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  • File : 1266793419.jpg-(11 KB, 180x180, treecko.jpg)
    11 KB Pokemon Quest. Get your nostalgia goggles. Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)18:03 No.8210509  
    You are Sarah a 12 year old pokemon trainer from pallet. Having received your brand new Treecko your are now battleing Red and Gary your childhood friends. Red has a Hoot Hoot named Dr. Hoo and Gary a Whismur. You are Jungle Jack , your pokemon, is on the ground trying to ward of as series of peck attacks from the good doctor as whismur charges into the fray having now deflated to normal size.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:04 No.8210525
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:04 No.8210532

    What kind of faggot are we?
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)18:05 No.8210538
    OLd thread.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:05 No.8210547
    Use Pound on Dr. Hoo.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:06 No.8210552
    The kind of faggot who likes grass types.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:06 No.8210553
    Idiots chose Treecko over Slugma.

    Regardless, use pound on Hoothoot.
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)18:06 No.8210555
    It was rolled randomly from a list.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:06 No.8210562

    "Treecko! Pick up Whismur and POUND him into Dr. HOO!"
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:08 No.8210594
    This. Fuck convention, let's teach this Treecko the ways of real badass.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:09 No.8210627
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)18:09 No.8210628
    Rolling to the side, barley dodging the blow from Dr. Hoo's beak Jack springs up an headbutts (Not HeadButt) knocking him back he turns to the charging whismur and...

    Roll 1d100. First result is the only taken.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:10 No.8210642
    rolled 47 = 47


    >C'mon, Jack! I believe in you!
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:10 No.8210643
    rolled 71 = 71

    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:11 No.8210678
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:11 No.8210681
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:11 No.8210689
    Oh well, at least we got Dr. HOO.
    >> PLA 02/21/10(Sun)18:12 No.8210701
    Why do we have to fight??

    I mean, really, whats the purpose of this endless battleing if not to finnance the health system?

    don't you understand that you are all being USED??? You are nothing but fodder to the machine.

    You think are given pokemons so you can "play"? Fuck no. You are nothing more than non-paid workers, slaves to the power. And your pkmns aren't your friends, but tools!


    -PLA! (pokeman liberation army!)
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:13 No.8210716
         File1266793986.png-(109 KB, 300x371, catapultturtle.png)
    109 KB
    rolled 43 = 43


    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)18:13 No.8210728
    Whismur leaps into the air tiny fist drawn back as jJack does as well. Unfortunatley while you jumped higher his tail extends beneath him and whismur grabs it and SLAMS you to the ground. Whismur is then blown back again by confusion from Dr. Hoo, who ends your particpating with a sharp blow to the base of your skull with peck. Whismur is out as well.

    Red has won.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:15 No.8210760
    Cuddle our unconscious pokemon
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:15 No.8210766

    "Jungle Jack, come on back." Flash Red a thumb's up, wish him the best, and go head home to have a snack with your pokemon before heading out. (Since he needs a little bit of rest. He fainted!)
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:15 No.8210779
    FUCK YEAH RED! Also, I told you we'd go out like the little girl we are.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:16 No.8210784
    Indeed. Sniffle at Red and Gary and tell them that they didn't have to be so mean. Guilt them.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:16 No.8210791
    Get Jack to the motherfucking nearest Pokemon center. We cant' let him stay beat up!
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:17 No.8210802
    No center in pallet town. No pokemon to protect us during travel, GO WITH RED!
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:17 No.8210809

    >nostalgia goggles


    8/10 I raged some
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:19 No.8210846
    Keep in mind, resting in your bed at home heals you.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:20 No.8210877
    Grab Jack and run to your fucking room. Get MOM to make some delicious soup to aid his recovery.
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)18:21 No.8210901
    After a 30 seconds about jack picks himself off the ground rubbing his head and groaning in odd high pitch as you pick him up and hold him. You fish 100$ outt of your 3000$ dollars savings a poutily hand it over.

    Gary's whismurrocks back and forth tryin to get up before it inhales floats for half a second and rights it self before landing. Gary pats it and returns it wordlessly handing ove his mony too and leaving with a casually tossed wave over his shoulder. Red grins and says "Thanks" and departs.

    You go home for a some rest. An Hour or so later your on your front steps again waving bye to your mom. Wut do?
    Beach is south, Route one is north.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:23 No.8210927
    Go north. Fight Brock. Grow stronger. Strong enough to defeat Red, and Gary, and become the queen bitch of Pallet Town. And the world. That too.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:23 No.8210930
    Route 1.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:24 No.8210942
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:24 No.8210949
    This is using HG/SS stuff, so Gust is now Flying type, so north=bad. Head to the beach and fight some Krabbys.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:24 No.8210951
    North, to Route 1. We could root around in the beach for hours and not find anything worthwhile.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:25 No.8210969

    And, who knows, we might find a pearl or some potions.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:25 No.8210974
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)18:26 No.8210986
    I'm changing things up a bit. The 'biomes' of the pokemon world are a little more varied to keep it interesting.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:26 No.8210987
    This, we need to pound some krabbies and crap into the sand to grow stronger.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:26 No.8210994
    Oh shit. A water pokemon will help us a lot against brock. Much more than faggoty bugs. GET A TENTACOOL FOR GREAT JUSTICE. WE CAN HAVE OUR TENTACLES YET!
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:26 No.8210995
    Let's sandbox up this motherfucker. To the beach, since there's sand (And water pokemon) there.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:27 No.8211012
    Indeed! While blazing through Brock with grass attacks'd work too, water'd help level up Other pokemon, and be a good protector against bugs and shit.
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)18:31 No.8211087
    Looks like we're having a beach party!

    As you make your to the beach treecko climbs over EVERYTHING, up walls, over fences, mailboxes, trees, inside hedges, you name it he is on it. He might be quiet but he sure is active.

    When you get to the beach you notice a long thin pier stretching toward the sea. "Hi Sarah!" You peer out and see Red fishing at the very end. The tide has just fallen.

    Wat do?
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:33 No.8211128
    Treecko climb up Red's pants.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:34 No.8211166
    RED! Ask what he's doing.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:35 No.8211174
    Join Red. Have treecko fight everything he catches. Level grind.
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)18:36 No.8211195
         File1266795372.jpg-(35 KB, 512x512, 252.jpg)
    35 KB
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)18:38 No.8211240
    Dr. Hoo buzzes around the air as you get closer. When you ask him what he is doing he replies. "Waiting. If you pay him a man and his Wailord come and take you too cinnabar I don't fancy my chances with Brock soooo..." he lets the idead trail off. "What about you?"
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:39 No.8211247
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:39 No.8211257
    Red. That cheeky bastard. Wave happily then turn to find some good sandcastle turn, grimacing.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:40 No.8211277
    Duh, fish next to him. Show him we're JUST AS GOOD AS HE IS. We have to prove ourselves after losing like that to him!
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)18:42 No.8211308
    That'll need a vote.
    You have no rod.
    But you say your here to catch something before you go.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:42 No.8211326
    Again, walk along the beach. Build a SANDCASTLE. When a Krabby walks by, challenge it. Facepalm when we find out that it's level 20.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:44 No.8211349
    Yes, travel with Red. Double teaman', curb stompan' swimmers. And find a krabby to suck dry of health.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:44 No.8211352
    Yep, ask Red to travel with us.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:45 No.8211368
    We could also go swimming for a bit with Jungle Jack. We might run into a tentacool or one of those dopey seal guys.
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)18:46 No.8211387
    You wish red luck and continue along the beach.

    There is a cliff side to the east and and tide pools to the north. Which do you check?

    A faint cawing is heard from the cliffs.
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)18:47 No.8211412
    RETCON games. new post coming up.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:47 No.8211414
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:47 No.8211415
    See if we can borrow Red's Rod for a bit. If you know what I mean.

    ... The fishing one.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:47 No.8211417
    The tidal pools.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:48 No.8211430
    Tide pools!
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:48 No.8211435
    Well crap, and I wanted to check out the tide pools. Oh well.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:49 No.8211448
    Cliffs might have Seagulls. Tide pools sounds saver though.

    Red don't have to leave so soon, does he? Stompan' krabbies.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:49 No.8211449
    We can get Red to go with us and we can both get watery pokemans!
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)18:49 No.8211453
    You ask Red if he wants come with you. You say the two of you would be unstoppable and it would be fun. He appears to think it over. "I dunno I kinda figured it'd just be me.... " roll 1d100 plus 10.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:49 No.8211463
    rolled 75 = 75

    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:49 No.8211466
    rolled 46 = 46

    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)18:50 No.8211473
    You still can either way this goes. The wailord man ain't gonna be here for a while.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:50 No.8211476
    Fuck year 85
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:51 No.8211491
    Gosh-darned fast anons. Good roll. Tide pools time! Stompan' mudkips?
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)18:51 No.8211502
    You egg him on a little and he says "All right. On one condition: We go to cinnabar first." Accept Red's terms?

    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:52 No.8211508
    rolled 14 = 14

    Tryin' to roll
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:52 No.8211513
    Sure, okay!
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:52 No.8211521
    Fuck yes! But we'll need some time to get some water guys!
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:52 No.8211522
    So the one shitty pokemon quest wasn't enough?
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:52 No.8211528
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:52 No.8211531
    "I've always wanted a magmar. Let's do it!"
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:52 No.8211533
    Sure but we need water pokemon first. lets check out the tidal pools.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:54 No.8211550
    we choice Y
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:54 No.8211568
    Hell yes we'll go, long as we get to catch some water pokemon first. Tidal pools, we go.
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)18:56 No.8211598
    "Woo!" You hug Red briefly. "I'mma check around for some water types I'll need them for Blaine." He nods.

    "I'll send Dr. Hoo for you when our ride gets here."

    In your inventory you have 1 potion, 1 antidote, 5 oran berries 5 pokeballs, and 1 tm 27 return.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)18:58 No.8211637
    Let's go catch us some water pokemon then. TO A TIDAL POOL!!!
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)18:59 No.8211657
    The tide pools are deep recesses of water worn rock. Some extend so far you can't see the bottom the biggest is in the back big enough for a car to fit in and very deep. hundreds of smaller varying pools surround it. roll 1d100 + 25.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:00 No.8211669
    we go to the tidal pool.

    what does tm27 teach?
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:01 No.8211682
    rolled 50 = 50

    C'mon Krabby!
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:01 No.8211688
    rolled 18 + 25 = 43

    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:01 No.8211689
    rolled 80 + 25 = 105

    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:03 No.8211722
    >1 tm 27 return.
    Return. More power the more the pokemon likes the trainer.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:03 No.8211732
    Damnit! We would have got something amazing with the third roll.
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)19:04 No.8211749
    A remoraid, aggravated by you disturbing it home pops out and sprays you in the face roll 1d100 again
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:05 No.8211764
    AWESOME, Octillery learns EVERYTHING awesome. We should catch it.

    Weaken it with Absorb.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:05 No.8211774
    rolled 40 = 40

    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:06 No.8211782
    rolled 3 = 3

    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:06 No.8211788
    Agreed. Catch it!
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:07 No.8211797
    Don't forget, that's actually a 75. I didn't add the +25 into the roll.
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)19:09 No.8211832
    In THAT it's shellder. Re roll that 1d100.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:11 No.8211866
    rolled 54 + 25 = 79

    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)19:13 No.8211896
    Easily catching the shellder before it it jet back into it's hole Jack hurls it toward the sand. The shellder clams (LOL) up.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:13 No.8211898
    rolled 66 = 66

    Rollan 1d100
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:14 No.8211920
    Excellent. It can't attack us now! Absorb its energy!
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:15 No.8211938
    Use Absorb.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:15 No.8211946
         File1266797750.png-(108 KB, 180x389, red-pineapple-express.png)
    108 KB
    >your are now battleing Red
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)19:18 No.8211986
    Holding his arms wide Jungle Jack approaches the opponent. A thin stream of energy run towards each hand and the shellder shudders. After a few second a blast of water sends it flying towards Jack. 1d100 -10 since Jack has too concentrate on keeping absorb going for longer that a quick drain.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:18 No.8211990
    Time for a clam bake. Fetch the sauces!!
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)19:19 No.8212009
    Sooooo definitely has an Exeggutor.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:20 No.8212019
    rolled 29 + 10 = 39

    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:20 No.8212030
    rolled 50 + 10 = 60

    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:20 No.8212035
    Okay, I know I put a minus sigh instead of plus, whatever. So the actual result is 19. Crap.
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)19:22 No.8212069
    Shellder clamps down on Jack's head and sprays water gun point blank. Jack begins flailing about in a panic.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:23 No.8212079
    The script doesn't do subtraction sadly. It just ignores non-numbers and just adds the next number after the XdY to the result.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:23 No.8212092
    rolled 13 = 13

    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:23 No.8212099
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:24 No.8212118
    Huh, that sucks.

    Absorb again! We have the advantage! Don't give in Jack, you'll get those hit points back!
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:27 No.8212168
    So are we planning to kill this Shellder and feed it to Jungle Jack, or capture it?
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:28 No.8212187
    Try and pound the Shellder off Jacks head.
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)19:28 No.8212188
    Jungle jack attempts use an absorb 1d100 -15. need a result over 50.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:28 No.8212192
    Defeat it. We're looking for Octillery, or better.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:29 No.8212215
    rolled 26 = 26

    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:30 No.8212220
    rolled 76 = 76

    Subtract 15.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:30 No.8212229
    Oh come on! 11? Fuck it, we are NOT catching this little bastard. I should have stuck with Remoraid.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:31 No.8212236
    rolled 42 + 15 = 57

    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)19:33 No.8212285
    Jack catches another point blank Water Gun and fails.

    He is however SICK OF THIS SHIT. Lowering his head to the ground puts both feet on the bottom shell and his hands on the top and heaves like a mutha.

    His head pops out and he quickly assume a wide four legged stance. He circles the shellder menacingly and croak/hisses at the shellder. Your move guys.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:34 No.8212305
    rolled 59 = 59

    Overgrow+Stab+Weakness, ABSORB. Better let this be a good roll.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:36 No.8212324
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)19:37 No.8212348
    Jungle Jack Leaps at the shellder landing on top of it. It weakly squirms but the wait of Jack and it own physiology keep it down. Treecko eyes glow as it abosrbs the last of it's strength. Shelleder is down and you have 85 percent health left.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:39 No.8212366
    pokeball the shellderp.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:39 No.8212374
    Catch that bitch.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:39 No.8212376
    rolled 58 = 58

    Rolling for another encounter. Come on Krabby/Remoraid!
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:40 No.8212384
    Clam bake time! To the grill!
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)19:41 No.8212409
    You throw a pokebal at shellder.
    1 shake
    2 shake
    3 shake

    Care to name hi-er HER /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:43 No.8212437
    Call the Shellder Chowdah.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:43 No.8212444

    Dinner. Name her Dinner. Should put the proper fear into her. >)
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:43 No.8212450
    rolled 4 = 4

    Call it Pink.
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)19:45 No.8212486

    Which of the three?
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:45 No.8212491
    Cloister. Since that is what we aspire for her to become.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:45 No.8212493
    we shall call it shellderp.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:46 No.8212508
    Chowdah, as it amuses me.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:46 No.8212509
    I second Chowder.
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)19:47 No.8212517
    I'M rolling a d5 for a random name of these.
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)19:48 No.8212530
    Never mind. looks like Chowder is the winner.
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)19:50 No.8212557
    You turn around smiling as you clip Chowdah to your belt only to come face to face (Or should I say water to face) WITH FUCKING REMORAID. 1d100 +5 Jack is raring to go!
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:51 No.8212578
    God damn it! Its Chowdah! Not Chowder. No sense of humor among the lot of you.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:52 No.8212588
    rolled 78 + 5 = 83

    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:52 No.8212602
    Pound that mother fucker!
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:54 No.8212624
    rolled 90 + 5 = 95

    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:54 No.8212626
    rolled 97 - 10 = 87

    As far as I know, to have minuses in the dice rolling, you have to have the plusses in for the spaces.

    If this doesn't work, I'll delete this post, though, to remove confusion.
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)19:55 No.8212642
    Ducking under the jet of water Jacky-boy lashes his tail out smacking the remoraid a solid hit. He follows this up with a quick jab. The remoraid goes down it's hole... and ops up in another behind him! Jack barely hears you in time to dodge it. The water streams are way bigger than Chowdah's.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:55 No.8212648
    Awesome. Thanks!

    (Though, bad timing with the confusing rolls)
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:56 No.8212662
    rolled 60 = 60

    Quick, Absorb! We'll get that other 15% of our HP back in no time.
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)19:56 No.8212667
    I ALWAYS take the first roll.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)19:58 No.8212691
    Don't screw around with absorb. Stay agile and just take quick jabs at him.
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)19:58 No.8212706
    A very short stream shoots between the two pokemon as remoraid leaps at treecko before landing in another hole. Staying still for a long burst of it isn't going to be an option it looks like.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)20:00 No.8212742
    rolled 95 = 95

    Wait for the next pass and Leer at it to throw it off balance.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)20:01 No.8212762
    Pound and dodge. Keep moving.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)20:01 No.8212763
    Try to use dig. Get yourself out of danger for 1 turn.

    Extra lulz if they use Safeguard.
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)20:05 No.8212823
    Fake lunging at the remoraid to make it retreat Jungle Jack Throws his entire body weight into his tail and strikes behind him. The remoraid slides across the rocky surface, flopping wildly it attempts to go back towards the holes but is a 20 ft away.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)20:07 No.8212881
    What are Johto Pokemon doing in Kanto?
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)20:08 No.8212883
    Pokeball, GO! After a prolonged Absorb to make sure it's weak enough and to replenish Jungle's health.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)20:09 No.8212901

    Pound it.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)20:10 No.8212920
    OP said he's mixing up the Pokemon distribution to keep things more interesting.
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)20:10 No.8212936
    IN this version pokemon live in areas where it make sense for them too live but are rarer outside of their country. Not all pokemon live everywhere though. (For instance there are no Girafirig in Kanto. And No Piplup in Johto.
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)20:14 No.8212995
    Kicking it a back Jack drains it of it's energy. another toss of a pokeball and Bam! The Ball shuts firmly (LOL nat100 on the capture roll).
    What is you Remoraid's name? It's a male.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)20:17 No.8213062
    We have used up all our imagination for today. Therefor his name will be Remmy.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)20:18 No.8213076
    Han. He shot first.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 02/21/10(Sun)20:18 No.8213081
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 02/21/10(Sun)20:20 No.8213098
    all are good
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)20:21 No.8213115
    I'm voting QueQueg. H
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)20:23 No.8213156
    Latch, since romorays in real life latch themselves onto sharks.

    Plus it sounds like a transformer name.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)20:23 No.8213161
    This. It's cute.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)20:25 No.8213183

    Remi instead. After the great Remi Gaillard!
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)20:26 No.8213205
    Never heard of him but I'm okay with that change in spelling.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)20:26 No.8213216
    He's a prankster from France. His videos are hilarious. Just youtube him.
    >> Duskull !!8LCSE0Zp1mL 02/21/10(Sun)20:29 No.8213270
    or we could say it's named after Gambit from x-men and NOT be faggots
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)20:30 No.8213277
    Remi it is.

    You have all your items minus 2 pokeballs
    You Have Jungle jack at full health but low pp on his offensive moves. Your other pokemon are in the red.

    We'll be taking a break here. Come back on tuesday 4 pm american central. The sun is starting to set. You may have time explore a little more/one more battle.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)20:30 No.8213281
    Remi is also Gambit, who makes things explode, like Octillery will. This is acceptable.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)20:31 No.8213296
    rolled 60 = 60

    Awesome, thanks for the ride OP.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)20:32 No.8213306
         File1266802334.png-(41 KB, 480x480, tweetybird_reaction.png)
    41 KB
    >implying naming someone after a comicbook character doesn't make you a faggot
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)20:32 No.8213312

    Werd. Rollan.
    >> Butthurt OP !!rULZqU9u9a5 02/21/10(Sun)20:33 No.8213337
    If you need to contact me use this email.


    I'm going to go eat dinner.

    By guys it was fun.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)20:36 No.8213387
    Clearing out my fields. Don't this trip sticking around after this thread.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)20:38 No.8213426
    Awesome. It's been great OP.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)21:04 No.8213814
    Evolve Remi for tentacle... Now we wait..
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)21:05 No.8213836
    Also why am I always the fucker who has to archive things?
    >> Anonymous 02/21/10(Sun)21:31 No.8214282
    Because you are a better person than the others.

    Saging so this dead thread won't pop back up.

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