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    26 KB The Ballad of Wyatt the Last Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)02:46 No.9161368  
    Personal Log, Code Designation: Wyatt
    Monitor Tag: 39920-291772983.9930A-2
    Project Date: A.D. +4
    Project Director: [Redacted by the Inquisition]
    Physical Status: Recuperating. Stage 3, Final Phase.
    Mental Status: [Redacted by the Inquisition]

    The ugly be-speckled man they call "my doctor" insisted I start scrivening thoughts down in these personal logs. I don't know much what to transcribe, much less think since I've woken up. They call it my "activation date." How quaint, how personal. I wake up cold, naked with tubes and wires sticking out of me in half a dozen different places. And I'm surrounded by... what I can only assume are humans in strange outfits poking and prodding any part of me that has nerves. It was, as every experience has been these last...three? No. Not three, four - yes, four days. It has been four days, I must remember that. My awakening has been as awkward as every experience I've had since. I cant even tell the days apart, not since [redacted by the Inquisition] told me I was more than they "expected." I dont even know what that means. Expectations of someone who cannot remember their own name. I dont know my name. I. Do. Not. Know. My. Name.

    They started by calling me "Project [redacted by the Inquisition]" which isnt of much use. Lately one of them - some... low level tech in charge of giving me regular "check ups" - has started to call me Wyatt. I prefer that to "Project [redacted by the Inquisition]." I should think, now that I think on it, that these will be monitored. Perhaps THIS is where I can voice my complaints then. CAN A MAN HAVE SOME CLOTHES? Existing while in this perpetual state of near-undress with nothing but a cold unflattering gown does not much at all to improve the quality of life! Ridiculous. I'm sure you're reading this, you faceless drones, but I'm also just as certain you dont give a damn. Speaking of which - why am I blindly doing as I've been told. Enough of this.
    >> The Ballad of Wyatt the Last Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)02:48 No.9161394
         File1271141315.png-(27 KB, 128x128, Wyatt.png)
    27 KB
    <Authors notes and meta-narrative will be in <> brackets>
    <This is my first 40k Dark Heresy game ever. I decided to jot it down. First is the prelude to the first session. Enjoy>
    Personal Log, Code Designation: Wyatt
    Monitor Tag: 39921-291773573.9680A-1
    Project Date: A.D. +7
    Project Director: [Redacted by the Inquisition]
    Physical Status: Testing Completed. May begin training.
    Mental Status: [Redacted by the Inquisition] *Extra note by [redacted by Inquisition]

    They seem upset that I've not made one of these in a while. They expressed their "concern" with electrical batons. What lovely caretakers they make. I am to make these at least once a day while "off mission," and as often as I can while "on mission." I have absolutely no idea what either means. But I'm going to go ahead and guess that "off mission" means whatever the hell they want it to - and I'm currently off mission. I find it easier to write my disdain for all of you than find myself at the disconcerting end of one of your electric batons - just to make this clear. I wonder if this is sufficient. I shall leave now.
    ... Apparently it was not sufficient. I must "talk about my state of mind." My state of mind is: Pissed off. Get that? Or, how about "Less than pleased with the current state of affairs." I've a few choices of off-color remarks I could make, but I suspect that would get me another visit from Mr. Shock King Baton. Give me one of them for five minutes, let's see if you like the "Are you done now?" game. There. I'm definitely done now.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)02:50 No.9161418
    But Wyatt is from Suikoden 3.
    >> Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)02:51 No.9161440
    <It's the Pog I found for use in the Gametable. It works just fine.>

    Personal Log, Code Designation: Wyatt
    Monitor Tag: 39922-291884368.7682B-1
    Project Date: A.D. +8
    Project Director: [Redacted by the Inquisition]
    Physical Status: Optimal
    Mental Status: [Redacted by the Inquisition]

    I feel like I'm going crazy. All damn day they had me playing with little objects. Trying to get me to identify square pegs and round holes and... without touching them. ODD IS WHAT IT IS YOU BASTARDS! "Move it with your mind." I think I earned some ire with whatever look I must have given them at that moment. Right. With my mind. While I'm at it, I'm going to jam Mr. Baton down Mr. [redacted by the Inquisition]'s throat with my mind. Also, with my mind, I think I'll [redacted by the Inquisition.]

    I wonder if I can transcribe with my mind.

    ...No, no I can not.
    >> Ballad of Wyatt the Last Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)02:54 No.9161458
    Personal Log, Code Designation: Wyatt
    Monitor Tag: 39922-291886872.7543A-2
    Project Date: A.D. +9
    Project Director: [Redacted by the Inquisition]
    Physical Status: Optimal
    Mental Status: [Redacted by the Inquisition]

    Ok. Fine. FINE! I moved it with my mind. A little bit. Yay me! I dont give a damn. And yes, I also did all those other tests you wanted me to do. Your bright and cheery faces about how "successful" everything was surely made me share the joys WITH you - right? RIGHT? OBVIOUSLY I AM HAPPY NOW. OBVIOUSLY THIS IS WHY I AM HERE, TO MAKE YOU HAPPY!

    I hope you all [redacted by the Inquisition] and then [redacted by the Inquisition] - you hear that [redacted by the Inquisition]? ESPECIALLY YOU.
    I am a slave. I am owned. I am nothing but the toy of machines dressed up in man-suits. Clearly these people lost whatever concept of soul they had long, long ago. Fools and idiots - yet learned and dangerous. Go figure.

    Though, I do remember something from "Before." HAHA, you thought I was gonna tell you, didnt you you pricks? HAHA, no DICE.
    >> Ballad of Wyatt the Last Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)02:56 No.9161495
    Personal Log, Code Designation: Wyatt
    Monitor Tag: 39926-291889932.6781A-1
    Project Date: A.D. +12
    Project Director: [Redacted by the Inquisition]
    Physical Status: Sub-Optimal
    Mental Status: Underwent routine Cleansing. *Note by [redacted by the Inquisition]

    I cannot express how funny it was to me when she walked in and told you to stop torturing me. You all looked so scared. I think one or two of you must have soiled yourselves. It was... glorious. Yes, that's right, I reveled in your misery - see what it's like? It's not great, is it? Bah - you're not going to learn from me anyway.

    She said to keep writing these, that she would monitor these logs after this one. I asked for this one to be sent to you. Why? WHY? Because I DONT REMEMBER A GOD DAMN THING FROM BEFORE! HAHAHA, you slimey bastards. You tortured me for days and all for nothing. For smart people you are all very, very stupid. I've started practicing my "talent" without you bastards too. When I wasnt in the exam rooms between torturings. Yeah, sucks having a sapient sentient lab monkey - doesn't it? I'm not your monkey anymore. Almas, the INQUISITOR has come and shamed you all. She's also the first person since that nice nurse who calls me by Wyatt. She talks to me like a human being. Why? Because I am one you ignorant [redacted by the Inquisition].
    >> Ballad of Wyatt the Last Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)02:58 No.9161531
    Personal Log, Code Designation: Wyatt
    Monitor Tag: Almas, 3AG-42B
    Project Date: A.D. +14
    Project Director: [Redacted by the Inquisition]
    Physical Status: Sub-Optimal
    Mental Status: Stabilizing, returning to routine.

    So, yeah. Inquisitor Almas. I appreciate everything you've done for me, but you really want me to keep writing these? Ok. For you? Yes, yes I can. By the way, I'm not sure if you care, but you looked good today - the way you did the hair. Very formidable, powerful. I'm sure you keep the male Inquisitors at bay only with that bolter strapped to your hip, and of course the cunning and will to use it, no doubt.

    Right, right. These are supposed to be about me, to me, not to the people I knew were reading it. Right. Well - moving things with my mind has become really easy. Obviously. The other talents, and the weapons training is working well in tandem - though, honestly, it all seems like I've done this before. All of it. Long ago. Everything seems to just be...well, recollection - which is impossible since I honestly dont remember anything from "before." I dont know why this is - but I suspect you do. If you would tell me, I'd be appreciative. More than appreciative.

    Oh, right, right - no talking to you, just to me. Fine. Well... "Wyatt" as you've been officially named. What do you think about all of this? "Oh, I dont know Wyatt, I think this is a load of shit and a silly waste of what could be nap time." Oh I completely agree Wyatt! How wonderful of us to get along so well on so many things! Will you be my friend? "Oh quite Ser Wyatt, I would love that. Then we may merrily romp through the fields of bliss together!" Oh yes Wyatt, quite indeed, etc.
    >> Ballad of Wyatt the Last Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)03:00 No.9161557
    Project Date: A.D. +15
    Physical Status: Optimal
    Mental Status: Stabilizing.
    Fine. I apologize for my inappropriate response to these logs. There, it's in writing now - it *must* be true.
    Today we worked on people skills. Which is to say Almas is trying to undue all the lovely things I learned from the "Project Core" or what she's been calling that [redacted by Inquisition]. I got to work with her all day. It was...a breath of fresh air. I got to be regarded as a human, at least, by one person - all day long. I liked that. She even gave me the second half of the day off. I went to the new rec. room and loaded up all the videos of other people doing things. I have to say - the programing... sucks. Everything is slapstick or people trying to get into each other's pants. One was about a Time Traveler who just wanted to see the Universe with a female companion, but horrible events kept following him - I kinda liked that one a bit. Anyway - it all seemed silly. I think my versions of reality are more concrete than whoever comes up with that drivel - and I've been tortured and prodded for weeks. Granted, they've memories of their childhoods. Perhaps something innocent and meaningful exists for them in a time before they started to write where they can draw inspiration for the vapid and insipid from. And, when I think on that - I envy them. Children. The shows treated them like they're ubiquitous beings. But I've never seen one. I wonder if Almas has children.
    HA, probably not... though, I wonder if Almas was ever a child. She'd have had to have been one at one point. Still, it's hard to imagine. So hard, so stern. So breathtakingly [redacted by the Inquisition].
    Still, musing on "what could have been" is not of much use. I still dont know what the Inquisition wants of me. I do know it must have something to do with my [redacted by the Inquisition.] But to what extent? I do not know. As for now, I just go where Almas points me.
    >> Ballad of Wyatt the Last Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)03:01 No.9161572
    Personal Log, Code Designation: Wyatt
    Monitor Tag: Almas, 3AG-42B
    Project Date: A.D. +16
    Project Director: [Redacted by the Inquisition]
    Physical Status: Optimal
    Mental Status: [redacted by the Inquisition]

    WHAT THE HELL. No - seroiusly, what the hell. W...WAS THAT HELL? For a moment I could have swore I saw..... nah. No. Nono. "Warp Phenomena" she called it. That's all. Just..you know, "phenomena," not the stuff that haunts your dreams Wyatt. Nononono. Not that. Never that. Not the things that crawl out from under your bed and whisper terrible things in your ears - those are all just the nightmares. The same old nightmares you've had since being awoken and told that you're "special" and "meant for something" and.........

    what was that?
    O...saes;ifaneeg;awionegoiaewnga WHY? Why Am I hearing things? Is it only me? Can I...no, no I cant. I cant see what's not there. I cannot know what cannot be known. There cannot BE what MUST NOT BE!

    >> Ballad of Wyatt the Last Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)03:03 No.9161597
    Personal Log, Code Designation: Wyatt
    Monitor Tag: Almas, 3AG-42B
    Project Date: A.D. +19
    Project Director: [Redacted by the Inquisition]
    Physical Status: Optimal
    Mental Status: Acceptable

    Supposedly there was an emergency meeting involving Almas, and I might get "called up" earlier than expected. I wonder if it's that [redacted by the Inquisition] gentleman I saw her speaking with. They seemed very upset and argumentative with each other. Well, regardless - I'm not sure how much use I could be in any situation. I mean, I can point a gun at something and hit it...most of the time. My "powers" seem to function to what keeps being called "optimal capacity," but.. once in a while that Darkness I'd not revisit finds it's way to me - and it only ever does it when I practice [redacted by the Inquisition.]

    We will see. Even if I dont want to see. We will see where this goes.
    >> Ballad of Wyatt the Last Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)03:05 No.9161624
    Project Date: A.D. +21
    Physical Status: Optimal
    Mental Status: Optimal
    They're flying in a "team". Some group of, yeah I dont honestly care. I was told just to stick with Almas, do as she instructs, and try not to get killed. I'm good at those tasks.
    I've been watching lots of videos lately. I call lit "research into the human condition" and they let me do it for hours. It's great. The programing isnt, but not having to listen to anyone teach me something, test me on something, or demand I talk to them about my experiences *while* being taught or tested on something, is a nice change of pace. And since only Almas reads these now, I'm fairly certain she doesnt care, she seems more or less pleased with my progress and grants me far more latitude than the men in pale green did. All hail Almas! Queen of freedom and baked goods.
    No, seriously - she baked something. At least, that's what I think she called it. She brought me in some kind of breaded... fluffy morsel of something. It. Was. Delicious. And I'm not just saying that because I hope she makes more, I already asked for more. No, I find it delicious because not only is it not the standard rations I've been having to ingest for who-knows how long, but they're also genuinely good. I didnt know she made food - I had thought that she was pure warrior and badass and had no feelings except for Justice, Wrath and occasionally Solemn Duty. Today, I saw something else. Almost like an emotion out of those fake bizare TV shows. Not sure what to call it, but it seems familiar to me somehow. Perhaps that's just my stomach trying to concoct devious methods to trick my mind into doing anything and everything to get more of those... "Muffins". It does not need to be so deceitful, I am more than willing to pursue the acquisition of them with all possible haste and without reservation.
    Granted, my stomach will not make me stupid enough to get myself killed annoying the Inquisitor either. Right...?
    >> Ballad of Wyatt the Last Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)03:07 No.9161641
    Personal Log, Code Designation: Wyatt
    Monitor Tag: Almas, 3AG-42B
    Red Tag; Codex Restriction Level: Omega-2.
    ::Tagged for Deletion::
    Project Date: A.D. +22
    Project Director: [Redacted by the Inquisition]
    Physical Status: Optimal
    Mental Status: [redacted by the Inquisition] *Note by Almas: [redacted by Inquisition]

    I. SEE. YOU. WYATT! [redacted by the Inquisition]. [Redacted by the inquisition] the warp [redacted by the Inquisition.] [Redacted by the Inquistion] be mine! [Redacted by the Inquistion]

    *Note by Almas: [redacted by Inquisition]
    >> Ballad of Wyatt the Last Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)03:08 No.9161650
    Personal Log, Code Designation: Wyatt
    Monitor Tag: Almas, 3AG-42B
    Project Date: A.D. +26
    Project Director: [Redacted by the Inquisition]
    Physical Status: Optimal
    Mental Status: Mild Purging Complete

    I dont remember anything. Apparently I logged a personal entry - but I cant access it. Go figure. Regardless of the "incident" I am to go on the drop team tomorrow with Almas and the crew flown in to complete the job. Though - I've not been told what they expect of me. I can "stay alive," and "follow Almas" pretty well. We'll see how that works.

    Not sure what else to say. Everyone's been acting weird around me. I wish someone would tell me what happened. But while I'm wishing I think I'd like more muffins. I am uneasy, and tomorrow... I see the outside world.
    >> Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)03:12 No.9161693
    <This is all I've got so far. The first and second sessions have been played. I just need to write them up.>
    >> Bag guy. 04/13/10(Tue)05:08 No.9162878
    This is actually a really cool bit of fluff.

    Sanctioned Psyker, I take it?
    >> Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)05:13 No.9162930
    <Not actually sanctioned. Not...sure what I am, actually. I am playing the stats of a sanctioned psyker though. GM hasnt informed me what is the "official word" on the issue.>
    >> Ballad of Wyatt the Last Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)05:39 No.9163176
    Personal Log, Code Designation: Wyatt
    Monitor Tag: Almas, 3AG-42B
    Date: Day 27
    Physical Status: Optimal
    Mental Status: Devastated

    She's dead. You're dead, Almas. You... I... why am I logging this? You died...not even a day ago and.. Why am I logging this?
    I am logging this so that they know what happened, so that your name is not dragged through the mud like some would have it be. I am logging this becuase maybe you can still read it, access it. Maybe not, but, is it really so harmful to pretend you can?

    I'll submit the report, but I'm keeping a copy. So help me, I will... what? I will what? Revenge you? From Gravity?
    No - from whoever placed that.. "Thing" in our dropship. I will find out Almas. I swear to you, I will find out.
    >> Ballad of Wyatt the Last Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)05:46 No.9163242
    Mission Report, Code Designation: Wyatt
    Rank: Scholar Medicae
    Mission Date: Classified [Requires Omega-2 Clearance]
    Mission Status: Continuing
    Mission Feasibility: Unknown

    Dropped with crew. There is a mechanoid person-thing named/called "Quintos." He seems to care about nothing, and so far, he's easily the most agreeable of the bunch. There's a fellow of ugly disposition who wields a shogun like it's his very favorite pet in all the world - but it is clear he does not care in the least who it bites, including Almas. I nearly gutted him. The last is a raving psychopathic action-junkie. He loves killing more than anything.
    Some.. "Thing" attacked us in the dropship on our trip planet-side. It came out of a compartment above the Inquisitors head. It appeared to be a machine. Something with blades. It attacked Almas and the rest of the crew started firing. The team, I repeat, started firing weapons in close combat in a enclosed compartment while hurdling through the sky. Almas was the pilot, and as such the craft began to spiral out of control.
    After a brief scuffle and more inane fire coming from the team, the craft became unsalvageable and uncontrollable while in the air. The group ejected, utilizing gravshutes. The deathbot continued to attack Almas midflight. The deathbot was destroyed midair, but not before flaying Almas' gravshute. She plummeted to the earth.
    After regrouping on the ground in the Hive City, we made our way to where Arbites had collected concerning an odd murder. A bloody mass was later found in the north tower, and upon brief investigation it was concluded this was likely Almas. We did not inform the Arbites.
    The decision was reached to complete the mission given. Updates to Mission will follow.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)07:15 No.9163688
         File1271157319.jpg-(18 KB, 216x279, proceed.jpg)
    18 KB
    Well, so much for that budding crush on the Inquisitor.
    >> Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)07:38 No.9163832
    <So much for a lot of things. I'm not sure how real it was - considering she was the first person to exhibit power without using an electric baton. Still, I'm sure he'll pine somethin' fierce.>
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)07:39 No.9163844
    Why does this not have a billion replies? This is fucking awesome. I want an update.
    >> Ballad of Wyatt the Last Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)07:49 No.9163904
    Personal Log, Code Designation: Wyatt
    Date: Day 28
    They're completely insane. All of them. Each and every one of them has no sense...of.. I dont even know what one can call it. The one with extra limbs/parts. His dispassion for humanity is only rivaled for his dispassion for action. He carries weapons, but to use them in the defense of others is as likely as using them in the defense of a toaster, and I think he'd have words about how the toaster was superior in every way to whatever "fleshbag" might have wanted to enslave it. Apathybot I name thee Quintos.
    Krak is a man of few words and even fewer convictions. His main method off communing with the world around him seems to stem from the end of his shotgun. He speaks in "Odes" to the unwilling listeners that might come across his path. Luckily - he seems equally as likely to follow the other madman and have a drink or twelve at local establishments.
    Then there is Ravion. Ravion has a unique outlook on life. If it doesnt inject into your veins, provide sexual pleasure, "go boom" or "go really fast." He has no love or concern for it at all. He is as likely to kill one of us as he is a legitimate target, and TWICE wounded an innocent security guard who simply tried to stop him from stealing an entire parking lot full of vehicles. I may have used my powers against a fellow just then, and Ravion may have felt searing mental pain for a few moments while I tended to his latest victim. I am neither proud nor ashamed of that.
    Still - Almas, I swore I saw you. The world went dark, the dreams unfolded and I saw through time and space and that bent reality of purple hues and malignant meaning. I saw your face there, in the warp, for a moment. You seemed to call out to me. I assume this is just some reflection of the madness I have been surrounded with. I will not fold to these lunatics.
    >> Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)07:50 No.9163914
    <My theory is "TL;DR" syndrome>
    <Also - Sometimes I Have to cut short the system readouts to fit it in a post, just so everyone knows.>
    >> Ballad of Wyatt the Last Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)08:03 No.9164037
    Mission Report, Code Designation: Wyatt
    Mission continues today. Current Goal - discover the cause of the recent Twist riots here on [redacted by the Inquisition]. So far, nothing to find. The Arbites of this world are as useful and helpful as molasses for lubricant during and icestorm. I, despite being called "rookie" by Ravion have repeatedly broken the group up in search of information. We finally aquired a dataslate with verifiable intel on the investigation and it's lead investigator and the likely suspect of the Labor Union leadership. We are looking for [redacted by the Inquisition]. Unfortunately, his bar/pub was destroyed during the initial riots. We have contacted what we think might be the local labor Union at a rave club in a Warehouse district in [redacted by the Inquisition.] Quintos informed them we were mercenaries.
    We were then hired to break a small-person out of a local Arbite holding-station. We were allowed into the cells chamber, but not allowed to question prisoners freely and without interruption, despite being informed we worked for the Inquisition. I made an attempt to distract and memory purge the Arbite, but... [redacted by the Inquisition]. When I returned from...wherever/whenever I was - there was a bloodsmear on the ground, Quintos and Krak were enjoying their own private cells, and the holding area had been sealed off. Quickly assessing the situation, I instructed Quintos to break himself free, as he apparently lacked the motivation to do it independently. I then utilized a Blind Grenade and [redacted by the Inquisition]. They screamed in horror at why my mind had shown them, and fled the smoke filled hallways. We claimed the prisoner and the explosives he was to deliver was extracted from his body cavity. We will go dark for one week.
    >> Ballad of Wyatt the Last Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)08:13 No.9164138
    Personal Log, Code Designation: Wyatt
    Monitor Tag: Almas, 3AG-42B
    Date: Day 28
    Physical Status: Critically Wounded
    Mental Status: Shaken
    I have seen things. I have seen things you people wouldn't believe. We've all seen attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion, or sea beams glittering in the dark near the Tenhauser Gate - but I've seen things of darkness and such despair and longing and.... horrible corruption that my eyes will never forgive my soul. I disappeared, I disappeared for what could have only been minutes. But for me it was hours, long grueling hours in a place that only escapes the corner of my memory. I feel as though I could reach out and touch it - but I dare not. I have NO desire to go there, to that place where mist becomes flame. Where the mind and soul duel in some gladiatorial arena for the mocking laughter of those unseen vessels of misery and malice.
    No one had to die. I stopped Ravion from murdering one innocent, and no sooner am I missing than an Arbite gets plugged in the chest. I disappear and literally all civility and common decency is lost. I dont know where I went, but clearly I cannot afford to go again. The toll on my mind might be severe enough, but it has ravaged my body. My compatriots - if I must call them that, have been injured, but usually by small arms fire or combat. Me? I have not been punched, kicked, scratched, shot at, marked up, or scuffled. Not once. Yet, I am more wounded than any of they, it is because of my dark "gift." Bah - "gift." That sounds like a thing [redacted by the Inquisition] would have said. It is no gift. It is a terrible convenience with terrible prices. They must have somehow controlled it back aboard [redacted by the Inquisition,] or mitigated it somehow.
    I am wounded, but I feel my mind adapting. I shall not get so wounded again.
    >> Ballad of Wyatt the Last Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)08:17 No.9164176
    Personal Log, Code Designation: Wyatt
    Monitor Tag: Almas, 3AG-42B
    Date: Day 32
    Physical Status: Severely Wounded
    Mental Status: Recuperating

    I am healing nicely. Quintos has a knack for healing biologicals - despite having nothing but utter disdain for them. Still, it is not all his doing. I am teaching my mind to repair the body. Lest the darkness find me again. Lest... lest I see [redacted by the Inqusition] again. My fears are passing easily. The worst they can do is kill me, these "comrades" of mine. No, I take that back, the worst they can do is annoy me. Mercy killings might be too easy.

    Still, I am stronger than I've ever been. Almas, I will see this mission to a quick close, so that I might illuminate your tragedy. Then, I care not what happens to me.
    >> Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)08:18 No.9164194
    <Should I continue these? Or am I boring everyone to death?>
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)08:19 No.9164207
         File1271161185.jpg-(51 KB, 560x560, 1264733769696.jpg)
    51 KB

    I'm actually enjoying it.
    >> Noh Koh 04/13/10(Tue)08:19 No.9164208
    Continue! Please god continue, I'm archiving it right now. This is all your first session?
    >> Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)08:23 No.9164248
    <Oh, good. I saw a couple responses, but I thought that might actually be my group. I cant tell.>

    <This is MY first session. The other players have all played in the GM's campaigns before. I am a complete and utter noob.>

    <We are awaiting the next session at this point, the best I could do would be more personal logs, supplementals, or just discuss in a meta narrative what's happened so far that's out of Wyatt's understanding. No more mission reports until another session actually occurs.>
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)08:25 No.9164269

    I'm enjoying the tale of the only level-headed acolyte in a cell of murderous dogs.
    >> Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)08:29 No.9164302
    <To be fair, Quintos, the Tech-priest just doesnt give a damn. And while - so far, he's responsible for the most gruesome and violent death, it was only after I disappeared from time that he lost composure. He doesnt much care what happens to "meat bags" as long as they dont get in his way. She..... got in his way.

    The way her two co-worker guards/friends reacted when she got two laser burns the size of baseballs punched through her makes us believe that one or the other of them had a major crush on the poor secretarial Arbite and had only recently worked up the nerve to ask her out, probably with great success. Then we showed up. :-/ >
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)08:34 No.9164338
    It's nice and grimdark.
    >> Ballad of Wyatt the Last Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)08:40 No.9164402
    Personal Log, Code Designation: Wyatt
    Monitor Tag: Almas, 3AG-42B
    Date: Day 33
    Physical Status: Badly Wounded
    Mental Status: Recuperating

    I woke up to the smell of Muffins. Or, at least, I could have sworn I smelled Muffins. Quintos informed me with his idle bedside manner that what I did in-fact smell, was nothing more than his oils recalibrating some gizmo on his... yeah I lost track about there. I know what I smelled, they were muffins, fresh. I thought of you Almas. I was wondering if you were in fact ever kind to me, if simply you werent just "less horrible" than had been the scientific task-masters. But then I smelled the Muffins, or... Quintos. Which, upon reflection, I sincerely hope he is wrong. I do not want to associate his bodily functions with your muffins. To much insanity lies that direction. No - real muffins, were made somewhere here in the slums by some woman meaning to give them as gifts to people she cared for.
    OBVIOUSLY. Yes, my version of reality is much preferred. My word - why am I nostalgic for food that I had only weeks ago? In good news, I've not seen Ravion for at least 3 days. Sometimes we need to focus on the little things.
    >> Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)08:45 No.9164457
    <I've heard that term thrown around but dont know what it means, perse. I understand grim and i understand dark. Is it a kind of sardonic combination of the two that doesnt take itself too seriously?>
    >> Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)08:50 No.9164502
    <Archiving it? - Where? I keep a copy so it's "safe.">
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)08:54 No.9164555

    Grimdark is derived from "in the grim darkness of the far future." It's used to describe something that's very much in the typical 40k style of being bleak, full of bad ends and generally not a place you'd want to be.
    >> Noh Koh 04/13/10(Tue)08:56 No.9164575
    This is the archive place. Know it, love it.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)08:56 No.9164582

    Scroll down to bottom, hit "request interface" button, punch in thread number and other details, click submit. Not sure if it auto-updates the archive after you've submitted it (in case you post more) or if someone needs to re-submit it.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)08:59 No.9164617

    It's being archived here:

    I normally only lurk through suptg but it wasn't updating fast enough. Good stuff man. Also, thanks to whoever is archiving Ork quest, the F/Q storytime threads, and the various draw threads.
    >> Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)09:15 No.9164786

    <Wow, thanks. So even if this dies before the next session it will live on in infamy? I'm already grimacing about my spelling errors.

    Odd - are there any questions people have? Or anything that needs clarifying that didnt look obviously enigmatic?

    I do keep myself a copy, so I'd like to make it nice, even if not here in pristine condition.>
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)09:41 No.9165053
    Typically, "grimdark" is used pejoratively, suggesting that the 'verse is full of angst and darkness and blood death angst darkness blood. There are varying degrees of grimdark in 40k (See Abnet for full-on grimdark, and Ciaphas Cain for the more humorous side), but it all stems from the fact that death is constant, no one is a good guy, and everything is about to blow up gruesomely.
    >> Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 04/13/10(Tue)09:46 No.9165064
    <Ah, that makes sense, I think I had the right approach to it then. I plan on ignoring the sillyness and "over the top" nature of 40k from Wyatt's point of view. If something over the top happens, it will be as incredible to him as it would I, were I to encounter it. I am not yet sure how this will read.>

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