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  • File : 1269806225.png-(267 KB, 393x659, Giantess_color2.png)
    267 KB A Frost Giant is Thee ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)15:57 No.8839638  
    rolled 1, 6, 5 = 12

    Your name is Maya Terrasdottir. You are a Frost Giant, a citizen of Dreamwood and a defender of the realm, back from the dead. You are moving toward the capitol, hoping to acquire a title of nobility.

    #32: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/8549748
    #33: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/8584677
    #34: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/8666502
    #35: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/8706196
    #36: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/8801449
    #37: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/8820012
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)15:59 No.8839672
         File1269806368.png-(58 KB, 580x612, BorderMap1.png)
    58 KB
    rolled 3, 6, 2 = 11


    It is early morning. You are standing in front of the main door of Count Dorien's mansion, contemplating. The old man is attempting to negotiate with the heads of the most profitable mines, and is having a difficult time dealing with the stress. Since he refuses to delegate any of his responsibilities, despite being 82 and in declining health, there is a slight problem. Frankly, though, you don't know if you would be able to help, unless you need to rough someone up or freeze them solid.

    Your resident diplomat might be able to do something, but you do need to get moving, and if you try to solve every problem you're presented with, you'll never make it to the capitol. If the city has lasted this long on its own, it can keep going without your assistance. Would be nice to see if you can get a noble on your side, though.


    (O) Acquire sturdy crossbows for some or all of the escort soldiers.

    (O) Continue to next point of interest.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)16:06 No.8839779
         File1269806791.jpg-(121 KB, 1000x1053, Overmap1.jpg)
    121 KB
    rolled 6, 6, 1 = 13

    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:07 No.8839798
    FUCK YEAR, SubDM, always on time :D

    We just had MEGA AWESOME LORD QUEST YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE! You HAVE to check it out later.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:08 No.8839816
    I think we came to conclusion last time that we shouldn't meddle with this problem. I think it's time to move on
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:08 No.8839818
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)16:09 No.8839822
    rolled 5, 4, 5 = 14

    I noticed. I'll have to read it when I get the chance.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:09 No.8839831
    Ah yes, first we got to get some high quality crossbows for our squad ( multiple shots before reloading would be sweet )
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)16:09 No.8839833
    rolled 6, 6, 6 = 18

    As you wish. Shall we proceed to the arms district for crossbows?
    >> Researcher Sam 03/28/10(Sun)16:11 No.8839851
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:12 No.8839870
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:15 No.8839907
    We should get discount for bulk order + Bem's haggling
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)16:20 No.8839991
    rolled 6, 6, 1 = 13

    You depart the mansion, telling the servant that you hope the Count feels better. He tells you that the Count will be informed that you called.

    With all of your companions around you, you journey the short distance to the arms district, where great volumes of black smoke pour into the sky at all hours. Here, the factories of Merdis churn out weapons of all kinds for the local garrisons. Hopefully, you'll find some good deals here.

    Bem points out the most promising shop, a wide, soot-encrusted storefront emblazoned with the title 'Gurson and Son' in tarnished brass. The diplomat ducks inside the low doorway, exchanges a few words with the shopkeep, and returns with his report.

    The elder has about 2600 crowns, enough to buy a light crossbow and twelve bolts for each of the eight soldiers and the sergeant. However, that would leave you without much money for anything else, so you would have to exchange one of the gems if you saw something else you wanted further down the road.

    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:23 No.8840040
    Haggle. Exchange a gem for future use (also haggle for it)
    >> Researcher Sam 03/28/10(Sun)16:25 No.8840063
    And that's with his crazy bluff skill? Wow. Damnit, the army should provide these things to soldiers! Ah well. Sure, buy them. I doubt we'll be getting into any fights, especially ones that require crossbows, but better safe than sorry.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:25 No.8840071
    Buy crossbows but get more bolts like 24 for each
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)16:27 No.8840087
    rolled 2, 2, 5 = 9

    Roll 1d20 for haggle on crossbows. Failure on four or less. Depending on the roll, it might cost more or less than Bem's estimate.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:29 No.8840147
    rolled 14 = 14


    Ha, I get always bad rolls ... hope not this time
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:32 No.8840181
    rolled 17 = 17

    not this time :D
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:34 No.8840230
    Bulk order should get us extra discount
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:38 No.8840310
    Alright, upgrade the minions! Just remember they can't carry an unlimited amount.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:40 No.8840363
    SubDM, I don't want to come out as a jerk but could you take take actions a bit faster. Previous threads it sometimes took you 20 minutes to respond (not counting when you left)

    Since fewer people participate lately, we don't get much traffic here.
    Fast paced action is better and we will get shit done faster.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)16:41 No.8840379
    rolled 3, 2, 1 = 6

    It's not that big an order. These people are used to supplying several dozen squads at a time.

    Bem heads back inside, and is shown a selection of various mass-produced crossbows of differing styles. You watch through the window as he picks the version closest to what you want, and begins to discuss the price with the shopkeep.


    The man doesn't seem to have much interest in arguing this early in the morning. He ventures into the back for a bit, and returns with three other men carrying rather large crates. Bem motions for Kel to come in and help him, and a minute later, you have your bows.

    A rugged, reinforced crossbow for each of the nine soldiers, with a whopping 16 bolts for each, except the sergeant's, which has 22. Unfortunately, none of them are of as advanced a design as yours, but they did come with quivers and carrying straps. Bem and Kel distribute them, with the hunter watching with amusement while the escorts look them over.

    “This is entirely out of the ordinary,” says the sergeant. “I doubt that these will be of much use to us in a stand-up fight.” Then, after a moment of thought: “Thank you, though. It was very kind of you.”

    You're down to 13 crowns. To the jewelers?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)16:42 No.8840412
    rolled 6, 3, 4 = 13

    No problem. I'll sacrifice detail for speed.

    Roll 1d20 for haggle on gem. (Assuming you only want to exchange one)
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:44 No.8840449
    Yes, we must convert gems to money.

    Also, to keep the suggestion in previous thread: remember to have Kel regularly train your escort woth x-bows
    >> Researcher Sam 03/28/10(Sun)16:44 No.8840465
    Hmmm... I say we wait until we get to the next town. If there's something we need to buy there, we can sell a gem. Besides, a mining town like this will have an abundance of gems and precious metals; our gem's worth will be diminished should we sell them now. A town without such commodities, however, might pay more for them.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)16:45 No.8840470
    rolled 3, 6, 2 = 11

    Got it. Kel will be training them during travel (even if I don't mention it all the time).
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:45 No.8840480
    >“I doubt that these will be of much use to us in a stand-up fight.”

    Options, my man. Options.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)16:46 No.8840497
    rolled 5, 2, 4 = 11

    The next point of interest is Elay, a small hub town. It's on your 'mail list', and you have a letter to deliver there. Eighteen days away, though the route will take you by several other towns. Confirm?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:47 No.8840515
    rolled 3 = 3

    Or post in small pieces, I'm always sad when after 5 minutes I press refresh and there are no new posts (from players or from you)
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)16:48 No.8840535
    rolled 5, 6, 2 = 13

    "Options indeed."

    Even if they can only get one shot off before pulling out their swords, if they're good enough (or lucky enough), that could make all the difference.

    I'll do my best.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:48 No.8840538
    Lordy that's a long trip. Do we have a goal, or are we just on tour?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:48 No.8840547
    rolled 13 = 13


    now that we got bad deal doesn't mean we have to take it. Let's go with Sam's idea, it's smarter
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:50 No.8840577
    Will a small town jeweler have enough money to pay for a valuable gem?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)16:50 No.8840578
    rolled 6, 4, 1 = 11

    Your goal is the capitol. If you travel straight there, it will take you 56 days to reach it. You have some mail to deliver on the way, though.

    Right then. Skipping to Elay.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:50 No.8840583

    And there are 8 of them, so 8 shots before close combat is pretty awesome imo
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:52 No.8840608
    It's doubtful that a small town will have anything of much use for us, even this huge city didn't have much awesome personal equipment except that amulet.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)16:52 No.8840610
    rolled 1, 2, 2 = 5

    For at least one of them, probably. It's not guaranteed, but you do have other options.

    Nine, including Sergeant Siskiv.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:52 No.8840631
    Jumpin' Jimminies... What's at the Capitol that's so important for two months of giant-walkin'?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)16:52 No.8840632
    rolled 4, 5, 1 = 10

    I should remind you that you haven't looked the whole city over. Most of your time was spent training with the alchemists, and you only visited two temples out of a few dozen.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:54 No.8840670

    we could have a whole setting in this town. I think it's time to move on, I'm sure many interesting stuff await us on our journey
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)16:54 No.8840676
    rolled 6, 1, 5 = 12

    The Lord of Perin, who you must have an audience with to acquire the noble title you so desperately want. That, and the Conclave, as well as the main center of Intelligence. Both places you might want to check out, considering the demon business. In Intelligence, you could see if you could find Ceril's father and have a little chat with him.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:56 No.8840723
    Well, as long as there's no expiry dates on anything, or due dates/cut-off deadlines, let's enjoy ourselves. Take a stop at each town looking for the interesting, unique, and things we didn't know we needed until we saw it just then and there for a limited time offer.

    in b4 slap-chop.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:58 No.8840752

    And ADVENTURE!, also we can see and understand the world better now. This very diversified town has shown us that being a Frost Giant among humans is not that extra-ordinary, I was thinking people would be in awe / scared by our presence.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)16:58 No.8840770

    Yeah, we can take our time. Not in a hurry or anything
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)17:01 No.8840834
    rolled 4, 6, 6 = 16

    There are at least three towns you can visit on the way without going too far off the path. Are you sure you want to enter each one? Timeskip to Elay has already been written.

    That was Merdis, a city that hosts several races other than humans. It might have been visited by giants before as well. Not all population centers are like that, considering occurrences near Grennet. And Fairnest.
    >> Researcher Sam 03/28/10(Sun)17:02 No.8840860
    Yes, but remember that the soldiers are on duty for as long as they are with us. We might not be in a hurry, but I don't think we should stay more than 2 days in any one town, barring unforeseen circumstances.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)17:03 No.8840882
    >That was Merdis, a city that hosts several races other than humans. It might have been visited by giants before as well. Not all population centers are like that, considering occurrences near Grennet. And Fairnest.

    But still, I was pleasantly surprised.

    Don't forget our training regime during the travels + contemplating newfound knowledge about Alchemy and Healing
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)17:03 No.8840887
    Ah well. Onward and Upward. Elay! Can we buy Oil of Elay there?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)17:07 No.8840982
    rolled 2, 5, 1 = 8

    It's been five days. The traffic has thinned out, now that you're a bit farther from the city, and you've come to the next place on your route, a tiny farming village called Maveren. It's quite a bit more populous than Dreamwood, according to Siskiv.

    Low stone walls surround the town, extending into squat, wide-based towers near the main gates. There are a few reddish-brown stains on the outer edges, faded with age.

    There are a few guards on the tops of the walls, watching you. They don't have their weapons raised, thankfully. On to the market?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)17:08 No.8841008
    rolled 6, 5, 4 = 15

    Training and magic practice will continue as normal.

    The skip to Elay will be postponed until you've exhausted your curiosity in the towns before.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)17:10 No.8841069
    Yes, let's look around.
    Let soldiers have a decent meal in an inn.
    Let Bem loose to gather info.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)17:13 No.8841130
    >Let soldiers have a decent meal in an inn.
    Good call!
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)17:14 No.8841153
    Also, inspect how the town is generally faring... Like how do their building look, do they have enough crops , etc ..
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)17:17 No.8841220
    rolled 2, 2, 3 = 7

    You head in, passing through the wide-open iron gates. The guards make no move to stop you, and they return their gazes to the outside world after you move into the town. There aren't many people about, and most of them don't give you more than an odd glance before continuing on their way. Perhaps that's because it's evening already.

    On your advice, Bem heads off to see if there is anything of interest in this place. There is an inviting-looking inn directly in front of you, next to a government office of some sort. You reason that the soldiers could use some rest and relaxation, and say as much.

    Siskiv insists that at least four men remain with you at all times, and that you yourself not stray far from the inn.

    At first glance, this doesn't seem like a very interesting place, but you never know. From where you are, you can see several shops, among them a blacksmith, a 'general store', a dilapidated wizard's store, and two whose signs are too dirty to make out at this distance. Everything else you can see is residential.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)17:17 No.8841234
    introduce ourself to elders, talk with them a bit
    >> Researcher Sam 03/28/10(Sun)17:18 No.8841258
    Alright, 2 hour shifts. That way everyone gets some time in the inn.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)17:19 No.8841277
    Maya s well take a peek in each.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)17:20 No.8841294
    rolled 5, 4, 6 = 15

    The town is a dreary, depressing-looking place, except for the inn and the office. Most of it has seen better days, and some of the houses look like they would collapse if you touched them. The citizens seem... downtrodden, and the guards are none too happy either. The fields outside have recently seen their last harvest for the season, you think.

    You don't know where they are. Do you want to send Kel to look around as well, or ask one of the citizens?

    2 hours for each man, or 2 hours for a group of four?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)17:21 No.8841309
    >Siskiv insists that at least four men remain with you at all times, and that you yourself not stray far from the inn.

    Oh man, at least let them rotate after few hours...

    Let's check out magic store ... you never know what you can find in an old magic store ( our village elder magician had so much magic artifact for us, remember? .... what happened to that talking skull of his anyway? Must not forget about him when we get back)
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)17:22 No.8841351
    Yes, send someone to bring us the Elder.

    2 hours for group
    >> Researcher Sam 03/28/10(Sun)17:23 No.8841381
    The latter. Each group of 4 gets 2 hours.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)17:28 No.8841498
    rolled 3, 5, 4 = 12

    Everything but the wizarding shop and the general store looks closed. You send Kel toward those first, since you'll be stuck by the inn for the next four hours. You ask that he also try to find out where the town elders are.

    Your apprentice returns with a wealth of information. The general store contains nearly every item a traveler could need, for rather exorbitant prices. The wizarding shop, staffed by a young man with an iron right hand, sells a variety of potions and magical items, as well as books from various disciplines, including alchemy. The elders, according to him, are all in the inn, for their weekly game of dice.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)17:31 No.8841577
    rolled 3, 1, 5 = 9

    Bem returns soon after, completing a quick run around the town square. Most of the shops are closed for the night, but there is an armorer's still open around the bend. No jewelers to be seen, though. He's talked to a few people, confirming that the elders are in the inn, and that the harvest recently has been somewhat under par, and the sun hasn't peeked through the heavy clouds for a solid month. Odd, you think, considering that wonderful blue sky lingering over Merdis.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)17:32 No.8841593
    I don't think we need any traveler equipment, right?

    >young man with an iron right hand
    >including alchemy

    Damn, That's Edward from Full Metal Alchemist, right?

    Let's go there and see what magical artifacts he has to offer, also we should see if that book is useful
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)17:32 No.8841598
    >for their weekly game of dice.
    >game of dice.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)17:34 No.8841636

    Well damn, it's too bad we don't have the guy trained in luck. Beating the Elders at their own dice game might get us a favor.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)17:35 No.8841674

    I suspect foul powers
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)17:36 No.8841688
    rolled 6, 3, 4 = 13

    There is nothing you have need of at the moment. You will be here at the inn for the next three and a half hours, unless you recall the soldiers within so you can go over to the shop. By the time they've all gotten their fill, the shop will probably be closed. You can always send Bem or Kel back, though.

    Perhaps it might, but it would be difficult to play their game, since your hands are so enormous and you can't fit inside the inn anyway.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)17:38 No.8841735
    rolled 3, 6, 4 = 13

    I suppose I should add that you can have Bem scout them out, and see if he knows/can learn the rules. He's not much of a gambler, but he's fairly 'good' at games of chance.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)17:38 No.8841753
    We have 4 guys around us, right?

    Let's go, we're inside the town anyway, it's not like anything will happen
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)17:39 No.8841768

    Oh no, forget that. If they play weekly, I doubt even Bem could outsmart them. Now, if it were Poker or something like that, I'd give him a chance with his ridiculous-good bluffing ability.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)17:40 No.8841787

    "Outsmart" wasn't exactly what I meant there.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)17:42 No.8841834
    rolled 5, 5, 1 = 11

    The sergeant will not allow that. If you want to go to the shop, he'll drag his men out of the inn, if need be, but you're going to have your full escort. Them's the rules.

    The game, from what's been gathered, involves cards, but it does not resemble anything you've heard of. It seems to be a variant of a game played in the army, though. That much Bem and the soldiers can agree on.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)17:44 No.8841873
    >The sergeant will not allow that. If you want to go to the shop, he'll drag his men out of the inn, if need be, but you're going to have your full escort. Them's the rules.

    "But daaaaaaaaaad"

    Alright, we can do this next day anyway or send Bem. I want our soldiers to relax first.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)17:48 No.8841961
    rolled 1, 1, 1 = 3

    Alrighty then. With what you currently have, you can afford a short, inexpensive book. Anything more, and you'll need to find someone who can exchange a gem for hard currency. The soldiers, incidentally, are having their fun time on Siskiv's pocket money, which Ceril gave him for 'recreational expenses'. That sergeant's an odd one.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)17:51 No.8842024
    Let Bem look around if we can exchange one of our cheapest gems for a reasonable price.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)17:55 No.8842100
    Also, maybe we should request audience with elders or should we wait till they're done?
    I think they would have gotten the news already that we arrived here ...
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)17:57 No.8842137

    I like this idea. Hanging outside (we need rest too, we only died and were resurrected a couple weeks (?) ago) waiting for the elders to finish up so we can at least introduce ourselves is good.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)17:57 No.8842151
    rolled 4, 5, 5 = 14

    There is not a jeweler in sight, and this is a poor farming town, not at all like Fain or Grennet up North. When Bem posed the exchange question to the shopkeep in the general store, he was met with laughter, followed by "Not unless you take storefronts, old man."

    They are aware of your presence. They don't care in the slightest, despite your 'Big Damn Hero' status, as far as propaganda goes. Otherwise, they would make at least a token attempt to see what you're doing here. You can always wait till they finish their game, and see if they'll talk to you.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)18:01 No.8842213

    Seems like we aren't going to get a whole lot done here. I'd vote to at stay until daytime and get on with the journey to the Capitol.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)18:01 No.8842215
    Oh well, then we'll see if that alchemy books has anything worth knowing ...

    Hmm... Why wouldn't elders in a small town care when something obviously important happens? ... We should ask around town about them and life in general ..
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)18:05 No.8842304
    rolled 4, 4, 2 = 10

    Acknowledged. You'll stay for the night and then get moving.

    There are a few copies of books you already have, some basic manuals, and one or two tomes on the subject of transmutation. Bem could get either of the latter for you, but he assumes (correctly) that you're past the stage where beginner manuals would be a great help.

    Your two scouts will gather further information while you decide if you want either of those books.
    >> Researcher Sam 03/28/10(Sun)18:08 No.8842358
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)18:09 No.8842387
    So we don't need any of the books?

    Don't forget our letter business ..
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)18:12 No.8842434
    rolled 3, 1, 2 = 6

    This place is suffused with indifference. The few people Kel and Bem find to talk to don't seem to care much for visitors, or for speaking to them. The guards don't say any more than variations of 'Move along, please.' Still, at least some information can be coaxed out of the citizens.

    The town has a population of about four hundred. Now that winter is coming, what little traffic they had is falling off. There really isn't much to do here, besides plow, plant, harvest, and pay taxes. The presence of the 'regional office' doesn't help matters much. All in all, the people here really just don't care much anymore.

    You could use either of the tomes, but they're not necessary for progress. The letter is destined for Elay.

    Skip to morning?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)18:15 No.8842492

    Let's look for something suspicious...
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)18:16 No.8842512
    rolled 3, 2, 5 = 10

    Could you be more specific?
    >> Researcher Sam 03/28/10(Sun)18:18 No.8842559
    Yes, skip. And I'd prefer it if we could just skip all the way to Elay.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)18:18 No.8842566
    Not really... uhhh
    I think there's something off here, something unnatural... People shouldn't be so uncaring and the thing with the clouds bothers me ...
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)18:22 No.8842657
    rolled 3, 6, 3 = 12


    You don't sense anything... evil, I suppose. Practically everything could seem suspicious in the right context, but there's no way to know what's relevant. Nothing stands out to you. You can put a call in to Ilian and see if he can tell you anything, if you want.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)18:24 No.8842681
    Can't be any harm in talking to llian
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)18:24 No.8842694
    Let's call to Ilian and if he says it's nothing let's get on with the journey
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)18:30 No.8842802
    rolled 3, 2, 6 = 11

    The familiar incantation flows from your lips, and the soft point of light in your mind expands into the face of Ilian. You exchange pleasantries, and then ask him for information about this place, and whether or not there's anything strange or suspicious to him about it.

    He responds in the negative, saying that he has no contact with anyone here, but it just seems like any dull, rained-on small town. Some of his associates know people here, though, and there's always been something vaguely different about their attitudes. They just seem generally less happy than other people.

    Expect around a 30-minute delay around 20:00. Ready to go?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)18:35 No.8842883
    still there's something wrong there

    but let's get on with our journey anyway
    >> Researcher Sam 03/28/10(Sun)18:36 No.8842911
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)18:36 No.8842915
    rolled 1, 6, 6 = 13

    Morning comes. The soldiers appreciated the R&R, resuming their regular duties with smiles on their faces. The dawn sun is still trapped behind the perpetual cloud cover, and there's a light drizzle, but you're in fine spirits nonetheless. Time to get on with your journey.

    The next two towns are also farm-heavy, but are larger and more likely to have jewelers. Elay, being a hub town, will almost certainly have one or two. Destination?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)18:37 No.8842934
    Lets get to Elay. Too many tiny towns.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)18:39 No.8842966
    >> Researcher Sam 03/28/10(Sun)18:40 No.8842985
    Do this.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)18:41 No.8843002
    rolled 1, 2, 4 = 7

    It's been fourteen days. It's been getting colder, but considering that it's the end of autumn, that's to be expected. Your companions have bundled up, but the weather doesn't bother you in the slightest, as usual. Up ahead is the hub town of Elay, a small, quaint place that reminds you of home. You have been entrusted with a single letter to deliver, to one of the town guards.

    Unlike in Merdis, there is no constant stream of tourists and businessmen here. In fact, there isn't much activity at all. As you move forward, you feel the biting Northern wind as nothing more than a cool summer breeze, shielding Bem and Kel with your great armored form.

    According to local signage, the central guard station is to your right, with the market in the opposite direction. There is indeed at least one jeweler's shop, according to your formidable eyes, and Bem is well prepared for haggling. Orders?
    >> Researcher Sam 03/28/10(Sun)18:42 No.8843012
    To the Jeweler!
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)18:42 No.8843019
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)18:44 No.8843041

    Deliver the letter!
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)18:45 No.8843061

    Then we have to look around, gather info, etc ,etc

    Maybe meet with elders who are not unmotivated
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)18:47 No.8843086
    Maybe we could get some random encounters along the way, huh?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)18:47 No.8843100
    I mean during the journey, not in the town
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)18:48 No.8843109
    rolled 2, 1, 5 = 8

    And left you go. Here, as in Merdis, there are other races present, but the streets are not nearly as crowded. You get looks, especially from children, but you're alright with that, as long as no one's obviously terrified of you. The market section is tiny compared to the one in the city, but still contains all the staples of the plaza. Bem heads for the jeweler with one of the gems, goes inside, and comes back with a quote. What you'll get is about 90% of the value you were previously given, unless your diplomat works his magic as usual.

    1d20 for haggling, please. Failure on four or less.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)18:49 No.8843121
    rolled 20 = 20


    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)18:49 No.8843130

    First roll for me during the campaign and it's a natural 20 at one of the least important times. Fuck.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)18:50 No.8843140
    >Local jeweler bankrupted!
    >> Researcher Sam 03/28/10(Sun)18:50 No.8843157
    It's glorious....
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)18:55 No.8843219
    rolled 5, 1, 1 = 7

    Bem goes back in, cracking his knuckles. You have a feeling this is going to be a good day.


    Clearly, the merits of that particular gem were understated. As it turns out, the jeweler has only one competitor as well, on the other side of town. It only takes Bem one mention of 'taking his business elsewhere' to get the ball rolling. He comes back with a wide grin and a sizable bag of money, adding up to full price for the jewel plus a third more on top. If you can pull that a few more times, you could have your escorts gold-plated.

    Letter delivery time, I assume?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)18:57 No.8843260

    Yes, deliver letter.

    (DM, I assume that Bem is teaching us his persuasion techniques, right? I suggested that before the journey)
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)18:57 No.8843265
         File1269817032.jpg-(53 KB, 512x384, picard.jpg)
    53 KB

    >make it so
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)18:58 No.8843286

    So far, it seems like we've learned:

    1) Don't let the other guy get a word in edgewise.
    2) When it doubt, ramble on.
    3) ???
    4) Profit
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)19:00 No.8843331
    rolled 3, 1, 2 = 6

    You are learning to diplomatize, along with your regular training.

    You can get plenty of headway by simply badgering shopkeepers until they give in. Most small-town businessmen see tourists as easy marks, so you can catch them off-guard by being extraordinarily savvy, charismatic, and, obviously, lucky.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)19:02 No.8843350
    That's good.... we can't botch up the meeting with the Lord because don't know some finer points of diplomacy
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)19:03 No.8843372

    >catch them off-guard by being extraordinarily savvy, charismatic, and, obviously, lucky

    Being a 14-foot tall giant might also be at least slightly intimidating.

    Still, let's deliver the letter.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)19:03 No.8843378
    Are there any notable places in this city?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)19:04 No.8843402
    rolled 4, 6, 5 = 15

    The central guard post turns out to be nothing more than a glorified police station. You have Bem hand the letter off to the officer in charge, who promises to see that it's given to the woman it's addressed to. It can't get much easier than that. That's one thing off your list.

    With all of that money you've got now, you can buy pretty much whatever you like. This is a big place, with more than a few magic shops. Would you like to look around for a while, or get moving?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)19:06 No.8843433
    rolled 3, 6, 3 = 12

    There is a central temple dedicated to Gemessel, the earth god worshiped by the mages you were with in the army. Other than that, there isn't anything that immediately catches your eye.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)19:07 No.8843452
    Take a look at the magic shops, you never know what you might find
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)19:09 No.8843495

    MAYBE NOW WE CAN FIND SOMETHING TO BOOST OUR EARTH MAGICKS ?? ...mumble mumble Fucking geologists and their college
    >> Researcher Sam 03/28/10(Sun)19:13 No.8843576
    This. Heh, those crazy geomancers.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)19:14 No.8843605
    rolled 6, 4, 3 = 13

    And off you go again. Not being able to fit in any of the buildings is starting to bother you, but you suppose you'll get used to it. You'll be spending a couple of months on the road, after all.

    The stores are reasonably generic, catering to just about every sphere, though there is a distinct lack of literature on fire magic. There are entire shelves stocked with alchemy books, and a host of enchanted items (mostly gloves) that could aid you in your main pursuit. Besides that, you can have your pick of earth, ice, or healing-related texts and artifacts, but selections are limited in the ice department.

    Whatever your focus is, there is probably something you can use here.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)19:17 No.8843662
    Well then we need everything that can help with Alchemy, Earth and Ice magic.
    >> Researcher Sam 03/28/10(Sun)19:18 No.8843680
    Let's get a little something for our Earth magic.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)19:19 No.8843684
    I think we should drop focus in earth magic, as I feel we will be able to do a lot more with alchemy and ice.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)19:19 No.8843702
    Lets find some alchemy books, as we shouldn't have much of a problem learning / relearning our ice magic.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)19:20 No.8843711
    This. We aren't exactly short on money.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)19:20 No.8843719

    We can build structures with earth magic you know? When we start making more advanced buildings out of stone this will help us a lot.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)19:21 No.8843742
    This, alchemy and ICE are our main concerns.
    Earth is shit tier.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)19:22 No.8843750
    rolled 2, 2, 1 = 5

    Money is not an issue for the moment, but space is limited. It's not like any of these books are particularly heavy, but it's a bit difficult to lug around an entire library on your back. You can have your companions carry some, buy a cart, get rid of the things you no longer have use for, or something else. Aside from that problem, you can buy entire stores if you want.

    Consensus? You could put most of your time into alchemy, and spread the rest over ice and earth.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)19:23 No.8843778
    >You could put most of your time into alchemy, and spread the rest over ice and earth.

    do this
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)19:24 No.8843801
    No earth, just alchemy and ice.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)19:25 No.8843808
    No need to overspend, we will arrive at the capital at one point, and there they probably have everything, higher quality and/or cheaper.
    Buy enough books to keep us occupied on the road, nothing more.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)19:26 No.8843825
    Once we relearn our Ice magic, we can decide if we want to add another school of magic besides alchemy. Lets drop earth magic.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)19:26 No.8843831

    But search for any good magical artifacts..
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)19:33 No.8843990
    rolled 3, 5, 5 = 13

    Consensus: Alchemy and ice.

    Bem gets you only the very best, riding high on his previous success. All in all, you get a full load of alchemy texts, all relating to transmutation and alteration, your favorite subjects of study. On top of this, you acquire a few books on ice, which serve mostly as a refresher, though there are some new concepts in them that you hadn't considered yet.

    On the artifact front, you rely on your diplomat's skills of persuasion to get him into the 'good stuff'. He has been around you long enough to pick up plenty of magical knowledge, even though he can't use it himself, and with his obscenely good ability to bluff nearly anyone, you expect he'll have everyone convinced he's Gandalf within the hour.

    Roll 1d20, failure on three or less.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)19:37 No.8844060
    rolled 16 = 16


    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)19:40 No.8844114
    More like Diplorape.
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 03/28/10(Sun)19:45 No.8844197
    At this point, I think we'll need a separate rolling convention just for Bem.

    >roll 1d6
    > on a 1: Bem just manages to scam an extra ten percent
    >on a 6: Bem manages to scam the entire worth of the storefront plus the owner's first born child.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)19:47 No.8844233
    rolled 2, 1, 6 = 9

    This is one person that will never disappoint you. He may be getting on in years, but Bem has lost absolutely none of his charm.


    Here's the deal. Alchemy, like most other kinds of magic, can be used in conjunction with the enchantment anchors they call magelocks. Coupled with lightning magic, you could get a constant electromagnetic field. With fire, an unending heat source. But with alchemy, the possibilities are endless.

    There is a pendant with a tiny crystal embedded inside it, providing a supply of energy that will last for decades. With it, you would have the ability to change the world, one atom at a time. Elemental transmutation is very difficult to master. This would make it easy. The price? Half the haul from the first gem. Thousands of crowns. Whether it's worth it or not is up to you.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)19:49 No.8844264
    rolled 3, 1, 6 = 10

    You only seem to roll consistently well when the chance of failure is very, very low. I would add 'creates a pound of gold out of thin air' to number 6.
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 03/28/10(Sun)19:51 No.8844322

    Sounds delicious. I'm for buying it. anyone else?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)19:52 No.8844344
    Wait, it's basically alchemy for free. (well, not for free, but without the time investment.)
    Sounds like a deal to me, tbh. Can we ascertain the effects?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)19:52 No.8844346
    Buy it. If I understand this correctly, this will mostly be a learning tool for us?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)19:53 No.8844350
    Let's get it.
    >> Researcher Sam 03/28/10(Sun)19:53 No.8844355
    Go for it.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)19:55 No.8844394
    rolled 4, 5, 3 = 12

    As Bem understands it, the effect is limited to transmutation. What it does is provide a constant field that can be manipulated at the whim of the wearer. Up to a certain point, you could transmute matter within a short range, without expending any stamina. Once you learned how to use it, of course.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)19:56 No.8844402
    rolled 1 = 1

    Of course

    We have loads of money
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)19:57 No.8844432
    rolled 13 = 13

    >magelocks. Coupled with lightning magic, you could get a constant electromagnetic field

    We should learn to make these or buy them later, they will provide us with electricity for later advancements
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)19:57 No.8844434
    What is transmutation exactly ?
    From 1 being chunks of rocks, and 10 being microchips, how precise can transmutation magic be ?
    How much of it depends on our skill ?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)20:00 No.8844486
    rolled 5, 4, 4 = 13

    Artifact gotten. It only has to stay on your person, not around your neck, but you'd feel better about it if you got an adjustable band for it like you did for the healing amulet.

    That wasn't the only item of interest, but it was the most eye-catching one. There is also a short handle that generates a sword of ice (solid, not aura, though very, very sharp), an alchemic wristband that can allow you to analyze an object's composition, and a small box that transforms raw materials placed within into arrowheads.
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 03/28/10(Sun)20:01 No.8844510

    some anon figured out we could transmute an electric guitar and speakers plus a power source. also a gun-array nuke.

    So, in the end, this is about Maya rocking out.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)20:01 No.8844511
    Get the analyzer and buy something to measure weights too
    >> Researcher Sam 03/28/10(Sun)20:02 No.8844535
    Oy vey..... We can't go around getting everything or we'll have no money left. I think this one thing that cost us half our gold is enough for now. There will be plenty of cities like this on the way, and they'll probably have stuff we want too.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)20:03 No.8844550
    rolled 3, 5, 1 = 9

    Transmutation is transforming one element into another, a prominent example being 'lead to gold'. It does not act so much on the shape of a thing, as its composition, though microchips are on such a small scale that transmutation would be very useful for producing them.

    Sorry, but I have to go for now. Back in about 30 minutes.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)20:04 No.8844585
    >an alchemic wristband that can allow you to analyze an object's composition
    This seems useful.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)20:04 No.8844590
    rolled 5 = 5

    Can't we make our own ice saber? And how useful is the alchemist's wristband?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)20:05 No.8844606
    THE BAGGER 288

    in short, we must build a giant, unstoppable weapons platform that will make the Dora look like a small shit in comparison
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)20:06 No.8844615
    Out of the rest of the items, I think we should only buy the element analyzer. That one seems kinda important for alchemy.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)20:10 No.8844695
         File1269821404.jpg-(81 KB, 800x529, cleese.jpg)
    81 KB
    >Transmute stuff to make a giant steel leviathan

    I like your style
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)20:22 No.8844894


    One of these lines does not fit, can you tell which one?
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 03/28/10(Sun)20:28 No.8845023
    fuck that. The proposed endgame is we nuke the ice demon and party down in the developing techno-magical kingdom of Neo-Perin 2929.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)20:33 No.8845101

    We have a life expectancy of two hundred years.
    I think we'll need a giant robot powered by an engine of hate and malice that feeds on the blood of the innocent at some point in that timeframe.
    I mean, I can hardly go a day without mine as it is.
    >> Researcher Sam 03/28/10(Sun)20:37 No.8845172
    Oh you.

    I think nukes are a bad idea. Especially since the Conclave can just kill it themselves without the radioactive fallout.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)20:42 No.8845265
    rolled 4, 3, 3 = 10

    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)20:45 No.8845311
    Seconded, this looks like a really good idea.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)20:46 No.8845318
    rolled 5, 4, 5 = 14

    You can make your own ice saber, but this item could do it without sapping your stamina. Besides, none of your companions are magically attuned, and they might be able to use it.

    The wristband is more of a mining tool than anything else. It could tell you if a certain area contains a vein of valuable ore, for instance. It is human-size though.
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 03/28/10(Sun)20:46 No.8845320

    likely, by the time they would act, it will have already assimilated the knowledge of the wall, thereby increasing it's strength, and making that plan a lot harder. I propose, we make only one nuke. pretty sure that's all we'd need.

    We could mitigate the risk of fallout by asking some gods of the bro network to summon a storm to the area of infliction to precipitate the airborn radiation back into the soil with some heavy rain.

    If I remember correctly, there was pretty much just wasteland inbetween Perin and the former frost giant capital, so it's not like the area would be needing an evacuation.
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 03/28/10(Sun)20:48 No.8845347
    guess that means to us it's ring-sized?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)20:48 No.8845348
    rolled 2, 2, 3 = 7

    The stream that feeds Dreamwood runs right through that wasteland. It is charmed, but there's no way to know how it would handle fallout.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)20:49 No.8845366
    rolled 1, 3, 5 = 9

    Close enough. It is adjustable, made of leather with runes burned into it, so you could wear it as a ring.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)20:50 No.8845381
    We could make just a very powerful bomb, no need for nuclear fallout.

    How much do the wristband and saber cost?
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 03/28/10(Sun)20:51 No.8845395
    ok, bad idea then. let us never speak of nukes for cavemen again.
    >> Euronymous !tnh44dGmGo 03/28/10(Sun)20:52 No.8845417
    what is this rolling nonsence
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)20:53 No.8845436
    rolled 3, 1, 6 = 10

    2300 for the saber, 4100 for the wristband. That's basically nothing, compared to what you paid for the transmutation charm.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)20:55 No.8845470
    rolled 1, 5, 6 = 12

    Email field: noko+dice+3d6

    If that's what you mean.
    >> Euronymous !tnh44dGmGo 03/28/10(Sun)20:56 No.8845485
    rolled 1, 2, 6 = 9

    >> Euronymous !tnh44dGmGo 03/28/10(Sun)20:57 No.8845503
    >> Researcher Sam 03/28/10(Sun)20:59 No.8845539
    You do remember that it'll take the demon another 4 & 1/2 months to reach the ruins, right? Plus digging to get to the underground vault. Plus, history doesn't make you more powerful. And it doesn't matter, because we have no idea how to build a nuke, and even if we did there's not way to take it there before the demon gets there anyway.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)21:02 No.8845608
    alrigh, let's get them. Bem to try to haggle. Give saber to Kel...

    Gotta go.
    Thank you so DMing, I enjoy these
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)21:03 No.8845636
    rolled 6, 3, 1 = 10

    Roll 1d20 for haggle, failure on four or below.

    Thanks for playing, see you later.
    >> Researcher Sam 03/28/10(Sun)21:04 No.8845645
    rolled 20 = 20

    >> Viscus Infirmus Est !!z66dphCR3tu 03/28/10(Sun)21:04 No.8845646
    rolled 14 = 14

    >> Viscus Infirmus Est !!z66dphCR3tu 03/28/10(Sun)21:04 No.8845658
    OH U BEM!
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)21:05 No.8845681
         File1269824750.jpg-(47 KB, 416x300, 12651814804.jpg)
    47 KB
    rolled 6, 1, 3 = 10


    You just bought the entire town for a nickel! Congratulations!
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 03/28/10(Sun)21:05 No.8845683
    >> Researcher Sam 03/28/10(Sun)21:06 No.8845700
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)21:15 No.8845884
    rolled 6, 3, 5 = 14

    There is something just... unnerving about the unholy gleam in Bem's eye when you mention bargaining. When he dies, you will use your massive alchemic powers to construct a colossus in his image, made entirely of Adamantium and Magma Steel. And this will not be nearly enough to honor him.

    You have the feeling that when he does manage to exhaust his mortal shell, he will con Death out of its job, sell the very concept of entropy to another universe, and forge a retirement world out of gold, chance, and awesome.


    He won't actually tell you how much he talked the merchants down to. For all you know, he actually got them to pay HIM. Whatever the case, you've got what you wanted, and Kel has a brand-new magical ice sword for when things get really dicey.

    Words cannot express how radical this day has been.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)21:19 No.8845952
    rolled 5, 3, 6 = 14

    At this point, you can do whatever you want. You can see the rest of the town, test out your new stuff, or get back on the trail. Orders?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)21:20 No.8845967
    We need some drawfagging of Bem. Stat. Or before Friday's show.
    >> Researcher Sam 03/28/10(Sun)21:21 No.8845987
    Um. I don't know what to do. Take in the sights, I guess.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)21:23 No.8846032
    Actually, we'll just make Bem look/act like Brian Blessed.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)21:25 No.8846074
    rolled 4, 5, 3 = 12


    I knew there was something I forgot to tell you. I will be out of state next weekend, so Frost Giant Quest will be going on a temporary hiatus. It will resume the weekend after that, of course.

    Alright then. I don't have much time left today, and I don't know if I can match the awesome that has already occurred, but 'Ere we go.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)21:28 No.8846111
    >Frost Giant Quest will be going on a temporary hiatus

    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)21:44 No.8846369
    rolled 3, 1, 6 = 10

    Elay. A tiny part of a rich and powerful nation, blessed with the smallest fraction of that immense wealth. And Bem would obtain it all, if given the chance. You walk the streets with quiet amusement, wondering about all the things you have seen, and all that you have yet to see. The shops and temples pass before you, filling your eyes with new sights. Here, in a fine center of trade, things are bright and beautiful, a stark contrast to the crushing dullness of the place before.

    The temple of Gemessel is graced by your presence, and you pass the minutes in conversation with several of the priests, one of whom knows Captain Sae. He and his squad have been redeployed near the front, but he still sends his greetings when he can, sometimes mentioning you as one he would have liked to know better. You had no idea the kind of impression you made on him, but it was quite a good one. The Brothers of Gemessel invite you to visit them again, when you have the time to teach and to learn with them.

    This is what you want for your town. Prosperity. Safety. An air of confidence and hope for the future. When you think of what you can build, you consider New York, that paragon of commerce, all steel and glass and traffic, a constant rush of activity. But you've forgotten the smaller things, the friendly chat with the man on the street, the welcoming smile of the merchant in the corner shop. Cities are not just industry or technology; they are people. And you hope Dreamwood, no matter how much it changes, remains the same in one respect.

    You hope it always feels like home.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 03/28/10(Sun)21:45 No.8846400
    rolled 2, 5, 6 = 13

    I'll be back. I wouldn't abandon 30+ threads of progress, you know.

    Also, wow, 19 minutes. I need to see what I can do about that.
    >> Researcher Sam 03/28/10(Sun)21:49 No.8846455

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