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  • File : 1270690954.jpg-(201 KB, 634x477, doppleganger damacy.jpg)
    201 KB Doppleganger Damacy. Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)21:42 No.9047990  
    I was inspired by the recent "Doppleganger Damacy" thread, and decided to try running it as a quest.

    Original Thread:

    The basic premise: You start out as a generic creature with no voice, no skills, feats, or special abilities whatsoever, and every stat at 10.
    Whenever you eat a creature you acquire one of its traits. Permanently. For the purpose of this quest, that means I'll give you a short list to choose from.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)21:42 No.9047995
    You open your eyes in a dank alleyway. It's a couple of hours after nightfall. You're in a city of some sort- probably not one of the most respectable- with no memory of how you came to be here.
    You DO remember what you are. You are a blank slate, an example of limitless potential. You will survive. You will consume. You will adapt. You will grow. Given half a chance, you could be a god. But for now, you are frail, and realize that discretion is a must.

    Possessions: None

    What do?
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)21:43 No.9048007
    Climb a fire escape.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)21:43 No.9048010
    Search the alleyway for signs of life-- rats, stray cats or dogs, sleeping hobos. If it's something that you can catch and eat, do it, but use discretion.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)21:45 No.9048032
    I am interested OP. Continue.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)21:45 No.9048034
    How many things will we eat before we become hopelessly OP?
    I'm betting 7.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)21:46 No.9048059
    As quietly as you can, you make your way up a rickety metal ladder nearby. From this vantage point, you observe the alley.

    There is a dumpster in the alleyway, from which issues the sounds of snoring. You're fairly confident that there might also be a rat or two within. You cannot see any cats or dogs from where you are, although it would probably not take too long to track one down.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)21:46 No.9048062
    Rape is imminent
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)21:48 No.9048084
    Open dumpster.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)21:48 No.9048090
    Snoring? Good. Sneak into the dumpster if you can. Anything sharp nearby? If so, use it to stab whatever's sleeping somewhere vital-- neck / trachea would be best. If not, try strangling it. Kill and eat.
    >> BlakeLock !!7u6H/TYXGHx 04/07/10(Wed)21:48 No.9048094

    Seek a human, any human.

    Proceed to consume.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)21:51 No.9048150
    A human in tattered, unwashed clothes snores within. He reeks of alcohol. You reach for a discarded bean can, and draw it quickly across his trachea. His eyes snap open, and he manages a faint gurgling. After a brief struggle, he is no more, and he disappears down your gullet.

    Acquired Items: Hobo Clothes
    Sharp Bean Can

    Choose one of the following Abilities:
    Dexterity increased to 14
    Constitution increased to 12
    Base Reflex Save: +2
    Feat: Toughness
    Language: Common
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)21:53 No.9048189

    Dex 14, bitch.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)21:54 No.9048213
    We can get Dex from a cat. Take its language; it's the only thing unique.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)21:55 No.9048237
    As you rapidly digest 135 pounds of hobo, you feel your muscles tightening, your nerves firing slightly faster. Evidently, this man would have been quite agile, were he sober.

    Searching the dumpster further, you find a Cricket Bat. This would likely be handier in a confrontation than a discarded can of beans.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)21:55 No.9048242
    Do we look like that hobo now?
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)21:56 No.9048260

    Eat bean can. Check list of powers.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)21:57 No.9048275
    Find a dog. Absorb for senses.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)21:58 No.9048294
    You don't have a handy reflective surface in which to check your appearance. You're confident that your shifting features have left you looking considerably more like him. Enough so that you are not immediately recognizable as a Roswell Grey, but probably not enough to pass for a human to a detailed inspection.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)21:59 No.9048317

    Check dumpster for rats.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)22:00 No.9048343
    You scrape the last few beans from the inside of the can. Sadly, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of powers to be gained from two-week-old beans.

    Hit Dice: 1d6+0 (6)
    Base Attack Bonus/Grapple: +0/+0
    Cricket Bat +0 melee (1d6)
    AC 12 (+2 Dex)
    Str 10, Dex 14, Con 10, Into 10, Wis 10, Cha 10
    Skills: None
    Feats: None
    Special Abilities: Devour
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:00 No.9048362
    what part of town do we think we're in?
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:03 No.9048416
    Seek for cats or mice to devour
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)22:03 No.9048419
    The dumpster does indeed contain several rats. They wisely do their best to hide from you, but after a couple minutes of searching, you are able to get your hands on one. It gives you an irritating bite on the hand, then you surreptitiously toss it down your throat.

    Choose one:
    Increase Dex to 15
    Increase Wis to 12
    Low-Light Vision
    Bite attack (1d3)
    Climb Speed 15 ft
    +4 racial bonus to Hide/Move Silently
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:04 No.9048432

    Climb speed!
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:04 No.9048440
    Definitely the Climb Speed.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:05 No.9048450
    Climb speed, we'll feast on a cat for DEX
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:07 No.9048486
    climb speed
    then test how well we can climb brick buildings, we may be able to get some food this way.

    Search dumpster for decent improvised weapons, if nothing better than the can appears, take the can.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:07 No.9048496

    We already have a baseball bat.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:07 No.9048503
    Pigeon hunting, dude. Pigeons like to roost in nooks in buildings from which it would be difficult to escape if something else were to crawl in for them.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)22:08 No.9048509
    A wise choice! You'd already acquired some hair from eating a primate, but it's now growing considerably thicker. Your teeth grow slightly, and your ears come to a slightly harsher point. More relevantly, however, you're now capable of clinging to walls with your hands and feet.
    15 foot climb speed gained!

    The street beyond the alleyway is cobbled. From where you stand, you can make out a few unlit storefronts, and one or two that still seem to be operating at this hour.
    They mostly seem to be establishments of the entertainment industry- a couple of bars, and what might be a brothel.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:10 No.9048539
    Why so cat, anon?
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:10 No.9048552
    We'll need some respectable clothes, and preferably better looks.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:10 No.9048553

    Walk into a brothel.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:10 No.9048554
    we have a cricket bat.
    Is this britland?
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:11 No.9048566
    do not enter brother.
    climb building in alley, looking for birds as suggested by >>9048503
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:11 No.9048568
    Make our way onto the rooftop, preferabbly the tallest one between the two or three buildings we are wedged between.

    The last thing we want is night watch to come get our horrifying looking asses.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:11 No.9048569
    Enter brothel, assimilate occupants. Sell body on streets for money/victims.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)22:11 No.9048580
    Testing your newfound abilities, you scale the brick walls of the building to your right. It is now a trivial matter to reach the rooftop.
    You stalk around, searching for a pigeon roost. Sadly, there don't seem to be any dormant birds on this building, but you could try searching others.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:12 No.9048590
    we cannot kill a human in a fair fight yet, and they'd be horrified by our appearance. We don't know how to sneak well, either.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:13 No.9048611
    Hmm, yeah. Slink down into the alley and crawl up along the other side.

    I mean, ideally, we should stay away from windows... but I think it'd be funny to climb right across one to freak dudes out.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)22:13 No.9048617
    Consensus is needed. Enter the brothel, or keep eating urban critters? Bear in mind that we still have no voice, and no clothing beyond the tatters the hobo was wearing.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:14 No.9048634
    There will be time to get mad stats later, for now we need to be able to move freely among civilization.

    Clothes, and a perfect human image.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:14 No.9048641
    No brothel, those were most likely joke posts.

    We need to build up our strength before we can get the goods.
    (Despite the fact core rules a housecat can kill a level 1 commoner.)
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:14 No.9048642
    Urban critters
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:15 No.9048652

    Brothel! Through a window! From the rooftop! A secret window! Bash occupant of private room over head. Eat!
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:15 No.9048654
    Oh, we could enter through windows and eat sleeping occupants
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:15 No.9048664
    I suggest we find another hobo. There's nothing on the roof and we can't jump from building to building yet.

    So search the roof for roof hobos. If there are none, go back down into another alley or something.

    Also, we need to think about what we need. We're a bit deformed already, so we don't look like a human. Speech is a bit useless, unless we use it to lure people towards us, for instance.

    In any case, we need some way of moving around unseen and fast.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:16 No.9048683
    This.. Actually sounds like a good idea.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:16 No.9048690
    No consensus = YOUR CALL OP
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:17 No.9048704
    Urban critters. Avoid anything that seems tame for now. If this is to be our base of operations, it will do no good to draw attention to ourselves. If we can find more street people, we can consume them as well, for language/knowledge of the area.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)22:17 No.9048705
    As you make your way back into they alley, you trip on a cardboard box. There is an irritated hiss, and an Alleycat scratches several times at your ankles, leaving a few bloody grooves.
    Engage the cat?
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:17 No.9048711

    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:17 No.9048713
    check other alleys for more hobos
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:17 No.9048715
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:18 No.9048722
    Actually, no.
    We like the cat. Let the cat go.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:18 No.9048727
    Attempt to strike cat with cricket bat.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:18 No.9048735
    a prostitute may have high charisma.
    that may make us look more human.
    Check brothel for back entrances / high unlocked windows.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:19 No.9048747
    Assimilate. Become the cat. Hiss at genitals.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:19 No.9048754
    Break cat legs, then consume it.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:19 No.9048764
    eating prostitute = STDs
    could cripple us
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:20 No.9048781
    not to mention any drug addictions
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:20 No.9048787

    Not if we don't choose the STD power...

    Oh wait...

    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:21 No.9048804
    Engage the cat.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:21 No.9048816
    You bloody pikeys forgot that its night and we can move on walls.

    Try to find an open window, find a sleeping citizen and kill him in his dreams..
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)22:22 No.9048826
    You struggle with the cat for a few seconds, acquiring some very painful cuts in the process. Eventually, however, your cricket bat strikes true, silencing the beast forever.

    Down your gullet it goes.
    Choose one:
    Increase Dex to 15
    Increase Wis to 12
    Low-Light Vision
    Bite attack (1d4)
    2 Claws (1d3)
    +4 racial bonus to Hide/Move Silently
    4 ranks in Jump
    4 ranks in Hide
    4 Ranks in Move Silently
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:22 No.9048838

    >+4 racial bonus to Hide/Move Silently

    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:22 No.9048850

    Racial Bonus to Hide/Move Silently.

    Also gain cat tail.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:23 No.9048851

    Mourn cat.

    Actually, I'd kind of like SCENT, it'd be useful for finding living things in places we normally wouldn't look.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:23 No.9048855
    Low-Light vision!
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:23 No.9048858
    +4 hide / move silently OR claws OR a sense.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:23 No.9048859
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:24 No.9048893
    Low-Light Vision
    +4 racial bonus to Hide/Move Silently
    4 ranks in Jump

    Jump might allow us to jump from roof to roof. Hide/silent is nice for sneaking, but we can already climb walls if we're fucked. Vision could be nice since it's night, we might find more stuff.

    I'd go for vision for now.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:24 No.9048895

    +4 racial bonus to hide/move silently
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:24 No.9048899
    the tramp may have been a druggie or had STDs.
    we didn't get any of them.
    If we got every disease or bad trait of anythin we ate we'd die very quickly. EG that cat probably carried toxoplasma gondii.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:26 No.9048931

    Not to mention the alcohol the hobo likely had in us would have induced some sort of drunkenness.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:26 No.9048944

    That means we gained a toxoplasma gondii skill too isnt it?
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)22:27 No.9048948

    The hair covering your body changes colour slightly to match your surroundings. Meanwhile, some of the cat's instincts regarding remaining unseen and unheard rub off on you.
    +4 Racial Bonus to Hide/Move Silently gained!

    You quietly move across the street, searching for an open window.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:27 No.9048959


    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:28 No.9048983
    Still suggest finding a brothel, finding sleeping persons within, and eating them. We could possibly use some charisma bonuses, as well as a voice, to lure physically adept prospects.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:28 No.9048986
    go window, search room quietly
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:29 No.9048993
    >this would be such an awesome vidya game.
    > wonder how long until things start to detract from our abilities
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:29 No.9049002
    no, because it's not effecting us.
    Toxoplasma gondii is a microorganism that reproduces in the gut of a cat. To get there it infects rats that come into contact with cat shit. It alters rats to be attracted to the smell of cat urine so they're more likely to be eaten.

    ~1/3 of humans is a carrier. It does nothing to us, but lives in our brain.
    Sleep well.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:29 No.9049005

    Be weary of target, if the person spotted in a window is near a weapon of some kind or just looks strong then move on to easier prey.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)22:30 No.9049024
    He was drunk, and it did inebriate you slightly. However, your efficient doppleganger metabolism ensured that it did not inebriate you for long.

    Many of these buildings have multiple stories, and it would not be unreasonable to expect the proprietor of some of these stores from living on the second floor. Alternatively, you could walk/sneak into a bar or a brothel. You're not quite sure about the demographics of this city, but you'd probably stand out a little as-is.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:30 No.9049028
    if it looks strong, and it sleeps, bash his throat with cricket bat, then consume
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:32 No.9049056

    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:33 No.9049087

    To the window.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:35 No.9049116
    To the wall.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:35 No.9049121
    Didnt the hobos body contained a tapeworm or some kind of helminth?

    Try to find worms in the guts of out next victim.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)22:38 No.9049189
    After checking a couple of buildings, you find an unlocked third story bedroom window, above a store specializing in the sale and repair of stringed instruments.

    You slip quietly through the window, and prepare to bash the sleeping man's brains in, when you inadvertantly knock a viola off a shelf. It clatters to the ground, and you tense for a moment.
    The man stirs in his sleep, but does not wake.

    You quickly put him out of his misery, and begin to devour him.

    Choose one:
    13 Int
    14 Cha
    5 Ranks in Craft (Musical Instrument)
    5 Ranks in Perform (Guitar)
    Skill Focus: Craft (Musical Instrument)
    Gain 1 hp permanently
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:38 No.9049202
    Till the sweat drips off these ba--

    Sorry. Back on track,
    What kind of buildings are closest? Anything that looks explicitly residential?
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:39 No.9049205

    14 cha.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:39 No.9049218
    either charisma or guitar
    one of those two
    and I think I know what /tg/ will go for.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:39 No.9049229
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:40 No.9049240

    14 cha
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:40 No.9049249

    Five ranks in Craft: Musical Instrument.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:40 No.9049250
    14 cha
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:41 No.9049262
    Perform guitar
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:41 No.9049277
    Replace cricket bat with string
    Or take both

    Use string to strangle people from now on
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:42 No.9049306
    Search the apartment for anything that provides information access, aka computer with internet.

    We need to find the nearest zoo.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:43 No.9049316


    We need to find...

    The nearest animal shelter.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)22:44 No.9049331

    You learn much from devouring the guitar repair man, besides his fondness for cannabis. Human culture is now much clearer to you, and you feel more confident.
    14 Charisma gained!

    Searching the room, you are able to find some Decent Clothing, a knife, a Masterwork Guitar, various other instruments in various states of disassembly, 21 gp, and twenty feet of rope.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:44 No.9049333

    Can we get Language: Common from him? That might be useful.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:45 No.9049351
    Search for a backpack or shoulder bag. Something to carry our supplies in.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:45 No.9049357

    A pet store is fine too.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:45 No.9049376
    He didn't know a language I guess.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:46 No.9049380

    Eat guitar. Gain ability to create musical notes.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)22:47 No.9049407
    There's a backpack under his bed. It's currently stuffed with a change of clothes and 3/4 of a sandwich. This will suit your purposes nicely.

    I forgot to list it.
    Give up 14 Charisma to learn Language: Common?
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:48 No.9049417
    wear clothing
    put money in pockets, humans value it
    stash knife
    coil rope around waist if it'll fit
    take guitar strings of some kind for strangling
    climb on, humming to ourselves. We don't know the song but we like it.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:48 No.9049430
    I'm for looking animal shelter or pet store
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:48 No.9049432

    Nah cha is fine for now we could always play off as a mute. Or a mime.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:49 No.9049448
    I assume we look more like human now?
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:49 No.9049449
    does Cha 14 make us less OHGODRUNAWAY?
    If yes, keep.
    If not, take common first.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:49 No.9049450
    New DM here, just found my player's BBEG.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:49 No.9049463
    If we eat the sandwich, will we smell like bologna? :P

    No, we like our Cha. We'll find a hooker to steal a voice from.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:49 No.9049464
    Why deviate from a working strategy? Climb out and start seaching for the next open window.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:50 No.9049478
    Where was he and how did you lose track of him?
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)22:50 No.9049480
    You take his stuff, and climb back onto the wall, humming a random series of notes.

    You don't know of an animal shelter or pet store nearby, but you're certain that you could find one if you wandered the streets for long enough.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:51 No.9049503

    More windows for the window god!

    Bodies for the us!
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:51 No.9049505
    Eating too many humans at one place will attract attention
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:51 No.9049508
         File1270695102.jpg-(244 KB, 824x1200, 01_043.jpg)
    244 KB
    relevant to this thread
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:52 No.9049516
    Wander the walls
    Open any window that can open. Ignore closed ones
    Search for pet store or zoo in the mean time
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:52 No.9049519

    Got the rest?
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:52 No.9049520

    By the time people investigate we'll be gone.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:52 No.9049527
         File1270695150.jpg-(255 KB, 824x1200, 01_044.jpg)
    255 KB
    not till morning at least, and we'll move on.
    source is Fuan no Tane (seeds of anxiety) volume 1
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:53 No.9049559
         File1270695215.jpg-(244 KB, 824x1200, 01_045.jpg)
    244 KB
    also, put noko+sage into the email field, just let the prime mover bump when he updates.
    Means the thread lasts longer.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:53 No.9049570

    then we should eat out the whole building
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:54 No.9049586
         File1270695298.jpg-(290 KB, 824x1200, 01_046.jpg)
    290 KB
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)22:55 No.9049603
    Your most recent victim lived alone, and so there doesn't appear to be anyone else edible in his house.

    The following nearby windows are open:
    Tavern, women's bathroom (currently unoccupied)
    Vinter's workshop, bedroom, second floor (a man and his wife)
    Bakery, bedroom, second floor (A young boy. His parent's bedroom is locked)
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:55 No.9049605
    We need to get some knowledge checks and INT ASAP, right now we have no clue what kind of world we're in beyond "shitty"
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:56 No.9049615
         File1270695387.jpg-(307 KB, 824x1200, 01_062.jpg)
    307 KB
    similarly relevant to this quest
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:56 No.9049616
    Young boy will be easiest
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:56 No.9049620
    Oh man. This is the saddest thing, but we should probably go for the young boy.

    Because, uh, otherwise we might get detected...
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:57 No.9049642
         File1270695449.jpg-(322 KB, 824x1200, 01_063.jpg)
    322 KB
    is your window open right now?
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:57 No.9049646
    Here's hoping the kid is some kind of child prodigy, preferably of the sort that is easy to eat.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:58 No.9049668
    go for the man and his wife, silently kill them first
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:58 No.9049680
         File1270695518.jpg-(278 KB, 824x1200, 01_064.jpg)
    278 KB
    we have no reason not to, we simply take what we can
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:58 No.9049682
    What would we possibly get from a child? A half-formed voice, maybe? We certainly won't get any physical abilities from him.

    I suggest waiting at the tavern for a single person to enter a stall. If they're drunk, we can probably take them down and eat them quietly and quickly.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:58 No.9049684
    Bakery first
    Then the couple.
    Then wait in the bathroom for fresh meat
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)22:59 No.9049714
    kill the boy first, then the couple
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)22:59 No.9049716

    With catlike tread, you slip into the boy's bedroom. Against the sound of your padding, a fly's footfall would be distinctly heard.

    His wall is decorated with a crude mural of sailing ships.
    Devour boy?
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:01 No.9049754
    Disregard boats, acquire biomass.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:01 No.9049756
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:02 No.9049770
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:02 No.9049776
    No. Experience remorse. Question purpose in life.

    (Get outvoted. :) )
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/07/10(Wed)23:03 No.9049792
    Consume destroy annihilate
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:03 No.9049793

    without hesitation
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)23:03 No.9049806

    Biomass is acquired.
    Choose one:
    Language: Common
    Knowledge (Local) 3 ranks
    Craft (Baking) 3 ranks
    Spot 3 ranks
    Int 13
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:03 No.9049811
    consider what the boy will give us.
    lack the INT or WIS to realise he's going to have useless information and lack skills.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:03 No.9049815
    We are not intelligent enough yet to ponder about our purpose in this filthy world
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:04 No.9049828
    Take the language, and gtfo before the parents check on him.
    >> stimpy !!ciMQ2USqck2 04/07/10(Wed)23:04 No.9049829
    start a metal band.
    >> Superdouche !!q9T0Z/wGJO3 04/07/10(Wed)23:04 No.9049830
    Devour child, should be able to talk, might as well pick that up, plus we'll sound like him. Then we can use his voice to make his mother or something come out to tuck him back in or the like, by making it look like he's still in bed, and then kill her from behind, leaving the bedroom unlocked, and only one person to deal with there.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:04 No.9049833

    Then shapeshift in smaller body, pretend to be the child and lure one of the parents away
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:04 No.9049834
    local knowledge
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:04 No.9049838

    Knowledge Local.
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/07/10(Wed)23:04 No.9049844
    Language since everything else seems shit
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:05 No.9049851
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:05 No.9049857
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:05 No.9049859
    Baking is tempting, but our most obvious need is the language.
    >> Superdouche !!q9T0Z/wGJO3 04/07/10(Wed)23:05 No.9049860
    Take language. Use his voice to lure mother while hiding beside the doorway with string ready to choke her.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:06 No.9049875
    Local Knowledge so we can find something more useful, like a pet store or shelter or something.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:06 No.9049876

    Language: Common
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)23:07 No.9049903
    Six votes for language.
    After devouring three humans, you think you've figured out how they communicate. Under your breath, you try whispering.
    "Mommy? Mommy? Can you come in here, please? I've had a bad dream..."
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:07 No.9049916
    I can't wait till we steal a personality from someone, and then develop remorse for our crimes.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:08 No.9049938
    Climb above the door, jump down onto whichever parent comes in.
    >> Superdouche !!q9T0Z/wGJO3 04/07/10(Wed)23:09 No.9049950
    Place objects in bed to simulate shape of child, put blankets up so you cant see the child though. Then hide beside doorway with the string and wait.

    I'm wondering what will happen if we hit a point where whatever we eat only makes us weaker because we're so good at everything...
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:09 No.9049958

    In that case let's devour a serial killer.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:10 No.9049987
    If we get that good we'll just go kill things and steal fancy equipment, eating anything we run across with an ability we don't already have.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:11 No.9049999
    archive this and schedule another session!
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:12 No.9050030

    this, strangle one of his parents
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:12 No.9050034
    Cry for mommy. Ambush parent. Remain hidden if both appear, or if the dad appears and looks tough. You might not be able to take on both.
    >> Superdouche !!q9T0Z/wGJO3 04/07/10(Wed)23:13 No.9050040
    The problem is do we know exactly what abilities something has? No. That strategy wouldn't work.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:13 No.9050044
    Hey OP, what's our current HP situation? That cat banged us up, and we don't have a lot, but obviously they're important or you wouldn't have offered 1 permanent HP raise. How many do we have, right now?
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)23:14 No.9050080
    You set your ambush, and call, in the child's voice, hoping to lure its mother into a trap.

    You overhear his parents talking.
    "Henry, did you hear that?"
    "There's something in Tommy's room!"
    "You woke me up for another one of his nightmares?"
    "I heard something, I know it!"
    "Fine. I'll have a look. But if it's nothing again, I swear, I'm spanking that boy."

    (Bluff natural one. Sense motive natural twenty. Sorry)
    You've got a few rounds before they get there. Change your plans?
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)23:15 No.9050098
    You heal a small amount every time you eat something. You're currently at 5/6.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:17 No.9050137

    Just wait under bed with bat. Leap out club mom to death when she comes in, eat quickly before husband arrives.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:18 No.9050169
    Exit room, reenter downstairs and consume the mother while father inspects child's room.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:19 No.9050177
    shit shit shit shit. Dad's going to freak, and he doesn't sound alike a gentle, good natured guy.

    We might be able to take him, though. Grab the kid's pillow case, attempt to cover Dad's head and blind him when he comes in, before proceeding to strangle him.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:19 No.9050178
    No. Continue. Let the feasting begin.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:19 No.9050190
    >>9050177 here,

    do this: >>9050169
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:20 No.9050198
    would be too slow.
    also father is coming first.
    I say above door, we climb shit remember? Bat would make noise, we can't leave or we start a THINK OF THE MISSING BABY witch hunt. From dialog I think husband is going to look and see if there's anything to quiet his wife, mother is the one who actually HEARD us.

    So we strangle husband with guitar string if we can.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:20 No.9050206
    Crawl under bed, wait with knife. When man comes, slit his ankles. He falls down, slit his throat.

    The woman will hear what happens and investigate. Wait for her behind the door. Then kill her. Consume both afterwards.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)23:20 No.9050227
    (Hide Check, natural 20)
    You slip under the bed. The father, with a candle in his hand, takes a quick look around the room.
    "Godsdammit, Tommy, this is the last time you wake me up! I hope you enjoy your sleep, because I'm tanning your hide in the morning." He walks back to his bedroom. Shortly after he leaves, the mother walks up to the bed, and moves to kiss her son goodnight.
    You jump up behind her, and have the guitar string around her neck before she can make a noise.
    She struggles in vain, but you are quickly choking the life out of her.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:21 No.9050241
    father will see kid missing, turn on lights, see mess and blood and kid not giggling to reveal his hiding place and freak. we need to take father out, fast.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:22 No.9050260
    I've never cheered so hard at murder.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:22 No.9050274

    Consume her
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:23 No.9050292

    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:24 No.9050298
    Good. Continue. Try to stay as quiet as possible.

    Feast, then spread blood/remnants around house. Try to make it look like the father did it. Leave the father alive, so they have someone to blame.
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/07/10(Wed)23:25 No.9050308
    slit the father's throat and leave him in a corner or hang him or something, make it look like murder/homicide
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:25 No.9050316
    You know OP, we can roll in this thread for checks if you like.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:26 No.9050323
    search house quietly for weapons, dude sounds like the type to pack a shotgun
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:27 No.9050364
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:28 No.9050375
    That might attract more attention than leaving him there as a possible suspect.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:28 No.9050378
    >eat child
    >get beaten to death by father who is cranky at having to wake up
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)23:28 No.9050385
    The woman passes out. However, her husband seems to have heard the struggle. You have just enough time to stash her under the bed and take up an ambush position by the door.
    The husband runs into the room, wielding a cricket bat not unlike your own. You smash him hard in the back of the head, and he goes down.

    They are both delicious.
    Craft (Baking) 4 Ranks
    Knowledge (Local) 4 Ranks
    Strength 12
    Skill Focus (Craft: Baking)

    Craft (Baking) 4 Ranks
    Knowledge (Local) 4 Ranks
    Listen 4 Ranks
    Int 12
    Wis 12
    Diligent (+2 to appraise and decipher script)
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:28 No.9050386
    but then which roll does he pick when multiple people roll?
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:30 No.9050413
    Know: Local and Int 12
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)23:30 No.9050414
    The father is still alive (at -4 hp). Frame him for the murders, or consume his delicious biomass?
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:30 No.9050416
    if mother makes us wise, we do one of these
    certainly one more murder tonight then we move on
    we cannot be caught
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:30 No.9050417

    >Strength 12

    >Knowledge (Local) 4 Ranks
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:30 No.9050418
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:30 No.9050419
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:30 No.9050420
    Local knowledge and diligent. Let's do some research
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/07/10(Wed)23:30 No.9050425
    Diligent and Knowledge
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:31 No.9050438

    Also strength and intellect
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:31 No.9050440
    STR & knowledge local
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:31 No.9050441
    Str 12 and Local Knowledge
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:32 No.9050457
    Appraise and decipher script?
    Are you retarded?
    At this point, it's about survival, those won't help us.

    Int And Wis
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:32 No.9050469
    father has seen us
    there are no bodies of wife and child for us to use as props
    we can't just kill father and leave him there, that's TOO suspicious.
    I say we eat him.
    Str 12 and Wis 12, to become a bit better at planning and plotting.
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/07/10(Wed)23:32 No.9050480
    >Decipher script
    >learn to read
    >get all the knowledge from everything ever written down
    >become shapeshifting demigod
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:33 No.9050483

    find whats around me and kill it

    Knowledge (Local) 4 Ranks
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:34 No.9050502

    by the time cops start investigation we will be well past ou 20th murder
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)23:34 No.9050508
    I've got a dice rolling program open, but feel free to roll for your own checks instead. I've been doing things more or less according to 3.5 rules, but if we're doing things here, we'd have to ad-hoc most of the rules or it would slow to a crawl.
    I'd be okay with ad-hocing them.

    Do you have consensus as to what abilities you're gaining?
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:34 No.9050511
    Knowledge: Local and Int
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:35 No.9050530
    I don't think it would teach us to read.

    If we already knew how to read, that might be useful.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:36 No.9050546
    Well, the knowledge is decided on. We just don't know whose to take, since we can't decide on the second one. I still suggest diligent, though. Reading is a great skill to learn what the fuck is going on around here.
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/07/10(Wed)23:36 No.9050557
    diligent local knowledge
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:36 No.9050560
         File1270697791.jpg-(21 KB, 360x330, thatsalright.jpg)
    21 KB
    Int and wis.

    Most people seem to agree on INT, but what else we cant seem to decide.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:37 No.9050577
    Until we get confirmation that diligent would teach us to read, we should not take it.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)23:37 No.9050584
    Your muscles fill out slightly, and you feel your memories filled with a relatively detailed map of this borough, fading into obscurity father out. Among other things, you've gained the location of an animal shelter.

    Strength 12 gained! 4 ranks of Knowledge (Local) gained!
    You've gained a level!
    4 hp gained!
    Base Attack Bonus Improved!

    What do?
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:38 No.9050595
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:38 No.9050602
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:38 No.9050606
    Sneak into shelter.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:39 No.9050620
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:40 No.9050634
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:41 No.9050651
    Try to find a hospital for delicious sleeping bed-ridden patient murder.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:43 No.9050669
    Search house. Mop up blood. leave through back door. jump fence. wander down street. (we probably look human by now)
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)23:43 No.9050676
    The animal shelter is about half an hour away. Infiltrate the bar and the vinter's house first, or go straight there?

    You are now aware that you're in a small city known as Piedmont, in the kingdom of Ker. It's populated almost entirely by humans, though members of other PHB races are not unheard of.
    People generally stay the fuck out of the sewers when they can help it.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:44 No.9050692

    Once we're tough enough, we should prove our worth to society by saving the town from whatever lies in the sewers. We will be an adventuring hero like the boy idolized.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:45 No.9050712
    Actually, before we go off on a rollicking adventure, is there anything of note in the bakery and baker's house? Currency, weapons?
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:46 No.9050730
    Bar and vinter's house will be challenging. Better saved for after we have absorbed delicious animal shelter biomass.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:46 No.9050734
         File1270698392.jpg-(179 KB, 800x949, 1204895300147.jpg)
    179 KB
    Ok we're in a fantasy world or at least something with demihumans aside from humans and LOLdopplegangers.

    Which means adventurers at the Bars/Saloons/Taverns and ESPECIALLY at the comfort homes/ Whore houses.

    Adventurers who very well might go check up on their favorite NPC baker and family come tomorrow morn.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)23:46 No.9050740
    You find a mirror and examine yourself. You could indeed pass for human. Likely, something would eventually give you away, but by that point, hopefully, it would be too late.

    You clean up the house, as best as you can. You find 38 gp and some Delicious Bread. You generally prefer meat, the fresher the better, but you can take it with you if you wish.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:47 No.9050742
    Yes, we have the place to ourselves. Look for useful items.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:47 No.9050743

    Do we know if the city has a zoo?

    If not, brothel. Bring money, mass charisma gains and become good at passing for a human.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:47 No.9050744
    Clothing. A big coat?
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:48 No.9050774
    samefag has a fucking hardon for animall shelter

    do this>>9050712

    start hunting for more open windows, why should we stop something thats sucessful?
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:48 No.9050787
    Clothes, nice clothes, modify appearance to be as indistinguishable as possible from a normal human.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:48 No.9050788
    eat some bread.

    also, investigate memories for sewer alligators
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:48 No.9050791

    Keep bread to feed/lure pigeons.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:49 No.9050799
    Shit is there a church in town!?
    lets go find an adept.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)23:50 No.9050818
    The father owned a raincoat with a large collar and many pockets. Is that what you were looking for?

    Naturally, the house also contains blankets, several sets of clothing, some simple wooden toys, and lots of flour, as well as several knives. Only a couple of them look useful for murderin', but there's no sense leaving them behind, right?
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:50 No.9050819
    >devour king
    >gain divine right to rule
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:51 No.9050837
    I don't blame him, the number of abilities and high stats easily available from animals is staggering.

    That said I tend to agree with you.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:52 No.9050857
    samefag here

    I really think our long-term goal would be the consumption of the divine right to rule.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:53 No.9050884
    Theres at least two of us actually.

    Load pockets with collection of knives.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:54 No.9050899
    OP, going to bed but I'd like to tell you first that this has been fun. I had a few doubts when I started reading but you've run it well.

    I hope you keep going to whatever conclusion comes, instead of letting it die after one thread like so many quests with potential. Also, I'm curious as to how you're handling attacks. Is it that we're attacking things with so little HP/AC that they tend to go down in one flatfooted hit?

    I'm fine with you using a diceroller for speed instead of rolling here, but it might be cool if you posted dice results. I'm fine either way really.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)23:56 No.9050935
    Among other things, the sewers do indeed contain alligators. They've been confirmed to grow up to five feet in length, and you remember hearing tall tales about ones three times that size.

    You know of a nearby church of St. Cuthbert, and one of Pelor several blocks away.
    This family attends services at the Pelorian church every Friday around noon. It's currently Tuesday night, around 3 am.

    There's also the animal shelter, the tavern, the brothel, the vinter's house, or anywhere else you can think of.
    You currently have a Little Boy's Voice, and look passably human.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:56 No.9050943
    While this thought results from /v it may be appropriate;

    This is as if Fable and Prototype subsumed Thief.

    Grand Theft Statistics.

    Retardation aside what happens when we reach the animal shelter? Absorbing so many animals will make us lose whatever human surfacing we've gained by digesting the family.

    Here's hoping there's some Elven druid in training caretaker to 'om nom nom' in order to balance out the feral ball of death we seem focused on becoming.

    Although escaping the town to the wilderness once buffed properly and gaining dominance amongst the savage races would kick ass.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:57 No.9050947
    Well, Pelor's good... Cuthbert's lawful neutral...

    Let's go sneak into a confessional at the church of Cuthbert and eat a priest.

    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:57 No.9050952
    We need a voice to match out body.

    Also stay the fuck away from Cuthbert's clergy.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/07/10(Wed)23:57 No.9050955
    Sometimes it's been two hits with a surprise round.
    The cat took seven rounds, and most of your hitpoints.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:58 No.9050977
    My vote is for the animal shelter also, killing animals in cages should be a cake walk. A delicious, bloody, cake walk.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:58 No.9050981
    Cuthites would fuck us up.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)23:59 No.9050999
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:02 No.9051041
    I'm perfectly fine with becoming a ruthless, cunning predator longing for human flesh and blood, always looking for a juicier steak.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:02 No.9051049
         File1270699356.jpg-(39 KB, 300x436, 1257215712357.jpg)
    39 KB

    Glad you agree with me.

    I think it would be a longterm awesome goal to eventually be "The Hooded Questgiver" to a bunch of PCs once we devour enough know how to form a power base.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:02 No.9051057
    Animal shelter.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/08/10(Thu)00:03 No.9051066
    The animal shelter doesn't seem to have any unlocked doors or windows. You currently lack lockpicking skills, but could attempt it anyway. Alternatively, you could probably smash a window, or see if you could find a rogue to eat in the tavern.
    >> Superdouche !!q9T0Z/wGJO3 04/08/10(Thu)00:04 No.9051082
    Animal shelter. We can start working on looking human after we can easily kill most humans.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:04 No.9051093
    We'll pick one appropriate animal for a good ability but more will fuck up our ability to walk the streets
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:05 No.9051111
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/08/10(Thu)00:05 No.9051112
    Wear hood and giant coat, employ rouge with GP, kill in darkness when he's done and eat, then go for the animals.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:05 No.9051121
    Don't know if I'll survive the sewers quite yet I head toward the animal shelter to build my strength.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:06 No.9051130

    Knock on door, use little boy's voice to inquire about lost pet and then hopefully -CONSUME- shelter's caretaker.

    It ain't vore if it pads out the damn HP.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:06 No.9051138
    Hey, that's not a bad idea. Provided we can find a rouge.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:07 No.9051153
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:07 No.9051157
    Little kid by himself at 3am might seem a bit suspicious.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:08 No.9051172

    Speaking of this, we should probably start grabbing HP every once in a while. 6 HP sounds ominously small and we've been picking off weaklings so far.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:08 No.9051175
    consume rogue. pick locks
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/08/10(Thu)00:08 No.9051178
    If we wear our shit and stay disguised we can munch him in some alley, provided we can come up with a good excuse as to what we need him for.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:08 No.9051188
    Definitely this.

    Also, who cares if we look animalistic? We just conceal ourselves with heavy coats or whatever until we devour enough humans to change the appearance back
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:09 No.9051189
    Do we have the intelligence to come up with a quest?
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:09 No.9051205
    the cat almost killed us...
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:09 No.9051213
    I want to be a vampiric tarrasque in human form. Extreme healing, huge magical resist, nearly invlunerable, know shit about a lot of stuff...

    And he is hungry like hell. The taste of blood and meat is decent, but just a side effect. The real prize is knowledge and skills. Every time you suck out the brain someone its like hitting a new high which becomes permament. The deep hunger for knowledge is unbearable, you want to know everything, every little detail, date, footnote from brains. Words cannot describe the feeling when you became smarter, better more real.Its like having the taste of godhood for a second.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/08/10(Thu)00:10 No.9051234
    (Bluff Natural 20)
    An old woman comes to the door. Knowledge (Local) informs you that she's a low-level Druid named Old Maggie.
    "What's that, dearie? You've lost your cat? Can't you come back in the morning?"
    "Please, Maggie? I'm so worried about Snuffles! There's all sorts of horrible things that can happen to a cat late at night?"
    "Sweetie, cats know how to take care of themselves at night. Better than you do."

    She sighs, and starts unlocking the door.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:11 No.9051243
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:11 No.9051244
    We leveled up. Would be 10HP now, I believe.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:12 No.9051265
    Continue the ruse until she turns her back, then hit her where it hurts, as hard as we can, with our most damaging implement of death.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:13 No.9051290

    "Isn't it obvious? You've never thought to yourself that the current war has dragged on a little unnaturally long? Of course a dragon has been manipulating it: only a heartless organism with a devious intellect could be capable of such a deed. Of course, if you want your peace, you can't simply slay it; you'll have to capture it and bring forth the evidence of its machinations. If you can get me that dragon, I can get you your day in court for both the kingdoms."
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:14 No.9051308
    apply knife to throat CUT CUT CUT SLASH SLASHH!
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:16 No.9051352
    we are big with a wee voice don't let her scream, or cast attack the throat first
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:16 No.9051354
    Kill and eat owner.

    Then everything in the shop, starting with the weakest.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:17 No.9051361

    let us do this on our way to devouring the king. if we can use a cartel of adventurers to overthrow the "corrupt monarchy" and get the king into our hands, we will have won the game.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:17 No.9051384

    We ARE the horrible monster.

    An animal shelter in this sort of world is a BIG extravagance. If the people of this city are that sentimental it's going to be "Lynchin TYME!" come Wednesday morning.

    Cries of "For Old Maggie" complete with pitchforks from the fields outside. Now all we need to do is get disguised up enough to be the one doing the rabble rousing in the first place.

    If she's an old druid even low-level she might have a familiar that will run and tattle on us. Make sure to close the door to the shelter BEFORE the killing blow.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/08/10(Thu)00:19 No.9051403
    She lets you in, and shows you to the cages. The animals are very well looked after- she is a Druid, after all. You wait for an opportunity to get the drop on her...
    (Bluff Natural Twenty. Sense Motive 2+7. Yeah, she's fucked.)
    (Critical Hit with the cricket bat)
    You brain the defenseless 61 year old woman with a cricket bat. She never saw it coming.

    Available Abilities:
    Wisdom 17
    Intelligence 14
    Base Will Save +2
    Base Fort Save +2
    Nature Sense
    Wild Empathy
    Knowledge (Nature) 4 ranks
    Knowledge (Religion) 4 ranks
    Survival 4 Ranks
    Sense Motive 4 Ranks
    Spellcraft 4 Ranks
    Handle Animal 4 Ranks
    Concentration 4 Ranks
    Access to 0-level druid spells (3/day)

    You also obtain the keys to the cages. You can loot the house, if you want.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:19 No.9051406
    We can just skip down if shit gets rough.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:19 No.9051408
    Good point. Definitely this
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:19 No.9051418

    We are feral, agressive and cunning. We have already thrown our lots. Hope for the best and rust our strength.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:20 No.9051425
    >wisdom 17

    DO IT

    seriously, until we do it we're going to just be carelessly murdering. either that, or high INT. and we aint found no wizards.
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/08/10(Thu)00:20 No.9051429
    Spells spells spells spells spells
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:20 No.9051440
    won't have time
    she will likely scream or cast as soon as she sees us
    slash hard for the neck immediatly or leave now
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/08/10(Thu)00:21 No.9051443
    Oh. She also knows the languages Druidic and Sylvan, and has the feats Track and Skill Focus (Handle Animal)
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:21 No.9051445
    Wild Empathy!
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:21 No.9051455
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:21 No.9051459

    Handle Animal, so we can kill them without a struggle.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:21 No.9051463
    come on man, wisdom.

    wisdom paves the way for finding more, better spell-casters.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:22 No.9051465
    Either Wisdom or badass druid spells
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:22 No.9051473
    Access to 0-level druid spells (3/day)
    Shit son this is obviouse
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/08/10(Thu)00:23 No.9051480
    Wis Wis Wis Wis Wis Wis Wis Wis Wis Wis
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:23 No.9051495
    we may find an owl here for wisdom or an animal with wis
    won't find an animal with spells
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:25 No.9051525
    Lets go with spells.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:25 No.9051533
    Wisdom, Spells, or Wild Empathy to make the feeding easier
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:25 No.9051543
    Speaking of which, what and how many animals are there? obviously we consume all
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:26 No.9051558
    isn't druid flavor wisdom much better than owl wisdom?

    I would rather the wisdom come from a sentient perspective.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:26 No.9051564
    Wis is near the peak of human ability.

    Thats a big deal.

    Level 0 drood spells are no big deal, especially just 3
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:26 No.9051567
    Spells or wild empathy

    get stats off cats
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:27 No.9051578
    >comsume all animals in animal shelter, and the caretaker

    guys, we're going to have adventurers on our ass HARD unless we do something.

    Open a sewer manhole nearby, and maybe drag some blood near it.
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/08/10(Thu)00:28 No.9051602
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:28 No.9051614
         File1270700924.jpg-(120 KB, 667x1000, 1251596944619.jpg)
    120 KB

    Wisdom 17

    Training will come once we devour the right folks and said know-how will be augmented by our, then superior, stats.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:29 No.9051631

    >implying free food as bad

    also, wisdom
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/08/10(Thu)00:30 No.9051635
    Looting the house gets you a suit of Leather Armor. It clearly hasn't been worn in a long time. It also isn't your size, but you can shift your body to accommodate it. There isn't much in the way of cash, but a few trinkets can conceivably be fenced for 30 gp. You also find a scroll of Calm Animals, and one of Summon Nature's Ally I.

    So, what is it, druid spells or 17 wisdom? Bear in mind that things with 17 wisdom are pretty rare, but that 0-level spells will let you use the scrolls.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:30 No.9051636
    We can do that once we have near human peak wisdom
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:30 No.9051655
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:31 No.9051657
    Wis 17. 0th level Druid spells are crappy.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:31 No.9051663
    I vote for wisdom again.

    scrolls can wait until we eat, like, a wizard's acolyte or something. some worthless caster.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:31 No.9051664

    wisdom, those spells are worthless to us now
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:31 No.9051665

    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/08/10(Thu)00:32 No.9051682
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:32 No.9051683
    either samefag, or a really creepy level of consensus.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:32 No.9051689
    Wisdom is near human peak, fucking wisdom
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:32 No.9051696

    I reaffirm the need to internalize Old Martha's 17 Wisdom. We can learn spells later.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:33 No.9051706

    four messages in the same minute

    I think this is hivemind
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:33 No.9051708
    Creepy consensus.

    Also wis.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:34 No.9051724

    These are the 0th level druid spells. They shitsux
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:35 No.9051743
    >purify food and drink

    oh exploitable
    >> stats off cats 04/08/10(Thu)00:36 No.9051750
    Ew. didn't realize

    Wis it is
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:37 No.9051769
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/08/10(Thu)00:37 No.9051784
    You feel your mind opening to the flow of the world around you, to the very heartbeat of nature itself. Old Maggie picked up a lot in her six decades of life, and you have wrested quite a bit from her now.
    Wisdom 17 gained! (Remember, wisdom also affects your senses).

    You make your way towards the cages. The animals are uneasy around you, but you look enough like Old Maggie to pull out a cat or two.

    You eat enough cats to gain ALL of the following:
    Low Light Vision
    Stealthy (+2 Hide and Move Silently)
    4 ranks in Hide and Move Silently
    4 ranks in Balance and Jump
    2 Claws (1d3)
    Bite (1d4)
    +2 base reflex save

    By this point, all the animals around you are making a tremendous din. You are about to star devouring the dogs, when you hear a much deeper growling behind you.
    It seems that Old Maggie had an animal companion, in the form of a grey wolf.
    What do?
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/08/10(Thu)00:39 No.9051820
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:39 No.9051826
    use old maggie's voice to placate it

    devour/befriend wolf, depending on how much you picked up from old maggie
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:39 No.9051831
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:40 No.9051835
    Climb to the ceiling.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:40 No.9051838

    exploitable how? serious question I'd honestly like to know?
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:40 No.9051843
    Throw cages at it. Run.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:41 No.9051857

    There's no way we'll beat that wolf. Better outclimb it somehow.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:41 No.9051862
    grab it in headlock STABSTABSTAB!
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:41 No.9051872
    Climb to where kit cant reach us, slowly pick up animals and traits untill we can take it down.
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/08/10(Thu)00:42 No.9051875
    Bro we have claws and fangs now
    let's just fucking EAT IT
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:42 No.9051889
    Soothe the wolf. Gently caress him to docility.

    Then stab and eat it. After it, eat all animals nearby.

    Also, how do we look? Did our body became more catlike?

    Oh shit, we just ate a druid and a fuckload of cats.... we are turning into a Na'vi
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:43 No.9051916
    shitty claws and shitty fangs
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:44 No.9051923

    We're like a discount Bene Gesserit with this voice but combined with Old Maggie's know how either getting the wolf to put down it's guard or align with us is a possibility.

    I think
    Has a good idea.

    Hopefully we put on that leather armor from the current looting underneath the old coat -before- we ran into Old Maggie's familiar.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:45 No.9051941
         File1270701901.png-(146 KB, 324x328, hrrnnnggdurr.png)
    146 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:45 No.9051956
    Escape by climbing, one by one pick up animals and continue to feed while it cannot reach us
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/08/10(Thu)00:46 No.9051974
    You make it up the wall before the wolf can get to you. It circles beneath you, growling and barking menacingly. Fortunately, the walls are lines with cages, and you can continue eating animals should you so choose.
    Dogs are delicious.
    Choose THREE of the following:
    +4 racial bonus to Jump
    Improve Dex to 17
    +1 natural armor
    Improve land speed to 40
    Spot 4 Ranks
    Listen 4 Ranks
    Alertness (+2 Spot, +2 Listen)
    +2 Base Fortitude save
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/08/10(Thu)00:47 No.9051997
    Nat armor, Speed, Track.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:48 No.9052002
    >dex 17



    dex+landspeed will allow us to get away from anyone attacking us, tracking will let us catch anyone who saw us.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:48 No.9052004
    Armor, Speed, Dex, and Jump are the big ones to go for.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:48 No.9052012

    Jump, 17 dex, and land speed.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:48 No.9052022
    Track and Alertness, dex imo
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:48 No.9052025
    track, alertness and dex
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:49 No.9052030
    Dex 17
    Land Speed: 40
    +1 Nat Armor

    Fast and hard to kill. We can get jump and etc later. Right now, we need speed and survivability.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:49 No.9052037
    Speed, Dex, Jump
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/08/10(Thu)00:49 No.9052042
    Track alertness and dex I guess
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:49 No.9052049
    nat armor doesn't stack with our leather
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:49 No.9052055
    Dex and Armor for this fight with the wolf.

    Anything else I guess, you guys pick.
    >> stats off cats 04/08/10(Thu)00:50 No.9052062
    Dex, speed, spot

    Dex gives us an AC bonus, and who knows what we've been missing without spot?
    >> stats off cats 04/08/10(Thu)00:50 No.9052063
    Dex, speed, spot

    Dex gives us an AC bonus, and who knows what we've been missing without spot?
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:50 No.9052066
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:50 No.9052071
    Don't bother with speed. Wolves have a landspeed of 50 feet.
    Of course, they've also got a better bite, and improved trip. Difficult decision...


    What other animals have we seen?
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:50 No.9052078
    Guys... speed automatically increases our jump skill a bunch.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:50 No.9052080
    Yes it does.

    Where would you get the Idea it doesn't?
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:51 No.9052089
    Speed dex jump.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:51 No.9052095

    dex, jump, speed

    we will be like a fucking xenomorph from Alien except for being smart and getting some magic later
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:51 No.9052106

    Gotta support it.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:51 No.9052108
    Natural Armor Bonus
    A natural armor bonus improves Armor Class resulting from a creature's naturally tough hide. Natural armor bonuses stack with all other bonuses to Armor Class (even with armor bonuses) except other natural armor bonuses. Some magical effects (such as the barkskin spell) grant an enhancement bonus to the creature's existing natural armor bonus, which has the effect of increasing the natural armor's overall bonus to Armor Class. A natural armor bonus doesn't apply against touch attacks.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:51 No.9052111

    We just manged to eat 3 dogs while avoiding being destroyed by a wolf while every other creture in Old Maggie's shelter is SCREAMING for its life.

    We should bug out of there and attempt to either kill or escape that damn wolf.

    17 Dex, +4 racial bonus to jump, improved land speed.

    We need to adapt to getting the HELL away from wolf.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:52 No.9052122
         File1270702333.gif-(416 KB, 260x176, 1255234525655.gif)
    416 KB

    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:52 No.9052125
    Nat armor, speed, jump, dex, and alertness are good
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/08/10(Thu)00:53 No.9052151
    >nat armor doesn't stack with our leather
    Yes it does.

    >What other animals have we seen?
    Mostly dogs and cats. Anything not obviously domesticated, Old Maggie released back into the wild. There are a few caged birds, and a few larger dog cages (Riding Dogs), but you can't reach them from where you are.
    You also seem to recall there being a single Camel tethered out back.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:54 No.9052184

    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:54 No.9052189
    Dex land speed natural armor
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:55 No.9052209
    Dex, Spot, Track
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:55 No.9052222
    k. Out window, eat camel, leave area.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:56 No.9052239
    Dex 17
    Spot 4 ranks <-- need to see whats what, before something else jumps us.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:56 No.9052247
    Prime Mover, we are medium sized, no?

    Shouldn't our bite and claw damage scale up from the cats with the size increases?
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:57 No.9052254
    What's our land speed now?
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:57 No.9052258
    Alertness before spot, listen is nice too.

    I agree on the rest
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:58 No.9052290
         File1270702709.jpg-(97 KB, 665x900, Big_Marrs_by_dranubis.jpg)
    97 KB
    Qouted from link "Camels are known for their ability to travel long distances without food or water."

    Combine that with a few digested harlots to disguise our humanoid Bactrian-bumps and it's political easy street.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/08/10(Thu)00:58 No.9052302
    40 foot Land Speed Acquired! 17 Dexterity Acquired! +4 Racial bonus to Jump Acquired!
    You jump deftly from one cage lined wall to the other. You're pretty sure you could squeeze out of a high window, and access the roof from here. Alternatively, you could pelt the wolf with your stolen knives, and hope for the best.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)00:59 No.9052319
    we have sent
    >> stats off cats 04/08/10(Thu)00:59 No.9052320
    goodnight /tg/

    someone please archive this

    and many thanks to OP, here's hoping we continue soon
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:00 No.9052349
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:00 No.9052356
    Water-and-food-storing megatits? That's hilarious. I support it 100%.

    Bug out through a window, eat the tethered camel, go visit the brothel.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:00 No.9052357
    Any chance the wolf could follow us somehow? I say keep the knives for now. We may need them to weaken the camel.
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/08/10(Thu)01:01 No.9052372
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:01 No.9052381
    Pelt him with knives. Not like we're using them anyways, and if we manage to kill him, we win.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:01 No.9052382
    kill wolf, whatever it takes. We can then feast on the rest
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:01 No.9052392

    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/08/10(Thu)01:02 No.9052404
    >Shouldn't our bite and claw damage scale up from the cats with the size increases?
    They scaled up one stage.
    Bite 1d4+1, Claw 1d3.
    Compare to a cat's 1d2-4 and 1d4-4.

    Eat some more dogs- or one wolf- and I'll scale them both up to medium sized natural weapons.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:02 No.9052423
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:02 No.9052426

    Pelting the wolf with knives might be bad idea since it will tip off the pursuers that an intelligent creature was involved.

    Also if Prime Mover is going off Camel link's stats that's a possible 18 strength and Endurance feat!

    But let's not get TOO greedy how the hell are we going to kill a camel? I mean they survived being punched by Conan what the heck can an amalgam as ourselves do to it?

    Although it's a prize worth having.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:03 No.9052444
    run out window

    create sewer diversion

    run like fuck
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:04 No.9052464
    thats why we eat the wolf
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:05 No.9052488
    eat wolf, no evidence
    camel is caged, meaning easy death
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:05 No.9052499
         File1270703122.jpg-(189 KB, 1600x1200, 1268981041702.jpg)
    189 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:05 No.9052504
         File1270703133.jpg-(83 KB, 607x800, Marrs_plate_by_dranubis.jpg)
    83 KB



    Another view of possible options if we go for the Survival Mode "Camel-Bumps" configuration.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:06 No.9052525
    We NEED to kill the camel for peak human strength.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:06 No.9052530
    But if we can't kill the wolf we'll have lost the knives.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:07 No.9052571
    what else are we gonna use em for? we have claws. also we only have to hurt it
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:08 No.9052573
    uberdex, and we got claws and shit for finishing it off. We got the high ground. Pounce and rape
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/08/10(Thu)01:09 No.9052613
    You start hurling kitchen knives at the wolf. They were certainly not designed for this, but most of them find their marks.
    The wolf starts jumping in the air, trying to bite you. You wisely relocate to the ceiling.
    You are down to your last knife when it whimpers, and passes out due to blood loss.

    Your bite and claw attacks scale up!
    Choose one of the following:
    +2 Natural Armor
    15 Con
    50 foot land speed
    Trip (as a free action whenever you hit with a bite)
    Weapon Focus (Bite)
    Permanently Increase your HP by 2
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:10 No.9052636
    I vote for kill the wolf or scare it away by throwing knives. Even untrained, with Dex 17 we have a half decent chance of doing good damage to it.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:10 No.9052637
    con def con our hp goes up 4
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:10 No.9052643
    I'm going to suggest CON, as we can likely get significant move speed (or strength) from the camel and our current CON is pretty terrible.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:10 No.9052645
         File1270703447.jpg-(53 KB, 468x576, 1268980208687.jpg)
    53 KB
    15 con or the nat armor.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:11 No.9052657
    15 Con
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:11 No.9052660
    CON sounds good.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:11 No.9052662
    con or natural armor
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:11 No.9052674
    we already have nat armour 1
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:11 No.9052677
    Natural Armor or Speed.

    You also never gave us whatever we were getting last time when we were picking three, or if you did, I missed it.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:12 No.9052691
    50 foot land speed. Combine it with some long distance travel from the camel, and we are can effectively go where ever the fuck we want. Ever.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:12 No.9052700
    Nevermind, found it.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:12 No.9052703
    Make sure you retrieve the knives back.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:13 No.9052713
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:13 No.9052720

    Continure eating pets.
    Birds are a priority.
    Get STR from camel
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:13 No.9052732
    now we can eat the rest of the animals in peace none of them are gonna have 15 con though
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:14 No.9052747


    15 Con, Track, +2 natural armor

    The extra natural armor may aid us with the camel.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:14 No.9052753
    We could get fly 40ft from a household bird
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:14 No.9052762
    15 con.

    Core stats should be a priority, that's what makes a man.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:15 No.9052783
    we are nearing overpowered status

    we've only eaten like eight times
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:15 No.9052788
    CON, also LOOK STATS and LOOK INVENTORY (hoping we picked up the knives)
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:15 No.9052791
    also we already have 40' move
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:16 No.9052806
    The camel might
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:16 No.9052810
    We're lucky if we're CR 3 dude.

    We're op in a realistic world.

    This is a fantasy setting.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:16 No.9052820
    oh shit you're right

    run and hide!
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:17 No.9052827
    Camel has 14


    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:17 No.9052829
         File1270703829.jpg-(236 KB, 949x584, 1259039297806.jpg)
    236 KB

    I'm guessing we might only get glide and that would screw up our "Mimic" shenanigans in terms of wearing human clothes to blend into low light.

    We'd be lucky to get some Elf meat if only to slim up and hide our unnatural capacities a bit.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:17 No.9052833
    thats sorta the point. we can eventually move past animals to humans then adventurers
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:18 No.9052862
    40 feet average maneuverability it should be
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:18 No.9052869
    Then gods

    Seriously, it's lunchtime, get munching
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:18 No.9052870
    true. though I say we USE adventurers, not eat them. until, of course, they know too much.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:19 No.9052886
    What about trip, any good?
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:20 No.9052907
    con 15
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:20 No.9052908
    Adventurers die all the time too.
    We can kill as many as we like.
    ALSO I'm loving the idea if how we think.
    I think the creature thinks in a similar sense, the whole "we" thing.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:21 No.9052931
    Trip is awkward.

    We get con from wolf, str from camel
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:21 No.9052950
    ya Itll probably have something else better
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/08/10(Thu)01:21 No.9052957

    Constitution 15 obtained!

    You then eat your way through the few birds she has. You develop a membrane under your arms. You don't think you'll be able to properly fly just yet (you'll have to eat a medium sized or larger flying creature for that), you will be able to glide just fine.
    When winds are favourable, you have a fly speed of 40 ft (clumsy), but this is not suitable for extended travel.

    You also find a single Small Viper. It tries to bite you, but you catch it deftly, and eat it like a large spaghetti noodle.

    Choose one:
    Poisonous Bite (1d6 Con)
    +3 Natural Armor
    Improved Initiative
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:22 No.9052977
    gather money, hire one adventurer to kill another, eat body
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:23 No.9052993
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:24 No.9053003

    bite from shadows, wait on ceiling, ???, omnom
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:24 No.9053006
    Ooooh, tough.

    I say bite or II.

    I trust the bite also has 1d6 con secondary?
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:24 No.9053013
    Natural armor. It's going to be hard to get close enough to bite someone with the poison, especially when we have claws and shit.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:24 No.9053020

    Improved Initiative

    The poison won't help us unless we coat our daggers in it beforehand and who's to say how long that will last.

    With improved initiative we'll be faster for ANYTHING not just biting situations.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:24 No.9053026
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:24 No.9053027
         File1270704296.png-(115 KB, 871x794, 1241997434139.png)
    115 KB

    The bite is tempting...
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:25 No.9053034
    Initiative, should be useful considering how we've been fighting so far.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:25 No.9053036
    Improve initiative if the bite only deals 1d6 con, poison if it has secondary damage.
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/08/10(Thu)01:25 No.9053051
    We have 15 con who the fuck needs natural armor?
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/08/10(Thu)01:26 No.9053059
    Hit Dice: 2d6+4 HP (14 HP)
    Base Attack/Grapple: +1/+2
    Cricket Bat +2 melee (1d6+1)
    Claws (1d4)
    Bite (1d6+1)

    AC 15 (+3 dex, +2 leather armor)
    Str 12, Dex 17, Con 15, Into 10, Wis 17, Cha 14
    Fort +2, Reflex +4, Will +0
    15 foot climb speed
    40 foot land speed
    Membrane for gliding (40 ft (clumsy) in favourable winds)

    Scent, Low Light Vision
    +4 racial to Hide/Move Silently
    +4 racial to jump, +4 speed to jump
    Hide +11
    Move Silently +11
    Balance +7
    Jump +14
    Knowledge (Local) +4

    Language: Common
    Stealthy, Weapon Finesse

    Hobo Clothes
    Sharp Bean Can
    Cricket Bat
    Guitaur String
    Decent Clothes
    20 ft rope
    Leather Armor
    89 gp
    Scroll: Calm Animals
    Scroll: Summon Nature's Ally I
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:27 No.9053077
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:28 No.9053110
    oh I thought we already had 1 nat, armor in that case +3 nat aror for sho
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:28 No.9053125
    Does the poison bite only do CON damage?
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:29 No.9053127
    Keep eating everything in the shop before moving onto the camel for strength.

    Also I say poison.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:29 No.9053135
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:30 No.9053154
    Poison, but only if it has secondary damage.

    Otherwise, initiative.

    Also, I find it hard to believe there's just one snake, look for more.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:30 No.9053160
         File1270704644.jpg-(86 KB, 750x600, 1269570499003.jpg)
    86 KB

    Bite isn't really worth it.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:31 No.9053174
    guys we have ac 15! nat armor definately thatll give us a respectible 18
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:32 No.9053198
    Find another snake for the nat armor.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/08/10(Thu)01:32 No.9053201
    Incorporating some of the snake's nervous structure, you streamline your reaction time still further.
    Improved Initiative gained!

    I'm going to bed after you eat the camel, so make it snappy.
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/08/10(Thu)01:32 No.9053202
    Plenty of things have Nat armor, but how many have improved init?
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:32 No.9053205
    Hey, Are we Have we equipped the leather armor?
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:33 No.9053218
    EAT camel
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:33 No.9053220


    Restating that improved initiative will allow us to get the first action in even if we are surprised.


    Also we should save our venom searches for SPIDERS. Liquification is slightly more badass than mere nerve paralysis unless it destroys our food target.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:33 No.9053236
    Sneak to the camel, smash its neck quickly with the bat.Its not like the camel is hyper-aggressive...right?
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:34 No.9053247
    You are wrong.

    If we are surprised, they get the first action.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/08/10(Thu)01:35 No.9053271
    Spiders use their venom for hunting. It would hardly be fair if you couldn't do the same.

    However, random house spiders aren't going to do you any good. You're going to need to eat a monstrous spider- a Tiny sized Brazillian Leaping Spider or Sydney Funnelweb at the least.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:35 No.9053272
    Do you know how surprise works? It's not like some bonus on initiative, they get a whole round of actions on us.

    They go first if we're surprised
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:35 No.9053275
    This is such a great quest.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:36 No.9053307
    We don't want spiders for the poison, we want it for the silk.

    That silk is stronger than steel, scale it up to our size and fuck yes.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:36 No.9053312
    actually just a standard but you closer than the other guy
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:37 No.9053322
         File1270705037.jpg-(108 KB, 643x875, anime_marrs__by_dranubis.jpg)
    108 KB

    Eat Dat camel!

    For glorious Bactrian-bumps.

    And 18 str of course.
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/08/10(Thu)01:37 No.9053335
    The Camel has been woken up by the noise from within the shelter. It turns to face you... (Hide Natural 20+11)
    Oh. Nevermind. You sneak up on it, and take a swing... and miss.
    You win initiative, and decide to full attack it with your teeth and claws. You deal some damage, but it's still standing, and it's angry. It bites at you, ineffectively.
    Your turn. What do?
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:39 No.9053363
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:39 No.9053365

    Suffocate it monster MMA style!
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:39 No.9053366
    Cut it with your bean can in memory of the brave hobo you killed
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/08/10(Thu)01:39 No.9053371
    called shot to the EYES
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:40 No.9053390
    Full attack
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:41 No.9053419
    Can't let it trample us, Leap onto it and hold on while biteing
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:42 No.9053442
    is it tied up?
    back up and throw knives
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/08/10(Thu)01:43 No.9053452
    You bite and claw the camel some more. It's bloodied, and braying in pain. It's also drooling ALL OVER THE PLACE.
    It tries to overrun you- at which point you neatly sidestep and brain it with your trusty cricket bat.

    Choose One:
    18 Strength
    50 foot land speed
    +1 natural armor

    Shouldn't be that hard a decision.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:43 No.9053464
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:44 No.9053465
    +1 armo- err, I mean strength
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:44 No.9053467
    does the cricket bat have reach?
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:44 No.9053476
    Awesome camel str.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:44 No.9053482
    18 Strength

    Now all we need is some INT. Who's up for a trip to the local librarian?
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:45 No.9053500
    What's endurance do?
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:45 No.9053504

    Glorious 18 Strength!
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:46 No.9053518
    Use the kids voice for it- "Hewwo? I'm wookin for a book Mrs Library lady. Can you hewp me?"
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:46 No.9053521
    fukken' STRENGTH!

    awwww yeah
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:47 No.9053557
    Disregard anyone who does not say strongest man alive str
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/08/10(Thu)01:47 No.9053565
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:47 No.9053568
         File1270705669.png-(176 KB, 600x600, 1267272598742.png)
    176 KB
    18 Str.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:49 No.9053608
    Is it archived yet?
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:49 No.9053613
         File1270705763.png-(55 KB, 400x500, 9126.png)
    55 KB

    I'm up for Librarian hunting. Except be forewarned she might have magical prowess.

    Although her bookish frame cloaked over the killing machine which we are becoming...
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/08/10(Thu)01:50 No.9053640
    You chow down on the 500 kilogram camel. You're feeling almost.... sated. That's a weird feeling, and you don't feel it very often.
    As you do so, your muscles enlarge. You now have the muscles of a camel. CAMEL MUSCLES. Either way, you now have 18 strength.
    Your bite or cricket bat now deals 1d6+4 damage. Your claws deal 1d4+2.

    I'm going to bed now. Would you like to slink off to find a hiding place now, or resume your killing spree right where you left off?
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/08/10(Thu)01:51 No.9053672
    We hide.
    Now someone fucking archive it it's easy as shit to do
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:52 No.9053681
    Save right here
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:52 No.9053682
    Hide and digest our meals. No sense in overeating.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:53 No.9053713

    Hide, next stop Library or comfort home/brothel.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:53 No.9053721
    Well I don't know how to archive a thread so it won't be me.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:53 No.9053722
    sleep through the next day, pick up the next night
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:53 No.9053730
    Resume where we left off.

    We can continue it right after killing the camel

    Gnight thanks for a great thread
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/08/10(Thu)01:55 No.9053781
    >> Prime Mover !e2iGzkKSGQ 04/08/10(Thu)01:56 No.9053783
    Thanks for participating. I look forward to continuing tomorrow or Friday night. (my schedule is a little iffy)
    >> Anonymous 04/08/10(Thu)01:57 No.9053810
    This was an excellent quest, Prime Mover.

    May your subconscious devour all that is needed for pleasant dreams.

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