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  • File : 1274520737.jpg-(133 KB, 638x481, race.jpg)
    133 KB Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:32 No.9978899  
    So how does /tg/ feel about a game of Master of Orion 2? First off, let's create our race. What you need to do is suggest traits you want to have and I'll do my best to put it together.

    Or we could play one of the standard races, but where's the fun in that.

    Pic related, it's our choices.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:34 No.9978930
    I tried to play this game and it is too confusing. Master of Magic is much better.
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 05/22/10(Sat)05:35 No.9978950
    I need a good 4x game...
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:37 No.9978971
    Subterranean, rich home world, repulsive! We shall be the space dorfs!
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:39 No.9978993
    What the fuck does Omniscient do? It seems a bit... uh... overpowered compared to the other options available
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:40 No.9979003
    MY GOD
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:40 No.9979009
    You can see the whole map, and all enemy ships etc, right from the start.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:40 No.9979012
    Creative, Human looking, Dictatorship.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:40 No.9979014
    It removes all fog of war. It essentially means you can see everything that is happening all the time, including enemy fleets and the status of all planets without exploring.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:41 No.9979019
    Do we really want to play it easymodo? I say go for space dorfs.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:41 No.9979020
         File1274521315.jpg-(37 KB, 177x148, laughingelf.jpg)
    37 KB
    Poor Home World
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:42 No.9979026
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:43 No.9979036
    Get both omniscient and creative if you want to power game it.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:44 No.9979040
    Are there any essential patches/mods for this? Or is the most recent official patch the best version?
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:47 No.9979069
         File1274521630.jpg-(131 KB, 637x480, squats.jpg)
    131 KB
    Patching is for losers who want to play "balanced and functioning games".

    In other news, since two people seem to have agreed on Squats, I whipped a little something together. Look okay to you?
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:47 No.9979076
         File1274521668.jpg-(15 KB, 150x233, 150px-Knightmare_treguard.jpg)
    15 KB
    >Not creative
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:49 No.9979089
    You should make a race based on America!

    +2 Food
    +2 Production
    +2 Research
    +1 BC
    +50 Ship Defense
    +50 Ship Attack
    +20 Ground Combat
    +20 Spying
    Large Home World
    Rich Home World
    Fantastic Traders
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:50 No.9979098
    making your own race breaks the game.

    Creative is easymode, i fucking hate creative faggots.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:50 No.9979099
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:50 No.9979101
         File1274521854.jpg-(43 KB, 230x173, fat_american_kids.jpg)
    43 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:51 No.9979104
         File1274521872.jpg-(14 KB, 220x263, MPHT.jpg)
    14 KB
    >Your stats
    >My face
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:52 No.9979115
         File1274521938.jpg-(132 KB, 640x480, squats mk II.jpg)
    132 KB
    I was trying to make it a bit challenging. Creative tends to make you win too easy. However, we can go that way too. Removed income bonus, lowered production bonus and added Creative.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:53 No.9979128
    Get: lithovore, creative, large home world, repulsive, -10 spying, feudal, -1/2 food production, +20 ship attack, +10 ground attack, +1 research, and +1industry
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:53 No.9979130
    Creative is easy-mode.
    Ooh, look at me, I have a Battlestation, Missile Bases, Planetary Shields, Fighter Garrisons, AND Beam Batteries on that planet you're about to attack. Not to mention the defending fleet. Good luck, fuckers.

    Play a manly race instead.
    +50 Ship Attack
    +50 Ship Defense
    -10 Spying
    +1 Industry

    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:54 No.9979139
    pick psilons
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:55 No.9979151
         File1274522104.jpg-(32 KB, 160x226, Kain is an alien and even he t(...).jpg)
    32 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:55 No.9979163
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:56 No.9979171
         File1274522201.jpg-(73 KB, 700x574, troll operator.jpg)
    73 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)05:58 No.9979195
         File1274522304.jpg-(136 KB, 641x480, fukken dorfs.jpg)
    136 KB
    Combining these with the DORFS IN SPAAAACE theme yields a repulsive race of industrious warriors living underground on their giant home planet.

    Everyone seems to agree diplomacy is for pussies.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:02 No.9979239
    Remove LHW and ship defense and attack bonuses, replace them with High-G World. If you're going to play Squats, you should play it pr
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:03 No.9979247
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:07 No.9979290

    Did - - -
    Did that scout just kill a cruiser?

    Oh my.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:09 No.9979310
    I wish there was a happy median between MoO and MoO2.

    I hate how slow/ clunky MoO is due to DOS and age, but can't stand how unintuitive and micro-intensive MoO2 can be at the middle/ end of the game.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:09 No.9979311

    Diplomacy IS for pussies.
    Play on anything other than pussy-mode and all being able to talk to aliens gets you is demands for your precious-earned tech or else its WAR!
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:11 No.9979332

    What is this late-game of which you speak?
    Oh, you mean when I'm spamming dozens of 2x MIRV'd nuke wielding kamikaze destroyers and just figured out how to make cloning centers?
    Eh, its not that bad.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:12 No.9979348

    Get enough of those fuckers and you can take down the GODDAMN GUARDIAN, SON!
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:13 No.9979356
    >hasn't played MoO3
    2 is easy as fuck.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:13 No.9979362
         File1274523224.jpg-(135 KB, 638x482, home world.jpg)
    135 KB
    I'm going to take this as the closest thing to a "yes" I'm going to get. Angry Squats are go!

    Now we need to name our home star.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:16 No.9979377
    Fuck yeah, Master of Orion 2

    First Master of Orion is better though.
    >> Marquis de pomme frites 05/22/10(Sat)06:16 No.9979379

    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:17 No.9979387

    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:17 No.9979394

    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:18 No.9979401
    I was talking more about the planet management aspects. I didn't understand why you needed all the moons and secondary planets in the system.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:18 No.9979403
    I love these, unfortunately neither fits. 8 characters or less.
    >> Marquis de pomme frites 05/22/10(Sat)06:19 No.9979413
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:19 No.9979416
    Just Murdered then.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:19 No.9979419

    Moons and secondary planets?
    Son, I think you might be playing the MoO game that never existed.
    People keep lying and saying there was a third installment.
    But I just kick them in the teeth, call them liars, then cry myself to sleep. -_-
    >> Marquis de pomme frites 05/22/10(Sat)06:19 No.9979420
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:22 No.9979443
    >> Marquis de pomme frites 05/22/10(Sat)06:22 No.9979445
    Planet Urist
    >> Marquis de pomme frites 05/22/10(Sat)06:23 No.9979450


    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:25 No.9979459
         File1274523900.jpg-(140 KB, 637x481, empire1.jpg)
    140 KB
    I admit, this made me laugh. Squatmur it is.

    And now to start the game proper. This is the state of the glorious FUKKEN DORFS! empire as of turn 1. We need to decide on science and industry first. Images regarding our choices will follow.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:25 No.9979469
    I'd love to stay up and watch you bully those silly psilons, but I'm off to bed.

    Good luck, Player1!
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:27 No.9979481
         File1274524029.jpg-(124 KB, 644x479, science1.jpg)
    124 KB
    This can be our second system.

    These are the science projects we have available to us at the moment. General consensus will decide which we'll go for.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:31 No.9979518
    Fusion bomb! We will exterminate our enemies and leave their worlds smoking husks!
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:31 No.9979520
    Research Lab!
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:36 No.9979559
         File1274524596.jpg-(119 KB, 639x480, industry1.jpg)
    119 KB
    We're going with Research Labs, because they are awesome and Fusion Bombs suck.

    Which leaves industry. No a lot to build, and just so you know, any ship bigger than the Spitfire will take ages to complete due to the rather shitty state of our empire.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:39 No.9979583
    Housing. With Large Home World and Subterranean, getting our population up will be first priority. Building ships with no tech is pointless.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:40 No.9979589

    Do we have any other decent planets in our home system? If so, go colony base, if not, go colony ship.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:43 No.9979621
         File1274525032.jpg-(130 KB, 640x481, squatmur II.jpg)
    130 KB
    We do have a Gaia class world in our home system. And since this is more fun than population, we'll go for a colony base. From now on, I'll try to do most stuff, and you guys get to pick science and the general policies of our empire.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:50 No.9979690
         File1274525451.jpg-(132 KB, 641x479, golden eel.jpg)
    132 KB
    Exploring our nearby systems yield somewhat favorable results. A decent, if irradiated planet with gold deposits and a huge arid ultra rich world in one system. The problem, as you can see is that there is a fucking eel guarding the system, making it off limits for now.

    The other systems within reach are utter shit. Until we get either better drives or enough military vessels to take care of the bothersome eel, we're probably better off holding on to the colony ship for now.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:53 No.9979711
         File1274525629.jpg-(115 KB, 640x482, science2.jpg)
    115 KB
    And by drives, I mean fuel cells, of course, since drives only make you faster. Anyway, our research finishes, leaving us with yet another choice of what to do.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:55 No.9979730

    Damn. That is nice to have so early on.

    Anyways, for general policy I vote for aggressive expansion. We'll need to get Hydroponic Farms and build some Freighter Fleets to do so, based on the rather large number of red(poor farming, means our home system is going to output most of our food).
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:56 No.9979743
    Fighter Bays. We will go all military tech until the eel is dead!
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)06:58 No.9979757

    Grab the improved fuel cells. Exploration and colonization is arguably the most important thing at the moment.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:01 No.9979778
    I support this. We must kill the Eel and get our delicious GOLD.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:01 No.9979780
         File1274526102.jpg-(111 KB, 641x480, colonization1.jpg)
    111 KB
    Exploration it is! In other news, a bit of dwarfgold gets the Squatmur colony base finished 49 turns early and we have our second planet. Construction of research labs have begun.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:04 No.9979807
         File1274526289.jpg-(140 KB, 641x480, gizmo.jpg)
    140 KB
    We are joined by Commander Gizmo, the Gadgeteer. I simply accepted because at this stage of the game, leaders are super cheap for what they do and we can easily make the cost back in a few turns even with minimal taxes.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:10 No.9979854
         File1274526645.jpg-(111 KB, 639x480, science3.jpg)
    111 KB
    We finish research on both our fuel cells and hydroponic farms which were suggested earlier. Now the consensus seems to be on military tech, but which branch will we dive into? Mass drivers? Fighter bays? Shields?

    Feel free to stack up requests so I won't have to ask every time a project finishes.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:12 No.9979869

    stop reminding me about how awesome that game was, you're making me want to dig out one of my old computers and reinstall it
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:13 No.9979872
    Might as well get Fusion Beam.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:14 No.9979885
    All of them! Every single piece of military hardware available to us shall be researched!
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:17 No.9979901
         File1274527036.jpg-(139 KB, 638x482, alkari.jpg)
    139 KB
    Fusion beams it is. A short while after our invention of the advanced fuel cells and some exploring, we encounter the Alkari pterodactyl-people. Note that as we are Repulsive, they won't actually want anything to do with us, this is just a polite first encounter message.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:20 No.9979929

    Which is why we need to expand now, while researching some weapons tech.

    Anyways, can you post what the map looks like every so often? Its hard to know what is going on without seeing it.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:21 No.9979944
    Next research priority should be given to reinforced hull followed by automated factories. Dorf ships should be stout and resilient. Not getting anywhere without some extra production either.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:22 No.9979949
    Get dosbox
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:22 No.9979957
    How is MoO 3 compared to this? I have a vague feeling that it's shit.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:24 No.9979967
         File1274527445.jpg-(96 KB, 638x480, alkari news.jpg)
    96 KB
    As exploration continues, our scouts reveal that the only suitable system for colonization is directly connected to the Alkari empire via wormhole. Should make an excellent forward base once we build up our military strength. A Colony Ship has been dispatched.

    In other news, the Alkari have made a significant breakthrough in science. Smug bastards.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:25 No.9979981
    That's what I've heard too.
    When I tried to play it to find out for my own, it destroyed my laptop. Burnt out the video card or something.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:25 No.9979982
         File1274527556.jpg-(75 KB, 612x840, 1257974896110.jpg)
    75 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:26 No.9979988
    Can anybody post a DL link to dos version?
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:27 No.9979996
         File1274527646.jpg-(143 KB, 641x482, empire2.jpg)
    143 KB
    The Armok system now belongs to our dorf empire!

    This is the map as of now. The eel is the red squiggly thing at Zaniah.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:27 No.9980002

    MoO3 is a pile of shit and is basically unplayable.

    If you want a good MoO successor, get one of Galactic Civilization games.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:31 No.9980034

    Alright, so expansion to the 'west' is blocked by the Alkarian empire.

    Can we get a outpost/colony in the Ishtar system? We can continue exploring southward by doing so.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:34 No.9980060
    Those kids aren't American.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:34 No.9980064
    >Ishtar. Brown Star.

    I've got bad news for you bro...
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:35 No.9980077
    klackons, they'll fuck your shit up
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:37 No.9980089

    I thought brown stars could have planets, just very shitty ones.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:37 No.9980095
         File1274528271.jpg-(130 KB, 639x481, fuck you ishtar.jpg)
    130 KB
    I would recommend an outpost, as the Ishtar system is, well, shit.

    Also, we now have fusion beams, reinforced hulls, and space academies (because it's the only sociology option available and fuck yes legendary spacedwarves). Unless anyone objects, I'm continuing with battle pods, because fitting 50% more guns to your ships seems like the dorfy thing to do.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:39 No.9980111
    In my experience, they've got either debris or nothing at all. The odd planet is possible though.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:40 No.9980127
    I usually send outposts to "claim" every single planet in the systems bordering an alien empire. Prevents them from colonizing them.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:41 No.9980129
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:42 No.9980140
    Travel back in time to the year 1995 and buy it.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:42 No.9980141

    Star Control IV is superior 4X game!
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:42 No.9980144

    Learn to read the OP, and check /rs/
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:44 No.9980160
         File1274528661.jpg-(103 KB, 641x482, ALKARI!.jpg)
    103 KB

    Seriously, I thought the Gnolams were the lucky ones! Luckily for us, it was only relatively shitty tech.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:46 No.9980183

    Still sucks, means they catch up with our weapons tech for free.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:47 No.9980193
         File1274528867.jpg-(118 KB, 645x480, science4.jpg)
    118 KB
    Battle pods tech finished, we're left with choices again. Are we still going for military tech or should we go for industrial stuff?
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:48 No.9980200
    we are dorfs no?
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:50 No.9980215
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:51 No.9980221
    For $6, you can get both MoOs.

    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:52 No.9980231

    Shit... There isn't anything that is a must have there.

    Go with what seems to fit our needs at the moment.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:53 No.9980234
         File1274529187.jpg-(134 KB, 638x480, klackon.jpg)
    134 KB
    Very well, pollution processors are pretty sweet for any industrious people.

    In other news, the outpost in the Ishtar system has put us in contact with the Klackon Empire. Updated map will soon come.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:54 No.9980244
    I just downloaded this. Is there a tutorial or something, or do I just have to fumble around until I get it?
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:54 No.9980252
    Looksch like Schean Connery.
    "Welcome to Schquatmur!"
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:55 No.9980265
         File1274529348.jpg-(142 KB, 637x480, empire3.jpg)
    142 KB
    Only three more systems we can reach without going to war. We are boxed in between the relatively small Alkari and the giant Klackons. Now might be a good time to start gearing up for war.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:56 No.9980276
         File1274529419.jpg-(44 KB, 642x346, district 9 power armor.jpg)
    44 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:57 No.9980277
    lol, aliens.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)07:59 No.9980292
         File1274529562.jpg-(103 KB, 639x481, time warp.jpg)
    103 KB
    We do catch a lucky break, though, as the closest Klackon system, Paranar, is caught in what may be the most dickish of the random events.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:01 No.9980309
    Anything is easy compared to MoO3. It's a goddamn atrocity.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:02 No.9980318
         File1274529722.jpg-(142 KB, 643x480, psilons.jpg)
    142 KB
    A few turns (read 2) later, we have our first encounter with the Psilons. This'll be fun!
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:02 No.9980324

    Okay. My thoughts are this.

    The Klackons are larger, and just as much a industrious people as us. This means a war with them is going to be long and painful, if we can win at all. The Alkarians are smaller, and aren't as much a powerhouse. So between the two, I say lets go to war with the Alkarians.

    But first we need to build a fleet and get ourselves ready for war. Begin building a fleet, and once we have a sizable one, lets go and take out that eel at Zaniah. This will give us a industrial planet to pump out ships, as well as some practice.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:03 No.9980332
    Can somebody paste their orioncd.ini file content from the game dir? I'm on Win x64 and can't install it normally but I need this file.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:05 No.9980346
    The contents of that file aren't exactly spectacular:
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:05 No.9980347
         File1274529929.jpg-(142 KB, 638x478, empire4.jpg)
    142 KB
    Wabir has a Terran class world which seems suitable for colonization. Once the Colony Ship is finished, we will claim it. Any name suggestions? Also, directly connected to the Psilons via wormhole. Lucky us.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:07 No.9980363
    Ok. So it's just path to the CD. Thanks.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:09 No.9980389

    Name it as Coruscant!
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:10 No.9980398

    Well, that sucks. Psions are always a pain in the ass, and they only get worse with time.

    We should be ready to take them out as soon as possible. But not till we take care of the Alkarians.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:12 No.9980413
         File1274530340.jpg-(138 KB, 639x481, master and crustacean.jpg)
    138 KB
    Sounds like a plan. We'll need ship names for our updated designs, since the standard ones are fairly boring and undorfy. I was thinking something along the lines of Urist McShip Class.

    Seeing as how dwarven high command consists of a sea anemone with a dorky name, we aren't exactly a frightening military super power.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:14 No.9980448
    Goddomot Fronk, I wanted to say that.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:15 No.9980455
         File1274530514.jpg-(139 KB, 641x481, cyr.jpg)
    139 KB
    As the time warp disappears and we re-establish contact with the Klackons, Commodore Cyr, a genuine fighter pilot, offers to join us. Seeing as how we're about to wage bloody war, I accept.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:15 No.9980464

    Oh god I lol'd.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:15 No.9980465

    I believe that Captain Gizmo is more of a squid like creature.

    But yes, ignoring Japanese school girls, our military is not fearsome, and unmanly.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:27 No.9980568
    Err, bump?
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:27 No.9980577
    Really curious to see what kinds of ships we can start cranking out with our shitty tech. All fusion beams and battle pods?
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:28 No.9980587
         File1274531324.jpg-(136 KB, 640x481, urist.jpg)
    136 KB
    With the Colony Ship finished, Squatmur Prime begins construction of Urist cruisers. Tantrum Spiral battleships are still a bit too advanced for our industries.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:29 No.9980597

    Oh hey, battle scanner, that's not so bad.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:30 No.9980608

    I'm going to go ahead and say shields aren't dorfy, it should be all armor, all the time. Try to get Heavy Armor and some of the other awesome armor mods ASAP.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:30 No.9980615
    Generally, our ships are equipped with heavy laser cannons, fusion beams, nuclear missiles and battle pods. The Urist and Tantrum Spiral class ships also have a few bombs and battle scanners.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:32 No.9980634
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:33 No.9980642
    fuck, I wanna play this.

    Anyone know how to get this to work in 64bit Vista?
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:37 No.9980690
         File1274531869.jpg-(137 KB, 641x480, klackon aggression.jpg)
    137 KB
    The Klackons attack our scout at the Finn system. Not sure if they're going to press on into inhabited systems, but taxes have been raised so we can hasten ship production.

    In good news, their ships are remarkably shitty. We should be able to take them if we could just keep up with production.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:42 No.9980729

    >Finn System

    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:44 No.9980755
         File1274532270.jpg-(138 KB, 641x479, klackon war.jpg)
    138 KB
    OH SHI-

    The Klackons declare war on us. Luckily, their entire fleet consists of a cruiser and a frigate, and we're one turn away from a delicious Urist cruiser far superior to their ships, with a few Axebeard frigates on the way. Unfortunately, they took down the Ishtar outpost, severing all connections with their empire.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:46 No.9980770
    Does MoO2 allow orbital bombardment?

    If so, /r/ we glass all Klackon worlds.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:46 No.9980772
    If you can't get it to work yourself, See >>9980221
    Barring that, just tell your computer to run it with a single CPU.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:49 No.9980797
         File1274532562.jpg-(145 KB, 640x483, empire5.jpg)
    145 KB
    The Klackons quickly establish a colony in the Finn system, which is actually fortunate for us, since we now have a connection with their empire. The main problem is that we no longer have a way to reach Corsuscant, which is well and truly fucked if the Klackons decide to attack.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:51 No.9980813

    I've tried compatibility mode for windows 98, but the same thing happens as it did when I tried at first, that being, I click "install" and then nothing happens.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:52 No.9980826

    And the setup just tells me to fuck off, even in compatability mode.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:56 No.9980849
         File1274532960.jpg-(146 KB, 643x481, empire6.jpg)
    146 KB
    It does indeed allow for this. Our main problem right now, however, is the lack of a forward outpost. We can no longer reach the Klackon worlds. Colonies not participating in the war effort have been instructed to build Outpost ships so we can establish forward bases.

    Also, we can now reach Coruscant, which is closest to the Klackons.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:56 No.9980850
    Build a colony ship and 5 destroyer hulls with as many 2 shot nuclear missiles they can carry. Send them to capture that gold laden radioactive world from the space worm.

    Dwarves need golds badly.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)08:57 No.9980857
    in windows 7:

    run as administrator to get setup to work.

    once you've installed, copy Dplay.dll or whatever from cd folder to your game folder

    in order to get to play with graphics not fucking up, make a .txt file called MoO2 (or whatever), write this in it:

    TASKKILL /F /IM "explorer.exe"
    cd C:\"Program Files"\Microprose\Orion2
    start /w C:\"Program Files"\Microprose\Orion2\Orion95.exe
    start C:\Windows\explorer.exe

    save, close, rename to .bat.

    Double click MoO2.bat

    play Master of Orion

    as far as i remember it's the same fix for windows vista, you may have to change pathnames and stuff for 64bit, just google "master of orion 2 color problem windows vista" or something.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:02 No.9980906
         File1274533364.jpg-(130 KB, 640x479, antarans.jpg)
    130 KB
    While the push to retake the Ishtar outpost (which turned out to be the only suitable system for our offensive) begins, the Antarans arrive.

    For those of you not familiar with this game, this is bad. We have no way of beating them for at least a couple of hundred turns, and will get raped if they attack one of our systems. We can only hope they decide not to.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:05 No.9980932
         File1274533556.jpg-(142 KB, 643x479, EEL!.jpg)
    142 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:05 No.9980933
    research assault shuttles
    capture rape beams
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:09 No.9980967
    Should be fine so long as the fleet doesn't get anywhere near the thing. It has an ship destroying aura. Hence why you should use missiles to kill it.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:15 No.9981025
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:15 No.9981027
         File1274534157.jpg-(135 KB, 638x479, great success.jpg)
    135 KB
    Unfortunately, the screenshots of the interesting part of the battle ended up fucked somehow. Anyway, a short summary. We lost two thirds of the fleet to a plasma flux, and the rest was just two scouts (amazingly unharmed!) and an Urist class ship pew pewing it to death since the initial nuclear missiles managed to cripple its movement. We barely won, but win we did!
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:20 No.9981061

    Gold deposits make dorf people happy! And helps us to prepare for war against the evil Klackon empire! BRILLIANT.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:21 No.9981068
         File1274534462.jpg-(146 KB, 642x481, GOLD.jpg)
    146 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:24 No.9981107
    lol /tg/ and moo2? thank you op
    >> MagicJuggler !sMYbIFo6TI 05/22/10(Sat)09:26 No.9981136
    My personal favorite "lol" race was the "Space Terrorist" race, if only for early-gaem rushing.

    Feudal (yeah the research penalty sucks, but discount ships helps a bit), Repulsive, Warlord, Telepath, Large Homeworld, 50% Population Growth and +2 Industry bonuses.

    Expand out and spam Missile Frigates. LOTS of Missile Frigates. Use them for self-destruct/suicide attacks too.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:29 No.9981179
    We now have a choice to make. With outposts re-established, we could push on into Klackon space. However, we have lost an Urist and two Axebeard class ships in our bout with the dreaded eel. According to the graphs, the Klackons outnumber us at the moment, but reinforcements are being built. What do?
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:30 No.9981188
         File1274535004.jpg-(121 KB, 642x481, fleets.jpg)
    121 KB
    Forgot mah image!
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:33 No.9981235
    Do klakons have shields or ecm? If not then they can be defeated by an inferior number of MIRV launching 2 shot friggates or destroyers.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:34 No.9981243
         File1274535248.jpg-(100 KB, 641x480, MORE EELS!.jpg)
    100 KB
    Also, it appears that he spess dorfs shall have to deal with another eel eventually.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:37 No.9981281
         File1274535452.jpg-(144 KB, 638x477, empire8.jpg)
    144 KB
    Difficult to say, but probably not. Last time they barely had weapons. We would need to scan their ships to be sure.

    Also, the eel is heading straight for the home of its fallen brother. 3 turns remain until the inevitable battle.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:38 No.9981294

    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:41 No.9981323

    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:41 No.9981331
    i agree
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:44 No.9981367
    You'll make the Elves unhappy if you do that :(
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 05/22/10(Sat)09:46 No.9981378
    "Haha, lets play Orion!"

    *Three turns later*

    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:47 No.9981394
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:49 No.9981417
         File1274536152.jpg-(139 KB, 640x479, eel battle.jpg)
    139 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:53 No.9981465
    after the second of the Eel battles, we may be too shorthanded for a proper fight against the Klakons. We must await reinforcements!
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:53 No.9981467
         File1274536415.jpg-(140 KB, 640x479, FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUU.jpg)
    140 KB

    We didn't get as lucky this time. Our slow but sturdy dorfen ships are no match for its fish-like reflexes. Luckily, one of the two Urist hit survives the attack.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:54 No.9981474


    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:55 No.9981481

    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:58 No.9981504
    About 200-300 turns away
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)09:58 No.9981511
         File1274536716.jpg-(140 KB, 641x482, black urist down.jpg)
    140 KB
    Another Urist and our Scout are blown up. Oddly enough, the lightly armed and armored Axebeards do a much better job of staying alive. Odds of survival seem low.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)10:03 No.9981563
         File1274536991.jpg-(142 KB, 637x483, last stand.jpg)
    142 KB
    Our final Urist, piloted by Commodore Cyr prepares to sell its life dearly as the hateful space fish approaches. He knows there can be no survival and orders to face the eel head on and fire all cannons.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)10:08 No.9981621
         File1274537281.jpg-(141 KB, 643x482, cyrs triumph.jpg)
    141 KB
    Miraculously, Cyr's final act of defiance seems to have crippled the mighty beast as it can only move at a snail's pace. Our two remaining Axebeards may just be able to deal with it now if we're lucky.

    Surely Cyr's bravery will be remembered for ages to come, assuming anyone makes it out of this battle alive.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)10:08 No.9981631

    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)10:09 No.9981639

    Truly a spacedorf hero
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)10:12 No.9981672
         File1274537542.jpg-(133 KB, 639x481, zaniah.jpg)
    133 KB
    Alas, it was not to be. The eel wins this day despite crippling injuries, but decides to spare the dwarves on the planets below. As we speak, Squatmur Prime has started construction on the mighty Tantrum Spiral class starships to eradicate this menace.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)10:14 No.9981690
    Damn you spacecarp! You win this time!
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)10:14 No.9981691
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)10:14 No.9981693

    Commander Cyr shall be forever remebered! We shall erect a master-crafted statue of gold of him, holding a cheese.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)10:14 No.9981696
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)10:20 No.9981732
    We need a marksdorf shipclass to deal with this space carp menace.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)10:26 No.9981779
         File1274538370.jpg-(141 KB, 641x480, tantrum spiral.jpg)
    141 KB
    All ships have now been upgraded for space carp combat. The mighty Tantrum Spiral carries several batteries of nuclear missiles in addition to heavy laser cannons and fusion beams. The Urist class ship is now known as the Commodore in honor of the brave Cyr.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)10:32 No.9981830
         File1274538755.jpg-(144 KB, 641x480, FUKKEN KLACKONS!.jpg)
    144 KB
    The treacherous Klackons take advantage of our situation and decide to launch an attack against Coruscant. None of our ships will make it in time.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)10:33 No.9981842

    Fucking grundlefucking dickbags thundercunts.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)10:42 No.9981929
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)10:42 No.9981939
         File1274539379.jpg-(145 KB, 644x479, fuck you assholes.jpg)
    145 KB
    When they attempt to take Armok as well, our recent ship designs prove their efficiency. A single Commodore accompanied by an Axebeard Mk II manage to take down a Klackon Battleship and two Cruisers, losing only the Axebeard in return. Our fleet has proven capable of taking down Klackon ships several times their size.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)10:43 No.9981952
    nice OP!
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)10:44 No.9981956
    We will teach them what happens when they mess with FUKKEN DORFS!
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)10:50 No.9982021
         File1274539803.jpg-(143 KB, 641x482, armok again.jpg)
    143 KB
    The Psilons and the Klackons are now at war. Assuming the Psilons can put up even a little resistance and not just surrender instantly, this could give us a bit of a break.

    The Klackons launch another strike against Armok, this time with a Battleship and a Frigate. Considering we still have a Commodore and another recently built Axebeard, I'm confident we can take them down. And considering how long it takes to build a Battleship, it should be a significant blow against their fleet.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)10:52 No.9982051

    I think you mean :
    +1 economy
    +1 food production
    rich homeworld
    large homeworld

    Import jewish AND nazi talent for the research stuff.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)10:52 No.9982060
         File1274539969.jpg-(145 KB, 641x480, victory.jpg)
    145 KB
    It's almost too easy. The initial volley of missiles and interceptors cripple the battleship, and our ships prove evasive enough to avoid the clumsy Klackon beam weapons. I estimate that a Commodore would be equal to a Klackon Titan as things stand right now.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)10:55 No.9982109

    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:00 No.9982162
    It's time for offense soon! Show those damn Klackons what happens when you mess with the SPEEESS DORFS!
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:01 No.9982170

    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:03 No.9982213
    We need anti-planet weapons and mount them on the HAMMERER.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:07 No.9982262
         File1274540871.jpg-(141 KB, 640x480, all is lost.jpg)
    141 KB
    Just when we were soundly thrashing the Klackon fleets, disaster strikes!

    Antarans heading straight for the fortress world of Armok. We have no chance of winning and pull out what few forces we have to preserve them.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:10 No.9982303
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:12 No.9982313
         File1274541128.jpg-(142 KB, 641x480, survival.jpg)
    142 KB
    While the Antarans thoroughly rape what defense there was at Armok, oddly enough the planet itself barely survives.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:12 No.9982318

    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:13 No.9982326
    stream this
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:13 No.9982331
         File1274541203.jpg-(127 KB, 643x481, eelspawn.jpg)
    127 KB
    Just as it look the FUKKEN DORFS! might pull through, this happens. I can't see anything but a grim ending for our empire.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:14 No.9982345
         File1274541296.jpg-(144 KB, 641x482, sic em boy.jpg)
    144 KB
    At least we can take slight comfort in knowing the spawn heads directly for the Coruscant system occupied by the hateful Klackons.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:15 No.9982346
    Disaster after disaster. Not enough blood for the blood god.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:16 No.9982368
         File1274541418.jpg-(279 KB, 645x335, DF_Carp_1.jpg)
    279 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:18 No.9982388
         File1274541507.jpg-(101 KB, 644x482, fuck this shit.jpg)
    101 KB
    The Klackons send more fleets toward Armok, hoping to beat us while we're still recuperating. Then this happens. Let's just hope it won't be attacking us.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:20 No.9982411
    Can someone help an idiot here? I downloaded the rar from /rs/ and configured WinRAR to read ISOs. Now, I don't know what the hell to open to play.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:21 No.9982420
         File1274541680.jpg-(148 KB, 642x483, doom and gloom.jpg)
    148 KB
    Guess what? It is. Squatmur is doomed, Armok will be able to hold on for just a little while longer, and the people of Zaniah are slowly starving to death due to eel blockade.

    This is it. In true Dorf Fort fashion the FUKKEN DORFS! all will die.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:28 No.9982474
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:29 No.9982489
    Guess it's the end of the FUKKIN DWARFS!

    May we die in space.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:31 No.9982503
    FUKKEN DORFS! will live on as songs of heroism. Rest in peace my short-legged companions.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:32 No.9982509
         File1274542330.jpg-(37 KB, 501x480, 1273946589977.jpg)
    37 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:32 No.9982513
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:36 No.9982553
    The game knew /tg/.
    It knew that all of the Galaxy's planets would've been stripped bare to create our glorious monuments and fortress worlds.
    It knew that our Tantrum Spirals would have been unmatched.
    It knew that we had to be stopped.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:45 No.9982662
    Can we get an overview of our colonies and the other races OP?
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:47 No.9982697
    Anyone interested in watching MOO2 streamed? Let's set it up till tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:48 No.9982707
    In a word?
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:50 No.9982739
         File1274543446.png-(15 KB, 353x606, YES.png)
    15 KB
    >MoO2 Dorf Fortress Crossover
    >Perfect End
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:57 No.9982821
         File1274543831.jpg-(31 KB, 640x481, dorf fort in spess.jpg)
    31 KB
    And that's pretty much it. The Klackons bomb the fuck out of Zaniah, sparing the dwarves there from death by starvation, Armok actually held out for far longer than expected, fending off Klackon attacks with its dwindling fleet, and Squatmur was left a burning ruin.

    >On the wall is an engraving of a dwarf and an eel in zortrium. The eel is striking down the dwarf.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)11:58 No.9982836
    Someone archive the fuck out of this.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)12:01 No.9982864
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)12:03 No.9982880
    Validating thread id.

    This can take a few seconds...
    Checking if the thread exists: >>9978899.html
    The thread has been found, continue processing.

    Thanks for your request.
    It has been added to our database and the thread will be archived as soon as enough request for that thread have been made.
    This thread has been requested 1 times now.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)12:04 No.9982898
    Clone router mac address
    Restart router
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)12:05 No.9982914
         File1274544347.jpg-(124 KB, 641x485, graphs and shit.jpg)
    124 KB
    This is from the final autosave. As you can see, the Alkari, who were at war with the Silicoids if memory serves me right, were doing even worse, probably because at this point we still have the only Tantrum Spiral class ship ever built.

    I also want to say thanks, /tg/. This was probably the greatest game of MoO2 I've ever had. Seriously, it couldn't have ended better. Or, well, I really would have loved to kill that fucking eel. All I needed was one more Urist!
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)12:07 No.9982933

    4chanarchive is shit. we have our own archive. two of them actually.

    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)12:08 No.9982943
    It's already on suptg.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)12:08 No.9982947
    Archived on SupTG.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)12:14 No.9983014
    Holy shit, we were actually making more progress than the Klackons until the eel episode!
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)12:16 No.9983032


    Also, thanks for OP. Epic game was epic. Do it again sometime.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)12:20 No.9983078
         File1274545211.jpg-(28 KB, 451x263, YES OH YES.jpg)
    28 KB
    MoO2? Dwarf Fortress?
    Appropriate ending?
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)12:21 No.9983101
    so how about that streaming?
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)12:22 No.9983106
    I'm not entirely convinced I could do this game justice. We were just lucky (if that's the word I'm looking for) to have every single thing that could go wrong go wrong at the exact same time. Even with the second eel and the Antarans, we would have still beaten the shit out of the Klackons if we hadn't lost Squatmur to the Alien Crystal. Any subsequent playthroughs would be far less epic.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)12:40 No.9983338
    Good GAME op good dame
    >> A-Flat Minor ♪ 05/22/10(Sat)12:43 No.9983372


    Who cares if shit doesn't hit the fan? Every game is a new adventure with new possibilities.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)12:44 No.9983395
    It's MoO OP.
    It'll be awesome anyway.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)12:46 No.9983411
    Seconded, go with teegee chosen race again, dorf again would be ok, but no need to limit ourselves prematurely.
    >> OP 05/22/10(Sat)12:48 No.9983438
    Very well. Do you feel like doing it right now, or should we do it tomorrow?
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)12:49 No.9983449
    Now. Different abilities would be nice though.
    Aquatic maybe?
    Or Cybernetic?
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)12:51 No.9983467

    I think dorfs should be off the table for consideration. They should be remembered for space Boatmurdered.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)12:51 No.9983468
    Eclipse Phase Face.png
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)12:52 No.9983477

    cybernetic dolphins?
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)12:52 No.9983483
    Robot Unicorns?
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)12:53 No.9983499
    Galaktic furries \o.
    >> OP 05/22/10(Sat)12:54 No.9983511
    New thread and shit.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)12:55 No.9983513
         File1274547302.jpg-(65 KB, 394x591, IL3-136 Bobbit worm, Eunic(...).jpg)
    65 KB
    Cybernetic Bobbit worms
    >> Anonymous 05/22/10(Sat)12:55 No.9983520
    Cybernetic + Unification

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