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  • File : 1271190723.png-(62 KB, 415x402, d20.png)
    62 KB What would you do? Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)16:32 No.9169791  
    I was in a D&D game with your average group including "that guy".

    He was such a fucking retard. He did so much stupid shit. He sucked at RP, and fucked up so much shit. No one EVER said anything, including me.

    One day this guy starts being agressive to another guy in the group's character. He ended up threatening him with magic untill he did what he wanted.

    The other guy got fed up with his bullshit and retaliated. This grew all session untill the battle. It was just a stupid "lol 3 minions attack you". Those two eventually started attacking each other.

    I loved it, it was entertaining, and way better than any stupid encounter at the time. The other didn't. They (including the DM) got pissed and punished the entire group. He said it's not their job to punish other teammates for being stupid.

    I was pissed. "That guy" fucking deserved it, and the guy attacking him (and the rest of us) didn't deserve getting punishes

    What do you do If your teammates act RETARDED and the GM does nothing about it?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)16:32 No.9169813
    Punch the DM in the face
    Punch teammates in the face
    Set their cats on fire
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)16:33 No.9169820
    if your GM sucks,
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)16:36 No.9169889
    set their cat on fire
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)16:37 No.9169912
    keep in mind I don't live in an area where theres a lot of dnd players.

    Its the only group
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)16:38 No.9169927
    >I was being passive, and now I suffer the consequences baaawwwww
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)16:43 No.9170010
    If you don't like how the shit is going, talk to the GM, become the GM, or get the fuck out.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)16:43 No.9170021
    What are your classes?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)16:45 No.9170058
    Talk to your DM about it. Talk to the whole group. Resolve it as adults and not manchildren.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)16:47 No.9170093
    cum on their cat it hiss at penis
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)16:47 No.9170096
    set their cat on fire
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)16:48 No.9170107
    Fuck that. That's not fun at all
    Just make sure the job is finished next time someone fights him. Unless you're one of those good alignments (then you're pretty much left to hoping bad shit happens to him)
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)16:48 No.9170113
    he is rogue
    I am paladin
    the guy who attacked him is fighter
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)16:50 No.9170149
    I guess I should've said nobody DID anything about.

    Everytime he did something stupid everyone did bitch, just he didn't have any consequences.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)16:52 No.9170189
    >Resolve it as adults and not manchildren.
    >Fuck that. That's not fun at all
    We'll I've read enouogh, have fun manchild.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)16:52 No.9170200
    wat do?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)16:54 No.9170226
    >Implying that reply was by OP. How about you reread that again.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)16:57 No.9170283
    I'd set his cats on fire!!!!
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)16:59 No.9170321
    Dude. You're in my group!!! Little Rock, Arkansas!!!!
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)17:00 No.9170328
    Wait until that guy comits some evil or unlawful act, then punish the shit out of him. You don't even have to kill him. Just take him to the local authorities, explain what happened, and he'll get some kind of jail time.

    In the meantime, you and the rest of the party skip town. Stop inviting him to game sessions. Problem solved.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)17:01 No.9170347
    cat on fire cum on cat
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)17:01 No.9170355
    First I'm clearly not the OP,
    Second DnD is just a game. It's okay to fuck with people a little. It's not like there's some greater objective out there you're getting in the way of (unless you have one of those annoying DM's that is basically trying to get his players to read his novel). When someone fucks me over in monopoly I don't reply with a stern talking to, I try to fuck them back. The same thing applies here.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)17:02 No.9170358
    I live in Conway, Arkansas. The groups aren't that much better up here.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)17:06 No.9170435


    That obviously won't work. He's gotta be as passive aggressive as possible.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)17:08 No.9170473
    Taking a lawbreaker to his just and deserved punishment, is no only the in-character thing to do for the Paladin, it's also required of him, lest he be stripped of his powers by the gods.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)17:16 No.9170592
    >by the gods.
    Well, you were right up until that part. I don't really get it myself. They get righteousness from the righteous dimension or something. Still looking the other way a few times isn't really the lawful thing to do, and that's all it really takes for them to lose their powers
    Unless he's playing 4E or something, and then that's all out the window
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)17:19 No.9170642
    A thread NOT about Magic, 4e, 40k, or WoD on MY TG?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)17:19 No.9170647

    Yeah, by the old rules, Paladins are powered by the universal stick-up-an-ass in the sky, and the gods aren't really related to what's happening.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)17:20 No.9170664
    It happens pretty frequently
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)17:22 No.9170701
    In Paranoia, you just frame that guy for treason and delete his clone profile. He never comes back.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)17:29 No.9170839
    Your GM's a faggot, your friends are all retarded, and you're a pussy for taking it like a bitch.

    I handle this situation by telling them all how fucking stupid they are and disowning them. Then I set their cats on fire.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)17:49 No.9171239

    Who let Edward back in here?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)17:53 No.9171324
    Taunt the player.

    Make it known that you don't like the actions they're taking, but be indirect about it.

    Ex: "That guy" was being an aspie trying to figure out every mechanism on a single door for over a half an hour.

    Now whenever he starts bogging down the game with his innane shit, I say, "Gee, I feel like I've seen this before. Something about a blood powered door we fucked around with for a half-hour"

    That usually brings him back out of his own little world and let other players get back into the story.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)17:57 No.9171408
    or a simple, "my character walks off and leaves him, motioning for the party to follow"

    the party will follow the lesser asshole, if they don't follow you, you're "that guy"
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)18:14 No.9171791
    ah hah hah

    i killed the thread with logic.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)18:17 No.9171873

    Yeah, because being subtle works so well with aspies.

    If they're sperging it's either because they aspies or because they're assholes.

    If they're aspies, they _need_ you to be direct. If they're assholes _you_ need to be direct.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)18:19 No.9171910
    can't tell ya OP.
    I *AM* the fucking DM and I *never* tolerate fucktards in my group.
    >> Some Tyranid !uOBJVlJCiQ 04/13/10(Tue)18:34 No.9172215
    *bamp* for interesting suggestions. Also, moar stories! NEED MOAR STORIES.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)18:58 No.9172608
    Ditto. Spare the rod, spoil the retard.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)20:22 No.9173967
    okay, I'm doing a Renaissance era game under the GURPS. NOT historically accurate, what with the inquisition casting spells

    one would-be player (not gonna let him in the game) is a history buff and starts talking about how if the inquisition has magic, he's playing i rabbi.

    i think, "that's perfect"

    "who time travels", he adds.

    i'm like, -____-

    "to get a suitcase nuke"

    I'm like >:( at this point.

    "OK, why can your guy time travel?" (i'm stingy about justifying your powers)

    "god lets him"

    "and why does god want him to have a suitcase nuke?"

    "he told me to kill all the catholics"

    that's when i lay out with how GOD is an NPC in my campaign, and he'll tell you what i say he tells you.

    feels good, man.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)20:30 No.9174100

    Fuck that's a funny character concept. It's like 1940s era Mossad.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)20:31 No.9174126

    Clearly, he is a heretic.

    An awesome one.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)20:32 No.9174132
    make his time machine be shaped like a dreidel.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)20:34 No.9174162
    Last time somebody was dicking around in my group, we shot them. It wasn't D&D, but still, relevant. Then again, I was playing as a drug-crazed nobody, so it was good for a laugh. Laser pistol, right in the eye.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)20:40 No.9174262

    A dreidel shaped TARDIS, perhaps? Then you could have the following conversation:

    "Hello, my name is Doctor Heigel-Lowenstein."

    "Doctor Who?"
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)21:02 No.9174721
    had another player, wanted to use the animal training ability in D&D to train up an army of vicious animals that would attack at his bidding.

    i let him do it, until it came time to use two animals at a time, and he realizes he can't give commands to more than one at a time.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)21:21 No.9175074
         File1271208110.jpg-(48 KB, 431x300, 11261.gif.jpg)
    48 KB

    I wanna be a man, mancub! And stroll right into town... And be just like the other men, I'm tired o' this monkeyin' around!
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)21:23 No.9175108
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)21:25 No.9175141
    Usually our whole group enjoys a good party conflict.
    But then again, we're good friends and we don't get too pissed off at each other.
    >> The Lone Guardsman !GTO55xPMKU 04/13/10(Tue)21:31 No.9175268
    Oh, YOUR 'that guy' is bad? Try mine. My THAT GUY is actually retarded, in that he has some form of autism. He's a nice enough guy, but you give him a character sheet and he suddenly becomes the biggest dipshit on the planet.

    Little bit of info on 'P' as we'll call him, names changed to protect the guilty. As if he'd get online here. He's 30, works at a grocery store part time, and gets all his money from the government. Never mind he spouts right wing garbage about people who get money they don't deserve. P has a drow fetish, elf fetish, paladin fetish. Oh, don't get me started on that. I love paladins, stalwart warriors of justice, courage, and honor, and even the nontraditional paladins, like a half elf sea captain of a pirate ship.

    P plays WoW paladins.

    On that note, let me recant a tale. Cue a battle where I'm playing a PALADIN, and not a fucking WoW paladin, I'm a crusader of my faith, bringing light ina world covered by storms. And man, am I bringing some light. So, his dumb ass thinks he can charge a minotaur with a dagger, since he's playing a warlock based off of the Dark Prince from Prince of Persia. He turns to me with the most rage inducing shit eating grin on his face and says "Your fault I'm bloodied."
    I was speechless. "What do you mean it's my fault?"
    "It's the tank's job to protect the clothies."
    "Not following you, P." Trying to use subtelty here. In that NOT TO USE FUCKING WOW TERMS AT THE TABLE LIKE A CUNT.
    "nope, your fault. It's your job."
    "No, my JOB is to protect the innocent, the weak, and the defenseless. You fall into NONE of those categories. So stand aside and let me do my JOB."

    Charged the thing, crit'ed. Fuck yeah, JUSTICE.

    This, my friends and countrymen, is but the very tip of the iceberg. I could go deeper. Oh, so much deeper. I need to relax for a moment, I feel the frothing coming on again.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)21:43 No.9175534
    Please, man. Go deeper.
    >> The Lone Guardsman !GTO55xPMKU 04/13/10(Tue)21:43 No.9175547
    I risk my very sanity again. But I'll recant another tale. It is inbound.
    >> Statler 04/13/10(Tue)21:44 No.9175573
    I love stories from the table.
    >> The Lone Guardsman !GTO55xPMKU 04/13/10(Tue)21:47 No.9175636
    When I DM'ed, P was nothing short of terrible, I guess because he'd been babied for his condition his entire life, he felt entitled to do all sorts of asinine things. It was an old 3.5 campaign where, in no particular order:

    -Whined and bitched for Emprah knows how long about his precious Gary Stu dwarf paladin falling into a pit trap. It wouldn't have been half as bad if he had MADE THE ATTEMPT TO GET OUT, MAN ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS ROLL. He didn't even do that.
    -Got physically angry when he started getting his ass kicked, at which point he was yelling at the table. That incident didn't go without it's own packing and leaving. It wouldn't even have been as bad if he didn't think he was doing anything wrong.

    I don't know, maybe you have to be there to realize P's level of dickery and jackassery. Yes, he has special needs, but he isn't a retard. He's an idiot.
    >> The Lone Guardsman !GTO55xPMKU 04/13/10(Tue)21:50 No.9175713
    A particular gem that shines is one of our first campaigns, where P was playing a druid, even when he was advised not to since casters in 3.5 had a bit of a learning curve. No, he wouldn't be daunted, the story of Anastasia Darkmoonleaf or whatever the fuck her Mary Sue name was had to be told. The FIRST combat that breaks out, and on his init, he casts meld into stone, and hides in the wall. Another player at the table asked "What's the DC for shoving my sword into the stone?" and the DM was actually checking, all the while P has that shit eating grin on his face. The DM eventually told him to either join in the combat or stop playing, and P just had this air about him...like he wanted to say "BUT MY CHARACTER MIGHT GET HURT".

    And there's still so much more.
    >> Statler 04/13/10(Tue)21:52 No.9175737
    I like how you play your Paladin.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)21:55 No.9175819

    I'm liking this, go on

    Also my "that guy" player actually wasn't so bad, just for some reason he grated on the nerves of like everyone else, it was just something about him I guess.

    He didn't really play anything wrong, and he didn't know enough about the game to rulelawyer. His characters weren't terribly thought out and he had a temper were the only possibilities I can think of.
    >> The Lone Guardsman !GTO55xPMKU 04/13/10(Tue)21:57 No.9175863
    Oh, here's a tale I'm glad you reminded me of. A tale of how awesome GM's can truly be.

    Same campaign. I'm playing a half elf paladin of Melora/Avandra, and Mmy DM allowed it, but said I couldn't take any of the Channel Divinity feats for being polytheistic. I agreed. He was playing some elven bullshit again.

    So, we're chasing this woman down because she's being suspected of crimes. And all along the way, I'm saying that she deserves a fair trial. P isn't having any of it, because his character worships the Raven Queen. Never mind he's not a divine class, he's worshipping her cock because she's LOLDEATHDARKSHADOW.

    >> The Lone Guardsman !GTO55xPMKU 04/13/10(Tue)22:02 No.9175959
    So, apparently she's desecrating bodies or something, there were undead and that's all that mattered. So we finally chase her to a graveyard where she's holed up, and the goblin NPC, Splug, who we freed and he helped us (side note: Splug helped us in the minor BBEG battle by giving us advice on how to beat him, AND fought alongside us, and P still didn't trust him. DERP.) decides to watch the gates. "No offense, but uh....graveyards ain't my thing." God damn Splug was awesome.

    So, we go in, GUESS WAT more zombies show up, including some gravehounds alongside this elven woman firing potshots at us. So, we fight, kick the shit out of all the minions, and she ducks into a crypt. We pursue. P, for some dumb ass reason, announces that he's going to grab a gravehound when the doors open. I announce I'm going to ATTACK, and you know, not be fucking stupid. So, doors open. And guess what? P grabs one.

    DM rules that my attack pierces the gravehound and stabs P. Not much damage, but still hilarious. This is not why my DM is awesome.
    >> The Lone Guardsman !GTO55xPMKU 04/13/10(Tue)22:08 No.9176079
    No, the true crescendo of this story comes with what happens next. She drops her bow. FUUUUUUUUUUUCK of course it wouldn't be easy. SHe surrendered, and pirate's code (MY pirate's code) dictates that a foe that surrenders will be taken.

    P is having none of it, and is throwing nothing short of a physical shitfit because of it. Now, here's something you need to know about P. This motherfucker is huge. He's a big guy. So you can imagine how unnerving it is. And I should have backed off on this one, but I knew that if I didn't, he would keep this shit up. DM said to roleplay it.

    "Listen. I don't claim to know you. But I also don't claim to know this woman. She deserves a fair trial. And if you can't see that, then you are not a friend of justice. And if you are not a friend of justice..." I remove my spear. "...THEN YOU ARE MANKIND'S ENEMY." (It didn't go down EXACTLY like that, but close.)

    Anyways, I announce that if he swings at her, in response, I'll target him with my divine challenge, imposing not only the -2 to the attack, but dealing 7 radiant, since I made a character that DIDN'T suck or wasn't on my last legs. After a tense negotiation, he backed off, muttering something.

    It was awesome. I helped the girl to her feet, and she looked like she had no idea what was going on, but she told us that there was some treasure in the other crypt. I'm all for defending people, but I'm a pirate. It's in my nature. I let her go.

    >> The Lone Guardsman !GTO55xPMKU 04/13/10(Tue)22:13 No.9176178
    Turns out, she stole it all, nothing was there. Haha, she robbed us. A few laughs were had by all, and we turned to leave.

    To find the mangled and bloodied corpse of our beloved Splug.

    She played us. She lied, and backstabbed us. Now, in my stress filled dealings with P, I forgot to check my Insight against a possible Bluff. I was utterly defeated. Not to mention P was sitting there, smiling and laughing, saying "HIS BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS HIS BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS." Mind you, he was roleplaying, but it still hurt. Roleplaying back, I told him "Another word and I'll kill you."

    So, here I am, totally destroyed because I put it all in that moment, my character's faith and everything. So, I made a plan. To take Splug's body back to town, sell my armor (which, by the way, I got from a puzzle because I knew the meaning of honor), and raise Splug from the dead, then probably kill myself. I couldn't play paladins anymore.

    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)22:19 No.9176293
    >> The Lone Guardsman !GTO55xPMKU 04/13/10(Tue)22:21 No.9176316
    Just as we are about to step out of the graveyard, and I'm about to actually 'fall' as a paladin, even in 4th edition.

    When a divine countenance shines from the sky, and a booming female voice appears with the words "It is not his time. He gets a second chance."

    I immediately dorp to my knees and vehemently pray, makind a DC 1 religion check to realize that it's actually Avandra, and her divine magic not only brings Splug back, but brings Splug back as a minotaur. Why, probably because the DM thought minotaurs were cool.

    Here's the most delicious part of that story, here I am, my character crying that his Goddess answered his prayers in the flesh, like, SHE'S ACTUALLY FUCKING THERE, and P thinks it's a bitchin' idea to start badmouthing Avandra.

    P immediately drops to the ground, an overwhelming pain shooting through his whole body. He's stunned.

    Both in and out of character, I burst out laughing because of how hilarious it was.

    And that, my friends and countrymen, is why my DM is awesome.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)22:24 No.9176362

    I'm going to be greedy and say
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 04/13/10(Tue)22:24 No.9176366
    I want to shake your DM's hand.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)22:25 No.9176383

    Awesome. Truly awesome. Tell him he rocks, from Anon.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)22:25 No.9176386
    Meh, I don't find deus ex machina to be the mark of an exceptional DM. Fucking gods should just mind their business.
    Also P was right.
    >> The Lone Guardsman !GTO55xPMKU 04/13/10(Tue)22:26 No.9176398
    Splug and I ended up gathering up a crew of merry misfits, including but not limited to:
    A drunken kobold
    A changeling rogue who will fuck anything that moves
    A pissed off eladrin who likes fire
    A rastafarian ork who was very shooty choppy ork
    A warforged swappie who was not easily amused

    We got an airship, named her the Drunken Mermaid, and sailed the skies, plundering the evil and the wicked, and bringing their spoils to the downtrodden.

    All the while, carrying a fake coin with the symbol of Avandra carved into it.

    >> The Lone Guardsman !GTO55xPMKU 04/13/10(Tue)22:27 No.9176431
    Side note to the story: she ended up being possessed.

    And while he was, in the grand scheme, right, he handled it like a fucking jackass.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)22:28 No.9176457
    Not really deus ex machina if the DM was the one that hampered the party in the first place. If the DM steps in to save the players from their own retarded actions, that's cheap, but as it stands it cancels out in my opinion.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)22:29 No.9176460

    And that is what is important. To quote Bill and Ted, "Be excellent to each other."
    >> The Lone Guardsman !GTO55xPMKU 04/13/10(Tue)22:29 No.9176466
    Nothing I have is near as awesome, but P has thought it would be a good idea to, as an elven PALAAAAAADIN get into a drinking contest with an orc. We had to save his character from getting date raped because he was probably into it.

    People, please. Leave your personal fetishes at the door. This isn't FATAL.
    >> The Lone Guardsman !GTO55xPMKU 04/13/10(Tue)22:30 No.9176483
    And, to continue that quote, the motto of the Drunken Mermaids,


    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)22:30 No.9176493
    Oh, paladins aren't immune to poison anymore ? That made them killer in drinking contests in 3.5.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)22:32 No.9176529

    THANKS MAN! All your posts are win, so bumping when I see them. Any more stories?
    >> The Lone Guardsman !GTO55xPMKU 04/13/10(Tue)22:33 No.9176554
    Low level campaign, he didn't get it yet. Besides, he was acting out of accord with his tenents, since was so vehement about saying his character was also a princess. If I were DM'ing that, I'd say his god temproarily suspended that immunity, and I'd be justified in doing so.

    I'm not a LOL EEVUL JEENYUS PALADIN FALLS OLOLOLOLOLOLOL, but if you act like a cunt, face the consequences.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)22:33 No.9176557
    Splug returning as a Minotaur was the DMs way of rewarding you.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)22:33 No.9176558

    Its all fine, you played an actual character. So you made a mistake, no character is perfect and it adds depth to things. Discounting the sense motive, given the circumstances there wasn't much else to do.

    Good on you.
    >> Deodytus 04/13/10(Tue)22:35 No.9176580
    Our "That Guy" Was our fucking DM.
    He basically made a point of creating the most broken fucking DMPCs on the planet, and led us on rails through a halfassed plot. Our only solace was that our increasingly badass characters would eventually get to test their mettle against the biggest baddest motherfucker of them all, a red wyrm vampiric dragon.
    We chose spells and feats specifically for this fight, all we did for days was talk about strategy.
    Then, on the day of the fight, after one round of furious combat, his DMPC ties a potion of heal to an arrow and establishes that it reduces the dragon to all but four hitpoints.
    His character married the princess, we got potions of immortality as consolation prizes.

    Later on we found out that half the shit his character could do, was explicitly forbidden in the rules. Highschool DnD sucked, and now I'm the only DM in town...
    >> The Lone Guardsman !GTO55xPMKU 04/13/10(Tue)22:36 No.9176614
    Do you really think so? I'm a sucker for positive feedback like that. I love writefagging.

    New stories out of me will come sometime soon, I've just gone through a big move, so I don't have my own computer yet. My Garruk_x_Nissa fapfiction will be finished when it's finished, but in the meantime, enjoy my random posting and such.

    Until next time, my friends, this is the good BROther Laughing Man, the Lone Guardsman, OUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT. Signing off and telling you that no matter what you do, may you be excellent in all things.

    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)22:38 No.9176654

    What a dickhead! Why didn't he just play by himself if he wasn't going to be a team player, Even if he was DM?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)22:41 No.9176701
         File1271212913.jpg-(47 KB, 640x480, rock on.jpg)
    47 KB
    Keep on rocking bro.
    >> The Lone Guardsman !GTO55xPMKU 04/13/10(Tue)22:42 No.9176717
    You have my consolations, and the only advice I can give is try to out-marysue the DMPC. But the only winning move is not to play.

    I'm sorry.
    >> Deodytus 04/13/10(Tue)22:43 No.9176738
    Powertripping asshole wanted us to suck his cock because of how 'cool and original' his plot was. This isn't a normal story with a dragon, this dragon's a vampire.

    Also: He played nothing but 'funny' characters who acted drunk all the time and were amazingly strong and accurate with twin pistols when I ran Vampire.

    AlsoAlso: I got revenge on him for his prickery by revealing to the whole school that his girlfriend had an abortion. Shitted up his girlfriend's life for a while, but I felt it justified due to the remorseless fucker coming to ME for consolation.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)22:44 No.9176752

    Running away from Mary Sue DMPC until they give up would be cool.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)22:45 No.9176771

    Ouch. Fuck. Maybe a bit OTT, but understand your anger and lust for revenge.
    >> Deodytus 04/13/10(Tue)22:46 No.9176784
    I was a pretty min/maxed sorceror/icemageprcwho'senameIcan'tremember
    Still not as good as shitty McArcherfuck
    He also ruled that the Psion couldn't use their scroll equivalent, and gimped him at every turn because he just flat hated Psions.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)22:47 No.9176794
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)22:49 No.9176831
    Bumping for more stories.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)22:52 No.9176879
    Our DM uses what he calls "Circumstance rolls", this means he would roll a d100 and then do whatever the fuck he wanted and say the dice rolled against us. this could range from BOOM encounter we couldn't possible handle to "Guess what, the god character of the area shows up, suck his cock or die"
    >> Deodytus 04/13/10(Tue)22:55 No.9176922
    Well, to set the stage a bit, I looked up to him as my closest friend for years (I was an awkward creepy kid) until that day he sat there in front of me, telling me about this abortion and making excuse after excuse, and I realized that nothing he had ever said was true, this man was a gross excuse for a human being, a narcissist to the very core, everything he did was to serve himself. I broke ties that day, my friends hung around with him until the end of high school because he bought things for them.

    I'm glad they did, they proved my point time and time again with stories of him doing things like verbally assaulting his girlfriend over Magic Cards or WoW.

    "I thought the pictures were pretty"
    Things like that. This dude was seriously 'That Guy' in every way, and Travis, if you're reading this from where you are, know that you deserve every horrible thing that will ever happen to you.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)23:08 No.9177153
    Perfectly describes one of my current "friends"
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)23:08 No.9177168
    >a narcissist to the very core, everything he did was to serve himself.

    forgot greentext
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)23:09 No.9177169

    What a shit. So he got his girl to have an abortion so he wouldn't have to look after a kid/ stay with her?
    >> Deodytus 04/13/10(Tue)23:09 No.9177178
    Then why associate with him? Cut him out of your life, it made things much easier for me.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)23:10 No.9177192

    Already broke off contact with my narcissistic friend. Stupid fat slob has nothing to be vain about might I add.
    >> Deodytus 04/13/10(Tue)23:11 No.9177222
    What it came down to was him claiming that her dad forced her to get the abortion, and there's nothing he being the incredibly devout christian he was could do about it. At first I was sympathetic, asking things like "Well why don't you bring it up in court, I mean, he forced her to kill someone!" (note: I no longer care what people do with their tumorous lump of spawnflesh) eventually realizing how little he actually cared when he admitted he never once used a condom.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)23:13 No.9177250

    I think that's awful though, he ended a life so he could continue living in the same way.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)23:14 No.9177263
    Man, fuck Travis. I hate that guy.
    >> Travis 04/13/10(Tue)23:14 No.9177276
    man you guys suck
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)23:14 No.9177281
    I would never be mean to a girl named Kimi.
    >> Deodytus 04/13/10(Tue)23:15 No.9177294
    I think that no matter what the opinion on the subject, one should own up to their true intentions, if you don't care, say you don't care, don't try to garner sympathy like this kid did.
    Granted, he also ruined his girlfriend's life (And now that he's out of town, his mom is doing the same in his stead) so he really did fuck everything he touched.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)23:18 No.9177337

    I know another dude like that too, except he ruined his own life more than anyone else's. Which is good.
    >> Travis 04/13/10(Tue)23:23 No.9177419
    Fuck off man, you're too stupid to be me.
    >> Deodytus 04/13/10(Tue)23:25 No.9177446
    I fucking love you guys, like, you don't even know.
    >> Travis 04/13/10(Tue)23:25 No.9177453
    I do what I want!
    >> Travis 04/13/10(Tue)23:27 No.9177492
    I'm not at all surprised worms like you are trying to impersonate me. It is both sickening, and flattering.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)23:28 No.9177498
    I know someone like "that guy", I don't really care if he does something to ruin the rpg, since it's funny for me. Also, it's the gm problem, but since the gm himself plys a lot, I think that everyone can.
    I also think that a fun game is better than a serious one, if I want a serious life I would just look to real life, fikdik
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)23:29 No.9177531

    Well, you can have a serious fun game, there is nothing saying it can't be both, but THAT GUY will ruin both.
    >> Travis 04/13/10(Tue)23:30 No.9177537
    I'm too busy chillin with my bitching new girlfriend to care about you posers. Just did her without a condom, shit was so cash.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)23:30 No.9177545

    Dude, as a DM, I usually do that. Except I don't bullshit it, I explicitly tell my players what the roll is for. I.E., a rock golem explodes in the middle of a train car, and half the party is in there with shields held up and backpedaling like fuck all. I tell, them, okay, rolling d100 to check your chances of survival, if it's under 80, you get away with minor damage, if it's under 40 you get away with major damage, if it's under 30 you all go down to 1 HP and are stunned.

    I usually pull this stunt only when everybody has somehow royally fucked up and I have no choice but to fandangle a way to keep their asses in the game.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)23:31 No.9177560
    LOL loving dragging Travis' name through the mud, we don't know him, but we all know someone like him.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)23:54 No.9177975

    Doing it right
    >> Moap 04/14/10(Wed)00:01 No.9178087

    I remember I once dmed a group where everyone was that guy.

    They all kept killing eachother. It was fucking awesome.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/10(Wed)00:05 No.9178145

    Yeah, if the purpose of the game is to be that guy, then I'm sure it would rock.
    >> Moap 04/14/10(Wed)00:17 No.9178314
    Never said it was fun for them
    >> Anonymous 04/14/10(Wed)00:19 No.9178371

    Haha nice
    >> Moap 04/14/10(Wed)00:26 No.9178515

    I pretty much put no boundaries on my pcs, so whatever they want goes, no railroading here.

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