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  • File : 1272494758.jpg-(120 KB, 450x302, MudCrab.jpg)
    120 KB Crab Quest Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)18:45 No.9493210  

    Size: 47 feet across, legspan notwithstanding

    Abilities: Rending Claw, Triple-Barrel Cannon Claw, Miraculous Growth, Advanced Heal, Camouflage, Powerful Legs, Spined Carapace, Glory, Enhanced Intellect.

    State of things: The Crab King and his 17 loyal Claw Coven members had just stumbled upon a settlement of horseshoe crabs while in search of a group of turtles that roost to the far East. Blasticlaw the rebel pistol shrimp and his followers were spotted moving Northward along the edge of the Coral Reef to the North. A contingent of his warriors also split off and headed East in an attempt to rally more crustaceans to the banner of the rebellion. A pod of whales has been spotted moving South, also. Clawclaw, your trusted veteran, is currently running things back home at the LAIR and will give you his report when you return.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)18:47 No.9493255
         File1272494879.png-(34 KB, 1100x600, shitty ass map.png)
    34 KB
    This is the most current world map.
    Red Dot, Blue Dot, Pink Dot - LAIR and two OUTPOSTS, respectively
    Teal Dot - Lair of a friendly Giant Eel
    Green Field - Coral Reef
    Brown blobs - areas of the reef hit by your lair's cannons
    Red squares - Loyal settlements with coral and bone defenses
    Pink squares - loyal settlements of protocrabs
    Black line - Rebel trai
    Yellow Line - Whale path
    Red Line - Turtle path


    You're the shrimpiest shrimp I've ever met,
    But you can bet, before we're through,
    Mister I'll make a CRAB outta you.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)18:53 No.9493376
         File1272495194.jpg-(37 KB, 600x500, fiddler_crab.jpg)
    37 KB
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)18:59 No.9493506
         File1272495542.jpg-(219 KB, 500x303, mangrove crab.jpg)
    219 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)19:01 No.9493587
    Keep hunting the rebel.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)19:03 No.9493632
    Well the plan the other night was to speak with the turtles, who are wise sages of the ocean. But yeah, hunting BLasticlaw and his shark allies is a top priority. None shall challenge the Crab King in his own kingdom!
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)19:03 No.9493642
    So are we ahead of the splinter unit of Blasticlaw, or are we behind them? If we're ahead of them we can set up an ambush. Otherwise, while meeting the horseshoe crabs is a most fortuitous occasion, I do believe that we should direct our attention towards either catching up to the splinter unit or trying to catch Blasticlaw, though he seems to be too far off to really worry about at the moment.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)19:05 No.9493680
    Intelligence from the giant eel indicated that Blasticlaw is now far north in the heart of the reef. The splinter cell is not within sight, but they are certainly ahead of you. You can easily catch up, seeing as how your POWERFUL LEGS carry you at over 60mph
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)19:10 No.9493783
    Well then I say we run em' down.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)19:10 No.9493784
    Your troops are well rested and eager for combat after a couple nights with the horseshoe crabs. The food you brought along on your excursion is now at 60%.

    You can head East to find the turtles and possibly rebels, south to find whales and squid, or north for sharks and rebels. You could always head home to. Your food stores are full back at the LAIR, but your two outposts haven't progressed much.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)19:14 No.9493887
    You opt to chase down the rebel scum.

    Your POWERFUL LEGS carry you quickly across the open sands, until you come to a twisted mangrove of seaweed and rocks. Below you, the ground slopes downward. You make out some shapes in the distance, standing on either side of a large opening in a pile of rocks.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)19:16 No.9493941
    They do not see you, as you are hiding in the tangled seaweed and are at somewhat of a distance, even if you are enormous.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)19:22 No.9494044
    Stealth mode! I surmise that, big as we are, our crabby might would be hard pressed to find a suitable way to sneak up upon the figures in the distance. So, send a group of 3 coven to sneak up on the individuals for reconnaissance. Have them take off their armor if it helps them be more sneaky.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)19:25 No.9494096
    Blast it all to hell, I have to run for a bit. I'll return in a half an hour or so.

    Sounds like a good plan.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)20:07 No.9494990
    OKAY BACK. For good this time.

    So where were we? Oh yes. Rebels found near rocks.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)20:16 No.9495176
    Argh, well if no one is diggin' Crab Quest today I can always come back another time.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)20:25 No.9495347
         File1272500756.jpg-(103 KB, 1280x1280, crab king.jpg)
    103 KB
    Oh, and to the kind man who drew this rendition of the Crab King, it may need to be updated.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)20:26 No.9495367
    Quest threads = cancer.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)20:29 No.9495418
    A quest about a crab? Full of CANCER.
    >> Ghoul 04/28/10(Wed)20:30 No.9495447
    That would be the proper starsign, yes.

    P.S. Sup Crabmaster.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)20:32 No.9495471
    Not much, Ghoul. How are you? CQ appears to be slow tonight, probably because of my off/on posting. Oh well, I can try again another day.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)20:33 No.9495499
    Continue with sneaky plan.
    >> Ghoul 04/28/10(Wed)20:33 No.9495500
    I'll probably be seeing if people are up for Peasant? Quest on Friday or Saturday.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)20:34 No.9495528
    Oh my a player. Well, what WAS the sneaky plan again?

    I'll be on the lookout for another trippy mindfuck.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)20:36 No.9495569

    Well considering we have camouflage, we can easily sneak ourselves, however i suggest we sneak for recon first, then hand(claw?)-signal to our claw Cloven on our intentions dependent upon what these dark blurs are.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)20:38 No.9495605
    Send a small group around all sneaky like for recon, use camouflage to cover ourselves and remain undetected.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)20:39 No.9495632
    You cast CAMOUFLAGE and bury yourself in the sand, covering your carapace with seaweed and rocks to make you look inconspicuous. You scuttle forward slowly, and in minutes are on the western side of the rock formation. The dark figures were most certainly rebel crustaceans. A fiddler crab and mantis shrimp act as the only two watchmen to this temporary hideout.

    What will you do?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)20:44 No.9495740
    Keep on sneaking and use our claws to take out the sentries silently, then call down others, surround the clearing and attack together.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)20:46 No.9495776
    Claw-clamp their mouths parts and kill them before they can make noise.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)20:46 No.9495783
    You scuttle in front of the rock cave and burst from the sand. The sentries have no time to scream as you sweep them up in your forty-foot long claw and devour them. Their shells crunch in your titanic mandibles, the sensation nearly alien to you after going so long without eating another crustacean.

    Your coven have regrouped with you. None have been alerted.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)20:47 No.9495816
    How many rebels?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)20:47 No.9495819

    Attempt to close distance and remove the guards, as silently as possible. As a side note, (relatively) how much noise does our tri-cannon claw make? Amd can we influence how many of the barrels fire, and what is their relative amount of noise etc.?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)20:48 No.9495838

    Use Enhanced Intellect of the rebel encampment...assign your crab warriors around it to prevent anyone from escaping

    Enter in enemy camp exposed use Glory, attempt to convert one or two of them so we can intelligence about what they are doing
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)20:50 No.9495873
    The boom of your claw is deafening, but a low-intensity shot would not make *too* much noise. You can control the number of barrels that fire, but there hasn't been a situation where that would be the wisest option.

    You can see no further than a few feet into the cave. You hear nothing inside.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)20:51 No.9495910

    cast glory and enter cave....we have no fear or need to hide

    just make sure our forces are positioned to prevent anyone from escaping...we don't want any rebels to get away
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)20:52 No.9495913

    Attempt to bind as many rebels as possible, both ourselves and with the help of our forces, try to prevent casualties, as we wish to appease wave-whatshisname, and the turtles are peaceful creatures, we would not want our captives crying out that we were barbarious monsters etc.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)20:53 No.9495942
    A little recon tells you there are three entrances, though only the first one was guarded. The cave is far too small for you, only about one hundred feet in diameter. You could easily rip it apart, though.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)20:53 No.9495961
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)20:54 No.9495976

    Call for surrender at the largest (probably the guarded) entrance with GLORY. If they don't surrender, then RIPANDTEAR.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)20:55 No.9495988

    position our forces outside of the other two entrances

    stand outside the guarded one, cast glory, smash claws together

    Give one warning, that who is the cave must exit before we crush the cave, count down from 10, at 1 tricannon shot the other 2 exits to collapse them
    >> Spartacrab !!Z8cRU3P3/bT 04/28/10(Wed)20:57 No.9496037

    This shall be my tripfag name from now on btw.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)20:58 No.9496061
    You have your troops surround the rocks as you clack and slam your claw around.

    A horde of about fifty crustaceans: crabs and shrimp of all kinds, burst forth to meet you. You easily swat away the leaders before using GLORY. The swarm stops in front of you as stragglers and cowards try to flee out the back. They are cut down by your Coven.

    The rebels will listen, what will you say.
    >> Spartacrab !!Z8cRU3P3/bT 04/28/10(Wed)20:59 No.9496084

    I was also the one that suggested the majority of RIPANDTEAR TEARANDRIP when facing the large shark last thread, however i got tired and went to bed. (Damn GMT)
    >> Spartacrab !!Z8cRU3P3/bT 04/28/10(Wed)21:01 No.9496129

    Tell them how they have been fooled by Blasticlaw, how where-ever he makes his foul covens with the sharks their kind are killed, and allow them chance to repent before his crabbiness(sp?). If they do not agree RIPANDTEAR! BLOOD FOR BLOODSHELL!!
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)21:02 No.9496131

    Do the scuttle of shame that crustaceans must fight one another.

    Ask why are they waging war and spreading lies about your people?
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)21:06 No.9496213
    You perform the "Monarch's Dance" to assert your superiority. You inquire as to why they would wish to break from the noble empire of Crustacea, and wage war against their kinsmen. The foremost shrimp tells you that Blasticlaw spread lies, saying you were a tyrant and a crazed despot who would wage unnecessary and costly wars with other denizens of the Ocean. This splinter cell left the main body of the rebellion as soon as they were able, for they were unwilling to become the next sacrifice for the sharks.

    They say that Blasticlaw is surely mad, and his followers are nigh-irredeemable at this point. Any other shrimp following him are crazed by his rhetoric, and should be destroyed. This group was actually heading back towards your empire. They planned to find other crustaceans to rally to the cause.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)21:11 No.9496317
    This seems suspiciously convenient... ask them to prove their loyalty to you...
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)21:12 No.9496320

    perform Enhanced Intellect to tell if they are lieing

    Do the scuttle of rejoice that these crustaceans have been saved from the shark worshippers if they are telling the truth.

    Inquire about this "Blasticlaw". Tell the tale about about how we did battle with Blasticlaw and then found his body and the battle with the shark afterwards.

    If they are trustworthy direct them to our lair then make way for the Turtles
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)21:18 No.9496428
    You use ENHANCED INTELLECT to detect subterfuge. This crustacean is telling a half truth. He and his ilk DID defect from Blasticlaw, and does not agree with the usurper's views. However, he did not plan to return to you, he wanted to start his own settlement with his fellows and carve out a niche.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)21:20 No.9496473
    The shrimp appears nervous. You tell him of your battle with Blasticlaw, and the discovery of his corpse followed by the fight with a Megalodon. The shrimp tells you that the Blasticlaw you fought was a double, meant to confuse and lull you into a sense of having defeated the rebellion. The real one is alive and well, and will not die like a bitch as the first one did.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)21:22 No.9496512

    grant them the right to establish their own settlement but only if they become loyal. They can be completely autonomous but they may never challenge your rule and report to you any information they receive on the rebels, in return preform a Miraculous Growth of kelp for them if they agree

    If they refuse, Rip and Tear them all

    then move on to Turtles
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)21:23 No.9496531
    The shrimp is now willing to join your cause, not wanting to anger the avatar of crabbiness that stands before it. You order him to head for the LAIR, and inform Clawclaw of what has transpired. You may now continue on to find the turtles.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)21:24 No.9496546
    To the turtles!
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)21:26 No.9496585
    A short trek eastward brings you to another grove of seaweed. Several turtles dart about in circles above you. One comes down to converse with you. The size of the minuscule creature is amusing to you, as these beasts are only about seven or eight feed wide at the most.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)21:27 No.9496609

    After turtles I think we should head south - south/west looking for whales making our way back to the Lair to check up on Clawclaw Half-Tail and see how things are going while resupplying for any future expeditions.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)21:28 No.9496626
    tell it of our goal of creating an underwater empire, ask it to take us to the leader of its group so we may dicuss it further
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)21:28 No.9496629
    Seriously? Giant sea turtles?

    Shouldn't these guys be orders of magnitude even bigger than us?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)21:28 No.9496638
    Check...check if it's a baby...not a fully grown adult.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)21:28 No.9496640

    Do scuttle of Joy

    Cast Glory, kneel if you can and ask if they would be willing to talk to us about matters of the sea and the strange things with the sharks that are occuring
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)21:32 No.9496690
         File1272504738.jpg-(36 KB, 468x312, lobster.jpg)
    36 KB
    Lobster Division Central Commander reporting in.

    The seas tremble beneath us.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)21:32 No.9496702
    You perform a LORE CHECK and cast GLORY.

    Young turtle:
    DEF - 12
    CQC - 2
    LRC - 0
    SPD - 5
    INT - 20

    You inform the Turtle of the glory of Crustacea, and how you would have no qualms extending the seaweed-branch to it and its ilk if they would support your cause. You inquire as to its age, to which it informs you it is about 10 years old. The oldest of these noble creatures have intellects beyond comprehension, shells thicker than steel, and are gigantic!

    The elder of this band lies slightly to the south.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)21:33 No.9496732

    thank it for the info and head for the elder
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)21:36 No.9496778
    You clack amiably and head south for the elder.

    A three minute scuttle brings you to an enormous rock. It looks to be fifty feet across and at least the same length long. You scuttle up and stand on it, looking for the elder...

    ...only to find that you're perched on his shell.

    A massive head and large, intelligent eyes gleam at you as the elder turtle sluggishly raises his head. His cries bellow and echo through the seas. And he inquires as to why you have awoken him.

    Also, he says to get off his head.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)21:36 No.9496794


    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)21:37 No.9496814

    tell him of crustacea, our dreams of peace in the ocean, our offers of food and protection from predation, so on and so forth

    invite him and his tribe to join
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)21:38 No.9496825
    remove ourselves from the head

    act humble before it

    Tell it about our troubles with the sharks and those that support them

    ask for advice or guidance
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)21:38 No.9496829
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)21:39 No.9496847
    Well bugger.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)21:40 No.9496868
    You scuttle off of the elder's massive cranium, and tell him what you have come in search of.

    His tribe has remained neutral in the conflicts of the seven seas for many years, why should his people become entangled in your intrigue?

    That is one handsome lobster
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)21:44 No.9496952
    we wish to take control the full ocean and make things better for all shelled species

    then we want to take the fight to the squishy ones who make metal float

    our dream is huge, and sooner or later, you'll have to deal with us anyways
    >> Lobster Commander Josephus 04/28/10(Wed)21:44 No.9496973
    >>9496690 here.

    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)21:46 No.9497018
    He understands your position, but says if need be, him and his people would simply migrate to a new area. He holds no love for the squid or humans. The former troubles his people unnecessarily and the latter pollute the oceans with their fossil fuels. If you perform one task for him, he will join you in your quest to pacify the seas.

    He says a giant eel in the area once snatched up some of his young ones. He would have you root it out and destroy the thing as an act of vengeance. He would do it himself, but fuck you he's a turtle.
    >> Spartacrab !!Z8cRU3P3/bT 04/28/10(Wed)21:47 No.9497024

    Inform him that he does not need join our empire as such, however any knowledge he could lend us would be much appreciated, and that we will harbor no ill will towards his kind. After we have suppressed all rebellions and whole shark/squid machinations in the surrounding area, we can then ask if the turtles will be a full member of the empire as opposed to a questionable ally.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)21:47 No.9497042
    Furthermore, his ancient wisdom tells him that you would be liable to simply have the thing uproot and move, sparing you the trouble of combating it. He asks for its head as proof it is slain.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)21:48 No.9497063
    go back to the giant eel in the ship, ask where its bretheren live

    kill one of them and take their heads

    it's an eel, not like a turtle can tell the difference right?
    >> Spartacrab !!Z8cRU3P3/bT 04/28/10(Wed)21:49 No.9497074

    Damn, so we can't simply have it move somewhere else we have to kill it and bring him its head? :/ FUUUUUUUUUU
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)21:49 No.9497076
    Turtle lore tells you that the elder has an INT stat of 30. More than enough to tell which eel is the one that took his children.
    >> Spartacrab !!Z8cRU3P3/bT 04/28/10(Wed)21:51 No.9497105

    Is there any other outcome that we can bring about that will please the turtles?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)21:51 No.9497113
    Ask him to give us explicit details of this eel, perhaps it is not the one we befriended earlier. Explain that we would not want to bring back the wrong head.
    >> Lobster Commander Josephus 04/28/10(Wed)21:52 No.9497127
    I approach the Elder Turtle and stare blankly, lost in thoughts that are utterly Lobsterian and not meant for the world of the swimming.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)21:54 No.9497165
    The turtle informs you that the eel was a large beast, hiding out in a shipwreck near here. It had a snaking tongue, and glowed like fire. Its massive, baleful eyes were full of hate and brutality.

    Surely this was not the peaceful, intelligent eel you met earlier? Sure enough, the elder points out that the shipwreck was indeed the same one your eel friend resided in.

    However, he says that the eel that killed his children had a big scar on its face... not the same one you saw earlier.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)21:57 No.9497230
    Could it be that your friend is not the only one in that ship?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:00 No.9497291
    Could it be that sometimes wounds heal without scars?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:01 No.9497294
    accept his quest

    we were unsure about ti when he was talking about the apparently nice eel we talked to before

    but one who kills and eats children? we must not abide this!!

    (leave then talk to the nice eel we met before, ask him about the other eel)
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)22:03 No.9497341
    Well apparently this one did not.

    You scuttle back to the ship. Your trek takes about two hours. Food supply is at 50% now. You return to the shipwreck where the eel resides, and clang on its side to awaken it. After a few minutes of waiting, your eel friend pokes his head out of a porthole.

    You appraise him of the situation, and he fervently denies ever laying a fin on the turtles.

    There is a loud rumbling within the ship, and the eel darts away, back inside.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:05 No.9497362
    rolled 93, 82, 44 = 219

    prepare for battle!

    a boss be acomin'
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)22:06 No.9497383
    The rumbling stops, and the eel re-emerges. It looks haggard suddenly, and you notice a bit of blood coming from a mark on its side. The eel motions for you to leave.
    >> Lobster Commander Josephus 04/28/10(Wed)22:08 No.9497402
    I approach fastidiously on my tiny lobster feet and swimming forelimbs, eager to catch the group as they approach their eel friend. I fear no rumbling.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:09 No.9497418
    rolled 77, 5, 39 = 121


    take it prisoner and explore the ship

    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:09 No.9497425


    Cast Glory and Enhanced Intellect

    We must first determine the relationship that the eel we are after in relation to the eel that is our friend.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:10 No.9497443

    cast heal on injured friend

    tell the eel we just want to speak with the eel that we seek for now
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)22:11 No.9497456
    You ignore the eel's pleas, and decide to enter through the rent in the ship's bottom, like before. Your men are once again tense, and you shuffle through the cramped (for you) cargo hold, up a flight of stairs. It takes a bit of widening, but you manage to squeeze by, and are in some sort of parlor. A large, decrepit, wooden staircase leads up and away, towards rooms for guests aboard this ship. A shattered chandelier sways above you, its light long gone.

    Creaking and groaning fill your crabby ears. A clanging noise grows in intensity, coming from above and behind you!
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:12 No.9497473

    cast glory and attempt to converse with whatever is causing the noise
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)22:15 No.9497511
    You cast GLORY, your burnished carapace lighting the room. You turn to face the noise, and your shining shell gives you enough time to see a writhing swarm of black shapes charging at you and your troops. Countless teeth glisten with feral hunger, and millions of tiny white eyes peer at you with ferocity!
    >> Lobster Commander Josephus 04/28/10(Wed)22:16 No.9497522
    I prepare my massive claws for ultimate battle for lobsters lost, and lobsters yet to be trapped in the infernal death boxes. I remember their cries as they are hoisted up, up and away, into the glimmering sky. This day, men will die.

    Lobster Commander Josephus makes his way after the crab brigade, ready to join savage battle, for, or against them.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:18 No.9497542
    move troops behind us and use Spined Carapace

    keep Glory going, the light is useful, use rending claw to smash but not to kill (just yet)
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)22:18 No.9497548
    The black cloud of slithering bodies engulfs your soldiers, who fight with courage! By your side, you see a lobster you've never met before, tangling with the horrible things! Their tiny sharp teeth dig into your carapace, penetrating your shell!

    You flail and fire wildly in an attempt to shake them, but there are too many!
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)22:19 No.9497558
    The horrid things are small, and can slip between your glorious spines.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:19 No.9497579
    Give them a taste of our mighty Tri-barrel Cannon!
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)22:21 No.9497610
    You fire, vaporizing the creatures closest to you and killing numerous others, but still they come! Their needle-thin teeth sting you, attempting to tear your carapace apart! Shrimp and crabs fall around you, your Coven has dropped to 15 members!

    Klawdia stands before you, punching and rending with her claws!
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:22 No.9497618

    Triple-Barrel Cannon Claw blast a hole in the wall next to us that leads outside the ship, move our forces out first, keep glory going
    once all our forces are out smash are way through the dark shapes to the source where they came from, even while they claw at us
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:23 No.9497630
    Dig into the sand, and crush them!
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:23 No.9497637

    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:25 No.9497675
    This! Surely the black things cannot withstand being underneath the ground and a giantass crab?
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)22:25 No.9497676
    You spin and fire at what you hope is a wall. A loud screech tells you that you did indeed hit the iron of the ship. You order a withdrawal before any more good crustaceans die this day, and scuttle through the makeshift door. Unfortunately, you are met with a smaller room, and another wall!

    A door leads off to the left, but you feel that you may be able to break through this wall also. The swarm draws near once more...
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:26 No.9497697
    use our mighty body to block up the hole and fight off the horde, while loyal warriors search for an escape!
    >> Lobster Commander Josephus 04/28/10(Wed)22:27 No.9497716
    Lobster Commander Josephus wades deep into the battle, engaging in epic battle with the horrid beasties, grasping one with a claw and squeezing the strong body until its blood spurts into the waters, clouding the scenery and fueling the Lobster's insatiable bloodlust.

    Another claw lazily reaches outward, but is caught around the tough chitin by the jaws of a massive enemy. Using a massive boost of strength, Josephus jets backward with a strong stroke of his tail, the motion ripping a large swath of flesh from the ensnared first enemy.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:27 No.9497724
    rolled 40 = 40


    though i'm not a fan of baby killing
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)22:29 No.9497749
    You plug the hole with your own body, still using GLORY to light the room. Your troops desperately punch at the walls, but their strength is not as mighty as yours, and they have difficulty.

    WP (due to extended GLORY): 150/200
    HP: 160/180

    The swarm continues to nip and pierce your shell, and you swing in rage. The mob seems to never end, no matter how many you fell. Just then Klawdia appears at the end of the hall to the left, she's found a path to the outside!
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:29 No.9497754
    I think it's somewhat-sort-of-kind-of reasonable in this case.

    Yes, we did break in and enter, but these babies are fucking bloodthirsty and more than able to kill our elite soldiers.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:30 No.9497762

    Rally our forces to focus on the hole we just went through, they will have to go through this hole to get to us, fire some more at the dark shapes and just begin to slowly take them out as they filter through the hole to come into the room we are in
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:31 No.9497779
    order warriors to follow Klawdia to the outside. Protect the retreat, by backpeddling and firing Cannon into the horde
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:31 No.9497785
    No. Just cut and run.

    We're killing that eels babies. Even if they are legion, we don't want to piss him off.

    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:31 No.9497791
    have Klawdia lead our forces outside as we keep the dark shapes away
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:32 No.9497807
    We don't want him to be pissed off at us.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:33 No.9497821
    true, but i'm still not a fan

    killing things is all well and good, just prefer it not be babies
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)22:35 No.9497873
    Your warriors follow Klawdia, Shootrimp helps you cover their advance with his precise aim. Your cannon reaps the black snake organisms like a scythe, felling many. Yet still more come. Surely this is impossible?

    You finally retreat into another large room. You are unsure of its purpose, but you manage to secure the massive iron door, holding the swarm off for now. A metal staircase leads up to the deck, and you can see the light pouring in from the outside. You begin to ascend the staircase, when a huge black form smashes them out from under you!

    You clutch the very edge of the doorway, hanging on for dear life! The massive, snake-like body swirls around the huge room, and swallows Gorrum, one of your loyal lobsters! Shoortrimp and the others huddle together, claws snapping at the thing!
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)22:37 No.9497895
         File1272508628.jpg-(78 KB, 400x262, eel.jpg)
    78 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:37 No.9497904
    stand between your coven and the giant eel

    have them move off to the sides while you fight it head on
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:38 No.9497922
    Quickly use Enhanced intellect, how thick is this things armor?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:38 No.9497928

    let go, attempt to land on the giant eel and use to wrap around it's body

    use claw and hammer down on head to knock out not kill
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:39 No.9497954
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)22:40 No.9497969
    Eel Behemoth:
    DEF - 15
    CQC - 15
    LRC - 0
    SPD - 15
    INT - 7

    A fast boss dangerous up-close. Wisely keeps his MOUTH shut during battle. Perhaps you can outwit him?
    >> Katfish! !!OYW/afk/8Iv 04/28/10(Wed)22:42 No.9497991
    thank you crabmaster, i wasn't here for the first couple threads but i started following after that, and i love this

    blood for bloodclaw
    Shells for the shellthrone
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:42 No.9497994
    Aim for the eye, and shoot.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)22:43 No.9498007
    You drop down, attempting to land on the eel-normous thing. You miss its head slightly, but manage to get in a good swing, knocking it off course and causing its head to go through the thoroughly rusted wall.

    It turns and hisses(?) defiantly, before darting away into the darkness. You can hear the battering of its children on the door you closed.
    >> Lobster Commander Josephus 04/28/10(Wed)22:44 No.9498023
    Josephus flings inward and through the throng of eel babies, and slams against the iron door, facing outward to the giant monstrosity and its ilk, summoning up the best grimace possible, which is not much. Commander Josephus squares off against the horde, with the few Lobsters left in the room at his side, forming a veritable phalanx against the eels, allowing the strange crab cousins to make haste.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)22:44 No.9498024
    Well I love having more players! (BloodSHELL, by the way. Don't worry, I've fucked it up too.)
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:44 No.9498025

    shoot at wall next to forces to allow them to escape

    disable to the eel, don't kill it
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)22:45 No.9498047
    A loud clanging announces that the eel is stalking you. This is IT'S turf, and it knows the layout of the ship. The hole it tore through the wall may lead you out, but then again it may lead you deeper into the labyrinth
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:45 No.9498049
    Crabmaster, I just wanted to say that I was going to rage when I saw that you'd named a US aircraft carrier the Michigan (clearly not following proper naming conventions), but that rage was swept away by the glory of CRAB QUEST.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)22:47 No.9498068
    Dude I barely know anything about CRABS, let alone ships. But humor me, what are proper naming conventions? I just figured they named them after... American shit I dunno.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:47 No.9498076
    lol, knows his navy stuff

    battleships are states, carriers are major battles right?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:50 No.9498141
    rolled 22 = 22

    Oddly enough there is a submarine called the U.S.S. Michigan. Aircraft carriers are supposed to be named after presidents, or admirals.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:51 No.9498151

    ignore hole for now, apprise forces, continue efforts to getting forces out of the ship

    cast Miraculous Growth of Kelp, LETS FILL THE SHIP ALL THE WAY UP, should confuse it or blind it some and make it harder to track us
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:51 No.9498157
    shoot the eel in the face, or SCUTTLE OF DIPLOMACY
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:53 No.9498178
    screw it, i'm looking this shit up

    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:53 No.9498190

    What if its good at hunting in kelp? We could get picked off one by one
    >> Lobster Commander Josephus 04/28/10(Wed)22:53 No.9498200
    God damn nomenclature.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)22:54 No.9498208
    The eel darts from his hiding spot, attacking your Coven!

    Klawdia, always the hero, jumps on and begins hammering away at its face! The eel screams and darts back up into the ceiling, carrying her away!

    You cast GROWTH, strangling the chamber with kelp! You hear a crash as the door flies off its hinges, carrying the strange lobster from earlier along with it. The newcomer tangles with the writhing creatures, who turn to the kelp! They charge forth to meet you, small enough to avoid becoming tangled in the kelp. Oddly enough there are noticeably fewer now...
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:54 No.9498223

    personally believe that I primary goal should be escape, also since turtles are so smart, I believe this thing is a test

    We can not give in to our baser instincts for battle for now. The battlefield is to against us.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:55 No.9498235
    There's a lot of submarines named after states. You're correct about the carriers. They've been doing it that way for a while now.

    Anyways, back to the awesome quest.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:56 No.9498253

    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:56 No.9498266
    Cover the withdrawl of the troops, we can't afford to lose too many, and while we're at it, see if we can get the eel to give chase, so we can lure it out of the open. Start blasting holes in walls.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)22:57 No.9498271
    You rend and fire as the swarm finally begins to disperse. Tiny bodies litter the floor. Will you eat one for HP? Or eat kelp?
    Current HP: 155/180
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:57 No.9498273
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)22:57 No.9498285
    eat some kelp, chase after klawdia
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)22:58 No.9498308
    After surviving so much, you'll be damned if Klawdia dies here to this beast! You scuttle about, searching for a way to get up to the hole in the ceiling. A stack of metal boxes in the corner may provide a nice staircase...

    Or you can launch yourself with your cannon claw.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)22:59 No.9498327
    You munch kelp, bringing you back to full HP.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:00 No.9498337

    We shout for Bloodshell's blessing as we use our mighty cannon to make the jump!
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:00 No.9498345

    claw cannon pls

    ROCKET JUMP!!1!!!
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:01 No.9498358
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:01 No.9498361
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)23:01 No.9498374
    Bloodshell's fury empowers your already POWERFUL LEGS. (SPD is now 15). You need no cannon! Your Coven hop onto your back as you LEAP UPWARDS and through the roof. Iron rends and snaps as your enormous form crashes through and onto the floor above you. In your mind, you scream "oh yeah!"

    You scan the room... no sings of anything yet. But then, in the corner, Klawdia's armor!
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:03 No.9498399
    "oh no!"
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:05 No.9498455

    cast glory to brighten the room, Enhanced Intellect armor

    the eel and Klawdia must of gone somewhere, follow the trail as fast as possible
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)23:05 No.9498456
    A trail of blood leads off to your right, into the darkness. But there, to your left, an open doorway. You can see the deck of the ship!
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:06 No.9498459
    Oh shi-, Search for Klawdia, and follow the cursed eel or eel-like thing.
    >> Lobster Commander Josephus 04/28/10(Wed)23:06 No.9498468
    Commander Josephus, Chapter Master of the IronClaw Lobster Brigade is only angered and confused at the eel's impunity as he sails fourth through the air, above a group of perplexed crabsmen.

    He lands just behind their group as they creep through the kelp, and is back to his feets, ready to charge once more, double powerclaws at the ready.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:07 No.9498482

    send rest of our crabs out open door, we follow the trail of blood while casting glory
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)23:09 No.9498515
    You ignite your carapace once more. With 100 WP left, this will last you a good while. Your men, along with the strange lobster, depart through the doorway to your right. No sooner are they out the door when a cascade of rubble falls behind them! On the other side, you can hear fighting. Shootrimp implores you to just go on, he is sure that no damned eel will best him and the Coven! He once again swears upon his grand-shrimps pistol before joining the fray.

    To your left, a long hallway lined with doors stretches off into the dark.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)23:11 No.9498538
    The blood trail leads along, and then comes to a stop at a door on your right.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:11 No.9498552
    they're better off than klawdia is, they're up and fighting

    follow the trail of blood watching out for open doors and cross corridors where ambushes could take place
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:12 No.9498560

    enter the darkness, move as a predator , don't act as prey

    call out to Klawdia
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:12 No.9498561
    look up, see if it may have swam to the next level
    >> Holt 04/28/10(Wed)23:12 No.9498564

    Tear a hole in the wall instead. Go for a climactic entry.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)23:13 No.9498579
    There are no obvious markings where the eel may have run off to. You clack out to Klawdia, and hear a meek counter-sign. She is in this room, yet you cannot see her anywhere.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)23:15 No.9498611
    You enter forcefully, breaking through the small door frame, intent on finding Klawdia. There, in the corner, your brave veteran lies, mortally wounded. She is clacking a message to you...

    ...it's a trap!

    The massive eel rams its head through the wall to your left, intent on snatching you up!
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:15 No.9498618

    keep clicking, save enough WP to heal Klawdia even if we have to cut Glory

    Check overhead and watch the floor as we move
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:16 No.9498631
    catch it in your clamping claw as you cast heal on klawdia to stabilize her

    then focus all your crabby might on giant eel
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:17 No.9498642

    our speed is even, Move forward out of the way, cast Heal on Klawdia
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:18 No.9498660
    Dodge! Heal Klawdia ASAP, and I mean ASAP, she's unlikely to live the rest of the fight. Then kick some eel ass. Shoot it in the eye.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)23:19 No.9498671
    You cut the lights and attempt the grapple the eel, making sure to cast ADVANCED HEAL on Klawdia.

    WP: 10/200

    Klawdia staggers to her feet, almost fully healed! The eel's slippery form writhes and contorts in your grasp, making it difficult to get a good hold on. You finally manage to dig your RENDING CLAW into the side of its face, however, and are now in a grapple!

    The eel turns, intent on dragging you further away into the darkness.
    >> RAWK LAWBSTAR 04/28/10(Wed)23:21 No.9498711
         File1272511314.jpg-(33 KB, 400x454, lobsterpowerarmor.jpg)
    33 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:22 No.9498721

    Powerful Legs don't fail us now
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)23:22 No.9498725
    In the grim darkness of the Atlantic Ocean there is only war!
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)23:23 No.9498748
    Well we won't find out if I don't get a suggestion.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:24 No.9498752
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:24 No.9498758
    use your powerful rendingclaw grip/arm strength to impale the eel on your spines
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:25 No.9498770
    Resist with all our might, and try to get our claw around it, and vicegrip it full force.
    >> Lobster Commander Josephus 04/28/10(Wed)23:25 No.9498773
    I fucking love you.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:28 No.9498820

    use the Rending Claw we have buried in its face to smash it's head into the wall or ground

    Repeat till it stops moving, stop before it is killed
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)23:29 No.9498845
    You attempt to slam the eel's body into your SPINED CARAPACE! Though his body is slippery, you manage to succeed, and become stuck on the eel.

    He winds his way through the narrow confines of the ship, smacking you against the walls. Though you hang on, you take a beating!

    HP 160/180

    The eel seems to be getting more sluggish in his movements. Just as he is about to stop, he smacks you into one more wall, shaking you free! The eel has lost quite a bit of blood, and retreats once again out of reach. The room around you is pitch black, and unfortunately you have no more WP for GLORY. Behind you, you can hear Klawdia scuttling after you.

    She is very worried. You hear the eel once again, stalking you. To your right, however, is a massive, dirty window.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:29 No.9498852
    speaking of the face, check it for the scar the turtles had spoken of
    >> RAWK LAWBSTAR 04/28/10(Wed)23:30 No.9498863
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:31 No.9498877
    cavitation bubble straight upwards

    if the room is dark MAKE A SKYLIGHT!!!

    tactic 2115 for underwater crab kings with cavitation bubble claws
    >> Lobster Commander Josephus 04/28/10(Wed)23:33 No.9498915
    Commander Josephus wastes no time wading into battle, waiting for the opportune moment to arrive, and then pouncing with a powerful flip of its jet-tail, putting himself directly into the mouth of the giant eel.
    With one powerful claw, Chapter Master Josephus clamps down upon the lower mandible of the leviathan and clamps onto the upper teeth as they bite down into his chitin Mark-5 Armor. With an audible grunt, Josephus jets again with the jet-tail, buckling the bottom jaw and breaking the teeth off inside of Josephus's shell, a mortal wound, but worth it, for the souls that would be saved. With a last breath, Josephus roars,"SSSSKKKEEEBEBELAAL" as he is unable to produce any real understandable language with his mouth parts.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)23:34 No.9498929
    You fire with all your rage into the ceiling. Rusted metal scraps fall down and litter the floor as a dazzling beam of light illuminates some of the room. You're in the galley, apparently. You get a flash of the eel as it is stunned by the ray of light, before it roars and slithers off to another part of the area.

    You notice several tables have been splintered here, forming very sharp stakes.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:35 No.9498936

    while doing this

    being clicking and smashing claws together...keep the eel's attention to you and away from Klawdia....make ourselves a target that is VERY tempting.....
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)23:37 No.9498976
    You try to draw the attention of the eel to you by making a ruckus. You see its form more clearly now in the darkness of the chamber. Its large, white eyes stare at you with menace.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:38 No.9498992

    Pray to Bloodshell, Ask him to help guide our Rending claw, in vengeance for his fallen warriors.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:39 No.9498999

    Enhanced Intellect and Lore check it while we have its attention

    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:39 No.9499011
    fire cavitation bubble at it
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:39 No.9499012
    Lure the eel closer to you and attempt to impale it on the broken table spikes! Perhaps taunt it with your cavitation bubble?
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)23:40 No.9499025
    You made a lore check on it earlier:

    You continue clicking, your ENHANCED INTELLECT tells you that it would be easy to grapple if the thing was pinned down by something. It also despises the light, and becomes temporarily disabled when a light is shined in its eyes.

    Your shell is rather reflective.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:43 No.9499079

    Charge into darkness, wait until the beast charges us, and then fire into ceiling. Once stunned by the beam of light, commence rip and tear.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:43 No.9499091

    begin to taunt the Giant Eel, get it mad once it dashes at us, use light off shell to blind, yell for Klawdia to grab it from behind, we get it close then hammer it
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:45 No.9499113
    this, except instead of klawdia grabbing it, have her stake it to something using the sharp wooden stakes
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)23:45 No.9499128
    You further taunt the eel. Thankfully the beast has low INT, and so falls for your cunning plan.

    It charges you, and you quickly duck down and use your shell to shine the light into its eyes. Disabled, Klawdia runs forward and spears a table fragment through the midsection of its body and into the wall. The eel flails, and makes and attempt to remove the spike with its teeth.

    What now?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:46 No.9499133
    Angle our reflective shell in such a way to blind the creature and move to strike it!
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:47 No.9499155

    move to disable and restrain....do not kill (yet)
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)23:50 No.9499182
    You scuttle forward and place your claw around the eel's neck, further pinning it against the wall. Klawdia yanks the stake out of its side in a spray of blood, and moves to drive the stake into its eye...

    Suddenly, the friendly eel moves to intercept the strike, and Klawdia holds. The massive eel you were sent to kill is its mate. The two of them inhabit this wreck with their children, many of which have been killed and most of which are fighting your troops outside.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:52 No.9499207
    I see no reason to not just lop off it's head the first moment we can. It's clearly a danger, and we have been requested to kill the monstrosity by the turtles. We're going to end up killing it anyways, so why not just kill it the first chance we get? It's clearly hostile. I just pity it's friendly friend. If we were going to take the diplomatic route, we should have done it before we pushed it's friend aside.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:54 No.9499230
    Stay our mighty claw, we have no quarrel with the eel we befriended. Clack in morse code and explain the situation, about the turtles and such.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:54 No.9499241

    do not kill the eel but issue this warning that it is never to attack or harm another turtle ever again or we will return and finish what was start again

    Order it to call off it's children from attack our troops outside

    Use last of WP to heal the injured Eel best we can

    do scuttle of sadness and apology to friend Eel

    collect Klawdia and leave ship

    Head off and return to Elder Turtle
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:55 No.9499246
    Tell the eel she doesn't need a deadbeat mate who beats her up!
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)23:55 No.9499250
    The friendly eel implores you not to kill its mate. The turtles they slew long ago were a necessity. The Kraken had moved in and left little to eat, and in a moment of desperation, snatched some young turtles.

    Klawdia is unamused, and wishes to just kill it. She tells the eel that she has no problem sending it to see its mate after you're done here.
    >> Holt 04/28/10(Wed)23:56 No.9499265

    Last minute diplomacy. If the Turtles are as wise as they say they are, they will understand it if we let the Eel live.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/28/10(Wed)23:57 No.9499280
    You use up your last points of willpower to heal the wounds of the large eel. It is still angry, but does not attack when you slacken your grip on its neck.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/10(Wed)23:59 No.9499303

    do not kill use last of WP to heal, collect troops head back to elder Turtle

    explain we could not kill the mate of a friend, explain the situation, tell turtle we understand the lost to since we have lost crabs to this eel but chose to let it live
    >> Anonymous 04/29/10(Thu)00:00 No.9499306
    Apologise for what has happened and go explain situation to turtles.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/29/10(Thu)00:01 No.9499322
    Will you scuttle off to the turtles, leaving the eel behind?
    >> Anonymous 04/29/10(Thu)00:01 No.9499331

    explain to Klawdia we are the invaders here

    leave collect troops return to turtles and explain situation
    >> Anonymous. 04/29/10(Thu)00:02 No.9499337
    Gotta use our ENHANCED INTELLIGENCE first to make sure friend-eel isn't just covering for an abusive eel-boyfriend, as flesh-things are so prone to doing.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/10(Thu)00:02 No.9499341

    yes leave eel behind, this is their home
    >> Anonymous 04/29/10(Thu)00:02 No.9499344
    No. I say the eel must come with us. And appologize in person.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/10(Thu)00:04 No.9499360

    the eel is injuried...can it survive the journey? doubt it will come peacefully
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/29/10(Thu)00:05 No.9499377
    You tell the eels that this is not your battle, and too many good crustaceans have been lost already over this. They will come with you to meet the turtles, and plead their case. Your eel-friend thanks you, and leads you to the deck.

    What you see is almost too much to bear.

    Shootrimp, your most skilled hunter and faithful subject, lays sprawled on the deck. He is bleeding heavily, and it appears your troops are using kelp-tourniquets to stem the bleeding.

    It would take a couple hours to get back to the lair, with your speed. A day or more for the regular troops. Your friendly eel says she could take him, but she appears to be the smarter of the two eels, and would be necessary for negotiations.

    What will you do?
    >> Holt 04/29/10(Thu)00:07 No.9499411

    Maybe the Turtles can heal him? I donno... I'm a tree.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/10(Thu)00:09 No.9499439

    Shootrimp has been very loyal to us...time to repay that loyality

    We shall personally carry Shootrimp back to the lair for treatment.

    Tell the ell we care about our allies and friends and will support them as such and will return as soon as possible.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/29/10(Thu)00:13 No.9499483
    You tell the eels you will return tomorrow to settle the dispute between them and the turtles. For now, you must tend to your subject.

    The trek is long, seemingly made longer by your worry for Shootrimp. His heartbeat ebbs and weakens with each step. You return to your LAIR to find it nearly completely encased in a massive CORAL SHELL! Clawclaw has been dutifully working in your absence, and reports both an extensive cavalry program, missile system, and reserves of young crustaceans numbering in the tens of thousands! Massive fields of kelp stretch in all directions, new ground has been explored, and Clawclaw personally led the expedition into the reef, constructing a massive defensive wall to cordon off the area.

    Medical isopods take Shootrimp away to be worked on. You pray to the Wavemaker for help.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/10(Thu)00:13 No.9499484
         File1272514393.jpg-(102 KB, 1280x1280, crab_king_huge.jpg)
    102 KB

    Not being a drawfag doesn't help.

    But that does not stop me from trying to honor HIS CRABBINESS.

    >> Anonymous 04/29/10(Thu)00:14 No.9499501
    Pray to the wavemaker for more strength, and to heal our friend.
    >> Captain Baha 04/29/10(Thu)00:14 No.9499508

    >> Anonymous 04/29/10(Thu)00:15 No.9499509
    Also, I wanted to add some color and superimpose him on a coral reef, with a shining CRAB QUEST in the corner, but alas I suck with GIMP's selection tool and was unable to pluck him out of the layer and not leave him strangely empty.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/29/10(Thu)00:16 No.9499537
         File1272514602.png-(35 KB, 1100x600, shitty ass map.png)
    35 KB
    It's charming, I like it!

    The huge line is the new wall, made of IRON, BONE, and CORAL. It is also lined with towers to spot shark patrols, and Clawclaw moved one of the flak guns onto the wall to fire at aggressors.

    He also has a new development. A crab, nearly your size, was spotted to the north with a band of smaller crabs. It was identified...
    ...a female!
    >> Anonymous 04/29/10(Thu)00:17 No.9499542
    we must use our ENHANCED INTELLECT to consider the situation very carefully, we can't always please everybody, and we do know the Eel's mate is abusive, what will we do if the turtles demand his head or if he refuses to accept the terms of negotiation?
    >> Anonymous 04/29/10(Thu)00:17 No.9499554
    Gather your subjects and give a rousing speech about the need for unity amongst your people and the need to defend the land from aggressors from both within and without.

    Then oversea the splitting up your troops into regiments and get them training. Also, regular patrols everywhere, and return info to Clawclaw. Then rest aand return to eels tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/10(Thu)00:18 No.9499571

    Inform Clawclaw about the horseshoe crabs and ideas about incorporating them to build defenses

    THROW A FEAST IN CLAWCLAW HALF-TAIL's HONOR and his accomplishments.

    Order out scouts to head south and begin searches for Whales.

    Set out next morning with Clawclaw and his mount back to the Eel site for deal with turtles.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/29/10(Thu)00:20 No.9499588
         File1272514812.png-(35 KB, 1100x600, shitty ass map.png)
    35 KB
    Here's a *slightly* better version, showing where the cannon is (the big dot on the wall).

    You may now molt for four points. Bloodshell was not entirely pleased, but has given you a permanent +1 to speed.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/10(Thu)00:20 No.9499589
    acknowledge ClawClaw's splendid work and provide him with a boon of some sort!
    >> Anonymous 04/29/10(Thu)00:21 No.9499615

    MOLT before we return to Eels?

    with Clawclaw in tow?
    >> Anonymous 04/29/10(Thu)00:22 No.9499619
    Bloodshell can respectfully shut-it, a lot of slaughter occurred today and much of it was of our own...

    molt if it won't put us too behind the errand with the turtles and the eels.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/29/10(Thu)00:22 No.9499623
    Before you molt, however, it's time for a CRAB PARTY!

    You feast well into the night, though thoughts of Shootrimp haunt you. However, much kelp is consumed, along with a number of fish, sharks, and squid!
    >> Anonymous 04/29/10(Thu)00:23 No.9499640
    all four into intellect!
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/29/10(Thu)00:23 No.9499642
    >> Anonymous 04/29/10(Thu)00:24 No.9499648

    Then moult. Give clawclaw a premotion and a boon for being awesome. Scouts everywhere for the female and the whales and go to the eels for deal wit hturtles.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/10(Thu)00:24 No.9499659
    2 int 2 cqc
    >> Anonymous 04/29/10(Thu)00:24 No.9499662
    clack for a moment of silence in honor of shootshrimp and to wish for his speedy recovery.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/10(Thu)00:24 No.9499669
    whatever happened to the island quest? shit was cash
    >> Anonymous 04/29/10(Thu)00:25 No.9499674

    Clawclaw Half-Tail earns a new honor tonight with celebrations

    grant Clawclaw Half-Tail a complete Unit of the best Cavalry and name them the Iron-Coral Warriors
    >> Anonymous 04/29/10(Thu)00:26 No.9499682

    2 INT
    2 DEF
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/29/10(Thu)00:26 No.9499687
    Well, I'll archive this thread, and we can decide on upgrades tomorrow! Clawclaw is pleased with himself after proving his worth to you!

    G'night, /tg/, thanks for playing!
    >> Anonymous 04/29/10(Thu)00:27 No.9499702
    2 INT
    1 SPD
    1 LRC
    >> Anonymous 04/29/10(Thu)00:28 No.9499720
         File1272515281.jpg-(79 KB, 406x394, suptopus.jpg)
    79 KB
    nay sir, THANK YOU.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 04/29/10(Thu)00:29 No.9499738
    Hey, it's my pleasure. I'm just glad people like this quest.

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