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  • File : 1266528755.jpg-(9 KB, 436x437, Mars.jpg)
    9 KB Mars, the Bringer of War Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:32 No.8156923  
    Challenge, /tg/: Make a pantheon of the planets, based not off their traditional roles in Roman mythology, but rather off what we now know of them scientifically. Deify them.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:34 No.8156952
    All dead 'cept earth. Whatever the mythos is, earth is winner.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:35 No.8156970
         File1266528908.jpg-(17 KB, 436x437, Mars.jpg)
    17 KB
    Can anyone else see the face or is just me?
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:35 No.8156979
    Could work off that, but the aim is to detail them.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:36 No.8156986
    Venus. The Bitch-Queen.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:36 No.8156989

    Oh wow. It looks like it's saying "nigga pleez" to >>8156952
    for >implying it has no life forms.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:38 No.8157009
    Mars, god of WRYYYYYYY
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:38 No.8157010
    You just made a reaction face out of a planet, how does that make you feel?
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:38 No.8157016
    Pretty good, to be honest.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:41 No.8157042
    Oh yeah, definitely.

    Pluto should be the pretender God.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:42 No.8157054
    Off the hip;
    Mercury, Ruler of life and energy, cursed to burn all those that get close to him.

    Venus, A once beautiful god brought down by her own greed. She is temperamental and relentless in her pursuit of wealth and fame. It is her gluttony that has caused her form not just be repulsive, but lethal to mortals that attempt to just approach her.
    And even then they should not stay long.

    Earth Mother is kind and benevelent. A long time arbiter of life itself, she once thought her early followers as to be too greedy and spun off a form of herself that she holds close, hostile to all life, as an example of what she could have been.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:42 No.8157065
    Jupiter is the boss, but he's kind of an arrogant douchebag sometimes. He's not BAD, just really full of himself. Saturn is his wife.

    Earth is the smartest planet of them all, of course!
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:43 No.8157071
    God-twin, with Charon.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:43 No.8157073
    Uranus is an asshole.
    >> Magnus the Rad !!iA/rMRurFcC 02/18/10(Thu)16:43 No.8157077
    I name thee Sir Phobos, knight of Mars.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:44 No.8157085
    OH YOU.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:44 No.8157090
    Pluto is the Forgotten One. It's out for revenge, one of these days.
    Jupiter is big and stupid. He looks tough, but Saturn is actually a lot nastier.
    Uranus and Neptune are the freaky siblings. Nobody really talks to them, and there's a rumour that their relationship is a little closer than it should be ifyouknowwhatimean.
    Mercury is bipolar. Though interesting to talk to some of the time, he's a pretty intense guy to be around. Only Venus has really got to know him. They're sort of the odd-couple. Venus being, after all, a completely poisonous bastard to everybody else - literally and figuratively. Venus is also a writer, and desperate to appear cultured and postmodern. That's why he started spinning backwards back in the early '90s.

    Earth is Earth. I should think we know her pretty well. She's BFF with Mars, and they share gossip about the other planets a lot of the time, but they don't see each other as often as they should. Nobody but Earth knows that Mars is secretly sweet on Jupiter - she thinks he's kind, even if he is kinda dim.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:44 No.8157091
    Earth trolls Mars by threatening it with fleas.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:44 No.8157096
         File1266529491.jpg-(46 KB, 434x432, yummy mars.jpg)
    46 KB

    Nah, more like this.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:45 No.8157110
    Mars, God of Sands and Rust, represents the passage of time. Was one of the eldest Gods, who's glories have long since faded, now cold jealous and bitter. Worshipped by both those longing for a return to a more Golden Age and those who wish to see the world buried beneath the dust of ages.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:47 No.8157124
         File1266529636.jpg-(17 KB, 436x437, saywhaaaat.jpg)
    17 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:47 No.8157128
    >Uranus and Neptune are the freaky siblings. Nobody really talks to them, and there's a rumour that their relationship is a little closer than it should be ifyouknowwhatimean.
    Why does this remind me of those twins in Black Lagoon?
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:47 No.8157133
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:48 No.8157144
    Oh, what hath my hands wrought.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:50 No.8157178
    Inb4 someone draws a haughty female face on Saturn with all her rings.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:52 No.8157209
    I guess Saturn and Jupiter could be God and Magog type figures. Big, but without a lot to them. Not sure what the rings would signify.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:52 No.8157213
         File1266529967.jpg-(30 KB, 436x437, 1266528755709.jpg)
    30 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:52 No.8157214
         File1266529970.jpg-(20 KB, 436x437, marsass.jpg)
    20 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:54 No.8157239
    Some of Jupiter's bros are actually pretty cool. Europa is an awesome dude if you get to know him. He has hidden depths (pun intended).

    But stay away from that crazy bastard Io.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:56 No.8157283
         File1266530193.jpg-(24 KB, 434x415, Atropus.jpg)
    24 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:56 No.8157289
    Io is fucking awesome, it's Ganymede that's insane.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)16:58 No.8157323
         File1266530323.jpg-(104 KB, 436x437, planet.jpg)
    104 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:00 No.8157353
    I see a bad moon risin'

    I see trouble on the way
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:01 No.8157373
    What would these gods represent though? What would they have domain over? Their personalities need developing, but so do their roles in the pantheon.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:02 No.8157390
         File1266530539.jpg-(17 KB, 436x437, Marz.jpg)
    17 KB
    Mars is not amused.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:03 No.8157402
    Pluto was once an accepted member of the pantheon, but after some sort of incident, he was banished to the Kupier Belt, with Neptune tasked to assure he never returns. Every so often, he manages to slip past Neptune and enter the world once more.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:04 No.8157426
    >Mars, the Bringer of War
    I fucking love that song.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:05 No.8157428
    What're you talking about? Io is erupting ALL THE TIME. I don't know what he's so pissed about, and I'm not sure I want to.
    >> scared of shadows !!7tJvdfwxbH7 02/18/10(Thu)17:05 No.8157430
         File1266530709.jpg-(65 KB, 540x540, earth.jpg)
    65 KB
    earth would be the rpg stereotype 'chosen one' wouldn't it? the protagonist-deity that aligns all the other deities for the fight against the vile undead sun monster that threatens the entire solar system

    (see, I'm contributing)
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:06 No.8157444
    Generally he's quite the smooth operator which is why he can slip past neptune so well, but god help you if you make him mad.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:06 No.8157450
    beater of ass...be a hitter babe
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:06 No.8157456
         File1266530803.jpg-(18 KB, 436x437, mar_bringer_of_kisses.jpg)
    18 KB
    I am so sorry...
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:07 No.8157465
         File1266530843.jpg-(18 KB, 436x437, Marswave.jpg)
    18 KB
    Look everyone! Its waving! Hi Mars!
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:07 No.8157467
    Wait, why would you want to fight the Sun? The Sun is what keeps everything together.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:07 No.8157469
    Sun, the lifegiver, the mother by the hearth.
    Mercury, the infant, the ironheart, with sunburned face and cold back.
    Venus, the daughter star, the ever-envious, the virgin baring no skin.
    Earth, the Beautiful, sister to Venus.
    Mars, the rusted dwarf, the old-timer.
    Asteroid belt marks the boundary of the House.
    Around the House stalk the Giants - Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn and Neptune, yearning for the Hearth, unaware of the damage and death they can bring. Their steps so thunderous that the walls shed pebbles.
    Pluto, one of the Shivering Forgotten that is closest to the Hearth, with him begins the Cold Countryside.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:07 No.8157470
    Oh he's also the god of Wandering (cause he's got a funky orbit). Well Ex-God, but no one's crazy enough to try to strip him of that title.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:08 No.8157484
    It could certainly be, yeah, but consider that Venus probably was similar to Earth in the past and Mars may have been. Moons such as Europa are also theorised to be totally capable of sustaining life (undersurface ocean planet, apparently). So we might feature as the 'chosen one' now, but there's no reason it should be a permanent role. Any mythology needs a history and future written, above and beyond the current state of affairs.
    >> LIBERTY PRIME 02/18/10(Thu)17:09 No.8157503
         File1266530963.png-(83 KB, 1203x706, mother.png)
    83 KB
    >Earth Mother is kind and benevelent. .



    Off all the planets.

    Earth is the most badass.

    Read it and weep, naturefag.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:10 No.8157514
    As the OP: I said nothing about that, broseph.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:10 No.8157530
    Pretty neat bro.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:11 No.8157543
    Mercury is totally hyperactive, so no one really bothers with him. They don't want to deal with his crap.
    >> LIBERTY PRIME 02/18/10(Thu)17:12 No.8157560
    Sorry BRO-P.

    I just failed my quote it was targeted at >>8157054
    I erased it by mistake
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:13 No.8157577
    Phooey. Earth can support life, so it's uniquely easy modo in human knowledge.

    But benevolent, oh lawdy. Someone needs to go backpacking for a week or two.
    >> LIBERTY PRIME 02/18/10(Thu)17:15 No.8157606
    Earth is the Goddess of Life, Death, War and Survival.

    All rolled into a beautiful blue and green package.
    >> Gornod Bearmaul 02/18/10(Thu)17:16 No.8157631
    this works quite well.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:16 No.8157633
    Mars: gnome god of speed and fire
    Venus: half-elf goddess of poison and swamps
    Gaia: human goddess of forests and love
    Mars: dwarf god of deserts and civilization
    Jupiter: ogre goddess of storms and money
    Saturn: elf god of battle and law
    Neptune: draken god of oceans and chaos
    Uranus: half-orc god of ice and death
    Pluto: hobbit demigoddess of darkness and wandering
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:17 No.8157647
         File1266531442.jpg-(41 KB, 436x437, mars bringer of rage.jpg)
    41 KB
    >> LIBERTY PRIME 02/18/10(Thu)17:18 No.8157658
    >Gaia: human goddess of forests and love

    You there. cut this love and peace shit out.

    If you want it so much, give it to something else.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:19 No.8157686
    The gods of cold/hot/lifeless/boring/gassy/etc
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:20 No.8157697
    > Gaia: human goddess of forests and friendzone
    >> LIBERTY PRIME 02/18/10(Thu)17:22 No.8157725
    Mars: gnome god of speed and fire
    Venus: half-elf goddess of poison and swamps
    Gaia: human goddess of SURVIVAL and ADAPTATION.
    Mars: dwarf god of deserts and civilization
    Jupiter: ogre goddess of storms and FAILURE. always trying to be a greater god (sun), but a failure nevertheless
    Saturn: elf god of battle and law
    Neptune: draken god of oceans and chaos
    Uranus: half-orc god of ice and death
    Pluto: hobbit demigoddess of darkness and wandering
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:23 No.8157745
    >goddess of forests and yandere
    fix'd further
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:25 No.8157768
    The Moon could be Earth's stillborn child, a painful memory that will be abandoned and forgotten in time. Phobos and Deimos could be Mars' unfaithful hounds, fated to one day maim him.
    Not sure about various Jovian moons. Maybe the Giants are a feast for some critters or parasites.
    And in the Cold Countryside there are other Houses, far away.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:25 No.8157777
    I'm not going to bother typifying the gods with races so that's not necessary, but thanks for the rest.
    >> LIBERTY PRIME 02/18/10(Thu)17:26 No.8157784
    >goddess of forests and tsundere
    superior fix'd is superior.

    She doesn't says she loves us then she hurts us. but the other way around.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:26 No.8157786
    This one is really cool.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:28 No.8157817
         File1266532119.jpg-(44 KB, 436x437, marawes.jpg)
    44 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:28 No.8157818
    Yeah, I'll use the Hearth, House and Cold Countryside metaphor. It fits well.

    However, they still need domains, and expansion of their personality.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:30 No.8157841
         File1266532209.jpg-(18 KB, 432x240, shugo75-19[1].jpg)
    18 KB
    S-stupid humans... It's not like I like you or anything, j-jeez...
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:30 No.8157850
    > Gaia: human goddess of SURVIVAL and ADAPTATION.
    I think forests should be kept -- no other planet has them -- but I like survival/adaption which is related words for "living" or "life"
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:31 No.8157859
         File1266532277.jpg-(43 KB, 434x415, GANYMEDE RAWR.jpg)
    43 KB

    Hey guys am I cool now?
    >> Spartacus 02/18/10(Thu)17:32 No.8157874
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:33 No.8157891
    Hay! The month of Mars is nearly upon us! LET US PRAISE THE GOD OF WAR!
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:34 No.8157895
    Pluto is cool. You are just small time.
    >> Pluto 02/18/10(Thu)17:35 No.8157914
    >Pluto should be the pretender God

    Pretend nothing! I'm a planet! Honest!
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:36 No.8157936
         File1266532598.jpg-(58 KB, 436x437, MARFU.jpg)
    58 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:39 No.8157981
    Yeah. A -dwarf- planet.
    >> Callisto 02/18/10(Thu)17:41 No.8157997
    Get out Ganymede I'm piss
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:51 No.8158117
         File1266533467.jpg-(47 KB, 800x450, 800px-Planets20081.jpg)
    47 KB
    > for reference
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:52 No.8158145
    Woah, Jupiter is a big motherfucker.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:55 No.8158191

    Now search for a scale picture of Betelgeuse.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:57 No.8158210
         File1266533849.jpg-(9 KB, 300x300, awesomemoon.jpg)
    9 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:57 No.8158212
    Betelgeuse rides on the shoulder of the constellation known as Orion the Hunter. At 1,000 times the size of our Sun it is one of the biggest stars known and also one of the most luminous, emitting more light than 100,000 Suns put together. But such mightiness comes at a cost, for Betelgeuse will meet its fate in a spectacular supernova explosion at an age of only a few million years.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:57 No.8158214
    Pluto is planet, go back to trolling /sci/.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:58 No.8158221
    In the Cold Countryside there are other, sometimes bigger, Houses.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)17:59 No.8158234
    Okay. As the OP, I was stricken by a new idea. What would people think of a game where you take on the mantle of 'planetary' gods - for instances, players might choose to be Mars, Venus, Saturn and Pluto from the House of Sol. Each sun represents a new 'hearth' to travel to and from, amidst the whisperings and scuttlings in the empty dark between.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)18:01 No.8158264
    Ceres of the lost.
    not a god but considered at least worth worship in some right.
    he takes in all the things lost like himself giving it what care he can. not caring whether you be saint on sinner. the lost need a direction, and he helps them find their's. He stands between the giants outside knowing the dangers beyond the door, and knows the pleasintries and warmth of home. yet belivieng he has found no place in life he continues to search and continues to guide.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)18:02 No.8158281
         File1266534174.gif-(1.22 MB, 633x475, 1252499986200.gif)
    1.22 MB
    Size comparisons, animooted
    >> Jupiter 02/18/10(Thu)18:04 No.8158305
    That's why I get all the bitches, brah. *flexes*
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)18:16 No.8158480
    That is fucking crazy.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)18:19 No.8158529

    Makes you feel small doesn't it.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)18:20 No.8158551
    Not really, I was just constantly like HOLY FUCK.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)18:24 No.8158610
         File1266535495.jpg-(958 KB, 3861x1706, 1265882712306.jpg)
    958 KB
    Indeed, the universe is a pretty fucking awesome place and to think we're only just getting out there makes it all the more impressive.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)18:25 No.8158616
    I should have stuck with exogeology.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)18:27 No.8158652
    it makes me depressed.

    I'm going to be looooooooooong dead before we come up with FTL/warp/hyperspace/whatever travel that allows us to colonize other star systems.

    Star travel is my most vehement fantasy.
    >> Sup faggots Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)18:28 No.8158667
         File1266535712.jpg-(27 KB, 599x516, untitled-2.jpg)
    27 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)18:33 No.8158753
    Well, thanks /tg/. I'll run with this 'Solar Hearth' idea. Now I just need to come up with a system where I can adapt planets into player characters and a setting and 'big bad' idea.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)18:34 No.8158776
    The Sun is the creator, lord and master of the solar system. It's incarnate power gives light and life and has from the very first morning.

    Pluto, the forgotten lord, could have been the sun. a titanic battle in the Morning War (thanks, Legion) between it and the sun stripped it of its power. The forgotten one lurks in the shadows, in league with the mighty forces that cruise the shoals between solar systems, themselves lesser versions of the beings that wait between galaxies.

    Jupiter: The sun's son. A pretender to the throne, and never quite igniting the way the sun did to take the titanic radiance and power that his father has. He wants nothing more than to topple his father and take his throne, ensuring his dominance of the solar system. But attacking his father could ignite him, causing either his ascension or death. Of course, his essence isn't enough to sustain the power that his father has. Allies: Mercury, Venus.

    Earth: The Silent Planet.

    The Moon: An agent for the Andromedan Galaxy, placed in the solar system and awoken in blood and fire to keep an eye on the silent planet itself. Noone else thinks it's awake, though. What the Andromedan's want with the silent one is a mystery.

    Uranus: URANUS LOLOLOL. Your arse is the guardian of the solar system, forever patrolling in a lonely vigil for the beings that lurk in the black. Its internal inhabitants are all under the direct control of the Uranus planet mind itself and toil away building gas cannons floating in the cerulean ocean-sky. Just incase Uranus usual method of bitchslapping shit fails.

    I'm bored. Someone else finish/
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)18:36 No.8158813
    oh, make the big bad a black hole.
    destroying all in it's all encomposing hunger.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)18:39 No.8158873
    Yeah, I guess that could work. Portions of the black hole, like the shadows in Iko or the undead in that 'Sabriel' series, seeking to devouring the hearths of the nation. There's a definite, European Old Kingdom feel to this.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)18:41 No.8158894
    There was an ancient war during the early formation of the solar system and in the ashes of cosmic fire only Earth, Lord of Water who stood triumphant. All other gods have been killed, are in comas or in torture.

    A vain and extremely powerful deity, the sun did not participate in the war directly, his power merely attracted the other gods who are to him as ants are to us. For reasons unknown he entered a long and deep sleep interrupted by periodic flares of solar power.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)18:43 No.8158922
    The undead didn't want to eat everything. They wanted POWER POWER POEWR because they were all shit scared of dying. Orannis just wanted peace and quiet and decided the best way to do it was universal genocide.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)18:44 No.8158932
    Oh, and FUCK Yrael. I like him, but I stole his name fair and square from an Ian Irvine book and now everyone goes LOLOLOL MOGGET HAHA
    >> Spartacus 02/18/10(Thu)18:45 No.8158960
    You made me nostalgia.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)18:45 No.8158964
    >universal genocide.

    Its called omnicide.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)18:47 No.8158991
    Yeah, I'm afraid I only remember it very vaguely. I feel in feel (they attack the isolated villages and break their power) and theme (there are different types - ones that lurk on the backs of dwellers at the hearth, waiting, others that devour the hearth-dwellers and imitate them), not necessarily goal.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)18:47 No.8158994

    Mercury the Naive Worshipper, saw the glory of the sun and worshipped it as supreme deity of the universe (not that the sun cared). In it's attempt to gain an advantage during the war, Mercury tried to steal the fire but the intense heat killed him before he got even close.

    Venus the Insane Sister. Once closely related to Earth she nonetheless took up arms against the other gods. The epic battles that raged across the stars have taken its toll on poor venus and has left her a gibbering and volatile stress filled deity. Self destructive and vengeful, even her brother Earth stays away from her influences.

    Lunar the Sacrifice, As the war dragged and became apparent that Earth will be victorious, the remaining gods grabbed poor lunar and hurled her at Earth. A ploy that gave the planet new found powers and abilities. In gratitude, Earth has kept the lifeless body of Lunar in orbit, as both warning and trophy of his endless power and the fate of those who stand against him.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)18:50 No.8159028
         File1266537030.jpg-(24 KB, 436x437, mars nyoron.jpg)
    24 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)18:51 No.8159049

    Mars the Stoic. Once a Stalwart Warrior of the stars this honorable warrior met his end not through virtuous combat but by having his magical atmosphere drained and left to suffocate, an inglorious and shameful death. The corpses of Phobos and Deimos are attached and imbued with energies to ensure the Red Warrior never rises again.

    The Asteroid Belt is in reality a graveyard, full of armies of cosmic warriors that did battle. Ceres is the largest "piece" but is in actual fact an unidentified piece of a long dead demi god.
    >> Wraith-guy 02/18/10(Thu)18:53 No.8159078
    It should be the black hole in teh centre of the Milky Way.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)18:55 No.8159106

    The outer gods of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are a host of invaders that tried to lay claim to the inner solar system but were repulsed after an eon of war and in punishment for their intrusion, they were condemned to breathe the Breathe Cosmic, a drug that induces violent convulsions and permanent lethargy. And there they will sit until the very stars are burnt out.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)19:01 No.8159188

    but make a league of them since there is more than one black hole out there.

    Riders of doom that roam the dark countryside, devouring any who come into their path. They seem to have no motive beyond utter and complete destruction, bending and warping the very laws of reality to their whim.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)19:02 No.8159197
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)19:07 No.8159248
    Question, though: Would you play this, /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)19:08 No.8159266
    I would
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)19:11 No.8159313
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)19:15 No.8159358
         File1266538525.jpg-(33 KB, 436x437, marstrolu.jpg)
    33 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)19:15 No.8159361
         File1266538534.gif-(25 KB, 222x200, murphy.gif)
    25 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)19:33 No.8159595
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)19:33 No.8159598
         File1266539598.jpg-(24 KB, 436x437, i wish i was a planet.jpg)
    24 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)19:46 No.8159801
    This is the only one that will not be saved.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)19:47 No.8159806
    Is this thread now under Martian law?
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)19:49 No.8159847
    Uh... I think it's *martial*
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)19:51 No.8159877
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)19:55 No.8159929
         File1266540909.jpg-(25 KB, 436x437, 1266528755709.jpg)
    25 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)19:59 No.8160015
    Mercury- God of Love and closeness. Since it's so close to the sun.

    Venus- Goddess of the Elements. Fire (the head), Water (the vapor), Air (the noxious gases), Earth (the rock)

    Terra- Goddess of Fertility and Life

    Mars- God of Hope and Second Chances (best chance to be colonized)

    Jupiter- Goddess of Size and Wealth. Represents the huge fuckton of resources we can get from it and the satellite

    Saturn- God of Bros and Coolness. BECAUSE IT HAS RINGS BITCH!

    Neptune and Uranus- God and Goddess of the small folk. Those that don't get noticed, and aren't unique.

    Pluto- God of Failure. 'Nuff said.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)20:02 No.8160065
         File1266541360.png-(237 KB, 434x434, hitlermars.png)
    237 KB
    Fucking Doom of Malantai!
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)20:11 No.8160210
         File1266541884.jpg-(24 KB, 436x437, stalinmars.jpg)
    24 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)20:12 No.8160226
         File1266541958.jpg-(29 KB, 436x437, wrex.jpg)
    29 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)20:15 No.8160276
    Wins forever.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)20:16 No.8160280
    Terra once had a brother. His name was orpheus, but in a fit of rage, they quarreled. Terra slew his beloved sibling and in a fit of madness devoured most of his corpse. Now only Luna, cold, lifeless Luna remains of him, a testament to Terra's terrible guilt.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)20:35 No.8160552
         File1266543331.gif-(70 KB, 436x437, efp.gif)
    70 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)20:36 No.8160571
    this is altogether too silly
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)20:42 No.8160678
    or too awesome
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)20:47 No.8160772
    Awesomely silly!
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)20:48 No.8160778
    ITT: Face on Mars.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)20:50 No.8160800
    You know, there are plenty of size comparisons around, but the thing that gets me is the sheer distances involved. Take the earth and the sun, for example. I have an image, to scale, showing these two, the correct distance apart. It is too large to post. The resolution is 30,000 x 486. The sun is approximately 300x300. The earth is about the size of the letter o.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)20:50 No.8160810
    >> Anonymous 02/18/10(Thu)20:52 No.8160834
    /r/ing Mega Mars.

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