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  • File : 1274128267.jpg-(120 KB, 500x500, 1261697984067.jpg)
    120 KB BRIKWARS THREAD 2: THE SAGA OF HARPOON JONES Urist 05/17/10(Mon)16:31 No.9878921  

    I wanna hear about your greats moments, those times you told the odds to fuck off and go home because they had no place there with you.

    I want your favorite units, the most dashing heroes, the massive rolling death machines that have yet to taste defeat, that terrible thing that you have yet to unleash upon the unsuspecting world.

    I want you to regale me with tales of battle, conflicts that shook the very foundations of the world, the fights that left red transparent swaths across uncounted floors and kitchen tables.

    I wish to hear of your greatest strategies and tactics, how you run circles around the other guy then leave him too dizzy to realize he's dead.

    Let me hear your tales of gore and glory /tg/.

    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)16:33 No.9878953
         File1274128381.jpg-(85 KB, 750x600, Lego drive me closer.jpg)
    85 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)16:34 No.9878973
         File1274128455.jpg-(158 KB, 640x480, lego-city_11.jpg)
    158 KB
    Lego be crazy man

    straight crazy
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)16:34 No.9878985

    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)16:35 No.9878997
    F5ing so hard that I'm bleeding red bricks.

    Waiting for epic story and moar Harpoon Jones
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)16:35 No.9879003

    Working on it, suptg's archival interface is taking its sweet fucking time.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)16:35 No.9879010
    I don't know how to archive it. You were the OP, you do it.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)16:37 No.9879026
    Also archiving
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)16:37 No.9879031
    Is... is that a crab on that roof? I love those Atlantis crabs!

    I need moar of them.

    Hey guys, if you had guns, lets say mounted on a crab, could it still rip things limb from limb with its claws? Can it be a gun horse without a gunner?
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)16:39 No.9879051
    Ogod he updated on the first thread!
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)16:39 No.9879056
    I don't know how, if I did rest assured I would not be shouting at you lot to do it for me.

    Thank you good sirs, your work is a appreciated.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)16:40 No.9879076
         File1274128850.jpg-(40 KB, 425x283, legoallianzarena1.jpg)
    40 KB
    Legoers really do some hardcore shit
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)16:42 No.9879092
    Didn't realize the old one was autosaging. REPOASTAN!

    Sorry about the delay, refreshed the thread to see my lone aquanaut just got fucking knighted by /tg/, and had to edit appropriately.
    With the shield jedi nearly knocking at their door, aerial bombardment from afar, and their fearless leader incommunicado and presumed dead, things turn dire in the bikini bottom bunker. The gunners, still firing mindlessly, can't seem to do anything more than slow down the force-powered wall of steel, and the parts scattered about the floor are only meant for repairs, not base construction, even if they had the time. Puff grimly hands her wrench to Patrick, telling him to do what he can to stop the vile surface dwellers... and walks toward the door, vest detonator in hand. Patrick, deafened by gunfire and still in shock from his earlier ejection, begins cobbling together something clawed and vicious.
    Back at aquanaut base, Controller Chuck pulls the trigger on another cannon blast, AND HITS. No casualties, but a huge chunk of wall not one inch from the east gunner goes flying. Harpoon Jones, hands shaking, drags the squishy mass of spongebob's corpse out of the pilot's seat, tossing it aside like a ragdoll. Wiping the slime off of his hands, he settles in, kicking it into reverse and sliding through the hole in the rubble the rocket plow had left earlier. Grinning viciously, Anakin inches ever closer to the west gunner. Just a few more steps, and he can just melt the fucker's face off. Just a few more... WHY IS THAT HATCH OPENING?

    My brother in law lets out another falsetto shriek.
    Ms. Puff, laden with red blocks and studs, moves her 5", coming as close to Anakin as she can, and detonates.
    I won't quote the dice here, but with a 2" blast radius, and 5 separate bombs, well, you get the picture.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)16:42 No.9879102

    Looks like it archived all but the last post. :(

    Lessee if it updates. The archiver script might be FUBAR.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)16:43 No.9879117
    Anakin got turned into Chunky Salsa by Ms. Puff. This does not bode well
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)16:43 No.9879121

    Oh, good. That works too. So the original thread's archived here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/9855776/index-bak-orig.htm
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)16:44 No.9879146
         File1274129085.jpg-(98 KB, 568x480, lego alien.jpg)
    98 KB
    That fool! He'll kill us all!
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)16:45 No.9879153
    Sir, would you mind taking a pic of Harpoon Jones for us? Or at least describing him so that the drawfags may work there magic?

    Thank you by the way for gracing my thread with your vast amounts of win.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)16:47 No.9879193

    He must be posing over the rotting corpse of Spongebob with his mighty Adamantium Harpoon Launcher
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)16:52 No.9879279
    bumping for story and hopefully moar murmaider
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)16:58 No.9879373
    more! for the love of god, more!
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)17:01 No.9879395
    Of course. I'd feel like a jerk if I didn't, now. Will arrive with next post.

    What jihadi Puff didn't intend was the size of her blast being as close to bikini bottom bunker as it was. Sure, she took out the almighty Anakin, along with herself, but that west gunner... lets just say a pile of ammunition doesn't always fare well in a giant flaming explosion. Neither does the sentient anemone sitting on top of it. With that, the remains of our sides were even, or at least as even as they could be. Controller Chuck, lining up a new shot in the Aquabase, Harpoon Jones, behind the wheel of an enemy vehicle, Patrick Star, ratcheting together god knows what behind closed doors, and a slackjawed anemone soldier, aghast at what had just happened to his brother. He turns his turret, refusing to slack in his duty, despite his loss. Off in the distance, a shape moves. The battletank! Did his fearless leader survive?!
    Fuck no.
    Harpoon Jones, all gritted teeth and adrenaline, has his foot to the floorboard, driving straight at the turret window.
    Another shot from Commander Chuck takes out a set of bricks half an inch from the turret, as the mounted chaingun roars back to life, firing at the commandeered vehicle. Behind the gunner, sparks fly as Patrick welds together the finishing touches on his brutal handiwork.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)17:01 No.9879402
    please continue harpoon jones!
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)17:03 No.9879420
    Is this thread for everybody/all games, or reserve soley for this "brickwars" thing in general and "Harpoon Jones" in particular?
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)17:04 No.9879436

    Brikwars. If it's another system, start another thread.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)17:05 No.9879442
         File1274130303.jpg-(17 KB, 345x365, macho-man-randy-savage.jpg)
    17 KB
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)17:06 No.9879458
    EXCELENT! I, for one, look forward to seeing Harpoon Jones in all his glory.

    Brikwars for the most part, Lego in just about any form is welcome though.

    WooT! My first archived thread. I feel so very happy.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)17:08 No.9879483
         File1274130532.jpg-(63 KB, 237x344, 1245442538096.jpg)
    63 KB

    Eh, I think we've had quite enough of those threads already.

    So what the hell IS brickwarz? The idea of using Legos to make a wide variety of mini's suitable for just about any game is a nice one; so I'm kind of curios as to a ruleset that is obstinately linked to legos in an integral fashion, as opposed to "let's play 40k/Btech with lego-fashioned minis."
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)17:10 No.9879508

    Brikwarz is a game which has rules so complex that you are supposed to realize you don't need rules to play with LEGO, as per what the creator of it says.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)17:10 No.9879510


    Seems to me like it's "gather your LEGO bricks and minifigs and just have fun." Something I could get behind.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)17:13 No.9879552
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)17:16 No.9879589
    Its all the tactics of other tabletop wargames, but with the childlike whimsy and silliness of lego.

    Know all the epic battles your minifigures had? Imagine that with some rules.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)17:19 No.9879634

    And played by people of all ages. And it being completely AWESOME
    >> MagicJuggler !sMYbIFo6TI 05/17/10(Mon)17:20 No.9879653
    The rules are very very scalable too. Lots of "optional this" "variant rule that", so depending on your tastes you could run as warhammer-lite, or as a hyper-detailed nightmare of suppression counters and communication breakdowns.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)17:21 No.9879660
         File1274131285.jpg-(8 KB, 251x251, 1210488918399.jpg)
    8 KB


    ... it's like somebody was playing 40k, heard one neckbeard whine too many, knocked over the table, and declared a neckbeard versin of Calvinball to be in effect.

    Clearly this is fucking genius and it has my full support. +1 bump and please carry on, gentlemen.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)17:24 No.9879706
    >declared a neckbeard versin of Calvinball to be in effect.

    This is EXACTLY what happened.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)17:26 No.9879755
    I need to find a group for this... if only my lego wasn't all back at home... in another country... on the other side of the continent.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)17:27 No.9879763
    so an addition to the story can be expected?
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)17:28 No.9879784

    The gods deem it necessary. I think he's trying to find the mighty Harpoon Jones to take a picture, with Patrick's head on the pointy end.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)17:29 No.9879802
    YES. that sounds awesome
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)17:29 No.9879807
    >so I'm kind of curios as to a ruleset that is obstinately linked to legos in an integral fashion, as opposed to "let's play 40k/Btech with lego-fashioned minis."

    It's a Lego game about building huge shit from Lego and having it battle other huge shit within a tabletop system. Basically don't even try with small units. Bigger = Better in this system.
    >> MagicJuggler !sMYbIFo6TI 05/17/10(Mon)17:32 No.9879846
    In fact, in the 2001 ruleset (which is 2005 minus any streamlining or sanity), you did have rules for building stuff in-game. Mechanics could roll a D6-3 when near a pile of scrap; multiply the result by 15 and you had that many seconds to turn that pile of scrap into a vehicle. Medics could take broken limbs from destroyed/wounded troopers and make Frankenstein monsters from them. The magic supplement was insane too due to the create-a-spell mechanics.
    >> HARPOON JONES 05/17/10(Mon)17:34 No.9879868
    Will have pic, may take a few more minutes though.

    Chunks fly from the front of spongebob's engine of destruction, but what remains of the shields holds true as Harpoon Jones, hero of the deep, redlines the motor on a collision course. Seeing time for one last shot, Commander Chuck fires at the turret, and brik gods bless him, he fires true. The red hot missile impacts the turret's barrel dead on, destroying it. The explosion of heat and shrapnel takes out part of the wall, the roof now standing on mere poles, but somehow, SOMEHOW, the anemone gunner survives. He turns to run, but trips on the rubble from the ruined support, and stands up just in time to see Patrick's glorious weapon come to completion.
    None of this matters to Jones. All that matters is finishing the job.
    "You know the plow is gone, right? If you hit that wall, you'll damage the craft just as much as whatever you hit."
    "Plows are for cowards. Face your destiny, waterboy."
    Hands tight on the wheel, Harpoon Jones flies through the remaining supports, coming to a stop conveniently directly atop the former gunner. The impact stuns him, and his ride is trashed, but he grins as the remains of his entrance collapse into rubble. He grins until Patrick rips the windshield from the pilots compartment
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)17:37 No.9879912
    Take as long as you need good sir.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)17:40 No.9879949

    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)17:50 No.9880098
    >He grins until Patrick rips the windshield from the pilots compartment

    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)18:01 No.9880246
    Imminent feeling of "Oh no, the Rancor!"
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)18:02 No.9880252
    good luck finding those spears
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)18:04 No.9880302
    sage for /toy/
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)18:05 No.9880314
    Fuck off, faggot
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)18:06 No.9880329
         File1274133967.png-(19 KB, 650x391, SpaceMarineStare.png)
    19 KB

    Get the hell out, right this second.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)18:06 No.9880332

    Do we really need to break out the "what sagefags think / what really happens" picture?
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 05/17/10(Mon)18:06 No.9880341
    Brikwars is so sweet, and Harpoon Jones is manly as fucking hell. He deserves an eyepatch and some bitches.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)18:09 No.9880380
    F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/17/10(Mon)18:10 No.9880400
         File1274134235.jpg-(34 KB, 520x363, my god full of win.jpg)
    34 KB
    >Harpoon Jones, hero of the deep
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 05/17/10(Mon)18:11 No.9880411
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/17/10(Mon)18:16 No.9880482
         File1274134582.png-(71 KB, 1110x721, LDDScreenShot1.png)
    71 KB
    I don't want to distract from Harpoon Jones, but here's what I've been working on in LEGO Designer.

    I tried to recreate my mech, but sadly not all of the parts are listed in the program.
    >> HARPOON JONES 05/17/10(Mon)18:17 No.9880502
         File1274134663.jpg-(2.94 MB, 3072x2304, 2010_05170003.jpg)
    2.94 MB
    FFFFFF goddamn computer and camera had a bitch fit, had to restart. Sorry for the delay.

    Harpoon Jones looked up, sweat and dust in his eyes. Before him stood his only remaining foe, Patrick Star. The pink starfish was not what caught Jones' attention, however. No, that honor belonged to the HYDRAULIC CLAW Patrick had crafted from spare parts. The very same claw that now held the shattered windshield of the seafloor commander's battered tank like it was a piece of paper, crumpling a sheet of armor that had deflected bullets and rubble alike. Brave, and arguably crazy as he may have been, Jones was never a dumb fig. Before Patrick had a chance to do anything else, Jones dove from the pilot's seat, and scrambled for the rubble piled around the hole he and his crew had left in the side of the bikini bunker.
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 05/17/10(Mon)18:22 No.9880585
    Patrick's dumb grin makes the HYDRAULIC POWER KLAW even better.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)18:23 No.9880605
    Is it bad that I just PUNCHED THE F5 KEY OFF OF MY KEYBOARD?!
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)18:25 No.9880653

    It makes him psychotic, like this entire war
    >> HARPOON JONES 05/17/10(Mon)18:34 No.9880810
    With the speed that only the hunted can muster, Jones launched himself through the hole he had left in the bunker. He needed a weapon, a shield, SOMETHING, because the sound of Patrick CRUNCHING the tank out of the way behind him did not bode well. His trusty harpoon gun was empty, and gone. The armaments of his allies were far enough away to make no difference. The two turrets at the enemy base had been destroyed, and he had neither the time nor the supplies to craft anything. His only hope was to run until he could... wait, Commander Chuck! The cannon at the base still had a shot or two left, right? Harpoon Jones ran into the open, alongside the bunker wall. If he could just lure Patrick out, maybe, just maybe, he'd survive. If that pink fucker would just -CRUNCH-

    A hole appeared next to Jones, blown out by the sudden impact of the Fist of the Star. And through it came the madman.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)18:34 No.9880813

    That's gotta be one of the best features of Brikwars: with the exception of characters with specialty heads, your forces all go into battle with a permanent psychotic grin. "I'M RUNNING HEADLONG INTO LASER FIRE WIELDING NOTHING BUT AN AXE AND IT'S GRRRRRREAT!!!"
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)18:37 No.9880856

    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)18:38 No.9880884
         File1274135915.jpg-(43 KB, 280x400, GREAT.jpg)
    43 KB

    Oh yes indeed. Nothing like minions dying for the just cause of just 'cause
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)18:44 No.9880968
    Bracing for epic
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)18:47 No.9881005

    >> HARPOON JONES 05/17/10(Mon)18:48 No.9881023
    Harpoon Jones, hero of the deep, had nowhere to go. Before him, a psychopath with impossible machinery and intent to kill. Behind him and to his right was nothing but open fields, and chances were good he'd just die in a less advantageous position than he was in now. To his left, the dropoff. The seafloor only went so far, and who knows what might live beyond that point. No one who went would ever find out, the pressure of the depths would crush them like a bug before they ever saw a thing. With this thought, Harpoon Jones realized he still had a shot. He ran to the very edge. Even the denizens of the deep know not to get too close to the dropoff, but Patrick was beyond reason, and raced after Jones, cackling madly. A missile, boiling the water around it, went screaming through the inch wide gap between man and beast. At this range, hitting a moving target was almost impossible. So Harpoon Jones, Hero of the Deep and Man amongst Figs, did what had to be done. He dove forth, grasping the murderous star by the arms, screaming at the top of his lungs for Chuck to take the shot he was given.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)18:50 No.9881051
    No! Not Harpoon Jones!
    >> The Sandwich Man !!sFDmO6Xds43 05/17/10(Mon)18:51 No.9881068
         File1274136686.jpg-(27 KB, 321x480, colin_caps_game_edge_of_seat.jpg)
    27 KB
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)18:52 No.9881085




    Sweet Armok, did he?
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)18:53 No.9881091
         File1274136783.jpg-(89 KB, 413x479, freedoooooooooom.jpg)
    89 KB

    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)18:53 No.9881098
    After reading the thread I really wanna play a few games with my friends. Unfortunately I sold most of Legos off at yard sales and such. Anyone know were I would be able to get a large amount of assorted Legos blocks for a decent price?
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)18:54 No.9881108
    You could try yard sales and such.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)18:56 No.9881153
    Damn it, beat me to it.
    >> HARPOON JONES 05/17/10(Mon)18:57 No.9881176
    A man's soul may never be crushed, but men are not made of souls. They are made of flesh, and bone, and occasionally ABS plastic. Patrick, his quarry finally in reach, grasped Harpoon Jones about the waist, and raised him high in the air with the might of his vicious hydraulic claw. He laughed as he squeezed the puny surface dweller ever tighter. He laughed even as Commander Chuck, eyes wet with tears, fired Aquabase's last missile into his pink back. He laughed his way into the deep. And if Commander Chuck, sole survivor of the raid on bikini bottom, is to be trusted... so did Harpoon Jones.

    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)18:58 No.9881196

    eBay, you'll find people that sell by the pound.
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)18:58 No.9881199
    LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, FIGS AND BRIKS, LEND MY YOUR EARS (or smooth plastic heads as the case may be).



    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)18:58 No.9881200
         File1274137139.jpg-(321 KB, 864x594, 1251558992889.jpg)
    321 KB
    >> Crabmaster !vuOBu6g15U 05/17/10(Mon)18:59 No.9881205
    Well now we need an image of Harpoon Jones!

    Also, awesome story.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)18:59 No.9881214
    i might seriously cry.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:00 No.9881239
         File1274137243.jpg-(24 KB, 400x347, crying_bald_eagle_cgb.jpg)
    24 KB

    Yippie kay yay, motherfucker...
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:00 No.9881245
    Most excellent, sir. Most excellent indeed.

    I want to put the story up on 1d4chan (I'll give it a spell/grammar proofing beforehand); do you have a title you'd prefer?
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:01 No.9881255
         File1274137284.png-(86 KB, 895x370, Tali_Fuckthisshit.png)
    86 KB
    What? But....Harpoon Jones can't die....
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:01 No.9881256
    My hat off to you, Harpoon Jones, fig amongst figs. May figs elsewhere strife to be as heroic as you, to defend figkind from dangers anywhere in this universe. FOR FIGS!
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)19:01 No.9881258
    Theres a seat in Valhalla for figs like that.

    Manly tears man, manly tears.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:03 No.9881295

    Awesome fucking story, sir. Is that how it all really went down, or did you enter Write-Mode? I'm anxious to know, but either way, the story was Epic (with a Capital E)
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:04 No.9881322

    Harpoon Jones will never die. Not when he is in the hearts and minds of figs all over.

    He might also be battling the Cthonic evils we dare not speak of.
    >> The Sandwich Man !!sFDmO6Xds43 05/17/10(Mon)19:05 No.9881326
         File1274137500.png-(26 KB, 150x213, cit_FotNS_-_manly_tears.png)
    26 KB

    Harpoon Jones, we will never forget you.
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)19:06 No.9881343
    Harpoon Jones... I don't have the words man.

    If I have just one fig as epic as him...

    Also: You said your a dad? Seriously? Thats one lucky kid.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:06 No.9881347

    He's a plastic figurine. He fell off the table. He'll be fine.

    He'd better be sporting an eyepatch next go-around.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:08 No.9881395
         File1274137702.png-(33 KB, 120x136, KasrkinIcon.png)
    33 KB
    Fucking heroes among men.

    This brave minifig deserves to be immortalized in bronze scupture, to be forever remembered as a hero of minifig-kind, so that never shall the sacrifice made in the purging of the sea-xenos be forgotten.
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)19:08 No.9881398
    Gentlemen, shall we ride this wave of epic against the /b/tards in /x/?
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)19:09 No.9881417
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:09 No.9881424

    They shall fall before the spear and the harpoon
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:09 No.9881426
         File1274137797.jpg-(104 KB, 750x600, 1244634788287.jpg)
    104 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:10 No.9881439
    Where're the Drawfags and Writefags when we need'em?
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)19:11 No.9881455

    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)19:11 No.9881466
    FUCK >>>/x/4362645
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:12 No.9881482
    Urist, good chap, let's keep this thread related, not try to get everyone off doing something clearly unrelated to Harpoon Jones and LEGO EPICNESS.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:13 No.9881495
    Still hoping that our most excellent storyteller will provide a title for his tale of win.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:14 No.9881510
         File1274138054.jpg-(23 KB, 450x470, huge-LEGO-ship.jpg)
    23 KB
    >> HARPOON JONES 05/17/10(Mon)19:14 No.9881519
    Play by play, this is an accurate retelling of how the combat went down. Some dramatization in light of /tg/'s fervent love of harpoon Jones, but nonetheless, accurate.

    Also, I cannot seem to find my harpoons or harpoon guns, so you guys are going to get the Hollywood Dramatic Retelling shot, where Harpoon Jones slaughters spongebob BY HAND, WITH AN EXPLOSIVE TIPPED HARPOON.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:14 No.9881520
         File1274138088.jpg-(21 KB, 450x300, huge-LEGO-ship-2.jpg)
    21 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:15 No.9881531
         File1274138124.jpg-(28 KB, 450x300, huge-LEGO-ship-3.jpg)
    28 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:16 No.9881545
         File1274138170.jpg-(38 KB, 450x662, huge-LEGO-ship-4.jpg)
    38 KB
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)19:16 No.9881550
         File1274138191.jpg-(18 KB, 339x425, 1257784831967.jpg)
    18 KB
    I'm multitasking.

    Postan and Purgan.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:16 No.9881556
         File1274138204.jpg-(27 KB, 450x679, huge-LEGO-ship-5.jpg)
    27 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:17 No.9881572

    Next game you play, Harpoon Jones needs to come back WITH A VENGEANCE. Some battle scar or other, his trusty harpoon, and incessant RAGE at anything remotely aquatic. God damn, grizzled and manly.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:17 No.9881579
         File1274138274.jpg-(30 KB, 640x480, 1253325531994.jpg)
    30 KB

    Fah, You are small time!
    >> HARPOON JONES 05/17/10(Mon)19:23 No.9881669
         File1274138586.jpg-(1.91 MB, 2811x1586, 2010_05170007.jpg)
    1.91 MB
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:24 No.9881691

    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:26 No.9881720
    What does his face look like?
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:26 No.9881721
         File1274138771.jpg-(295 KB, 1000x2000, 1259606788445.jpg)
    295 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:26 No.9881722

    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/17/10(Mon)19:26 No.9881726

    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:26 No.9881730
    Next time you play, Harpoon Jones should be your hero. With an eyepatch, dark memories of things from the deep, multiple scars, and a personal vehicle that looks like a porcupine of harpoon guns, with a giant harpoon gun at the prow.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:30 No.9881794

    "Yeah, that gun at the front? It shoots OTSs."
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/17/10(Mon)19:30 No.9881795

    None know his face; he has shunned the spotlight, seeking instead to right what wrongs he may. He wanders through the seas, destroying evil and leaving hope in his wake.

    His life is a harpoon in the face of evil. HARPOON JONES!
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:31 No.9881821

    fuck that.
    use spongebob's destroyed house as the chassis.
    >> HARPOON JONES 05/17/10(Mon)19:35 No.9881887
         File1274139315.jpg-(1.65 MB, 2387x2238, 2010_05170006.jpg)
    1.65 MB
    There you are, ladies and gentlemen.

    And no, I 'm afraid I don't have a good title for the thread. I'm too spent from the retelling.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:36 No.9881912
         File1274139405.jpg-(86 KB, 620x620, 890452dee015717b14b28cd2747054(...).jpg)
    86 KB
    A most excellent weapon, Harpoon Jones. Good job.
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/17/10(Mon)19:37 No.9881919

    Honestly, "THE SAGA OF HARPOON JONES" is a damn good title already. If you need to snazz it up, just go with "HERO OF THE DEEP: THE SAGA OF HARPOON JONES".
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:43 No.9882031

    Fucking THIS
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)19:43 No.9882034

    You got it backward.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)19:50 No.9882170
    Well, after that Epicness, what happens next?
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/17/10(Mon)19:51 No.9882204

    I'm working in Digital Designer to build some kind of plane.

    I don't know what the hell the main body will look like yet, but I spent a good chunk of afternoon working out the wings.
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)19:57 No.9882328
    MOAR STORIES, someone else on /tg/ must have played brikwars at some point.

    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)20:09 No.9882592

    Not as exciting as the epicness of Harpoon Jones, but I have a couple.

    Once on a critical miss my commander chopped off his own legs with a light saber.

    My brother also destroyed his own troop carrier by not rolling high enough on a shooting phase.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)20:13 No.9882667
    Someone make sure to archive this thread too!
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)20:15 No.9882716
    I've played but I don't have much in the way of epic tales.

    I can say, though, that it's very good for an afternoon of wargaming with a new-to-wargaming girlfriend :)
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)20:19 No.9882806


    I think i speak for everyone here when I say YOU LUCKY BASTARD.
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)20:25 No.9882910

    Tanks of rolling DOOM, the vehicle that wouldn't die, your greatest creation, stuff like that.

    Also: DRAWFAGS, GET TO WORK ON HARPOON JONES, DUDE WITH THE MEC, GET PICS!! I really wanna see the new leg assembly.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)20:27 No.9882968

    Haha, yeah, it was good times.

    We also played some Warmachine using the demo rules and Lego units. It was good times, and she even beat me once or twice.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)20:28 No.9882995
    I need to read my posts before submitting. Excessive use of 'good times' is really annoying.
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)20:29 No.9882996
    Damn, now I want a nerdy girlfriend even more than usual...

    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)20:39 No.9883178
         File1274143156.jpg-(165 KB, 979x800, 1274062316871.jpg)
    165 KB
    >> HARPOON JONES 05/17/10(Mon)20:44 No.9883270
    Note to self: prewrite story of crushing defeat of both self and brother in law at hands of sister/wife teamup and their INVINCIBLE DROID ARMY for next thread.
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)20:46 No.9883304
    DO IT NOW, if your last story was any indication you have epic battles and a knack for telling stories.

    Also: If the last thread was indication, this one will be around FOREVER (or until tomorrow afternoon).
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/17/10(Mon)20:54 No.9883470
         File1274144057.png-(109 KB, 1110x721, LDDScreenShot5.png)
    109 KB

    I've been working on this all afternoon.
    Got landing gear and the wings/engines sorted, still working out what the main body will look like.

    Any suggestions? Idea is a sci-fi fighter-bomber.
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)20:54 No.9883497
    Ok, describe what you guys have on hand for troops.

    ALL OF IT.

    I'll go first, just give me a moment to type it up.
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/17/10(Mon)20:55 No.9883513
         File1274144140.png-(123 KB, 1110x721, LDDScreenShot4.png)
    123 KB
    Price right now, by the way, is $32. If it finishes off less than $60 I think I will buy it.
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)20:56 No.9883532
    Excellent, keep reporting in, it looks good thus far.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)20:57 No.9883559
    That's the coolest part about the Digital Designer, the fact that you can decide "Yeah, this is cool... now I want a real one."
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)21:04 No.9883706

    The not-so-cool part being that, say, an Imperial cruiser will set you back several hundred. And that aircraft carrier from earlier would be thousands.

    Awesome would be a DIY set lab at LEGO stores and LEGOLAND that weighed your set and charged you by the pound/kilo.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)21:38 No.9884370
         File1274146705.jpg-(44 KB, 554x604, Battle Droid.jpg)
    44 KB
    Personally, I enjoy fielding an ever-loving boat-load of these onto the battlefield and using the concentrated-fire rules to blast apart my friend's Battlemech.

    Trade Federation: Like the Imperial Guard of Brikwars.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)21:42 No.9884453

    Backstop with arty and the occasional tank-esque creation and you'd be playing IG Briks.
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)21:47 No.9884546
    Ok, let me see if I've got all this...

    *Please note that ever since I've been able to I've been keeping sets together*

    Ships/heavy support
    1 Droid Tri fighter
    1 rapid fire viking catapult
    1 two arm viking catapult
    1 troll battlewheel
    1 dorf catapult
    1 small troll artillery piece
    1 50th anniversary Y-wing
    2 AT-AP walkers
    2 custom ships (I'll need to post them)

    1 dorf (potential hero)
    a small pile of clone troopers/stormtroopers
    a pile 'o vikings
    a pile of trolls
    a small pile of knights
    (i have no idea how many is in each group, i'll need to count)
    2 custom ship pilots
    one of these is rather benign looking, the other is in original Boba Fett armor, is flying my "Ive spent years tweaking this" ship, and has two lazor rifles, one of which is a rather neat custom job. The second pilot is definitely a hero should I field him.
    The armored dragon, upon which rides my Viking Thane, he is armed with badassery, a golden sword, and a neat looking gun.
    And last but not least, my favorite second only to my ship, the dreaded Lazer Crab.

    This is the first I've really told anyone (openly on the interwebs) about the Lazor Crab.

    He is a fearsome beast, and he is armed with Transparent Orange Lazors.

    At some point, I'm gonna fuck someones shit up.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)21:49 No.9884575
         File1274147366.jpg-(13 KB, 280x280, trade-federation-aat.jpg)
    13 KB
    When construction point limits allow, I field my two AATs for serious heavy backup. I don't tend to use the MTT, as it doesn't have much firepower or realistic troop number deployment capability. My CP is better spent on a squad or two of Droidekas.
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)21:54 No.9884656
    10 vikings (counting the thane), 6 trolls, 4 knight, an unknown amount of troopers (I'd really need to hunt) and a partridge in a pear tree.
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)21:55 No.9884675
    And 3 rocket droids.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)21:58 No.9884730
         File1274147892.jpg-(132 KB, 846x706, Army List Comparison.jpg)
    132 KB
    Pic related
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)21:59 No.9884744
    Fukkin Saved.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)21:59 No.9884759
    Lego wars vs Warhammer

    someone, mix and match stats.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)22:00 No.9884766
    Thanks. Over 9000 hours in MS paint.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)22:01 No.9884792
    Well, with enough skill, you can pretty much just make any WH (40k or not) army in BrikWars.
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)22:02 No.9884803
    Ok, I'm gonna see if i cant grab some half decent pics of my ships, you lot... be awesome while I'm gone.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)22:02 No.9884811
    I'm honestly new to Brickwars

    anyone wanna give me some average/basic stats of something?

    as an example?
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)22:06 No.9884887
         File1274148388.jpg-(271 KB, 1104x604, Ninja.jpg)
    271 KB
    Well, here's a Ninja.

    Why, yes. This system does fully support the Inverse Ninja Theory. How 'bout 'dem apples?

    In general, just check out the rules online. They're a hilarious read, and makes you want to go dig out your old LEGO stash if you haven't already.
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)22:07 No.9884907

    Scroll down to Stat Cards
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)22:08 No.9884933
    sage for /toy/
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)22:10 No.9884978
    A: You left something in the spice cupboard.
    B: BrikWarz is /tg/ at its best.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)22:10 No.9884981
         File1274148631.jpg-(29 KB, 640x480, 1269670074742.jpg)
    29 KB
    >May dual-wield Heavy Weapons as if they were Hand Weapons
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)22:16 No.9885094
    So anyone gonna post there armies?
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)22:20 No.9885184
    I'll count up my battle droids. It's my only "full" army. Everything else I have is mostly just small companies of decked out mercs and the scattered fantasy knights and such.
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)22:24 No.9885257
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)22:30 No.9885382
    Trade Federation Army: ??? Points (Haven't tallied up all my constructions, we usually just eye-ball it)

    6x Battle Droids (Squadron)
    6x Battle Droids (Squadron)
    4x Droidekas (Squadron)
    3x Pilot Droids
    3x Gunner Droids

    1x MTT with gun platform modifications.
    2x AAT
    1x Giant Mechanical Ape (not official star-wars, MOC)

    Commander Battle Droid: dual wielding laser rifles, jet-pack, and a fondness for killing meatbags.
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)22:31 No.9885403
    LoL Giant Mechanical Ape
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)22:32 No.9885407
    Whoops, forgot my shock-troops.

    6x Battle droids with jet-packs
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)22:36 No.9885475
    I hope this is archived for the sake of HARPOON JONES.
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)22:56 No.9885863
    HAZA, IT IS!!
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)23:06 No.9886078
    You're welcome.
    >> Urist 05/17/10(Mon)23:27 No.9886550
    It was you who did it? Then it is you whom I should thank.

    Thank you, kind Anon, for archiving that for me.
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/18/10(Tue)00:01 No.9887129
         File1274155279.png-(105 KB, 1110x721, LDDScreenShot6.png)
    105 KB
    Another shot of the ship-in-progress.

    The forward section is giving me some trouble - I've got a bit of empty space behind the pilot, and no real idea what to do with it. Thoughts?
    >> Anonymous 05/18/10(Tue)00:01 No.9887139
    Just learned about this game from the last thread. I'm currently about half-way through the rules, and I am thoroughly entertained. This is awesome!
    >> Urist 05/18/10(Tue)00:14 No.9887320
    Looks like it has some interesting pieces, link to the designer?

    Mine feels rather bland now.

    The plane looks like its going well.

    Make sure to read them in the voice of Gnarl form Overlord.
    >> Anonymous 05/18/10(Tue)00:22 No.9887438

    The traditional LEGO answer is to fill it with 1x2 bricks and top 'em with ornamental panels of random shit.
    >> Anonymous 05/18/10(Tue)00:22 No.9887439
         File1274156547.jpg-(2.86 MB, 2232x3000, 4593065352_0240e21721_o.jpg)
    2.86 MB
    Did someone say LEGO mecha?
    Because I think someone said LEGO mecha.
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/18/10(Tue)00:24 No.9887463

    The designer's at http://ldd.lego.com/ for free download.

    I think I may try to add a gunnery station, and maybe a turret up top...how's that sound?
    >> Urist 05/18/10(Tue)00:35 No.9887626
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/18/10(Tue)00:36 No.9887637

    That made me me laugh out loud. Win, sir, win.
    >> Urist 05/18/10(Tue)00:38 No.9887670
         File1274157506.jpg-(118 KB, 800x800, 1255032965111.jpg)
    118 KB
    Ok, I'm going to (hopefully) go to sleep now.

    Last time I went to sleep, the thread I made was filled to the brim with win.

    Can you guys manage to pull that off again?
    >> Anonymous 05/18/10(Tue)00:38 No.9887673
         File1274157520.jpg-(7 KB, 195x191, untitled.jpg)
    7 KB

    >> Anonymous 05/18/10(Tue)00:41 No.9887719

    I want a helmet like that...
    >> Anonymous 05/18/10(Tue)00:46 No.9887795

    Someone turn this in an image macro.
    >> Anonymous 05/18/10(Tue)00:54 No.9887917
    Good gods of bricks! Fighting with that thing would be epic! Someone stat it!
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/18/10(Tue)02:20 No.9889460
         File1274163646.png-(163 KB, 1110x721, LDDScreenShot8.png)
    163 KB
    Success! ...I think.
    Not sure what to call it, and unless I'm missing something it's pretty much impossible for me to get it to try to put the actual minifigs in the cockpit - though as far as I can tell, they SHOULD fit in it.

    It's got a rotating dorsal turret; the only route of access is also through a dorsal hatch.
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/18/10(Tue)02:26 No.9889561

    FUCK. I did miss something VERY obvious - the ceiling's too fucking low.

    Will try to fix this tomorrow.
    >> Urist 05/18/10(Tue)06:56 No.9893255
    Good morning /tg/!

    Its time for a nice healthy bowl of BUMP.
    >> Anonymous 05/18/10(Tue)08:11 No.9894036
         File1274184715.jpg-(102 KB, 600x600, furby.jpg)
    102 KB
    bamping for great justice
    >> Urist 05/18/10(Tue)08:12 No.9894041
    Nice work, I'm going to need to download that designer.


    >> Body Thetan !!j7BvgG0ZnNx 05/18/10(Tue)08:18 No.9894107
    FUCK I wish I had bros I could play this with ;_;
    >> Urist 05/18/10(Tue)08:26 No.9894179
    Do you have a gaming group? do they have lego/would be interested anyway?
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/18/10(Tue)10:25 No.9895524
    FUCK YEAR thread still here!

    Right now I'm working on raising the ceiling by 1 level - that should be all the headroom I need.

    I quite like how the roof looks, though, so I'm going to try adding more wall underneath the engines and hope it doesn't screw with the way it looks (or the landing gear).
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/18/10(Tue)11:08 No.9896100
         File1274195287.png-(164 KB, 1110x721, LDDScreenShot10.png)
    164 KB

    SUCCESS! Added another brick of height to the thing, and the pilot & gunner now fit nicely!

    It's got functional landing gear (assuming that the gear can hold up to its weight...can't be sure of that from the designer), a 360-degree rotating turret with up to 90-degree inclination, and a flip-up dorsal hatch for access to the cabin.

    I'm thinking of changing up the pilots' uniforms - right now they're in very Golden-Age aviator outfits, complete with flight caps and goggles.

    Current price check: 66.85, damn this thing's pricey.
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 05/18/10(Tue)11:20 No.9896248
    These threads make me sad I gave my old lego to my twelve-year-old nephew.

    Oh well, it had a good run. I had to pass it on sooner or later, and it went out with a bang; a three-metre long SSBN submarine in full scale with the legomen with the centrepiece of SSBN tubes that opened the hatches, raised the missiles into position, and then actually fired them, using a series of levers on the outside.

    I knew it was the right choice to let him have it when he pointed out that by adding in spinners and a long tube I could actually integrate two-key security into the SSBN launch mechanism.
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/18/10(Tue)12:20 No.9896933
         File1274199618.png-(65 KB, 1111x721, LDDScreenShot11.png)
    65 KB
    did some more tweaking of the landing gear and rear portions of this thing - price is $68 and change.

    Now for the moment of truth.
    To buy...or not to buy?
    What d'y'think, /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 05/18/10(Tue)12:22 No.9896958
    The thumbnail made me think of Kyogre.
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/18/10(Tue)12:34 No.9897109
         File1274200489.png-(123 KB, 1111x721, LDDScreenShot12.png)
    123 KB

    Yeah, I noticed that - I don't think it's intentional, I was more going for one of those freaky bird-like planes from Ghost in the Shell.
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/18/10(Tue)13:00 No.9897442
         File1274202005.jpg-(159 KB, 491x500, Optimus Prime.jpg)
    159 KB
    Goddamn it this thread WILL. NOT. DIE.
    Not on my watch.
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/18/10(Tue)13:59 No.9898221
         File1274205559.jpg-(109 KB, 675x900, WarDog 1.jpg)
    109 KB
    I like the design of this one - a blend between an ED-209 and one of those Exo-Force sets that LEGO was putting out a few years back.
    >> LaBambaMan 05/18/10(Tue)14:02 No.9898261
    While I appreciate the amount of work that must go in to building an Optimus Prime out of Lego, they sure did fuck up his arms.
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/18/10(Tue)14:10 No.9898417
         File1274206230.jpg-(172 KB, 675x900, WarDog 2.jpg)
    172 KB

    They look OK to me - he just has no wrists, really.
    The fact that it's a transforming Optimus Prime made out of LEGO bricks really overrides that quibble for me,.
    >> LaBambaMan 05/18/10(Tue)14:12 No.9898448
    They're a bit stumpy. But then again, I hang out on /toy/ also so i'm a bit biased when it comes to my Primes.
    >> Urist 05/18/10(Tue)14:58 No.9899162
    I RETURN!!

    Whats SSBN? Either way, your nephew sounds cool.

    If you have the cash I think you ought to buy it, it looks pretty damn awesome.
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/18/10(Tue)15:10 No.9899358
         File1274209832.png-(84 KB, 1111x721, LDDScreenShot13.png)
    84 KB

    I may...dunno. $70+s&H is a bit much. I'm also a bit worried that the automatically-generated instructions are, frankly, rubbish...

    Pic is showing off the landing gear - I made a few tweaks to it. As shown it's actually not lifting the ship off the ground at all, just steadying it - but if they're pushed down all the way (rather than angled) they should keep the ship's belly off the ground.
    >> Urist 05/18/10(Tue)15:25 No.9899601
    I think that it looks rather pro, and that you should order it for the sake of ordering it, but ya $70 seems a little much.

    Oh well, not like its a one time offer. Perhaps you should just save it and wait till you have enough to buy it and not hurt your wallet.
    >> Urist 05/18/10(Tue)15:55 No.9900050
         File1274212541.jpg-(176 KB, 500x342, 1274140128139.jpg)
    176 KB
    Transparent Orange Bump
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/18/10(Tue)17:06 No.9901065
         File1274216783.png-(132 KB, 1111x721, LDDScreenShot14.png)
    132 KB
    Quick picture with the hatch flipped up.
    I'm thinking of calling it a Stormhammer. That's not being used anywhere else, is it?
    >> Urist 05/18/10(Tue)17:11 No.9901142
    Not that I know of.
    >> Anonymous 05/18/10(Tue)17:29 No.9901435
         File1274218148.jpg-(69 KB, 439x576, 1259556029501.jpg)
    69 KB
    Bump for awesome?
    >> Anonymous 05/18/10(Tue)17:31 No.9901468
    stormhammer is a baneblade variant.
    >> Anonymous 05/18/10(Tue)17:32 No.9901482
         File1274218361.jpg-(75 KB, 750x600, Stormhammer.jpg)
    75 KB
    Baneblades are Stormhammer variants
    >> Anonymous 05/18/10(Tue)17:33 No.9901495
    >> Anonymous 05/18/10(Tue)17:35 No.9901516
    You, you, double baneblade.
    >> Urist 05/18/10(Tue)17:36 No.9901538
    Now build it out of lego.
    >> Urist 05/18/10(Tue)17:40 No.9901601
    .... Now I really wish I had the briks for this.
    >> Anonymous 05/18/10(Tue)17:40 No.9901602

    "That being said, the Stormhammer is perhaps the rarest of all BANEBLADE VARIANTS both in the in-game universe and real-life"
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/18/10(Tue)17:47 No.9901679

    Goddamnit! Aren't there any good names that aren't already being used?

    I'd like some kind of variant on "-hammer".
    I'm tempted to just say fuck it and use Stormhammer anyway - I don't play 40K, and that's a tank, not a plane.
    >> Urist 05/18/10(Tue)17:57 No.9901808
    Hmmm... Doomhammer? I'm too tired to think of anything else.
    >> Anonymous 05/18/10(Tue)18:05 No.9901936
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/18/10(Tue)18:13 No.9902051

    Web search turns up a Transformer and a video game, but no other vehicles with the name...thanks, I'll take it!
    Skyhammer Heavy Fighter it is.
    >> Urist 05/18/10(Tue)18:45 No.9902601
    So, we got shit done?
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/18/10(Tue)19:19 No.9903234

    Yes, yes we did.
    I think I'll order it, but not for a bit. Going to work on recreating my little-mech next, so I can post screenshots of that and maybe work on improving the legs some more.

    It's a squat motherfucker now, wide-set legs so it's pretty stable. Looks like ten pounds of killing in a five-pound jar.
    >> Anonymous 05/18/10(Tue)19:47 No.9903791
    >> Urist 05/18/10(Tue)19:48 No.9903819
    Excellent, make sure to post pics of the Skyhammer when you get it.
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/18/10(Tue)19:57 No.9904023

    I'm pretty sure the automatically-generated build instructions are going to be crap, so I may have to just go from the digital model.
    >> Urist 05/18/10(Tue)20:36 No.9904943
    You can adjust some of the settings, can you not?
    >> Urist 05/18/10(Tue)21:04 No.9905483
    I love how this is still here...
    >> Anonymous 05/18/10(Tue)21:26 No.9905873
    mostly because you keep bumping it.

    Not that I mind, I'm reading through the rules.
    >> Urist 05/18/10(Tue)21:32 No.9905967

    Just give me a moment to make it.
    >> Urist 05/18/10(Tue)22:29 No.9907084
    Hmmmm wont let me make the new thread...
    >> Urist 05/18/10(Tue)22:31 No.9907129
    Well ya there is that.

    I think I'll quit while I'm ahead.

    I'll let this one die if it will, then take up the march some other time, on some other front.
    >> Alpharius 05/18/10(Tue)22:40 No.9907294
    I haven't had a chance to retrieve several bins of bricks from my parents' house, but this is the hero I want to build:

    Johnny Promethium, Action Arsonist (Hero), 20 CP
    Skill: 1d10
    Move: 6"
    Armor: 3d6
    +1CP Multitasking: Unit may target two separate enemies or make one attack and perform one other action. p. 54
    +1CP Multidexterity: Unit may use two hands for one action.
    +1CP Armor. -1" move, +1d6 armor
    +6CP Two handheld flamethrowers: Use: 3 Range: 6" Damage: 1d6

    Essentially, I'm going to play him as a Churchill flame tank reincarnated on two legs. Surround him with cheap CC troops to redshirt and just wander around the battlefield toasting things. That or have him surf a tank into battle, depending on the circumstances.

    Is giving him Multidexterity and Multitasking legitimate? I mean, he *does* have two flamethrowers, and I see no reason why he shouldn't be able to use them both.
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/19/10(Wed)00:06 No.9908835

    I'm not sure what a Churchill flame tank is, but it sounds intriguing.

    Going to start working on a new LEGO bit in the Digital Designer tomorrow. Think I'm gonna try for a powersuit, if I can work out a few issues...this one may be cheap enough to buy easily, too.
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/19/10(Wed)01:42 No.9910353
         File1274247730.jpg-(73 KB, 500x500, biped gunpod.jpg)
    73 KB
    Been looking around a bit for inspiration/good things to crib from - some of these are really neat.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)05:22 No.9913259
         File1274260937.jpg-(529 KB, 1024x764, crawlertown_manageable.jpg)
    529 KB
    Guys, I think we all need to take our hats off for a bit.


    Crawler Town. Crawler. Town.

    Anyone want to ballpark how many points this monster would cost in Brikwars?
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)06:45 No.9914318
    Kyogre's Hammer.
    It had to be done, I'm sorry.

    And I'm surprised that this thread is still alive.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)06:46 No.9914332
    sage for /toy/
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)08:02 No.9915006
    stfu, brickwars is a traditional game.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)08:04 No.9915024

    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)08:05 No.9915032

    Holy fuck I want to make a scenario that involves a siege of this monster.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)08:20 No.9915142
         File1274271643.jpg-(538 KB, 1394x1600, lego-escher.jpg)
    538 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)10:08 No.9916146
    that one is actually "faked". they took two different pictures of the model and the rest was done in photoshop.
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/19/10(Wed)13:27 No.9918743
         File1274290053.jpg-(113 KB, 800x943, Goliath.jpg)
    113 KB

    Me, I want to see what it looks like from above.
    Been looking around at mech builds, trying to figure out some nice leg designs.
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/19/10(Wed)13:31 No.9918805
         File1274290291.jpg-(424 KB, 1024x828, Nash powersuit.jpg)
    424 KB
    I really liked this one, but it seems to be more fixated on static poses than actual playability - the hip joints look like they might fall apart if you're not careful.
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/19/10(Wed)13:52 No.9919126
         File1274291553.jpg-(91 KB, 450x344, Dune.jpg)
    91 KB
    Of course, I've run across some interesting non-mech stuff as well. You could probably have a lot of fun constructing an elaborate BrikWars battlefield beforehand.
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/19/10(Wed)14:22 No.9919601
         File1274293325.jpg-(747 KB, 2400x1260, Serenity.jpg)
    747 KB
    I am led to wonder how big a full-scale Serenity would be...for anyone with Brik Wars experience, how large can a ship get before it ceases being a vehicle and starts being a battlefield?
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)14:25 No.9919672
         File1274293558.jpg-(267 KB, 1000x849, 1257792405515.jpg)
    267 KB
    Liek dis?
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)14:27 No.9919715
    Killing an entire Eldar army with less than 20 casualties, no tank losses.

    With an infantry based guard army with only 4 tanks in it
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)15:42 No.9920954
    does anybody have guides for making the tau mechs with legos?
    >> Urist 05/19/10(Wed)15:49 No.9921062
    Armok almighty, that thing is amazing!

    My hat goes off to the creator of this ... wonder.

    Also: Hungry City Chronicles anyone?

    Points if you spot the blue box.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)16:13 No.9921431
    Yup I see it.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)16:15 No.9921476

    Fuck that. Points if you can name the companion leaving that blue box.
    >> Urist 05/19/10(Wed)16:40 No.9921873
    Ah bugger, you have me there.

    I've only really seen from 9 on.
    >> Sasha !ApPkmtJbAE 05/19/10(Wed)19:20 No.9924731

    The picture's a bit blurry.
    >> TG_GENERAL_Heavy 05/19/10(Wed)19:22 No.9924777
         File1274311362.jpg-(96 KB, 814x624, spirit of motherwill.jpg)
    96 KB
    that is like a god damn arms fort from ac4a pic related
    >> Urist 05/19/10(Wed)19:34 No.9925005
    Holy shit, apparently this is actually Hungry City Chronicles lego!

    Imma need to find MOAR.

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