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  • File : 1273436415.png-(267 KB, 393x659, Giantess_color2.png)
    267 KB A Frost Giant is Thee ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)16:20 No.9713601  
    rolled 6, 3, 6 = 15

    #42: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/9234259
    #43: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/9274286
    #44: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/9382537
    #45: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/9424460
    #46: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/9531360
    #47: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/9549247
    #48: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/9672525
    #49: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/9692576
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)16:20 No.9713609
    Fuck yeah Frost Giant thread!
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)16:21 No.9713627
    rolled 1, 6, 1 = 8

    With the spirit watching over you, you fall fast asleep, dreaming of battle and explosives. The little light reports that all is well, dispersing just after you awake. Another day, another road to walk. Same old same old.

    As always, you maintain regular contact, conversing with the gods and everyone you've left behind. Vasian reports on refined black powder mixtures, and a first (unsuccessful) mini-rocket test. It might be a while yet before you're strapped to an enormous jetpack, dispensing fiery death from the skies. Still, you're more than happy with his progress. You couldn't ask for a better scholar.

    It takes two and a half days of back-and-forth to see you to your destination, the staging ground for Detachment Three. You get word from there well before your arrival, a short message of greeting telling you where you have to go and who you have to see.

    The army camp is a tent city, surrounded by hastily-dug trenches and wooden barricades, covered with a dull blue sludge you're told is a fire retardant. The soldiers are friendly enough, though obviously battle-weary, and a bit surprised to see a giant in their midst, covered in Magma Steel. Without much trouble, you find your way to the command post, your heavy boots leaving deep impressions in the mud.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)16:21 No.9713640
    rolled 5, 4, 2 = 11

    The man in charge takes a moment to emerge. You notice that the tent is just tall enough to accommodate you, and the canvas shows rather obvious stitch-marks. “Demonslayer Maya, I presume?” he says, extending a hand. You shake it, carefully.

    “Knight Commander Corias, Terror Saints,” he introduces himself, motioning to the entrance, “Shall we?”

    You enter, stooping a bit, and see that a rather large space has been cleared within, ringed with plotting tables and desks, all swarmed by officers of various ranks and the everpresent robed mages. The commander steps over to an ornate, gold-rimmed cabinet, drawing a silvered flask from the cavernous interior.

    “Fancy a drink?” he asks, fetching a glass, “It'll knock you on your ass, I can tell you that.” He looks you over. “Even you.”
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)16:22 No.9713650
    Last I checked, we were low on Batarangs. We should make some when we have some down-time.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)16:23 No.9713668
    Sure, why not?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)16:23 No.9713673
    rolled 4, 3, 4 = 11

    You currently have ten, in addition to the incendiary one. How many do you want to have on hand?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)16:24 No.9713691
    Oh, nevermind then. I thought we were down to four or so.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)16:26 No.9713717
    Alright, FG quest! Too bad I gotta go pick up the wife in an hour.
    We're still training each day, right? I guess we didn't make anything interesting during the journey (that's ok).

    No need for more batarangs for now. We might have more important uses for the time and effort. Let's pull up a chair (or just sit) and integrate into the chain of command.
    >> Kael 05/09/10(Sun)16:27 No.9713746
    namefagged for easy vote count. also FUCK FROST GIANT!!!! agree to the drink.
    >> Kael 05/09/10(Sun)16:28 No.9713758
    uh meant to say FUCK YEA
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)16:30 No.9713790
         File1273437006.jpg-(47 KB, 350x471, shot_glass.jpg)
    47 KB

    "To absent friends."
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)16:31 No.9713816
    rolled 5, 5, 3 = 13

    “Sure, why not?” you reply, removing your helmet.

    Corias smirks. “Alright, but don't say I didn't warn you.” He retrieves a large flagon from the same cupboard, pouring a bit for you and a bit for himself. Walking up, he tosses a glance at his officers. “Stand back. This is two tons of solid war right here.”

    Everyone retreats from you, pulling the desks and tables as far against the canvas walls as they can manage. You take the flagon, handling it a bit awkwardly.

    “To absent friends,” you say, echoed by the commander. You take a sip, and promptly lose your balance, hitting the ground with a large thud. A brief wave of wind lifts the tent. That hurt.

    The commander laughs. “Warned ya,” he jokes, taking another sip of his own and steadying himself against the cabinet. “Now. To business. I here you've got grenades?”
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)16:32 No.9713833
    rolled 3, 5, 1 = 9

    You're still training, but for the moment, you're trying to use alchemy to alter your armor, with no success so far.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)16:33 No.9713858
    Yes, non-magical. They're mostly good for melting and burning things, not anti-personnel.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)16:35 No.9713877
    What were we trying to do with our armor? (Please tell me it wasn't the helmet modification.....)
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)16:35 No.9713881
    They already know about grenades? What kind of grenades exist in this world, magical ones?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)16:36 No.9713891
    Let's go easy on the super-alcohol.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)16:37 No.9713910

    "Two models available for production, both reliant on igniting powder within a container. Explosive, and incendiary. The powders are very different. One uses what we call 'black powder' back home, and it's for primarily anti-infantry uses; the powder explodes, which drives the container and any metal shrapnel stored within to do serious damage to any fleshy bits in close proximity. The other uses aluminum and metal oxides, and it'll melt right through practically goddamn anything, but it doesn't explode outwards or do area damage, and it's primarily useful against, well, pretty much JUST against the specific monsters Forus decided to summon here. Both types require fuses which need to be ignited before the grenade goes off."
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)16:38 No.9713930
    "What was that drink?"

    "Yes, we've got some Thermite grenades. They don't really explode, just get REALLY hot and bright for a while."
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)16:38 No.9713941
    rolled 5, 4, 5 = 14

    “Ah. Demolitions, then,” he muses, draining the rest of his drink. “Well, we do plenty of that, don't we?”

    The officers slide the tables back into position, most eyeing you warily. Now that you're on the ground, you take another swig from the flagon. Whatever it is, it's not like any booze you've ever had. Tastes of berries, and stings your throat a little, but that's all, apart from the balance thing. Maybe you'll feel the rest in the morning.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)16:40 No.9713973
    Oh, man, FG quest. As always so late for me. I would like to stay and contribute but I gots to sleep. Sometimes I can stay till the morning, sometimes I can't.

    Looking forward to read the archives.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)16:41 No.9714000
    rolled 4, 2, 6 = 12

    For now, you're just trying to figure out how to shape it. Nothing specific yet.

    “Well, what we call a grenade is really...” he searches for the term, “You know, pitch, torches, that kind of thing. Alcohol and a fuse. Explosives are mage department.”

    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)16:43 No.9714041
    What are we, featherweights? Let's have another round!
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)16:44 No.9714049
    >Explosives are mage department.

    >Vasian reports on refined black powder mixtures

    Anyone else got the urge to start making 18th century gunpowder grenades?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)16:48 No.9714153
    rolled 6, 2, 3 = 11

    “Interesting.” The commander motions to one of his entourage, a scrawny youth with large eyes, who begins writing furiously. A scribe, you guess.

    He places the glass and flask back in the cabinet, shrugging. “You can understand why things like that would be of use to us. The Conclave-” the term is met by a soft groan from somewhere in the room- “Graciously ordered me not to pump you for information. You're a Captain, after all, not a brain on a stick.”

    Corias settles against the cabinet, adjusting his belt. “Would you mind... demonstrating?”

    “Aker. Messes with the brain,” he tells you, twirling a finger around his ear. “A weapons experiment. Now it's an army favorite.”
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)16:48 No.9714158
    No. Not when the opponent is Forus. Our stuff would ignite just being near to some of their big-bads.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)16:50 No.9714192
    rolled 2, 1, 3 = 6

    You'll finish the flagon first. Sure you want to ask for more?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)16:52 No.9714232
    Nah, not while on duty.
    >> Researcher Sam 05/09/10(Sun)16:52 No.9714244
    Heck no. Who knows when a surprise attack could come?

    Let's go someplace clear and test with one of the lower-quality grenades.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)16:53 No.9714250

    I just want to impress the guys, not have them charge into battle screaming and tossing det-packs everywhere like it was a game of X-Com.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)16:53 No.9714254
    Sip it, take it slow. We can always get plastered after business is done.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)16:54 No.9714277
    Let's light one off now before we drink any more. I guess we'll head outside to pop it.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)16:55 No.9714305
    >“A weapons experiment. Now it's an army favorite.”
    Like with MK ULTRA and LSD.
    Oh shit, we just drank a flagon of LSD.
    We're gonna be seeing Colours Out of SPAAAACE...
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)16:57 No.9714345
    Just what kind of weapon was it supposed to be?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)16:57 No.9714352

    Let's see how good their fire retardant is.
    Take some of the stuff and put it over a wood log, then see if it actually blocks thermite.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)16:58 No.9714378
    rolled 3, 1, 1 = 5

    You drain the flagon slowly, passing it back to Corias after you're done. You feel no ill effects, aside from the initial 'whoops' moment. It really doesn't seem like alcohol at all.

    Fortunately, you have no trouble standing back up, though you take it very carefully. “We should clear a space.”

    The commander nods. In less than five minutes, you're outside again, a fair distance from the command post, setting your last 'poor' grenade in a ditch. Corias is beside you, and a great quantity of mages, officers, and random grunts ring the little arena. You level your gauntlet.

    “Shield your eyes.”

    A bright blue spark, and the grenade lights, burning with extremely intense light. Almost everyone steps back involuntarily.

    The commander peeps over his arm. “It's a sun in a can. Gods, I need more of these.”
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)16:59 No.9714380
    Maybe dispersed in gaseous form to knock the enemy off-balance? Eh, sounds like the kind of crazy thing they'd come up with in a military skunkworks project.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)17:01 No.9714432
    rolled 5, 3, 4 = 12

    It was supposed to be aerosolized and sprayed over the enemy, or leaked into water supplies. At key moments, the loss of balance could give the Perinese a significant advantage, but the effects were too brief, and couldn't be made permanent, making it unreliable as a biological weapon. So the project was scrapped.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)17:03 No.9714463
    No crazier than the gay bomb.
    I don't think they would be hard to make. This uses elements that are very common.

    By the way, you mentioned you were the Knight-Commander of the Terror Saints. What is your unit's specialty? What are the units here and where do I fit in?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)17:06 No.9714517
    Well, with a name like "Terror Saints" they're obviously in charge of helping war orphans cope with PTSD.
    >> Hateful One 05/09/10(Sun)17:07 No.9714525
    You said there were elite mages here.
    Let's set up a grenade workshop and

    1. find a way to make the grenades have a normal timed explosion, pull-pin-throw style
    2. make grenades lots of them
    3. equip people with grenades

    and then we can go ELEMENTAL HUNTING
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)17:07 No.9714533
    Of course. But are they light and stealthy? Are they mounted archers? etc etc.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)17:07 No.9714534
    rolled 1, 1, 5 = 7

    “Do you mind if I test that?” you say, pointing to one of the sludge-covered boards.

    As the grenade burns itself out, several mages rush forward to collect samples of the molten products. The commander shrugs again. “I don't see why not.”

    You dig another ditch and a short trench, laying a board over the top of it, and setting one of your good grenades on it. With everyone crowding around you as before, the gauntlet comes up, the storm knife fires, and an even more brilliant display lights up the camp.

    The grenade burns a hole right through the board in seconds, dropping into the ditch. Corias whistles. “I'm glad you're on our side, Captain.”

    “Damn right,” says one of the officers.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)17:11 No.9714596
    I guess that was OK, but no more using up the good grenades if they aren't going down a shoggoth's gullet.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)17:15 No.9714641
         File1273439753.jpg-(215 KB, 800x707, shoggoth_2.jpg)
    215 KB
    I'd guess light infantry, since all the heavy infantry will still be tied up at the front and cavalry tactics would do no good against a terrible, indescribable thing vaster than any subway train – a shapeless congeries of protoplasmic bubbles, faintly self-luminous, and with myriads of temporary eyes forming and un-forming as pustules of greenish light all over the tunnel-filling front that bore down upon us, crushing the frantic penguins and slithering over the glistening floor that it and its kind had swept so evilly free of all litter.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)17:16 No.9714650
    tell them that it pretty much can't be put out by non-magical means.
    Water or dirt are useless against this.
    >> Researcher Sam 05/09/10(Sun)17:18 No.9714679
    What's that about penguins?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)17:19 No.9714696
    rolled 1, 3, 5 = 9

    “Specialty?” the commander asks, stroking his chin, “Well, it used to be fear tactics, as you probably guessed from the name. We stopped getting results with those over a year ago.”

    One of the braver men gets close enough to splash a bucket of that sludge on the still-burning grenade. It douses the light, for about five seconds.

    “Right now, we're just another detachment,” he says, mournfully. “Been a bit hard-pressed to worry about gimmicks and such.”

    He tells you about the various divisions within the detachment, outlining them quickly. Splinter Volley and the Wallshots are ranged specialists, with the latter being responsible for siege when it was present. The Mad Shredders are close-combat, the Spearpoints are cavalry, and the Arcane Wind is the mage division.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)17:20 No.9714703
         File1273440027.gif-(71 KB, 500x643, 1258599864173.gif)
    71 KB
    >4 quest threads front page
    stop spamming this shit
    1 is fine, but for fucks sake this is for discussan bored gaems, not shitty roleplaying quests
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)17:21 No.9714721
    "What do you mean, by fear tactics?"
    >> Kael 05/09/10(Sun)17:22 No.9714728
    theres this fancy little thing called hiding threads.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)17:24 No.9714761

    A little while ago part of one of these motherfucking monsters caught me when I was following the Conclave's orders, so I lit a few of these up inside it. It didn't die, which is terrible, horrible news, since that means we can't just chuck three or four incendiaries at the bitches to make them die, we're going to be burning through these as quick as they burn through paper. It's worse news than that, though, since the information I gathered led the Conclave to conclude that these monsters are very highly intelligent, which means that now, this time, it knows what to expect, and might even work out adequate defenses. Or worse, maybe it won't engage us at all and will run off to somewhere where people DON'T have thermite. Some place like the capitol.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)17:24 No.9714763
    Stop ruining his righteous fury with your silly logic!
    >> Kael 05/09/10(Sun)17:25 No.9714791
    you're right, i apologize, it was rude of me.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)17:27 No.9714823
    rolled 1, 5, 2 = 8

    “Of course, of course,” the commander repeats, “We'll get you set up straight away.” He turns, scanning the crowd, and spots his mark. “Mitchell!”

    A rather short mage comes running, pushing aside men twice his size. His eyes are hidden by his hood, but, from what you can see of his face, he's nothing more than a child. His arms are adorned with oversized gauntlets that shine with green and gold. He salutes.

    “Tag along,” Corias orders, patting your armor, “Get the Captain whatever she needs.” To you, he says: “May not look like much, but he's a hell of a good caster. He'll be your runner, if that's alright.”
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)17:28 No.9714853
    Hop him on our shoulders and let us guide thru while getting the materials and shiz
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)17:29 No.9714871
    She's a 14-foot-tall blue giantess. He's a child mage prodigy. Together they fight crime!
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)17:30 No.9714885
    No shoulder-hopping on the first date!
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)17:32 No.9714906
    It's a kid, it's all right
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)17:32 No.9714910
    rolled 6, 1, 2 = 9

    Very well.

    They guessed as much. Still, they think it's important (a sentiment the commander shares) to look into possible countermeasures, in case the enemy has something comparable, or can duplicate these things.

    Corias gets a glimmer in his eye. “Oh, you know. Plenty of stealth, ambushes everywhere, pits full of tiny acid spiders, things like that.” He sighs. “Wear em' down, keep em' on their toes, strike when they're exhausted, paranoid, and shaking too hard to eat. Pity that doesn't work so well anymore.”
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)17:35 No.9714956
    Let's hop the kid on our shoulder and search for other mages and wizards that are willing to help us
    >> Researcher Sam 05/09/10(Sun)17:36 No.9714973
    "Yes, they seem to be largely mind- and emotionless. They don't care how many soldiers die beside them, they simply continue to fight it is disturbing."
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)17:39 No.9715014

    Why would having the kid on our shoulder help that?
    The kid knows the people and how things are here better than we do, have him bring us everyone who can be remotely useful in alchemy.
    Or geology, if you guys wanna start going through the Bayer process to get our aluminum. But mostly alchemy.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)17:40 No.9715040
    rolled 6, 5, 3 = 14

    You say this, giving a detailed account of your run-in with the elemental worm. Corias is suitably impressed. “I got a brief bit about this, but not much. The fact that you survived the encounter is... telling.”

    After a moment of consideration, he continues, “We can't very well hack it with axes and arrows. And we can't anticipate its actions. If these things communicate with each other, it's a whole different game.” He scratches the back of his head, giving you a thoughtful look. “A lot of angles to consider.”

    “But this is a rather recent change,” replies Corias. “They didn't field all of those abominations, either. Well, not as many of them. It's as if they've lost something. Stumbled into some terrible horror that's robbed them of whatever humanity they had left.”

    Coming up.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)17:43 No.9715094
    Okay, this kid works for us. Who else does? We were told we'd have orders waiting for us here.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)17:44 No.9715102
    rolled 3, 4, 6 = 13

    Or this. Shoulder him or send him resourcing?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)17:46 No.9715138
    Let's talk to him a bit first to get a sense for his personality.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)17:47 No.9715170
    shoulder him and let's go together getting supplies and wizards
    It's not like we have anything better to do.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)17:48 No.9715181
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)17:49 No.9715191
    I suppose we could take the opportunity to introduce assembly production, if there are any mages who can do anything transmutation-wise.

    "Alright, I'm good at creating huge masses of materials, which in this case are going to be powderized aluminum and powderized iron rust. You two any good at shaping cylinders? Okay. You and you, magnesium fuses. You there, you're going to cap us off. I want at least a half-dozen of these things for every man in this camp, minimum."
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)17:52 No.9715245
    rolled 5, 2, 1 = 8

    “Orders. Of course.” The commander grins sheepishly. “And then you showed me thermite. Incredible how things change so quickly, yes?” He motions to the scribe from before, pulls a sheet of parchment from his coat pocket, and goes over a few things.

    “You're assigned to Arcane Wind, Captain. Someone of your considerable talent,” he eyes the twin pools of molten metal, “Should expect nothing less. You'll be under Knight Captain Groll, who takes his orders from Colonel Koh. Mitchell will stick with you as runner. Get over to the Arcane's area, and take this with you.” He passes you the parchment, covered with unintelligible writing. “Requisition whatever can be spared. Learn the ropes. And make me more thermite.”
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)17:55 No.9715296
    "All right, is it okay if we try to make some grenades for all of you?"
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)17:56 No.9715316

    Alright, let's go over to the mage encampment and start making thermite.
    >> Researcher Sam 05/09/10(Sun)17:59 No.9715355
    Well okay then. Let's show them how to make thermite.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)18:01 No.9715397
    rolled 2, 1, 5 = 8

    "Yes, yes, make as much as possible!"

    You head in the general direction of the Arcane's section, as directed by the commander. Despite your large stride, Mitchell keeps up easily, guiding you around the tents and supply carts. He's very soft-spoken, but you can always hear him clearly. You ask about various topics, finding him to be friendly and talkative.

    “I have family in the city. Come from a long line of chemists, all strictly mundane. I'm the first to be attuned in a generation.” He laughs. “If there weren't a war on, I'd probably be building roads somewhere up North. Always did like engineering.”

    You ask him if he'd like to ride on your shoulder, so he wouldn't have to walk so fast.

    “I'd prefer you didn't, ma'am. I'm not one for heights.”
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)18:04 No.9715439
    All right kiddo, we like engineering too.
    Do you like blowing up stuff ?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)18:05 No.9715462
    "If you really like engineering, we can show you things you have never even imagined"
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)18:09 No.9715542
    uhhh are we looking for an apprentice because this kid doesnt seem too interested, but thats not saying he wouldnt be an amazing addition to dreamwood
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)18:09 No.9715550
    rolled 2, 5, 1 = 8

    "I prefer creating to destroying," he says absently. "Strange for a soldier, I guess, but that's that. As long as it helps win the war, I'll do what I have to."

    You reach the Arcane camp, find a reasonably clear area, and get to work. Mitchell buzzes off to grab you some alchemists, and you start digging a testing range, soon coming to meet the Knight Captain. You give him the commander's parchment, which he practically tears out of your hand.

    He sets a pair of well-worn spectacles on the bridge of his nose, turns the paper every which-way, and crumples it. “Never could read his blasted writing-” he grumbles.

    After a brief chat, he leaves to fetch you some staff, grumbling all the way. By the end of the hour, you have sixty alchemists, under a shabby-looking lieutenant and his two counterparts, a middle-aged geologist, and an eight-man infantry squad, all big and angry, for manual labor.

    Your orders?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)18:10 No.9715552
    so... are we gonna start making shit or not ?
    Find more wizards to help us!
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)18:12 No.9715598
    All right,
    1 team gets pure aluminium in a powder form
    1 team gets pure rust in a powder form
    1 team makes steel\iron casings
    1 team mixes the powders CAREFULLY
    1 team makes magnesium strips
    the non magical team assembles everything
    >> Researcher Sam 05/09/10(Sun)18:12 No.9715608
    Right, first of all is to make sure the alchemists know what elements they need to draw up, and in what proportions. Then move onto combining them, and showing what shape they should try to get them in.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)18:13 No.9715616
    "Okay, so I want some bauxite and some lye, we're going to heat the bauxite in the lye until all the alumina disolves out of it and then decant the supernatant into a new container, and discard what's left of the bauxite. When we cool the lye the alumina should recrystallize, though unfortunately not as a sapphire, cool as that would be, so we're going to take the alumina and get rid of the oxygen, possibly with alchemy, possibly by electrolyzing it in a flux heated far above water's boiling point. Then you'll get me as much rust as you can. This is how you will make thermite without magic. The rest of you, alchemy up."

    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)18:17 No.9715696
    Wait, so is Arcane Wind mostly alchemists, or are there other mage groups in it we've not met?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)18:18 No.9715722
    We've obviously been assigned to this unit. What are our orders besides giving the enemy a bad time as early and often as possible?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)18:19 No.9715735

    They're probably Light Mage 10/Alchemist 3 or something, just enough alchemy to repair armor or turn mud into drinking water when equipment gets shabby and/or supplies run low.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)18:19 No.9715749
    Introduce ourselves briefly. Describe the enemy (the main abominations). Describe our solution. Get to work on it.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)18:22 No.9715792
    rolled 3, 4, 3 = 10

    Teams designated A, R, C, M, and F. Those working on the casings and fuses have the least men, since those are easy and non-dangerous tasks. You instruct everyone in their tasks, showing them one of your grenades as an example of the rough shape these things should be in. While the infantry work on raising a tent, and the geologist probes for materials with an analyzer band, you oversee a 'test' run, making sure all of the teams know exactly what they're doing.

    You instruct the geologist in this manner, and he writes down your instructions, making sure he has it all down. He sends the infantry off to get bauxite and lye, then enlists the lieutenants for container construction. If this process can be perfected, you can have the whole detachment, most of which has no magical skill, making thermite.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)18:26 No.9715865
    ok what happens next ?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)18:27 No.9715885
    rolled 6, 5, 1 = 12

    Mostly combat specialists and healers, light mages forming the bulk. Many have skills with illusions, scrying, or enchanting.

    Learn and teach. Imbue others with your understanding so that the other detachments can be given the gift of thermite. Keep your commanding officers updated (Mitchell can handle this) and be ready to pack it up at any time.

    Done. Process running.
    >> Researcher Sam 05/09/10(Sun)18:29 No.9715924
    Keep patrolling the production like, making sure everything is being done correctly.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)18:32 No.9715972
    rolled 5, 1, 5 = 11

    Timeskip, I suppose. Unless there's anything else you want to tackle.

    You do so. Everything starts running relatively smoothly once everyone knows what they're doing, though you have to shuffle some people around to make sure all the parts of the chain are moving at the same speed.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)18:34 No.9716008

    Yeah, timeskip.
    Maybe pair Mitchell the Chemist with the Geologist for now, so as to double the science power of that group.
    >> Researcher Sam 05/09/10(Sun)18:35 No.9716029
    Oh! Speaking of other things to tackle, while making thermite is important, can we try to show them that tungsten armor that we've been making, and see if perhaps we can get the knowledge of how to make it disseminated? If we can get more troops into better armor, it could only help.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)18:35 No.9716032
    well then let's timeskip until we have plenty of grenades
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)18:36 No.9716052

    First things first.
    We're fighting forest shoggoths RIGHT NOW.
    We fight the fire magic LATER.
    No reason to interrupt a smoothly-operating production line.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)18:39 No.9716111
    What is our main weapon atm? Can we get it enchanted? Or maybe enchant our spinning disk of thermite death with something that makes it extra powerful.
    >> Arty 05/09/10(Sun)18:41 No.9716135
    Going to have to agree with this.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)18:43 No.9716158
    >What is our main weapon atm?
    For the task at hand? Alchemically created thermite. For general purposes? Ice Grenades. Followed by alchemized thrown objects. Followed by Ice Laser. Followed by our magical Ice Saber. We pretty much never even use anything else.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)18:45 No.9716193
    rolled 2, 2, 6 = 10

    You keep everything moving along for about two hours, helping out where you're needed. At your order, Mitchell assists the geologist, taking care of the parts of the process that require alchemy. The non-magical method is much, much slower, but more accessible. Plans for both begin to disseminate through the detachment, and the commander commends you on your quick work, dropping by to see a test of the first batch. Sub-par, but you're working on it.

    After those two hours, suppertime arrives. The mages are mostly exhausted, having expended a great deal of their stamina. You'd forgotten about that part. There aren't anywhere near enough potions around to assist them, either. But at least the geologist can keep his little refinery chugging along for a while, and Mitchell isn't as tired as the rest.

    The stockpile stands at 28 good grenades and 91 bad, but usable ones. Components from the duds are being reused.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)18:46 No.9716218
    rolled 3, 3, 6 = 12

    Your main solid weapon is the steel flail, though it hasn't seen much use recently. You can see about getting things enchanted, with approval from the commander.

    To supper, then, or would you like to skip on?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)18:48 No.9716241
    define 'bad' grenades

    also, how about we LEARN how to enchant things ?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)18:48 No.9716244
    What could we possibly enchant the thermite-batarang with? And gogo supper.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)18:49 No.9716258
    Low importance for now. Very low.
    >> Arty 05/09/10(Sun)18:50 No.9716275
    Supper if it'll give us a chance to find out about what role we'll fill in actual combat.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)18:51 No.9716293
    >define 'bad' grenades
    Impurities in the thermite can cool it down and slow it down and make it less efficient, because they interfere with proper collisions transferring oxygen.
    Insufficiently powderized components won't necessarily react very well, because there are fewer collisions.
    Insufficiently mixed thermite might not react at all, again due to collisions.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)18:53 No.9716315
    Make sure we clearly mark the good/bad grenades. Recommend that the people with good throwing arms get the good ones.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)18:55 No.9716352
    > with proper collisions transferring oxygen.

    I thought thermite was self oxidizing and didn't need external oxygen
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)18:55 No.9716357
    rolled 1, 1, 5 = 7

    Basically this: >>9716293. For a number of different reasons, they simply don't function as well as they should, but they are usable.

    Learning enchanting could take quite a while.

    A light field, perhaps. You don't know how that would interact with an incendiary, but if it enhanced it like it does ranged attacks, you could end up with a pretty nice boom.

    Supper incoming.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)18:59 No.9716409

    It is, I was referring to collisions between the rust and the aluminum transferring oxygen between the rust and aluminum. Aluminum still needs to be oxidized, I mean, that's the whole aluminothermic reaction, an oxidized metal imparting oxygen to aluminum. Impurities can interfere with this just by being there, getting in between aluminum and rust. They can't collide THROUGH an impurity, so one the reaction becomes significantly less entropically favorable.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)19:02 No.9716448
    I think we should make an image with "It's SCIENCE, i don't have to explain shit!" In addition to the magic one.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)19:06 No.9716510
    >You are terrible at explaining things.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)19:10 No.9716576
    rolled 1, 3, 2 = 6

    The bad grenades are marked with a red stripe around the cylinder. The good ones get a blue one lengthwise. That way, the type will be easily recognizable even if there's not enough light to see the color.

    You and your appointed squad head to supper, congregating near the center of the detachment camp. The infantry catch guard duty on the perimeter, which they complain quite a lot about. Mitchell tells you they'll get over it once they're full.

    The commander invites you to his tent, and you accept, giving him a full report while you eat. Everything's going well, but there's no way you can equip 10,000 men with half a dozen grenades each, at least not in a reasonable amount of time.

    “With any luck,” says Corias, “We won't need everyone we've got.”

    You share that sentiment. The elemental is going to be tough to take down, regardless, even with all of that thermite. You discuss tactics, mention your tungsten-ceramic mix, and agree to let the armorers examine your shield. You also find out what role the commander has in mind for you.

    No one in this detachment is of high enough rank to override the Conclave's command of you. Thus, you'll remain under their control, and you'll follow their orders. Corias is going to see if he can find out what they're planning, and whether they're going to transfer you to another detachment before deployment, or something like that. Given your resistance to the fog, your skills, and your previous experience with this specific elemental, he wants you to lead the charge.

    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)19:14 No.9716663
    >10,000 men with half a dozen grenades each,
    >60 alchemists
    10,000/60 = 166.66...
    166.66... x 6 = 1,000 grenades per alchemist.
    Yeah, it's not going to happen, even with our primitive and magic-reliant aluminum plant chugging along.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)19:16 No.9716693
    I recommend that you go to the /sci/ board once. No amount of explaining is going to help the people there, no matter how good you are.

    Sounds good, tbh. We are the strongest warrior they've got. I'd say we ask him if we can spare an enchanter for our thermite batarang.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)19:16 No.9716707

    Yes, lead the charge, but mention that the last time we were out there, it attacked us from behind after luring us forwards. The rearguard should have their eyes open.
    >> Arty 05/09/10(Sun)19:16 No.9716708
    Oh god. Infantry tactics are not my thing. Ranged weaponry, starships and starfighters, superweapons, I'm your guy.
    This, not so much.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)19:24 No.9716858
    we could use frost aura to clear a huge bubble for an expeditionary force into the fog
    so yea we should acompany men
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)19:24 No.9716864
    rolled 2, 4, 5 = 11

    You agree. If it's possible, you might as well be on the front line. You can soak up a lot more damage than anyone else, you're unfailingly accurate with thrown weapons, and you make inspiring speeches, among other things. He could certainly do worse than you.

    “Excellent. Not to say it's going to happen, but, you know,” Corias laughs, “Options.”

    You mention that the elemental had enough sense to attack you from behind after luring you in, and recommend the rearguard be as alert as possible.

    “With all of that fog,” the commander begins, reclining, “Hallucinations, and such. This operation should be as quick as possible. Once the elemental's out,” he snaps his fingers, “Fog's gone. Every minute it's still up, things get worse.”

    To wrap things up, you ask if he could spare an enchanter. He approves; just have Mitchell bring you one.

    I share your sentiment. I'll be more comfortable once you've got cannons and airships.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)19:26 No.9716903

    "Well sir, this thing's clever and we have to assume that as soon as you enter it's domain, it can see you. I'll head up the front, but I doubt that will make a difference, as this thing attacks from basically whatever angle it chooses and when it's burrowing it's much faster than I am. If it doesn't want to fight me, but wants to get to your men, it will be able to do so. If it wants some payback for last time and doesn't care about your men, it will come after me no matter where I am. And if it doesn't want to fight any of us at all, it has that option too. I don't think there IS an optimal marching order, since this creature will perceive whatever formation we choose, and will be able to formulate it's own counter, if it so desires."
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)19:33 No.9717020
    rolled 3, 4, 2 = 9

    "How pessimistic," he says. "Or perhaps realistic would be more appropriate. In this area, I lack experience. I fight men, not monsters." He grimaces. "Though there's less of a difference than I remember."

    "In any case, we'll just have to do our best. Perhaps a multi-angled attack? Well, if you have any additional information, or any input at all," he gestures to the doorway, "Feel free."

    You're not going to get a whole lot more of the alchemists until they've had some sleep. The non-magical operation can continue, though. Shall you meet with an enchanter, or something else?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)19:36 No.9717075

    Let's meet the enchanter and discuss options for enchanting thermite and thermite batarangs.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)19:46 No.9717249
    rolled 1, 5, 1 = 7

    On your way back, you have Mitchell find yourself a good enchanter, one who works with weapons. In a few short minutes, he grabs a light mage from another division, someone he knows personally. The man's said to be extremely capable, and is a follower of Felion, to boot. He's excited to learn that you're a friend of the pantheon's.

    “I'm glad you're here. With you around, we can take down anything.”

    As you thought, the light field is a multi-purpose enhancer, and it can act on incendiaries for a brief time after the materials it's anchored to are destroyed. He offers you an accuracy charm, but you don't think you need that. It would be nice for those who don't share your talent, though. Light fields would keep your batarangs durable and make them difficult to intercept, as well as enhancing the output of any explosives or incendiaries present.

    If any other enchanters can be spared, do you want them to work on the thermite?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)19:51 No.9717342
    >If any other enchanters can be spared, do you want them to work on the thermite?
    Good God, yes.
    It's the only weapon that we know for sure even HURTS the thing we're fighting, and even then it didn't totally kill off the small fraction of it we fought last time.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)19:55 No.9717417
    rolled 1, 1, 4 = 6

    Very well then. I'm going to assume you want to skip ahead now, but as always, you are free to do as you wish.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)20:04 No.9717544
    rolled 4, 1, 3 = 8

    Good thing you have plenty of experience with resource management from industrializing Dreamwood. Keeping everything straight and running smoothly can be a challenge, especially when your operation's only been active for a few hours. You order Mitchell and the enchanter to gather everyone they can spare who knows how to form a light field, and work on the grenades, priority given to the good ones. There will be nowhere near as many as you want, and even less of those will be enchanted, but hell if you're not trying.

    The alchemists turn in early, but the geologist continues working until you tell him to quit for the night. Mitchell, at your request, heads back to his own place, and you bed down in the 'assembly tent'. With a satisfying day of work behind you, you settle in for a long rest, hoping all of this thermite won't go to waste.

    You wake to pitch black, catching the faintest glimmer of starlight through a crack in the canvas ceiling. The familiar feeling of an incoming communication twitches in the back of your mind.

    Reluctantly, you receive it. “Yes?”

    It's the Conclave. “Captain. We have detected teleportation near your position. The command staff has already been alerted. Make ready.” Communication ends.

    Not a dull moment.
    >> Harmless 05/09/10(Sun)20:09 No.9717606
    Leave our tent and get to the commander, tell him.
    >> Arty 05/09/10(Sun)20:10 No.9717620
    Ask the gods if they have anything to do with the teleport. They dont exactally have continuous communications with the Conclave.
    >> Researcher Sam 05/09/10(Sun)20:14 No.9717676
    Get ready for battle, contact the gods and give them the low-down. Make out way to the commander.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)20:15 No.9717692
    rolled 6, 1, 4 = 11

    He should already know.

    Up and at 'em. You armor up, get your belt on and exit the tent, finding Mitchell already waiting for you. The pantheon answers your call, after a few tries. Whatever it is, it's not them, and the army's own anti-scrying charms are making it difficult to see what's around the camp. You can hear the sound of horns.

    “We should get to the command post, ma'am,” the boy says.

    The grenade stockpile is untouched. Maybe you should take some with you, or get them hauled to... wherever the action is.

    >> Researcher Sam 05/09/10(Sun)20:20 No.9717770
    Grab a few of them in case we need to disperse them amongst the ranks. Make sure there's at LEAST a full squad keeping watch over where the main stockpile is being stored in case of infiltrators.
    >> Arty 05/09/10(Sun)20:20 No.9717782
    Take a handfull. We can always pass them off to someone else depending on the situation.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)20:23 No.9717822

    My guess is Forus's actual army is at work, not the shoggoth, or there'd be fog and such.
    We can take a few thermite grenades, but I'd prefer not to let Forus know that we can make sciencefire just yet, or they might start sending fireproof tungsten-plated abominations against us next.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)20:23 No.9717827
    rolled 5, 1, 6 = 12

    You grab a bunch of the good grenades and stuff them into a sack, ordering Mitchell to get a squad to guard the rest. He nods, salutes, and departs, leaving you to get to the command post. You reach it quickly.

    The commander's tent is a buzz of activity, full to the brim with officers all shouting at each other and their aides in a continuous storm of voices. Corias himself is in the center of it all, leaning over a plotting table, consulting with a mage who seems to be chanting an incantation. He looks up when you call to him.

    “Captain. Looks like the elemental's going to have to wait. We've got problems.” He holds up one of the maps, yelling for everyone to be quiet for a moment. You lean in.

    “They're behind us,” he mutters, tapping a large red line at the top of the map, “Ash clouds and horns. You know what that means.”

    The sound of the summoning horns abruptly ceases. The mage beside Corias reports that the ash clouds are dissipating.

    The commander looks confused. “...what? That wasn't nearly long enough.”

    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)20:26 No.9717869
    Was it a distraction? Or an elaborate double bluff?
    >> Arty 05/09/10(Sun)20:28 No.9717896
    Shiiiit, maybe they're attracting an elemental that's already been summoned.
    >> Researcher Sam 05/09/10(Sun)20:31 No.9717933
    Get ready for battle. Advise that we hold defensive positions, and send out a few magical eyes to see. I remember a while ago, we made a ball of ice and scryed through it after throwing it up into the air to get a bird's eye view. Might want to try that again.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)20:34 No.9717987

    Maybe they've upgraded their ritual.
    Sacrificing thousands of babies instead of hundreds of soldiers.

    Maybe they're summoning a new kind of abomination.
    Maybe they have Byakhees now?

    Scouting forces? Scrying? See what the hell is going on, get the men ready to defend the base on all sides?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)20:34 No.9717988
    Use all the thermite to melt a great big hole in the ground.
    Hide in it.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)20:35 No.9717995
    rolled 3, 3, 6 = 12

    Whatever nightmarish thing Forus has cooked up this time, you're right in the center of it. Again. They, or something under their control, 'ported right behind this detachment's camp, but now the ash clouds are disappearing, the horns are gone, and there's nothing to be seen. According to the mage, it couldn't have been more than fifteen minutes since the clouds appeared in the first place, and the horns didn't start sounding until about five minutes ago.

    “What the hell's going on?” one of the officers asks, clutching his chest.

    “...should we send a scout? Take cover? If they brought siege-” another starts, trailing off.

    The commander's aide shakes his head. “The clouds have condensed. There is only one now, barely large enough to hide a single squad.”

    Corias thinks it over for a brief moment before deciding to take your advice. “Continue deployment. Thicken defenses on the Western side, but for god's sake don't pull them all. Line the mages up behind the trenches, nobody advance. Get that thermite ready. Move! Move!”

    The shouting resumes. To you, the commander says: “Get to the edge of the camp and get ready for combat. Go ahead with that scrying trick, you might be able to tell me something the others can't. Godspeed.”

    Email field: dice+1d20 for ice scry. Result determines effectiveness.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)20:39 No.9718083
    rolled 3 = 3


    Alright commander, I'll see what ice can see.
    >> Researcher Sam 05/09/10(Sun)20:40 No.9718092
    rolled 6 = 6

    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)20:41 No.9718119
         File1273452102.jpg-(41 KB, 379x175, giganta_stop.jpg)
    41 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)20:45 No.9718181
         File1273452318.jpg-(159 KB, 1280x1024, 1259991671255.jpg)
    159 KB
    rolled 15 = 15


    One try before sleep.

    Sight before sight no two snowflakes are alike and an image is worth a thousand swords!!
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)20:46 No.9718207
    rolled 4, 1, 6 = 11

    You run to the edge, surrounded by swarms of infantry and mages, some half-dressed, the paths between the tents lit by torchlight. Holding out your hands, you form a half-dozen spheres of ice, sighting the single cloud of ash ahead, far closer than you'd like it to be. You toss the spheres up in an arc, giving you multiple angles of view.


    All you can see is various views of the cloud, showing the same dull picture. Several of the spheres smash on the ground, but one passes through the ash, giving you a brief glimpse of burning embers before it shatters. Mitchell arrives soon after, with another mage, face completely hidden, hood adorned by the same rune as that marking the commander's aide.

    “Anything?” he asks, and you shake your head. After a moment, he relays an order from Corias: “Hold tight. If you sight anything hostile, bring it down. At range if possible.”

    As if on cue, a tall, dark shape emerges from the cloud, covered head to toe in armor that glistens in the starlight. The archers tense.

    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)20:49 No.9718252
    How tall? Our tall? Mirror Match commence?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)20:49 No.9718255
    Boulder to the torso. If it's armored bludgeoning weapons are preferable to batarangs.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)20:50 No.9718260

    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)20:51 No.9718279
    rolled 2, 3, 3 = 8

    Giant height. Slightly taller, about 15 feet by your estimate.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)20:53 No.9718308
    rolled 4, 5, 3 = 12

    Roll 1d6 for boulder summoning. Result indicates number summoned.

    You will say this.
    >> Harmless 05/09/10(Sun)20:53 No.9718310
    bolder time
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)20:54 No.9718328
    Hm. Well, I'll agree with >>9718255.
    Toss some iron while moving to engage with the same pace it uses.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)20:58 No.9718387
    rolled 3 = 3


    You have to quote the DM's post for the roll to count.
    >> Researcher Sam 05/09/10(Sun)21:00 No.9718420
    rolled 2 = 2

    Wasn't linked, doesn't count.

    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)21:00 No.9718424
    rolled 5, 1, 4 = 10


    The figure is unfazed. You begin to raise your boulders. The archers fire, loosing a volley of a thousand arrows. Most are aimed to either side, but they get the range right, and that's enough. Black tendrils seem to leap from the figure's armor, whipping the wooden projectiles out of the air with a sound like the crack of the whip. It advances, walking leisurely toward the line. In the faint light, its helmet appears to peel into a wide grin.


    Three hollow spheres of iron punch out of the dirt with a burst of green, and you fill them with icy explosives just before you throw. The light mages begin their chant, bringing up a shield in front of the trench, and the archers reload. The metal boulders are intercepted by the tendrils, and sliced cleanly in two just before they explode, showering your adversary with iron shrapnel. You advance.

    Several of the tendrils are severed, but they reform quickly. The being flinches as it is struck, but its armor shows no scratch, not a single blemish. This might be harder than you thought. Or more fun. The archers have their second shot. The light field is up.

    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:03 No.9718472
    Blast of lightning?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)21:05 No.9718497
    rolled 5, 5, 6 = 16

    As previous anons have noted, the charge will flow over the surface of metal armor and into the ground, making it an inefficient attack. Also, you are currently out of range.
    >> Arty 05/09/10(Sun)21:05 No.9718501
    Throw again, but try to have the arrows act as a distraction to cover for our shot.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)21:08 No.9718579
    rolled 4, 6, 5 = 15

    Roll 1d6, as before.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:10 No.9718615
    Well, any damage to it IS damage. Even if it reforms it should require effort to do so.
    Keep hitting it. It knocked the arrows out of the air instead of letting them hit. Odds are the "death by a thousand cuts" approach isn't a bad idea here.
    >> Researcher Sam 05/09/10(Sun)21:10 No.9718632
    rolled 3 = 3

    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:10 No.9718634
    We have the arclight, right? Do we have a way to easily confine it's luminosity so we can get a bright light on the shadow giant without blinding the troops in the process? Maybe saying "YOU CANNOT HIDE YOURSELF BEHIND SHADOW, FOOL!" or something?
    >> Arty 05/09/10(Sun)21:11 No.9718640
    rolled 3 = 3

    Rollan again
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)21:13 No.9718686
    rolled 1, 6, 4 = 11

    You can quickly alchemy-up an aperture to limit the light to a pinpoint, but you never worked on lenses, so a focuser is currently beyond you.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:14 No.9718714

    Alright, just as long as we can get a clear look at the son of a bitch's face.
    And then make said face explode with a boulder.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)21:17 No.9718781
    rolled 1, 4, 1 = 6

    The adversary continues its ponderous advance, its helmet seeming even more like a grin the closer you get. Arrows become bolts of light as they pass through the field, shearing through the tendrils with magical force. Where they strike, the being's armor flashes with red and orange, remaining undamaged. Its tendrils regenerate, even after being cut off at the roots. The mages start assisting the archers, casting bolts of brilliant colors through the field.

    “Cover my shot!” you shout, pulling more iron out of the ground.

    The archers and mages concentrate their fire on the tendrils, trying to keep them down long enough for your boulders to get through. Even under sustained fire from hundreds and hundreds of men, the adversary approaches undaunted. You give him something to think about.


    Three boulders, all filled with explosives, thrown one by one. You shape their arcs so that they all arrive roughly at the same time, and detonate them at point-blank range.

    A blast of iron shards rakes across the thing's armor, the sheer volume of them almost guaranteeing that they find a week spot. The glimmering metal flashes bright orange as one of the splinters finds its mark, puncturing the thing's neck. It stops moving.

    You unbuckle the arc light from your pack, adjust the rods, and extend the bowl into a sphere, leaving only a small point for the light to escape. Firing up the magelock, you point it at the bastard's face, bathing him in bright white.

    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:19 No.9718823
    >A million billion arrows

    Can we roll to see if he loses an action or two from confusion?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:22 No.9718883
    >walking leisurely toward the line
    >peel into a wide grin.
    >Several of the tendrils are severed, but they reform quickly
    "You should have stayed dead. You were safer that way."

    I think he came back shadow/Cthulhu-aligned now, what with the tentacles and darkness instead of fire.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:24 No.9718926
    >The glimmering metal flashes bright orange as one of the splinters finds its mark
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)21:24 No.9718931
    rolled 4, 2, 4 = 10

    The iron shard juts out of its neck like the head of a spear, letting its thick black blood flow from a critical wound. Rivulets of dark fluid stream down its armor, coating it. The being's helmet splits apart at the mouth, revealing rows of sharp white teeth, bared down like a gate. Impossibly, it seems to smile wider.

    “Hello again,” it says, unmoving, “So good to see you again. You're looking well.”

    With a sickening tear, it rips the piece of iron from its neck, discarding it. The armor reforms over the wound, sealing it. And it resumes its advance, no longer regenerating the tendrils.

    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)21:27 No.9718992
    rolled 5, 3, 6 = 14

    Well, you have a sack full of good grenades, in addition to the ten you already had, as well as two potato-mashers with hooks and an incendiary batarang.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:28 No.9719010
         File1273454928.jpg-(74 KB, 600x800, 1267677939493.jpg)
    74 KB
    God aid?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:29 No.9719021

    I say we freeze him, knock him out, and transmute his entire body into iron while he's down. Then we should work the iron's form and shape it into a sculpture of our victory in this battle.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:30 No.9719035
    "Returning to be destroyed again? Very well, if you insist."

    Jump out of the defenses in a moral boosting manner,
    then begin advancing, place a potion our mouth and ready a thermite enhanced alpha strike.

    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:30 No.9719036
    "IEC to see* you too. chill* out"

    *1 that light thing

    *2 max ice grnades
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)21:30 No.9719048
    rolled 1, 6, 5 = 12

    Anti-scrying field is in effect. Though, strangely, it doesn't seem to be blocking communications between Corias and everyone else.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:31 No.9719056
    Save this for a last resort as always.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)21:32 No.9719083
    rolled 3, 5, 4 = 12

    'That light thing' being?
    >> Arty 05/09/10(Sun)21:35 No.9719130
    I'm thinking we should finish out flashlight lazer attempt if we're going to bother and then look at this
    crazy yet workable suggestion.
    The first thing we'll need to do is knock him down/find some way to pin him. Once he's immobilized we can either encase him in ice or thermite the bastard.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:36 No.9719143
    Ice grenades, internal.

    Ready the lightning knives, strike at any openings in the armor, but try very hard not to hit the armor itself.
    He's probably learned some new tricks, same as we have.
    The enchanted thermite batarang might take his head off, but we have to be ready to charge in, freeze everything, and then transmute him into stone or something to make sure he doesn't just regenerate, we've seen him do it before.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:38 No.9719192
    If he comes back stronger every time he dies, we need to find a way to make sure that he doesn't die, but is instead trapped forever.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)21:39 No.9719205
    rolled 3, 4, 6 = 13

    Roll 1d20 for grenades. Success on seven.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:40 No.9719215
    arc light?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)21:41 No.9719236
    rolled 5, 2, 1 = 8

    You'll keep it on him, but all it is right now is a spotlight. You never worked on the laser either.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:42 No.9719248
    rolled 14 = 14

    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:42 No.9719249
    rolled 10 = 10

    here we go
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:44 No.9719288
    rolled 11 = 11


    "You're a real blast. I got a feeling we're gonna have an ice time with you."
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)21:47 No.9719341
    rolled 6, 4, 1 = 11

    “Ice to see you to. If you insist on being destroyed again, I'll oblige.”

    You charge forward, carrying your shield with you, a bag of thermite grenades hooked to your pack. The archers and mages support you, pumping fire into the unrelenting giant, causing him to stagger as he's hit by a particularly large volley. The armor remains intact, shielding his black insides with that same red light. Oh, how you hate things that don't stay dead.


    “You're a real blast.”

    His armor fills with explosives, whirling diamonds that turn him into a living shrapnel bomb. He stops, standing stock still as they detonate, laughing as the silvered metal blasts outward in a dozen places, spraying the ground with blood and flesh. With his body in tattered shreds, you send your last grenade into his skull, grating the insides into a pulpy mash. He falls, silently.

    Now's your chance. You're almost to him. The archers have stopped firing, as you're in the line of fire.

    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:49 No.9719384

    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:50 No.9719399
    >"You're a real blast. I got a feeling we're gonna have an ice time with you."

    Honestly? This is probably the reason the Bleeding Sun wants us dead. This is the exact kind of thing. And personally? I'm OK with this.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:51 No.9719412

    TRANSMUTE HIS CORPSE INTO ICE (or iron, whatever we're best at transmuting stuff into, I'd think it would be ice what with the frost giant thing).
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:51 No.9719417
    Scatter the remains while destroying them. Freeze some, thermite some. Anyone else close enough to help us? Give orders to that effect.
    >> Researcher Sam 05/09/10(Sun)21:52 No.9719431
    Place a couple of our better grenades into his mouth, then run, then ignite them.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)21:55 No.9719472
    rolled 6, 3, 2 = 11

    Combination time.

    Roll 1d20 for transmutation. Success on nine.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:55 No.9719486
    rolled 6 = 6

    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:56 No.9719500
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:57 No.9719513
    well damn
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:58 No.9719536
    He might still be a fire giant, I don't think thermite is a permanent solution to this problem.
    We should lightning knives him if it looks like he's reforming, turn him into gold, and distribute said gold evenly among the troops as a bonus.
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 05/09/10(Sun)21:58 No.9719538

    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)21:59 No.9719557
    Are there others close enough to help us?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)22:01 No.9719595
         File1273456898.jpg-(10 KB, 177x191, reaction_face.jpg)
    10 KB
    >> Arty 05/09/10(Sun)22:03 No.9719627
    I fully support this.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)22:06 No.9719678
    rolled 4, 2, 6 = 12

    You reach him, shouting for support. Infantry pour out of the trenches, holding bunches of grenades. All at once, you empty the bag of thermite over his fallen form, even as the armor begins to seal, shoving one or two into his gaping wounds for good measure. Tendrils emerge from the glimmering metal, but you slice them away, freezing them with your aura and cutting him into ever smaller pieces.

    With your aura at maximum, you freeze every part you can see, binding the magnesium fuses together and attempting to transmute his body into iron.


    It doesn't work. You light the now-single fuse with a shock from your storm knives, and back up, shielding your eyes and cutting your aura. You hear more laughter as the infantry reach you.

    The adversary speaks, his voice seeming to come from all around. “Oh, Maya. You're so thorough. Just like the time we first met.” His armor begins to melt. “I really wish we could have spent more time together.” His voice fades, filtering into the air. “But you just had to break it, didn't you? No fun at all.” It becomes a whisper, seeping away. “See you soon, giantess.”

    You retreat, pulling the infantry back with you. The adversary's flesh bubbles away, his blood boiling into a black cloud. His armor, its orange glow no longer visible, melts completely, filling the shrapnel holes and burning up the fallen arrows. You hear nothing more, nothing but the restrained voices of your comrades.

    “Is it over?”
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)22:11 No.9719765

    >“See you soon, giantess.”

    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)22:13 No.9719790
    >"Is it over?"
    Not forever, but for now.
    Have men keep a thorough watch. They know we are here, they know we are coming, and now, they know what we can do.
    >> Researcher Sam 05/09/10(Sun)22:13 No.9719797
    Huh. Is this the guy from the planet's mantle, and he's referring to us breaking the tablet?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)22:13 No.9719800
    rolled 2, 1, 2 = 5

    Oh, indeed.

    We are at the end of the session, ladies and gentlemen.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)22:15 No.9719840
    rolled 3, 5, 2 = 10

    You advise Corias to keep his men on alert, and he agrees that that's an unbelievably good idea right now. After he gets the full report, he is rather... incensed.

    "So. A powerful being with a personal vendetta against you, summoned by Forus, now knows about thermite."

    >> Arty 05/09/10(Sun)22:17 No.9719875
    >“Is it over?”

    For the moment. We should cast some devinations to check for any magical leftovers.
    >> Researcher Sam 05/09/10(Sun)22:20 No.9719916
    Pfft. He knows that we have a weapon that, when ignited, burns almost impossibly bright and hot. He doesn't know how to make it, where it comes from, or even if magic is or is not involved. He knows very little.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)22:20 No.9719925
    >"So. A powerful being with a personal vendetta against you, summoned by Forus, now knows about thermite."
    Yes, but what does the shoggoth we fought have to do with this?

    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)22:21 No.9719949
    Acknowledged. Several mages probe the area (from a safe distance), and find nothing unusual, except for the armor, which is evaporating as it cools. Beyond that, nothing to indicate a continued presence.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)22:23 No.9719979
    rolled 5, 2, 6 = 13

    >no name

    Huh. I suppose I should be more careful with Firefox.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)22:26 No.9720029
    Hey OP, from one (failed) quest DM to another quest DM, are you ever going to conclude Frost Giant Quest?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)22:28 No.9720055
    rolled 4, 1, 4 = 9

    Yes. I'm afraid I can't keep this up forever, and I'd like to do something new, eventually.

    Which quest was yours?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)22:32 No.9720096
    I ran the three episodes of Titan AE: Homecoming, which had too many characters are way too much depressing for anyone to follow it. I'm scribbling a little fan fiction now, which I'm insisting on calling an expanded universe since I don't use any of the main characters, because I really fell in love with the characters I had created.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)22:34 No.9720124
    rolled 5, 2, 4 = 11

    Interesting. Was the third episode archived?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)22:36 No.9720152
    >>SubDM getting tired
    Nonono, if you're getting tired just take a break. I really, really like this quest and want to see it keep going!
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)22:40 No.9720233
    rolled 1, 6, 6 = 13

    Don't worry; I'll keep going as long as I am able. If I decide to quit, I will try my best to give Maya a good send-off.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)22:41 No.9720255
    They're numbered 0, 1, and 2. The plan was for a 13 or 26 part series, with 0 essentially being "putting the crew together" but things fell apart and there have been too many quests for me to try and restart. No offense to you, you're running a very successful thread after all.

    Similarly no offense meant to you, but narrative has to end. Endless series are why the Matrix sequels (or those movies purporting to be sequels) blew donkeys, why Star Trek: Enterprise killed the franchise for a decade.

    Imagine if Lord of the Rings had 47 parts (of equal length to a LotR novel) no one would think it a classic, they'd think it the most obsessive work ever accomplished. There's a dwarf fortress joke in there somewhere.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)22:45 No.9720324
    Where's the rest of the enemy army?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)22:46 No.9720331
    rolled 3, 1, 5 = 9

    I see. No offense taken. I didn't think this would take off, and was quite surprised it made it past the first thread.

    I agree. Somewhere down the line, the story will have to end. I often think about whether allowing Maya to reincarnate was the right decision.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)22:47 No.9720340
    rolled 5, 2, 6 = 13

    They did not appear. You assume they stuck to wherever they teleported to last time.
    >> Researcher Sam 05/09/10(Sun)22:54 No.9720456
    I'm still not sure who this guy is. Is he the guy who got summoned when we helped to defend the first fortress, or is he the fire giant from the mantle?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 05/09/10(Sun)22:55 No.9720475
    rolled 3, 4, 2 = 9

    Perhaps he's both.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)23:03 No.9720618
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)23:09 No.9720705
         File1273460961.jpg-(150 KB, 300x345, mask.jpg)
    150 KB

    They were both actually Omegon in disguise.
    Who was actually Alpharius pretending to be Omegon.
    And Alpharius was really Nyarlathotep the whole time.
    And Nyarlathotep turned out to just be Old Man Campbell in a rubber mask.
    >> Researcher Sam 05/09/10(Sun)23:09 No.9720712
    Huh. Well, that actually makes sense.
    >> Arty 05/09/10(Sun)23:11 No.9720741
    >Roll to see if he's both.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)23:16 No.9720829
    "And I would've gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids and that stupid dog!"
    >> Anonymous 05/09/10(Sun)23:17 No.9720850

    >Remember this is Maya Quest
    >Nat 1
    >Not only is he those two, but he's also Bem, Kel, Ilian, the mountain giant scout we met, and the king of Perin.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/10(Mon)00:46 No.9722402
    Oh goddamn, I missed it! This is one of my favorite /tg/ quests, I had hoped to participate again.

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