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  • File : 1268804526.jpg-(71 KB, 600x800, 1268619267620.jpg)
    71 KB Polymorphed Dragon, part Deux. A different writefag 03/17/10(Wed)01:42 No.8627301  
    So a day or so ago in this thread:


    I promised a continuation to the story I began chronicling the adventures of our dragon-girl and the party whose baleful polymorph spell went horribly awry. Well, I'm back, slightly intoxicated, and ready to finish the story!

    If you want the backstory/the first part, read that archived thread. I'm posting as I write, so bear with me. Here goes...
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)01:43 No.8627312
    You are a perverted sick piece of human shit.
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)01:45 No.8627340
         File1268804730.jpg-(361 KB, 1000x1063, Dragonman Female.jpg)
    361 KB
    Go for it, brotha! fuck them haters and keep writin' it. I laughed my ass off the last time.
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)01:45 No.8627345
    What he said. I owe you a high five you magnificent bastard
    >> A different writefag 03/17/10(Wed)01:45 No.8627351
         File1268804756.jpg-(199 KB, 650x700, 1268627179963.jpg)
    199 KB
    Seventeen years spent in training, from the time he was a boy. Four years in faithful service to his Order. Countless hours of lessons in piety, in just thought and righteous action, in finding evil and cutting it down where it grows foulest and darkest. Three years questing, searching for his personal path to glory. Finally his chance had come—to free a kingdom held captive by terror under the claws of a scaled monstrosity.

    And then—


    —there was this.

    Elias sighed. He had always been taught that Pelor rewarded those who followed the paths he gave them, but as he had his party ran through the city streets, the scaled girl kicking and screaming under his arm, he doubted for the first time—if not His wisdom, then at least His methods.

    "I think we lost them, for now," said Randolf, slowing down as they reached a small square at the end of the alleyway, which was devoid of life at this time of night.

    "We did," answered Alaric, the wizard's raven familiar settling back onto his shoulder. "But they are still looking for us. We must keep moving."

    "Agreed," said Elias.

    "I have legs, you know. I can walk by myself." Salagail, Elder Green Wyrm, the Scourge of the West, glared at Elias from where she was being held over his shoulder.

    "Suit yourself." Elias set her down as gently as he could. After dusting herself off, she stood before him, glaring at his face—not an easy feat, seeing as her forehead barely reached the level of his chin. So she settled with kicking him in the shin.
    >> Tarvus 03/17/10(Wed)01:46 No.8627352
    >You are a perverted sick piece of human shit. I love you and want to have your dragonspawn.

    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)01:46 No.8627359
    >> A different writefag 03/17/10(Wed)01:49 No.8627384

    Elias winced slightly, the impact mostly dissipating through his metal greaves.

    "Are we done?" Galad asked sarcastically.

    "Yes, we are." Elias shot him a glare. "Alright, first of all, we need to get out of town. If we can make it back to the gate where our horses are stabled, we'll be fine."

    He looked back over at Sal. "I know you're not going to like this, but we need you back in your robe. We're going to have to pass the city guards one way or another." He held out a hand towards Randolf to take the robe.


    Randolf scratched his head. "I... thought you had it."
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)01:55 No.8627455
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)02:00 No.8627505
    >> A different writefag 03/17/10(Wed)02:02 No.8627535
    Damn, I'd like to see what you think about the people writing porn....

    Keep your pants on, I'm working as fast as I can.
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)02:02 No.8627546
    Preemptively suggesting temporary tripfag status to curb the inevitable imitator(s).
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)02:04 No.8627565
    im sorry i just read the first part and was excited that they were all there, now i come to this thread and remember how long things like this take ;_;
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)02:05 No.8627578
         File1268805958.jpg-(753 KB, 816x752, Zonoya3.jpg)
    753 KB
    I'll contribute to this.
    >> A different writefag 03/17/10(Wed)02:11 No.8627640

    I realize asking probably won't do any good, but please don't post porn in this thread. I'm not a furry, and I'm not writing porn or weird fetish fuel. I'm trying to write a story, and I happen to have delusions of class and of the inherent dignity of my writing. And posting in a thread full of porn takes away from that (plus it risks my thread's deletion.)

    If you want to look at scaly porn, there are board for that. This thread is for a story, that just so happens to be about a dragon-girl. So posting porn is not "contributing."
    >> A different writefag 03/17/10(Wed)02:13 No.8627655

    "No, I thought..." Elias trailed off. Imploring looks towards the cleric and wizard wielded no results either.

    "...Fine. We'll just have to make a break for it, then." He hefted his pack. "Towards the gate, then. As quietly as we can. We'll keep the the back streets until we get to the gate. Randolf, can you create a diversion by the gate?"

    "Of course."

    "Good. Once the guards are out of the way, we'll rush through... and keep it clean, alright?" he said, shooting a glare at Galad. "These guys are just doing their job. Knock them out if you have to, but don't kill. Or humiliate."

    "Fine, we'll do it your way."

    Sal watched their planning. It still struck her as odd, how these creatures could bicker so much when at leisure but band together so efficiently when under duress.

    "Alright then," said Elias with a nod. "Let's—"

    "Wait, what about me?" Sal interjected, as the team readied to depart.

    "Just stay behind me, alright?" Elias said.

    "What? But I—"

    "We don't know whether their after us, or after you. For now, it's better to assume the worst, and make sure you're well protected. Okay?"

    He readied himself for the verbal onslaught he was sure was to follow, but—

    "...Fine," Sal said, turning away from the paladin. This left him at somewhat of a loss, which he hurriedly brushed out of his mind.

    "Er, right then. Let's move out."
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)02:20 No.8627729
         File1268806827.jpg-(240 KB, 640x832, 1261384865542.jpg)
    240 KB
    Cool with me. I'll see if I have any good dragon girl images or anything else that pertains to the story.
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)02:23 No.8627763
    and i shall sit here and hit f5 repetitively until more comes up!

    alright 5 4 3 2 1 GO TEAM GO!
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)02:23 No.8627764
    1200 year old tsundere loli dragon girl.

    Rock on.
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)02:41 No.8627971
    is op dead?
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)02:44 No.8628019
         File1268808276.png-(94 KB, 300x600, 1244416715.ries_ries27ac.png)
    94 KB
    A grown up one.
    >> A different writefag 03/17/10(Wed)02:45 No.8628026

    "Just the city guards, huh?"

    The party crouched behind a cart at the end of the alleyway, peering out at the long rectangular square that led up to the gate. In front of the now-barred gateway stood a contingent of armored men, armed with spears and swords, a similar, less-armored group atop the gate carrying bows at the ready. Most definitely not "just city guards." These were trained soldiers.

    "...So, new plan then?" whispered Galad.

    Elias just stared. None of this made any sense—or rather, it was starting to make sense in a way that he hadn't expected, or wanted, it to.

    "Enough of this," he said, finally. "We shouldn't have to sneak around like this."


    "Alaric, stay with Sal. You two, come with me."

    And without waiting for a reply he stood and strode out into the square. The other two, shocked, followed in his wake.

    The guards called out as they reached them. "Halt!"

    "What is the meaning of this?" Elias asked, keeping his voice level.

    "Orders," said the headmost of the knights. A middle-aged man, barely in proper shape to wear his armor. Obviously a career officer. "There are traitors to the kingdom in the city. We're supposed to stop them from getting out."
    >> A different writefag 03/17/10(Wed)02:46 No.8628044

    "Traitors to the kingdom?" Elias put all the righteous indignation he could into his voice and pointed at the seal which adorned his breastplate. "Do you see this seal?"

    "Yes. What of it?"

    "It means my Order has an agreement with your king for freedom of travel in these borders. It means that I don't answer to you. It means that you have to left my companions and I through the gate."

    "Funny, that," said the officer. "Because we was told to watch fer a guy with a seal like that."

    "Were you now." Elias felt lightheaded. But he was in too deep to go back now.

    "Yea. And an elf, and... two other guys," he said, eyeing the two behind him. "And..." he reached behind his breastplate and pulled out a small tarnished square of parchment "a fowle ande hideouse scaled beaste." He scratched his head. "Never seen one'a them before, but I guess I'd know it when I saw it, eh?"
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)02:47 No.8628047
    finally my finger hurts from pressin f5 so much
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)02:49 No.8628075

    I sense that there is some dickpunching in the king's future.
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)02:51 No.8628100
    truth be told i was expecting some loli sex....
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)02:54 No.8628141
    moar story and moar pics
    >> shitty writefag 03/17/10(Wed)02:57 No.8628193
    so then the paladin guy was liek "we're not traitators"

    so the guard man said "oh ok then you can go just dont be trying to sneak out dragon people or anything thats a FUKKEN XENOOOOOOOOOOS past the gate.

    paladin man said OK so his buddies walked by and threw the dragon child lady bitch over the wall dressed as a salad so they could noticed that she wasnt a salad girl.
    and then everyone was outside the city except the bard guy because he was a fagget and tripped over a pickle and died. so everyone was happy and ate cake.
    >> A different writefag 03/17/10(Wed)02:59 No.8628216
    We'll you ain't getting it here, sorry.

    Damn man, you should get a book deal or something. That shit is gold.
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)03:00 No.8628224
    just killing time and keeping this thread bumped until you get your shit posted
    >> A different writefag 03/17/10(Wed)03:01 No.8628232
    "We'll"? Really? I just did that?

    I might be nearing the end of storytime for tonight. If I'm too tired/drunk to catch that, something's wrong with me.
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)03:01 No.8628233

    I loved that other thread! Lemme read what's going on...
    >> shitty writefag 03/17/10(Wed)03:06 No.8628302

    then ill finish mine:

    so after they had cake the cleric guy who revealed his real name was joe in chapter negative twelve died from choking but no one cared because he was black so they moved on into places.

    wizard elf guy who was a knight said "walking is taking to long and is slow so i shall think with portals so we can get to new castle so we can get a quest so we can get gold so we can be famous so we can get bitches." so then the wizard shot a portal into the ground at his feet then shot another one at castle which was WAY FAR AWAY! but secretly an evil gnome troll dwarf put a mirror on the wall so the portal shot back and hit the wizard in the chest and because the portal was in his chest and his feet he was sucked inside out and died.

    so then the wizard was dead so the magic on dragon girl was gone so she turned back to normall then sat on the paladin guy who went straight up her pooty anus and suffocated. and died

    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)03:07 No.8628308
         File1268809644.png-(833 KB, 971x1022, 1239847341918.png)
    833 KB
    another grown one
    >> Original thread's OP 03/17/10(Wed)03:08 No.8628319
    I have created a monster.

    And I love every moment of it.
    >> A different writefag 03/17/10(Wed)03:08 No.8628322

    "What the hell is he doing?"

    Sal watched impatiently from behind the cart as Elias strode up to the Captain. To the enemy! And he was just going to go talk to him? What was he trying to do?

    She thought back as far as she could. It had been years, nay, a century since the last time she had had close contact with any other races. Even then, she had never been THIS close before. She was ancient, and wise, and, well, (she corrected herself) at least formerly powerful, but yet the more time she spent with these lesser creatures the more they confused her.

    He could be killed!

    She wasn't sure what was worse: the thought of that happening, or the fact that it suddenly seemed to matter to her.
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)03:09 No.8628345
    >went up her pooty anus
    >pooty anus

    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)03:17 No.8628451
         File1268810256.jpg-(499 KB, 905x885, Flare.jpg)
    499 KB

    Us that anthro flare?
    >> Original thread's OP 03/17/10(Wed)03:33 No.8628696
         File1268811222.jpg-(278 KB, 700x1000, cebc434fd17583a60d47d663398604(...).jpg)
    278 KB
    Still waiting more of this. Also someone had asked in last thread for an artist it's "ryujin senpai" who does these cute dragon/lizard girls. Though his style is as varied as hell.
    >> A different writefag 03/17/10(Wed)03:44 No.8628868
    Sorry all, but I'm done for the night. Almost four am+too much red wine=My brain no think so good no more.

    I'll finish more tomorrow, this thread will probably still be around thanks to new 15 page /tg/, if not I'll just start a new one.

    Night /tg/. Thanks for listening to a humble writefag's story, I hope you all come back for the next installment!
    >> Original thread's OP 03/17/10(Wed)03:46 No.8628897
    Fair enough.
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)04:00 No.8629083
    Sounds good.

    Also waiting for at least one member of the party getting temporarily polymorphed into a woman, mainly to avoid awkward questions about why four heavily-armed men are carrying around what looks like a barely-dressed prepubescent girl.

    Right now, it might look a little shady. Change one guy to a girl, though, and it changes from "traveling pedophiles and their loli slave" to "crazy adventurers, what'll they think up next?"

    Also, the reactions of any of the party members to doing this would be hilarious. The cleric is probably only going to be allowed to do it once, given the hedonism thing; the bard is going to bitch like nobody's business while simultaneously behaving like an actual woman instead of a dude in a girl's body (high Charisma and Disguise skill combined with professional pride); the wizard would turn himself into a sheep by mistake; and the paladin would just suffer through the whole thing while trying to figure out if he pissed Pelor off in a previous life.
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)04:10 No.8629213
    I just had the mental image of the wizard polymorphed into a sheep, the dragon-girl riding in a cart hitched to him, the bard and cleric arguing over who makes a better woman (either both of them polymorphed, or both of them disguised, or one of them polymorphed and the other disguised; all three would work), and the paladin walking behind the whole assembly while trying to hold some tatters of his dignity and stoicism together.
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)04:13 No.8629244
         File1268813586.jpg-(17 KB, 405x289, kyon_facepalm.jpg)
    17 KB
    I'm imagining the paladin looking like kyon now.
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)04:23 No.8629378
    >> Witness1 !FbA1rz4uFY 03/17/10(Wed)04:28 No.8629430
         File1268814537.jpg-(157 KB, 461x600, 131f500d064340297ecd270cffc7c5(...).jpg)
    157 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)04:38 No.8629539
    I can't believe I didn't think of that, because that's EXACTLY what it would be like. The Paladin is the Only Sane Man. Well, okay, the dragon-girl might count too, except that she doesn't want to be bothered most of the time.
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)05:01 No.8629714
    Spiffy stuff. Pity the other story from the original thread hasn't been continued as far as I've seen, that one was amusing too.

    Can't wait to get off work and get drunk as a fucking Irishman too.
    >> Princess Angelique Dominique 03/17/10(Wed)05:42 No.8630037
    Actually, I think Ryujin-sempai is the dragon girl's name, not the name of any artist.
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)05:48 No.8630086
    That would make sense, given Ryujin would roughly translate to Dragon-Person, and sempai would be appropriate given his(her?) age.
    >> Princess Angelique Dominique 03/17/10(Wed)05:54 No.8630145
    Her, obviously.
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)07:09 No.8630768
         File1268824174.jpg-(36 KB, 640x480, 1266813679112.jpg)
    36 KB
    Many thanks, sir.
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)09:12 No.8631830
    ....please don't.

    Flare is stupid, and the fact that you are a flarefag makes you even mroe stupid.
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)14:52 No.8634636
    Bump for whenever different gets back.
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)17:40 No.8636297
    Keep this thing alive!
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)19:58 No.8638034
    Staying alive, staying alive.
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)20:59 No.8638499
    Wow, that's a pretty long bump
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)21:05 No.8638596
    The OP promised more in the near future. I wish he would follow up...
    >> Anonymous 03/18/10(Thu)00:13 No.8639610
    This... must... LIVE!
    >> Anonymous 03/18/10(Thu)01:13 No.8640412
    If he has consistent times, give it another hour or so.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/10(Thu)01:15 No.8640436
    For krondor, it shall breath!
    >> Anonymous 03/18/10(Thu)02:03 No.8641013
    This thread is going to start autosaging before storytime starts at this rate...
    >> Anonymous 03/18/10(Thu)02:17 No.8641155
    It's not even close yet.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/10(Thu)02:47 No.8641573
    This is a story all about how
    My Adventure got flipped-turned upside down
    And i liked to take a minute
    And sit right there
    And tell you how I became the loli-dragon Salagail

    In a big ass born and raised
    On top of my hoard was where i spent most of my days
    Chillin out maxin breathing fire all cool
    And all shootin some F-ball outside of the Hall
    When a couple of guys
    Who were up to no good
    Startin makin trouble in my Breedinghood
    I got in one lil fight and there wizard got scared
    >> Anonymous 03/18/10(Thu)03:14 No.8642014
    i need more!
    >> Anonymous 03/18/10(Thu)06:59 No.8644218
    Guess it wasn't meant to be...
    >> Anonymous 03/18/10(Thu)07:01 No.8644232
         File1268910072.jpg-(70 KB, 291x314, shirou cries.jpg)
    70 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/18/10(Thu)07:23 No.8644407
    Well, misplaced optimism tells me he might post tomorrow, at least.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/10(Thu)11:53 No.8646913
         File1268927621.jpg-(381 KB, 800x600, 1223683828417.jpg)
    381 KB
    I woke up today with hope. Now I have none.

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