We will not make teh same mistakes again!
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:20 No.7882403
    Had it been possible for us to learn to feed without killing, and actually doing so, at some point of the quest?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:21 No.7882404
    > You walk off into the brightening sky, talking of the future.

    Oh look we walk into the sun after all.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:21 No.7882411
    >implying we made mistakes
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:21 No.7882420
    What was the last quest you did?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:24 No.7882450
    I have a sneaking suspicion it was the quest where the main character fucked up reality and became trapped in a world frozen in time.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:26 No.7882487

    yeah, remember the fuckup with the holy water
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:27 No.7882494
    I want to know what actually happens to us when we die. It'll happen sooner or later, even if it takes until the sun expands to the point where it engulfs the earth, or whatever planet we're on. Do we just cease to exist, do we go to some kind of hell or heaven, any afterlife at all? Since part of us apparently *is* already in the afterlife, maybe once this part of us dies we merge with it?

    I'd understand if you don't want to answer this question UM, but if you don't mind I'd really like to know.
    >> Undead Monstrosity !weeps.hg2w 02/01/10(Mon)23:27 No.7882499
    Testing a tripcode I came up with a while back in case someone tried to impersonate me. If it works, I suppose I can use it in the future to prove my identity, should I need to for some other thread.

    >>7882249 >>7882272
    The vampire lord considers the protagonist a great success. She's exceeded his every expectation, providing amusement with her emotional struggles, disposing of a threat in the form of a fairly high-level adventuring party, and granting him the asset of a fairly strong summoner and her entourage of servants to use in his future games. What's not to like?

    >>7882140 >>7882141
    Yeah, you've got it. Vampires are soulless. But hey, who needs a soul, right? Wasn't really doing anything for you.

    Yes. You've actually encountered points at which you could do so- if you recall, you had the imp reminding you to stop feeding for a while. But even though you stopped partway when the people were still alive (at least if you dropped them at a temple or something), it was generally more practical to pat yourself on the back for your willpower and then go back to eating.

    Well, from a certain point of view. Predawn light might itch, but it doesn't burn.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:27 No.7882503
    Wait for her to wake up and spash it on her I said. Did anyone listen? Nooooooo.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:28 No.7882511
    I wonder why we didn't really get any drawfags?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:29 No.7882531

    he's chilling in heaven with the soul of his beloved, while her corpse and mind is fucking around on earth up to no good.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:29 No.7882532
    Which one was that?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:31 No.7882555
    I gotta say, that one assassin imp that survived, hes awesome. Hope we kept him around.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:32 No.7882577
    Thats probably for the better. Rather imagine a character than just say, oh, thats what they look like.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:32 No.7882578

    choo choo!
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:33 No.7882594
    > Rather imagine a character

    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:35 No.7882618

    What are you still doing here cock-nose?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:35 No.7882619

    I think the other anons were afraid of us fucking up and we tried to be all sneaky hurr durr this is actually magic potion on her.

    That failed , we survived the mid-boss fight cause our imp saved our asses.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:35 No.7882622
    Nah, it was just that I suggested it a bit later than others and no one thought it was a good idea. I blame anonymous for that fuckup, not UM.

    Though I do blame UM for the not hiding from the clerk when we had him open the box, but I'm over it now.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:36 No.7882642
    Yes, thats only one character, the rest up to your imagination.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:40 No.7882688
    Can't remember or seem to find it.
    >> Undead Monstrosity 02/01/10(Mon)23:40 No.7882699
         File1265085640.jpg-(72 KB, 447x636, vampwinry.jpg)
    72 KB
    I never really decided, actually. Maybe you're just gone, maybe your soul gets an update, maybe you got a new soul after being turned and that one goes to the special vampire afterlife. If I had to make the call right now, probably the first.

    I wonder this too. A bit envious of those other quests with their fancy pictures, when the best I've got is this one. It's not like there's a lack of good things to draw. The summons alone could make a whole series. Still, I suppose that we'll always have the power of imagination...

    >>7882420 >>7882450 >>7882532
    Believe it or not... Undead Monstrosity is secretly CPU!irONY in Groucho Marx glasses.

    I admit, that clerk bit was just me trying to make your life difficult and force a moral debate. Watching those was one of my great joys in this quest. Although I do think that it's reasonable for the protagonist to make simple mistakes on a fairly regular basis; super-undead or not, she wasn't a professional criminal or warrior of any kind.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:40 No.7882704
    Oh well, thanks for trying.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:42 No.7882723
    >If I had to make the call right now, probably the first.

    Aww, now I'm sad.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:43 No.7882737
    Who is CPU!irONY
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:44 No.7882750
    Iron Quest DM.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:44 No.7882751
    Who's winry btw ?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:45 No.7882768
    Fullmetal Alchemist, bro.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:46 No.7882785
    Yes, but we we've said that we don't want people to us us many times. I know we're not expert burgers but with those thoughts on our minds it just seems ridiculous that we wouldn't take some precaution.

    I guess it just broke my suspension of disbelief, which sucked.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:47 No.7882793

    character from Full Metal Alchemist. Probably chosen for her stereotypical damsel in distress looks.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:48 No.7882804
    Character from the anime full metal alchemist. Was actually a pretty appropriate choice to base our character off on, as in the anime she struggles with being left behind by the main character who only returns to her when hes injured.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:49 No.7882818
    So google had it right. What has that character to do with ours ?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:50 No.7882839
    I see.
    >> Undead Monstrosity 02/01/10(Mon)23:52 No.7882872
    I believe the quest described there is Darkness Beyond Time.

    Sorry about that, then. Note to self: Apply more finesse in making the heroine's life difficult.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:53 No.7882888
    Ok time to restart Girlfriend Quest.. only this time we do NOT go into the basement and for the love of God we do NOT free that no good pixie fucker.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:55 No.7882910
    Well at least you're willing to take players views into account and try to improve. That's usually a good sign in a DM/GM/OP/whatever.

    Though I too am sad that you'd think that we'd just cease to exist. Do we at least get hot lesbian sexings from Sheryl like some people have been bitching about in our time with her?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:56 No.7882926
    Fuck no, girlfriend quest sucked, UM took that idea when the other quest runners quit and made something good out of it.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:56 No.7882928
    > Do we at least get hot lesbian sexings from Sheryl


    although if UM was doing this we'd probably peel her face off or something.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:56 No.7882931
    No, go to the basement. Find Wish scroll. Wish for our bf to notice us more and stop taking us for granted. Grow balls and then talk to him, trying to convince him to settle down. That plus the Wish should work.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/10(Mon)23:58 No.7882958
    We can score with Sheryl or someone with a dong if we really wanted.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)00:00 No.7882993
    So it would be an improvement to listen to trolls when the spam a thread with stupid shit?

    The reason why I found this quest to be so successful is UM framed the suggestions from the point of character, and as a result the character developed. It wasn't a LOL RANDUM lets count how many posts want to do what and then do it when it doesn't make sense for the character to do it.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)00:03 No.7883030
    Um, no, I'm talking about how I brought up how the way he handled the clerk was perhaps a bit heavy-handed and he heavily implied that in the future he'd be more subtle about that kind of thing. That's the kind of thing I meant.
    >> Undead Monstrosity 02/02/10(Tue)00:08 No.7883096
    You might cease to exist when destroyed, but is that really so bad? It's effectively all people in the real world get since we can't interact with the departed, irregardless of the truth of the whole soul issue.

    On the topic of hot sex of any kind, initially my plan was to make lust in general completely subsumed by the desire for blood in vampires. I suppose that's not necessarily a hard point, but I didn't really want it to come up. A slightly more flexible version is that the undead sex drive is just mostly gone, since you can't reproduce anyway. I doubt sex with anyone is high on the list of the heroine's priorities.

    But hey, I'll leave a little leeway there so that we can keep the terrible pornography somewhere out of the realm of complete impossibility. Some people like it, and it makes me laugh. Right up there with gayracula.jpg for that, which really grew on me by the third or fourth thread.

    I tried to keep everything very centered on the heroine's perspective; I'm glad that you feel it worked. Fortunately, I had a bit of flexibility in that fashion because as a new vampire she had urges to listen to most of the playerbase- both bloodlust and the desire to stay good were driving her. It would be much harder to both follow player suggestions as much as possible and keep a cohesive personality in a more standard character, I think.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)00:12 No.7883142
    Oh, I get why you wouldn't put sex very high on the list of priorities, and you've said before that you're not particularly good at writing it. I just think it'd be nice if we found ourselves able to get romantically involved with someone even after all this. And if that happens to lead to hot lesbian sexings then so be it.
    >> Undead Monstrosity 02/02/10(Tue)01:08 No.7883763
    We're on page ten and falling, so I'd like to close off the game with a final thanks to all the players, and those who followed along (and voted the threads up on sup/tg/). It wouldn't have been any fun without you, up to and including the massive arguments.

    I hope you enjoyed Vampire Bride Quest, and look forward to seeing you all again for another quest some other time.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)01:10 No.7883785
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)01:12 No.7883802
    Thank you for all the fun! Can't wait for the next quest, if you ever run one.

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